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VOL 2--N0 101.
~ JAQ A . COW ARPIN. Proprietor.
HUOII H. f I.KAHA NTH, Editor.
«f" sJ£on*> SO |'t"qua" T i month »4 00
t rr.;ss
j «isa. JSU £as
tW Communication* are charged at the MUM
odvertiMmentt. ,
H ' Tf» >"» »' MAkt " ' qUaTt '' l0 "^ r "t
M r*mon» in exact proportion, and payable in ad
i dT ertisement* Inserted once a week, twice
, orth«U time. « week, will V <har«ed SO
ieToT tor the first insertion, aud J7i cent* tor each
*°rS*» Marri aire notice* Inserted for 25 cent*; Fu-
ncueep & cent* , Denth*, without obituary or
SaMral invitation, 12* cent*.
Th,... Pailv Dispatch" is *enred to *übscriber*
». Lj and a otntrUr rentt per tcttk payable to the
weekly Price for mailing, $i « year in ad
.. rnihAalied every Friday morning, and mailed
To Clubs, for $5 sixco-
Si. for $10 thirteen copie* ; for «15 tweuty co
pie*! for $5» twenty-«wn copiea.
WIIBSK works are located in the immediate
I veiutv of the Tredegar Iron Work., ano
now in "blaft. The r r inci,al business of tnis
«-ab'ishment will consist in manufacturing the
b ■(■' improved Air Tight and Premium Cooking
sitovea. Ps: -or,« fiic,-. and factory heating Stove*,
Front* Grates and Fenders, and the most usetul
kind* of Hollow Ware. . ,
The attention of dealers is particularly request
*d to the above articles, as they will be exclusively
adapted to their trade; and we pledgt. ourselves to
furnish them of as good quality, and at as lair
nrices as they can be procured from the North,
ic addition to the above, we will execute orders
for plain and ornamental Fencing lor dwellings
and craves; do. Balustrades; also, Cornice and
Capitols in architecture, and for almost any style
of ii lit and fancy Castings
VNTHKACITE COAL..—I have now in
var.i, and will keep regularly supplied,, with
the very best quality of lump and broken, and
gcreaned red aud white ash Anthracite COAL,
which I will deliver in any part of the city at $5 50
per load. Orders left with John A Lancaster &
Son, at the American Hotel, or sent through the
DO»t office, will be promptly attended to.
JOHN W. WRIGHT, Dock Wharf.
ja 13—2 m
■\TOTICE.— All persons having claims against
il me individually, or as security for others, are
reauestel to present them to Col. John O. Mosby,
at the office of James M Taylor, Esq., as I am de
sirous that arrangements should be made for their
speedy adjustment.
le 5-3taw2»" F. L. WALTHALL.
ffi® MERCHANTS—Wanted, a situation, by
J. a competent Salesman, in a Dry Good store.
The best of references, as to character and
qualifications, can be given. Address S L. M.
Post Office. f p 7—lw*
JOSEPH K. KKIN INGHAM is prepared to
execute orders in every department of Book
Binding and Blank Bouk manufacturing. His pa
pers and binding materials are of the best quality;
and he flatters himself that his long experience in
his-business entitles him to speak with some con
fidence as to the good charater of his work. Mer
chants, Clerks of Courts, and others can be sup
plied with books of any pattern and style, at short
notice, and on strictly moderate terms. Orders
may be left at his store, or at the Bindery of Brown
and' Keiningham, over the Printing Office of Colin
& Co., opposite the American Hotel,
22f> Broari strs?t.
- HAl.b' BUL.S. No. 1 Roe nerrings,
i '' Wood's brand
50 bbls cond. Herrings, for sale low
10 bbls No. I Cut Herrings
10 bbls prime new Lard
10 bbls do Clarified Vinegar
50 firkins Mountain Butter, part prime
3000 H>s Feathers
4000 lbs Wool, washed and ur.w?.«hed
50J lbs Ginseng
100 ibs Seneca Root, for sale by
ja 1 L. I). CREMSHAW fc CO.
I HA? Kin store an assortment of Preserves,
some extra put up Lime?, Pine Apples, Pears,
Peaches, Ac ; also, Brandy Fruits, viz: Cherries.
Pears, Apricots, Apples, Ac.—allot' which I would
rccommend to the attention of house-keepers and
ja 15 No- 42, Main street, under City Hotel.
VIOL ASSES. —50 hhds. heavy Muscovado,
J1 landing and for sale by
Seasonable articles.—Hot water
Dishes and Covers for buckwheat cakes, oys
ter stewa, steak and dishes, Oyster Boil
ers, Coffee Urns, Fenders, of every description,
Steel, Brass and Bronzed Fire Sets, Plate Warm
ers, Ac., Ac., for sale at GINTER'S,
ja 22 137 Main street
P'tKTd IctCO !■»DtiAltSj sugai Uuuse Mo
lasses, Lemons, Raisins, Chetse,Cotton Yarns,
for sale by
1 i vous Cordial can be relied on as a cure for all
nervous conditions of the system, as Tremor. Pal
pitation if Heart, Neuralgia. Ac. For sale by
ja 31 O. A STRECKER.
1 inn l ,{s - VENISON, FRESH.
1 25 Firkins Mountain Butter, some prime.
Just received and for sale by
i •) 20 hhds. Prime Sides, for sale by
Black dress ami kkoi k coats,
of excellent quality,and for sale cheap for cash.
fe 3 No. 82 Mali street.
Black cloth and cassi.uere
VESTS.—Manufactured by the subscribers,
and for sale very cheap.
fe 3 No 82 Main street.
NEGROES FOR SALE.—We will „ell, to
remain in Richmond, a likely WOMAN, 24
years of age, and her child about 10 months old. The
woman is a good cook and washer, and is offered for
no fault whatever. Apply to us.
fe 3 Generai Agents.
FEE—9O landing from Orianna, for sale
BRONZED HAT RACKS—Elegant bronzed
Hat Racks, with Mirrors, for sale by
le7 Corner Main and 12th sts.
PANT«>, VESTS, Arc. —Received, per Adams
& (Jo's Express, a large lot of black Doeskin and
fancy Pants, Scarfs, Silk, Satin and Fancy Vests, Ac.,
at No. 102 Main ft eet.
The new kehedy for consumf-
TlON—Phosphate of Lime, a combination,
with Cod Liver Oil. For sale by
fe7 Druggists, 125 Main-st.
WOOD WARE—A full supply of Rail Boxes,
Flour-Backets, Ac, receiving per schr Sharon,
for (ale by
TABLE .ll.»TS,—English and French pat
terns, for sale by
fe 10 R. M. ZIMMERMAN.
plated, Albater and BoucEgir Spoons, for sale
by |fe 10] R. M. ZIMMERMAN.
RlES.—Having in store a large and handsomer
supply of handsome French Embroideries, we are
desirous of S' lling them cheap. All in want of such
would do well bv giving us a calL
Baptist book DKPOHiTORY.-juit
recelv *d, and for*ale lit this More:
Life of Chriit,by Re* John Fleetwood. DD.
A Commentary on the original text* of the Act*
ot the A pottle*, oy H B Hackeit.
A Commentary on the Book of P*alin«, by O
Home, D D.
A new Translation from the original Greek of
all the Apostolical Epistle*, by James McKnlght, D
Doddridge'* F.mily Expositor of the New Te*-
t. a*"nt.
A Commentary on the F.pUtle to the Roman*, by
Sacred Rhetoric, or Composition and Delivery
of Sermon*, bv Henry J Ripley.
History of American Mitcion*, by W Gammell,
Tne Reign of Grace from it* Ri*e to it* Consum
mation. by A Booth, with a memoir of hi* life, &.C.
Spiritual Mindedne**. by John Owen, D D.
The Happy Home, by Rev. J*s Hamilton, D D.
A further supply of beautiful Bible*.
Also, of Stationery—A lot of first rate English
and French Letter Paper; also, American do, at
low price*. CIIAS. WORTHAM,
fe 13 Depositary.
MA IIKICK TIKK.NAv.—The soldier ol
Fortune, by Charles Lever—so cent*.
Armsnd, or the P*er nnd the Peasant; a play in
five act*, by AtmaCora Mowstt—l3 cent*
l.ayard'* Ninev< h, abridged by him from his
larger work—with numerous wood cut*.
_ Women of Ch-istianlty, exemplary for act* ol
piety and charity, by Juna Kavanagh—7s cents.
History of the Jews in Great Brit .in, by the Rev.
Mo-es Margoliouth—3 vols., ® J 50.
The Universal Songster, or Museum of Mirth;
forming the molt complete, extensive and valuable
collection of ancient and modern song* in the
English language, with a copious and classified in
dex, in 3 vols.—s3.
Quintin Matsys, or the Rlacksmith of Antwerp,
by the au*hor of Robin Hood, Wat Tyler, &c;
beautifully illustrated, and only 50 cents.
The Illustrated Hand Book, a new guide to
travellers through the United States of America—
Si 50.
Democracy in America, by Alexia de Tocque
ville, avocat a la cour Royale de Paris, Slc. «kc.
Translated by Henry Reeve, Etq. Third edition,
in two volumes.
DisturneU'a Railroad, Steamboat, and Telegraph
Book, being a guide through the United States and
Canada—2s cents
Children of the Abbey, a Tale—7s cents.
The History of Tom Jones, the Foundling, by
Henry Fielding—socents. For sale by
The Snow 'mage, and other Twicc-Told Tales,
by Nathaniel Hawthorne—7s cents.
Entbanasv, or Happy Talk towards the End of
Liie, by William Mountford. Third edition, with
additions—sl 25.
Life of the Apostle Peter, in a series of practi
cal discourses, by Allied Lee, Buhop ol the Pro
testant Episcopal Church in Delaware—7s cents
A Treatise on the Diseases of the Che6t, being a
course of lectures delivered at the New York Hos
pital, by John A. Sweet, M. D., Physician to the
New York Hospital—s3.
Hints on Health, with familiar instructions for
the treatment-and preservation ot the skin, hair,
teeth, eyes, by William Edward Coale, M. D.
—62i cents.
The Spanish Teacher and Colloquial Phrase
Book, an easy and agreeable method "f acquiring
a speaking knowledge of the Spannish Language.
4th edition, revised and corrected, by Francis But
ler—so cents.
The Workman's Account Book, on an easy and
economical plan—price 12 cents.
A Treatise on Algebra, for Colleges and High
School-*, by George R. Perkins, A. M., Professor
of Mathematics in the New York State Normal
School, ic Second edition, enlarged.
Plain Trigonometry, and its application to men
suration and Land Surveying, accompanied with
all the necessary Logurithrnic and Trigotattric
Tables, by George R. Perkins. fe 12
i* logical, Medical and Miscellansous.
Sweet on the diseases of the Chest; a treat'se on
the discsee of the Chest, being a course of lec
tures deliveaed at the New York Hospital, '.y John
H.Sweet,M. D 1 vol fivo., cloth.
Characters in the Gospel, illustrating phaees of
character at the present day, by the Rev. E. H.
Chapin. 1 vol. 12m0., 50 cents
Confessions of a Convert from Baptism in Wa
ter to Btptism with Water. From the second Eng
lish edition—37 cents
Sorcery and Magic. Narratives of Sorcery and
Magic, from the most authentic sources, by Thos.
Wright, M.A. F.S.A.
Dream Land by Day-Light, a panorama of Ro
mance, by Caroline Chesebro.
Clovernook, or Recollections of our Neighbor
hood in the West, by Abel Carey.
Nineveh and its Remains. 1 vol. 12m0., una
bridged, $1.
Evidences of Christianity, being a course of lec
tures delivered at the University of Virginia. Fur
ther supplies, received and for sale by
fe 10 A. MORRIS.
ll VELS, Ac., Ac , just received.
Biiston Museum for February 14th.
Waverley Magazine for do.
St tr Spangled Banner for do.
At thur's Home Gazette f>rdo.
Uncle Sam for do.
Carpet Bag fordo.
Florence Sacirville, or Self Dependence—price
25 cents.
Knickerbocker for February—2s cents.
No. 2 Putnam's Semi Monthly Library, being the
Whimsicalities of Thomas Hood—price 25 ceate.
Spirit of the Times for February 7.
Eclectic Magazine for February.
Whig Review fordo.
Together with a large variety of Comic and Sen
timental Valentines, Fancy Stationery, Song and
Toy Books, School Books, Ac , always for sale at
felO Opposite Broad Street Hotel,
RANDOLPH, 12! Main street, has just received a
large additional supply of the latest and most fash
ionable music for the Piano Forte, among which
are the folio* in e:
Hope and the Rose, a bailed, by S. Glover, 25c.
Sweet Annie of the Vale ; words from the Mes
sage Bird, by H. G. Thundor, 25c.
Oesian's Serenade, as sung by O. E.Dodge, with
a Vignet Title, 25c.
Your Heart ia a Music Box; words by Mrs. F. G
Osgood, by J. E. McGruder, 25c.
The Low Backed Car, or Peggy's Own, as a
Song, also a Quick Step, 253.
Wait for the Wagon, Ethiopean Song, by P. G.
Ktiauff, 25c.
Eight Dollars a Day; written and dedicated to
the Congress of the United States, by J. J. Hutchi
son, 25c.
Nelly Bly, by C. C. Foster, Ethiopian Song, 25c.
4th edition.
The Bachelor's Dream, Waltz, by J. Mienek, de
ceased, to the Junior Bachelors ot New York 25c
ie 10
Harper's Magazine for February—2s cis.
International for February—2s cts.
Blackwood lor January—2s cts.
Braithewaite's Retrospect, Part XXIV—SI.
The Life of John Sterling. By Thomas Car'yle
Petrifa tions and their Teachings; or a hand-book
to the Gallery of Organic R> mains of the B itish
Museum. By Gideon Algernon Mantel], L. L. D, F.
R. S. $1,59.
Lucretius; in Prose by Wauon, in Verse by Goode
A history and description of Modem Wines. By
Cyrus Redding—sKl ,V 5.
The foregoing are new volumes of Bohn's
Standard Library- For sale by
bbls. in store an 1 for sale by
lUU BALTIMORE HAMS, just rewired and
for •»!« by DABNfcY &. IIANES,
le 12 Opposite
Some of the London Preen are evidently
alarmed at the appcarance of thing* on the
Continent. The News takes occasion to make
an exhibit of English Naval power afloat in
the following paragraph. It certainly it very
VV hf.hf. is odr Nav*7—For th? purpose
of cosmopolitan philanthropy we keep nn
armed flotilla of eight vessels—five of which
are fast sailing steamers—having a total of
eightv-eight guns—off the Eastern coast of
South America. For similar benevolent ob
jects we keep no fewer than twenty-three ves
sels ol wur on the slave-trading coast of Africa;
besides nine ships, including three steamers,
nt the Cape. Then there are between the North
American and West Indian stations fourteen
ships, out of which five are steamers, bearing
a total of 253 guns; while in the Eastern ocean
there are no less than fourteen vessels, four of
them steamers, mounting 286 guns: and in the
more remote Pacific, fifteen carrying 292 guns.
The Lisbon squadron consists of eight vessels
with 318 guns; and, finally, the Mediterranean
fleet comprises a force of six-line of battle
ships of 120 to 78 guns each, two fifty-gun
frigates, and nine steamers, which, with lesser
craft, make up twenty in all, carrying 780
gunf». Now here*3 ail amount of naval power
at the disposal of a single State such as the
world never before saw. There may have
been a longer list of armed sail in our grand
lather's time; but wind and tide were then ir
resistible, for steam as a countervailing im
pulse was unknown. But taking all things
into account, whether we regard celerity of
movement, precision of direction, or weight of
destructive metal, we repeat that Great Britain
possesses the most wondrous naval force that
has ever floated on the world's waters.—
Strange and humiliating, that in the same
breath we are compelled to own that the sea
board of the United Kingdom should neverthe
less lie—as it does at the present hour—
denuded of all protection from its natural
guard—a ready and a tempting prey to any
piratical venture or perfidious coup de main.—
Daily Attrs.
The French papers vpeak of the intention
of Bassini, a violinist of gome note, to vitiit the
United States. The Messager du Midi men
tions his last concert with enthusiasm, and if
he be the artist there described his success here
is very sure. We wonder if this is our old
friend Bassini, who resided in Richmond for
several jears, and was a very skilful violinist ?
Firf. Asniiiiutor Experiment. —The
Journal of Commerce describes the trial hud
with the fire annihilator, on Monday, near
Morrisiana, N. Y. The Journal is not satis
fied that the experiment proves the value
claimed for the annihilators. Jt says the fire
was not allowed to get fairly a-going, and
then was more quenched by mops, &c., than
The Cold Winter in Spain and Swit
zerland. —We are hav ing cold weather in ear
nest upon the European continent, and even the
countries tending towards the tropics have
been favored with an Icelandic winter. The
very neighborhood of Madrid has recently been
visited by a snow storm more severe than was
ever before witnessed there. The snow fell for
three days,and blocked up the rouds. The dili
gences from Segovia, Valladolid, Salamanca,
the Anurias and Galicia, were obliged to come
to a stand still at Guudaxara, about thirty miles
from the capital. So mauy private carriages
stopped there that every house was tilled. Never
was such an influx seen before, and the inhabi
tants were in the greatest consternation for fear
the supply of provisions should give out. To
make the matter worse, ths King, who had
been hunting in the forrest, sought refuge in the
tow n, with a retinue of some hundreds more.
But they were all set to work to clear a pas
sage to Madrid, through the hanks and drifts;
and then King, diligences, private carriages,
and all, left Guadaxara by the highway, thus
improvised, through the snow.
In Switzerland, too, the winter is more in
hospitable than usual. The Lake of Zurich is
frozen over. The river Sarine is frozen at Fri
burg, except it is very rapid. What isre
markable is that the cold is said to he less in
tense upon the mountains than in the vallies.
The temperature is milder in the Gruyere than
at Friburg, and Altof than in the slopes of Si.
Gothard and the neigboring mountains.—Par
it Letter, Jan. 22r<Z.
Daring Ascent of the Assembly Hall
Spire at Edinburgh.—The perilous feat of as
cending the spire has been successfully accom
plished by J. D. Wright, perhaps better known
by the appropriate cognomen of "Steeple
Jack." He commenced Ilia operation by rais
ing a leaden ball to the summit, to which the
other tackling had been attached, by means of
flying a kite over the building. The rope to
which this weight was affixed was passed
through a pulley at the capstone, and seating
himself on a narrow board, the adventurous
steeple climber soon drew himself to the top, a
height of nearly 240 feet. The greatest pre
caution was exercised by "Jack," lest the rope
would sustain damage by coming in contact
with the turrets and other protecting parts of
the building, and his efforts to disentangle
himself from the multitude of ropes which sur
rounded him on all sides, displayed a fearless
which struck the delighted spectators
alike with- awe and astonishment. Having
reached the summit, he Bpeedily disengaged
himself from the gear, and mounting the vane,
he stood upright, waved his cap in triumph,
and hnzzaed most lustily, the crowd below
repaying the cheer with compound interest.
The New Yotk Coimasrcial has a letter from
Paris, the writer of which gays, if you put the
question to France "will Louis Napoleon's dynasty
stand V'.—socialists, and republican* and legitimists
will give you a fhrug of the shoulder, and—
"If you will the French people, so fond of
liberty at least so fervent in its praise submit tof
have th-nr wants stopped—the press, eilenced - the
best of the land in exile and all this at the dicta
tion ot one whose greatest and most conspicuous
act is perjury—and a ehrug of the shoulder will
be the reply ;to which may be added the standard
phiaie—"Alo>i Dicu, ntunsieur, que voutt: to us?"
And who shall translate t!iisf Let Paris be put to
the torture and all you will get is "We don't know,
we dont c ire—bah ! let us go to the Opera."
How to Make Jellies.—No one know»
what he eats in confectionery—English con
fee turnery at least. The following is from an
English paper:
Extraordinary Commercial News.—Ear
ly in May last, buffalo hides and sheep
and call skin* advanced in price from 2d. to 4jd
a pound, and again fell in October. This was
caused by the cessation of the demand for jel
lies at the Crystal Palace, and the cessation of
the demand on the closo of the Exhibition!
Visitors there consumed jellies who never tast
ed jellies before; and, as the usual material
was not available, buflulo hides were purchased
in tons in Liverpool, for the purpose of making
these delicacies; Size and glue were used at lirst
but the hides were cheapest.
Remaining In tke Richmond Pout Ottee
on Ike 13th Febnnry, 8551.
tfr" Peraon* colling for Letter* lu thi* Lilt will
please lay thej are advertised.
A!*up Mn Margaret D A A)ltnMi«* Mary
Andcrcon Mrs Mary J Allen Mi** Maty
Allen Mr* Cornelia 2 Allen Mill Maria Louiia
Arnold Mill Annie Angel Mil* Margaret
Brannan Mn Burwell Mi** Mary D
Blankenship Mis* Cath Bagby Mis* Charlotte E
Berkley Miu Coruelta F Babel Mi** Mary
Benne Mi** Eliza Bridge. Ml** Nannie
Buchannon Mi** Eliza BlankmshipMim R
Bradley Mi** Anna M Blackburn Mi** Rebocca
Bank* Mi** Hannah Burnett Mi*a Suisn
Baal Ml** Sarah Bailey Mi-i Sarah E
Brook Mi*i Lucy Burton Mi** Virginia M
Bowman Mr* M'ldred Brannan Mri Eliza
Bayer* Mr* Matilda
Chandler Mr* Maria F Cox Miw Hannab
Corkron Mrs Mary Cocke Miss Isabella
Clark Mrs Margaret Cralton Miss Jul a
Conner Mrs Louisa Clopton Miss Lizzie
Cophill Mrs Helen M Car ring ton Miss Paulina
Cash Anne Cousins Miss Rebecca
Chick Miss Emily J Christian Miss Sarah Ann
Carlton Miss H M K 2
Dawe Mrs F Drake Miss Clara
Durham Mrs Margarett Duke Miss Sarah C
Deberry Mies Virginia A
Ellis H Elam Miss Julia F 2
Evans Mia* Mary Ann
French Mrs Laura J Field Mrs Sallie A
Finch Mrs Mary A FLher Miss Bettie C
GoodsonMrsM Gregg Mrs Rebecca E
Hansbury Mrs Ann Hutchins Miss Ann S
Hudson Mrs Ann C Hall Miss Hetty W
Hulce Mrs Elizabeth Howard Miss Isabella 2
Hughes Mrs Mary Ann Hoyt Miss Mary E
Harvey Mrs Grace Haafturg Miss M E
Hareling Mrs William HowlettMiss Mary A
Hill Mrs Fannie T Hancock MissObed B
Homes Mrs Susannah
Irvine Mrs Lelina A Jackson Miss Mildred C
Irby Miss M E Johnson Mrs Rhoda
Jones Mrs Elizabeth 2
Kirkmyer Mrs Maria E Kerr Miss Caroline E
Kennedy Miss Charlotte Kenedy Miss Mary
Linn Mrs Matilda 2 Leulbeehen Miss Dor
Levy Mrs Martha Lambert Miss Eliaa G
Lipper Mrs Charlotte Lee Miss Jennie
Moore Mrs Ann F 2 Morriss Miss Anne E
Marsh Mrs Jane L Martin Miss Eliza V
Montell Mrs Lucy D Martin Miss Eliza V
Montague Mrs Lewis L Morris Miss Mary E
Murphy Mrs Mary More Miss Sarah
Murston Mis Sarah W Moeeley Miss Mnger P
Martin Miss Martin Mul Jeiiaii Mrs Sarah
McDonall Mrs McFcel Miss Betty
McKenzie Mrs John H McFall Miss Margaret A
McLaughlin Miss
Neal Mrs Judith E O'Connor Mary
Price Mrs Lucy Poore Miss Augustine T
Phillips Mrs Mary C Puryear Mies Ten no
Pur Kill Mrs P Pol let t Miss Mildred A
Powell Mrs Sarah A
Richardson Mrs Redd Mrs Temple
Richardson Mrs Elllen F Robinson Mies Elenor K
Roister Mri Mary G Roane Miss Florence
Regan Mrs Margaret J Rose Miss Mary E T
Rilan Js Mrs Mary Reeves Mis 9 Octavia A
Ruffin Mrs Nancy
Smith Mrs Elizabeth Sale Miss Ellen W
Silver Mrs Jane Seal Miss Hannah. T
SmaUridge Mrs Char Shelly Mrs Wm
Smith Miss Ann R Sully Miss Sarah
Stuart Miss Caroline
Turpin Mrs M A Turner Miss Emma J
Tillson Mrs Harriet II Tattey Miss Sarah E
Townes Mrs Fannie Tyler Virginia
Taylor Mrs Elizabeth
Valentine Mrs Z&chariah Valentine Miss Maria W
Vanzele Miss Arabella G
Woodwerd Mrs E F Wathine Miss Lonlsa
Woody M's J 2 Wallace Miss Kate
Williams Mrs Ann Watbington, Miss A F
Winter Miss Ellen Wilkerson Miss Anne E
West Miss Julia » Wyeth Miss Mary
Walker Misj Jre C Wilson Miss Mary E
Watson Miss 3 V West Miss Mary R
Waldiop Miss Julia A
Young Miss Delia Young Miss Mary Ann
Araory Edward S Atkinson Turner
Abot George Applebury Thomas A
Anderson James Allen Walter J
Atkinson Roger P Akers William
Adams Samuil A Apperson Robert
Alley William S Aldington R D
Brander Augustus Boyd John M
Bangs Allen BaylissJohn
Burwell Blair Bryan Jjhn C 2
Braxton A M 3 » Bradley James
Bu!!eu B Bradley John
Budd Benjamin R Bullock James D
Bokern Chas S 3 Butler John '
Brimmer Charles H Butler John A
Burkhart C Butts James
Baird Douglass Booth Capt Levi
Binfnrd Edmund Berkley Dr D D
Baughan Felix Ballo k Montgomery
Belvin Frederick Brewster M W
Ba dwin George F Bergheimer Philip
Boasman George Bender Peter
Bush H S Barker R C
Bohner Hern Max Barnes Richard H
Busohen John H BettJ Royster
Beale Thomas H Bouia Rooert
Bryant John F Barker Samuel
Balendiue Isaac Brown Thomas G
Blunt John Barnes Thomas H
Boucher John Burrows W M
Baker John Brown W F H
Bayly Rev John Brown Wm H
Burton Capt John D Brooking W B W
Burch John R Burke WW
Burke John Brown William
Cheatham William L Cash James
Cook Wiiliam B Cary J C 2
Crane William Clarke James L
Carlin William Carren Jem<m F
Childress William F Caldw. 11 l.ewis M
Chapman Gen A A 9 Counezy Michael
Cocke Benjamin F Cull'-n Michael
Cumtuings Barney Clay M Jennings
Connetl Chas H Curren Michael 2
Cruilius Charles Cosby Napoleon D
Clark Edwin R Cahill Patrick
Chamberlayne Edw P Clark Robert J
Capps Edward E Colburn Capt Reuben
Crow George Cary Robert C
Carnal! George Chandler Dr R R
Carnell Mordecai Clark S P
Child Jacob F Crandall Sanford
Cook James Curry Samuel j
CosiyJohn II Clowd»ley Thomas
Crump Jackson Carter Thomas J
Craue Jeremiah Collins Timothy
Calder James Clutter Valentine
Carson John Charters Wm A
Carter Jesse W Chesterman WmA
Carew John Christian & Tood
Dabney Wm B Downes Martin
Doughty Benj J Dalor M
Davis Charles F Dwyisfl Michael
Dyer Oeoige W Donehough Patrick
Davis Henry Danson Peter
DoggettJohn N Dsris K L
Devitt James M Douglass 8 W
Davenport John F Dabney William J
Diemond James Davis WilhamW
D .voto Philippo Disney vytlliam
Downey John Davis William
Dunderdale John Drew Edward
El'ington Boswell F 2 Ephram John
Kd wards John Kllis k. Baiham
Ellis John VV Edmonds Spenser
Potter Thorns* Fergisson Thaod'k G
J»«HC Fioch James R
Ftikes John J Farrer Joseph
Folkea John H 2 Farrelly James
Fitzgerald John Fairbara Peter
Foster John B Fear Peter
Fisher Jamea R Flournoy Rleh'd W 2
Fulchw John W Foster Thorn** A
Fox Th omas H M A
Glidds n Alonzo Grady J.mesW
Green Alexander Genfy James B
Grubbs C M Gardner James
Galbraith Charles Garrett JesaeL
Griffin Edmund George John
Good© E F Gentry Mat hew Q
Glazier Franklin Graham Robert
Gavin John 3 Gait Thomas E
Griffith Joseph P Gholson William
Greenhow James
Heod Abel Hiekok R T 2
Harrington Charles Hardy Thomas G
Harmony Charles Hyde Samuel H A
Hartman C Hill Thomas
Hunt Daniel Henrich Th >mas
Hudnall Daniel G HarrisT CG 2
Hart Daniel Hingjey Thomas
Huband E Haticock Thomas
Hill G Hicks Thomas
Hart George Howell Thomas
Hargrove Dr John T Howard W H
Hooker John G Hunt William R
Hill James C 2 Hendrick William •
Hancock John Hide William H
Harrington John Hatton Washington
Harrington James A Hug on William
Hart John Hening William H 2
Hoge Peter B Hopkins W B
Hunt Patt Hunt William
Hudson Riehard Hyde William
Huston Dr ' Howard Stephen
Heath Augustin2 Hart H L
Heislop R L
Irving C H Ingle J S
Isbell Francis T Irving Wm A
Jenkins Andrew Jones John
Jackson Benjamin W Jones James
Jinkins Fquiila Jeffreys James
Juan Ellis James N Richard
Jacob Joseph C Jones Wiiliam W
Job ison John A Johnson William G
Jennings John N Johnson Silas L
King David Kable John
Kendall Fleming M Kenedy John
Kemp George T King Robert
Krone Henry R Kilty Thomas
Kelehu John Keafy Thomas
Kerth Isham King William
Leehler Andrew Lumpkin Dr John G
Lawrence Ambrose Levy M A
Lipscomb O B Lipford Richard J
Lion« Daniel Luck Robert F
Leftwich John H Lumpkin Robert H
Long John C Lumpkins Wm F
Lidy James G Ligon William H
Loraine J Lawrence Wm F
Lee Ira Lambert William
Leydan John
Moxley Addison S -g urphy James
Montague A E Muldowney John
Moss Alfred 2 Minor Lucius H2
Mildowney Andrew Michelbacker M
Mosby Benjamin C Moulton Moses B
Miller Charles May M
Moss Charles R Mullen Patrick
Mathews Emanuel Moren Patrick
Miller George N 2 May nurd Randolph
Miller George II Mockin R
Moody G3O W L Mountcastleß E
Miller John R Mason Stephen
Miller J E Morgan Thomas
Mullane Jeremiah Moon T B
Massoni John B Morgan W S
Martin John N Morris William 2
Moody J Morris Wilson
Martin James Mingle William
MottleyJohnJ Martin William
Mahone James R
McDonald Alexander McKenney Luke
McNemeiaCll McGuire M N
McDadellugh McCabe Michael
McCarthy John H McAuliff Patrick
McLean James McDowell Travis
McCloy Wm J McDonnell Wm
McCaw Dr James B McDowell Wm J
Nash 2 Napier Thomas B
Neidt Edward Nicholson Thomas
Neisbett James Norment Wm E
Neenan Patrick Newman>William
Osborn A W Orrm John E
O'Neil Mr O'Connor John 2
O'Kane James O'Callaghan Maurice
Oliver James H
Piggott Benjamin F Prutyman Joseph
Patterson Cornelius Power J«raes F
PersicoG Price J W
Parr David Points James W
Porter F E Prindle P A
Parker George Pucket Robert
Patteson Henry Paimer Richard, Jr •
Pre! John H Pillad Samuel
Powell J W Perry S S
Paine John W Parker Truman A
Points James W Pfeiffer W
Ready Andrew J Robertson Moses M
Roper Alpheus Radley Philip G
Rady Chas P Rogers Peter
Raff* Dorainico Riddell Robert
Rice D Richardson R
Roper Alexander Robertson Richard E
Redford Fred'k W Roach Samuel
Robertson IIJ Robinson Wm II
Reynolds John ReithVVm
Row lett John Reid Mr
Robicon J Rain Wm T
Robinson Jbbn R Richeson Col Wm A
Reese John M Rain Wm
Richeson John Rollins Capt Wm E
Koss Rev L
Smith A B Stainback L E
Shaw Andrew C Stark Dr Wm B
Shanfloy John Smith Lyman
Shaw Charles Sallivan Michael
Smith C W Sutton Norborne
Stewart Daniel Sims Nathaniel
Straus E Sunderland Nath'l
S'ater Alexander Safford Norman W **
Shennig Edmond Schrooder Philip
Stephens E B Stnnard Philip B
Smith Ccl F H 3 Smith Robert J
Smith Henry D Scott Peter L
Sheafl' H G Smith Savage
Streat II Smith Simon
Stifler H Seayrej Thomas C
Schmidt Jacob W Stevens Wiiliam
Sullivan Jeremiah Snelling Dr Wm
Sims James 2 Sanders Wm W
Smith J D Smith Zachariah B
Sharp James
Towers Michael Toddy Archer
Tate Mathew W Tally Admiral E
Teal Levi Taliaferro Phihp 2
Taylor Henry P -rl.um W^H
Thorny torL Sgwo «
Tourdan Edward Tv ler W H
Kmi* William
Tyler Alexandria Taliaferro Wm G
Timer Austin D c 2} nft Au « u » Une 8
Ullman Solomon Victor AD
Vaccleve AH Venliere A 1 S»f Patea
Ware W Winston James W
Wordia William Wilson Jauaes H
Winn WUliam Winfree John H 2
Wade Wm E Woodsey Jacob
Waddelt Wilson • Whitetaurst John
Winston Wm D Wood roof John J
Wright Wm H Williams James T
Walsh William 2 Whiifield John F
Webster Dr W R Webster J D
War<; Thomas M Wells John
Weisy S W Walsh James
WoodwofSD Weft James F
PMCE one cent
"Witooa Richard T w.n
Win.ton P P wt^ Jt f ,L „
Walker H T w!S* , ,* ek *®" °
Watena« Oliwr £??'•■« °
W«ikio» Lieut C w52?S£
woiip.J W^l2^ w •
Walker Abr.ro
W~\l£u, gfeygt
wSSc? &S&SF
WayltanDS WrlffetE
Williani* Jimct T Watson Dav24
Whitworih John 2 Wait (in 9 a
w&rf" T saws 1 ,.
C W L IO Red Man
To the Hechem of Peca- Old Dominion Tri.t.
hontaa Tribe, No 14, Ho 301,10 R M
w „ Boj*« or Tkhpibancx.
Worthy Patriarch of Hotchlnson, No <53
Centenary, No 100
— " • ® I jT T Somton. No 4
N?rth R^°*. l o'. L,nrel Hi »- Mo 119
"''T, '*° »» McDowell, No 36
T J? Artizan, No 125
No 3? Tredegar, Chickahominy, No 100
- fc 14 THOMAS B. BIGGER, P. M.
CP" CARD.— Monia goe's Hlfhmn n a m_
rectory for 1852, win be ready for detiverr la
•übseriberi on cr about the 20th in't Th'™ »k«
have not «ib.crihed can do w bv t £~
M "y of the bookitoreg, or at the
fe »-» W. L. MONTABint
EF Every oocVhu has suflered with frost bite*
leet, rheumatitm, ague cake, spinal affection, sore-
TTJ" brewt, Ac., know* that H. G. Farreffa
Arabian Liniment jives almost immediate relief
when all other medicine* fail; and we verily be
lieve that If those same persons bad a bottle of tMa
celebrated remedy and could get no more, the*
would not take Any dollars for it. See advertiae
ment - fe U—lt
CTb.—YO CUKO DOLORES, as the Spanish say.
Dr. Rose's wonderful Pain Curer will cure almost
immediately, Corns, Rheumatism, Chilblains
Toothache, Swelled Face, bad Colds, Bruises,
Sprains, Cholic, Pain» in the Hack or Limbs!
Cramps, or Pains in the Stomach or Bowels, Sore
Throat and Stiff Neck. Every person should have
a bottle by them. Price 12* an i 25 cents, to be had
of PURCELL, LADD & CO., Adiedk Gray, O. A.
Strecker, Gaynor & Wood, Bennett Sl Beers, R. R. .
Duval, A. Bodeker, and J. Blair. ja 21—ta
ty the N irfolk News of the 29th January,
1852, one of the most reliable, and extensive in cir
culation of all the enterprising papers published in
the Old Dominion, we find the following :
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture.—We
bsve been requested by several persons who have
experienced the beneficial eflects of this medicine,
to make mention of it in our editorial columns.
Although entertaining a contemptuoui opinion of
quackery and quack nostrums in general, we would
not knowingly reuse credit where it is due; and
from the testimony adduced, we are conscientious
ly bound to recommend Hampton's Vegetable
Tincture" in cases of chronic rheumatism mn 4
scrofulous affection*.
O. A. STRECKER, Main street, baa this moat
valuable article for sue ; also, GEO. B. JONES it
CO., Petersburg. fe 12
Dangbrous Gbound.—lt would be invidious to
assert bluntly, that there is, originally, a dispropor
tion of intellect bet ween one animal and another of
the same species; still there is a rule which in
trudes itself on observation, and opens tho diitine
tiou. A man who prides himself in the preserva
tion of the main features of human attraction, haa
creditat least for one conservative q iality, take
the hair as an example,—whereas, he who neglect*
every point ofpersoual appearance, has none.—
Those who would conserve or improve ihe appear
ance of their hair or complexion, should use Bogle'a
celebrated Hyperion FluM for the hair, his Hebe
aionofor removing eruptions of the skin, an d his
Amule Shaving Compound, most delicious
article yet known for that purpose.
For sale by SEABROOK fe REEVE,
fe 12 175 Broad Street
Bp Rockbridge ain in Water.—From tie
Itev A D. Metcalf, af Rockbridge, near Lrx tig ton,
Vtk. —Messrs. J. & A H. Campbell:—Having for
•everal leMou visited your justiy celebrated
Spring*, and baring uniformly derived much ad
vantage from the use of the water, 1 cheerfully add
my testimony to its virtues, both that oilier inva
lids may profit, as I had done, by the use of the we
ter, and that you may, in some measure, be re
warded fur the expensive improvements and ex
cellent accommodations you hnve made and pro
vided. My disease is chronic liver affection, ac
companied with cough and dyspepsia The water
unilormly appeals to the liver, with great action
on the bowels; improves the appetite and diges
tion, and produces a general tunic efiect on the
whole system. I feel well satisfied that lam in
debted, to a large extent, to the virtue of the Hock
bridge Alum Spring Water for a considerable por
tion of the health and comfort 1 have enjoyed
since I tried its efficacy.
Respectfu'ly, A. D METCALF.
The subscriber it still the sole agent for the sale
of this celebrated Water, and i«receiving from time
to time fresh supplies from the above Springs.
fe 4— ts Columbian Hotel.
jy Virginia legislature.—Member* <rf
the Virginia Legisia'are now in session, are partic
ularly invited to call at M. P. SIMONS' Gallery,
and examine his exquisite likenesste of the Presi
dent and his Cabinet, also, Senators and Members
of the House, together with a large sample of other
distinguished and well known persons of tfcis and
other countries, too numerous to mention. Altare
desired to call, whether in want of oicturrs or not;
and those watting pictures would do well to judge
for themselves of their superiority. All picture*
warranted to give fall satisfaction.
fc 6 Eagle Square, 151 Mais street
FLT'To thrC'itlicns of Kichraend, and
Htrangers visiting the City.—lf you wish to
havevour Hair cut and dressed in the most fash
ionable and tasty manner, and your Whisker*
changed to a beautiful black or brown, then ca'.l at IS
the American Hair Diessing, ."having and Shaia
pooning Saloon, under the American Hotel.
Single Baths 25 cents, or five tickets for one doi
ar Entrance on Eleventn street • fo 7
Richmond femalb
Principal of Wcley"
Staunton.—The new apartment* of this Institu
tion will be ready to receive pawl* * i *«
The tame thorough discipline aod laborious spplic*
don will be maintained, a* have heretofore charac
terised the exercise* of this School.
Patrons entrusting their children to the care of
the Principal, may rely on every attention and pain*
oeing taken to secure an intellectual development
sommensurate with their tolieitude, and the inter
ests of the pupil*.
Tkhms a* heretofore—s2o to $30 In the Engliak
Application should be made from 9 A. K , to 4
ry Entrance from Uth street, and from 12th
street, rear of Baptist Church. *e II—1»
THOS. H GRESHAM 8. 109* Broad »Sreet, U th*
placf to get the bandaome Lote BiiJpU- I>ont
fjrgetto call. fa 4
11 > HI'HWKH.-A fall a nortmrnt of JgUfqfc g ff~,
1 bracing the uaual variety, amorjf
be found all the new atjlea, for j
variott* kin<U u«ed
13 M«ortmerit p fit?

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