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KOI (ill USAUK. 1
To the licit;ora of the Mercantile Adverti
New-York, January 1.
The rapture bv the enemy of tlir pa nting* consisting
ft part nt Mr. Si iiililtr’i Naval t'anuruiua, having
been mentioned in some papers with circumstances dial
are not <[uile roiTect, I take the liberty of giving you a
stateim nt oj the disaster and of my sufferings, to be
published, if you think pt-w[ter, in your paper.
On the 49tli November Iasi, 1 embarked in the sch.
^'iion, Walker, bluster, for Charirsum. On the 3(>th
•» p experienced a heavy g-.de, am I ra:» Into Spermaceti
Cove, where we lay all night. Harry the next mor
nng got under way, and in the forenoon we discovered
«t the horizon, to windward, the topsails of a ship,
which »« concluded must be an enemy’t cruizvr, and
towered our sails to prevent nur being seen ; not, with
8*staling which they did see us, mid stood Ini ns urdet
-* croud of sail, ami running at the nfe of 18 kno s —
.She was a frigate namini the Forth, criTnraandeu b\
Slir William HoltofL Myself, liair other pnssengei-s,
mul the crew, were immediately ordered on hoard her
—-our oai-go was taken out; the sc hr. was had in tow nit
mjffit, aod the next morning hrikcn up for fuel. The
paintings of tin: Panorama, tho Ch-gan and the Lamps,
were taken into the captain's cuhin, ns curinslticr., to be
examined ; and in die evening they tried some of the
Lumps in the ship’s Uniihcle.
I was birthed in a hammock between decks, nnd
ftlersed with the midshipmen, from whom I received
numy civilities, particularly from Mr. Conner, the
waster's mute, ntiil .Mr. fluxion,the eldest inidsliipinun.
—We were on board the Forth four days; and on the
morning of the fifth day wc were transferred to the
brig Nimrod, Cap.tain Hilioo, and birthed with Id other
prisoners, in a part ot’ the vessel culled the Bay, a dark,
* 'ty and we».\d»ce, where old rigging of various kinds
was deposited, and which served us, in some sort, as
a bed.—Our situation was truly uncomfortable and
our treatment of the pon est kind. Ouring the ten
days I was u»t»us vessel, I never took off my great cout
•»r hoots ; most of ua full sick, yet from the officers we
received no pity, and the men wen- allowed to treat us
WitK thr* rv:#Ir»«r ininlf nt tl nantomrvt G.,1* __
roup, nv were ser-ed with for dinner, nod with a pint
of dirty cocoa For breakfast- From the Nimrod we
e sent to the Majestic, razee, when Admiral Hnth
ani appeared in sight, we were immediately ordered
,an bound his ship, the Superb, rind arrived on N. Lou
don toe 30lh December. Onr treatment while on board
the Superb was harsh and severe in the extreme.—
We lay on the hare deck, nod everv night hermine!
was placed over os. Our allowance was scarcely suffi
cient to keep na alive, faring nor the half of what "we re
ceived on board the Nimrod, so that our suffering* by
cold, hunger and sickness, were immense. On the 'J4tb
December, at sunset, my fellow passenger*, with capt.
slkor and myself, were ordered into ti supply l»oat
that had that day brought n caigo of lre*ii provisions on
boon! the Superb, and wr werr landed that evening at
•Millstone Point, where a Mr. Gtirdner, u farmer, ie
•eivedand tr^ttUd 11s all in the kindest aud moot hospi
t*We reanr.ee.—On th« :_’6lh hit son t ans;»o ted o*tr
baggage to Lyra© Ferry, and we arrived at New-Ha
vrn that night, in a itagiJ, at 11 o'clouk.
I am, Gentlemen,
Your very hum. serv't,
Nkw-Yorjc, January 5.
The U. S. frigate PRESIDENT, weighed anchor
slvint 10 o’clock this morning, Htnl stood down the buy
w ith a brisk bronze from the North West. Whether
ahe intends to put to sea, or has merely taken atrip
down the hay lor the exercise ot her crow, we have trot
been informed. Several other vessels, we understand,
went down this morning with an intention of goic^; to
TraruLitedf >r the J\‘tro-York Evening Pc.it.
The Eing to the People ami to the Array.
Hastiam. !
By one of those happy events which nocut
oftly hy the special favor of Divine Omnipotent-, the
atnaio'u and criminal intentions of the French enliine'
have just come to light. By discovering to as those
du k machinations, God has leien pleased to confound
the wicked in their execrable designs; and by enlight
ening us as to our destiny and mir true interest, to point
out to us the meaus ofntir preservation.
Frauoo .Medina, one of the secret agents to the b -
ron tie Malnnet, minister of the marine and of the co
lonies, of' his majesty Louis XVIII. sent to sow trouble
and discord, an execrable ami favorite project of the
Frcuch, while fulfilling his odious mission, has fallen
into our power. By nis own eonfeswon, m>uti his ex
autiuR'inn, by the documents arid scen-l instructions of
which he was the bearer, »• arc confirmed in our o
jrinion respecting the atrocious designs of our implaca
ble enemies.
Hat thins! A Inays inaccessible to the most flattering
promises of the French, we have given to you proofs
of nor firmness in the most critical mwn"nt», and we
have nover iWdvrvfed upon the jurt that wc ought to
tike w hen oursateiy required u. .-vnu tc is to us tout
these abominable t> ntrts, in the delirium of their pas
sion, dare yet to make their infamous proposals: hut
how thev derieve themselves! l*tt them then know
that our irrevocable determination is to fight them un
til death ; and should we even he alone, we would still
fight them. My - :ne i* hcontne.hort ible to them ;—
they no longer pronounce it, but writh convulsive mo
tions ; we giory in inspiring them with theae senti
Hayians! Since the commencement of our career,
our? induct has always been frank and loyal; we have
no secret to keep; the srelfare of the country is our
6i»prem» law, ami imposes U|,on nstlic duty of commu
nicating to you all the information that we receive. Sc
•which concern* the destiny of the nation. We have
therefore ordered that the dispatches of the French go
vernment, the originals of which are deposited in our
archives, shall be made public through the medium of
th«pre:j, in order to give tb> m all possible publicity;
and dial the traitor Franco Mcdinr, that KbcrticWt h
goi t of the French, shall hr exposed before the people
in ,ar cup'rtnl, that each of you may have die privilege
ofintcirotating him.
Has linns ! It is not neectaary that we should make
to vu any comment upon these documents; they speak
for (hems Ives; each one ol von wdl read Ike pridccis
of our ly routs and the fate that they are preparing for
you; you will knowhow to distinguish your true em>
mi«s, and to measure the abysi into which ttiev wish to
plunge you ; the truth is come to light! Oprti your
eves, and via* «i*l see the frightful designs ofUiov in
human tv"er»,svho eras • not to itseditnte mtr slavery,or
our annihilation ’ Open %< nr eyes to their destrneiito
nr j o's, and the means < f safety will nsfardly piwieut
»heie‘*’-.r* to you' la*t tl e erk-s of war until death
with tyrants, eternal hatred to the vile instrument* of
slavery, and their adhercntl, fill veur souls with that
holr cuthusi <»m wh'chf* inspired Uy the lave of cow -
ti of l/ilteriy and of Independence.
Kaytinns! Lot us have but one object, br.t only one
aad the same ile*fr< » let u« seek ohljr to exterminate
our enemies; tin- w note universe t '..serve us; never
was there a cause «n juct a* *<««'» t look upon yoor King
and prepare) (Hu solve* to follow him to battle ; we will
kial you t.o victory audio vengeance ; we will conquer ;
will enttvdt'lnte our rights, lib rty and Indepen
dence upon the dead bodies arid ruins of our ty
rant*! _
{liven at one 1 loyal Palace of S*n» Sonet, the 1 Uh
Nnvcmher, I SI V, the eleventh your of independence,
and the kmtili of our rrign.
,u, „rd) 1IF.NRT.
T*.v the Rmg,
Conn* d* Limonnde.
TVinted at Cap* ftsnry.by P. R«ux, printci to tie
foj irs of the py»ci» of tin- agent* nf the French Cov
errunent. printed :*od published in virtue of his ma
iastv'xpmalvn.violaofth" IIth Nov. 1SI4, t ellth
i. 4r of the independence of 1 fayit.
rain*, JnneflT.
To V< ssr*. f V \k fv, fjttsyssejfKi Medina \J lirav
f rniaijfi.
tjtilth Hi'’’if
I li«ve recti veil the letter* that vow hate
svrtftefl to me, separately and collectively, offering tr.
the King your services a* St. Domingo. llix May-sty
,.'-t rc*-lived irtioii any measure r«la*Wefo the
»., ,.,vi««<sra*kin ef that colony, « d< * not even ap
. . ,r "to him necessary to send, at Ihtseariy jievkal,
eomru-sioners to notify his orders, or to make kr.owu
h i in'- n'tOM to the c.’llief* of the insurgrajils ; but,
i k,:) tin- represi -i»j»*«m that I have made to the King
ul >* vour piisate atl'nii-s Call-d you to St. Domingo,
rh't vottr former on nee nous with some of the olnefs
<y th-- r ,f<mT Civ? you sn opportunity of seeing tlu-m,
vi'lid to whist l hn*e i srjinl of the ttUMdiment tint
:W had often shewn to Trane- * her rightful sore- '
reign, liis Majrst*. has |*er ■I me to sav to you,
l.otl it would be (draw ig to too ' U you diotiid enable
j "ne to render him a non e jcieooiu of the pros*
: cut sti te of that colony, of . ’ position ot its chiefs
add ot wlwt you consider the *.i -it mri a tor causing
I anarchy Id O'Mw in it, him I if pi venting any new eiln
sKin of >iloo<l in the appmaciuttK- re-eWHldnhment of
tho rural government- I the - ■•tore do not give vou a
special mission, which would beneath the dignity of
die King ; but I accept your otfers of endeavoring,
during tiie voyage, to reuder yourselves useful to
France, to the colonist* an. to nil'the ilifl'. ruut casts,
bv convincing them how advantageous it would he
to Uicmselves, to restore social and monarchical or
A Colonist mvtelt and know n at S*. IJonvtigo, I sup-*
|*ose that the Chief Christophe is rot 'gnorant that I
was in favor 25 years ags of iiniclb gating the Condi
tiiai <»t the blacks,- maintaining, howe-*rr, a system of
siiboidination and police, without wh jii the colorists
con hi not exist.
\«at may therefore enter in an explanation wHk him
If he declares himselt a faithful subject or the \-ng. ir
lie is willing smeendv to on-operate' in re-ettaftiisliing
the royal authority, I sh ,11 bt tho first to solicit
lor him and fir the most desnrving ot his c:«t, all
the favors tlutt can, with propriety, be granted to
Hy taking, without tergiversation Hm only part that
reason and bis own interest suggest, he tray hope eve
ry thing, by making too high pretm.-ions or bv stiffiu
iiigit-to be believed that be hes.tates to declare him
selt n faiihtul subject to the King, he his every thing
to fear ; and to prove i*. to him, yon need only make to
him a faitliiul re present it ion of what you have sren in
France, ami ol' what you know respecting the disposi
tions of all the maritime powers now become our al
1 annex in addition to this fatter, more par
ticular instruct kin*, from wtiich vou are not to devi
Receive, f»cntlemen, the assura-oces of inv consul
The Secretary of State, Minister oT tlie Marine, k
ortht Colonies
C3ign«sJ3 MALOUET.
1’im.inEtprrta, Jan. 7.
A f an elnrtt’inr fVvt* . *_: m
fcopliickl Society, held at their I (all after due untiee oil
the Hth (lay ot Jan. IS15, the lijIJiiwiiig officers were
chosen ;
President—Oakpau Wthtar.
[''rr. Jeffi-rson bavin,; lonneriy reiapie 1, and ex
pressly declined a re-wleotiou to this office, which ho
bad bcld 18 years.)
Vioe Presidents—Rulit. Patterson, Benjamin Smith
Burton,Jonathan Williams
Secretaries—rhoinas C. James, Thimas T. Hew.
son,^ Roliert M. Patter*o->, Nathaniel Chapman.
Conncellors lor threat v***r»—NiehoUs Collin, Wil
liam Tilghnian, Andrew ft licotr, William Meredith.
Curators—Zaccheus Collin?, Joseph C loud, WiUiuta
Hembell, jr.
Treasurer—John Vaughan.
.f Gentleman from Boston vtriutr* the following tin.
gttfar uffiair, which he says happened jus! nejore he
trji that place.- .1 person had oetn taken and coat
nutted to prison, for pasting counte-JeH bibs. Short,
ly ufterwanls a negro was taken up for ionic crime,
and confined in the same room, hut war taken ot ck t.'i
ahcut u week id Allied. -Vex! day a Coffin wotprovi
d it and the hotly of the deceased dep'+uert in it. .it
people »f colour are commonly interredm the evening,
by those oj !heir own complexion, the coffin u-as suffer,
id to remain till night in the room with the money,
nuiker. After the gaoler andthise who accompanied
him had left the room, he bethought himself the present
wuldbe a mostfavorable opportunity to make fuses
c. pc, and thereby avoid the punishment that awaited
Um. The wicked do not so much cars what are the
means, f they cun accomplish thnr designs. H hen all
■was still and safe, be took the corpse out of the
coffin, and placed it in lus own hammock, got i-ito it
himself, and turned the lid down carefully as before.
1 a this situation he lay, anxiously yet fearfully waiting
the moment when he should-be liberated from Ids loath,
some cuijUiemeut. In the evening, the coffin was ta
ken f'oin the prison room, by four lusty negroes, ap
S oiiUexiJor that purpose, and solemnly cunveeed to tne
burycaf ground. If hen they arniled at the crave
the coffin was set dawn with groat care, tmd one. of
them was about to make a speech on the tlmUh of their
companion. Scarcely had he time to utter one word
before the lid of the coffin flew open, and the moncu- nnv
ker jumped out and made his escape while the poor
negroes, afflighted almost to distraction, run with
gi ee.t violence in every direction, screaming “ de deb
il / de debil l de debil /” 'l'he mistake was not tbs
ewered till t'ie next day ,- and tbs person has not
been heard oj since. Phil. Paper.
_ Boston, Dec. 28.
On Tuesday last came on before the Hon.
Judges Story and Davis, holding a Cir
cuit Court of the U. S. in this town, the trial
«* George Traceri, who stood charged in two
indictments of the murder of sergeant M1
Ki:t, of the b. S. marines, and a private mu
rine by the name of Hasey, in the marine
barracks at the Navy-Yard in Charlestown.
The trial for ttf murder of M’Ki.m contin
ued until Thursdav. when the ■< nr aff*r Ku.
▼ing been absent about two hours, returned a
verdict of Guilty of Man-nlauvhtcr. By con
sent of parties, the same jury were then im
pacnelled to try the prisoner on the other in
dictment, and without leaving their scats re
turned a similar Terdict with the above.—
Counsel for the prosecution, Mr. Attorney
Blake—for the prisoner, Benj. Whi r man
and Alexander Townsend, Esquires.
I he sentence of the court prenouuccd yes
terday, was that he be imprisoned three years,
and pay a fine of 10o0 dollars, for each con
viction, and stand committed until'sentence
isperformed. ^^ ^ _
VVIRGINIA.—At Holes holden in the. Clerk’s Of
fice of the -'iiperior court of Chancery for the
il ohni ’tid District, the fimdav of November, l $1 k
Nelly C. \V illi* £•»! Itnh'Tt i’aylor,executrix a>d ex
eer.tor of Jo»m Willis dec'll, i*ho was exeoutoi of
Francis \V iliks. J'UJj'j.
Philip C. Pendleton and 7k\xiJ IT’infcr, executors of
Philip Pendleton dec’d, I fnnnah I>rew^ widow, nod
who was named executrix of Wr4ii.uu Drew, and
I Mphin Drew, William Drew, Whiting l)r*jW am)
'Washington IJrxrw, l.eiis of liaujnnun i* ow rlen’d,
viho w;ish*ir at law and devisee olthn wd.J William
l)r* w, deo’il. Hefts.
The iSuhpnenn srire raeia* nwanfnd in this rains*: not
being returned executed outlie defendant V ilium
Drew, and it appearing by satisfi»<’i®y evJdi-Ttrrr, that
• hev arc not i tmhilint* *>i this ootntVv : ft in nrj^re >
Tli t the said l>eli n*lnnts dunppenr here m *he twenty
third day of the next term and answer tlie lull of the
Plain till* ; and that a copy of this order he forth wih in
serted in some newspaper published in the astv of
Richmond, for two months successively nod pust-xj at
the front do*«r of the *npil«l in the said city.
A copy.—‘•Test**,
Wsi.W. flKNIN’O, c. e.
Nov. 2(1. at#
Carried on and executed with neatness Ke drs^'afeli hy
Til A lilt A M\ F.KS, at the south corner of K and
§ *J.VI streets: who respectfully ofti r their serrices
to the cititcuaof KGhrriond—They will furnish mate
riid* of the best quality, or if more suitable to the em
tdoyer, they will work up materials fnrnished. They
sire acquainted with the most approved plan* of set -
ting grates, stills, Ickc-ovem, furtiarrs, and Jirc-works
in general. Thuv have *m hand for s lie, :J*out t•.*/ \
hundred Utontand wc-H burnt bricks, of handsome co
lour Dec. It. tnwdw *
f (ONFW.I IMM K—l.stc nf the firm of Chrrfcs
™ 1 Perk £f Co. having taken «he ho*i*e ln>.|y oecupi
**d hr Messrs. .h)lin«nn tisrfb, and one »l*mr Iwdow
UsTTible’. Tomer, will keep constantly On Ivnd, a gene
ral . sseitni 'o' C.*/iferthmi»ries, Frui's, f/c. ftr
If- solicits the patronage of his fr tends and the puMic
I generally January 7. w>',„
I'M 11 in AH\ K bales iu line order, just received k
for-salc l>v
Curt! Street.
.Tin. 7. i*tf
‘ the sense ill aka
rJfcESPECTFULl.Y- informs bis friends and the
l« public, that he intends opening a school at Wing
s~ *d, in Hiwowr, the late residence of Mr. Peter NH
vi.i, on the 15tli of Jan’v next. He projK>v.H to teach
the l.a in, English, and French languages grutumaticid
lv> Geography and the use of the Globes, Arithmetic
and Mathematics in all its various hniuclies. The price
of board k tuition, exclusive of budding,will be S$100 for
the term, which, excepting one month for vacation, will
continue from the almve date to the 15th of I), cewber
next, (junrtcrtv payments iu advance will berequired.
Die attention wiirbe paid to the Iteltuviour and murals
of it is scholars.
Mr. Fox’s mode of instruction will he the same as
that formerly pursued by the subscriber, whose sons
will compose a p ut of Mr. Fox's school. He assures
Siidi as may not he aciptainted with Mr. Fox, that he
is well qualified to teach what hu proposes.
Dec. '*•>. , w4wp
Iliat on the JOth, Uth, 19th, 13th, 11th k iStlt
dxrs of ,March next, at the dwelling htaise of John
Wash, in (htmKe land county, state of Kentucky, I
slujl proceed to take tlae deposition of John Wasltj to
be read-as eve fence in-v suit depending in the county
court of Nottoway, hi v;hich lent plaintiff and you ari:
defendant, at which time and place you will pi, H*e at
tend. I am, Sir, Youru. ke.
J'f'tar*. firirlbt .Tnttermn c* 7'S' Tm.y .Afrrr.r
Taki: Notick—That on the KHb, Uth, lVtb,IS»h,
Mth and 15th daysof Ma ch next, at the dv> dling
b»Mi«« of John \V:»nh, in Cumberland county, ate of
nrd next, at Archer IlnferiwmV tiuMm ..... . .
county, state of Virginia, I shall prweed to take the
depositions of sundry witnesses, to In- is-ad as aforesaid
at which times and places roil will please to attend. *
1 Kin, Gentlemen,
Your m<wt ohed’t sers’t,
Jan. , . srtwp
ViKhRO.- \t I i< * t ■(. Iioldcn ill Ute
T fir. - ot the Superior court of Cliam-ery forth*
Ryht vtnd [fo,trii-t,the first day of November 1M4.
William Stothart k Josinh Starkey, (nerelunts and
pat tuery, trailing under the firm ol Stotiiait Zf Stark
*>’• . PUJF*.
John R. Jones, anil Cornelius, An<*re«v 13 John Con
rad, trailing under the firm of Cornelius Ijf Andrew
Conrad W(.V Delmr.ih W. Pleuatu, adm’r of Sa
tunel PU’iisantn, dec’d, John Someiyitle, k Cmuehus
CT Andrew Conrad, tradingnnder tlm firm ofSomer
yillc t* Conrad, Caleb Cnnsal, and the sanitrCoeue
buic^ AndrewCoiirad, trading ^cauler tlie firm of
Bnusal, Conrad <?Co. and the said John Somerville,
in his own individual capacity, a:kl u,(; Caleb
Br.nval, in his individual capacity, I,*roy Anderson
and Henry Anderson, Deffis *
The Defendants, Comi-li-.i*, Andrew & Join, Cuti
rad not having entered their appeiu-anoe and} given se
c-ur'fy acoor-iug to the Act ot Assembly and the- Kult-s
ot thisfourt, and it appearing by sar'sfnctory cvid- nc-,
that they are not inhabitants 01this country ; It it -.r
(Itrrrtl, 1 bat the saiil Defendants d.tappcar'here iai the
t wen tv third day of th£ next term ami answer the lull of
the FiaintifF* ; and that a copy of this order be fot thwith
inserted in some newspaper published in the ci.v of
Richmond, tor two month* successively and p-tiLd at
the front tloorof the eapitol iu the said city.
A copy.—Teste,
„ „ Wm.W. HEXING, c. a
SkTJ Cil.V Acktt i •—lu l'uudmun county court, Oc
i toher I'.th, l8l >.
’Farlton Cox, Pit/!’
Jo«mh Thompson, exeauti* rf Jomr.h 'Thompeon,
dec d. X nomas Watkins and daruh X'lionipjon,
. , . iJifin.
Tins day came die plaintifF by John W, Nash, Kso.
hi* attorney, and the defendant, Jouaii Thompson, mu
having entered his appearance and given security
cording to the act of Assembly, and* the rules of this
oonrt, and it apjifearing to tW Satisfaction of the of at it
tmd the wid defendant is not an inhabitant of UuittaU;;
tlterefore, oo the motion of the said plaintiff", by his at
torney aforesaid, ft is decreed and ordered In tiie corn t
uul iwrmianwn i iimnpjou no appear Iierc on or
belore the third Wednesday in January next, and an
swer die pliimtiiP* hill, he give security for performing
such decree as the court may make therein : and that
a copy of this order be forthwith insetted in some nows
paper pubt.died in the city of Richmond, and continu
ed fur two months successively, and that another copy
i.c posted up at the door of the Court house of this
ewinty on tv.-o successive court tips, previous to the
said third Wednesday in January ne::t.
A Copy. Teste, Wm. S. DANCE, p. r.
^nv~ '* ’• ___ _ wSiv
\jUtl flirt/*.—At Rules iioldcti in ihe t;t rksta.
fi^e of the Snpt'rior Court of Chancery for the
Riobmrmd District, the Grst day of November f»ti.
John S. Shelton Company, ' J’UiTa.
Against ’"</J
J iser-h hidings and Caleb P. hiding?, merchants and
partners, tinder the firm of Joseph htCahb !*. Id
ding*, and Andrew Sehucciaann, JUrfta
TUB Defendant* not having e-.tcrrtd their artphiir
anoc and given security according to the art of A ssent -
, hly and tlte Roles of this court, and it appearing bv ?.i
tisfaetory evidence, that they are not inhabitants of this
country: It it Qrtk-red, 1 hat the said Defendants do
appear here on the twenty-first day of fie next term
and snjwrr the bill of the Pl;jntifT<; and Unit a copr „f
this order be forthwith inserted in sornr newspi-ner pub
lished in the city of Richmond, for ivn motdlis stiVees
sivcly, anti posted at the front door of the Capitol in
the said city.
A copy. Teste,
Wm. \V. HEXING, e. <?.
mov. 24. « Hw
FO RflKNT. !
A Dwelling Tfouse on the llasin, l.v the I'pperLock,
with two moms and a passage on each floor, am!
two kitchen fire-places in the cellars, with a giaal g»r.
fieri and a well of gnf*l water in U*. yard. Pimessiwn
may he had, certainly,on tlic 29th of January, probably
on thr 1st. if wanted. For terms, apply to* the suhscri
her, living nesi the premises.
December 20. wtf
,rILT,rentinur bis School at I tore r, the ensuing
year • wid a* he is provided with a good set of
GIota* ,and Surveying Instruments, ln» will tearb the
prarttral une or these, together with t!.e other brain h
esot F.ugiish Literature, embraced in nn acndcmical e
duoation.—He also proposes to introduce the Lancas
teiicii system of instruction.
The terms of the institution will W j^lO for thofie
Uughtjonlhe latter plan, He for the higher In anches
payable nt the expiration f-f the School, which w ill In
regulated as to duratiou ant! turn s of intennisc'ion by
the custom (>f other Country .Schools, commencing on
Monday the 3<lth of January.
A few Hoarders will be received irtto the family of
the Snbscribf r, and furnished aith all nrecssariet at
n<0 each, fly finiiug thr.ir own bedding and candle:,,
a deduction of' jj^lll will he made.
Jan. !f. t-nv.'lwp
30 IT}***. very old Kum,
2tt I’ipesfM 10 (Jr. Cases Wine,
, tno<»> Pounds CoflVe in llogs sod Rhts.
108 Kegs high proof t\ FF, if Rifle IVw
4tV> Hotes MortMCi'tStllrs,
.'10 Oernf>n* flht ch>/|. Spanish Tc-barcf*,
50 Hnxes real Spanish V-giu s,
Uhls. Family Flour,
For Siile by ‘
FOR RRXT, nconvenieutxlMrtXn^' ihu<»- arljoinmg i
1 flit-Capitol Square. K. H. j
► Dm. Hi. vlt
RAN AW AY from tire subscriber in Prince W'lli
, aui county, near UunUrits, Virginia, «m the 1 <tb
August, 1813, a black negro nun named H.-iH HY, a
laait Vltrl 5 or 6 inches high, \lo years of are, though
scry small for his age, and has very much the R’^a.ir-,
:mc«s of a lad, has several marks of the small pox in Ins
lace, and in one ot his hands has a considerable soar,
Occasioned hr a scald, (! think a is Ins right) He is
a < 'oojKir by trade, and a leUow of considerable smart
ness. 1 think it probable ho is lurking a'lOUt Iticli
iriood, as he is 'well acquainted with the negroes of Mr.
.lames Smith, who moved from Uumfiiesto that place.
I will nay the almvc reward to any person who will de
liver him to me or seouro him in jait so lliat 1 get him
Ike. 17. wfivp
By the G o vernor of the Common wettil U of
VrriIF.Hn.V3s the building ajpoirred for holding
T 7 tile Courts of the County of £<sex Imtli lieun
tit s, oyed by fin;,—I Itnve thought fit, by and with the
advn-e md consent of the Council of "State, and in
put Mini ice of the Rot of the General Assembly,
“ deducing into one the several arts concerning
the adjournment and places of session of (certain cmirts
in certain eases,” to issue this my [iroclaina'ion,
directing that the Courts for the.said County of Essex,
shall be hcrenher hnl.len iq the building erected for
tbe Clerk’s oJSoe, in tbe tuwn of 1'iippaiiannock, in die
said county ol Essex, until the said building slw.ll be re
Given under toy band m Governor, and
mirier,tj.ie seal of the coinnonwrfrith,
• • at H'chuioinl, this seventeenth i!»t of
•S8. —I * ll. n.l.. . : ...'
'**’** ifixd ami fourteen, and of Uie
Commonwealth the tbiiiy-nin h.
Dec. ??• _v4w
—At Rules nohlenin (heClerk’s Olficvi
f 'if the Superior Court of Chancery f<ir Urn Rich’
tnond District, the first da) of November 1814.
s\ liite ami _31iclton, PUP>
.Wj.h hMings and Caleb P. hidings, merchants n'nd
parto-rs, under the firm of Joseph ant! Caleb l\ id.
dings, and Andrew Schneemrmn, Jlef't.
THIi D fendalits not having entered tbvir appear
ance and given seetmity according to the art of Asscm*
bh Mid the rules of this court, and it appearing be *a
tis ac or) eriilcnee, that they are not-inhabitant* nt'tlrs
eonutry : It it Onl-retl, That Urn said Defendants do
appear h on the t we nrv-first day of the next term
and answei he bill of the Plaintiff*; and tint „(
this Older Ik; forthwith inserted m some newspapi r liuh
lished in the eitv of Richmond, fur two month* succes
sively, and posted at the front door of die Capitol in
the said city. .
A 'op'*. Teste,
„ M m. T. KPVTXG, e. o.
* ’ _ , f ■ wlfw
V ( ' - 'Ll'-.— To Persons fegiroua of runo
i-1 ving from the Lower Ci'untry, the sub
scriber offers for aa/e, or ex change for Ar
groea at valuation,
In the County of Prince-WiUiam adjopdng
the /.antis of the //on. Richard Brent, con
taining 400 .icres—one-third in wood.
7 he buildings are. a new and convenient two
story Dwelling-HtAtac, comfdetr/y .finished ;
with most of the necessary out-houeetr >
Dec. 22._____wSwfi
HfiRi'.AS ./.;»/„•■« IVrigia tiec'd. late of t.J-.r
CfiUKty, did vi hit left tuill, demist to the ettr
vnnngchi Jreji of Thomas H eight di c’d, joint iy with
John Gattru.'w/l, „1loth? GW, arul Salty SGinsorn, u e
gfirH m bowls, and nie not Lncnving the residence o*'
any of them, ore compelled to uiahx use of this mc
rhud to inform -them of the said legacy, and request
them to ceme forwardand secure the same.
„ , . TUB. AX K CUT OHS.
r.ccmnbcrli. - oavAwfi
.rWr 1’UiJffiSDED,
11 ^ VOT’l'O.M, and for tele at bit-Zant
3 and .Miscellaneous Hooh .Store :
/be Jl’Herican Star, being a choice ejection of the
most apprinsnl Vune.tic and other Songs together
imth many Original- Once, ruiver befits ftubhshedr
cmb.ilc-bed with a fifate of Perry’s Victory.—Price
bound 75 emits, umirds fi 2 A. , *
si/.SO-—/[TXT PTTTi T TUI in ri
tlast's JicporU-Xfj. ijiA.
Domestic Cookery, with eutsi
The Universal Receipt Rook, or complete Family |
Dictionary; containing useful and valuable receipts I
un i choice secrets, hie. J
l he. Management of the Tongue.
.1 new and improved fabliau, of Sa/.nnr~tndi, with
The Farmer's, Mrcfiani ’■» arid &.rr infs
rvw— traa :dfrom t/u: trench of Mad. Lc Prince
De Beaumont.
John Bull and Prothcr Jonathan, a new Edition
with ( tits.
Phe. life of Field Marshal Sortvarof, xith reflec
tions upon the principal Even's. Political U Military
connected with the. History of Russia, during tm, > of
the ISth century. J
J Air a, a Tale bu Iatt/I lSyrori.
Death of Jbdallah, an Eastern Talc, founded on
the story of Jlbrlailah and Sabatm Bucb.awu's Chris
tian Researches.
Thmufs of General Moreau and his last moments
by Paid Svimmh
Sketches of Character, or Specimens of Real LJe
in d vo/s. J
The .Miser Married, a Shovel in C rPs.
.d System of Dissection cxfddhiing the .Anatomy of
the Human Body, 2vols.—Ay Charles Be!'. J
Portrait of Bonaparte, bc.ng a J uw of his -hbru
mstrntion—by E. ,1. Chateuubriu id.
December ‘24. w‘f
MAY be in operation every day at No. 4 (lorn
piler Row. fan lies nnd Gentlemen of town or
cOonliy, are invited to attend.
< The proprietors of the patent right for the state of
iv',.<na, 1 el ig desirous to dillifse as extensively ns |>o&
sii.le thro’ the coontry, a knowledge of v.is admirable
production of American ingenuity, rcqUeU, purltcidav
ty, the attendants- of the Members of the Legislature,
to witness its rapid and superior execution, the simplici
ty of itt construction, the facility with which it may I at
worked (even l>y children,) and its certain applicati'm
to all kmtIs til doth, render it worthy of attention, not
only from the honse-wH'e and economist, but from ev« ty
friend to domestic mu’iutactiirrs.
Tim price of a loom complete, w ill be from 90 to 100
Contracts are making by »he company for a large
number. Such as Wish m be early supplied, may ap
ply personally or hy letter ((amt j*nid) to *
UEUinCy u. ifihAKD,
.Agent for the linnrua Lome ComEu.
October 19. -*rf 7
If lLLUflHlWRr, .s/i.HLSMIY
TOR young ladies.
Mr.fc MRS. ANDREWS, from Philadelphia,
will, on the first Monday in January, open r*
Seminary in Williamsburg, for the tuition'of Young
Indies in reading, writing, English grammar, arithme
tie, geography, ii. < die wot k at d nnuic ; . >wly a limit
eil number of pu its will be received.
The art of painting on velvet, will be taught to la
dies whether attending the Seminary or not. The
inaferwis necessary in this art, are prepared and sold
hy Mr. Andrews.
Hoarding for young ladies, on reasonable terms,
may lie readily obtained in Wilimmsbnrg.
weoember 3t. w iw
“ Ji TRACllRtl,
H HO in tvcll qualified to tench I.a tin, Ce
■tgra/fhy and .Iritbmctick, and-would lik e to \
'>r employed about half his time in teaching a t
'-v> cln/drrn in a ftrifuitefamily, uni the o
hcr half in learning and attending to bud
less of p commercial niter-, may hear of
'itch a situation an a/plication to the prin
January J tr
tiie snrnEcnmEJis
H^TSU formed a connection in the .<■
Medicine arut Surgery, take tfu» oppoi tvmty vf
informing thrtr friends and the citizen* nj' Richmond
generally, thtu they hare established n shop at the cur.
ne. J fo ij 15 stm ts, opposite tie Hell ’J'ar-crn, vthrrr
application tnay be matte, amt null he prompt m uttt,id.
cdto '
ft IC HAHl) A. C. 11Utl.WlTOJf.
January 11. //•
KXCHAiM.il ON N. iORk,
At sight—for Sale by
Cary-Street, .Tan, if. tf
A . respectfully acquainted, that the F.naravVw
are now rtntW to deliver at Mr. Pritchard^,
ina.-k-btore. h rotri the liberal encouragement the
.uUisher. have receded, they have tfefcrminert ,ndr
at ^7~“lfc l,ricu HOn-itihseriliera
win n> y,s. _ lnn ,, tf.
the sun sen minis
H\\ VS ( i filtered h'tO Rrtnerthip.ute.^rthe Sin*
°* Tdreurd ( niull, A (0. take t};ii methial u> ac
quaint their h-iends and the public, that thev i- ten.t
kiupiuy for sale, all kind of J u<tco*
P rticnlarty Whiskey, Common and reeled, on
the most moderate terms, at their store on the U.K.
k’^7 ,W-m N*nk to Sboo
koe W a,vho-s., — I hey will rectify Whisk.-y or
^ 1*".v «l*lJJcjmt, and do business on Cooimls
. vOiLN RRVr.K
_ j • natarv 11. 1(
4 EL those huh hted to the late l)r. Robert Tlnlnn
ut ,,rc desired.to make immediate payment’
anil those having claims against the raid estate are rr‘
quested to exl.iolt tH- ra to “ r '
dan. It, ..t * •
~FDi i'Ei> fTJiTR '
1?°U doors ex t of Mr. ThirelP, T->
fonchT.’tn t,Ve’* :W’"'n- •Smlvllrrv.
c.ooch and Harness mounting *n * tts or separat- a
Ul. s to still fnirohaw-rs, also, Concl.-Lace, Oil-Cloth*
Carpeting, kc. At tlic most reduoe-' p ui
—Iimruziu*__ 4»P
U 'VV I!;- »n -at •Vi'n‘*''?b.n, N.d on Thon.
-^U* nwt;u,rler diitetiun of th
Msi Jhal, he toilowipr* art c5ta —
HO casks > • h
IOO bam). >-COFFFK.
fliC bugs .)
430 hoxea Ilavnnna ? i~ar,
50 hvf do. . tk».
9 O.iis Logy-rted,
Piizc in the private :>rmo! schemer R.-mn of li d~*.
more, Joseph Almeda, esq. commander
’ C ARftO of the Iriv S If. riz :U»
217 boxes white iLmatou Sugar
13*2 dir. bra*i' )o, Jo. *
100 quintals Logwood,
Prize as aforesaid.
The Hne ship • PRINCESS '
abou? 230 to.:»burthen, with her "twi
*‘e» “I'perel and furniture.
■ ttv". * I'.r. I iermaphrrnlitc britr S F
'J2S&' *’”* '‘"Hie-*, IfcrmiuW
■Tannary 11. ^ -'Jtfrvf.
|VF Abraham Cardozo,Vs an t stray on h* own 'and
£ 5 ... the county of Henrico, an,) d v.rtue of a ”
ra,d.rcctrd by W., S. Smith * m^
therrnf, are have fm.ij first duly sworn S 1 t
^H'v, n,„l foulit to be a chesuitt .,rrj£nv'
s.n<..." hands high, with a star in hi, forehe.- !, a snip on
to: nose, w.fh h.sn^.t bind foot-lock w!.re. T JT,
npinu.se *ud horse to th.* smnof one hundred doH-.V
Cr.3.r.cd utK.ero.tr Rinds thi. 15th day J tS!£
^•’H.I;T4M yon\<4
Tffo'i vs n vri k *
January 11. WU.LIAM KCI/JHF.R.
io TjqLluis iih\V7JlL>7
\ 1 *'° ?**1 V : * ' * *»• * inchesliM.
of r iin V **"*• 1or^ from ihe 00..,er
7,. ^' 41 ""?• ,n.!,isrv,cr* vassdrnitt-d as . -.-.ti,-,,*
‘>7dV,f’U, from Camp Carter, on th«
-s hUicee.ber last; deserted from sai.l If ti.n
» bon wverewapl often dollar,, ill t,P c;v„.
01 apprehend,ng St-Mrni.g the rj P deset-'er to ti l.
hospital, or to the projicr officer at Cami, (Vn-,.r
r.en.Tfospi,al, tekmmA. J«„. n. ’'
A *!f tour prr cert (.declared on H.. dtoefc;
i. ir- iU ,*r,p" on,pa y, whirl, will y<
paa{ to the reap* dive Sharr-h-lder,. or .heir f,nf. "
Jan. J 1 ROIIKKF P^I-ARD, Treasurer.
A 7 F** ^ HI It I'., ini-’ie,uurru/1 ,«,■ r'.ut
* 1 ntnrig, acbve and inteltiy.nt fit., k Jitm. t*
wZ ]Jr l!lr ni<;h^ Unin Furnace t vX
Ti! T7° LC ~Ur!l “WrinUtl-aith the IVtate
ini-i It,ark-Smith* bunneti, raid who U caoattr
Z.7^rf;ei?j a Kh°P- T1*” '>J Hit ob re
ile»< i/Hst.n, stiff meet mih hoeral '.caga on application
v „ n , A ., UarUnll, Sab bat on l? Co.
t.-r ’ n‘ Cat ‘ pa*djv>-(),,l (:0pFn Hi <i*t arul Pew.
n r ■___ JYr/n m. tf
TO KENT. ~~~
The House and Lot where 1 reside—p'wwioi.'to >
Riren the In of January next. 1 *’
7 " 'V AJM fKD TOlJiitLT '
riV: FN 1 V J*0X™ m,en fn he sent to the Warm
Jan. 5.
1’HE hX liCRlHEJi
HKS1T)TN(. at Pralesviile, (ir» the county of A me*
, ha,) five m.le* west of the wairt-h.H.se, wdi con.
L».,*te h„ Boanltrg Jjcbr,; I. the eti*,ing yta,, * here he
w t,;,cf, tht Lstmand Rnglhh language, gramn.ap.
^Ily, .I.story,lr«>.;rapl,y, .Mathematics, Arithmetic,
' ,,e Pr,c<* for boats I will be %H0 i<ryerr t„4
"* 9^>.«ne third ofthe board, a,,dnn<. hall of the tui
,n" *^e *** 01 —'he balance at the expira
ion of (lie year. Washing, 50 tents per month.' the
Rodent* rinding their beds. bedding f< candles 1 U».
ichopl w,lt commence the I.Vh Jar, mry, •„„| end th*
December. Pupil, entered, will he cruder..! '
VP*?1 ,or thr rpar, »"!«?*** a shorter period is spr
:lfted* • he «,ui!,ram >, healthy, and th. Wildinr.
■' "•'wMlam*—and in the |«rtormaoccm*)us utirs.the
’ihvriher pledge* hlfomlflo!*• un less mtentise to ihe
iifn-ftla or his pupils, iIim.i 0. the ir advancement Jo
erav - improvem. ,»t. letters addre-ad to tj,» S ,.n.
> r,directed to Amelia com i-house, will be a'.te,..-Jed
_ JOHX L. Tt .VV F-S
. _, Uh!(.
( Under the late Free Mien I.aw,)
Fm- ib'es at tin- J.d..i llfire of Hitch,.■ if /’, larhcvsrt
Jlrrri*’, <5ot»i«»r, Brick Iio*r

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