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By Thomas nitchie.) RICHMOND, FRIDAY, JU Y 26 811
T>OWYER*S- White Sulphur SPRINGS.
' I Greenbnvr —The Subscribers, the pre
aent occupants of these Springs, beg leave to
return their tt\*<ik8 for the very generous encou
ragement which they received the last season,
and to inform the public, that they are now in *
situation to receive company-that’they have
with much trouble and very great expence, en
abled themselves to entertain cor,: tort ably, up
wards of one hundred persons, with their ser
vants. They have repaired all the former
buildings, and have erected seventeen neat lodg
ing houses, with plank floors, glass windows
and br-ck chiinnies ; they have also built a very
Jpacious dining house, having set apart the old
dining house uir the entertaining of travellers j
and have added so largely to their s'.ablcs, that
they cun now stall upwards of an hundred hor
ecs. They have laid in an abundant supply of
the best stores—from all of which, they conti
drntly hope to give general satisfaction to those
who may visit, ilteir
A P *st Office i.’,s lately been established at
these Springs and * v.iriety of Newspapers will
he taken from different par^s of the U. S. for the
amusement of the visitors.
Greenbrier, june 18 tf .
Dissolution of co-partnership.
—In consequence of ilie death of r. Ro
bert Poll ok, the business litei v carried on in tins
place, undei the firm ofPollok & Tredway, is
dissolved. Those who have claims against the ,
•aid firm are requested to apply to Thomas
Tredway for payment, to whom those indebted
•re requested to make payment.
Surviving partner of
of the last Will of
Manchester, June 25.
Those still indebted to the late firm of Poliob,
Tredway 8c Co. are requested to come forward
and m .ke arrangements, for the speedy payment ;
of their respective debts, ns after the long in
dulgence already granted, we shall be under
the necessity of using coercive measures against
ell those who fail so to do
Surviving partners in this Country of
r I take this opportunity of announcing, to all
those still indebted to the late firm of Robert
end Allan Pollok 8c Co. that unless they come
forward and make speedy and satisfactory ar
rangements, for the payment of their respective
debts, suits shall be immediately instituted.
Surviving partner in this Country of
Richmond, June 25 tf
FOR SALE, the TYPE on which tht9 pa
per is printed, Hurceois Ik Bbrvibr ._
A great bargain may be had, by immediate ap
plication to the Editor.
June 7.
CASH given for South C irolma Bank Note3,
at a discount—Apply to
John alcock,
Ccvtrr.or's Hill
_ J'lJy 1G._wtf
A LI. persons having claims against the es
tate of Wm. Rawleigh, dec’d. are reques
ted to bring the same forward without delay fic
all persons indeti.ed to said estate are earnest
ly solicited to m ike immediate ctayhent,
ROBERT HYDE, ~S Rxccvtort of
AND C William Raw
GEO. G KEEN HO VV.j/cijA dec’d.
July 16. 2w
^TJ^HE C'i' 7.- ot Hie nund are respectfully
5 t-'.tified, t-iat the City truces are now due,
and l»v * ,c ms of the ordinnnre I am hound
t‘> Par e >unt thereof into the hands of the
Ch .r.i* r • .r - on or before the first day of No
VL-Mt • r r-ext, and therctore, can apply once on
ly ? >r niymeot and in case ofdefault, I shall be
compelled tiro’ reluctantly to direct distress to
h- made indiscriminately—I shall proceed in the
collection on the first dav of next month.
Serg't of the City of Richmond.
July 16._ 4t
NO 7 I C eT
I SHALL on Saturday the 27tb imt. at
my residence in this City, -mar Mr Will, *o
Robertson's,proceed to sell at public auction for
ready money, all the household ami Kitchen fur
riture, belonging to the estate, of my late Hus
Land Batcheldcr Valentine, d^c’d. consisting *f
tbe cuaU.tnaiy articles of a house keeper, and
■which are too tedious to be particularised in an
advertisement of this sort ; likewise seven slaves,
old Harry, an old woman named Milly, a
likely young woman named Amy, 2 likely girls
F.lvy and Milly, and 2 likely bova Lewis k Ste
phen. Being anxious to close n»y administration
and corse to a general distribution of the sur
plus, 1 again entreat all persons who have claims :
gainst the said estate to bring them forward ^
Without delay, authenticated as the law requires,
ond to receive payment; otherwise they will be
disregarded snetft distribution made, between
the scvetal distributees of said pststc, agreeably
to a decree of the Court of Hustings of this Ci
ANN VALENTINE, ad’mr. of
n. valentine, dec’d.
Richmond, July 19. tds
\\7 ANT E D—For the next year (or immedi- !
“ r atcly, if not now engaged) a Manager for
• valuable Estate on James River, a few milea
above Richmond.
A person from Loudoun County, who is well
acquaint'd with the clover husbandry and can
come highiy recommended for honesty, sobrie
ty, industry and srfill in farming, would be pre
_ July 19. tf
tWemty doll iUs reward.
g^ UN'AVV AY from the Subscriber two Ap
Xk. pj r>tir»-Roys, John Judsh and William
Welch. John Judah is a mulatto, and went oi
the ninth ms?. is about nineteen years of age,
he is rather MTndl of hi* age, but well set?. Wil
b»m W'drl' is a white Lad and went off about
th -tlih ms?., about nineteen years old also, be is
r«i-bcr leno r made, light hair, and blue eyes,
fl’fy had sailor*., r-pparel ou—1 will give the a
b?M<* rew rrl to any person who will spprehend
thciii ati.I ''• cure th m in any Jail so that 1 can
r. .*! vrri—1 for w*»n any person harboring them
trr | ley mg llu- ru, as tin: Law will he enforc
•U !■ m*; ,':»i i ' id, • tint do ft.
K.> 23. U
WANTED m purchase a ponJ COOK, (a
man would be preferred) who is sober,
industrious, and well acquainted with his bu
siness.— Also a pood Seamstress For terms and
particulars -nquire of
Moncure, Robertson \sf Pleasants.
Ju»y 23. _«_tf
THE followinp is a list of Penitentiary Man
ufactures which have been lately reduced
to and are now sellinp at the prices annexed to
: '' CUT MILS.
Wholesale Prices Retail Pri.'rt.
3djr 12 cts. per lb. 13
4 H} 12}
5 11 i2
6 10} / 11}
8 9} 10t
10 9 10' -
12 9 ' io
20 9 r 10
8dy 9} cts. 10}
10 9 10
12 9 i0
20 9 10
6dy 15 16
6dy 13} 144
8 13 14
10 12} 13}
12 12 13
20 11} .... 12}
30 11} 12}
Spikes Irorr. 4 to y inches 11 ct3. 12
Broad Axes 18 cents
per lb.
Nai row do 17
Hook & Eye King s
large 12$
Do Small t. 14
Iron benders 15
Hilling &, Grubbing
Hoes 12$
Wedges . 10
Halter chains each 62$
Cinder, Shovels pr. 25
Waggon Traces 100
Plough do 92
I Snaffle Bridles 87$
| Curb do 112$
Horse Collars 125
Hack Hands 66
Waggon Breaching
Car' do *0s
Bed Coids 9 Strands
36s—per doz
D<* 6 do 30s
Leading Lines Six
Do 137$ cts.
Do -3 do 108
Seine Twine 58
spun uouon no, 3 54, cts.
6 58
7 62
8 67
9 70
10 75
11 78
12 81
13 85
14 90
15 95
'Together with the above articles will be kept
a constant supply of Shoes, Boots, &c. at their
former low prices.
Agent for the Commonwealth.
July 16. eptf
PRICES of the Penitentiary Manutac lures re
duced,—In order to prevent any thing like
a competition in the sale of Penitentiary Manu
factures and similar articles sold in Richmond,
the following list will shew the great reduction
and the very low prices which they will in fu
ture he offered at, and it is expected from the
great change in the workmanship, owing to su
perior management, and the growing experi
ence of the workmen, together with the excel
lent quality cf the materials of which the differ
ent articles are made, that they will be prefer
red to any that o:>n be offered id this Market.
K'holetnl: Prices. Pit ail Price*.
3dy 12 cts. per !&.' 13
4 14 121
S II 12
6 10J 113
8 94 201
10 9 10
12 9 .10
20 9 '/ ' \ \k 10
fitly 93 103
10 9 10
12 9 10
. 20 9 10
6dy 15 16
6dy 133 243
8 13 14
10 12 J 133
12 12 13
20 113 123
so 115 123
Spikes from 4 to 7 inches 11
Broad Axes 18 cts.
per II).
Narrow do 17
Hook 2c Eye Ilin.
ges 1 irge 12 1-2
Do small 14
Iron Fenders 15
Hilling and Grub
bing H >es 12 1-2
Wedges 10
IJnlter Chains 62 1-2
Cinder Shovels 25
Waggon Traces 100
Jsn tffie Undies 87 1 2
Curd do 112 1 2
Horse Collars 125
I Mack Bands 66
| Belly do 66
Cart J reaching 30s
I Waggon do 27s
Seine Twine 3s Gd
I Six Strands Red
Cords j»er <1'>2. 30s
Leaduu: Lines 8> 3d
Spun Cotton No. 5 54 cts. per lb.
<5 5#
7 <52
8 67
9 72
10 75
11 78
12 81
13 85
3 90
15 ' 95
A constant supply of Boots and Shoes of all
sizes, suitable to the present it approaching sea
son—all orders left at the I'eni entiary Store on
Snockce Hill, will be strictly attended t< by
Agent for the Commonwealth.
July 23 tf
Sales at Auction.
ON Monday tfce 2Pth mat. wilfhe so! 1 p.-i
the premises, nearly opposite to Mr. K >
bert Gordon a on Shoeko* Hill—A comfortable
l! wo story B RICK- HOUSK, with i iif an *cre t
ground, nestle enclosed a a garden* on which
there is an excellent well of water
Terms will be made known at t.'C time and
place of sale.
July 29. __ 2t
lot sals at :inis Ortun.
--JL . m—8jPSBHB
SALE, T,o> No. 713, on 55'iocka Hill,
near Mr. John Gamble and immediately op
posite Mr. Curtis Carter : this lo, it well enclos
ed, and has on it, a small Dutch-rooted house,
and a number of handsome treesr—for further
particulars enquire of
_ tiios.tayicr
July 23. , tf
Ism authorised to sell for cssh oron a short
credit the materials which the *ld palace,
(fir povernnr’a house) is compo>ed, fee framinp
is eKtraordinary pood—For terms a ,ply to the
Subscriber, who wishes to employ l or 5 pood
Carpenters or Joiners, to whom onstsnt tm-.
ployinent Hint pvnerous wspcs will be piven ;
none need apply but those ttiat are iteadv and
July 19. 3t
1 HF subscribers,"a majority of the acting
JL Commissioners of the Lottery 6r the ben
eht of William and Mary College, lernby gire
notice.that they have transferred toSmon Block
•»f the city ot Williamsburg, under tie art of As
-c-mbly p,9,ed on the lllb 'lay of Fib. 1811. au
thorising tb~m to do so. the right to. raise by a
lottery or lotteries ' r. thousand dollars—b tries
also inform the puhlie, that Mr Bln k will . tv
tickets in the lotte y set on foot by hi* under
the transfer aforeBiid, in payment tor pry. • tick
ets clue in the first class already diawt hy the
said commissioners, and tor such tickets'** have
been sold in the 2nd class ot 'tie lottery which
was under their management—the price nn
tbr latter being first ascertained hy their agent,
and endorsed tt»*>i eon by him. &
yo h v bracken,
Iltn NR l. SON,
■ ' i RO : SAUNDERS, . I
June 19. . 4
- f
1 °f ®° Numbers, First framing_,
rim first drawing ofthia Lottery, agreeable to.
Notice, took place this day at the Capitol, un
der the superintendance oi several vi agistrates
ot tins City and in the presence of a number ot
Citizen*--when Hgreeable to the system pur
>-u-'a in Europe in the conducting the drawing
ofthis plan of Lottery—the different numbers
from 1 to 90 inclusive, was publicly shewn and
P,Hl f^ass wheel, from whence a boy
blind-folded drew the following five numbers
33’ ... 87‘. , J3.. 70, 18.
I ersnns holding tickets with one of the above
numbers will be entitled to receive fifteen times
the costof one number^-those holding tickets
of two numbers of the above, will be entitled to
receive two hundred and forty times the cost of
those numbers—if of three number*, four thou
sand five hundred times their cost, and if of
four numbers, forty thousand times their cost—
All prizes will be paid upon application either
at the Offices at which the Tickets were bought
or of Simon Block, jr. Richmond, or of Simon
Block, Williamsburg—The second drawing will
take place on Thursday, the 22d August—.
Tickets for sale at the different Stationary Stores
in ibis City—The Proprietor in offering this Lot
,tery to the Public fell great doubt* as to the
success that might attend it, owing to the dif
lere.ice that existed bet wee - tbiB ind the sys
tem of Lottery generally pursued it. this Coun
try but the event thus far has proved that his
fear was groundless and that the gjod sense of
the people will always p edummate over preju
dice which has been fully evinced by the "de
mand tor I ickets lor Ihp first driving——the ve
ry laudable purpose to which the fund arising
from this Lottery is to be applied, affords he
most pleasing presages—of ihe literal support
of the friends of the William & Mary College
Lottery, particularly wham superadded thereto'is
ihe advantage resulting to adventurers of risk
mg but a small sum for the clunce ofobt&imn
a capital prize.
Richmond, July 16 \
O HAT well k» ;wn estate m the County of
Mecklenburg, upon Ronnoak Kner, called
RICHLAND, containing n..*-ly
One 7hovaand Two-Hun ’.red Acres,
a sufficient portion of which is first rate Low
Grounds This tract from its superior fertility is
calculated to produce any thin* which the most
Salubrious climate will permit—the local situa
tion and elegant improvements thereon, need on
ly be seen to attract the attention or" any person
disposed to own one of the finest estates tn the
Southern parts of Virginia—The premises will
be shown by Mr Richard Jones, the Overseer
Also, another Estate in v'ew of the above
called Butcher's Creek Bridge Tract, which
contains upward* of 8t)0 acres, a portion
of which is prime creek lose grounds, and io es
teemed very valuable for the production of To
bacco, Wheat, Corn, be.— This will he
shewn by my friend, Capt Francis Hester, who
lives adjoining
For Terms apply to my Brother* James Wil
son ol Mecklenburg, John Wilson of Halifax, or
to the Subscriber in tlds. City.
Richmond, July 16th eptf
|OKN WOOD li ivng dissolved his conncx
ion with L H Girardin, -.vill commence on
rhnrsdaythe 1st of August, h public school for
the instruction ol youth in *lie various branches
ol the Mathematics, Geography, Surveying,
Navi"* jois,-N .tiir-d & Moral Phil .sophy, the
Greek k Latin Languages, wit’- English Gram
mar, Er.ghsli Composition, Wr.ting and Arith
metic. IVes twelve dollars and fifty cents per
| quarter, paid in advance.
i Him private classes will be continued aa u
u" 'I, bu* on the 1st of August he v ’dl pro-eed in
Natural Philosophy with Galvanism A Gcn
llem na native of France will teach'he French
; Language for which a small additions! fee in
proportion to tbcnumbsr of Students will be
I lie School room until October will be above
the office of the Enquirer, but afterwards in the
fionse uljaeent to tliu Custom House.
N if. Whereas from the Curd published by
L. H. Girardin, several persons have been in
duerd to suppose,* that the discontinuation of
C. Fremoti at the Academy received my d»6tp
1 probation ; I think it propur to state that the
reverse was directly the lact.
. , J.W.
K'e have »r*n Mr. G who ilitclaims iht in
June 19. tf
~ TuTmoval.
VV K iiave removed mu Office, t0 one of the
vr Brick W are-Houses, r oute the Hssir
J.I,* r HAXM.L. fcCj^
ON Wednesday the 26th Jon n exatnfna
f nn nt the pupils at this seminary commen
ced : it was attended by a numerous and higld\
respectable audience who expressed in gutterin',
t- rms their approbation oflhe n. «'*.Vr in whic.i
the young ladies acquitted l.*?«?&*selves—The
Hon John L Taylor, one of the Judges oflhe
supreme court, Alexand-r Falconer, esq.and
Mr William Crawford, principal of the Mai.
Academy presided : the - wo first days were oc
cupied in t strict examinm ion oft he several c! us
ses in reading, spelling, grammar, parsing,geo
graphy, astronomy, the use of the celestial ;,-d
terrestrial Globes, history and the French lan
guage—The copy hooks were exhibited, !>uj \
the want of time presented their examination on
arithmetic'*, for which many oflhe pupils had
been preptr**d. The compositions of Miss Mc
Ned of Wilmington, Misses Glosteriyid Fitts of
Warrenton, and Miss Adum of Fayetteville, j
were read to ihe audience by Judge Taylor, who
at the close of the exercises, delivered to the
young Latjies in behslt of himself and the gyn
Hemen who presided, an eloquent and impres
sive address, expressing his satisfaction at the
accurate manner in winch thrv had acquitted
themselves The morning of the f l day was
appropriated to a musical performance by ti.e '
pupils of Mr Miller, who displayed their usual
proficiency—'The number ol pupils, exceeding j
ninety, appeared blooming in health, U we u ate j
with pleasure that there has not been in nstauoci
of serious i- disposition throughout the session. |
The present capacious building,though pleasant i
and commodious, will be rendered not e so du* *
ring the vacation. The exercises of '.lie school
will recommence on M unlay the 15th.of Jul*.
early applicati in will ensure tbo admission of a
few. The pupils w'll continue to rec.ivc in»truc
tion in all the branches above mentioned, drawing
and needlework inclusive.
Mr. Mill t will necessarily be absent for rime
time wo Gentlemen wef, r^cc mmended as tea
chers of Mustek, Drawing & Painting, have
been provided who will attend during Mr. M’s.
Such testimonials rs have heretofore appear
ed, we shall nnt in future lay before toe publick.
Trusting that the credit of the institution is suf
firiently established, and conscious that no dimi
nution nf assiduity on our part will render it less
deserving of patronage.
Terms for board, ike. and Tuition; Musick,
Drawing, and French excepted, g 108, per an
num, payable half yearly in advance.
TT Each young lady must be furnished w th
•' p»irof sheets, counterpane, blanket and tow
Warrenton, Tune 23. - 2t
A FEW TONS ol Plaster of Paris of excel-;
lent quality for sale on bo.<rd Brig New- I
Packet, Abijab Luce, master at Lester’- I
VSill be received on loard
i Apply to the Captain.
J unc 23. 2t*il
From late LONDON Papers.
London? May 31.
Joseph Bonaparte’s return to Paris, is sta
ted by a gentleman who is arrived from the ■
French coast, to be preliminary to the de_
parture ol Fedinand VII. for Madrid, there
to be. proclaimed king of Spaiu. We attach 1
no credit to this statement. That Joseph
Bonapcrte will never return to Madrid, and
that his brother will unking him, ts very
probable—Equally prubable is it, that Hi i»
parte will declare Spain par1 of tne French
Empire, and himself sovereign of it. Wc
remember a memorable threat he nee d
out to tne Spaniards to reconcile hem o
Joseph’s government. “ If you do not ike
hint, you shall have me." That they do not
like Joseph, is pretty evident—that hey
like him still less, is equally clear—and spue l
ol his threats and ett'oits they trill neither
have him nor bis brother. He cannot con*
qu* r Spain
We received at a late hour this morning
some German papers. Bonaparte has given
some trench commercial towns leave tome
port such colonial produce as belongs to them
in Switzerland, the Stales o''the Cor.federa
Cy and the Hansetowns —They are to export
the value in the silk manufactures ot France
June 1.
I he rotr.or ofa marriage between Ferdi
nand Vllih, and the second daughter of the
Emperor Francis, is again noticed in letters
recived yeaterdav from France
I he Catholic question was again deba'ed
last night; but after so many years ol discus
sion much novelty was not to bt* expected;
and in fact the debate had *oiuce a novel
feature to recommend it. Between four and
five o’clock this morning the house divided,
when Mr. Grattan’s motion was lost by a
majority ol 140 to S3
Ke oSipointtncnt of the Duke of York. Lord
Milton’s notice of a motion respecting h- I
appointment of the link** of Von; to the office
of commander in c/ef, is sai l to he entirely
unadvised bv, and Unknown to both his pri
vate and politick friends nnd connec iops,
who unite in /Condemning it as an uncalled
and un warrant ed efTmion of juvenile indis
cretion It is also said, that the object of tin
late particular audience which the noble
Lord’s father, Earl Fitzwilliam, had of Ins
royal hign.rss tire Prince Regent, was to dis
claim al.t concern and countenance of the
House oi ccmmons.
' May "0.
| Manchctter Manufacturer#,—-On the >e
adumsionof strangers, wrl iund
Col. Stanley on his legs, presenting a pe
tition from the distressed Manufacturers ol
Manchester and Eecds.—Ue stated that the
petition wa3 subscribed by more than forty
thousand signatures the minority <#t wb in
wei c reduced to a State «>t extreme dis
tress. As he conceited th>s to b« < subject ol
great public impurrance he. was willing -
give the Xigh- Honorable Genleman (. . .
Fnrcev d) ard the Hous> doc notice, to c r •
isidei ol the best and apeedir^ mode. »•! <
mAbIm e r ng reitef to ao ] ,
I portion <.f the ooiiiinuni y. Iir huuld op n
a Jlututc day call tUc a;:,ent<on ol tttc fb>uiv
to this subject. He then moved hat the pc*
tition be brought up.
I he Petition was then brought up Cc read
by/he cleik at the table. A;ter stating ttre
facts mentioned by Col. Stanley, it proceetl
tle i to alledge as the causes cf the calami
ties by which they were at present afflicted,
the great reduction o' then wages, and the
I'.igii price <n provisions*—many ot their »nce
must opulent employe rs hiving been reduc*
ed to bankruptcy, and a considerable pufti
on ol i|\e persons most extensive in the trade
to abject poverty-tnat the continuation of
these calamities would have the unavoidable
effect ot compelling most ot those to enii
who could no long; r find encourage
ment i:i their own prosperous and happy
country, where they had - nee fondly hoped
to close a life ot useful industry in an age of
competence. 1 hat the demand fo> their
ytuyuj "rtbimw sit lime, mat the gn at ma
jority of the petitioners coul. not obtain em
ployment for more than iliiee clays in the
week, ufcd that they were ‘hereby reduced
to a state of distress unpa alleled Tuey
humbly presumed to alledge t . I»._., that in
their poor judgments the rtpv.'t <>f the Or
ders in council, and that hJs. ,.f ti,e Ameri
can Non in ter course Bill, if Join.wed by a
general and permanent peace, would, be.
yord any other measures, have the greatest
efficacy 4, relieving thoJ’etiiioneis t. . the
pressure of extreme poverty.
I'Uc petition was ihen ordered to lie on
the table.
A letter from Lisbon, dated Mav 29, to
a mei chart in this towti s a vs—" A he re was
?. rumor here yesterday, ibiit Genoa would
immediately become a free poit, it being
said that an English squadron were invite
ed into the port by the inhabitants.” Ano
ther letter, dated on the 2d oi June, from
the same source, mentioning ihat letters
had been received, confirming the above
report, and also adds, “ Jt 13 fully believed
that the detachment of French troops in
Spain, commanded by General Sebastian!
has been entirely cut up, and it is expeett d
Malaca will soon be in the possession of
the English.”--Host. Jixc C. H. Books
London, May 30.
By the American ship Union, Bates, mas*
ter, which arrived in Dover Heads from
Duukii k, and landed several passerine; s#
we learn that the troops on the coast have
all been lately inarched off and the du y is
carried on by the inhabitants. The passen
gers by the lluion are mostly Ameiicaa
Captains, whose ships have been ‘akin by
Arench privateers and condemned—1'iiey
had permission to embark in the Uni. n by
the French government for their own coun
June 4.
* nc ana Russians r.re stated to
have concluded another armistice of 4ud-.yS,
for the purpose of entering into prelimina
ries of peace, ft is said in one letter 'hut
a new motive of hostility has a s«q betw eo
Russia and I*ranee. A cornier of the /.*ttex‘
was taken by tlie Russians oil his way the
Tuikish camp, no.of Adr?innple. Hi?,
pap.-rs were examined, and by them ' -p
pcared that 'll. re Subsisted a connection
between Bonaparte and the O'toman Porto
hostile to the in eresis of Alex nder. '
Letters from Memcl to the 16 h of May
contradict the a:»..eriion that die king of
Prussia *«ad. acceded to the Rhenish Con
federation by furnishing a quota of 27 OGO
June 5.
fn the Hon-.' of Commons, on the 5tU
June, i n the subject of a vote of credit, Air.
Whitbread observed_ *
’* VVit1' aspect «o America also, the house
had fesnlved “ that the intercourse with
that country wa-> uncertain and interrupt
ed. It oust be recollected, that a lew
year* ago we had been told by the authors
and mIlocates of the Orders in Council, that
the uade with America would not be mucR
affee'ed by th m ; that trade would foice
its own way ; that Ameiita would soor\
see her true interests , and that our inter
course wiili that country would remain un*
diminished. America, at that time, told
tms country, that it she persisted in orders
so contrary to the rights of independent iu
Sions, -he wjuld suspend the intercourse be
tween the tarn countries. The authors of
our Orders in Council anticipaied no evils
iioiu tliis measure ; but the distress ol our
manufacturers now clearly proved that t r< a«
evils had resulted tr m it, and that the’loss
o' the American market had been severely
leit in tms country. No man attempted to
t cny the suffering* of our manufacturers, or
to say, that they were overstated, m thciy
petition. 1 heir misery was sufficiently well
known to the world, nnd tlie only r- ason al
leged t r not going into a committee, was
the impossibility of giving them any substan
tial renet. f the nquiry should, however,
nov tvkep'acc, ue hoped that it might still
oe possible tu prevail upon imnisteis to re
trace the i step* *ilh respect to America,
and to re open that market to our exerts.
\ve ban o er. often told, that it was ,m
possible to repeal those Orders in Council,
until the french decrees should have ./ver*
repeated. If, however, me Berlin ami
Milan d .trees were n -w ac tually rent U
ed, why not repeal the Orders in Council ?
“ 1,1 c ujonts whether the Punch,
h-'tl reall) repealed iho e decree# or not
Should IT»t some experiment be made to
1 ain whether they we.« sincere or
When 11 '»e« n in the power of ,„ie s_
'ers to put this matter to thetas*, it a> near
ed to hr.n lilac a noble Lord (the .v/arciui*
Wellesley) hud aiiuwn a dilncori -•«
, a negligence .»t conduct, which w.%
a»tuit,«iiifn^. ]i) h.s negotiations d'h i;,«
America' arnh., .sadnr, liei.ppenre to U\r
.ii considerable degree of itintienliui. Thes
American n mister l ad left the rnui-*rya
he ii' gnciaiiooi hrd .completely broke u off"
■ •. . hen Mr. • *(f
.shall ....... ut America, i he rumnmn-'ra
t.un bet ween • e wo rov. r .men .% „ .k , -
; oeen published in America, and he c id
cuncrme nn nth. rr on h r Imv (l Z
■in to tlie 1 use - (’o nmol, h " rner. y
. to gain firm . ii^ unit! no*, nv. id h e *»
• very sincere rc§ret. ta*- a min.

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