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rw TO ADTBETniMUTkctlmliUoi
.tibe DwrATOM to nui timw a* liriiutM
4 ®f an* other Daily paper in the city of Kl«iion2
It to OMrefore greatly superior to njotlK »• I
BMittTr- of adverttetnt. :
Tiwtoy Msralng, JiMl, 1943.
fy We mutt positively request our adver
tieiag friends to aeod us their advertisement*
as early a* they possibly can. Our advertising
is very heavy, and when they are received at a
fete hour they imposes heavy but den on the
There seems to be no end to the expedients
which the fenMics of the North are determined
to resort to, to disturb the peace of the coun
try, and produce, if they possibly can, the dis
solution of the Union. Having failed in thia
generation, they are bending their efforts to
poison the minds of those who are to come,
white they are yet too young to ba conacioua
of the dsngerous doctrines to which they are
«o be committed. A more hateful execrable
plot against the happiness and safety of mil
lions of human beings—against the govern
ment itself—against society, and the hopes of
man—was never conceived by human heart
nor carried on by human intelligence. The
infernal work is not for a moment still—the
laborers do not rest a day from their toil.
Like the evil angels whom they resemble they
are awake at all times, at all times pursuing
their diabolical plana, at all timea exulting in
the contemplation of the misery they hope to
Cipete, at all times hardening the hearts ol
their pupils against their brethren of the same
race, the same language, and the satne color.
What is to come of all this, we cannot pretend
•te tell; what may happen in o new generation*
educated as that which is coming on will have
been, we cannot predict. But the immediate
•fleet we can well enough imagine. It will
•perate heavily upon the colored class of the
South, both slsve and free—it will cause laws
te be enaeted and enforced which will cut
up their few remaining privileges by the roots
—it will not advance emancipation one iota.
We subjoin the following remarks of the
Mew York Herald:
Ahti-Slatkrt Agitatior.—Abolition meet
ing* are being held all over the North. The
most violent language is used against all who
differ in opinion with the agitators. Every
man who does not agree with them is sent di
rectly to the bottomless pit the moment he dies,
Ijke Judge Woodbury or Judge Story. In
fact, they will hardly wait for a man's death to
aeod him to the devil—they want him des
patched to pandemonium "right away:" As
another sign of the times, the fact is very re
markable that the work ofMrs. Beecher Stowe,
"Uncle Tom's Cabin," selling at a thousand
copies per day, cannot halfsupply the demand
for this species of work—anti-slavery literature
—and there is a host of other publications of
the same character now on the anvil, worked
up red hot by the literary blacksmiths. We
would not be surprised if some of these "sons
of Vulcan" would fabricate a history of the
renowned anti-slavery Johnson, now in the
State prison for his crimes; it would be highly
edifying to all candidates for a secretaryship in
a society, and all aspirants to the distinction of
a place in the State prison. There are many,
indeed, now connected with the Anti-Slavery
Society, who ought to follow him there; and
sonieof them, perhaps, may do so much soon
er than they dream of.
The Northern States will soon be inundated
by a flood of abolition novels, and the effect
upon the opinions, the politics, the peace and
happiness of the country, is beyond calcula
tion. The Union itself will become again
perilled by this tremendous revival of anti
aiavery sentiment, and the toil and up-hill work
that resulted in the Compromise measures will
go for nothing, and the battle of the Union and
the Constitution will have to be fought over
We perceive by the New York papers, that
thitt lady, the daughter of the late Col. Byrd
Willis, of Fredericksburg, is about to visit
France. One account says that she goes out
upon the invitation of Louis Napoleon himself,
which we think highly probable. Madame
Murat was distinguished in her day, by her
beauty and accomplishments, and if all ac
counts be true, will be an ornament even to
the glittering circle of the Tuileries. Her
husband wag the eldest son of the King of
Naples, who settled in Florida, about the year
1826. During the same year or in the com-
tnenr.ement of the following, Col. Willis re
moved also to that country. M. Murat dis
tinguished himself in Florida, as a man of tal
ent and enterprise, and wrote a book with re
gard to that country, which gave great satis
taction to the American public, accustomed as
it had, been, to hear all manner of abuse from
English travellers.
How vain are the chains which kings and
potentates endeavor to throw around the march
of events. When the Holy Alliance, after the
battle of Waterloo, forbade the entrance into
France of any person who had awy connection,
either by blood or affinity, with the Emperor
Napoleon, they fancied they had settled mat
ters forever. The issue reminds us of Burns'
song about John Barleycorn, (which by the
bye is not unworthy of the Maine and Massa
chusetts Statesmen.)
"There wore three kings into the east,
Three kings,both great and high,
And they had sworn a solemn oath,
J oho Barleycorn sbonld die.
They took a plough,and ploughed him down;
Put clods upon his head,
And then, they took a solemn oath
Johq Barleycorn was dead.
But the gentle Spring came kindly on,
And showers began to fall,
John Barleycorn got up again,
And sore surprised them all."
We should have noticed the advertiseme
of these celebrated springs on Monday. We
aow call the reader's attention to it. They
have long been celebrated for their medicinal
virtues—long classed among the unrivalled
watering place* of the Virginia mountains.
Their healing virtues want no commendation
from ui* But there are incidents connected
with them which are more interesting, it is
true, to the man who goes in search of plea
sure, than the invalid, but which nevertheless
form an important item in the summary of
advantafes belonging to a watering place.
These are, beantiful scenery, splendid drives,
excellent fields for walking, • good table and
magnificent sport both inhuntiuf and fishing.
All these are duly set forth in a little work
written by a gentleman .of this city, and pub
lishsdlby Mlliott and Nye. We advise per
sons who intend to visit the roouwains to call
aad get it
The reader will aw from the advertisement
of Dr. Royaler, that this establishment opens
to-dhy, for the season. We
recsr to it eo often daring the latt season, that
we feel it almost ussecessary te do eo dunnf
this. Y-t we csnnot forbear sey.ng, that it *
•a all will testify who have been to it, one of
the most delightful summer retreats in ell the
land. The sojourner haa evsry thing around
him to make life agreeable. He haa cool ahade,
good company, excellent fore, nice beds, well
aired rooms, clesn sheets, and no mosquitoes.
He can drink the water if he eee fit, or he can
let it alone. He canindulge in a game of nine
pins, back-gammon or whist, or can get with a
social party in the shade, and while awav the
time with agreeable conversation,or can philan
der the ladies if he feel disposed, or can join the
dance in the ball room, or can lie on fete back
in his own room, and read the last new novel,
or can ride or walk out alone, or with a com
panion, male or female,aa his choice may dic
tate, or, in fine, he may do any thing he may
think proper, or thst he can think of, except
bathe in the sea, climb up a mountain, or play
The facilities for getting to the Springs render
the distance nothing. In three quarters of an
hour you are whirled along in the splendid
Danville cars to Robiou's. and in one hour
more, you are set down at the Springs, all for
one dollar. For a dollar and a half a day, you
get fare of the best description, and lodging
which can be excelled in comfort nowhere.—
The Springs were well patronised last year,
and we heard nobody express themselves oth
wise than pleased with their sojourn. They
present great inducements to persons unable
from the situation of their business, or for other
causes, to twke a longer trip, and to families.
The pure, invigorating air of the Huguenot
has saved the life of many a child, who would
have died, if confined, during the hot months,
in town.
We hope our fellow-townsmen will think of
all these things, and that the younger portion
of them will recollect that there is a grand
dance every Saturday night, and lesser dances
every night in the week. Very pretty girls (we
beg pardon, we meant very handsome ladies,)
visit the Huguenot.
The Massachusetts Liquor Law contains a
provision which places, in a strong light, the
philanthropy of those who passed it. It pro
hibits the manufacture of liquor to be sold any
where in the State, but permits it to be manu
factured for the purpose of exportation! The
plain meaning of this distinction is, that the le
gislators are very unwilling thattheir own neigh
bors and constituents should be poisoned by
the noxious fluid, but have no objection to see
ing those neighbors and constituents poison all
the rest of the world! Truly this is obeying
the scriptural injunction " Love thy neighbor
a* thyself," with a vengeance. So great is the
love of these philanthropic statesmen for their
neighbors, that, like the rod of Aaron, it swal
lows up all feeling of compassion for every
body else. The whole'earlh, for aught they
care, may become a graveyard for the reception
of the victims oi intoxication, provided, only >
the people of Massachusetts be left untouched.
Their charity begins at home, and does not
move an inch beyond the threshhold. The peo
ple of Massachusetts are not only not forbid
den, but by this law they are absolutely en
couraged to assist in spreading drunkenuest!
among all the sister States.
We have nothing to say against the object of
the law. If it can prevent or mitigate the hor
rors of drunkenness, it will have effected one
of the most beneficial revolutions ever wrought
by means really human. But what are we to
think of the motives of men, who permit such
an offence us this, in the very same law in
which they prohibit one, not of greater mag
nitude ? Will they not be set down at once as
hypocrites? As men who are in pursuit of a
purpose different from that which they avow ?
Who ure seeking their own advantage and not
that of the people ?
We take from our exchanges the following
additional election returns:
In Jefferson county the result is as follows :
Forjudge of the Court of Appeals—Samuels
684; Btockenborough 416; Circuit Court, Par
ker had no opposition.
In Berkeley county, Samuels received 914
votes to 313 for Brockenborough.
In Albemurle, Judge Brockenbrough had
400 majority; in Louisa, 800 majority; and in
Orange a uiujority. Rockingham is said to
have given 2300 majority to Samuels over
Brockeubrough. Samuels' majority in Am
herst is 200. Brockenbrough's majority in
Augusta is 1400 and in Rockbridge 500.
In Louisa, James L. Gordon, jr., is elected
Common\\ tilth's Attorney and David Hunter,
Clerk. In the three last counties there is no
opposition to Judge R. H. Field as Circuit
Court Judge.
In Fairlax county, A 1 red Moss has been
elected Clerk of the County Court: F. 1).
Richardson, Clerk of the Supreme Court; Or
lando W. Hunt, sheriff, and Win. H. Dulany,
Commonwealth's Attorney.
In Fauquier County, Mr. Jennings is elected
Clerk of the County Court; Mr. Hume, sheriff;
Mr. Byrne, Clerk of the Circuit Court.
In Prince William County, Maj. Eppa Hun
ton is elected Commonwealth's Attorney; J.
C. Weedon, Sheriff; P. D. Lipscomb, Clerk
of the Circuit Court.
In Hanover, W. O. Winston has been elec
ted Clerk of the County Court; VV. T. H. Pol
lard, Clerk of Circuit Court; Nathaniel A.
Thompson, sheriff, and Chas. VV. Dabuey,
Attorney for Commonwealih.
The returns indicate the election of the Hon.
George W. Thompson, (at present a member
of Congress,) as Judge in the 20ih Circuit.
He has 200 majority in Brooke county.
In Ohio county Fry beau Thompson for
Judge, 120 votes.
In Alexnndria county C. E. Stuart elected
Commonwealth's Attorney. No opposition to
Judges Moncure and Tyler.
For the Court of Appeals, Judge Win. Dan
iels receives in Halifax about 400 majority, in
Cumberland '200 majority, and large majori
ties in Chailotie, Campbell and Appomattox.
In Pittysylvania and Franklin, J. M. Whittle
receives large majorities.
For the Circuit Court, Judge Dan'l. Wil
son's majorities are as follows : Campbell
450, Appomattox 200, Cumberland2oo. Judge
Wm. Leigh's reported majorities are in Hali
fax 400, Buckingham IS, Prince Edward 225
and ia Charlotte 562. It is thought that Judge
Leigh is elected by about 300 majority.
For Circuit Judge, in Elisabeth City.CoL
C. K. Mallory is said to have received almost
the entire vote. It is thought, however, that
Judge Clopton is elected by a very large ma
C«iimih*wi tfih* U(|iucl«
v»- Ifafcg—n, r—mii— Cn , May gK
Dear Bm:—Annexed is tha retail of the
etecfiomiin this couaty:
oref Bmiti», 241 ' /
Clerk 0f CmComrL—Pendleton'a ma
joritv over Wright, 158. . .
Cotrmut toner of Revenue*—Bt*y a majority
Of er Marry, ®^^ s=BHa!Baß=
On SatsmUy moi*UM.B»th May, FANNIE
BELLE, infant daughter of Wffiiam Holt and Mary
B. Richardson, aged^lmMthaMdl4^s^^^
»2&k MBS. ABBOTT is prewired to ae
Vs2Sk commodate members of the Convention
and other strangers visiting the city, with large and
comfortable rooms, at her Boarding House on Mam,
between Bth and 9th streets. je 1—» —
B. w. stakkk, AnuK«£.V
law and notary public.—
Practices in all the Courts ofthU city and the coun
ties of Henrico and Hanover. Office, next cor
ner of 13tb and Franklin streets. mv 27—im
iih. A. E. PETICOLAS. oners
his professional services to the P u £" c °/
Richmond and its environs. When not m »
fice, Dr. P. may be found at the Virginia House or
the Medical College. irwi, and 11th.
Office on Broad street, between MHbiand lltn,
pearly opposite the City Hall. ap ——
n ——uitVFH K.« NO FAR*
fcoßT 3 * public — I>artic " lar ," tte f l^en P u dotf
writing DEEDS and other legal ln ' t £™ eD "- g
Bee in the Law Building, Richmond, Va my b
fr-p=> tifhe Best the - CSeapcal In the
End."—This time out-ot mind saying was never
more appropriately applied than in tne choice ot a
Daenerreotype Picture. A good one, like
win' is rendered more valuable by age; whereas,
a poor one is an everlasting eye sore, especially
when placed in comparison with the work of an
artist How often are we called upon to re-take
the pale, sickly production of pretenders in the art
who have nothing to recommend th«im but cheap
ness. M - p - SIMONS,
my 28 151 Main street, Eagle Square.
gp Crowds of Ladles throng oar
Rooms for the superior and spleodid style ot Da
guerreotypes taken by the elegant patent process,
which is, no doubt, the greatest improvement ever
discovered in this moat beautiful branch ol science.
Our Pictures are acknowledged by the public and
press to be the most beautiful and life like portraits
taken in the country. Prices very low indeed for
a superior picture.
Rights for sale for any part of Virginia excepting
Norfolk and Richmond. MOULSON'S
Patent Process Daguerrean Gallery,
my 11 No. 110 Main street
fdT In the late tire at San Francisco, we notice
a large quantity of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral burned,
in the possession of one of the Druggists ot that
city. Gold will not control disease, and aven in
that Ophir country they must pre vide this best of
all remedies for colds, coughs and atlections of the
lungs. Indeed, we happen to know that it is an
almost indispensible companion of the muleteers
and miners, who are so much and so continually
exposed to the ever changing atmosphere of that
climate. je I—3t
Dyspepsia and Indigestion.—These
great scourges of our people cannot be too well
understood, or the means of averting or curing
them too highly appreciated. The person who
discovers any means of cure or alleviation, con
fers a benefit apon his fellows, and deserving of
honor. This desirable consummation has been
achieved, and not only may dispepsia be cured, but
it may be prevented, by the use of of "Hoodand's
German Buter'i," prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson,
Philadelphia, which medicine is spoken of interna
of tae highest commendation by thousands who
have tested its efficacy. It is perfectly innocuous
in its nature, and possesses the valuable property
of Improving the health of the robust, as well as
restoring the health of the sick. je I—6t
f3P*We are Wonderfully .Hade!— When
it i* knows that each human being throws out
several pounds of the refuse of animal matter
every day through the pores of the skin, the con
ditions under which these functions are placed
become subjects for serious consideration. The
best articles suited to impart health and vigor to
the whole outward system, are Bogie's Hyperion
Fluid for the hair—Hebeaiona, for removing tan
and eruptions of the skin, —and Amole, for shaving.
This last is a most delicious article, and leaves the
face as smooth as a piece of satin, and all of them
operate to purify the skin, and to protect it against
the influences of change in the climate. To be
h.id of Wm 80g1e,277 Washington St.
For sale in Richmond by
t: EA BROOK Sl REEVE, 17a Rroad street,
je I—6t
Mexican .Uuniang Liniment, Im
provement, Progress, Growth.—These are now the
order of the day. And the great desire for these is
the iroving cause to the great advancement now in
operation in the Medical world. New light blazes
up and old praciises and old mixtures are discard
ed. The six new astonishing combinations in the
Mustang Liniment enables it to penetrate flesh,
nerve and muscle, and drive out disease and assist
nature to recover her lost powers, and become
healthy, which is evidently the true cause why it
is so suc;essiul and why so many physicians that
are acquainted with its virtues prescribe and re
commend it.
Now is the time for Cholera Morbus, Dyspepsia,
Bowel Complaints of various kinds, Dysentery and
Bilious Fever. Persons subject to either, or all of
these complaints, need not fear their attacks if they
will but use a few bottles of Baker's Celebra
ted Premium Bitters, the best tonic and alter
ative that the skill and science of man ever yet in
vented. These Bittebs are purely vegetable in
their composition and entirely free from all those
poisonous and nauseating substances that create a
languor and nauseousness of the stomach when
taken; but having an opposite etfect, they exhiler
ate the system, sharpen the appetite, expel impro
per secretions. create a healttitul circulation of the
blood, and produce such a flow of spirits as of itself
tends greatly to relieve from indigestion ami bil
ious affections. They may be taken by ooth sexes,
iu every condition ot life, and will be found an in
valuable medicine for infants and adults.
To be had in Richmond at the Drug Stores ol
& WOOD, Main street; 11. BLAIR, WM. P. LADD
and SEABROOK &. REEVE, Shockoe HilL
my 24—U
Cy Mr. J. S. Kobe's Sarsaparilla.—
BLOOD PURIFIER—A Great Spring and Summer
Medicine—This Sarsaparilla compound is made
from fresh Honduras Sarsaparilla, and being com
bined with other ingredients, renders it the very
best Sarsaparilla compound made, for purifying and
enriching tbe blood, and to cure all ekin eruptions
aud skin aiteases, scrofulous sores, venereal dis
eases and its bad effects in the constitution, dropsi
cal swellings, rheumatism from the use of mercury,
biles, old "sores, kidney and bladder affections,
cleansing the system lrom mercury, and raising up
a weak and impaired constitution from any cause.
It improves the appetite, enlivens tbe spirits, and
as a summer drink in cold water, ii is a pleasant,
useful and medicinal beverage All families should
have a bottle by them. Quart bottle* SI; small bot
tles 50 cents.
For sale by Adie ic Gray, Purcell, Ladd & Co..
Bennett Beers, R. K. Duval, Gayuor Wood, O,
A Strecker, A. Bodeker, J. Biair and W.P. Ladd.
my 18
OP The Greatest »priu|( Medicine!—
Carter's Spanish Mixture—Tbe only Pn.
rifier of the tiloid,—This wonderful and truly
valuable Medicine has been tried by a great sum
ber of our citizen*, and ha* performed more cure*
(some most astonishing) than all the balance of the
articles so extensively advertised put together. It
it the only certain and unfailing remedy for MER
CURIAL DISEASES, it will cure Syphilis in the
primary and secondary stages, a* can be testified
to by hundreds of grateful patients whom delicacy
forbids miming in public. For diseases of the
LIVER, it has never tailed. It positively cures
Scrofula and Eruptions of all kinds. Blotches on
the Face, and roughness of the Cuticle are in a
short time entirely removed. Number* of certifi
cates from gentlemen of the first respectability
could be given, but as the article is made in the
county ot Henrico, any one not acquainted with
the medicine can at e the maker in person. It con
tains oo noxious or hurtful articles, can be given
with impunity in any weather, and will be found
the bast medicine lor the Spring which can be used,
or has over been tried.
Call and see the directions, with a description
and history of the medicine and a number of
wonderful certificates from persons you know.
BENNETT * BEERS, Druggists. No. 125 Main
stieet, are the sole Agent* lor the sale of it is
Richmond, who will supply Druggists and ethers to
aril again, and to whom all orders must be address
ed, as it anist past through their
mj 4—3 m
hrtnc aB the TirtaM of *» water, ta
SS?3toblteM»d expel it from
These Pills may juil
invigorated, and the patient to restored tc
Colombian Ho
tel Purcell, Laid Si Co., Main street, S. M. Zachris
son 4 Co., Druggists, Broad (treet.O. A. Strecker,
Druggists, Market Bridge, Richmond; James Cook*
k. Co., Fredericksburg; Rush ton, Clark* k. Co..
New York- Dyott St Son, Philadelphia; £. L
Stroecher & Co., Macon, Ga; F. Pow
hatan Ct House; N. T. Watkins, Halifax Coart
House; G. H. Jones & Co., Petersburg• W. H
Oilman, Washington, D. C.; Walter H. Middleton,
Farmville, Vs.; H. G. Archer, Danville; Colemai
& Rogers, Druggists, Market street, Mortimer &
Mowbray, Baltimore; _ and Druggists generally,
wholesale and retail* fe 3
BP Only 13 l-ii and 5*5 cents for 811.
lous Habits and ike Liver, the best Pnr
native Pill knewn.—Da. ROSE'S RAILROAD
OR ANTI-BILIOUS PILLS are the best Pills, as
thousands who have used them declare, for purify
ing the blood, carrying off all bile, and producing
a healthy tone to the liver They are called "Rail
road Pills," because they go ahead of all other Pill#
in their good effect.
Dr. Rose's celebrated Family Pills for Indigea
tion, Dyspepsia and Sour Stomach, are also ix
great demand—price 25 cents, and tor sale by Pur
cell, Ladd Si Co, Adie Si Gray, Gaynor Sc. Wood
A Bodeker, Bennett Si Beers, R. R. Duval, O. A
Strecker and J. Blair. ja 21—ts
w. Let every one who has not yet used the cel
ebrated Arabian Liniment, go to the agent, and he
will furnish you with a pamphlet, gratis, contain
ing much valuable information with regard to the
treatment of cattle, &c; and it will also give you
certificates of cures performed by H. G. FarreH's
Arabian Liniment, which have never been equalled
and which cures were effected after the failure
of the most scientific physicians. See advertise
ment. my 19
Keep your Blood Pure.—ln order to
enjoy health during the approaching summer, we
would remind our readers that the "one thing
needful" is to keep the blood pure; and in order to
accomplish this we know of no greater purifier of
the blood to recommend than the celebrated Dr.
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, which by its
wonderful cuies has established for itself a repu
tation far surpassing any medicine known. We
would respectfully call the attention of the afflicted
to another certificate of the strongest character,
which may be found in an jther column of our pa
per, and would also remind them that this medi
ciue is kept in our city by O. A. STRECKER.Main
Street, who is supplying the trade at proprietor's
prices. Call and get a pamphlet gratis.
my 26
tEy The Office of the New York Her
ald, Philadelphia Ledger, Baltimore Sun, Baltimore
Clipper, and General Depot lor all the Newspapers,
Magazines, and Cheap Publications, is at 109j
Broad street, opposite the Broad Street Hotel,
ay General Arrent.
jTLODGE, No. 19, are hereby summoned
\ to meet Rt the Mason's Hall This (Tues
' ▼ A day) Afternoon, at 3 o'clock, to attend
the funeral of their deceased brother, ALEXAN
DER LANGHORN, late of Clirksville, Va. All
Master Masons in good standing are respectfully in
vited to attend. By order of the W. Master.
jel JOHN LESTER, Secretary.
sea Turtle will be served up in Steaks,
Fricasees and Soup THIS DAY, at 11
o'clock, A. M. Also, Soft Crabs and Fresh Lob
sters. C. G. THOMPSON.
N. B.—Families served as usual. je I—3t
TOPPED.—One BANK NOTE of a large
amount. The owner can have it by proving
property and paying expenses, at
HENRY HYMAN'ri, 96 Main street,
je I—it Importer of Watches and Guns.
WANTED —By a Young Man of good buaineat
habits, a SI I'UATION as Book keeper or Copy
ist. is a good penman and quick at figure*. Can
give satislactory reference. A line addressed to
•' W. J post office, will meet with prompt atten
ti'-Q- je I—lt*
LOST —On 7to street, between Franklin and
Grace, or on Grace, above 7th, a Gold CROSS.
The tinder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it
at this office. je 1 3t*
'PHK 11EIKS of John Wright and James
A Hedgers, who were privates in the war ol 1612,
in the regular service, and residents of the city of
Richmond or its vicinity, may hear ol something to
their interest by applying at this office.
je I—3t*
The subscriber is offering McCurdy's beat colored
Gaiters at the reduced price of 82 pair. Amongst
the assortment may be found all tile fashionable co
lors. McCurdy 'a Gaiters, it ia useless to say, are of
the first quality. p. TINSLEY,
je —-it No. 238 Broad street
A ia, give* notice to all interested, that by ade
cree of tne President of the French Republic, un
der date 28th ot March 1652 full and entire amneetv
is vouchsafed to all mariner* of comaercial ship's
who are in the condition •!' deserters.
By the aecond article of the sai l decree, those des
st.rtera are required iu order to avail themselves of
this amnesty, to declare that they are penitent be
fore one of the Consular authorities near the place
where they may theu be.
This declaration must be made before the expi
ration of one year fro:n the day of this actual no.
ties. ALFRED PAUL, French Consul:
Richmond, 31st May, 1852. jel_jt*
A agreeable retreat is tbis day opeced to visitors
They are located about i 7 miles above Richmond,
not far from the Manakin Town ferry, in Powhatan
county. The regular route from Richmond is by
the Danville Railroad, to Rubiou's Depot on the
river road, theuce by a regular daily line of omni
busses to the Springs. Fare through, $1. Board
by the Cay, ®1 oO; oy the week, ®8; by the mouth,
§523; children under 12 years of age, and servants,
half price. Horses 50 cents per day. Single meal*
and lodging eacti 5u cents.
The table will be furnished with everything in
season, and the musical Bam), bathing, and am use
menu of the ball-room and bowling alley will be
regularly kept up during the seasou. The sub
scriber ieside*at the place, and will make every
effort to secure the comfort and pleasure of his
Charies A. McEvoy, Esq, well known as a skil
ful professor of his ari, wiii give instructions in
dancing at the Springs during the season.
je I—date It* R. W. ROYBTER.
r P KIiIJJSCiAit Bu.ua SUIIOOL.- A public
A examination ol the Scholars of the Tredegar
Free School will take place in the Armory Chapel
To-Morrovtr Morning, (Wednesday) at 10
0 clock. je [ 2:
ffX—— PHK wiii ae;i pn
Ttfcly a Horse and Dray, and JLicenae
paiu up to the Ist of January 1853. Upon early ap
plication a bargain may be had.
Corner Main and Poplar sts, at Rocketts
je I—3t*
FOCMO.— Yesterday morning, near the 2nd
Baptist Church, a Gold Bracelet.
je 1— 2t
MUNKY KOUNBi—Fouod on our counter
this morning, a parcel of Money, which the
owner ean get by describing the same and paying
for this advertisement.
je I—lt HART ic MOBES.
OTICK.—This is (ft miorm toe puMtc ui*t I
am manufacturing Tobacco solely on my indi
vidual account WM. JACKSON CLARKE.
je I—3i«
gant assortment oi Freuch lancy Port Mouna »s,
| Morocco. Calls kin, Papier Macho and Iro»),ju»t
1 to hand and for sale by
je 1 BENNETT k KEERS, Druggists.
rrjfm wpww YOKE- MU Trir
Vitrr- —«— to Mir ready far cargo, and
"tinpff-r* ara requested to be on board at the
paiiaage, including maJktmlf.i..... jM
Steerage passage, including meal* 6
For freight or passage, Whito
A 8. LEE.
N. B.—Freight taken through to Boston without
charge of re .hipping. Je I—td.
Just received, per Roanoke, la Jig
MTdies' and Misses' Bonnets, ot the new-JM9
Ityles; alto, fiibbona, Flowers,""*"' '■
fluted Lining., Straw, Bwis. and Lace. Those that
are wasting can now be supplied, at
Fashionable Millinery Establishment,
No. 225 Broad street
N. B.—Dress Good. soiling off at very reduced
prices. JC 1
From the Blue Lick Springs, Kentucky ; Sara
toga Congress Spring Water, from Saratoga, Mew
York.—Tne great value of the Blue Lick Water as
a r«=m»dial agent in bilious and dyspeptic affections
and other diseases incident to the warm months of
summer, has been iully established, since its intro
duction in this city by us some five years since.
The Saratoga Water is well known, and stands
deservedly high as a remedy. Our supplies of these
waters bang obtained direct from the Spring., and
at short intervals, enables us to oder them at all
times in great perfection.
During the summer we keep these Waters
pleasantly cooled with ice.
r» We are the Sole Agents for the Blue Lick
j« i Druggist., 92 Main street.
SHIPP'S POJfaiS.—The Progress ol free
dom and other Poems, by Barnard Shipp—cloth,
SO cents.
Miller's Principles of Surgery, a new edition,
much enlarged and improved.
Wiiburn, a Romance of the Old Dominion—2s
'Smollett's Roderick Random, illustrations by
Cruikthank—so cent..
Hunting the Romantic, or the Adventure, of a
Novel Reader, by Jule. Sandtau—so cents.
Received this day and lor sale by
booter, • Ta e of Heroic Dreds and Female Daring,
by the author ol the Brigand, the Gipsy Boy, Er
nestine de Lacy, or the Robbers Foundling, «c, tc,
complete in 1 vol—price 25 cent®, Illustrated.
ley Novels, volume 2, containing Guy Mannering,
now ready—price 50 cents.
ham, No 7 of Appleton's Library—socents.
KATE PENROSE, by Miss Hubback—price 25
•ents. _
THE WEDDING DAY, by Alexander Dumas—
25 cents
THE RIFLE RANGERS, by Capt Mayne Reid—
price 50 cents.
LIVES OF THE FELONS—price 25 cents.
Any book advertised by other booksellers can al
ways be had at my counter.
New Books received every day. Weekly Papers,
Magazines, &c, for sale at
je 1 109 X Broad street.
Express freight car for
On and after Monday, 7th June, a freight car ar
ranged for the purpose, will be run with the mail
train three times a week for the m«re speedy trans
portation of Milk, Butter, Fruits, Fresh meats and
oiher perishable articlea, and of Packages of Mer
chandise now frequently sent in the baggage cars.
A Special Agent will always accompany this car
to attend to the receipt aud delivery of all articles
in Richmond and at the several depots ; an ad
vance on the regular charges by .the freight train
will be made to cover the extra expenses.
The first trip will be from Richmond, on Monday,
TthJune, ana from Woodville on Tuesday 6tb;
afterwards on alternate days except Sundays.
All articles must be put up securely, with their
weight marked thereon, and be in place before the
arrival of the train at depots in the country, as
there can be no delay on this account.,
N.B. Freight by (his car wiii not be taken for
any Turnouts.
All articles not properly considered as baggage
will be charged for and tbey will be expected to
be sent by the express freight car.
je 1 E. H. GILL, Supt.
PINK APPLES.—Just received, per Steam
ship Roanoke, a lot of this excellent fruit. Call
je 1 Under City Hotel.
MAPLE SUGAR.-! have just received a
small lot ot Maple Sugar, in cakes, which I
can recsmmtnd as a prime article. Call soon, or
you will be too late. ANTONIO PIZZINI,
je 1 Under City Hotel.
PRUNE!*.—I have just received a
a? lot of the above article, which I can recom
mend as fresh, aud an excellent article for family
je 1 Under City Hotel.
Oranges, just leceived and for sale at
je 1 Under City Hotel.
WANTED. —A wmte or colored SfcKVANT,
who can take care of children, and can come
well recommended. Apply at
je 1 MRS. SWORDS'. 225 Broad street.
Bacon SIDHS.-SU casks prime Western
c aeon Sides, receiving, for sale by
TONKA BKaNS.— iUU lbs. fresh, large size;
also, 25 lbs. essence Oil Almonds, English, for
sale by BENNETT &, BEERS,
je 1 Druggists.
FLEAS, FLEAS.—I have on hand a fresh sup
ply ot that favorite FleaPoUon, so successfully
used last Summer for the destruction of Fleas up
on Dogs, Cats, Horses—and also for the total erad
ica'ion of vermin from child reus' heads; made
on'y by O. A. STRECKER.
je I—3t
OKGARS.—Lovers ol the Weed in want of
O some extra fine Havana Segara, should not fail
to call at E. J. PICOTS,'
je 1 Corner opposite the Old Market.
LIC'OKiC'K. —113 cases JC. & Co's Licorice,
superior order and quality; 25 cases Ynurria
Licorice, superior order and quality; 5i case* stick
Licorice, Labonia; 50 cases do do, Barracco; 30
CHi>es do do, F. G., in stare and tor sale by
LARD. —50 bbls Wilson's superior Leaf Lard
just received and for sale by
TODD'S BACON.— i odd's superior Family
Bacon, Hog Round, tor sale by
HHDS. superior Western hacon Sides'
wv 20 do do do do Shoulder*
in st>re and for sale by
WHISKEY. — 200 bbls Mountain Dew tor sale
je 1
SUGARS. —15 bhds prime Porto Rico landing
aud for sale by
' A'Upice, white and race Ginger, Black Pepper,
White do, Long do, Cayenne do, Mustard S-ec; fur
sale by W. M. DADE, Chemist,
my 31 Main »t.. nearly opposite Old Market.
'PAKE NOTICE.—The Lustra! Hair Tonic U
JL prepared and sold by BENNETT it BEERS,
Druggist*, Main street, and i* the ouly article
which fully sustains iu reputation its a beautiher
and regenerator of the hair; keeping it from fall
ing cut and rendering it soft, clear, smooth and
my 31
CtUHE FuAt CONS UM PTlON.—bimes'
) Cod Liver Oil and Phosphate Lino, received
fresh to-day, and for sale by
my 3i BENNETT it BEERS, Druggists
1. Sands', Bail'*, Bristol's and Townsead's gar
saparllla, for *ale in any quantity, by
my BENNETT * BKERS, Drugii»t*.
••'OIL, out; of the olden and beat preparation*
for the hair now In dm. Ladies, during the hot
v-ather. will find the Macassar Oil one of the beat
"Tomes" that cao tf- applied to the bair.
A pamphlet accompanies each bottle, containing
a treatise upon the hair, for aala by
my j»-lw O. A. JSTRECKEK.
3| A4^the a»torLattery -Capfcais ;
-Jli C. W. PCECPr I
Muipn," " ». • P«e ol JWO return* to
„, F# * T*-D»y.~The Dataware Btata Lm,.
f^l 0 13 -—Capital I *20,18j, 2 ofwm? 1 }
1,000, 4c. 75 number., 13 arawo. *
Also, a One Dollar Lottery. ' * J -
Drawn Nos ot Delaware 12. M*v so
17 S> 16 54 66 74 5 34 68 56 a'
Quarter Ticket, 34 56 68, a priie of _
turned to the managers. * w r *
Drawn Nosot Delaware 13, Mav ai .
61 63 72 69 66 57 29 68 74 ™ u «
** W ' * |mZB of ***
Drawn Mm Delaware No 12, Mav 2a
-17 20 16 54 63 74 5 34 to SSB
Whole Not, 16 17 54, a prize erf #4co .old wd
p, « by „ „ „ STRATTOK
For To-Day.—Kentucky, R 0 26. C.ni.ii
$4092. Ticket* $1. ' :
Also, Delaware No, Ex 13. Capital $20000 Tirk
eta $5. ' "
Drawn No* Delaware No 13, Mav3l
- 63 72 69 66 57 29 68 74 55 34 2fi
UKKUUKV dc .>lAtK\ ~
SieeeiMrs M J. W. Maury St Ce„ Haaa.
Office, Mo.*" Main Street
Scheme To-Day.-Capita.: $20,i30,2 D ri2#a
of 10,000, sof 1000,10 of 50*200f 250 20 nl i'l
228 of 100, Stc, See, Ac. 75 numaers, 13 drawn'
Tickets $5. j,,, "
No. 118 Broad Street, Shockoe Hill, opposite Fred,
erickeburg Depot
For To-Day.—Bel Air, Claw 22. Capitals l
of $20,000, 1 of 5000, 1 of 2500, 1 of 1388, 20 of? 50
20 of 400, 20 of 200, 300 ot 100 78 numbers sTd
14 drawn ballot.. Tickets #5, sharesin proportion.
Alto, Small Fry—Capitals: 1 of $500t, 1(J ofsoo
75 numbara and 12 drawn ballots. Tickets 11
my 24— lm SMITH."
(Chalk's old stand.)
Drawn Nos Paiap.co, 155, Msr 29-
33 53 20 «j 3 37 43 14 31 4 28 70
For To- Day .—Bel Air 2. Capitals: 120000
5000, 2500,1388,20 ot 750, 20 ot 200. 78 sumteri'
14 drawn. Tickets $5.
Also, Small Fry. Tickets $1.
je 1 W. H. STATHAM
Iwjut RAL.—Of all the numerous medicines
extant, (and some of them Tslusble,) for
(/jwfrimthe cure of pulmonary compUinti, no
jUJTV* thing has ever been found which could
pare in its effects with this prepsrt
tioij. Others cure sometimes, but at all times and
in all diseases of the lungs and throat where medi
cine can give relief, this will do it It is pleusnt to
take, and perfectly safe in accordance with the di
rections. We do not advertise for the information
of those who have tried it but those who hare oot.
Families that have known its value will not be with
out it, and by its timely use, ihey are secure from
the dangerous eonseautnces of Coughs and Colds
which neglected, ripen into fatal consumption.
The Diploma of the Massachusetts Institute wai
awarded to this preparation by the Board of Judges
in September, 1847 ; also, the Medals of the three
great Institutes of Art in this country; also; the Di
ploma of the Ohio Institute at Cincinnati, hu been
given to the Cherry Pectoral, by their Qofem
ment, in consideration of its extraordinary excel
lence and usefulness in curing affections of the
Lungs and Throat.
Read the following opinion, foULded on the ions
experience of the sician of the Port and
City of St Johns, May 8, lcsl.
Dr. J. C. Avkb : Five years trial of your Cherry
Pectoral in my practice has proven what 1 foresaw
from its composition, muat be true, that it eradi
cates and cures the colds and coughs to which we,
in this section, are peculiarly liable.
I think ita equal has not yet been discovered, nor
do I know how a better remedy can be made for
the distempers of the Throat and Lungs.
J. J. BURTON, M. D, F. R 8.
See what it has done on a wasted constitution, not
only in the following cases, but a thousand more:
Sudbuby, January 24th. 1?51.
Dr. Aveb: In the month of July last I wai at
tacited by a violent diarrhoea in the minei of Cali
fornia. 1 returned to San Francisco in hope of re
ceiving benetit from a change of climate and diet
My diarrhoea ceased, but was followed by a levcre
cough, and much soreness. 1 finally started tor
home, but received no benetltfrcui the voyage My
cough continued to grow worse, and when 1 arrived
iu New York, 1 was at once marked by my ac
quaintances as a victim of cotiEumpticn. i
confess that I saw no sufficient reason to doubt what
my friends all believed. At this time I commer.ctd
taking your truly valuable medicine with Utile ex
pectation ol deriving any benefit Irutn iu use. You
would not receive th<»se lima aid I not regard it a J
duty to state to the afflicted, through you, that my
health, in the space of eight months, is fully re
stored. I attribute it to the uae of your Cheary
Your*, truly, WILLIAM W. SMITH.
Washington, Pa., April 12 1848.
Dear Sib : Feeling that I have been spared froa
a premature grave, through your instrumen'slty,
by the providence of God, I will take the li >erty to
express to you my gratitude.
A Cough and the aUrming symptoms of Cun
suo ption hud reduced me too low to leave me
anything like hope, when my physician brought me
a bottle of your Pectoral. It seemed to stturd im
mediate relief, aud now in a tew weeks time hu re
stored me to sound health.
If it will do for others what it has lor me youare
certainly oneol the benefactors of mankind
Sincerely wishing you every bleating, I »«. ver 7
respectfully, yours, JOHN J CLARKr,
Rector of St. Peter's Church
With such aasurarcr; and from such men. na
stronger proofcan be adduced, on'ess it be from
its effects upon trial. Prepared and sold by
Practical and Analytical Chemist,
Bold by PURCELL, LADD <fe CO., aoc PEY
TON JOHNoON, Richmond, and by druggist*
everywhere. j 9 j-lm
For New York via Norfolk.
Sails Tutmdau Afternoon, June Ist, alio'cluck, I.
■ . The elegant side wneel •u-srusoip
Roanoke, L. Parrisa. eemmsoder,
ygmzlgJTwill be ready to rtccive freigbt «•
usual this day, at i'i
continue to receive it up to the hour ol I oe
P.M.. Tuesday, June .st,ai;d see wii !«•*«
o'clock, P. M.. in the afternoou ot tii*t oay
Freight taken to Boston, and shipped by p Pl
iers, tree of commission. .u ,nd
Passage to or from New York,inc!ud:ng ine** ..q
fine state room j
Steerage passage to or from 00, cri.y ■•••••
Passengers taking this ship to NorM«. • .
charged the same as ay the river boats, vu:
meals extra. .
wJFS&L. The l»»cakoota«.Capt B»«5- , s
ready for Freight ttj * J
(Tuocnirand will continue to receive It U P
h0 «, a TuW T^Tam^wat^
JJSs?n3ht; and Will leave on \Vednwd«J."
or not full. . a IKK.
my 31
my 31 »—"T""l
O U*SIAN thlTcilj. as »
IV has ever been introduced U this of
Shaving Soap, that compare* #c( j e mo-
Ruasian fchavlng Heap " B j,ea U a trial.
Ifnt properties. Tbvse B
prunouaee ll »op«n«r sTkEtKKK
iny 3i—W UA

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