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*? " > . ••».. {,*: • '**»-'• i'-f-'i ■ " V. .■ ■
-r-'V •<}& ■ '• -*%t* •»•'*••?*.' »» '-••
' -•s - - : ' • < >,«\ - , • s , ,
———■■■—■*—— ■ !■■■'.
---- - - : ””;- ' ------ . - -- — —
' O!.. 7., RICHMOND, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11, IBJO j_No. (j.j
QT7 FuHishrd by Thom, is Ritchie, nearly op
ffctrte the Globe Taotrn, Richmond, Virginia.
*7 CO H DITTO HR Five dollars a year, to
A*-” paid annually in advance. Those who wish to
A* considered a* annual subscribers, must hereafter
d;ri(pi!tre it at the time of subscribing, otherwise
their papers will be discontinued at the expiration
of the first year. ,
Richmond Ericas cururnc.
-- ___-_ „_ _
tobacco, 4 to 8
tt.oitr—»crnariNlt', 9 00
0 r»o. FIN!*., 8 50
ennv, per barrel, 4 00
bacon, per to. f5 to 20
>1 BMP, PER TON, 250 300
MERINO SHEEP!!!-The public sale
.Which was advertise*! to take place at Fairfield,
*n the 3d instant, is POSTPONED to a Future
day, of which due notice will be given.
interim, those who are disposed to purchase at
•PRIVATE SALE, will please apply to
At. & B MTERS.
J. October 2. . tf
Sales at Auction.
N Wednesday, the 12'. h inst. at iu o’clock 5
^ * Will be sold, at our - tore, a variety of D RY
•GOODS, and in the afternoon of same flay, sun
'dry articles in llm Grocery lir •, in ordc ■ to close
several consignments—the principal articles con
«ist of—
-C«>mmon, middlin '- and superfine broad cloths
O rie trunk of Indies morocco shoes
>A few pieces of twilled black lustring for ladies
Superfine black and fight coloured kerse\meres
Brown and blue frizes, w» ;te cotton hosiery
9— 8 8i 4-4 Irish linens, puis, mens’ hats
<2*‘0 boxi s H by l'J window gl iss
IWuucovndo sugars in hhds & bbls.
'Imperial and Chilian teas in small cncsts. C-c dv
The terms will be libtral and made known at
•the sale.
M. Cr B. MYERS, Auctioneers
December 8 ot
Safes at Auction.
A T the bon an of Captain Woodward, at Rock
A\. <*tts — W'li be sold, on Saturday, the 15th
nw"nt, for cash, positively wi’hout reserve, all
the Household and Kitchen FURNITURE
Dccemhar 8. 4t
1',I.L!S 8t ALLAN, have, by the arrival of
£> the Kolia Cr George ind Susan, received the
Iasi of their FALL GOODS, wnich makes their
assortm-'nt consist of the following article*,
-which they will sell very low for cash, or paper,
nt 1 short date :
AJ. st extra Br’k. \ superfine navy blue and black
Uoftl- green, mixed, olive, brown and drab do
Goijt-se and middle cloths at all prices
X,"ndoa dyed superfine Kerseymeres, black, blue,
drubs, fawn and mixed coloura
Double milled do.
Bli; \ Berlin, drab mixed, black and salmon
Colour.-d milled worsted breeches, stuffs, knit
Corduroys, velvet and Consfilntion Cords
Silk, Marseilles, black moleskin, hlack fiorentine
and fancy coloured silki for waistcoating
TTegant Marseilles, swanadowns and Toilinetts
G" Clemens’ fashionable host London beaver hats
"Wove shirts with and without sleeves
Do drawers
G-ritlemcns* black, white and coloured silk hose
3> > worsted, lambs wool, Angola hose
and socks
Do white and coloured cotton hose
21 > silk »nd cotton .suspenders
D'i real buck gloves dressed in oil
Cotton cambricks, callicnes and super prints
C ' gh *ms and chamhravs
Bock bombazecne, bombiucettea and cambrick
Jil:. k, white, and lead coloured lustrings
C mi.i ick, common and furniture dimities
4 4 liisli linens 1
5 4 do sheetings C Very low.
3 8 do long lawns 3
french and Irish cainbrick9, thread and cotton
£1' g mt lace veils and shawls
A variety of tHble cloths and diapers
f isomels, umbrellas and ladies Rett dresses
Bellows, anvils, vices, hammers, single and
»!oiil.!e screws, plates, shovels, spades, scythe
Glides, sickles, nails, cutting knives, window
fllass 8 by 10 9 by 11 and 12 by 10, putty, London
I* onnd ; white lead, yellow ochre, Spanish
hr i >wn anti Verdigrese, boiled oil in jins, frying
P»’s, 6, 7, 8, 9, lo fc 11 incli best iron run chant,
hei locks with Scott’s springs, brass do. butt an*1
JB. hinges, screws of all kind®, common knives
•tv! forks, superior stag handled and ivory ban
dl'-d do pen, pocket and sportsrrv its knives,
4 hi orth brushes, scrubbing do and hair brooms,
• tcorr-mon and letter paper, quills and wafers, h
Ww sets hand >me waiters, portmanteau trunks,
Vc C*c fV<. They have also a few hundred best
■ Jkiverpool filled tacks of salt.
December 6. 6t
1 yiMi.STIC WAREHOUSE,—The sub
«JL/ scriher, in addition to Ins usual supply of
* Tins Istcly received a small assortment of woo
•lens, from the manufactory of Col Humph
■evs ; consisting of bro«<l cloths, cassimeres,
SJoatings, Ike. for sale by the piece at invoice pri
ees,or at retail
On hand, a nfistant supply of Bed ticken, cot
ton cloths, striped and plain, spun cotton, H.at®
«f all tons.
TV ft. f*. tf.
?f. B Richmond warranted gun povyder in
tru's and ministers.
TJO EGKOES. FOR SALK-In the town of
X* Carters vdlc, on }t it nrdnv, tlv> 22d of Dc
gomher iv ,vt ; Will he nffcmt for title, to the high
e*' bidder, about thirty t,k"!y NEGROES corv.
aiding of men. women and children, chiefly bp.
longing to the estate t f Col- M.ivo Carrington,
deed. Cash will be et.peoied for one half th*.
•jin • h nr monev, *n<1 a celilot twelve months
v '' *>. '■ Ho wed for the hnle're, on the purchaser
t i cring bo il with approved security, to carry
>. it uni t ii»; •’.up i not i '.mr.tdsllv paid. •
f/JL'K A&A MS, idvy'r.
• I'Vcnr-he- AiA. ids
S[LV ERSMl EffS, -‘pposite the Eagle Ta
vern at tliu Crescent sign
Orateful for the liberal encouragement they
hav*- received from the public, and anxious to
deserve it, have,in addition to their former stork
procured ,i great variety of articles 'n their line
of t he most fashionable patterns, which have been
[ter^ot-.ally .selected from <hc principal Jew* Herv
Stores in Baltimore. 14»i|.,d. Iplua fk New-Yor’k,
all of which they off -r at their usual low prices
to the cit!•*:-» or Richmond, Manchester, jtc.
Consisting of pearl an*l topaz earrings, finger
rings. hreast-pins and bracelets. P*arl & mock
topaz do. do. cornelian and pearl do do. Jett
earrings, fingerrings. breast pins artd bracelets,
plain gold t!o do. Gold chains, seals and keys,
g l:l and silver watt hes gala and silver nett
purses, sdver work, consisting of all kinds of
spoons of the best workmanship, tea sets of Bri
tan i a, plated and silver ware, also silver plate
in tile to any given pattern on the shortest notice,
Silver and plated whistles atjd bells for children,
.silver ink-stands, pencil cases, bodkins, tooth
picks and thimbles, a general assortment of neck
lace . Very elegant penknives and scissors, sil
ver, gilt and jelt mantle clasps, wiivs labels, an
assortment of t' c most fashionable tortoise shell
combs, do. sniff hoxe.s, tortoise and silver spec
tacles, swords mounted with plated gilt and sil
ver mounting, dirks do. do Pocket pistols, silk
sashes, gold and silver epauletts, plated fc. gold lit
silyer cord, hair and tooth brushes
Plated castor frames with silver edges
and rich cut glasses, candlesticks with two, thro
ami five fight branches, bread, frilit and cake
b tskets, snuffers and trays, salt stands and hot
tic coasters, and a number of oilier articles two
tedious to mention.
Orders from the country strictly Attended to
1 he highest price given for old gold anil silver
Two buys from 14 to 15years old of age will
betaken as .pnrentices to the above busings
December 6 w5w
NO * ICE — nil be sold, to the highest bidder,
on a credit of one, two and three years, in
pursuance nt the last will and testament of the
lute Joseph A Koyall, dec’d that valuable Tract
cd LAND, ill Cumberland county, .situated on
Appomattox river, near James Town, about 60
mde» from Petersburg, containing upwards of
700 acres—the purchaser giving bond with un
doubted security, and a deed of trust on the pre
mises. This plantation is little inferior to any in
point of cjuality, it contains two or three hundred
a, s of rich tobacco Land, well timbered, toge
thee with all useful improvements, several good
springs and the situation considered to be heal
thy. Any person disposed to view the premises
before the day ot of sale, can be accommodated
on application to Mr. Samuel Williams who
lives thereon, or to Mr. Tcschnrner Wood son, a
near neighbor. The sale will be made on the
premises, on the last Monday in December next,
being the 31st of the month, if fair, otherwise the
next fa r day.
And nt the same time and place, vsill be sold,
to the highest bidder, on a credit of one and two
years, several likely Negro Men, Women, £u)&
and Girts, for bonds With good security
__ Executor of Jo.epii A Royc.ll, Jec'd.
77* I will further sell, at the same lime and
place, above mentioned, for cash and upon 12
months credit, sundry other valuable negroes, a
mong them valuable Sawyers, 'tc
Wvi KOr.ULL.
Amelia, Nov- mber 23 5w
T7~ IK BY, uKrtivli & TAYLOR, have recei
*-*■ red by the late arrival- from London and
L pool, a large Assortm-ut of Fall Goods,
which they are disposed to sell low for cash or
acceptances in Town
100 Tons best Swedish Iron assorted, and 300
Casks London Porter,
October 30 tf
Nr O l ICE—All persons who have «~laims a
gainst the Estate of Pater Tinsley,
deceased, arc requested to send in their accounts
• mmediately to tne suhscriber, and all those in
debted to said estate are intreated to make
speedy payment to
October 9. tf
I''HOSE persons wishing supplies of COAL
f- >m tiie Deep Run Pits, will be pleased to
leave their orders at my Counting Room, whar
a measure is kept for the convenience of su< h is
wish to have their coal measured from the wag
October 15 tf
\ C A RD.—Tne subscriber returns bis grate
KX ful acknowledgements to ihe citizens of
Richmond and the public in general, from whom
he has received the most unbounded encoura —.
ment in the line of his business, and begs leave
to inform them that with a view to accommodate
those who may have a wish to continue their pat
ronage-he has enlarged his business by tak
ing the Shop lately occupied by Ephraim Six cd,
ott the street between the Governor’s house and
the Virginia Inn, where any article, in his line,
w II be « accented with fidelity, neatness and dis
patch He will keep constantly on hand a sup
ply of axes, hoes, plowshares, hinges, grates,
&c. &c.
Locks and K'"-» will he repaired on the shor
test notice, by the.r obedient and very humble
servant, SEW ALL O'. GOOD
Dec 3 tf
N. H. A good Journeyman Hl-icksmith, will
meet will, liberal encourage mutt, by application
to the subscriber
_S. O.
Dl'-SOLU MON.—Tl.e business under tn
fi m ot Taylor anil Stubbs, jr is dissolved
C nisrqiif-iitly it becomes more necessary for
thus*- indebted to said concern, to come forward
and psv their rvtpccnve balances to John S.
Smb >s, jr who »lnne is Authorized to receive tli
satT’C, or suits will ix* indiscriminately brought a
gainst dehrqu nt debtors, the first of Ji nan
n,xi * \persons having claims itgiiml
s ml concert*, are requested to bring them for
wil d properly mithentical, d to said Sttthbs, Jr
for paym- nt.
J0H.Y S. STUBBS, /*.
The Sti«in*-ss, hereafter, will he c.rried on it
the name of John 8.-Smbl**, Jr.—who efi -ra i„
services tn the public in the buying and s -Hit*
all k nds ot produce on commission-nd mor
particularly that of tobacco ; as he Hatlera hit
vlf com pi tent in judgement to giv- sstisfictim
both ss't respects quality and order, trout an c\
pcriencc which the manufacturing his given
N. B. All persons are for warned tm
ding for not'- given in the n .tries of John S
Stubbs jr. an(| John S Stitbha s. ur. -n l un
payable to Richardson Taylor the 7th of M
1811 ns s;.id Stubbs jr, holds ofiaeitfor the same,
which wdl be made to .pp.-ar
Dw «. W3tr.
dle aged person of um xcept unable charac
ter, to whom w permanent situation is anobjvct,
w II meet with every deserved encouragt-tm-m,
by applying to JiVO. J. WERTH. •
November SO. tt
‘“OT’GREAT bargains.'!:
r F~* HE late arrivals of Fall Jt VVm -GOODS,
* enables ffohn King to give GREAT BAR
G/rlNS—lor oudi.
November 30 tf
From among the voluminous mass of docu
ments accompanying the Message of the
President, we have selected the following,
which appear to us particularly interesting :
JV'at Int.
from ihe Secretary of Slate to Governor
C'la iborne.
Department or State,
October 27, 1B10
From the enclosed Pioclamation of the
President ot the U. S. you will perceive his
determination to take possession of the ter. i
ritory therein specified, in the name and !
behalf ot the U. States ; the considerations |
winch have constrained aim to resort to this 1
necessary measure, and Ins direction that i
you, as governor of the Orleans Territory,
shall execute the same. Ol this proclama
non. upon your arrival at Natchez, you will,
without de av, cause to be pi nned as ma_
ny copies, in tbe English, French and Spa- j
nish languages, as may be deemed necessa
ry, and you wtll cause the same to be ex
tensively circulated throughout the said ter
You will immediately proceed bv the near
est and best route to the town of Washing
ton in the Mississippi territory. From the
Secretary at War you will receive an or- !
dor to the officers commanding the several i
fionticr posts to afford you such assistance 1
in passing the Wilderness and in descend - I
ing the Western W aters as you may require.
And, as dispatch is very desirable, you are
authorised, in case your horses should tail,
to procuie others at the public expence._!
Alter having made at Washington the ne
cessary arrangements with G«.v. Holmes
and with the commanding officer of the re
gula; troops, you will without delay proceed
into the said Territory, and, m virtue of the
President’s Proclamation, take possession of
the same in the name and in behalf of die
U S.
As the district, the possession of which
you are directed to take, is to be considered
as making part of the Territory ot Orleans,
you will after taking possession, lose no time
! in pioceeding to organize the militia, to
prescribe the bounds of parishes, to esta
blish parish courts, ami finally to do what,
ever your legal powers applicable to the
case will warrant, and may be calculated
to maintain order to -ecure to the inli ibi.
tarns the peaceable enjoyment of their liber
ty, property and religion, and to place them, j
as tar as may be, on the same tooting with '
the inhabitants ot the other districts under
yoi*r author:;/. Astar as your powers ni iy |
be inadequate to these and other requisite I
objects, tne Legislature of Orleans, vvhich
it is understood will soon be in session, will
have an opportunity of making tur her pro
visions for them,more especially lor giving by
law to the inhabitants ot the said Territory
a just share in the representation ot the Ge
neral Assembly ; it being desirable that the
interval of this privation should not ne ;;ro_
longed bej ond the unavoidable necessity of
the case.
It, contrary to expectation, the occupati.
on of this Territory on the part of the Uni
ted States should be opposed by force; the
commanding officer of the regular troops on
the Mississippi will have orders from the
Secretary at \Var to afford you, upon vour
application, the requisite aid, and should
an addilioual torce tie deemed necessary,
you will draw from the Orleans Terri
tory, as will Gove nor Holmes from the
Mississippi T erritory, militia in such num.
hers, and in such proportions from your res
pective territories as you and Gov" Ho mes
may deem proper. Should, however, any
pm ticular place, however small, temain in >
possession of a Spanish toice, you will not '
proceed to employ force against it; but you
will make immediate report thereof to this
You will avail yourself of the first f.ivorn >
blenppor unities th u may occur, to traps' j
mit to the several g .vernors of the Spanish 1
provinces m the neighborhood Copies of the
1 resident 0 Proclamation with accompany
ing letters of a conciliatory tendency.
In defray any reasonable expenditures
which may necessarily attend the execoti
nu of the-e instructions, the President an
tlinrises you, having due regard to economy,
to draw for a sum nut exceeding in any event
20,000 dollars. }
Prom the confidence which the President !
justly has in your judgment aid discretion I
he is persuaded that in the execution of this 1
trust, as delicate as it is important, your
deportment will no temperate and concilia- I
tory. Such a line of conduct towards the
inhabitants, is prescribed a* well by policy I
as by justice.
You will, it is expected, be fullv sensible I
..f the necessity, not only of ctwmumeating
[ CVery important event thr.t mav occur in th.'
prrgiess of thisbu-iness, but of transmitting
jiilet t-r, wha.ever may be in contents, by
I every mail to this city. |
I have the honor to be, &r,
(tt'Rned) K. SMITH* ]
"VTHK i'ki'.vukn I OF THE UNITED !
WHF.REAS the Territory South efihe
I Mississippi Territory, and F,W.w*rd of the
i river Mississippi, and extending to the ri
ver rurdulo, of which possession was not <le.
liveretl to the United Sta*es io pursuance of
| the treaty concluded a Paris on the noth of
April, 180.3, has at all times, as Is wel'
known, been consideted and claimed by
them, as being within thee I .i-v <>f Loui«f.>.
na conveyed hy rhe said maty in the same
cxtrht that it had in iis♦ h inds of Spijn
and 'hat u had when France originally pos
sussed it. :
And whereas the acquiescence of the U.
S;ates in the temporary continuance of the
said territory under tue Spanish authority,
was not the result ol any distrust of their ti
tle, as has been particularly evinced bv the
general tenor ot their laws, and by the dis
tinction made in the application of those
laws between that Teru ory and foreign
countries; but was occasioned bv theit con
ciliaiory views, and by a confidence in 'he
justice of their cause ; and in the suet ess of
candid discussion and amicable negociatton
with a just and friendly power.
And whereas a satisfactory adjustment,
too long delayed, without the fault of the
United Slates, has for some ti ne been en
tirely suspended by events over which they
had no control ; and whereas a crisis has at
length arrived subversive of the order of
things under .he Spanish authorities, where
by a failure of the United States to take
the said territory into its possession may
lead to events ultimately ^contravening the
views of both parries, whilst in :he mean
time the tranquility ami security of our ad
joining territoi ies are endangered, and new i
iacilities given to violations of our revenue
and commercial laws, and of those prohibit
ing the introduction of slaves;
Considering moreover, that under these
peculiar and imperative circumstances, a
forbearance on the par, of the United States
to occupy trie territory in question, and
thereby gu.rd against the confusions and
contingencies which threaten it, might be
construed in-o a dereliction of their title, or
an insensibility to the importance of the
stake: considering that in the hands of the
United States it will not cease to be a sub
ject of lair and friendly neg- ciation and ad
justmen': constderi.i ' fi >a lv that the nc s
ot Congress, though contemplating a pre
sent possession by a foreign authority, have
contemplated also an eventual po- session of
the said territory by the United Su es, and
are accordingly so framed as in rh.it case to
ex’cnrl in their op ratio* r> he same: —
N iw be it known, that I JAMES YlADl
SON. President ol the United S ..f \
merica, in pursuance ot these weighty and
urgent considerations, have de* med it'right
anti requisite, that possession should be a
kfn of the said territory, in the name and
behalf of the United States Wi.Iiam C. C.
Claiborne, Governor of the O leans Terri
tory. ot which the said terri rv is m bt ta_
ken ns part, will accordingly proceed to
execute the same; and to exercise over the
said territory the authorities and functions
legally appertaining to his office. And tilt
good people inhabiting the same, are invited
and enjoined to pay due respect to him in i
tnai character; to he obedient to the laws ;
to maintain order; to cherish harmony; and
in every manner to conduct themselves as
peaceable citizens, under full assurance,
that they will be protected in the enjoyment
ot their liberty, property and reiigion.
In testimony whereof, I have caused the ’
seal of the United States to be hereunto
affixed, and signed the same wirn my I
hand. Done at the City of Wash I
(l. s.) mg on the twenty seventh day of
Onnlipp \ 1-1 101 a !. .. « • . •
— t ... — rtuci 111 me tim er
nhh year of the independence of the
said United States.
(feigned) JAMES MADISON.
By the President,
K. SMITH, Secretary of Star c.
I,a: tract of a let ter from G ever nor Ifolmca
of the Mtaaiaaiftfii Territory, to the Se
cretary of State, da-etl Oct 17th 1810.
“ Tl>e enclosed letter 1 tiavfc been re
quested <> tran-mil to y u ”
lo tbe IIjh. Robert Smith, Secretary oj
StateJor the United States,
Hie convention of the stare nf Florida
have already :’.uismitted an t IHri 1 c. p or
their Act of Inilrpendence. th Ougli his Ex
cel lei icy Governor Himes, o ,ie Preside,,
oi the Uniied Stales, accompanied with the
expression of their hope and desire, ha this
commonwealth may he immedi ttely uc.
knowledgtd and pioocted, by the got cm
ment of the United St .tea as an int g. i
part of the American Union. On a subnet
ao interesting to lie c mnuni y •e,'rr<-en
ed by us, ii is necessary ha we ^ho Id b e
lie most diiect and unequivocal surances
o. tbe views a d wishes of the A i eric an
government without delay, >*ince ur we,«k
and unprotected si.uauon will obi go us to
look to some tori gn government tm soppor
should it be refused to us, by the country
winch we have considered as our parent
We therefore make this direct appeal
through you, to the President and General
Government of the American Sta'es, to so
hco that immediate protection, to which we
Consider ourselves entitled ; and to obtain a
speedy and favnrnb e decision, we offer (he
following consider.uiu.is : —1st. I he g .vei n,
incut of ihe United States, in their lastmc.
lions to ihc envoys extraordinary at P.tiis,
in Much, I6l>6, au'hoi iaed ilie purchase cf
Uas: Florida, doectn g iliem at ilie same ,
time to engag. France to intercede with the I
cabinet of ttpain. to relinquish any c.airh to
Hi- territory which now lor • s this com j
m«-nwealth. 2d, In nil diplomatic Torres !
poiult nee witii the American ministers a_
hrond, the giver ment o» the United States '
have spoken of VVeu Florida as a part ol
the Lonisian t cession* 1 hey have legislat. i
ed lor tue country as a pai t c.f • heir ow i I
territory, and have ilefcrtcd to take posses '
sioo ot ii in expectation that Spain might
he induct d to relinquish her claim by ami 1
cable negonation, 31. 1 he Ainr** ican g >v„ !
emrtient has the tdy refos. <1 to accredit any j
minister from ibe bpanis! Jan.a, vhicli i> ,d>
was certainty rooie leg y osfljtmsed. a
the representative of the uvet «ik »*v. than
Ihat now Called the rrgzncy ut Spain ; there.,
lore iljc U. States caim t but ngtiduny
t< 'C^Oi'Hu hoi ny err mating fruio t he in, v/t li
an intention to ftubjnguc us, as 'liey won d
an invasion of »|»eir o rm.n v bvafoieignf
neniy. 4ih. Idle F/npe nr of Fraitva li , i
invited the Spanish Americans to d c'au ;
'heir independence, latherlhftii remain it
subjrc 'on to me old Spanisb goveriiuien •
ilie ef ire an acknowledgment of oiir md*
penden'* bv the Unued State* could not br
’ ompiaincd of by France, or i ivnlvr 'it
American g vermnen m a*.y c*-n wo
Ibat power, iftta. Neither c*n u any
jur cause of complaint 10 Gi eat Britain a*v*
th. tigit she be thealy ot Spam, tha the Ut '
Stases should acknowledge and support , up
it.dependence ; as this measure *a.» uercsY
sary .o save the Country .tom tailing .md
tlie hands of the trench exiles from he
Island of Cuba, and other partisans ol B na
. parte, who are the eternal enemies or Gitak
j Should the U. Spates be induced, by thesty
.or any other Considerations, t» acknowledge
jour claim to their protection, as an inf: grat
i Part ot their term .ry, or ot he: wise, we toe!
| it our duty to claim fur our constituents ary
immediate admission in o the union as aii
independent slate, or as a territory of the
United States, with permission to establi-li
uur own form of government, or to be united
vun one of the neighooring territories, or a
part of unc of them in such manner as to
form a s ate Should ii be thought proper
to annex ns to one of the neighboring territn
i it's, or a part of one of them, the inhabit
•ants ot tins commonwealth would prefer
being annexed to the Mand or O. leans, and
in the mean while, until a stare governme nt
should ut established, that they should be
governed by the ordinance* already enacted
by th«s Covention, and by their fur'her re
guiations hereafter.
Hie claim which we have to th* soil, or
unlucaied lauds, within this commonwealth,
waluot, it is p.esumed ne contested bi die
Liii.cd States, as they have tacitly acqui.
esced in the claim of F ar ce or Spain for
seven years, and the restrictions of die -e„
veial emuaigo and nun intercourse !; ws
might famy he cons rued, if not as a re iu_
qntsiunein ot then claim, yet at least suffi
ce .1 to eon le the people o> ihis como.on
weaun (who have wiesed the gnve<nmt.nC
and con tiny fiom Spam, at tlie risk f the
livts and to; -.nes) to all the unlncuied lands,
it .nl su ike tlie A aeriemgovernment that
the monies arising from ue s.-les of .m sd
lauds, applied, as they wut he to imp »v
ing in. i .tenia: commuiiicati >nso. tht cm.*
tn opening canals. 6c. ike. will in tart hA
ahuing to Hi pi —.peiny and strength ut tat
kuei al union*
f o fulfil With good faith our pronvses and
eagagemen.s o tne iiiiiabii„:ns .»r tins coun
ti>, !• wilt he our duty t„ stipulate to. „p.
unqualified pardon tor all cicsvi eis i»ow e_
sitlin,, w ithin inis cuiniiioi w -aith, t.ge iier
widi an ,-xe ..p.ion horn iui tlier servic in
tue army or navy ot the U. States.
Y loan ot 1U0 000dollars is solicited of he
American government, tobereimbu e. at
3. 6 and 9 years iroin the sales ot puh io
fauas. i ms loan may lie made by the Sec re
tary ot die ireasury immediately, »vr ut
cmimitung ihe guvenimeiit or mak ic
kn. an o .uicign minis.ers atWolir t ’mj
In mder not to emuariass tin cabint >t
tua U S acts, and to receive fi.s-. through
their own cuufidtn ia; age .s, their wis ,c%
and views with respect to us. it lS deemed
prudent o deter ,e departure of our envoy,
alre.dt naiied. woo «ii be di space held iro
mediaieiv on receiving informa ion thar-sutK.
a measure wdt meet he approbation ot in*
U* cv a.es.
We pray you to accept the assurance* of
out iespeCv and high Consideration.
By Ot'dei or tlie Uonve non
(Signed) JOHN RHEA. President.
Union liougt, Ga 10 1610.
10 ,llB Excellency he Governor of the ~t/is
r mam/ifii Territory.
SIR—We. .he Delegates ot the people rtf'
tins s'a'.e have me Honor to enclose to yotl
a-, offici.il copy of their act of independence
requesting tu.it it mav be forthwitii trims*
inn.^d o y i, to die President of die U S#
vV,‘1' expression oi me.. most conrtt t
:» d.udem hope, hat it may accord * H
ne policy of the govern mem, as it does h.
r'r Sil‘c:.y :ind happiness of the people of ins
u il.cd h.aies .o take the p re sen govtra
•e. ain. people of this state under the r‘
immediate and >pectal protection, .< .
®S i and luaiiembie portion ,f the U»it-d
a • es.
i .e Conventi n and their emsfi iients of
. 1 lU ’ \ firm persuasion that
t ic Blood which flow:, m then veins w:II is
»uud he government and the people of th*
U. !>. tna. they are their children, that they
have been acknowledfc d as s.idi, hy the
most, solemn acts of the Congress of the U
.» and, tha- so long as the independence and
the rights ot man shall be maintained mid
dietished by the American union, the r« otl
people of this state tannot, nor will not’ he
abandoned or exposed to th- inv isien, *vio
Lore or force of any foreign or domestid
J 1^ Convention beg you to receive fot
yourself. Hr, and to assure the Pies.dent of
then high respect anti consideration.
Ly order of di® Convention.
(Signed) JOHN HliEA, President.
Union Kouyc, He/it. 26, 18io
by tbe
op west Florida
IX C O. \ A \ 770A slSSF.MULJ f).
c ,s known to the world with how muck
•i le ty the good pe 'pU of this ri ory h.ivti
pn.‘g»scd and main ained tliegiance totheir
legiiima e sovereign. wh.l • :inv hone re:
m uned of receiving from him protection lor
their property and lives
\\ limit making any unticcessnfy Innnvit^
l’ou in the established pr inciples of the g v,.
element, we had vobnuarllv dop ed rer
vi " *Cfi'oitions 1ft concert, with our First
Mag s i a e lor the express purpose of pre
s 1'‘'‘o bus territory, anti shewing our at
farinncit to the government which had
hectotore pr *ec'ed ns. Thscompr.t,
w fi vn» ru ered into with good faith •n
’ "" lM, ,« **dl h. e r remain ,-n h mot -hie
tcsti.no y of r,„r upright ..ions and in.
vi< Uf>!c field# y tftom ki"g atii paren , un*
try. While so much as . s (>w of levifi
n.ire authority renamed t, be cxeicised
•f us. We sough: only a , eedy f? i.e«ly
•i och evils as eenied to fidanger otic
xis - ce anrl prosperity ; hn were hnt.u
Iged bv * til Governor wi'hs I mn proini
• so assistance ant!compelat|ou. But th *
tensin' i which were intruded mf in b,r
1 K'b. Hr nos r(i .avO'ed n i cr^i , frt*j
«r# engine o| w rUtOrttigulji’

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