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of ur other Daily puper fa the cit? of Richmond.
It to therefore greatly anperior to any other m •
iwdlaa of advertiainf- *
(tourdar M«rals(,«ay 1, ,1859.
This news is of great importance to the mer
cantile community, ipatmuch as it indicates
an improvement in the markets both for cotton
and breadstuff, and imports that money is more
plentiful than it has been for many years.— j
Consols have gone up nearly to par, a thing
that has not happened for many years.
The London Times, of the 16th ult., passes
a high encomium upon the New York clipper
abip Witch of the Wave, which had made the
run from Canton to the Downs in ninety days,
■with a cargo of great value. She lay in the
East India Docks, at London, where she was
daily visited by great numbers of persons.—
Her performance had created most intense
excitement, on excitement which was indeed
almost national. This affords another proof,
if another were wanting, of the deep interest
which the English take iq the progress of our
marine,commercial as wfll as war.
The political news is of little interest, save
in so far as it is said that the Emperor of Rus
sia has proclaimed the Due de Chambord the
successor of Louis Napoleon, under the title
of King Henry V. He may proclaim until
doomsday, but it is not in his power to fasten
upon France, the most powerful military na
tion on earth—a nation fully competent to
meet all Europe in arms, provided only she
■toy at borne—the detested and all-detestable
family of Bourbon ; that family, of whom Na
poleon said, on their restoration, "lis n'ont rien
appris, rien oublie,'' "they have learned noth
ing, and forgotten nothing." A race so utterly
incapable of profiting by experience, as they
have shown themselves to be, cannot be sus
tained upon the throne of France by all the
bayonets of all the despots in Europe. In the
mean time, it makes the blood of a republican
boil, to hear a despot at one end of Europe,
prescribing to forty million of human beings,
over whom he has no 6ort of control, at the
other, the manner in which it pleases him that
they shall be governed.
The New York Herald publishes a statisti
cal article from a gentleman connected with the
Treasury Department, with respect to the sup
ply of the precious metals afforded to the world,
since the discovery of America in 1492. From
that document, we learn that Humboldt, Ja
cobs, McCullock and others, have made the
following estimate:
Ist—Humboldt's estimate, $5,447,900,000
McCullock's do. . 350,000,000
Jacob's do. . 403,603,800
McCullock's do. . t76,330,000
Total (America) . $6,877,833,800
2d—Humboldt's estimate of the
annual production (1803) of
Hungary, Saxony and North
ern Asia, is $5,000,000; and
without any means of ascer
taining the productions of pre
vious years, let that be taken
as the average from 1492 to
1802, inclusive, say . $1,555,000,000
To which add the estimates of
the same mines by McCullock
for 50 years . . . 200,000,000
Total (Europe and Asia) $1,755,000,000
3d—The product of the gold
mines of Russia, according to
McCullock, was, up to 1852, 191,581,000
And of the silver by the same
author to 1852 . . . 22,000,000
Total (Russia alone) . $213,581,000
4th—The product of the United
States other than California, '
being, by the mint returns,
$15,855,000, add $1,145,000
for an estimate of the amounts
not brought to the Mint, and
the result iS . . . $17,000,000
To which add the actual and
estimated produie of Califor
nia , 150,000,000-
Total (United States) . $167,000,000
General Total . . . $9,013,414,800
Humboldt's estimate extended to 1803.
Mighty as these sums appear to be, they are
but trifles compared to those whith may be ex
pected to pour in upen the commercial world
for an indefinite period, if we are to judge from
the returns every week received from Califor
nia and Australia. The revolution which this
all powerful talisman has wrought in both
these countries, within the last few years, ap
pears like a dream. But five years ago, Cali
fornia was comparatively a desert, inhabited
by a few miserable, half-starved savages, or by
white men whose condition wag not a great
deal better. Now it has large towns, teems
with population, is all alive with, industry,
and by means of its wealth, in some sort,
✓■controls the operations of the whole world.—
The developments in Australia are still more
wonderful. But one year ago, it was known to
us as a great penal colony, the receptacle of all
the villainy of all the large towns of Great
Britain. It was known that a better class of
emigrants were gradually filling up the island,
and developing its resources; but it was be
lieved that it would require ages to bring it to
maturity. The discovery of immense fields of
gold has wrought a change as sudden, and as
brilliant, as is produced by the wizard Macal
lister, when merely by firing a pistol, he lights
up his magic hall, and makes it glow in all the
splendor of an enchanted castle. Gold is car
ried from Australia, not by ounces, or by
pounds, but by tons. The estimate for the en
suing year, made from the present average
weekly produce, and taking all obstructions
into consideration, is not less than $66 to $80,-
000,000. The returns from California indicate
that the gold crop in that quarter will uot fall
bshind,if it does not exceed, tbe estimate for
Australia. It is generally believed that the
Czar, from the Ural mountains, and from Sibe
ria. is raising nearly as much as is aflorded by
either of these two countries: and when we
take into the estimate tbe gold and silver of
Old and New Mexico, Central and South Ame
ses and Africa, wa cannot but think that tbe
new York Herald (alls far short of tbe mark,
6r " d precious
~ l» added to the currency of the world for
k TJ"?"',# $«KJ,Q*) f O<K).
U l **• Mmt » tlcal erticle ajluded
P "f* "SeaUucns with re
which this immense influx o
the precioJa metals will have upoo price* all
over the world. They are probably correct,
b)M arc feel at ifeia twoe no inclination to follow
him. Our attention ia ratber directed to the
immense influence which these discoveries
must exercise o»er caramerce, over emigration,
over industry of every deecriptioti, over civili
sation, and, most important of all, over reli
gion. The hundreds of millions of human be
ings who swarm in the vast Archipelago of the
Pacific and Indian Oceans, and in China and
Eastern Aria, already stimulated by the desire
wealth, have broken through
the sleep of centuries, und are pouring their
thousands and tens of thousands upon our
shores; and if such already be the result of
the gold discoveries, what will it be in the
course of the next twenty years to come? when
we shall have steam lines plying from Califor
nia to Japan and China, when the Pacific shall
have beome white with the sails of our merchant
sb ips, when the cotton of the United States
shall furnish the four hundred millions of Eas
tern Asia with clothing, and when Panama and
Tehuantepec shall have become the loute for
all those products of the boundless East, which
pass t? our Eastern port and to Europe, as
they must of necessity become. Already tens
of thousands of Chinese are saving all they
can to pay their passage to the land of gold,
while we are informed that five hundred of
them landed but a month since, and brought
the intelligence thot a ihousand more were on
the way. With surprising facility they fall into
our habits, adopt our manners, and learn our
language. There cannot be a doubt that thou
sands of them will adopt the christian religion,
for that follows next, and that they will return
to China to spread the glad tidings of the gos
pel among their own countrymen, at the same
time that they introduce a civilization, the su
perior advantages of which, though despised
in the person of Europeans, whom they are
accustomed to regard as barbarians, will not
be overlooked when they are seen in the
improved condition of their countrymen. Of
more importance, even to Eastern Asia, than
California will Australia prove to be. That
vast Island, if it may not more properly be
called a continent, situated on the shores
of Southern Asia, with the inducements which
its mines hold out, will be rapidly filled up
from this country, from England, and from all
Europe. It cannot long remain a dependent
colony, and when it shall once have become in
dependent, we shall have three mighty Anglo-
Saxon nations, spreading their language, their
commerce, their civilization, their arts, and
their religion all over the habitable globe.
We expressed, a few days since, the opin
ion that the correspondent of the New York
Herald labored under some mistake with re
gard to the behavior of this man in the omni
bus at the Petersburg depot. We now learn,
from undoubted authority, that his statement
was entirely correct. The occurrence took
place exactly as he stated.
The Minnesota Pioneer gives an account of
a man named John Stean, who was recently
found dead on his feet, near St. Paul's. He
was an Englishman, between 60 and 70 years
of age; had served throughout the Mexican war.
and had, last fall, built himself a cabin in the
woods, and shut himself up to winter. His
neighbors not having seen him far some time,
two of them went to his cabin, which they
found locked, and on openiug it, Stean was dis
covered standine at the foot of his bed, dead,
and frozen solid, lie had on seven pair of
pantaloons, and in a belt about his waist $270
in gold. He had evidently been dead some
The Japan Expedition —Owing to the dif
ficulty of obtaining seamen, the Journal of
Commerce says, the expedition fitting out for
Japan may nor sail at as early a day as was at
first anticipated. The vessels for the Mediter
ranean squadron are to be first supplied-
The Government of Hawaii his issued a de-
Cite admitting all flour,fish, coal, lumber, stave
and heading, the produce or manufacture of
tbe'United States, into the Islands free of all
duty, provided the Government of the United
States will admit the sugar, syrup, molasses,
and coffee of the Hawaiian kingdom into all
United States ports on the sarjie terms.
An Execution in California.—The fol
lowing thrilling account of" an execution in
California was related to a recent traveller bv !
a ruffian who took part in it:
'•It was just about daylight. They carried !
him to the horsemarket, set him on the table
and tied the rope round one of the lowerbranch
es of a big elm tree. All the time I kept by his
side, and when he was getting on the table, he
asked me to lend him my revolver to shoot one
of the jurymen who had spoken violently
against him. When I refused, he asked me to
1 tie the knot so as it would'nt slip. "It ain't no
account," said I "to talk in that way, Jim, old
fellow,you're bound to die; and if they didn't
hang you I'd shoot you myself." "Well then,"
said he, "give me hold of "the rope, and I will
show you now little 1 care for death." He seiz
ed the cord, pulled niinselfin an instant out of
the crowd, and set cross-legged on the bough.
Half-a-dozen rifles were raised to bring him
down, but reflecting that he could not escape,
they forbore to fire. Ho tied a noose in the rope,
put it round his neck, slipped it up till it was
pretty tight, and then stood up and addressed
the mob.' He didn't say much, except that he
hated them ull. He cursed the man he =hot;
he then cursed the world; and last of all cursed
himself, and with a terrible oath he jumped in
to the air, ucd with a jerk that shook the tree,
swung backwards and forwards over the heads
American stocks in England were in active
demand, andquoted bv Bell & Son, at Liver
pool, on the 17th ultimo, at the following
Redeemable. Prices
U. S. 5 perct. bds, 1853 90. ! a9H
Do. 6 per ct. bds, 1862 103 '104
Do. 6perct. bds, 1868 110* 111
Peon. 6 percts. 83 84
Ohio 6 per cts, 1870-75 107
Mass. 5 per ct. St. bds, 1868 106 107
Md. sper ct.st. bds 93 94
Va. 6 per ct. bds, 1866 99
Boston City 5 per ct., 1858-62 92 93
South Carolina State Rights Cojsven
tiok.—This body met at Columbia on the 26th
ultimo and organized. Its action will greatly
influence the future political course of South
Bt'KjtT to Death,—A roan named Ledgle,
his wife, and two children, were burnt to death
in New Orleans on the 22d ultimo. It is sup
posed that Ledgle set fire to the house him
Release or Dr. Hikes.—This noted char
acter was set at large in Charleston last Toes
day under a writ of kabea* corpu*.
The rumor that Mr. Marshall, of Augusta,
had been killed in an affray at Brook»ville,la.,
turns out to be utterly unfounded.
Virginia Legislature.
Fmmy, April SO.
The resolution from the House,directing the
Library Committee to suspend a proposed
contract with Colin Sc Now lan, for. reprinting
500 copies of Leigh's Reports, wan, on motion
of Mr. Campbell, laid on the table—ayes 18,
noeg 15.
A bill from the House, incorporating the
Cape Charles House Company, was passed.
Also, a bill amending the charter ofthe city
of Alexandria.
A senate bill, prescribing the powers and
duties of the Sheriff of the city of Richmond,
was reported.
A bill from the House, providing for the re
moval of the scales and weights for weighing
live stock, brought to the city of Richmond,
was taken tip —when
Sir. Shelley offered a substitute for the en
tire bill, which was read the third time and
House of Delegates.
Mr. Wullace, from the Committee on Banks
reported, with an amendment, a bill from the
Senate, entitled "an act qpthorizing the estab
lishment of the Merchants' and Mechanics'
Savings Bank in the city ofßichmond."
Bills were repoited—Authorising the Bank
of the Valley of Virginia or the Fanners' Bank
of Virginia to establish an office of discount
and deposit in the town of Salem, in the coun
ty of Roanoke—
" And a bill to secure to Merchants, and oth
ers, payment for labor done, and materials fur-
in the erection of buildings in the city
and county of Alexandria.
An engrossed bill, providing for the appoint
ment, hereafter,of an inspector of salt, in the
county of Kanawha, by the County Court
thereof, (an appointment now confided to the
Governor of Virginia,) was taken up for con
51r. Wallace objected to the passage of the
bill, and moved its indefinite postponement.
The ayes and nfces, on indefinite postpone
ment, were demanded, and the following was
the result—nves 68, noes 52, (a party vote,
with some 2 or 3 exceptions.)
On motion of Rlr. Patrick, the use of the
Hall of the House of Delegates was granted to
Dr. Wellford, of Fredericksburg, for the pur
pose of delivering an address before the Medi
cal Society of Virginia, on Monday evening
next, at 8 o'clock.
On motion of Mr. Griffin, the Committee on
County Organization was instructed to enquire
into the expediency o.f so amending the 72d
section of the act passed at the present session
of the Legislature, for districting the counties,
as to establish the house of John Hughes, in
Henrico county, on the Williamsburg road,
(known as Hinchman's old Tavern,) as one of
the places for holding elections in District No.
1, and the house of Solomon Lovenstein, as one
of the places for holding elections in District
No. 4 in said county.
The House went into Committee of the
Whole, Mr. Tomlin in the chair,and resumed
the consideration of the bill "to regulate the
assessment of taxes on licenses." The bill
proposes an addition 0f"75 percentum" to the
present license tax, and the pending motion
was to strike out "75" and leave a blank for the
amount of increase.
Mr. Rives, of Albemarle, was entitled to the
floor, which he occupied for more than two
hours, in a speech of great ability, in opposi
tion to the proposed increase. He estimated
the true public debt of Virginia at twelve mil
lions instead of twenty two millions, as estima
ted by Mr. Goode, of the Finance Committee,
and he believed there was no necessity for the
large increase of taxes proposed to be made at
the present session.
Mr. 11. having concluded, the Committee
rose, and obtained leave to sit again.
The following bills were passed to-day :
Incorporating the Cape Charles House Com
pany—fa new watering and bathing establish
ment;]—lncorporating the Wythville Manu
facturing Company—For the incorporation of
Building, Mutual Loan and Accumulating
Fuud Associations—To authorise the County
Court of Orange to dispose of the public lot on
which the court-house of said county now
stands—To incorporate the Glade Creek and
Cloverdale Turnpike Company, in Botetourt
couniv—Concerning the remission of fines and
penalties—[empowers the Governor to remit
fines under certain regulations]— Concerning
rewards tor Panthers, <fcc.—fauthorises the
County Courts to allow or discontinue re
wards for killing panther*, wolves, foxes, wild
cats, crows, black-birds, cSce.] —To authorise
the County Court of Surry to make sale of
the gun-house standing on the public lot of
said county—lncorporating the Farmville In
stitute, in the county of Prince Edward—To
authorise the Trustees of the Brooke Acade
my to transfer their propeity to the Meade
Collegiate Institute—To ameud the 49th sec
tion of the 88th chapterof the Code and regu
late the charges on loose tobacco—[provides
that hereafter ail loose tobacco, received into
any of the public ware-houses of the State,
shall pay et the rate of thirteen cents per 100
pounds, of which one-fourth shall be for the
State, one-third lor the rent and storage, and
the remaining five-twelfths for the inspectors]
—and a bill to incorporate the Wesleyan Male
Collegiate Institute, in the town of Hariison
At 3 o'clock the House adjourned.
Messrs. Eli Bradley, Daniel Ttill,and Rich
ard Neal, were drowned by the upsetting of a
small boat in the Nanticoke River, near South
ampton, Md., on .Sunday, the 18th ult.
Four ladies, Mrs. Ambrose, of Mississippi,
Misses Pulmerand Smizer, ol Ohio, and Miss
Brown, of New York, are attending the Eckc
tic Medical College at Cincinnati.
When a man calls to see another during the
busiest portion of the day, it is not worth while
for him to stay more than one hour after he l as
told you all he knows.
A Queer Party.—The Hightstown (N. J.)
Record says that its "devil" has come injo a
fortune ol $5,000 and is about to give an oyster
supper to all the '"devils" in the State.
On and after Saturday'the first of May.no
notes of foreign hanks can be passed in Dela
ware under tligdenomination of five dollars,
uuder a penalty of ten dollars. Travelers, as
well as others, should remember this.
The Allgemeine Zeitung comments upon
the large salaries paid to opera singers in
America, and does not wonder that all the
Prime Donne are eager to reach the land of
Twenty-one feet of snow have fallen in the
Lake Superior region the past winter. Over
Mud Lake, between the Detour and Saut Ste.
Marie,the clear,hard ice is still three feet thick,
most parts ofihe Lake being frozen to the bot
We notice the death of the last relative of the
celebrated Edmund Burke, his grant nephew,
Thomas Havilaud Burke, the son 6f Col.
Haviland, who married the orator's sister Ju
Pogilh*.—Fergus O'Connor was recently
twice knocked down, in lobby of the House of
Commoua, for impertinence" to Mr. Herbert
another M. P.
Cheap Chilbrek.—The following price
of juveniles is appended to the advertisement
of a "splendid oratorio," in The Portland Ar
gut: ,
8.-—Tickets 25 cts. Children under
12 years of age, half price, to be had at the
"Set' em op.'" —We notice in an Illinois
paper, the marriage of Edward C. Pinn to Miaa
Mary Piuo. Tima will be pretty likely to make
10 pine out of this couple.
Frederick West, an Eaglishmen, who baa
been connected with the New York press for
fifteen years, died in that city a few days since.
He ts reprasemed to have been an amiable man
-disable poet, and died in the 40th year
Ammo. Muiw wtwr M "® ,CAI -
Socixtl.—Evening Session, Tkursdmy. This so
ciety «m engaged Th««*y afternoon and ctentog
until * very )«te hour ftt di»cuß»iog the propriety ol
certain amendment., and verbal correction. to ita
present constitution. Oae of the mate topic*
under consideration, was whether the society
should hereafter hold its annual meeting regularly
in this city, or by tnrna at different points in the
State. Nothing conclusive had been decided upon
when the "society adjourned at half past 155 o clock
P. M.,to meet at 10 o'clock Friday morning.
Morning Session, Friday.—The society met pur
suani to adjournment at 10 o'clock. The report
from a select committee .embbdying sundry amee a
menu to the present constitution necessary to give
it general application to the medical faculty
throughout the State, was again taken up and dis
cussed at length. Several alterations were made
and the report was finally adopted, giving general
satisfaction to all the members of the society pres
ent. . .
In the afternoon the society proceded to tne e.ec
tion of officers for the ensuing year, and the ballot
ing resulted as follows :
Pretilent, Dr. Boa e, of Richmond.
let Vice President, Dr. C. P. Johnson, of Rich
2nd Vice President, Dr. Cabell, of University ol
3d Vice President, Dr. Creigh, of Greenbriar.
4 th Vice President, Dr. Atkinson, ot Danville.
sth Vice President, Dr. Lee, of Loudon.
6th Vice President, Dr. Stribling, of Staunton,
The Secretaries, Treasurer, and Librarian, had
r.ot been elected when the reporter- left, but it was
understood that the present incumbents woulu be
We omitted to state that on Thursday a commit
tee of five was appointed—on motion of Dr. Ter
rill—to take ckargc of all specimens oi plants that
might be presented to the Society, and to report a
plan for an Herbarium. Yesterday afternoon Dr.
Dove presented the following resolution, which
was unanimously adopted:
Resolved, That the committee on the Herbarium
be empowered and requested to preserve and class
ify such specimens of Pathological or morbid Anat
omy as may be presented to them—and that in con
nection'wi'h their report of a plan of an Herbarium
they be requested to draft the plan for a suitable
cabinet of said specimf ns.
Dr. A. T'. Merritt then offered the following reso
lution :
Resolved, That the thanks of the Medical Society
of Virginia be presented to the Richmond Dispatch
for the fair, candid and lucid report of its delibera
tions as published in that paper.
question was then taken, and the resolution
was unanimously adopted.
[This compliment to the humble Dispatch was
entirely unexpected and is duly appreciated.—Re
fohteb.] The thanks of the Society were then
voted to the President, Secretaries and Treasurer
of the Society for their ab'e and dignified discharge
ol the duties of their respective offices.
On motion, Dr. Merritt's resolutions of condo
lence and sympathy with the bereaved family of
the late Dr. Durkir, of Petersburg, deceased, were
unanimously adopted.
Several honorary members were theE elected,
accounts audited, and the Society then adjourned to
hold its next annual meeting in this city on the
first Tuesday in April, 1853.
Gaieties and Gravities.—This work, one of
Horace Smith's best, was sent us on yesterday, by
Messrs. Nash & Woodhouse. Its merits have been
so well settled, that we deem it unnecessary to
dwell upon them. We would call attention, how
ever, to the very neat stylein which the publishers,
(D. Appleton ii Co.) have gotten it up. It is ore of
a series of popular works which they a*-e re-pub
lishing, under the title of the " Popular Library, 1 '
and is a sample ot the whole. It is hound in boards,
and these boards are of a cherry color. The paper
and print are beautiful.
The Haemonian-s —This troupe will perform
this evening at Odd Fellows' Hall. A variety of
new pieces will be introduced. Among the pieces
performed will be a Duet on one Banjo, a Duet on
two Guitars, the Virginia Jig by three of the Band,
and "The Fireman's Sony" in character.
Riotous.—A white man named John Ford, while
under the influence of liquor, acted in a very dis
orderly inancer c-n Thursday, resisting arrest by
officer Tyler. In consideration of the severe indis"
position of F'ord's wife, and to allow him opportuni.
ty to return h( me, the Mayor fixed the amount of
security at $100, which was given, and the prisoner
was discharged.
Dbunk.—James Crane, a very respectable look,
ing white man, was found lying drunk in the street
"a Thursday night, by watchman Boze, and con
veyed to the cage. On yesterday his Honor dis
charged Crane with an admonition.
Without Papers.—A negress named Mary
Johnson, claiming to be free, was arrested ou
Thursday night in default of register. On yester
day the Mayor continued her case until to-day, in
order to afford ber opportunity to prove her free
Military.—There will be a general turn out of
the different uniformed volunteer soldiers of;our
city, at 10 o'clock this morning, in accordance with
the requirement of law. The parade will be a very
brilliant one.
Circuit Court of Law.—This court met on
yesterday—did not transact any criminal business-
The Sparring Match To-Night.— All true
loverß ot the fancy will of course be there. We are
requested to say that the two champions would be
glad to take a turn, for love, with the Nova Scotia
Giant. It would be fine sport, no doubt.
The members ot the Bar practising in the Circuit
Court of Goochland county, citizens af the county
and th - officers of the Court, desiring to adopt soma
suitable memorial of their respect fjr the Judge of
this circuit, whose official connection with thtrin is
about to be dissolved by the operation of the pres
ent Constitution, assembled in Gothland court
house on Saturday, the 24th of April 1352, and on
motion ot Walter D. Leake, E«q., Col. Peter Guer
rant was called to the chair, and Narcissus W Mil
ler, Clerk of the Court, appointed Secretary
John S Fleming, Esq , then explained the object
of the mtcring, and offered the following resolu
ted" 8 * * were i on motion, unanimously adop-
i R l\°. :V i d ' That j l with great pleasure that we
look back upon the official and social intercourse
which for many years has existed between us and
Judge John B. Clopton, whose conduct as a man
whose uprightness and ability as a Judge.and whose
social qualities have endeared him to us al' u-d
that we regret the necessity which dissolves the
i«tedbetween us!* "'° '° Dg Md 40 «•
Resolved, That in parting from us he carries w'th
Rtsolved ThtUheie proceeding, be published
SUS-oSST" w * •»•»
N W. Mull. jfecreST"'""''
| OfcT—Between Thomas D. Quartos' Dr»
TACLEB, it an old morocco case. The fin-w will
«»ss[ rssir sns t» ««*«s
my l_3f ' ° Bromd
I »esterd«y, Oetweou uitt fublic VV#re-
* Brothers. a DRAK V at
i . »« of Daniel
WW;also, an order upon Moses Ru-
sum. at sight. from John W.
* 19 T<*» Under «rtU please
Zt ff?" 8 w °®"> **• Dispatch, or with
On the 30tb uK., at White Plaint, near this city,
MCHAKI' wPWBOtp, wiffi of Mr »• W
wSt.ll, in the 50th year of
and acquaintance, of the family are mvnea «»
attend the fourrnl, at St. J«-hn a Ofnrch.Tbis Morn
inif. at 11 o'clock, without NN - fr
rm veatcrdav. 30th ult., Mrf. MARY ANN, wne
of Wffl. K- Murray, and daughter ot Win. Haar
kin., Henrico county, in A® year ofhir
... Thf> friendi and acquaintance, of the family
axe requested to atiend her funeral, Tii. Morning,
£tiort%t 11 o'clock, from the re.idence of her
bu.band, on Union Hill. . ,
Danger, stand thick through all the ground
To push us to the tomb,
And fierce disease* wait around
To huriy mortals home
(Christian Advocate pleasecopyV)
PAKADE in front ofthe Capitol THIS MORN
ING, at 10 o'clock, in winter uniform—arms in
order lur inspection. By order of 'he Capt.in
New Cash Dry Goods Store.
THE subscribers having H.sociated themselves
for the purpose Ol conducting a seneral DRY
GOODS business in the city of Richmond, have
fitted up the store No. 63, Main street, where they
now opening a large stoclt of seasonable stsp.e
and lancv Dry Goods. Having purchased an entire
new stock for the money in the Northern markets,
they (eel confident in saying that they are enabled
to .ell goods for the cash cheaper than any other
house in the city.
Our object and aim will be to please and give
satisfaction to all who may be pleased to Javor us,
and by so doing we hope tj merit pubhe patronage.
Our store will be opened for the sale of Goods
on Monday next.
Enquirer and Whig will copy one month.
my 1
MKOK KENT.—Tne Office at present occu
pied Or Chewning, No 217 Main street, in a
buuumg of Mr James Eo.her- Ttfe rooms are
neatly fitted up. and is a fine location for an Office
or Store. During the absence of Dr C, application
can be made to Mr James Bosher, or Mr Lewis Hill,
my 1 3t
Dr Thomas H. Greenhougn, late pupil of Dr. Chas.
H.B Wellesley, M R. C. S. and F.L. S., has just
arrived from Petersburg and taken rooms at the
Exchange Hotel, where he may be consulted for *
limited number of weeks, on the treatment of Bron
chitis, Sore Throat, Pulmonary Consumption, Asth
ma, and the various forms of Chronic Dyspepsia.
For information* Dr G. would simply state, that his
treatment consists in the "inhalation of warm med
ical vapors," whereby remedies are (brought into
direct contact witi the diseased surface of the
Lungs. The inhalents are new, simple and inno
cuous, and may be used by the most feeble invalid,
without an unpleasant symptom This means of
treatment affords the opportunity of conveying
the power of the agent to the very seat of the dis
As Dr G can only remain in Richmond three or
four weeks, on account of his re-engagement in Pe
tersburg, if is hoped that all who wish to avail
themselves of his services, wi'l lose no time in do
inn so, as it is Dr G's wish that all his patients, by
the time of his departure, will be either restored to
health or in a fair way of recovery from two or
three weeks treatment under his i nmediate care.
~ The member s oi'the medical profession are
cordially invited to call.
Ladies visited at their own residences, and when
ever desired, in consultation with their family phy
my I—6,* T H. GREEN HOUGH. M. D.
Notice to watek takers.—water
rents are payable semi-annually, in advance.on
the Ist days of May and November.
The bills due this day are now ready for settle
ment. Those who prefer paying at my office will
please call during the day, as I shall corrmence
collecting on Monday next, ard hope to find them
prompt in making payment, as speedy collections
are desii able.
my I—lt* M. L. STRATTON, Reg. W. W.
The ROANOKE wi'l be ready for
reight at 12 o'clock, May 3d. She sails
Tuesday, 4th iust., at 4 o'clock P. M.
NOTICE. —1 hereby constitute and appoint Mr.
GEO W. MURRAY my agent to conduct and
carry on a General Grocery and Commit
sion liusines* in the city of Richmond,
my I—bt* JOHN MURRAY, Jr.
Office Virginia F. and i>l. Ins. Co.
Richmond, Ist May 1652-
The Board of Directors of this Institution have
declared a semi-annual dividend of 5 per cent- of
the earnings of the past six months; payable to the
stockholders or their legal agents on or after the
15th inst, until which time the Transfer Book'will
be closed. THOS. M. ALFRSEND, Se«.
my I—dt!sth
y<OKA . —F or sale,a good large secona-hand Sofa
>3 well calculated for a passage or Hall. Price $10,
and nothing less. Original cost 840. Apply at the
Auction Store of R Cawthorn. iny I—3t
WAIOI BATHS.—Hot, Cold, and Shower
Baths can be had daily from half past 6 AM,
V. 9 P M,and on Saturdays to half past 10 P M, at the
American Hair-cutting, Shaving, and Shampooning
Saloon, American Hotel, entrance 11th street.
Single Bath 25 cents, cr five tickets for $1
my 1
jYTUItSE WANTED.—A respectable FREE
11 GIKL is wanted to take charge ol' a room and
Child. To one who can come well recommended,
a pleasant Home and fair wages can be secured.
Apply at BENNETT&BEERS' Drug store,l2s Main
street. my 1
®NEW^->IUSIC. — I've a home in the
Uncle Sam's Farm—2s
One kiss of thine—2s
Oh come, my love, to me; song of the sailor's
Wat for the Wagon—2s
Kldorado Polka—2s; Geranium dc..— 25
Fadelonia Waltz—l2s
Polly put the kettl j on (variations) —25
Melodies of the people. New variations on favo
rite old tuues—l> nos. by Grobe— 38
All of the above are favorite pieces.
m y I Broad Btreet.
Elegant English editions of
The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith,
M. B .including a variety ot pieces cow first collec
ted. By James Piyor, author of the life of Gold
smith, lite ol Burke, etc.
A llietory of the Earth and Animated Nature —
By Oliver Goldsmith.
The Life of Oliver Goldsmith, M. 8., from a va
riety of original sources. By James Pryor.
TaJes and Novels. By Maria Edgeworth—in bine
Principles of Geology , or, the modern changes
of the Earth and Us inhabitants conidtred as il
lustrative of Geology. By Sir Chus Lyell, M A F
a 8.
Ihe History of England from the accession of
James the Second. By Thos B Macaalay.
A Dictionary, Practical, Theoretical and Histori
cal, oi Commerce and Commercial Navigation, il
lustrated. By J R McCulloch.
Elements of Chemistry, including the actual state
and prevalent doctrines of the scier.ce. By the
late Edward Turner, MDFRSUK.
The Miscellaneous Warks of the Right Rev. Sir
James Mackintosh—complete in one Tol.
Smith's Wealth of Nations—with a life of the
author. By J R McCulloch.
my 1 A MORRIS, 97 Main St.
O received, a full supply of the Annexed Libra
ries for Sunday Schools and Churches, viz:
American .-unday School Union Library, Nos 1
2, and 3,100 vols for 910
American Juvenile Library, 75 vols for f5
Village and Family Library, 24 vol# for #3
Child's Cabinet Library of 75 Books. bound in "0
vols, for #2 50
American Tract Society Library, 70 vola neatly
bound, for $10 '
For Church Libraries—The American Tract So
ciety's Publication of the Religious (or
Library, neatly bound, 24 voU, Uma for $10 '
Ditto the Evangelical Family Library, also neatlv
bound, for $5 50 CUAS. WORTHAM
fCE CREA.II groONM.—lce
I. Ice Mallet*. lc« Pick*. Plane it Johrnon's Patent
i-reezera, the best t-rtkle now in uso. ftr sale by
C »Ta'>! , t S u ' t" 1 ' i B * ll<,ru '» •"•J wine Coolers
*> J. *»»« < buttles, handsome article*, for sule by
njT!Po the Voters of District Nt.j'
w, i h ,b ' *4"w Of
-aafiy frrtads.* h«e been iodaeed to JTf
tk a candidate for, Constable in toe abov'rK.
triet ifei* cted, J frill do everything i„ m"'
to Jsre «ati*fiM»on. ' 5 ""JPyel
itis Districtiit situated within the fniw-.
boundary: Oti the north by the county of H,",'
over, oa the south by the city of Richmond on
tart by the M' chanicsvilie turnpike, and Tt If!
we*r by the Richmond turnpike. V d CB Uie
ap3o—dtde* JACOBE BAYERg
gjjp To the Voter* of ibe City 0 f R;-h
ninnd.—At the refpiest of many friends. I rMO , ",
fully announce myself a candidate for the office rf
CooifflSoweairh's Attorney i u th® I,
Court ot Hicbir.ond. r '~ t
»p 30—3w* JOHN HOWARD.
|y To the Voter* of District No. 2
Henrico Connty.—fellow-Citizens: Under ibe
tfw constitution you «re called upon to elect a
Constable. I do not say to you that I have been
requested to become a candidate, but as 1 » an . ju"
office, and it elected, wiil devote my entire time u,
the performance of iu duties. 1 hereby aonotj'n©.
ity.eil a candidate for the same. Should yoaien
tit to elect me, I wiil endeavor to discharge th» ,j /
ties thataaay devolve upon me, taithtuily snd im
ap i'9—dtde* ALFRED LE WELL EN.
pgp" To the Voter* of Ilenrico County
2n<i District.— f-'neer the new const! to tier t
becomes your privilege and duty to elect a Con
stable lor said County. 1 hereby decisre I
candidate for said office, and plfuge myself if eleet
ed, to 611 it to the best ot my ability. '
ap 29—dtdfc* GEORGE W. BARKER
jy* R. R. Bowiaon is a candidate for th* -f
Circuit Court oi Richmond. ap 29—d;ti»
CP 3 To the Voters of Hitboiond.-'n
compliance w;tb a nomination of me ty •• Several
Voters," in the Republican (and other papeis) of
March 27th, and a letter of the mine date ad
dressed to me by a large number of my ledlow"
citizens, I have declared myself and still am a can
didate for the office of Commonwealth's At
torney in the Circuit Court of this city which is
to be tilled by you on the 27th of May if honored
by your choice, 1 will strive to juitify your cctS
dence 0 a B - ®" "'NOR.
ap 28—dtde
the Voter* of Henrico County.
Owing to the indisposition of my health, occasioned
by my present occupation, and through the man*
earnest solicitations of my friends, Thereby an
nounce myself a candidate for the office of Con
stable for the county of Henrico, pledeing my»e:f
if elected, to attend strictly to all the duties pertain,
ing to the office faithfully and impartially
ap 27— tde CALEB H. CHILDRESS.
,ty Sheriffalty of Richmond.—To the
VoUrs of the City nf Richmond.—Fellow Citi
zens : it is a-reauy known to you thatl am a can
didate for the office which heads this card, as of
fice created by the Legiilature of Virginia under
our new constitution. For the pan live years I
have acted as Sheriff in the city of Richmond, and
have thus afforded you an opportunity of judging
of my fituess longer to serve you ; aud should ;t'
please you to continue me your Sheriff, i trust,
with the aid of my experience so to c isctar»e'
the duties of the office, as to merit jour entire ap
probation Yours, respectfully,
ap27—dtde THO HAS W. DOSWELL.
ty Commissioner of the Revenue.—
Tee undersigned respectfully offers himself a can
didate for the office of Commissioner of the
Revenue for the city of Richmond, at tee ap
proaching election.
ap 27—tde* EDWIN BURTON, Sr.
!RP To the Voters of Henrico
C oun ty.— Fellow Citizens:—At the solicita
tion of many friends in various parts of the coun
ty, I hereby announce myself as I did through the
medium of other papers some weeks ago, a canai
date for the office of Commonwealth's Attor
ney, for Henrico county, assurance itat
if elected, its important duties will be discharged
with promptness and fidelity.
Respectfully, your fellow citizen,
ap 21—dtde* JOHN N. DAVIS.
.EIP To the Voters of the City of
Richmond.—The Legislature of Virginia hav
ing very recently passed an Act, creating the
office ot Sheriff lor the said city, 1 hereby re
spectfu'ly announce myself a cnudijbte for that
office. JESSE F. KEESEE.
ap 24—dt27may
I-© 3 " To the Voter* of Henrico County.
At the solicitation of many friends in the county of
Henrico to be a candidate for the office of Prose
cuting Attorney, 1 respectfully announce my
sell a candidate i«r teat office.
Respectfully, JOHN M. GREGORY,
ap s—dJtw:4M'
SIX VOLUMES.—Gaieties ar.d Gravities, ry
Horace Smith, one of the authors of Rejected
Addresses. This constitutes vol. t> of Appleton's
Popular Library of the beat Authors—a beau
tiful se:ial work now in course of publication. For
sale by NASH &, WOODUOUsK,
my 1 Eagle Square.
V* Smith, author of Rejected Addresses.
Hearts Unveiled ; or, 1 knew you would like him;
by Sarah Emery Saymore. Cloth ?sc. Paper 00.
my 1 Late Drinker & Morris, 97 Main ft.
t'REAM CHOCOLATE A trt-h suppy .f
' this delicious article, just r< celved, for ssie by
my 1 N-'xt door to the Exrhanieß&nit.
> pears, &c- Those who are ford of good
things should call at JI'AN PiZZiNI'S,
my 1 Next door to the Excfcanee Bank.
Fans, fans.—a beautiful assortment of
Fans of all qualities and prices for *al« by
my I a JAMES.
SUPERIOR BAY RUM.-We havejast re-
O ceived a suppiy of genuine K*y Rum of very
superior quality, for saleb y
my 1 04 Main street.
R SH VAN! LLA BEAN>.-A lot ot fresh
Vanilla Beans, just received and for sale li*
by PURCELL, Laud k CO.,
my 1 92 Main street.
ATHIX; MPONGES o! gooa quality !or
sale by PURCELL, LADD *. CO ,
my 1 98 Main «tP?t_
Leading Lines, received, tor sale >>y
IO lbs. Slaughter's Yarns, tor salt- by
•ale by
my 1 FRY & MeCAXftI.ISH.
Just received a beauiilul lot of Biacs and Dr»
Silk Coats, suitable for this season.
my 1 N» U2M»in stree'.
Black and fancy silk vk*t*.-
Juu received, a beautiful assortment of rig a
Black and Fancy ? ; fk Vests, made in the most
fashionable style, and of the beat uiateiial. Ca.i at
112 Main street, and scetbem.
Ladies* extra my, e d
SHOES.—Just reeejved, an assort,
meut of Ladies' large sized Gaiters, various ccicrt,
very cheap. Alto, large sized Buskins,
myl WM. WALSH- _
Ladies UREEN OAITEKS.-Abeaufitul
amorttuent ot" Ladies' Green Gaiters «J**P
my 1 WM WaLsH.
LARD 01L.—5 bblssuperior quality tur sale ty
myl mMoin twt
IL VITRIOL.—IO Carboys Marble Dost,
10 bbls foi **)« by
myl Msta stwet
CHLOROFOK M.-1 Whs tor sale bv
my 1 BBNNKTT 4k BKERS, Drugjity
DRtIT DROPS-Such as I'll* Apjfte. frv,
JP Strawberry, Banana and Nectarweof my own
manufacture, superior to those it>trodw*d «
the North, ccstiuuaDy ftesh, on hartd £}* . *
my 1 Next door to the Exch*"** 1 B>BI
J? beat assortment of hu-cy Pf---
ever ottered feu wUe- They be
Cm! Mta tm WEWIGER,
my l No, 112 M»'* * u *®^

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