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Kl(-H?!03l? EiYiJintKii.
VIII i: C?? \ v MOUSISG, MARCH lO, IH.^3.
Tfe ingenuity of man is itldom ai n loj?, when railed
s?i>a ti' produce a theory in defence of a system of acts,
f <werrr ill?*^fioft?. aibitrary or absurd. The axioms of rom
? , Diens? go for nothing; the most familiar and best es'ab
5 ijjjieJ truisms, are treated as paradoxes, when it b?comts
tiptdient to advocate a course which is in opposition to the
p:i:-rs: ruUs ol ri^ht. In a well known comedy of Moliere,
? T"' Itogueiies ' i Scapin." that dexterous individual pleads
h i destiny as an excuse for the commission of a fault.?
.Siloing can be morwai cural than the reply he receives: "An
etcellcti* reason, tttiW! one has only to commit all imagina
crimes, to deceive, to steal, to murder, and give for his
excuse mat his disilny has driven him to till this." The no
tions which have r<.ccnily obtained in France in regard to
t!u' niture. the t fleets ami the utility of that admirable en
gine ei government, Parliamentary discussion, aro of a de
I script n tint very justly bo compared to that of the
comedy. were '.t not mat V aro bucked by the apparatus
Iol troacdy. ft is sji.I tin'- the system of deliberative as
aomblic* leaii* 10 Irrational schemes, immature action, and
the Jvtructlon o( n.tiijnal strength und imp >rtariec. A
I letter f' " 'he P.tris correspondent of the ('owrier des
I':*, very seriously otter* to the consideration ot
A'jtericio citizens, the following extract from the "P^trie,"
?peak n^' of r? ic?it ?1t liberations in the Senate of the United
(Sta'es, which lie lias Selected fr?in what ho calls "that sati
r eal pa:11 r." As to thejusfnt ss of the appellation "satirical,"
anji|itd in the Patrie or to any paper producing such cpin
] Ijns. it is difficult lo find :hc smallest trace of it, unless, in- j
n dtej, we iPtr iril it us connected with the title of thit Jour
j ml. which t?. truly, a species of satire. Here is ihe ex
j irac* :
J -Ti;is new tendency of the Uniied States may serve the
i '. .liev-a K ir.u'e: we know by a fatal experience what pro
! fui:: ' e dtbiiit.itinu i fleers there are in this reitimen of ex
| j7.--ritt-1 parliamentarism, ot i:H?-ii'peranee oT w-nrds. in
I ?:. ?!! a minister, a statesman, imagine* ail has been done,
j *nen a:i i'lcon-taM press, u tuouL'htless hij.I incompetent
* rr v. ! h iv- ijk'.'.i u:> the chorus: 'What a tine speech! how
(wrll tins is s.?;d!' Europe cannot but ?Mn when the young
Anie'i '-in "' pu'-ihe, whose Impetuous vigor gives rise to such
ui d^qiietu les i.-k relation to h--r political prepon ?er
aneo. ? isu? a litthi ot that exuhetant sop in the sonorous
inutilities of parliamentarism. A nation which speaks
! much, acts ill tie, and it is only taciturn ]>oicers that are la be
! mistru.-ted: boMdes, the parliamentary t.igimen provokes
fr. in tune t>> ;tm-: indiscretions of which ii is possible to
take advantage, wero it only as documents of information.
Parliament ?ri*m of this force would d-'ub'hss be some-1
ihinii form:i>:dc. it vastly multiplied. But It Is hardly to
be supposed that American institutions, count; as they are,
(it n.igiit not be very difficult to prove them anions the
oidest txiJiil in the Christian worlt,) can be wiitten down
by <i ii ;wer searrclv thro-- winters old. It would be un Inte
resting qu-stion to show the pirtieuiar advantages that
would re;j!t to E trope from th-r travfi"? of the "exuberant
up of .4mtric i, in the "jjno.-eus inutilities o: parliamenta
rism." The rea- Miin^ eo-taoi -d in this choice selection is
on a level with sts it-serti-uis It sc. tns to have been the re
sult of an a:tnupt to wiest the J.-cisions of conimon s?*nse
from their true import. I: miafht be imagined to bo a parody ol
a passage to the fallowing t fleet, wiiich contains mucti tet
ter sense:
"This new londcney of France may serve the policy of
Ameriv i. It has betn seen, t-y r-c nt experience, how littlo
siibiiity there is in a regimen nf exaggcrnted despotism,
where fricdoni of jpreeh i.- Kit to but one man, who believe!
he das accomplished ail, wiii-u un uicon&iant press, a
tlDUghtlvss ana incompetent crowd, repeat in chorus, 'what
a One fpi' i.'l:! : >iw \\ ?-il he has said !" &c.. Ac.
.S'fcvertnelsss, ihe passage in question is worthy -d belug
pODJertd upon for many rcaf-jus it breathes a sort of half
stifled spirit <>t hostility. There is t-j be detected some thing
?i more ihnn hostility in ti;c turn oi one or two phrases that
lOnve. in -- di?jju:.-i .l inenaci', which, in a tact
.?-? : iiim-tr..ii <n, is ot some wcig:.t. But whit a:tot>i?ti
iu^ ,i ? i is I'i ? m'ali of the i-onfr.ssion, that it is only
,s:iturn jtjxers i'uit a. e to be mistrusted! Loquacity oi
this - >?: ?- rni-re d-i^gerons than pirliainontary discussion
could s-'. and it ia t ? lo d mat'd whether this little eentence
!? very c -i.-innrut.!. y t< the taciturn government on the
ctfietsij.; f the Atlantic. A wise oiid g.-ud government
aust t e rtspceU'd, vtiJ mistiust is n-i argument 1'ir the ex
cellence lu.abiii'v "f any gi*vernruent. Is it n-cessaryj
to ray tli it i-j.fii, i':e.. c 'pious a:nl mui'.ij l.ed dclibvrations are i
the best accuu'v for the iiber'v of u people, for a cige, con- !
eistent iii'i lar set-ii'i; |iohcv In the administration oi gov-;
erntnrni; >r ihe avoidrng of errors, as lar possible, in j
suv hu:i.a:i .ii?ui;ii: n: for the discovery and ertabfisliruent ;
of truth, and ihe ol! mate and hi^hes' r-sults which can be '
reached by heman reason, aided by experience f Is it ne
cesfiry to ctia!!*ni:e a comparison between that state of
tilings w hich tws iiroduceii the w.;rks oi Clav. Webster, Cul
finun, ?-.?ii'.- ati i ?e.iictc, unit 'li.it wiiich oilers, uj j:a t.de to
natiotul ^ratlMide, and a place i.; iiiat<>ry. the destruction of
printing presses, conliitatiuns, banis!imen:s t > Cayenne, and
wh'Wcsai" mas-.ere? i- :t nec<?'ary t-? com are the parlia
mentary system wish the pj vein of i.linJ i ,rte un.! pas.-.ve
obedience l Suniy n :! Tlio?e wfu prefer iliis latter, or I
prttend t" prefer ;t. kav: it -are in tile midst ot it; nnd may i
coiigrntul'iie thorns*Ives, if !i:ey ?vil!, upon tlieir privilege ol j
enjoying its b. nefi'-to ihv utm.:st. But let ii ?.,t be sup
pose I th it ihe "American pen; 1 ? can draw instruction or ad-:
v?i.iig. " troni these lessons of' ih< Pah-it.
tli.*, titrlto. a'U?'; Uuif. Uii,fi,c?. ,-icei a> il tingfi!
A", rineta tnamilfu' w? w?u:d not bur '.L?i dt;i? '
i f. :ic! "I t - rh?; kii"?v rmt how to ru!?;
1 tituil v?ai :..aije to lianO r pli(h! hut gi'M
Iran.."' give i!ue ai tion l> my ? u! .a,
Ci ei>: 4"?wronl.ortOuf'Te ti.V.arice it;
A e! tf >!.?? it iitv*. have | a to;:!,
" . <\u' li 1 test 'lie Jlotrrr u'e tvc? ot Fi.v ?"?
Ud llttuy ?> /S. 3. |
ft jcii v .i the origin o: :';e present Kinpiie; L,..t us is very :
8";>uy S'xJby li irk-. i:i sp.^kio ; of the ilriiinh Em j
i itel'i Irsrti ?, "There is a r.ii'rt'd vi.l to be drawn over the |
beginnings uf ali government#." To secure tlce deaitab!':'
en!. a mute press, and silcnced Senate, are very efLcient ,
ir.ms The rhapsodies of a few hireling newspapers only 1
?'ivai.ee tli ;>i"U" fraud.
Napi?!.>-ii s.ii.t thnt ther? s but one step from the t-ublitne
to the riUi I! tJ??* Empire thnt lie esmtdished hud the j
qualities t>v! ? i;,r: to the sublime, the Nephew of the great i
nun h.is u-^;i ;t--fitly tiken the one et?-p wtiich constitutes i
the sec .!!?: ? TM-. 11 if the mo.n extraordinary enterprise >
ol Hie 1 Hit ? r;iri2'; rtiil i* 11??? applause with which it j
hae i/etn rsc-ive.{ in many find the new political ?
Wen* wiiJi which it pret< ndt t ? enlighten the world. It I
w '? hanl. appear et<diule that an Ame ican i-ditor should ?
usittt ijj. Ik aij uf ttuit empire w;is entitled to the rt-."- 1
r. ? tfffy :e>iu^liean; but hucii ij 'he fact, :w;d possibly j
thf eoad'.?>f pntligm-'ntarisifi may be ec!ioe.I here.? ;
?4ftcr alt 1-*ranee?l^uicta Crallia ?the new F.mpo
rui wo.il. t'.-t|;iuin. Lu^lind, Aincrica, ail the!
world. S.tt via. poople and not easily i
fl!cnc< d.
H,-: .rv has !?"" called pl?lMo?hy> ,cachltli, Uy c?inpte .
and sit appeal to the histoiy of j? !???,??>, ,ty a(llj dt-npiiic i
eoveinmeii:* m ?y he made in confi leoce, ?n ii;c
grounds ot prosperity, power, strength, duration, the ?tat>; o(!
arts nnd *ii"!icrs, and the happiness of the peopi*... The
*neers a^iin-": p .tliamentsrism come from i sourm little cai.
culutdd to Ri*?? tliem i.lF-ct. And when iho despotic recirnen
oi the ciupiie ehall have produced results indicative of tn.ire
pro nun'. HVf-mniShip, th in has yet been seen, and more
able id. iim'i ? :tj m tli j Patrlt?and not till then?is i; to
bf em^cictl that the opinions of men, in regard to the itn.
pot'.uK1!* oil<)<liWraiive assembiiei", willbe weakened.
Month? sine--, u.- |>;iMisl.ed a t^tlc of the official voteiu
the late P;e#i m-al -ii?-?n, received from every county in
the State bu: fit-, v,z Amherst, Campbell, Marion, Wercer
and Ralel^fi. Cul. 0 W. Miinford, on entering upon his
duties an .>'ccri'iary ol i;,e Commonwealth, promptly wrote
10 those i!e: - ; i,nt r ju.-ii *, u.d hie re. eived from each of
!>iem the .itii. 1.: v..tr, -a? t'oll-w?
Amherst 55y 460
Citnpbeil g79 noi
Marlon . H97 560
Merccr . o;y ogS
i{,lciSli - 6S 128
??ounilng 1I1 ?tj tst!ii the itoi, w'e find ihat Hie hole
, Volc Virginia star.dt? as follows
1 ?" Piwcj- brJ K:a? . . - 73,872
Scot 1 and Graham ..... SU 5*26
Majority for Pierce and King ? - ? 14,346
? i? a remarkable eoincidpnee that last October we made
ttlcmv !.)unded up in ktterH irom nearly every portion
?U that the majority In Virginit would be four
|eeoith .u>i:,d three hundred ?::>J smenty-nir-^only varying
"r>Jr ..o-n the * - fti v ? .* a 1 majority. This lucl shows that our
..tsp'ni- er.i- made most ai-cnaite calculation;', and that
? did not deceive our rendera when we predicted that old
'fg riin Aould give n rousing majority for Pierre wndKing,
v'4?r Wf10,e election ihe whole country is now rejoicing.
The tioitorfl to the caloric ^hi|.. lying off Aquia creek,
turned to .he rlty ut 2S o'clock, A.M., en Tuesday, in the
excursion train, politely prepared for the occasion by Mr.
Pitsident Robinson, of the Richmond, Frederickshurg nn<
Potomac lluil Road. The [.arty consisted of the Virginia
Senate, several members of the House and u number of ot u-r
gentlemen, and, on renchinc the beautiful vessel, *,!r0 ^
corned in the handsomest manner by Captains Ericcson
Lovsbcr. It was quite late when the party arri^'i80 >
before any other proceedings were for^hem
of a fine entertainment that had bet" I ^ ^
and appropriate remarks were made uy ^ ^ Ericc80n
Senator Campbell, Mr. ^ A w/rhomp80n?
?nd Lowbcr, President Robinson ^ ^ ^
The Inner man refreshed la.I ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
and almost everynook^ ^ ^ ^ Thoee
peered into b> smi architecture were Irnmc
who had some whu hlive viewed her) with
SSL'S?^n^ lX-ful appearance. The elegant
her beaut!! on b<mJ t<xciled ainnxemcnl in many
who'never before had been on board a first class ship
aotJ who had not conceived what comfort and luxury were
enioved by those "that go down to the sen In ships. -
Hut the niuchinery of this justly styled "breathing ship,"
whs what excitid the espcciil wonder of nil. It was mi
nutely examined by many, und all felt that, so far as the
practical application of the new motor was a question, they
were indeed eve-witnesses ot n grand and most ir.dujita
ble triumph. When the curiosity of the eye had bom sat
isfied, Capt. Eilccson exhibited a small model of his sur
prising invention and gave his visitors a detailed description
of its various parts, with ilwlr adaptation to the several pur
poses of each. The working of the machinery itself, con
veyed to the beholder visible proof of the sublime harmony
of the whole. Doubts yielded to demonstration k-> com-1
j.ietc, and irrepressible enthusiasm seixe.1 every soul of the
large .".nd intelligent company. About six ..'clock, P.M.,
the vl'i'ers started <m their return; nn.J it must be noted
here iliat both In going and coming, they were moat hospi
tably received and entertained by the authorities and citl
z,-ns of that otlebruted home of pretty girla and clever lul
| iwp, the enricnt town of Frederlcksbur?
On reaching the dock of the steamer that was to eati y the
visirors ro the shore, their high admiration for Capt. Krici
sjr.'s great invention, and the favorable Impression made
upon all by his modest and gentlemanly deportment, prompt
ed a meeting, of which Lieutenant Governor Leak* was
Chairman. It was resolved to invite him, together with his
friends, Capt. Lowber and Mr. A. W. Thompson, to visit
the city of Richmond, and accept there some token ot es
teem and admiration. B- B. Douglas of the Senate. Spicer
Patrick of the House, and Win F. Watson or this city,
w. re appointed a ccminlttce of Invitation, and having dis
charged their duty, had the gratification to report that
Capt Ericcson accepted, and might be expected income
among us on some day soon, to bo named by himself. We
bhall thus have an opportunity or showing marked honor to
the ingenious and talented Swede, whose work is now the
greatest wonder of the day. We hope to see his invention
liberally patronized and encouraged, so that its full capacity
and every advantage may be speedily ascertained ll, as we
believe, it can be advantageously employed in ocean naviga
tion, the superior economy o: room, fuel and hands, o! the
| caloric ship over Homers, will suggest it us the surest
! means for working out the commercial regeneration our
I ,<st ite. Admit that it cannot and will not supersede steam
' for passenger ships, yet, if It is capable ol propelling vessels
' carrying freight with more speed, ceitainty an l regularity,
i than sail vessels, it furnishes Hie great desideratum tous in
1 venturing upon our new career ol trade and int. rcmr.e ith
j foreign coun tile*. All huil, then, to the .calorie .hip AH
i honor to Capt. KrlccfOi. and those by whose noblei I ber.il -
1 iy and truly American enterprise he has been enabled to do
I monstrate the practical truth ot the great Idea of his life
! In trt-tifvInK our regard lor the distinguished inventor, it
i will be seen that the citizen* of Rtchmond, as well as he
I I.-i-islature. hav* a duty :u perform. u part to art. h nr? th
.-edit of the State un.l Ci'y, let us give on o.d \ irgii.ta wei
: come to this grmt advancer ot science, and then display .mr
I,tali appreciation of pers^naMvorih and eminent ml-nts.
? We are gratified 10 announce, that the House of Delegate
yesterday afternoon, after three hours debate, passed the
Congressional Apportionment Bill bv trie vote of 74 to 69.?
It is kubst-intially the same U9 Mr. Garreit's substitute, pub
lish*! in another column. We trust that tho Senate will,
with the same promptness and unanimity, ruako the blil a
iaw, thereby saving much precious time.
We are authorized to anuounce Philip J. Lb>kb of Pow
hatan, as a candidate to represent ths Senatori il Dietrlet
composed of the counties of Chesteifield, Cumberland and
Pow hatan.
for Ike Enquirer.
Strange that the subject of Agriculture should be sHecttd
ittion which to write at this time. Strange that this man
should think his i.niclo will be read, when the public mind
?occupied with the ucts and doings at Washington. Such
will be the retlecilon of the Editor to whom this communi
cation will be sent. ....
And the members of the Legislature, who will dcian to
read the caption at its held, what will be their august re
rlcc'.inns'l What more does this man wish us to do lor agrt
culture lhan we Imvc already doncl Have we not voted
Milli ons for internal improvements? Whom do tl.ev beneli.,
if n .t the Urn. rsl Do iliey not enhance the value ol ..is
linos'/ cheapen his transportation, and bring Ins farm in
reaih of marvel? When the session is about to close, doe.
he fi.;tpr'9e we have time t>? attend to so small a concern as
this!' We must occupy our time and attention with matters
of more importance. Lrt us lav oft the State in Con^rcs
-donal diaiiricts?a matter mor? difficul: than few rnny thin*
it; I ir wk Iiqvo to niaint.-tin the interest of our party and
t.iKt- care of thit of our frinidb in Congress ar.d ouiselvca
ifK. Am yet, nla?! we have not secured office for ourselves
mi 1 friends, and our time should be lost. And SO the Sub
ject 18 ditHlllSsrd.
Notwithstanding this, ami the additional fact, that ihe
tamers have no special representative* of their interest in
ih- L- gislature, nr.d cannot give a "consideration" for ser
\ice-s rendered, and have not the jiov.tr in that body, <i( the
pition <'f a Kindle mud turnpike or free bridge, and would
i.ot use it if they hud, one oi tint unfortunate fraternity w;l!
make an a[/peul in behalf of that iiiterrst.
Virginia is now, and must con'iutie to be, an Agricnltu
'kI Slate The habits of her people, tl-?'ir taste* and interest
in lire her Sii. The best, the most enlightened of tier citiBcns
nrr la:iiier?. Unaided by the Government, unreduced by
tliu fostering care I wished upon osher pursuits, they are
tartneia still. Nay, more, notwithstanding the hiiyh'in^
nruliet to which they ire exposed, agriculture has improved
? glow ly, to be sure, but certainly. With improvement !ta
cuiie & general d- ?ne for rapid development of til? advan
tages incident to Ihe natural fertility ? f the soil and
climate. The first manifestation of this is exhibited in
tiie desire tor association, with a vie?v lo Interchangi
of sentiment and concert of action. Hence the
Hiort to build up sn Agricultural .Society. With few
f iends, and scarcely any niciorx rs, the Society has been
languishing for scvetal years. Its friends had well nigh des
paired ot success. I!.it reruni|y public artcntion h.H been
aroused to its importance, ;ind ? fiortsate now making, which
onlv require the aid of tin.- Legislature to insure success ?
Will that aid i>" withheld 7 Alter the expenditure of millions
? our money >>n ."?'iie.nes, Mome "f thom of doubtful utili
ty, to eay the lea?t, will ifie Legislature relusc to bestow on
this interest h portion of the means thai loivc bc-rn so l:bt r
ally taxed for the brm-lit of other interests 1
Some, fev members of ihe L-gisl.itwre attended a meet
ing of the Society last fall. Did they no'e the diversity of
opinion t-xpressed by <!tu most enlightened, practical farm
ers in the State, in regard 'OK>rne ol the rno.-t ordinary pro
cess in agriculture I Why ihla diversity oi opinion 1
Heeuuse, for the want of concert, combination and a social
'ntfrclmngo of views and expt rience. each one has been lelt
10 grope in the dark, and all have lost the benefits of the cx
P*rii'!ice of each other.
it .w many thousands would be saved in fruitless expert
jj)'in,!<; * hicli h<tve been tried and proved fruitless or perni
others, if this information could have been com
sl<?wCaif1^' us 11 ean 0D'>' be, by interchange of views! ?
! j-i. J"uc'' w' u'd tic made by more enlightened experience!
' an exii'l1'-* 'S lna^'ntl <*n effort to gel up a cattle ?how and
' rinir liie ni-*? r'!| a*r|cuJtur?i implements and machinery, du
' flee Havi>.. ?' 1110 !n'pn"on of awarding premiums,
I thrffl iiinv "i.?.!!ll'e ?.r n? fun.ts, and no menus of raising
t 1 h.i i-'iiv ot Hi t '?? your honorable bodv to aid ihem
i ?r?i' ?r 'i-r "tY!
j have asked you to* .,,r?rl}hwr ""'"'T' r * ,
? i. iK.h,.,-! ir. .. ' V;a s?naII sum in furtherance ol
. their object. Around the W!, tll , , y,.u
, can place all tl e rnei,?M, Mlt, ^ ^
j -.1 wisdom and prudei.ee- may v.. ? > , , ?.e
piopnation? or will you eont?s?.. tu ? ,,,t cI !hia .!|C
important Interest confided to you, Cbu?:; A, (ttrmcr8 and
your constituent., we think we are ci.thi-j aid *?
your hands, particularly as you liavo used our men-is lavish
ly In aid of other interests. Hereof,,, wc hVvl Submitted
to be burthened for others; it is time that we should look to
our own immediate interests.
1 v f ARM Ell.
| To the Editon of the Enquirer. j
HalItax, .March -i, 1$&3.
Some time since, you published in your pinrr t.'nl. wm.
il. Hcwerton's card declining to become a candijiie ayaiit
| lor a seat In the Legislature. A largo number ol his irjt-nds
in Halifax saw that card with regret, and ore anxi^ut ttiat
Col. Howerton should alter his delertnination and again
consent to serve the people of this county. By sj doin^.
tie would once more get the democratic party of the county
well organized, and restore harmony to its ranks, which, at
present, is very far from being the cas**. He would be do
ing an act of justice to himself, and would put down some
dirty wire-workers, who are trying to injure hi:;?, by all
kinds of misrepresentation.
We fhtll be much gratified lo see Col. Howerton before
the people this spring, and to see him again a membor of
that body to which he Is both an honor and an ornament
Tuephav. March S, ISaX
The President (Lt. Gov. Leake) presented a cotnmiinicn
tiuii from the Kxeeutivr, trnnemittiup a statement nl ih<
condition of the Batik of lite Valley.
A romuiiintcalion from the House >f Delecnos was rcao,
and the bills referred.
Mr. Siiasd#, fmm the Committee on General Law:-, re
ported large number of House b.lls, without amendment
Mr. Dkseale, from the Committee on Roads, A n r. r.
ed House hill io incorporate the Independence K.tlUoau
Resolutions of enquiry were idlerci!:
Hy Mr. Daniel?Authoriziiis the Petersburg hail Load
Company to increase their capital stock.
Uy Mr. Fl-nsten -To incorporate the Castleiitan e terry
Turnpike Company.
15y Mr- KfxfTKN ?Amendintr the ch iller of lhe>?orrc.
and Hampshire Cu.il Mitts Rail Road Company.
Mr. Martin* piopi's'.d n J?int tcsolntiou authorizinga p- >"
to li>* opened in 'he county ol Wotzol, i? ? ascertain rl
..f the [ii-.iplj l:i claii-yii t.> the act providing lor opening ?n?t
keeping in repair the comity roa '* in the counties ?> ?' "?
non^alia, Wetzel and Marshall. Lies oitr under H e run.
Mr. Watson ollered a j?Im: resolution ext.-r li.i- ho T' J?
i.l ior the return of the I..-sol delinquentsnni! inwilveiit". i?>
Coninii^iun^rs of the Ucveaue, to the l*st c* .??' v? ,J>
over under the rule.
Mr. Hall wis- cailed up 'he Li!l ii.iih.irfeinjr an evrhangj
of anna witli the Richmond L-ht Infantry Blm s he ?
inal was a Senate hill. The House adopted a sub.-titu.' the.
f?>r, m ikini! the bill a general on.-. , .
The s. nlite di-.i^retd to the House amendment, a n. the
vote wis? recon-idercd. ,, ,, ttun.
The substitute was discm-s.d hy Mcri. I rNf'..':
Martin and Bassel. and rejected.
Mr Baks-ktt called up the hill concerning the Wil?nn!<
Cre-k and South 1'ork Turnpike Road. m Grajson.iml
S. Uh r" ntic*. Mr. I!, moved that .1:, Senate rercd- front
E amend ncnt. The roil was cJleJ. and the pr-p^tt ;n
n-rtnl to ?ayes 31, noes Ou.
Mr Descale cull' a up ?t:d explained the bill ??< a menu an
I iet entitle I Ml id to m< -rporM. lie Hardy ami Lin... I.ah
! Tuini'ik- Company. The bill >'.ves R- tf b.
Mr Sin-KKKV c lie! up the bid >? n'-'. . '. .: 1 ???ntii.*?>i<-i.'-r*
or the Bou.d -f 1'ubiie Wmks The'.ill
I>V the oMMt.ittee for Onrts ,,i Jiihiu e, w. h a
,n iiiin.-inimt.nl agreed to by the House. [ 1 h- ainendi.,ei.t Is
ih- fv.rin ??' ontli to b - taken !?v t' .?limit". >r.e:< J
The etihssitute was conciined tn. , ,?r(.
.Several ? iher ainciiJmeii's, itnimp Hint in h> Ir charac
ter, \>tre agref d t??.
.-.?jxniHSioNSiti ' r the bsvkxi b.
Mr. SH?:rrEv eall d for t(:-- or.l- r of 'he day?the bill con
ccrnine Commisri oners ol the Kcvenue. , .
The qucste 11 was on orderit ir the UN to be cnirroieei. -t.d
rU Mr' Wiute moved that the b.'l t e !*.iu -o tl.e table, atuJ
nia.lt- tht* order lor Ktiday ne\i. .
This proposition w .3 oppostd bv M^s-rf. . HErrEV and
Catlett, a-lvoea'fd by Messrs. White ci.d < ? wan, ml
euKcd ?.u?n:- er? 1G. nova U
I. ITvfN AND >i ^-s V" ^ &
Mr. Whit* e..:!id u and ?.vi-iaired the ??!U aiillionxin<! I
the >iBtii"i C*<r ^ or Loudomi Bfjiich K.-..I K .a.. Conipinv
lo couaS.ct a r?tl road fr ?.mihm dn? m ^ou.nP.^u"i
ry. to >omr |.*.:e,i on the Mana-s.i G..p Kail Ito.d J.ll
passed- r.yeo V3. noes 5
Were then < ?o-idete |, "n tuoti.-n o: Mr. ' abrinuvo^ - ,
'To auihontu*'? State subscription to the capital *toci of j
the Maiys'.ilit t'. .il K??d Compary Ay.? noes o
CICsrKAL BAIL It <' A l?. |
The bill to null. an in?T- .?? ? <??' l:n' '-Wf *"? * *
Virginia Centrui ll.il Ko-:-l (' "'ipanv l->r Hib |
c. nftruetinj- a ?hor> "aek '.etw^i Ktrhmoir. ..n tar
?ou?v lie. !.? ir-.i* uu.i. r consideration,
i Mr. Shasu-ifivtd its idefmite j ..stponenient.
i -n.? |,.i i. rate! by Messrs. t\ atsos, .Snwrtv,
CASlfBELL. D. VOLA^, Oil I opp^e I hv MeWtS.
ShanL)*, Deneale. an J Th-maj, rth ml c mm- ti.. oto. J
On m. ilon of Mr. McDkabm the ??nate adjourn. I
isoi .sf. of
The Senate bill annext.'i; additr mil 'ctfitoiy to the coun.
iv ot Lewis, at. i providing for a cunty t ivMiiment lor the
,.im-, was :? id t. third lim. and t!.c -| i? -uon heir.;- put on .
? |,. nii-Ba il>< eof, the L:ll wis t. .i-v :t.d
'?>' K'"
dally at lU o'clo! k, adjourn at u clo.k, und meet agai.i ..t 4 ^
| u'ca-rk, WJs adopted. . . ... . r ii...'
A i-ilt providing bir an incr?;a^e ..| im- .'Si.iu. s uci ?.
I Virginia C?i.n .1 RiH Itoad i ?..input, t- th-amoui.t ,
j milli.-ti of doll.:-, and rrquiritii; the I. .ard of 1 ublm W.. ks |
' lo subscribe lor three filth* of -ai J increase, earnc up y t e
! otder "f the (t-v. Mr. Anokb- n wnh !re?y his am. nt.ini n
IP the bill. Mr. Bardouk moved to anii-nd thu Mil ?<, tr.
addition of the following Independent sceti n- wiudi were
|n i."ii (.lull he U* fill for the BtocklKdders of sahl Bail
! Company in jremral mtetinc assembled, t.? tmiKe the m
crensed stock iiet. t'y athoiixcd. or s... much thereof h* he
may elect, a pteferr- d stock, by {juotanierini; a i.ividcm.
s x'ptrcen!, per annum for a fixed or itidehnitt. period on
each nliare of stock payable out of the n- i: proceeds of tut
said Road , ,
'?The Genertl Assembly lien by reserves t. e ? - ol rc. i
latint the mode in which the freight .a:* of any road c?n
necting with mid Central Kail Itoad rl.a.l betr .mpor.ed
over the tra. k of ?aid Road ' . _
The bill ivas then ..rdend to be engross?>. lor a tl.tru
ing. .
The arrangement -f the Congrcn-ional Dis'ricta ?as< t^.
ken up. und the roil called. ? n the .doptb-n ?. Utc
inu substitute to the Committee ?report, otfeitd b> .^Ir Uab
""Lc 1. Be it tn.teled bv theGen< r ! Assembly, That the
third sccti.in of chapter !"tir ? I the I. <!.? .1 V trt'ini i, be and
the sanu- is h. tui y am. nded and re cnacUd, so to tca-i j?
! Tt e number of members to which this State is entitled in
! the House of Hepreseiit-.ivca < I the United .States, s-m
' continue ni-poriioned amontist the stvcril counties atui < ?<
p ireiion? of the Stat.-, arranged into thirteen districts, num
bered lis follows; Ihr.t is to say :
l?t Mid.ll.-stx, Wcktmortl tnd, BicUmond county, LsstX,
.\orthumbitlii.d, Ki:^ and U ie-.n, f.-meastcr, Gloucester,
Mai'.lit *??. J unt-s i.'ity, the L ay WiiliamsbuuMNew M ,
Vork Wamijt. North amnion. Accotnac and fcl xannti
Liiv, n!iull b?- (tie first liistrict. Federal population 92,515
2 '. 1*1:: of Wight, Princess A tine, Noif ik county. Norfolk
city, IN'aiikumorid, Surrv, Sussex, Southampton, Grcenes
vil!e, Prim e George and Charles City shall be the second
district. F-\lcral population 91,234
31 Richmond city, Henrico, CliesterflHd. Powhs'.an,
Goochland, H.-inuver, Iving William r>nil ''uridine ahull be
the ihir.l in-lrici. - K- iIit.iI ;:<?( ulation 97 718.
4ili. Ai't'.iivriy, I'fine^ K Jv.ir.l, Din a i.'.lie, the city of Pe
tersburg, Biunc.vii k, Amelli, Ijijtn uhurg. Campbell, Climber;
'and ami Apporr.aii-.ix shall b ? the fourth district.?Feder.il
population '.'5,519.
5th. Pittsylvania, Halifax, Fr;*. Min,Henry. Patrick. Merk
lenburg und Charlotte shall by the tilth 'istrkt.?Federal i >?
pulu'ini 101.217.
6th. Aitemarle, Bedford, Buckinchatn, Fluvanna,Amherst,
,"\elion, (ire. lie, .Maiiivn an.' o ango fe*:ail be the eixtt'
e'is'rict.?Federal [inpiil ? ttun 95,1-17
7th. Alexandria, Spottsylvania, Fairfax, Fauquier, Prine
'A il Jam. It ippahinno-k, Cnlpeptr, Stafford, l.oui-n
ivmy r>-itfjc shall be *!is: seventh district. Fcd-ral juijiult*
t? 05* 90.5?-.?.
9ih. I-' cleric';, I'.'eo, Warren, Clarke. Berkeley, JellKr?<v',
ilamp?hii<, Mor;;-'iii and r.mi.ioun ahull be thu eighth di.*
'rii t ?Federal Population 9-1,41*I
9th. II ?< !{iiig!;-.m. Augu-t i, Rockbridge, Hiuhland. Pen
h-ton, Hardy, Shenandoah und Math shall be the ninth dis*
tiiei.?Federal p'lpnhi i.oi 91,5-15
lOsh. Marshall, Ohin, Pr->oke, Hancock, W '/.el, Tyler.
Pleasants, Marion, Mononirali i, I\iyl>'?rnnd Pulton, i-hali be
ti<- t< Mit iii-:rii-' Federal popul>tt-on 90 112.
llili. [.-'Ais, Lpt-hur, II irilson. B.irbou;, K'-ndulpl., Brax
ton, D'lJJriiljje, Ri'chie, Gilmer, Wood, Wirt. J.?? k'H. Ma
son, Putnam an! Kanawha, t-hall be the eleventh district.
? dernl population I?4.-ll(i.
12th Ai-Mi'm:-, i>3!.:, KnaniiSce, M 'nt?--ti;t iv, Allir'iary.
Bolt-tour', <tiley, 3ii n ? r, liruti- rb-r, Hi?>ne, CaN ll
Wyoming. Wayne, Fni etie, iN'irh ias, Pocah-ntas and Ka*
liiuh. ?-had be tin- t-.v.-iuii district. Fedcinl population 93,1 i'J
13lil. Smii'i. W .rhington, I.ec, Russ> !l, T.t/.evr; "I, Wy.ie.
Grays-m, Carroll, Pulj-ki, Floy.! am! Scott, shall be ihe thir
teenth district. Fed-.rul population 90,240.
See. 2 Each of said distiicts *htli choose one represen
tative ol this Stale in (" mgri
'l'ne nubs'It a I-..- was then adopted by the following vote,
und the bil' ordered lu he i-narorsed :
Arts?Me?;fs. Arnett, Biker, Barbour, Bare, Bottom oi
P. anil it., Boy.I, Brown, Br ? d;s, Ca'penter, Cartoll, Chen*
iIhiiii. Coilier. (."row, Davis. Davison, D.llai l. Dunn, Kl
; w,irds, Flaiiury, F.y, Garrett, Ga'.ew-iod, Gib^-?n, C. II.
| Gilimr, J. Go:i.!e, G ird 1:1, Grecver, Hair-tun, Ha:dy, 11 -
I v.-'iur, H-iwcrion, Hunton, B. v\ , J ieka<>n, M. Jacks" ',
!J.uiien, Jyidaii, Ki-ystr, Kidwell, Kin;:, L -nily, LtiL't', AJ:?nz,
I .Met Jail ley. .lie* 'line .'de Dot.aid, AIcKinneV, Meem, Mi
ehiil, F. B. Miili r, B. Moor. Morrison, Xewkiii;. r*e>vun:i,
I iS'ottiiitih&m, i'ark^, Pciidleton, Pcrib c!;, llichceon, Blither
foord, .t-aund..r5, Scuit Stiunnon, Sleriij-, F.. Smith, H _
: Smith, Tilbot, v\ ais'.n, VYeit, Whetlir, While, T- B.
While, Wooiijruj?74.
IVoe-!? lle^r-i. Anderson, Bill, T F. Bottom, Burkn^r,
Burdett, Butler, Carrinjitmi, Clark, Dawson, DiinHi', l*-':r'y>
K.di.-is '?srn!?. ti, J. Gilltlore. Vs. O Goode. Gr-fti". lium
In, llAiicock, ilcad'-n, imhoden, Jrviiii', J. J- Jackson,
; A. Jones, G Joiics, Kdb), Leybtiro, Mupp, Masse)*. Man
! pin, '1'. L Moore, Muse, ieol.'on, Old, Patrick, l'avne,
. Preston, Pretlow, Prinee, ilcnick, lliee, II 'bertson, >'S-'ir.
I Staples, Stuart, Tate. Tomlin, Fownes. Vawt" .-, Walker,
i Wallace, Wcilmae, Wiley, Ycrby, Zinn ? 54.
I Bills w?-r<- reported from Committees to Incorporate the
I Tredcitar Iron and Nni! C> niptny, in or near the city of
? Richmond; to incorporate the Western Minim' and Muno
I factnriny (Jompanyj to incorp rate the Hampshire C"si an.1
j 1^-on Coinputiy; to Inc^rporaie lb.!; Ironton Mndnjj and Mm
ufacling Conipany, In :hc county of Loudoun; to ir.corpo
! rate the Central i\!ining ;iiid 'd::nu's- t-rie; Company, in
I the county of Mason. .
j A Senate hill was passed to incorporate the Petersburg aio
! Jerusalem Plank Ll- ud Company with a three-fif'lis subscrip
j tion by the Siatr o! Bev.-niv-fivo thousand dollars; n^r' ' 10
I increase the capital stock of tlie Fredericksburg and Valley
I l'lank Ruiiit t'ompany, by the additional .-um of seven \ ?
j tour ihoiifand dollars, upon the thiee-fi.il ? principle, anu to
I authorize ihe cousliiicti..o o| a branch ->f said r >a<l to Uim*
i peper Court House; and a bill approprhiung twenty thoiss
I and dollars tor the extension nt the Hu t-msville, Mauling
j Bottom find I.ew|?t>urg Turnpiko.
The bill to provide for the erection c-f s bridge across the
j Tygart's Valley M;t:*r, nai rfjuctcd. and then tiia Hjusotd
I Ik -'i'lj.t.nt"! - !: mi 'he i'r- -' '-n! ?!, ? i'ti'.'-d
??sliitCMVia laid before ir-e I{.?u-e of Iv.-.: re vrs on !-';i
my, l'ct>. l?:h, ard rcfcrr-d to comm.fee on re!,i'i A!i",:ra:
Washington, Fkii IS, l?3d
id the Sin j te and f/jusc of I'iji esrnt-i:ire.< .
I trnn^inlc a report from ti c St ?"r1 try ?,f Site. < 11 V) !y
102 t:?c subitum e of ret. n? ccnirniirie t*i?. s irr..V bv the
Minister ? i her l*r::.tm i'! j ?! j't ?the Department of S* |te
? ?n the so}?j-?r: m if-? i-'ti r-1" t - : ?! by .\'irua o i
ro?it?-. which l-rnu | n,.; obj-ct <f ih> ty between
ill'. Ini'e.1 Stat . ill l i-. -it 15:;: ;n > f ID: i Apiil, i^aO; an!
the relation of Gnat Btituin to the protectorate of M-isqui
t w l.ich she i Aj.re^ i hcreeif de-iroU:; of rthmiuUhin;. on
ternii* conaisie-ni u-iih her honorable engagement-; to the In
dians of thai rnn.f.
la ron.-< qui nce of these communications, am! other con
?"idera'.ior.s stated in the rrport, it is ?'??-r?n iJ *-? is-iby
tl?i' f). rt'ii* that our diplomatic relations with the St ties
< f/'cr>tral America *hoii|i| br placed on a hi'her ami ino:-"
j i ilictent to ?.!?!?, ,ir..! tilts ;ii* ;.ur-:- meet:* my approbation.?
i he whole ? 'uhj-.Tt iri iuv '?<? niueli di lie-iey a;;.! ijupariutio*,
'!i it I *>!i'jui>! have p i ti.-r al, an near tl. elope ot my ailtr.iu
is:r.;tion, i.ot m make it ti e Hubj.-ct of an F.xi-ftitivi?
m?i;;e ;tion. B.it, in i'ni.teh, as tiic measure proposed en
nui, t-vfri if <J,.iine.l exp; .lient by my su-c-. s^or, take i licet
?? ! near a me!* NiorrMt. iti-I--.-S an <vpri p.'.atioii is tna.'.e by
this f'-injfr, >?, I have '.i ?ii/ii* it ntv <l::ty to submit the re
!"?'?ri ot the !>? [?? i: tu"V 'o ;;.e two houses. The important.*"?
? t '.iic lit' iis^rt* seen." t to requiie an exp --ition - >inewiiat in
detsil of the ground:! eti which it is neninni'-i'ded.
VVa^hivotun, Ffii. 16, 1^53. $
7l? the lJrtsi(ltnt of the L
Sir; J.'o.itit ci:i!niir.;iaUiii:A Iiiivi* been ma'tj to tlii?: l)e
psrtmcrt by tin: Hri't^h .Minister pjatiw to tiio a liars of
? .'fiitr.tl Aoiciica, i>: ?*. *i i*ii 1 .In oi ii my i!uty to npott to
you tin.' sub-iant-t;.
! !? mitv !ir?' !>e prop.;r t > r.lmi-rve tint t'lf rel-iii-tn of the
| Unite I State* n;th ;otnc ?<! the St itf- ??! (Central Ametit.n.
jh'vi.-of ! It- vi i'> bssi.iri'.d ail inip >it .ni*?: wh'.lly out '?!
pronation to the p.-l tit .! ? ?>u>c? j tit t<cc <>{ thosf email He
1 put.||.jfi, or the rxt-. tit i f r.iir commrrc! tl inttr 'ouije
thi iii, n hich is ?*"r?^itl* r Lite. 'I'hiv impottatji i: crowa ehi' fly
?Ml .?! 'Ill tart l!> |"I : "f till? i". ?' itf II! ll-> r'i'lt'? "t
inter- i-' nr.:i: mriiHiiie iiitin lies t<iroui>h ttii ?? ri'^ion. 'I'ln
rmhlie p' hey ot ft,e l"?;it?: I S-at-.s prcscntd few rbjeet.- at
!!.?? j?r?'#ent Jay "t i ipial :?*?st with a dtre ; i \r ?'*i' ? e
Hi ' i 'iinici-ai i: ? ft ii'it r *'iit:.-e bijtv/it-n .1 lantic
coast t rd ? !i* i:i mh-r ?: the L'n: mi -n i'afitv*.
!' wn-t mainly t ? i !:? > t t!:i~ ?? i :! tit'.' tr .ty ? I'.l lt
April, I-'"'1 ?.|i f.'ii- 'i ?! ?! Ii*t?: i*n tilf I : Si ; ii i
(jir i'. B:it*!ir.. I'y tti:.-ir -'v tin* !?? .-'i ?vt-'* < t;:*a :>artl?.s
t'oiiriil tluf.s iI> t i i;-e tliiir intl i-me wi'li ant or
S i *??!*, i?r < ? ' rnmettt J j > r ? (ir i -immt'
any juri-dici'm or ri:*f,* ? i;:- ti rrr- rv v. tiieii the !>-??
p>. ; sh:j> i: ir-al may irave:-t, ??* *vi..-.-n tliall !>?: i:> r tin*
waters ;pri!i ?t!. re'o, in nrder (?> in-.liti ?? r*i?*'t S'ates ?>:
fivivcnmer.ts t'i lU'. 'lit.ite th ? i- >rj~!ru?rtj? >n 'l??*r? ??! be every
rii* -ii in :lw,r nuv.it: at. ! they alsmter '.I t" use tie'r yooil
? tiit*e.~, wh'T' ver i,..w-v<.r it may be mo?t > \;i :: nt, in
order t" |iroeure it!-' ertu .li-luoen'. of lwn tree ports, one at
- tcii ? ml el the tailil.
1: w .- .ils ? stipulated liv the tr *a'V "I I'.HIt April, ItjO,
that i' St.V e.lfr ft :*.i*? J. !l> III IJ -I't-e a-1' ri??Ml ?-r prtiper'V
over tiv i' r11'? ?? > I > whii.-h the * it"! t tivi! .-'tali ;> i;*s ii ?i er.
the Stati.*3or rnmetiis 'it I' -n'ril Ami r:ei ni l su<
ditlereni-r- :*!l?.i|.l in a'IV* w v inij. .'1 - -I-?? ? 'lie ? v. cij.
Ii '. I?t' mi t esr*1 tin * lover!'"! I.'V.J Mil* I '?> '.''d S:.: id
'Ireat Urltnin w tui t 'i e tie ir good < iT?tosetllo such ill!
le-enei ? i:i ti:!* tiuifii'iLT ?suit' >1 11 promote th ? i.i>,-rej la
ol the nili! can !.
It; ? .v. Mti'Mi'?:* this stipulation certain proposition? were
a?ret.'i tipon hv ihi-< liepartincr.t an.! the I! iti.-ti M:n: 'er in
the month ol April In-1 havino for 'heir otij- ei t ? pet*l?' it-c
ttiiiti--ri::l i*ont-ov**>>(.- wl?i.*'; ex:.-!- . ? w en t!f.* Stat"s
and tf-iveje.me.'its Sor.!! r.im "!i l.'i" ?>! Hi" ?' ?" 1 h*
leitin ? f ?' tilem-n:.- w--e -sented l-t by Costa Ksea, !did
not prove acceptable t.? ISie.ira^uu.
In making lie.?e nropo-iti-nis [?> tlit- jr.?t-'? ? ?!.
an1 in 11 tie nee. t se'.rri"! <n I'V I"'" 'i.iiit nt
til'* only ol'ji et Ins b en ti stei.re, as !ar a ? .-rib!-. Mi
t.| ihe anal rts.-oii.'h on*: and the same civi-r/. ?!
Stat, in ?'*' * 11 t.'e-.'iile the evil - ' hk< U* to jns?- troin
it, i ri-i: t a_ i '? *'? iS- .n ? ne j? ir *<!? ? *i-.11, an i 1 ? ? r
ci'-.e t!. .tiiliieuce ai d -i ed.ait n ? l '? ;r.t -! Static \\!iie!i
h;-l ' een invoked by tie' parti- - i.*i ? 11 ?..:-*. i*t he
u nr.or 1 ;**ht c-inf#??' f*? |?r ? iiv
Tllf* COr?Ii!C'!IIL' t ' * 1 ri>s lit Hfi' tin r;? J;? 11
with ri!t:s lite to Mo.-qtjito.iire ;:ni' ;,^ the d tlieuities v?hi-:!i
embaiia "?* this subjutt. i I? > -e ? ?'' s *!:-?- prin. V
from Hie fat I that ti,.- f-o:i -?! >' ?'! i"Tn t'.-i .\.nv tj ? ?
etn outlet-i! ?'.-.* e t" i- eta;,*:. I '? ' 5 - l-mt; '-i ?" 't '
t.i tf'rrit'ire. Ii j* the fin t U i !? !e ?! t?l?: 'reaty tf A "til I.'
l-ji*. th*? tu-opartii ? r*:rt-? thai n-i'hi-r one r.i-r 'lie of r
will ev- r ercet or inain! ui hi >? t ? ? i-i in' 1 i:
!he r-.i.al, -.-r 'tie vie... "- th "f. <?: - ? 1 ? p)' ?
r-'loiii'ite, or i.v'itn'*,-r (..vr-i-'e ar,;.* <' n ;.*it"ti *;vr.%.;
ytiii t'.jr'p U;. ? . '? '? .M'imjuiI ' ''? '?* ? '-r ,? ' > '
tral America, lint the relations i?f Great Britain o .
. ... , ;uj , *,; 11,r' ,n- uv'-r whom j-he
to Ii v.: rTt rriric.l a pro'e 'toia e t'T a l"ll'; co ? ?" "!
vars, {? rnuinr i i:r..!n tl*is treaty * ttit-v. h*!t ii.d' ter
ilr^l*?,. Ti-o fart ot San Juan del .N'-r*', to Mlinh
the nmm ti; (ireytown ii"" bfii ir'.ven by GrL-' I? ri
tain, though claimed as within tne lini.ts "f tins
preteetora*.e, has lor a!> o>t a var been really governed in the
njiiii: ol the titular tin^? of Mosijuito hv a i niiitnitice of
flvo Ani' tican ?-i*.iz?".-- ehtiMin !? v tlit- pt opie Nic mu.i
claim.-. *Iie rit'iitf'il ? w retgn'v this p?rt, (from ul.-.e!!
tier aittborities wt-re, alter .; brtel possession, rjectfid by a
ilrili?li ton.e in January. !--F ) and over site whole .Mo.-'pii
t.? region, ot wh:eh, however, it is maintainid i y |ire-It l!ri
tain that iNirr.ni* :a mtvei at n:i> time ln?l p?..s, s?i-n
Information ii;-- lali Iv bci n n cciv-.d at tht- Department
from th- Mini-rer ie> H.iMiini'* M tje?*y, that the e.nu
pun whie!. had t or.ti . t- I to he i l a saip ? ana! aero-, the
Islli!nti3 of .\iearnsm, havitiy f.jijii - 1* impo^s,!'!!* :?.? carry
..in i||,/|.!aii"a-oiili.tuily t onteinplatcd, has r; r Ived to ;?r<
pose to the ?"? .vern-.ent "f .Niearaaua a modifioaiion ot thai
; !m. wdi Cievirwot confirm tins a ranni of small, r dmr:n
eiuns tint! those specified in :!i"r contract; and the British
Minis'-.- has been inrtiuetrd to intimate to thi- li.partmmtj
that, it *ln? informati'-n ri: odd prove eorreet. In r M 'j**- J *j
<iavi.rnmeiit wocl 1 I I !aein-t ive- at Ii*? ?:tv. :i:de: ill -it i,
article ol tin! tteat v c-t 1 'J'ii11 A ? 1 *' ? ' u -?? ? 1 1 ? r
prot-cti'-n iiom that company, an-1 to tmiis:-. r ii to a:*,y :-:r
eompany which s'i"Uld un t-.rtakea c.iial "n toe ? i.:?
pi;.,,: it liein- .i-cimd ... :b-- utmost impo.tmee i! ?*
Utitieh Government tint the 'jn at conrepti >n <d :.:ii't!i r
I.eeinie canal, adapt* d to the arcomruo.l :tton o| Mn* m Is
at tin* vvj.ole cuiiisiii'i*. '??' n<?i ?' ? 11 ?*
ano'dinary trari-ii ro?;t- for eoa-tint; ves'. Is, wi, ui to ?1i?
tant ii iti-us woiil 1 h'-eomp ira'tvi !y itestituie <" va i:. .
The B-ilisI; Minisf r han als < nd n instructed to gisjnilv
to this D- partment, t!mt i-inc? Great Britain fir: l .rr im-tlj
ihenroi. e.e.n and d-fen. e ol the .\lo?.,uilo Indians iho ???>- ,
| f*ition o: ail parties had ulinSpun. instead <-i r.xwr
<*i.?iin? absolute povert iynt y over Central Aim-rica, and p?
tiibiitni: all ?:oiiiiji>*iC'- on the casts un<i> r her sway, ha- > n
lirely lost li- r dominion over :i!l parts of this continent. Tin;
Mocquito Indians instead of tioveriiino iltcir own tribe ac
cording to the custom* ol 111 ?*ir race, lurnish only a name
and u title by which foreigners trading :tt San Juan del
.\otte, iilid tiloiij the M<.:<|uiio coast, according to the usa?t:<
ut civilized Srexercise llic effective governmenl ol Uiv
?'Mintry. In c.-ns quenee yf ihos;? ehmars, Great Uritjin.
.nst'-.iO i f hivir.s as joinifrly im intcre.-t in the i!tf-ot
? he Mosquito 1 nlian* !>r t!??; sake of i tempting a pai t i f ih<
t-rntor; of *Jettir 'I Ameri. 1; ->10 Spanish control, and 'li< e
by <i!it::ii.i!i!? ndmis.-i mi ; 1 r commerce, ha* no>v no oilier
::i!rie;t in Mosqaro but -j;?: 1 us she <1 tivi-j from an honjr
avle regard to !:er old conne.\ion v. jth the mito iminn
? ?( Iri iiai.ri.
It li ia been further elated to 'ho Department !>y the I!ri'
???"!! Mini^ivr that h"r Majesty's Governaen' hi-. for -? -.J
years. rndcnvori I !?? su.t cn^ji?ei!o nis to tii?' alter."'' clrcnm-i
stuiiccs o 1 'lie ca.-e, but that tv< :y' proposal f.i :iiat 1 lieet Sap
encounter. .! insup. ral.ie obstacle.-. The contention* in
Central America betwc n I\ 1#r:ua, LV-ia Ki:::i, ai:.i linn
dur i <, ilr-??ilisi r.ec ol any auiho.it> ttitli w;nrh a perni!
ner.t nirrceinen1. cot-l 1 Ns 1:1 till*, an i variott* oilier caiii-en,
have In herto prevented a seit!-:in>nt of :I.vexatious ques
The llri.ish Government re^nls the 1':trr?? Gov
criimt n: of S i,-i Jinn .*? I .\orte, ainve rre i to, as i>i li
tin- real power uiiic.'i --xeri ise* mr! ? >riiv in that pirt of 'T?-?t
tral America. It v.-mild !>e 1 nr..tier "f indli-rence to Great
Hr:*hin wl.etlvi thr.t aa:|ioi ity wus e.VKrci-.-aS 1:1 tile Raiue ot
the Kin:; of M-oquilo, or m ilie name of the oilv of San Ju
an ? ! I .Norle i'se!i': but i' is de- ! ry the I'ri'i.-b Govern
im ;il liiil llie apparent : 'ate of l!i;;i_'s ?!??;u! I ':<? nude to j
c r.lorni t-> the r?-iI? ty. w'::sl? i.; :i ?. now ? ? r> ; tin; G v-j
ernmcnt bein^ nominally c irrit : ? n in -If name the Ki;>?
"! Murq:::'. v. .!?? i; i.a lyi vrti-? I by !'ie i>.;nmi''???? j
?rcaniz-d at Sir; Jo >n del r: -. t.nvn. :av>,' a ?,-> j
pel ir elr-clion.
?Viei: ill'- !l'itiili G.M'ersnient woul I consider a ;? >oJ and j
final arraft'vaii nt n.:i:ld lie,
First. 'I he.t Sail Juan del .Vortc, '? r t * 1 yiovvn, should !>e a
free and ind' prr.dcr.t po.-t, e. itnei tid v i? 1. .Musquito j;y sueo :
'-? htiin-oi |fi. iidship ;>n>1 atlui.c ;t? nny ???> I up n. ;
Seeondly. 'l int tndvui:o!lc.'i:iori or ? Jv in?a. - t?|'? vl'-nt
i" ihuse I nd .iowii in the pr.'je- t of convention of t!i- 2liih i
-April, 165J, should beaf-and t > M 'sqei'o in return lor i'.3
wiihdmwnl from its piusent po?i;i,>n in r> leieiiee to San j
; Juan del IVorte.
' Thirdly. I'lnt the United St tes and Great Bril.vn, wiih
| out fo;iiia!lj jju.iraittyirif San Juan >M .\ortf, fhoti.M le;
1 ready 10 net 111 eoneeri to (?tit nd the indi-eeri .'eticii ?.?' tlie ,1
I Iff t-1 iiv or port. I: ?;? whatever quarter i> may L?' ^. oked
j The M?i?lsh G.?n rmi.irt deem it e-senttal tlwt the < ity
j Jil.d [ott of San Ju II! if. i N'.'fr, of GrvVto'.v f!. ?ll ?11!.; lie 1
j iiiiiiistiivj (ither in a Elate un^'ialili.:.; iiiilep'-ndrioe r. ith r.n
, ci:ga?en.Tui to d end >1 ):qui?o, or ol q i-i!ifi?d 10 l^p? oilt-nce
j o? 'ns; i. Icjianee ai.d *? ? to Movq!ii> ?
I 1 Ik 111 1 an indemnity in money to Al - - rj-ilto for rcliti
q iishlr.c f'cr? Jii*"'S to > 111 Jo,hi del .\? t-. - te.I
; riv I'r.tMli G/<eriji.i-nt tint a !_'i- ? ? ? > t ? 1 ?
tain fixed ttrritoty sin .:?J bv t'-: c-u. . .? r. ? ? !.?r 'cat ? ;
For thrse purpoft * thov prrp >fe to desp ?:ch somi'prr?^
: qualified to treat ?nh the aetii ritli.3 ol ?l:ii ci'y, and, in
1 ease the L'nited Stat;d e'lf.ci. in :li?-e vi ?v, tinr J!ril:.-h :
Government would reeommend tint a new convcjition, in;
th? place of the ur.ticcept d agreement of the i'Qth ot April, j
liJaV. should Ik | loposrd and eoneluded, antl t;?-t a pers.-n
wtl! qualtlii d lor tin- purfxisi* aiioulJ heaentny t:.:? Govern- j
meat to :tt conjointly u?t!i the ('ommi-^iont-r vt iter Bri-I
tannic Majesty.
The ISritisl. GoiernT..-n' i' not i.ns?..;e ; the >'? fli ultits
nrifinc trom thefaci ti;.t CMtatu uM^iib'ttnt! >'Ts deny!
u'touether the indtptr. teni >? ol Mo.- juiio. and that the .\1od-|
quito triL-c of Iniiians are l.atle evi ry <hy to n"w lii iirsior:j j
upon their tcrs itory. They Ho not txpe :t to nr?!:e a coin-!
plete provision ;ie tinst this ilanirer. They con.-ider if, how
ever, their duiy to ci > what ir- req'i-t-'J by h 'tier and h iniani
ty in b-half ol t'.e Mosquito nation; de< l..rins, at the same
time, that they "intend :o adhere Mrirtly I ? tile TrettV of
Washtniiton, ot th" 111 h of Apr ls-'U, and n 't to assume
any sovi reitnty, oirt? : or in.Iir> ct, in Central America."
Such is the' :cc<' ?'! 'he commuiilen; -n-, whieh,
wiihin a few daj?, have be n made to this Departrntnt by
the Hritish Minister, und-r the cirertions ot hij Govern
ment; fiom which it will be perci-ived ?
First. Thi<t iu cons.deration of the site.ad ?*c:a cfthir.^;
| under which it grew up, that Government is disposed in in
I hoc itself from tlf rroteeti-nte of the Mosquito I-..', n-.
jp'iitid ?! ili't .- Cii. iti .an be i>l>t:.lned for tVm 'i^iic.s!
? ?>???? :!.? in- ur.-ions from (if nei'hborin:; States.
| S^con ;i*, T^at tin- British government rcga-ds the rrec
| ti ??! "I N.tu Ju .ti d- i IVotte ir.to a free an ! independent ci'v,
! whose political rendition would resemble that of t! e !ree
cities of Germany, rs :li^ best course to bo pursued for set
tling the controverts rtlativc to the sovereignty of that
r.l-ier, ai:d ?s the most convenient inude of ensuring protcc
tim m ihu Mosquito Indijns.
This My, 'I'lat, though a formal guarantee of the fr-e city
if r.? ? * ptoposrd to be filtered into l>/ the two Powers, Great
Britain desires the concurrence of the United States in ef
(ftintj ih"ee objects'.
Anrpini.tn from this Department on the merit of the sug
gestions. as a mode of s. tthng the question* at i>sue in this
I'iri o! 0-??i:r il Americi, would, under existing cireum
stauces. be of little weight. They are given only a? the
vi.-wjj (,f the British Government. It may be proper, how
J over, to state tiiut, in the opinion of the Depirtment.it would
I be more advi-able that the two Governments should use
i their influence with N.jaragna to induce her to accept the
I propositions of 30th April, 1:52, than that they should resort
j t<> terms of settlement less advantageous to that Government
I as is the ejse with those nuw sui^e.-ted by Great Kritam.?
Recent events are believed to encourage the expectation that
rtn ' Hurt of this kind would be successful.
However, this may be, the communications of the British
Minister, made by order of his Government, will no doubt
be reguded as .i satisfactory indication cf a desire on the
[rtr* oi Great Britain, by resigning :he protectorate of Mos
?I"--:?J, to remove une of the most serious embarrissments of
tiie case. Tiiev seem to this Department al.-o to suggest the
expediency of a new effort to induce all parties to enter into
j an amicable settlement u!" their conflicting claims and in
terests. Such an effort might advantageously begin by
put tin .? the-diplomatic relations of the United States witn
Central America on a better looting. Of the five States in
cluded under tliat name, Costa Rica and Nicaragua have ap
point, d Mifirtrrs Pl'-nipotentiary tu this Governnunt, eiul
i:.e C"?i? Riean Minister is also Minister Plenipotentiary at
Giiattmtilj. 'l'hc United States have at present a Chari."
:'Ali?ius at the capital of Nicaragua, and a Charge d'Af
faires to G ateinala was appointed last August, who, for
c us"* beyond the control of the Department, has not pro
e.. d- d to his post. Tu the Mficr States of Central America
v.e (menu representative.
Tito ."secretary If of opinion, taking into view these cir
I r oust in- ? s, with the great magnitude of the interests if the
l i iti I S it. s t<> be promoted by the construction of the ca
r?I -the imp.ittnncc, di lieacy, and complication of ther ter
j ri'nriii and poliiic.il relations above relerred, with the over
ture for our friendly concurrence made by the Briti.-h Gov
| eminent ? that much benefit might attend the appointment
?! t t'lli Minis'ry to Central America, to be accredited to
each 11 the Governments included in tiiat name, lo reside
Mieecsshelv nt such of their capitals as lie should deem ex- !
pe.lir nt. ?:tii full powers to tteat with any or all of them, j
and with instructions to use the Influence which his rank \
I ivniiht j-ive him to promote the great work of conciliation, j
| i: s.<mo distinguished citizen of the United States, pos-'.ss- j
j ng the Inch qualifications required for the trust, should be '
i dispatched upon this friendly mission, there Is reason to hope !
i that 'lo would be aide to convince the Governments concern-'
i ed 'hat nothing can be gained among equals by adhering tu ,
' e.\ir<une rights and pretentions, however strong the coxvic- j
I ti<m i'ii which they are founded, when i?n opposite convic- '
i tiuii is en;- r'ained by the other party; that their true interest
: lies in *i c mpr.imlse i f their corflictinc claims; tl.at the tnc- ,
. tl tu n oi the L'uitiii States and <iioai Urituin may be hono
; rably and s iti.iy accepted, and tint its only alt- rrtative H a
j too probable succession ol border wars and domestic convul-1
i sions, which can have no other effect than that of defeating '
' the great work of interoceanic communication, and In othir j
-rspects ii.flictirig the most deplorable calamities upon conn- I
I tiirs vthieh, in the pursuit of thi arts of peace, might at'ain
a ni. h degree prosperity. I
In artditi >n to these considerations in favor of the propos- i
et! j. a?nre, it may b-i mentioned that there are important j
private interest:? ol American ritiZ' r.sar and near San Ju'in ;
.!? I \ 'rte, which mfrit the t;n t-'Ction of an iiifluential rep- j
resenta'tvc ot il'.e govetntnerit.
.Nothing would bj added to the expense of our diplotnatic j
f lat: us witn Central Auieric:, bt ynul t'i.e outfit, by sub- !
siitutin^a toll Minister for two of the lower rank. It may !
be >'.at- d th it our ? 'Imr^e d1 Affaires to iciroijun has alrca- ;
' >'y been din eted, on a eontinjjency of no! improbable occur- j
i..-, io return to the Unit, d States; and tint the appoint- j
me:!'. < f ,i i 'na.-^e (i'Affiires to Giu'ernala has been revoked. I
Tiie a- .it.'n of Con?r?>ss being required for the appropria-)
tion? on to carry the propo.-cd measure intoelKct, It '?
i- : - - ?.: i;?11 y feroinm-ndcd that this report should be coiil
municati d t ? the two }|ou.-es.
Respectfully submitted, EDWARD EVERblTT.
l\is*cd i\t S'c -nil !>asicn of !'ic Thirty-second Cow rets '
of ."ie L'nittd Sia'.ti.
An a t for the n iVf .?f the widows an 1 relatives of cr
t?iii 111 rs and I- itiM n of the United States brig H'ashing
-?i., who ? overboard in a hurilcane
An .et tj prof.ioit public txccutious In the District of
i':m ?...
An act t i cantlnue t.alt-pay to certain widows and or
An net to amend an act npproved 31st August, In id
i> r r.ee t > tin approptiatlon for continuing the survey of the
Mexican boundary.
An act concerning bail sr. the District ot Columbia
An uet authorizing the Secrotsry of the Treasury to issue
i r-:;i1- r to the British barque "Fanny," under the name ot
Unr "Golden Mirror"
An act authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to issue
a register to the American-built ship "Albatross."
An aat authorizing the Secretary ol the Treasury to issue
registers to vessels in certain cases.
An act to prevent in certain cases a failure or delay of jus
tice in the courts of the District of Columbia.
An act to make the s-.tlary of the Judge of the Criminal
Court of the Distiict ol Columbia equal to that ol uu Assis
tant Judge of the C'rcuit Court of said District.
An act amendatory os existing laws rclativo to the half
dollar, quarter-dollar, dime, and half-dime.
An a t to regulate the terms of the District Court o! the
United States lor tile District of Iowa.
An tot t' provide a room for the Congressional Library.
An act to incorporate'fie Sisters of Visitation ot Wash
ington, in the District of Columbia.
An act to provide for the survey of the public lands in
California, tiie granting of donations therein, uud for other
An act to provide compensation to such persons as may
he designated by tiio Secretary ol the Treasury to receive
and keep the public monev nnderths 15th section ol the act
nf 6 :\ August, 151b, for the additional services required un
der that act. ,
Au act to revive and continue in force for a limited time,
. i, ? ? provisions oi an uc< relative to suspended entries of pub
lie lands.
An act to amend the act approved AiuuM 1st, 1S52, In re
ference to the appropriation lor continuing the survey of the
Mexican boundary.
An act authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to issue
a new register '.<? the slop Prentice, and change her name to
timt ot" i-Ii?ionic."
An net authorizing the sale of certain reserved lands in
A l.'ihaina.
An aet tn extend pre-emption rights to certain lands there
in lit' nl!l'l!f;d.
An act to incorporate the Georgetown and Catoctin Rail
Road Company.
An i-.". ui'w:riv.injt changes in the location of land offices.
Ar net i'i indemnify the? S'utt. ?>! Indiina for the luilure
of tnle to a c-?w iishifi of land granted to sjd State on her
admission into (in- Union in 1316.
Ar r< i for administering the oa'h of office to William II.
f\ ii_\ Vice President rh ct of th? L'tilted Nt ite-iol America.
Am .n:t authorizing tue Secretary i f the Treasury to issue
a ret'i-'er t" the barqu ? ' May," ol H Iti'iiore.
An a?.:i to f?"?vide f"r the puvment of the companion of
ti..s ll'i.-h, Price, ar-.l Suazcy for military services in
F; ?rida.
?fi r.ct to erect at the capital of the n ition an equestrian
>i :.ie \\ash n^ton
An ari fjr-ttt'inis the rii.li* "I way and makintr a grant o:
i.ind io '!)> .v:;.ite.? ? A.i.iwi-iu-and Mii-nouri, to aid In ih>
C'-m-triii ijon ol a r-.il r.c i on the Mississippi, opposite the
??I" i li of the Ohio nver. via Little Rock, to the Texan boun
dary, n<ar Fulto.i, in Arkansas, with branches t > Fort Smith
and the Mis.-sir- ;ipi river.
An .*cf ?rrant:<-?* t-? the Sackctt'"' II ?'? r and Ki'ishurgh
Rail II iad Company the right of w ay through the military
rt-svrvaticn in .Saekett's IIart>or, New York.
An act t!? extend the provision* of an 11 rt approved 3d
March 17. an I approved "26-h Februarv. 1540 f >r carrying
in:?> i 'ii v? ih<- ? x i ? I i 11 y C'ln- iifi- wi:h the States of Alabama
?uii .V :>?isrii ,'i. in icla'.lon to'lie five per cent, fund audi
school enervations.
An act ii> amend aa act entitled "An art for the d:ncon
tiroiar.ee of the i fiice of the Surveyor General in iIk several
.i.stri :? so soon the mi v ?. iris; ih'-rein can b" completed,
?"?;r a i-'lN'iin'i land otficeu under certain cirrurii.-t.snces, anl
(?.: ??ihe: i pott *.
An act nuking an appropriation for bringing t> the seat of
government 'he votts lot President and Vn.-r Preai-'< nt of
the L'fii'rd States.
An .??-i to surrender to the State of Onio tlie unfinished
portion ?>t the Cutnberlan I mad in said Stale.
An fict m iking appropriations for the payment of Invalid
mid oiher pnsions of trie Unite i Sutes f ir the year ending
the 30 I: J une, 1554.
Aii act snaking an appropriation for the pavmcnt of navy
;. n-i'.or ;.ir the yi.tr ending the 30th June, 1?54
An act to amend an act entitled "'An set to establish the
Territorial Gyterr.mcnt ?-?! Orez- n." approved Aupust 14,
An act m kiiij; furthi r arnroprli i n? Mr the construction
of roads in 1 leTtrritor;. of Minntno'a.
An act for the construction of military roads In Oregon
'i ? rritcry.
An act authorising cert tin soldiers of tho late war with
Grcit Uri'ain to surrender the bounty land* drawn by them,
and to locate others it; lieu thereof.
An act granting the tight ol way to the St Louis and Iron
.Mountain Railroad Company.
An act to amend an act entitled "An act to create the ol
ficc of Surveyor General of the public lands in Oregon, and
to provide f ir the survey and to make donations to the set
tier? of the r id public lands," approved Sspiember 27. 1550.
An act to prevent frauds upon the Treasury of the United
An act :rn!<in? appropriations for the support of the Mill
's-)- Academy for the year endiog 30th June, 1554.
Ar, art making appropriations for the current and contin
gent expenses of "he Indian Department, and for fulfi.linz
rea'i stipulation with various Indian tribes, for the year
c..ding June 30, 1554.
An act to supply deficiencies in the appropriations for the
?crviie of the fiscal ytar ending June 30<h, 1553.
An act making appropriations lor the support of the army
ft r the year ending 30th June, 1554.
An art malting appropriation? for the civil and diplomatic
vnentes of the Government for the year ending 30th June,
I 54.
An act making appropriations for t ie naval service for the
ear ending 30th Juue, 1554
An est maklDg appropriations lot tba transportation if
li. Uniii:d St tits m-.:N by ocean creamers ur.d ct::rrwic6
during ihe* fiscal \ ? ar i! d;t?g ?>" 11 June, i~.">4.
An act makin/appropii f.?r lln* fcivicc of th I'ost
Olh'.te Departmem f?r the y? ar:.?r 30:t> Jane, 1554.
An .icl u> ruyuliie the fciruO'3 costs to be mIIjwki i? ierks,
marsh il*. and attorneys in the Circuit and District Courts
of ihe United Stales. tinJ for oilier purposes.
An act authorizing the stl> etinen of the town of Chelsea,
;n ills Sta'c of Massachusetts, ;o lay out and make tvty on
lands of the I nited States. in said town.
.An net to appropriate lands lnr the support of schools !ti
cer'rtin townships and fraiti? r.sl townships in the Terrltori
?it Minnesota.
An act making an appropriation f r the completion ofpub
lie l)uir..'in?i in ihe Territory of Minnesota.
An act t:> amend an act entitled "Ar act to umend an act
to settle and adjust the expenses of tho people of Oregon
iroin attack* nnd hostilities of Cuyu?e Indians, in the vtars
1517,in 1 1545''approved 31st August, 1552.
.An act to establish the 'l'eirttorial Government of the'lVr
ritfry of Washington.
An act making appropriations for lighthouses, llglitboats,
buoys, &e., and providing for the erection jnd establishment
oi tiie same, anil for nth r purpus*s.
An act to establish ;ost roads, and for other purposes.
An act authorizing the Usuiiiij i i a register to the bru
Boundary, and (?> change the name cl Urn steamer Koger
Williams and propeller Ontario.
An act to provide for additional clerks, and to extend the
sessions of the Legislative Assembly cf the Territory nf
Sew Mexico.
An act authorizing the Governor of the Territory of New
Mexico to call an extra session of the Legislative Assembly
ui said Territory, should the same be dtettied necessary and
expedlt tit.
An act authorizing the Secretary of the Treisuiy to i??uo
a register to the barque ' Queen ol Dundee."
Among the sums oppmpriottd by the Coronas, whieh
>na just adjourned, are the follow ing Items.
For the extension of the Capitol, '??,> appropriations nto
made, one in the deficiency b.ll of $100,000, aud the othei
in the general appropriation lull of SbUOOOO.
Fur the Patent Office, towurds the erection of tS:? w.-i
wing, $200 ObO.
Fur repairing the President's Mansion, in< luiiina clenninc.
painting, whitewashing. ? xt^n.iini; the east wire < ffie.
lor eamaye hou?e. Ac.. $7,200; nrd ! r heating, vrniilHiing,
pointing llie extern r. painting the walls and ct iiinKs of tl <?
rcoins on the fiist floor, and the ; urchasc ol bin ks lor !hr
President's library, 829,">00.
Fur refurnishing the President's House, to be expended
under the direi lion ot the Piest'i ni, in addition to tin pto
ceeds of lite sale of such ol the furniture and (quipageil
tin- said house as may be out ol lepair and urti' for ux'.
For bringing water into the city. to be expended under itio
direction ot tile President, upon Muh plans and Irom sin t.
places as he t-hall approve, 31GU.0UU.
For repairing the Long liridne, extending over the I'oto
mac Irom this city to Virginia, Svu.uQO.
For the Eastern Branch Bridges, to be expended In cniii
pitting the repairs thereof, 34,101'.
Fur the Little Falls bridge, eitci'dir.g over the Poiormi
above Georgetown, to be expended under the direction of the
President, $30,GU0.
Forthe Equestrian Statue of Gen. Jackson, to eompt r.aole
Clark .Mills ttieretor, and make li thepr. perty of tt.? L'nsti i
States, 8*20.000.
For an Equestrian Slitueof Washington, our r<*in1.-is au
aware, a special uct made mi appropriation ol S5U.UUU.
For paving I'ennsylcania avenue, from the President ?
square to Itock creek in addition t>j founer appropriations
314 7UU.
Fur enclosing the triangular lot, opposite the Crntfti Mbi
ket. with iin iroii fence, 84,500.
For erecting tamps, on both sides ol Pennsylvania t??o
nno, from .Seventeenth etrei t to Georgetown, and fr-? in ihe
t'aiot il to the Navy Vard, 83,000
1'ke Clo ks'jn the several Executive Departments, lioin an-t
after the 30th of June next, are to I ;* atrangtd into fou?
clashes with different i: races ol salary, and no i lei it Is to he
appointed in either ot the clisst* until he shall have breti
examined and found qualified Uy a U .ard ot tltrer (.'?unrnls
doners; one ol *vhom is to be the chic I oi the Bureau t<
which the clerk is to be uppointed, tied ihe ":lier two :o be
selected by the head ol tli. dt[ irtnient to wlileh Mi'' Hi.r?>Bu
Is attached.
An Assistant Secretary of Slate ;r nuihorixui 'o b>' U|
pnjn'cd by the State Deparimenl, wltlian ancual salary oi
'lnr. salaries of the I'ice President and Cabinet officers,
ircluding itw Secn tari'* ot Stat-*, Treasury, War, Navy,
and Interior, and the Postmaiter General and Attorney G?n
er il, arc respectively inereastd from SG.00U to S-1?.':00 pui
7'he outstanding Stocks of the United States may be pu
chased by the Secretary ol ihe Treasury tit ihc etirrii.t msi
ket | rit-. to be paid lor irom any suiplus fund- in lUe Trea
"try shall not at any tlriic reduced btlow fC i 000
The Mexican Boundary Commission if eon' : ril ,Ap. n
1, 1654, and the nccessary appinpriatioii- made ilafel"r.
.4n At;ny office in lite city of S'ew York, h to be establiel.
ed It.r the reccrpt and for the inihiog and assaying of g?l<l
and silver bullion n(id loreign coin, and for .-ai-fny iiir> s^me
into bars, ingot*, or disks.
The letter ot Mis. John Tyler In reply to (tie lad> philau
thropiaia of Stuliord House has reached England, and elicit
ed many comment!. The EuropeanTimes tmi:es a curiouj
blunder In identifying tiie writer. It speaks of her as "Mrs
Tyler, the widow of the lute American President ol thai
name," and as "a young and lovely creature, and before he:
emigration to the South with her late husband was ih* bclU
<<f N. York." The same paper thinks there it- more truth iIihh
poeiiy In Mrs. Tyler's exposures of ih? wrongs uiid sutlri
iiJAjs of the poorer classes of Engiunl, and that the ladies of
Stafford House have not heded thu adviec lo those ?U
live in glass houses.
memory of the oldest inhabitant, it is said, has the inaugu
ration of a President of die Unit d States t>> en so generally
celebrated In NVw England as has been tiie Inauguration of
Franklin Pierce. On the niirlit of the 4th <>f March, m-urly
every villaye was alive with inauguration parties, music an I
i he dance.
i 'l'o the h'ditore of l/.t Kwjciirir.
Richmond, Fes. 6, ls.iii
Gentlemen?1 rea.1 with admiraiiori your i'imik> limi
week, on the monies granted by the present General A hot 111
! bly ot Virginia for internal improvement, and agree with you
in the idea that it wll bring wealth and people to Virginia
hilt, as to your concluding remarks, I widely from von Ciffei
You say that we must pass thin art?to establish the Ant
werp line ol steamers. Why, ger.tleiin n, it wan but the ? 11,
er day that New York, with the Iks* of strand rs "hot h*
mighty commerce with foreign countries has brought eon
tinuaiiy lo her door", has <stablislnd her m ean steam pala
ces for their accommodation; but with us, it i> lardillet> nt
It would be, as the saying is, puttin; the call belore ii:e
horse! We have no foreign commeice that would justi.'j
such an enormous expense. Strangers from Europe, won".t
i)refer coins t<> New York direct, where i.ine-ienih* of then:
nave business. What, sirs, would you think, it the l.'le
village ol Manehtster was about to ertctahotel that .?( >;l
rival in cost and capacity, the Exchange Hotel of our mi f
Why, gentlemen, y.?u would most assuredly think that ;h>
people of Manchester had more money iliun brains; and thv.
the keepers of the hotels in Rirhmond, might make them
selves perfectly easy, for it would do (Item no in<.re harm
than it would, had it been er< eted in some city in the moor
under whose iiilldi nee it was to b> but!? in Manchester
Yes, sirs, you know that such a house, in such a town,
would have to be a dd to pay i's la\< s- and so, gentleman,
woul l the great, the costly Antwerp line > f steamers. WIih.
wo w ant, is to do that that others now do f, r us. It I- !? i
Vs, Virginia in one voice proclaims. Look at the ship*
tlie barks and the brigs, that yeatly arrive here, belonging
men in other lands, to carry for you your agricultural pro
?tiic'.s t i a foreign market; your tobacco, your corn and vom
tlour; after which, they return to their owners m New Y >r<
laden wl'h the merchar of coun'ries which tln-v hc*.
'aken your produce. Tne> have exi-lung. d your tlour in
Rio, for coli'ee and hides; your t .-bacon in Europe, for lu.i
various manufactures. Now, let u.? IjuiM our ow n ships an."
our own barks an I our own brigs, an.I Set os, above it
things, build thetn in the most economical manner D o.'*
give tiitin to any speculator, to enrich himself st our ex
pense. For just about these days. it w ill be found, when ?
are called on to pay trie interest oi the i:abilities ol ihe State
tliat our taxes are fully high enough, to be at -? I?
e rnfortublf. And now, sirs, you shall have my plan. V\c
h ive our State pris .nets, who hardly make their expense
whilst they live i n the cheapest diet consistent with health
I propose to remove thu Penitentiary to Eltliatn, ul>f l
would establish ship yard, belonging to the common
wealth; let these prison- rs do all the rough hewing ?r.d saw
ing; in short, all of the immense work that Is done by tin
laborers in a ship yard. Hire fifty good ship-carpenters are'
twenty blacksmiths and you will soon find that Virginia can
build the best and cheapest ships in the Union, for the mno
rial will he in abundance, close at hand, and the wagr? ot
the lab >rers will be but their food and doming. and the poo
fellows can enjoy the luxuries of fresh fish and oysters, an l
will not disgrace any mechanic art by learning It in prison
as many do to the regret of those that follow the trades
mostly taught in prisons. If this course is pursued, Virgi
nia's commercial independence i9 a fixed f :et, beyorel ?
doubt, and our commercial cities will go on from procpenn^
onto prosper. We will buy and sell on our own accaun1.
foreigners will flock to our cities on bu-iness, ss they now
do to New Yorft, and then, ant! not til! then, hurrah lor ih.
Ocear. Steamers! .MANY IN ONE
Uost. Thos. Ap. U. Jonbs has been ordered to the com
m uid of the San Francisco Navy Yard the unexpired term
of nis suspension of two years, by 3 Naval Court Martial,
having been remitted by Mr. Fillmore upon the nameet re
Commendation of Secretary Kennedy.
WASHINGTON, Mabch 9.-Tne Senate confirrind :: ?>
appointment of Mr. Sidney Webster, as private secretary
ot ihe President. No appointments were made to-day ex
cept that of Mr. Peter Washington as Assistant Secretary
of the Treasury.
T;:e Senate will probably adjourn on Saturday.
MOBILE, March S.?The sieamer Black Werrirrar.lv
ed to-day from Havana, with dates to the 3d March. Trie
health of Vice President King had slightly improved.
BALTIMORE March 8.?Flour is unseized, with ? ,
inles. Howard Street is held at 84 ST, and 4 75 is otK nri
' -1. ? of good to prime red wheat ut SI OS to 1 10; sales ;
,jiirne white corn at 52 to 54 ets.
i NEW YORK, March S.?Flour is henvy Sales ol 4 (.''?u
' ' Sis State brands at $4 SO to 4 ST; Southern 54 93 to 5 ii
' A'heat dull. Salei of 6,000 bushsls at 66 ets. tor whit-; 65 ?
OCX for ysllow.

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