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VOL. 2--NO IS2
A COW \RI>IN. Proprietor.
HUGH U. r I<EA*A >T**, Editor.
1 »re. ' »ert;>inso .">0 , i square. 1 month §4 00
I ,-.i 9invnrtioM § 7511 do 2mon*hs7 00
1 do 3 do ICO 1 do a do 10 00
1 do 1 week 1 751 I do 6 do 1« 00
V do 2 weeks 275 j 1 do I year 30 00
CT? etmnumcntioM are charge j at the same
rites as advertisements.
tw Ten hits or le -s make a sy^art; longer ad
vsrasemeats in exact proportion, aad payable in ad
jy* Advertisement* Inserted onre a we«k, twice
a we>'k. i r three times \ ».ek. will Ije iharg.d SO
««r.is tV-r the first ir.sertion, and cents tor each
cr Marriage notices inserted for 35 cents; Fu-
notices tia cent*; Deaths, without obituary or
f *n«ral invitation, l'Jj cents
The " Dailv Dispatch" is served to subscribers
at »tr u\<i a quarter rents per week payable to the
#»rrter weekly. Price for mailing. S4 a year in ad
11 published every Fridav morning, and mailed
{ 0>"8 DOLLAR A YEAR YoCLrBS. for $5 SIX CO
pl»i, for $10 thirteen copies,- for $15 twenty co
pies for j-0 twenty seven copies
\| t.i iIVMI V I Mll.> A W.«» <» t I A-~
- **- TlON.—Office In Exchange building. next
a >' to the Post Office, Richmond. Va.—ACCU-
f" 1.000.—M. ii. DEAN. President Finance Com
: Wm. Pattoa, G. C. Wood, H. B Judkins,
A Wilbur, Actuiry.
This Association has declared a dividend of thirty
f.v c and one halt' per ceut. for the year ending April
is:. ' "iSi-' No liability to assessment
This .» Ka Association ot Work!iff Men and
ethers for the mutual assistance ot each other in
case of sickness or accident.
By the payment of the following annual deposits,
you will become a life member, and will be entitled
t.- a weekly benefit (,firs! week excepted) during
lit ' if you should be disabled by sickness or ac
cident ir. in to your ordinary business or
ocrupauvi.. t win uioiw U. case of sickness
iininou ixith sexes.
Table of Kates.
5.. yr. draw S2 pr w'a. I -ST pr yr. draw ST pr.w'b
;j «... 3 « | g „ g „
4 - " i •' ] 9 " •' 9'•
5 •• 5 " 10 " " 10 »
*_ " " «5 " I
ic«' -Vvir titty years of age w... be charged 25
parcent, eztro One dollar and fifty cents admts
rr.ity- ir, and must ue paid at t.;*? time of ap
pi. ». 'U. and the first year's deposit within thirty
Rkfeeesces.—Dojget & Anderson. Upholster
era, corner ll!th and Governor sts.. Richm >nd, Va :
M W -ti Br,. 8.. ks--l.;-rs. Exchange Place:
... .t Marvin. M- r chants, Main si.. Boweu i
1-1 . Wj.sl.ingt n 11 tel McDonald Jc Lyons,
R M icm I'.-turt rs, Exchange Place; U^lis
: '. A. Bre. rurul: :re dealers, l.l'h St.. do.: Thomas
ii'Tiibroek, meieh.i.t. Wheeling; A La:ng, hard
•• >ie co. do; Georir- Hardman, ou.lder, do; J E
A.l !' i. tlditi "cl Tinea and Gazette. do; And.
M • affy. '!• G spore Foundry, Norfolk. Va; Geo
V. Bill!. n.'s !.-.i ». i'.irtsm -tin J M Blanchard,
."up - r.i.t- ..ieiit on Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad,
Portsmo th, Va ; 11. n Reuben Woo i. Governor of
Ori . lit... Joseph A Wright. <r v r of Indiana:
Is : An. i-ius C French Gov r of illinois; Hon
\u?tin A King, G-.'.'r of Missuu i: Hon Richard
'Milii-'.ai. Senator from Penn . Hon James M Por
t--r Fastoii, do.
A . communicati na should be ad : -eased 'post
t n.d; to a wilbur;
Actuary and General Agent, Richmond, Va.
my ll—ts
I? sh I . V I Vl\, an Old l'tniosopner, a swede oy
1 • birth, laser, great pleasure in 0.1-'rius his ser
vices to tee citizens ot Richmond an i its vicinity, in
Astrology,Physiogn jmy, andSigna, and give* true,
correct, and sat.sfa.it -ry information, having made
preretima to N'ap(..eou in laid, previous to his
d . -.valid: in Mosccw. He can be consulted in mat
ters ot Lor-.-, Marriage, and ot the tutu re events of
...e Mr. S. has travelled through the greater part
o: the w rid, flaring the last forty years, and all
tills time has endeavored to enlarge his knowledge
fay a . tuings he ever heard or saw He takes plea
sure to a-.- ..re the pub. c he is willing to give the ne
c-s-aiy information to all who will tavor him with
c call.
I'Eajrs—Ladies 25 cents; for reading the planet
iti lu 1, 50 cents; Gentlemen 50 cents; tor reading
th: planet in full. #1.
Colored ,adies and gentlemen are also invited to
Nativitie? calculat'd according f O-eonianey ; for
Udi >s §2, liiiull S i: G -ntlemer. S3 :a luii, So.
His office is on lata street, between Main and
Ca:y streets, second h 'Use iroin f! uu street. Of
M .i jurs trora 9 o'clock in the morning till JO o'cl'k
ia th" eventng. mh"2T—2m*
Dfc>lt orisfclT stIOKIMi tokai - .
( O.—Great Desideratum for
er». —Ta-' undersigned otfer to the consumers ot
Siroaing Tobacco, an article which has been pro
£ i'.nre.l hy ail who hive teste j '. superior to any
preparation of the weijd for smoking purposes,
: has yet been offered t the public. The pe
c-..»r ilvjiatage of the article which they offer, is
th.s ia ail tobacCo there is a concrete oil, Nicotine,
on- tits active principles, and watch is eminently
p.innom I'be effects of this principle are disa
grt Mbly :-lt. more or less, upon the nerves and
ri-.aich, by all smokers. The Toba:co offered by
the uad -rsijned has been entirety deprived of its
p i' .nous properties, whilst, at the same time, it
retilua all Its fragrant and aromatic qualities. So
mild and pleasant has it been rendered that persona
o! weak n -rves can use it without inconvenience —
!' hi J the additional advantage tbititd >ea not leave
that strong and pungent odor so perceptible and
otlei.aive .n close rooms.
The above article can be found in any quan
i-ij at BENNETT & BEERS, Druggist, 125 Main
• : i gents for the manufacturer*
A I i' lIUL
tier of l-overuur and Franklin streets, are
njw receiving th»-ir Spring stock ot French and
Am-rican »'apcr Hangings, Borders, Fire
Screens and Curtain Papers, making the
!%-.:> 6t end most complete assortment we have ever
had .he pleasure to offer. A large portion of the
- juautieu have just been received from the best
U * es in France, an i art; of the ri .-heat and most
b-i tiful styles tha: are made. We have also on
haul a _'t ;ji:ral assortment of Uph .iV.:ng Mate
."iois. Curtain Goods. Floor O-. C.oths, India an
■Coco Matting, Wind, w Blinds at: 1 Shades, bed
curied hair and shuck Mattresses &c , alio! which
w . . ue sold at a small p ofii; and any work in his
iir. • to punctual;, sti ta.lafully executed,
ml 26—i l!m*
i;TV aTI I'ICU lit J". — l': I>t--«fc •>-
CO. may be consulted, confidentially, tor the
t.ea'.neut of the following diseases: Eruptions,
H'jr'! Legs. Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, or en
,-»"ienti, ar.d ai. morbid discharges,
wh. Iter recent or chronic Also all those com
p.a.nts frmed female diseases The advertisers
i, v attention to their chemical extract of Wild
1- v, rs, A'h:ch may be regarded as the very best
known, to give tone ani vigor to certain
a j ."I aud defclitated organs, aa well as to renovate
a shattered by dissipation or other cause.
K • licine* securely put up. with tu.i directions,
h: : s nt to order. Post paid letters promptly at
l< i.. i to. Office on FraaWin bel?jw hx
c.. v-.itt HoU , and first door &£■ Tfiaity church,
K Virginia
I A r> OTIIING STORE —T . subscribers, Mer-
A w,nMMV y i :• >ria ;he CIU/en»
a >hd an I irs vicinity tr.at Uiey r.*ve estab
• s a |"j j Main street, Richmond,
V, l;i,:r Pn.. » C • t.: J Ware
... •• 'Ainre they now have ready t»- U 'P' rt '
ct !• -»rg stand moits-yen rat, <ik* of Ready
ir >. in tne city ol h.-.ruui-a. ol tee very
L> v. tn .-iois ond wu'itißk. iuip. w'.. :o we win
f . l .a. 'jO V- 2'i {er leas tuau huy other e»
ta v.-sL.iw :;t in the city. , ...
k.s'i large etoc* of gentlemen t furniibing
lacli as Su iti, Collars, Cravats, 1 oc*et
liaudkefchieta, Giovea. Sua'fenderi, See.
R. DECOU f. CO ,
ap 10~d3m No lw2 Main etrcet.
T"o H NDI?*V a^*T. I *,* PABMODIC ' h 7
than' twi ut* d sesses ,°o.wft trr , alm,ru of more
Ch»Uc» o! all kinds. rh >1 m Coolers,
semery, Diarrho-a/ r'S I,y "
Tetanus violent Pain, Nervou. £* lhma -
Irritability, Toothache, llJLii 1 T"
Rheumatism, Delirium Tremens, <pidor
Wasp Sc., Djr.pen.U,
certain Obstetrical rases, Fits, sinking or con*?-!
tive Chills, Colds. ( Whs, &c. g con S e »-
Accompanying each bottle is a pamphlet contain
mg lull directions for its use, in the various disea
ses for which it it recommended, as well as pre
senting many strong testimonials.
This medicine is not only efficient, but safe.
Adapted as it is to mar.yof the most violent disea
ses. giving the most prompt relief—and especially
suited to large families as well as to travellers
the proprietors would respectfully ask the atten
tion of thepublic to its claims ; which are founded
on more than twenty r.ve years' experience, and
not on conjecture.
Agents are supplied with pamphlets for gratui
tous distribution. Will the public call on our
agents, examine for themselves, and give the me
diciue a fair trial.
1 deem it due to the public at large, but especially
to those at a distance, to state, that Dr. JOHN DU
VAL, the Proprietor of the Family AntUSpns*
modic, is a graduate of the University of Pennsyl
vania, as may be seen by reference to the Medical
Recorder, vol. 1, page 304. published in Philadel
phia in 1818. And in further confirmation of his
claim to public confidence, in reference to the
claims'of this medicine and the pamphlet accom
panying it, we present to thepublic tne following
certificate of a number of highly respectable citi
zens, of the county of his long residence, besides
others of different sections.
WE, the undersigned,do hereby certify that
Dr. JOHN DUVAL has been a resident of the
county of King Queen, Va., for some thirty
years; that he is a regular physician; has done
one of the most extensive practices amongst us
and is fully worthy of the public confidence in ar j
statement which he may make.
[Signed 1
Geo. M. Pendleton. Ro Courtney, Wm.S. Nunc;
Richard Bagby.Col. R. M Spencer, Justice of tbe
Peace; John Bagby, Philip Bird, John Lumphin,
J. P.; Col. Wra. B. Davis, Ro. F. Sti'bbs, J. P.; Dr
S. G. Fannethroy, Sr., J. P ; Joseph Ryland, J. P.;
Col Alex. Fleet, J. P.; Elder Wm. Todd, Ro. Pol
lard. Clerk of King &. Queen; John H. Watkins.
Volney Walker, Jsi. M Jeffeiies, Commonwealth's
Attorney; Col Jas Pollard, J. P.; Hill Jones, Wm
Boulware, Ex Minister to Naples ; E S. Acree, J
P.; Geo. C. Nunn. Jas. C Roy, San. R. Ryland,
Temple Walker, B. B. Douglass, Gen. Corbiti
Braxton, M. D ; Muscoe Garnet*, Jas. Smith, Fran
cis W. Scott, members of the Virginia Ref. Con.
The above 1:«: of names could have been en
ir.t Ia: discretion but it is deemed sufficiently
extended to f-cure the attention of the public to
the facts set forth in the pamphlet accompanying
the medicine. The remedy is confidently submit
ted tn the farther test of experience. Relying
ap-.u i'.s merits for public favor, ne only asks for it
a trial.
The genuine article will have th" initials of the
subscriber stamped on the mouth o; every oottle,
and for each label the written signature of
P. P. DO VAL, Sole Agent.
All orders and ccmn unic.itions addressed to Dr
P.P. Duval. at King WilliamC. H., or to the Pro
prietor, Dr. J. Duval, at Stevensville. Va.
i- or sale <n Kichnioi. i. Va., by PU it CELL, LA L>D
Sc CO . wholesale aser.ts, and by THOMAS -
CARTHY, J. BLAIR, A. BODEKfcIR, and D;u c .
gi'ts generally.
Price 62* cents and SI per bottle.
Manufactured by P. P. DUVAL, M. D., sole
agent, K:n_' William Court Hjuse, Va., to whom
alioriiers should be addressed.
The following certificate speaks fir itself:
Bcrges'Stoee. Northumberland, April, 30,'51
1 have used j) r , Duval's Family Anti-
Spasmodic in a variety of cases, with the most
astonishing success, such as Crapulous diseases,
Flatulent ai d Bilious Colics, and in one instance, in
the most dangerous of Colics, knuwn commonly as
the ilial passion. Besides, I have used it in Chol
era Morbus, Diarrhußa, Dysentery, Dysmenorrhea,
and Menorrhagia, and also in those diseases when
there is an undue balance of nervous energy, such
aa Hysterical Hypochrondiac, &c. In a word, 1 have
used it in many cases, under my care, when an
anodyne or anti spasmodic was called for, and i
do, with much confidence in its value, recommend
it to the public as the most cer;aia and safe Family
Medicine of its class. [Signed]
fe2s—3tawly WM. R. PURKINS M. D.
With a Healing Balm we come to greet
THE action of this Liniment upon the human
organization is truly wonderful Its volatile,
penetrating, soothing and healing properties diffuse
themselves to the very bones. It enters into the
circulation of the blood, gives a new impulse to
the whole nervous system, stimulates the absor
tents and secretions, and thus assists nature to
throw or! and rid herself of any diseased action of
the nervous chords or ligaments, making it equally
applicable to sores of any kind, rheumatism, or
abundant reasons of its great efficacy in so many
different diseases While it is perfectly harmless
to healthy flesh, skin or bone, it acts upon scientific
principles and FIXED LAWS OF THE CREA
TION . The large number of eases in which this
Liniment has proved its great value in the short
time it has been in Virginia, is sufficient to give the
greatest confidence, that its virtues are incompara-
Dle in the cure of Rheumatism, bruises, Sprains.
Burns, Wounds, Swellings, Broken and Caked
Breast, old Sores, &.C.
Testimony from the Sooth.
Savannah, Feb'y sts, 1852.
Having been afflicted with acute Rheumatism for
some time, and tried several of the most popular
medicines of the day, also under medical advice,
and received no relief until I tried the MUSTANG
LINIMENT, and much to my surprise, I received
immediate belief : and I am confident, that ty a
fe«r more applications ol this truly celebrated Lini
ment. I sha Ibe entirely cured; and I advise all who
are afflicted, to try the Mexican Mustang Liniment
(eigne i,) A. FREEMAN.
Ship Masters, Read!
New Orleans, Feb'y 21st, 1351.
I take pleasure in siviig my testimony in favor
of the MUsTANG LINIMENT. I have used it in a
great many cases with satisfaction. I would par
ticularly recommend it to the notice of MASTERS
OF VESSELS, of all kinds, as surpassing all
othf.3 external applications within my knowledge
for Pains, Bruises, Cuts, Burns, Sores and Rheuma
tism, &.c. &.c. LEWIS WARDEN,
Master Steamboat I'ontiac.
An Editorial Article
From the Savannah Republican ot December 20th,
1851, written by A.K.Moore, Esq, recommends
the Mustsng Liniment in the following manner:
This medicine is now offered to the people of
Georgia for the first time. Our personal experience
enables us to recommend this Liniment to tht
public with confidence, as we have felt the good
effects upon a sprained aide, which receive.! great
benefit irom one application, and has been almost
cured by the occasional use lor a week.
Sore ol 41) years' Standing Cured.
Pine Valley, Miss.. Dec. 25th, 1351.
A G Bragg .fc Co.: The 9 dozen bottles Mustang
Liniment left five weeks ago, a-e all sold. Send
me 30 dozen immediately. The Liniment nas per
loimed some wonderful cures here. Doctor W
VV. Nevel says it is the greatest Liniment in the
world. He has a negro girl aimost deal and blind.
His remedies did her no good. A lew applications
of the Liniment cured her entirely. It is a:so curing
James Coy s leg, which has been a running sore tor
forty years. It has not failed in a single case so
ldr 63 SeS" trie ' J ' ARTHUR HADSON.
We only ask a fair trial of this valuable Lini
ment in the care of Strains, Bruises, Cuu, f** I '*'
Scratch** ft weny, Pole, Ev.l, tutula, Big Head,
Spavin, it-oj Bone, Wind Galls, Cracked Heels, or
any wound, stiffness, or enlargement ot son- or
muse'.- in hows. We hare many ceitincates to
those curt s, and, therefore, am continent it will
give perfect satisfaction, and effect ail we rucom
lUt'Dti tuf it. , _
A. G. BRAGG St CO., Sole Proprietors, St
Louis, Mo. „ , ,
Sold by DruggisLi generally, and by
PUKCELL, LADD, & CO , Druggists
mh 12—eodCm
LEAF I.AKD.-20 btu, forsaleby
And all
diseases art-
ting from a disor
dered Liver or Sto
mach, sue A as Constipa
tion, Inward Piles, Fullness, or
Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Sto
mach, Sausea, Heart-bum, Disgust for
Food, Fullness, cr weight in the Stomach,
the Sinkin # or Fluttering at
rw lj n r'', Swimming of the Head, Hnr.
Henrf HTealh "-8' Fluttering at the
Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations
when in a lying posture, Dimness of I'i
»i°n, Dots or Websbefore the Sight,
Fever and Dull Pain in the
Head, Deficiency of Perspi
ral ion. Yellowness of
the Skin and Eyes,
Pain in the
SWA £/■£
Jackson, at Ihe German Medicine Store
1~0 Arch street, Philadelphia.
Their power oyer the above diseases is not ex
celled it equalled—by any other preparation in thp
United States, as the cures attest, in many cases af
ter skilful physicians had tailed.
Tnese Bitters are worthy the attention of inva
lids. Possessing great virtues in the reciification of
diseases of the Liver and lesser glands, exercising
the most searching powers in weakness and affec
tions of the digestive organs, they are, withal, sate
certain and pleasant.
Charles Robinson, Esq., Easton, Md., in a letter
to Dr. Jackson, January 9, 1850, said—
'•My wife and myselt have received more benefit
from your medicine than any other we have ever
taken for the Dyspepsia andjLiver disease."
"The Tenth Legon.'' published at Woodstock,
Va„ January 10, 1850, said—
"A Great Medicine."
" We have uniformly refrained from recommend
ing to the public any of the various Patent Medi
cines of the day, unless thoroughly convinced of
their value. Among those we consider worthy of
notice is the German Bitters, invented by Dr. Hoof
land, and prepared by Dr. Jackson, in Phl.adelphia
One instance in particular, in which the superior
virtues of this medicine has been tested, has fallen
under our observation During the last summer, a
son ol Mr. Abraham Crabill, of this county, was
ve-y seriously afSieted with Liver Complaint, and
alter trying in vain various remedies, he purchased
a bottle o! the Bitters, and after using it, was so
much relieved of his distressing malady, that he
procured another bottle, and is restored entirely to
The "Philadelphia Saturday Gazet'.e," the beat
family newspaper published in the United States
The editor says ot
"It is seldom that we recommend what are
termed P»tent Mediair.es to the confidence and pa
tronage ot our readers; asd, therefore, when we re
commend Dr. Hoonland's German Bitters, we wish
It to be distinctly understood that we are not speak
ing ot the nostrums of the day, that are noised
abuut lor a brief period and then forgotten after it
has done its guilty race ol mischief, but of a medi
cine long established, universally prized, and which
has met the hearty approval of the faculty itselr."
This medicine has attained that high character
which is necessary for all medicines to~attain to in
duo- counterfeits to put forth a spurious articls at
the risk of the lives of those who are innocently
Look well to the Marks of the Genuine.
They have the written signature of C. M. JACK
SON upon the wrapper, and the name blown in the
For sale, wholesale and retail, by
PURCELL, LADD &. CO., Druggists,
mh S—3tawly 92 Main street, corner 14fh.
I > H H tfOM) .UAM'KAI TOIO (.iulU
I Vsnd Silver Pencil Cases; the ever pointed Pens
manufactured by as experienced workman as any
in the United States, and second to none.
Spectacles of vaiious kinds, and those ground
by ourselves, positively restoring the sight as near
as aititicial means can.
The Ever Flowing Fountain Pen, modern
invention, combining with simplicity, and fio
doubt as expressed by many, "Tkt intention oj
this age " For further particulars please call at the
office and examine for yourselves, as to the utility,
workmanship, and durability; and decide whether
it is reality or a humbug.
Manufactory at the corner of ilth and Main st;
sffice in room formerly occupied by the Richmond
Pens re-pointed and warranted ti stand
LIKJi INSURANCE.— there are tew Institu
tions mure benevolent than Lite Insurance As
sociations No investment of money so read !y
provides against poverty, to those dependent on
our lives tor their support.
"The Mutual Benetit Life Insurance Company"
is one of the safest and best in the worli—having
a capital ot more than $1,400 000, and paying an
annual dividt nd of over one-third the premium
paid B. W KNOWLES, Agent.
Office 158 Main street, corner above Exchange
Bank. my 18—4t
SHELL &. CO., No. 29 Main Street, respect
fully invite their customers and the public gene
rally to call and examine their large and desirable
apartment of Barrage Delaines," whicn they are
prepared to sell at prices lower than ever before
offered in thia city. Also, Bleached and Brown
Domestics, Cotton Hosiery, Silk Mitts, and a gene
ral assortment of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Slc
mh 10—tf
MILIES.—Tne undersigned have made permanent
arrangements in the diffeient butter counties of
New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland, to receive
a constant supply of lresh BUTTER during the
summer. Our arrangements are such, that we re
ceive our supplies by express and steamers within
very few days from the time it leaves the dairy ;
and believing that success depends upon large sales
and small profits, we are determined to sell Cheap;
and by receiving from tirst hands, we know we can
and will sell a better article for the same, or per
haps, a lower puce than any other concern in the
city. HULST & KING,
my 12—2w Old Market and 232 Broad st.
A hac* will oe in readiness at Tomahawk Station
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ior the ae
corr uv.datiou of passengers wishing to go to Pow
hatan C. H , and will return from Powhstan C. H.
and meet the cars on every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday. Persons wishing to engage seats, will
apply to WM. A MARTIN, at the Station,
my 18—lm*
J IST IN TI.UK.—GOOUS huit 1 nr. rtu
PLE—Hee d per late arrivals, blk Silk Laces, all
widths at.d prices. India Silks, plain and stripsd,
all colors; Watered Silks; Egyptian Mitts in great
variety; Swiss an 1 Cambric Edgings and lusertmgs;
Bibbnns; Crape Shawls, pliiin anil embroidered;
K!d Gloves; Hosiery ol a!: kinds; besides a good
assortment of Linen Gjodj f«r gentlemen and
boys' wear; ail of which we otfer to sell at less
than such can be bought in ihe city.
Oar as-ortment in Dress Goods is very good and
large for the season, therefore we will sell them
at reduced prices: such as tiireges, Tissue", Lawus,
Barege de 'aine, Printed JacunetU. we are selling
for mere nothing. J. MILHISER & BRO.,
my 12 193 Broad street.
HAVING add«d to our present business that of
HOUSE PLUMBING, and having engaged
workmen recommended by the best establisotueot
in the city ot Philadelphia, we art now prepared to
w;.ter, <fco , wtich wtil be done at prices to suit the
times. Persons iu w&nt wui please give us a call.
mh26—ts 301. cor. Main and 10th streets.
V? LADIES, wha are competent Milliners, at
Mrs- SWORDS' Millinery Eitablishiueut, '2'i3,
Broad street, Shockoe Hill. my 6
We have dates from the City of Mexico to
the 4 th inst.
Great excitement had been created in the
capital by the pardon granted by the Congress
to the three assassins of Dr. Beistegu. The
Congress was assailed on all hands for this
act of weakness; the journals unanimously
speak of it as a direct attack on society, and
the respectable citizens of Mexico had nearly
all purchased arms to defend their persons
against the hordes of bandits whom this par
don has almost legally authorized to commit
A conspiracy against the Government waa
discovered about the 24th ult. by two of the
conspirators revealing the plot. Dr. Betan
court and several others implicated were ar
A newspaper published at Jalapa, an
nounces that the Government has ordered the
commanding general in the State of Vera
Cruz, to proceed with his aids and a body of
troops to the bar at the mouth of the river,
Coatzacoalco«,to finish the fortifications alrea
dy commenced there. The cause assigned is,
,ear °' a " invasion of the Isthmus of Tehu
antepec by a body of Americans, who under
the name of "laborers." and to the number of
WW men are to leave New Orleans under the
Saravh »ni of the masters of the
ae^edlt ,1 Aln »*«». which vessels were
Sh."£ """"" "* ° l '°™
A quarrel has arisen between the Leffisla
ture ot the State of Vera Cruz and the Me*;
can Congress. The former insists upon a
Greater reduction of the tariff of 1845 than the
ThS S Cen !' b * the national Senate.
Ihe Senate will allow this reduction of 10
per rent., but refuses to do away wiih anv of
the duties. The lower house of Congress on
the contrary, is in favor of abolishing some of
the duties. The question was not settled
Congress would undoubtedly soon pass a law
authorizing the States on the Northern and
Northeastern frontier to combine for the pur
pose ot the common defence against the in
'""ij3 'he hordes of Indians. The States
of Zucatecas and Durango, besides being ra
vaged by the savages, ure suffering from the
visitations of a general famine.
A subscription has been staited in the city
of M ex.co fertile relief of the people of Da
On the 24th ult , the day tlie telegraph was
so commence working between Vera Cruz and
Orizaba, the wires were cut. Good omen for
'he lutuie! ihe line will reach the city ot
Mexico during the present month.
A little steamboat, called the Espera.'iza, is
running between the city of Mexico and Cha!-
Acanducla of $1,-100,000, under the escort
of Gen. Moriiza and troops, left the citv of
Mexico lor Vera Cruz on the 21tii ult.
The Randolph Negroes.—A writer to the
Bait.more Patriot, who is traveling in Ohio
gives this account of the Randolph Negroes'
who, it will be remembered, were driven from'
their homes which had been procured for them
by the whites:
"Troy, about twenty miles from Dayton, is a
small and ruther dilapidated town between
this place and l'iqur. Along the canal are a
majority ot the Randolph negroes. L was in
the adjoining county of Mercer, that the large
tract of laud was purchased forthe settlement
from which they were forcibly ejected by the'
white inhabitants. The condition of these
poor creatures is a bad commentary on the
miserable policy ofemancipating negroes, and
allowing them to remain in this country. The
majority of these once valuable servants, are
now worthless beast 3 upon the community
among whom they are located, and olten want
for the common necessaries of life. I heard
several express an ardent wish to return to
the shores of Roanoke again, w here thev had
plenty, and did not know what it was to'suffer
foi want."
An animal of a different species from any
before seen in California has been taken bv a
Mr. Hill, ol Nevada. It is culled the Cal'for
niacat. It is described as being verv beauti
ful, and bearing a resemblance to the marten,
differing from it, however, in color, being a
dark grey, encircled with bright brown ring?,
similar to the raccoon. The fur is very soft
and beautiful. Its bodv is about the size of the
grey squirrel but about fifteen inches long, and
its tail sixteen o.r seventeen inches long.
California continues to sustain her charac
ter us the land of wonders. An astonishing
product of her prolific soil was exhibited in
our office a few days since, says the Picayune,
in the shape of an enormous cauliflower; it
« eighed eighteen pounds, and was three feet
four iuches in circumference. What Was pe
culiarly remarkable, aside from its extraordi
nary dimensions, was the fact thut it was the
growth of but six weeks froui the time the seed
was deposited in the soil. It was raised at the
Mission Dolores, three miles from the city.
Thalberg's party, on his visit to this coun
try, in the Autumn, will be Buzzini, the great
artiste, and Fioverente, the prima donna now
so much the rage in London. Sautag is cer
tainly coming to try her fortune among u.«,
and Alboni comes out, under engagements to
Beale &c Co. These, with Ole Bull, making
his rounds, will keep the lovers of music pret
ty well supplied for a year to come.
Madame Bosio, the popular cantatrice, dur
ing the last passage of the steamship Africa
from New York to Liverpool, gave a conceit at
the earnest request of her fellow passengers,
who subscribed a purse of §75, which she re
quested Capt. Harrison to piesent as a dona
tion to the Sailor's Home.
There have recently beeu dug up in Tren
ton, N. J., two 20-pouud, one 12-pound, two 6-
pound cannon bails, one chain ball and one
horse pistol. The balls were all in a good
state of preservation, being cast iron, while
the pistol of wrought iron was nearly eaten up
bv rust. No d«jubt three are revolutionary
relics of the battle of Assanpink bridge, where
the British three times endeavored to force
\\ ashingtcn, bui were repulsed. Night came
on when \\ ushiugton left his camp fires at
Assanpink, but took his men and bullets 10 do
the next glorious work of Princeton.
Painful Occurrekce.—At Sumterville,
S. C., about ten days since, the following pain-
Itil event occurred:—A gentleman was busily
engaged in planting out the common yellow
jasmin vine in his vnrd, and, alter trimming
away a few of the roots, threw thein aside,
where they were picked up by two of his lit
tle children, aged about three and five years.—
The children no doubt chewed and sw'allo* ed
portions of the root. Alter a ghort time, the
youngest returned to its mother, and, laying
down near where she was sitting, fell into a
slumber,asshe suppused. After a while she
called to awake her child, but ineffectually.—
She stooped tlown to raise it up, but it was
dead. The elder child was then taken ill, and
iu the course of a few bouts, was also iu the
laud of spirits
SERATK° N Tu R ?.? S r~ W MWESDA r.
a communication f' !. aid J )#fore the Senata
in answer to l^iinn 6 *? rela r Ty ? f , W " r '
tion in relation to ex,™ ! g ■ ,ohrma .:
officers in New compensation tocivi!
war. ,C 0 dunn S the Mexican
Messrs. Seward, Sumner w <■
sented memorials asking for'the nn.. r".''
homestead bill. s - a Se ot the
After the transaction of other business, ,h e
Senate proceeded to the consideration of the
deficiency bill. e
House of Representatives The House
resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole
oil the state of the Union, and resumed the
consideration of the bill authorizing the gov.
ernor of New Mexico to call an extra session
of the Legislature whenever he may deem the
game be necessary and proper.
Mr. Gray, after advocating the bill, reviewed
and replied to the manifesto issued by those
who seceded from the late Whig caucus.
The bill was laid aside to be reported to the
House. *
A bill making appropriation for the construc*
tion of military roads in Oregon was next ta
ken up, when debate ensued.
Shocking Railroad Accident and Loss
of Life.—The Cleveland Plain Dealer states
that on Tuesday last, a freight train on the
Michigan Central railroad came in collision
with a passenger train at Niles, Michigan, by
which four cars were demolished,seven passen
gers killed, and ninety wounded, thirty of
whjm will die. The scene is described as
heart rending. Arms, legs and ribs were bro
ken, and the mass of human beings mutilated
in every possible manner. The engineer and
firemen, who were saved bv jumping from the
train, have been arrested and imprisoned in
Niles and it is said the inhabitants are detre
mined to have their conduct rigidiv investiga
Most Astounding Freak of Nature
On Friday, the 7th inst., a post mortem exami
nation wag held by Dr. Parkhurst on the body
of the widow of Amos Eddy, in the town of
Frankfork, Herkimer county, N. Y., aged 77
years, and to the utter astonishment of all pres
ent a lull grown child was found, which sh#
had carried tor forty-six years. It was cased
in a sort of bony or cartilaginous structure, ex
cept one leg and foot and one elbow which
were almost entirely ossified.
We are told that an Englishman, who had
stopped a few .lays in Louisville, on leaving
for Cincinnati, was addressed by an acquaint
ance with the very common Kentucky remark
at parting, "Take care of yourself." The stran
ger in all simplicity replied,'"My Goa! they
won't take anything but my money, will they?''.
—Each a nge paper.
Singular Parisian Festival.—The an
nual Gingerbread Fair commenced at the
Barriprdu Trone,Paris, on Easter Sunday.—
it has been visited by over 150,000 persons;
there are some 400 booths laden with gin
gerbread, the piles of which would reach round
the city, if laid in single file#
The Fugitive Slave bill, which has passed
the Legislature of California, provides for the
surrender to their original masters of all color
ed people in California who were slaves before
arriving in that State.
W. W. Corcoran, Esq., has been elected a
member of the board of managers of the
Washington National Monument Society, to
supply the vacancy occasioned by the death
of Thomas Munroe.
It is said there are now 10,000 men at work
on the great Railroad from St. Petersburg to
Sbadrack, the fugitive slave, w ho brought an
action for $10,000 damages against Commis
sioner Morton, of Boston, was nonsuited.
Let Me Rett.
He does well who does his best;
I* he weary ? let him rest.
Brothers! 1 have done my best,
I am weary—let me rest.
After toiling oft ill vain,
B;tfled, yet to struggle fain ;
After toi ing long to gain,
Little good with mickle pain ;
Let me rest—but lay me 1 w,
Where the hedge-side roses blow;
Where the little daisies grow,
When the winds a Maying go;
Where the foot path rustics pi.id ;
Where the breeze bowed p< plars nod ;
Where the old woods worship God ;
Where liis pencil paints the sod;
Where the wedded throstle >-in«s;
Wh-re the young bird tries his wings ;
Where the wailing plover siusrs,
Near the runlet's ru»hy spring's.
fjp Dr, J. Home's ••arsnparilln.—
BLOOD PURIFIER.—A Great Spring and Summer
Medicine—This Sarsaparilla compound is made
from fresh Honduras Sarsaparilla. and beiDg com
bined with other ingredients, renders it the very
best Sarsaparilla compound made, for purifying and
enriching the blood, and to cure ali skin eruptions
and skin diseases, scrofulous sores, venereal dis
eases and its bad eff-cts in tie constitution, dropsi
cal swellings, rheumatism from the use of mercury,
biles, old sores, kidney and bladder affections,
cleansing the system trom mercury, and raising up
a weak and impaired constitution from any cause.
It improve* the appetite, enlivens the spirits, and
as a summer drink in cold water, ii is a pleasant,
useful and medicinal beverage All farr ilies should
have a bottle by them. Quart bottles $1; small bot
tles 50 cents.
For sale by Adie & Gray, Purcell. Ladd & Co.,
Bennett Ac B-ere, R. K. Duval. Gaynor &. Wood, O.
A Stiecker, A. Bodeker, J. Blair and W. P.. Ladd.
uiy 18
LIVER PILLS — Prepar ed from the Man
obtained at the Rockbridge (Va ) Ahum Springs —
These Piila are confidently recommended at
having all the virtues of the water, and ir
many cases they are preferable. In derange
ment of the stomach and bowels, or want of
acticn in the liver, their immediate effect upon the
liver and kidneys especially, entitle them to public
consideration. If the patient be bilious they search
out the bile and expel it from the system—unlike
all other Pills, thry may betaken with impunity
(irrespective of weather,) as there is nothing u
them calculated to injure any one. in cutaneout
diseases and eruptions of the skin, ot whatevei
sort, thev are a sure re- *dy, and particularly effica
cious in* diseases sut as females «r» subject to
dropsies, flatulency, Ac., 4c. These Pills may juat
ly be styled an universal remedy, as they are de
cidedly the best in use for the cure off all diseaaet
resulting from irregular habits. Alter their use
ha* been con inued tor a time, the whole systert
bt conies invigorated, and the patient is restored to
perfect health. They are care.'ully prepared and
put up in vials of 100 at Si ea:h. A liber*! Jiscoun
will be made to Druggists.
For sale by JOHN H. SEAYRE3, Columbian Ho
tel. Puro-U, La*d <St Co., Main street, S. M Zachris
son Sl Co , Druggists, Broad street, O. A. Strecker
Druggists, Meritet Bridge, Riclunund; James Cookt
Si Co., Fr •iericktburg; Rusht n, Clarke & Co.
New York Dyott Si Son, Philadelphia; E. L
Stroecher <v Co., Macon, (!a; F. J. Sampson, Pow
hatan Ct. House; N. T. Watkiaa, Halifax Coun
House; G. H Jones Si Co., Petersburg- W. H
Oilman, Washington, D. C.; Walter H Middleton
Farmville, Va.; H. G. Archer, Danville; Coleiuat
Si Rugers, Druggists, Market street, Mortimer 4
Mowbray, Baltimore; and Drugguts generally
wholesale and retail- fe 3
py* The Office of the New York Her*
aid, Philadelphia Ledger, Baltimore Sun, Baltimore
Clipper, and General Depot lor all the Newspapers,
Magazines, aud Cheap Publications, Is at 10(4
Broad street, opposite the Broad Street Hotel,
ap 19 General Age at
lie wdl bear,in mind that Bakef. C»te6rttai
mium Bitters are th- moat
the cure of Dyspep»ia, that l.? ! !!
nn. K V n fiS
ine rropnevor bat now in hi# miar-wii ■ » JZ
of certificates from some of
ranou. other remedy hare pro T«d nn»acc««W.
As a cure for Cholera Morbus, Bifioas Affections
Diarrhcpa, fcummer Complaint* of children Sour
Stomach, Lo« of Ind^USTSdSSS
diieasea anting from impure blood, debility and
°^ d, «« ,iTC orz * nt -"««« Bitters ban
Pr °P n <*° T < >»™g in Uu. immediate
neighborhood, whrre he is well known to all,
huiw., e t , be preanmptioß to recommend
he n nk" " • of lh « aboTe di.ea.ea. had
aenoi thorough!, tested their remarkable curative
"rttfied that tbey are Just the
feeU to J « d *«xea, be
he not take »ki s * public injustice. did
' o ™ we a -
A- BODRKER lirti? 0 ! 4 2.1" Dra f. Storw of
*^ s ir o|
thousands who hare uaed them declare, forpM
ing the blood, carrying off all bile, and product,
a healthy tone to the liver They are cafled "h*l
road Pills,' because they go ahead of all other Pill,
m their good effect.
Dr. Rose's celebrated Family Pilla for Indisee
tion, Dyspepsia and Sour Stomach, are tiro in
great demand—price 25 cents, and tor sale b? Pur
cell, Lttdd & Co f Adie 61 ftny, Gavnor A Wood.
A Bodeker, Bennett & Beers, R. IL Duval OA
Streeker and J. Blair. j a 21—i
£7*Husbands and Wives, Attentisa!—
Hampton's Vhoetablb Tinctu** —Extract Iron
James Harris, Esq.'s Letter, Alexandria, Vs.—Af
ter speaking of wonderful cure* on hiraaeli, he
says: "Mrs. H. has been suffering- with the liver
complaint and from feelings of inability, constant
ly complaining, with weakness through her whole
system. She now enjoys better health than for
thirty-years, being entirely restored by the use of
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture."
J. Grimes, Esq., Loudoun Co., Va.—Extract
from his letter: "My wife has been for years af
dieted with great weakness: pain in the breast, side
and back; pulpitationof the heart, feebleness of the
nervous system, loss of appetite, complexion sal
low, the sight of one eye almost gone, the other
very weak. I ara pleased to say, "Hampton • Tinc
ture" has restored her to perfect health. Her eyes
are as good now as ever they were."
Call on O. A. STRECXER and get a pamphlet
gratis. See advertisement to day. ap 24
mP Tl" Greatest spring Medicine!—
Carter's Spanish .Mixture—The only Pu
rifier of the Blood,—This wonderful and truly
valuable Medicine has been tried by a great num
ber of our citizens, an J has performed more cures
(some most astonishing) than all the balance of the
articles so extensively advertised put together. It
is the only eertiin and unfailing remedy for MER
CURIAL DISEASES. It will cure Syphilis in the
primary and secondary stages, us can be testified
to by hundreds ot grateiul patients whom delicacy
forbids naming in public. For diseases of the
LIVER it has never failed. It positively cures
Scrofula and Eruptions of all kinds. Blocchea on
tie Face, and roughness of the Cu'icle are id a
short time entirely removed. Numbers of certifi
cates from gentlemen of the tirst respectability
could be given, but as the article is made in the
county ot Henrico, any one not acquainted with
the medicine can s, e the maker in person It con
tains no noxious or hurtful articles, can be given
with impunity in any weather, and will be found
the best medicine for the Spring which can be used)
or has ever been tried.
Call and see the directions, with a description
and hUtory ot the medicine and a number of
wondertul certificates trom persons von know
BENNETT & BEERS', Druggists, No. I*s Main
stieet, are the sole Agents tor the sale of it in
Richmond, who will supply Druggists and others to
sell again, and to whom hI! orders must be address
ed, as it must pits through their hands.
my 4—3 m
The Germans have produced some very
excellent remedies tor various disease*. Among
wnich may be specified "Dr. iloofland'a celebrated
Bitters," for sale by C M Jackson—and used wiih
remarkable success in Liver Complaints, Jaundice,
Dyspepsia, Nervous Debility, and a general de
rangement of the stomach. The Sunday Dispatch
says of this medicine :
"We feel convinced, that in the use of the Ger
man Bitters the patient does not become debilitated,
but constantly gains strength and vigor to the frame
—a tact worthy of consideration. The Bitters are
pleasant in taste and smell, and can be administer
ed under any ciicumstances, to the most delicate
stomach. Indeed they can be used by all persona
with the most peifect safety. It would be well for
tfcose who are much affected in the nervous sys
tem, to commence with one teaspoon tul or leas,
and gradually increase. We speak from experi
ence, and are, of course, a proper judge. The
press, larand wide, have united in recommending
tne German Bitters, and to the atfl cled we most
cordially advise their u»e " my 15—6t
Pro Bono Publico.—Profound physio
logical research, accompanied by an intimate
of chemicals, has enabled Wi'.liam Bo
gie. 277 Washington street, to produce his far
famed Hyperion Fluid, the best pieparalion for the
h tir extant; but equal credit is his du<s for the pro
duction of the A mole, of shaving soap. To young
men both are invaluable—the former being the
most approved invigorator and beautifyer, and the
use of tbe latter doing away with all those iriitat
ing results which proceed from the employing of
alkaline soaps—especially with beg nters. Try it
and prove it!
For sale in Richmond bT
my 15—6t 175 Broad street.
Blue, brown and olive duess
FRO ;K COATS.—Just received and opened
this day, a beautiful lot of blue, brown and olive
Dress Frock Coats
112 Main street
N B.—Also, every variety of Linen Pants, of til
qualities. my 12
J scnbers have been appointed agents in this
State for the sale of the above celebrated Mill
Stones, and are prepared to lurnish any size from
three up to five teet. Nothing need be said in com
mendation of this article, it being so svell known,
and extensively used by millers throughout the
State. It will speak for itself.
They are also agents for, and keep constantly on
hand, fuli »upp!ies of India Rubber Belting, of all
sizes, admitted to be the best banding in use.
Steam Packing, and Fire Engine and Garden Hose.
They wii) also lurnish at short notice Kumbel's
machine stretched Leather Banding, cementedtor
nei, full or double rivetted, as may be directed, at
manulacturer'a price*.
Corner of Cary and Pear! streets,
•P 27 Richmond. Va.
for Bidious Conditions of the System, Dyspepsia,
Liver complaint, Costivenesa, rever and Ague,
Jaundice, 4tc. Price 25cts
Dr Rose's COUGH SYRUP, for Counts, Cold*,
and Consumption, price 50 cents, and admittoi by
thousands to ae the very best and cheapest prepa
ration made.
TIVE, price »l. There Is no prepa»H<*i for
Scrofula, Old Eruptions, Dropsy, We** Constitu
tion*, or a system injured oy the use cf Mercury,
comparable to this preparation. J°J
'I'ilt I.l£fcT **A*7 .Jfyt-'/lr'—TbU Uiib
Daration is as excellent rewed* lOr RheumsUsm,
"i- f,7 umlu, Wounds, Straws, Bruise*.
rny IB ■■ ■'
Cap*, Caws*,
(jT U inbr.il... at cost for cash, to c!o*« busi
ness. Btore No 4 Exchange Motel, two doors from

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