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‘ ' *A f *7 v- ..
c ' • 7 * : ’ ; :• * ■ v.
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l .ySgsc*.7 7, r - a7^* ••^;'7. 7 v X
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... ... * •*- *• -■•'■•* - *«
-- .^... .^.,..^.——. .. . _ . _ __ _ _ BBM-H
Hrar Di/iartmtnr, 7th Jan. 1814.
FI VI A I separate pro;>j»ds will We received at the
3l UiHoc tor tlte Secretary for the Department of
A/ar, until 1‘2 ifiliek at nom, of Tuesday tlie last day
ot ties month, for the sifp.i.y of nil ra’ions that may be*
require I for itie use of the United State*, front the
l»t day ot June 1815, inclusive, to the 1st day of June
1H1G, vi* : 3
At any place or places, where troops are or mavbe
ttatiiHied, marched or recruited, within the sut.c of
A ration to con* *f of one pound ?*■(! ore quarter of
beef, or three quarters o* a pound n! suited |*ork. eigh
teeu ounces ot bita-1, t»r tiiair, i«i#gjll of nun. w'Siskvv
or brandy, and at the rate of two quarts of salt, tour
qu.irt» o), vinegar, four pounds of soap, and one pound I
*ud a half of candles, to every hundred ratio...*. Tfie
prices of the several comjtonent parts of the ration j
»ha!l he specified ; but the United States reserve tin.* j
right of making such alterations! iu the price of the j
component puns of the ration af. rosai;!, as dial I make ;
the price of e..ch part thereof, bear » just proportion to i
the proposed price of the whole ration. The rations :
an: to hr furnished m such quantities, - •«! there* shall I
kt nil tim.'H fGlnn®- tKr* -.TV I.~ . ..... .1 _
V; ■u'fioicnt Tor the .ousumption of the trovps for si x
I'-'mtha in advance, ol good anti wholesome provisions, if
tin siuuc shkll In? rt'fjaint!.
It in also to be permitted to all and every of the coiu
mandants of fortified places or post*, to call for, at sett.
sons when the same can be transported, nr *»an» time
va c:Je of ttrgency, such suppliesofliku pruvniais in ad
viii.ee, as in the discretion of the Commander shell be
deemed proper.
It is understood that the onntmctor is to he at the
ex pence and risk of issuing th<- supplies to the troops ;
and that all Ics'S sustained by th*: depredations of the
e-.einy ; or by menus of the troops ,4' the United
States, shall he paid bv the United States, at the price
ot tli«* article captured nr destroyed as aforesaid, on
the deposit ions of two nr more person* of credible ehnr
u®ters, and «ertiScnte of a commirdoned-cffioer of.
the U. Slates, stating tin nirvuinstance of the lor*, and
the atm unt of Uioardoles, *hr which cwiupeusatiou shall 1
be claimed.
The, pn>iU«re is n vorved »n the United St»*e», of
requiring tluit none ofthe inppltes, which muv be fur
r.'shial under any of the proposed onntraeta, shall lie i&.
suwl until lire supplies, which have b«en or msv he
furnished under the contract now in force, hate btoa
eon turned.
__ .VXS. ».U)NROR.
sSC'133CRlilk ft , “
IN(» procure I a gontlcoian of ajuux re»l sbili
ty mid ex|H i h nee, proposes to open » 'choql.tti
A m pt-Hi 11, »tr which will I* taught the Greek, Iclitj
»i.d trench languages, together with the vui v.i
•iraaoh-s ot an English education. The school will o
Jain on the 9th of January, and terminate on the 2Cd
December. There will bo a vacation from the 1st Au
gust to the 1st October. Th» term? f >r b.iard, tuition,
J*1’- w‘** b® 8l,l|i| pataKelialf-yearly in advance; eacjj
hoarder finding his own IwJ. Parents "eho'may think
proper to entrust their k>, .s tn ho charge. inheres* as
sured, that due attention shall be pa;d to t» i-r morals, ,
dfiiu t:\cry tiou U8t.il to advfiMprfth»*ir <*<!uMLOn.
. ... UOUEltT TliMih,R.
AmptvUilt, Chesterfield,
liecemla:r .'ll. ; jf
v A L L ABLE I’ROl'EUT i ~ |
SALE — | |,e Subscriber wishing t© move to :
“ the connuy, offers f.H-sale tliat beautiful utul ele- I
HOUSEAV7) LOT, .,* |
m the town of Manchester, on die lisok xireei, r ea-ty j
opposite Job;,son’s warehouse, which is the most bc.< i- ;
tlfij situation it; the »wn.
• .1LSO, one ball the Coa'-pits on Appomattox river,
lately discovered, ami now hi opti.xtiou. As l presume i
no person w ishing to purchase mid pro;,- *y lint will
wish to view the mme, l tfonk it ncedkiu to give any
farther disortption of said property. A great barga.u
may be bought in tiiris property, by applyiu™ to 2i*>h.
*xail, in the town ol Manchester.
January S._ , . eptf
ii AX K 0 F VIRG iX
, •> • January M, ISl£
rriHL I rev-dent and Dirr *«-» luo e doolarcd a divi
JL «®'jdof4i iier cent, on ibe capital stock of the
iti nk, which wifi W paid to tins slmte-holders, eftei d, -
Oaoting the L«„us to the Slate on the Idtl, in*;.
, V >t- LWNDUIDGEL CwsL’r.
. •*»"■ *•_■’ <5-.v
FARJ1e its* baj\ a; OE yjJiGIjVJjl. !
finHE President ami Dir-ctort Itaya this day declare i
k ®tl a dividend ol 5| per cent, cm the capital stock I
h* rt,c *’''•1 six months, which, sfior the utuid dednetlnn !
\Hi iicoount ot the StnteV chares, xvill b^ [mill to tLe j
»>. >ok-J.oki,:rs <m the lfhh nut.
7 0 VVu. NT.KEHTI3, Cash’r. !
20 iJOELARb KLU Aill) j
M-lN.UVAl from thd subscriber, it) the night rf
Ti&.lw 3,iWh rt®l*»-'whMr last, a V.-gn. .Man uni next I
k t y HlKMt j' kra (it *1k>mi 5 fci t II incite* J
h jpvxvry bGck, large white eyea, high forehewl, a
sm - • cfinr o*. the outer corner of one of ius e/e-brovrs,
v tiK'ii n.'iy bv divrViTcil ^pon near exr.mituition,
aliens Ins upprri r,tlsnd gurus very plainly when-he
•VUII.M, »a< | III when hr want Hwny, a hi auk wool hat,
an Mid/terent yi fton shirt, a great coot of cotton an<l
..new pair o' overalls of cotton at.d tow. U ;fl
|h cf**! rn* p *r I»hv«; oi»tklnod k fre^ pk90. Th* nlrive
V" ^ Vt' K,Vf*n to any pi r$r>n vrj,f> Wlf|
* rliverthe above runaway to me, or m .okv him hi
sonic Jan *o that I get him, giving ii.r^ii.i.U„i. ih.-.sw/
r , . , , JOHN L. IMHGE.
Cnmlwr.^,!, la-,. 7._ __ y,w.,wp *
AH\v sroiiE. “
T1HE Sub*«riberi, hax.il * taken the st* it btety rv.
cupicd as hr Eo*i ti'rice, sud ext door IniIow
he Merchants’ Gt,H', r-H*
An a**,',i-tment of Superfine black, bine, bottle gre,*r K
rux-.d Glotln, Cn»:im-re* and Goatings, !<•■*” «lan
f' ts, domestic jpngtiams, ehambtwys, clo cks and shit L
ii'g, livlia otto n, tilack and wt.ite cotfou oxinhi-icks,
o'lraii da Marseilles, 'oilenette and *wansih>mt vrst
i"ga, men*’ and youths’ furred and wnd, huts, cotion
Irtlls, Hwortcxl col,aim, bine ilomatl k Madruss Idulkl.,
UsnabNi gx, wirid.w glass 8 by 10'unil 10 by IS, spirit*
turpentiw in lauiirx, oittiai, wool and playing cmxls,
bruslirs of tliffereHt kind*, Indus’ morocco, kidttid Ica
tner slippqrx, moils’ leatiu-r slmes, 50 panks pitis, elc*
g mt brass nnduo.i.q Uv. 6fr.—v/bi Ji will be sold
•vi pjr
,, _ Wm. J. fc KOSCOtV COLE.
1 ,f- - • _Im
MuS/'sIKiJ. * ~
JO <>prr,. rr> (ljz# be*t quality Mustard,
I or Salt- by
Jan. 7. 2w
6 '""buto woinm, ,t|, |.^ ,„lir
" elnltlrcii, bovi Amt girl*—She m a p,*,) cook
* Miller *nd tuni r—npi»1y lochs soU-riber near Pole,
-•reeii Aiming Hon*-. Ilctnofer comity.
. _ Isaac oliveil
.Urinary 7. 4«n
~ nTVtt( ;eT
fJJ If I I Co t miilr.y a Arm lo Art r.i v. O rr*"cr on si
*rrlH' Orra, icar »ht Ih'Onit *«4.m|i-~ont tlutt can
wt,! >*"'•*: Jc4, -nil meet v.itCi « rouiHA. -
inc.’iii.by aji^lyiitg to nil-in Ki hmonil.
. . Jacob valentine.
' • _ - ■» * ■' '*
tft ri tJN f UTSs'. ‘
^* Vurp* fn/Tn thsr >t '•brnom! ATin',<apiory »rp
f >IV WtLZAAM l\‘Z>KhsU.\
*>' nvl« ^ |. -
FOR3AI.B.—Will tie vi 1.1, at public sale, before
toe .'tore door of K-clmrd S. .Sm;*b H Co in.
11 (mover* Town, on \Vedues<h»y the 8th day of • , hrn
Hnrnexvtwo V \bU.\BLK ill. ACU-SUIT *S, late
the property of Wm. Cook, dee d, one of (I. m is a
oai-nage Cotth, probably equal to anv .n Vu-ritiia.— ’
I ernutol sale, twelve months credit ; ’ bonds with ap
proved security *U be rcpi'.vd.
B. (JL l V F, R, ,f r. tuhninistf'ator, -
with rV It if! Y.i t,f
ii , . Tr _ B r». Co jk , i4-'cru'.,i-<7.
K “treat, Tlannver Cy.?
_January 7. ‘ \ StP
\VU FOR S\l.K—about 1800 pair Coarse Slioes.
at »ma. 11 to ir <lo!la:s Jiertloz.—Atso.a quantits
oi altbebiiidiiig Sboethrciul t.v
. , WM. CRANK,
A tew doors above tlse Mu, ket ilrh! -e.
T"™A5 TF.RflKl.L bavin -been appointed by
the I ntstees <>r £AritrZ/.f* Bn ms wick
to superintend that Institution, will be -ecce.- ■!“'! in (I.e
t!ei»artnient which he occupied wish me, by Mr. W»l
ter Day, uhooninc- to town well recomnteo led. ’ Ha
n ntt who wiv. their sons to be taught the Latin and
».f. elt IJuguiig. », liv a fiersun Who will be devoted «•»
ehts.v. hr to them, will yl*** make applicauou to Mr.
Day, or to the subscriber.
T , CHTl.RS TFttitELI..
.taiu 7. m,
~ NOTlCli' ;
IS hereby given, that agreeably to the act <if Con
givss, eiititleil ‘ An act to provide :ublitional ivve
rues for deirsyin;; the expenses of |piver..m“ie ju.d
niHiiitainuig the public er d t, by laving duties .... s,,).
r.t, drilled within the I'ldfed Sutes 1 territories
tlic.oot, twin by amending the act hiving dutie. o. lice,,
^.to dcntUers oi a|iiriai.yn liquors,” pa red I looe.nlv r
7j>’vS1+, tJver7Pf,''*»<» woo dial), after *Jjo 1st ilitv of
l cbm ary, 1.815, distil sp. it. within the Ifnitcl Stales
IS required,.in addition to the duty cm die ticennc hI
rvu.iv taken, or hereafter tube ti.kyn by him, to nay
twenty cents ngaltr n on all spirits distilled' alter that '
day, or- subject tntho limitations in th • said r.ct evnr, .
ed, to | my twenty t ve onus a gallon on alt suet, spirits,
m wiuftn tus* no license - required to he taken : t* t' .i I
bhliltr intLi - .
tu the sauf day, to he giwn lo tile i-ul I eel nr, ami otiu
mile * required lo be [lerfurmt-d <*)ider penalties there- i
m prescntied.
That the distiller nuty be eorre y'.r sdvij-il of the d„.
ties incumbent npqj, htr-ilo dfechargv, an abstract „t
tie: scvernl net* of Congress subjcccng still.., and boi l
.lers am* spirits to Maty !,*, bee n p vparc.I, coin- of
Tyric.i# with the annexed formsofstatenientB rcn'iirvd 1
t-ttfo » distaici, will he furnished to hi u.Ty tht col lec
tor, on demand.
Tua. .col lector will »i,o f,lrnj,h on f’e,i,and, blank
Nag r and such other blank* as will enable the ,1-aUtler
to so to pay with the ►.vrrai provisions of law.
NOllCI. ♦*» Oar-.-iaycow nen i* aim given, that ‘be
Collector of tb* Revenue Vx- the i.nh ooliechon dis
trict o* \ irgirwa, hi* deputy, mil atteiid at Buckii,:
bn n Court-hcose ,-C <ith. ptfh.s month,- N.-w-Ganto,, :
the letti, New-Sroo '• s *.•*„ Prince-Edwanl Court. ‘
bom-the HSih, Sandy HI. or Church the ir,h. Walki r
Chnrchtiie 1»*th. Cumberland,at Hai,,,. Tavern the
Vlh> "»e ( ou <-'!wnne the «dd, CkHenwillo tlic -?kh
Anicha ClMniiiupin Church the 3.,t!,t ,J . Court-!,o**.*
the ?.itl,, atiil-boutiiu’.’s Store the «Tth. for the pm *e
ot rveeivmg the entry of carriages, with the hm r.ewi
u*ed riierc or agrecid.ly to an *« of Congress, ,,3,s-d
the fifteenth day of Xlose-nbvr 1814, whirl, eitfrv i*
thereby required to b.* made, as w ell in ease* wllv,
carriages have been entered under the late act t ,1
July •*>, ISi J, as whet's they had not be.-p *,> entered
lor bid,nK to do which a penalty of to ible the amount
ot duty imposed by tlie act of ttie fifteen<h ofDc-ero
her IHI4, will he incurred.
Given under my liarti-thjs c)ht of
tiuilector, ('Jr doputy collector; ,or the col
leolion district of
Auctioneers, retailer* of wine, spirituous l in nor* *,,d
. turrit-, merchandize, will take not,ae^ that bv *n net
•>t CongfbM, i-ntiiled, “ An -ct to provi ’eH.l.|itwt,a|
vemiv* for dc'-raying the expon.ea nfg.>\ern*i»e, c, and
inmnUnattu; die public credit, by duties on sales at ,uo
ttoo,anil ou hoouoes to ratud wines, spuiluoiM li,.„i„-s,
aud toreign mwcliand.:ae, and for mere too* Lbe rates
of pottage,’’ passed ‘23d Dcoeoiber, 1X14. ri, id, I foot ml
duly ot onr hundred per cet.terb o • sales at huctioj.
and an additional duly of. tMiy per centum on licenses
to jeuulors are laid, to take e%ct from tli'e 1st dav of
, ebnury, 1815 ; conformably to which aoi, that enn
be impeded at tiusoflice, new obligation* are impo.cd
on auctioneers, and die sakl additioi n» <tutv on licences
to retailors it to bs paid, on w. .tteti application \r lie
in.-iile by them, as well by these who have obtained
licenses for pencils extending beyond the first day of
i ebi.UM-y, as by others, in tin. w iy therein pro
» agreeably to terms which etui be obtained from
the Collector.
Glveii under my band this 1st dar or Jannarv, ism
Collet-tor of (h-. It vcn i -. for the l.Hh eol
_ . 'ecu m ,’iui iut of Virj.hiia.
i■■*\r-jhnn Ci/i.rt house, Ja i. 7. ro
Foil SALE~
*,t'y?'’l-Von Mondwy th : If*!, Ji.nuarr, if
y » !rr» d not the o».<t fair day, at the Lite n si
,Inner nl ,lrs. Alary A. Henley, dee’-!. i/K- upper
pan ot Henr.ro county, the-persoo-d *hnVi . be
bmging, cooiini. g of valuable Household n*l K.tehen
1 iirnitnre.—Also, the crop of Corn, Win-f.V** j\»|
t.ci, the ^uiek of Horses, »fo,;s Uatth , sheep’, ami
I Inntation I, ten*d*, S*r .
The eieidhion ot th-* sale .will be I? mo:,tlis crojit
on ail *1.0. u. r ?,j <l'>|iars, and for t*>at sum a . on
* '-, e nh will lie roquii-ed, lo.-arry interest from the
11 UOC pUJifttUtiHy
^ i^nlidn *• h* ifn: ihiinbutcpi,
JantHry l4|#
0 IXJLI.ARS ukavaiiu.
WTV!‘f^ *,’om "*y «*WeS at llai or, the
i j iMgnt fM the 17th ultimo,
t yy o ji o n s r: 7.
—them,*; h I- qe bny, Glian-.rX liorx*-, five feet hirf,
will, wlnte hioil feet, aud two or tin v w hite siM*’ -
Iron, sesrs, on the bUttmik.—Th.s iscompact’
tna.b- burse, with a short thick nt-cV, thin tail, and up.
on hi . back bus a small knot iccaskim.-it hy tin- ta-ldb- •
—paces a*id trots. The ollu r hm„ n,.l. .. . .
lam f'on^y, kept for i rvt, ig hnrv,(<«„• r—t ,i'x
incbe. high, rytnarkaldy clmc wl null formed ft* hi*
ght, nn.l ginlu itn-oi.nnonly urge. Tin. i.onrv
J""*' »**/* »rnoo»||!v, but a jx.re is his ,„„h| ...fo
CHrnrs In. In ml Imr.n not *, hi* It before a, I, :hi„d, |,„i
the bik! ol I,is left « nr « jt .Hi, a Cluck gr. r mane ami
*».l, ami two summers {>*«♦ was nit k-rt. Tht *; horses
are lx**. Howard* of lni)»,ri old, mm.I o,i tfwmonimK
etn-un* the heft, were- pursued |IW.| M f,,r as
lla,„.rrr Oo.irt-Mo.ise, »;>)»...mil, n. along toward,
f rodcr.ckshurj; arid Hi- cit\ of
IWIwill who trill Stop and seiair the above horses so
tl.Ml I shalltr-tilicio :.t?tin, I will f.„v a reward of fifty
• I. ' V,fM rewind offtritv
I'ollnrsti-r tin; :,;,Vr,^ lodgirvnt <d the
Uu.-j.rfb.v«->, . ..li*M rrmishuient, in toy j.fo ,,,
tins State, or in any of tlie I.nit d Stul-s. '
'‘/J \* If AI )*•' rvtLUl
I Tim pair ad, Vew-H-nt, V:, >
.Unitary <
J’t*t Ktcnvt f, arM~Pm Wait K,J~7llr m
NufticriWr. fl
‘■V '‘^nvr' '• I* «• S sint-.l nnmdcl-ths ^
‘ ■ siiiM.. ,..101 re«, frinl. |.io ,,, Orobriek j
I.o Sold-".-',', I..( otmn Mtwtiry, ln.jM.rt!
. rd H Jii.n.tmtn- (•m^lrai.isuf) I
1 „ i *(' WOOD. '
i Ihr J j
■i i*'' I hursday the I'Jtb of January tuytt, if fair, oth*
S * orwisc, on the next fair day, 1 will expose to puth
lit: s- at VVcttovi r, in the count. of Llnulcs City,
1/pMUt‘ds jj art /fund frit J.th-iy l irrutin born A/uWit :
Among them ere coarse carpenter*, shoe-makers am!
Mack-simiUs; ai-ti, good washers anti plain cooks, and
house servums of both sexes. 1 tlo not knotv such a
valuable numker of good mgroti. A credit of.twclve
months will be id lowvd the purchasers,' upon their
giving bonds vuh approved securities, belore the remo
val ol the proja;< tv. Persons preferring to pay cash,
w ill to allowed xilissoi'nt <>f C per cent, upon iVang so
At the Mine time, t:| on a troth’. of six -uontlu, I will
sell, /ttifine -l/w-Lt, t:jo H 'Jgtfwn. anti tm e.rct /Zejif
, V ' RICHARD W. nVRl)
Decern V* '.3. ’ tds*
CLf* • ’ Kditor ef the Petersburg Kepnhircan- is
repui Btt d 10 insert th.c above till the day o' salu, anil
forward his account to the F.ditor of U.r" Enquirer.
"VT M I ILL.— I'uJ sale iidverp’.cd by Air. Janie* IVn
X i.in?ton, to have been at the residenne of Knri
ms lAghlfvtt, "JerM, in Sussex oouuty, on the ISihof
.Jeaember, HI ^ trill take plitoe on the -JNd of January
;«IS, .ffoir, if ntuthe next fair day. Tl,e sale then
■will h,- psn.:v lor c:i*b and partly on twelve months
credit, to meet t1*" wiher o*‘ did'et-ont purchasers —
and continue from day to day, as the prospect* inny
the whole of the debts Are provided for,
ami in every other respect nenriy ootlie terms of Mr.
i entuegioti s advertisement.
jyriv Mr riot, a*,
.6 dm'r of /'rand: Jjghtfoot, t’rc'd.
n t.ie al-ove i a.e will tie included many valuable ne
■*»*' s~ ’ _Dt ceinber Ah td*
£ ** P’ch unit (.niton Msiufsctiirv, Innraivi al!
a j swjp nno inttrestfil, oo-!
nrci-.1 or ;ed in that SrsUllislimCnt, on »e
count of «>t- •vue^.eTcept
li e. .. i<*,n
ou ~ vurr.
4 \ ' Aklt Imfe e*tn!e. norm
cr »o» hi ti e county of
' ’ -»> lloano'.e N.’itr. Tliia estate
r >r i," 't v PriUi of
*' • l UOL’SAaXD acrer.
- • >ii»oT three miles npon the River,and
‘ - 'orceplantations, each partaking of an
■ .on o; *tu* Plat id. The improvements np
’ . ■ " Plantation uiv convenient tmil cnrufu'l
■ * liantatin.) in order for copping.—I need
*' ’ *' i r particular in lieseriiiing this pntperty,
!>v-si:i,\ii I, 'hat it will k*. viewed hr tliose who m*v
u .h to ■> ■ " it.—It will be srl.l upon neeoinmmlttilng
•rins. ‘x »h aj to the price and timer of payment, or ii
"•!' he h. ftered for l^nds upon the tide waters of
./ terror n-trivers.—Apply r0 Capt. Thomas M.
'Vloli, „r l nomas Wilson of Richmond, or to ttie
Mecklenburg, Dec. 24. ,;,4,v
I.ON'nov, Oct. 14.
T here is nc^njtft in the ritmwnr of Madame
De St a r. l’s having received ficrmisviun to
retire to Switzevl tnd, or, in ottie:- Words, of
her having been ordered ta withdraw fnnn
Paris. T hat lady went smne thru; ago to
popet, her father’s Monsieur Neckar’s es
fate or private business, cr possibly n hour
!u belle muon.” she has lately retimed,
aiid results within .v mile or two of paru*
where iter ml on has become, as heretofore,
the.central point.of the liter in', political and
fashionable world. It would appear th t she
has tuken under her protection die United
States of America, as well as the House of
Mourlxm y tor lately or. hearing t\c Cap ure
oi Washington, shs prononnued an oration
in favor of that Government, v.hich, as it
happened tt> be in the p-fSence <ff out am
bassadpr, seemed to he « chHdepge to his
Grave to prov<- that ther sword is not his only
weapon. The Duke of Well: j « tov did,
that Ikiw* Ai’AUTh. Uinum. could H wivc
fenced her.
... r „ Oct. 17.
t Advice* from Cadiz stRte xpeditiov)
Irom that place against South America,
to be in great 1 rwardness. We entertain
howev er, little idea of success in sioh schemes,
especially oonsidering the present statu of
the uni sit finances. Tj/csi; acc(>unts repre
sent, -hat transports hav been :akeu up by
the government at ; 0 dollars p«r ton, but
t’n tt .t deficiency •'till appearing, an embargo
ho., been aid on aii vcs. els in order to obtain
an ac.eqhate supply. I’he troops compri
sing thu expedition will amount, it is said, to 1
seven or eight thousand men. One third oE
tut* ’ '.im to be paid tho transports is to be rd
vanced before V.!w.v sail from Cadiz, and the
remaining two tl|irds to be pain as s: tin as
it is know, th y have h**nVeil in the River
i l.itv ; and for this pav merit the mirchant3
ot Cadiz have made themselves /freaponsi
t. . , , Oct 22.
During the cele.n-ation of the rapture o‘
VV;“ aingtcn at Heligoland, on *.l.e 12th a
Powdtr exploded, by which U per
s»ot;3 were wouudeb. 1
- , CM. 31.
It was r-jx-rted yesterday, bai with what
tr,.;n We cannot sa\, that iv-fcptJmi cfdvwar
,tistactior. had appeared in Lam,
lobacco, which not many «Uys ago was
sold lor 4s rxl p, 5S per !b. may now IwjKM.vhc
'price °J tU 2H ' CoUun lst " «’ ally lowered in
rr-i i . / Nov. 1.
Thursday morning, thi soldiers th.a* com
posed tne 20th halt. 9?d -Vr airm ■ under the
command ol M -or M’hpaald ; h detachment
from the Depot ot the ftiofal Scots, under
•aptam L. gan ; and the. Depot of the 94th
Hc^nient under captain Kingston ;—tn al
too effective men, emi/a,Iced dt Leith, on
board of transports for Cork, to join their
respective battalions that are/preparing k,r
embarkation to America.
n . Nov.".
Dre-a exertions are mak^* to tend out to
Ionia, all tbetmops that cart :,r k flared from
>ne tnrrrutcd exigenrir* bj rjur in America i
W n t <l,s*K>*Hl,,<y corps in the coun
.ywdl be left .V>**nt uf one of these dcsti
natmns or the otner.
lue French C»orcriihentt it is asserted,
haur mat - up their* m./, |, t0 confine their
military operations. (si, 4,1(1. such he necessa
\,) >t St. i/oioii V., to the yjcttinfr pus
M -Kw-th one or
[two other ■ rong «t, t,K. roa.,t.__
> r*n<;th fling thes" the utmost, they will
>e 1,1 a * • ”,uion either to propose a treaty of
commerce to the 'k ,ck inhabit uits, or to wait
p.itM iir y until i\cL *< circumstances shall to
ut «... n* to T’fa^jxx th*' |). uliftftf rckvion*
T '
■which ‘before subsisted between the IJand 6c
the parent state.
Paris, Oct. 31.—Tt Is stated, that in order
to preserve the tranquility of Europe, tile
great powers have agreed'each to maintain a
disposable force of 60,000 men. i
. \ ',knxa, Oct. 10.—; 1 *iev speak of a:i ■
embassy to the U. S. of America, and even of
the translation of the Congress from Ghent to
v ienna . but tins last report appears verv
Pawis, Oct. 31.—It is asserted ?t Vien
na, that tl'.e Emperor of Austria hat retused
to resume ;lic dignity of Emperor of Germa
P i. y M <>r 7 h , Oct. 25.—The fleet which re
cently sailed from Cork for America, un
der convoy of the Snltan, of ,’4 guns, and af
ter words put into- Bantry Hay, where a
transport having on board some of the 4-Oth
regiment, wutH»st, has returned altogether to
Gottfxbuhgh, Oct, 29.-*-Matters are
not yet finally arranged with Norway. The
Deputies from Bergen and i)r.>nth'eim will
not agree to the proclaiming of Charles XI1 i.
iijng of Sweden and Norway till they rec eive
flesh instruction;-, from their respective cities.
In consequence, the Crown Prince has given
orders, that if every tiling is' not settled
w ithin three clays, lor tho* whole ar ay to
nmich tor ward and take the country by
force. 1 lie time allotted expired yester -
Madrid, O'ct. 17.— l In Arnusican expediti
on c entinues in preparation, but the definitive
plans are not fixed, or its ultimate arrange
ments nirdo.
Jrirnna,Oct. 19—It appears Certain that i
what retards the opening of the Congress is, i
that.some ciinlnm.-irir n- .... i ..- ■
Minister*, have demanded further elucidati
ons and instructions from their respective
c-CMiris. We are assured, fcr instance, that
tho ] urkish Divan, convinced at length of
the importance of the Congress, has supplica
ted tnc Sovereign to send an Ambassador,
v. ho snail neither be a Greek nor an Arnaut,
nut a Turk by religion and birth, and distin
guished by rank and learning.
Satan!r7i/, Jan. 7.
X he bill to authorize the acceptance into
the service ot the United States of st ite
troops and volunteers, was read a third tune
ns amended and p.sscd. The amend
ments were sent to the House for concurrence
Mr Taylor, from the committee ofconfer
reesoa the disagreeing votes of the t»vo Hous
es on the bill for taxing household furniture,
£cc. made a report thereon ; which*being un
der consideration—
, ^r* Giles moved that the further procced
j ngs on said bid be postponed to the second
Mo .day in March next—(in other "words, re
The question on which motion was decid
as fellows ;
YEdS—Mer-srs. Daggetf, Dana, Giles,
Gore,-Hunter, rtffeon, Smith. Wells—8.
JYAY-S—Messrs. Anderson, Bibb, Bledsoe,
Brown, Chase, Condit, Fromeuiin, Gaillard,
Gei man, Lacock, Lambert, Morrow, Ro
berts Robinson. Tail, Tavlor, Thompsou,
i urner, Varnum, Walker, Wharton—21.
The report w t9 then agreed to, and, ha
ving been before agreed t by the House, the
bill wants only the signature of the Presiden
to become a law.
1 he hill to authorize the President of the
l -nitad States to cause to he built, equipped,
and employed one or more Floating Butteries,
tVn the defence of the waters of the United
States, waafurther considered and ordered to
be engro sod for a third reading.
Saturday, Jan. 7.
Mr. J.ctvj of Cont. submitted fur consider
ation the following resolution :
'Resolved, Tiiat the Committee of Ways
and Means he instructed to enquire into the
expediency of extending the several laws au
thorising the issue of Freastirv Notes in such
manner us to mak,j them receivable in all ( a
sr.fi of finc9, forfeitures or penalties which
rnav be due or owing to the United States,
and also to extend the said lav/s ns to make.
rreasery Notesreceieuhle for t-xes due to
the United States from any number of per
s.'tis who may unite for tiiat parjHisc.
• . Mr. h./tfirs of la. desired to know the ol>
jectofthis motion. It appeared to him, on
nit nisi, v t-'.v, mac ir would introduce a spe
culation in the government paper immoral in
itsell and injurious to the public credit. Ev
ery individual w.isby existing laws authorised
pay Ini particular tax os iu Treasury Weten.
Mr. Ijarj said bis object was not to encou
rage speculation, but to enable the people to
pay their taxes upon an equal footing. At
present, if several persons having taxes to
|>a can make up the precise amount they
owe in Treasury Notes, the Collectors will
not receive them, alledging that they are s>
instructed by the Treasury Department.
I reasnry Notes w ere not now issued of any
denomination less than 20 dollars ; and yet,
if two persons owing ten dollars each, ten
dered such a note in payment, the collector
would not receive it. The consequence of
which is, that such persons have to procure
specie to pay their taxes, nothing else b' ine
receivable. He had therefore thought it
wou'd he advisable tlr.it the committee of
Ways and Means should enquire into the
su ij/Ct.
Mr Wgrfow of Mass. confirmed the state
ment of Mr. I,aw, having received, as be
said, s vera! letters from his district of the
same import. He had tmderstnivl that the
Secretary of the Treasury complained that
ad the taxes were paid in Treasury Notes,
lie knew not how that could lie, as he knew
that most of the taxec, in his district at
l« fist, Were paid in other n.onev ; unless that
the collectors receive the taxes in good
money, and instead of pnymg it into the
I reasnry, make use of it to buy in Treasury
Notes at a discount to pay into the Treasu
ry* and make • uro'it y * <.>,«. 4:fr..r.
Ai«*. iic-wkyis of K.y. moved to amend ,Pie
illotaon so as to strike out that partof it, autho
rising t$goc totioiis fu. paying taxes io Trea
sury Notes. Ue stated his knowledge of the
‘act, that.^hc Treasury Dep itmcnt had it
in contemplation to issue notes of a smaller
denomi mioa than those now iu circulation
which would Obviate altogether the cidl.cuity
tile gentleman desired to remedy.
ruis: motion was opposed by Messrs. I»ot
tei/, Haylics and Law.
Al'. oi N. I. moved to-lav the re
solve on the table; which motion was .sup
ported by Mr. l'.ppes, and agreed to, Gl to
1 lie crossed bill lo prevent inii'rooinae
with the enemy h lying been read through_
Mr. Oakiey ot N. ' . moved to lav the hilt
on the table, to take up. the Bank lj.il, the
pv.ssage of which he feared might he too
long delayed by the discussion which might
avise on thejiill just read. Tin* motion s
supported by Mr. Yancey and Mr. Inuer
The motion was opposed by Messrs. Fi:-k
tn N. \. I-isk of \ t. and Rluu, on ihe ground
tliat the speedy passage of .the Jidl just read
was required by the interest and honor of
the nation, to arrest the. supplies to the cue
my, mm me iOS* OI UMt <;S Oil > llggieU gtliVS,
Ut.ich mir revel me officers flew could nut,*
dare not, attempt, to seize.
The motion to lay >he bill orj the table
pr vailed, Ay » Ri>, end the nouse cuok ut>
1 he engrossed arnei Aments to the bill from
the Senate “ to inc'irp.irntv the Bank, of the
b*hited States of Vmenca,” \* *-re then read,
and the question stated—“ Shull this ! ill pass
as amended ?” an tue vras and navs tSiC'e*
on having been required by Air. Stan
Mp- Fisk of N.Y rose to assign the reasons
which tv w infiut need him to vote against this
bill. His objections were, to the reduction of
the capital, and to the omission oi" wh.it had
been miscalled the,.forced loan feature of the
bill, which Ik* considered one of the best.—
The bill, before it was amended, would, he
said, have afforded to the government a hen*
cut to the amount ot twenty' millions, but now
would not afford to it a greater bonus than
three millions. He obtected to the amend
ments which had taken from the bill the-con
trol which the government ought to have o
ver it, and would throw the government and
the monied resources of the nation into the
power of its political adversaries. There
were also other features of the bill to which
lie objected ; so strongly up ,n the whole that
he would not vote for the bill.
Mr. Harnon of Md. expressed his regret
to see any inqiedimer.t thrown in the w.iy
of t '.e bill. He expressed all the satisfuctuvi
lie ft It, at being able on this occasion to re
deem his pledge to co-operate with the ma
jority in any mease re which he could he ue
or believe would be. bentfi ml to the oati >*i.
This bill, in its present shape, be re mark id
was the result of a camapromize produced by
mutual and magnanimous concessions, anil at
a period like tins, of bitter political animosity,
concessions reflecting equal honor, on both sides
ofthe house.
Mr. Gron>snor of "N. Y. assigned at some
length, the reason why he slum I vote against
the bill. He. expressed, in a feeling manner,
iiis regret at being cortj|>elled to vote, on this
occasion, against so many of those with wh in
he had heretofore- iwted. in opposition to tin;
measures of this admin;3trati'.i». His o j-*c
tions were tnotc to the time when and pur*
poses for which.a Rank is to be cstablishe 1/
than to the features of this bill ; to some of
which he objected. He denied., that it oral.I
be u specie Raiik,*or that the Rank would
ever be able to get a million of its notes u>r >
circulation. The government reiving upon ji
would be disappointed, and ruin soon scare
them in the face. He denied ilic oper-tea
upon himself of the anniment that th . w-', ' ‘
lesser evil than what »iig t be substitut-d
for it it'it did not p'.ss. II would not. he
said, embrace this evil in order to avoid a.
greater which might not happen ; 1-e wool'
never, he said, adppt a principle looking to
wards that which imports, that the eui may
jnstily the men-s. '
Me. Telfair of Oeo. stated the icnsono
why. although he decide "v approved of the
mil which had been first before the house, he
| ‘’hould yet vote for th s bill. He was s. rious
i >y. conviuced, he a .id, that under the presect
embarrass neiit of our circulating medium St f
tiie fiscal concerns of the nation, that a H ’.k
was indispensable ; and, th- ugh the system
now before the house was one the det ails ot
which he could not approve, ho would vote
f .r it as a lasr resort. He frankly intimated
l^s hope that the other House would pr ipo ie
some modific >tion r.f the amendments of this
house, .hat would render the compromise, of
opinion more equ: table than as it now stood.
Mr, i. went int in general examination or
th« principles and history of bunking, pr n
cirmlly to shew that banks founded" nn the
credit of governments and on public stocks
had not been as gene ml ly unsuccessful as bad
•Hen contendtxl;. and he then comp ire I the
present system with that which came frini
the Senate, to me latter of wliich he g ive 9
decided preference.
Mr. Ingham oj i’a, believed, he said, u
National flank to heessuntialiy tirccssiry to
g.i e .-diet to the pictc.it euo/aritisscfl state
ot things. Keijevmg this hill would contri
bute in some degree to relieve the nati nal
wants, it wmild receive Ids vote, thoitrb n
lucUntly ; and he wished it to* b?distinctly
understood, that instead of its being a pre
ferred me tsure, he considered the first hill
as more efficient aod calculated p> jr;ve ,|;
government all it wanted. TfTevote of th.
11 >use. this day. he s tit!, would |„; „„ t,.st
the excellence of tliis syntem, or even of th •
approbation of it by the House—the ,tiou
living whether the House would take this f r
f.o Bank. Mr. 1. made a statement of th»*
comparative aclvantag s an 1 dls-ulvnut n*e»
of tue tw„ pi,ns, giving the derided sum, r
mrity to the original pial>,3cc.
'Hie 'juration on the final'fmsnvsc rf t/ri
bill, van then de tided ett follow* : "
^ BAA—Messrs. Alexander, A’-.toft An
ders n, B imett, llivlv of Vs. Bigelow. g
Breckenridge, Brigham, Brown, Butle-,
!>tr:.n, Caldwell, Calhoun, C.uno.i, Che

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