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for tkt rotk tiding Thuridny Evening, May 90.
H \C«>N is firm at our quotation*, and an advance
looked r- Virginia cured, bog round, 12 cents;
prime W "tern and Haiti more sides lli to 11} cts;
gfeoulder# "I to lOctc: Hams 13 to 14.
BOX fhR is rather more plenty. Wcquote tirkiii
22 to i"i cu per lb.: fresh Roll 30 to 3-" ; Goshen 35
HKr>vVAX—a 23 cU. per lb.—with small re
ceipt* no change.
In Cotton here is limited. The quotations art; a
8} ct«. Cotton Yarns 17 cts per lb.
COFFEE—OId Java 11| to 12}; LngnsTra !»i tc
$>j; i>io yi to it) cts; Cape 8i a !'cts; Manilla 12}.
CANDLES—TaIIow lOf a Hi; Hull's patent IS;
Sperm 43 a 46, Adamantine 22} a 27}. Jackson •
patent 12}.
COAL—IO cents on board for good mixed, fine
and lump; Bto 9 cents for blacksmith's coal.
CORN—6O to 62} cents per bushel ot 56 lb».
for old and n*'w.
CORN MEAL —70 to 73 cents per bushel.
FLOUR—Last sales of Scottsville and Richmond
at $4 1-16 to 4}— but little arriving
FLAXSEED —In demand at SI 15 per bushel.
FEATHERS —Live geese 33 a 35 eta.
FISH—No. 1 Mackerel $11; No. 2 $10; No. 3,
sin .til ft> 50, and scarce; No. 4, none in market.—
Clipped N. C Herrings 46 75 to 7; Family Roe $4
to 4 25, in half bbls.; Gross, from wharf, S5 25 for
N.C.; liiiliiax No.l Clipped $5, Gross $3}. Shad
$11 25 to 11 50—nominal, none here.
GUANO—Peruvian 816J from stotc, per ton el
2000 lbs ; Patagonian $4U—no demand.
HlDES—Slaughtered $5.50, green weight; Span,
lab $13-50 to $16; Calf Skins $1.12}.
HAY —La A sales from wharf at 90 to 93 cts; in
•tore $1 25.
LIUUORS —Brandy, Otard, Dupuy <fc Co. $2.25 a
$2 .50; A. Seignette $1.75; imitation 32 t034 cents ;
Sazerae $3 a 3.50; Peach, dull at $1 a 1.25; Virgi
nia Apple 60; do. old, 62i a 75; Northern 40
ccnts. Hum, New England, 28} a 29 cts. Whiskey
Richmond rectified 23} to 24} cts in bbls; Cincinnati
23} to 24} cts; Gin, Holland $1 a 1.25 : American
28 cents.
LARD—Prime Leaf in barrels 11} to 11} cents;
kegs 12} to 13 cents—market bare.
LlME—Last sales from vessels at $1 30 to 1 35;
from store SI 50.
SOAP—Turpentine 3} a 6 cts; Variegated 12a 14c
IRON—Pig $20 to $23.50; Swedes £95; English
$50; Tredegar (Richmond) $85; Up Country
$90; Nails 3} to 3} cts.
PLASTER—Abundatt. Last sales from wliart
$3 75
POTATOES—Northern $1 to 1 37} per bushel,
and scarce.
KYE—Extra, for distilling, 75 cents per bushel.
RICE —4 to 4} cents per lb.
SALT —$1 40 from store; SI 35 from wharf.
SUGARS.—Porto Rico 5 to 6} for ordinary to
strictly prime. New Orleans 4} to 6; Refined loat
9} cts; crushed Bi.
MOLASSES. —Cuba 20a22; New Orleans 30a31,
in good s ipply.
STEEL—American blistered 107} to 110
TOBACCO —Since our last report we have to
notice an improvement in prices witn more anima
tion in the market. We quote lugs at #2ia3s;
common leaf 5-4} a si; good $8j a io} ; fine a
TEAS —Imperial and Gunpowder 55 to $1 20;
Black 35 to 50, with light demand.
WHEAT —The city millers are paying for primp
white 'J.'; red 90 ct».
LEATHER —We have no change to notice in
Leather. The supply ia good, with a fair enquiry
"Good .'ht wt's 515 to 16± : middle $14i to 15*
heavy t .4 to 15: "damaged" slO, 12$ and 14, ac
corduiy to quality.
LUMBER —Clear white Pine S-'3:ios; refuse clea*
(KB;merchantables2o as 22; refuse 915 pei
M.; one inch pine l'lai i'rcin 812 to 615 per 31.;
three-quarter inch p.tie Plank 61C to 612 floorai.
rou-b, ironi 615 to iii; dressed %2G a 6 SO; joists
$12 a $i'i two inch i'lauk 61o; weatln r board
ing 6)1 to 614 —dull; inch oak Viank $;3 to 2*,
button wood do S2l to -'J; 3 mi a cherry $30; •
Inch pop.at ilB.
OATS—IS to 50 cts. per bushel for ordinary Vir
OFFAL—Bran 14 cts. per bus' iel; Shorts 18 eta.
Browi-Stuff iscts.; ciiiip-tituii" 40 1 45 eta.
SHOT—Si a 6 cents per lb.
Foreign.—But little doing—rr tea nominal.
London 27s G iper hhds.
Domestic v.e quote as follows:
New York. Bust >n. Philadelphia
Coal, per bush, to beta. Vets. s£ct&.
Flour, per bbl. 20 2t' 25
Tobacco, per hhd. 2.00 2.5.) 2.25
Do. per box, 15 25 20
Coal to Baltimore 3 cents per bushel.
Sterling Bills : 10} premium.
Domestic : Northern Exchange ranges tarcheche
on the chief cities at ja} premium. Larte North
en; City Bank Notes i premium. Uncurreot notes
we quote at the following dissount:
North Carolina 1 Tennessee 2
South Carolina 1 Kentucky 2
Georgia 1 Ohio 2
Alabama State Bank -- 2J Northern interior -- - j
Bank of Mobile 1 Silver—l£ premium.
Gold—i premium
Virginia Stock, 25 years to run, interest from
date—heid at the Treasury, 8107. ,
Va. State Stock, former issue, with interest from
,Ist January—last sales short dates SIO3 and int,
long do Si 114 and interest
James River and Kanawha guaranteed Bonds, |
with interest lrom Ist Jan'y—last salts $103 and
int; rest
Hiehmcnd, Fredericksburg and Potomac R. R.
Bonds. with interest from Ist Jai.uary— a?t sales
100 and int.
Richmond City Bonds, withinterest-from Ist Jan
uaiy—sa es ti\it week 1014 and int.
Virginia Bank Stock—par ®70, sales this week 75.
Farmers' Bank Stock—sales this week 106}.
Exchange Bank Stock—salt s this week 10t>.
Va. File and Marine Insurance Stock—last sales
Richmond Fire Association Stock—par $20, sales
this week 31 j.
Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac R.. R.
Stock—sales this week 93.
Virginia Central R. R Stock—last sales 40.
Richmond and Petersburg R. R. Stock—sales this
week 35.
James River and Kanawha Stock—last sales 16.
FA*H 1O N A 111, KiU ILLIN£ It V.
Having procured a suitable location for
Hyadbusmess, and titled up iu a neat and appro
l)f]al>' s'J'Je, is now ready and would be
pleased to receive her customers and the
public generally, at her New Stoie, No 6a Main
street, tlve doors above loth street. By recent ar
rangement, she will be receiving constantly, the
latest, most approved styles, and Fashi nable
Maieriule. and customers may be assured she will
supply them upon terms more accommodatint:
than they could procure at the North.
Dress making, Embroidery, &c., promptly
executed Store closed on Saturdays.
my 17—12t
eWTMam street.—JlUS. t. LYON jftjvS
rccelv< 'd » n"-w assoitment ol—'"*3
BONNE i ail adapted to the present season
Cap*, Coilara, Sleeves, and Worked Bands ; also, a
handsome supply of Mantles, Fringes, Laces.
Gimps, Ha f r Braids, Fans, Combs, and a varieiy of
other fancy articles, which will be sold at cost,
my 14—Ht
* FOlt NEW VOHK,—Sails Fri-
.Morning. 21st inst, at 7 o'clock.
The spendid Steamship CITY OF RICHMOND, V.
Mitchell, master, is now ready to receive cargo,
and will sail as above F'or freight or passage, ap
ply to W D COLQUITT, or A S.LEE.
N. B—Cabin passage, including meals, @8 00
Steerage passage, including meals, 6 00
Pasieiigers are requested to be on board at the
above hour , my 17—tds
*£§jUtEXANI)KI A.—The good Schooner ASH-
La Ml), having most of her cargci engaged, will have
quick dispatch For balance ol cargo, apply to
Matter on board, at Ludiam's whrf, or to
my 17—5t W. D. COLQUITT.
Wfc. jrmrrfe FOlt LYNC'UBlitU.—The
canal boat t»«mi»oii, Capt Don
ald, ia now it ady to receive freight, an J will posi
tively leav* on WEDNESDAY, lull or not full,
my 17 A S. LEK.
gpt FOlt KENT—A large Room iu rtarot my
Ka store : also, a Stable.
tnj 15 Main street, near Old Market
AMERICAN HOTEL—N Burwell, Roan-1
oke: T \V Howard, Waahingun; Jm Chr*>,
<-timet field: T VV Bascouib, C H Colburn,
No'ti! Car'lina; A Ward and lady, Thomas H
Campbell, Nociowav; J VV Uillmni. lady nnd
daughter, Miss Woraham, Dinwiddie; M 8
Goodman, New York; K H Beverly, Notio
way; G T Hatton, Mobile; C H McKean, N
C; S Crawford, Roanoke; H Lyons, N York;
II ii Blunehard, J Barton, Philadelphia; W D
Bray ton, Rhode Island: J Rowlett, Petersburg
E S Conklins, New York; M M Anderson,
Hanover; R V Thweatt,Chesterfield; Captain
II Johnson and lady, City Point; VV M How
erton, Halifax; J T RxUten. North Carolina;
Ii II McMilliu, New York; I)r VV F Caning
ton, U S Navy; VV J Old and lady, Cuinberl'd;
I)r W H Hillatnan, Amelia; N C Miller, lady
and servant, Palmyra; H Garrett, Lynchburg;
J B Glover and daughter, Alnemarle: R L
Patterson, lady and servant, Buckingham; 2
R Lewis and lady, Nelson; C C Mosely anil
lady, Albany; J VVCorbin, Spottsylvania; S
Burroughs. North Carolina; E C Hogan, R
A Stanley, B F Stanley, Georgia; S Bullock
and ladv, New Jersey; R P Alexander, Han*
over. ,
ierfield, L Mann, Amelia: H J Robards, N C;
J H Farrar, Dinwiddie; V G Streeter, Meck
lenburg; C W right, Caroline; VV V Cocke,
Powhatan; AVV Robinson. Amelia; M VV
Lawes, J KVVeisiger, Goochland; Ed Scott,
Powhc.tan; F P Sawyer, Fauquier; A Price,
RichmonJ; F Eggleston, J Meador, Amelia; E
S Barksdale, Halifax; G VV Dame, Miss C A
Tunstall, Miss Brown, Danville; Mrs Calwell,
Miss Nicholson, Miss Carrington, Farmville;
J A Hill, Nelson; L VV Lambert, Lynchburg;
FI J Thornton, Hampden Spdney; E A Yates,
J Carr, Amelia; VV A Johnson, Lynchburg;
VV P McCraw. Tye River: J D Sadler, Ame
lia; J P Mayo, B Cosby, Powhaian; Chas P
Lee, Natural Bridge; V S Bibb, Louisa; G VV
Bassett, Hanover.
servt, Rockbridge; T Taylor, Norfolk; S
Farland, J M Matthews and P P Baughan,
Tappahannock; Miss Cocke, Miss S Cocke
and Miss B Cocke, Powhatan; J S Barbour jr,
and J Barbour, Cuipepper; VV G Perry and
J L O'Neal, Phila; E T Jeffries and lady, VV G
Fowlkes and lady, Nottoway; R F Tardy,
Baltimore; J B Dae and lady, Wisconsin; VV
Hunt, Texas; C Sturdivant and daughter. Va;
J C Hays, Key West; J J Braxton, Rich
mond Co; J B Christian, Williamsburg; R H
Phillips, Staunton; VV J Rpberson, Charlotts
viile; G H Curnpston, Prince Ed; S D Wil
liamson, and lady Va; B Wood; Albemarle; J
B Lee, Lynchburg: J S Meredith, Cumber
land: S M Hamilton, Baltimore; Captain J
Rudd, P Mansiun, J L Green, Fredericksbg.
CITY HOTEL.—J A Goulder, King and
Queen; Dr Savage, New Kent; Win Wright,
Essex; VV G Mann and R S Higgins, Amelia;
J Sumpel, Plsilad; J Ii Cox, Chesterfield; II
A VVhi'eley, Lynchburg; G T Brumley, New
Keni; C L Lukens, Albemarle; M G Gentry
as.d VV II Mann, Virginia; J N Phillip, VaCen
-11 it I R li; L D Edmunds, Farmville; G Win
ston,Lynchburg; A L Simpson, Danville; D B
Boiling, Nottaway; P Latimer, Hampton; J
Nonnent, Hanover.
liniige ui ihe Thermometer
At J. XV. Hand lib's N >. I—l, Main street,
7 a. ri- I 12 si. I 5 P. si.
t,t; I tj <>;>
P O It T OK !i il H M()V i)
Schr S a Beiie, Harr>mau, Matanzas, to C T
Schr Mary Eliza. Smith, New \oik.
Schr Liahtloot, Gregory, Rockland.
Schr Perseverance. Minor. Philadelphia.
Angel Whispers, or the Echo of Spi r it Voices:
deeign- d to comiort those that mourn—sl
A Pilgrimace to Egypt, with numerous illustra
tions, by Dr JVC Smith—Si 25
Tales from Catlaud, for LitJe K'ttena, by Grace
Greenwood—red cl< th. silt edge, 62 cts
Hi story of Mv P?ts, by Grace Greenwood—62c
Dictionary of Shakpperiat. Quotations, arranged
in alphabetic order—St
The Heavenly Recognition, or Will we Know
our Friends in Heaven—sl
t-ir Roger De Coverley, by the Spectator—7s c's
Representative Men, by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Men and Wcman of the Eighteeth Ce-tury, by
Ar.-ene Houssaye,2 vols—B2 50
Clovernook, or Recollections of our Home in
the West, by Alice Carey, beautifully gilt—.Sl 50
Tht Snow Image, and other Twice-told Tales, by
Nathaniel Hawthorn—7s cts
Letters Illustrative of the Reinn of William 111
from 1696 to 1708, edited by G P R James, Esq,
3 vol H vo—§2 50
Call by all means, at the Exchange Book
stoie, two doors from i'ost Office my 19
-21. TERS.—Kate Penrose, or Lite and its Lessons.
A truly entertaining and instructive story—by Miss
Hubback, author of the "Wiles Sister." Price
374 cents.
The Apochryphal New Testament. Pric?. 50c.
Putnam's Semi M mth'.y Liiiiary, No 9, contains
'A Bu, k for a Corner'—by Leigh Hunt Price 25c.
Stanley Thorn—his Courtship and Adventures
by Henry Cockton, author of 'Valentine /ox '—
Price 50c.
The Napoleon Ballads—Lv Bon Gaultier. Price
The Earl's Ward, or the Old Chape! and its
Mysteries, an interesting romance of the land and
ocean—by S Cobb, jr. Price 25c.
For saie at the Periodical D» pot of
my 20 109f Broad ritr-et
Li M W J'.ST A: BRO., will sell, next week ano
ther valuable Law Library, the property of a gen
tieman about retiring lrom practice. The collec
tion, although not iarg-», embraces many valuable
works; among others,iKobinson's Practice, and the
Virgir-ia Reports, from Washington to Robinson.—
Catalogues will be ready (at our bookstore) in a few
r PIIE TWO F A ->J IL. 1 Eft: an Flpisode in the
1. History of Cbapelton, by the author of Rose
Th ' Principles ot Courtesy, with hints and ob
servations on iu .nners and habits, by Geo VVinfrt d
An Exposition of some of the Laws of the Latin
Grammar by ues»ner Har ison, M D, Pro<essor of
Ancient Languages in the University of Va.
No J Bleak House, by Chas Dickens.
, n , . , A. MORRIS,
my 19 Late Drinker Sc Mori is 97 Main street
\|ADEIKA \\ 1 Mis , — The subscribers,
agents lor Messrs. Ohveira &. Davjes, late John
Ohveira & Co., have on hand lor sale, a;dare re
ceiving orders lor the following qualities, to be im
ported about August next:
Old London Particular; Reserve
old Reserve; Palhatinho;
Choice Old Buall; do old Sercial ■
Do. old Malmsey; do. Tiuta'or Muctira Burgun
my 19 WILLIAMS A. BiiO.
\*/IKE OKP.II lOVUIx-ae aLove area
" most desirable article t, r Summer to nut
over meat, Iruit, or pies, to prevent insects r f « P .i
hm4 gettiugupon them. No house-keeper ghou d
,Vi"' TEK '
rL Mnin Btreet
1» of popular I heologl-a; Bo.ks-s jme vervrare
i —lor sale at less thtn catalogue price» by
te G. M. WfcU BRO.
ROOFINU TIN.—IOO boxes Uootiug
75 boxes 1-3 Cross Tin, 50 boxes extra sizes'
Russia Iron, Block Tin, Zinc, and Spelter, for
ea!e by
a ..u '' irc ' days since, a red and white
£il _Jw MILCH COW. A suitable reward
# i)l |ji v ,. n jf g jj e returned to the
owner, Dr. F. 11. DEANE, corner of Grace aud 7th
street*. nay 17—6t
I W daily he»r of thp mo»t astonishing cure*
I " being »ffected by th»t great and popular medi
cine, the genuine
Tbegreateit remedy ever discovered lor almost all
complaints requiring an external application, either
in man or beast. In the short length of time it ha*
been introduced to the people oi the t'nited State*,
it has gained a reputation uncqualed by any other
medicine in the known world. Why is in The
answer is plain : bt ctuse no medicine of the kind
has ever been put before the public so deserving of
the rich laurels it has acquired ; and it wiil continue
to gain friends as long it performs the tnos'. extra
ordinary cures of various descriptions, after the
doctors and other remedies had failed. We do not
on'y say that tne genuine H. G. Farrell's Arabian
Liniment cs,n anidces perform cures which no
o*her medicine can do, but you hare here certificates
of what it has done.
Thaddeus Smith, of Mudd Creek, Tazewell
county, Illinois, says: "I had lost the use of my
arm for more than a year by palzy or paralysis;
the fl-'sh had entirely withered sway, leaving no
thins but skin, muscle and bone. I tried ail the
best doctors and all the lemedies I could bear of,
but they did no good. I then commenced the use
of H. G. Farrell's Arabian Liniment, nd a few bot
tles entirely cured me, and my arm is now as stroDg
and fleshy as the other. It U also first rate for
burns, sprains and bruises.
The celebrated Dr. Jayne, whose reputation as
a benefactor to mankind extends over the who e
world, reports that a lady cl one of the first fami
lies in Philadelphia had been confined to her bed
fourteen years wi h Rheumatism, and was cured by
H G. Farrell's Arabian Liniment. He also says:
"Your Liniment is going rapidly ; send me a supply
immediately by Leech's fast line."
My daughter, when six months old, was taken
with a swelling in the tonsils, which grew larger
and larger, till when six years o'.d, she had great
difficulty in swallowing her tood- Every night,
watch was kept, fearing she would suffocate. The
best doctors attended her, but could give no relief.
I took her to the most eminent doctors in the East;
they said there was no help for her but to outgrow
it. With a sad heart I returned home with her,
when she became so much worse that the doctors
had to be called in again ; they decided the tonsils
must be cut off, as the only m°ans of giving relief
My wife would not consent to this, and she deter
mined to try your Liniment, which gave relief the
very first application, and by a continued use she
entirely recovered. She is now teu years old, and
fleshy and healthy as could be desired. Your Lini
ment is also the best in use for sprains, bruises,
cuts, burns, headache, &c.; and it will remove the
most severe pain in a few minutes. It also cured
caked udder in my cow in a few day 3.
Peoria, March 20, 1349. GEORGE FORD.
Mr. H G. Farrell: Your Arabian Liniment is the
greatestmediciaeforhorse flesh in the world. I had
a mare about to foal, when she became so helpless
that she could not rise from the ground: she was
in this way for several days, when with seven others
I succeeded in raising her up, which was the only
way it could be done, when 1 commenced the use
of yr.ur excellent Liniment, rubbed in well over
the loins, and astonishing as it may appear, before I
used up a bottle of the dollar size, she was able to
get up and walk herself. 1 would not have given
ten dollars for her bel-ire, and many advised me to
shoot her to put her out of misery; she is now one
of my best mares- 1 suppose it was a strain in the
loins. G. W. HUNT
Pt oria, 111., July 2, 1819.
To ghtira against impotitlcn, read, the fol
lowing carefully:
The public are particularly cautioned against a
base Counterfeit which has lately made its appear
ance, and is called by the imposter who makes it,
"W. B. Farrell's Arabian Liniment." This is a
dangerous fraud, and more liable to dscoivefrom
his Searing the name of Farrell. Therefore be par
ticular never to call for it by the name •'FarrelPs Li
niment," for unprincipled dealers will impose this
SPURIOUS Mixture upon you for the genuine, but
always ask for H. G Fasuell's Arabian Lini
jis.nt." and take nt> o'her, as tiie genuine alicays
has the letters 11. G. before Farrell's, his signa
ture is also on the outside wrapper, and these
words blown in the glass bottle. "H. G. FAR
Cail on the agent, who will furnish free of charge,
* Book containing mack valuable information, for
every clf.ss of citizens.
Price—2sc., 50c. and one dollar per bottla.
The only Genuine is manufactured by HO
Farrell, sole inventor and proprietor, and wholesale
arugsist. No 17 Main street, Peoria, 111., and for sale,
wholesale and retail at proprietor's prices, by
92, Main St.. corner of 14th,
ap 6—d3in Richmond, Vs.
OMi OOJJ.AK! O.Nii 1) <> 1, j, A K7-
GREAT REDUCTION —Bring your money to
OSBORN &. CO "S splendid Skylight Daguerrean
Gallery, as we have lost work in sticking to the
regular pricrs, or, in other words, have been under
bid by other artists, v/e have resolved to reduce the
price to one dollar lor a nice picture and case—just
one half the former price. We are the first that
have ever attempted to work at Northern prices,
<md we shall expect a liberal support Rear in mind,
our pictures are taken with a tice sky-light
Sign of the American Flags, opposite the Banks.
Any a picture of ours that i 3 not
good, can have it retaken free of cost. my 5
Dlerchant Tailors, Clothiers, &e.
No. 110 Main sheet, (at the old stand of Messrs
Dudley ,y Johnston )
tTHE Ml'B.'<i(/RIB£KB would moat
respectfully inform their friends and the
public that they have entered into a co-part
nership as above, for the purpose of conduct
ing the Merchant Tailoring and C'lolking bu
siness in all its brancnes They nave now and intend
keeping constantly on hand, an assortment of
best quality, wbich they will be happy to make up
in a style not to be surpassed in this .ity or else
They also intend keeping constantly on hand an
assortment of ready made C.otbing, consisting of
dress, frock and business Coats, Pants, Vests, Shirts,
Drawers, Socks, Collars, &c, which they will sell
as low as any other house here or elsewhere.
The subscriber would respectfully invite th<? at
tention of his friends t> the above, and solictis a
call from them when in want of any article in his
line, promising to use his best efforts (and plediricg
also that of his partner) to sive satisfaction
my 15—ts THOMAS S. RiDDICK.
RION 1 aNI) PETERSBURG, VA.—On aud after
the first day of April, 1852, there will be a line of
Four Horse Post Coaches, direct fruin Greensboro,
N. C . to Burkeville, Va, via Danville, Halifax C H
and Charlotte C li to Burkeville, wnere they eon
nectwith the Richmond and Danville Railroad, and
also with the South Side Railroad from that place
to Petersburg.
This line will run regu'arly three times a week,
leaving Richmond and lVtersLurg at7J o'clock, A
M, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,and ar
rive in Greensboro the second day, at tij A M.
I eave Gieensboro every Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday at 8 A M, and arrive in Richmond aud
Petersburg second day at 1£ P M.
Fare through from Greensboro to Richmond or
Petersburg; bl2.
Passengers by this line will go through without
delay. The line connects with the f ynchburg and
Danville line of coaches at the latter town
ap 19—2 m P FLAGG <fc CO.
LAND WARRANTS—B )Ught for cash, by R
B. BAGBY <fc CO ~ at the highest market price.
They will also purchase patent titles for Lands in
the State of Illinois, located with warrants issued
for the war of 1812. Office over N.B & C.Hill,
corner of Franklin and Wall streets, ap 7—2 m*
( 1 0ACli TRI MiMER WANTED.—A single
Man, and u good hand on light fancy work, can
secure liberal Wages aui constant employment by
applying immediately to OTEY & UOFF, Rich
mond, or
my 17-1 w THOMAS A. MAYER, Norfolk
TOiLIi)H C n H ,,?^ E p 3EI i H ' O °HiNG, even length. ;
M i n la J' Hoarde and l'lank ; CO,OOO do
—jHy_L!z=lg R A O. WHITFIELD
L A w I ? 8, . w,,1 *« SILK hosier V~
n'uu ve " V 'i ry 1 i, ' UOd 01 lh *'
" l#u i olacs do, which we are »ellin» verv
cheap at CIIAS HART WELL iTvO%' y
VVi v iuVT; 107 Broad street,
- my 137 Main street.
W 1 ** f" 18 " LOVERS, 10 leu or single
ones, for sale by 8
m J 16 E. M. ZIMMERMAN.3
Managers *f Lotteries.
Splendid Schemes for May, 1852.
Grand Consolidated Lattery • Class 14, to
be drawn at Baltimore on Saturday, May sad. <■>
numbers, 12 drawn.
1 prize of $37,500 123 prize# of 87a0
•20 do 3 500 25 do 350
25 do 1,500 | 121 d 0.......... 250
Tickets $10; halves 5. quarters 2 50.
8;»0,000, 7,500, 5,0U) I
Sunquebannu Lottery, Class 22, to to d rawn
at Baltimore oo Wednesday, May lota, 1832. 75
Lumoeia. 15 aia*u.
CAPITA!. 3 ! ,
l prize of §30,000 | 1 prize of
1 do 7,500 1 do 1.500
1 do 5,000 J25 do 7UO
Ticket# 810; halves 5, auarters 2 50.
825.000, 3 ol 10,000. 6 of 5,000.
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class M, to
be drawn at Baltim jre, on Saturday, May 2Jth. 78
numbers, 13 drawn.
1 prize of 860,000 | 6 prizes of 80000
1 do 25,000 I 100 do 2000
1 do 16,278 I 174 do 300
3 do lO.dCOj See. &c.
Tickets $20; halves 10, quarters 5.
Certificate of a package of wholes $260; share®
in proportion.
Orders for Tickets in any of the Maryland
Lotteries will meet the mest prompt and confiden
tial attention, if addressed to F.MORRIS <fc CO.,
Managers, or to C. W. PURCELL,
mv 4 Richmond. Va.
TAR.—The most successful remedy
J now in use tor the cure ot incipient Consump
tion, Bronchitis, Asthma, Coughs, Putrid S° r <j
Throat, Dyspepsia, diseases of the Kidneys and
Liver, King's Evil, Piles, Tetter, and all diseases
arising from impure blood and enL ebled state of
the system.
Baltimore, March 17, 1851.
Mrs. B. B. Norris: Dear Madam—lt gives me
great pleasure in recommending to public favor
your valuable medicine (Cedar Tar) as an excel
lent preventative or curative in the first signs of
bronchial affections, or diseases of the lungs, and
also as a very valuable tonic.
Yours, very respectfully,
Mrs. 88. Nobbis : Dear Madam —I am glad to
apprise you of the fnct of my being (as I think) en
tirely cured of the Asthma by your Cedar Tar I
took about two thirds of a bottle, and find I can
now expose myself to dust, flour, wind and damp
air, and am not in the least affected by them, hav
ing been more or less affected by thorn for twenty
years When I went with my mother to procure
a bottle, you know I could scarcely tell you what I
wanted, iu consequence of being so much afflicted
at the time. Every one who knows me well, has at
times witnessed my sufferings. I have tried every
thing 1 have heard of as a permanent cure, and
have had eminent physicians to tell me there was
no certain cure for me. At any rate I have not
had the least symptoms for six months, and I have
had it generally worse in spring and summer than
at any other time. I would advise all who are
asthmaticai to try it. and persevere, and 1 think
thej will be cured. If this acknowledgment will
be of any advantage to you, I am perfectly willing
you should have it, for there is no disease so dis
tressing as a severe attack of Asthma, such as I
have frequently experienced in my work-loom and
With my best wishes for your success, 1 remain 1
yours, ic, Mks. F. V JOHNSON,
141 St. Piul street, Baltimore.
Baltimore, March 27, 1851.
For sale in Richmond by
P.HORTON REACH,9I Main street,
General Agent for Eastern Virginia.
my 12—ts
EA-V >ll.\Vl.\'i itAZOK» f»ET.—
The subscriber otters his services to the pub
lic, both in the city and country, to set Razors. 1
Having been for many years practised in the ari, he j
has, on account of feeble health, abandoned his me
chanical labors, and for the last iTx months d-i voted
his time to setting Razors. He has stones of pecu
iar quality,and will warrant satislaction in every
case where the metal will admit of a good edg".
His charge is only 12 t 2 cents each razor. He re
fers by permission to Messrs. Deane «fc Brown, John
Cosby, D. C. Randolph, Daniel S. Delaplane, J. S
Walthail, Col. Trevillian, Dr. Wood, and Mr. Mor
son, &c <fcc. Razors leit at Mr. Andrew Johnston
6 Co's Hardware Store, or Mr. R. R. Duval's Drug
Store, will be promptly set and returned. He may !
also be found at Mr. John Hitchcock's, near Hax- j
all's Mills. MiCAJAH S.MEADOR.
my 15 —6t*
mKN DO 1.1-A R> REWARD.—The above
J. reward will be paid for the apprehension and
delivery of negro man Tom, ~o the Jailor of the
city ot Richmond, or Sls if delivered to me at the
depot of the South Side Raiiroad Company, ht Pe
tersburg. The sdd negro man is about 5 feet 6or
7 inches high, thick and heavy built, and of a light
copper complextion. He has a suiien face and
speaks slowly when spoken to He belongs to the
estate of the late Sarah Branch and has a wife liv
ing at Broad Rock, in Chesterfield county.
my 13—3w Agent S. S. Railroad Co.
GOOD . —The subscribers, intending to en
large their store, and give it a thorough repair,have
thought it advisable and have determined to sell
the ir entire stock now on haud at prime Cost, for
cash, so that they may open in their new and reno
vnted house an entire new stock. We do assure
all in want of Dry Goods, thai a better assortment
or a more desire ble stock is rarely offered at cost.
An early call is solicited as all goods remaining on
hand at the close ot the season will be sold at pub
lie auction.
my 10—lm J. C. COURTNEY & CO
V A beautiful assortment of the above style of
Chair which is so desirable for Summer, consisting
ol Hall Chairs, Dining Chairs, Ladies' Sewing, with
and without rockers- These Chairs are very suit
ablelor Cottages or country residences. They are
the coolest and lightest kind ot Chair that is made,
at the same time are very strong, and will bear . x
posure to the weather, and always retain their
first appearance. For sale at the House Furnish
ing Store of L GINTER,
my 15 137 Main stieet.
ROBERT F. BUOADUU! !> offers his servi
ces to the citizens of Richmond and the public
generally as a general Collector of Claims. He
pledges himself to attend strictly to ail business en
trusted to h'.s care. His office is in the rear of Mr
Hawes R. Sutton's office, in Law Bui'ding, Rich
mond, Va. my 4—6 m*
B NETS.—Just opened per Adam & Co's Ex
a iresh supply of the newest style
for ladies, Muses and children, at
Fashionable Millinery Establishment,
No 2*5 Broad st., Shockoe Hill.
N. B.—Also, some very superior Neapolitan <ios
gamer Bonnet* not equalled in the city, my 13
m NOTICE.—The steamboat AL r
■V "~ .iy 'gS- GUSTA will be taken uff the River
tor a short time to paint and refit for the Summer.
She will ie*ume her place about the "last of Jute, of
which due notice w.ll be given.
m y 10 THOS. DODAMEAD Supt.
Holt h 1* 1A N oS.—pTTTT iaT-
has ju»t received a further
U 1 U 1 (T'W'y of Nunn's &. Clark's superior
J Pianos, at his Piano and Music Store
my 11 1«to Main Street. '
KOU KENT.—The upper part ol the
House occupied by Baker & Tiusley, (252
d street.) Possession giveu on the Ist day of
June. This house has ail t'ie conveniences lor a
large fami'y or a boarding house. Apply to
my 7—tlJ BAKER & TIN SI. EY.
FOK RENT, an excellent Dwelling
ai'!l House, with a garden attached, below the city
on the road leading to Stony Run. For farms ao
plyto TOLER &
"P 6 General
JpaL ft ALE.— The very desirable three storv Brick
1 enement on the NofJfe side of Leiirii tw.
tw T 6th and 7th streets, row tn &
Andrew Johnston, ior terms, applv to *
de Main street Hotel
DOR SAKE, A very desirable liameu
1 ing with excellent Kitchen, Sec, on Leigh
street. Immediate possession may be had. This
property is in good >rder. The owner wishing to
emove to the country, would make the terms fa
vorable to a purchaser. Apply at this office.
.ap- I *)— ts
ettKEN li| MCUiK.- A suppl7 ot Green Giu
ger, lor sale by
PURCELL, LADD * CO., Druggists, j
"J ia M Main street, comer 14th. i
Will Wonders Settr Cm*»?
IF th» following cures, perlormed alone by the
use of BULL'S SARsAP AhILLA, «r« not won
d-rs tfa"n we acknowledge that wedo not know the
mewiing uf the wo d Head and be convinced that
fact# au ttranier than ficttou:
Line F O , Fulton Co , ny. f Oct I, l?%n.
Dr. John Bull: Dear Hir-Tte two doze;, of your
Sa-iaoanlU, ordered in September, came to har.d,
and in acknowledging lie receipt ot the came, I
feel'l would be doing you inju»ticeto
following, amona the many of the ttfittnces that
have come under uiy observation during the last
two years, ofthe great curative properties of your
" # Mrs! Jeannette Martin, a highly respectable lady
of uiy neighboihood, aged sixty five y® B ' 9 ' ®
been long afflicted with a cancerous ulcer, which
tiuHiiy reduced her to so helpless a condition, that
she could not leave her bed. She tried the best
medical advice in our county without relief, ana
had given up a!l hopes of a cure. At this stage ot
her case, 1 persuaded her son to take a bottle ot
your Sarsaparilla. He did Bj, and in a short 'tme
returned, and purcfc wed anither bottle, statipg the
first had had a decidedly good effect. Sheconunued
to use it until, after ihe use of five or six bottles, I
had the pleasure of seeing the oil lady hersf.lt at
church. She assured me that she had almost en
tirely recovered her health, and from her 1 received
| the account of her disease, and in about the same
I won i ß I give it to you. This is but one of a num
ber oi cures under my observation—ot very re
markable ones—performed by the use of your Sar
saparilla, in my neighborhood. The demand tor it
his "teadily increased since its introduction here.
Verv respectful y, yourobedient servant,
Boyle County, Ky., Oct. 6, 1801.
Dr John Bull: Dear Sir—l have seen the most
marvellous cure of one of my patients, by your
! valuable medicine—an old lady, who had been af
i dieted from her childhood with scrofula, and va.
rious diseases of the brain. She was t>o years old. It
i had run iuto something like leprosy, aud she was
1 the most frightful creature my eyes ever beheld 1
: called in Dr. McFadden, a very line physician, to
i consult with me in re ation to her. We came to
i the conclusion that it was out of our power to re
| lieve her ; but, on goiug to my office, 1 accidentally
picked up one of your journals, when, on seeing
the wonderful cures your Sarsaparilla had effected,
I resolved to try the expeiinient in this case. I
took her two bottles of it, after taking which I per
ceived a great change. 1 took her some more. She
is now taking the sixth bottle, and I consider her
entirely cured. I take great pleasure in recom
I mending your Sarsaparilla to the afflicted public,
i Your j, respectfully,
I, Thomas A Ringo, of Graves county, Kentucky,
for the benefit of mankiud generally, do hereby cer
tiiy, that on or about the Itith d .y ot October. 1847,
I was attacked with a very severe pain iu the low;er
part of the abdomen, which lasted but a tew min
utes, and moved into tae left hip, and continued
exceedingly painlul for about tive days, during
which time I had a very light lerer. At the end of
that time the fever ceased, and the pain abated tor
a day or two, after which it again .returned, and
was much woroe than before. During all this time
I was under medical treatment From a short time
after I was taken, I was unable to walk or sit up ;
the hip in which the pain was so bad commenced
rising, until some time in January, when it burst,
and a number of pieces oi bone came out —as many
as tweiry, at least. Some of the pieces were three
fourths of an inch long. Some time after tcis, a
hard knot appeared on my light hip, also one on
my right wrist, aud one on ruy leg, below my knee.
1 continued to get weak and worse, and pain made
its appearance in my right shoulder, and would
move in my bieastand stomach. At this time ail
persoLs g«ve mc up to die. A physician then told
me that, as a last reined;, 1 had better use Mr. bull's
i- luid Extract of Sarsapari la. After the use ot the
second bottle, the knot on uiy wrist commeuceu
getting suit. I opened it. and a day or two alter, a
piece of bone came out. My wrist soon got well,
and 1 c ntinued to gain strength After 1 used the
third bottle, 1 co-id get no more tor some four
weeks, alter which time 1 succeeded iu getting three
more bottles. Alter using the three last Potties, tae
kuot on my hip became suit; it \va3opaned, and
some corruption rau cut, together with a small
piece oi bone, and the sore soon got well, and me
kuot entirely disappear d The sore on my leg also
; opened, and a piece of bone came out. 1 continued
the use of the Sarsaparilla until I used twelve bot
tles, and aui uow entirely well, and able to do daify
! labor. It may seem strange to some, but X wili nere
state that, during the summer of 1349, I coughed
up three pieces of none, which can now be seen at
the residence of my unc.o, Thomas Neal, where I
now live, and if any persons doubt this statement,
! 1 will be happy to converse with them, il they wili
' call on me.
State of Kentucky, G aves Co , Set.
This day personally came b-fore me, the under
signed, an acting justice of tie peace in and for
said county, and made oath in due form of law,
that the above statement is tiue. Subscribed and
sworn to this 15 h day oi Pebruary, ldso.
S. P. MORSE, J. P. for G. C.
I, Irwin Anderson, Clerk of the County Court of
Graves County, State ot Kentucky, go certify that
6. P. Morse, whose name is signed to tne above cer
titicate, is now, and was at the time of signing the
same, a justice of the peace in and for said Graves
County, duly commissioned and qualified a3 such,
aad that laita and credit are due ail his official acts
as such.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto
stt my hand, an J caused the seal of the
[L. S.] County Court of said county to be here
unto atiixed, this 18th cay of February,
Can the reader believe, alter reading the descrip
tion ot the above numerous cures, that there is still
a few human b» ings suffering with disease that re
fuse to give Bull's Sarsaparilla a trial. It is indeed
hard to believe, but nevertheless it is too true.
What kind of testimony would it tske to convince
the few remaining disbelievers, that Bull's medi
cine will do mote even than it promises t The
Doctor could produce another and another cure
performed by his medicine; but if the cases pub
lished above w.li not convince the sceptica', it is
useless to produce any more, and, indeed, it would
costa tortune to publish the many certificates that
have been showeied on Dr. Buil. The largest mam
moth sheet iu Ameiica would not contain even the
names ot those cured, let alone tuil statements ot
their cases
This medicine, when used according to direc
tions. will cure, without tail, Scrofula, or King's
Evil, Cane -rs, Tumors, Eruptions of the Sain, Ery
sipelas, Chronic Sore Eyes, iiiugvvorm or letters,
Scald Head, Rheumatism, Pains in the Bones or
Joints, Old Sores ana Ulcers, Swelling of the Glands,
Syphilis, Dyspepsia, Salt Rheum, Diseases A itac
Kidneys, Diseases arising from the use of Mercury,
Loss ot Appetite, Fain in the bide or Shoulders,
Genera! Debility, Lumbago, Dtop.-y, Jaundice,
Costtveness, Bronchitis, »ore Thioat, Coughs,
Colds, Weakness ot the Chest, Pulmonarv Affec
tions, and all other disrases tending to j.roduce Con
sumption, Liver Complaints, Female Irregularities
and Complaints, Sick and Nc i vous Headache, Low
spiii.s. Night Sweats, Exposure or imprudence in
Life, Chronic Constitutional Diseases, ani as a
spr ng and summer d: ink, and general tonic for the
s) stem, and a gentle and pleasant purgative, it is
supeiior to Blu ■ Lick and Congress Water, Salt,
or Seidlitz Powders.
DR. JOHN BULL'S Principal Office,
81 Fourth street, Louisville, Ky.
W here applications for Agencies must be ad
t tr saie in Richmond by
iny 17—d3ta\vwly Druggists, Sole Agents.
Lockets, pin>, cases, kkauks,
just received a large and beautiful assortment ot
the above Goods, in which we will place Daguer
reotypes at prices as low, if not t« n per cent.lower,
than they can be had in this city, for the same
quality ot Goods and style of Picture. Pictures
taken in clear or cloudy weather, of children or
adults, ar.d warranted uever to lade, and saiisfac
tion given or no chargs made, Lockets, Cases,
Frames, Plates, and every uiuc.e used by Daguer
rootypists, lor sale low.
6i| Main st, (Mansion House,) Richmond; and
Sycamore street, Petersburg, Va. ap S7
—Just received a fresh lot 01 Lt>ck's Fa tent
Shower Baths, the moat deeiiable article now in
use. k. GINTER.
my 15— 6t 137 Main street
TOitS ! I—ihe subscriber hat in Store a com
plete assoitmeut of the above, ranging iu price iruin
I> to a 8 dollars each. L. fH fiTEK,
my 15—tit 137 Malu street.
\ C / hi' Must HAM 'nU. — Wauieo u> Hire,
ft a WET NLUHE. For one ot good character
and without encumberauce, a lioerat pi ice will oe
paid. Ayply to
ap ao—u CHA3. T. WQHTHAM & CO.
A ((.HALL LOT OK i'Ui.UK MUT rh.U,
X9>. tor sale by
. iny 7 DABNEY k HANES,
DR. A DDI NO TON, ~i rm
ilunte) Dentlat—PßACTrrjoif
riINCE 184 a. invite, Mteutio,
to a few more new tseu.
He baa ceased to pick his own teetb, complin </
the n*w»p»p"rs, and sigh over t&kin* aooUi»r
tra nap, whilst waiting for the non arriva; of . "
aching victim. Why? Because, Mr. Common
Sense has made known, that the Doct>r pu!l( fey!
for S5 cents, fi lis with silver at 50 ct», and with joid
for 75 cts; then his upper set* co,t ooly ft#
therefore, a few fri«ndsoi Mr. C. ii. have south' out
Dr. Addington'f office. j-j
iM ' K CHANDLER,(graduite
UUnTOha.amore Coliege of Dental r>nr
gery,) offers his profejaiowi Wr
vices to the citizens of Richmond and vicinity
Oliice Ho, Main street, Eazle Square
REFEBKSCK3— Professor C. R. Gibson p ro
C. P. Johnson, Kev. Dr. Howell, R f v J B Tavv.
Rev Ro Ryland, A. G. Wortham, M D , and Wm
F. Butler, Esq., Richmond.
Professor C. A Harris, Prof. Tnomas E Bond
Prof. W.R. Handy, Prof. C. O. Cone, and l,e*tw
Noble, D D S.. Baltimore. fr »S_3 m .
r&pmM, tAKKIAWKs, < AK!UAM£T
The subscriber has on har»d, at fail
Coacn-aiaking establishment, on Lombard aISot
between Main and Cary, (l Jth and 14th streets t
near the Columbian Hotel, Coaches, CbariotteS.
Barouches, Buggies, with and without tops U ,J
Sulkies, all of Bis own make, of the best materials
and workmanship. All of which will be sold as ) ow
as good work of the kind can be in the city 0 f
Richmond; and I respectfully ask a call from those
in want of any article in the Carriase line, as [ %m
determined tc make to ord-r and sell at the lowest
prices possible; and all work sold, that is new, w B ,
ap 28 - d6m
If f &■ CO. would respectfully inform thrir cu*.
11 " tomers and the public generally, that th~
have just received a large and ch >ice assortment of
Kcndy Made Clothing, whict thev offer at
the lowest cash prices. From their superb vanr'et
oi Cloths, Cannimerea and purcha
sers can select the latest patterns lor Coats,
Pants and Vests, and have them made up by N &
Co. in the tr ost fashionable styles The) offer tor
tale also a select assortment of gentlemen's Furnish
ing Goods. N. VV. NELSON &. CO..
No 135 Broad street,
ap 30—3 m Next door tothe Marshall Hotel
y, the 3rd instant, our Pack
et noaia reouuie their regular trips for Lyncbbur*
aud Buchanan. Fare to Lynchburg, S3 50, to Bj.
chanan, 35.
A new daily line for Staunton also commences
on the 3rd instant. Leave Richmond by our Boats
every evening, except Sundtty, at 6 o'clock, arrive
in Scottsville next day at 13, and into Staunton by
Fickiin & Co.'s line of STAGES, by 9, P. M. Fare
through only 82.
my 3—ts
INSURANCE—The Richmond Fire
SlggKjS?'.Association are now prepared to
— policies of Insurance on the above de
scription of risks on as reasonable terms as any
similar company, and respectfully a.?k a share of
the patronage of the public Applications will s<»
received at the office, No 233, corner of Main and
9th streets, where the officers will cheerfully fur
nish all information that may be required. Ait
losses promptly and liberally adjusted.
John H. Bosheb, Secretary rnh IT
liOl'i'AK!) A: CO., I'aris, THE
RjlThe subscriber having been appointed j
ioutard Si Co., of Pans, agent in this (:;y
for the sale of their celebrated (i#UI Duplex
Watches, asks the att> utian ofthe public to tfca
really beautiful, substantial and V\OSDrRfIL
PIECi: OF MECHANISM, requiring
once every twenty-one days—the must exact :jze
keepers of the present day, and taking preced-'rce
over ail other Watches. Thty aie warranted for
two years. These Watches are in gre it demand
throughout the Continent, and received the p:e
tuium st the late exhibition in London
carat cases, 13 holes jewelled, (warranted to seep
time,) from S"-6 to $30: Gold Lepine Watche-, 13
carat cases, 4 holes jewelled, wairanted to keep
time, from 423 t> Bs7; Eng ith Gold Levers sad
Hunting Watches, with gold and enamelled dials,
warranted, #33 to 3120; Silver Levers, Lepineand
other Watches, of French, English and Swiss man
ufacture, unusually low.
A large and varied assortment of rich and splen
did JEWELLERY, suitable for iames or gentle
men. of the rarest and most fashionable designs, at
greatly reduced prices.
Gold and Silver PENCIL CASES, with and
withoutpeus, remarkably low, and a great variety
of other articles, at prices which cionot fail to
find purchasers.
All orders frona the country carefully at
tended to and securely packed to go any distance.
fJjp 5 ' Watches and Jewellery repaired by ei
perienced workmen, and warranted.
ty Comer Main and Governor streets, No 133.
ap 29—Ira
jQ HOYER & CO. intending to dissolve
partnership, offer lor sale at cost price*
splend'd assortment ot Germar.,
and American Jewelry. soch ai
liar Rings and Broaches, Finger Kings and Charrr.j
all entiiely new patterns ; Bracelets, and ai! other
kinds of JEWELRY, too rainy to mention.
Also, splendid new articles ot imitation iilver
Ware, such as Knives. Forlss, Table and fes
Spoons, Candlesticks and Waiters, \c ; also. Gold
and Silver Watches. French and Yankee Clocks,
and a great variety of fancy articles.
Ail in want of really go d and beautiful articles
are respectfully invited" to give us a call. A 20C*i
chance is also offen d by this sal; to country raff
chants, as they will buy everything as cheap *'
anywhere else. mv 11—2*'
& St<*,ollo WHKTU OF WOLD |
d[*\ AND SILVER WATCHES, Jewelry, 1
Albata and Plated Goods. se;li£i I
•■•off at cost, for two months only, to raise
Henry llyman, 96 Main street, next to Jobs
N. Gordon, offers lor sale the w hole of his va..a- ■
ble stock, consisting of Gold Lever Watches, pnct> 1
Si 6to Sl2O each, warranted ; gold chairs, seals. I
keys, ear rings, finger-rings, breast-pis s, silver ta
ble, lea and desert spuo:>s, toris A.c , and a irrat |
variety of articles too numerous to mention. A.so i,
a largf lot of plat-d castors, cake bi.-k»-ts. A.:>*t» |
tra sets, waiters, from 4 to 40 inches :i: size, i
clocks, <Scc.
Do not neglect this opportunity, as such a rare ;
chance as this seldom or ever offer st > the public. j
Do not fomet that it is at HEN IV HYMAS ■" j
Main st., the old established store, ana Direct -<»
porter. .
N. B.—Watches an d Jewelry caret-..y ;-;>s.refl j
by competent workman, on reasonable teru.s
my 18 i
—The subscriber re-tpecltully informs
mends and theimb'ic generally, tW j
• he has on hand of his own man-itac
ture, a good assortment of Saddles. Bridles. t.»'
nesses, «vc., which h"J will sell as low as any
tablUhment in th : s city or elsewhere.,. He earnest
ly requests all in want of any article fn bis Use, i
him a call—a few doors below City |
before purchasing, assuring (ht m that every e-J.'t
will !»e made to give general satisfaction.
ap-.9— la> WiLMAM SALMON _ |
_rzto those n
SIGHT.—The subscriber informs the citiieas o
Richmond and vicinity that he has retarded to ins
city, aud will be happy t > attend to ai! persons
quiring his aid. His optica! skiii and superior s.**
are so well known, that they need no tarthsr praise-
He can be consulted at No. 4, City Hotel, ani f
mises to give full satisfaction.
apJO-ts E MARKKSS, Opmvse_
Have this day received two thousand Can*"
Straw HATS, suitable for servants, wfiici lain •
posed to sell at a very low price. Those la *
of harvest Hits fur set vants willfiad it to •"
terest to call at No. 87 Alain street A.s >, a '
ful article of India straw Hats fjr ijeut! v
my7—ls JO IN rHQ
'iQ tf MU*. fc. 15
JpM?»tre«?:. rooms over Wutd, Ferj-- •
tPKSa Ba.ks.iale has lbs day n eel v.-
— ~, w BONNETS, *11 ol I'"' i <l , ,- ri
adapted »o the season, with reaOT-mad-' •»
and elegant Fringes, to which »b<- iiivit'"' 1 >•-' r
lie «eu<-rall>, as all will tie sold cheap tj casa.
liressrs ai'd .Uantles uiade W ordei
my 8 ——
?OU KKNT-i'he upp<;r pau
house on Broad street, occupied by the sua
ers. Possession given the orsl olAyrij.
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