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- 'it^^fei'*.!' '$-y • ,*>4^ v ^Trr^”liiiWT,t*rr? in r -1
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"> > a fA^JwgP-■- iSgjKaj
.,~ •- > -'.. IT? fcjy ,:* •,i»..ay ' «■ ” '-, '"JlWSteV;
___ _ l | , „,__
_ - L*OL. il.—NO. 82.
FIST. "MASTERS will take notice, that bjr an act
of Congress, passed on the '2. VI invt. the several
rates of postage are augmented 50 per cent, and tliat af
ter the first <>f February next, the
Hates of Postage for single Letters, vrUl be
For any distance not exceeding -50 miles l‘J
Over -U> milv. • and not exceeding VO do. 15
Over 90 do. 150 do. lgJ
Over 150 da i>m do. ‘25.J
Over tflOO do. 500 da ;iV
Over 500 ;5*-j
Double letters, or th."*s* composed of tw •> pieces of
paper, double th'-sc rates.
Triltle I*, tters, nr ttiose tjompucutl of three pieces of
paper, trible those rates.
Packets, or letters composed of four or more pieces
of paper, and weighing one ounce or more, avoirdupois,
are to he rated equal to one single letter for each quar
ter ounce.
Each paper carried not excelling 100 miles, or for
sny distance, not being carried out of the atute in which
k is printed, 1} cents
li carried out of the state where printed, k
aver 100 mil"*, 2:f d'j.
Migazinee eg Pamphlets.
Carried not over 50 miles, fir each sheet, IA
f'vcr 50 be not exceeding loo miles yj
Over 10® miles, S
Tint pamphlets are not tobe received nr conveyed by
post on the main line*, or any ciw road, where, the
mail is large.
l‘'jst-.Mastar dent rat.
fleneral Post-Office, )
December 5. \ M
^I’ll hbcStiM, on Monday the Ifith Janiiarv, if
w W ♦•sir it' not lim til V# Lute 1 a> si... 1...
d*nee of Mrs. Mary A Henley, dt <’«!, in the up|a-r
j*art of Henrico uountv, tlie jiersim-.i! estate thereto lie
►•nging, com-isting of valuable Household anil Kitchen
Furniture.—Also, the crop of Corn, Wheat,Oats, Ki si
de r, the Stuck, of Horses, Hogs, Cattle, Bhee,-, and
Limitation Utensils, hte.
The condition of this sale will be 12 months credit
on all stints over 20 dollars, and fur that sum und un
der, rash w ill h« required, to carry interest from the
date, if not punctually discharged.
Cuaidiunfor the Distributees..
Janiuor 5- tds
STOLEN from my slnblcs at Humps laad, on the
night of th< 17th nit ui.o,
J W 0 11 U It 8 E S s
•—throne » large hay. Chat-riot horse, five feet high,
t ,;h white hind'feet, and two or three white spots,
from scats, on toe buttock.—This is a stout, compact
r vie V erse, wkha short thick neck, thin tail, amt up.
- on his back l.a; a small knot occasioned by the Middle :
—paces and trots. 'Ike other horse stolen, is a btut
ruiin potup, kept for a riding horse, about four feet six
im-in-H high, remarkably close and well formed lor his
heir*,t, and girths uncommonly large. The pones
paces and trots xruo<<lhly, but a pace is his usual gait,
carries .its !• lo-.v,is not as high 1 a-lore ns behind, has
the end r.i . left ear cut off, a thick grey mane and
ic.., wifi 'wo si.miner* pas- was nicked. These horses
arc Ur. upwards often .cars oltl, and oh thv morning
c-.'9 nr,g tl,» theft, were pursued ar.d traced as far as
Friiovh- t '.urt-rloine, apparently tnaking towards
! rdu ick lung and the city ot Washington. To any
I" 1 ton * ho w ill stop and secure the above horses, sit
t I simll get them again, 1 will pay a reward of fifty
dollars, and will also pay the adtlitiona) reward of fifty
dollars for the apprehension and safe lodgment of the
thief or thieves, for condign punishment, in any jail in
this Stale, or in uny of the United States.
Hampstesd, New-Kent, Va. ?
January 5. $ 2wf
ILL.—Tl.c sale advertised by Mr. .lames Pen
J A nington, to h.-ive been at the l csidencc’of l-’ran
cts Lighlfoot, dec'd, in Sussex county, on the 15th of
l ecomber, IM4, will take place on the 2;Jd of January
1815, if fiiir, if not the next fair day. The sale then
w id he partly for cash and partly on twelve months
credit, to meet the wishes of different purchasers
and continue from tiny to day, as ||,e prospects may
justify, until the whole of the debts are piovidedfor,
ami in every other respect nearly on the let ms of Mr.
fenniagton’s advert istitient
AtMr rj J-Ycmcis Ughtfnot, dec'll.
In tlir shore sale will be included many valuable nc
M-'**s- December 24. tils
(>h th.-Iti<-hiaond 11 tion Manufactory, fdrwarn all
r person* from crediting anyone interested, con
nected or ‘employed in that establishment, on ic
oount ot the same, except
•V>*r. 1. 12m
Just Received, mid Rut- Rate by the
SI 1*1 IlF INF. IJhwk, L ie a--il mixed Broadcloth*
nniH.’s- -imcrc*. I - v, t iuen, Camhriek Muslins
figured Spr.Jcrnets ?x f caoo Hosiery, imtiort
*tl cc Luinesuc fuegiiams kiiJ f.a.ieoes.
,, J. tt F. WOOD.
Dec. 20.
7 K i. IIOKsTuR SA LK.
(VN 1 butsa.o the Ipth-if -antibry jt-, it ta r, nth
i erwisi , on the aext'mi lay, I win t j'notnpub
hr sale, at W estover, in the v'amt- of Charles Citv,
l.'fwttrih «/tin Utmd-'d Lek^u, k'trg-iniu .'ten Mrv-i.
n -- Mirt* t'lJ* ailll
plnck smiths;. also, good washers and plain e xik.s, and
house servant ■ of Wh a> xes. Ido not „uow »„j, M
valuable number of good negroes. A credit of twelve
tuonths will Im allowed the purchasers, upon their
guing bonds with approved securities, before the ivm
i!i.» jiiopt.iy. Ponoi; ; eu i nng to pt.eush,
•vdl be allowed a discount of fi por rent, npon doing so.
Vt the same time, «ii*on a cm dit of six months, I will
*V> • > n hue ,\1uJc», two Warrant, and un excellent
Rr niriot.
December t.1. ({«,
0O’ I be K.Jitor of the Petoslmre Republican Is
tvijaeste.l to insert the ft^lvr till the (lav of *•,!. , Mn<t
toi waul j.j< account to ‘he IVlitnr of t’leKnipiin r.
OR BAR i hit. I tie ,Mu*lr /,/e estate, upon
which the Snl.seriher resides, in the countv of
Mecklenburg, uppn Roanoke River. This estate
consists of upward* of
Mtendmr upward* of three mile* npon the River, sod
•MlhiJedintn threepia- taiiwis, each partaking of n;
#fl"cl profioriion otthe Island. The improvements up
rJ‘ Ibe Vi id !i- plantation are convenient und comfort
•Me—each plantation in order for cropping.—1 need
ew he more partin ’u- in describing this property,
presuming that it will 1,- vie wed hy those who may
w "i to own it.—ft wil l>» sold npon a:cominndafing
»tr«,.,both„,01jK’ it! time* of pay/netit, or it
Um: bartered for Rands npon the tide water* of
■‘•ivtet or York rivers — Apply to (.’apt. Thomas M.
Randolph, or Thntrm? Wilson ol Richmond, or to the
cubic filer.
Cff.inr.f v i.. WTxr.Fi/:/ n
MecAlmhurg, Dec. 24. eP iw
*|4M Varus fratr. ♦» Rvhm - ’ Mv.>.R<v.r
P Koal hv fr T.l,\M j/ v/n:/t\0 \
VwtnVrtl. -.if.
. (
THE Subscriber*, having taken the .tore lately oc
cupied as the I’oat-OfRcc, ami next door below
he Merchants’ Coffee-House,’
An assortne-nt <>t superfine iiiack, blue, bottle green St
mixed Cloths, Cussi meres ami Coatings, Host- Blau*
keu, donicstic ginghams, chumhi ays, checks and shirt
India cottons, bl-etc and white cotton camhricVs,
tnrcail uo.^ Marseitl'-s, toilen'tte and swansdown vest
tags, metis’ and youths' fujv, rt and vr<*j| hats, cotton
baits, assorted colours, blue Ron.all Ik Mn'lisss lilidklii.
Osnatmt-gs, window ;■!**« s by IU and It) by Jo, spirits
lurjventine in hottle*, csttoti, wool and p aying cards,
brushes of different kinds, ladies’ tao.tKt-j, kid and lea
ther sli|i|ien, mens’ leather shoes, Jt) packs pins, cle
Rttnt brass andirons, i/c. C/c.—wtiich will be sold low
lor cash, by
W*. J. f< I103COW COLE.
Dec. dv. ^ gawlm
10 Luxes, 60 don. best quality Mustard,
I\n bole bv
JAii. 7. 2w
b'.Xt)!t AIT.—a i.kelt wnu.un wth h*.i four
1 children, .buy* and girls—She is a Rl*..| cook
w.isltcr and u..Jcr—-apply to the subscriber near Bole
Dreeu .Merit.:g r£uuse, Hanover county.
Jar mu y 7. 4*p
7 T N o i l <jT;~ ~
iV.'l.-Hl to employ a man u> act as an Overseer on a
smalt I ,rn,, near the On*-k swamp—one that can
come well n conn ie i lcil, w .'l meet with encourage
ment, by apply 0 to in Richmond.
, _ Jacob valentine.
__ 2aw3w
N OTi CE --
JS hereby $iyen, that agreeably to the art oFCco
1-css, entitle ■ “ <-,actto ,,tv ,c additional reve
nues defray, :n evpc-v, of gov.r,.merit and
tiiMiitainui* the jajhliu crul.r, br havro| duties on sni
J- i.i: i.ni 7 tfly ■"* -ayii'K duties'. iken.
• V* V. • ° spirituous hquors,” passed December
i-Jk FT' *’JO s,'ftI1- a}lw ‘>’e >« day of
it required, in addition io the «!utv on the Wue *1
r-H<ly Utkcn, or tierenlier to be taken hv him t0 .mv
twenty cent* a gallon on all spirit* distilled after
.lav, or subject totl.o limitaimns in the said y,.t ,X|ll,,ST
.■«l, to pay twenty five cents a gallon on all such spirits,
in w inch case no he nr ,i required to be taken • tint
agreeably to the said art, a I mud is requit e,I, previm,’.
to the sai.l day, to h- given to the i i.lltccor, an,I other
duties required to !*• pet form, 4 under penalties there
111 iJmJCI.
That the distiller m.iy he correctly advised oTfhe du
ties incumbent upon him to divcliarge, an abstract of
the several acts ol Congress subjecting stills, and boi
lei-s, and spirits to duty has hern prepared, a copy of
which, with the annexed furn.sof statements required
tom a distiller, will be furnished to him, by the Jollcc
tor, nemaii'j.
I he collector will also furnish on demand, blank
bonds, and such mhi r blanks as will cable tlie distiller
l) oomph with the several provisions ol law.
N°T1CK to Can iagt-owners is also given, that the
Ln.le,qoi; ol the Revenue tor tite ISth oolleciion dia
trfc, of \ irgnua, or hisdeputy, will attend at Iliicking
Z*.iCow^^tlmtlthofthi. month, New-Canton
ihct'Rh, New-Store the 20t)j, Prinoo-Kdwanl Court
house the 16th, -sandy River Church the 17th, Walker
U.mel. the 19th, Cumberland, at Rains Tavern the
l -tli the Court-house th-‘23d, Cartereville the 24th
r'mo’fi.’V nl'orch ,lie-5,l‘> Co.u-t-litKisc
the -fids,and Jso.itl.al s Store the 27th, for the purpose
o receiving the entrv of carriage*, with the harness
iv,-d therefor agreeably to an act ofCo.ig.ess, passed
he firteeeth rl'iy December 18.4, which entry is
thereby required to be made, as well in caves where
carnages have been entered under the late act passed
Jtdy 24, 18id, as wlirre they had not been so entered,
tor lading to do which a penalty of double the amount
of duty imposed by the act oltt.tfllu.euUi otDccetu
tier 1814, vnllor tvntrrril.
Given under my hand this day of
Collector, (or tlepury cull *o tor) for the col
lection tlisti iot of
Auctioneers, retailers of wine, spirifnoos liquors and
foreign merchandise, will uk. notice, that bv au aa
of Congress, entitUd, «* An act lo provide uMitiuml rc
venuss for defraying the espouse* of government, and
maintaining the public oredit, by duties on sales at auc
tion, and on licence* to retail wines, s,.i. .uious liquors,
and tore.gn. merchandize, and for increasing the ‘rale,
of postage, passed 23d Decern lie., 1814. cu additional
duty ol one hundred per centum on sales at auction,
and an additional duty ot fitly per centum on licenses
to rctailrrs are laid, totuke effect from the 1st day ot
r ebrimry, 1815 ; conformably to which act, that can
bt- inspected at thi*office, new obligations arc imposed
or. auctioneers, and the said additional duty on licences
,—V ■ w l'"'". on wnu-n application to hr
r.ia.le hv diem, as well hy those who hav, obtained
Itccnnou for periods extending beyond tl f„v. d„. of
rehiiiary, 1815, as in' others, in the wav therein v-c-‘
sr.nhe.! agreeably to forms which tan W obtained from
tin t /ollector.
Given under Iny baud this 1st da, ,.f .'antinrr, 1815
„ „ MMLF.I. JOMf.5,
Collector of the Revenue foi the 13ih col
lection district of Virginia.
Bvtkrnghum C-urt-houn, Jim. 7 S:
TERItKLI. having been appoint' d !u
I the 1 nn.revs of Khenexer . I. udem;, It.. ,, t
to superintend that Institution, will be sucre. ded n -..t
dvparttncnt c hieli hen,eiip.cil with uic, l»v Mr. V- .1
!er Day, win cufnes in town well reoornmi-.idrd. ]>,
tcne who wUli their sons to b~ fought rl. I
• r.-ck. languages, by a |ier» hi who wit. be de ot. ! <
elnrrelv to them, will ph ao-: make appi.cafion to Air.
iJny, or to the subscriber.
1 _ Cim.r.S TEHRF.T.1/»
BL.1C A - b>. *1 i Tjfs
*^rWt SAI-li.- \\ l| i,. ,,,ld. <t pt'WJo ,.t]Pf b-tbre
■ fhe store d< *n <f P.rhinl S. .South be Go. in
Hanover-1 own, on V/-.l.„;,„|ay ||,t- 8tl. day of Fcl.ru
"ry l":>v V/.rJAH, K bl\CK-o.vn ran,i«e
the property ot M Gr**, dec’d. onr ot then, is a
cs. rmge smith, prohnt.lv equa' In „,y ir. Virginia.—
lc.o.s., - elve months ert dit ; bonds with an.
proven secui i<y will i^.- required. *
B. OI.IV Kit, Jr, ndninittratar,
wit/i tin II'it/ annexed of
»»,. , _ I I'm. Cook, ilecvime.d.
.•'■Iresrt, HanoverCr. >
January /. v 1tp
| NI) I 'HI !<\IJj~■ .ibo.,f t‘/nr> (Mir p,wrv. Shoes,
( '■•'Jlafs j*erdoi.—Also,a quantity
“fioebinding .hoet bread by 1 7
. . WM. CR ANE,
hr 7 A f< » sloofirftnvfc the .Market itsidgr.
tue suBHciuREii"
I J f A*'^ * GLY inform* In* friend* and fmh
I* 'r 'f! 7'-ie"<t', V- "ii> rant inner cun-rnr.' the
,:/»>.met i.» and •'/ hi>-- uth't htdine** tv
^ranches, hrvinr enfi’onr l , tfi ,Afe hand* for
r . efmirinf Puhtit and Private ftr*hn H r. ■ neat.
l ,f ma-rutr, uolh /ntnctmdi'" ~nd diitmteh.
, -VI'UAAC.iriVS
S r \ V B(iNijs#~‘
C / -rtv/t r f he Idle b'.xrcutiOTI f.av>, )
Ft* iKthe.lok of HirrhUt It Tvmheart
I lairds Cqpierf lli ick How.
. I
N i- w-York, Dec. 31.
Our Aaval ■ 'ietorir.i on canvajs ail lout.
Some time since, Mr. Wise, partner of
Mr. Sctidder, proprietor of the Museum, in
this city, sailed from this port for Charles
ton with the Naval Panorana of the diflerent
victories achieved by our Navv since the war,
together with all the lamps and fixtures ne
cessary to aid hi its exhibition ; and also a
vain ;ble hand organ. The second day after
leaving Sandy Hook, the British frigate Forth
tell in with an i captured the vessel in which
Mr. Wise had his paintings; took ‘.ut her
crew and cargo, and scuttled the vessel. So
valuable did the captain of tin Fro th consider
his prize, that in the evening of the day he
made tire capture, he illuminated his ship
with the lamps belcaging to the Panorama,
and kept up a meriy tunc upon the organ. In
the course of their merriment, they uskv*! Mr.
Wise if it could play Yankee Doodle ? Up
on his answering in the affirmative, they im
mediately set the organ to that tune, anil in
a Sailor step made the decks shake. The
captain of the Forth said he intended to take
the paintings to Halifax, and make a fortune
by exhibiting them. Mr. Wise lias been put
onboard of 4different British vessels of war
s nc.e his capture and at last was put on shore
in the neighborhood of New-London from the
Bulwark, and arrived in town day before yes
terday. I he loss of Messrs. Sctidder and
Wise is heavy. Among the paintings were
Perry s \ ictory on l.ake Erie, the blowing
up of the Java, and the capture of the Frolick
by the W .sp. No don'if there will lie great
curiosity to view these paintings in Europe,
to endgavor to discover from inspection the
cause of oar naval superiority. And vet we
suspect it will he in vain unless they could in
spect the crew too that manned them, and
their superior discipline. 1 iie frigate Presi
dent, we understand, is preparing tor a cruise,
■now under command of Dccaiur, and if they
will h ive a little patience wr will furnish ano
ther historical subject for thcii amusement.
A. Jrost•
V* e r< reived this morning, Montreal He
i .iMx to Dec. 18th. I he late despatches
trom our Commissioners at Ghmt had
reached Montreal, and brought h>rth die
speculations of several writers on the. subject.
The followiug insolent article- will shew die
light in which they arc viewed by the editor
of the Montreal Herald.
AVee? the Montreal Herald, Dec. IT.
A series of the New-York Mercantile Ad
vertiser to the 6th inst. was politely sent us,
from which we have taken copious extracts ;
several of these will be found interesting, l
particularly the Notes between the British '
and American 1 lenipetentiaries at Ghent.
T hese afford no prosj>ect of peace whatever.
I he British ministers evidently appear not
to be in a hurry to explain their sentiments
upon the ultimate views of their government
—hence the embarrassment of the American
negotiators ; they can only draw inferences ;
conclusions are out of the question. Accord
ing tc the present state of Euro the En
glish commissioners act wisely, in not being
too frank w th such an unprincipled set of men
as they have to deal with * The American
commissioners in their letter to the Secreta
ry of State, s-.y as much that it will be im
possible to treat with Great Britain, until the
Congress of Vienna shall have decided upon
■-he h-.te ot Europe. This is another piece of
republican impudence, and is bniit upon M.
i 1 ley rand’s note on the future partition of
Germany, Poland and Italy. Do the Ameri
can swindlers at Ghent imagine, that this
note has any reference to the United States,
or even to the Isws cf navigation t No, it
oiih relates to the equilibrium of Europe, anil
d spDvs much good sense, inasmuch, as the
end is to preserve the weaker states from the
grasp oi tile stronger. The maritime code
of Europe has long been fixed ; England ne
ver wanted to have it overturned ; America
in her pretensions wishes chat it should ; and
th« consequence may be, that her shipping
witl he denied refuge in all the ports and
colonies Induiiging to European nations; and
hr\v) duties i'Xh) ted in the harbors of the
mother countries.
lc is the interest of all F.urojie to crush the
i'* "I'riuv oi uic umicii Mates. i,x
c' Russia, the population goes rather be
y i«iJ the means *t subsistence from the earth;
w,unt..t ( rotlurc of t)>e soil is inadequate,
,e> IMV t'-‘ the tf can is indispensable to coin
■' ' The chief pillar of a state is a
i'ere, then t >llnw manufactures end na
r; 'tior ; ;n those fields of industry, Europe
( i-. maintain a third more of the human
r'Co, than is now allotted to her. We assert,
teat France and Britain could in 3 years re
envr al! the papulation which is now scatter
ed nvr i NorthAmcrira without causing a great
rise in the price of food. The whole would
live cheaper than the citizens of the United
Statens now do.
Russia could take four times the number
without cncumbr nre, if in do not take into,
account tin* turbulent spirit of republic., n
! ism. As Europe st inds, she is no wise in
debted to N. America in any point of view.
In times of scarcity in England, America ne
ver furnished corn for a week's supply' in a
year. If the United States were allowed to
furnish the West Indies with fish and hun
her, it was the crime of ministers bv licen
sing a trade which was a direct robber) of
Rri ish siibj- cts, hiking millions out of their
pockets annually. 1., short, were the Unit* d
States immediately devoted to enlarge the
bed of the oco.m, the catastrophe might he
ft cm hi to the Eastern world. We *pe k
ntr ctly in a political point ; we would not
have the inhabitants involved in ruin, othor
" ! '* Wv sht uif! be accused by cotemporaries
el savage feroe.ity.
It wi l be asked, how is Great Britain to
bring In i remaining cm my to terms of pence,
r<>ir.istent with the dignity and maritime
rig its of the n dion > The at.swt r is easy,
>'ul mint b~ > onvin'ilfig to the meanest capa
" tv. England must j at forth her best eu
upe^nti the net an, • s well .is on lai d. Thu
Vmer7r.an ter,, is to destroy our trade by
u big. 1 e chase stir ii vessels is not
;i a. the attention of our como'i.ssie.ned
■ii.ps of war, without store remuneration
-* . * / 1
i v
greater than the Actual value of the prize
A sloop of war may take a privateer, which
when sold, will not pay the costs in the
Court of A hniralty. I'liis is tiic only reason
why our cruizers are so supine on the ocean
Hut if governuient would grant a fircmium of
Af'y guinea 9 on eft eft gun captured, bet... Its
the proceeds of the prizes, the case would he
altered, and in all probability the privateers of
the enemy w >nld m# *h disappear. This wints
no further illustration.
On the land the lihe of policy is equally
simple. . 1 o obtain an inland boundary dors
not require conquests of the extent required.
Acquisitions on the Atlantic coast, which
niuy be h> Id at all times, can insure the
requisition ot American usurpations in the
hack s< ttlemeats.
I he Penobscot territory we have got, and
can nold, which is ol primary importance ;
wn. tu fifty ol Praire tlu Chiens at this junc
t ire. Newport in Hhodc Island may be ta
ken, and so m iv Dung'*Island and New-York.
Hut the best position, and perhaps the easiest
to he licld, is the peninsula betwixt the bays
of Delaware and the Chesapeake. This
commands n arly tiie wlioie coast of the
southern states. New-Orleans can be t ikon,
and held with a small garrison, because the
people arc for us. With an army of 10,000
men, Britain can do ail that is suggt sted, and i
force the Americans to conclude a peace ud
vaut igebHs to the empire, should the war l ist
seven years longer. We contend, that it is
on the coast wnere most can lit* done ; take
bold stands there, and adequate compensa
tion will be made on the evacuation of those
places iu the* western frontiers, to secure our
Indian allies, & a boundary on the borders of
the St. L wrence.
We fear that some of our readers will think
bv these re flections, we approve of the con
duct pursued at Sackett’s Harbor and Platts
burc, but if any such there be, they will have
the candor to imagine, that we do not '.vi!ful
ly draw di^race it/ion ourselves, to favor
*** ** ' *. On this score we should not like
to be so strongly painted at as a third person
is in the American papers federal as well as
WY are happy to understand, that a
subscription is about to be opened in this
city, to raise a su.r. for the purpose of erec
ting a Monument to commemorate the Mili
tary Ho. y J Field Marshal the Duke of Wel
( On iuo.i'Dy n *>:t a Grand Dinner will
>e lf'ver* hy the Gentlemen at Montrs-.d, at
Holmes’ Hotel to Lieutenant General Drum
mond, and Commodore Sir James Lucas
’ For their character sae Montreal Gazette of 15tli
I'ucxday, Jan. ”.
The motion ct Mr. Horsey for the appoint
ment of a comumtte to prepare and report a
liill allowing drawbacks on the dut ies impos
ed on goods, wares and merchandize, manu
factured within the United States, and which
shall be exported from the United Mates to
any foreign port or place, was agreed to, and
Messrs. Horsey, Smith and Dana were ap
pointed a committee accordingly.
The Senate resumed the consideration of
the resolution reported by the Naval com
mittee, that it was inexpedient to confer na
val rank by brevet. On motion of Mr. Tait,
the further consideration thereof was pr-.t
poned to the second Monday of March
I lie Direct Tax bill was further discussed
and amended.
TVt dnesdaij, Jan. 4.
The Senate resumed the consideration of
the bill authorising the President of the Uni
ted States to cause to he built, equipped or
employed, oue or more floating batteries, for
the defence of the waters of ihe IJ. States._
On motion of Mr. Mason of N. II. the further
consideration thereof was postponed to the
1st. Monday in I- ebruarv.
'l l... f a*._m» » u*
- -.-•'.v.i i .ia n.u w.ts resumed , ami ail
amendments thereto having been rejected,
a motion wan made by Air. Roberts to post
pone the further consideration thereof to
Monday next ; which was decided as follows
Ayes 8, Noes 21.
Tiie bill was then ordered to be read a
third time to-morrow.
Thursday, Jan. 5.
I lie Direct Fax bill was passed without a
mendment, by the following vote:
YEAS—Messrs. Anderson, Bibb, Bledsoe,
Brown, Chase, Condit, Daggett, Fromentin,
Gaillard, (iertnan, Gilev., Hunter, Kerr, King,
-.acock. Morrow, Roberts, Smith, Tait, Tay
lor, Turner, Walker, Wharton—23.
NAYS—Messrs Dana, Gore, Horsey,
Lambert, Mason, Vnrnum, Wells—7.
I lie Senate agreed to a conference with the
House on the disagreeing votes of the two
Houses on the furniture tax bill ; and asked a
conference of the House on the disagreeing
votes on the mamifar mre tax hill, of which
Messrs. 1 aylor, Bledsoe anil Daggetwere ap
pointed Managers.
Mr. R led toe submitted for consideration a
motion “ that the committee on Naval Affair*
he instructed to enquire into the expediency
of ostablishing a Naval School.”
Friday, Jan. fi,
Mr. Robert* presented the petition of Wil
liam Elliott, praying the examination of a
floating battery which he has invented firtl e
protection of the coasts and waters of the U.
S. which was refet red to the Secretary of the
Tiie hill1 supplementary to the act for set
tling *he i .‘zoo Claims, was read a third time
an*! passed.
f h? bill from the House to authorize the
President of the U. S. to accept the services*
or certain volunteer corps, having been so a
meiifled, as to auth »rize the acceptance into
service ot state corps. Hud otbcrwisc eventi
nfly changed in its provisions, was ordered to
.» third reading by an unanimous vale.
I he propnsitii u nf Mr. Rlrdaoe to direct,
an enquiry into tl.e expediency of establishing
a naval sy-.hool, w; s taken up :itkI agreed to.
I he bill from the House to provide f.,r the
widow? and orphans of rniiiti i and voluntcc.
who shall die o*- t>2 kilisil ai tn* .lur^ice of tue
I ’"7 .furt!,Pr ^ ’ r -d. an l, on trotot
o: vir Va-i!'ii, postponed to the second
Monday iu March next.
IIOlhSE 01' RF.ilil'.SFXT \T|VF.°.
J lv. •>/;<»•-f.jci7 of X. Y. ptesent< d fim in*
tstion of sundry inhabitant* in the v icinitv of
Ft men Mills, praying relief from Cmiere
,Vrj;n t»»furv sustained in their property bum
the im si nce of the Army 11 *hc U. S/amor*
fheu. m the last wir.iet.—llcfcncd to the
committee of Claim*.
Mr. I- \ imore of Missi. presented the pe
tition of the President am! ConimijtsiiJi- \ ^ (
tin* town of Mobile, plnvhnj that >< rum
, Jots in the town hei.-.r^,; tj to the ljnjt« r?
| Mats*, may be vested i.: tin m for th-.* us ; ,.£
; the town ; ami ether petition* respecting
Hvifisa c r.uns to lands iu that teriitory*—
which wer.- referred. 1 '
Mr. I'izk of s. \. from the committee cr
^ - vs and Means, to whom was referrcvi
the amendments of the Senate to the bill for
taxing certain rr.amn ictnr es, reported in fa -
.Mi fie an.eii'immU
[ or the Senate, except that . no which propo
ses a tax otreght ;.**r vent. a«l valorem on a'«
u<nhrelteMr p-triwrs. This report was re
ferred to h rummittet efthe whole.
Mr.'Itix.-rsolt cfPa. from the* Judiciary
committee, to whom was referred the petit i
•>" "f sundry citizen* ,.f New-York on th c
subject, reported a bill to establish uniform
system ot bankruptcy though nut the United
States; which was twive rend and referred
to a committee of tlie whole House.
Mr. Fleaxunts of f a. from the nav.il com
mittee, to whom was referred the !»;;! |n,m
the Senate authorising the appointment . £
certain naval officers therein named, report
ed the same without amendment; and it -,va*
referred to a committee of the whole.
A mess-: ge was ivceiverl from the President
of the united States, transmitting a rt port of
the Secretary of tin: Treasury of the pro
ceedings under the act for laying «ut ihs
gre t western road——Referred to a select
The amendments of ?he Senate to the fur
niture tax hill, were referred to the commit
tee ot V\ ays and Moans.
The House resumed the consideration c.V
tlie unfinished business, being a motion to rc
cor.tiller the vote to reject the bill to incorpo
rate the subscribers to the B.mk of the U. S.
of America.
(>a this motion there arosr a desultory bid
very interesting debate, which occupied the
House trorn twelve to about 5 o’clock.
To give an accurate idea of this debate
would require the labor of several days to
write it off, and of as many papers to publish
it. We must therefore content ourselves
with vo»y briefly stating the a. ,;rul erouu.t*
taken by diffierent gentlemen who spoke, on
the one Side or tlie other.
M wlfulfrjJ uro. commenced the debate
by assigning the reasons which had influenced
him to mow a icconsideratinn 'if thequ stiuu
—which were, generally, that though he was
■11,(1 should continue to be opposed to mw
H ink that could he established, uidess within
tlie Disti ict of Columbia, yet the state of the
vote of last night gav* him reason to believe
that some plan might be adopted h* meet tn t
views of what was evidently a majority of
the house on that suhiect.
He therefore prop *sed, that if the v*te
should be re-considered, to call up the prnosi
tion laid upon the table by him sometime ago
respecting an i* ue of Treasury notes, and to
movt its reference, together with this hill, to
the committee of Ways and Mr ns, that from
a combination ot the principles of both, some
measure might be adopted which would sub
serve the public interest. He called upon
gentlemen ot the majority, in an impressive
manner, to rally themselves around the pub
lic good, to sacrifice to each other a little ct
tneir own opinion, in order to serve th** nati
on. Having to contend not only with a fo
re.gn enemy, but wth internal traitors, it wax
high t.me, instead 'ifputting themselves into
tne hands of merchants and men who are de
termined, if they could, to crush the present
administration, to draw on the real solid re
sources of the atiom &c. Mr. H. took occasion
t-. express his disgust at the attempt, twice re
peated, which lie had witnessed, to prevent
an individual from voting, because lie had
lent money to the government or held gov
eminent security (meaning Mr. Ingereoll i
l^ncli proceedings, he said, made his blood
run cold. They required the friends of the
government to unite, to beware how thre at t.
instead of aiding those whose only object wu*
w •*« i caicuiaceu tor the defence
ot the country, See.
M .. 1!> xunrier. of Ohio, made a few re„r
r.ii r >n.*i ks as to the readiness with win !■ j-.e
should approach this question to re-consider
what had been denounced as a rash, despe
rate and destructive measure. Ilis remarks
wi re evidently intended to reflect on the oh
nervations with which the Speaker had on
die preceding evening prefaced his vote. He
should feel no pain, he said, when acting
from ins own choice, in giving a vote which
was to destroy a ruinous measure ; he shouid
rather rejoice in the opportunity of giving
*,,rV a ' "te> a"d not complain that he did it
V'itn /wm, eCc.
Mr A\J Air of Ky. favored the rr-rnn«ideJ
rat.on of the bill, in the hope that, when re
considered, it would tie recommitted ant' its
f •. u escharged. He had Voted for it in its
present shape with much reluctance ; h. had
so voted, however, because he believed f, .
taxes 'ould not be paid by the people uoh a
they were aided by the establishment of .
medium of g neral circulation, Sec. He did
n< t believe, in its present shape, that the
nil W mid pas* ; but he did believe it might
be so m-Mltfied as to meet the vie ws of a ma
Joritv of the Hoime. ,
Mr. Tnrcrs'ill of l>*. said he should vote fur
a re consideration of the bill.because l.c w
oi the same opinion to-J .y thr-t lie w,s t,
*?rJav. He was not tenacious as to *hc n' a
, a National B.nk he bebev, d to be
Hill sn*iisn>le, ,wcc. He tonic occuo i to ic
m.irit,i». an allusion t> the nh^i vinn
Mr. 11.11, -hat altho^h he, with r vt o
tVi gentlemen ,f the house, no is< ,«, d a
small interest in t ie public, st. ,ek h„ , f,i ,j0
.*-* t ia, it •.i/U.d di^qu dify him or r.ry

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