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1 '"o"t tit* Hoiton Clazrtte of Jan. 12.
Wevre.e yeilerday politely favored with Quebec
papers tu Jan*ntrv 3, and Montreal to December
31. _
Qnr.Vr, Jon. 3.
A Coort-Martial bnslieen assembled in this city lor
the trial of Major-General Fboctor. The specifica
tions, which «**e 5 in number, have been pub'islied j
n is expected traiu the fullness ot' the evidence in sup
p,,r *ng them, Uu»t the court will close its sessions in a
lew days, <•'<!'■>* verdict ofcondeni:iat.on.
JCingtton, Dec. 25.
, Yostenlav an attempt was made to launch the frigate
Psyche, ot *C> guns, which did rot succeed, owing to the
severity ot tne cold. This day she went safely in her
clement in a most handsome style. She is a beautiful
JSTontreul,Dec. 31.
The two eap'ains, Cnldwells, of the Indian depart
ment. lately arrived in town, fell in on their way down
from Burlington Heights, with Lt. Sinclair, royal navv,
who had been a prisoner at Detroit.—Before he left
that place, he states, that the eiu-mv had evacuated
Fort r.'-aeiettc, head of river St Clair. The tciops
w hich form the garrison, caution and stores had at riv
ed at Detroit.
No mention is made of any intruded winter expedi
tion, from either Upper or L/ewer Canada.
BuRT-iwcTOy, Vt. Jan. 9.
By n gcneml order of the British government in Can
ada, all smugglers and every subject of the U. States
(not prisoners) are ordered forthwith out of the pro
All communication is cut olT, by way of Ln-Cadie
„.Vl i.rrci preparations, r»v
llie enemy, are making forn winter’s campaign. The
enemy’s force it represented at sixteen tliouvad men,
and an immense train of heavy a tillery mounted
on sleighs ; our fleet is undoubtedly their object.
.Milit ia of Vermont, on you much depends, let yotir
rallying word be “ PLATTSRURG,” every man to
his duty, if the enemy have the audacity to trample
opou iraemeti’s soil, they are Hurgovmrl.
Ml LIT L 3 OF JfF.1V.ro RIC.
Pt.at ruriui, Jan. 5, 1915.
The general has received information that the ene
my is making preparations for a winter campaign, he
it is possible he may attempt the redaction of this post,
or the destruction of our flotilla at Whitehall Tin
Gem-raj therefore directs the officers and sold ers ot
the Division under his command, to he completely e
quipped and bold themselves in readiness to assemble
at a moment’s warning, nt nny point to which tl»cv
may be called,and expel the enemy, should he again
invade out- territory.
The Genera! also directs all those of his division who
reside nsar the Line, to be particularly attentive to the
movements «f the enemy,and to give the curliest infor
mation U> him, or the commanding officer at this [mat,
of any step which would indicate an invasion of the Lk
States. And the General again particularly enioins it
on all those able to bear arms on the Imt-ders of laike
Champlain and its vicinity, to be in perfect rvadinwss
and promptly to take the field, should their country re
quire their services.
The gen. regrets the necessity which compels him to
call upon those officers commanding Brigades, who
have not made their annual returns, to doit without d< -
By order of.Mai. Gen Moorrx.
' f Aul-de-Camp.
i —— ■
Fr»m the Queoec Mercury.
Charges exhibited against Major General Henry Proc
tor, Lieutenant Colonel of die 4lst Regiment of
Foot, viz.
FtnsT chatwk.
^That thesmd Maj. General I'roetor being entrusted
■with the command of the Flight Division of the army
SHi-vmgin the Canadas, and the retreat or the said Divi
sion from the Western parts of Upper Canada, having
he come unavoidable from the loss of the Fleet on Lake
Frie, on the 10th September, ISIS, did not immedi
ately after the loss of the said Fleet was known bv
him, make the military arrangements best calculated
Gnr promptly effecting such retreat, and unneoewsarilr
delayed to coruraenoe the same until the evening of
the 27th of the said month, on which day the. en>-rny
had landed in considerable force within a short distance
of Sandwich, the Head Quarters of the said Division :
inch conduct on die part of the said Major Gen. P, oc
{ tor endangering the safety of the troops under his com
mand, by exposing them to be attacked by a force far
superior to them, being contrary to his duty as an offi
cer, prejudicial to good order, and military discipline,
and contrary to the Articleaof War.
That the said Maj. Gen. Proctor, after commencing
the retreat of the said Division on thr«.: l 27ih Sep
tember; though he had reason to beneve that the
enemy would immediately follow it with very superior
numbers rn-d endeavor to harness Ac impede, its march,
did not use due expedition, or take the proper men
*ur*s tor conducting the said retreat, having incum
v . h'red the avid Division with large quantities of useless
baggage, having unnecessarily halted the troops tor
f several'whole days, and having omitted to destroy the
Pridgen over w;liich the enemy would be obliged to pass,
thereby affording th-rn the opportunity to come up with
the snidJJivision , such conduct betraying great profes
sional iijkopttcily on the part of the said Maj. General
Proctor, In-i' g contrary to his duty as an officer, pre
judicial to good order and military discipline, and con
0 tryirr to’the Articles of War.
That the said Maj. General Proctor, did not take
thencressary measures for affording security to the
Hosts, Waggons mid Carls, laden with the Am muni*
'ion, Stores and Provisions required for the Troops on
their retreat, and allowed the said U nits, Waggons,
H .1 Cart*, on the fourth and fifth of October, to
remain in the mar of the said Division, whereby the
whole or the greater part of the said Ammunition,
Stores and Provisions either fell into the snemv’s
1 antis, or were destroyed to prevent their capture, It
th : Troops were without provisions for a whole day
pv rvians to rheir being a'lxt kcd on ’he faid fifth of
October; such conduct on the part of trie said Mnj.
Gen. Proctor living contrary Ukhis duty as nn officer,
prejudicial to good order a>id military discipline, and
contrary to the Articles of War.
rm-HTH rn»Hor.
That the said Maj. Gvn. Proctor having assured the
Indian Chiefs in council at Amherst burgh, a* an •nine'
ment to 'hem and their warriors, to secoiDjiny the
said division in us r#:tr*st, that or» their arrival at
Chatham they should find the Forks of the Thames for
tif’ed, di i nevertheless neglect to fortify the same j
that In also neglected to occupy (hr heights above the
Moravian village, although he had previously removed
the Ordrm- ee, with the exception of ose six pounder
to that position, where, by throwing up works, be
might have awaited ti e attack of the enemy and en
gaged them to greet adsan-age. n.id th: t alt-r the in
telfigenee had read -<T him of the apjiroa h of the en
ersy on the morning of the said fifth of Oct her, ho"
halted the arid division notwithstanding it was within
two miles of (he said village, and formed it in a sit us -
turi highly unfavorable for receiving th ■ attack whirl,
after* arils took place ; such conduct maniti ptir-g
meat professional inrapacitr on the part of the said
Major General Proetor,beingoontrary to hr doty as
an officet, pol judicial to good order andm liiary discip
line, and contrary to the Articles of War.
Dpi rtuiii x
That the said Major General Proctor did no! on the
said 5th ofOetober, either prior to or s'discquent to
the attack by the enemy on the said Division, on t Ismt
dsv si ak- the military, dispositions 1« st adapted to
meet or to resist the said at rack, and that during the
action and afterth : troot s had given way, h«* did not
mrVe any eFeetnal attempt in hit osvn peesott or oth
er « i-r to t ally hr e ic/.ura/*- th'-rn, oi to co opera*'*
w th x d support the Indians who were engagi-d with
»b‘* enemy on the right. The said V G *o Proctor
h *i*.g quilted the field soon after On: arfio,, com
m •’ '!,'*<I ; such conduct on the part of the sni-l Ms<or
G Proctot betraying gr. at profev- o*i*>l tne.'i* acity
t* i'di'Uf to the defeat a* il dislx nor of JIis \1. ieuvV
A.i n* to thr sacrifiC'*of ihv Division of th” army e^oi*
t •**• il :o lev charge, h< j- g in violation of lusdutv, nn
f. «■<» i ing iml drgraiwfbl to his *!iarse,ter as an officer,
gr* i .'i.-ia1 to g- orih.r and military d'se pliae, and
• or*:-*!-/ t;» the Articles of YV«r.
■S^____- *- -
A commercial trie oil h.s favored the Editors of the
Mercantile Advertiser with the Montreal Herald of
Dec. 31st, litiin which we copy the following, to give to
onr readers tin- sentiments ot Canada respecting the*
affairs el' the U. Stales :_.
We have been favored with files of New-York pa
, pers to the KOth ult. They contain nothing later
from Europe than was received the week, b tore
' last.
It any confidence can he placed ip the Federal jour
nals, the period is fast approaching when civil war will
he resorted to in defni: ce of the general government of
die l iiitcd State*. The odious conscription law has
passed, aitd the Nuw-Knglatid states say it must he re
sisted. Congress is also industriously endeavoring to
make a new militia law, hy which it is meant to call
out more than eighty thousand men in addition to the
conscription lor the defence of the country. It must,
be coni, svd, llvat all these are very formidable in np
pearance, but the people of British America need be
uivler no alarm, until they see the funds raise*! adc
, ipiate to pay such an host: fur unless these are pn»i*or
tionate to the national expenditure on such a large
scale, all that is done amounts to nettling.
I lie war cMitmt la* made popular without an abun
dant treasury ; tbis never will happen, so long as the
President retains his present minister* ; but should h*
turn them adrift, the tune vonld lie changed. The
line and cry for equipping a navy ; the dririug the
British out of America; the right to the fisheries, fur
trjle, &c. would be incessant; and who knows but
Madison has an Understanding with the delegates al
ready assembled at Hartford ; tons it would not at nil
be surprising. Power is very fa«cinuti!uf. Civil war to
meninpowar is the very reverse; r.r,d it would be no
solecism to suppose Mad Kan capable * f seoriffeirg his
Iriend* to his own persooal views, in furtherance of an
unbounded ambition.
A . relates to the u"goriatkm at Ghent, men of the
boat political information seem to entertain opposite
•pinions : some imagine |H.aoe to be at hand, while n
liters perceive it yet at a great distance; those last
concur with the American Commissioners themselves,
and we feel no compunction in ranging out -elves on
the side of the latter. The concession on the part of
the British commissioners, as to the Western Boun
dary, or as relates to the territory of the Indians, we
conceive to have no fundamental construction, it ap
pears vsgne. AVc are no fair reason to draw positive
conclusion from it—The most to be feared is, that,
when tlie affair at Plattsburg was known in London,
ministers w old be intimidated, anti U.uf x new bads
would be proposes! bv the otbe«* party. The nti ftotn
fleti* or the actual possession of places iheu held be
the British or Americans. AA’e shuil sup;>ose the 1st
November to be the time fixed, and not take into con
sideration the enemy at Fort Erie at all. The posi
lions will stand thus. T he British had pn*s rsiori of
the country east of Penobscot (of immense vaUir.A F. rt
Niagara, Mackinac, and the distant Post of Prairie iln
f bien, and Xanfuekt t Island. Tiie Americans had
Detroit and Fort Malden, which completely com
mands the I,uk'-», above Foi-t Brie, and the i umense
regions bordering upon them: this would effectually
set at nought all our talk of an Indian boundary. The
advantages are evidently on the side of the Americans
as to actual possession.
From firmer precedents there is much reason to
• - turn me wnuMi ministers hare no utile ftemls hv
them, who have sufficient local knowledge of the in
terior of British North America, or of it* interests :
not withstanding all that has been puM shed in England
on tl'.is interesting subject. We are far from arroga
ting that all w e sav is right, our fears are only express
fc!, and our warmest hopes are, that mtr spue illations
may pr^te without foundation.
TWO three story brink tenements, adjoining the
dwelling house non occupied bv Mr. Lemv An
derson, on H. street, nr main street*Hhockoe Hill—Ap
ply to m. /?. porriAUX.
Not, 19- Wtf
J.A.\D-OFFICR, 16f/t Dec. 1814.
IN conformity with an act of the General Assembly
of the Commonwealth of Virginia, entitled, "An
act to amend the several laws concerning Jtlscheut* ”
Ido hereby make it Known, that it appears, liy a cer
tificate of the Rscheator of the county of Dinwiddie,
this day received, that a certain lot of land, containing
by estimation one aore and a half, situated in the town
of Petersburg, and of which a certain Robert Hebleth
weatt, a native of England, was seized and possessed at
the time of his death, has been lound, by an inquest,
taken before said Escheator, on the 2Ut dav of Octo
ber 1(j14, to have escheated to this commonwealth
(ffiT The Editor of the National Intelligencer will
Insert the above in lus paper, for six weeks sneowsive
ly, and transmit to this department an affidavit of
smii publMtion, together with Ins account foe pay
utent. _T)eo. 9-2. wOw
TN CHANCERY.-Mecklenburg County Loui,
19th December, 1814—
William Holliway and Bennett Holliway, by his com
mittee William Bilbo, Dianna Cox, formeriy Dian
na Holliway, and Nr.than Wingfield and Nancy hia
wife, formerly Nancy Holliway, Plaintiff*.
James Holliway and George Holliway, Defendant/;.
THE defendants not having entered their appear
ance according to the act of Assembly ami the rules ol
this Court, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the
Court that they nrr not inhabitants of this state, on the
motion of the plaintiffs by their attorney—/it i* Order
'd, That they appear here on the first day of March
Court next, and enter their appearance, nod answer
the plaintiffs bill; and that a copy of this Order In* in
serted in on<* of the newspapers printed in Rich non*?,
for two mooth*; successively, and that another copy
thereof be posted at the fixuit door of the court-house
of the said county.
A copy. Teste,
December 29. w8wp
IN CHANCERY.—-Mecklenburg County Loj...
19th December, IR!4—
.1 bn Stevens and Hnz/.y his wife, formerly Huzv-V
Kindrick, and one of the children of John Kindrick,
dec d. Plaintiff*.
Anderson Pasenll. executor of InVin Kmiti^ik t-u._
Patrick and .S illy his wife, John Kindrick, John
Price and IFtsey his wife, Joshua Dinkins and Ob*,
dience his wife, James Dinkins and Lucy Ids wife,
John Beard and Sally his wife, John Cunningham,
Muzzy Cunningham, Jacob Cunningham, Itebceca
I. Cunningham, George Cunningham, John How
down and Betsey Us wife, Edmund Kindrick, Rich
anl KiiHlrick, Sarah Kindrick, Dennis Kindrick,
Jauu-ii Kindrick and PoMy Kindrick, Defendant*.
TMEdefendants, (except Anderson Pascal!, execu
torofJohn Kindrick) rot haring «• :ta-ed their ap
■ jiearanee according to the act of Amvu.-ly and the
mles of tills court, and it itpfiearing to the satisfaction
i*f the court that they are not inhabitants of this state,
',r> the motion of the plaintiffs by their attorney— It i*
Ordered, That they appear litre on the first day o'
March court next, nod enter their appearance, and
■f over the plaintiffs’ bill—ami that a copy of this order
be inserted in one of the newspapers printed in Ricb
mond, for two months succeasivehr, ami th.it another
copy thereof be posted at the frontdoor of tiie C'nirt
house of the said county.
A copy. Taste,
January 3. _ w8wp
f ■’HIE srtoaerilier hasing been appointed Ir the Pro
I prieUirsofthe al»ove Manufactory their Agent for
the State of Virginia—Will undertake to execute or
der* for Wisrtiow Glass from 6by R to IR hr Z\, supe
rior is brilliancy and strength to any Earopaan Cnrwn
Comprising Shop Furniture, for th« pnq <mr* of Drug
gists, Tumblers of all sizes,Spirit Proofs, Pitchers, blue
and white Cruet*, lamps, Izr ^ Shades, U.mp Glasses,
He.—The gnral* to he deliver. . at Richtutwid, ami any
other town in the State of Virginia, at tfie Ataonfw lory
prices togtther with expenses of t unique tat ion, Ve
Cnry-Sreet, Oppiuitc the Easie-7'avern
*!"•’> *• . wtf
71IK KUHSVUtll A U '
ITISMf.S to sell or to rent, for o ir or mom rear?
J t hi* EOT and MOITMRS at Pewlintsti Court,
Ifonse.-The dwelling boose is well enlenlated for a
store, aniflhr |ho residence of a private family. For
terms, aunty to the suhwi .t er Ib'-ig on the prenrto*
—Possession may bd had umnediaiHv.
J»n. 1*. 3tp
_-_ -a___, ^
A kR exchange, for property near or in Pclcnhittg,
V P Lynchburg, Richmond or Norfolk, aIkir piiir,
m Uoanoak Plantation, ofl-dl.f »«r»-s ; Ir.l acres
rate bottom, anti ol this I 44 acr. ■* are ail island, inti;,
’tor to no land on the river; ol the whole tract, near
'JtXI acres are uncli ared.—It is among the most valnn
be tracts in the cmintry, and to a person wishing to
engage in the milling business, in''orior to no country
situation in the state: a saw :m«l merchant mill are
now erecting with water sufficient lor every purpose nt
the driest se .sons.
I would exchange as above, nr aril, and give six pay
ments. Kv.-rv thing naevssary to settle the place can
be iyad with it, aial immediate possession had, if requir
Apply to Uurwqjl 5c Lewis, Manchester, or the sub
»1fccW«n6t<ty, Jan. 11. trtmp
f 9 hereby given, that agreeably to the act of Con
gress, entitled “An act to provide additional rev*-,
nues for defraying the expenses of government tuid
maintaining the public credit, by lavtng duties on spi
rJts distilled within the United Str.ts and territories
thi-reof, s-id by amending the act lax mg duties on I icon
sestn distdlers of spirituous liquors,'1 passed December
**» 181 V, every p. rson who shall, after the 1st d.-«v of
February, ISIS, spirits within the United Stales,
is required, in :ul>'.iti.,n to the duty on the license al
ready taken, or hereafter to he tak'-n 1.x- him, to pas
twenty cents a gallon on ait spirits distilled after that
day, or subject to the limitations in the said act expvess
ed, to pay twenty t;re cents a gallon on aM sucli spirits,
In wLI *> case no license is required to l.« taken ;kthat,
agreeably to Hie sari art, a bond is required, previous
to the said day, to la- g'vvn U» t'ir collector, and other
duties required to be performed under penalties there
in to-escribed.
That the distiller mar l*e correct hr advised of the »lu
ties incumbent upon him to discharge, an abstract of
the several acts of Congress subjecting stills, avd boi
lers, and spirits to duty hut been prepared, a copv of
w hich, with the annexed form*r,f rjatcme'nn required
from a distiller, will he furnished to him’, by the collec
tor, on demand.
The collector will also furnish on demand, blank
bonds, and s< rh other blanks As will enable the distiller
to compiy with tlie several provisions of law.
Collector of the Revenue for the 25th col
le'ction district ot Virginia.
\: r,T! F. is hereby given—I hat hy an act of Con
• x gress, ertith d, “ An act to provide adilit ni.id lv
v-».-es fi.r tie raying the expenses of government, and
maintaining the public yredit, l.v duties on sales at auc
tion, and on licences to retail wines, spirituous liquors,
and foreign merchandize, and for increasing the rules
of nostage,” passed Mk I December, 1814. an additional
duly o'one hundred per centum on shIcs at auction,
ttnd an additional duty of filiv t>er centum on licenses
to retsnl-rs are lni.1, to take effect from the 1st day of
February, 1815 ; con'ormably to which net, that can
-it imported at thiloffice, new obligations are implied
aiiotioneers^and the said additional duty on licences
•<) retailors is to h» paid, on written application to lie
ty-*de by them, as well by those w ho have obtained
licenses for periods extending beyond the first due of
b el'i-nnry, 181S, as hy others, in the v*v therein » <
scribed, agreeably to forms which can b«-«btained I torn
the Collector.
r.i.en under mv hand, at my office, in the city or
Dunkirk, this 20th Dec. 181 i.
Collector of the Revenue, for the 25th col*
District of Virginia.
■T*» _ wfit
J1rar Department 7th Jan pu
rl •epw-ate proposals will Wc received at the
| Office tor the Secretary for the Department of
. ar, until 12 o clock at noon, of Tuesday the last day
>4 this month, for the supply of all rations that umv tie
required for the use of the. I John I States, from the
1st day of June 1615, inclusive, to the lstdav of June
1816, v iv. :
At any place or places, where troops are cr maybe 1
stationed, marched or recruited, wulnn tiie state of
\ irginia.
A ration to consist of one pound :md one quarter of
be» f, or three quarters of a pound of sotted pork, eigh
teen ounces of m ead, or Hour, one gill of rum, whiskey
or brandy, and at the rale of two quarts o; .aril, four
quart* <4 vinegar, four pounds of soup, and one pound
and R hr. It ofcaialirs, to every hundred ration* The
prices cf the several component parts of the ration
shall be specified ; but the United States reserve the
r.ght of makmir such alteration*, in the price of the
component pi-I* of the ration aforeeniil, as shall make
the price off-c part thereof, heir sj.jat proportion to
the proposed price id"the u lade ration. 1 he rations
tire to be furnished in such quantities, that there shall
Rt all times, dol ing the term of the |>ruposeii oontract,
lie sufficient for the consumption c4 the ti-oops for six
months in advance, ofpood and wholesome provisions, if
the snme shall lie required.
It is also to he permitted to all and every of the com
mandants of fortified places or posts, to call lor, at. s<-n
solis when the sane can be transported, or at any time
hi ease of urgency, such supplies of Idee provisions id H.!
vance.ss in the discretion of the commander shall be
deemed proper.
It is uodf! Mr'd that the contractor is to be fit the
expence and risk of issuing the supplies to the troops ;
anil that all loss*-* sustained hy the depiMapons nl the
enemy; or hy means of th<; troops of the United
States, shall be paid by the United tates, s' the price
of tilt? Artnr tlptfi'm *.! mm
the depositions of two or more prisons .Tc, edible char
acters, and the vertifieate of a commissioned-officer of
the U.States, stating the circumstance of the loss, and
the amount of tho articles, for w hich compensation shall
be claimed.
The privilege ii reserved to the United Stales, of
requiring that none of the supplies, which tnny he fur
uisiied antler any of the proposed contracts, shall be is
sued until the supplies, which hate been or rnny lx;
furnished under the contract now in force, have lu es
con sained.
VL.I. persons from trading for, or receiving a Note
of mine given in favor of David Merry, amount
&100, daurJ the 3#th August, 181 i, and payable the
l.Hli July, 1815, with Interest fron Jje date until paid.
As there was attached to a. J ! note .» condition witnes
sed by Wro. Royatei, exprerdy drrUring that it should
he paid only in die event of Mr. David Merry’s dis
churging hi* bond, amount ^157, given to the Execu
tors of Miles Sflden’s lvst.sia: (or furniture, parable a
l»out the lOih or l.ith July, 1815, and to which bond 1
became his security.
David Merry having separated the condition from the
aliove Note, and attempted tn pass the Note away,
without the anftrlitioo which war thereto attached; I
h'wchr declare tlisf it will not he (raid,-union said con
dition be strictly complied with ; and as my becoming
bis security was an art of pure friemkbip on my part,
and did not expect to be injured in aov way, I further
declare that this notice will bo plead in bur.
Jr.n. i-V. 3w
IJf'CS iosn- to inform Ida friends and the pnMie gt»J
*F ii'twllv, that he has lewd for a number of years,
that eraivenienr stand, the TAVERN at New'-Kcnt
Goto ..-Unit. , where he has commenced Tan rn krep
mg, nod hop«>,( fr,-,in f,i* great exertions to tr eommo.
date in that line, thnt hr wifi give general sntisfaetion
to rll who mi>y favor linn with their custom._Ilia
hmise will at all times he furnished with the hi st of li
quor*, and Iws fahle ab*'id>uitly supplied whh fish, wild
lowl and oysters, in their sciuion.— His stable is com
modious and ha, excellent hostlers.
January 21. f,t
OF the Richmond Cotton Msmtifretorv, forworn all
persons from cretiitiog any one interested, o,e
ne*f«l or employed in that establishment, on ac
count of she same, except
Ore. . 12m
A I hui x ayj the 25th Inst being Hanover Crr ,et
a ¥ day, l shall offer for sale at Hanover Onnrt-Houxe,
On a credit of three and six months.
January 14.
^ I .
(* t J '• f YV //,, „Ao/'i/</ri/ 131 •
W WL.lF.Ah I i. i if wd) ,** ivmKml by i•••• KxiTitiirr
0 0 that P»y-iltwfcr» hj plying tor money, shall et
-»ibil itiiiMri'.nit], xuil pay-rolls, *01*4/01*; in** aui.'Sittl
tint —uxd Dial dtmririv Masters ati «* I exiuuii .1,1 abMi-a.
of all '•xp.nii'cs i-i -.orre I, cert .tied anti s.*„. d ie (t,e
cy»im irulant, of Uie bnhad. , reg <ncnt, «.r detachment
in survive.
, Wm. kObKH I jfiv.c. c.
Jan. 18. U
~17oit>:e a Ad ia) fs.
I K pursuance of tl.e last will -mil testa;..e..t of Jo-,-pit
llnuid, tl.-cM. \>dl be sold, at pui.lic sale, j-.|'oe
the soirc-door of M.-ss-s 11. <. Sunt!. Nt Co. in Ueue
ver I own, on Wednesday tiie 8th day of February
next, a two sioht ‘
S T 0 It E - II n u S E ,
and sev.-ml 1,01 S :«:.<nnin*», in tin; said town. Tctim
. tt wl** known at tl.e salt*, i liis propel ty, it iseX|M-ct.*1,
will sell for a very small sum. Such title as the dte’d!
held, will alone be convoyed l>\
. THF. F.XK.CUrOltS.
-T-->n. 18._wtds
TOSI between Pele)*boi~ghc Itschmond, » I,AIlfJK
A l'!M "VK, containing gold an I s'.iv. 1 vp.ei'vits,
gilt ami plated mounted sword-belts, lifter silver 4
cites, some nil silver, wearing apparel, ,yc. A.n-i*i»
the articles lost wax a t.'i.nUi of other an .vies on c.i.,“
ni.as.ou, which raunot Ik- recollect.-.!. The ;.!. a - 1 v
wnnl will las given on delivery of tne trunk autl con
tents to .Mr. Powell of Petersburg, or Johns*•-. and
Kent, kiebtnond.
January il. tf
'IT'If.I.. I’d. SOI.I), mi Public Auction, to the hull
's* est bidder, on Wednesday (he 1.5th Fehriarv
next, that valuable prop-r.v, known by the n.une oftlio
Cunt .titling nrr. s, Ij ing on the road leading from the
Court-llnuse to Fr.sdo.ii hMu.rg, alai.it la miles ,mm
tie- l> rincrand uni.-* from the latter, on Cm follow
"’R term* : One hall of the purcl.'ise innney
to Ik: paid . at the expiration of six months,
(at which time a complete title will be made.)
the balance within tw.lv-* tun-itng thereafter
the purchaser giving hnnd w.ih approved security, and
a Deed of Profit upon tiie property, to secure the tnfy
mvnt of the same. ' s
'I lit* proprietors conceive it unnecessary to say mu.-b
concerning this property,as its celebrity is well es-.'b
lished. It lasing ihiie 1 by \ detudinarims from vari
ous quarters, whov- health has oven re-established by
the vii tueol its wa'.cis,.jbvi: tes ev.-ry eulo'-iuin.
, , HY flic I.ECYTF.ES.
Jan. t-i. otr>
corrojs VARNS.
FlNIIE^ams lmm the Richmond Manufactory are
i sold »'.v n IJ.LLi.n .'L\'/tF,hXO.\
Novetnl>er t. u.f_
A NT) FOR SALE—a'*..; 12,. . pair Course Shoes,
i V at from U to 17 dollars perduz.— iLo, a quantity
wt Shoe landing St Shocthreud by
A ft i doors above the Market Urulge.
Jan. 7. fit
1'iX.CiIANGE ON Is. i Uiiiv,
• ‘i* Slght— / ar Su/e by
Cury4*treet, Jan. It. if
4 RE respectfully acquainted, that the Engravings
n\ 3“-* now ready to deliver ;«i Mr. I’rucl.arirs
Ihx.d-Siore. From the liberal encouragement tlie
publishers have received, they have tletermined to e
liver cacti print at !^7—the pr.oe to non-subscribers
will be &S. Jan. II. tf
B YA-ATNCi procured a gentlemnn ot approved nbili
1 I <> fcnd expei,ence, prr.po.ieb to open tt School at
Ampt-fbll, in which will be laught the (.reek, i
and Freuch languages, toyoihcr with tlie vuriott*
| branches of an English education The school will o-*
peti on the Dili of January, and terminate on the i&td
I) cernbi r. There wiil ho a vacation from the 1st Au
gust t<> the IstaDctoher. The terms for lacird, tuition,
Nc. will he Rl-iO, payable hall-yearly in advance ; each
hoarder finding his own In-ti. Parents who may think
proper to entrust their **<ns to his charge, may rest ns.
sui cil, tliitl due att'-ntion shall he paid to tiieir morafi,
and every exertion used to atlvance their educu'ion.
Ampt-Hill, Chester'"el
December 31. tf
Juxt Received, end For Sale by the
QUPERFINK Black, Blue and mired Broadcloths
)t >w>d Cassimcres, (rials Linen, Cauibriek .Muslins,
figured Spidcmetsk I,ono’«, Cotton Hosiery, mjiort
ed fcc Domestic Uingbamj and Calicoes.
J. it F. WOOD.
Jtec. 09- ‘ZawCit
)R S AI/E.—Will lie sold, at public sale, before
the store door of Iticlmrd S. Smith te C<>. in
Hanover-Town, «*n Wednesday the Kth d -,v of t
ary next, two VAI.IJ \RLE HWClv-3 K : | Is, |ate
tlie properly of Win. Cook, dec’ll, ore of them it a
carriage smith, probably equal to : r.v in Virginia._
Terms of talc, twelve months credit; bonds with ap
proved security will be required.
II. OUVr.lt, Jr. arbrjnintrator,
with Vue Will iamexe.1 tf
_ W/n. Conk, deceuntil.
Retreat, ITantivc.vCr.
January 7. $
I^»OR SALE.—‘The Subscriber wishing to move pi
the country, offers for *de liiat beautiful and clc
in thr town of Manchester, omthe Imck street, nearly
(vi’nsite Johnson’s warehouse, which is tlie most beau
tltal sit nut ton in the town.
.ifji'O, one hair tlie (Joal-jats on Appomattox river,
lately discovered, and now mii|iviitiinn. A* I presume
no person wi«hingto purchase will property hut will
wish to view the tame, 1 think it needle** to give* an)
farther dise.ription ot said property. A great bargain
may be (anight in this property, by applying to Zach
11*11, in Hit; town ot Manchester.
January 3. eptf
D in *v u r lii. i a i a*
Janus-v «d, 1814.
President and Directors have tlo lar d a divi
1 (tend of 4£ per went. <.n the capital stock of the
flank, which wjll l*c paid to the sh.ire-linlders, alter de
ducting the bonus to the State on the li’.th h,,-.
W m. iMM#dlI)i«K. ('atliV.
Jan. .f. fiw
“ A TEAGUE It, “
H'ffO if, welt qualified to teach Latin, Ge
ography and Art* hmr tick, and would tike to
hr employed about half his time in teaching a
few children in a private family, and the o
thcr half in teaming and attending to busi
ness of a commercial nature, may hear of
such a situation on application Jo the prin
January 7 tf
THE sun sc u ill E « A
nAVINti formed a convection in the practice of
.Medicine and Surgery, tak e thu opportunity of
i tfotmiug their friends art'l the ' itisens of Richmond
IteneriUlu, that they ha j - established a shop at the , or
mrofK If 15 streets, opposite the Hell Tavern, -where
application may h$ mtulc, and mil tre promptly attend
ed to
HIV HATH) A. ( ATl/lKYrrrtKY.
Jan-Uiey 11. ,f
Tacoh im7k.sukimku,
(«ONFKCTIO\F.|{—I .ate of the firm of Charles
) fleck ff Co. having taken the house lately occnpl
e l by Messrs. Johnson tjt Carth, ami ore door below
Cati-hle'scorner, will keep cm «tnnt1y on hand, r gene
ral assortment of Confectionsri-s, Frtiitr, CrY. tfr.
He the patronage of h is friends and the p'ihlie
generally. January 7. wtiw
satj-ib at Arc*! Toy.
Toclo-> c part, tul,& nnidg nuu-nt, »/.**** T.hor
1 V the 20.' ;„at. ,it Heir V,in but Offer
™ /r>’ "V* ■>t*' v 'l> seithomt ,e*e>-re,
1' / ' • V ’ifJ'/ -Vi* M/s. /V,/ •
.7«», 9 > /> /•• &/>'««// olr.zed'Htm Fount
svarrnnUtlol -<—y i i/v *vo** a uni:,..
MON'lIUKl., Uo!iI\3v>iC c' ''I.!-. \s.\NT*4
/‘C/tA ii vHK.i7 j*t7FIoa\
r % MI.L BL SOL!I, ** Fed,,* the '.7t>,
?▼ f/e tOre heretofore occtif*-.. he ,’/r
;rr;!;"-'»*•*««* /»•„„, *;,<• «•<„, j„•
ht* Uo.isct.ohl and KUrhn f urniture, omonr v'.iet
,r'"~i/'-^.yahu.jnw, Sid... Hoard, dauutri tat and
card If bier, Hedsfeuits, Caws, Prints, i. ur/ic’r
wn/v-.nd'e.e I'm-tir-et, Sih-er P'n'e, He■>-, .Vi\ttt- •
*es,Z‘c.—Plain and cut Glass II arc, a*p'ii"m' e\'.
lnok-ior tflasses, u double set! of blue tclu- <ac
ini, a I, tnulso me sett often ib.it scell-isued Pr,;„ Frtc
audit Tandy •f other article*.
'* kimir time will he so!>?
.1 tight Philadelphia ovale Lurri/ty, a p,„,- ,r vc[f
broke »o,ui? hay Ho’sex, p-fcti, ut.ele . foot.,
.Xi-m j Girls, one S mid Out other 1 *ye,.,i, aid, accns
towed to uottst tout tumf/nrof'fa
If-rtm—-foridt sum* aver &:‘.U and under £t<»o
9t.rydu-y~e.liti «.rr S10*>, ninety dans credit, f.-r
approval endorsed negnti'ible rtofrx
January 21.
(O' " ?~c*nns to ud,on, the tuhjcrUeT is indffted
are reave,ted to t\rtent their accounts immediate'*
and rcicsx-e payment. elm! all thu :- that »:»•«•
ei/o fir m/ftsmvr. urv to dated to settle their red. .
ftr* accounts imtnc.fiale'y, by bond or dhet »,
_r,, ‘
O" 'iXft rror., ,~h.T^ruTJT;i
Die ili-ll 1 iitrn in rliw my_
longing to tin- estate nfiho Lj... (;,.0 YV. Sn,iil( r...
amongst *'.mn nnj^cv ml excellent house >rrvT«,n -~i
Six months credit will he allowed ; N„h« ,|,t.. .t
oiviil tlie Batiks, with affirmed ei.’rni. i- „ : | i r
‘Iu'1r'*,,• SAM. G. ADA MS, a.|tnY.
»HnMfiry 21. I l„
MCA M .Kir.I.D, rr.d* rtCi,,J~jj^
, 7 lus firm's and the public mu rn"r, tin : /«
lu» commenced the practice of t/ .
ami roam, ccuvrs of Ibwico, and the twe-poy Imn
court nfthr ('tty of Richmond. . 1,C6
to tuo., -ed! rat’ d icil i the strictest attention.
January 21. i si*Z-.o
\ « 'A . > : ho 7o hi HP., immediate:*, f,,,r fr'fful
V? ttromr, acti-r ' and intelligent Vl.r k.ifm, ra
wffr tvr the liichm.nd Union .for Pirn.:*.-,. .
a , !'.\1 * %f(m> Tf> ° ' ‘ ' '' ,,r'l,«ii»ted .vita the v
and . Jack-Smiths hm ratuit.%. ,y
faksntr chare.- of a smith's shop. Those of tie nimsi
description, sen! meet with libera way.-s on aft.ic .Hon
„ „ , Parkin', Sab ha'or, & (p,
A. 11. Lash paulJor Old Copper, Brtua and Pew.
v. \Nr!'K 1) T(l Ji)«7;.'
rwwr.sry v,-m mm. •« hc «.i,i >„ ,i. vr.„Ta
'“ Apply*In Philip Rogers, Thomas Tavlor
•»r John l5roi kehbrough.
•r»p ~_ tr
A IWIPng House on the Ilasin, hr ;h. Vppe, Fx-rV.
wtil'jwo rooms amt a passage nn e„vh fifw,r, !IUJ
iw > ulcien firr-pincer in the eell <rs, wb», a r*o,jr.
<U n nml a w< I! of good water in tin- vaist. p, n«e”imi
may he ha.I, certainly, on the 20-h of .hm-arr, pro'rd.ly
«ifi 'he 1st. ,i wanted. For terms, apply to the „ihseri
iier, living neat-the premiies.
n , archklaus Huc.m;?.
t Vpnmlirr 20. wlf
rPr*:R 1 } {' K kales in fine order, ;t rteoived S.
1 tor- ale by
an DiiF.iv smith,
T _ Cun-Street.
7•___ let/
V" !'’K'T; ,,uw. r' n /ilrb A]' Rw*Ti
\ wish to hr,' out for the prry-nr near ; an i ,♦ •,
-r'lhmg to hre, may knn-.o the r,, n, ■ hi ,0
nu\ ot „ J' jcoit r. rjj-WTtlvr.
Jm,7.21. Ce
\ 7":'’ ■ ,0 take chirre rfn
- ^ /0l' - c'l enrs, to imilntct them in ti e a.jt
{&*** r‘!t*Tr ondyjrit nr, n me t rvit/i umitta/am
■ t a private Jamt/u m a health, and atnee.d.h ha t of
the country, „y mnk'inr apt,/.ration to the luhcriU-h
resiikng m the comity nf
y RICH Alii) K. CRALI P,.
.f.»n. 21. -whrfi
*0 DOLLARS HKY, Ail IT.’ "
S ? ' ... H A . from the Suhscriheron the -Vila Inst, a
a.at negro fellow named
I) Ji vy.
He is about 50 year* ol ngo, which he mrrirs h.-'k-r
than negroes generally do ; is alin. mu of,hr err mo-,
height, Ins color tawntj, his hair long :o:,| ho.hr hr.
has swinging walk „„1 generally v .T ries a ui.,k ■ hem
S|x.he,i to, be seldom looks a, vn.i ,| ha»a hesitat
stammering was „fSpc*k|ng. ’7", v, , pv,.VMc he
lias gone to U«hmor,d County, sv|,e-r I <• ha, lived VII
a lew month* } t»*t, r>,- v ,f• . n,leaver to rack the eno
. v.;y, g r,jj incurs- !>..iore he
elt my plHnUt.oii—I will give :he nlwvr r.-wstd V
mm odgcd in any .tail ,n this Rudy, or hi addition
thereto, p«, a'l expu. es, ifde . ... mar.vu r
*luuover Coo,“S a few mil. » helow
ZaZ'ry ,4. ' ^
Vi R WARl.lN VMil'/i^t iN —~I\ 'yTy/T' "r“
iV | That on the !Oth, I Ult, |*h, |j*th, I Vth fc Kih
ay* of ^Marrh next, at t#- dwelling hous- of .r,J,n
V T> ’ "•"'•erlniMl enmity, st.tr of Kent ticks f
shall proceed to take the drp, - it, ,t, of John Was!,;
r,-a,‘ a* evidence in a suit depending h the crm.lv
C4airt m Nottoway, in which 1 uni plnintilfawl you ,r
rlHhMlant, at which time ant! place you will ; leaw ji
U-ntl. I am, Sir, Vonrs, See.
Mettrt. Curtin .ftndernoniS Thor at Minn,
Tar* Xoticb—That on the IO»h, llth, 19th ’nth
14th snii 15th dnysof March next, nt the dwelling
house of John Wash, in ( umlierlnnd county, state of
Kentucky, I shall proceed to ink* the deposition of
•hdm Hash, to be mad as evidence in the suit in Chan
cery, depend.g in the county court of Nottoway i„
*l"< ti I am plaintiff aral vou are defendants._JtUn
on tin- I5fh, ff.th, 17th, With, 19th or tfitli day 0r hi
pril next, at Archer Hofe-rlve’* tavern, in Nottoway
ermnty, state of V irgiiI hall pr weed to take the
rfi:|wrsitirwis of sundry witnesses, to he rend as nforexatd
at which times anil places you will please to attend. '
I am, (ietrtlemen,
Your most oberj’t serv’t, ' •
.inn. 7. wl.rp
MA Y he seen in operation every r!ay at No. 4 Com
piler Row. I /.rlir-K anrl Cirntlemcn of town cr
country, are invited font tent’.
The proprir t.rrsof the patent right for the state of
Virginia, being dexirnn* to diffuse a* extensively
sii-h- thro* the country, a ‘ - wlcdge of this admirable
production of American int.nutty, rer|Oe*t, fnrt:cul/’r
(Vt the attenrlnnce of the Menders of »|,e I ee'-x'aturc
to witness it* rapid anrl superior exeeittion, the simplic.j!
ty of it* constrtlclion, thr fertility with whirl, it n.- y Ih;
wotkrul (even to childix „,) a-vl W* Certain application
to all Kinds ra cloth, cruder it worthy of attention ri»!
only ftvrn the honso-wife anti economist, bill f,-om every
frieml to domestic manufactures.
Thr |wicc.»f a loom complete, will he from 80to lf/>
Cwrttracf* are making by th<- company for a buy *
nninber. mud. h. Wait to ho e-.o-ly •trim'Sed m.,J „
ply |u;r*r»n»liy or by letter (newt v.-Wt) to *’ ”
rkttq'.y fijcT+i.xn
.Itrent for the Vi^avia f.oo-n Co,
October In. n,.p 1 •
| TrufxiTs'
f'OR • *11.E af tf.r Office «/ TRfrfjir *
True/n art.
3 i.

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