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? ? - - ? ? 1 ?TT
The next news from Europe will be exceedingly interest
ing, as ?h>dding light upon the impending difficulty between
Turkey atid Austria. Count Leiningen, the Austrian Pleni
potentiary, has submitted to the Porte the demand of his
government for the cession of harbor?, among the rest,
amounting to the virtual abandonment by Turkey of the
right of soveraignty over the provinces, bordering on AuMrit,
and the recognition of Montenegro; and the arrogant terms
proposed were indignantly rejected by the Grand Vizier of
the Sultan. It appears, farther, that not only has the Aus
trian plenipotentiary withdrawn from Constantinople, but
the whole Austrian legation has struck their flag and retired
also?thus leading to an actual rupture ol amicable relations
and inducing us to believe that the Austrian and Russian ar
mies have probably Invaded Turkey. There seems to be no
doubt that, In this matter, Russia is using Austria as a cat's
paw, to carry out her favorite scheme of bringing the Otto
man Porte under the sway of her growing power.
Turkey, It teems, has not assumed her independent and
manly attitude, without first consulting the English and
French Ambassadors; and she thercfote may dely the two
imperial conspirator#. The cunning policy of Austria and
Russia wus to excite a religious animosity against the Turks,
by representing the Montenegrines a? sufferers on account
of their faith; hut England and Prance have seen through
this disguise, and should Austria und Russia persist in de
claring war against the Porte, a general European war may
be expected between two opposing principles.
As to the policy of the present English ministry, we may
infer it from the loliowing language of the London Morning
Chronicle, which is usually regarded as entitled to speak
??by authority
It is said that the imperial (Austrian) plenipotentiary,
after claiming in vain the protectorate of the Christian sub
jects of the Porte, the recognition of tho independence of
Montenegro, and liberty lor Austrian subjects to trade in
the Ottoman dominions, has demanded his passports ami lett
Constantinople; and this report is borne out by the previous
proceedings of the Emperoi'a ministers, it is notorious
that, ever since tha Hungarian insurrection, there has b>en
but little friendship between Constantinople and Vienna;
and it is not surprising that the domestic difficulties of Tur
key have been seized as an occasion for a display of Aus
trian animosity. From the day when Kossuth and his col
leagues found safety under the protection of the Crescent,
the absolutist governments have evinced a marked hostility
towards Turkey; and both Austria and Kussia have us* d ti c
late disturbances in the Sultan's domini- us t.i sciz ?..?
tageB at the expense ol their neighbors?to extend their ur
ritories and politicul influence.
The present state 11 the eastern question is sufficiently me
nacing. We know that both Austria and Russia insist on un
reasonable concessions on the part of Turkey, and we also
know that each of those governments contains a powerful
army on the frontiers of the country wnieh they hope to
weaken ur to appropriate. But, in spite of these dein<>nstia
tiona, wo are unwilling to belie\<: that the crisis will leud t.>
dangerous conscquences. The great powers will not permit
Austria to settle the Turkish difficulty. Her military demon
strations may evince h? r cupidity,but they will not be of any
real weight in determining the question, however dangerous
they may uppear to the ministers of the Sultan. Under the
existing balance ol power and territory, it must be an object
of the first importance with Europe generally to maintain
the integrity ol the Ottoman empire; and jthe bt'6t mode ol
carrying out that policy is to use every effort for the amelio
ration of the condition of the Christian subjects of Turkey.?
if that object bu zealously prosecuted by the combined agency
of the European powers, nothing more will bo heard ol !lie
protectorates which the Roman Catholic Slates claim to
exercise. It Is certainly not the interest of Austria to quar
rel with her neighbors, w hilst the entire continent is con
cerned in maintaining the integrity of Tut key, so long as
this can be accomplished without retarding the progress of
the nations subjected to the Ottoman dominion.
The Whig press is in the habit of abusing the last Con
gress for doini; too little. Now, while tho people have
right to blame Congress for their slovenly way of doing bu
siness, and voting away the public money in the bet stage
of the session, without duo deliberation, the lust complaint
they will make is that it di-I t;>n little. The Newark Advei
tis'M si>j;
"No Important enterprise illustrates, we believe, the la-'
session of Congress?no land bill, no tariil or anti-tari:i
measure, no encouragement of foreign commerce nor domes
tic industry, no great thoroughfare to lock together thf dis
tant portions of our extensive country ; and no improvement
bill of any sort. Its attention was restricted chiefly to talk
ing tediously of our foreign policy, but doiog notliiug, arid
quietly voting away immense sums of money, without say
ing anything at all."
We agree with the New York Evening Post, that, with
the exception of the silent voting away of money, all that
is here alledgtd is strongly en!- ?!-<ic- A legislative body
which does nothing, at least do itaell great credit. It is
your busy, meddling, officious legislature thai prcvlucm ?o
much evil; but so long as it sit? Mill, sucking it? paws, like
a bear In winter, it is just as harmless as that pattern ani
mal In its hybernation. Had the last Congress consented
to the "improvements" which were urged upon it, the only
effect would havs been to create innumerable jobs for the
speculators, and saddle the people with a debt ot a few more
million?, besides squandering away immense tracts of the
public lands. Honor to it, say we, for its do nothlogism.
This bill is made the order of the day in the Senate for
to day. The following arc the only amendments proposed
by the Senate Committee :
1st. Strike out C-wnpL. 1! in (he fourth district, and insert
Buckingham and Fluvanna; sttiko out Fluvanna and Buck
mghain in the sixth, and insert Campbell
2d. Strike out Charles City from the second district and
attach to first.
"This recently organized company of "Ethinpean Min
strel's" are nightly giving their entertainments at Shuttt's
Hall, corner of filth and Broad streets, and it is but giving
them just credit to say tint their performances are equally
as clever as other "Troupe*" of older and more established
reputation. The Hall in which they at present perform i?
not well adapted for exhibitions oi the kind, but on Thurs
day, Friday and Saturdays evening they will give concerts at
Odd Fellows Hall, where they will bo better enable to dis
play the excellent t?lcnts thrv decidedly possess. All
u.vfis of "Mirth, .Music and Song," should patronize them."
The above lias been handed to us by a gentleman ptes'nt hi
of their concerts, upon whose ability to judge correct!)
in such matters w.- rely, ?t>d therefore, of ourselves, will but
add, lot aspiring genius be encouraged.
We ate g!ad t-> hear that, on Monday next, will be exhibi
ted Dr Real':'* i ? w Panorama and Diorama of the Creation
and Deluge. As a work of art, grand in its effect, and mor
al In its teachings, it is sjid to be n noble painting, and has
eecurcd the high admiration of tho best judges in the coun
PRINTERS' AND PUBLISHERS' attention is called
10 the advt rtisemcnt ol a Practical Pi inter in another col
There was no n ail yesterday afternoon. North of Wash
ington city
? ??? ? ?
Washington, March 16 ?Th<* following are among the
nominaiiocs sent in yesterday : Fle'eher Webster, Surveyor
ut Boston; Henry Crocker, Appiaiser at B stun; Jacob Cos
ier, Postmaster at Concord, New Hampshire; M A. Osborn,
Collector at New Haven; Gcoige A. Smith, Collccler at Vi
enna, Maryland.
Robert B Campbell of Texas, Commissioner to run Mex
ican Boundary; James L. Loon, Receiver at Chicago; N. G.
Dale, Receiver at Edwardsvilic, Illinois; George E. Hand.
Di-tr'ct Attormv. Miehigan; Baldwin, Collector at Key
West; Fernando Mo'eno. Marshall lor Florida; George S.
Hawkins, Collector at Aj.alathicda.
Thomas Hayes, Attorney I -r Illinois; Robert J Chaster,
Marshall ol Western District of Tenneseee. There was a
large number ol additional nominations The nomination
of Jack Hayes. r*s Surveyor General of California, will go
in to-morrow.
At a me*ting of the citizens of Lunenburg, on the 12th
day of March, at Columbian Grove, (convened by public no
tlco) for the pur p. so of obtaining subscriptions to the Lu
nenburg Plank Read.
On motion, Joel M. RagsJalo was callid to the chair, and
W. H. Stokt s appointed Secretary
The nice'!ii? was ; ddr< t-se.l by Col. Geo. W. Boiling, and
Duvid II. ar.d '1 hos Branch nf the city of Petersburg, in
vety spirited and interesting spcei he?.
Subscriptions next being the order, stock was immediately
taken, sufficient to secure the State subscription on said im
On motion, it was Resolved, That the proceedings of this
nifetinsr be sent to the South Side Democrat, Intelligencer
aDii Richmond Enquirer, for publication.
On motion, the meeting adjourned.
W'm. H. Stokks, Sec'y.
A REBUFF.?A worthy man in this great metropolis re
cently visited a " medium" to witness the wonders of spirit
ual rappings. He had lived twelve years uiih f notorious
threw, who at last died, book ufter which hejnarrieda young
woman of comely person and pleasant disposition. On in
quiring ii any spirits were present, he was answered by
raps in the affimative. "Who?" "The spirit of Melinda,
your deceased wife." " Ah!" exclaimed he, with a gesture
of alarm ; but, recovering himself, he kindly inquired, "Are
you satisfied wi;h your condition??arc you happy?"?
?' Perfectly so," replied the spiiit. ?'So amgruffly ex
claimed the ungallant inquirer, as he turned upon his heel!
and ivolked ott.?JBuston Journal.
A*\ !i o i At1 I* OlvP,
In the House of Delegates, on the 23'/' of /?'ibruari/, 1S.")3,
u/ oti tiit Hill i>rwidihg for the nmornt of /Vie .\eyrucs
uiiu Jt um the iSuini.iutiu.t.utii.
rttr. BitU'A.N' said?The magnitude and importance of the
??ul ject unilcr consideration must plead his excuse- .'or tres
i <;-sing upon t ie tiiiiB and attention of lite House. The
>, i-stion involved In the biti, under consideration, was one of
!? i-tinoum importance to the constituency he had tin: lienor
.1 represent upon that floor. He was impelled, therefore,
!-y ? sense oi duty, to claim the indulgence of member*
*% i-ilst he submitted, briefly as practicablu, his viewi* a? to
the policy, to oe pursued in reference to a question like this,
:i"d one so \itaily affecting, nut only the best interests of the
?i.iie hi large, l>ut of that constituency whose imniediaie
Kpresfiitntiie he was in that branch of the Legislature.
tie could not but regard this ass icitaiuly the tmrnt itnpor
i i.tsubjtct which ha.) yet occupied the attention ot this
ty i.cral As-uiibly. It was one in which every true son ot
\ i.-Kinia lia.l a deep and abidim: interest; anJ was fraught
>? nil consequences, at once vast and momentous Our ut
i 'ti'inn in invoked to the consideration of ilier-o mcasuics,
'?iueJial hi themselves, aod which contemplate the removal,
iiimii our midst, ol a class ot our population fittingly de
.- cub- d us " i cancerous ( vil '?a moral leprosy--uru!er which
tbe t.ominunMeiilih was then Iiborina; and lor the eradicn
:i"ii i't which tiicy w-ere then called upon to carclully con
? mi the legislative phnnnacopia, and to soi l; to apply ihe
surest and most effective remedy which ? tic disease demand
? d
We were called upon, by every consideration of public po
licy, to device the best means oi removing, beyond the limits
ot the State, a class more degraded and u'tetlv worthless
ihan ever before afflicted any community.
It is, sir, tile Iree negroes in Virginia that crowds your
court houses with felons: people your jails with convicts,
and make your State penitentiary a perfect lazar house for
their reception and confinement. They are the pest ol so
i iety: their lawless lives and recklesi characters extend the
dnik catalogue ol crime, wherever they are found, throughout
ihij State. In daily intercourse with our slaves, ibeir
presence among us is hanelol in the extreme ?rendering
thern discontented with their condition,?by contrast
ing their own freedom from the salutary restraints of a
master, they militate against the happiness of the
.-"lave by their pestilential influence, and thus disturb the
tranquility of society. Degraded below the white man in
position, they form the connecting link beiween him and the
slave. Wanting often in sagacity, they easily become the
tlupe of the unscrupulous and the designing. Without suffi
i-ient forecast, ihey are open to the insidious design* ol
icckless fanaticism, and thus bccoinc a means lor the
promotion often ol us most diabolical purpose. Hence it is.
they are found among us sometimes the efficient, yet secret
emissaries ot Northern alxditioni.-m, poisoning the mind ol
tiie slave, as well by precept as example; inciting him, by
unhallowed council, to insubordination and rcbt llion ; sedu
cing him, n possible, from allegiance to his master, and in
stilling, as far as practicable, into his mind lalse and falla
cious notions uf liberty und equality, wholly imcompaii
ble with the relations ol master and slave. Thus they are
rendered fit instruments for sapping the very foundation of
our peace and happiness, and of subvening every principle
ol well regulated State government; and especially where,
as in ours, the absolute rights ol properly in the slave is re
cognized by our Constitution and sanctioned by our laws,
but thoroughly settled and heartily approved by an enlight
ened public sentiment.
As we arc all aware, sir, many schemes nave been devised
?many plans ptoposed?to remove Irom our borders Hu
me negro pt-pulaiiou ; but, u* yet, none of these have
proved adequate to the accomplishment oi this much desired
purpose. Mi asures have tteen enacted from time to time,
but Ihey Wt re merely remedial, and have been lound, by ex
perience, wholly ineffectual. II has been seen that it wei?
utterly useless to require tlr.m to givesecutiiy to be of good
behavior; or, upon failure, lo leave the commonwealth.
Failing in tins, money has been appropriated from the State
treasury todelray their expenses?of such as wish to go?to
ineir own sunny Alricu. They have been lured thither by
blight visions of tropica! beauty ?by a soil rich in ihe lu.v
utiauce ol its native productions, and by the unrivalled
Icrtility ol that land ot the Sun, whose spontaneous
productions might well tempt their industiy or their cu
pidity, (but unfortunately they possess neither,) and where
ihey might uninterruptedly enjoy the "largest liberty," sur
rounded by such associations as ever cling around one's na
live land ?an.! the blessings ol rational freedom. Hut all in
vain! They wetedead to every sense of ihe inappieciable
blessim.* wiju h wire so (,-raiuitou-ly offered them;?ifoir
iiiseDMbih?;. in tiiis is only equalled by their stolidity an J
want . i tijoi.il sense: their inslincis never rise into reflec
tion, n->r aie ihev dignified by prudence. Their history
shows :fj;~. as well in mo past us in tile present.
Phil uiihi-'py and Christianity have planted them a colony
whither Ihey may emigrate. Atriving there, they ate at once,
as citizens, idimtted t.? ail the franciiises, rishis and privi
leges o! lit. men ? free, not only in inclination. ili.mg.M and
leelintf, but n. ;? to participate in the offices oi State, to ihe
tmproveuieti' - I their understandings, and to enj->y all the
?iles>int's - i free government, and that republican equality
which we cs ? em absolutely essential to ind|vi.tual happi
ness and ii 'i-'iial prosperity and greatness, V-1, >iii-, ion.
has proven u availing. Here ihey r< m: in, stolid and liuiti
fercnt to tls- levolutions of government, or the pi ogress oi
events-? deniiute of appreciation ol the blessings which the
uatrivtistu ai:J philantropy ol former legislation have ex
?ended i" t.itfin. lor the amelioration ot umr condition, tney
stand as impassable as the Spnynx; manifestly preferring to
remain among ue1, degraded as itiey are, an.I otit.nu a |iic*
carious sub-istcnce by pilfering fr<>m the whiten, rather ihan
go hence l" possess and enjoy the inestimable blessings ol
freedom so ^1 ituiioiisly ollered them.
Destitute "I energy and insensible to iniii! ctual culture,
whenever aiiempts have been made here to impovo ihtir
moral comhi n, tliey have almost invariably prescni.-.I that
anomaly in human nature which lewurds the toil ot tlieit
nutnanc bei.. factors w ith basest ingratitude; or repays the
labors of g. erous philanthropy with cold negeet and care
?ess nay, rt. !. d indifference. 1 hey arc here, idle, sioiiitul
and vicious in.-' n.-iale, generally, to virtue or religion, they
are rcsentf "> :.nd malicious. Their baseness i? written upon
the history : their every day transactions, and instance* ..l
their perfidy :-te rec ru-.d in the recollection ol every mem
ber present Faithless, treacherous and deceitful, they ar>
knaves by pr:?icssion, dishonest in piinciple, malignant at
heart; with it a!?y, virtuous tendencies, they are found
in almost e*etv community impotent lor good and powerful
unly lor evil, tticy are the pc-t ..t s wiety and a bitter curse
to the Stite In vain, d-eg the hand ot philanthropy point
the way to the land ot ilieir u.aiviiy. Sunk in degradation,
as a class. t:i?y turn with av.tied glanee Irom ihu benign
nmlc''uenero^s and good of onTund lor'the anHiurai ion ?:
their yearly, deeper and deeper ... that
slough in which they arc precipitated by tneir deploratil..
ignorance au-1 unpardonable idleness. Hey are a* ait will
admit ut tedy destitute ol prudence and for ecus i; the) pro
wSfcSfee'b. mo ??.: a,.d hm fcj; ?. tand
the most miserable, dependent paupers,j and worthless
vacaboiids, Willi which society, in a slave State, is
nestilerou-ly tfllicicd. li will be observed, that he had
treated them here as a class. Individual instances wert-now
and then bi.t mrely to be lound, who constituted an excep
tion to the lenwrh; but they were notable exceptions, and
unusual examples of thai w, II ascertained exception which
i? found lo 1 X!,t to every general rule. Let us loo,, at them
n another a-oect. The reports ol the Colonization Cocieiy
,how li,?? ni. i.iiclioly lact t.ial, w ithin the last 34 yeaia, but
?ibout 7 000 "i this class "i people' liavo removed irom the
whole Uiot< ! States to Liberia This Met best i lusirnt.s
how devotedly thev are wedded to the lite ol indolence and
? rt.e which >liev multirlourljr lead in thiscountry.
What iliei: s.r, 13 to be done! Are w> snil lo labor under
this uniiiiUKuted'evil? Ate we to permit this hideous ex
crescence ui on the body politic to gangrene, without Hpply
mi! some remedy?some politcal cautery-to eradicate ttie
Ivtll We u.ust act, and at once ! 1 his is no nine, sir, loi
U*Pmrm.rg< ^rcetic, active and efficient measure are rc
auired to me. t ilje emergency and remove the evil. Hut
!h -ct he tlwHiahi. would be effected by the passage ol the
hill he had tt.v l.ono, to submit, loi tlio consideration of ihis
V .'use Thai trili is plain and simple in its provisions lust,
rca'onable and mercilul in it? operations upon the class
sjuuht to b<: removed. It uives ihcm Hie beiieht <>l .Iter
mvii la .or : .1 mer.lv provides they snail be placed under
? he direction of compeient persons-selected with reference
lo their fitness and competency?who ate to sec that their
earnings, tor tl.i "? purpose, are not misapplied, and thopro
J.iets ol lit- it l.i! or me not lonlislily, idly squandered. And.
when thn e products amount to a sum sufficient lor tno pur
n?e it W j.rovid.d they shall be appropriated to nt tiding
to i.ibviii. It?.d furnishing them sub isur.ee lor a
ini,e 'lit' . ii,.y shall Invr at rived there, it i?, lo a cerii.tn
x'ent eoi t. -1?.? hi its i linacter; but, in the end, loi? ai.?; in
oVrmults. It <" mp' - them to be lure.1 out 1.V oveise. rs to
? e '.ntiointed l>y tin .r> courts in each county, and when
t.ave realia- 1 a sutficient aiiimii.t, tie V are te
u ii i rt (1 to P-m.ve to Lf.eiii;or in c.^e they lj.il, orpertu..
r;,iusly rchne t" emigrate, they are t ? t.?- rcdo-cd to -. .v.
rv '(-an th! be eulletl .ruel? We olkr them an Asy.um ...
tiii ir native l:nd, with the prospect ol i i.joyii.ent o! nvi.
?u. religions liberty; and only in the event ot ilieir n-u^ei
,,r n.-iusal to at- ? i?t the term? proposed,d.? we threaten then.
with the nlirmamc of slavery.
n? t,?jSi VI t? 'lontiasi here, the substitute proposed bv
the commiitte, ?vii. the scheme of the hill which lie had the
honor to submit n tliu . onsideration of me Uous?-. i lit
committ?'? propose by their bill, to lax the while
or ihe State?already urour.d down by onerous and oppres
j.i\'c fixation-lo ell-et" the removal ol this crying evil; wlnlst
nropose^- to make the evil remove itself.
Tile substitute pio,.ose? to add Mill m-re to the burdens
now atreaity boine by the opj.ressed t..x-pav. r- ot the St.He.
\N hilst the vln?? eou?ht to be benetitted, ate spcndin- tl.etr
time In ind-l. tsee and ease, subsisting, Irom d.iy to day, up
on the ruoils of it!> ir villainy?the pion eds of ilieir m^.i I.
piherints, irom tl ?' gnnar.eH and .-m-ke-houscs -I the ?]..!?
popiil.uton - lie appeal, d to the Hou.-e, ami to the eounliy,
whether ihej n.-.e willmj: to ;.ear Uicse increase. bii!"h"..?
taxation, ais.t tope.m.t this dralt upon -n already vx
liauMed Treasury, to aHeet an ol.j' et which In" bi.l ?viiM
more readily attain, wuiio.it drawing one cent Irom t: - | ? ?.
e.s of the white tax payers ot the state. He 1. II assiiri.
if members would h.ed his warning, that the people of th
State would not submit to such unjust oppression.
Del'ir sr in acting upon this question ?,.s dmgeroits -
The evil CMi.ipl .ined id ih at our .loots, and is increasing
beyond all ordinary comprehension.
The branches of this political Lpa* are sprcuhnj: and
widenin- Th. ir baleful eHects u- ! lighting and withenne
all that com..- wi-hin their pern cious liiflnenc The ni.au.
of 1350 shows that, nt that time, there wen- nl Hi tree ne
L.-ors in th'. .State?showing, also, an incr.ase r-in.-.
19jn ol al oet 5,500, or a much larger per ecu:, than the
increase ot .lie white, or even of the sUvr population.?
And from 'k-.- statistics before him. tie had no doubt but
that'tho frrs negro population Would increase, in a much
greater ratio, in the next ten \c.?rs.
Wc have hut recentlv passed, Mr Speaker, as all are aware,
1 ihroueh Ii.it- ?:! great sectional exciteinent-growma .01;
ot the ii- ii.fi -n ol slaverv; a sect ion-. I antagonism wnich
endangered the veiy txistenceof the splendid superstructuie
of our Ilibcr.ii.j, bequeathed to us by the t itheis ol t.ie Ke
ocblic I: was a crisis, sir, which threatened the perpetuity ;
of our glorious Union. Hut the storm has.passed, lhe
bright sunrhinc of peace has succeeded. I lie political at
mosphere has been purified; and the deep loundaiir.ns of:
our free institutions have bc<.n laid deeper and broader in the ;
ofi'ections of a generous, a free, and n patriotic people.
We may, perhaps, have a recurrence of this excitetncnt;
but he trusted no such crisis miuht again arise. 1 here w-s j
no human vision which could peuetrate the veil ol the lur j
otf, hidden future.
If however, in coming times, Internal commotion and in
testine war should come, we may find the North funding in
hostile array seainsi the South. And, in such a contest, sir,
where w^uld the free nekro population stand? Sid* by*iut,
and hand to hand with their naturnl allies ot t..-_ ISotth, ?e
would find these miscreats doina baitle agains-t us. At onee
fierce and sanguinary, they would be induced, probaoiy by
the subtle and warv, to sustain our enei.n. s and apply the
incendiary torch to our homes, or plur.ge the assase::. s dag
eer in the dark hour of midnight, into the bosoms of de
lencclesa women and helpless cliildrui; striking at our family
altars, and spreading in their midnight sallies, ruin and des
olation throughout the land. Contemplating even lie verj
remote possibility of such a revolting scene of desolation as
he has described, was It not our duty to prepare for any and
it i ii '."c coirce.ile ! or litiiii'd iflui it deadly and altr.o.-t
implacable hostility exists against our institutions in a scc
no i I :hi.s i ..tiJwi-i cy. il am! kt jit alr.e, as b,
t>y Uesi: ning tn i; . gui s and laiwtical leaders, in whose
counciU -'ma Incus rules die hour;" and whore, from their
known vinsti nee, ii cannot be reasonably expected that tem
perance, ?ifu.ience and nshf reason or justice shall prevail.
If WC Lfi'nv nut when or'wliere the blow may fall, it surely
behoves u* to remove, a! once, traitors und enemies, wheth
er cuvirt or open, Iroin our camp ! Society possesses, and
should ever exercise, the right of protecting its members
i r, ii ii tin- ravages of the ruthless felon. Has it not the right to
purge iistl' i-l a class so inimical us this to its interests and
dang- r-ni; to its existence .' As none will deny this right, so
none slwul I question its expediency ! The most powerful
-.'enienl. unquestionably, f.r the preservation of iho Litiion
is found in tins existence ol slavery in the South. Vhis influ
ence is arrested to some extent, if not paralyzed by permit
tinir these free negroes to remain in the very heart of slave
nolding States. 1'ublic sentiment is alive to the importance
ol pruiiuii and efficient action upon this subject, and this
General AsseinMy will disappoint the just expectations of the
poo; !?: oi tin- Mute, nalosj it devise some measures to remove
this great crying evil i.-om our midst.
The provision of the bill, which lie had oliered for the con
sideration ?i the Hoiue, t>r< poses to hire out ull the free-nc
grnes beiwetn the agi'i ill lu and 50years. And. hei-stima
lid the numin-r btlween those ages, .11 upwards of 3*>,000,
who will eich hire nt an average prica of, siy $50 per an
num; which will Btnoiirit annually to the aggregate sum ol
$l,750,000, ol which 8600,000. if appropriated to their remo
val to Liberia, and, allowinu 8100 to their support for a rea
sonable time after their urrival there?for the passage of each
individual, and to maintain each one for six months, after
his arrival thither, will remove six thousand the first year,
jnd ratiibiy I hereafter a proportionate number. According
to the scheme ol the bill which met his approbation, tho
means raised, as proposed, would be sufficient to remove the
whole Iree-negro population lro:n our tuidsts within the
space el nine yearn. According to the statistics tables be
[ore hi hi?from which ho had made his calculations? the
expenditure of the amount proposed for the removal ol
inose emigrating, and for the subsistence of those remain
ing here, there will remain it fund of $550,000 lor the tirst
year, after deducting for these expenditures, which, at the
expiration of 15 years, Is to be divided among those over 50
years of age, who should chance to be lound remaining In
Virginia, and those who had previously emigrated to Libe
ria. The above sums will, ol course, be reduced in tho ratio
with the number of frcc-negroes removed from the Com
monwealth, or ratably as their number is diminished. A fur
ther sum, will, of course arise from the sale and hire of
those who may remain here. Thus it is, sir; and if the pro
visions ol the bill to which he invoked the calm considera
tion of the House, be adopted, and fairly carried out, it will,
in a comparatively short period, remove this radical evil, and
wiihoiit one dollar's expense to the tax-payers of the State;
whilst, by the substitute submitted by the committee?as
has been before urged? it i.i proposed to accomplish the
*aine purpose entirely at the expense of the white popula
li is trite, tin! substitute proposes that a capitation;
tax be imposed upon each free black of a certain age
but the experience o? the past has proveu that nothing can I
be derived Iroin that souice. These miserable paupers a-e,
as all know, unable to pay into the Treasury even the small
imposed. The substitute is not coercive 1ii its provisions
it does not compel them to remove; and, consequently, will
t il. ct nothing valuable, whilst his own bill provides that all
who aro found in Virginia at tin: end of fifteen years shall be
-?old into slavery, and the proceeds ol their sales applied in
the same w.iy as the proceeds of their hire.
hi framing the hill whose adoption he advocated, every
care had beet, taken to conform it strictly to every dictate ot
humanity. Families are not thereby to be ecparaled; the
young, the aged, the sick and the infirm are to be supported
and kind.y cared for, and their confort duly regarded. Kvo
ry possible restriction is Incorporated in it, necessary to at
tain a pioper discharge of duties by the overseers, and by a
faithful ;.nrf sttirt administration ol the funds arising under
lit provisions and, besides, the Iree negroes have all the
modes ol redtess, lor cruel and improper, or unusual treat
ment from those who hire them that our slaves have?lor
their protection, if necessary ?under our laws.
Having, thus, Mr. Speake;, briefly as possible, explained
the provisions of the bill, which he (Mr. M.) had the honor
to submit, and having contrasted its provisions with those
of tile substitute submitted by the committee, he had endea
voted to enforce his views and Ins preference for the foitner
over the lutter, he should trespass but lor a lew moments
longer upon the patient indulgence of the House. As yet, hn
was free to confess, he had heard no convincing reason ?no
tangible argument?why he should give a preference to the
substitute over the bill of which he was the humble patron;
he trusted it would be lite pleasure of the House lo pass the
Ho mi - lil not have that affinity for the free negro popula
tion whit h some gentlemen appear to possess; but, it w^s
ilio dictat- -if nature in him, and he would obey her behest,
lie regarded that diss ol population, as a great anil rapidly
growing evil, an ! In; hail accordingly treated them so
throughout, not only in tbr bill of wliio.i he was the patron,
?j-it hi this di-eus?';ori. He came here to legislate fur th?
beni lit nt white men?his peers and equals?and he rcauilv
fonJt ssed he had none of that maudlin sympathy ?
that sickly sentimentality?winch apparently actuates
others tit behalf of so mischievous a class of our
population. Hu claimed for the bill he had ad
vocated. that, if adotped, It would ultimately greatly
benefit that class of people among us, whom it was sought
lo benefit and improve by its humane provisions. Pass that
bill, and we shall send them to their nativo land?we open
lor them, and to thern, a boundless li- ld of improvement
and advancement, and which they can never possibly snjov
litre. Reject the substitute and pass the bill, and you will
extend the horizon lor philanthropic and missionary exer
tions in Afiiea. am tng their own ill-starred, benighted peo
ple. We will then r- turn ihetn with enlarged ami improved
ideas, vs jih an exit nded '?r? J more comprehensive appreciation
of the b! .nings of civil liberty?they will carry with thern.
thither, wJiu'cver they have learned here of civilization and
rifinemeni.o! religion and sunn-., government und ait. ?
These, and ail ilese, will forma nucleus oti tlie \Ve.-lsr;i
c iast of Africa, around which their future hopes and pros
pi cts m iv cluster; and Iroin which will indole a bright <md
shining light, whose dillusive fays will illumine farthest India
and ill'.- Isl"s uf the sea?reclaiming the Heathen "from the
Indus to the pole," ami dispelling the dark clouds ol idola
try, ignoiaiice ami superstition?elevating them in the scale
'il elviliy.I'iun, intelligence and religion; whose benign in
fluence wi I theo cany its untold blessings, and be svtonded
"Iroin 1'ie riverj unto the ends of ilm mhi. "
Weunkbdav, March 10, 1353.
hen ate.
Prayer bv th" Rev Mr. Detohrst of the Methodist
A communication from the House of Delegates was re
ceived, aimI the hills irunsmit tcl therewith, read and referred.
The v.if luii:* standing; committees reported n large number
of bill.-.
.Mr. St vall proposed a resolution requiring the Senate to
meet on *nil alter Friday next, nt 10 o'clock, A >1., which
w.i? amerced, on rnoijon of .Mr. SuESTEV,by adding,and that
on Morula .". Wednesdays atnl Fridays a recess would b?
j taken from2 till 1 o'clock, P. M., and. ?? amended, agreed
bills PASSED.
To in ?"???'ace the capitil stock o' the l.ojan, Raleigh and
Monroe Jurnpike t'otnpuny. Ave# 31. n es 6.
Mr. Catlett called fur the order of the dav ?the hill con
cerning Commissioners and Collectors of the Revenue. On
motion of .Mr. Thomas, it was laid on the tahle, and mnde
the oriler <?' this day lor to-morrow, (Thursday) hull pasi 11
The bil! requiring an oath to be taken and hond to he given
before a licei-se or cerlifiritte shall hi' granted to retail ardent
spirits, created a lot?i? mn-.I spirited discussion.
?Mr. Shetfev proposed anam*ndin-*nt thereto
On mull "i ?>f Mr Kkgeii, the hill and amendment was rn
uoinmiu- i I" 'he Committee for Courts of J natice.
On motion ol Mr. Masojs, the Senate adjourned
Prnver by the Rev. Joim Early
Stephen O. Southall, the delegate elected from the
county o! Prince Edward to supply the v icancy oceasionrd
hy the resisjmti'in of W<n. C. Fljurnoy, appeared and tuok
his seat
An rnjjroHsi d hill incorporating ill s Rush Creek Alining
and Mantil.ictiiiing Company, was taken up, read a ttiird
lime and passed.
An engrr.r-se 1 bill to construct a Railroad fr-?m Philippi in
Hirbuiii county, to lh?? Baltimore and Ohio Railroad or
.Northwestern lCail -? i.i, was read a third tun" and pastel
An engrossed loll concerning sale-i by officer*, of goods
and rhat'cls, <?t.s rea 1 a ilnrd ton*1 and passe.!.
An ? nsrifpc'il hill 11 incotporaij the Smiihtown Turnpike
Company, was nikeri up, a rvder nth-red, and the bill and ry
tier w.-re rend a third time and passed?ayes 7S, noes 22.
A Senate hill t? authorise the extension of the Roydton
and Petersburg Plank Road, was road a t!\lrd lime and pass
ed? aves 77, noes 24.
A hill authorising the construction of a plank or timber
road from the Richmond and Danville Railroad tn I.cwidii.n,
whs read a third timennd parsed?ayes 32, noes 24.
A Senate hill providing for the payment ol the interest up
on 'hi- Solids ol the Ch"?api-akv and Ohio Canal Company
guaraiiii d hv the State, being the order of the day. was tnk ?
rn and eon*id?rcd with tie- amendments proposed thereto hy
the ??iiiiini:tlee on roads and navigation.
Several amendments were agreed to,and the hill passed ! y
a vi>te i f ayes HO.
A .>eii <t'.'hill to amend ihe second section of an net <? >r.
ceriiing the Bhni Ridge Railroad passed March '.i. IS52, being
the special order of the day, was taken up read a third time
us anu nded and passed, ayes S3, mvs f>.
Ami r use uan-ieti in of some other unimportant business,
On io dion the tiousu adjourned until this evening a! halt
{.'MS! 7 n'i lock.
extr v session ok the it. s. senate.
Wa-hisoti-*. March 10, lc5d.
A resolution w?b- oliered in regard to the election of offi
cers lor ih Si nate, whi< h w as considered, and on motion of
.Mr. Badgi r the Senate aerei I to go into an flection ol it"
i tVcers lo morrow
Mr. CU ton * resolution ???<*-, taken up,and
Mr. O'i'rjI.ia sn"ke on the M.'Jeot
Mr. D-vglas said lie would h- Id Mr. Clayton rcsponsibic
for the di f-et of the arrangements 'entered into for the con-j
struction r! a canal .across the Isihmus He arowed th<t j
the letter id Mr Rverett, Secretary of State, relating J
to t'libn ? isiaincd him in the asserth-n that no treaty siipu- j
Intior.s ca . he made i > prevent the U. States from extending :
the tprri' >
That M t'.\t '!?>'. ml Mr. '?'illniare cnsidi-red such frea
ti.-s unci ;.-titutii'MHl. He would leave Mr. Clayton's view*
; ijp -n the Monroe doctrine to be rinswfred by members of
hi-1 own party ? to Messrs. I'ivcrc'.t and Fillmore - w !io rouli
not be accuied of party bias.
lie r< garde 1 the letter of Mr. Kv> rett a? expressing true
American sentiments and in accordance with the spirit of
tlie age, and as condemning the whole eourse of Mr. Clay
ton's proceedings.
The letter was enough to make Kvcriti'e name im
mortal. The treaty of Mr. Clayton nnd Rulwer did not
croup the British rights in Central America. Mr. Clayton's
policy was European and partook ol countries that were on
the decline, not progressing.
Mr D.mglas was heard throughout wiih marked attention
bv a crowded and briliant audience. He was frequently ap
pliuded. notwithstanding the attempt to keep order
Mr. Kuiler replied to Mr. Douglas Ho thought the Hiir
treaty was judiciously withheld, and considered England
The Senile then went Into Exeotitive Session.
It will he seen that Parisen & King have established a N*
York, Virginia and North Carolina Expnss, for the safe and
speedy conveyance of packages per eteamshipe Roanoke
und Jamestown. W'm L. Maule is their efficient agent In
his city. i
j'iiK M'.'t i AitV UK '1'iiK r<AV \ , ho
(J. l.'Oiilll.N ? i\AVAL KKKOIUI.
Wo have s i ifii'i'ii-iiily heaid tl>r <!?'? aiion, "Who is Jus.
U If tif-ii.i ! |.1 )' 'tjii.ti i ? >_, ? ? *:*! . <?i?. ' '-in ? ih
b lil.ifl ^ IlOSe I?.>|||0 tiCillls tlllJ idtitl'J lia.H tic* il .*el..ci( 'i
.td one ??; U.i). I'iurec's cabinet, iii sue capacity "i Secretary
>?1 ! iu iV-ny, that wc feel disposed iu answiT Hie iiuetestiug
query iir> ; ar as in ourpower 1
Hut, l?t fore commencing a ia?k pleasing to us because the
subjec! fi it id eminently deseiviug. wu b-g to reniin I our
reaiiiM "l it true genius and geat .Iv *!?? not always dis
play ili>*iot;tvcs in ust'-iiiaii'iii. On we contrary, merit and
prufuiiJity are ever lolh <o ai quire n ?t-*rioty or position,
-ave ti> .i call from proper smiiecs. Kloquenc I- tin1 lan
guage of i tttuir, and power ol miiiil cannot bv acquired ill the
schools, mi it does not necessarily (allow ili.u tho most
thorough sclml ir will m.ike tlie wisest sa?e or ino.-t saga
I'iunii iliiii'tman. Ii Ida lact generally coiiccdcd, too, tint
?? Kouls ruffi in
Where angels tear to treat!,
and llio career ol James C. Dohoin, had lie unwisely chosen
tile ex Kiiptu ol the former, would have been brilliant in the
modern acceptation <?! Hie term ; I".- wh it do we now see 7
Why, impudence nn.-l vanity constituting hugeness ol iniel
lect?presumption Is mistaken fur depth <?! thou/hi and pen?
??trillion - and recklessness lins come in be regarded hs bril
liancy o! conception, in this popular est inn lion; and from
such causes, men ol real mind are seldom found in th>: road
so pielernii-iit. There is, however, one ri'd- cininu' consola
tion lor the truly great?the men wh > thus spring into e.via
tencc ate of wood, and always, sooner or later, tall victims
| Co lite devouring elements which are kindltd by their in
satiate thirst for power and place.
Right f-lad are we, tint Ja>ibs C. Dunns, even at an ear
' ly iij{c, had sufficient foresight it. see tfiat those who rise by
ihe passions,instead of a steady increase of the people's nHee
tions, must be philosophers enough to suborn to a t ill trom
the same source, which elevated?with only this important
dlfieieuct :mer? s > indebted for their progression will In- piling -
?-d into an infamy worse and an obscurity deeper than m.it
iruiii which they firsi sprung. Rapid fame is, nios; "fnerally,
short and barren, and an event which mu~t occur, '.tie decline
ol tittle big ii ion?will ere long practicable tin- theory?
We repent, Jauu.s C. Dodbin does not belong to tins taction
ol mousers. In the first act of his life,?a pre-detcrminati"ii
m await liis tune, we recognize one of the first essentials
of u 1,'reat man, Prudence, and in facing all opposition, we
dare ulfirm that he who is prudent is yreat, fur prudence and
discretion arc wisdom and valor, and without these, the pi
lot ol the ship of Stat'.' would run Ins vessel, Weighted with
Hie hopes ol millions, into sudden iind certain ruin. In Iih
search after knowledge, he was governed t>y a motto
which makes statesmen and gives success to the scholar,
"labor ipse vutujitus;" achievement foil iwe.l elfort, and gra
dually he became a scholar and lawyer?a profound thinner
and able reasoner?sagacious pnlitician and nnsierly ora
tor; and is destined, when Ins capacities are called into ac
tion, ainl his experience eii'-udcl. to hocome one ot the li st
unn in t?ic American Kep'iblic. In his own .Stale, where lie
be^an his public carter, he has enjoyed many places of ho
nor and trust?was recently the candidate uf tlie Itemocracy
I there for U. M Senator; and, in all posiiioi.s, w is faiihful,
bold, useful, liivinjj univeisal saiisfaction to the I'einocracy,
and evincing much pure lulent. Uldimiiig to he impartial, it
is not our design to invest this risini; young L>eiiio< tat with
the robes ol cSulotnon ? we only propose to do him simple
justici; but no one who has a knowledge of the mm will
deny his talents of n rare order. With somewhat mote of
experience, hi; is destined to eclipse ail those plgmie* who
revel in the delusive consolttions of assumed statesman.
ship -nun who, in truth, are mere poppiniayp. ind!ss-dul?ly
a-iociated with the politic.;! lazaroni. 'i o.-iicli a- these, .Mr.
UnBBiN is not allied?lie lias lisen, not in a moment, but
"pedentcntim <t rrait.itim," for slAti'smanship is not utiaiin
Die by any man ";ic; mltum." Gradually ascending the
ladder ol lame, in lesser stations, lie ban been called from
them to lest Ins .-kill in a national cup.tci'y, where his i net"v
and discriiiiina; Ion will be largely drawn ;?n<I wtieie much
labor would be required, il he would be successful li-ivin^
filled places of honor in I lie i?nud old iS'otih State, und un
derstanding lully flic demands ol the iVavy, he will enter on
nisdiiiiis with a (errorless .I'termiriaiion to surmount all
opponin^ elements. He is ?rniii'iiily qui I,lied f. > t ils duties,
and will give the country a brilliant administration, it he
will be watchful, always keeping in vi?*w ihc fad tin' suc
cess foll-'Wd in1.estimation -",\ulluui iiuiuen attest si sic /in
dent in tecum."
As I ? iIn* school of politicians, to w hich .M Dusui.s be
lonys, we have a word. In all doeirmal matters, l.c adhere.- to
Jcficrs'inian trachin^s, and while he would do noiinn^ tojeo
part! the safety, and peipeiuity, and hariii"iiy of !liat l onle.lc
racy, which jjivcs to its people the largo*! liberty and most
boundless piivilcges ever confeired by any political system;
fie could nut, would not, be willing to acknowledge any
faith, or separate pnuciple, as jus', or sanctioned by toe
compact that cement* the L'nion ot the .Slavs, which mighi
tie regarded as an acknowledgement ol the right of
any one section, through a fanatical majority, to control the
domestic policy ol another portjiej of ihe Lnmn. |)is
piairig Innaticisin ari l ni.li:t"n aii. n, whether eMsting in his
own peculiar section or elsewhere, he beloni's in th- noiile
orgarrzjhoii of wiiieh Uaniki. S. Uicki.vson i.- a firiglit p.;r
tieulir li^ht, ami standing thus, demands that, while ii.s
cuiifit'uancii . a ruj tu;c ? j Uirlic- uuJ *0, uhifh
uniic us? %\ish ????? -kf of *??* i!, equ J pnvilt^LH mtht ac
curded to every Male in the Union. IJere lie stands, ha?
ever Mo. ,1, and will conlicue i , s.and, re.-- d.ci, il h< tali,
tu lali ai tlie ti.ise of ihe t^unsiitution Ot course, lie '- up
posed to an increase of Kxeeutive parromigc, regarding it as
?laritseroui in ihe extreme. He it a sub-Treasury man- in
deed, on all similar issues stands on due I>? niocrattc gmnnd
? but, best of all, is progressive, yet does not coincide w;tft j
those who are engaged in ih iace '.??r I'lun-'er. Unlike such
demagogues, Mr. I'obhi.v does not grasp u; id'aliin s?|>ru
dent progress has in him an unhesitating, vain able frrei:
and i.-sj'. cially w ill lie liii wnh rare ? llei t, tin. i-iu, t uffice ?!
tlie .% .'.v Department. Ii is un.versaliy c?rii ed..d 'hat liiit
oraiien ' t the fia'ion il d n.-. Ii.- fegi.t- -I into c 'in, :? :<
iiiJ btuiitij'id u?eli-!(ie.-'. v\e arc happv !?> auiiourni
thai I'f-ident 1'ierco ha- called one to tin.- jjecri taryslnp
who has abilities t i|ual to the ?r<l>i -us dtnie?; impo.-i ,1 by the
otfiee. nil.I w Ii > has ui.- and pradi .1 tab n? '.>
conceive what il!llH-',K-lioiil ! hue !|.-en re*u?'.liefj I!;! what I
imjiroveni'iii- 11|.' nation- in el' '<? nq dreil. From i
the fauhy cluracier ol former ??elecii >n-, '.v..r. iiav
we r-ii/e | ? ?the humiliating truth--an I dinger-ia"
a* it is humiliating? tli it our .N ivy is lar hi inu.l th it of anv
other eo'isideiable power, in point of efficiency, num
b?-r ve-?eltf, aid availabl-1 lorco. Tiwi 11 sneiiai
not be >??>, none en doubi, v.ii n ii is remember
ed lint on' m.-rchinl murine vi'self are .11??. ?m; on
??very ???? i; tin t thai ih- it..r? und,,?'..tiusi fi at in ev. .
?} in """ T,r ' "H-n'l to t'li'i-iy Wji::.
Iiuvr sal when the eommerre ol Awem % ,l(iti
erei?in?j I" ?n ??*!???' Iiorct -i ar?- l>* dreamed "i bv i!i
niott i-.i!i;;tiiiii- 7 Air. ady immense, if a lew yeiri1, tind'r
wi?? democratic rule wjili all llis facili.'ies ol the a^"*, lor
expeditious communication, wo may reas-naily predial It
will h- doubled; an I i! is no l?;s* tin- interest lti.ni the du')
of litis i;o*t rnmrnt to provide amply for its protection.
less prMi-au'innary measures arc H fined imprudent; lor block
up the i venues and channels of trade, an.I bankruptcy wiii
follow n? a consequence. Tin; win* an.I sagacious advice o!
Waihinoton hid been dead ni-.ny > ??>?rsince, it judgment
was pa?sed on it because of n>\?lect, Hrid yet we dare defend
it as containing more mm I and pruder.ee, wisdom and truth,
than some nl our Male-no n uiw I lit- Republic in a wliob
lifetime. We Ii ?ie refen in > !?' the sound deel nation, that
llis trii; ;md wise (lolicy in n itione to prepare'or evils and
dawjein hrlore their dark shadows re.id. r c-.-ape i?? Iij;111
,mfio->i%le. It is the hciilu of folly to waste i|i? hours of
pi ai r. intended, or wiweh should h appropri ?.!??,!, to loep-in
ij.in in loiiio noih'ns. The sktbul ??i!?.r waits not or tic
storm i.i sweep ovvr his go >d ship b t o.- lie prepares him
.-ell ii^ain-: dinger. Vet, riiiher dors ho provide against
the fury of the siorm, and then lollows repose. Such
?ho'il.l I t! the course nt ail governments, and such will he
the ptdiey which Jambs 0. Poibis will recommend.
Howwer, disearding the consideration nl necessity for pro
tecting our grunt enmmerc# oihei, waigty inducements lor an
increase and improvement of the L". States .Navy, are pre
nentrd in such forcible characters as to iViv ih in !he ? tl >ri
lo avoid mem. Look tit ihe condition of ih- civiliz-d world
?revolution and change are parts of the hisiorv ..f ti?i? age
Our own fori iijn relations "ire in a stale o! n.inf isiuit an i
doiihi. VVo liave already many delicate and intricate i*#,i.w
with foreign powers, which imc-i early adjusted. lieeen'
debutes in the U. Slates .Senile suffice lo illnstmie 'ho im
portant fact, that emergineits will naturally ri-*?. d-'mandie ?
action and vigilance on our pari, and b> !oi. tin -- hings
di-pus>'d of, it may be surmised that wo eanind pthrou^n
the contest unscathed It is not wise, nor prudi nt, to nw.ili
the inaiuiity of difliculiiea, for a covernir.ctii, in a propci
ntnte vf delcnce, wiil iniimidair anoih. r power i nd pn-vi.-n;
-irife by an e\lill>itiun o! the fact lliat ii is p i-pan-d for war,
ifne'ds he. wliilc an ritiseuce of proper means oi delencenrie
he said to invito an I couri.ntlaek Found in such condition,
nny yyvernmen' will, at Irani, fall shoii of inainiainini,' it
riglii. "Citrrndwn <:<?? nr tjuid il nn'ii lie/wlilica.'' i
i hri' f ^u< eoi rect sum in jI V <d r fl ?: i -? ??! iiio?t; u i,.i n ivc
lieeii elitrusleii with liie mlioi.iii inl..;":is; lin.I < i|wailv till"
i? ii, Hi H thai ruler who pn v.-nts tin.- er- aii *i ? .si-, v. rhout
Icjji nino Hi,, . rdii! i-y ;.t:n !i:- <?! iv-miiii ,!. i- he wj-esi
and !)? m inier. Thn-. i wiae mir.istur w.mi.l ralin r pii"s?.rv?
pent c than w in a urani victory,hri ius<i even itio m?si hrilliant
pucie-s in aims |.'av>s j naiion ^. ncr.iily inor#- puor, always
morn pr(dJo;iie, than it was l<mn !. np- liiiiiii|ii|s ?.| Tintli
are ever most ^1 #ri? iu-, idiii rt l f*eause tin v iiir uv.- most
I,;,nidi- ss i?l all vifloiirs, and d-'tive :n<ir lu^i.i si In-ir?, int
from the number slain, but (mm those w ho ?ra *<iscd Cio
instriieiive lesson thus tau^hi sieoild inci'o ih to a poliev
in keeping wn!i (lie enlightened eoiidili -:i of ihc a^o in
which we are permi'ied to livw; nnd vvnil-l pro^ressinir in
Ihe pro. ess oi p. iiect t'ovurniiu-n: a! lioiii'*, let as wi.-i.lv
avnd o-ii s: IvfH ui 1 If; pre ven 11 ve? yl war, rolir.iii li'l'liio
w i?dom can uiiard against wh it will corn < >. ieli'iies tin
s.oiylil. H.' adopting .-uelj a coarse, we in iv at I i-: I.- ?. n
ili? i h'iin tf- o' It irrible and uio hristi in-!ike war.
And r.o'V, have i.nly lo add, will i!:rr<-e sani;iiarils ol
intion:.! .euior, whieii olilmirs jir.-,* rvr p-.i t> m Ii i||, new
adinifiisti.iliofi lal! into loe track ol in nr"'! i;i or
adopt n wis.-r, i betn r and puier line ol ; le v Wio ihe
.Navy nl* tior I/nile.l Stales, esp ci.il'e, r.'iiiiihi in its present
irondiiioii, or will i! fs;?titij; inio n<-w hi 'un ler Hi-uoi l mi o
of its bole head ? VVe i.!n.r;5h a lively I. ipo that I'tesid.-ni
I'u-reo will desiroy niany eviln i.nd r;-plo - them ni li discrect
and hippy refonns-and the .Navy, with Ja lies Mobbin
at its lieud, " t!l b- come what it loii_' since should hive i: en
?crttcieii', svnl ilile and priuticil; lor wliii 'the SeetWury
cannot do ihe-ie things ?viiiiout ihe cnnciirri-itce of f'oner -s.
his praellOal Illind, ijrctlt s I?.ieliy, I i.'i:e prudenee and i;n
sin pas.- .'d in <|ilir< nieiiis, are a euai ,nii c ihal such sih-mes
as lie may propo-e for the pi.?lection oi the country, will be
so prudent, wise, nnd iiiieh neci*s.vy, as to secure the
unanimous approbation of ihe national iei'i-laiure
Thn j ihe prospects are Uniane-v era is about in dawn
upon our oelove.l country, and *c hail it as one of ihc most
important events w hich has occurred for a half ccntury ?
The n --v Si.'rrciary is a risirto man, too, and thus having
meat ir.erniives for strict apjdicaimn to his heavy diiilr; :
and we is iv. with all our heart, success to tin ihivairou*,
hold, h dc-soMled, un.- ir,'i i ?ij't.-oi and ; i --- - v,
11 'BR. ? It. I ? Si
Wo . -k ailentlor. to the adwrtis: intiit of irimd ('tutch
field ? "iVtv Hhiirc K\| rcM." It is a spicy paper, full of
ncwP, and conducteJ w i'h an cnersry, Indusirjr ami coo l
taste, that s -ulJ #e-ure I t i: a lar^c circulaticn.
-4?t h?
At a meeting ol the Democratic party ol Warwick county
heidai I'm Court house of s.ul county on Chursdny 10th
inst., V.'illiuni Crnllord, K-q , was eilled to the Glrnr, nn I
Capt. I'un'l P. Jones, appointed Secretary.
The Chairman, in a short, brief and Coinpreliensive man
ner. explained the object of thn meeting, which was ih-.-isju
ed to appoint delejjHies from this county to meet an ! confer
with the delegate* which may he sent from our sister conn
ties, Elizabeth Oily, Vork and the oily of Williamsburg, to
meet on the in?t. at Yi-rktown to nominate a suitable
eandid'Ue to represent these counties in the next House of
Di hc ites of Vireinii.
On motion of S rn'l G. Otirijs. Esq . W G. Vounc, Wj|.
iiam Cralford, L) f'. J .iies.ir d John Patrick were appoint
ed delegates to said Convention.
And then, on motion the nvetinf.' adjourned tine die
W.M. OKAKFOR0. Chairman.
P P. Jones. Sec'v
Ex-G ivernor Johnson, of Louisiana, died 3t his residenc:
in that 3taie on the 16th insi.
For Iks Enquirtr.
At a Democratic meeting, held agreeably to notice, at
C>u?:erli i.i ?(I., ou Muiidiy, tin: Mm .<f March -
O.i ii. i >ii ni J.jiih , jj. t;.ix, Esq , C.ipt 1'. C<'.?{iiioij war
called to tiic i.hair, and Wtllijiii Ambers appointed Sitre
Mr. A. E. Cngbill explained the object of the meeting, nnd
alter some discussion between Col. W. W. Hancock und Mr.
A. I'*. ? 'ogbill, it wuH
Itf.tiilvi'd, That ih? chairman of the meeting be authorized
to ;i| ji'iini specially five delegate* from each niaeisteii.il dis
tr,.! . i this county, n> attend as delegates, a convtniini to
!!?? ! eid at Powhatan t.' juit House, at tne next coutt. to se
i i I t r :'n!ii!ite fi>r the Senate from thin district; and that
*.ny r Democrats from the county, preterit on the occa
sion. are hereby appointed delegates to the sjiik.
'i';ieh siitn in app.'inicd tin: l.dlow|ni( gentlemen ns dele
gate* : ?
Dm 1 -\V. I'. Wmfice, W A. Cocke, G. W Cole, S. B
French and I*' nj H iUh?-r.
l>i-r J?C. W. Friend J. S Peers, It. H. Walking, W F.
'jilt an t H- nj Lundte.
I Dist.3 ? A. K. Cogbill. N. Gregory, >1. M. Robertson, J.
1 llnlii's and 1'. A Chalklev.
| l?.-t 4 ? It. Hancock, J. II. Jloady, W. H. Hancock, W.
E .Sptiraand D. B. Hancock.
Disi. 5-J. H. Cox, \V. \V. Hancock, W. II. Wood, ll. N.
I Tiiw. :itt and A. H. Branch.
Hist. 6?J. B. Jones, J. C. Ilowlitt, D H. Klournoy, J.
A Clarke and Andrew Tucker.
| On motion, the chairman and secretary were added to the
d legation.
(in motion of A. E Cogbill, Esq , the following resolution
j w is adopted : ?
Resolved, That, whilst we do not intend to instruct or
{ trammel our delegation, yet we would recommend to the la
I vorable coit-idi ration ot the convention, the nhiiie of Major
' A. June", y? a gen!|. titan eminently qualified to tepremnt
ihiM l>.?tti, t in :!t<' Seiiute of Virginia.
On nii'tii-n, t'r: proceedings ol '"is meeting were directed
in Ii; j" n( to the Kit linn ttd Enquirer and Examiner for pub
ii' i? i ii, and tii.it the riouih aide Democrat be requested to
i And then, u?;on motion, tt.e meeting p.ejournen
Wm Am*ens, Secretary Ctiairnun.
j .MliS. FORREST?This ladv ha a rco-ntlv been playing
I i mi ce.is! ui engagement at the Alb.'.ny (N. \ .) MuS'iutii --
A Jc-'V envrnmgs clnce, on the occasion <>( her benefit, she
i was eniliut-i:.-tieally called for, arid being led before Hie cur
l tain, by Mr C-inoll, made the following neat and uppropii
ate spi ueh, which was tei eived wit'i prolonged applause : ?
(.a iies an I Uenilenien?In oheyitu; your kind summon-> this
evening, 1 cannot lefrain In m expressing my grainnd-for
the ll itt-rinj; reeepii.1,1 you In e jjiv u nie? my first profeJ
n I visit io tJiir-, (tie capital nl tin; State, ol whit h I dim
the honor 'o he an adopted citizen. I.et tn<* likewise, i'rtr;k
yon for tl.i. kin-lmss and approbation you h ive bestowed up
on my humble elfoiiH in my new vocation a v.it alien I
li.iv? adopt* il, not lioui vanity, nor frnm a desire lot notorie
ty, a.-totiie hii' asserled, but from the necessity 1 have
beiu under f>?r the past year, of laboring to earn fur myself
nnd yoimger sister, our dtiiy bread. I can scarcely say
?lion, l "w valuable to tne i-; the support and approval ol the
public. But, ii unr> uniting exertions ran obtain for me a
eoniinitaiieo ot your favor, no t Moris shall be wanting on my
|l.ll i In s?cut>- it.
??? . ?' ,I???U?
Til s.
I o.'t-. ":i Ki: -1 .i * 1***1 Ma it'll, at In* tailiei .1 if^ideitvv. in \,ii I,
? 11 |. .hi I' >11:1 . ."t rOHllet t' Vi 1 1 I'll 11.II* AVI.fcTI'. ulily s ill Ml
Mil l,. A .ni.l t? tr?. 1 j*i.ti..t 1 iu'iii Ii. .ii'etl lines yt-au, our Iik>i.:Ii .11,J
1A li. >*.
It 11 hni .'II.t .11.J >. r J?f I k 1- I'rli? plelire Cup.
Ih< ii. .it ill*.* 1 .< ill' 11 'e ill l:i.? la:tier* 111 lite eiiuuCi ni'|',.w'i.il.iii. .-ii ,
(!.?- <;ii nisi., at a* out oik .. t'l.i.'k, A .M.,ol Cuinniip'i'.ii. Air W If.
I.I A VI t . NASH. -vn.ni Ju'bc Jno \V N.i-Ii Mr liilfnji r^cei t, y '
?>ii.ii.":a'etl .In- I'lactn'i- nt :li law. hiiiI Willi llit- inrul ll illfni |.i... !
j - ? i: 1: . iiieir- "i 1 ? 'iii?-. II' |". i-e.-M-.: .1 clear l.e.i,!,*i,il .1 ki:. lie 111
i?' 1 - .ile r.ll ati I JIHI. _'ei;e|.ilir' .il|.| C ll IV llMnl 1. Ill" !e>l a id .Im.iIiIc 1
snt 1 il ;ni.! rmi'iii'. .11.il w.i., .1 ymiii^ Uiati el veiv inatl.ed i'!'aiaciti' f
.1 ii-! .i.kii'.'.v ie.l :?*?! t.ilen ??? III.- a tllicie.l !?: .11 i.?i > and .? In ?? j run;. I
"I 1 1 ? mil ? Ii Iri d.?. enclre'ed Ins ijrave .1111! ( Jl! 'inn !ln; las. -.1 t |
irltitile iiu alic lluiri'.i -*;i.i:i*-ii.''
Si hr Juliette, Baker, Boston.
Barque Jno (J. Colly, Kippen, Rio Jaiiii.ro.
Schr Frances. Sears, Button.
Si 'ir l.-iae >rn, rire^'Iy, Boslnn
Si iir li' iirieii, Tul'le, New Vork.
.v't iir Flanila. Heart e. Sal* in.
>i hr Mirv Willi?, Travis. Baltimore.
Se!sr On nt Miii I el, I*.11 tirn<?re.
'f'liK ATII r.X.Kl'M.- 'Ill'' lt'( lii IIaiho will l? i*
., . .1..- rv. It . . - A: ll ? .11:11. U, ?? tflC -II ? I
?-*; 1?tf l.t:' ? ? 1 ' ' ? '
1 . 1 ? ,? ; t, tr lr , "fi*t . I ? I!.':-' nl a.! 1111 - - ? ? ? a" i.? 1
1 r 1 ?: 1 iim>!i 11 i.i. 1 >n hi;: ,\Ttii:%
m . 11 - _ _
* ? * K li.tr ??? r< ? iv<*.! [<*r - ? hi.' : h>- ? >??? 1'ily !Cli'liiii'tii.l.
?, 'inr on'Hf "tipi?'* *i tit*w Sprlttj (Jum Ii, eouiprmni; evnn
v.uf . it; "tit 'in.-, iitii! ai iniu-nall) l"?-j.ru'f, iu Vbhich we invite
,,11, iiiimi. ur fn**i. imili in jihI C' tintry. Ainnng ili"in
? ,:t'! 1 (<? Ik- Ml iiwii.t
nl It I'.r "'.I an*l II;I'll-'! m!K". folorr ! ai;?! l?i?'*k
I1 .. . t. ark. Tull la. tJr?> 'n Ithiue 1 ? ? I M ireciliine
i' 1, '. ; 1. j ? !. ? li.i I" ai e. I a n*l Wal-re*l .!??
, . |!| .. IffilJ . li': l.'iiaiti". ai.tl I 'lirtlli* f Uinrie
Ilr.fk II inli.iz 1 e. >1"!| .ir 1.11 Irf Bill! I.'rt I.tt lil.t.''
11 I.i. ??!.. Si ? : . I.nii"ii I ini!.iI'll low 1 '*<i f.iiifli
i 1 . *; ,.1 1.in! 1 M.t' ? 1,1 11 1 >.?? 1 t'-'ii' i.*.
1 1.>n 1; v. .. . i 'i.ij.'r i" 11'-.: .1"
. . 1... I I.:||| !? it ; 1 <! i*i. ? 1 t-tl !.?? ij.-l ???! .!?>
I .! . p. ? irin-.l it . Iimv. . la:.;.?, lit'i'M Jifl llati.i-k
- .. I 11. Ill n:>! I. -!/ i?llfirt?k '|.|!'." I-I' .!.t
\ii- ?11.1 linilit-.
I <t. ??1 I .11 1 1. ? inr .-liirliftf .ii"l li.St>!it?.
i.in', i f-.i' i ? i ?: .1 .'I j 1 sut 1 :ifn 1
! II . I - I ? ' . ? .1: ?)}' '!?? ! 1 ' I'M"
I': 1. . t li-.-K'* . -II, !. .I.'l'.ril .111 I'm!'.'' i!ed .twin Muni inr.
i J.ji' iiml:. I u r.f .iti.l l.'itiiilnii* <*??.
M.i. ||.|. I'M l.'l'l ii.lll I ' mil Lit i'sn-'. I Utllltf
i;.? Uii.: : 111.1 \v ..???!? 1.1 |1 ? .Mti-iii.i .i:t'i?;t< 1 t.iin-.
1; 1 pi , ; 1 ...I .vt, *. (ti'ti.ii 1] .lat'nnt'l* 41 I Mu.-*liii.-*
p- j ...l I!iri* ? IIir*L< tic J..111.1 :ti)i! >i k Tii-suie
H j 1 ,. 1 1 , ? 1' m!i it 1 ! I1 lain Mirk h >rr:>
'vi'. rill iiit,11'' ri*1 i.* 1 I" r' tin.'- .ti.'i Fiuiiitcir,;'
Mi,- ill I. I* 11 .'II'! 1 till II.: U III "II '- '-"?>lis
U ., . 11. i'h 1 1 11 r- '.Hun ).
I ? I ' : .1(1! ?i l'MV.i" ' ji ' v ? M ? ? ii r
II I - . I. ,-. I - \ 1 *. .?.! .%?? I: :if
I'li.i-.l I re ; i r?? !i l.t'"" IJ '-'In.' am! l'l"ell7ii?~
U 'i'ln .1.11! I.It*? 1 ii" 'I J"- 'I"
i'uin , i.iiju-li .in' A in.* ric.i -1 1 [? r li:,(.:? a.n*J '?l?iv I I'l 'tin*
I>o* >'?i . I 'a in rirs
Mi i ji. 1 la if* v i'o
W'l.ite n 11*1'. |. ! II ? ti =:?? - 111 III" : a'l I'llCff
I- i.' ire i aii'l (>!alii noli bl:i> k ami lam:y foluifil "ilk Vrsiuiri
U.i ami I'linle.l "?I iri.,fi v.-r.intr- ovcry .j<i.t!lty.
I'li'tirli 11 t}' ?! ?*le. >ui.i:t,'r (.'la I. a if! 1,'afliilMTclie-t.
f -k'-.! I.in. 11 i,\iati:!*.'- i"r rieiiiL-inou < ami 111*'?
l..i- 1 - at 1! 1:1 l'! t-rk rj-V .ii.k li-i < aii?l ',1 ho?e
W.ii ? t.tl ?" ilorc.1 C'ti:on
Ml llii?-.< .mil laiilill It'.-iU'. ?!" ill tlOtl price
I.? Mi S. M ?> " tt 'I lienl-- riik iiti'l l.lt*le tSI"Vi>?.
iJt'i.ttcnuv:'" ^1.!. <*ario .inirk ait.l hcrlin ?!"
CI {,, .1 pin,, .lie cii Itlttck aiil lancy cm.-i'-il "Silk iiniii
.*..i - J. I ii-1 a ti 1 IJ 4 tii.-.i'li"! mil i.ri,\?n *-liooitii; :ifi,l S!iirtiuy
ii. .it-lit i .11.'I ll .'Wii Cuii'ti) fhrincl
?? ,K.in?
I. 7 v ai,'l 4' 1 1 o'i'tn ? 1/ . linn .1 a it-1 Ifiiii.t-SllCS.
I!.-1 lii'kin; aii l |.l.i!'l u ! rtf.vi
ileum".1 ? bleii. B" ivy 1 '1 i.rini!t>- ind Urlllii>$f
\ I * iMinllMie i Ii* '!%?* "ii! M-1 incr h !?'.i'il't>
(?.'itiiiiit lliiflai- i'i 1 ?- l.lmiil !???? SaCkioi' Pi-Ill'*
Silk ui.tlUotiou lintbre la- f.-rjoulsanJ Sun Slia.lea
?'.e. I I'nl liurr.li'. r 'fk. N**ck. I.one and ^i.'e Couib
Iv;itv l)rct"*ii.< a:,it II iXi!li.?ii >l'l** sue. i * i*k i!o . A*' . A. .
^1 , ,5 No ?U, c irner Uiiuil, Oih anJ Capuul JSir?rl<
T " 1 1- ll I N IA .?At Kill"-* I witl in lb? Clwrk'-* ' Ufl e ul llie Cuint)
4 I'lit'tt.'i l.ntiii"rt i*"iiiilv, nil the oiii iS?) ul luiy, IKS?:
I'..I i?ki P. j'im'Jir..t.l.iiiiii.iiiiior 01 William Turner,ilet'eafeil.
U..S . I I ri-UI* a!ia? W. T. ll J.ilo, lielei. lanl
I | ........ 1 I, , ?? t,.| II,.- ii-?:i (".ll.'niu I", ul pirtfiiu. ? Hit !
1 in ii an ai arhtiiciil ut?irn*?il ni'.ruletl Tfi<! o!i
jjj. .,ui is rci*.M'-ti i'i ill*: cli iijai't tin: sii-nol ri>" hmv
.1 ,| ... ,te urn. 1;? 11 in" .? v. Willi leia. n.:*ircil llit-ie n. I nm il.
1 .It, i'l 1 *?- litter. I*? i}. iiii piii I Tn.tl i! ap| fl?nne bv aifi lavit
i., ' - ii'J 'it.!' 1: i.iiii 1- t..?i .1 rciiJuni ul ilii* r<tiui. on tli" mo Kilt
.1 "f | .niTiiriiv tn- aimrncy. if im.Iimi *1'.Inl llni ??at.! il anii i:,!
.. .11 ,11 :- wi inn inn in;*.it|i .illcr ?Sm? publican 11 nl Itiii* ? r*l.-i
j,.! f a 11 il 1- it" ' -*41 r y if p; ''.cc iii-j in:i*reJt 111 tint fiui , an J ili-'l
i,i- .it l.'i- in- pill i?'*".| miro a *vc<.k i*tr l'"nr niccc^ife w* irl:-i in lln
, ,. ? ,| |*ni]? 11 ci. 1 hr*'"[-..p. r pnltli.-lif I in li t" **|i* ul lln 111 ti'*t?
, . 1 .it (I,.; 11 '*it 1 ilit.if nl lit- Coiii-I H \- nl tin- i-nitt;
t'v ..." .. 1. t?>( it..-i.cti C..iii,ty C.iu'i. A 1 i ,'..?Ti- i
M , - . .. I .v Ii v VI 1> M. IHM Kit. Clerk
J* 1" lit' ilii>7<rr KA u"K to lilU'.KNMIDHO'.
It \ v r l.l.l" K"*' >vi*lii . ' t" itM-'h ilip \\ t" it in p :i t nl N Caiuli
j , i,,. | ilia 1 .,?? Ualcicb tiini Ch-ioii Km! Ilna.l l.m
1 . i, ?. > tr*'ii -it ?! lii' 1 m *'l v? 1 Ii liiri i.l.i.-.-I'.t-h'.-ii^'1
? l(. .'.lit 1 M, -1 IS ... I .V Ii.j.i, ) !|i I I. ill '..1 1 Co'i'litc
.'.lii,,, il ll I*. 1; .. . niinnn:.! 11U 1 h nui'li .0 Cl.trlol'**
j,, ,. . ,,, 1 - 1.. . - .i.ii ?iili lln* 11 ail !n:li? f-r. Ill*' iJi'jI
. ... f .1 *?? ,'ln-U: ii.-ti 1 "vile ill ll Vc r l--.i.*t! ttl I'i
t*-| -l"l il:> l -tli-'AP
I*., ,-r. ,1 ? N I' . In." ? 6 'J ??
In Ml. HI. ... ||
?r t ... . .,u ?? ' . I'? I>"
: V..;,'?? ?? ? ? H{"
i . I'll III.'!
I i:!j. . I..i: -it'll all I .1011 It It I .1 . M.licit I" *!w
?. 101,- "tin Itlnl N' VV \'-ik 11 rj ji.l Will .'"p. ill.'!
. - i.-r v f' "f'l* if'*.
* ;". <> ill - ? w !? ? ?? mi 11 ?? n-'Vc t'. anil I it*, i ut y u, ?*"i 1 It- tmi,.* ivvaiiiii;
< . ,.. J ? :?! ,.;.-i I 11,11: ?*.;?.11 t > cj , J- iiii ttlli|'.iiiiiiii
\ J.111 ? ? ' .1-11.1111111' "I Si'llti'- Pall -. Ill wliicli ll. Iy ll* 1:1 Ulnl
| , , 1 . j,t 1 - -o c'"tit 1 ? ? I> 1 tnl.r I i.y aII ?;lu !u?<* ?? 1 11
AI ll I'l III . I f-t: I'l"'. '| IIII'I Kiiv.l-li wiilvli I .'ilaialiU'c
, 1-t we.I .1- Iiia.lt! '.uonler. It* I r tfo'. lailttrt.
M 1 ? r! 1 I~ Nt. Iiii Mai . -irn- . rnrn. 1 li:li
:ii)TICK TO II I. 11,11 K Its <) K !i A W MI Iib.-I,
3 11A Vi, .1 ??iiiiij.'ct" !*? t "I Saw >llll linm. fuiittu.ing ol tile f'tpuw.
? , ,r:, .1-. It.- 4 *.:? ? 11 Wal*-i V\ I,ee!i. I'l'a-ik ? tl EUi'in lor?.iliitr,
I ,, '...: in P. in 1 1 11 w .?in 1 it).- I 1 ul I"!' way pt?rri>;
|t,' ; 1 In..1 ; k-, >eu'i<* I "t K.t.'wln-el; .mil i*tvcral t.ll.ft
, , u' ,. >? ii_? t ? iiicitti.i .. all nl wliKlilwiil m-II. wit!i am nl
A ,, . it inc. all C'lnpV, Im.Iuw rnn Ari* p*T?.'?i pr.une
1 .? t . * - t ? '11 i. " ? ! t!" I to I'al; .tinI . \ t IIII lie !l|. Hi. 'J tic
|?i,.*i. ? - - !/i ?? " I but .fi'v li llt
V.a:.''i l~ -fwjin Sui'-t'x ri.iitiiy V.i
i~ LOTI! 1 Ci k- oTt >1 KltCr?l"\K Is
*_/ I ' ti" ' v j H'"e I Vi .? - .1 .m.iici! ? 'nii^r-i
( j?i (Ml.< In*-; n'?.! I'ar.t*.
1.-* i,;r. 1 .'.ii ? k.>.'i; :?! ?r.i s.vscd Coats
A- i t .-w -..(?}?:; t r,*cc*.Ted I V crrry urtcr.-jtrcct front curMan*
?,V".'t/ at N w.irk. KCI-N. 1 HIi.ES * BALDWIN.
Mr' 1- No. 102. Main ?:
\t^ :i \ CT1C V P iIINTRH, whohaj sati-factorially f.il-J
. r ? ..? in cie I'liM'ttj bii-iiiew, from'* Jeril" in eiJ^or.
1 ? ? - ' iiv 1- . r.i 1 ? c J.iii Printer, h..viiii t.e*'.i i"' ? ?"
tllC '. .1 -t I lit. C. a' lite S'lll'll -llMo In?' I'lt'i I'1 '
; tilth-!.-1' v.v . Wt'e!.!j pip*-i... It . ,
~j~ A ? 1 !"| ? 11 III-, it. I \ 1 - In I.I tlt-t lit If : 1 j
--. r..!. Aililna* u W," M the Kmim"''
P - IP;'An ? ?: i.i..-' ti* i"i inln ill" miiititv. ?
I,.: | 1 ititpi:. ? ? wert ?!. Aililren ?* W," at tiie ! ?
- ? SK r.- ^ ?E or \ Gr: as*. - ' ; ?J' .v
cf 1 i.'li:ii'! n-eliti." 1 r wnrk Ij.sVoi-. lv\- .
W .Sural ?... ?i nt cheap, can be hail *L
ZT.,..VT ?nTS.?Tln? w.'i
1? KAllT'S PATENT CO K I*'fc K ? ??lu^v,, ,?
it kiinwi iri'l- c *111.1 1.. r ? ^ J; e t|i,.in. Kverv
nialriiifC Ii if -ar. I*:r<tiigalit! ipn ' ^| j.; the) are al*0 lliBile
family ti. it na*c 11 t il lln 1:1 wPI n-'t l'"'' .ie |,jr the Ubie,
..I It, ? fi., -t n?,|?y tilni'k ,f
l.ry c.tii !t? Ii'Ut.iJ at i.'.t II 'H? ? u'^'| j ui.EY * CO. l^r Mini ft.
" 1 iii-'w it'ki*. laition at.il Hemp
r lA.XDbE WICK". -['*! verv low.
' Twine, for fi'c in'pnn'"t,e G1NTER 4: Al.VEY.
Ni 16. Pearl Srec.
u?arl and Kirby**, Crowley'i anil Bai
V EF.DLE'' ? . j trade at New V ork pries, also,
!?;. ? n ? - ' rGINTER a- aLVEY.
Kuby 'i Pin.? No. IC. Pearl S'reet
. .. n iii'i * TAs*. I.'apiain Josss, will be rea-?
'f I4'. f; ? ' ir?i?ht for til? above pla.'fa this
B , I ^1 Will moiinin* t * receive it Up to the
aori"'"^" ? p Saturilav the 20th in?t.
iOSniEiUlAJ, iiECOHit.
uhoi.esai.k Pititiis ci;kbknt.
ii ICtIM .>1 A I. til 1. I .
TOBA< CO.?U. it.M ? 110 < ti?.r.-?? i.? i.ol.ee in pric?? ?
inaikei is very uetive for all grade*. Tltu breaks ar,. (,r
and they show no Improvement in the general quulity*0f ~
baceo. Some very good anil fine new Tobacco j,,
$12 75 to *18; veiy fir.ii would bring Inuher pr?>a
N. M. .MARTIN & f(.
Sales of Tobacco by N. M. Mauti>? &. ('<?: 4 v\ u ,,
chaux, 1 hhd. nt 3. 1 at 8 62 and 2 at lu 62; 2 J? ?' ^
rl' iux. S9 6- and 9 ' J- Dm"*'? { u ">? ll?,.
?, Hi. 5 50 and 5 60; I H I'. livnns, 5 M; 1 |{ |j ,,
tm.C 75; 1 estate H V. limit', ns. 5 6t?; 1 K II 'h ' ?'
4 7C; 1 C. O. Jop.s, 9: 1 i? VV I'cirMm. 6 75; l j, '
Ctiiek, 0 25; 2 A. I) Wj li.tms, -1 50 arui 5;o J. ,\ '
I 5 111it I 5. aid 1 l^af. 7 50; 2 T. N I-'. A Ir t-.fi, 6 >;,5 Af,. t'
!| G~L l!iii;?< k, 5; 1 Mr* N Hull ek. 5: 2 VV Itj."
j liii's, 6 ami 7 25; 2 Duvid Wadr, 5 GO nnd 13; 1 hhr $
I EI.OUR?R'Ceipts this tvc> k linve be< n quit? |||>ht s
j ti:ivi been m-de at S4 s7 *?; some h l.:< m linking j.v v..
J lilt!'* ?loinir
1 WHEAT -Oiioii lied 81 "20; good U lute *1 25; c?j.
i i i!S ti>;:!11?:11? J more; interior loss 90 j IDO clr?.
I cn|{.\ ?Sales at GO a 62 S cH.
| CORN MEAL?70 cents per bu.-hel lo* eounity. j|
, a?-kini; 75.
j OATS ?37 .Si a 40 ??I*. per bu-li.l.
BACON - .Mountain cured liog round, 9 H n lu cents; c
{ cured lioir t hind. I0i it 11; good old Western and hi
i more cuird s.dts, 5 a 8.S; Snoulder* 5 a 3; 11 mi* from ;?>,
j a 13 Si; New H icon. Sides 9,S' a cts= , dull; Shoulders
? 8 8^? ets.j Jnle? 7 a 7,S <"'*
BU ITER?GoMien, lu a 20 cts., Mouni'iin. 16 i 19 c-,
! *?tne poorer fori?, nor t-uit able tor t able ih??, are aold i ,
| lib 12 a 13 eif.; Roll from 13 a 2U el*.
CANDLE* -Tallow 13 rts.; Hull's iind Jack-em's puc.
II ; A lunanlilie 2") u 23 ; .Mitchell's pilent Jl a 33 ,*$n
j 31 a 36 ettf ' ? 1 ?
COFFEE-We quote Rj.. 9S a 10; Lagum R) a !? ,
; scare*; ; J i 11 S a 12 ,'i; .Mocha II;' are 3 a u cis
' CO 1 ro \ II \, a 10 et?. ?
t OAI.-Si p ii* i * 11 1 nil?., ,?n b.eifil, good Mix-d F;
! Lump; Smli'i's ll ; Aniliracjrc j.<j only fio!J at V
' t.i'l raies?f <; |oa,f ,.| 2000 lb- SR to So; per ton o| 2",
ln^ So S
! I I'll .M;:i i? I^.Vjs I and -iiofic u( any con.scqnrr.
in ui.irki I; ,\'o. 3, S, ?- , C IT rring* in lir?t imnJ:
j Nov.. Scon i rut H.-rni.^-, An I, a 5 ?. ; No 2 -Jo; On
i No l, i-s.
I.I'll OR-^ v\u, !,ev.Ri..!iiii.'i).l reetiti-d.25 \ rent* es?'
I il?'- il-mii. i i to U7 ; CtlieinirKI, rectified, 25 S eis., \(
searee; Old K.iuiitv H.ye ;*>; .Monntaiit firt > rir>; B"ir
rolinifli loot Ittmi ;; t,, |- M?(v .?oiiim .n 4? W l'f.) ;
(...Ill,'- Br.iuly-tjt.ij,! H.!ilii>'.s S.';.i S3 50. lv
II.--.-l ?2 ?? " M; I'in. t ^ f ..., N[ 5 j.
Cell - ' ? in A III.*' li'ail C<I||||||I1H| ,,, _J| ,.cnl!.; Hollar
jl lu lo 51 20. N. E. Run) '.il
|,|\ E ST'M'K -(J Shock's R ;?ort) ? I'..C.id,^ Wl
< v.' itjhl, $'.< 25 to si 2 >; extra i.il w II ei.niniund inor.; ||
: 2tj; Si lee p. 5l * a Si iictt, a.- in ?j aiitv
lflO.V ?Bit* S3.I a >40 pel tor.; Swede> Ttedtiiar it.
i Enyii.-li refined SIW; I'miiaiuii l-!t ?l:tli 'i-'t, upe. itntrv r.
; I.AKI) Tie' ni.rk' t for tlo- atinle connoin's \i-ry j
In tiarrel.- i i- w >itli lu'*. a ll et-. in ketfs II a lis et>
| I.E \'l II KR Sole, i'o.i.j -tamp, from lo , a '.'0 etn j.,.r ?
?I III d Irotll 12 to li' t .
I.I V! E ?.N< ' ll.in li di nt.iii.', - ii' 3 lin.ii st?rc il Jl; I:
i. li.:! Si 12 ..
JIOI.A*SI'>' in bat*.v'-tv superior, 2') a 3Ur;.
I *1.1.11 ."Viola-. ^ 23 a I'.a's ; Sill* .r lloilse. ill barn I., JJ ?
-J . -; I'.iC i Hum, in llrtL'.'die'ulN 2- lo '.'9 rtf; l'-rtu ({.;?
,'i i to 29 i ; Sat:,r I louse S,:ilji, lu birt.l?. , .
?I*. . ?; eoilioio;i ?]?? 21 !l 2." 11
NAILS ll.-IJ at jS to G . e?:-. and litm
>TKEE ? Aiiieriean lili.-i. i.'t 9110 per ton.
>1 (JARS?No 1'. I! ol ativ ?? >nn>i|iieti.e in tnatket atl
<|iioi iii 'ii- nominal. V\. <|tiote l'oriu Hico i a o .; nc
. rop ,N. w Uile in.- 4 \ at). ?-uba uoiuin il 5 a j ; K. :m?.
I !t . 'U ; I'tu-hel s \ a 9 1' .Wiler. dS1* 9 ; ?'otire .Sn^,
; 7 . e! -.
.-(? 1' I nui.e :I 7 . ? ; I'aney .? doted 12 til 1
SIM I r?7 a 7 V . I- per lb.
SA I.T - I.ik :pool line per n iek Si .'.n ..tloat hh I ?1
i:i ??lor.: Crioind \Imii >1 3ll ? ;l .?*
1'I.AS'I ER Sail.- I.uttip S.) P' t ton ai '.Vliarl. a 'i a' H
riu. tuj ? ? iv L'oo.I; t 'ul, in* d I a S2 [or ll.! ; Uiehmv!:
! round i i'r .,
SEEDS ('lour S.-e-i SG 50 per bti?h. I; Timothy s;
! ? ?3 '* ; I l. r.i'f (ir?-- ;(? e. n!- r'lj \; I- scatee tit ^11
jami;> m \n>
. ?ii''
Jljt ! I t>l
VI? It ' ll?? 1
i > ?ill ? ? |i i
': : ? ? ill
m i ...-.
; iii I. lull
I I .1 1
: UKM'i-:.
ill fl>l 'XI. Muuil I*' ll. I
*?< -Ml A- !li? I |. I'lii.1 I... . -?
>?1 (.in. : Im' in* ?vi { i. ? ti? .
? Hit Mi-,i.' t .n,. .11 if:#!I. tf.?? llmlcii.
?iij ? i ie trine i . ? ",i 'ii !?; i j
tin:" i:an: ! it ?l i!i?- -l! ? .?
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Win K V\ .i
IKlllicU lit-, i -
I'. II,III" 'till 1% lit .
Mm h .v M.irvn
Mil-liellA Tvl? i
II i IJi.-i.-i
h ? '. if lil
i: it i'ii: <m
ii.. aI'ch
Inlin Wileli! ll
K \i /nil-: .iriii-tn
a I. 1..
i r r.?Ko
h li l.'iiiilori
i: 7. Mi -
Til a Hi\<ihi
An?. Am'ei.'i'ii
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i \ ??!???: '> iiC iiii'i ni'.li in "i
ii li.n-<- .!i-.-.'ui f..l ill.- limits inn
?i | i . i ,: lit- ii ' I.iiiv i"i tt .1
.i I'll? ..I Hi.-' n -i.il
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u r-.?. i.. M
I i' I. A1 . .1"
I. I It iff
?* .m'l i: w.>.ij?nr.l
I w .McKki
Win T.ijrloi
|{ W. C .o.-ii
n...s. II L.tnclet
M rS Uoolii
I' tS i rg.tltllii
?I... Kcim y
i iri .v llroih'.r
I. I Itc.'ll.illU
J I. Tayi.ii
I'll \ (. '.il.61
i r.
i;?... u .i
1 V
lil.'.i M *N li. Ai.i1 ' 'I |i .
i ? V. >1 ! s II. I: ?' A i.' ? -A V 1*1*1. ft ! \l \ U K \\ U -
Hi.nni.ti a lifi.Kv i i: ;i ui.1.111\ a iiUui iii:i; , ,i
Uent.'' irll, I 'iutv :|,|? HI .!!).', I iv.-t IV <! \<.||| Vi | \ i, II .11, ! J ?
it iiu!' cnininiiiiic.ttioi. .-.-ku e | ? miii-ion u> |iiert*ii(*inv name :?> il
!?:?. , . ..i i-t ?rt). ??M.i..'. I r. |, .
?' 1 I -r .1 .ni l . I > I . iii-r ni.|ij,ri.-?. I a.' II:.I K1-, ?(, u :
i i "t " iu'ertcir with ury t?? oj ox|(**<*ta(ir>n ;h<
* ' ?' ?' "? ,"1 "h ? ' ?< 'liai III , ll ? !! il ' .iiiM U
i - ? in.* *? ? * rii . . . : ivi in.' to t ,?.: t? , ? t i* .
I?. ui '' my !? ?: i-i.i i. ? m,i i?. ,i, i .i. : n i.,| i'
? : -Ii it :? .H i , ilui: i
* " 1 ? ? '?????. ?"* -I ii r i i.l :!? n;a :i. ., i *;.,r.? , t
: i ..III.-.? i.l M c
v ii,! ;rn -., viiut |. !??? < ii/
M ? i? Ii i:-A ?? Mr*u EVANS
V _4i? Mo Ml ?> !?: W \ Iv W : is KET. ? '.I .N< II Mi. ??
^ ^ Win i' Al e ,|. .1 >i ;i,.'#i . J. I! >!, mk Win Km ?
i-.il.i S I) In ?i ..in,
Al.i'lli Ml.N I inn* Hi .i i t ?Vinrliehl I W CUhIii 'k
! .:. I. Tate
'I i dbi'Vf. i*a first rale Ticket, unit ougl.i t, !,?: ?u| pencil by :!?
? III. I Ml,II.I..' V. .111. ,r ? II,I,.-- .1 | .11( v.
M ii. Ii !??iw* AMI PARTTVISM
-~l ,t.M A * AMJIDATlilM V.~ i.~ ",
*?? <*i ?? f r M ill'- llooSt'N
M.i Ci. " .*..??<.!.?
i ns-: voTKits ok tiik citv ok
'* -?*? It I' 11V < i \ I' A ' e V. ||U.\- "I M-v. i ?i I.: my I leniin. fti.
, 11 ? v\in ? .... ? wis'., I.l I. ? i ? lit .t: mi mire mvsi !|
in h!r.i. : r ih> Hi t ?? llit! i >?t ??. .? th> ?;ny ??i it.
UI'li:'J SllOllill 'I p'ea'e my !? Ilnw . |:i;cn- !n cleCl ire. I pliCU
invI t ' .lov.tl.. liii II: ?. ?,.! M i .if'. ? * 11 * i . u ! ii." *iu iti of The nlf.^r
? "? 3l II M.AIlK.
sKiSr" CITY COI.I.I !?:<):: -i<> mi; VuTiiits "Vi?
- TIIU crrv OF KICu.MuMi ? At tlie larnofl rcqtm:
fl a Utlfr lillllllli') ..I III} I' i. 'VV I*iil?? i.^, 1 .III. .mice ill;
-t il'.i e I.,::,! .te !,ir t lie .if 1 t;? C .lieirii.r *t I lie enKliinp Sp< I
.1 ? ii". .i:i.S - .oul.t it Ive y i.iir t.i ei'iifer t'tc i ffi c t.|?in n.k,
I fil. .lee iny.?.>H to .:rvme my uli-ile tin.e aii-t [i? u.iiiul atltiillnri to
y?iur intCfci-u
Mtrrli 13 .It.i M II |i (i VRDNEII
Ii ?i. 'Iliii -llil I'.. | i ' l.ie-?r?, I !!'..i . !???; t ifilll v ii'
i,.? .,r.. .1 t I i ci.i.' I?...t* ti.r l>" 'll I.'
Mn .. : ? J. fi STROMA. City (?augoi
??r" < iii ui ?*<;ki;. rTV"? Ti'k "vo ri5?s"oi rin: ??!?
'? 'I \ < >i ICl< ii.Vn.Mi ? Ai t i.liii'.-Fi 11 .i i.n<r? niirtiiiri >>f
' i iei?J' .iiii.i.i ? ? >r.l-? ?' ??!?'. i- i .1. - sr.-1. I I .'r. ti / .i ? ?>ii e
ii ? > ? ell ii .'tii.Jiflu'e inr ill- . - II. . ? ' r . ? i.. ii k"'i mi 1 ''.I,. ! ?:
|.|| . mi' ,1 If \ I. ?* . 111.' i I ? i-ii i-r ,i|fj.-(. ,i,i mi'. | |i'?|||i|M
? !. -.-.i- i .. m..i|vi !.? I >n n tin Iikio ? ilierenl, kii.1 use ??*. .
s.. i'i.ii. i ? i?i ii1.1i -i i i.>ii
Wry irilmlt ? , - SAMPSON *<?M;
M.ii cli -f 11
T?? 'Mlf. VIITKlis (> !?' KiniMllMl. ii
? Ii i'.i m. i. H:. i,.i- I !,.?. : . .-i.i >? ..??? ii,yi It <
>i 'I 'Mr I i l!.i |' ???? ?! 4. i. i . i -i. ... I il i ? ' 'i.l i.:.- n?.
i. HI- I (?;-"I. ! ? !li 11 ii.. | . | nt In i ' ? "ifnej ii. I.
.I'il.u'ti... - N DAM
>1 ii. i. 7 ?
<*l Jil l'l.A 11
hi iiii. -i iim i.i::i.i;:- in i:^ imi'.? mks'I uK ?, iniM-. :.l?
? ui i . i.i
'3 Mil. Till -.1 I I- Mi I I r.'!l? el., nit?.I - ... ..: < irj
t 'I. i -i . i ;<?< iiinii, i: ii .in . i.i. i tf. in.iy ? t- '?
? i-1- i ". ? i i ? ,' ? ? i.r I' nlili: - ? ,. in ? ? t i I.- iI.i"
lli'lri' i.l .-i Mil ' 'i.n. ?|' ? ?? .i. ii' l' | ii is ii i:,. UI He
|l|.'?.-nl l'."ii i- l>|....| '? In' -1.1 (. ? ? 11 - .1' I? . .'|... i.ir.,1. I ii. il :i
ill..ml.; tiv -."ii .. .!? , ? ?? iiii.tev- H.'iiiil L- .en!n|i. ill;
II: l 'Ii-- I > III' I l'. ? . ? i I ? i. I til' I i I. <?r III.. !? I .
II. uli-llit II' 11 11 I ? - - || ' ' ? . I . I.. I.l,. III. > | | .1 I ? ' II I ll '
cii- v hereby r* ? j <?l tbat all wh? lum i any tiuie ?*.iiiti?ilini< tl ??'
i|||.|..nt. ivi I .i.l.In ?I..!'. I i ...?=? i.l... H It 1.1..! .
1 l!l lillltl' . 11 'I 111 ?)?. / Ill III. (If. rttM' I: i< Ii-I 1 '
ill illl I:. 111. ll- rt. I"-I - ? ' I t! a lil'l'i.t II j I.l |. . j...l .i, ill"! ?
trl HI .M il
lly hi '<i ? I I ''.iiiiint
Man-Ill- -eilU It-. Ii I \ \ I.i )R ' V?: ?
j J t I V A Mi Jt : KI.K M A U I *.<; I Ml UI *? SNITII
I \ n IN ii -Till OIAS H TV ItRlc, N i *.i..
I I .,iv* i ii*.) -ii'i-: I- I "A I.i , i..l '? i. 1.
| k III ! Ill 11..1I*. e ll "! !-!ll ?' l ? 'I' Ii i|. * I , ii : r I . .ill *
n? ' ? .1-k- ? t - li'Teit int ' Ivr.'n -'.ui. i - | ? i ' , ? .
\ -i.i.ii .i.i >v.?i i.i i . i i.. .? i ??. i i I.i i - * i.. .! ? . |
,'i 'Ii .?j.i.'iul Iiv.-nn'i i'.i:- i.; I : I. I *.p ' 1
ki..? in ?? ill.- S. >ii:? - w ... ??} : . ? ?? .
Mim li ?'ti
k^*A \'M'.!i A . iiw-i-." v \| AKlN
* * i ..rim. Henri. ?
M ui'Ii 'S .i.v.Ji -T
, .1 I." -U'"'l it '. i.'l". ? .t .
' - ? t>.?t ther WI-I ? *,! w ,. iti,i*|.'. Sim.iiii tin .:???
l-'nut a;..l I'lti-nv. 11. " III I Kl i:\ i n
?* ?* I .. M..111 i
March i:t -7 ?
- ? - . j* ?i ii .* pi ii"*- ijtiiiiiii. i??r by
n AV A toil ' "? , I, -K;- I! . Ni, l.'i. feilllMeet
1 ^ j, j.;|i. I'm, l ii:'i,-i, It iir OrH.-? ! 1 -
* -1.1e rti. il" ' , . IV.i 11 ?||J. I
' ..~7T.Tr- VaT* il B A TV'S In rnre ami lor nnl't t,y
?l " ' f SKINKtiH.No In. Peirl
?77"jT|ii;>' Til i/i.-'iIr? GS--'?>>'" -a!i till ii;?rij.>r ??!' >!*??"?
'i ' .-I- -r<-mi iT" i"' -criv^Dt
..' :c Ti.iea Ss-wiri i?! Twint ??. tl" i:? *;,i"
| ?. li'n 'r.r. <-oi!?. ??ll?is?. bu'tin.? cv-ry tlc?c*i|
Tali irf' i.ce.lle* %b;cli we vrill -el; low
Murtl IT N ? IS, Pe^il S t.
rjiTkkI;i1'.^ u FOX, :!?
?5 - . V . !, ? ! . ? I . ?*?? . ? : , 1 r . ! v ?
<;? .-I! ? V? I 1 ?' ? !! I ' > tf ? I.:. ? I ? r ; r
rn I IJi I. '1| c. i. ; mi] > I V ' V. ? a T . v% ? * ?'
a Ini el i.i l..'ii-i Ute.j n. ' . "1 ?hl 1 ?hk" ?h.' ?' ?
lriiil"!inS 1 it/aii.l Country bliyeti.. Hi tui! tli-111 ?ni'i'?oim!?
iy l> ?!il' i ! |'i: ??.?.
M ireli 1;?U^iv Jl7.ll n! tf'
i iA.*.TON MATTlMi Tr u Mii-erni ii? ih )???' v'- '
Mini forsiileliv Hlil.l.l I.N .v 1-liX.
Mm li l%??! jw -I" Rroal >:r. -'
Q ?OI.">TlS(i >1 A cm ft K.J*i ill 'hi- II. -:a|'i'i..vi ?: em ?.ti
ll . 101 Mlc t.v > MIT11 A HAKWonf
Maich 13 No. S-i. M?l" Sf" _
^AMO^?iiOPE, tr?m to i?fh ^
Ma re 11 I '
N v mai - tt"
O -r 1 -1' '' " l''-? Oil, all'I the Deft c ? ?
. ; l**\Vvll'N Ii."'l'lA VENl'^l^T A
4 iLOVMlSEEU.-i.lu.er Setil. H.rJi ?r..?? and T.mo : ?>
M,reehd|If?rRall^ EDMUND. PAVCNPOST *C"r
UCllAKlJ OKAS?3 SEED.-T*' bu*bel? new crup
-le b.v \vm PAIMHR
Man hjj' ? JTol
IfACIilS EH Y OIIi.? iWL'c*:V"i< ?uperior 01 . ??r u" "
M?r"hri0n3?,Ht%U,W ' '"nAVENPoBT, Al.l.EN i CO.

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