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J VOL. 2--NO 165
IrHV DAILY dispatch.
I fig a. COW AR DIN Proprietor.
I UTOH r7pLKA;*aSt*, Eiltor.
. .nwrUontO 50 fl squaiv, 1 taaatti $4 00
! 41 *> ir sertions OTS I do 2moa«ha7 00
1 3 do ICO 1 do 3 do 10 00
! 1 rvlt i 75 1 do 6 do 16 00
1 5" 2 weeks 2 751 I do 1 year 30 00
j £«• ci sinunications ar* chared at ttaa urn*
1 ,55m *d-. .- rtiscnieatt.
j 'U. }r.ft or let* ***** n *tr::%r?, laagsr ad
| ic exact proportion, aad puya'oie iaad-
"_y Adrf-l.S''rr. or. -oo wwk twice
,\ > r thre« terries a wi»ek. w<!'t b» sharped SO
- ;! ■ ihp tirst insertion, au j 37-| centa tor eacn
Murriw notice inserted fv>r 25 cents; Fa
vi . cents, Deaths, without obiSuary or
Vj-a^riu;.». 141 ««u.
IV •. AJtv Dispatch" :s served to m ;>scribers
r z-U a >ar;tr cents per «•<**, payable to the
' -■>: ixt; Price for mailing, 84 ayaarin ad-
r;h»iahfd rrery Friday moroiag, and mailed
\kdollar a year. ToClchs, for S5 sixco
• .."forSl thirteen copies; for 315 twenty co
-j i'or twenty-f'vn copies
Richmond Posi Offlce.
f: Mi art> due and closed ns. follows :
leat Northern Mail, via Washington City
i 1 . M and 3 A. M.; closc* 7 I'. M. and 6
• v s;i>e Mails on thi* route ate furnished from
-nn that departs at 7 A. M„ and will be closed
. t3 P M
: \t oi'thkrn Mail, via Petersburg—Due
V.. aud 6A. M.; close* 3P. M. and 6A. M.
e StaCNton Mail, via Charlott^ville—Due
;t R ..'.rohdcar# at 2 o'clock, P. M., and closes
u at-o'clock, P.M.
TiK Nckkslk City Mail, per Steamers, via
—Due Tuesdays, Thursdays, aud Satur
- -a' t P. M and closes Sundays, Tuesdays and
7 --iuYS at -P. M.
Tts Williamsburg Mail, per Steamers, via
tv irovt uuiains—Da*Tuesdays, Thursdays and
>. .ievsato P. M.. closes Tuesdays, Thursdays
j. i at S o'clock P. M
T:iis Yokktown Mail, via the Grove Landing—
r> Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 6 P.
v c.oees Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at
: P M.
The Chaslks City C- H M»tr., via Swine
t, < -I—l - u e Tuesday*. Thursdays, and Saturdays
i . p M . eioses Sundays, Tuesdays aud Thurs
c,- it -PM.
i'.-.a Lynchburg Mail, via Canal Packet Boots
—TV. dn.'y. except Monday, at 6 P.M., closes daily,
>t Suadav. at 3 P. M.
Tke Side Mails on this roule are furnished by
!->partues of Moaday, Wednesday aud Friday.
Ti-ic Lynchburg Mail, vi» Diinville Railroad
- i Karmville —Due Monday, Thursday and Satur
it 1. P M ; closes Mondsy, Wednesday and
r : i iy a; i i'. M,
Mails also close 'for Lyuchburg on San
c. 1 j-'-'j.iv, and Thursday, at 6, P. M , which
v ■ jispatched via Centrd Ridiroad aud Char
.lie on the mornings of Monday, Wednesday
».d Friday.
Tie Tappahannock Mail—Due on Wednes
(duaa Saturdays at 7 o'clock, P. M , ciose9 on
X i iiv.- <Lad Thursdays at 8 o'clock. P. M
Tt-e WiiLiAMSBUBG Mail, via New Kent C. H.
—rv„; Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9 o'clock, P.
If uid eiof-S Mondays and Tiiui »i4»ya at 8. P. M.
T-z Levis a Horse Mail,via Goodall'ato Fred
•vsburj— Dae Monday and Thursday at 5 P. M.;
: n Monday and Thursday at 8 P. t>'
Ssoet ' ump Mail, via Thrse Chopped Road
I.- TrcviL:aa'» Depot—Due Thuisdays at 11 P M.
ni closet' same day at eP. M
tyof FICE HOURS.—From 8V o'clock, A. M.,
>-"i — the arrival of the Northern Muil, due at: 4 P.
V after tie assorting of thi;t mail until 7P. M.
•j -unii.7 from 31 to A. M., Bad from 6to 7
P. M
p^'.'-thjxipa for the pre-payincnt of postage on
U'tt-'.-s can be had at the office
!'• sons applying for letter* which have been
a .;t:skd. will please so to designate them.
ail transient newspa)»er», aud every
description of printed matter, except news
pi - and periodicals published at intervals not
• liug three months, and wit from the office of
P di.. ato actual and bonn fid:subscribers, post
;s required to be pre taib when. deposited
jn 1 THOS. B. RIGGER. P M.
1 CO. may be consulted, confidentially, for the
t -(Csent of the following diseases: Eruptions,
Lees, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, or en
• « i meuti, Syphilis, and al) morbid discharges,
|w • er recent or chronic. A)«o, all those com
p .i.uu termed female diseaset. The advertisers
i' attention to their chemical extract of Wild
ri. w : rt which may be regarded as the very best
r» ti. ■<: known, to give tone und vigor to certain
#:)a«edaua debilitated organs, its we!! as to renovate
a -yf.' iii shattered by dissipation or other cause.
M-aicines securely put up, with iul) directions,
vi j u t to order. Post paid letters promptly at
'■■ile.j tc. Office on Franklin street, l>elow Ex
\Oi iaje Hotel, and first doo. beto w Trinity church,
r amond.ViTffinia fc 9
» '•>' to purchase Dry Goods very cheap, have only
• ;1 've me a call, as 1 am now selling Barege de
'->< al 124 and one shilling, splendid Brocade
ii'ain dress Silks, Crape Shawls, Paris printed
'! Lame* French Jaconets, S ! JO Parasols of all
Lhwls and Ginghams, French Worted Col
• Curt-, Handkerchiefs aud Sleeves, Sheeting
L j'U,c. 40 inches wide, cents, I.ad'es Hose, 12J
Sheeting, Linen Sneeting, Bed Ticking, Irish
*'• *-•«, superior quality, and wl pure Linen. Swiss
* o, . v 'i Musiin, Mull Muslin, Gl jvei, Loud quality
v- u ico, tii cents, &.c, 6iC
JACOB A. LEVY'S Cheap Stores.
15 and 59 Main street.
i MII.UAN an nid Philosopher, u '.swede by
• ■ ■nr.. takes great pleasure in offering liia ser
' to the citizen! of Richmond and ils vicinity, in
" »'igy, J hyiiognomy, and Signs, und givoa true,
u t. and satisfactory information, having made
- Jiits to Napoleon in 1812, previous to bis
1 - "ill :r. Moscow. H« can lie consulted iu rnat
''' fcf Love, Marriage, aud of the future events of
' Mr. S. has travelled through the greater part
l: t wo.-id, during the ldbt forty yearn, and all
1 ° ;ue Las endeavored to eolaige his kuowledge
things he ever heard or saw. He takes plea
-1: > ar-f are the public hei> willing to give the ne
"»-i y it.'urmation to al) who wili lav or him with
. Ms—l.adiea 25 cent?; for reading the planet
50 cents; Gentlemen 50 ceuts; (or reading
(*'' planet in filll, 81.
' ired .adiea and gentlem jo ai e a)., 0 inritedto
''lavitiei calculated according to Geomancy , for
*2. u.full 93; Gentlemen io lull, $5.
H-u office is on 18th street, between Muiu aud
> J streets, second hou.c from Mtiiu street- Of
• lioure :rom 9 o'clock iu the aiormug till 9 o'clock
'ifr- i-vening. ujli 27—2 m*
I I'ilititTT A: AMUEUMOiV, liPIiOL
--»r Governor and Pianklin Ntreets, are
T* their Spring stocl: ol French and
'r:c«u t'uper Hingln|[», Borden, Fire
and Curtain I'up«rH, making the
lif* ,D d mo«t comp'.et; assortment we have ever
, '.lie pleasure to oner. A large portion of the
I have just been r-jceiveii from the best
' •■ie« ia K.-,.nce,and are of tin richdst and most
•uttful »ty:.;» that are made. We have also on
■ a -' • er*! ajsornr ntof Oiihelal'-rlng Mate*
Curtail Goods, F1 x>i Oil Clotlia, India an
' i M«'L'nf, Window Rl ridf. and Shades, beti
• '1 hair uj shuck Matii eaa*», At-c , al) of which
, *<0•. at a small proai, aud any work la bia
' 'euj^rit o p UM .{ tl!l |jy ( iiu j faithfully executed.
_'tiu 26—
j)Aftt;q«is. BAH :iA IT. 4 -iJaN A
" '* N k-LL 4. CO., No. -M lAiuu Htm#, rrmpect
▼' lI4T te uieir ouitnaoeri «>ud Vui public gene-
JJ c.i.d e tutUte- ttjoi: Ui/;o wut <l;«rable
, a Bwraja LMkih*», wfcbsii they «r«
+?*]*'■ at pricrt low<«f titXi arm l>efi>re
i, ,iu tc.U city. Alto, ltl<«acbod m 4 Browo
Cuftt'4» BiU Mitt*, nod a fena
nt of Bup> tws F«osy Dry Good*, fa
Remaining '» »•» Richmond Pest Office
on tbe :10 th April, JB3ii.
nr Persona callinj lor Letter* iu thia Liat will
please say they are advertised.
Anderson Mrs Unity Archer Miss gall? W
Anderson Mrs Nancy J
Bailey Mr, France* Burnett Mi«s Mary M
Brannan Mra James Boiling Miss Margaret
Beards Mrs Matilda Butler Miss Mary Ann
hajwra Mrs Matilda Burton Miss Matilda F
„ Mrs Sarah W Brewer Miss Mary E
Bonary M t ss Viralnia Berkley Miss Fanny E
Brs*g MUs Sarah L Brooks M.ss Eliza E
Bi iford Miss t«arah Barker Miss HersiUa 2
brown Miss Sarah F
Cohbs Mrs A P Cary Miss Roberta 2
Crowley Mrs Ann E Cunningham Mies M
Curtis Mrs Liiz&beth Claiborne Miss Lucy A
Coleman Mrs Mary Caruthers Miss C V
' art Miss Jane Carter Mrs Mary
Chapiu Mrs Sarah L Cauthorn Miss Adaline
Curren Mra Lucy L »
Dixon Mrs Louisa Dugal Miss Margaret M
Dantortii Miss Virginia Daniel Miss E R
Deawarth Miss Marian Day Miss Emma N
Davidson Mils Maria T Deavenport Miss Ann E
Eubanks Mrs Lucy A 2 Ellet Mrs Susan B
Elmore Mrs Mary J Eiam Mrs Sarah E
Foster Mrs Elizabeth Ford Mrs Virginia E
Ford Mrs Edith B Fore Mrs Virgiuius L
Foster Mrs Mary P Fitzpatrick Miss Elan
Flaherty Mrs Mary Fox Miss Jane H
Fendley Miss M A VV Frees Miss Louisa
F rayser Mrs Mary M Frayaer Miss Amanda S
Gillom Mrs Giles Miss Lucy
Granger Mrs C A Godman Miss M A
Graver Mra Emily J Gardner Miss St#'.i i
Galer Mrs Mary Gordon Miss Susan
Gardner Miss Lizzie Gordon Miss Vim tub
Higbec Mrs Ann Hetzell Miss Cordelia B
Hazlewood Mrs E G Henity Miss E A
Hitchcock Mrs E C T Heath Miss Juiia A
Horn Mrs George Hobkins Miss Josaphiae
Hargrove Mrs H Hanking Miss Lettie
Hopkins Mrs Laura E S Heath Miss Laura A
Hancock Mrs M E Haire Miss Lucy Ann
Hockaday Mrs Martha A Hickman Miss Mary J
Hargrove Mrs Mary W Hooper Miss Mary C
Hanlon Mrs Mary R Hutchins Miss Susannah
Irvin Mrs Mary C Jones Miss Mary
Joy Mrs Ann Jenkins M:ss Mary
Jackson Mrs Mary Jomden Miss Nancy
Jones Miss Harriet M
Kerr Mrs Martha T Kimbrough Miss R
Kane Mrs James O King Miss Mary E
Keppler Mrs H S Kennedy Miss Charlotte
Keiso Mrs Fanny B Kerr Miss Caroline E
Kerby Mrs Eliza
LipfordMrs Frances G Langhorn Miss M S
Lapham Mrs Mary T Lumpkin Miss M E
Lindsey Miss H A Lupsey Miss Sarah
Lipscomb Miss M P
Morris Mrs C A Marston VV
Mitchell Mrs E A Martin Mrs Susan
Monan Mrs Eliza Minor Miss Berfendia
Mougomery MrsH Mans Miss Catharine
Meeks Mrs Judy Monroe Miss Mary A
Marsh Mrs Jane L Mull Miss Sarah M
Masby Mra Susan Mact'arland Miss Susan
McCartha Mrs Maria McLougblin Mra Bridget
McKenney Mrs Sarah R
Norvell Mrs Sallie VV Nefehauf Miss V
Potts Mrs Jane Pepper Miss Mary VV
Payne Mrs Louisa Parham Miss Polly
Potts Mrs SA Parrish Miss Eliza A M
Pendleton Mra James Pike Miss Caroline
Phelps Mrs Charles C Peatress Miss CM
Parnell Mrs Maxy B Perkins Miss Kate
Ray Mrs Virginia Randolph Miss Mary J
Koganni Mrs Sarah F Robertson Misa Lucy R
Roane Mrs Eliza Jane Reed Mrs Emeline
Kobertson Mra C Randolph Miss C H
Rogers Mrs
Shepherd Mrs E Sadler Miss Susan O
SchaffMrs Elizabeth Slade Miss Fannie E
St Clair Mrs Elizabeth Smith Miss F.inny
Swank Mrs Bertha Sims Miss Martha A
Suter Mrs Mary Shepherd Misa Bettie
Taylor Mrs T T Toler Mrs Mary T
Taliaferro Mrs Mary A Taylor Miss E C
Taylor Mrs A E Via Miss Elizabeth
Tiller Mrs Ann E
Walthall Mra Sarah T Wiley Mrs JS '
Woodson Mrs Margaret Wheadon Miss Mary
Wood Mrs Louisa C Waller Miss Olivia D
VValth Mrs Eliza Wash Miss Rosalia V
Winston Miss Catharine Washington Miss Bettis
Woodson Mrs A F Wells Miss Sarah T
Allen Benjamin R Allen Robt G
Araory Edward S Akers Wm E
Archer Dr Carthon Amory Walter
Alexander Jacob Allison W
Booker Wm H Butler Henry G
Buel Mr Browning Henry
Beine Anton Burnett John H
Black Mr Bazinon J M O
Buttiaon Amos Bryan Jno Coalter
Blake Alexander S Blunt JohnL
Beneditto Brune Barnes Jacob
Barrett Beverly Bowzer James
Brown Benj C Bratherick James
Burioot CK2 Bryant John F
Brookes Calrin Bryan J R
Bennest D D Baibour Lucian
Btngs Dewes Booker Lewis
BullardEliiha Brooke Martin P
Bass Frederick W Burch Sam'l
Boughan Flix Barker Roberson C 2
Baker George S Barrett Master Wm S
Barker Garioter Boa well Wm
Brooks George Brooking W B W
Burkes George Brian Wm
Blunt Win B
Carlisle Amos 3 Carlon Capt John 2
Chttpman Gen'i Campbell John P
Crocket Barney Carnea Michael or Jas
Cannon Charles Campbell MH
Carter Emanuel Curry Martain
Cateila Francesco Capentf r Nathan S
Cook Fields Crump Richard M
Carpenter Geo W 2 Cox Samuel H
Caulield George Clark T A
Cousins Henry Cleininitt Thomas
Carey Joshua C Conner Thomas B
Childress Joseph T Cox Dr Thomas E
Christian James 8 Clarke Washington
Child Jacob T Clemmet Wm H
Carter Dr John T Christian Wm
Crowell Joseph L Craig Wm H
Davis Tbos E Deal John J
Daviee Samuel Dretf'et Henry
Davis Robt Daughtry H D
Donnell R T Dunhorn Franklin
De Forest Peter Davenport F G B 2
Dublin* P Bresback Dr E 2
Drake O 2 Dews Edwin E
Douahone Maurice Dodson Edward
Devareagh M Durrett St Evers
Duhaiu Louis Drinkard D S
Derrel Jonas H Drake Dr Daniel 2
Deacon James ft Denson Dennis
Davis John R Donlop Alex
Do woes Jaramiih Davis A M
Edwards Thos J Ellis John H
English RUB Ennun Joseph
Evans OB Ek H*nry
EUet Jr Chan
Foid A J Flan nary Mirheal
Foster Jacob J Fin ton Patrick
Fiction J B Fletcher Stephen D
Ford James W Finton Timothy
Fay Jobs J Fox T F
Foster Jas B Fairbanks Wm N
Foster Jonathan 2 Poland Wm
Fisher John P Ford Wm H
Francisco O
Gage Rev Almond 2 UuUln Ged VV
. Griffith Joseph R
Gatea Berjamm Gary John Hamilton
Gibney B Goddin James E
Green Charles 8 Greely Jacob W
Galbrlth ChaaS Goldschmid Joseph
Gould Caleb L Gleaaon Mike
Gilmon Dudly 2 Good 6c Morrii
Gannung Dr E Gentry P E
Guy Franklin Glenn Robert S
Graves Felix R Graves Robt W
Gary George VV Graham Robert
Guy Geo F Green Thomas
® r '®° W Gay Joaeph
Goddin HJ Gardner Wm
(jraven John Gojnc Washington
Harriaon A T Hood James H
Hamlin Benj Heron John
Hunt Chas Hudson John G
Halkett C H 2 Joseph P
Hunt Chas H HaletT
Hunter Dr D Hudson Lewis T
Horsley & Dewitt HiggiDs Martin 2
Hale D W How el M
Hawley E J Harper Philip H
Hunter Edmund P Harris Paton
Hannon Edward Hopkins Samuel B
Hyer Fredrick Howard Stephen
Hutter Major Geo C Harris TCG
Herbert Henry W Hough Wm
Hicks H C Harding Wm H
Heifer Hardie H Hosie Wm H
Harlow Julius B Hooper Wm M
Hartwell J F 2 Hendrick Wm
Hirshberg Joseph Harris Walter C
Haven Jonn P Hopkins Wm
Hope James Howe J F
Irving Carter H Inglish John
Isaacks Graves W Inded Richard A
Jones Alberts Jennings Jas M
Jones David Jackson Wm M VV
Jones Capt D N Jones Siney
Jenkins George J James Willis
Jones James 2 Jarvis W B
JonesJohnC Jeffres Wm
John John T . Jackson Wm
Kelly Wm Kenneally Lawrence
Kellock Capt Warren D Kennedy Lavingston
Kitty Thos Kendiick Geo W
Lee A G Le Roy Jacob
Lee Albert Lesberger, J Keisch ic
LaineC Ladd Thos M
Leary Dennis Little Richard S
Livesay George W Lipford Richard J
Lord Jas 2 Lowuda Thos b
Lawrence A LeeWmA
Lee Ira Ladd Wm S
Lynch Wm F
Mosby Benj C Magw innJno
Monson Chas H Murphy Jas
Murray M S May J F
Mack Daniel Moran Michael
Magrath Dennis Mandschein Moses
Moore fcldward 2 Muse Nelson
Marshall Edward Mitchell Robt E
Minor George Mountain Samuel P
Mlatin G W Meredith Samuel
Maxwell Henry Marton Thomas
Moton Joseph Mingle Wm
Martin James Morris Wilson
Morrison Jno H Martin Wm H
Mucci Zachariah
McGuffin David C McKenney Peter
McCarty Henry McNamee Robt
McNamaraJno McLean Thos Wm
McLaren John McCloyWmJ
McKallister Jas B McGee Wesley
McCarty Michael McCready Wm
McCaulyWtn Mc Arthur Moses
Nordmeier C Norman J S
Neidt E N uckols S R
Nash Fred'k NailorT
Norria James H Noc'uols Wm H
Obenshain Alexander T Onare Michael
Osborne Albert Oliver Wm
Oley Chas W Orr Wm
Otohin George
Pepper John G 2 Papa Joseph
Pittinos L R Pope Wm G E
Pierson L Pendleton Dr G S
Perry Moses 2 Perry John
Pope R F Perry H M
Powell Robt Prat H
Pridy R W Pettus Henry
Powers Reuben S Pegram George E
Perkins Thos D Patton Geo T
Pettis M T Parker Geo H
Payne Thos Parks Geo 2
Porter Wm L Perkinson Geo E
Phillops James Pollock A A
Powers Jefferson Porter Mr
Pleasants J R
ric wauio u A.V
Quarles Robt E Rosenfield H
Robertson T M, M D Rosentein Isaac
Renford F W Rose Landon C M D
Reed Chas A Rowland Martin
Robinson Edmond Robinson & Russell
Rutiin Edmund Ruflin Robt
Robinson James Roach Samuel
Rile Jas S Ratkiph S
Roach James Ragland Samuel B
Randolph John Ross W E 3
Root Julius Ramsey Wm P C
Roche James
Smith A W 2 Smith James W
Smith A B Slater 4: Jones
Small Augustus Smith John 2
Smith Mr (musician) Starke John W
Squires Chas Shunick Mr
Severance Chas C ShaalierMr
Shee C Collins Stacia Jas B
Siddle E P 2 Smith Marcellus 2
Smith Edward Sizer Mordica
Souther E F Sizer M
Shuman E Sbope Mark A
Sknggs E H Spring Marcus
Shacnerel F Souther Moses
Scott T E Sweeney Michael
Staples Frank Sutton M C
Smith Granville Sims Mad
Ssasel H Stokes Peter 2
Scott Henry C Sullivan Pat
Smith Henry M Sullivan Pat J
S Sc H Messrs Serlock Pat
Sims James Sullivan Pat
Saunders John Slaughter RM
Steele Richard Steptoe Tom
Stebbibs S E Subina Wm
Swaan Dr S R Seuthall Wm
Stringham Samuel L Stewsrd Wm E
S mithmust Tom S Shlllie Wm
Thompson Dr Tbuin Dr Mand^ville
Tulls A Taylor Pat
Tankstord Mr Thompson P M
Turpin E H Taylor Robt
Tuplett John W Tucker Sylvester J
Taliaferro Jacqulin Taylor Wm L
Terrell James O Thomas Wm
Toy Sc. King Messrs Thornton Wm
Vaugban Floyd Verill Henry T
Via Gibson Vogler Henry
Wood Algernon R Webster John F
Whaling Alex L Wells John R
Wiibelm Si B«m Wood John Jr
Wells B T Williams Joseph A
Wright E Whiting Dr Mortimoro
WUeeley Geo W Williams Dr M W 2
Wiley Geo W Wood Peter J
Walker George West Reuben
Woodson Henry T William* Robt
Williams Henry Webb Tbos
Walker James E Whitler Walter C
Whit hurst John Wyatt Wm C
Walker James We#» Wm D
Wilson James E Winston Wm A 2
Watt* Joseph Wilson Wm T
Whittle Conway Wailner R
Washington Henry A
my 1 THOS. B. BIGGER, F. M.
V We have, by recent arrival*, rac«iv©d a large
and choice collection ofoiack Satin, black >nd fancy
Silk, Buff, white and fancy Baff msd
brown Lin®n,.ltali*n cloth, ' Qnm>doth,
Alpacca and fancy Saba Vesta, at No. 108 Main
upacea » CHI LES fc BALDWIN.
ap 19
Once upon a time, a lon»
giant* were as p| en tr i n l«f an d as fle»« W
torn cat, t&ere lived 6n the border, of *
ty Armagh, one Barne MTn'™.? '^ C ? un
fully came under tha atov«^™l * • J' aw *
seven feet high and made in S l' 011,
prowess was welt known La TJ 11 ™;
for many miles round' ° W u®
that grieved Barney affw OBa ,h ', n S
that he could get no one ta' stand
in h.s own country. Now *port sp „ke of a
certain g.aot in Scotland *rho was laboring
under the like grief, and for precisely the «»n£
cause; therefore Barney,
ft,ends on the subject, sent a challenge to the
Scotch giant to "come over to Ireland and get
the conceit taken out of hitiself." After The
due tune the_ bearer of the challenge returned
with word that it had been accepted, and fur
ther stated that he was adviaed to inform Bar
ney, that he had better maka his will, get hiß
coffin made, &c., as he, that lie was about to
encounter, never left his work half done.
"Did you see him 1" asked Barney.
,he me ssenger.
p-l l B he ~ke?' ' * nterr( Mt«ted the giant.
"Faith, Barney, ay.c he's (ike any thing at
all but a mortal being." ♦
"How big is he ?" said Barney, looking any
thing but pleased at the description of hw n
' How big is he, did you say? Faith, he's
ns b'g a* the ould tower furnint the door, an'a
head an' shoulders like Father M'Gurney's
bull, an' by all accounts he'll ait you alive."
Barney began to feel rather uncomfortable
at the prospect before him, and straightway
went to consult his wife, as to what was to be
done in the event of his rival proving to be
such as his messenger had represented. While
they were thus engaged, one of the children
came running in, and exclaimed :
"Daddy, come to the door and see the great
big man that's coming down the hill!"
Barney peeped through the chinks of the
door, und to his great terror, aaw the mon
A look was enough to satisfy him that his
messenger had not exaggerated his account
of him, and turning to his wife he said,' She
la, jewel, I'm ett alive for sartin! Here comes
the Scotch baist to drum your poor Barney."
When Shela heard the approach of the com
ing foe, and her lord's utter inability to wag*
war with one to far superior in strength and
size, she concluded that it was only by some
piece of woman's wit that her husband could
escape from the affair without difhonor, and
accordingly she gently lifted the child out of
the cradle, and depositing it on the bed of the
inner room, made the father get in his place,
and covering him with a quilt, geniiy seated
herself and resumed her work. After a few
moments, in walks the cause of all the distur
bance, and demanded an interview with the
giant. Shela, after motioning with her hand
for him to keep quiet, walked gently across
the floor to where he stood, and in an under
tone told him Barney had gone out in the
woods. The giant informed her thapfae intend
ed waiting his return. "Very well," said Silv
ia, "only dou't make a word of noise for the
life that is in you; for there's uotljing makes
him more furious than to hear the: child cry
ing when he comes home."
By this time the giant had seated Jimself on
a bench and was quietly surveying the apart
ment; but when his eyes rested on the cradle,
with a look of unuttering astonishment, he
asked what was in it? "lnit!"—cHpd Shela,
"don't you see that it is the child that's iu it;
an' Heaven help you if you wake him; the
cray thur didn't get a wink of sleep laat night
with the two back teeth he's cutting." The
giant, with a look of terror and astonishment,
asked what size the father wab ? "Faith an' I
can't tell you, for I never measured him, but
that ga?son (pointing to the cradle) when the
father is angry, runs and hides himself.in one
of his boot''." "Laird save us!" exclaimed
the giant; "I winna mind waiting tbe noo las
see, I maun be gaun, gude morning; and so
saying he took to his heels and never thought
himself safe until he got among the bills of
his own country.
CONGRESS— Thursday.
Senate.—Messrs. Dodge ard Walker pre
sentad several petitions praying for the con
struction of certain railroads iu the State of
Mr. Hamlin reported a resolution in favor o
printing 1,500 additional copies of the report
upon the mail steamer contracts. Agreed
He also reported in favor of printing 17.000
extra copies of the Patent Office report upon
arts and sciences; and also 32,500 additional
copies of the agricultural part of the same re
port. Laid over.
On (nation of Mr. Walker, the bill granting
land to the State of Wisconsin, to aid in the
construction of two railroads in that State*
taken up, and the same was ordered to bfe en
grossed for a third reading.
The bilLproviding for the settlement of the
claims arising out of the military operations in
California was reported, and was considered
nr.d ordered to be engrossed.
The deficiency bill was then taken up, and
Mr. Penrce addressed the Senate in defence
of the administration upon the estimates.
House of Representatives.—The House
resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole
on the state of the Union, and resumed the
consideration of the homestead bill. L
Mr. Walsh endorsed to the fullest extent the
proceedings ofthe Whig caucus, and defended
the South.
Mr. Johnson, of Tennessee, answered
arguments which had been urged against the
Mr. JlcMullen closed the debate in favor of
the bill. , ,
Printing Office Jokks.—lt is custoroarv
in some Printing offices when a particularly
green youth commences lenrning his trade, to
make him the object of various jokes. is
often sent to a neighboring office for an imagi
nary articlejwholly original in the minds of
those who perpetrate the joke. Unce upon a
time, a boywasaent to K 's office for a
"quart of editorial." He was sent buck witfc a
picture ofajackas?. This was rather aerere
upon the jokers—but they imtaediately told
the boy tc go to K——. and tell him it *u
"editorial" they wanted, and not the "Edi
jy Every one who has suffered with frost bitten
feet, rheumatism, ague cake, spinal affection, sore
ness of the breast, £e., knows that H. G. FarrrfTs
Arabian Liniment gives almost immediate relief,
when all other medicines fail; and we verily be
lieve if those same persons had a bottle of this ee
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Main and 14th streets, Richmond, Va.
t7Ts tks CI«»«owa * f . *I®*-
atoasl. sad tMiaagsrs Vlstttag *•£!•[•
If yoa wish to have your hair eat sad fti ssssl la
the most fashions bie aad tasty mauner, andyosr
whiskers changed to a bqsutifiU black or brew*,
then call at tbe American Hair Drewng, &***§
aad Shampooing Saloon, under tbe American Ho-
B.—Hot, eold and shower BATHS at aO
hoars. Price 25 oeots, or five tickets for |L
tyThere are few things which afford us greater
pleasure than aitbng down to write a n itirj.
celebrated Hoofiand Gcrmm
are tally conacloua we are conferring a public be
nefit, and our heart tells us that by mlr notic*
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been rescued from death by Dyspepsia, Liver Com
plaint, Ac., for the cure of whfch it is «r£ in
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German Medicine Store, No. 120 Arch street, Phi'a
delphia. „p g t '
-EP Husbands and Wives. Attention'.—
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture —Extract from
Jamea Harris, Esq.'s Letter, Alexandria, Va.—Af
ter speaking of wonderful cures or. himselt, he
says : "Mrs. H. has been suffcrin? with the liver
complaint and from feelings of inability, constant
ly complaining, with weakness through her whq|e
system. Bhe aow enjoya better health than for
unrty-years, being entirely restored by the use of
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture.*'
J. Geike3, Esq, Loudoun Co., Va.—Extract
from his letter .- "My wife haa been for years af
flicted with great weakness ; pain in the breaat, side
and back: p«lpitation of the heart, feebleness of the
nervous system, loss of appetite, complexion sal
low, tbe sight of one eye almost gone, the other
very weak. I am pleased to say, "Hampton's Tinc
ture" has restored her to perfect health. Her eyes
are as good now as ever they were."
Call on O. A. STRECKER and get a pamphlet
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taus Habits and the Liver, the best Pur.
gative Pill known—Da. ROSE'S RAILROAD
OR ANTI-BiLIOUS PILLS are the best Pills, as
thousands who have used them declare, for purify
ing the blood, carrying off all bile, and producing
a healthy tone to the ltver They are called "Rail
road Pills," because they go ahead of all other Pills
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Dr. Rose's celebrated Family Pills for Indiges
tion, Dyspepsia and Sour Stomach, are also iiv
great demand—price 25 cents, and for sale by Pur
cell, Ladd Si Co, Adie & Gray, Gaynor & Wood
A Bodeker, Bennett Sc. Beers, R. R. Duval, O. A'
Strecker and J. Blair. ja2l—ts
Ef Simons' Pictures of Ladles are su
pers gem 3 ot the art. It is olten wondered why
they are so superior to moat Daguerreotypes. The
reasons are obvious. His delicate process ia so well
adapted to their delicate complexions, hence it is
they are so bright, beautiful and fair. For ladies
dressesi plain black, dark plaid or striped will be
found most becoming. For children, select a clear
day, between 10 and 3. Copies made from Daguer
reotypes and pictures of all kinds. A large and
choice asaortment of fancy Frame', imported Cases,
fine gold Lockets, Pins, Rings, Seals, ice., aelected
expressly for Daguerreotypes, kept alwaya on hand.
Daguerreotype Materials cheap, tor cash.
ap 22 151 Main street, Eagle Square.
Prjsss.—Mucn haa been said in the
public prints regarding the virtues of Bogle's Hype
rion Fluid, and Bogle's Amole. as being respective
ly unsurpassed, the one for cleansing and regenera
ting the hair, and the other for shaving ana wash
ing. These articles have now stood tbe test of the
strictest scientific investigation, and been used by
thousands of our citizens, and are now pronounced
the only articles really worthy of a place, at the
toilet Sold by the invsntor, William Bogle, 277
Washington street
For sale in Richmond by
ap 26—6t 175 Broad street.
BP The Office of tbe New York Her*
aid, Philadelphia Ledger, Baltimore Sun, Baltimore
Clipper, and General Depot for aU the Newspapers,
Magazines, and Cheap Publications, ia at 109$
Broad street, opposite the Broad Street Hotel.
ap 19 General Agent.
just learned from a iady in this city, nbc
has been afflicted witn Dyspepsia for several years,
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Baker's Celebrated Premium Bitters, af
ter having used a number of other prescriptions
without any ett'ect, and that four bottles of it has per
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addidon to the thousands of testimonials in the
haadi of the proprietor, showing conclusively that
it is the best anti-dyspeptic tonic now in U3e. For
cholics, loss of appetite, weak and disordered
stomach, and such other diseases as arise from in
digestion, these Bitters have no equal, while for
ague and ft-ver and biliousness, if t.xen according
to directions, they are a sure cure. As a spring
medicine for children, these Bitters are unrivalled,
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few bottles, judiciously administered, will ward ofl
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Price only 50 cents per bottle.
To be had in Richmond at the Drug Stores of
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LIVER PILLS — Prcpvr ed from the Mate
obtained at the Rockbridge (Va.) Alum Spring*.—
These Pills are confidently recommended as
having all the virtues of the water, and in
many eases they are preferable. In derange
ment of the stomach and bowels, or want of
action in'the liver, their immediate effect upon the
liver and kidneys especially, entitle them to public
consideration. If the patient be bilious they search
•ut the bile and expel it from the system—unlike
all other Pill 3, they may be taken with impunity,
(irrespective of weather,) as there ia nothing in
them calculated to injure say one- In cutaneous
diseases and eruptions of the skin, of whatever
sort, they are a sure remedy, and particularly effica
cious in diseases such aa females are subject to,
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ly be styled an universal remedy, as they are de
cidedly the best in use for the cure of all diseases
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b£ comes invigorated, and the patient is restored to
perfect health. They are carefully prepared and
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For sale by JOHN H. SEAY'RES, Colombian Ho
tel, Purcell, Ladd &■ Co., Main street, S. M.Zachris
soa it Co., Druggists, Broad street. O. A. dtrecker,
Druggists, Market Bridge. Richmond ; James Cooke
& Co., Fredericksburg; Rushton, Clarke Si Co.,
New York; Dyott Sc Son, Philadelphia; E. L
Stroecher Sc Co., Macon, Ga; F. J. Sampson, Pow
hatan Ct. House; N. T. Wat kins, Halifax Court
House; G. H. Jones & Co., Petersburg- W. H
Gilman, Washington. D. C. ; Walter H. Middleton,
Farmville, Vs.; H. G. Archer, Danville; Coleman
Sl Rogers, Druggists, Market street, Mortimer &
Mowbray, Baltimore; and Druggists generally,
wholesale and retail- fe 3
{y 9la*taag Lliimcst.—LADlES—W#
make you a Chesterfield bow, a&d politely caU yoot
attention to tbe excellency of our Liniment. It bat
a beautiful cream or drab color, and i* free tmm
all impurity; it will not soil the skin or clothes mad
will always relieve pain when aa external appßae
tion ean reach it, and will cure broken or cakec
breast, sore nipples, neuralgia, chapped hands, Kid
also will remove ugly blotches, tumors or pimples,
leaving tbe skin son and saioothe and wui to no
case injure the skin in the slightest degree,
mh S»—eodts _____
NttW itlAMlLliAH.—Just opened, a bend I
fal let of black and colored Silk Mantillas
White and colored Barege Mantillas
Msntilia Shawls and Zetus
Lace Haatinas, long and sqpare Shawls and
Prints, whit' and colored Crafts Shawlo-
These are entirely new styi«s. sad very bewrtuw.
Tbe ladies are invited to examine the® at 9»tUm
J£an£ cSleges, newly translated or compfledlrapß
celebrated orators, authors and popular debstos,
aaclel and mojkrn; a treatise® oratory, Ac.,bar
A llew'gjaalah iftetiowMy, in two parts, by F C
German Dictionary, abridged (mas
the larger work for learners—•l73
Surenoe's French Dictionary, abridged for the use
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bACON SlDKft.—oo hhda. for sale by
JE&Hfc U DM ' ADWNUTON, (6m-
SINC£ 1042, invites attention
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t He baa ceased to pick bia own teeth, complain of
the newspapers, and sigh aver taking another «*•
tra nap, whilst wailing for the noo-arrirai of aa
■clung victim. Why! Because, Mr. Connon
Sense haa made known, that the Dactjr pulls Te «th
i"l with silver at 50 eta. and with sold
twLlr ctß: * a npp«r seta coat only $50;
1• few fri «®d« of Mr. C. 8. bare sought oat
ur. Adatngton's ofice. ap2d
V fc ' N ®T IA T KBLAWNBy.-Volume 2, and
LVd« ot the Mysteries of the Court Of
gu&ssftEi a"-*
whig Review for May
Qaeechy, by the author of Wide. Wide World
Bound cop lea of Glewon', KctorUl flVtasi
Gleaaon'sPictorial, Flag, -lim.
Muaeum, New York Pic?'S pSTMS?'
PoliceGazette,New York Pica,u£ toMavT
AJ the Standard Work* and late publication* and
everything in the Newspaper,
pubheafcon line, for sale at
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B»lrcr« CHEAP, CHEAp'-A large and £
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Trunks, just received and for sale
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ceived, and will be sold at unusual low price*,
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Fancy Cassimere Pants
Tweed do do
Black Doeskin do (for drew)
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A tion of Housekeepers, and others in want to
our large stock of
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Porcelain and Maslin Preserving Kettles,
Furnaces and Sad Iron Heaters,
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Brittania Tea and Coffee Pots and Castors,
Piain and Oetagon Waiters in sets or pairs,
Also, a complete assortment of Castings, consist
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ly, at C. J. BINTON * CO.'B,
Sign of toe Circular Saw,
»P 28 . 71 Main street.
FOR. RJKNT, an excellent Brick DweHu*
House on 7th street, nearly opposite the re*
e of Conway Robinson, Esq , and at present
occupied by Mr J. N. Poindexter. Possession will
be given the first of April.
pah 17 General Agents.
JL PIZZINI hasthe pleasure of announcing to bin
country friends, and the public generally, that be
is just in receipt of a large supply of Spring Good*,
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250 oozes R-. M. Raising, (whole, half, and
quarter boxes.;
150 drums Smyrna Figs.
50 jars Mo. 1 Prunes.
100 fancy boxes do.
35 boxes Lemons. *
35 do Oranges.
3 bales English Walnuts, (toe aad fresh.)
5 dags Palm Nuts.
f 5 do Filberts.
10 frails Dates.
50 boxes Citron.
50,000 superior Cigars, (various approved brands.)
SOdszen ass'd Pickles
I With a fine assortment of Dolls, Fancy Goods, Ac.,
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' own manufacture, which he is now prepared to
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his line that may be wanted, ou the mast a room
modating terms—at 153, next to the Excuanaa
lUn» .
MUSIC.—P. H. TAYLOR afters tor saioAe
ill following popular pieces of Music : 4
Katy Darling, song, by Whitemaa
Toe Last Rose is Fadipg, song, Petiaains
The Officer s Funeral, song
Tho* 'tis all but a ; Draanl, aon£
By tfaefcad Sea Wave, song
Music at Nightfall, song
O'er the Far Blue Mountain. asag
An We Almost Then, song
We Are Almost There, song
'Tii the Last Rose of Summer, arranged by
W. V. Wallace,
at his Piano Forte and Music Store, 100 Main at
ap 14 '
A GAUD. —Thesutjscriberoegs leave to wtoras
the public that he has opened the store N*.
171, Mais street, opposite the Exchange Bank, ait
a Bread aad Tea Cake Bakery, aad respect
fully solicits their patronage.
From a long experience in every department at
the business, and ever careful to produce nothing
but what is made from the best materials, be
doubts not, by paying a visit at his store, they will
be pleased with the variety and quality of Cais dia
As regards his Bread. simply state, tha*
.t jjj aver Seen his greatest aim to manufacture it
in the very manner, aad without extracting
from it those nutritive qualities, which is but to*
often done.
sr Rolls and Twist furnished to dinner par
ties at the shortest notice.
N. B.—Hot Rolls every morning, aad Bar
Buss and T«-a BtacctT every evening, au s—t»
Wasted TO eia£, for the balance of
ff year, a N EGRO MAN, of good character. Ap
ply to JUAN PIZZrNI,
sp 26 Next door to the Exchange Bank.
It FINED SVGAM.—! ,o verin g's losl cru*-
ed, pulverised sad coar.e pulverised, receiving
per steamer.
otbkkt jlamf ano post run sale.
A very handsome one, suited for a Public
House, and w& be sold low, at the Arbour by
4p 33 R. W. ALLEM.
Coffee Sonars, N £ Rum, toe Salt, Pepper aad
Starch, for sale by A
OK tiKNTjLßMßf.—Gentlemen's Patent
Leather Boots aad Gaiters, of extra quality, far
sale low by ALEX. HILL,
ap 37 No 127 Main street Richmond, Va
POMT MONAIBS. dfce.—A large apd sale«J
assortment of Port Mosaics, Pocket Book* and
Hair Brushes, for sale very low.
ap 32 Career opposite the Old Market.
•lore a very handsome aad rich supply of
. *>: WOiML WAWTkP.—We wtafa to >«*• **
i £%. a COOfi
soon •. alio, a full asaortmeat cf taUet, swing, afc»
viag and «Hwr Glaaaaaand
* a»« 153 MsiaMreM, aarMT UMu

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