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the daily dispatch.
TO ADVKKTlHKKS.—TbecireulatiuD
•f the Dispatch is thsk jm
of any other Daily paper in ti« city of Richmond.
Il Is therefore greatly superior to any other as a
Medium of advertising.
Friday Maratag, Ms; itß, IM'2.
\jg' Ue must positively request our adver
tising friends to send us their advertisements
as early as they possibly can. Our advertising
is very heavy, and when the.v are received at a
late hour they impose a heavy buidenon tbe
For May 28, is now ready and for sale at
this office. It embraces among other articles
the following :
Editorial.—Mr. McDonald and Justice;
Tehuoniepec Treaty , Benjamin Botts acnin;
The Committee of Investigation ; Another
Diplomat in Hot Water; Twenty-second of
May ; Champ I)e Mai; The Waverly Novels;
Hon. John Barney and M. De Sartiges; In
ternal Improvements; The Hulsemann let
ter ; Jenny Lind and her Husband; Impor
tant Political Movement; Mr. Wvlftff and
M iss Gamble ; Smaller Artiel
Miscellaneous.—Full reports of the pro
ceedings of the Protestant Episcopal and
Democratic conventions ; Proceedings of the
Legislature ; Account of Faitfield races; For
eign and Domestic news; Domestic corres
pondence ; Latest News; Poetry ; Items, &.c.
Price 3 cents per single copy; $1 per annum
in advance.
The comments upon the passage of ifcis
law, by the Legislatures of Massachusetts and
Rhode Island, are many and various. The
advocates of the law appear to hail the event
as the haibinger of a glorious time to come,
while the opponents of if, are bitter in their
denunciations. The New York Herald, among
other evils, predicts the entire breaking up of
•11 the watering places, hotels, &c. It says :
"Already the people of Newport ore prepar
ing for a general breaking up. The whole-
Bale houses are selling out, because whatever
liquors are found on their premises when the law
comes into effect, will be confiscated; and the
root beer and sarsaparilla men, and the manu
facturers and venders of various drugs more
poisonous than "Jersey lightning," "blue
ruin," or any 6uch plain, simple drink, are on
the qui rive, ready to make hay while the sun
shines, and take the Bpare dollars and cents of
the former customers of the rum shops, lea
single number of a Newport paper, we find
the following curious advertisement :
Be it remembered that the reign of terror,
Btave-jn-head, and tyranny, sanctioned by the
congregated wisdom of our masters, is to com
mence in Rhod elsland, and Providence planta
tions, on Monday, July 19,1852. Now, there
fore, in consideration of the high respect which
we entertain for our numerous customers —in-
cluding a large poriion of the worthy and con
siderate Sons and Daughters of Temperance,
we have the pleasure to inform them that we
have on band an extensive end choicely se
lected stock of pure liquors and delicious
wines,"worthy of praise," and suitable for all
the various purposes for which they are used—
medicinal, mechanical, artistical, convivial &c.
—which we shall coniinue to sell until it be
comes a criminal offence, at !o« prices in quan
tities and packages to suit the requirements of
all sensible people for twelve mouths. We
pledge the most strict secresy to all friends of
the Maine law, who can purchase of us in large
quantities, with peifect confidence, that they
need not apprehend a plethora of friends and
suckers during the famine. All respectable,
honest poor people of this town, whose con
sciences are not troubled with the most ridicu
lous "humbug," shall have their w ants sup
plied "'without money and without price," two
days before liberty is surrendered to f«lly, fa
naticism, hypocrisy, selfishness, and vinejar-
reformers in this glorious land, w here
naught but justice, freedopn, cheerfulness,and
generositv should dwell. "Can such things
be?" Newport Mav 11,1852.
The subscriber is now prepared to supply,
as usual, hotels, storekeepers, and private
families, with bottled soda water, root beer,
and sarsaparilla mead, a healthful and invigora
ting beverage, free from all stimulating ingre
dients, and in perfect compliance with the
Maine law. All orders.left at the subscriber's
will be punctually supplied every morning
from our wagon.
RIDER'S, 171 Thames street,
DR. LANGLEY'S, root aud herb bitters,
just received aud warranted fresh and genuine,
by R. R. HAZARD f* CO.,
Apothecaries' Hull.
GREEN'S celebrated oxygenated biters, a
sure cure for dyspepsia, asthma and" general
debility—a fresh supply this day received by
C. G. C. HAZARD, Agent, next north of
poet office.
The next thing we shall have to record in
relation to Newport, is a list of advertisements
ofhotels to let," which will be taken, if at all,
at a very reduced rent, and probably turned in
to manufactories o' oxygenated bitters, sursa
parilla.root be r, and soda water. There will
be, hereafter, a complete social revolution
among the watering plat es, hotels, railroads,
and public places of resort in the two States
of Rhode 1 stand and Massachusetts, caused en
tirely by the tyranny of the new* Liquor Law."
■ The Diaiio de la Marina, i:i Havana, and
f the Cronica, in New Yoik. during the Lopez
troubles, distinguished themselves by the
bitterness with which they continually assail
ed the government and people of the United
States. One would have thought this a suffi
cient reason for rendering them extremely pop
ular with the home government; but it seems
to have had the contrary effect. That govern
ment has issued orders lor suppressing the Di
ario, assigning as a reason lor the proceeding,
this very bitterness against the United States.
For the same rrason, not being übie to reach
the Cronica in any other way, it has withdrawn
the subvention foimerly given to it.
1 he cause of this proceeding lies buried in
mystery, unless it be found in the following
suggestions made by the N. York Herald.
* T he truth of the matter is, we suspect, that
the Spanish government has been lakine into
consideration the position, destinv, and securi
V of Cuba ; and that-under )Ue good gense
and influence of Queen Christina, who iscon
sidered the owner of that island—they are pre
paring the way to dispose of the gem of the
Antilles to the United States, at eighty or a
hundred millions of dollars, or as much as
they can get. They want to smooth the «ay
to a good bargain, and are doing everything
for thai purpose to conciliate the good feeling
of the American people, and draw forth a high
price from the American government. The
sodden removal of General Concha—the arri
val of anew Governor in Cuba—the suppres
sion or disapproval both of the Diario de la
Jturina and the Cronica—hitherto so vary
aavage against the American people aud gov
ernment—a r« all parts of the same grand
Mheme, instigated by Queen Christina, for the
parpone of retting the b«»t prmi tw Culm
at M eirly dty. beautiful diplomatic
has found out that ihe can make mow money
by wiling the island than by the reveMe site
could hope to receive from it hereafter. She
has a number of very fine young daughters who
want large fortunes; and the sale of the is-
to the United States, for a hundred mil
ns of Jollais, would enable her Jo marry
them off to some of the princes and royal
bloods of Europe, with great eclat and splen
Correction —In the article of yesterday,
headed "the Waverly Novels," for "the true
viliers" read "the two Villieis." George Vil
liers duke of Buckingham, and favorite of
James the firßt and his son, w ho was assassinat
ed by Felton, and his son. George Villiers, al
so duke of Buckingham, and favcrite cf
Charles 11 were the persons we meant to de
In the same article we are made to speak of
the "coarse and brutal character of Clianer
hause,"&.c. The person meant was John Gra
ham of Claverhouse, afterwards marquis
Dundie ; one of the most remorseless perse
cutors that lived in those bloody times.
Scott has given :t romantic interest to the char
acterof chh .execrable scoundrel, to which it is
by no means entitled.
Anniversary of the Presbyterian Board of
The Anniversary meeting of this Board was
held in the Second Presbyterian church,
Chatleston, on Friday evening, the 21st. The
Hon. Judge Leavitt, in the chair. Prayer by
the Kev. I'r. Scott of New Orleans. The
Rev. Dr. Van stated very briefly
that there were two departments in the plan
and operation of the Bomd,tbe one, furnish
ing aid directly to young men preparing for
the Ministry, and the other, to render assist
ance to Schools ind Colleges with the same
object in view. That the number of candi
dates under tbe care of the Board was 372,
sixteen less than last year.—About 150 of
these were in Theological Seminaries, about
the same number in Colleges, and the remain
der in previous stages of preparation. I here
were about 100 Schools in connexion with the
Board, 42 Classical Academies, seven more
than last vear, and eleven Colleges under con
trol of Synods, &c. The resources of the
Board were a little larger than last year,
amounting to about $85,000. The great defi
ency consisted in the decrease of the nnmber
of candidates.
Several cases of small pox have occur
red at Raccoon Ford, Culpepper county. Mr.
J. W. Crittenden has fallen a victim to the
One day last week, thirty-six railroad
in one train, came, inio Rochester, westward
bound, all filled with emigrants.
It is said that the tobacco crop of this sea
son in Kentucky w ill be very light. The frosts
and fly have nearly destroyed the plants.
A grand tournament will take place at St.
Louis during the summer. Who will be the
Queen of Beauty ?
It is said that every seven minutes a child is
born in London; and every nine minutes one
There are 100,000 servants in London, and
one tenth of these are always out of employ
There are six thousand children, it is esti
mated, in California, and in eleven of twenty
eight counties there are no schools.
The Artesian well at Charleston, has been
excavated to the depth of between 900 and 1000
Sixty per cent, of all our foreign importa
tions comes into the Union through the New
York Custom House.
Alt Ohio is tributary to St. Louis, to a large
amount annually, for refined sugars and mo
The, Ohio Womens' Riehts Convention will
meet lit Maseillon on the 26th ofMay. Another
good time coining.
Mr. Burki' remarked, ''Strip majesty of its
exteriors, (the fi.s; and last letters,) and it be
comes a jest.
The Odd Fellows of Harpers-Ferry celebra
ted their Anniversary bv proceesion, &e.ion
Tuesday last.
In Tennessee n man lias been condemned to
five years imprisonment for marrying his
"I've buried my best friend," as the un
dertaker said wiieu he buried the quack doc
Coward ice is the 'ice' which melts and
runs away in time of danger, and is quite a
different article, from cool courage.
"The Blithdale Romance" is the title of
Hawthorne's new work in press by Tickfor &
Co. The scene is laid at West Roxbury
among the Assoeiationists.
The fifth annua fairol the Chicago Mechan
ics' Institute will take place in the City of Chi
cago during the first and second weeks of
The admission of delegates from Colored
Churches in the Episcopal Convention at
Philadelphia, was denied a day or two since,
by a small majority.
I'here is a negro named Wood, in prison in
Troy, IV. V., on a charge of grand larceny,
who has two white women after him, each
claiming to be his wife.
The Catholics if Pittsburg are building a
Cathedral to cost $130,000, with a steeple 339
feet high. It is to be 220 by 120 feet in size,
and will seat 10,500 persons.
Lola Monies wrote from Albany to her friend
"Pick," in New York : "I will never stop at a
Temperance House' again. It contains no
thing but bed-bugs and Bibles."
1 he Lutherfins ot Illinois are making ar
rangements to establish a college and theologi
cal seminary at Springfield, far which $37,000
have already been secured.
There is a younrr lady up town who s&vs
that ii a cart w heel has. nine felloes attached
to it, it's a pity that a woman like her can't
have one fellow.
An Army of Lawvers.—According to Liv
ingston s Law Ledger for 1552, our country
has 25,000 Isw vers, whose annual income is
not far from $36,000,000.
A good hit is dealt at the so-called "Native
American'' faction by Pi of. Hannibal, of the
New York Picayune, who thinks it a national
that Aii:enca w a> discovered l»y u fur
The apple crops throughout West Jersey, it
is said have never been more promosing.——
From present indications, if not injured" by
frost, the trees will be literally loaded with
Extensive preparations are making in Balti
more for a general celabration of the Fourth of
July, the City Councils having appropriated
two thousand dollars to he expended in adding
to the attractions of the public display.
t ;„T« e 'M®® saeh usetts House of Representa
-B,l a-v< "dopted a substitute for the
mawLVSi IO P . ro L ecl ,he r, e ht of suffrage,
flueoce i e n n vo«[ng. Ca ' P,o>er9
complish aspc°hpe d r diy "whh't
can be done by twenty in the ordinary method
are written in the sand-injuries on
On th«B7<h inrt, at half part 12 o'clock. A. M„
WALLKR GARDEN NER, infant *on of John and
Rebecca W. Gray.aged 4 months and 4 days. The
friends and acquaintance* ot the family are ret pec t
fally Invited to attend hi* funeral at his father s re
sidence, No. 304 Broad street, without further
notice, this morning, at 10 o'clock.
£weet t>abr of God, the little lamb,
Was born to die again ;
Mow resting in the happy land, 4
Away from roil and pain.
Pracrices in all the Courts of this city and the coun
ties of Henrico and Hanover. Office, next to cor
ner of 13th and Franklin streets. my 27— lm _
isS PUBLIC —Particular attention paid tc
writing DEEDS and other legal instruments Of
fice in the Law Building. Richmond, Va my o
Kjk h § professional services to the public ot
Richmond and its environs When not in his of
fice, Dr. P. may be found »t the Virginia House or
the Medical College . mh
Office on Broad street, between 10th and llltb,
nearly opposite the City Hail a P_!i_
mt, H, t . tenders nl»
to the public in the various
branches of his profession. on 4tt
Office in the basement of his dwelling,
street, between Broad and Marshal
door from the corner -—
'I hpre will De discourse* in the Univer
•OST%alist Church on the six subsequent sab
bath nights, as ta'lows:
I. On the Day ot Judgment.
II On the Second Coming of Christ.
111. On the Seccnd Death
IV. On Hell . t .
V. On the Sin against the Hoiy Ghost.
VI. On the Dispute between Michael and the De
vi! about the body of Moses.
But few people are aware that the three first
events herein referred to are past, or tast their oid
notions of hell are without foundation, or that Ma
thew 12, 31, 3- proves the tinal forgiveness of all
sin, or that the dispute is yet going on about the
body of Moses. ' He that hath ears to hear," &c
my 27—ts
f - NOTICE. —The annual meeting ui
the Stockholders of the Richmond, Fred
ericksburg and Potomac Rail Road Company will
be held at the office of the Company, in the city of
Richmond, on Monday, the 31st May, 1852, at 12
o'clock M.
ap 30 C. W. MACMURDO, Tr.
NOTICE. —At a meeting ot the President
snd;Diiectors of the Richmond, Fredericksburg
and Potomac Rail Road Company, held the 27th
April, 1852, it was
Resolved, That a dividend of 3J per cent be de
clared on the stock of the Ccmpauy, payable on
and after the Ist May next, at the office of the Com
pany, in the City of Richmond,
ap 30 C. W. MACMURDO,Tr.
"The Best the Cheapest In the
End."—This time out-of mind saying was never
more appropriately applied than in tne choice of a
Daguerreotype Picture. A good one, like
wine, is rendered more valuable by age; whereas,
a poor one is an everlasting eye sore, eapecially
when placed ia comparison with the work of an
artist. How often are we called upon to re-take
the pale, sickly production of pretenders in the art
who have nothing to recommend them but cheap
ness. M. P. SIMONS,
my 28 151 Main otrpet. Eagle Square.
£ £-~ trvHil!) tit Ladies throng our
Rooms for the superior and splendid style ot Da
guerreotypes taken by the elegant patent process,
which is, no doubt, the greatest improvement ever
discovered in this most oeautilul branch of science.
Our Pictures are acknowledged by the public and
press to be the most beautiful and life like portraits
taken in the country. Prices very low indeed for
a superior picture.
Rights for sa.efor any part of Virginia excepting
Norlclkand Richmond. MOULSON'S
Patent Process Daguerrean Gallery,
my 11 No. 110 Main street
Nowis the time for Cholera Morbus, Dyspepsia,
Bowel Complaints various kinds, Dvsent-ry and
Bilious Fever. Persons subject to either, or all of
these complaints, need not fear their attacks if they
will but use a few oottles of Baker's Celebra
ted Premium Bitters, the beat tonic bnd alter
ative that the ssill and science of man ever yet in
vented. These Bitters are purely vegetable in
their comp,:siti.>n and entirely free from all those
poisonous and nauseating substances that create a
languor and nausrnusness of the stomach when
taken; but having an opposite effect, they exhiler
ate the system, sharpen the appetite, expel impro
per secretions, create a healthljl circulation of the
blood, and produce such a flow of spiii-s as of itself
tencs greatly to relieve from indigest on and bil
ious affections. They may be t»k- üby ooth sexes,
in every condition o! life, and will be :ound an in
valuable mrdicice for infants and adults
To be had in Richmond at the Drugstores o"
& WOOD, Main street; H BLAIR, VVM. P. LADI
and SEABROOK &l REEVE, pbockoe iiilL
my 24—ts
Keep your lilooii l*»re.—ln order to
enjoy heahh during the approaching summer we
would remind our readers that the "one thing
needful'' is to keep the biood pure; and in order to
accomplish tbis we know of no greater purifier of
the blood to recommend than the celebrated Dr.
Vegetable Tincture, which by its
wonderful cuies has establishes, for itself a lepu
tatioQ far surpassing any medicine known. We
would respectfully cail the attention of the afflicted
to another certificate oi the strongest character,
which may be found in another column of our pa
per, and woula also remind them tha: this medi
cine is kept in our city by O. A feTRECKER.Maia
Street, who is supplying the trade at proprietor's
prices Call ana get a pamphlet gratis.
my 26
Fletcher's flAlti TONIC, prepared by
Jonn Johnson, has surpassed ail other preparations
for the hair, it acts iiue magic in eradicating
Dandruff and caring eruptions of the head, which
is so prevalent among ctaicren during the summer
season. But above ail.it is wonderiul in prevent
ing trreyness. if yourhair is turning grey a few
applications will prevent its progress, nor is there
any preparation tor toe ha.rtnat is equal to Fletch
er's in dressing hair, it imparts to tue hair a rich
and healthy appearance, one or two application* a
week being sufficient to keep st in a healthy state.
No lady's toilet sr.ould be witccut a bottle. It can
be riad as heretofore, by app.ying at R. R Duval's,
Messrs Bennett 4: B- ers. Main street, and to Messrs
Seabrook A; Reeve, Broad street, or at the Saloon
under tbe American Hotel.
NR. Njcharye for a trial. my2l
The Greatest >priuj{ Medicine!—
Carter's Spanish Mixture—The only t'u
rifier of the Blood.—This wonderiul snd truly
valuable Medicine has ueen tried oy a area: uiirn
ber oi our citizens, and has performed more cures
(some most astonishing) toau all the balance of the
articles so extensively advertised pat together. It
'•* 'be oniy ceitHSn nr. j unfai i(.g remedy ior MER
CURJAL DISEASES it wiil cure Syphilis in the
primary and aecundary stages, «.s c,n be testified
toby hundreds of .rateiul patients whom delicacy
torlnds naming in puiiic. For diseases of the
LiVER it has nfver taued. It positively cures
Scrofula and Eruptions of all kicds. B1 riches on
tae Face, and roughness uf tbe Cuticle are in a
short time entirely removed. Numbers of certifi
cates trom gentlemen of the firs: reapectabi ity
could be given, but as tee article is made in the
county ol H-nrico. any one not acquainted witn
the medicine can *»e yj<. maker in person, it con
tains no noxious or hurtiuj srtio'les, can L,e given
with impunity in any weather, and will be found
the b«*t medicine ; c . r tfceSpring wa.ch can be us.d
or luis ever been tried.
Call and see tt. 1 - air- et.•:>?-,£. H descripfic-ij
and hi'tory of the tnedioine and a number ol
Wonderful certuii.-otn persons y ju know.
BENNETT 4; BEERS, Druggists, No. laS Main
street, are the so.e Agents lor tie sale of it ic
Richmond, who will supply Druggists and others tc
sell again, and to whom aii orderVmust be addres*
ed, as it must pass throagn their hands.
my 4—3 m
Let every ot,e weu cm* uui yet aged the eel
ebrated Arabian Li. im-i.-t, go to the agtrnt, and he
wiil furnish you with a pamphlet, gratis, contain
ing much vaiuab.e information with regard to the
treatment of ca:t!e, &c ; and it will al«o jjive you
certificates of cures performed by If. G. Fan-ell'*
Arabian Linim-ut. wi.ica h*ve never been equalled
and which cures were <-ffccted after the lailure
of the moat scientific physicians. 8 e advertise
ment. my 19
jy Tie OBee ul ibe New York Her
ald, Philadelphia Leaser, ffalt;rnor« Sia, Baltimore
Clipper, and General l>epot for ail the Newspaper*.
iJagaxfoes. and Cheajj Publication#, is at iUW
broad .ireet, opposite ihe ilroad Strtwl Hotel,
*• lH General Agent.
r— | j i.i| ud ti9 cent* for 81l-
"M^feSSSufcf 1
road* Pills," becau*? they go ahead of *11 other Pilli
iD^r d Bo g »'Bc^b«tedF.n,n y PHI. for Indigo
h„» itvsDepeia and Sour Stomach, are also ft
deS-price 25 cent., and tor .ale by Pur
fell L«dd & Co, Adie 4l Oaynor k. Wood
Tttatr>,«,««» B«». *■*»«$
Streckerand J. Blair. J B - 1 M
rSTDr. J. »• Kom'i siarftaparllla.—
BLOOD PURIFIER.—Oreat Spring and Summer
Medicine —This Saraaparilla compound U made
from fresh Honduras Sarsaparilla. and being com
bined with otber ingredients, renders it the very
best Sarsaparilla compound made, ior purifying and
enriching the blood, and to cure all skin eruptions
and skin diseases. scrofulous sores, venereal dis
eases and its bad effects in the constitution, dropsi
cal swellings, rheumatism from the use of mercury,
biles, old sores, kidney and bladder affections,
cleansing the system Irom mercury, and raising up
a weak and impai-ed constitution from any cause.
It improves the appetite, enlivens the spirits, and
as a summer drink in cold water, ii is a pleasant,
useful and medicinal beverage All families should
have a bottle by them. Quart bottles ®1; small bot
tles 50 cents.
For sale by Adie it Gray. Purcell, Ladd i Co.,
Bennett ii. Brers, R. K. Duval, Gaynor & Wood, O.
A Strecker, A. Bodeker. J. Blair and W. P. LadU.
my 18
Mexican .Mustang Liniment, Im
provement, Progress, Growth.—These are now the
order of the day. And the great desire for these, is
the iroving cauea to the great advancement now in
operation in the Medical world. New light bl*zes
up and old practises and old mixtures are discard
ed The fix new astonishing combinations in the
Mustang Liniment enables it to penetrate flesh,
nerve and muscle, and drive cut disease and assist
nature to recover her lost powers, and become
healthy, which is evidently the true cause why it
is bo successful and why so many physicians that
are acquainted with its virtues prescribe and re
commend it.
LIVER PILLS — Prepar ed from the Matt
obtained at the Rockbridge (Va) Alum Springs.—
These Pills are cnnndently recommended ai
having all the virtues of the water, and it
many cases they are preferable. In derange
ment of the stomach and bowels, or want of
action in the liver, their immediate effect upon the
liver and kidneys especially, entitle them to public
consideration. If the patient be bilious they search
out the bile and expel it from the system—unlike
all other Pills, they may betaken with impunity,
(irrespective of weather,) as there is nothing 11
them calculated to injure any one. In cutaneoui
diseases and eruptions of the skin, of whatevei
sort, they are a surerer "-ciy, and particularly effica
cious in diseases sue as females are subject to
dropsies, flatulency, &c., dec. These Pills may just
ly be etyied an universal* remedy, as they are de
cidedly the best in use for the cure of all diseases
resulting from irregular habits. Alter their use
has been con'inued tor a time, the whole syeterr
becomes invigorated, and the patient is restored tc
perfect health. They are care:ully prepared anc
put up in vials of 100 at SI each. A liberal discouni
will be made to Druggists.
For sale by JOHN H. SEAYRES, Columbian Ho
tel, Purcell, Lae'd & Co., Main street, S. M.Zachri6
son Sc Co., Druggists, Broad street, O. A. Strecker,
Druggists, Market Bridge, Richmond ; James Cooke
& Co., Fr *ierickcburg; Rushton, Clarke & Co.
New York Dyott Sc Son, Philadelphia; E. L
Stroecher <t Co., Macon, Ga; F.J. Sampson, Pow
hatan Ct. House; N. T. VVatsios, Halifax Court
House; G. H. Jones Sc Co., Petersburg- W. H
Gilman, Wasnington, D. C. ; Walter H. Middieton,
Farmville, Va.; H. G. Archer, Danville; Colemat
Sc. Rogers, Druggists, Market street, Mortimer &
Mowbray, Baltimore; and Druggists generally,
wholesale and retail- fe 3
(Sfi - LAK(j£ TURTLE.—A very
tine on" just received, will be served
up TO DAY aud TO-MORROW, and
will be ready at 11 o'clock. Lovers of
good eating will please->ear it in mind, and call at
" Arbou- Hotel" and Restaurant.
Families supplied. my 28
pefrj; fast sailing schr Leprelett, Read, com
mander, having the greater part of her cargo en
gaged, and go ng on board, will sail with all possible
dispatch. For tialarce of freight, apply to
—O I»OG LOST. —A clack and white
SETTER PUPPY, about sis rn nth 3 old,
anoweie o the came f Tip, was seen following
some one ou the morning of the 2titb, from the
City Spring, (tbe owner i.irg adj lining.) Any in
formation in regard to hitn thanklu'oy received at
this Office, or a: the store of
my 58—2t* NACE & WINSTON.
HAVING been Bppiin ei by the Court admin
istrator of the personal property ol tbe late
Mr Friedrick Reinnarot, 1 inform all tlose who have
any claims against tee above named Reinhardt, to
present their Li Is without tit-lay oth® undersigned
my 23—It' JOHN C. HOYER.
THE iifclltfs oi Jonn Wiight and Jarnes
X Hedgers, who wereprtvates in the war ot 1812,
in the regular service, and residents of the city ol
Richmond or its vicinity. may hear of something to
their interest by applying at tnia office.
my 28—3t*
A MOND.— 1 ifier to you an opportunity of the
greatest importance, one that you will appreciate
and value in your mature yeaiaand business trans
actions I utter to y:;u a charce of acquiring a
knowledge of Drawing, and the ait anu science
o: Architecture, suited to every branch of mechan
ical business—an otter to obtain those desiraole re
quisitions—proportion, perspective and projection,
i his opportunity is offered to you now. and will be
continued only two munths linger. Tee second
course of lessons commences the hrst day ot June
(Tuesd-y.) and continued two courses. Lessons
given in the day-time oi night. Those tnat may h;;ve
doulits '.hat they cannot acquire a knowledge ot it,
are requeued ts call at my office, two doors from
Main, on 12:b street, and examine what has been
done by otners who have taken ies-ons in s-veral
bran at eg o! business. Y. u can then form an idea
of its importance W. A POWELL,
my 28—tit Architect and Civil Engineer.
UY t.UvlD"s A V — i'ile » .baor.bers
who cure still on hand a grtat variety ot de
sirable Summer Gooes—
Plain and checked Cambrics
Swiss and Mull Muslins
English and American colored Cambrics
C and Cotton iiukla
oireen and blue na.ege
Mens' and Woniens' Paris Kid Gloves
Irish Linens and D;eper*
Brown Hol.'t nds tno Silesia*
Fancy C&sslmeres and Vesting
P.iin, figured Satin Vests
.-.:s ana Mobajr Serges
Fancy and Linen Drillings
togetne- with a large assortment of Staple Good",
wcich they offer at, end bek-w cost, lor "cash or
apprjvtd negotiable notes a:* uiontns.
nay -S—tit 106 Main street
fcIMEK.ES, ANU VES'i'iNGS.—The .-uuscri.
berg have j.;st received b beaurifui lot of Cloths,Cas
simer. s, and Vestioge, which they are prepared to
mase up with neatness an'l d'spatcb in snort no
22:n? 28—ts 110 Main street.
VI AK*£lL,L,l<> VtSTS,—just receivrd. a
beautiful lot ol Riarseil.es Vests; tor saie
cheap iUDDItK At liENSON.
my 28—tt 310 Main street
A>D f«l .U.tIER
O fresh assortment of Spring and Summer Ciotn
iiig jutt rtceived and for sale low,
my 28—ts 110 Main street.
G'IOVES, !9ls»PK.\Dttt9, CoLLAhST,
« & ; —Just received, a tecond lot ol Giove*
Stitpeude-s, Collars. Shirts, Cravat*, Necktie*, icc '
ior sale cheap. KiDDiCK & BSNaON, *
my as ts 110 Main street.
WANTED— F or the balance < t tne y e«r, a good
Cook, A aster, and Irontr; one wb . can
come weU recommended, liberal wages will be
jjiven. Apply at this Office, or to
my 28—31 Corner he'ow Old Market.
MfrOK It tNT.—A very -arge and airy
ROOM, suitable for a single Gentleman in the
House occupied Dy Dr. Boldem»nn, next door
•bove Centenary Cautch * my tie—3t
POKT WINE, LEMONS, eiigiuh Cne-» t ,
ulc Whuki'j, rt.rch, Porter, Co.lon Yarns, fi.i
tale by
R K. CHAWDUtR. (frtdaate oftix
tlm>re CoiUga of Dwttal Swrge-
IT n) offer* hi* professional services
to the citizen* of Richmond and vicinity.
Office 145 Main street, K»gi« Square.
RiriUKCis.- Profeaaor C. B. Oibaou, Profca
tor C. P. Jobnaon, Rer Dr Hewell, Rev J. B. Tay
lor, Rev Ro. Roland, A. G Worth am, MD, and
Wm F. Botler, Esq, Richmond.
Professor C A Harris, Professor Thomas E.
Bend, Professor W R Handy, Prof C. O. Cone,
and Leater Noble, IX D. S\ Baltimore.
my 28—3 m* '
FOR MltW VuttK.
The splendid Steamship City of
JaiifilUS.Richinoßd, vfircbell master, will be
leaay to rtceive cargo on MONDAY next. Ship
pers will be advised of the day of Bailing.
Rates of freight are as follows:
Flour per barre! 20 cents.
Tobacco per box
14 ooxes Tobacco
Tobacco• • *■"
Measurement goods b cent# per foot. For freight
or passage, apply to W. D. COLQUITT,
my 28 Or A.S.LEE.
LEI'jH—This day published, the Fortunes
and .Misfortunes of Harry Racket Scapegrace, illus
Notices of the E.nglish P»ess.
One of the most sparkling books of the season.
The vivid pictures ofbold and reckless da-ir.g. and
dashing adventure, it has never been excelled. The
author has unrollel a glorious panorama, in which
the p»lace and (he hovel, the prison and the home
of virtue, are all presented in striking colors.—
Critic. . .
A spirited and popular romance, :rresist!b:y en
cbfainiotf the attention of the reader by a series of
the wildest and most exciting adventures, in which
tragedy struggles wiih comedy, and the extremes
of life are graphically depicted —Spectator
This is an intensely interesting narrative of the
career of 8 gay youth. Once taken up. the readers
will not be apt to lay it down until he has rollowed
the " Fortunes and Misfortunes ol Hairy Racket
Scapegrace'' to the end. The chase after the Scape
grace, that the author gives to the reader, is an ex
citing and lively one —Dupatch.
ITice 50 cents a copy For sale by
13?° Copies mailed (post free) on receipt of 50
cents my 28
• CUPPER.—The subscriber always keeps
a good supply of the best European Leeches,
and will attend to patients at all hours of the day
and night.
Can be found n! the American Hotel's Hair
Dressing and Bathing Establishment
my S8
AT $1 50 FER JLOAD «F '15
J BUSHELS—For sale at the (ia« Work*,
about '.2500 bushels of Coke, at ®1 5U per load in
the yard, to be moved immediately to make room
for new Tank. D. DENOON, Clerk,
my 28—3t
A ING BOTTLES.—The Ladies can find a full
supply of Cement for sealing Bottles for Pickles,
Preserves, Catsups, <fcc., prepared with great care,
so that the air shall be entirely excluded, at
my 28 O. A STRECKER'g.
Familv FLOL'K, koe herrings,
&c.—so bbls. superior Fami y Flour; 50 do
extra superfine do; 24 half barrels Roe Heirings;
20 bales Mocha Coffee; 25 halt chests fine black Tea,
receiving and for sale by
my 2« FRY fc McCANDHSH.
0 BOOK STORE.—The Family Encyclopedia of
useful Kn"wledge and general Literature, contain
ing about four thousand articles upon scientific
and popular subjects, designed for instruction and
amusement, by Jno Launs Blake, L> D
Hana book for Locomotive Engineers and Ma
chinists. by Septimus Norris, Civil and Mechanical
Paper Hangers' Companion, by James Arrow
smith, author of an Analysis of Drapery, &.c
Assayers Guide, or practical directions to Assay
ers, Miners, and Smelters, by Oscar M Lieber
A Treatise on a rfox of instruments and tbe Slide
Rule lor the use of Gaugers, Engineers, Seamen,
and Students, by Thomas Kentish
Grain Tables, showing the Talue of pound and
bushels of different kinds of grain calculated in fed
eral money, so arranged is to exhibit upon a sinsle
page the value at a given price, from ten cents to
ten dollars per bushel, of any quantity from one
pound to ten thoussnd bushels, with other con
venientand useful tables, by James L Elwood
Practical Model Calculator, for the Engineer,
Mechanic, Machinist Manufacturer of Engine
work, Naval Architect, Miner, and Millwright, by
Oliver Byrne my 27
Baptist book oki'o^itoky.—to
SCHOOLS—The subscriber would now interna
you that he has on hand a large stock of Books of
the American Sunday School Union Publications
for Sunday Schools, viz: Libraries No. 1, 2 and 3
of 100 vols ea :h, $10; Juvenile Library, 75 vol*. So;
Village Library, Nos 1 and 2,84 vols. S3; Child's
Cabinet Libiary, to vols. S2 50; Sunday School
Hymn Books, 8 ctnts; Peiiny Hymns, 1 cent;
Union Spellers, 6i cents; Union Primmers 2 cents ;
Union Questions, No. Ito 12, cents; Union Con
secutive Questions, viz : Mathew, Mark, Luke and
John, each cents ; Child's Scripture Questions,
10 cents; Class Books, 5 cents and 8 cents ; Minute
Book, 25 cents; Record Book, 25 certs, &c.
Al-o, a large stock of American Tract Society's
Publications, and of Religious Works—a full sup
ply of all Denominational anc Stfcndari Evangeli
my 27 Depositary.
0 The eubscribi-rs, interring to make a chance
in their business, effer their entire stock of DRY
GOODS at c ist for cash, i>nd respectfully ask ail
persons wishing to purchase, to give us a call before
purchasing elsewhere, as we feel confident th-st a
Better assortment of Dry Goods or one selectad
with more care, was never offered at cost in this
market. Our stock consig's ol the latest and most
approved styles. Determined to close, we assure
the public there is no humbug in this advertise
ment. Do not forg.'t to call at i'o3 Broad street,
between 4th and sth streets.
my 27—2 m L. 4 M ROSE
scriber has dt-terminea to close tut his stock of
Dry Goojs and >hoes by the isth of July, and in
order to do so wdi oS ,'r the greatest brains ever
i-tiered in goods in his line. Barete ue'Laines at
124, jfrJ. ~0 and 25 cents; Lawns at tO, 12 K cents,
and hi.h-r prices; Collar:, at fj, lvj and 25 cents ;
at 5 cents; j-hirtingat 6 cents; Sheeticg at
fii and Cj; Hose of all colors at 12 1-2 cents ; Check
atd Swiss Mus in at 12 12 cents ; Bedtick at' 10 cts ;
Jeau= a; od; Gloves o! every detciiption ; Brocade)
black and cttangeable Silks; Bareges, Tissues,
Grtnadir.es. and other styles ot ladies Dre3= G Kids,
ail of which wiil be sold at the io\v-'-1 priced for
Cfsr oiily. ABRAHAM LEVY, Jn ,
11 y 201 Broad street.
UIEVEtC I'iTC atK-.-We b*v~ recti v.-d a
U further supply of Stiver J'itcaers- also, Silver
Mujtard Cups which with our assortment cf»ilver
CoSe> Puts, lea Pots, Sugar Dtsae*. Cream Cups,
ice. ic-, makes our assortment complete.
' r ' Kaglf Square
HA it ft It AND THE Atils.— .'JU.OQU num
oers of Harper g Magazine are issued monthly,
w„ich speaks volumes in its favor in a lew worus.
June number just received—pjice 25a
LitteL s Living ~ge. N j 419
A : the latest publications received and for sale
at tne Eagle Square Bookstore
Vl7 AVtKLtlf NOV iiLs,—An entirely new
* * e.i'ton of the Warerly Novels are now pub
i-:h:ng. Wh"7i <*■>i' w } r '>F- »
an J toe cheapest A mencan eaitlon VVaverl y com
pet«, part 1 now ready— price— 50 For sale at the
Eagle Square Bookstore.
\yA - TEO.— l hree decent colored boys as ap
?¥ prentices to learu the easiness ot Ha r-cuttino
and sfcaviug Apply at tbe Hair dressing and Shat
ltg saloon, on Wail sr., opposite she City Hotel
t>UKK hWtET Ol L.-ii jara, 5 -taiious
1 eaca, original parages ol Sweet Oil. Sairant
ed the lme.t m thia market. Tbia is cbesper than
tE- Oil in jott es,and ol a niu:h supe r ior quality
Imported and lor aale by
bags, a very cheap article, suitable for grain or
other purpose*, for sale bv
FtAl'HtltA,-i tirtii suppiy iu *m*il ai*ed
J- I ** received ant? for aa'e by
mv '""-St LUDLAM it WATSON
LK HON —tiu boxes, lor »a aby
«ny davenport, allen * co
Day, at U o'clock— Capital A7son* a.
78 oaaibera, 1 4 drawn Tickeu ii ' ~
At 4o clock—Capital 8i5,0«) 4c 7S
14 drawn. Ticket. §4 ' C ' 5
Drawn No* if busquebacna, Cluss•».
47 28 56 70 36 19 10 75 35 20 59 32 51 6«
No. 118 Broad Street, Staockoe HiV, ouoo.it,. F r »,i
ericksburg Depot.
Drawn No» of SasqurbtiQiia 22 •
47 28 86 7t 36 19 1 0 75 35 20 59 32 51 66 v
Ticket 28 47 66, a t rize of 4700 reto-oH
Far To-Day.—Md. Consolidated, Class* r.«
itals : 1 of #1i>,000.4 of 2XO, 3 of 1000 Sof 'vi •>
of 400, 10 of 300, 4c. 75 ouinber., 14 drawn baT
lota. Ticktts $4—aha'?* in proportion.
Also, tLe P&tapsco Lottery, 154—Caoital* t-f
87500, lof SHU, I of 1380. *c. 78 numbers 11
drawn. Tickets 42—shares in priportioo. '
my 24— I m
UKfct.OttV <fc HAUK "
*aeceaeor* to J. W. IManry Sc. C«„;»laii*-
OS.ce, Wo. 62, Main Street.
; Drawn No» D«,aware Lottery, Class |l «»,.«.
43 29 46 6! 51 68 6 52 58 27 s'< 35 2 30
To-Day.—Capitals: 323,500. 7500, 400.» 32C0
5 prizes oi 14W», o o. 10 oi aid, n
iSO, 239 of 10 : i, ate. 75 nuuisers, 13 drawn. Tick^
eta 85. nay 28
LA.»lBtK;'« ~
14th Street, ncrier Eacfannge Hotel.
Drawn No# Delaware, Class No 11, Mav 2fi •
43 29 4b 61 51 68 b 52 56 2? s<» 35 2 Jo
Half 29 43 52, a prize of 81E0. LAMBERT
For To-Day.—The Delaware' State Lottery
Ciass No 12. Capitals: 823,500, 7500, 4QCO 3200
sof 14C0, &c. 75 numoerß, 13 drawn. Ticket* 85—'
shares -n proportion. m 7
(Cualk's old atand.l
Drawn Nob Paiap«co, May 26 •
8 41 :i 48 . 6 2 77 4'J 76 4 50 24 56 10
For To-Day.—Tlx- Consolidated 4. Capitals •
§l?,t.00, 4 of -50C, 3 of 1000. 78 numbt rs, U drawn
Tickets 84
Also, Small Fry. Tickets 62 50.
my 28 VV. H. STATHAM
Drawn Nob of Delaware No 122; M«v 27 •
£8 38 54 40 '3 24 15 3') 41 25 5
Half Nos, 24 33 58, sold and ptil by
For To-Day.— Delaware Ex No 12. Capital:
lHp :3,500. 3 lcketf my 28
kj selling oS at cost the most dt suable and well
selected stock ». f Staple and Fancy Dry Good*
ever offered in this market We invite all to come
soou, as we mu t close ot! the entire stock by July
We have D jict-stica of all kttda ; Irish Linens, and
ail kinds of summer wear for ladies and gents,
Lawns of the latest styles ; great bargains in Bertie
de Laities; fancy Silka tr.d black d j; good Prints for
5 to 6±c; Gloves for ladies and gents, and kid do of
all kiuds.
my 26—4t
Harpers mauazinu for jink.
This number commences the third volume —
Those of our subscribers whose jubacriptiots ex
pire with this number, are invited to can and renew,
and new subscribers will be welcomed. Single
copies for sale ae usual at 25 cents,
my G. M. WEST & BRQ.
A TRACTS.—Ia addition to the "Fluid Extracts"
of'he Phß'iaaCv pOPia, we alsoprepaie tbe follow,
ing valuable articles, wnich hive been extecsively
used, and art favorably known ta the Medicinal
profession :
Concentrated Fluid Ext-actof Bucba
Fluid Lx.. Kucha, W.id Garret Seed and UvaCrei
Do do Pareira Brava
lodide of Sanapari] a ; Liqucr Ergoticte
Tcese Extracts are prepared according to the
most iece:it improvements in Pharmacy, and pre
sentin a concentrated bud eiigitie lorm i t admin
istration all the valuable medicinal properties of the
drugs which tLey represent to thy exclusion ol their
inert and useless cons itaenta
my 26 Druggists, 92 Main street.
ADIE!»' liOODS.—We f.avt
leceived a large and beautiful assortment of
Drees Goods, purchased at the North for the cash,
which we are now sel.tag cheaper than any other
house in this city: Crape rihawie, plsin and em
broidered; Barege de Lame, good qut'ity, at 12
cents; French Calico, 2H lnchei wide, last colors,
fii cents . Chat.je&tile S. ks. t cod quality. 75cents •
Rich Brccade Silks ; trie Ginghams ; ~JM Parasols
of all kinds, it great bargain); French Worked
Collars, 12?t cts . Lace Eleeves.
Those who wish to bey the cheapest Goods ;n
this city, call at
'iCO2 1 "heap Stores,
15 and 58 Main street.
5,C00 yards Lawns, from sixpence to the fin-it
French my 17
Wt MoNl) nnd the Murrounding couutr),
and itapir faniiiic* and friend*.—Not
having tine lo call on you (personally, we
adopt this mode cl sensing you, that we are yet
car didates for your .favor and patronage. We
have long been in your service, and hi pe we have
familiarized ourselves with our duties, sod trust
tbit we shall not on that account, be ejected frcrn
office, especially so loni as wc coutiuue. to receive
weekly, new supp..est ot handsome 8.-ots. Shoes,
Trunks, and Carpet 3»t», and uem st out
usual moderate yrices. i leu-so givj us a call at the
Ladies Sa.ooii, 7 J Main street
my 25 WHITE * PA".E
** LY MAGAZINE.—The fifth volume Har
per's N"W Monthly Magazine is commenced by tbe
issue of the present number. The Publishers em
brace tne opportunity oi renewing the express a
ol th»!i' thanks to the p iblic and the press, lor the
ext/u ir Lna y jeg.-ee t favor with wnich it* suc
cessive nuai. -rs"havi o- en received. The re..u.af
edition now ccnsi-ts ! n.nety thousand copies.
The publishers take the lioerty of u.vtasg spe
cial utt-ntion to their Ed.tonal Department which
is prepared by six of ta- ao.wt accomplishes i.tera
ry gentlerue.i tl the country, and a »:■ expafte ul
several hundred d i.'ars for * acn number.
The pablis'.ers trust that it is not essary
them to reiterate their assurances, t-at notcii'g
shall ever be admitted to ihe p ige< o' the
zine in :c« si giitest de..-r-e otiuuoive to tie ;e«cy
to any mjral *est;meat. 1 hey will stendi-'y to
exest jjpon the pubiis a heaitby icora. tofluecce
and to ixepr -ve tje cbaratiter, as well a» pleasrr tte
taste, of trieir fead.rs. I'hey w,!i a m to ir.u
their Magazine a complet* repertory ol whatever
is most useful and in thecarrent literary
productions o! the day.
Now .s tte time to tj'iacribe aJ this No com
uiences a new v. -'a-.
my 26 J. W, RANDOLPH, Aft. |
'IMIE NOTES, o: me -Haßßfar
-1 torcm' Bank >f Washtngion Cuy auu i
( orporatioti of Frederick*
ceivt-d at par «itk i'lTgnita Ka ik at ca.
counter. C. •'» i'L'ftCELL A CO.,
my -0 t-.X' h ui- *' cl
M .-ad-y, 24; ii l is"
Benj M irr.s. 02 r':. o . wee 11 Mai a (.:ii f »•> ' *
a (iold Walcb a;;«i (Tiuiu ; tti' ,x «• •' ;l , c
tained ;J wDole wnbtac jnit-s.s J. »
crsved on the icstde of tbe case. I w
for the return ot the above to me, or any laftir®*
tion toat may .ead 10 it- recovery. ►h* •*
luHy rrc ivtd ai.d rewarded
10H.S AI'AMs.
my 2f—.i.' On I>* tt. near Bro<>« Avenue.
IVORY FANS. —J-ft received, a
ol Ivcry F«:i*. raoi-ti.i: m ptUti from 1 to fa.
A... .w.a wv o o.» *- ' J
37Jc per yard.
Small tg'd Prints fcr chUdrt#
Lace square Sbawt* ?oicis-
Wmte and c I'd Silk f. r Mar.ti- a-'
Lace and MtsJin Sleeve# ateJ Collars
CHri-S'i'lAN tc LAIdHOP.
my at; Ma o _
DUCEIi PRICES —A aeaatiiul
ai now sly e fi-Kia. suob as clßt rude «
printed r rei.cti jauriins, J*!*"** 9 * ' eo t uf »d
Lawns, wmte * mbroidertd Swiss Mus.-*. c
do ncn r.gurea and plain Baregi s and B* i
Laines &.c., wiii be cbeap at , D f»a>
\VM. i- SwuW'S.
m 26 aar> Broad street^
FuK HfcNT. iwone'sly built
fj Housea, «iih *as pijie*
street, b tween iitid aud o'd
|*lbt.l«aot» BOUHS.-A
IV fat popu !ar Tba. logical took»— « )
-JJSP '** """ •*<>

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