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1?IPS property has, (luring the last year, passed iuto
:he 'hands ot h roinpauv, who in addition to the
. ,,,-r Buildings. have erected H handsome and routineli
tei Building. and two spacious Rath House*. and
7 ornamented tiiil improved tli?> ground*. The Hotel
'"'Wg* will be ejieneil tor the reception of visitor* on
MS >'t June, and kept open until the i!Mh .September.
:*pj^n;er? limn Baltimore tench the Springs iu one
, Northern Central Pennsylvania Kail Komi. Hiid the
g-'is.i Top K?i! Komi, having but twenty mile* ot' staging
'lf- * tine romi.
' vr tVtllaid. formerly ot Wa-hington city, and recenttno
Burnet House, Ciuciuimti. will superintend the
b y tnui b-* diameter h< a caterer is a guarantee that
?.,>? * ?\tit be well provided tor To invalids generally,
f.. Bedford waters, in connection with the mountain air,
perhaps, more highly beneficial than any other in the
In. . l'OOSSLER,
1 '^nt, "v_r!(iw President Bedford Spring* Company.
'aTitiuLiMi sritixw
11HIS MOl'NTAIN RETREAT in Augusta county, Va.,
miles from Staunton, and tit tniles trom Harrison.h
'will be under the management ot Mr. PETER H.
-JoliWAKl'. toriuerly at Jacksofi river, aud for the last
season* t,; ihe Healing Spring*.
*"\ae proprietor respectfully anuouuees to invalids aud a
. , public, tbat by erecting eight more dou!..
tinges. anil by the general improvement of the pre1;,^
since last seasou. alter Ihe lt?th ot June he will
. rrpsie.l with entirely new turniture, and sufficient
" t attendants to offer visitors tho most plcusaul
,.veminod*tsons iu the Virginia mountains.
Tievvicfso! this place are uusurpased- iu fact the
at these, springs has the advantage of all the
.an, us waters belonging to the enure mineral region ol
Ten sulphur Water is excelled by none except that ol
. (iIttu. e
m TwAiaui spring*. luterior to none, as tested tor the
,< live year* w:th the Chalybeate and Free Stone Wa
; !tfl, til at hand, in abutidnnee, render this place, proper
B j. ;ic Mineral springs ol Virginia
I K." piriuureaeeltera, there will he Music in atteudanee,
I ,3.: amusements and sport* utfontod by mountain reI
' Inexperienced physician will reaidc at the Spring*.
I Tkkx- ? $10per week; $.id lor a month ol tour week*,
H .- J n reduction made t r an enure seatou; tor let* thuu u
H i-c* ?l oil per day will he charged.
B \ i:ue ot i'jueriur lour horse mail Coaches will leave
I jaiunton daSly, for this place, atter the airival of tho
H istrra car*.
H \ line Stages is expected to pass the Spring*, en
B ;.i,te frost Hantsburg to Hath Alum spiiug*.
B 29?cjiatiUni ~Cj{KSLEY KINNEY, Proprietor
I wakh si'ki.x;*. i?\Tij county, VAfl
fllHIs celebrated Watt ring Place, which is now open
J[ tor the receptlou and acc-jimioalatiun of visitors, i*
limited l? Bath county. \ srginia, one hundred and sevenI
;v !.i; w West ol Richmond, ami on the direct Tunipikc
I ? a! f> the White Sulphur Springs and Guyandotte. on
trrtdiin River, tire ?i;i;?* from the Ji-i'h Alum and i|ol
B Springs, respective v. and eisi.t miles irom the Healing.
I T,V?e waters have been long and justly famed tor theii
B curative qualities in various diseases, a* wi ll astorthr
I luxury ot bathing 'I heir properties are gently aperient
B juri/ic, diaphoretic an.i alterative, and are especially
tpultcable to the treatment ot the following diseased con
g.'.oDS. vis .
liheumatinn and Qou'. and diseases roaultinj
trt'in their been? existence Affections ot the Spinal Mur
M row, and their consequences; /hui/j-u; Htemapsia, tol
lowing suppressed evacuations Iroin Hiemorrboid or I'te
B rn;o '! raugemeuta or bhtasta* * of Goat or KAtumatbm
'wis pi' iKt .loin*. Lumbago, Sciatica, Contraction
aud morbid conditions of the bodes. The u-hoU close n
J to- Cutaneous Affection*. /'*>/-. s.*/i, Tnrjiid mi J othrrtein
..'C .gcd conditions of the l.trcr.
Consist of large ?tud commodious Hotel, a large uumbei
J of bami-eme and conveniently arranged Cottages, h spa
V cion* diuing and ball room, b.lliard room, bowling alley
9 3*;c i.ouses, We . ,VCI
Wit h aro of the temp. ihi-'.'S dog. F'ahr't, are four it
fl ;i ;uiher. A large Octagotial Bath for Gentlemen, IS fee
fl| ]& diauiaetcr and e tcet in depth. The Ladies' Hath, o
early equal dimension*. Two Spout Baths, and a pri
fl ra;? Bars I t Invnlitls. All of which tire comfortably am
B . avcBietitly tu- nish-al and constructed, and are connect
B ,j ith cold t'luugu " Baths. abundantly- supplied witi
B q.tnir Water v! WO r.Xip .0 ... deg. l a; I. t.
I locality of these Spring, is ;eni?rka,.ic lo
B i itfaiuess?the s .rt mtiding cssiil y ot rouigntic teuul
B ?!.? utuiaohcre shiubriods anil lnvlrormtiii
B 1 fi? TABLE CCOM M L;DATIOK s V/?fffe of the ygr
""'I "m?s ?ti? *>> contribute to th
I'. ?J ? ?
.jw'urt and con.'emetine 01 visitors
a tine UAK1> Or Mt'-lO i..is bem engaged iur thu jot
, ? these ^priucs are located but 14 miles distant froi
ue Virginia Central Railroad, the following taeiluies wl
* sit rded tor reaching tbeinA
tr>:o cam will leave Richmond daily hi 7 o'cloc
A M . connect with th>; Orange and Alexandria car
itiiunionsville, will arrive at Staunton at 24 ? clock. I
M. w sere time will be ullowod for piisseng-r* t dim
u?i r>?ch Mitlhoro", the present terminus ot the Centri
Hsfr-sd.) at 4 o'clock. P. M., where an ample number <
iic .oail.es will be in readiness to convey the piutnengci
?*::: evenitig t 1 the bnlh Alum, Warm, Hot and fit!
* Ulll< J ni .y wsh to gg.
Atsj> auJ i.?t;<:?etory arrangements have been mad
?: ?! ileijm. Ilaruian, brown ? Co., the present poimhi
o-l.. icif ^rty. .ct.r? of the bo-ge ii.,o o. u.:s ri?..te, t
.x <y lu Ir.tni .these cprioiti. Mtfcr Whit
?J?ii.r. ?i r convenience v..l dtscictieu, .
(t?UK?ifc M.\VSK, i
C. KKANC1SCO, ) Proprietors.
V. Ci Wii'K, )
!l0 :w;;n MORTON hl.KDSoE. Manager.
7 l?KOKO?SUit or UKUVK
fUJUhInittoei A tUohiaoiiu Cnilsga'wWlStroccMl, ?i
1. r.s ot ?cp:',,a^?r ,u l"' 'l"u h'hair ot Hree]
9:: i Literature, made vi.ccut by the re>ignn:ioi
ot l'r C:.r'j>tian The duties ot the office commehci
cctai .? : ;?c:t>t>ef The salary insists of ?420 Iron
tn i... . i r. ni.: itiei-ixrh ot ail the tuition tVi s, ma
1.., I s .L't I.' aVCiago' io. tuj Inst Hsli' bttjdhi O
f A,;': at:.'lis, hi pcrcon oh Jy -tins:, fray b
ivie:? the si;'. r.ci r.'wiin wtll turni*!'. Catalogues con
i ti'.ti* hll nc -ttal information as to -est books, 4c. Te*
trorv.ali saouid t i oriel, stating the ace. experience
iesitc piste ec cut;0u. , ot'tUe anpliwti.
.lOLLKT kyl.Alifi.
jnljSs?C sept Rithuiond. Vs.
st ilotTi, "\vavrfcij.
A ibi' e.i I.aI'V. a Virginian, wj,n cun come sfeHfe
.u'Kuet. led, dc.-U.e-t to uutaiti bsltUa'loQ ha TO'ieher
sua aditi si' i :;.i usual bullish branches, Mua.p, Uraw
xi cca Lwr rlery
: ill;:.- t.i'ary, MLs N. \V., B 'X Oj, Charlottes
?:IIe,Va July 28?cwr.li"
\'OTK h' i.? hereby itiven tint the Board ol PuliliWi.-ks
wtll. un the 19th of August. 1>C7. proceed ti
:ses;j<,:s'it:ett ot proxies and Idiec ors. to represent il:
<:ste ; IctiTc.L th the Vnti^US ili.er:;i.i itupiu; (.meat Com
films TfiU'.S U. DKWITT,
juy-.v j.v Hec'y Board p. lVu|i[|.
* i turn ,iii ..... i n...HSs.l T?.?K.
c*? ..btatn h -ibuol 11 the tnoutii ?>i North River,ii
.l.ctbfWc, Va, wi h a salary ot from 8-300 to 8ll>J, witl
hoart \Ve ;>r<f.T .u" who has had some expeiieucr.7b*
tJiioo will bec'.u on the 1st of September.
Address C. C BALDWIN,
! Asj '.?fit Balcony Fell*.
4!. <Ti; . ho hi.} hue some Cxpcticnce in tcacE.nii
' i ? h'. competent to t?ael. thoroughly the v#
: Hi* crancnts of the English kwnfi, and one who i? i
froSeh-n: in Mu? c, on the Piano hirte. and in the Krenc!
i eh irge of a small school, of ten o
' '"' (ftnM'i, in H hea'thy and agreeable nci.hborhuod
A S c:*er:i lady pr? lerreiL The session will cotncienc
\ ? -?.
i -'brrtij Ht.il t sniculura address
ANN. J. bLASTON, Lodore J\ 0.,
I . - 1? ' i ' AA.elU, Va.
4 S tMi-'o-r iu a school or private family, by * youn
uat. eduiated at Hampden Sidney College, quail
seu, ta';ef..re, to teach noufly all the , rauch''j usuall
t'.s?k::n ca; bra' schools and colleges; and who jjas hai
it. ^te;ieuc? of one terra in teaclihg jn a iargq Acaiit
! >r psi'lculars ?idrea$ A- B. C.,
IT -.if Jetler?nn P. O , Powhatan, Va.
FEMALE TEACHER. by the 13th of Spptember, ti
ttkccharge of a sinull School of six or eight pupils
thoroughly qualified to teach the English Dttjncnei
s"er.rh. ntH Vocal and Instrumental Music, wfth sutDl'ac
nterencs j. Address
Ai.fiEItT T PARKINSON. Tull*ya?llle,
July 23?c?t? Xew Kent county, Va.
ANTED, by October 1st, lor a school of si* pupil*
aa experlencod (ioverness, thoroughly compe
'rutto tflsch Music, French. Painting and Drawing, hoc
a?un! brim-he* of an English uduaatiuD. Salary $A0(
tisr 1, lor th? session of 10 montiis. Direct l.udori
r ,J A*iic!i-? county, Va.
July "?en \VM. II. HARRISON.
4 OR HjI'aTK of the University of Virginia, who hm
r.v?o special attention to modern Linguae?*, ant
'-4lsite.,.-u Mathematics, would bo prcfetred. Appl;
^ seiiately, ,nd direct to A. B . Alexandria, Va.
_J?? H-c-.t
Jjfl Actuation a* Toucher by a Gradual*
S " ot the Virginia Military Institute. who bus hail twi
fl . w-".in . aching the English bratiches, Math
fl Lb..,, Hn,| French. satisfactory testimonials an
gfl k' Lf%liU
fl \dlf"?s. ?'atlu;? terms. "E. f\ *? ," llaaihsvillc. North
ifl V'tbor, Qui ?:owtny. Va. July 22?eft
^ l'TI( K ?Tiic co partnership h.retofore existing he
Tfl ** iwrra Kravci.h Minor &. John M. Siikhbabi*. in tin
"* teudu.as, u*'der the style cl Minor & f-'ttER
mho, -.va, dissolved oll the ;n?t May, hv mutual consent
9 ? Minor, Attorney at Law. St. Louis, Missouri
m ,, MtonJ proin|itly to all professional and lund business;
H I Payment or tuxes, f-ollection of reuts, accounts, ma
>B*e'tmeti!s loan of money. Ac. July 28?elm*
A 1 A'l ION :is Teacher wanted hy a Viiung (leotltv
fl !u"*. who has graduated in several schools ot thf
fj ''fury o! Virginia, and has also attended William and
B tV Co.:.2e. If. Las i.ud tou.c e?per,etice ,il Teaching,
, 1 tr[freuces luraishcdflroTi, tlie faculties of both theae In
U "?tmoat.
^ ^Address VV. W Orantrc C. li , Va. July L'4-ctf
9 i:\Kt l rtlU'N NOTICE
J 4 LI. per??i,s indebted to the estate ot the latu Mack
m ** tiixaie, of Amelia, will please make prompt
sal inuredi (? payment, as lou^ indulgence cannot be ex
ij ' "dud. All persons hsving c'mms again-t the same wil
fl P'e'ebt them forthwith for settlement
... J . Jll|y -~- 4w F. R. FARRAR. Executor.
jg| & tslv wishes a situation dtlwr iu a school or priyati
H /stnily, to teach music on the Piano Forte and Guitar
, '""traction in vocal music.
mm I : ''Utli. r parti, ul.ipi, address R. M. A! , Richmond, Va
M J .
H a..,. NOTICE.
MEXICAI 1.AND WARRANT. No <3577 for 1?
I * acres, issued on the 26.h day of October, 124H, it
H of the undersigned, as reported by the Pensloi
D Th f' >nJ Wrt* sent 10 me 'n ,bl' C,'V Rici'mond, Vh
fl itr, ',n,e l,e,'n hwt, I shall apply to the proper de
9 Oa* tM Ior 8 duplicate l*?d warraut in lieu of sail losl
9 OfVrr.tr NOTICE,
ffl . ( . lt,c?<M0r,p, July ..5th, lsi7.
M \ ' NERAL mctiiug of the Stockholders of the
M I-b i i njud and York River Rail Road Compnuy, will
fl Poult' 'u tbt county of King Wilhuui, ou
9 hk. i c ?ay of August next,
fl ,,*.,rd?r st the Board ol Directors.
M -ii'^-cwtJluAug A. W. MORTON, Scc'y.
M IlVHr , RICHMOND, July 15, 1F57. I
B I Z' ua,)er?igned offers for sale stock of this Kank, for
il t.r.t,,?I)urP0,e of increasing its capital, at 105 and in
i| Jul. h- t'ar T#lue ,rom 1st of July
B W. P. STKOTHER, Cash'r.
1 r\\? 7" TOBACCO GROWBK8.
m U' w, s'?LL A a?rpaa the receipt o\ poc r?oli,.r, |
w!:!tbtL 10 any address a recipe by tho use ol
Bur,," '"lt lupst ti'iiiole of sll pests, the horn or tolisreo
M Hsnt,)r,j"^ avonletl. Address, the undersigned, at
fl Juiv>- ?r",Ky.
I ^ Uafor^ ^BNK-J. W. RANDOLPH has just
ned ?lot of superior htcol Peas. Aug i
S K AH C A M /' H H I. I. (' O U It /' HOI'S K .
' AUK subsettiter will take cli?riii> of litis school. hereM.
fi re couducted by Mr. K. M. Parker. He graduated <
lirst in lux fix** :it tilt- v'. M. In-tituto, July, tS-lt- Una been
KitgiuceriuK on tlio Viroiuin und Teuneawe Kail Komi i
aud on the U. S. Coast r>ur?-ey uluiut I wo year*. uml bin- <
boon toHcbiui; ubou* eight your a nt tbo lu'Uiuto in Chat lev
City, Brunswick County, and for the lust )? yours nonr and i
in the City of Richmond. ..
Assistant* proportioned to the uutubor of scholars will ]
be procured.
Course of instruction? usual Knyli?h branches. Latm, ?
Greek, French, Mathematics, Philosophy, t.'heinistry, A c
Session trom ISth September to July 1st. . ]
Terms:?$190 per session lor tuition, board fuel, wssn
iug and Utjhts; payable $95 in advance, and ?*-> ?' M"
middle of tbo se-sion.
Day Scholars $:}(> to S-10. .
Location one of the most hoaltliy In the >-tal<,
Lone Mountain, 9 utiles from Concord station, - ,
Rail Road, from which a conveyance to the Court
Is always ready. i
Col F II Smith. Superintendent V. M. I.
Dr Wilcox, Charles City i
Mr Geo Stone Brunswick |
Mr Win B Syduor, Hanover ? r
Prof Jas K Blanketisliip, Mr J R McDaulel. Mr D B
Pavne, Cnpt Samuel MeCoikle, Mr R L Manson, . Ir \\ lit
A rtead. Lynchburg _____ tl_ ?? l,r M- L?m..n
Mr jonn iMiananw, *" ??? - - ?
Campbell County
Cam Chns Pint nuck, Mr Joint B Morion, Mr Uius Wil
' limns, 8c<* Ait. Society. Mr Win I' Strotlier, Cashier Exchange
Hank, Mr Geo \V Smith, Rev Chus ttead, 0 I*, Gen
r Wiu 11 Richardson, Richmond.
1 Address Richmond until 1st August?aite/wurda Campbell
July 2d?cwfw
Richmond, Va.
THE next sessioa ot'tbis Institution will open "D the
tirst day ol' October, 1857, and closo on the hrst day
of Jl'LV. 1358.
For Board, ..... S'JOO
For Washing, ..... vO
For Lights, ...... ti
For English Tuition, ... 40
For Modern Languages, (each) - -lid
For French, when studied exclusively of the English
branches, ... iu
For l.atlu, - . 'JO
For Music on Fiuuo. limp. Guitar, Organ or Miigiug :
For oro losaon (>i| nu liaur.) a week. -to
For two lessons (o| ur hour) a w cok, eo
For three lessous (of au hour) a week, WO
I Four lour lessons <ol' till hour) it week, * liiO
I For (he usojof Pint a, ti
' For Drawing trom Models, *j0
For Drawing trom Nature, <0
For Fainting in Water Colors, 40
[ For Oil Fainting, - . 50
Paiuaav Oepakimknt?f*r Children under II years
' of age, ...... :t0
The Patrons ok thb School?Right Rev. Bishop
Meade, Right Rev Bishop Johns, Right Rev Bishop Elliott
' ot Georgia, Right Rev Bishop Cohb* of Alabama, Rev
Mnsea D Hoge, D D, Rev Clin* II Rend. D D , Rev T V
Moore, D D, Rev B Gi'dersleve, Hev Geo I) Cumming*,
" Washington eity, and the Clergy of the Episcopal Church
| i m Virginia.
Ui'bkrt P. I.kf euvrk, A. M., Principal.
Rev H S Kepler, Mrs M F Cary,
| Rev W K Webb, Miss Mary Got don,
John P Little, M I>, Miss E Burtlctt,
r R A Lewis, M 0, Mrs M Taylor,
Eliodoro Cainps, Mad'nie M Ertvau,
' John A Ciilyo. Mad elle Lacy,
C W Thilow, Chas H Rosen,
\V F Grabau.
' Mudaine L. V. Blanckkt. French Guvettiess
: All letters to be directed to Hubert P. l.cfebvro. Richntond
.' Peisons in want of Female Teachers, may, by applying
to tue, sceur the services of 'competent fadids?$t\ -rat
havo applied tome to-secttrd thci". situbti'/vs. "
-'u:y- l^cijti: " ti P. L.
V I ' 7 COUNTY,' VA- '
1T|iE SuRSCfibet will ic open ins School on the 1st ot
. ilcptember uuxt. The course ot study will comprise
r ;hg ordinary branches c.f an English Educntion, together
with Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Lathi, Greek,
l' French *nd German These studies will be taught ou a
scaIo sufficiently extended to prepare pupils for the high
II i *t classes in the University of Virginia, or in any of our
" Colleges, or to tit thein them lor tbo active pjrsuitsof
* The nutnber of pupils will be limited to t weuty-live, and
* they will resido in the same house with the teacher. They
* will he subjected to such a system of discipline as will best
9| develop their intellectual powers, and secure moral and
gentlemanly deportment.
>l The surrounding country is remarkably healthful, snd
" presents as lew temptations to vice us any other section ot
' the State. * ,
Terms?Two hundred and thirty d liars^ per ses..i"n of |;
e forty weeks, ending Auue "th, ItCV?due ha''; a>?mo og |
>f the lsbScuistssl f. uo f 0.1c halt on t be "jib of January, I
t?0i. NftfopuptU will ue IchgrgFil frcn; the date of enter l
" ! ,1.!! SO l?C 1 11.i ? ?' " r-#.(W.|.
: Those lerms include uil charges ?uvc lor book*, which ;
will tic furnished at Richmond price*
No deduction for Hiiy cause save lor protracted sicklies*.
Parenta or guardiana who wish further Intdrirn'tio*
will direct their iettfrs to "
^ Augt?c4w Pat:MishOrg, Botetbiirt Co Va
{ DCEWOOU *?1100^.
1 , CLASSICAL AXl> M IL IT A it J. i
1 j rBlliK next sessior. of this tlchool wlU'b'egin on the 1st
'I Jl <,f oepVi^her.'and continue 10 months. ''
j [ Wiohicj, tt> cilinbitic'ihe p^fcuta'r advantages of military
1 I discipline.' with a'souiiu aud thorough lucutnl culture, ttie
j Ptincipul harfdcivruiined to cicafe a Military, ip addition
' j to the Classical mid Mathematical dpuurtiiieuU, which
' | hs*o iiet'CUiiojH e,<,ist?d. He wU'atu it. howeyer, distinctI'
ijf updu'stood. that unlike ovist milit try sphooU. he intcuds
to devote special attention, in this School, tu ail {hp literary,
as syeil i>5 the spirptilic l;rni|eh,s oi unawlpdgu To
urotp.oic thpse code, bp bus cngajtid the a?ti?tM|icc of two
(eaphrr*, bulb ?t whom are eminently q.ialiued to s:t,e Instruction
in the subject* unsigned tliein.
Mr. A Kullf-r?on, who.will roudurt tho department of
Tactics mid Mathematics graduated with diRiiuctnn at the
i. Virginia Military Institute.' and is highly recoinuiendi-d by
Col. h. II. C'uiitti as a scholar and iteiilli-inan.
Mr. I N. Shepherd has graduated in i>ve schools of the >
c University ot Virginia, ?n>l the high repetatio- ot tbut In[j
stitutiuu mtticicntly utt.aic bis Cwalidc.ations'to conduct
e ti.e departntepj of 'Aupifciit'ah.l Modern Languages.
"The loyatieii (about a uiiic Iron; the county teuti is in a
Lfl dihy and highly iateilic'uut ip.-ijibti'irh >od
Tza?js Hoard and Tuition per bCtiion 3 left.
For particulars, address tip: Principal, a; rnhnyra, Flurannn
r July 34? cwtit 1). .a. FARUAK. Prlneipnl.
- rYtllE eighth session of this Institution will commence
I. on the 1st Monday in October, and clc-sc i,n the 1st
day ol July
Board for nine months $'100
Washing ami lights, extra .25 '
Tuitiou iu higher Fr.gl'sh cl^ss.s.... ..'.I...., if) ,
- P'.epara.ury Dupaftttumt 40
Modern Languages in classes, each VO
fi Latin 1-1
Painting and Drawing, (G. Persico). 20 to Ml
* !'Vocal Music, or on Ptaao. Harp, Organ or Guitar, at
" Pro'essor'sprices .
:r . The PrincipaU will be aided by nine accomplished, %s
eistnnta. < ' :
r They refer to the fol^owinii gentlemen, who have now !
or Uavf baa AaUgDts-ro 10 tne ssnao.. auu oeg leave 10 ouy |
thnttbev uover refer to any other* than* their patrons:
His Excellency the Governor of Virginia; Rev. George
Wood', ridge. D. D., R("v. Chas. II. Head, Arthur Ai Mop
son, Karq. James Lyons. Esq', Jottb^ R Anfytrion, Esq,
? Pt'ftchy R. Oruttaii,' E?q.~ Jlorhuel 'J. Rutberfoord, Esq.
f! Lewis p Oidiisbow, Esq. Col Geo. W. Muhford, Wta. C.
v Allen, Esq, Dr. B It \Yc(llord, L'apt. Charles Diinmock,
j Richmond. Va
Rev David tyoggett, Charles diet Sr, \Yu*y,ingtuii.
Rev. P. Slaughter. Oulnepe-,.
Hubert E. S;ou, Esq. (auuuief.
Richard t>ay|or Esq.
1*. Ft Geo. Cock?>, f'owhatnn.
a John R Edmunds, Esq, \Vn). H. Clark, Esq, l'r. W. W
;; Carringtonj Halifax
1' Dr. Th"inaa P. Warren. Edrqtoq.
W. \V. Vest, E*q, Fiof. Chai |c< H. \:P?-.qh|e, WilliamsbUfg.
Cjeo. P. Tajlqe, |Crq, Roanoke.
lion. Geo. II. Lee, Clarksvilje, Va.
Fqr farther particulars, address tbe Principals.
Richmond, Vn.
Hoard me Department, (ll. Lee povsell ) corner ot 1st
, and Franklin streets July ill?cHt
Graduate ot the Cniversity of Virginia, a gentleman
of mueh experience as a teacher, to teach my children,
1 tny School ?ill be re opened on tbe I ath of September
next and closed on the IAtli of July, lHAe?during which
time a vacation of two weeka will t>u given at Christmas.
In this School will be two tossions each school-day?u
. groatly to tie preferred course?and instructions will he
i- freely given to pupils at any tiuto out of school.
The Greek, Latin, French and F.nglish Languages,
a Mathematics, Chemistry, Natural and Moral l'biI"?opliv
and History. Very strict attention will be paid to English
. Grammar, Geography, Arithmetic, Reading, Writing and
The subscriber residing at one of the mos' healthy
situations in tbe couutry, and for the past tweuty-lhrec
; years the seat of a liberally patronized school, is prepared
to accommodate comfortably, ten or twelve pupils to
. hoard in his family
C11 vkoks.?For Board, Tuition, Lodging, Washing and
, Lights for the school term Sl.'s), payable $7."i on entering
; school, and the balance in live mouths thereafter No dt
ductiou 'or absence unless in case of protracted sickness.
Conveyances will inert pupils at Wilcox's Whorl.
RiunaHM'Ss?Faculty ol the University; Rev. John P.
McGuire. Ex President Tyler, Dr. Edward Willcox, Key.
' J. M. Lau.1.'. Mr. O. P. Bitiua. Mr. Wjllj'itu Jerdoqe, aqd
1 ma s others Dgtruns of me .School, Clonics Oitv: M. A
Partinioii. l/rw Knnt; Nr. jobn !1. Tnbb, Gloucester; Mr
Alexander Tunstall, Norfolk; Mr. David Bnllington, Richmoud.
July 95-cwtlstOc A- 11 FKR<U'33QN.
AN uutnarried gentleman, a Virginian, and educated
at the University of Virginiaa, who ha? been tor
lome yeara successfully conducting a iRrgc male school,
1 wishes to obtain a aituation aa teacher He i? prepared to
teach all the brnur.he* usually taught iu male schools ?
Satisfactory testimonials uretn his possession and will be
furnished, if required He would prefer a situation where
a permanent school of high order hna already been or
' may be established.
; All communications nddressod to M. P. R, Campbell
C. II, Vs., will receive prempt attention.
June 4?ewrlOt*
RICHMOND, VA., Ji lt 27, 1*57. . > ,
fWlO Thoi. I J. Dudley, Sergeant of the City ot Rich1
M. mond, and administrator of George Pickett, dee'd,
' Andrew Johnston, administrator of Robert Pickett, dee'd,
Thomas Vaden, Jr , administrator de bonis hon of Margaret
L. Heth, dec d, Thomas l.yncb Hamilton, Henry C.
t Ileth, Julien Harrison and Lavinlk R. his wife, Thomas
Vaden, Jr , and Eliiaheth C. his wife, John'Heth. Kitty
Heth, Walter Martin and Caroline his wife, Stockton Heth,
Fanny C Heth, Mary Ann Ueth, in'ants. Vyilliam ? Har:
rlson and Caroline his wiif, William Lambert, Gporge
Lambert, John Lambpft, David L?n;berT, Sally Laiuhen,
Margaret Hrycp.Jobu Pickett, Catharine Pickett, Robert
R PTeketr, John R. Macraurdo and Virginia his wife, plainlid's,
and Thomas Green, Charles J. Macuiurdo, in bis own I
I right and ss trustee of Virginia Macmurdo. formerly Pick- '
j olt, Currie Burnett, Caroline Burnett and itazil Duke, dej
fendauts iu a suit pending iu the Circuit Cuuit of the City
I of ltichinouJ. I
I By a decree entered ia this caurc on the 1 -Jib day of
, June, 1856, the Court ordered Robert Pickett to render I
| before one of the Commissioners nf said Court, an account
! of his transactions ss executor of Grorge Pickett, deceased, I
i in continuation o! the accounts heretofore rendere by .
him, and the said Commissioner to state, settle and report 1
I to tbe Court the said account with any matter specially i
I stated deemed pertinent by himself, of t^tit may be de I
[ fired ty r,ny pat ly ttt He so Stated.
I V<?u are hereby iiotitfnd that I have fixed upon Monday, <
, the -list day of August, 18-77, at 10 o'clock, A. M., at my ofj
lice, ou Franklin street, iu the eitv of Richmond, to coin
ply with the requisitions of the above mentioned deerce,
at which time and place you are required to atten-'. i
Given under ray nand as Commissioner iu Chancery of i
the said Court, tms 127th day of July, 1857. I
JulyUS?<w4w TH03. 4. EVANS, ConT. J
, 111K Serond Session in Mia, P.vratn'd School will
f infill on tbe 1 hi tiny ill October iiext, nod will mil
jii iIn* llinb ol June, IfTirt.
Tin- eour,e,j|' ititlrurtimi will lie thoroujb and exteu?iva-.
reaching froin the eli-un iitm v lullit* hlylit at bla lichen
n(' education.
Competent araihlahl* will I mploycd in i-m-li department.
The F.nglith Di*jinrlnicul wil he under the immediate
lupervnion of Mi?, IV^mtn, nod ahe will resume the
'Belle, i.etlrc, Cluaa" lur youu;.' Indies who hnve lull
Circulars containing lull information concerning the
School may be hud on application to Mr,. J. W. Peg ram,
Linden Square, Kicl.mm.d
Persons intending to enter Pupils are requested to en
tape them without delay, to that hi rangoliielil, may he
nude lor their neeorntnodiition.
July 2?deodt 1,1 Aug A- elf
WKvrwiToii >1:11001.,
fllilK next ?e*,ion <d tbi. School, lurmeily under the
M exclusive charge tif Joiin H. Winston, will com
inence on the tirtt Monday of September and close on thu
ln?t Friday ol June, I Kid. For circular, mating term,,
courae of instruction, 4c., nddre,, John II. Winston. "
Lynchburg. JOHN II. WIN."TON.
i.iilv >i> uiaii.-f i
July M?-cilifnwtloSop'r Principal*.
ASSOCI VTK rktNciFAi.s ron iirxt'itw. M ?*. mrui' *r
JOHN UAItT. ,11. A.
jlAi.UI/li in (<u.i,Ki.niK oKPtiti.ursr
.T JOHN HA Id'. M, A., i' riiit-ipnl.
Mural Philosophy nml Mathematics.
Natural ifrirnrni. History Hinl I il
Ancient Languages nml Mialerh Lan-mages.
Music, Vocal and Instrumental.
(to be appointed )
Driiwinn, Painting, Ac.
I lif 1'itpiU in thin Iicpnrtmcm studying tin' common
English subjects, nml tl|? Kndiuti-tito ol "I ?tiu. I'r?*i?ch
nml Mathematics, have tin* advantage of being taught,
ill large part, by the gentlemen abovi' iiMilied?nil
V ir^tniaiiM and graduate* ot tin* University ol Virginia
besides which competent Female Tcncbci* will be employed.
(Jnusual ellicioiioy, ii is thought, will ll'iis !n*
given to this tuust import ant Department.
riu* iifKt Sc.4hiofi bilging ^opt?M:iber l.'rfh, uu?l ?*iid* thft
Inst of Juno. For terms, Ac. apply to either of the Prim
cipaU, or t? Rev. J. A. llroHdus, Piesidont ..I the ?"?id "I
Ti osteon, Ht Charlottesville.
BLOO.tlFIttl.l) aTaIIKAIY,
Fire niU* H'c*t of thr Vuiurntu of Fir*
ri^IlK Fourth Se?ni,in ol this Academy, loruterly under
i the charge of Mr. P. II lloodloc, will begin on the
lat ot Septomber.
The course ol instruction will include tie- KugHsh l.angunge
mid Literature, ami all the elementary subject* appertaining
thereto; the Ancient Language; the Modern
Languages. including (iermali, French, Spanish, Italian,
Htid English in its Anglo Saxon form; and the pure und
mixed Mathematics, including Civil Engineering
Lectures will be delivered upou tJie subjects ol Cliein.stry,
Natural l'hilosophy mid Astronomy.
The Course will lie designed to furnish s thorough preparation
for the University ot Viiguiin.
The session will coutniu two terms of live men I lis each.
Kxpcnses lor each term for Board and Tuition, in aU the
departments, including everything except lights,
payable on the lirst day of tlic term.
For circulars containing more particular information,
uddress either of the i'rincipai* at I harlot, siv.t.e, Vh.
The Faculty ol the Viiivdiohy of Virginia.
Prof. A. I), bach-. iiUuetlofe,.dcui v. if. ''cast ;iu(vey,
AVbohiticftnl * '
Lfo.Ut. M'T. Mai.yy, Suyeuiitemm^i Ni.w i.'-lf hicrvajo.
ry, Washington.
C'c! J ell prion i',H,;doiph, Ci\a>'lottcs. i'ta
franklin .Minor, Ksg , do.
Ji .L.hutoii Barbour, Esq., Barbourstille
J. Kbudolph Tucker, Esq.. Winchester
Jlou. J. M. Mason, V 8. Senate.
jua.-cj. w lyier. vi arreimm, ?#.
CW? li. Mosby, Esq, Eynchburg.
Roger A. Pryur, I'm)., Riehiuoiid.
Muy ciKun
' AUK fourth a II Mil 111 session ol Piedmont Institute will
i. begin uti Hit* lirft Monday of tmptmnber next, anil
villi the last ul June following.
Tkaciier* ok Knulisii?Miss Anne l.i-aton, Mies Jane
Leaton, Mis* Betty Lewis.
Ml*sic - Mr. (.'has. T. Prey.
Ancient and Modk-hn Lanova^K M ? "" FUcherz,
lAsiistsnr li.alru :->r in Muuerit l.itrt^nag* s In the University
of Virginia:/
Trnaifc, fu* Session ok Ten Mounts
English Primary Impart lin-nt S'Jh
Advanced " ' dtl
Algebra and (Jrtimetry, each ill
Modern Language*, each ....VO
Ancient '* . '-'0
Mitejc un PJijUe. Witt) use <>t instrument M
Vol.tti Mu.ih ?p! ivate hiasou*).'. 6'!
' 1,1 (Mum) 1'J
Drawing - Jfi
Uokrd, including light, fuel. A; .MO
Washing $1 per too:,in
Kf rEaENtKv?He.' IIVA Meade, Mr J W ruiondi re, Mr
Wui J Robertson, Mr'J^inMl IVn <erlake, It/Chin Mi:;,
Mr Ecgdne Daiis, Charlottesville, Va; .1 I a . .nice, t'arr.
Esq. li Niihwlm C- II, Vti; flou A lJulliidity, Rich
mund. Col Robert .\shUu, Wilmington, Vh, Hon Samuel
Mcl) >,v,or f,, Lexington; I>r tVm (i C?rr, Albemarle eonii
ty, \'h; Mr Itunh'l l>c Jarnette. Caroline eonnty, Ya> M?
Win Witl^rotv, AY'tv ursbuto, V?; J'fol | li Minoj, Unhpf'
?ity of Virginia. July ij-cRt
E^jTTimY A^U OEAtv-Mf A ?, Al.il,liWilitou,
nT EMM, hi A|i uillt, itAKOl.INK i.u.
TUE qeconit h???iuii of my School will roiMir.enre the
Ul ot September next, <,ml teriniiihte ;ii" last of the
following June, comprising an uninterrupted t> rn,
The Ancient Language* and ika; I.iurnq. e, the us.ml
brunches of KngNsd: with ?j-i ml retert'tite to I' 1 history
and literature, will temper : t.jr suhtiH'ts taught. '
T ERMS ?li-, .rd, .uclmling'everytliing, and 'J'uitioe, i;i
all the ileaiit tntents, 4i" j-oiie half to be p<,i<l un ,".niru,ce
and ronirundei'tr' of February.
Pupils ran enter hp.y time tBi',int,tbc session, paying on
ly from fpui iliap to vxpirntlon oi tertn, in propuitnw u
rate of cnar'ges.
Elira is in the midst ..I a highly literal and ir.toihgcul
community, within a few minutes walk t.i Mil ford Depot,
arid enjoying tho advantages el privaiy and iiealthfulnes*
of situation. it titlords tbu student every opportunity fot
study und application, whilst combining the eoinlort and
quiet of an ugrcct.ble home.
Addrcs* R. C. SilACKLF.FGRD,
July 14?c3tn Milford Depot. Caroline Co., Va.
El! IIE first suss'on tq .;l-,ji.'Sihuo, will cununenoo on
JL thq 1st uf Gitlubcf, lw37, mid rlc?e on the tllst of July,"ltJMi,"
The -course oi Instrnriion will include tho English,
Latin, Oreek, French, and Spanish language*, and theii
literature, and Mathetnntics, (both theo etically and iy, its
practical nppliciltiou.)
The Principal is h graduate of the University of Virginia,
and was engaged l?|- ua.i year us teacher of Mathematics
in ihe ac',,uol uf Mr. L M. Coleman.
The tSrdiOul I* situated in filbquii-r county, in a neighborhood
well known for its tine climate nod excellent ?i
clrty. ; . .
TERMS .--vBoard and tuition to; totni oi fi,ve
iuuiiiub, *iva?dhjhvm* 07. *..i . i ui*|(iyf?r Mild lil ui
March. l^guUtKUa.
Oicnlars, giv-y.z further luCormaitou, may be obtained
by BOdfc-sainc tbe I'l iiicmiil, at Salem Station, Faouuic;
Cftuuty, Va. OKAY f'AKKOI.l, M A.
The Faculty of the t'v.iw ?"cy Virginia.
Jnint. H f'jijuail, Esq., Virvlnla Senate.
F. w. Coleman, Esq., " "
Hon. A. Atkinson, Isle of Wisnt Conrity.
Geo W. Carroll, Esq , lilt! ot Wight County.
Col. C 0 Coleman. I.ouisa County.
Rev. fl. H Norton, Wnrreutuu,
May lit)?ctlstNov
William Dinwidoif, M. A. Principal
John M. Strothkh, M. A. < . . . . . , ?
Jajus UlMVibMK. j AMi-tnut Instructors
THK Swoflil Scsijon ol t|it. School will commence on
tin* I 5U. Ncpti-iubci next, ami close on the 1-ltli July
The Principal Is a Master ut Aits of the University ?'
Virginia, It Hi iniii oi.lit youts'experience in teaching boys,
and was for tho tlircp year, immediately preceding the
lait.au Assistant Instructor in the University in the schools
of Mathematics and Ancient hnnuungcy.
Mr Ntrother ia alio a Master I Arts of the University, a
Graduate in Mixed Mathematics. arid during Ihu Session
of the 1'uivcrsily ju?t elo?eJ conducted a Class in Creek
in that Institution under tin: authority of the Faculty.
Mr Juntos Dinwiddle was nduiialeJ in Mathematics by
Prof. Charles S. Venables in 1'iiiicr Edward, n dis'.mguished
(Iraduate of the Univctsitv, anil has had experience
In teaching. The instruction will, therefore, bethoroughly
preparatory lor the University in every Department.
The location, at Greenwood Ilepot, on tins Central Railroad,
lit miles west fro u the University ol Virginia, combines
in a rare degree facility of access with re mote tier?
from tcinptation The neighborhood is excellent, and
every way a desirable one lor a School.
Tn* Session it divided into two terms of five months
The expenses for each term, including every thing except
lights, are ?125, payable on the first day of the term.
Fifty Hoys can be received. Only two Hoys will occupy
each room
CaTalooVF-S, containing full particulars, caubehadhy
applying to the Principal, at (ireenwood Depot, Albemarle
County, Va ________ .Inly 3?c'-lt
REV THOMAst UKOWN A At., continues at the
Ijt-stl of this Academy
Ruing located in a beautiful and hen'thy country, anJ in
lite midst of an iuto'.li.'eut and virtuous community, it
presents lo pareu s in miasmatic and unhealthy regions, a
safe retreat lor their children. Mr Drown has acquired a
reputation as a Teacher, by twenty years successful experience
in Eastern and Western Virginia, and for a period
of eight years in litis place, he lias given the highest
The course of instruction is thorough, comprehensive,
an-J ptncticaL Young gentlemen nre prepared to enter
with credit to themselves, any dust in our University, or
any College tn th .-'tare StudvnU not intending to pursue
a Collegiate edueatlon, may take such a course as will
tit them for business and commercial pursuits The coveminent
of the ecbool is mild, but erteetive. The services
of-a highly competent Assistant have been secured?Rev.
John H. Wallacv. Bourdine can be obtained in respceta
blc families in town mid vicinity. A Jew small boys can
be accommodated in the family of tin: Principal Length
oi the Sc.-sion is ten months, commencing on the first
Monday in September, at which time, or as sooa thereafter
as practicable, it is important that all who intend t<> enter
the school shnuld be present.
Tuition, payable in advance, is Incidental Fee is
$1 50. No deduction is inudi- unless iu protracted sickness.
By oufcr of the Bouril,
JAPllt) 1 V XX /Ntf
lu'r 15?Cipt Committee.
THE undesigned Will open an Academy for young
Indies, (in the building* formerly occupied by Col.
Kemper'* School,) at Gurdiiiirville, Granite County". Vs.
on the 10th of September, 1857. He will h... prepared to
take n large number of boarders, and will bo assisted by
a corps ol compete in aud experienced instructor*.
The boarding dcpurtineui will ?... under the core of
Mrs. Mary fc. Harbour, with wboui Hie Principal aud bia
family will alao reside.
TkxMS.?Board,.including every personal arcomipoda*
tion per session of ten months, #130.
Tuition?Lower English Branches #00. Higher Engllsh
Branches, (Including Algebra and (geometry,) $30 ?
Ancient l'tiguKgea each, ^-'0. Modern Languagea each,
820. Music, iiucluding use oi tbem?trnment| $35. Pay
able half iu advance, and the reruaiuder at the close of
;he aessionNo
pupil admitted for leas than five months, and no da
iuction made except in case ot protracted sicklies#.
Gordon#ville, Oranc- County, Va.
REFEKKNCFS.?Rev's. Dr. Unite and Mnoie, Richmond,
Va ; Rev. Dr. Armstrong, Norfolk; Rev. Or Hosock,
Georgetown. D. C; Judge it, 11. Field, Culpepe?
C. H : B. J. Barbour, Eaq., Uarooursville; James Newman,
Esq., Gordonsvillc, Vs. June 3?<t 1st Sept.
11 K lliinl Sp.-sIiiii will lie-in ,"ilh Si*iit( inl'ft nii-l fii.M*
,'4h July.
|ty ivfiii.. t u .jiit-Arnipi.i im.l M I i l.aiijii".-"'-,
Mnltuuiutiei-, Xulurul r'neiirpi. miiiI tie- niiiou* l-.ni.'lisli
I lll'i'lirln,< both lilgli ?i?l linv.
j Mil iv.tHv in .Tin n-K.M?H1.1I1 111 IniHiitrv i.n I Artillery. <
' |, ?l-ii i;tv?-ii i.i mh'Ii liin?-f h. ,in not iii'.-iIi-ip Willi tin- i
! M|||?r ?|I||||.'? 'I lie 'hi |i? u| IllM I liclnr" Will PlMlrli-t III Ml
li'ia-I lour, |iriii. i|i?r> iiihiliiii!,.. ih,. Virginia Militnr) .
! ln?:iiut? nuil I'nivi ujij ?i Virginia. t
j Knl'ir.'fM mci-oii -n* ?ill in- reiidy.
I '1'i riii- 10 I? r torm ?,l !, monrtii-, |isytii-l<' ill miIvmiipp. I
| TIih rh-irge enil>r*<?;* Hoard, Tuition in every Himih Ii, I
l ii.il IiiiiI l.iitlit* A.hire**, j h. STllANGK. n
| Ju!v I-? i"Jtn CliiirloMepvillc, '>' > ?
| .*.g?* Whig, Suiltliriii Argus, <oicili?lil.' Dciiuu-rnt hu.I
C'l! rlnltmvilir papers pupy. ?
%]fc;ll.l. lii-gin on llir 17th ot'August Hud i-l 'e'-Intl' "1 \
j 7? Februury following, Term* per session ul tiv>j
mouths: Kor Tuition, $10; i ir Tuition >itul Hoiird, (exeept
; lights.' 30. K -r circulars containing lurther inloriiiM- (
i lion, wlari-ss <-. j. HARRIS, l'rincipi.1.
I July I"?JlHWllstS.-iil, Forest IVpiu, Vn. (
1 rBXIlK lit'Xt ifhtilim D -L ' '*
Id "??? ocmooi vvui t?u f lit* j
jrlul Uriiu^r, Ifi..?, and clu*f? on lh? ol July ]
following. LEWIS M. COI, KM AN, M. A.,
I . Principal. i
I"' Alulugu.!, containing tonus, Ac., address
July l>?utl Taylorsville, Hanover County, V?. !
Uv Pikk PowKiir. ' .
riAHK iicnI session n| thta .School will begin oil the 1>I I
I ol September nihl close oil the loth ol Julie follow
ill jf.
Tins pupil* nro thoroughly prepared lor the highest
lasses in the University ol Ylrgiuta or oilier colleges, n
lor tlm actual business ol lilt*, and ciirotul attention is paid
to their niurHl ami religious euiiuic.
No Uftslins; on criHtit allowed. Niiiulicr ol hoarders
limit ml to 20.
TERMS?Board and Tuition the annual session, JJdtl
?payable one hull on the Ut ol September, Hud one hull
on the 1st ol .iHinoiry Lights not luroUhed. I
For further particular*, address I
July H?ctlstS PIKK 1*0WKltS, Staunton. Vn. i
second session ol' this school will eooonenee oil (
M. the lirst day of next September. The course of inMlruriioii
will include the I.Mitt, Greek. French mid Spanish
Lunguagcs, MiitlicniHtirs, Natural Philosophy, Clo'iiiIstry,
huiI lower English branches.
The teachers engaged to comlucl the school arc giaduales
of the 1'niveri.ity t.t Virginia mid Virginia Military
Institute, who will ailopi Hoi modes ol instruction put !
sued in those ir.stltutioile.
Board, tuition, wailiing, luel and light* lor ten months, 1
For cireulars. eontairiiiic lull inlormatioii, address
Culpeper Court Hon*e.
It K I i: It K N C II s :
We have the privilege of referring to the following: '
Faculty V M Iu titute, Lexington
Professors Mnupin. Harrison, Gildrrsloeve, Scheie vie (
Vere, Meflulley, Fi.iversity of Virgiuiu
Prof I.ueicn Minor. William and Mary i'oiiege
Rev Joen A Broadiis. Charlotte* vil?e
John Hart, A M
John IIutilor, Krf|. I ouis.'i county
Col Juh:i WooUolk, Grange coillitv
Rev Win S White, l> I>, LeJ.iugtuii j
Rev Win N Pendleton
Geu Win II Richardso'i.i, Utchugulid .? >'
Col Win 15 Talia'ctf, Qlouccetef
James Barbour, Ks,. Culpe.pcr
W 1> Walfacit, (leu t'.urge M CuaVo, A Hell, F.?q, ;
VVasniustusg citv ,
Mai ilcury lliil, U S Army, New York
R S Yoss. Esq, Itappahauooek eoiitiiy (
Capt Jaiues Stat k j.
The citizens of Culpeper. July .11?elf !|
plat rock. vuthaisk sk.UINaih.
PGR lite year 1C.17, the lirst Session ol tins Institution 1
will commence on the 2uth January, and close ou the '
10th of June. The second Session will coinirev,oO loo
20th of July and close the 10th ol Decent ^. <
TERMS, payable at the cud ol thv iiossion:
Hoard for Session ,* $.>0 00 J
Tuition in the Ke.jKan Departments, including
Mathotrouies Ac ''II11
French, extra ? W
Music, do "?M U*
Uriianiental Rrauclies each, extra J 0o,
Latin anJ Greek Class, taught bv thy et.baoriLi.-r 20 00
'n rases of protracted stckuess u deduction will be |
In the prdHiary Female Schools of the coui.rry, where j
<0-6 iiihchdr 1.r emplbyhd, ft is impossible, for Want of I .
time, tor the teacher to dbvote that constant, persoptt', a?- I
I tendon that is needed In sach schools, tl|';ii..'v pnjil iu
j music is necessarily sent to the p'ttl- to seam sua ppic
I t.ce her music without >i',sVi?H'vCe. Should there be but
I ten scholars, a- J u hail hour otiky dtvoted by each to <
i icua:'-, ;hu ifbeuer being present, live bourq of ti^cte^ch- I
; er J Sine will Be coniunli J, and but little left tor a.- I
If slruction l'li other studies. To this limy J, ace.l u,uuj f
ol the complaint* of Female rvU'.a'ii.
The ?reat objected r.pi ?eboe 1 iHt^ se^yre the constant, !
I personal uIS&Kmoii v.f the senJhcrs lo every Ueuutt..i<m(. j
1 F'_r ^hri purpose, two teachers are employed. ?>no to at- I
|U;4 t .thy- uriuuary Kup:Hah i-ran-l."*-including Matin't
f nubeg hud the . svieupea, u?.l Luc other to Music, French, J
[ or,] Oiuatavv'-ul Miss hi. T. Scott will again j .
I hire ch'^jjijor the first Department By her fidelity and ' j
J hy amiability of character, she secure* the love of i,!J j
f her pupils; and from tny own exaoiiimtioi\i, J anew thai
thise under her instruction progre?i v>'iih extraordinary :
rapidity and proticievcy.
I Utbetdhef Ucp?itn\?nt, embracing Music, J'reneh, and |
liia Urii?uici.ul Blanches. Miss Iuenr Knaiirr is eneasf j
W, u lttdy educated with great rHre. As a teacher, I
1,0 htnt given i tie highest Snlistuctiou to her employer n?d
|hlfnni. All that I hear of her is r-xccwli^^y cctnpliinmtnry.
Observe, that iu Mueic l,c Voi.ti; T7i-d:<j take
U-ii lessons iVariable :r, toe \ r-*t. n V cl'lk* laobirlin,
asithen retire;;, r..;i ;5.rr Piano tc |racr!'e.
. t'.; ... .illy e- aivine ll:? pOun - Ir.dici, especially oil
Su k brvv.be* a-.-->ri! generally in Female F-fioo'j, very (
Jiicportecdy learned. When this is to Inks place is not j
I , gncraliy known t>y tii'nu Vhu '.( w>ccti.enc?; u that they i
ar- always prepajyd
n ejcur.-', I lew it due to the Young Ltulles who have |
i i^t'ccdi 'l this ,-chooi. la express my piateful appreciation 1
, of their uniform klndncg. to each other, and to every
n.rinber of my inmily. Their extraordinary decorum,
ttejr handsome obsi-rvaiiN- of those social proprieties
i uuloli eontrihiite so much to the rnainent ol female societal
their diligent application to their duties, and ti.eir j
l pioftcieticy, merit more than ordinary prnls", j
, When notified on what day .Stubi.;. w J1 vyaoii ii!?ck'e j
i tnd White's by the ears o! '.Hj .Sr^tu-.'pie iittiljKoad. a j
witable conveyuuc? *..ii.lv rjfo.'i'.UM.
I RfKvery iiit-.-lccI ck>\Uv>; should be marked.
I t'fP*My a..circsi ij MacFarland's, l.unenburg, Vs
to**: IV?c',f
f|IHK. nest session of tiiis Institute will com me cp o-> '
1 M. Tnuisdav, the first dny of Ootch'T, u-d ciiise tip I.
Hst Thursday in June, I
I. T-. tnoN i.v PHK: A*atcbv HrrAKT.ny.XT.
English studies.. W t
11. French ' -
11. C01.1.K01ATE Department.
' | English and Scientific stfiilrs 'Hi
I Fieuch, Latin, ie... vO
' Music ;,v loi".i... ? ' **
iira'Aihci Neidlc Work, firccian Painting, A:c. -.
' Oil Painting I" 1
I ' IV. HpAUlU .1. I'r r AR'lAiK.X'l".
i Ifeatd
| WasliitiE. ..."ii
i Jir. C-utia charge for instruction in Vocal Music, l?.r luel,
lights, Sic.
The total Institute charges lor boulders pursuing diner t
eut coursca ol study, insy be stated as lolb.ws ;
Board, with tuition in Preparatory Kuglish iS.iil
Hoard, with Knulish and Scientific L'oP.egiatr s. idies .'70 ,
Hoard, with Collegiate stqdie* opd French, for other I
language) 290 ,
Qof.ii, with Collegiate jtudici, French not! Oil Paint- !
log 330 (
Uonttl, with Collegiate studies, French (or Latin) and ,
Music 3(0 |
It is proposed to increase the number of tie! Faculty
and to extend t,iid elevate still further the course of study, ,
giving opportunity, as horetolore, tti the Collegiate <! ,
parinieni for the selection if studies.
According to the plan adopted iu the outset of this Institute,
n young li.dy may pursue any one of the tevi ral
branches ol study into which the course is divided, and {
oil successfully completing it, is entitled to graduate in
that division. Those who may graduate iu ail the schools
will receive a special diploma as lull giadiiatcs ,d the 1
Any further information will ho given on applicatim to
July 3'J?ctlslOct President of the Institute.
THE undersigned will open k School at his residence,
near (inrdnnsville, in the couuty of Orange, on the
Ut of September, 18.17.
The course of instruction will include the English, f.n- i
tin, Creek, French and Italian languages, and their litera- I
lure and Mathematics. >i
! The Principal, my son, K II. Newmau, has been nluca- '
ted nt the University ot Virginia, and is a graduate of iliat i
' Institution iu most of the departments iu which he will i
give instruction. I
A limited number of pupils can he accommodated in
my family, subject to the suine rules and enjoying like pri i
vlleges with tny younger sons. _ i
j TERMS:?Tuition and Board, including everything, <
| *200 for the session of It) months?one-half paynule on llie I
j 1st of September, the other at the cloao od tho turni, .'Itkh i
ol June, leSd.
Further inforimitiou, if desired, iuay he ohtaiucd by ml- i
dressing either the principal or the umleisigncd, at (lordonatio.
Professors Harrison, Scheie de Vere, Bledsoe and (iilderslccvc,
of the University.
Hev. I). K. Ewiug, (iordotisvilln.
K. fi KutHn, Esq , and K. H. llaxall, Esq , n( Hichmond.
(lot. John Willis, Orange Court House.
P. B. Jones, Rapid Ann Station, Oulpeper.
July 8?c2m i
SESSION 18.".7-18. ,
THE next Annual Course of Lectures will com- |.(
incnee on the 1st of October, 18.17, at the College l'
Building, corner of Marshall and College streets, Rich- j ,
mond, an I terminate on the 1st of .March, 18.1?. i (
Surgical and Surgical Anatomy, by Ciiari.es Bellj i
(iinso.a, M. II. 11
Theory ami Practice of Medicine, l.y David h. Ti ck- i
KS, M. 1)
Chemistry and Pharmacy, by M.iHTtx P. Scott, M D. ,
Materia Medica and Therapeutics, by II. R. Well roan.
M. D
Anatomy, by Amthcb E. Petkolas, M. II. ,
institutes ol Medicine and Medical Jurisprudwi o, by |
Levin S. Jovne>, M. I). _ I
Obstetrics and Diseases o( Women and Children, by \
Jas. H. CONWAY. m I
! Demonstrator of Anatomy, l>y Marion Howard, M. D ,
' Tha study "I Practical Anatomy may oc pruicemea
with the nioft ample facilities and at n very trifling expense.
Clinical Lecture* aro regularly given at the Collect- Infirmary.
This Intirmury, un.lcr the tuiae root'with the
College, i? at all timea well tllle.l with Medical and Jurgi
cal case*, and furuUhe* pocnliar facilitiea for Clinic,! in
Many Surgical Oprrationi are performed in tlir pre
senccuf the dai*. and the Student* biting daily admitted
to the ward*, enjoy, under the guidance of the Profiteers,
unusual opportunities for becoming familiar, not only with
t the aytjiptoina anil diagnosis ol' disease, burwith its daily
I progress and treatment.
I Amount of Kttit* for Lecture*, .....Ski."
Matriculation Fee, f? (
I'mctical Anatomy 10 ]
(iraJuating Fee
The price of Hoard, including Fuel. Lights and Her
vjinta'attendance, varie* from "S3 to $.1 per week. The
Catalogue*, containing fuller information coucerning the
Institution, will be forwarded to those who apply for it, cr
prcitic cncuirie* will be answered by letter. 1
L. S. JOYNES, M. D, '
July "?ctlst Oct Dean of 'be Faculty. '
I SHALL be prepared to accommodate 5i.\ schoojgl;!* i ,
with board dnring the next scMicjta of t^e female J
echoi.-U in Charlottesville.
Tksxv?Bosol, washing, fc,..l, lights, .A..-,. f..i ten .
month*, mr during the jes-i'.na of the school',) 3 till, halt j
payable 'n advance and hait' on the 1*1 of February, I 'J-". |
My residence in Chnrhut< aville is conveniently iocateJ, in
reference to any of tbe?chonl* or cburchca.
Esily application* arc de?ired.
July 17?cwit ROBERT H. TR^CE.
tflCTjO.'V SALES. |
('1111.14' ?K VAI.I'Altl.K
mill, r'sv.in ash rouy ruorti;i i /v
li'i i Kiui;t.v (.oi'N'rv.
BT) ! KM INT r<> tin- pr.i., ol >i li.vl ot Ti I't trout 1
? Mr i .t,!i 'I mi I r..,| ?,th >! Ki't.iimr . I-.- I
.>i.t 1111iy ! Hi l> . ! rr < i.iinty, nil.I ill rjirrtitinn |
it iin- li.vrii- )iruii..iuirril Siy ih?. cnniit court ol Alio'- |
"Hiin H rnilm* Ihciriu |ii'ii(iiiis; 111 ihi- l.unifol Mu?rui.-r.
'i'i ihii'.' . i i.tvny. t.i iiii i- a. I'.i. a nN., tlii- utili-ri-i4!: ;!
tl:? iiftine trust*--* m .-u.-t iln* I iiNiiifJ, h.-rcliv
Hi . r.??sii'f that Will i'M? i lot Mill- by way ot Public
Vui'tioti, I" III'* l:i^!n?! lili"r iii tin-town ot Kiichim.iti.
!..ft.niif rnntifv, mi KUIKAY. tin* I I hiy ot MI'TK.M
?KU Mi VI', tin vuliulili* KK.II KMATK .i.v.*y.*,| m
iHiiJ liio-.l, niri l\ iiij in i.ii'i inoir tin* townol Kiu'lum ill,
111 I C<lll?i;IIIIL' 111 th** lillluw ins property
1. dm* Jnrjji* (tii.-k rl 'If lilt.I Lumber Ilmu.'nil VVn|i-i
trio*!, ..nil ftiiii.iiii^ on tin' Imiilv ..I lin* river, well ituntfii
ur tiiHiiifdi.
IJii?? Illicit Ti'in'dli'iit on Huh litiio I with two room*.
n'cii|.iiol respectively na l.uwyetV utul floi'tor'a Oil-re?
villi ih" liNtiilriiiiii* billKtilllot. halt :i lure, uti which
t 1-tUllill'.
'!. Two iliiii|i;n ovi''l lots ill 1'iilt tualmrg oil thr oppuuitf
niiik of ihi- river.
I A harm with n .1 wi'lliiu; linUse ami other ini|iriirt'
until* titer, on I'liiit'iiniii" oi. liiiiiilrcil iiinl twenty-seven
u*re* ot I.iii.I ~:tu.itoJ on.' mi V i.elow,lhe tow not I'.itton.j'irj.
on iii.- Jiiiiii> i iv.'i, wi ll Idiot; ii ?? tin' "Hiunilton
Kill In Properly,"
'I'lli' term. of Mil.' will I limit!: C?s!i. ntiJ tin* but
ii ii rri'ilit of on.. uikI two vine, the puri-liu.fi>
.-iritis boiiil unil i;inut p.'i>iiiinl n-i nrity, bciiitiit} inf-rct
front thf day of blr un.il piiij unit the legal till** ri'taini'.l
unii! pnyiiu'ut lit lull
Tim titlf in bfliiwi'il to I..- indisputable, but the under
7.? ! ??,ti ijin. rimvi'v i?* inn pini'Iihm'I6 i:i?i iiim' vt'uni |
y hi'ii by tin* deed mill nt'ire-aid.
A I.I.AN I! MAHIU'DI.R. Tuudee.
It: u'.Iit i.i invest tin- purchaser Willi h perfect lit! * huiI
he inti-ifti in tin- said prope.ry, the it in I-r signed,
wliu isinti-if at**il jointly with Mi John Timberlake. in a
|>nr! ol tlii* hIiovi' pi.)|M>i!y, will iiuiti' in tlx- proposed -ul?
ml will corn cy }ii& iniiTi-rt tu tin- jiari liHerr on th?' terms
nl.,ivi- ri'i'iti'.l.
July tin?<\lw J.AMKS MAtiHrilK'l.
F. I. .11 WO liuT
ron sAt.r. .i / pi.'hi.ic Arenas.
Vr it is my purpose to remove to t'hicago, I will sell
. ni jiulilir miction, mi thi: prcuUeci, ShFTF.UBKIl
lln* 3rd, I AVKIiNKstfi.\A ) this henuliiul I'll nil' It lies mi
In- north hank of tin* North River, very near the western
crinimis of ih'1 North River f'anal, lix than two miles
I nun Lexington, and, within tin sound of the village bells
iit'l e'nrk. There fire .Vjo m-res in the tract, itnd on it
llwelliuc House*, Harm. ami other Houses necessary tin
two separate establishment*. It wan originally TW
Karma. ni.it I shall -I'll it in that way The upper or "Hall
Kami" contain. '.tin aci eg, about tiny ol which nru luiely
iiinh.'ie.l. There is ou ttint farm, a large two story ftwell
ing House, Kitchen, flew ."tone Spring House, l-'tatiie
Dairy House. in leet long, Intheil nnii plastered, with water
piped into it; nlsn, n large Barn, sheddtul on otic side.
There is likewise mi Apple Orchard of 40 or SO trees, and
i very productive Harden. This is a beautiful and fertile
Kartn I have had a Cheese Dairy ou it the six lutjeur*.
f front 2.7 to 3.*. cow-. A new toad froi;, the Think (load
to Kerr's Creek, ol easy ;;vtiJe. is row being opened, mid
will puss near the dwelling. The owner will thus have
ready .ircr.s to the <:iu;ichu- ol Lcxilig'ou, sud lacilities
lor education at Wt.ihiiigton College the Mi ituty Institute.
Ann ."t .ith Academy, Mr. Fuller's line Classical School,
and other more common schools.
The other division, "F.hn W'oinl," my place ?f residence,
and still nearer town, contains 3tk) nor cat, about one-third
nl winch is ui timber ol line runlity. It has on it a handsome
Dwtoiug House it; mnilgfu cottage style of 7 rooms,
iind cellars throughout the building, Kitchen', Meat
Hove, Ire House, f artiaso House, t-touc Spring Hou.e.
titie Burn, Stubh a, Jtc. There is hii Apple Orchard on
this place, ol about I0U trees. On the two tarins there uriI
or d spring* ol good water.
A portion of thi; lutul D river bottom ol great fertility.
Par', ol the upland is genuine mulatto soil, aud the whole
produces finely. Tin: uncleared laud is uncommonly rich
It is well known in Rockbridge tlmt these two lamia
muted constitute one ot the liie-st landed estates in the
county, mid it is seldom property is in market v.i;!i so
many ndvuntng-'f. agricultural, sort il, religioy,; u.,d educational
cointiiiicil Any person wi.Hn^ to purchase will
if course, avail Ininself of an opportunity of exuuiiuiiig
the premisrr previous to the uny ol sale.
Tile mill property adjoining tiles, farms is separate and
distinct. The mills now in course of erection, will lie
.o...ph:ted under the auoerilitend'-nee of my aim Kilwari',,
who is half owner of that propetty, and business .?ill be
conducted there by Kdwarii .1. Leyburu Co.
T?:r.M,i ok "ai.k ok Farms: Oue|'?tiu on 1st October,
the balance In one ami iw Jvais. with interest from the
1st October.
'"??* Sale ty com no ece at 11 o'clock.
Agg.-itds AI.KRKD I KV"I"'V
I. AND KttH .Mild.
OVVlNH to my continued !V?hie health. 1 wish to sell
my Laic! ami Village I'topetty at Chrlstiaupvtlie i
will sell a great liajguiii in this Properly, as I wish to close
my iiiercfintflo ouatoess. There is about IbOU acres It
lies i ll '... th aide.- 9f Butcher's ereck, and abounds Willi
i^iiog i of the best water. Itutrher's creek runs utmost
iinu.ediiitelv threiigl: the o.enu-- ot lla. luul. The luud
hii !>< <11vi.I1 ii, subpurchasers Tin* village propi'rt;
ii rvtotwive?m Urge Dwelling ll'.n.e, h com modioli's
-"tor.- House, neatly lit'ed up ortiShop., Arc All* i u
l'au, Yu?.|, which w ill l? ?i-lv to with the other
propt-.Ty. us tn?y to st suit put .-linter*
t'bristi.ituvilh- is v,I l'J uiiies north of lloyilton, 1?!
S K. ul' ('iMr|?sviilt>, J-jmi!<- south ol Keysvilie, Hide
-iitl Danville Kitilroitil, and :s th*! terminus ol I',,.
f 'liristi-i?.? vilt?- mill K>-y: \ i!!?- i'li nk Road.
I invite Merchant*-. Doctor., Lawyer*, .Wrtuniiio hih!
Farmers. wishing to ton chase Intel i?n.I village property,
to vi-w thin property beforepuicha.ing elsewhere I ileein
it ssmy to jj.vo *. .n tailed description of this pro;>erty
met it. pie t?..ir me I advantageous locution, us I pre>uioC
>,o p- ison or persons will buy w ithout liret having
i-xmniiiiii-il the preini.-es. J. F. FINCH
Christian-vile-. M-rklcnhurg L'*>?"ty, Vu. |
July H?cw4w
PL'Ks?.?N .. to ii ilec.>-i! of the Circuit Court cj apot-ylaut.
i'i i.rity, rendered the rib i\uy ,J July, lfcVi,
I shiiir.ell hi public auction. hi Sp./.aj I,i?i;:uCourt lloui-e,
in MONDAY, the i'th >i ._y e* 'h ut-Miil.-r, ilott bring Court
<!?*-, t t"'C, n? ' .,u iy'.e./ ie poiel i-.inniv m-.r Wsl
lei "a Tavei toe |.coporly of Warren A. Wigbsworth,
Fay, deceased
the tirs; tract. known a. "Woudbcrry ' the residence
of Sairi Wiileeworth, h'iioiiis the liutil) of C'Hpt. F.l'iotl
Di laliM-lt, |i; ,\.*!soil Waller lilnl tilers, Hlei contains
About tiOiJ ucrei, 101 acres of winch arc cleared. I'S
l.mro in or it Ami pine timber. This is a *"erjf .vo-rable
fa hi; the soil is susceptible ol it lit:>de4r?e ol improve
meiit, is well watered bysj rire. i'iu.1 creeks, nod ndapteit
to the cultivation ef ?-i;-r. and tobacco. The un
provement? co.tsLc "l a itrgo mid convenient dwelling
houie kjehtji, w! 1. a well of excellent water in the ynrii,
bh.r;i, a.e.ble, tobacco houses. Are., and hii orchard ol
choice iruit. The iiuitthhnrhooil is very desirable, and i.s
Le.diliy i.s any in Virginia. j
Ti.e second trad, known as tho "Quarter,"' is !^;.ie.l :n j
the same neighborhood, anil adjoins the la-.lx e.l Win. I-' j
Walter and Henry Hens ley, F>nrs contains about I..DOO i
seres, 600 of which nre eler.re.l, the residue in oak and |
pine timber. The m.', is of qond qimlity, well enclosed, i
well watered, ?o<! adapted to the nnwth of all the crops
ru'.ti .uicil in that section of country. This farm has on V
an overseer's house, ham, -tables, to'-arco houses, Ac
The above property will lie soL* stt?.o'c; to u lease,
which will expiri the 1st day ef .\c.'.:vry, libit'.
The title is good, hut rel'tinc a* i.'pntmis?ione; I snail
convey only ttieh title as is vested in tun
For any lit riser informal ion it-, relution tn the above
property, I reli-r to the above rcino-d gentlemen of ?pot*
sylvstiH, V W Dudieiy, Ksq. ol Itichmoitd City, or the
subscriber, no-.r (luiney's Depot, Caroline county. Va.
II. B. WHITK, Comin'r
Tr?U One third rash, the balance in two equal annual
payments, the deletred pnytneaU to bear inter.-1
Iroin the day of sale, secured by good peisnti .l sccVitity
a ml a lien up.ui the premises July &.* ?cwtda.
h.t.MI IN lil.M; WILI.IAAT C??K'STX i'OK "
Til IF: .--.ib.-eriber is a*,.'.lows lu fll it li.ieiot land, containing
Ifil tie.ij, about three miles below the Court
rioiiil' UI lilli Oou.liy, r,Hii 1IM1 milt's it Kin II JIUUII'.' iituuin^
an the MRltH|Klili I iVf|'.
Tln> building* are ii comfortable dwelling house, n large
licw ham, jlkMr. and other necessary out buildings, a*
me?t house, dairy, servant o houses, .Vr , 4c This tract
iius Irom sixty to se/entyiive acres id us valuable meadow
IhiuI hr etui he found in nr.y tract in this country?
well drained, ami very productive. The high land is
rlay sub > ;il-throuchrut, mncli ol which has hern limed
ar marled, and is highly productive in grain or grass, the
lattei growing so luxinihii ly, that it could he made u
inoa' valuable grsiing farm. The iiico'.;\*rriy>nc-e of eultilating
this tarm, -o distant frnn; i;;y rtwidcuce, wou'.t
nduce me to otter it to any person wishing to purchase,
C>n very liberal li-iaw, liuth as to. pi ice and time of payment.
I do candidly ciy, that stub i* tbo estimate I have ol
his land, ir.atif it adjoined the truer upon which I teshlc,
I Would nf.k double the price I would lake liirif, as at prelent
Thn loeatioii is healthy, the neighborhood good, and
within two miles ol a Itnptiet and Ketorm houses ot
worship. AkOIKK BROWN,
Aylell'a I', O King William county, Va.
July til - cw4w
rS^ IIK subscriber, acting as agent, and in bia o\yti right,
1 ntfers for sale n large farm, situated ir, North-Kust
Missouri. This farm lies in the upoer edge ot the county
>f Lincoln, and about 1 lmilc? fcota the Mississippi liver,
[icoiitains, liy recent survey,6!l?nr>rcs, about tfiDal which
ire enclosed and in cultivation, the Imlnnce in woodland.
The land is located ut tits uii.Ut of a hue grtiiu and tobacco
growing region It U well adapted to the growth of
corn, wheat, tobacco, iitui the grasses. The soil of the
land rcnis or. u limestone foundation, and that portion
which is cleared is in good heart, and productive. There
?rc mi the farm :t comfortnhle dwelling-house, containing
lix rooms, together with Ire house, smoke house, the necessary
out houses for servants, ami several tobacco
houses. There are on the place several never failing
springs, which allord an ample amply of water lor all the
lues of a large family; arid, also, an ahundatice lot any
number of stock
The social advantages of the neighborhood are good;
nrci there aro several churches within a short morning's
ride, which are open to all nlike, musters nud servants.
The idea may hnve rein lied Viiginia that slave property
is becoming insecure in the State of Missouri. 'I hat species
ol property is just a# scent e in Missouri, us it is in
Kentucky, Virginia, or any ot the older slxveholdiiig
States. The county in which the subscriber resides, ojid
the adjacent county, both contain ft large and an increasing
slave population. These counties are bounded tui nr.e
side by the Mississrippi river, and yet not one dove has escaped
fromcitherot them, in the hist ten years. No interance
untavorable to the permanency of shivery in the Stat"
should be drawn Irom a iatc movement in the city of St
Louit, on the subject of cinun. ipalioa. 'That was merely
gotten up by the leaders ul a ileporatc political taction,
eager to rciaiu possessiua of tlo luerutiveulHceaof a large
inunicipal corporation. The people ol tliaSute at large, utterly
repudiate any such movement, and arc well satisfied
to abide by the provision of the State Constitutu ii, which
prohibits emancipation, unless with the consent ol the
Tim properly, which the subscriber desire* tn n il, i*
iVt'l! situated, m regard* a good market for all the pro*
Juctn of Ihe larin. ft has two ol the heat landing* on the
Upper Missi**ippl tor hipping point*. To one of them
odd* lire mailt* troni the Itirm, in the eour?e of the day,
ivith ease, during the Summer and Fall month*?and to
joth of them, good graded and Macadamized road* are
iow* in proc est* of construction At each of thcui there
ire aeverol large flouring mill*; nnd at one of tho*a ship*
ring point* (thn town ?>f Louisiana) there are two large
ind extensive fobnero manufactories in full operation
The facilitie* for shipping, to St I.ouis, from either point,
ire unrivaled on the Upper Mississippi.
A* this property i* ottered for mile to effect paitition
imong heir*, it will certainly be di*posed of. Possession
* ill be given in time to row whent the coming fall.
If not di-p red of prior tn that time, the property will
ie aold publicly,on thepremises,on thesecond MONDAY,
he 12th day ot next Oetobt r, 1 ?57.
The title to the land 1* indisputable, nnd the terms of rale
in he ascertained on application to the subscriber, livine
ie?r the premises. Any one wishing to purchase, will
itb'nec n<11.res* the subscriber, through hi* post office, at
'rairieville, Pike rouuey, Missouri.
May H?ctli'thScp PETER OARR. Agent.
PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, oilers his service* to tbc
citizen} of Richmond, ?ts n Teacher of the Piano,
Harp Cuitar end ot Ftngir j. Having taught Music for
ds v airs m E fie worth Seminary, in "North"Carolina, tie
.onajently refers to Gov. Mnorehead, Proprietor, and to
fliekard Sterling, Esq , Principal of that Institution. Re*
lidnncn at Mr*. Kiiiaeir* Hoarding House, Huad Street, i
ic.'ir 9th.
Rev Geo. Woodhrid.-e Rev Dr M R Hoge. Re.-. Dr
r. \ . Moore, Will. G. l a.r.e, El* J I ..I f I' AogUr'.. R K. j
ilowisnn, Mr. A M. rris, i* ii rnyley, .Mat. J C Shield*, *
Dr. F. H. Denne. July 15?dlw&wHm '
AMf>KI? IM.AsSTKK.-Ooif~bbis. l.ubec, be?t
qualitv, for wig by
Au* d ' I Si G. E. DAVENPORT.
.. M(TI(^S?,KS. i
\ A l<i AH1.K I,ami ix liA.NUVKU COl'NTY
p'ivn'. lv. Jill I '
B !? !?> "I Ani?u.t, tli? Tract nl I e.',llo.t 1 ?? <*
'"T"-'"' ',,,h 'fn 1 VV barker.
,1,., *?} a^re, Th.. I,,. i Ij.>4 .even mill-.
Ninth "I K i-limot.il, mid mile |,ulII Vn -r,i. I .-n
ir.il railroad I aw I. md h n* ?, MIV
tilUIill, i U I 'Vi'll adapted t> tin* jrnwib <ii i-orn, wheal,
out-, Ao. Tin-re are about 14.) arre.i ut ihi? laud i-leared
Toe b iliin.-i! i* ?et in Pine i*i I Oik 'I hi- tMiptoveim-i.t.
are ii Wood liwollio.', i-uiiluiiiitiL- six luim:-, and alt no
oemary out h iu.-i-i, in cnod .-on .ition. with hii excolleut
well in ill.- yard, and a li-.-t rati- ->,t l< n
ll tl.i. I.and i. not ?' !d belore tin- .INt day of Auju.t,
wo shall on that day. oft.tr it tor aali-fu llio highest bidder,
on the praiiiise i. on r.-n.oii.lblo teinu.
'I'iiobi- .Inuring to purcliH." will visit tin- l-iiriii, uil tutiilv
tlii'iiisolv. . of it. udvuir.a >i*<. Applv to
July SP -ctib Adin'r. of T. ?V. Ilaiker. dec'd.
WlHIINll to make m change in my bnaiueea, I will
.. ;1, on WKDNKSIIAV, tlto *.M ol .-wpteiiihernex ,
one of tin- m |p.l di-jirab'e harm- in ''ocubontn., Va., .ituat*-d
in tlw l.ittlo l.eve'ti. on tho Marling*. Ilottom and l.ewo
l.hurg Turnpike road, within liall' ol n mile ot Mill Point,
and t iiitainiiij One lluudrod and Seventy live Acre-., |
iii '.tly ot the I.est lillie.tolie I ml. ol' w!iieW ...... I
mi.I thirty or forty acre* ure improved, of which - verityrive
aic in gram and tin' balance ill jiiim. Thia tnriu ia ti
a neighborhood ol good society. It is well wiUereil, ?oii
producing well nil kinds of grain an J grass , with enliven
en- buildings go >d urJiar I, and as eunvenient to sawmill-,
li ouring mills, post office, store, tan yard, A i\, hp
could be desired; also '.villi n roach of Little Levels Armdemy,
ami Presbyterian and Me hodist churches. All
tilings considered, is is certainly one of the heat situated
HnJ most de-iriible lariii. in tiro county.
Alsi, another Farm, no milo eset ol the above tract,
containing ah mi One Hundred and M*;y Acres, ol which
more than ouo hundred are improved and iu pasiuie I;
is of uood limestone lai d, with several spring?, house, or
cbard, mi.I the Turnpike road passing through it.
Also, two hundred *< res adjoining the first tiatned tia"t,
ol which perhaps thirty acres are improved; the remHiu
der is in good white oak timber. 1 have alao several tracts
of i;iiimI ranging land which I would Sell.
IVrsoiitiiroin a disiai.ee will be made ucquaiuted witli
the lauds by the s ili-criber, or llie persons iending on
It is desirable iu have one ball or more of the purchase
money down, or soon after sale; bur the particulars U the
terms will be made known on the day nt sale.
Possession given to ami the purchaser
The title will let ret tiue.l, or a lien upo? the land held
tor the delerred psjnients. JdiiN II. RUCKMAN,
Near Mill Point Pocahontas count J, Vn.
should the day he tud'avurable, thesale will take place
the next fair day. July 'ti?ctds
PAK>i PiiiFSiiix
I SHALL, on WKDNKSDAY, the lith day of August, it
fair, if nor, the next lair day, otier at public auction to
toe highest bidder, on the premises, my larin, in Culpepor
county, one and a half miles from Hnccoun Ford, immediately
on the rood leading thr-reiroui to Stevcniburg. uu.l
four miles from Mitchell's Station, on the Orange and Alexandria
(tail Koii.1, eoiiluiiiiiig litaj acres, two hundred ol
which is open hind, and one hundred heavily timbered.?
The open land is iu a line stale ol cultivation, and ia con
.iijefoda very supcriot Whe.c ami (irass Farm li a I
joins the hlitis of 1'. P Nidlr, Tiioruioii Firingfellow, Jeremiah
Morten, Jr., alel others li is well watered, and
has upon it, convenient to the house, one of the most do
nimble never failing springs in the country. The build
iugi are ordinary.
This farm ia t-ituated iu a most enterprising and successful
funning neighborhood, and the society is equal to
tiny in the j?tate, with Churches, Shop;, ?in?t and Fuw
Mills, Ac , of every description,convenient.
For further inhumation, address the aubscribcr, or \V.
U. Williams, ('range 11. sr., Va , or George Piittnill, Jr ,
Raccoon Ford, Co.lpepor county, Vn. Either ol the above
mimed geutlgt*ik-n will take pleasure in giving any intbrmntioti,
u< allowing the laud to auy one w ishing to buy.
i-i-rsons wishing to purchase land arc requested to call
and exaiuiiio lulore the day of sale.
Terms made known on day of sal*.
Possession of the laud will L?> given to the. purchaser in
due time to enublc him nt seed a crop of Wheat.
Julys?ctds WM C AUSTIN.
PURSUANT to the provisions of two deed- of trust,
executed by John 'Laying- Wurmley, and Virgiuia F.
his wife, on the lLth day eg June, ld-tl, lor curtain pur
posf-6 therein euumcvuiod and set forth, which said deeds
of trust nre of record iu the Clerk'a office of the County
Court of King William, 1 sitall, us trustee, iu the deeds
aforesaid, proceed to sell on the premises, at public auction,
to the highest bidder, on Tuesday, the 11th day of
August. l(t.?7, tbo valuable farin called "Prcsquo Isle,"
upon which the late John Tayloe Wormley resided, pre
vious to his death. This farm is situated on the Matlapotii
river, abcut li miles below the village of Aylett's, up to.
which point the river is uavigable fur vessels of consido;*bloslxe.
There arc two good landings upon tho farm, at one ot
which a shud and herring fishery can bo orolitablv con
The locution linn always hooa oojisldered h healthy on"-,
oinJ the close proximity oi u lino mill, churches of ditfercnt
denominations mid |ho . liiioiiicnt and intelligence of the
neighborhood ho mentioned as desirable features iu
the prooi'.ty. The tract contains Hhoiit ikHJ acres, atidas
h p.e.uiued that persons desii Otis ofpurclouiag wilt give
it u personal inspection, u further description is deemed
The purchaser will have tl\6 priviVgc oi sowing ft crop
of wheat in the full, and lull po.scssiou given hiUl oa the
1st day of January, Issid.
Terms, wiiioi <fJlho made known oji the day of sale,
will he ci iLo must ticcowmodi ting character.
Tto tiiV ia believed to be pet leet. but the trustee will ol
course convey with the u?-.;i.l special warrantee.
Mr. Read, on the premise, or my Irieud, Capt. Tims.
Robinson, who jives near, will take pleasure iu showiug
til- tarty, tuthose wishing to purchase.
dune 11?ctiis Kntield, I'. O . King tVilliam C).
SAM: OK~A VAflAlll.K pAIOf!\~vl\K~
AS a special commissioner, appoint ti cy a deereo ot
the Circuit Court ot the <c>;il.y i f Albemarle, pro
uouueed on the i!.?lh U y v? Gc.uoci, lcao, iu u cuuse
therein pending, styleil "lT_J?on, Ac. vs. Cnry and als," I
shall, on FRIDA'r, slut August, Ir.77, if fair, ii nut, next
lair day, (do.auay excepted,/ at ltd o'clock, M., on the pre
li is,.'; expose to sale, at public auction, to the highest
niildgr, the tract of land in the proceedings of the said
cause mentioned. The said tract contains, by recent survey,
.'KIT; acres, is known as "ltetiipe,"|w&* purchased by
Mile* t.'Hry, liece'tsed, ol the oxcoutur ot the lav: Dr. Su
muel \V. Tompkins, is situatulon the Muuutou and .tann s
Kiver plank l oad (whieii runs alone the whole line ul the
place, hut \vitl;w.,: passing thiou^h any portion ot it.)
a'-out four :,:nl a hall miles from the town ot iitoltsville.
sixfe;ii miles Irouj Ckoglottesvillc, mul within seven or
oiuhl nulesoftlie line of the railroad now being constructed'troin'Lynchburg
through Charlottesville to Alexandria,
ami adjoiua or ia adjacent to the lauds ot John II. Coleman.
A. r! Wooldridjn, A. <5i!?a aud others. The tract lies well
together, the most of it being cleared, hut with suthcicut
tuaber for ordinary use, with a Southern exposure. The
jpil is a chocolate clay, arid is regarded by those best acnuainted
with it ns the best in that portion of the county.
The view from the dwelling, for extent, variety and beau
ty. isnot surpassed by any in that psrt ol the country,
and the health of the place is proverbial The Improveincuts
consist of n comfortable frame dwelling, with six
rooms besides basement, an excellent bara and all other
out lenses (including ice house) necessary for a place ot
its size. There is also r.pop tee place an excellent orchard
of choice fruit trees.
TERMtf:?For c-nsh a* to one third, and upon credits as
to the bHikpcy, iy equal i- staluMits ol one and two years,
the purchaser giving bunds with good security, with interest
added from the day of sale, tor the credit payments,
i,ud the title retained until a conveyance i? ordered by the
Persons desiring to purchase can address R Milton ('a*
try, Comm., Hicnniond city, 01 the auctioneers.
R. Ml I. TON CAKY, Richnegni, Va.
Sale conducted by tinnoi.s A Arriciiso\, Aucts.
July ! ?ctd*
JTc^Chnrlottesville Jeft'crsnnian copy till day of sale.
I,OlI*A 1,A.M> KUU SAl.t.
iN accordance with the will of the lute Reuben Renholds,
dre'd, I shall proceed to sell two Tracts of
I.and belonging to the estate of the said Reuben Retinoids.
The tirst of aai.k Tracts lira within one fourth ol n mtlo of
Frederick's i|au Depot, on thn north side of the Virginia
Cental Railroad, containing about 220 acres, being well
-supplied with water, lying on each side ot South Klk
crock, on which there nrc about CO or C.1 ncres of low
grounds well under drained rtnid land has .nrticient original
timber tor support, and a quantity of thrifty pine
It has a dwelling house, in gnofl repair, that will h?vsuSE,cient
for a small tamily. The land is well adapted to
ic.e. Wl...u? ami T.iliPi>r*o And t)i<> nllior Tro '? ik nUr.iit
one hikI n hall miles north ot" the said Depot, on the North
fork of Elk Creek, contains Ifi acres by yecent survey,
well watered iiinl timbered; tho original timber land
equal to any in this section of co jjitry, with Hbout HO
ueres of low land out >o bo su.passed in fsrti'ity by any
hoi.I in this aect<o^o'.? country. It is well under-drained;
hinl the upland U in u considerable at ate of improvement.
I ilei.'t?i ,t unnecessary to bay more, as those who may
wv? to purchase will view the bind for themselves.
The above land will be Bold to the higlieat bidder, at the
MntiBion Home ol the deceased, on WEDNESDAY the
18th day ol AUGUST next, HE.7, If fair, if not the next
.Inly 17?elds Kxoc'or of K Retinoids, dee.
nTVAflLk KAlt.U KOK flACK U.M"jA.rifc?
AS a Commisriouc- ot the Circuit Court ol Powhatan
county, I ahull oiler lor ulc on Wednesday, tb* 18th
day of August, lb.>7, on the promises. the tisctof auil
cn led "KINK CHEEK," on which thelHtc Thomas Fuqua
reaided. This tract contains about two hundred and
scvei tv-ri.-ht acres, lying 3'! miles above Richmond, im
rn diat'dy between the River Road atnl the River, having
a small proportion of low grounds, ami adjoiniu the la (It
of Charles Carter Lee. Esq , Mrs. Gilliam, and others, in
a pleasant and healthy neighborhood, convenient to the
Episcopal Church and to I lue Creek Mills. Tbo feuci g
w in good tepuir, with usual tieccssniy buildings upon a
farm. Also, one Negro Woman of middle age.
TERM?:?For the slave cash, for the land olo third
rash, balance tn ee,ua! payments at one and two years,
purchase:' to execute hi.no; tearing interest troin date
with approved security, and title to be retained until the
whole purchase money be paid.
At the same time nnd place, the administrator will otfar
fw silo the mntlning personal property on the premises
?two Mules, Growing Crops and Crops on hand, Ac
July ij?p)ni JOHN K. LAY, Cotnm'r.
THE undersigned iitfcrs lor sale his land in King and
Queen couiity, called "Greenbrier," situated within
two miles of the Mattapoui River, and about four or hve
miles from Walkertou. tin; head ot steamboat navigation.
It adjoins the estates of John Walker, John Ryland and
A. G. stale, and contains 581 1 acres of laud, ot excellent
quality ami mostly in woods. There is but a very little
open lund on the place?the greater portion being a large
body of woods thickly set with pine, oak and hickory, but
Criucipally pine; and to those disputed to engage in tbc
urines* <>f cutting cord wood, ottering great inducements,
us large sea-going schooners pats as high as this point and
within two miles of tbc laud.
The lurm is well watered, with several marl banks con
venientiy situated.
Terms accommodating and full possession given Immediately.
* Unless sold before, privately, (of which due notice
will be given,) the above land will be sold publicly ou the
premises, on THURSDAY, the TJth ol August, U;57, It
lair, if not, the next fair day thweatter.
Persons desirous of making enquiry or proposals oy
letter, can do so by addressing D " GREGG,
April gj?cwtf Aylctt ?, King William County, Va.
THE undersigned not having sufficient land to employ
his forec, olft-rs at privnte sale his farm, lying in
Air.flw county, within four milo* ot Amelia Conrt House.
.Ws. nss^asiii.. Hnilronci. tin J 3 miics from Rich
This tract contains.11." acres. ICC of wntch is woodland,
the residue opto land in r.n improved condition. an J finely
adapted to the production of Corn, Wheat and Tobacco.
The tract is under a pogd fence, and bus cpou it an abuudance
of plant land.
The improvements consist o. a lurgc turo story Dwelling
(newly painted,) with seven rooms, a good Kitchen. Smoke
House, Ice House, Chi rings House, (iranary, Stables. No
ero Cabin", and a new Barn in process of erection There
is, also, an Orchard of Peach and Apple Trees of choice
variety, an oxce'.leot jjardco, und a spring ot the purest
water, convenient to. the dwelling
The situation is noted fur its healthfuines*, and the com
munity is unsurpassed in point uf social, religious and cdu
UAtion* i ad tantag w.
An early application is desired.
My address is Amelia Court Mouse, \\>.
July of?ctf A. II YOrSfi.
\TOTHK Th e astute in ilanovrr near Atlce'a i?tai
iw tion.on the Central Itatlroad, advertised to be sold
at auctien, on TUESDAY, the 4tb Aug., lt-57, is withJrawu
[ trom market.
| Aug l-dt GODDIN &. AFPERSON, Aucta.
ItY WCKINwiyinLL Ik ? o. AI CI^TEf.KftES.?Wil;
be m.IiI by in :bi. riii rnii'...
?^( o'clock. I' likely Nejrrors.
an-4 dickinson, h1li. & co ascu
my iiei'tokIiIvTh ai c v.
X'kcjitokm?This <1kv, ?t lu oVInrlc, i Will >j
likely negroes?men. boy# at.J go It.
Ml l'l 1.1.1-V">l kVCO~ AI (1'V
X'Ei;itOEf? ? We will sell 1I? likely u?ni
lion, u: our oltiee. hi 1,1 nVJ.irk to ?I?v.
| I>. M. PI I.I.IAM A Cu Audi.
Au- I Wall si
a iiiifliifiSTjumiKKEE. at a! i 'i >'is
Lull oiler fur ?mIh, ?t auction. on FHII' >1
? ~ Au;u>t, at 11 oYI<? k, A. M.. ? .?:r or.
''T-'J ol Ii"- Hark Aim K. Oram. ju?t arrive,1, il'r' '
Klolie Jalioilo. eoll.iltin.: lit .'i.nlo bttJS Jiliin.- .:! en
*' '''"'"'i expri a-!v lor thin mat ket to n .:?!' v
rile the attention <>t tin? tta.le in ihu aiei t)i?- n '
ell lei.
1 KKMS:?tour luuiitlis credit, for approved n> i'
July 31?didi CRENSHAW A FISHI i
on main. between ?n1? and 3d STIlKI 1'.sai.e
at auction.
WII.I. bo .old on MONDAY, the 11 Au I-;.
tin- premise*, l omni' n. iup al o e|.>er.. ;
I tenement located h. huovc, recently in ti I
Mr. Oeor^e H. I'ehWe It hi.t leu r.i. n.-. I i.-_
I SUrVftfltA1 iH't'rtmioo'i 1 ' ""
???II|U I* b W JJpl !f*'I ^111' \V
an. li u in perfect order. having recently >.. <
?Ouefouith c?*b, balance at J, hat .1
tur negotiable notes, interest added. secured !
deed nr title letaineil.
July at <;onniv .< APPERs-o.V .
CO.1l .111 MSI ON KK'Ja >Al.h (il< tMlf} ti i'!
4 S ContDiiraiouer appointed by a Deere. ) "
2m. Court <>t Heurir<>, pronounced oi me !
H57, in the ni'i' cf "Jenniiu;* against ?eur ' rwill
?e|l, at public HUCtiun, in the premises i / I !D *
DAV, the !Irh day of August, Ho., i.t I mi ;
lair, if tint, the next fair day, the trait .>t I.e.iul t*
in the plaintiffs bill, located i.b .?e..in I.
N.iw Bride.* road. .adjoining the land- former1'
Mr. John O (loddin, Mrs. Mile* Mac.ii and
tuinine 24.1* acres, more or b?t?'he ivh.de . t ?
original and veenud growth of Oak and Pine \V.
considered very valuable by rear.m ot its no rt.e.-> :
j city of Richmond, where wood and limber ur .i
deinatid. .
j Trrms?Enough in cash to pay rnatvof ?u'i a
pei.aeg of tale, haliinee at 4. ! and 12 mot.lis, t t
I ble notes, interest added, satisfactory en.ior- 1
retained till last note is paid, and a convevalie.
by tfm Court. JOHN M ORKfiOKV
Sale eotiduete.l l.y iloDLts i Jmxrds. Au i*.
July T -dtda
liDIMiSblONKUf' SA I.t
4 S COMMISSIONER?, Appointed by ad *:.
I Circuit Court of Henrico, rendered en tiieihh.
i H.'iT. in the case *>t llnrker, tjtar iluu ngnitii *
| we ahull proceed to noil, at public auctinu, ?.n
I tones, ou THUKSDAY. the 1:1th day of Aatgu-t, I - ...
j o'clock, A. M , if fair, if not. the nest lair dr.v,
| ble hiirni. o; which Robert Harker die.) . i.
C'btckabowiiiy Swamp, culled tlin 'Home?t .
taiuiug 4u<i acre*. 'J hi* farm <ii>s about tsvemii"*
Nichtnnnd, on the t'hickahotniuy Swamp i.i
New llri lie Road, admitting the lands ot Dr. R o
Sherwin McRae, ami others. Ou this tract th* r>- i
tine low grounds, ai.J the whole plncu is in cm :
It is an well kut.wn, that a more minute derei:,
deemed unnecessary. 'J'lte buildings on t'-r |
ample for thu accommodation of a huge family
After the foregoing sale, (.it tile aaine place, *>
a tri.ot of land in Hanover county, neat to E
Mill, continuing about lit) uerea, more or less I'..:surveys
of these land* will be exhibited attlieti-...
sale, and said lands will he divided into teparid* p
or not. as may he deemed beat.
Thumb ?Enough in cash to gay costs of suit i.. -i '
penaes ol sate; balance at six, tw. lie at:.l ?
mouths, tor negotiable ruties, inlet est added, ami >''
tained till Inst nolo iy y. jd, and it com eynucu oiu. r. ..
the Court
Salu conducsUai by OODDIN & AppFRS'tN, A
tioneers. JOHN M (IHKC.ttRY, \r
July'(?us i? A I'lVTA t* a UK lilt, S
WILL be add on TUESDAY, lot September, t- .
12 o'clock, M . the valuable ana de?ir,'.'" :
called I'll.m Dealing, located a* unove, contain!!.
170 ucresuf laud, together with the crops, etoeb ,?
The land is susceptible ol th" highest stale ut imp',
iiient, and owing to the dircrstty ot soil, ui'.?> i' . .
the utott desirable farms in the eoutity tui >* unr'o
ileu and fat tiling purpose.- combined. A lari e p. "i
the laud has been recenly li'ii".). There
Mill site and dam ami a sulliciency *>t water ?n*y
at little expense to drive two p lir* ot atones.
The dwelling la one ot the most coiniortiiblu an' >
venietit in the county, eontc.ir.ijg lea w ell arrant" <1 :
There are on the place ail the cece&t.iiy out in...-.'
the tiocst spring water, coi.,venient to the dwelling.
To any one wishing to do husiuoas in ihe city, a
the aniiie time re*i*ie in the country, this t'urni;..?
iuntaget seldom to be met with.
iVttulk. Wklunsta uuirlihs w..nM .1.. .--i. ... .
j xt.ufl* it, uuU cooler with Mia C. it-.*., who r?v, ,j, J
I llv? premises, or 10 tin- auctioneer*. rt
; This property may he purchase.} at private a-!.accommodating
terms. but il not ?o disposed oi vv <
sold at auction on the .lay named above.
July H-etda CoPDIN .V AITKRfON. An ti
T KTVT eAl.t
PT'R.-l'ANT to the iequireuieti'.e of it deed . ! i
executed by Richard J*. June* to m.?( ir,i t!i. .
pone uf a'curinr the payment n| certain debts . *
iricntioiie.l. Hnd duly recorded in the t'lerk'n Other t
County Court ot Olouccatcr, on the let day'ut Jn ,
. I.-M'A I shall offer at public auction, tor ra-h. <.; Mu.v.i
, tin 7th day ol SEPTEMBER next.t If.'i7,)th?i bi i:?
cevti r Court Jay, that valuable e-tato ctiiled. a-ji1
by the uiiine ut LAND'S END, containing d,'nvr-- <
in Robin's Neck, in tint county ol ('.iouvatcr, <>: an t>> .
thereof a* tnay l.c iiecesaary to pay the hal.iDce die ..j
the second bond therein mentioned, with the int<
tliorcon due, and the coat and charge- Mfeudl.iy t'..
cation ot this Trust.
A? Trustee, I shall convey with special wmtsii'v .
though the title W unquestionable. ,
July "J4?eld* li. S. JONbti, l it.-'
BV Virtue of a Decree pronounced by tl.t Ci
Court (d Alhrninrle, the undersignod Ciiinn'.t: .
| wul srll at Pubic Auction, on Tl KSDAY, the IRJd oi si
:TKMHKR NEXT, ? ? the premises, the beautiful I .
anil late Residence id the Hon. Andrew Steven-..'.. J
ill the county ol Albemarle, known ui lil.l.N li LI*.
This is perhaps one of tl.o gn at Ccau'llul and L >
K-tates that can be found any where tn Virginia, i t,.
contains about '<00 tu'.va, with an abend; i:<v ni I
and Water, and lies aiue miles South of Chariot'.'*.
and the 1'niveriitv, to which there is u good ionJ ,
tin mediately by iMonlicello
Blenheim lists on the Eastern slope ol the Fouio '
range of mountain*, iu the section r.l country so '
kiiowu a* the "Red Laud Dint net ot Albemarle, ' > n I
under a good -fate of cultivation, brine well adapted t
f the staple prmluct* of Piedmont Virginia, sr.rh v.'
? Tobacco. Corn, (SrasMV, tr
I The Building* are all new and commadiou-'. sad >
! ?ed with very great taste, whilst the surrounding 1 a
Very extensive and highly improved.
\n ensy nrcea* to market (either Richmond ii V
Aria) ia lillbrdcd hy Railway and the Janic Kivrt '
The society of the neichhot hood is cultivst< J and
and churches of all the leading denominations
In sbort. in poiot of hcaliti, fori'zy Society aim
tiful improvements, it ia rarely equalled by any <y.
offered for rale.
A very small pnrtiun of the purchase mmo y '
quired in hand, and long credits given tor 11? b .
i'eraotis w idling to purchase i an v.s i ft." |de.<,
correspond with me by oirecting to Charlottes
male Co., Vu.
Should tue 22.1 of September pro.e t . b*
day, the sale will be made the next fair dr y
Ju'y CC-cfiiv Ami admi'r ot A i?tcvr:;<
CI.OVt.lt Hll.l/VtlK -AM
ff^HK SUBSCRIBER olid a b-r sal- his ! .r u
R county of Culpepcr, known as Chirr i'- I.
immediately upon the Orange ami Aler?ndrr> !'
wdhln one tnileot Mitchell's station, and live
Culpepcr Court House, and not more than ! :
ride from either Richmond or Washington city
It contains, by recent survey. !rJ) acres, and ..
healthy and beautilul region ot country; is genCy
latiog, aud well adapted to the growth ol vvbcu:.
bacco ami bay.
rooms, mid nil necessary out building'
The subscriber deems nminuicde,?.-ription nn::is
he presumes no one would pti7cS?n*c before v'?
premises, and, therefore, inritca nil persona we-,
purcbasea hsini?uiiir usd drtirs'ilM turin to nil! ct
us be i? anxious to sell, and Via do so upon
tiuv terms The above property, it not p.- m,"
of. of which due n<-ic.. will he given .!: bo
I psihlle auction on VVKDNI!JI)AY, t!ie .'t.: of
it fuir, II not, the next fair day thereafter
KOBMtT T/lYf '
N B.?Any coiinnunicntioii addressed to a v
DAN'L F SLAUGHTER, Esq., or myself, > : ;
t"t?tiou, (.'ulpeper County, will l?e responded i.
Miiy 29?clawiiL
T^lir. eiihscriher, desirous of puioiutMog h la .
oilers tor sale his preseat risliloio', >:
Siutli river,* branch ot the Mattapooi, nbo
troiu cither of the three l>epcts, tiuiimV, V.
Chestcrii 'lil. on the Richmond, I'rrder rk- - i i
tunc Rtulroad, tind 10 mites from :b" I'rrrr ' H>
joining the lands of Philip faun"! ?r<l I'r I A f i , ;
in the midst of the huh prlcrJ Tnb?' eo i vko
line. This land is well tempted to the -tapfr ?: :he
try, nnil easily improved. Th? portion i
vU'iied, but with sullicient ftntb't' [or the u?e ot t
titnl soitio oiiperi i heart pin*. I he buildings >;
a comtortabh" dwellitu:. ami uil necessary u:,
There is a well ot excclitnt water, fixed w:*h a >
j pump, in the yard, and good tilings * cnvct.iont.
tract eontnius :'lT9 aercs.
! will also sell aim her tract, one and I. hnlf nillcs f
I of the above, containing SC> acres, one hslt tpoa.
I not Ions since cleared, and very productive, it i
small dwelling house and tobacco bouse, witsi a V/
j-ood water in the yard. There is an abundant r .
timber on this tract. It adjoins the Isnds of
wsre, Jolm Newton and Kev. I,. \V. Allen. '
: These lands will be ofT-red for sale ptivaf.lv,
'TL'K-'DAY, August i!3ch, when, if not sold beic*te, t
will be otiered publicly, upon the premises.
TKRMd liberal, ttnd n ade known on day of a.!..I
shall be pleased to show the land to any one wfvr
to purchase, and invite them to view it before the
?-le. Thoae wishing further information can sodf
at "Flippo*, Caroline Co., Vs."
July .'i?cwtd*- JOHN B. C'OATJ
VIKGTN I A?I fT^H A NCE kv*?AtTtuiTc 77.-'.
Cierk'* Ofhee of the County Court of Louisa
ty, <in Monday, Ju'.y the btn, 1837:
Wiliiain V M. litimblctmi, in hi* ona ri^-lt, sr i
rr.inUtrp.tor cf David HamUlcton, -deceased, and nfc'r
Sally Hoeenrd, Austin Hesrard. Addiscr. V;rrini* _
Sarah L. Anthony, Mnry K Former. G. U Further, Mt
dith. Mnry ntid Williura Anthony, Ellmbeth Ducgins
Pouncev Duct-ins. Defend*; "> _
The object of this suit is to obtain a deorac fcr the
I of o..c hundred acre* of land belonging to the CR'nto C *-* ?
lute David Hambleton, or Louis*, in order to a division . v
the proceed* amont those entitled thereto; and sff. a-*
havinc been made and hied that the defendants sbo" * ?
named are not resident* of this State, on motion of .
plaintiff*, by their attorney, it ia ordered that the ?eme
re?ideut defendant* do appear bore within one month titer
due publication of tbi* order, and do what is neees* ?
to protect their interest* in thi* auit. A Copy?Te-te
j July 13?cwtw DAVID M. HDNfER, Clerh.
driller*, miner*. bl**ter>
I rvrr.on. an-i laborer* wnnted To steady worktr.*-.;
< wifri end eoliatHiil employment will oe gD'wn.
the United States or by the contract!-.:*. ~ Room no ...
thousand men
M. C. MEIGS, Captain oi Cn;irn.e, *
lu charge 5f \\ nshlngtoo Acqus tu%

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