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5> 1813 • ' (Vol. 8 17.
(TT CO2TDITIOFfS :—l ive dollar* a year, ■'»
t>« paid annually in advance. Those mho mish to
■6e const herd as annual subscribers, must hereafter
designate it at the rime of subscribing, othermise
their papers mill be discontinued at the expiration
, of the first rear.
cry A D\rERTISlWO— Non-residents of this
Citv and Manchester, must pay for their advertise
ments before they apbeur in this paper .—The
pri-e per squire is, 75 Cents for the first insertion,
and 5'J/or every subsequent one.
D. C.
TOBACCO, 3 to 9
•DO. FINE, ' 8
WHEAT, 1 50
• ACON, per lb. 00 12
BAR I ROW, PER TON, 100 00
HEMP, PER TON, 150 180
Remaining in the Post Office, Richmvnd City, Pa
th c 3Ur.. day of yune, 1811
A—Drury Allen, Abenego Adams, Enos Al
ley, David Anderson, Capt. John Atwood, Wm.
Anderson, Ruliaid Archer, Garland Anderson,
"Joseph Anthony, Amos Alley, John Andrews, J.
B. Anderson, Printice Avery.
B—Nelson Berkety, Miss Eliza Banks, Sam’l.
Ball, Mrs. Mary F. Branch, Andrew Botes,
Spots woid Bradley, Miss YcjMirh S. Buckner,
Isa c. Biftgliam, Mordecai Barber, Christopher
Branch, Uev’d. J. D. Buchannan, John basset,
Jonn D ddep, Jesse Bowles, William Bro ke,
Cart- r H. Bradley, Ricnard 11 Baker, Nathan
iei Bowles, Joseph Baker, Wm. Berkhead,
Wu. Brian, Nathaniel Bur well, Daniel Brown,
•Zaei anal) Brooks, Eleven Blake, Amos Be
ni: . vlLr. n iiuil:.
c—jonn Carroll, David Caphart, Wm. Col*
•lins, ivus» Nancy Carter, Wm. Crockett, Tlio
jnas Ciopton, Mrs. J«ne Clopton, W.n. Caulfield,
JRir hard Lock, son r. John Craddock, Landon
Curler, Edward V Crandall, George Carter,
sBowIci- Cocke, Tempat Cook, Fiancis Corbin,
Mis. Elizabeth Crouch, Thomas Cowles, Dr.
Win. R. Cogeus, Charles Crenshaw, Jacob
Carter, Capt. J Connelly.
D—Miss Leana A. Dandndge, Robert Dob
bins, J ones Dodson, Colonel W‘. Daniel,
'Willitoin Dapiias, Marcus Dennison, Miss
Louisa DsEnde, Alexundei Dade, Thomas H
Xluiigerfietd, ltev’d- Wm. Dawson, Peyton
• Drew, Luther D.irlmge.
r-—uco.ge r-ugmgton, Mrs. iLiizaoem rails,
M oses Eg ben, J osiah Ellis, Mrs Sarah £.1*
F— Wm. Fulcher, Michael Foious, Mi. - -■
Fosici, Ei jali Fulkcs, Mr -Freemon, A
IJ Aodics Feinander, Joi.ii G Fi z er, Miss .
rah 1* Fiayser.
G— Maj. James Gray, Wm. Giles, Miss Re
in .. Green, Matthew Gray, Mrs. Eliza! it .
G. tec. Michael Gram land. Join, b Gatewood,
M ’• Girard Dr. James b Gil.ian., James
G. Will, (j bos.
»•— Darnel HuJnell, Missrs Thos. C bt Geo.
H .. d, Joseph Hatch, James Hooper, Cul
thrr.p Howard, Miss U ll) iioskiii*, Edward
Hi! wood, Filer Holm, Fhil.p Huitz, Mrs Ann
H a. .Jr. Hawkins, M.ss Saran Heron, Arcr.i
bnii Vj. H nrison, Capt. Holmes, Hon Hugh
Hoi • • s, Darnel Harris, Abiathur Hull, Tho
rn-s eiowden, M j. Win. Herron, Thomas C
>Uoa s, VV in Hawkins. .
J—Enoch Judd, Henry Irvmej Ambrose D.
J nk .... Wm. H- Jordan, J.mes Jones, J. St C.
X* 1 • mgs .
K- Gi dlcp Kohler, Robert King, Timothy
OKimolc, Key’d. Charles Kenrton
L.— W m. Lee, I'liom is L. Lee, Miss Sarah
3rl. Lacy, Richard Lrllimore, John C. Liule
pugi-, Mis. Ann Lawrence, Epluaim Leonard,
JJay. . Lain moil, Dr. C. W Lewis, b. I.ipsr
Cos i t. Mia. Agnes L» wis, Charles Lee, Miss
•An. H Lewis, James I.ookadoe.
M — Mrs: Eliz’th Maih.iy, Mofdecai Marks,
George Murrell, Mrs Elizabeth Moseby, Josi
ah Moseby, John MeEnery, llesekian Moseby,
Aiilnoiij Minim, Jo n Moseby, Mis. Martha
JVL nioii, Henry Mas.see, Wm. Maishall, Win.
Merrttt, George McQuillen, Mart n Mims,
James FI M .n.i, John Matthews, David Meade,
jr 1. ben Mitriiell, Win. Mewburn, Dennis
Ivi. Laughhn, Wm Mitchell, Mrs Ann Morton.
Mis. Nancy McCridic, Darnel McLaren, Geo.
2VLw.ni, Thomas Macon, Charles Minilie.
N—John M. Nethcrir.ua, Rose Nt-eson, Miss
Elizabeth Nicolson, Tlmfhas Nicholson, Miss
Agriea Nicolson, C i. John Nicholas, Lewis
Iseale, b«iah Newman.
w—jinn 11 vtey
P- Frederick Pichot, Thomas Porch, Robert
Frkldy, Mis. Sally Price, Bcnj. Philips, Frede
rick Powell, James Penn, John \V. Pleasants,
jStur . P Paraona, Enabi*. Piiiney, John Patterson,
.lyiochcon. Parker, John S. Pleasants.
R—Mark Richards, Nosh Richards, Edwin
Ttandolph, Dr.. Patrick Rice, James Ritchie,
Joint han Richards, Dr. John ltice, Little li.
Royster, Miss Pamclia Raux, Thomas Robin,
•eon, Philip Russell, Miss Virginia Ratclifl
S—W m. Scott, cx’or. of Joseph Scott, dec’d.
Anderson Scott, jr. John Smith, George Stan
^bick, Capt Bcnj. Shepherd, Capt. Jon t iau
Smyth, Fleet Smith, Gen John Scott, John
Scott, George Scott, Aaron Sheldon, Henry S.
•Shore, Nathaniel Shepherd, Watson fct Ebnr.
Scott, John W. Smith, Henry Singleton, Wm
•Sniiin, Lucy Smith, (black woman.)
T—John Taylor, Wm. Tompkins, Miss Mary
Thomas, John 'Iunis, Mary Taylor, Chailea
Turner, Capt. Walter Thorp, Mrs. Martha
•Turpin, Frederick Thompson, Oleve Thomas,
Jostpo Thompson, Belfour Thompson, W. B.
Thornton, Samuel Taylor, Frances Taylor, J >hn
V—Miss Mary Vernon, Henry H. Vaughn,
Mrs RosettaVanet.
W—John Wilson, Izard B. Whitlock, Colin
J. G. Wood, Miss Eliza White, Maj Jordan
Winston, Cipt. W. D. Wren, Leul. Joseph
Woodson, Messrs. Wren and Robinson, Franky
Williams, John F. Williamson, John White,
Chailea Wells, Hon. Robert White, jr. Jesse
Winn, Thomas E. Waggamin, Robert Watkins,
^Daniel Wade, John Winston, James WhileUw,
Capt. James Weldon, Edward Walford.
V— Richard Y oung.
Z—Charles Zahmcr.
IfOK S/VLE, the Tl'PF. on which this pa*
per is printed, J’.-jroeois t Brevier —
A git at hirguut may be had, by immediate ap
plication to the Editor.
June T.
1> li 1 i ■ AD&LFHI A WHEAT FAN NS for
i Mv,!>>
'A tf
t' .1
In Council, May23, 1811.
FOR the purpose hf being enabled t<* comply
with a resolution of the General Assembly
adopted at its last session, requesting the Ex
ecutive “ To cause a statement to be prepared
and transmitted to the Senators and Represen
tatives from this state in Congress, shewing as
accurately as may be the amount of the unsatis
fied claims for land belonging to the officers
and soldiers of the Virginia line on state estab
lishment—to those officers and soldiers win
were employed in the marine service of this
commonwealth—and to those meritorious per
sons to whom special donations of land were in
tended to have been made.” And in order to
ascertain also as ncarlt ns possible the unsatis
fied claims for land, of the officers and soldiers
of the Virginia line on continental establishment,
Notice is hereby given, that all persons hav*
ing such claims are required to present them
to the executive of this st ate on or before the 20th
day of November next, authenticated by such e
videncc aa the law now requires, and where
that cannot be had by the best evidence
which the nature of the case will admit.
And for the information of those concerned, so
much of the law as relates to authenticating
claims for services in the Virginia line ; on con
tmental and on state establishment is hereunto
By order of the Executive, ' *
Wm. ROBERTSON, c. c.
Extract/rom tue lav> above alluded to . ,,
WHEREAS a certain bounty in Lands, hath
been engaged to the troops on continental es
tablishment, raised by the ordinances of con
vention, or the laws of this commonwealth, and
to the tr-.ops upon Virginia establishment-: Be
it enacted, that the officers and soldiers of the
said troops «s well as the offir -ra fit soldiers to
whom a bounty in lands may, or shall be here
after allowed, by any law of this commonwealth,
shall be entitled to the quantity of waste orun
appropriated lands respectively engaged to them
bv such laws,a commissioned officer or his heir*,
upon certificate from any general officer of the
Virginia line, or the commanding officer of the
troops on the Virginia establishment, hs the case
may be, and a non-commissioned officer or sol
dier, or his heirs, upon cer ific-te from the colo
nel or commanding officer of the Regiment or
corps to which they respectively belonged, that
such officer or soldier hath served the time're
quired by law, or hath been slain or died in the
service, distinguishing particularly the lime sncli
officer or soldier hath served, and in what r.egi
mentor corps such service hath been performed,
or death happened ; and upon making proof be
lore any Court of Record within this common
we <lih by the person’s own oath, or other satis
factory evidence of the truth fit authenticity of
the said certificate, and that the party had never
before proved or claimed his right to laud for the
service therein mentioned, which proof the
clerk of the court beore whom it » toll be made,
is hereby impowered 8t requ red fo endorse ft
certify upon the original certificate, making an
entry or minute therrof in his order book at re
cording the same.
f.. mm mm
N. B The State Frinters, in the Spiffs of O
hio, Kentucky Sc Tennessee, 8c the Editor of the
National Intelligencer, are requested to publish
t ie above advertisemi nt and extract in their
papers once a week for 3 months, 8c transmit
eir accounts to the Executive of this state, fer
Richmond, Virg. May 31. w3m
AkOUSE & LOT of groand near, the Peni
. .tentiary, by Abraham Douglass—who
•' s also on hand forty thousand feet superior
quality white pine boards, and Pennsylvania
whiskey in barrels, which he vrill dispose of oh
reasonable terms.
June 14. wJw
, LaJ\D FOR SALE. 1,
THE siinscrio* r offers for s~.le his plantation
in King &. Queen county, containing 1000
acres; oftnis there are about400 acres, clear
ed and now in vine mder for cultivation, the ba
lance is heavily limbered with oak and hickory,
and abounds in fine heart pine, which from its
great scarcity is extremely valuable-this land
is admirably well adapted to the growth of corn,
wheat 8c oats ; and the greater part of the wood
land would produce prime tobacco—This planta
tion is remarkably well situated for a market for
produce being about 12 miles from Tappa
bannock, on Rappahannock river, 6 miles from
Dunkirk, and 8 from Walkertown, on Matto
P"ny river—and 40 fiom Richmond. There is
on this plantation a good overseer’s house ; a
new single story house ; an excellent new barn
and other necessary houses:—And carpenters
are now engaged in erecting a handsome iwn
story dwelling house; which will be completed
by Christmas —-This seat is an uncommonly
healthy one.—The plantation is divided into 3
equal fields, each under a itrong fence : In the
field at present in corn, from 70 to 80 bushel* of
wheat may be seeded to great advantage next
fall.—I derm it unnecessary to sny more. My
overseer on the premises will *hew the land to
any person wishing to view it.—And tor further
particulars inquire of the subscriber on Ihe land,
or by letter, addressed to the Host-Office at
Dunkirk, King and Queen County.
King 8t Qneen County, June 7. wtt
LAND FOR SALE—Will be sold to the
highest bidder on the piemises, on tlie 1st
day of September 1811.—That wc^Jcnown tract
of Land called Smitldield conta<«p' hy estima
tion five hundred and fifty acres^ Tying on the
Rappahannock in a very healthy situation about
four miles below Fredericksburg.—On this tract
there is two hundred and fifty acres of Wood4
land, and the open land for fertility of soil and
the many natural advantage* is not surpassed hy
any tract of the si/e in the state.—There are se
veral Quarries of valuable Freestone uponthe
margin of the Kiver. The land is well watered
with never failing springs. Theieis a natural
Wharf where vessel* drawing ten feet water
may take off grain.—There is a small meadow
of about twenty acres on the Kiver and about
fifty acres of improved Land which is supposed
by Judges to be Superior to the other.—
The above Property will be soU for the dis
charge of two deeds of trust to Kobeit Pat
ion of Fredericksburg.—The terms of the
sale will be one fourth of the Purchase money
to be paid down on the day of Sale and the Ba
lance by three annual payments, taking Bonds
with approved security and a deed ol trust up
on the lend bearing interest from the date.
February 2d. _ wt3.
r|"'HE President and Direetoi * have this daj
4 declared a dividend of six per cent 01
the Capital Stock, f<> the I i-t h*|f year, whie*
will be paid to the Stock hold? rs or tlicir lega
representatives, on or after th^ l.v *•.
JOHN JiHt»C$&NBK9U,ttH, Lathttr.
’ A
“PHE Su‘. ..criber offers for jalt the TRACT
* OF LAND, whereon he now lives (Isle
the resilience of Col. Geo. Brent, dec’d.) con
taining 666 acres, upwards of one third part
now in Woodland, immediately at the head of
tide water, and adjoining the town of Wood
stock, on Aquia Creek. There are prohahly few
Farms more productive, a very considerable
1 portion of it is rich low grounds in arable order,
and at least eighty acres sewed with Red Clo
ver, between 12 and 15 acres in timothy grass,
and a much larger quantity at an inconsiderable
expence might be made ; the Buildings, tho’
not elegant, are comfortable, spacious and con
venient with all necessary out houses ; a small
young orchard of Apples and Peaches now iu
bearing, exclusive of some select fruit lately
budded and grafted. Attached to this estate are
two valuable Mill Seats, the one above, the o.
ther below the Aquia Warehouses, a stand in
ferior to none tor. the mercantile business ; it
being so conveniently situated on tide water.—
Upon payment of a part of the purchase monev,
aeons,derable indulgence would be given for
the balance with possession of the whole at the
end of the yesr and libcny of seeding 100
bushels of wheat in con, ground, the most of
which was in clover last vear. \ny person wish
ng to view the premises and desirous of the
terir.s of sale will apply to
. • • , ' W. P. BAYLY.
Woodstock, Stafford Coun
ty. May 17. 1811. wlm&l f2tn
rK.1iE su|’8cribcr hereby informs the public,
R that he keeps a house of entertainment tor
tne acconomod lion of those who m»y think pro
per to visit his spring : where it si.41 be his en
deavor to render the situation of such as call
upon him, as comfortable as possible during
their stay. R
Hie Salt-Sulphur Si.ring is situate about 2
miles from the Town of Union in the County of
Monroe It has been thought not to be surpas
sed, perhaps not equalled, by any mineral water
in Virginia, on account of its salubrious medical
qualities The water, to some palates, appears
somewhat brackish, is strongl> impregnated
with Sulphur and a variety of salts, which can
srs a sm^tl quantity to operate as.a cathartic,
carrying off bile and other offending matters
from the stomach and bowels, without occasi
oning the smallest degree of pain or uneasiness,
diuratil”e 8ame t,me op*r*te® powerfully as a
And what is very remarkable, altho’ it ope
rate* daily as a cathartic, it never debilitates the
system, but tends rattier to 1 invigorate the 9ys
te.n and elevate the sprits—It has always, when
used for that purpost, furnished relief in cases
ot obstinate diarrha, tnd, no doubt, would be ve
ry efficacious in removing the cause -of cholics
&c. Those seeking for prevention of disease or
restoration of health, *re invited to call upon
him and try the qualities of his water
Monrce County, Va. June 28. w8w
\\ HEKEAS: I intend going to the Wes
▼ » tern country in the month of September
next ; will undertake tostransacl business, for
any person who may favor me, with their busi
ness, either in Kentucky, Tfcnnesaee, or Geor
Letters addressed t* the subscriber at Wyl
hesburg, Virginia, and post-paid, will be strictly
attended to.
Daniel k. baknes.
June 20. _ w4wfl
MG BETTER, opposite Gamble’s corner,
• Main S^rett, respectfully informs the
PuhliCf he has just received an elegant assort*
merit of the most fashionable Silver Plate—to
gether with an extensive assortment of Pearl,
Jet and Plated Golds, among which are, Brace
lets with elastic bauds, Breast P.ns, Earing* &
Kings, Candlesticks with or wi hout branches,
Bread and Cake Baskets, Bottle Slides, Liquor
Stands, &c Go'd, Silver and Plated Epauletts,
Swords; Dirks, Plumes, Belts, He also
ki eps a constant supply of Spoons of every de
scription, with a variety of other articles too te
dious to enumerate.
N. B One or two Boys of good connections
will betaken as Apprentices to the above busi
June 14:_w6w
labourers wanted.
will be employed on the Streets by the
month or season, and good wages given. Ap
ply to ,
June 27. tf
NOTICE.—Will be sold before the door of
the Flour Inspector of this City, on the 9 h
day of July, 9 bbls. Flour, condemned for being
mixt with Coin Meal, for the benefit of the
Commonwealth—Branded G. Kim.
Inspector of Flour.
June 14. 3w
I PURSU ANT « . a Decree, of the County
' A Court of Hanover, will (positively) be sold
to the highest bidder, on the premises, on Sa
turday, the 13th day of July next, A TRACT
OF LAND, belonging to the estate of the late
George Richardson, dec’d. containing one hun
dred and seventy-eight and a half acres, lying
;m the lower end of said County, on Chit kidiom
: ony Swamp and twelve miles from Richmond *
. about one half of this is highland in arable or
i der, well adapted to the culture of corn, wheat
i and tobacco, with a large and never fail.tig
J orchard of various kinds oj apples and a small
I orchard of peach trees i the other half is low
: land, part of which is reclaimed and fit for til*
lage, and the whole for strength and fertility of
sod is exceeded by none in Virginia_Bond I
with approved security will he required of the
purchaser, and a credit of twelve month* allow
; ^ *or one half of the purchase money, eighteen
fTio. tbs tor the. balance The land will he
shewn to any one wishing to purchase, by Mr.
| James Atkinson at Cold Harbor, or Mr. John
j Conch, near Kidds’ Mill
June 28.
r | ’liN DOLLARS RJS W A It D^—F r ap^
1 prehending old Ish..m, shout 60 yi ars old,
a ‘all Mack man, with one g!a»* «yc, formerly
hr property of Maj. Llghtfoot uf James
Ci'y, f will give ten dollars-He ranawsy
without evi-n a word, and is lurking in James
, ^lly *bout the upper Church, or in Richmond.
, _ 1 in
1 PHI N T I N G.
SIH, as you <re not an inha tan* of the -tale,
oe have no known place <>t residence, or any
known agent in the same ; I take this mode of
giving you notice, that, on Friday and Saturday
the 26th & 27th of July, 1811, between the
hours >ften in the morn ng and four in thee
vening, I shall proceed to take st'tidry depo
sitions at the present dwelling (muse of Mrs. Ma
ry B. Beech, in the county of Lunenburg, to be
read as evidence in a suit in Chancery, in the
County Court of Charlotte, in which 1 am Com
I plainant and you are Defendant.
Your Wile,
; phcEbe green
June 14.
^^"OTICE—The subscriber wants to hire a
number of laborers for the James River
Company, whose servic.es will be required for
3 or 4 mouths—To whom liberal wages will be
given, apply to the subscriber at tbe scale house
on the Basin.
June 14, tf
fro TICE.
\ PETITION will be pr.-senterl to the next
JLjL General Assembly, on behalf of the Com
mon-Hall of this City, praying that an act inav
pass empowering the Common-Hall to lease, or
otherwise dispose of, as may be most expedient
for Mi- benefit of the said City, the public com
mons within the limits thereof.
Br order-of the Comtnt>n- Tfall.
Wm C. WILLIAMS, Pretident.
May 24. w2m
Greenbrier.—The Subscribers, the [ire
sent-occupants of these Springs, beg leave to
return their thanks for the very generous encou
ragement which they received the last season,
and to inform the public, that they are now in a
situation to receive company—that they have
with much trouble anil very great expince, en
abled themselves to entertain comtortably, up
wards of one hundred persons, with their ser
vants. They have repaired all the tormer
buildings, and have erected seventeen neat lodg
ing houses, with plank floors, glass windows
and brick chimnies; they have also built a very
spacious dining house, having set apart the old
dining house for the entertaining of travellers ;
and have added so largely to their stables, that
they can now stall upwards of an hundred hor
ses. They have laid in an abundant supply of
the best stores—from all of which, they confi
dently hope to give general satisfaction to those
who may vi«rt their
A Post Office has lately been esi bhshed at
these Springs, anil a variety of New-p ipers will
betaken from different parts of the U. S. for the
amusement of the visitors.
Greenbrier, june 18. tf
JUST received and for Sale, on consignment,
from the Manufuctoiy of Cut Tacks and
lirads (or Sprigs,) viz.
100 m 3d
214 — 4 <lo
200 — 5 do
2o3 — G do
2u9 8 do
50 — 12 do
50 — 16 do
Br.ids or Sprigs.
50 m 1-2 In--.li.
10 _ 5 8 do
50 — 3 4 do
20 — 7 8 do
50 — 1 do
50 — 1 1-4 do
20 — 1 .3-4 do
50 — 2 do
a lie Hnove are oi ev iient quality ana a con
stant supply expected, by
June 21 3w
way front the subscriber, on the night
of the 9tl> :nst.—— ft. rrmlaHo man named
John, alias John White, he ;s remarltable likely
—-^upwards of six feet high, about 22 to 23 old
—his hair inclined to be straight-he is very
sensible, can read and 1 believe write—he for
merly belonged to Mr. B< njamin Drew of
Smithfield, mid served him ns a house servant,
and was »9 I am inf <rmed an extraordinary good
one : He carried with him—a drab surtotit coat
better than half worn— with pockets at the sides
-a black close bodied do. one pair white
woolen pantaloons of Virginia cloth Ohe do.—
blue do.—one do. blue plains-one vest striped
in imitation ofswans down. He no doubt will
attempt to pass tor a free man, & probably will
be lurking about Petersburg or its vicinity,
where I am told a free woman lives with whom
he had taken up some time past—or perhaps
gone to Smithfield, where his mother lives.
All masters ot vessels and others are cautio -id
against conveying sway or in any way harbour
ing tbe said fellow at their peril.— I will give the
shove reward ; if secured in any goal in the state
8o that 1 gel him again—and forty dollars if la
ken & secured out at the state.
P. S. If brought home, all reasonable charges
will be pai'J in addition to the above rewa'd
Richmond. Anriltfi. if
AT the Sicn or the GOLDEN MOR
TAR,Richmond,returns thanks to his cus
tomers for past favors, and earnestly intreats all
those indebted to him to call and settle their res
pective accounts, as he is anxious to clos^ his
former business. Having taken Lin son 1'hilip
into partnership in his medicine store. It will he
carried on in future under fhe firm of
Who have just teceived a large supply of fresh
DRUGS, Medicines, Paints, Dye-Stuff, E«.r
most of which being bought with cash, they
are enabled to sell at low prices.
The same attention heretofore paid in select
ing mrEeinet of the best quality and receiving
none ir powder, will be strictly observed, and
they I tter themselves, to merit the enco'uago
...vm) f their friends and the public generally.
May 17- __•_6t—lawtf
NOTICE.—A petition will be presented to
_ the in *.t General Assembly, praying ilia*
an Act may pass for estaolislnng a Turnpike
from the City of Richmond, in a straight and
direct course to the Brook T.vern, on the Fred
ericksburg road, about 7 miles above the said
( Jtme 14. , w2m
r fl *HF. present Clerk o* the superior court f
l Chancery, for the District of William •
burg,having no. ifcd to me that he should ccrta
ly resign the cilice, on the 15th day of the next
mouth—I shall on that d;«v pi or. , «t to nppoini
his successor.—~It i» worthy 'he attention of
:gen'lcman well qualified.
>Vdligntsburg, 1'ihe Z$. f\
D Y virtue of* decree of the Sup^r:— *
of Chancery for the Richmond
«?/// be ojfered for Sale at Cutnberli
House, on Monday ti e 22d July next, (being
Court day) that valuable TRACT OF LAND
belonging to the estate of Peterfield Trent, dec.
containing by estimation, 783 acres lying in the
. county of Cumberland, on Willis river and ad*
joining the town of Cairo, for the purpose of
raising a sum ot money therein mentioned, due
and owing to the estate of Alexander Trent,
dec’d. The contiguity of this hind to he town of
C«ira s where there is a Merchant Mill, which
will no doubt, in a short time be in complete re*
pair, and consequently will lequire a large quail
I wheat Sec., as well as tobaccoMiispe* lion
i —and being at the-iiead of the navigable waters
of Willis’s river, render it one of the most de
sirable tracts of land in that part of the coun
try. Added to these, the hind is of excellent qual
ity, and well adapted to the culture of tobacco,
whesr, corn, tec.
Previous to the day of sale, this land will be
laid oil in lots, and sold to suit purchasers—and
the terms of sale liberal, only one third will be
required when the deed is made, tmd one, two
and three years for lb- balancer Bonds and se
curity will be demanded, secured by a deed of
trust if required by* the
June 25. _^ tds
—Inconsequence of the death of v. Ro
bert Pollok, the business IhW-1\ carried on "• this
place, under the firm of Pollok 8c Tredway, is
dissolved. Those who have claims against the
Gaid firm are requested to apply to Tin.mag
Tredway for payment, to whom those indebted
are requested to make payment
Surviving partner of
of tlre last Will of
Manchastcr, June 25.
Those still indebted to the late firm of Pollok*.
Tredway 8* Co. are rer^jested to come forward
| and make arrangements, for the speedy payment
! °f Jhe,r respective debts, as after the long in.
j diligence already granted, we shall be under
| the neceSMty of using coercive measures against
&U those who fail mo to do.
Surviving partners tn this Country of
I take this opportunity of announcing, to all
those still indebted to the late firm of Robert
and Allan Pollok & Co. that uriWs, they come
forward and make speedy and satisfactory ar
rangements, for the payment of their respective
debts, suits shall be immediately instituted
Surviving partner in this Country of
Kichnmud, June 25. tf
C UPERFINE CLOTHS:—The Subscribers
have just received by the Anacreon (run
London, on consignment, two Bales best qnal.
ivy. which they will sell low by the B de or Piece
tor Cash.
To 'he People of the U States. I ..we ah
exposition of the circumstances, whii h have
produced my restg ,tii ti >, m Office of So
i crvtary ol State. I his duty, irk-mme as it
is, it is my pu pos- tv •« t rt,.orni. It ia
unexpectedly dev lved up n ui. by the ir
resistible necessity l obviating the h- nest
misapprehensions of some and hi wan on
misrepresentations mothers. C nsi. ,ed
then, as 1 reluctantly am, to come fmth 1>
have, in the outset, only tQ pr. u.ise, that hi»
t-xqosiiinii shall be noth ng but i ritt, unv ar
iM-med siateineiii of lac s, with i ht super.,
addition ot only such observations as may
occasionally he necessary to a d.atinci un~
demanding of the narration. My ohj.ct is
the vindication of myselt : And if m this
vindication, there should he involved any se
rious questions as to Mr. Madison, it will
. onty be because such a result is inevitable.
I In this undertaking, I have an eye to the
! s'orm that I will have to buffi t;_.a storm,
j that will br excited bv the parasites of pow
| er ’• but I, at the same time, enjoy the con^
i 5 la* ion ot having m my view l,e Ame: icarv
I " Measures and not JMen ” the
j distinguishing chaructensic of tie mde
i pendtu people nr a lepresentatjve Ue«
public. Besides it is a truth obvious io eve
ly understanding, and confirmed by univer
sal experience, ha* “ in 11. xertions of duty
something IS to lie hazard*.- **
Mr. Madison\ offer to me of the mission*
to Russia, which he has allowed t<, ,b» •• of
the utmost importance to the Conn 'ercc
of the United ba es, and memos honorable
appoint ment abroad that is in the git of
our (Jovernment,” is demonstrative proof
oi his confidence in me, as to fidelity and as
to capacity in public affairs.
This offer was accompanied with mmy
obsei vations, in appearance, respectfully
ntade, as to the contrariety ot opinion that
had unhappily existed between him and
myself with respect to ceitain measurec
and to certaiti nominations, and in whichr
he seemed to glance particularly at the i Is.
touching our furr-gn relations, tha had ,• tie
introduced by Mi Macon at the session of
i 180^—10, and at the non.intercourse law
Jot the last session. Although his language,
in l ie offer of the mission, and in m* ic*
| companying observations, was ro t at a lnU
fensive. yet there were indications nt em
!’lari-asstnerit and aukwardness, hoi oxcit
I rd in my mind a doubt as to his real > hject*
Unfiti’ ihc inffuence of this suspicion, lisinyy
from my seat 1, with a decorum due a,
President of the U States distinctly iut..: .ti
ed hin , that ov/mg to our different vi. ws <>£
n.any subjects, I had, softie time s:tice„
nrmed a determination to withdraw !■ n\
'is administration; that I had act. i.If
c unmuniraied to some of my friends tb>*
determination ; and to accomplish my ( ut •
e 1 had been only waiting '<>t an t. < asi»
. , w err in i cotJjd he effecu d with i ni
dangeuujt conflicting agitation* tsrrong

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