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In the Senate, Mondav, after the presenta
tion of various petitions, resolutions were
adopted calling «P<>n «be Secretary of War for
information in relation to the amount of pay
received bv officers of the army tor double
rations and for services under brevet commit
' iot , over thai ot pav of the line. And, alter
?o tne other business of no especial importance,
the Senate adjourned.
The House did not sit Monday, having ad
journed over till I needa*.
u r Wchftcr's Address before the A>r I'orA-
Historieal Society.
New York. Feb. 23. —Niblo's saloon was
crowded to-night with a brilliant audience of
1- : osanil gentlemen to listen to Mr. Webster's
speech before the Ht«torical Society. Hedi.
I'ted at length upon the ancient history of
(ireece and Rome, which had been handed
V.wn to us. «nd pointed out the causes which
liail led 10 ,!,c dccline and tall ot' these two
neat republics.
lie divided the latter portion of his address
~,,0 a re , ie« of the three epochs of the history
o'ithis countrv, but mainly confined himself to
that portion embraced in the period from the
t"'r*t meeting ot the Continental Congress down
to the close of Washington's administration.
\ : , r reviewing tlie stirring incidents and his
ioiical facts of this period, he closed with
«o:ne remarks upon ttie present condition of
out countrv, and the prospect before her for
aces to come. .....
Hie address throughout was distinguished
for tint eloquent force for which the speaker
j, so celebrated, and was heard with the most
inarked ami profound attention by his auditors.
Arrirnl of the Philadelphia and Empire
!\ew Orleans, Feb. -o.—The Empire City
brines fi'ty-two thousand dollars in gold dust
ot;'freight", and a large quantity in the hands ol
n:is<e She lias ulso 220 passengers.—
vj l 0 confirms the report that the steamship
.Vulia;iia had been condemned at San Juan, as
unsea worthy.
.New Okleaxs. Feb. 22.—The steamers
Philadelphia and Umpire City, with Havana
dates of the 17th, have arrived. They bring
no new s. Christopher A mart, a passenger on
i >.rd the Philadelphia, from Nashville,Tenn.
died on the passage.
Kossuth in Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, Feb. 21.—The grand Kossuth
hr.nquet came off this evening a! the Burnet
House. Ail the tickets were sold. He daily
recrives from $1,000 to §1,500, by way of
"Material aid," from private individuals and
societies. He will make a set speech in the
Hamilton Railroad Depot on Monday, and
leave tor Indianapolis on Wednesday.
Ricivery of Stalin Money
New York. Feb. -3 —The £20 000 Spanishsilver
f ! i. from the barque Missouri, were found buried
on Saturday, near Fallmouth;
Arrival of Cuban Prisoners-.
Boston". Feb. -3—The Brig Oik, from Malaga,
has arrived, bringing three Cuban priscnors.—
M*tt:n Converse, of Worcester; J. I). Hughes, of
»\. w Orleans; ami J. B- Hough, of Indian*.
rniit f.A.H 1 L>V ANTi-Si'AS.HOIMC, by
Q!.'EEN VA.—Adapted to the treatment of more
ti.au twt nt' d seases, tc-wit: Asiatic Cholera,
Choiics of «:i kinds, Spasms. Cholera Morbus. Dy
sentery, Diarrhoea, Cholera Infantum, Asthma,
Tetanus violent I'ain. Nervous Headache, Nervou
Irritabi itv, Toothache, Hysteria, Hypochondria,
Rheumatism, Delirium Tremens, Spider Hires,
Wasp Stints, ic„ Dyspepsia, Sa : nt Vitus'Dance,
certain Obstetrical cases, Fits, sinking or conges
tive Chills, Colds, Coushs, Jice.
Accompanying each bottle is a pamphlet contain
ing full directions for its use, in the various disea
ses for which it is recommended, as well as pre
texting many strong testimonials
This medicine is not only efficient, but safe.—
Adapted as it is to many of the most violent disea
ses. giving the most prompt relief—and espeeial'y
suited to ittrge families as well as to travellers—
the proprietors would respectfu'ly ask the atten
tion of die public to its claims ; which are founded
on more thau twenty live years" experience, and
nut on conjecture.
Agents are supplied with pamphlets for gratui
tous distributi n. Will the public call on our
agents, examine for themselves, and gife the me
dicine a fair trial.
I deem it due to the public at large, but especially
to those at a distance, to state, that Dr. JOHN DU
\ AL., the Proprietor of the Family Ami-Spas
modic, is a graduate ot the University of Pennsyl
vania, as may be seen by reference to the Medical
Recorder, vol. 1, page 304. published in Philadel
phia in Igle. And in further confirmation of his
claim to public confidence, in reference to the
claims of this medicine and the pamphlet accom
panying it, we present to the public the following
certificate ot a number of highly respectable citi
zens, of ihe county of his long residence, besides
others of different sections.
WE. the undersigned,do hereby certify that
Dr. JOHN DUVAL has been a resident of the
county of King & Queen, Va., for some thirty
years: that he il a regular physician; has done
one ot the most expensive practices amongst us,
2nd is fuily wortl y ot the public confidence in any
statement which he may make.
Geo. M. Pendleton, Ro. Courtney, Wm. S. Nunn,
Richard Bagby, Col. R. M. Spencer, Justice of the
Peace; John Bagby, Philip Bird, John Lumphin,
J P.; Col. Wm. B Davis, Ro. F. Sti'bbs, J. P.; Dr.
S.G. Fannethroy, Sr., J. P ; Joseph Ryland, J. P.;
Col Alex. Fleet, J. P.; Elder Wm. Todd, Ro. Pol
lard, Clerk of King & Queen ; John H. Watkini,
> o.ney \\ a'ker, Jas. M Jetfeiies, Commonwealth's
Attorney; Col Jas Pollard, J. P.; Hill Jones, Wm.
Loulware, Ex Minister to Naples; E. S. Acree, J.
P : Geo. C Nurn, Jas. C. Roy, Sanr. R. Ryland,
Tempie Walker, B. B. Douklbbs, Gen. Corbin
Braxton, >1 D ; Muscoe Garnett, Jas. Smith, Fran
cis W. Scott, members of the Virginia Ref . Con.
ihe above list of names could have been en
iarged at discretion but it is deemed sufficiently
extended to secure the attention of the public to
the »acts set fort'i in the pamphlet accompanying
the medicine. The remedy is confidently submit
ted to the larther test of experience. Relying
upon its merits for public favor, he only asks for it
a trial
Ihe genuine article will have the initials of the
subscriber stamped on the mouth of every bottle,
and for each label the written signature of
P. P- DU VAL, Sole Agent.
Ail orders and communications addressed to Dr.
i I'. Duval, at King William C. H., or to the Pro
prietor, Dr. J. Duval, at Stevensville, Va.
For sale in Richmond, Va., by PURCELL, LADD
& CO , wholesale agents, and by THOMAS MC
gists generally.
Price 621 cents and Si per bottle.
Manufactured by P. P. DUVAL, M D., sole
agent, King William Court House, Va., to whom
all orders should be addressed.
'i he following certificate speaks for Itself:
ISckges't:,he, Northumberland, April, 30,'51
1 have us d lir. Duval's Family Anti
spasmodic in a variety of cases, with the most
astonishing mccees, such as Crapulous diseases,
flatulent a'd Bilious Colics, and in one instance, in
t.ie most dangerous of Colics, known commonly as
ttie ilial passion. Besides, 1 have used it in Chol
era Morbus, Diarrheal, Dysentery, Dysmenorrhea,
and Menorrhagia, and also in those diseases wherf
there isau undue balance of nervous energy, such
as Hysterical Hypochroudiac, &c. In a word, I have
used it in many case?, under my care, when an
anodyne or antispasmodic was c tiled for, and 1
do, with much confidence in its value, recommend
*« .® P u ''' !t; as the in certain and safe Family
Medicine of its class. [Signed]
fe2s—-3: rt .viy WM. R. PURKINS M. D.
VV"' 1 . , r AN,> I>INK ukhino.-CHAS
. , .1 Alll \\ ELL 6i CO. have in store a new ar
t.c; ■ ot White and Pink Merino,suitable for jacks,
> isettes, Capes, to which we solicit a call at
IA.»IE* lUVEIt CEMENT.- 1050bbis.now
♦I ol and for cah- by
R. UAX KIN, Solo A j^nt
Ul I. \ |« LOI ft—Ot choice bruit Ja, t*ud
superior qualirv, lor si!e by
» tierce* hnd hall tierces, receiving direct from
fc 25 WILLIAMS & BftO.
Washington, Feb. 34.
In Senate, petitions were presented for mo*
dificntions of the Tariff. The Committee on
Foreign Relations was discharged from the
consideration of petitions asking that tho deci
sions of the Board of Commissioners on Mexi
can Claims he revised.
Mr. Borland offered a resolution that the
electoral vote of the next Presidents! election
be placed on the basis of the new apportion
ment of representation. The lowa Railroad
bill was then taken up and debated.
Iw tiil House or Representatives Me
morials for the removal of the U. S. Mint from
Philadelphia to New York, were presented.—
[It is understood that the committee of Ways
and Means will report in favor of a branch mint
at New \ork.J The Missouri Railroad Bill
was taken up and debated.
Arrival of tfac City of t:in» R ow.
Philadelphia, Feb. 24.
The steamer City of Glasgow, which left
Liverpool on the 4th Feb. has arrived. The
Cambria, w hose advices are already published,
eft Liverpool on the 7th, three days later.
Flour—Sales of TOO bbls. Howard Street Flour
«t 84 25
Chain stead;
Flour.—Sales of 7,000 bbls Southern at $5 to
$5.12. Grain—Unchanged. Cotton dull at yes
terday's decline ot i.
ton's Vegetable Tincture! The great discovery
of the age. Read, Read, Read. Joy to the world,
hope for toe afflicted. More testimouy from home.
Can any unprejudiced mind in the world ask
stronger testimony or more convincing proof of
the great restorative and curative powers of Hamp
ton's Vegetable Tincture than given below. The
writer is one of our mo3t highly esteemed citi
zens, a man of integrity, anc ii is extensively
known, has been for a long time suffering under
disease, his altered appearance now is a subject of
remark, and gives additional testimony ani weight
to the certifiDate below. He is also the son of the
old Doctor Dunan, whose great skill as a Physician
is well known to most of the oldest inhabitants of
this city.
Baltimore, Feb. 9th, 1852.
Messrs. Mortimer &l Mowbray—Gen lemen
It is with real pleasure that I am able to attest to
the general healing and curative powers of Dr.
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. Some time du
ring last November I was taken with a very bad
and serious cough. I was advised to take Ccd
Liver Oil, and did 60, but getting no better, I was
induced to try your Tincture. I got one bottle,
and before I had used it all my cough left me. Per
mit me a : so to state that for the last 15 years I
have suffered very much from Acute Rheumatism
and Vertigo, confining me, at times, to my bed. 1
am fully convinced that I owe my present good
health to the use of the Tincture and a kind Provi
You are, my friends, at liberty to use this as you
may think proper, and believe me
Yours, very respectfully, G. DUNAN.
N. B.—l can be seen any time at the Mayor's of
fice. G. D.
Portsmouth, Va., Aug. 18, 1851. -
Mr. J. B. BOU3H: —Sir, While I am in generaioj
posed to Patent Medicines, candor compels me to
state, that 1 have great confidence in the virtues of
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. Forsever
al months past I have used it in my lainily, and it
dyspepsia, loss of appetite, dizziness and general
debility, with entire success. So far as my expe
rience extends therefore, I take pleasure in recon -
mending it to the afflicted as a safe and efficiei t
remedy. lam respectfully yours,
Chaplain U.S. Navy.
Portsmouth, Va., Aug-18,1851.
Still Another Witness for Hnmpton's
Vegetable Tincture.—This certificate is from
one of our largest and most enterprising farmers
— the owner of those splendid oxen exhibited at
the late Agricultural Fair, and who, in person, done
the ploughing, with the tame, that took the pre
mium. We mention this,as before Mr. Horne took
the Tincture, his condition was such as to despair
of even visiting the fair, much less taking such a
laborious part as he did, to the astonishment of
those who had seen his state a short time before.
Baltimuhe, February 4, 1p52.
Messrs. Mortimer Sc. Mowbray—Gents: Having
been afflicted with Chronic Inflammatory Rheuma"
ti.-m for some time, in it* worst form, I tried every
remedy that came witlrn my reach, without any
success ; in fact, my sufferings increased with every
new remedy I tried, until 1 was scarcely able to
walk, from the dreadful pains and swelling in my
limbs. 1 had also an ulcer formed on my right
wrist, which gave me intense pain.
When in this condition, Mr. Scott, Conductor on
the Susquehanna Railroad, with several others,
called my attention to the many wonderful curej
made by Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. I deter
mined to give it a trial, as a last resort. You well
remember my sufferings at the time I got the Tinc
ture from you—they were almost past endurance.
I am happy now to inform you, that in r short
time after taking it, I was relieved from pain, ind
could walk without difficulty, and in about four
weeks I was enabled to take part in the ploughing
match at our late Agricultural Fair. The ulcer on
my wrist is now entirely cured, and I am in the
enjoyment of the very best health, with no symp
toms of my old disease. All of which I fed bound
to say, I owe to the great healing and restorative
powers of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture.
My great confidence in it has induced me to re
commend if to others, and 1 have also seen its good
effectJ in a number of cases. My little daughter,
who had been in bad health for some time, no me
dicine seamed to reach her case, or to do her any
good, until I gave her this Tincture of Hampton's,
which soon restored her to robust health. 1 do,
therefore, cheerfully bear my testimony in favor of
this valuable medicine, and 1 wish you to send me
a dozen bottles, that I may always have it at hand.
Yours, respectfully, ELISHA P. HORNE,
Monckton Mills, Baltimore county.
Hampton's Tincture isthegrtat purifier of
the bluo i —will cure Scrofula, Rheumatism, Colds,
Cough, Liver Complaint, Diseases of the Throat and
Breast, A c.
Call and get a pamphlet gratis, and see facts,
cures of men who are known.
For sale by O. A.HTRECKER, Main street, Rich
mond ; (i. B. JONES &. CO., Petersburg. Va;Dr.
COOKE, Fredericksburg; MORTIMER & MOW
BRAY, Baltimore; and by Druggists generally,
fe 25
NE W BOOKS . —Story's Miscellaneous
Works, edited by his son, Wm. W Story.
The Works of Quintus Horatius Flaccus, illus
trated chiefly from the remains of ancient art, with
a life, by the Hev. Henry Hart Milman, London.
Raveriscliffe, a Novel, by ihe author ol Time, the
Avenger, Adelaide Lindsay, Mordaunt Hall, The
Wilmingtone, Angela, Kmilia Wynoharn, Lettlce
Arnold. Two Old Men's Tales, &c , Bvo., paper.
Price 37J cents. ;
Life %nd Works of Robert Burns, edited by Ro.
Cham ers: vol I—7sc
Maurice T>erney, the Soldier of Fortune, by Chas
Lever—so cents.
Meig's Valpeau's Midwifery, a new editio».
TheMedicoi Student, Vade Mecum,by Wenden
hall, a new edition.
Review of Materia Medica, for the use of Stu
dents, by John B. Biddeli.
lUnkiug's Half Yearly Abstracts of Medical
Sciences ior ISSX—I vol. Bvo, sheep.
No 14 Ranking's Half Yearly Abstract For sale
fe 25
G. UANO.—7OCH> bags, genuine No. 1, Peruvian ;
f Plaster—7s tons Quebec and City ground;
Lime—Bso ti res Tbomaatou and Washington,
Clover Seed—l2s bushed, new crop, for sale oy
fe 25 8. McOKUDKR & SONS.
NEW ItAC'OM. —70,i>0u Iba. Western Sides and
Shoulders, prime quality; 30,000 lbs. City
cured, for -ale by
fe 25 S. McnRUDER.It SON 3.
CiOTTON YARNS,—IOO bale*, No. o. tj 12,
' Union Mills, tor sale by
Bacon hides, khoulded^ami)
BRKAsT IMKCLS, landing per steamer, and in
•tore, for sale by JOHN U. CLAIBORNE.
.... mioum ornci,
14th Street, i><«r KwfcMn H«t«l.
,?<*• Keatuclsy, Clm 44, Feb. S3 s
?1 63 13 78 61 18 9 34 98 77 97 39 29.
XT*™ 9 !* 0 * Kentucky. Extr, 47, Feb 93:
70 St» 41 10 44 37 34 93 53 14 7 1.
Whole 14 J7 70, a prixe. LAMBERT.
Kpntuck y Bt " te Lottery, Claw
t s ', Capital. *30,990, 5,000, 3,000, 9,000, 900 of
.%►«, being the loweit three namber prize#. 78 num.
bera, 19 drawn. TlclteU tip. fe 95
Baccessor to J. W. Mairj Ac Co., «im.
Prawn Noa. Kentucky Lottery, 44, Feb. 23:
71 65 13 78 61 18 9 34 4JB 77 27 39 29:
To-Day-— l Capital*: f30,290, 6 of 5,000, 6 of
3000, 7 of 2000 200 of 550, «c. 78 number., 12
drown Ticket* §10.
Jo-Morrow.— Capital: $22,500. Tickcti 15
le iJo
Implement* Furnlahrd at the Mine.
Let all the world «»y what they may,
II you want good prise*, just "step thia way:"
1 nwi with LUCK are a* plenty as toy*,
For just remember he 1* one of the " bkoys."
Splendid Scheme for To-Dny.—Susqne-
C«nal — 1 prize of S:10,000,1 of 20,000, lof
10,000, lof 5,001,1 of 3,000,1 of 2,87J, 50 of 1.000,
&e. 73 number*, 13 drawn. Tickets 810.
Small Lottery To-Day. Tickets ®2 50.
. '^? ou , v r?. Nt splendid prize*, juit remember there
is a Gold Mine on Pearl street, at
fe2s C B. LUCK'S. !
(Chalk's old stand.)
Drawn No*. Patapsco, 72, Feb. 23:
34 78 55 22 75 52 19 40 27 44 74 36 77 49 33 15
Fop To-Dny.—Susquehanna, 9-Capitals —
*30,000,5,000, 3,000, 2 870, 2.000, 1,000, 50 of 1,000
50 of 500. 78nuttbers, 13 drawn. Tickets $10 '
Also, Small Fry. Tickets $2 50.
f » 25 W. H. STATHAM.
Drawn Nos. Kentucky, No 44, Feb. 23 •
71 65 13 78 61 18 9 34 28 77 27 39 29
Drawn Nos. Kentucky, Extra, No 47, Feb <>4 ■
«m.' 3 , 8 J, 1 70 59 41 10 64 37 34 23 53 14 7 1
VV hole Nos. 1 23 37 "I
Tickets 14 38 71 . Four prizes sold and paid by
23 34 59 \ STRATTON. 7
41 53 64 J
For To-Dny.—Kentucky, No. 46. Capital •
•30.290 Tickets 810. fr 25
Splendid Lottery for this Dnv Capitals:
8.10,000, 20.0C0, 10,000, 5000, 3000, 2870, 50 of 1000,
50 ot 500, 4c. 78 numbers, 13 drawn. Tickets
only $10.
Also, thePatapsco Lottery.—Capitals: $9,215,5
of 1800, &c. Tickets 82 50.
Drawn Nos. of Washington, Class 13:
2 54 36 73 50 16 71 20 33 75 70 61 41 64
fe 25 C. \V. PURCELL.
" CEMENT —Having been appointed the agent
for the James River Cement, for the city of Rich
mond, I bet' leave to call the attention of the public
to this superior quality of Cement, so extensively
known through the country as to need no comments
from me. I will always keep on hand a full sup.
ply of this superior article, and sell at the lowest
possible prices. ROBT. RANKIN,
te> 21 Corner 22J and Water st».
Tilth IIOX.—I 'have a (quantity of Box,
large size, which makes a very beautiful and
orn mental tree. These shrubs have been cultiva
ted with great care, and as the season is comin*
when they can be transplanted. 1 wou'd be glad to
dispose oi them. For sale by
fe2->—lw O. A. STRECKER.
ing, for sale
55 cases superior stick LICORICE,
50 bbls Coff e SUGAR
30 do sugar house SYRUP
75 do N. O. MOLASSES
38 hhds Cardenas MOLASSES
20 do prime Bicon SIDES
50 bushels CLOVER SEED
fe 25
fcCOHA OATS.—SOO bushels expected in a
few days, represented to be very superior, for sale
FMIU.tI.VN, and old Pailosopher, a Swede by
• birth, takes great pleasure in offering his ser
vices to the citizens of Richmond and in vicinity, in
Astrology, Physiognomy, and Signs, and gives true,
correct, and satisfactory information, having made
predictions to Napoleon in 1812, previous to his
downfall in Moscow. He can be consulted in mat
ters of Love, -Marriage, and of the future events of
life. Mr. S. has travelled through the greater part
of the world, during the last forty years, and all this
time has endeavored to enlarge his knowledge by
all things he ever heard or saw. He takes pleasure
to assure the puKic he is willing to give the neces
sary information to all who will favor him with a
Terms—Ladies 25 cents, for reading the planet
in full, 50 cents; Gentlemen 50 cents; for reading the
planet in full, Si.
Colored ladies and gentlemen are also invited to
Nativities calculated according to Geomancv
for ladies 82, j n full 83 j Gentlemen 83, in full!
His office is on 18th etreei, between Main and
Cary street, second h use from Main street. Of
fice hours from nine o'clock in the morning till nine
o'clock in the evening. fe 20—lm*
i FECI ION P E RI" ECTE D .—Citizens and
rtrangers visiting the city are earnestly invited to
call and examine this gem of the art, this beautiful
daguerreotype of this handsome and most wonder
ful lady, Lola Montes. Those who have already
seen this picture pronounce it magnificent, and
have been so charmed and delighted "both with the
picture and the fair, noble subject, that they have
returned to it again and again, influenced as it were
by "some wild melody/' Copies for breast pins,
rings, &c, can be obtained of the subscriber.
fe *• ' 10l Main street, Eagle Square.
mity with a decree of the Circuit Court of
Chancery tor Henrico county, pronounced on the
20th day of June, 1850, in the suit of the Mutual
Assurance Society against fire on buildings in the
State of Va., plaintiffs against Ann Survay, Norman
Meade, and , his wife, who, before her inter
marriage with the sa d Norman Meade, was
Survay, heirs at law and legatees of Benoni Jack
son deed., defendant,l shall, as commissioner ap
poin'ed by siid decree, sell at public auction, on
the premises, to the highest bidder, for cash, on
the 19th day of March next, the building in the
bill mentioned, described as lying and being in the
city of Richmond and in the county ol Henrico,
011 the southeast of Nicolson street, at Rocketts,
between Richard Denny's ground, on the north
east, and Sjlvia A. Hopkins, on the south wept,
subject 11 the dower right of the said defendant,
Ann Survay therein. Sale to commence at 4
o'clock, P. M. P. B. JONES,
—dtds Commissioner.
SCHOOL.—'T.ie subscrioer pro
poses opening a SINGING SCHOOL in the
Vestry of the Presbyterian Church, on Church Hill,
commenting on Monday evening, March Ist,
at 4 o'clock. P. M., to continue three evenings in
each week: JHondnys, Wednesdays and Frl
dnys. A thorough instruction will be given in the
rudiments' and science of Music. A" Piano aud
Black Board will be used, and children learnt to
read music with as much facility as their native lan
guage. Persons de-irous of attending, are request
ed tobe present on the first evening. Twenty-four
lessons, 82.
PIANO FORTE.—After much and long expe
rience in teachingin the different citi.-sat the North
the subscriber would respectfully announce to the
citizens cf R chmond her inteutioc of lemaining in
this city, t>r the purpose of teaching the Piano
Forte. She will also give private lessons in Singing
to any who miy desire her services. Exercises
will be introduced and practised, which will not faii
to bring out the full strength and tone of the voice
so that those supposing themselves possessed of
only a weak, nervous voice, will be happily fur
prised to find themselves in possession of the un
told wealth of firm, clear aud powerful tones Re
sidence at Mr. B. Wardwell's, Marshall street, at the
head of 24th street, on Church Hill. She is permit
ted to refer to the fol'owinj gentlemen:—Hon F
11. Morse, Bath, Me.; Hon S. E. May, Winthrop,
Me.; E. S. Cummings. Teacher of Music, Boston;
Miller Clark, Esq., Winthrop, Me.; Daniel Pik«, Esq.,
Augusta, Me.; Kiel Barn' koy, Professor of Music,
Sweden; A. W. Frenyel, Professor of Music, Ger.
many; E. U. Jones, M D., Augusta, Me.
fe 19-lw* HARRIET M. JONES.
°P belt * Mr*. Potter.
B rtnd Pm de Dew*, entitled LA
WANOLA.by. ..Mad'lle Clocca and Mona. Careae.
To conclude with the laughable farce of
timothy Dandelion. Mr. Burke
Di rp- Prlcea of Admission—Boxes 50 centa
n,i S^ nU; Centre Gallery 50cenU; Colored
Uallery 2o cenu; Eaatern Gallery, for white per
«on», 12j centa. f 6 &
Scientific and Experimental Lecture*,
WHITNEY ha* the pleaaure of an
tinnn,? n ? 0 r5 n S I? » hat bi ' ev,,nin S 8 Br e to be con
llrn l Fellows' Hall, Monday, February
23rd, and every night this week; and that he will
P s'"r, tn ,' 88 heretofore, numerous striking and
beautiful, astonishing: and amusing experiment*
and mysterieu'e. The wonder anl admiration of
all who witness them.
0 .^ 0 .°" ,°Pl n "7, to commence at 7* ; and close
at -Jo clock. Tickets 25 centa, one ticket admit
ting b gentleman and lady; extra lady 124 cents;
children accompanied 12J cenu. fe 23—U
t0 ar) aounce his only Ballard enter
cSfV,Tnr»lr,l f,i? ea i? 0 "2 on Satu rday evening, the
28th instant, at the Exchange Concert Room, inclu
ding the following songs:
''The Irian's Complaint;" "I see thee smile
sweetly ; John Anderson, my Joe," The " Maid
ot Dee ; " Morning, Noon, and Night;" " The
« P, 0 °, r C " Lan,{, "t of the Irish Emi
thn«„ ',hrii7 I }* ye 8 ,oft us " Oh, touch
those thrilling chords again ;" •' My Naunce, O •"
Let us love one another;" and " The May
BoolTl2i cts " ParU ' to commence al 8 o'clock;
Tickets 50 cents, to be had at H. P. Taylors Mu
tic Store, and at the Exchange Hotel. fe 23— -ts
on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings of
this week Subject of the Ist Lecture-" The
distinctions between Organic and Inorganic Sub
stances; of the second," The distinctions between
y e S et able Substances of the third,
dom*" ' nClp Divisions of the Animal King.
Pricc of Tickets.—For the course, 50 cents •
for onelecture,2a cents; forsaleonly at the door-
Doors open at 6J o'clock ; lecture begins at 7J.
fe o 3 _ d( " K CuMMITTEK ON THKAtMNSux
j WANTED—To rent a small, genteel resi-
MaLdence, within ten minutes'walk of the Banks
Address Bent, this office. fe 21 lw
The place recently owned by Mr. VVm.
Sizer is tor rent. Apply to
le 17 J. T. SUTTON, Jr.
eenbers invite the attention of iaimers and
others interested in the cultivation of the soil to
heir stock cf Agricultural Works, made quite
tomplete by recent additions. Several new Works
cay be seen, NASH & WOODHOUSE.
in booksellers, Stationers and Dealers in Piano
Ko rt* 8. fe2s
DISSOIjUTION.—The co-partnership hereto
fore existing under the style of LUMPKIN
Si. THOMAS, is this day dissolved by mutual con
sent The name of the firm only used in liquida
tion. JNO. N. LUMPKIN,
February 18th, 1852. JAS. D. THOMAS.
J AS. D. THOMAS will continue the DRUG
BUSINESS at the new store, corner of Frank
lin and 17th streets, where a call from his former
patrons and the public is respectfully solicited,
fe 19—lm
WE bring glad TIDINGS of great joy
TO THE halt, the lame, the soke,
AND HIE STIFF-JOINTED—The action of this
Liniment upon the human organization is truly
wonderful Its volatile, penetrating, soothing and
healing properties diffuse themselves to the very
bones. It enters into the circulation of the blood,
gives a new impulse to the whole nervous system'
stimulates the absortents and secretion', and thus
assists nature to throw off and rid herself of any
diseased action of the nervous chords or ligaments,
making it equally applicable to sores of any kind'
rheumatism, or PAINS IN ANY PART OF THE
BODY, giving abundant reasons of its great effi
cacy in so many different diseases. While it is
perfectly harmless to healthy flesh, skin or bone, it
acts upon scientific pcinciples and FIXED LAWS
OF IHE CREATION. Were this Linimant
known here, it would be useless to give any account
of the very many cures it has performed in the
Western States, but a very brief statement ol a few
may prove satisfactory here.
A shocking Bnrn.
William Milner, P. M„ Mount Moriah, la., Oct.
llth, says: "His young child walked into afire,
(made out doors for washing,) and fell down into
the fire with his hands and face, and was shockingly
burned Two bottles of the Mustang Liniment per
fectly cured the child in a few days."
Inflamed and Caked Breasts.
Mrs. 8., ot St. Louis, white nursing a young
child, one nipple became very sore, and the breast
inflamed, and caked very hard. A few applications
of the Mustang Liniment healed the nipple, re
moved the hardness and inflammation, aud the
breast was well in a few days.
Salt Rheum.
Mrs. Anna M. Price, of St. Louis, has been af
flicted for years with Salt Rheum in her hands.—
They were inflamed and swollen, with painful itch
ing and burning. Sometimes the irritation would
subside, and the skin would peel off, and large and
frightful cracks would open almost to the bones.
After long trial with the Doctors, a few bottles per
fectly cured her.
Mrs. Hughes, of st. Louis, had a very severe
attack of Inflammatoiy Rheumatism in the back,
shoulders, and arms tor ten days, without getting
any relief from her physicians, wu9 cured with two
fifty cents bottles of the Mustang Liniment.
We only ask a fair trial of this valuable Lini
ment in the cure of Strains, Bruises, Cuts, Galls,
Scratches, Sweny, Pole, Evil, Fistula, Big Head,
Spavin, King Bon.-, Wind Galls, Cracked Heels, or
any wound, stillness, or enlargement of bone or
muscle in horses. We have many certificates to
those cures, and, therefore, am confident it will
give perfect satisfaction, and effect all we recom
mend for it.
A. G. BRAGG & CO., Sole Proprietors, St.
Louie, Mo
%_Sold by Druggists generally, and by
PURCELL, LADD, & CO., Druggists.
ja 15—eoi6m ' ss
OOD WAKE.—The subscribers, agents for
the manufacturers, keep constantly on hand
Painted Buckets, two and three hoops; Flour Buck
ets, Bail Boxes, Painted Tubs Sugar Boxes. Brooms,
Washboa-ds, Bread Trays, Wooden Bowls, Sieves,
Knife Trays, Lemon Squeezers, Bread Rollers,
Water Dippers, ifcc., Slc.
HARDWARE AT- COST—The subscriber,
intending to discontinue the sale of Hardware, and
wishing to have necessary alterations and repairs
made in the Store, preparatory to confining tnem
selves exclusively to the sile of Dry Goods, will
sell at cost, or cash, or approved negotiable notes,
at four months, their large and desirable stock of
both Dry Goods and Hardware.
Merchants, planters, and others, will find it to
their interest to examine this excellent stock of
Goods, which will be sold at either wholesale or
fe 23—ts No. 106, Main street.
Here we go, for the very first time,
To say a few word*, in the way of a rhyme:
Minnis Sl Wasson, No. 35J Main Street,
Have enlarged, and refitted their gallery n«at.
Their lightls enlarged, no better you'll find,
" are pleasant, obliging and kind.
With every improvement, and artists of skill,
1 hey will certainiy please, try them who will.
Ladies and gentlemen, we say one and all.
It you wish a good picture, give M. Sc. W, a call.
Galleries, 35J, Main street, Kichmoi.d; Svca
more street, Petersburg, Va. f e 23
ABljJlliiuslsi NAlLS.—Cumberland brand,
NK. KIM.-M haU. Jeukiu* tc Dyer's
• brand, for title bv
ay gjggflK
URDAY AFTERNOON, the llit February, 1853.
upon the prmiaea, commencing at 4 o'clock, two
•mall framed tenement*, on the rut line of 10th
•tnjet, between Byrd and Canal streets, (apposite to
MifraFactory,) each of which rent* for tWper an
um. Tcrmi—4 months credit for approved en
%Z£?egoti^le interest pu?-
chaaer to pay the taxes for the present year,
n* rp. ... w. GODDIN, And-
Timea will copy. fe 18-dtds
we«hf*r 50 ,m^w^f2. ,t E. onpd on "ceountofbad
4 L^ ED vT EB&AY ° ext - «"> 25111 Fel >-
3 to , :S; te ' U place without
1e23 W. GODDIN, AucL
V A betw?El? *5? a»d"A T a?
THURSDAY AFTERNOON, the 26th Febra.™
185 , upon the premUe*,comm«ncin2 at 4 o'clock
two 1 rained dweillugi on the east line of 6th be'
tween Cary and Canal street*, occupied by Me«*r*
Thoma* Buter and W. H. Suter The loU front
together 50 feet, extend ii rear 130 feet. Be*idea
the two dwellings, there is on the premise* a large
brick machine shop. Terms accommodating, ad
made kn jwn on the day of sale.
Republican will copy. fe 18
& CO., intending in a few days moving in their
new Store Room, No. 134, Main street, will now
otfer their desirable stock of Ready Made Clothing
at cost for cash, in order that they may open next
month in their new Store Room, with an entire
new stock of Spring and Summer Clothing. All in
want must very soon avail themselves of the great
est opportunity for bargains, as t he 'ime is limited.
No. 132, Main street, opposite Eagle Square.
N. B.—We shall, by the 10th of March, have open,
in our new Store Room, No. 134, Main Street, oppo
site Eagle Square, a large and one of the richest
stocks of Ready Made Clothing, ever offered to the
people of Old Virginia. We solicit all who will be
in want to give us a call, and.respectfully return our
sincere thanks to our old patrons for their former
libe; al patronage.
fe 20 J D. G. & CO.
subscriber has taken the Icehouse formerly be
longing to Rankin and Whitloek, and has contracted
for Ice at the North, and tlatters himself that he can
supply the citizens of Richmond with as good Ice as
any person in the business. He has also engaged
the services of the same drivers that were in the
employment of Mr. W. last season, so that the pub
lic can rely on receiving the very best of attention
when they hear the horns commence to blow. The
Shocke 11 ill customers can depend upon having
Miles, the red whiskered man. to serve them.
The patronage of Rankin & Whitlock's old cus
tomers, and the public, h respectfully solicited.
Can be seen at R. Rankin's office.
The subscriber is authorized to sell those three
brick dwellings on Bank street, between 9thandloth
streets, occupied by Mrs. Claiborne as a Boarding
house. Three tenements are built in the beet man
ner, and being so convenient to business men, pre
sent many advantages. Besides the beautiful Capitol
Square, and the handsome fountnins in front of
them, offer many attractions. They will be sold
separately, or together, upon accommodating
terms. Apply to
fe 21—1*? W. GODDIN.
Tuition of the frexch lan
guage—The subscriber offers his services
as a teacher of the French Language, and solicits a
share of public patronage.
fe 19—M&Thts M B. POITIAUX.
FENDERS! FENDERS!!—Ot Bronzed Iron
and Brass. A fice variety, for sale by
fe 24—2t 137 Main street.
TO THE LADIES.—Just received, a fine as
sortment of Bloomer Combs, sjme quite new
styles. L. GINTER, 137 Main street,
fe 24—2t
Exchange Office,
UNCURRENT Bank Notes, Gold. Silver, Sic.,
_&c., &c., bought and sold. fe 23—10t
OC/~jBOXE3 TIN PLATE, embiacing an assort
ment of nearly all sizes, including 14 by 20
bright and leaded for rooting, Pig Tin, Zinc, Spel
ter and Bar Lead.
125 bushels Clover Seed, receiving and in store*
feb 24 S. McGRUDER Sc SONS.
&CKEWARO,—I will give ihe above reward
'J for my child Marietta, about six years old, if
delivered to Mr. Wm. M. Harrison, in Richmond!
or $10 if delivered to myself, at Harris Ladd's, in
Charles City county.
feb -24—2t*. JOHN M. KNERR.
GLASS, Slc., 92, Main street, Richmond, V*., are
now receiving their Spring atockof Drugs, Died*
icincs, Dyes, dkc., the whole making a large and
well assorted stock, which they offer at lowest rates
in lots to suit purchasers.
N. B—Particular attention to packing and for
warding order*. feb 24.
Albata spoons and forks
The above important and necessary articler for
housekeeping are Imported direct by me from the
celebrated manufactory of "Yates & Sons," Shef
field, and are plated under my own inspection, with
pure silver; can be engraved as well as silver, and
for use are equally as good, for sale by
feb 24. L. GINTER,
137, Main street.
Office Va. F. and ill. Insurance Co., (
Richmond, February 23rd, 1852. )
THE regular annual election of seventeen Di
rectors for this Institution, will be held at the
Company's office on MONDAY next, Ist March.
fe 23—dtlM Secretary.
WANTED, a middle aged WOMAN who can
come well recommended, to take charge of
a Boarding House, 4 or 5 miles out of the city.—
Apply at this office. fe 24—2t*
THE undersigned have this day formqd a copart
nership to transact a general Exchange and
Banking Business, under the firm of Maury &
Morton. They will deal in Biils of Exchange Bank
Notes and Coin, and will purchase and sell stocks
and other public securities on commission.
Office under City Hotel, corner Main and Wall
streets. R 11. MAURY.
frb24 J B MORTON.
MKWAItD.—My horse broke loose
from where he was tied, on Cary street,
near Mr. Ford's grocery, on Sunday night last, and
strayed oil, having a saddle, bridle ancl halter on.
He is a small sorrel horse, with bazeface, and three
white feet, about three years old, and is unshod.
The saddle, bridle and halter are new. 1 will give
the above reward for his delivery to me, or to Mr.
A J. Ford, on Cary street. WM. GRAY,
On the Plank Road.
Woodvillk, Henrico county. feb 24 3t*.
NEW BOOKS.—Meigs Velpeau's Midwifery,
a new edition, with additions and illustrations.
The Medical Students' Vade Mecum, by Wyn
denhall, a new edition, greatly enlarged and im
Review of Materia Medica, for the use of Stu
dents, by Jno. B. Riddle.
Ranking'* Half Yearly, Abstract from January to
Dctcenibor 1851—1 vol., Bvo
No. 14 Rankings' Half Yearly Abstract for De
cember 1851.
Maurice Tierney, The Soldier of Fortune, by
Charles Lever.
Raven's Cliff, a Novel by Mrs Mirsh.
The Life and Works ol Ro. Buius, edited by Ro.
Chambers, 4 vols., 12mo. vol. lclo.
Received and for sale by
fe 25 A. MORRIS.
'FANNER'S 01L.—75 bbls. for sale by
NO. 1 COD FISH.—2O tierces for sale by
Li superior, and really beautiful, made of impor
ted French Morocco, and will be sold TWENTY
FIVE per cent, less than usual for the quality.—
Also a lot of beautiful and superior fitting Light
Lilac colored Gaiters.
Manufacturer and dealer la Boot*, Shoe* Trunk*
Vall*oi, Carpet Bag*, Ac. fe S3
THIS PAY. I 'j "
niOH CONfITiBLTS Mtlr-Wrte
H •old, THIS MORNING, 33<h in*t, at 10 o'clock,
•t the residence of Mr. Solon Jenkins, « %o
atMet, the following articles of household fanritare,
to wit: •Mshomy cUn, Ido Hocking Chair,!
CTotbestand, I Walnut Table. 1 Clock, 3 Camtt,
1 Wardrobe, 1 lot of Matting, 3 Mattrasaae*, 3ipil
tow», 1 Bolster, I Bureaus, fWaahatand, 2 Tabic*,
1 Fender, 1 Bedstead. 1 Cot Frame, 1 small Rocking
Chair, and 1 Cooking Store, levied on to satisfy a
Di> tress Warrant in my handa in frvor of Dr. Jane*
Bolton, against aaid Jenkins- AUo. 1 Bead Organ,
•old under order of the Huatinga Court, at
February terra, 1833.
fe 35— It B BLAIR. H. C. C. R.
inst, commencing at 11 o'clock, we wilt aell at our
wharf, at Roeketts, the cargo of the brig Thornaa
A Edward, from the coast of Louisiana, with
338 hhda Sugar, of the favorite red H mark
96 bhds clarified Sugar, from the Bell Air Planta
141 bbls Molasses, prime quality.
The sample indicate* that the above cargo of
Sugar will range from piime to choice quality.
Tkbms— Under 1100 cash, over that amount, 4
months credit, for approved negotiable paper.
Sale without regard to weather.
fe » Auctioneers.
ADDITIONAL —Will be added io the above sale,
50 bags Lazuayra Coflee, prime quality j
S Adamantine Candlea
50 bbls coffee and crushed Bugar
■ 16 - 5 D. M. A CO., Aucts.
n Wakjj. —We have just received an
iwlitT Jw T K lo ® BUver Te » Pots, Goblets,
Spoons, Ac., which, with our previous stock, makes
our assortment very complete.
Silver Tea Service, either by the full set or simrle
g lece - ° ur assortment of Silver Forks, SpooM,
Soup, Oyster and Gravy Ladles, Sugar Tong*/Sugar
Spoons, Cream and Pap Spoons, Butter Knivea, etc .
are very complete and desirable. Call and see
'Eagle Square.
ACCARONf»—I have just received a fresh
ivA lot of this article, which 1 will sell at a low
price. Also .fresh. Figs- AXTONIO PIZZINI,
fe 16 42 Main Street under City HoteL
COST.—lntending to move ab'ut the Ist of
Apr'l to the store now occupied by Messrs Gay,
Mathews A Co , we offer cur entire stock of Dry
Goods at prime cost for cash, or punctual dealer*
until that time. Purchasers will find it gTeatly to
their interest to give us a call. •
fe 17—2w* 110, Main street.
£*£5*3 HOLSE, SIGN painting;
COLORING WALLS, Corner 14th and
Franklin streets, opposite Exchange Hotel.—The
subscriber avails himself of thi9 method to return
his grateful thanks to the public generally for the
very liberal patronage they have been pleased to
bestow on him during the part twelve years he Has
been engaged in the above branchea of hi* profes
sion, assuring his patrons, and othera in the city
and country having work in his line, if they wish it
well executed, with good materials, at low prices,
they would do much for their interests to give him
a call, as he is in the habit of buying his materials
by the quantity, at low rates for cash; he therefore
flatters himself that in no particular will he be be
hind the times, either as to price, beauty,- dura
bility of workmanship. Any job in his way, oi the
value of tirs cents to a thousand dollars and up
wards, will be thankfully received, and faithfully
attended to. A large assortment of Window Glass,
which he would be pleased to work up in old and
new sash very low ; also, a fine lot of seasoned
sign boards »nd prepared tins, which he could
paint to order at short notice,2o percent, leas than
such work ha* heretofore been done. Piease give
him a call. JAMES M. CARTER.
fe 18—3 m ____
HE FINE ARTS.—To the Admirers
and Lovers of well-cut heads of Hair.
—The occupation of the subscriber leads him daily
to meet with heads of Hair cut in the best style, at
the very seats ot fashion.
The perfection of the polite arts consist* in ex
pression, the magical influence of which is addressed
either to the ear, in modulated sound, or to the eye,
in form, color, attitude, Ac. But the original ex
pression of nature is wild, and it can only be softened
by those touches of art which impart grace and dig
nity to the features. No art is so successful in
as that which the subscriber professes, namely:
Hair Cutting and Dressing; in other words, the
skilful arrangement of those luxuriant tresses with
which nature has decorated the seat of human intel
lect. Every painter and sculptor, aa well as the sub
scriber, is aware that the exprersion of the human
countenance is, in a great degree, dependent upon
this arrangement of the Hair, and they always pay n
strict regard to it.
The subscriber may always be found at his DRES
SING-ROOM, in the basement story of the
next to the front door, where he will always be
pleased to receive visitors, and to give their Heads
either a fashionable or a classical expression, a* they
may desire. LOMAX B. SMITH
fe 2—3taw3w
ESHEPPERSON, Lottery Dealer.
nounce* to the public that he hu just opened hi*
office as above, for the sale of Ticket* .in all Lotte
ries under the management of F. Morris & Co, of
Baltimore, and solicits a call from all who are dis
posed to make a small investment with the pros
pect of a large remuneration. fe 19
THE LAST CHANCE.—Weexpected to close
on Thursday, the 26th, to prepare the residue of
the stock for auction, and hare still on hand many
very desirable Goods, which will be offered at con
siderably less than cost, until that time.
fe 20—8f WARREN, FARRI3. * BROWN
cidedly the best article ever yet introduced for the
cure of Bronchitis, Consumption of the Lungs,
Dyspepsia, Asthma, Kidney and Scrofulous A flec
tions, Piles, &c. Price 91 per bottle, which lasts
from six to eight weeks.
Reco nimenda tions.
Baltivgu, March 17, 1851.
Mrs. B. B. Norris: Dear Madam—lt gives me
great pleasure in recommending to public fsvor
your valuable medicine (Cedar Tar) as an excel
lent preventative or curative in the first signs of
bronchial affections, or diseases of the lungs, and
also as a very valuable tonic.
Yours, very respectfully,
Home Testimony.
Dr. William C. Crump, Dentist, of this city, ha*
been suffering from Consumption of the Lungs for
the list five or six years, and has tried almostevery
article recommended in his case, without any real
benefit. When the Cedar Tar was advertised for
sale in this city, he purchased a bottle, and imme
diately derived benefit from its healing and strength
ening properties. At the lime he commenced ta
king it, he was very low, inasmuch that he waa
obliged to give up his office for practice. He 1*
now so much relieved, that he U able to attend to
bis patients, and, by continuing the medicine, he
confidently hopes to be fully restored. Dr. C. hu
kindly volunteered that his case should be made
public, that others might be benefitted. There are
others who are taking the Cedar Tar with decided
benefit, who can be referred to, besides a number
of Physicians in Baltimore, who are administering
it in their daily praetiee.
For sale in Richmond by
P.HORTON REACH,9I Main street,
General Agent for Eastern Virginia.
fy Call and see certificate* of cure. jft #
laeland, Va., March 21,18*9-
fy Mr H. G Fas bell : I have used your Lini
ment, and found it more than you recommended. I
must *ay it is the beat medicine of the kind I ever
heard of. A womtn here i* using it lor what the
doctors call Fungua The disease is said to be mr
curable, butahe thinks you Liniment will accom
plish a cure. _
fe 21—18t J. BOUSE. P. H
BUTCHER'S BAW»r-Bulcber'sK«l*«aj»*
Saws, Cleaves, Flesh Fork* Laws##
Skimmer* and Spoons, for Ajf.
fe23 Corner Mate
fWjALE DRUGGISTS. "qoldcalHbe
JM of the Virginia " d * or £/ of
rsrr— * '

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