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iia Kiituiu.
- y lur. |KS is published three times a week du- ^
i.' t'u sessi it ?J Legislature,and twice a week
uiring the rest oj ihi \r
TilKMs Ut sfB^rRIPTJON. th
X^Ft*c !?f.e 4?? ! ?Three Dollar* for sir moolhi, atl
?x"vaM? ?a advance. Hi
_X \ll ! : to tin e.. i? t>t emitted ,)er mail, in pood nod en
svV k >:- rt<mx not ?. tu? rt<k ot-Va Editor; tht postage o/ alt co
? ?<?. <<e? -if '"'i lf ruers.?^ t :ic annate u|" a mii^lu letter is
?.-iistir >> .. - l to the ?ri:<-r. It ,s n,e accumulated puat- i |a|
?: . n ti ext-jsivi bus.no*#, which operato, aa a serious tax upon i|,
: .e Editor., wt
y V' u .et will pay for nine piper#, annuriy, ,!,?;[ have the
tftUl/ratu. ^ t
Ons square of suteen line#, or less, .iret insertion,75 cents; for {?
#t:i co it.auancr. 53 rent#. U1
t.Jors fro.n a dist? >ce .umt he accompanied writh the advance p(
f.t. or iitulicli)') references, to tns.ire execution. U1
T, those ? lose advertising mayamotint to SIOO per annum, a die u,
ca .it "ill he oi ide ot 31 per cent; ami to Sod, of 90 per cent. r|
I . f \ i UiitaarWi and Mtrriafts from the country, whenever the
J hj i twrmog is unkee"--?< ,om omce, musk oc aulnonticated H.
| u r- l?, itioo of the l\?nm\*ter in the neighborhood, or they
' ' ' e- "- tlist has been taken
1 HO C?MJ 't JIIHHIIVU. .... ,
i iT urit ptov^J heretofore una*ail- [ .
- ,V? m i?t, therefore; insist iu -nch a e?ee opon the Communi- J
. i S mij rerlitied bv tho tis no of the Postmaster, written en tA* ;
tut <f tie letter J ' *J
I'll u it b" re-oniroended to the Editors of New?p&|*r? "
: 'Hijhont 1'iv 0?>n'no:'?e ilth, to publish at the headof their paper* I ft
if r for j.lvertu: a id that they strictly adhere to tho same; : "
i i ihit tii?<- yrioea .mways auch, an to give a fair compensation ; Rl
for the lab >r performed." ' "
[ Resolution of tir Editorial Convention. J
lEKIFF'S jfAI.E.?Will b* sold at public auction, on Friday '
' the 21th dsv of August next, if fair, if not the neat fair day, i C
a: t highest biJJer, for cash,in front of Alien Dentoa'e Tavern, w
e upper ?nd of Hanover county, eeven hundred acre* of land, i y
n?j 'ij being in the mill county, and adjoining the land* of Allen j
iVnton. Mrs. Mtuhy ami other*. Thie land wtt? surrendered by | ti
j .me> I'nderwood in a I'h.dule at the suit of J. F. Taylor anil j
snd is one of the most valuable and desirable IracU of land | "
- imrt of ibe county, and ' well adapted to the growth of !
* .rj-, an 1 clover, a id has a larg.. portion of taeadow land on ! 'J
,i v? ? is ronnd-re.i very valuable for gra?s, the buildings are j
for a small family, nod can be wade very comfortable at a H
, ml! post ' j *
A -o at tho same time and place, will he sold, the said I'nder- | ,e
a interest in A or JsOiM) hundred ecres of Kentucky land, being ir
in vh part of ?.ii ! lands. Person, writhing to purehaec the ! hi
H?' hi r lands are invited to vtew said Jamie on or before the dav I sl
c:".If. IRA L. BOWLES, J). 8.for ; C
Ciarlet P Gouiail, $ka-\tf of Haunter county. . bi
M. B. Those who may wish to purchase the H.mover land, are |
- a .i... ).n.l ? ,ii k,. .nld ? i hi> nersont for whose beuetil I
Dad is neid in trust, will give release deeds. | <i
IKA U BOWLF.S, D. 5.fur j o
Ciar.'M P. Guoda.ll, Sheriff of Hanover eoun'y. (l
A j; 3 25? ?ds tl
- : I tl
.i Valuable Farm for Sale, j p
? VIN'G on the Chickabommy. 9 miles front Richmond. This farm J p
o.txins A'<5 acres of Land, on? half in ?vo?<J, abounding in |
?j u: and hickory: 50 acres of mud land, 35 of which r.rc well j
i Timothy and Herd's grass, and the balance laid off in three >
.. iunder excellent enclosutes, producing fire crops of corn ! "J
: oats, in a high s;.itc of improvement. The bu.htings ara all I
i-w, having b- en erected within the last lour years, built of : h
s- '>-st material, and consists of two wooden Dwelling-houses, ' a
* 'h four room* each, Birns, c'tables. Nego Houses, and almost 1 ii
very house of any use on a Kami, and a woll of good water i It
the yard. Th neighborhood ia an excellent one, mil the sittia- g
t in ia consid-red very healthy. There are lew situations com- j a
b ting more advant igss than this. For terms.dec.. apple (post paid) :
'.3 L. tt R. HILL Sc CO., ! ?i
Aug 3 ' [25?2:] General Agtnls and Collect, rj. ill
1 LANDS KoR SALE.? I off-r for sal" oil accomttio ! t
listing terms, iny land in the couiuy of Loudoun, Virginia, con- j ,,
taut if i 'out seven hundred acres, 'i he land is ditlaut trom l.tri- . j.
bur. about one mile and a half. The Ltesburg Turnpike Road to a
t..t District of Columbia passes through it. It may be divided into |
t*o convenient tenements, on each of which arc comfortable dwell- ; p
: ;t. me road divides the inrwl into two IcmdmU. The house in { tj
an -a my fntiily resided is, though small, a couvruicnt one, sutii
fly Isr.e fur an ordinary family. The soil ts capable of being -j
an. been improved by the u<e of c'over and pluicr. There is \ s
o' ! * large Meadow. f?.m wfctch upward* of fifty tons of hav may ;
*.innu?Hy made. It i?Situated in tne neighborhood of sevetal V? .
i jf ctuttng Mills, and i* s'kuU ttireo miles ftuoi the Chesa.* ?ke |
ii. I 'lino Canal. The out huitdiaga arc good. Among th**tt is an j ^
etc ilent corn house Throe who are diapnai d to pur. *8", will, '
o1'course, examine the land for themselves, a lu'ther description is j
theiefoie unnecessary Any cmnuutmcatioa may kv adJresaed to j nir
at Alexandria, District oi'Columbia.
Alenndtia. Aug. 3 125-180 El' l-EE. j j
I Belle Mead fur \;<V | m
TlilS very ra.'aabie estate is again oflered'W sale, nud if not dis- , ,
1 ' ' ..... .ir<et.rem'.er neat, will on I
r?o?*a or prtvait fv oerore me wu ??/ r - , Cc
tr-.v IV, t.e?clj at Powhatan Court bSu*c. to th? higbcrt bidder. uR
- M-*d contain* 1,170 icrw. ciout 300 of which it frrat tate :
iame* Kifrr low gruutij*- the wood land i* abundant, and of j
et'-Ilent quality. 'fur of 'hi* property prev nt? an opp'ir'u- I m
nitv >> cap:taii?ta wjr 0 now rarely occur*. (.mi! upon tbe comple- I
t.., jfthe Jam* "'"or improvement* now in progre**, will wtill j ^
n ir-raftly ncc?f''0'" obtaining a very valuable river larm within a j
i'io't 'i?!*u-? ?f K'cbwiood. Ail p?i??tM duposcd to avail tbeni- I
i iva, o>" opportunity. are invt'.eu to view thv premtaea, and | 4t
the *.ih?eriber for term*. tI,
j ah aim to a?ll privately, two other tract* of Land, ai'u.ited in j s?
c?utitv of Amelia?one on, and the otb"r near the Appotnuttoj: j (_'j
t?i"t The one on the river i? known by the name of lfooiitt-1?, j,,
t canl .nta 1.406 were*, at lea?t 4 or 51'0 of which if wood Iw'd of I j,f
r>": qusiity for tobacco; the other i* Ob*to, the (evidence of the |
lir. R?a In'pS of Amelia: contain* 300 screw, a:td i.?? reniarka J tl)
t and h"*llhy situation, commanding a tie in-'ilul view of t ev
tic manntam* Person* disposed to purrh??c eithwv of tbcee tract*, j
it- ?cue?ted to view them, and apply to me. J m
i i Bel's Mea.l be aold privately before the day appointed
for the public vale, due notice will bo given. ....
.itlorney i* fait for Ttiot. UvUmf Tcbb. sf
Aag 3 io?tf
JJtVl N'iJ tn eie iirrang.iuent* to nettle in the county of AlbeI
'tf-r fura-sle my tract of Land neurthe (ircen Spring*, _
i: t e county of Lout-a, c,||?d PK'SI'ECT HILL. It contain* v
: " i i* i o creek, ?ithin a mil* of the tlrccn Spring*,
i : .cun>f In. I- of l>'?ct. Jaine* M- Morria, and William ling a
liad. G?q : well supplied with wool aod water, end with every im- 0)
pmi-ntc'it H"Ce*?acy for farming operation*, aud for the comfort of
t ttjc f:Tiily Ho**e*i!oti ol the dwclltng-bouve, garden, 4tc , and nj
large pittiun of the land, (now covered with clover,! could be ,a
g tci :,i,v I.Vcly. a i l -n'ire po*?ei?ion a* ?oon at the growing ^j,
crop i< ccur-ii. |: ! ? .mall portion of the purchase money will lie p,
repnred i i hi . ,j fx the greater part a lung credit would be ^
?!?"? Kvofi- !*?,., ;?v .-forded the niirch.i*er in sowing a crop ol |i
?? he it?s i i tii-* ero, of corn, hay. now promising to l>e nbund- a?
2'it. will > subject to n,? taw*r on reasonable term*, if application be
uii.)e btfore to- Ut d?v of October neat ,j.
Loa:->a, July 27, |.=33. 23?dt ro,
^1 IL'NT ERIN FOR SALE.?I wi?htoseII tin* beautiful, ft;. Hi
tile an i very healthy Kara privately. D lie' in Powhatan
rot 'v. rig'TTrtrrr-e iVvn t .?U .u-tiinute, tenfrom Carters ville, no I ? '
to vttir-e mile* from Ricbiiio-i . There are five hundred anil
? tty '?j irtea ta the tract, hounded oti the North by Jainee River,
i , ii-So.;ii by the rotd l-aoing from Carteraville to Richmond, "
Mninly c ili-d the River road, on th? Eas' by the lands of Tho*. w
I. ) I'n-n, E q., an I on the West by t>?ep Greek, w hich stream ev
jirit (roia Beilttiead?[There is a -plendid mill site on this "!'
n r filling w it*r-cutir?e. and an extensive quarry of granite rock ??
" :.! oio hundred yards of the plice. I have an indisputable Bl'
r.."i o ?i acof iini on Belfn-id estate, opposite totbe mill site,
wnicb* ill bo included in my sale.J a'
M ?a .t Run M well wittr-d. and well adapt- il to the growth of ( >'
- a i. * oats, tobacco and clover. The buildings arc good, and
ol i very iveon;ntu welling.house, kitchen, stoolo-house, | "r
c.vrr.i-. -,ou corn-house,stable, carriage-bouse, tobacco-houses, j *?
i n ? th i thrashing machine attached,?I will give posses- ) Bl
ion >u ;b- fir--of Ja-iu.irv next?or I will give immediate posses- |
s if i-'juire'i. on c- tt tin conditions. Those who arc disposed to J
purchise, are invited to come and see this property: I shall lake J "< '
great pleasure in shew ,ng it. [ ?
I alio offer for hi liberal and very accommodating terms, j 8'
th-ee nondrt-d a-re, of (.and, being and Itriog in the counties of ' -*l
' h-<t"!fir-:,i an I Powhatan, in the neighborhood of Genito. Uns ; Pa
t:'. v:m?u by the name of Moslev's, is bounded by the lands of ,
. Ir. John Mu.'-y, \fr. Dorset, and others, and is very well timbered, j
' >e soil g*--ierally good, yet susceptible of considerable improve- j an
"tent. M. K. .MURRAY. "
Powhatan, June 1, 1838. tf |(r
Great Matchless Sanative!?Cure for Consuviplion !!
"J* UK subscriber has for sale several dozen phials of this inv uluable ! mi
'"> I'Cine, it seems to have lost oone of its virtues in crossing j ev
tie Atl ntic, bot it effecting cures in the United ictates, similar to | I"
f"?sw tsl, k,?, estnni.hej Euione. It is not. like other nostrums, t
-j from simples; but iseoniposed of The three great kingdoms, I d
m ? nil vegetable and mineral: and, as Aaron's rod (wallowed up [ be
? ai.' -jan*', ?o thisswallows up every other nostrum. It seems ;
C ' ? hilly answering the purpose for wliicb it w?i inteodvd by its bs
T iamartif inventor, Dr. Loui? Affon Goelickc of Getrnany?the I pi
I gra te<tof human benefsetora.?There is a man in my adjoining j
9 '"'fy, Charlotte, who, for tome montha, wits liboring under con- ci
jf "J ,n I having accidentally heard of the virtuof the S.t- ,
m ?. procured a phial, ood, after using it a few weeks, gave inti- w
I ' returning health. There it also a It idv, (a victim of eon- jai
i i.,. .;i"ne county, whom death seemed, not longsince, [
I ^ '""W i for his own. She wot rapidly declining?indicated ; I '
I voire "t.ii, the wasted torin, the deep, sepulchral tone of I in
X of" V" " 'ration of all vital energy. I sent her a phial j
is no" n d, after having used it three or four weeks, she I
3 , * ' v? t'*tfect convalesence. I can bear also from other j Pr
fl fjr irhirh ns""S ' pt>wef >? tb? cure of a disease to
I n.r.r ! *' * **? avowed there was no remedy; hot I can
H wi'h 'a *' * 5ove?eign of the Universe haa afflicted us
g . aoy disease, without providm* for it n corresponding aotidote. fi.r
rer?Ti. j at Ih-pridtnee, Haltftu. county, Va. J"
| H nr.. i- 71 vrie Cln also be had of \V*!?Hor, Dawt.u.LC &. Co., h?
S " '"fax L. II . \ a. '25-211 Aug 3
1 T.in?K art~W? 'und Glass. f
I J, UARKOrt, /xr rttr, 3j Xmrau Street, .VriC fori,
\\"\+ '1 i 8 a"-o"mpni f?f choice und desirable ?f*
S af> . * ,'1 f j? ^ ,nr' %* u? I l??- to the country tr?4f? nj>- f,a
5 ptcV-. *i aVOff m-" '^*)r of purchasers is r*?- I
( fa- V " ' !'"ru w*,h hope of being able to give entire satis8
.. ; rtieojaf. rej
B - * >ork.Sllb July, /?^_ 525?JOt P*
g -?;? re
Jx ups Bit-, -notice to Contractors, ot
hc i .f.i R Kanawha improvement.?a puh- k?
E Sfpfasfuv W,': '' ''"'d it* the town of Lynchbur;, on the 10th I
1 of tha r'"r it"' 6" 'h* work not now under contract, on the line lic
9 Tt i ^'"renih.l pl-.ce and the city of Richmond. n,:
2 ...J,,. ,l" *c onM,:? of 39 locks, 43 culverts, 3 nqucdorts, 2 tow- ho
8 t"rn' i st-?' u,,e of which is across James river.) about 1520 8"
8 h> , ?"M ' ',r"'g-<, and from 30 to 40 sections, besides several
3 t-'? 'l?n* ^ 'tween Lynchbnrgaud the Kiue Ridge. W
J , ^ W,I! generally In-of dry Masonry sheathed with plank.
9 ,ni ""JS'i'Mi ot the work w ill be pointed out to Contractors by
S f,fir Lngioeers on rhc line; and the general plans and spe- i
3 t' l . r ?'* *'" elbihited at the Office of the suli-criher in the
1 'IT,on'<< nn,'l the 9;h of September, and in Lynchburg, at 9
y-!. . * 'he Letting ' 5 ^
J k alley of the James river is retnsrlcnhlv health*. a i
j Lncutferrjf the Jiinci Hiccr and A'anaicha Cumparty. as
1 - 37 33-teS
_____ Jumes
Hirer and Kunatrha Company 1
^OTICE I't> LABoKKIC^.?At a iONlin( ol the l're?iiltnt und /
Directors of the James Kncr atitl knnuwi.a Company, on the a.
li June. ltSW: , A
Huult'td, That the Company will continue to pay for labor on hi
e lower level of the old canal at the rat. n they ar now paying, t!
J at the time* set forth in the advertisement of the ag. nt, Mr. ' rc
rim. now published tu the Richmond newspapets, until the force , by
rpioyed on said level shall bo discharged by the Company on the
mpletion ?f the work necessary to he executed thereon.
Kr*?lcfdf*rtkrr, That from and after Monday morning next, each
borer employed by the Company on said work, vvlio, on its romple- f
mas uforeeaid, shall be returned by the said .gent as having
Lirked wellaud faithfully every working day, texcept when unaudahly
prevented,) from the time when he shull engage in tho 111
nipany's service, until the completion of the srid work, and a* 1 u
Lviug behwed in in ordeily manner, shall be entitled to receive i J"
i additional allowance ol 20 per cent, on the rates of compensa- I ,a
an now allowed, to he paid on the first pny day occurring ;by the j 5'
isges of the Company) after the completino of ihc said work:? j *
lovijed, however, that ?u<'h edditiormlxompi.tisalioti siiall he paid 1 "
ily to those lakorers who shall continue in the Company's service *
it'll the work on said lower level shall bo completed ; and pro- '<
ded further, that these resolutions shall ?" il'l' to any persons i
ertaiosd *S having instigated or promoted the late strike for
sg.-t oil said lower level. _
fwtilished by order of **vc Hoard. \V. B. CIIIT1 ENOKN, j
June 15 ['I?tf] Secretary > j
fl.M.?Ran awav from the subscriber in Aprtl last, my rnnn JIM.
Una nearly six feet high; complexion, bl.ck; short nappy hair; J '
ammers atirtlr, ? ,'icn spoken to hy strangers; the lore linger upon j "
le left handvs nearly stiff. occasioned by a cut on the joint. 1 am j
r.rlul Jim ha> obtained free papers, and will attempt to pass as a *r
en m ill. I viil give a reward of ?15 for Jim, if taken in the Slate J*
ad Jclivercdio me, or secured so that I get him again; or ?3tl, if
iketi out of ihe State and secured, or delivered as ehovc. S
Lunenburj,July 27 {23? if] JOHN J. FuWI.KEP.
ITOTICE.?The suh*ciiber, lutepding to remove to Richmond in (1
tho F.iJ, respectfully offers his professional services in the m
ourta of t/at City, which he will hereafter attend regularly. lie ti
ill also eotinne to practise in the Circuit Superior Court of Fpot- w
Ivania c^nty. n
Address,until the middle of June, Fredericksburg?after that j it
nse, Kiehaoud. JSO. M. PATTON. ; i!
May 2t> C?tf ?
: ????~ f<
PHE OMDiiilv Lin-* of Mail Couches for Charlottesville, tstaun- t ,
too, Wura, Hot, White Sulphur, Red Sulphur. Suit Sulphur,
luc Sulpbir. Grey Sulphur, ami Sweet Spring, and several other 'f
atering pise* of note, and ?o ou to Guyandotle. Travellers v i?h- ' ,,
ig to svcuii seats for either of the above places, w ill he particular j
i railing atthc old Stage (Jflice in the Ragle Hotel, w hue they will q
a furnisbvtlwith tickets, whirhwill secure thir seats, when they j
rnve fit Stiinton. Those t iking seats iu the Old Line of Mail ,,
oaehes. ?lidI not he thrown out any where. This will he found to <|
5 tne chcs;??t,nearest and bp?t toute to the above planes.
B.?Tin" subscribers inform the Public, that the alcove men- |
oned old .ViiI Line ijStill in successful operation; that the fare
it that pari 4" it whieh extends frun Richmond to Charlottesville, e<
I distune- o r.eaily eighty uiilos.) is now reduced to f our /W/arr; I A
int they b-ivt made arrangements to accomplish the entire trip be- | ('
seen those tvo places in one doy only; hut that fJtras may be <-in- ' ('
loyed of then, to travel prettv much at the option of th-ir net u- I T
ants. * UOYU A EDMOML oi
Ragle Hotel. Richmond Va , M.ireh 27lh, lb7te. IDS?if ! tc
Louisa Rail Road.
rO add to th- comfort of passengers, the hour of leaving Rich- !
inond for louisa will heieafter be S in the mo'innc instead of ' |
alf-pas! four. By this route passengers lor Charlottesville leave
t a later l.oulin the morning ami arrive thete earlier in the even- j "
lg than by thy other line. Besides being a daily line to Char- ! 'I
mesviile ;in?Staunton, it is tn-weeitly to Lynchburg. Passc-n- '
prs leaving Ikchinoi.d on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays atrit o | m
t Lynchburg tie next evening
The hour frtxi Frerlerickshall is one in the day, enabling pas. j
ensers leavin Charlottesville in the morning to gel to Iticbtnoud ! P'
lie same vvenag at an earlier hour than by any other line. ar
Between Frdcricktburg and Charlottesville the arrangements i "l
re equally exxdilious. Passengers may leave Frederick-burg 1 "
v?ry day and rrive at Cft trlotlesville the same evening. Leaving j Vl
'redericksbur on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, they arrive J
t Lyneiii.urg he next eveniry. ^ ~
From Ch iiottesville they reach Fredericksburg the same day 1
xcept $und.s. On Sunday there is no freight train fium tiie junc ' ^
on, and t hot go to Fredericksburg next mo-ning to breakfast.
Tcavelleis t|l| tiad the route by the Louisa road n superior one, ?
"here being -lurriles of ru'ruad, they are rsiie'Cd in a gie it de- I
r eo: fatigu-i white their progiess is rapid. After leas ing Char- j w
jttesviile thee i? a regular route in one direction to the Vircimx I. .
rai nus and andotlc, in another to Pattonsburg and Tennessee. I y
F ire from Richmond to Charlottesville $b 00, Richmond to j
vnchburg ?p no. Fare from Fredericksburg to Charlottesville I _
Li 00, Ficdetcksburg to Lynchbutg $11 00.
Julv 13 19?tlS -a
J it
Richnond and Fredericksburg Railroad.
pWO DAILt LINK? TO FKEDRKlCKtsBCKG.-ln ade.t.on j
to the mail train, which runs as heretofore,^)*: leaves Rich- j '
ond st 4 A. ,V., ami leaves Fredericksburg at 4 I tj A- .M., there j JP
ill, until furtler notice, he a daily frtiglit train (Sundays except- !
I) leaving tlcbiuvnit at 12 o'clock, and Fredericssbuig at 11 | V
clock. A. .M. I 10
By exi.-tiug ctnnertions, passengers leaving Richmond at 4 in the I ?'
ortiing, arriveal Wasiiiugton City at 4 in the alteruoon: at B;!'.-- 111
ore by 7 the ifixna ovtouig; at Pbil&dsiphta the next morning by lo
ivligiit; and it New York by the middle of the day: thus travel- |
v; from UictaAiid to Now Vork, all delays Idc!iii1?I, lalillivun, i **
' " f l-Jiour. n cihrciee vj m?r? t> >. * j
Pa?i-i>ger* south wit J, lea* in; Philadelphia in t lie morning, arrive | r"
Riihtmure 111 i line Tor the afte ruooo corn for w anliiugton City, jet J f"
Richmond n?il morning by hail pirt 9. to Priffb'ir; tiy noon, i 81
i?i to K'lieich early the following day; or, going by Wilmington lo j 1
v irleston. arrive al Ciiarlealott io ie*s tlidii lour days frnru Phlln- j
Ipbia, or four uurl a half days from .New Vork. 'J his line is at |
' seol twice a week, anH me evening* for leaving the city of j "
'anhiog'on to take it, are Monday and Friday. There is, in adrli- i uf
>ii. a line 1'V which ptircnter' may leave \\ ashinglon City un the , 3
emngof Wednesday, and go without interruption en tar m Wil- j "
mgton. Thi- i* eapectvd ?oon to be a continuous line froin Wi|. 1
iitgton to Charleston. - ;
Visitor* to the Fauquier Sulphur Sprint;* should go from Rich- i .
>r>d in tha mail train of Tuesdays, *1 iiiirsdaya, and Saturday*. On 11
ose morn in g?, a stage leave* Fredericksburg immediately on the |
rival of the trams, and the trip tliui made from KicbmooJ to the
iringa in a day.
Fare from Richmond to Fredericksburg $4.
July 13 8t j ?j
K' AK i>ENTt 'N Sl'ltINfJS.?This witeiiog pluce, confessedly ?
v - '??....... i ... ill, llniii.il Sishi. has recenllv !
Ill* Illosl nigu >? iuirw<uu ? ?.... . ,
sscd into the hands ol an incorporated company, at llic price i rr
?170,000, and is now "in the lull tide of successful experiment." j a
The building* are finished ;o ?h?- first style ol' elegance, am! fur- i si
ah accommodations for six hundred persons. 'J lie grounds are i w
stelully Uid out, and adorned with trees and shrubbery, affording i bt
ady walks, refreshed wttb jet* of pure water. It is.iiu'ited in the , I.i
edmoul of Virginia, and about twenty nulea East ot the lllne ai
ide, and w ithni u day's journey from Kichniond and ilalnmore? ei
nes of stages from Washington, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville j m
id Winchester afford ready means of access.
The Company is spared the trouble of giving what might be con- ?
Iced an interested account of the virtues ot the water, and trie
tractions of the place, by the voluntary testimony borne by a nu- j
eroua meeting of getiliemen of the first standing Irons all parts of j
e country, who visited the Fprings in the summer of JrffT. A ; of
unmittte, consisting of Gen. Walter Jones ot Washington City, , II
ofessor Tucker ut Williamsburg, Mi. John Eyre of Northan.p- lb
n county. Major John I'eicr of Jefferson county. Col. Bvtd C. 1 ('
"illis of Fredericksburg, Mr. Btnjitmtn I'oJlard ol Norfolk,and : tli
r. John Baiter nod Judge Fcott of Fauquier county, in a repoit In
liich was unanimously approved o! by the meeting, sum op the
idence of the medical <|U 'lilies of the water by staling tout "the j tli
ring may indeed be said to hat - forced its w ay 10 public notice and ! or
ner.il uae, by the simple strength ol its own intrinsic t utiles:" and ei
d,'*?ur own personal experience, equally with our observation
its general effects on tho-o who have used the water, cither as j cs
remedy for a diseased condition of the Body, or as a coriohorant j T
general health, enable us to affirm without hesitation, what, in- j ar
c-d, is too much a matter of notoriety to need either proof or af- ' is
mution. that it contains in its composition all the most whole- | ?c
me and invigorating properties of the outers usually denumi- , tie
lied h hits Fulphur Springs. We dcein it unneceasaiy to cite, ?n
we might, particular and most authentic instances of its spi-ci- J en
: effects in the cure of obstinate cases of Dyspepsia and functional '
rangementi of the liver. To ibis may be added a recent and j fu
ost striking cure of confirmed dropsy. The spring is in that re- I
oil univeisally acknowledged to be among the healthiest in the 1 tli
ate ; and its particular locality, no less healthy than the best i ex
utc of that region, uffords one* very decided advantage to the in- j d>
ibitants of those districts liable to disease fioin Malaria, over all 1 k
e most celebrated springs hi the mountuinous districts ofthc State, j Ji
id that is its on Id ami genial climate, throughout the latte r purt of II
miner and beginning of autumn, when a return to a sickly dis- j le
ict is tui>st dangerous?and when visitors are u-uaily driven from tl
e mo'iritaiuoiis valleys by therurly cold and damps of tbe season." cr
A large and valuable real estate makes a part of the establish- ci
tut. From this and other sources the table w.II be supplied with to
erv thing which H fertile and highly cultivated country can afford; It
n pit red by the most accomplished cooks and well trained servants. or
The cellar is stored with the choicest wines and liquors, pur- pi
.-.-.I ii,? ^.inarintandence of one of the directors, from the
i*t established houses in Alexandria and Baltimore. I tli
Thi- lovers ot? music and the danc? ate informed (hat a spacious j as
II room, resounding with the delightful alrsinsofa band of accom- j ci
tailed performer*, is prepared for ttieir entertainment.
Bowls, quoits, &c., invite the rougher sex to more athletic exer- ] cc
?' ?. J ei
The lovers of the chase and of the turf are informed that ft pack of ill
ell trained hounds ore at their servire. and that th?re may he no i lo
ck of sport, the agent h is procured a supply ol young foxes ? hirh, I cr
a few weeks, will be lit for the chase; and o tine ruce course is I tn
id out on the neighboring flats of the Rappahannock, where train- j ri
g st.iIdea will he opened by the first of August; and the month of j T
ptcmher will be enlivened by contests ol speed, excited hv purses | ar
id sweepstakes. In a word, nothing which money and labor can j ar
ocurc, w ill he wanting to make the H'urrcntan Spring* attractive I sr
all who are in pursuit of health or pleasure. la
And what have we to pay for all these fine things: Whv next to |
ithmg. You may remain the whrdc season, from first of July lo j cr
t of October, for gTh? or two months for $6(1? or one month for I
12?or one week for $!>?cr one day for $1 SO? or have a single ' ar
eal for fifty centa?children under twelve years of age and servants ! it
ilfprice. iJorscs at fifty cents a day. THE COMPANY'.
July 37 23?2awtlt> j vi
PEAP THIS. IF YOU PLEAFE's-Dr. MM"*.*, Vft'nTctT . 1 y
called the Indian, Gorman, or Natural Doctor, is now about (he I r)
juntiins, and other pi ce*, collcrtir.g vegetables for his practice, j rr
ri may be expected in Rirhmond on the fu?t of October next, for j C
e purpose of curing Iho**- diseases which too often biflle the skill
ordinary piactitioners. The mod distressing rheumatism i? often '
moved in thirty m. hy his ointments, riles always cured. Pyspsia.
Dropsy, biabete*. Asthma, or Phthisic, Scrofula and Gravel, _
ncrally relieved in a few hours, and often radically cured.? All j C
her diseases understood anil attended lo, if called upon. Ilis |
owledge is the result of fifty years experience in various sections
the country, sod the use of every medicinal plant, and foreign ar- a(
:|e, to he found in America, so fir a* he deems them useful and ( ?
e-s?arv. The afflicted will find him hy inquiring at the public (ll
uses, and groceries near the market, or by notice wliieh w ill he j ,r
ren in this paper. J. C. M. p
July 27 S3?tlO ! N
%'II.LIAMS ic. HAXALL tender their services as Commission ; ei
ViscHistt, to funnels, millers, and country merchants, for V
o sale of wheat, com, flour, dec. ; lr
June 26 N?2m ' c<
j OTICE.?Ft raved from Marion Dill, on the2f>th April, two rolls, tl
one ? sorrel fi'ley, 2 years old; the other a blood bay filler, with ( di
s'nr in the forehead, also 2 years old. A reward of ten Hollars
ill he paid on the delivety of the said colts, or such inform?tioa
will l??d to their discovert. YVM. F. DE PR I EST.
July 20 121?Ct
in a /,vi?#, -SS ?j8!llw!
Land fur l<tnt. 1
)N" the fr ? ilav uf next August HaliUx Cou:t, nt the I'oint | J]
hou.o, tt 1 o'-'lock, H M., I .hull proceed to rent *! Public j
Oct ion, to tin- highest bidder, lor ? term of five yenfe, th t v?!u? I va
v trai l or parrel of IntiJ, in raid county, which w ? Mslgnv'l to I 'fc
c uiduw of John C. Arnii'U ad. ilerv??ci], ?s her dower in his 1 Pi
al estate, in ?iid county. The premises air at presi'iil occupied lar
i Mr. Allen Tucker, wi ose lease will expire at t'l.ri?tm.'? i
Term* made known on the day. A. U. Sl'tlONKR. ;
July 31 24?4t jan
^AND POIt SALE.?'Will be sold, to the highest bidder, on Fri- Uu
day, the 2Mb day of j^rplember next, agreeably to the w ill of ne<
y father, William l.eorgc, the old .rand called (Jenrge's Tavern. Iipi
Goochland couiily, coiiisn in; 330 acres, one hundred ol it in I an.
ood??and another pi> ce of 200 arre?, I2hurn , of it in woods.aJ |io
>inin<! the land< of'J'hoinae Kintord, Jainea Fife, and o'here. The : ,\,
il<- will take pl ace' at the Tavern, on the following term.: tine, g,
iod security. and a deed of trust on the land lo nuike the pa? ments \o
ife. I deem il unnecessary to give any deacriptionoithe l .nd.a* it |
no two, three, and four yeara* credit, the purchaser giving bonds , lie
i?h generally known; though if any one should w iah >n view th* lend ; t>e
More the day of rale, it will he show-it hy Or. Armrstcjd William |
urton, who lives on the pluct-.or irtvself. | Hi
F.xceiler of If illiam fie rge, ute'd. i
August 3 23? wlda ih
/Ml fc NEGROES FOR SALE ? Willbe sold, to the high.'at '''
bidder, for cn?h, at MfcMenhur; ('uurtlHiuiif, on Monday, the 1
'th of September, (I! ?: bein-c??U't day*) the fallowing ticgmea : ' _
iry, ? guudrook; CUiiottf, u fi??t rate warher aid irouar, find ! la
cuhioui'-.! t*? hou-e bun ties* generally; Sally, *n old w?inati,a
den!.!** field band; Nancy, a very l.k? 'v younp woman, with Iff vc
rst child; Diar.n, arrp*jtMited v?itii tiou?i? hosinct*, Royal. a *ery Jc
kcly and gmnrt Soy, mri,e enough to piough; and Lucy, a like?) } on
irl. ^ . fit
AI?o. on \Y?*dne?Jav. the 10: h of PepteirVr, it being the Wftl- im
Cithiy after Merkfcnhurg t'ourt. the *uh?< riber will II 5! ll tj.c.ov
r, that w'I'll kntiu u u nd va luabh* tr.et of land, (on the fteli-en,)
whfffoo Mr. John M Yatea at pr?#ent re*id*'a. in * I ccitin
i uf Altckleulur;:, on the bomb Alrherrin mcr, hating the K??ne- , nt
prul anil lloif<kpt*n rrooka ruitninzthrough it.ronliiouijWI !
K>r*? oi Icfc.1*, on vt hi' h i* a valuable matiufarturin^ Mill, ?omr? for
i ikinjAiip -rior rt'iiir; a dwt*ilir.^-houao with fnJir fonrr." on thefir^t } 1
uor; ki'.chon. Kinoke huu?c, dairy, a ?torp bouar, w>uch hnt ?? en ;
' ctipifd o< ?urli for between S(l ind liO d bcinc a I'Ooil Kand 1
>r m s!or?; a mull two nlory dwrlling, w ith or>?* ro* if ar.d pawnee
t the end, *vjthin Ml <?r eO yardvof the iitOfr-l.i'U?e. u It!;irk^n?it|?*? :
fiop, where one hao lori? Ujen kept, af.d i? ptohebfy orje of thehr?t j
tanda in iho county., w ith other neccaort out huu?e*. Ten?f? by
'wo jur.J pa\fiient- will b?* <iven the purrha-cr. the filit to tictime
due the l^">'h of I)?k m!u r, thr2il, li e 2f?tl. ol" l%em? by
r, lelO. Rond]*, with undoubted p*-r*onai (rcurity will he r**- t
wired of the pur**haaor, and the rijht retniocd until pM%nicnt i* ' hi,
iade. will he|*itr?*n th^ 5,r??h of Dec* niher rrat. The !
ibxrril.tr. It % in; 1 roilea aouth of Mill t?rov#*, will take plea?ure in
liow mf it to any gcutlco an wtMhing to view the fStnc. ?j.*
Jn?e3l f94?w lrf| " J.W.OLIVER.
I j* i 11 i u* oi .1 iie?fii ?* i mmt. executed to the auhacriber on ihe
J?i day of Janti iry, l-SH*. for crtr in purpose*, theren m? ntiun- \j
1, will hr? fold, at I'hrdcrfieM Court-houar. the -econd Monday in fr
that be i court day, ut ptihlic auction, for raalt, one n? ffro
irl, (rir/v,; ured 4 ye.tra, and a tut ol |jit;d !vir^ rn the county uf
he^terfieht, cout irr.m; 10 ac?e?, bounded hy tli? Und* of l?r verly ?
Welt?. Robert Murchn , the ht it*- of Hi:t?*?n John???f-. dec,, ar.tl :
i the f mainin^ -idr hy the t'onl Pit Turnpike. I l^lo ve 'he title
In* ^uod ?but ruch uiilv r.s h %? ated ?r. th?* iihecribr r w ill be rcn- !
> v?*d. ' RUN J AM 1 \ MullXKk. Tr*.tec. *
Ju \ 24 SS-w3? jD1
ICKORV GROVE FOR SALE ?The nobscri ei w - to
ell the Farm on which *h? re?ii!*?, Known bv the nane of J "a
fkofy Orovp, sithated ir the county of King William, tln ut a '
tarter of a mil* from Pnmunky river, ami 2*J mil* ? ff? m ?1 cifv '*a
Richmond. Il contains lit oldsurvey, 477 acres. The improve- .
enta are all in v? rv ;no?| order, and their ? i of a h? It hi* r re*i- 1
nee. and few more hi nutiful, in Lower Virginia .Varl of opei?f
qu'<lit v ha* been di-cov. red in crenf nle.ndanre on differ* rl I
irr? of tb?* fnrin. Tbe ^oi! is very susceptible of improvement, ' '*d
id w ell idapted io ti srnwili of dove r. It in o t e of the at
and* for a phv?iri;in, in fhi? section, and the gncietv i? erpr I in j ?y
w hat ever. Pernor* w i.hing to purchase ate in \ it*-d to Cuii ar.d
rw the premitci. T? rm* w ill be accommodating.
June 5 [4-wtf] V \RV TURNER.
'AND I ) R SALE.?W? .* i * . t o thr highest hiddrr, a!
\Valkiit.v)li?. in tli?* county of Coorhland. on ih" 10th d iyof
ug'ist, if fair, othrrwi?e, the dext la:r diy,t4)0 acre* of Land. 10
ins oil the head v?a'er? ??f lie-vet darn cr^?-i?, and inuiicdiat lv in ,
ie neighborhood of Col. John tiuermr.t and PerKinp* Sto?e. T? rn?*
ill h?? accommodating, and made known or. t!ie day of pale. We : 1 |
ould, however. Ireut with any person privately between tlup and I
ic da) of sale. For term,*, apply t?? Elli*, Ki! 11 & Co . Richmond, i (I
a., or'o Col. Peter Cucrrant or Carr Flamming, t.oocl land co. |
July 17 i|0-wtw |
Albemarle Land at Pvbtii Sale
JONTEACLK, tbe late rcsid nct ol Craven Peyton, dee'd, will , 1,1
he an Id to the highest bidder, on Thursday, the 7ih of Sep !
niber next, {if fair, other* iae the next (air day.) Th?? i? con?i i "
;rc ! one of the most valuable eatoteg in the upper country?and ; 1
point of health and beauty, ip tutpoised l?\ no ?nnation in the j (
late. It contam*. by m recent purvey l,(MK) nr. ?* ; upwards ??f.f>o?t j n#'#
'which uie cleared, the helance well timber* d* It i? hounded J ^
r nearly two mile* on the N??Ph and Ea?t by the Kivanno river. j pi,
id on the South by Puck Isiand Creek, a pirmtm emp'ying ,
to lh" rixer. Th* .I.mros form upwards ot .ttiO acre* m I
w ground* of ver% superior quality ? %ne ?'* .* * t P rr U?ung * !! ?- ! of?
lord well 0d~*--? ' roih? growth of rorn. when! *?at? ?*tiil to
ic*co?* ?*? ? improvement* nre no< -Cl?d. 'I he dwelling house i? i*"'.
nut Inrse anrl COinfottable, and ^iiuated on n beautiful en.i- .
nee, btingin- all the arable land under the . ye?and n:akii;v the
o?fK*ct in every direction picturesque an*l Twautiful. There i? , H .
rerv oec-eaaary out hous**, with a horse mill, threshing ma. hino, . (
* houpe, c. There are ten or twelve never-failing ?pfW?s of i jnt
ire water on the place.
AUo another Tract, containing 450 arr* *. in n-? dintcly or the Iti . ^ f
T. above the thoupand jcr*' tract ju?*t rl.-scrilmd, with upwards of |CJ
ic hundred acres of river bo'turn, and one hundred acre* of high : v,
nd r tea red, the balance well 'nuhircil. 'J hin land Ii?p well, and Jf
well watered?ha. on it a pretty good Dwelling Hou*e, nrd?omo ?
it hou<ea?and is PU^crptihle of being u?ado i u o*r t?c ii:ifiil nni) j
jsirn'.lc resilience. Tl.rse Larjdp lie - milcse'tpi ot ClmrloftepviHf.
he Ri%'aunn is navig iblt t\ all pc--6 ins to Columbi , w here it r rnp- I
c? into James River. ^ t u i I tl"
At the name Tin e nrm piacc, win or som riginc, n ivf-m
aves, men, women anii hoys?some of them very likrlv ; twrlTc
tifteen head of borer*, three or four of then, !i .c saddle hor*1 ?; |
ghteen or I went; milch rowa nn-i work ox?-n . seventy five he.,d .
' sheep; seventy or eighty hradol'hogs, &<; Also, ail the house- I ..e
t?M a"d kitchen furniture, lartoi-g utensils of every Corruption,
hoot fans, one set o! B'srUitiiili tools. Ate,. I ,
Tr.sMs.? For the MnH,OPe-fuurlli of tin purelin* moner will h? ((i
quired in I anil, tho lailaner in three equal annual payments. ? ith
Heed til* trust 10 s. cur- tf e ha,-k payn ents TKi negroes w ill t.e ,
M for cash. For the other property, a credit of twelve months I |
ill he riven, on all sums over live dollars, the putchar r gu.ng !
>iid with approved security, Gentlemen wishing in jnin har- a
ige or sm ill estate, in thia mo-t beautiful and desirable country,
e invited to ?ie? the nliovn hinds before the day of s ,|e. Any 'r
unmumc. tioti addressed in liie subscriber. at Evemtisvil e. A The- ^
atlc county, will he attended to. FIIAS. I.. I'hVM'.N, !,,
Jnlv 3 | Hi?wtds] F-r'ur vf Crar'n Ptyti it, dre'd. ! roi
I,avit and Xfgrnts for Sate.
*!"Rf?UAXT to a decree of the t irruit Stipetinr ("curt of I.aw
nnd Chancery for Albemarle county, pronounced on the 22d ilsy
" Mav. in the cause therein depending between Joplmg's j ^
eirs. plaintiffs, and Jnpling's Administrator and others.def, ndwnis.
ie undersigned, or one of them, acting as fomniierioi ers ot >.101 ,
or.rt for that purpose, will tiffer fur sab- on the at rt on I 1 '
ie davs hereinafter slated, the following Tracts of Land, iielorg. y,
C to Joseph Jopling. dee'd. yu:
On Wednesday, the l*?th Jay of August next, if fair, and if not, ?
e next fair day, the Tract of Land in the county if Albemarle am:
1 Jatncs River, wlirrennaatd Jopling resided, and described, as pet 1 nt
[hihil E, fi'ed in said C iuse, as containing 700 acres. j ,
And on same day, two other Tracts, in said county, adjoining t,,
ich other, ?"d one of them adjoining the one above mentioned. un
hese two Tracts lia?C bee? usually worked together as One. nnd
e rilled Hughes's, and will be sold together. One nf these Tr ,cts n,
described, as per exhibit F, tiled in said cause, as containing 434 J a
res anil 0F> poles; and the other, as per exhibit G, as containing
> } acres and 17 poles. This property lies un James River. 'I he !
lie on t! iidny will rotnnience with the last described prop, rtv, I
died Hughes's, and nfler thai, then the one first mentioned w ,| j fie j
ild. Purchasers will, therefore, ou the day of sale, plcuse attend 1
st at Hughes's. ; |lj(
And on Monday, the 20th day of August next, if fir. and if not. j ,
e next lair day. all the residue of the Tract of 1. nd belonging to j,
id Jesse Jopling, deceased, lying in Nelson county, whirl, mis ,
? 1 ? hm hv Thomas Jotdnig. deceased, ns containing TOO ,1.
:rp?. alter deducting therefrom 3(MI urn * drvip.d |,y c*?|
plirgto Hotman Jopling. Thi*300 arre* *? ill he laid off to naid i y ,
(ilmin Jntrling previno* to tl.e *nle, and whirh being dedurtrd, J r>.
bit. of tin* tiact for pale -lllf amp. And on >iim day and lime, ; t|)l
ir portion or t hp land* pnrrhaaed l>? the * ud J> *?r Joplin?. dc- .
*?ed, from II'C heir* of William Ball, di reared, lying ju NrNon m,
>nnt\,antl adjoining the la?t mentioned Trai t, which now lielniig* ,,,,
the eptate of paid Jrppe Jopling, dceeupcd?iliif- portion < oniai"? j,(
Kl nere*. The ?.i1e nf llie?e tw" tract* will roiinnei.ee w,i|, tlir
re fir.pt nanied. Pnrchasers will, therefore, on the day of eale, 1 ?u'
ei*r allrnd tlirre fiiPti * |ei
And on ThurpJay, the 23d day of Ailgtl*t rirtt, iffiir. and il not, ' elj
ir r.r.u fair da v, the Trarl of Lund in NeNoii muniy, belonging Io !
lid .'eppe Jopling. dce<n*ed, wlterion John Hughe* repid' *. and p,
rniaininr 364 acre*. , ! pn
The eptatep fir.i mentioned r.p lying cn Je-ne* Rjvrr in Albemarle p?
runty, are valuable and very rli eir.ihle, Thry arh ronlno. in the t,.,
ilimnion of one of the undersigned conimippioner*, who know* ;in
lem well, not lepp than 5< 0 *rre? o- the very l..>t neb ml l.inil and : t|.,
w ground?. 7 hey do therefore each eeparatelv constitute an ex- j
p * _ . ?? K*i? i h? t iv. i inrvot l?i? r. i ii tin* h n.la nf nrv !*ronru?
iicm pnip?-?i ? ? !-?#? ? . ... r r
ir, and worked at one, a* thev should lie, w ill m ke a most uipe- j
or establishment. The il w elling house on the Grst named of these
ractt it l.ifge and rood, and Ihere it alto mi it a line Apple Orrh- I
d and many excellent Grape Vines and I'earli Trees. The f rm !
id negro hou-es on hotli are uncommonly iood. The huds in Sri- j
m count? are very good, Iming fnllv equal to the average of other ,
ndf in the reip- ctivc neighborhoods where the? lie.
These landt told on the pciiodt propo?t-d, purchasers rati teed ,
op* nf small grain.
{tyyTlie trrmt will he threp equal annual in?t:ilment>, w iih bondt |
id approved personal security, and the tit lea retained at additional j
And on Wednesday. the Sth tlaynf Prptcmhet next, at Howards- |
lie, hi the mouth of Soi kfisli in At i?marle county, pursuant to I
ie above mentioned decree, about 3 w-cnty Negroes, romi-iing of i
cn. Women and Children, the prnpeitv of ?aid Jesse Jopting, delated,
on a credit of nix month*. I he purchatrrt giving notes, nc- I ?
niihle and payable at either of the Rank* at Richmond, or ihvir i
anchet at I>ynchhiirg. with approved endi.ru r?.
JAMEP M. PATTEStlX. s <-omm:,<*wriert. i ^
June 09 15?wlOw j fei
ituvctftfT LWD for Lease Jot til y'tirs, and Renewable j
N accordance w ith an Order made on the 15th of iaat month, hv ,,j
the Trustee* of the Glr.uci tlrr Clintity school, at u meeting held |
Gloucester Court house on that dnv, w e, the Committee appointed r ,
a the purpo'p- will lni?e onl for t?l vents, nt Gloucester Couit- r,
ju??. on Mo!?dat,the 3d dav of Peptcm'ict next, (being court day.) fc,
1 the highest bidder, that vsluahle estate called and known a* the | ,
kek Pchooi. It is sittinted in a good neighborhood, in Robins' |
eck, and immediately on Pevcrn river, h ivin; also a na?ir?h!e
;eek running np in the centre of the estat-. w hich empties in Pe?rn
river, which brings navigation within a few- yards of I he dwell- g
jr.house. The land is well adapted to the tisunl growth of the 1 *nintry
Fish and ovaters are 10 he had in great abundance and very
in' enient. The improvement* are snch as will be conducive tc m
>e comfort of ? family. This situation is very healthy. Persons ; f,a
r-sirout of leasing, are invited toriew the premises.
ROBERT C. CURTIS, [ Committee. j ^
July 3 16-w.d I
f ulunble .llbrmnrle Uind fur Hale.
JY virtue ?f > Lec/ed of Albemarle county Court, rendered > n
the 5tli June, IcCBt. the tuhrcn'ier oirti? et private tub , tl at
luaidtt Tract r/lZt, t>< lot gin/ to the etutn of Jno. A.t'arr,
c., formerly the lidencn of Major Jar. Clarke, lyng oo the
edeticUbitrg rohdfaLut miles below t h.riotierv ille, adjoining it e
>dr of John Kog.- i Jpetvr Meriwether, and othf.rr, and oiit.'ining
twectl cloven acdivelir hundred acre*. Thi? lend it beautifully
u ited, immediijek at the bare of the South-wet. Mountain*,
J it in one ol th-* robtt ple-uunt and agreeable neigh1.oihoodt in
? State. The greater put of the land t< cleared, and in ? fine
He of improvement, hut there it a toffrieney of wnodt for every
iv-"?ary purpose. The .oil i. principally of the hctt mountain
lity, and admirably tola;.ted to the growth of tob.irco, wheat
J clover* The improvement. comprise a comfortable duelling
use, and every nerestnrv out huildtRC, suitable for a large farm.?
i oppotlunily of obtaining >o desiralili an catate lately oreur??
nt lotto n at a dial a nee, w i thing to put chase, w til tnetetorc do well
view the land without delay.
11 not soid privately before Albemarle September I ourt, it w ill
offered nt public aale on the piemitea. on Tuesday ihe5lh day of
pUraber, it lair, o'.hrtw i.e on the n<Xt lair day.
Per?..n? wishing to Mew thn land will pi. t?e eali upon Mr I'elor
[?ri iv ether, residing in the immediate vit inity. w hu w ill afford I hem
ery facility, andgive any infurmilion desired.
7Vrr?a?line fourth the ptirrliaae money c.tli?the bilmre in
tee equal puynient* at one. two and three veer*.? the purelu.ser
nog !.otdj with approved aeeitfitv. ami ? deed ol inlet on the
ad. Kl.CEN M. CARK, Cumwtttoutr. |
June 15 II?wliS I
I.VPill.va .MAIL?.?t'lopveale for rallying a Daily Express
Matf'oo hotaebura, ct in r.u toad r.irv, ot the purpose o' cori- .
y ing r li,i? ftom no w spa pert, in Itru of exchange nv v rj a pets, and {
item (other llton tuch . ? contain money} not exceeding half ott !
tiCo in Wright, mailed "Express Aletl," and publtr despatches I
im the tinier hen matter tLted to the ilt'iI; uay of June, J?43, j
Motive, on the following router, v> ill he received aithe IVtt Of- j
c Iteparmii nt until the gi.t day of September next, to be ilectd- |
by tie 2llli day if said nmnth:
I. full. L isiun, N C . to Raleigh, 60 milet and bonk, to stop at
u tutTmcdiate poiata. if r* quired. {
Set cue to couintenee on the l?l of Ju'y , IrliO.
Leave La.ton daily at b 1 I p tu, uinve ul Raleigh next day by 1
1-2 It 31.
I.eate Raleigh daily at tl I 2 p m, arrive at Guston next day by ;
1 -2 a m.
2 f'oin Raleigh to Fuyettevj.'le, CO milea and hack.
Srtvice to i nn.nt'nee on the lal of July, Jtelf.
Leave Raleigh daily at 4 J 4 ani.artiveat Fayctteville aatne day |
10 . 4 a nt.
le-jvt Fayctteville daily at 12 p m, arrive at Raleigh a'me day i
0 p a.
3. Frun Fayctteville, by Cheraw, S. C., and Camden, to Cnlutn
a. IV. niter and h-ick.
Serv to- to ei'tnii'erre nt "foresaid.
Leave Fiiyettevtlle daily tit Id I 2 am, arrive at Columbia next 1
v by I. a in.
i.ejivf Columbia daily at 10 p m, ariiveat Fajettevtlle n< St day I
12 mo t.
4. Frnti Colombia, by Augusta, fleorgia. and Warrenlon, to
illedprv tile, Ibl n.iiet and hark, toatnp at one or more point if
s.'ivc In eon in? nee on 1.1 July, 1*39.
L> a e Colutnlito daily at 3 4 - ni, arrive at Atilledgcvillc tame dnv
If M p it:.
J.r?w.- Miflledgoville daily at 7 a m. arrive at Columbia anm*: dav
0 12 p in.
f? iron Milfedgei ille. by M&eott, !o Columbus, 133 rrifeg cud I
rU; tu?l ?p tit one or more intenii* itii e point if' ft quirtd.
to ronuneDcr on JpI July. lr3'J.
Lean \iilJedgetlife daily at 3 1 2 p in, arrive at Columbus neat
> I; v I I -if <i fli.
i.-nv Columbus Jail) at f? 3 1 p in, arrive at Milledgtville next
v byG 3 A n m.
f.. t orn ColuailiUi to iMnntfonipry, Ala., tl ir.ilca and back, to !
>p n'one n?teraie>tiite point if required.
cem? to eouiiiience on the i*i Juiibury. Ic31l.
i Cobnut us daiiy a* 3 J 4 a n , arrive ut Montgomery name
v it) 11 a m. I
L' fv ** Montgomery daily at JI a in, arrive at Columbus s.ttne tiny
f? M oi.
7 !iota Montgomery by Greenville to Mobile, 1113 miles am!
rk;to stop .t tw u or more points if r? quired.
v if to ' oinrn* n? v on tl?e Is! January, 1^39.
|,.Mf Montgomery daily at 11 M a m, arriv? at Mobile next day
7 . m.
Mobile daily at 3 p rn, arrive at Montgomery next day by
3 a m.
t. -'rom Columbia, S. C. to Ch irle?ton, 125 mi!r? and back.
1 .?*i? Columbia dniiy at i % in, arrive at Charleston i-ifl.e day by
j> n
I nve Charleston daily at 0 a m, arrive at Columbia s .rr.c cloy by
I -2p in.
Eieh rout** i? to be hid for separately. The rnu'r, the sum, end
tr rsidence of the bidder, should he (Jistiiiclly stutcU in the bid 3
' urn flinuid Ih* ?t .ted by I tie year.
,\i proposal Mill be ctifisulered. unless it be accompanied by u
anntee.signed by one or more tetponstrrfc persons, in the follow*
; form, viz.:
Tie undersigned guaranty that , if hie bid for carrying j
6 E;pres? Mail from to be accepted by the Fostnibster-Ger.?l,
shall enter into an obligation, prior to the first day of M.tr. h I
?t, %it!i good and sufficient sureties to per form the service pro- J
listed , lf<W."
ri is 'hotifd bo trrompanied by the certific ite of ? po*f mnstrr.or !
r?mi..f?cioiji in.iiiriunv. t fiat i he guarantor*arc mcr. of property, '
f ei#le to make a?*oif tl.eir guars:.!* r. * -|
I'he Fimi mister Geueral ft-setim :h?- power of changing the schc- '
les. but no ?? as To mcr ate rl??- e* ucditicn, w itboul miking lb* .
ft? i.iuil rompeiifnlion authorized by !:?w.
{'he until* :?r*- to leave jir?riislv at t be time set.
Kive mieut * only are ulloaod r^r opening und closing them at an !
errncdjatf office.
I'he p iy of the trip w ill he forfeited by i failure to arrive in tune,
id this forfeiture may lie incr-a-ed into .1 penalty not exceeding J
j im t!.? p'i% nf the trip,- rrordingto the cir< ninstanci s under j
licb the flihife happened, I-or a repetition of failures, the con- '
ct may be annulled.
So excuse w h.t-ver will be t ken for a failure.
departure* and arrivals arc to he regulated by thcapparent or tun :
UonMo 'tiiek w lit Ih* paid fir, wh.re it i* actu-lly employed, w her: '
- mull regularly rjtrede ? > r.dy pnun >n ? eight.
If il'hou'i! become nece?'?fy. it nny time, to diaco: tiiittf* the err* I
*", a n-nuli u lurli i? tu t r\;n cted. I lie contractus w ;il lie cnti- j
I in rcciMV Iwttmonth** extra |,:,y.
The propo* ! should In *enl to tin* P< f*arfm? nt arsbd. endoraed
rnjio.nli for tiif Evprea* Mail." .mil ndureaai d to tlic Fint Arai?t'
t*ii*iina-t * (i*r,. ihI. S. K. Hi. -hie.
Tho.p ? ho i nter inm thu service rnu?t rrake up their niinrla r.ot
let l?.d ro .rf", nor atoms, tint tlnnd*, nor ecu. lit* a, r.ur dangera,
rvetil ijicir pcrfurtnance ac* or ling to contract.
Pi ?t Orrtci Iirritrsiin. June 6. Ifedd.
June 12 P?wl2w
1'rijnnu'nTij bclinul nt I hurlntUsTille.
'HE neat ?e?riun of llua *riiool will cun nn ni e on the Irt of 5ep
terniier next. ami terminiile the la?t of Julv following. allow it ;
* month of February a? n vacation. A complete am) thorough
nrai of inet rortinn will he given in I lie Creek anil Latin litngueg. ?. I
.'lulling ancient Hiatury iiiiii (ji ogruphy; ?l*n in Miillieinnlira, j
nifiriping Arithnieiic Aigel.ra. Syr.thelir and Analytic lieim i in . J
ine ami spherical Trigonnnn try. with their application*. and tlie :
ferenti tI and integrul eelcolua. rilro a foil course of Natural I'hi I
iijphy em! I'hernial ry, with application! to agriculture and the art- !
Modern Hi*loiy anil Geography, ami the Lngliah langu ige, with
pi oil regard to compcaitior
IVrmv?*1 hi'inn (-tin per half ?ea?ion of fi n.ontha, pnv?h!e in in! |
nee?1-nar I Bf.4 for the at me tone, pjvabla quarterly in .nlvance. I
I he following regulation*, among othera, have bien adopted, noil '
II he rigidly enforred:
1. ,\o r w he allowed to viril l'h.irlotte?vi:h or any nth. r
ice of public retort without permna on fo m one of the teaehera.
}. No bowler w ill he allow eil to eontr *ct any dehl? while n tr entr
of tin' ethool,except fay ?prrial permia'ion Irom the teaehera.
pain **f dismission.
Letter* amln ?si il t? the auhaeriberr h< f.-re tl e lit of pti trier
xt. mint !w directed to the rate ol' Ah zander Garrett, L-q., ot
nics \V. Saunders, L-*p, of Charlottesville.
The utiilefrigtied take grcnt p!ea?ure in inviting the ntlention of i
rent- an.' other' iniercated ir. the education youth, to the Aga- '
my established within the fiat year at the Midway, near t't.wr- j
tp'ville. under the direction of Mr. Pike Powers, formerly pro- I
. or nt Mathematics in llnmpden Sidnei College, and Mr. Alrx. j
tike, htelv nn instructor in the City of Iin limned.
Out know ledge of the assiduity, abilities and moral virtuea of I
? ; gentlemen while prosecuting li nr atudir** at the University. |
d the evidence* they have since given of their auprrnir merit * a
thful. judicioiia anil succciafui teacher*, inspire ns with the hight
ennfiilenee in their niortil a? well as intelleetual qualifies
iii? for llii' niiif-?*lon they have adopted. We b-lievr it would
ditJieult l? point out any individual* who. by iheir acquire- !
*nta, their familiarity with the mu-t enlightened tnelhoria, tin u |
irticel altill in conducting the pupii from the can- r to the more t
limit branches of atudy, Iheir mild hut unyielding diacipline, and j
ir patient fidelity in the die. hn'?e of all the dulir< of th*- moral ;
perm!end*nee of youth, are better ptepared to in part round know- I
i in...niieh intellectual training, or to cultivate enlighten- j
ta-tes 'mi virtuous dispositions.
A iicrconsl atlendinPrf upon tbeiroxnminatinns in (he various de
rlrnf nt? of til** cl.tssics. .Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, 4r.
able* some of us to speak vet) favorably ol the proficiency of the
;>il? now under their charge. 1 Ituf> assured of the high rl arac
'of lH ir Seminary for aniple and sound instruction in knowledge
d for wholesome moial influences, we earnestly recommend II to ;
favorable notice of the public.
Proftieor of Ancient l.anguaget.
Prafentrr of Modern Ijcngnagti.
Pri fejior cf MatArmatiu.
Profennnr of .Vatitrai Phtlotophv.
Profiteer cf Lc.tr.
ProfC'lttT of Chcwtolry ad .Materia .Modiea.
J. L. CABEI.L, >?. D.,
Prnfct3?r oj Avntrmv and Surg'rti.
Prtfctsur of .\lrdicinc
July 17 [20?wtfj PrvfttnT of Morel Philmpphy.
100 REWARD.?Ran awn frnni t ! ?? ?u'.scri!ier, en the fid of I
?V'otembtr, 1837. maiding tn Bedford county, ne-it New
indon, bis negto man, CUII.LES. ( Achilles.) lie is opposed
be between 3ti and 35 years of are, very black, supposed to be 5
at 3 or 4 inches liiili, very stout made, and uncommonly large
ro?s the Lrca-t; a very good ditcher and ostler; hit a tear on his
ca?l and ov?r one of his eve?, nl'O a mole on bis neck, a'out the
io of o bork'hot. tvhirh alone ought to serve to detect htm. I
poet he baa obtained free p .per<,or has been carried off by some
seal, and t? endeavoring to ret to a free Slate?I will give ?100
wi irdfor (its apprehension, if taken "Ui of Ihe State, or ?50 if tarn
io the Stale and deliver ad to mc, or secured in ar.v jail. > < that
et him again. E. PETERS.
July 17 20?w6w
Corporation Scrip for Sole.
tERTlFfC ATES ot debt of the Corporations of Riehmond and
' l.ycchburj. itredecmahle for 20 years. r.nd herring six per cent,
tere't, payable semiannually on the !?t of January and July,
iV he obtained at the office of the James River and Kanawha Com
June 25 13?wrSwr
CIVJ-'ON VV ATKINS. Attorney at La a, wiljatteud the Courts <
of Goochland and Flovanaa.
June 3 9?w?>s.?
AUGUST 7, ftsa?.
Tweuty-fiflb Congrcj?8"*3d Sen*.
Sl'KECM OF MR JO.NKS, or Vikuma.
/h the House of Ix'jiresrnitiiirts. May Hi, I. on ihi
Hill t? authorize the issuing of Treasury Siolrs la mitt
the expenses of the. Gorernrr.rnt
Mr t'htykiH: I rise. St, to ask the indulgence of
tin* House, while I thai! undertake to assign the reason*
which induce me to give the bill now under considers,
tinn inv support; and. in <1 >ing even this. I ant departing
from a rule w hich. at a verv early period of this proceeding.
I have laid down f*>r the government of my own
conduct I had believed. Sir. that the best service it
would be in my power to render my country, on tbi? occasion,
was to consume as III I te time as possible, in order
to enable as to act promptly and speedily npon the
bill lietoie lis Nor should I be disposed now. I?f a moment,
to depart from my origins! determination. but rather
have remained a s*!er>t spectator of the scene that
has been acting around me, had it not been for the course
the debate lis* taken, and wliielt seems to render it necessary,
on the part of iho.se at least who are members
ct the committer from which this bill was reported, lhat
the grounds of their action should be fairly and frankly
presented to the House, at,d w> the country, in order that
ail n?3v have a ^uded to them an opportunity of iudeing
of its merits
Sir. 1 shoo'd feel that t was recreant fn the tTB?t confided
tn me, and unworthy of the piece I hold here, if I
could sit tacitly by. and tamely submit, without explanation
or resistance, to what I have heard in the course of
the debate Sir. what have we witnessed? An honorable
member from Tennessee. (Mr Hell.) has made a laLured
argument to prove that th? bill is calculated to mislead
and deceive the public mind: that hi effect it is to
operate as a deception and fraud upon the public Sir,
when tbi? extraordinary declaration was made by that
member, I sat in anxious expectation to hear so grave a
charge eu'tained by as grave reasoning, based upon
proof, which would be c'ear. strong, iiresistible, incontrovertible.
But in w hat did Ins proof consist ? Not in
fact* winch applied to the tail its-it. wiucti i* identical
in principle wiiti that passed at the Inn session of Conpress,
after the rimst minute investigation, mature retiection.
and full del ill ; but in his own naked declaralinn
that die title to the bill is deceptive ! sitr. as to the
title. 1 candidly confess that my attention lias never been
draw ii to it for a singie moment; indeed, J never sptm' a
thought upon it until I saw i! taken hold nl in tins
House, and relied upon by Inimitable gentlemen as a
ground ol attack upon those who have been instrumental
in reporting it;, and without pretending to know the
reasons w inch influenced the (ranter of the bill, and the
author of t's title, to adopt the phraseology w hich ha
has, 1 presume that he. lo king to what whs intended
by Congres* nt rts lost session, considered that it ?a? the
object ol the former bill to give t > the Government the
use of ten millions dollars ot Treasury notes, up to the
foil end and close ot the present year; and perceiving
that such was not the etfect of that law. but. on the con
trary. that we base now returned into the Treasury, and
cancelled, about si j millions of those notes, he * rv mturally
concluded that what was tiitendrd by Ibe bill of
the last session was riot in lact done; and hence liend>>t>led
the follow tup as its title: "An act to carry into effect
an act approved the Itiihday ol October, l;b7, to authorize
the issuing of Treasury notes
Mr Speaker, the members ol the committee know too
well the character of the Opposition to this II -use, to
have a Mi mpied so shallow an artifice, if. under any circumstance
?. they emtio he capable of resorting to artifice at
all; art Opposition w b-ch tan find nothing that proceeds
from this Administration or i's supporters to approve,
but every tiling to condemn They know that n<> such
thin and gossamer covering as 11 deceptive title to a bill,
could ever conceal the perpetration of a fraud upon the
country: and yet the argument is, to prove that an at
tempt is made to place this question before the country
in a point of view calculated to mislead and deceive the
public mind Sir. does not every man know (and none
letter than the hnnoj.iMe me tide-r from Tennesgeej th-it
lh? title to tins. a? w- II as every other bill that Comes
up f"r consideration, is at all times under the control of
the House, to tie altered and amended at its will and
pleasuief And I d-uibt not I espies* the ?entimer>t*< I every
member upon the committee friendly to the bill, when
1 sav. that there would have been no objection on the
pait of anv one of them to any proper amendment which
should be proposed, better suited to the taste of honorable
grmlr-uo-??, ?- ?? ?>..!? wn.il ipi?rirr it nnurii. uu Hie
peopie arc In bp imposed upon, il seems; and imposed
upon by the mere reading of tin* ttt}?* t<? a lull!
This is taking 11 for granted Ilia', while Ui-y are able
to read tlie tide, they have not intelligence enough, hut
are too grossly ignorant, lo understand the body oi a hill
jus! ten lines in leng'.h! Sir. I will not dwell upon ibis
frivolous objection It would lie insulting loan intelligent
Mr Speaker, we are all here. I apprehend, doublings
in quest of truth. I nm sure it i? toe nn.xi?us desire of
all gentlemen, of every parly, to ob'a n correct inf..mi llion.
In enable lliein lo act understanding!}-, and with a
view to pronii-te ilu- beet interest* of our common country
1 feel, however, that I am citrumscnhed. very much
so. in the remarks I have to submit to the consideration
ot the House; but J trust I shall not be found violating
your rules of order; intentionally I never shall I propose.
Sir. to discuss this question upon proofs, and not
upon mere assertion, or I ltd and einply declamation. It is
upon the proofs alone I shall rely, in the confident expectation
that I shall satisfy all. who may not have ne>-n
Convinced he lore, if there he su,-h here, that this Government
has the rn'-sl ample means to redeem all i's
obligations: and although they rnay nu' be all available
in the cuurse ol the present year, which I shall not in
si?t upon, vet thai :t has ample means to redeem all its
obligations, and that, too. before there can he any evil
upon it under the law now proposed to be passed. This
hiducr* nie to look back for a single moment to days
gone bv: f'<r it is sometime# useful lo refresh our memories
by recurring to the pa?t, even if it be not very
remote, and although it may be at Hie risk of involving
honorable gentleman in inconsistency.
It will be recollected. Sr.*. that at the called session of
Congress, in S- pteinbtr last, the finances of the Government
were scanned with the cln-est possible scrutiny ;
yes. Sir. by eyes that looked to it f-.r ihe express purp..?e
of proving the ability "f the Government, in a pecuniary
point of view, to carry out Ihe provisions of the d>p<>site
act of th'- i'tlth r'f June. 1 It cannot be so soon for
gotten, that it w as then maintained that the condition of
the Treasury was such as n"t only lo enable the Secietnry
to meet the current demands upon it, and to pay
over thp fourth instalment.but tfi.it there would then re.
main sonic millions n| ('"liars ol surplus beyond the legitimate
wants of the Government These were the
views ihcn entertained, and acted upon, by those w ho
now onpnse the passage of this bill; and bv none were
they more strongly urged and sustained, on that occasion,
than bv the honorable member from Tennessee,
[Mr Bell ] who oet-a before me; hut who now maintains,
while the same slate of things exists, the very reverse
of the proposition which he then labored to establish nnd
In nrnrp
A strange altprat'on of opinion thi*. Mr. Speaker, in
the space of 3 few 9lmrt months 1 Then the gentleman
could demonstrate, to Inn own satisfaction, at least, that
there were mill'ons upon millions in the Treasury nv-r
and above the nrnp millions for the Slates ?over arid above
all th" nece-sary expenses of the Government?to meet
its legitimate wants, and over and above our extraordinary
expenses on account of Indian hostilities; but now,
alas! the scene h <s changed, and the same gentleman
has marie a labored argument tu prove that tne/e is nothing,
no. not b solitary dollar, not even in expectancy,
in the Treasury, to meet the legitimate wants of the
Government, but that there will be at the end of this
rear an actual deficiency of about eleven millions of dollars
" T'rnjiorit rnvtaxtur, rt rtns mutomtir in illtJ." "The
times have changed, and ivp change with them " [Mr.
Hell, in an under tone. "J have n>?t changed."] 'J'he
gen'lpman informs me that he has not changed. I can
only eay. Sir, that his ground is changed, his argument
is changed, and his results are changed, and that to the
tune of some twentv or more millions of dollars. This
may be no change. The honorable gentleman may not
regard it as one in these ever changing and changeable
times, and perhaps, therefore, I ought i?ot to have adverted
to it Hut the majority of the two Houses of Congress,
entertaining a widely different opinion from the
one expressed bv the g<-nt!eoi?o at that time uyiii this
subject, deemed it expedient to pass an act withholding
from the States the fourtti instalment of depositee; and satisfied.
ton, that, even with that aid. the available means
of the Government would he insufficient to meet the or
dinarv demands upon it. they furthermoreauthorized an
issue of ten millions of Treasury no'es, not, be it remembered,
because the Government did not possess
abundant m?ans to meet all the demands upon it, but because.
amidst that universal embarrassment which had
extended itself over the whole mercantile community,
embracing the banking institutions of the country, it was
scarcely to be hoped that the several amounts held on de
posile by the banks, and due Item merchants on duty
r horids, could be made avstlable to the Government without
greatly increasing those embairasementa which ail
were asxtous to mitigate Sir, at that time, all e jes were
VOLimB XXXV.?jNo. 26.
I turned to Congress, aniiuasly looking for, and awaiting
such relief as could, through the ordinar? channels of
legislation, be extended to what watt every where repres-nt
d to be a suffering community. An anxious desire
to fulfil this* expectation. > i u .iversnllv indulged in, led
to legislation both towards the hanks which bed been
selech-d as depositories of the public money, and the
merchants whose duly bonds had fallen due. and were
about to fall doe, which. u9 we all fcnow. placed for the
11'in* beyond the reach and control of the Government,
some eleven or twelve millions of dollars, due from tht>
deposite banhs and from merchant*. -r< will be recollected
that the provisions of one of these laws gave to the trieri
chants an extension of nine months to pay their bonds,
making the whole credit twelve and fitteen months, instead
of three and si" months, as provided by the then existing
laws;, and that the law in reference to the banks, gave to
th<M:i an extension on their liabilities to the Government
of one third until July next,oi s third unti Jaunary next,
and the balance until the 1st (' July. IW?.
And novr, with a view to further explanation, 1 am If u
naturally to inquire, what was the amount thus rendered
unavailable By this indulgenc" granted by the t?overnmeni
iiself, by ojrown legislation, legislation, designed
and intend'd for the s- le aid of its debtors, whether
individuals or corporate titr. ny referensc to th?
report of th>- tircrefary of the Treasury, it will be foundthat
there were?
In lit* depoaite banks, subject to drafl oil the
' 1st of January, $:"> 411J1C-J
Due on account of merchnnts' bonds, soy fj,01)0,000*
The report was, at first, necessarily imperfect,
from the returns nut h iving come in,
and the amount is there set down at only
ft4.000.00t). hot it is w riri' n-ceftained to be
largely over The returns, however.
are still incomplete, end the amount
rviM probably be found to approach nearer
to gy.uouuuo.
Heing. a< yon trill ?! ?. Sir. in round number*, eleven
millions and a half of the Gov rnment's resources. placed
beyond it? control, by its ? vvn legislation, for the rej
lief of its debtors; legislation, too, be it remembered,
fub>rqutnt In the passage of l':e Teens dry note bill, onthe
passage of which, it'indu gene was anticipated, it
was net expected to extend beyond the limitation* of that
act. vi?. the *.51st ol December next.
Hut we have been told, in (lie course of this debate,
that the issue of ten millions of Treasury notes was int?*nded
to supply die deficiency occasioned by the indulgence
extended to the merchants and the banks. Sir,
it w.is so intended: and. perm i ne to artti, that there existed
at that tune strong reasons to believe that that aid
extended to the Goverriinent by means of those Treasury "
nates, would hive been jus' as encctual to enable it to
meet all demands upon it, r.s if the amount due from
Hi" hanks arid merchants had been paid up to the list
dollar; but owing to circumstances over which this Goveinment
could exercise no control, ever which the legislation
of Coiigrt-fs could exercise none, this then reasonable
expectation has been disappointed And h"w,
permit me In re to inquire, has it been disappointed?
Why, we all know, that in consequence of the genera!
suspension of specie payments by the banks, in connection
with other can?tst, which (he limits of this debato
i d > not authorize me now t i vatnme, it had the effect
of depress.ng the Treasury rotes ftow an eighth to ?'
quarter, and halt of one per rentuni below the value of
g-dd aod silver; ami as nothing could be received in
piv merit of the public dues hut gold and silver, or Treasury
notes, the certain and inevitable con sentience was,
growing out of ihsl anxiety which every mm feela
to protect Irs own interest, and pay his debts in the
most convenient n? de, and with the smallest amount
of moriey: 1 siv, Sn, lite consequence was, thai, in the
cities o| .New York and l'hil-.d-lpiiia, points at which
we collect, I believe, lull one iialfof the public revenue,
tl cv souk below specie par. ni d were consequently paid
ml > the Treasury almost as fant as they were issued, redeeming,
lo be sure, the exact amount of Treasury note*
returned. but bringing into your Treasury nothing
that could be available to m'et liie'ordmary demands
upon the Government .Now. Sir, had these Treasury
notes, as was (hen expected, been spread over the whole
year, coming hack in something like equal proportions,the
means furnished by them, together with other resource*.
would have enabled the Government to lake up
much the larger purl of ti.em, or ?l any rete have !elc
j hut a very small amount indeed to he redeemed si the
time when the provisions of the law would have expired.
I say, Sir. this would have be-n the result, the imvita
Ul<* result; out, lllfirnn c>l iki;. n< ;riy i-i* niim-niv <>
the amount were redefined in the first four months of
the year; because, as they came btck and were cancelled,
the amount so returned and cancelled was equivalent.
jirntanto, to applying thus much of the resources
of the Government to their redemption
Now what does this bill proposer We have heard it
reiterated by the honorable m> mber from Massachusetts,
[\!r Ad.u: s ] lliat we have I oriowed ten millions last
year, and ili.it we now sr. k tn borrow another ten millions
by this bill: Yes, Uvr, it has been sent forth to the
world, that we are t??r botrowidg twenty millions; when
there is not a single paragraph or line of the bill, in virtue
of which th?re ever could be more than ten millicns
outstanding at any one time. If you choose to cull it'
borrowing, it was originally but ten millions, but as
a'out sev--n millions (including seven hundred-thousand
() Uars of them, returned and cancelled during the ia?t
var) have been redeemed, it is. so far as the former act
wj-i concerned, cud by the pr? - nt circumstance*, growing
out of its operation, a debt of three millions only ;
that being the amount now outstanding. And what do
we now proposer Not to issue a new batch of Treasury
notes ; but t? pass a bill by which you will put it in thepower
of the (Jovt rntnent again to issue the same amount'
which -as authorised by the act r?l the IvJih of October,
' as they ?hall be returned to the Treasury and canceiled,
and air the exigencies of the country may require;
and thus to anticipate, and for a short peri d only, its-own
; means, by which it will be enabled very soon to redeem
the whole o' this debt.
Mr Speaker, I have said, that the mean* of the Government
are ample la meet t-.l! its liabilities', and how
doe# it appear? 1 speak now from that condemned, that
much ahii'cd cnniinnnicatioii of the President of the
United States, sent to us on Friday last, cons'sling wf
some filieen or twenty lines W ha! are we therein told,
Sir; That there are m dcp-*ite with the States ?2.",l)i
ii 000. and more than $)|.">.00').000due from individuals
and banks; and be might have added, that, at the close
of tile present year, the accruing revenue from customs
and the sale of public lands, would amount to 000,*
Itii(J bes'd-'S. making an aggregate of some igfoc.OOO.OOO.
Sir, I feel that I should be careful, when I rely upon this
communication of the President, after the rematks thai
have fallen from the g>-ntien jo from Tennessee, [Mr.
| Hell ] I know that 1 should rely with great caution upon
any statement which the President ol the U. S. may
i d>-ein it proper to make to Congress; for what have we
heard from that honorable gentleman' Why. he hat
said, in round and unmeasured terms, that this was gross
and unwarrantable dictation to Congress on the part of
the President. It would seem, then, that it is gross antiunwarrantable
dictation for him to undertake to make
to us a communication of the 'act that the Treasury is
upon the verge of becoming unable to meet its liabilities.
and in thai communication to recommend what he
deemed expedient f"r the best interests of ttie country,
dir. n may not be unimportant for ua to beor in recoli
ieci ion the fundamental la w of our land It may not be
ami** to read the article in the Federal Constitution,
bearing upon this subject, for the purpmre of seeing tho
duties imposed hy that sacred instrument upon this high
officer. We shall there find his duly so clearly and
plainly marked out and defined, that he who runs may
j read.
Let us, then, go back to the Constitution, and see what
this act of hi* is that has drawn down upon him this
heavy and unmitigated denunciation. That instrument
i prescribes, in the second and third sectionsof the second
j article, that he may require the opinion, in wrtliug.of
the prwicipai officers in each of the Kseeative Departments
upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective
offices;" and. having done so. "he shall, from
lime to time, give to the Congress information of the
state of the Union, and reci inrnend to ihpir consii
deration such measures as he shall judge necessary
and expedient:" not that he tn/ty; but here is the more
j forcible and imperative word, thall, in the Constitution
j itself, which has been so strongly objected to, and so severely
criticised, by honorehls gentle men in another part
of this debate Yes. "lie sliall," from tune to time, give
to Congress information of the state of the Union, and
ncomm'.nti to llieir consideration such measures as he shall
jud^e necessary ami expedient ' The President hss no
choice about it. The people have placed him in the station
he occupies, sud here are the duties imposed upon
him by the Constitution. It "shall" be his duty, to dc
what." "Recommend to their [nur] consideration such
i measures as he shall judge necessarythe very thing. Sir,
the President has done, to the spirit and the letter. Andyet,
while, as we have seen, hi' i? pursuing but the strict
and straight line of hi* duty, and when he would hart?
been criminal if he had failed to do what he hss done,
he is to be denouncrd and held up to the world as a dic'
tator, and have the finger of scotn and conteiuyt yoiut* j

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