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the latest news
yjoumnieut of the Democratic Con
«-«-«■« of tlie Defeated Aspirant* of the
Democratic Platform.
Oui telegrifphic dispatch received Saturday
gr.nounces the nominations for President nnd
\ o President made by the Democratic Con
,fntion at Baltimore. Below we give a taule
reC'>P'tolatiiic all the ballots for President:
c c x £ o * FT «
cr C" IK O , <5 • — O
* m ** G • C °
f:2•• b ; S •
=;;; ; , o ;
I*6 93 I*o I*7 8 13 0 6
I y5 13 1:7 1 6 13 1 0
i ] V j i>4 21 26 1 7 13 1 0
'lis 89 31 2) 1 7 13 0 0
jig 34 26 1 8 13 1 0
f- ji4 88 34 26 1 8 13 1 0
. g-t :i4 26 1 9 13 1 0
; ;; fg 34 2(> 1 9 H 1 0
112 87 ;J9 27 1 8 13 1 0
ill 86 40 27 1 8 14 I 0
!V P7 I 27 i e 13 l o
u« £8 81 27 1 9 13 1 0
8 8.- 51 '26 110 13 10
<*> ,-r 51 26 1 10 13 1 1
<i 987 51 26 1 10 13 1 0
yy t>7 51 26 1 10 13 1 0
"•I r<7 50 26 1 11 13 1 o
.(j 83 56 25 111 13 1 0
8-» Ci vfi l i« 13 1 o
.V, -1 92 li 426 1 10 13 1 0
2) t\) l'J2 64 26 13 0 13 1 0
43 I ('4 77 26 15 9 13 1 0
37 104 78 27 19 6 13 1 0
:. 4 . ;13 10.1 t-0 2ii 21 9 13 1 0
«j .34 101 79 26 £4 10 13 1 0
06 " 33 80 26 24 10 13 i 0
« T ' 32 98 *5 26 24 9 13 X 0
.. 2K 96 83 26 25 11 13 1 0
27 9 i 91 26 25 12 13 1 0
30 ...33 91 92 26 2J 12 13 1 0
V: »J S3 92 26 18 8 0J 1 0
•<; 93 74 80 26 1 6 00 1 0
U3 72 CO 25 1 6 00 1 0
;j4 30 49 5.3 3< 1 5 00 16 0
3.', 131 39 52 44 1 5 00 1 15
Zfi 123 2f 43 58 1 5 00 1 30
37 120 28 34 70 1 5 00 1 29
107 t» 33 84 1 5 00 1 29
106 28 33 85 1 5 00 1 29
4 107 27 33 85 1 5 00 1 29
4 107 27 33 85 1 5 00 1 29
4 101 27 33 91 1 5 00 1 29
4 101 27 33 91 1 5 00 1 29
4 101 27 33 91 1 5 03 1 29
4" U«t 27 32 97 1 5 00 1 29
40 75 28 33 98 1 5 00 1. 44
47 .85 2-< 33 95 1 5 00 1 49
4- 72 28 33 89 I 6 00 1 55
49. 2 2 1 282
Wh !•• i.umber of votes -~Bg
Necessary tor a nomination 19a
After the nomii a:ion oi a candidate for the Presi.
dei.cy, trie Convention adjournfd until 4 o'clock,
P. M. Upon re-assembling, Win. R. King, of Ala
bama, was nominated, on the second ballot, can.
d:d*t«* tor Vice Presidt ut, and his nomination was
very favorably received
During the taking of the vote for Vice President,
thf following telegraphic dispatches were read :
From Stephen H. Douglass.—"l congratulate the
Democratic party upon the nomination, andilhnots
give franklin fierce a larger majority than any
uther State in lite Union "
From (J u Cass.—"A eood nomination, that of
Pierce ; i shall *upp >rt it heartily."
Fr> in Cert. Houston.—'-An excellent nomination;
i; wi!i unite the whole Democracy."
From Democrats of Washington.—' Nine cheers
for Franklin Pierce."
Little of general interest was done by the Con
vention a'ter the nominations, save the adoption ol
the "P.atf irtn," which we copy below. It was de
ciiied that the next National Convention shall be
held in Ck.ciuuati; and it was further decided
that in that Convention each State shall be entitled
to twice as mauv delegates as she has votes in the
electoral college. After the adoption of the plat
form, and the above arrangements, and the noting
of thanks to ottieers, &.C, the Convention adjourned
sine die.
Reso/ved, That the American Democracy
place their trust in the intelligence, the patiiot
ism, and the disciitainating justice of the Ame
lican people.
Resolved, That we regard this as a distinc
tive feature of our political creed, which we are
proud to maintain before the world, as the great
moral element in a form of government, spring
ing from and upheld by the popular will; and
we contrast it with the creed and practice of
federalism, under whatever name or form,
which seeks lo palsy the will of the constitu
ent, and which conceives no imposture too
monstrous (or the popular credulity.
Resolved, therefore, That, entertaining these
views, tlie Democratic party of this Union,
through their delegates assembled in a gene
ra! convention of the States coming together
in a spirit of concord, of devotion to the doc
trines and faith of a free representative govern
ment, and appealing to their fellow citizens for
the rectitude of theii intentions, renew and re
assert, before the American people, the declara
tions of principles avowed by them when, on
former occasions, iu genera! convention, they
presented their candidates for the popular
suffrages :
1. 1 hat the federal government is one of
limited powers, derived solely from the consti
tution, und file grants of power made therein
ought lo be strictly construed by alt the depart
ments and agents of the government; and that
it is inexpedient and dangerous to exercise
doubtful constitutional powers.
J. That the constitution does not confer upon
the general government the power to com
mence and carry on a general system of inter
nal improvements.
3. That the constitution does not confer au
thority upon the fedeial government, directly
or indirectly, to assume the debts of the seve
ral States, contracted for local internal itn
pioveiuenls, or other State purposes; nor would
such assumption be just and expedient.
4. That justice and souud policy forbid the
federal government to foster oue branch of in
dustry to the detriment of any other, or to
cherish the interests of one portion to the in
jury o! another portion of our cotntnen coun
trj ; that every citizen, and every section of the
country, has a right to demand and insist upon
an equality of rights and privileges, and to
complete and ample protection of persons and
property from domestic violence or foreign
That if is the duty of every branch of the
government to enforce und practice the most
lipid economy in conducting our public atfuirs,
and that no more revenue ought to be raised
than is required to defray the necessary ex
penses of tht government, and for the gradual
but certain extinction of the public debt.
C. That Congress bus no power to charter a
Uatioual 1. ok; thu we believe su»h mi
lion one of deadly hostility to the besti nferesla
of the country, dangerous to our republican
institutions and the liberties of the people, and
calculated to place the business of the country
within the control of a concentrated money
power, and above the laws and the will of the
people; and that the results of democratic leg
islation, uf this and all other financial meas
ures upon which issues have been made be
tween the two political parties of the country.
ha»e demonstrated lo candid and practical
men of all parties, their soundness, safety and
utility in ail bu-iuess pursuits.
7. l'hat the seperation of the moneys of the
government Iroin bunking inslitutoris is indis
pensable for the aaf ly of the funds of the gov
ernment and the rights of ibe people.
8. That the liberal principles embodied by
Jefferson in the Declaration of tudepeudence,
•ml sanctioned in the constitution, which
makes ours the land of liberty, and tbe asylum
ol the oppressed of every nation, have ever
been cardinal priuciplea.in the democratic faith;
and every attempt to abridge the present privi
lege of becoming citizens and the owners of
•oil amonp us, ought to be resisted with the
same spirit which swept the alien and sedition
laws from our statute books.
9. Th«t Congress has no power under the
constitution to interfere with or control the do
mesne institutions of the several States, and
that such States are the sole and properjudges
of everything appertaining to their own affairs
not prohibited by the constitution; that all ef
forts of the abolitionists or others made to in
duce Congress to interfere with questions ol
slavery, or to tske incipient steps j n relation
thereto, ate calculated to lead to the tnost
alarming uud dangerous cunsequencee, and
that all such efforts have uu inevitable tenden
cy to diminish the happiness of the people,
and endanger the stability and permanency of
the Union, and ought not to he countenanced
by any friend ol our political institutions.
He sot red, That the foregoing proposition
covers and wan intended to einluace the whole
subject of slavery agitation in Congress, and
therefore the Dem lcratic party ol the Union,
standing upon this national platform, will
abide by nnd adhere to a faithful execution of
the acts known as tlie compromise measures,
settled by the last Congress—the act for the
reclaiming of fugitives Irom service or labor
included, which act, being designed to carry
out an express provision of the constitution,
cannot, with fidelity thereto, be repealed or so
changed as to destroy or impair its efficien
lirsolved, That (he Democratic party will
resist all attempts at renewing in Congress or
out ot" it, the agitation of the Slavery ques
tion, under whatever shape or color the attempt
inav be made.
Resolved, That the proceeds of the public
lands ought to be sacredly applied to the na
tional objects specified in the constitution; and
that we are opposed to any law for the distri
bution of sucli proceeds among the States, as
alike inexpedient in policy, and repugnant to
the constitution.
Resolved, That we are decidedly opposed
to taking from the President the qualified veto'
power, by wkich he is enabled, under restric
tions and responsibilities, amply sufficient to
guard the public interest, to suspend the pass
age of a bill whose merits cannot secure the
approval of two thirds of the Senate and
House of Representatives until the judgment
of the people can be obtained thereon, and
which has saved the American people from the
corrupt and tyrannical domination of the Bank
of the United States, and from a corrupting
system of general internal improvements.
Resolved, That the Democratic party will
faithfully abide by and uphold the principles
laid down in the Kentucky and Virginia reso
lutions of 1798, and in the report of Mr. Madi
son to the Virginia Legislature in 1759; that it
adopts those principles as constituting one of
ihe main foundations of its political creed and
is resolved to carry them out in their obvious
meaning and import.
Resolved, That the War with Mexico, upon
all the principles of patriotism, and the laws oi
nations, was a just and necessary war on our
part, in which every American citizen should
have shown himself on the side of his country,
and neither morally or physically, by word
or deed, have given aid and comfort to the
Resolved, That we rejoice at the restoration
of friendly relations with our sister Republic of
Mexico, and earnestly desire for her all the
blessings and prosperity which we enjoy un
der Republican institutions,and we congratu
late the American people upon the results of
that war, which have so manifestly justified
the policy and conduct of the Democratic
party, and insured to the United States "in
demnity for the past and security for the
Resolned, That in view of the condition of
popular institutions in the oic|Aorld,a high and
sacred duty is devolved with increased res
ponsibility upon the Democratic party of this
country as the party of the people, to uphold
and maintain the rights of every State, and
thereby the Union of the States, and to sustain
and advance among us constitutional liberty,
by continuing to resist all monopolies and ex
clusive legislation for the benefit of the few at
the expense of the many, and bv a vigilant and
constant adherence to those principles and
compromises of the constitution, which are
broad enough and strong enough to embrace
and uphold the Union as it is, and the Union
as it shall be, in the full expansion of the ener
gies and capacities of this great and progres
sive people.
Fire in Jersey City.
Nkw York, June 3.— The pyrotechnic es
tablishment of Mr. Edge, in Jersey city, was
w holly destroyed by fire this afternoon,j aboutl
o'clock. Several of the hands employed it; the
building saved themselves by jumping from
the second story window. In consequence of
a quantity of powder being buried beneath the
building, the firemen refused to approach it
until after the powder had exploded, and when
the explosion did take place, it completely
destroyed the building and all its contents con
sisting of a large quantity of prepared fire
works, &c.
11 S. COCHRAN ! S double oscillating Ne Plus Ul
tra Premium Fan Mill, will be exhibited at the
State Capital (Richmond) on Friday, 4th Jute,
(in&t.) and during the session of the Legislature.
Petersb'irg, Va., June 3. 1852. jes—at*
I Beits, i'-<,m 3to 5 inches wide—are the best
Kelts that can be used lor this purpose. A full
supply on nand and for sale by
Laguira and Jamaica Coffee, just received per
steamer and tor sale by
htttUOM>& FAiNiED FAILS.—SO doz
* landing, frum Alary Willis to
Fifty hhds. »Ides and sholi.-
DERo, pari prime, just received per steamer
and for sale by
J'' * Corner ( ary and Pt»arl street*
KIO Si JAVA COFFEE.—7S bags very su"
perioi, la store and tor sale by
AND CaNULKS.—ISO boxen Jack
son s &. Eikiutou < in store and for sale by
U We have in store a splendid aasortmeut o! gen
tit mens' Silk Umbrellas, at
j * 5 107 Broad street.
LONDON FOK 1 i-fi. pulverised white Suuur
Brazil Port Wine, rectified snd'old
Wuiekeyj for sale by
UA V . —207 baies superior Northern Hay. la id
ins per schr C P Brown ; also, daily expected
per ►ehrEmrtia I> Kussey. lHObab a, for srj-- to ar
rive, by JOHN VV. WRIGHT.
! je_s
—i am prepared to leceive any
0 quantity of H-rriugs on Storage, at Lumber
House, on the Dock.
KE it it IN CiS.—37l barrels Halifax Cut ana
tiross Herrings, .Nos 1 and "J ; 150 half bbls.
do., landing and lor sale by
ilttilNiA WORM KILLEit — One ot ttie
beat vermifuges in use. it is mild and pleasant
to the taste, and is readily taken by children. For
aaie by E. J. PIUOT,
je4 Corner opposite the Old Market.
M. Sands', Bull's, Bristol's and Townseud's Sar
saparilla, ior sale in any quantity, by
my 31 BESNET'f. * BEERS, Druggist*.
'rOBACCU UoX fANn,.—IO,OOO teoi
A bett quality, just received and for sale by
°»y *6 ROfcEttT RANKIN.
BBANS.-HQ Ih». truth, large size;
also, 35 lbs. Oil Almond>, Kn|rfi»h. fur
•«lo by BENNETT * BEERS,
I i e 1 Druggists.
Baltimore. June 5, A. M.
The Convention met this morning at 9
o'clock, mid again proceeded to baflot for a
candidate for President. On the
Thirty-fourth Ballot—Cass received 130,
Buchanan 49, Douglas 53, Dickinson 16, scat
tering 39. Oo this ballot, the V irginia dele
gates changed their position, and cast the vote
o! the State for Dickinson.
second dispatch.
On the thirty-fifth ballot, Case 131; Virginia
voting for Franklin Pierce.
Thirty-sixth Ballot—Cass 122, Buchanan
28; Douglas 43; JVlarcy 58; Pierce 30; Scatter
ing 7.
Thirty seventh Ballot—Cass 120; Buchan
an 28; Murcy 70; Pierce 29; Scattering 7.
Thirty eighth Ballot—Cass 107; Buchanan
28; Marcy 84; Pierce 27; Douglas 33; Scatter
Thirty-niuth Ballot.—Cass 106: Buchanan
28; Douglus33; Marcy 85; Pierce 29; Scatter
ing 6.
Fortieth Ballot.—Cass gained l,and Buch
anan lost 1.
Forty-second ballot.—Cass 101; Buchanan
27; Alarcy 91; Pierce 29. The forty-third
and forty-fourth ballots the same.
Forty sixth and, forty seventh ballots.—
Cass 75; Buchanan 28; Marcy 95; Pierce 49.
A motion was here made to adjourn sine die,
and rejected.
On the 49th baIIot—FRANKLIN PIERCE,
of New Hampshire, received the requisite
number of votes, and was declared the nomi
nee of ihe Convention for President of the
United States. On this ballot, Pierce received
over 200 votes, and the nomination was declar
ed unanimous.
The Southern States, in a body, went over
to Pierce, and were followed by Maryland, New
York and Pennsylvania, all declaring the vote
Afternoon Session.
The Convention met pursuant to adjourn
ment. and proceeded to ballot for a candidate
for Vice President. On the
Second BaIIot—WILLIAM R KING, of
Alabama, received the requisite number of
votes, and was declared the choice of the Con
vention for Vice President.
Reception of the Nominations. — Ratifica
tion Meetings.
Baltimore, June 6.
The nominations of the Democratic Con
tention appear to be coolly received. The
politicians of Philadelphia and New York have
not yet recovered from their surprise. The
feeling in Baltimore seems to be more subdued.
The Old Hunkers were at first greatly sur
prised, but a belter feeling, apparently, pre
vails to-day.
Ratification meetings have been called in all
the northern cities, to be addressed by suoth
em delegates.
Flouk —Southern, common to good brands
$4,25 to $4,50; fancy $4,75 to $5. Whxat—
without change.—Corn—heavy for eommoa
Western mixed at 54u56; prime parcels in ship
ping order are firm and wanted ut&la62Jc.
T"* H E Board of Directors of the Virginia Central
Railroad Company, learning that the number
of places at which passengers were taken up and
put down between Richmond and VVordville
amounted to 97, to the great delay of the transit
and injury ot the machinery, have adopted the fol
lowing resolutions, via:
Resulted, That from and after the 15th Juno, the
following stopping places will be omitted, viz: Si
zer's. Strawberry Hill, Chickahominy Bridge,
White's, Bowe's, Fleshman's, Jennings' Saw Mill,
Sutton's Mill Dam. Wicki am's Saw Mill, Normerit's,
Cosby's, Dejarnette's, Matthews's, Edmund Ander
son's. Nelson's, Butler's, Duke's, in Hanover, Dr
Terrell's. Hatch's, Phillips's, Fontaine's, Tulioh's,
J. B. Coate's, Duke's, in L( uisa, Geo. Harris's, Jos
Coates's, Pendleton's, Hancock's, Carter's, Harris's
Shop, Rough and Ready, Maupin's, Talley's, Ken
non's, Butler's, Louisa CourtHouse Crossing, Hun
ter's, Moody'e, Sautter's, Newark, Gentry's, Brad
ley's, William S Carter's, Kean's, Baker's, Cow
herd's, Michie's Mill, Lewis's Crossing, Campbell's
Old Mill, Minor's Crossing, Huckstep's, Rogers's,
Everett's Crossing, Randolph's McGehee's, Rivan
na Bridge, Moore's Creek Bridge
ResoUxd, That from and after the 15th June, t': e
passenger trains will stop to take up ami put down
passengers at no other places thau the following,
except the depo's and water stations, viz: fi tori's,
Crenshaw's, Ashcake Road. Peake's, Wickham's
Turnout, Soulhanna Bridge, Gwathmey's, John G.
Harris's, John T. Anderson's, Noel's Turnout,
Hewlett's Turnout, J. Z. Terrell's, Green Bay
Crossing, Bumpass's Turnout, Gunnel's, Rockcut
Crossing, Contrary Shanty, Tolersville, Whitlock's,
Key lluujse. Lindsay's House, Lindsay's Store,
Clarke's Track, Campbell's New Mill, Keswick,
Hammock Gap Road, University, Gsrth'f Turnout.
Resulvtd, That whetever the charge from depot
to depot is 50 cents at the present rates, it shall be
r< due. d to 37J cents for passengers.
Resulted, That for all persons getting on at de
pots, and who do not procure tick. ts, an additional
churge will be mide. E. H GILL,
je s—dlw Sup't. of Transportation.
\f AINE lit QLOK LAW.—G. M. WEcT
iv-l BROTH bit have ;eceived the Throne of
Iniquity, or Sustaining Evil by I.aw, a discourse in
behalf ot a law prohibits g ttie traffic in intoxicating
drinks, delivered in Philadelphia, February 1,
by Rev Albert Barnes—l2 cents
Putnam's Cheap Library. Nus 10 and 11, up the
Rhine, by Thorn is Hood, with comic ll.uetratiots, 2
parts—so cents
Rose Ashford, or the Ruined Gamester, by E L
Blanchard, author of Ceiestiue, &c—so cents.
je 5
tIATIN PUTTY.—I am cow manufacturing a
5 superior article ui made ut pure mate
rials, and combined in sueh a thorough manner
ti;at it i» unii'oim iu appearance, luihi-ivs nicely tj
the sash, and leave# a smooth und glossy surlHct
is tough and of a very wnite color.
Anxious to introduce this article to the attention
ot Ulasers and Paiuters. J will furnish a small quan
tity gratis to those wishing to try it. it will be sold
in quantities at N. York prices.
Manufactured by
)<• * O. A. BTRECKER.
fc.XANolt.lA.— The good »chr. Mary Wil-
Ii»» »v ilsuu, rnaater, having the greater portion of
ot her cargo eugagrd and going on board, will
have immediate despatch. For remainder ot car
go, appiy to the Captain on board, at Luaiaw*
wharf, or to
Je 3—lw W. p. COLQUITT.
A TfitiV ATJ£ nALili.—Just received,* large
■ *. and splendid collection of Candetauras, Kthe
reai Lamp*, tioquet Holders, Bra** Spittoons, Ate.
which will be exhibited at private sale for a tew
day* and will be sold wholesale or retail. Mer
ck anM are re*pectfu lv invited to call and exaiuiue
the stock, which will be *oM privately upon ac
commodating term*.
j« 3 • ALEX. NOTT It CO.
On TUESDAY, the 6th in§t, commencing %t 10
o'clock, we will »ell at our auction (tore * general
assortment of Groceries, 4tc., consisting la put
5€ hhds Sugar, ranging from good, common
to choice quality
60 bbla Coffee Sugar
75 bbla Syrup and Molasses
50 packages loaf and powdered Sugar
Window Glass, Cigars, Mustard
Claret Wine, Indigo
Gunpowder and Pouchdn Teaa, Candy
Salt, buttle an<i phial Corks
Brandy, Gin, Wines
Ceffet, distilled Whiskey, &c. &c.
Teh MS —Under $1W) ci«h ; over $100, 4 months'
eredit lor approved reeotiaole paper
je 7 Auctioneers.
Extensive sale at auction of
CY GouUS —On Wednesday morning, 9th
inst, commercing at half past 9 o'clock, at Tontine
House, on Main street, opposite the Banks, will be
sold at auction without reserve, a large vaiiety of
fine French, English and German Jewel*
ry, cons.sting of Lauiiss and Gentlemen's Breast
pins, Bracelets, Brooches, Ear-Rings, Cuft Pins,
Finger Rings, Crosses, Elegant Set of Jewelry,
Necs Laces, Gold and Silver Pencil Cases and Pens,
Gold Chains, Gold and Silver Watches; together
with au extensive assortment of Fanc> and Miscel
laneous Goods ,
The aoove is a consignment from one of the
laigest importers in this country—the most of
which is of the best quality, and wi.l be eoid with
out the least reserve.
Terms CASH.
Sale will be continued from day to day, in the
momißgs, commencing at 9£; snu in the afer
uoons,commencing at o'clock; until the whole
stock is disposed of
je?—dtf GEO. J SUMNER, Auctr.
OUs GOODs.—On Tuesday morning, tile
Sth inst, commencing at,halt past 9 o'clock, at my
"ales Room, No. 8, Fifteenth strett, will be sold at
auction, to close sundry consignments, the follow
ins Goous :
3 Cooking Stoves, one nearly new, and a fir«t
rate article, several lots and parcels of China, Glass
and Ear.henware; a number of second hand Lamps
Chandelier, ic.; a lot of Perfumery; Cherry and
Walnut Taoles; 1 very large snd clean Feather
3< d; 10 M Cigars of assorted brands; 1000 lbs lump
Tobacco, a part ot which is finß;'togelher with ma
ny other Goods, too numerous to mention.
Terms CAsil. Sale without reserve,
je 7 GEO. J. SUMNER, Auctr.
Girandoles, eihkrial & oil
MORNING, the Bth inst, commencing at half past
9 o'plock, we will sell at auction a large and splen
did collection of Girandoles, in sets ot 2, 3, 5 and 6
Also, a large assortment of Ett erial and Oil
Lamps, of the latest patterns. Terms at sale.
je 5 ALEX. NOTT & CO., Aucts.
CHANCERY—Under the directions of a decree
of the Circuit Court of Chancery, for the County
of Henrico, pronounced on the 23d day of April,
1852, in the tuit of Cunuingham ag;iin=t Randolph
and others, the undersigned. Deputy Sheriff lor
Isaac A. Goddin, Sheriff of Henrico county, will,
on the Nineteenth day '..f June next, proceed to sell
at public auction, on the premises, to the highest
bidder, for cash, at 11 o'clock, A M„ so much of
the Welton estate as was at a sale heretofore made
of a part of said estate purchased by John H. Pleas'
ants, being the two lots numbered 4 ana 5 on the
plat of survey, filed in the papers of said suit, con
taining fifty-six and one fourth acres each.
my 29—20t for 1. A. GODDIN, 3. H. C.
I'm a merry Zingara, by M W Balfe: Hap
py birdlingot the forest—sung by Catha
rine Hayes, composed by W V Wallace.
Deem me not presumptuous, laiy—opera song
Imogene, by C G Baylor
Adelaide: words by Matthison, composed by
When the Swallows' homeward fly: a very po
pular song
Home again, as sung by the "Harmoceons"
There s nae room for twa, Scotch ballad
Passing away, or dreams of the heart. Linley
Dinna think, bonnie lassie, song by Catharine
The beautiful Ricci song, as sung by Pa'odi, with
English version, entitled "'On brightly shines joy's
rainbow bright"' •
Give me the sweetest Sower
I would not die in summer time.
I love thee not for rosy che k, very popular
"Oh boys, cary melons," newtongby Foster
It was here in accents sweetc:t, (Qui la Voce,)
from J Furitani
How can I leave thee, guitar sons
New I'oika*, Waltzes, &c.
Courting Polka
The Garland Polka, by Charles D'Albret, with
beautiful colort d vignette
Dream Life Poika; Emiiire Polka—Mazurka
Marien Redowa. by VVallerstem
Fll I Poika, Christy's
Monroe Polka, Hondo; Sivori Waltz
Ton Mahacheu Waltzes, by Gung'l, being No 8,
gems of tho4iei mania
Together witu a large supp'.y of other new and
stauuard Music lor the Piano Forte and Guitar.
Booksellers, Stationeis and dealers in Piano Fortes.
COUNTY, VA.—We t ffer for sale a small FARM
at Walkerton, on the Mattaponi River, containing
about 6txty seven acres of Land, well-situated
with a spring of good water, and an excellent two
story framed dwelling, with three hre-places, and
sufficiently commodious for the genteel accommo
dai on ot a small family. The dwel:ing and aects
saty out houses have just been built, and the dwell
ing well painted It has a good garden also, re
cently enclosed. This property is lavorably situ
ated 111 a densely settled and wealthy neighborhood,
and is a good situation tor a lawyer. A bargain
will besoldin this property, and a long credit giv.-n,
it desirable, on most of the purchase money. Apply
y- 4 General Agents.
STREET, Established in IS46.—Contains
the Portraits ot ail eminent Virginians, consisting
in part of the Convention and Legislature* ol 1850,
'51 and '52; the United States Senate, and many of
the Representatives ol 1846. Cur Portraits must be
seen to be appreciated. We take them at every
price and in every style, to suit the Ustes of our
sitters. The public is invited to call and examine
our specimens, and magnificent combined side and
sky l.ght, at the Gothic Window, 145 Main street
I^OU-NU —cn yesterday, between l;Jth and 14th
A streets, a bunch ot KEYS, which the owner
can have by applying at tbis office and jmyiog for
this a-vertisetnent. jeo—lt
WKT ALUSii FOR HUtK.-Apply at
this office. je 4—Jt
ti <>UNAC UICAN'U V, Gastillon & Co's
' braud; Jackson's (;*nuies, rifl'j Powder, Safety
Fu»»-, Cotloh Yaiu;-; lor ?a.e by
LL.IIUJ-.JI. —Ou. cargo ju»l received Jroui
Jacksonville, Honda, and tor sale by
t IIKuKEMia, —i 50 barrels Kro*«
Herrinci, for sale by
PINK API'J.K.-i Jusi received, per £«*■»*
*hip Roanoke, a lot ol ihi« C
soon, at ANTONIO PJZZINI «l,
je l Under City Hotel.
VI aplk sugar.—i fa " ve iu»t ?
small lot ol Maple Sug» f . /■ u c J
can recr ummil as a P rf>MlO PIZZINI '
you wm be too late.
LUtKsH p|tUNK».-l have just received •
T lot of the .hove article which lean recom
mend aa fresh and an excellent article tor family
- '"TJSa
and Gents' Hboea, Gaiters, Ac , to whom good w*.
■ -sysr* page.
AUCTION sales:
of A TRUBT OKKD -By virtne of adeed
b r Anthon/Roberts, (a free
care a d*bt 5 onderyipwd as trustee, to se
the tame to Robert HilJ, who bu Mvigned
Of April K p«bn«y, dated the 28th day
Henrlco Count* recorded in the Clerk's Oftce of ,
the pourt, on the Bth day of May, in !
d »T of June ' fesi at*s , 'ovi Ol, w lbe 15th
at public auctoot. on ,u clock r M - proceed to sell
bidder, a lot of Land to to hi ß he * t
low the eity of Rkhmomi 22?* of Henrico, be
of Henry S , ,„ tt der. b «° d m L^a k ttln !
the property of E. Wadd™ !°?' °PP°» l:e
front and running back m
or less eight inches, more
Teems.—So much of the nnrrt,.
paid in cash, as will pay the expend 10 **
the sum of *-'50, with the interest ' * nd
due thereon, and the balance payabl» on
day of June 1854. with interest thereon fomtb
day of sale, payable annually, the purchasers*
curing his single bill therefor, and a deed of Trust
on the property to secure the same. The title to
the property I believe to be good, but selling &s
trustee, I thai! only convey such as is vested in me
by the deed of Trust aforesaid Should theweath
erbesuch. on the day of sale, as to prevent the
same, the said sale will be continued from d*y to
day, and to the same hour, until it is effected.
je 4—tds JAMES ELLETT.
BY JA.Ul'<!* iM. TAYLOR.
A TATE —By virtue of the provisions of two
trust d-eds, executed by Mos'oy Johnson and wife
to the undersigned as trustee, one dated the 20th
day of October, 1851, and the other the 28th <!ay of
January. 1852, and duly lecorded in the office of
the Hustings Court of the City of Richmond. and
at the request of the beneficiaries therein, will be
oifered for sale, at public auction, on the premises,
on TUESDAY, the Bth cay of June next, at 5
o'cock, P. M. if fair, and if not. on the next fair
day, that LOT or parcel of ground lying at the cor
ner of Grace and J6th streets, in the city of Rich
mond, with two brick tenements and one frame
tenement thereon, fronting about 49— feet on 18th
street and running back 122 1-2 feet to an alley 20
feet wide.
Terms of Sale —One fourth cash, balance in
three instalments at 6, 12 and 16 months, with in
terest added, lor negotiable notes, secured by a
trust deed.
ikW Whig please copy. my 2S— tOt
farm near Richmond—in pursuance of
a deed of the Circuit Court of Chancery for the
county ot Henrico, made on the 6th day of March,
1852, in a suit therein pending styled Royster and
wife against Brett's Ex'r, and others, I shall, as the
commissioner therein named, offer for sale at public
auction, on th»' premises, on Monday, the 21st
dav of June next, at 5 o'clock, P. M , if fair, if not
then on tbe next fair day thereafter, a tract or par
eel of Land, with th>' improvements tht-reon,con
sisting of a good dwelling and other buildings, lying
in the county of Henrico, about 1 mile east of the
City of Richmond, commonly known as the ' Re
treat," formerly occupied by Hutson Brett, dee'd,
and estimated to contain about 20 acres of Land.
1 erms of Sale.—One-fourth cash; the balance
m two equal instalments for negotiable notes with
good endorsers, at 6 and 12 months, wirli interest
added, and the title retained until a conveyance is
diracted by the Court.
my 21—2awtl4dtd C G GRISWOLD, Comr
Btn lust., at 5 o'clock, will be rented at public auc- |
tiois, to the highr-st bidder, the Store on Main
street, lately occupied by William F. Mitchell as a
saddler's shop, opposite the Banks, urtil the Ist day
of December next. Bv order of the Trustee
je 3 GEO J. SUMNER, Auet
Trust sale o* v aeuabee pro.
PERTY.—By virtue of a deed of trust exe
cuted to me by Valentine Heckler and wife, dated
the 28tn day of January, 1852, and recorded in the
Clerk's Office > f Henrico County the 29th day of
the tame month, 1 shall, on Monday, the 14th day
of June, 1852, at the hour of 5 o'clock in the even
ing, proceed to sell at public auction, to the highest
tidd' r, part of the property conveyed by said deed,
as follows, to wit: the House and Lot on Broad
stree f , in the city of Richmond, known as Brack
ett's Tav. rn ; and on the 15th day of June, 1852.
at the same hour, I shall proceed to sell two brick
Tenements and two frame Tenements, with thre«
and a half ac r ea of lfftid thereun'o attached, at
Rocketts, partly in the county of Htnrico and part
ly in the city o! Richmond.
Upon the Braekett's Tavern there is a lien for
three thousand six hundred and fifty dollars, in fa
vor ot G. W. Toler, payable on the 23rd daj of Oc
tober, 1852. ,
The terms of the sale will be, for the Rocketts'
property one third cash, and the residue on a credit
of twelve and eighteen months, with interest from
the day of sale. For the Bracketts's Tavern proper
ty, one-third cash;ihe=um of three th>>usHni six
hundrtdand Jitty dollars, payable on the 23 rd day
of October, 1852, and the residue eighteen months
from tfce day of sale, with interest trom that day.
Negotiable notei will be required from the pur
chasers ior the credit installments, and deeds of
trust upon the property sold, to secure thepayment
ot said instalments The trustee will only convey
such titl« as is in him. I'he sale to be conducted by
Toleb & Cook.
je n—tds G A. MYERS, Trustee.
AT AUCTION.—Having in
0 view a larger estate, I shaii sell at auction, on
the premises, at 10 o'clock, en THURSDAY, the
luih day of June, my Sherwood plantation of 225
acres, situated four miles east of Richmond, on the
Williamsburg road. Should that day be too inclem
ent for the sale, the first lair day thereafter will be
sale day
The improvements, which are of the first order,
very much enhance the value of this productive
farm. There being about 125 acres of neavily tim
btred land, enough wood might be sold to pay fifty
per cent, of the sum for which the land may sell.
Tole« & Cook, Auctioneers. my 19—tds
BY JOHN «t. I>. *•-* VNE, Miiesiuuu.
Large drug establ.ißh.uent at
AUCTION, consisting ol the usual variety ot
Medicines, Paints, Djestutls, Perlumery, Soap,
Giass Jars, itc. dtc.
By virtue ol a deed of trust, ex* cuted to the sub
sciiber by fluvh C McNamara, r.earing date ttie
day of ——, 1850. and duly recorded in the
Clerk's Office of the Hustings Court, of the city tof
Richmond, tor certain purpusee therein mentioned,
will be sold on W edneaday, the 26thday ot May,
at 10 o'clock, at the store ot the said Hugh C Mc-
Namara. on Broad street, all the Medicines, Paints,
Dyestuffe, Perfumery, Soaps, Glass Jars. Show
Cases, Store Fixiures, ic. 4cc., pertaining to said
Txaais of Sale—For all sums under 850. cath;
over that amount, a credit,of 4 months will be given,
secured by negotiable paper satisfactorily endorsed,
my 15 JOHN R. D. PAYNE Trustee.
above sale is p< stponed until Wednes
day, the 16th day of June. The Trustee n> fully
authorised to maze a privute disposi'lon ot the
above establishment on very reasonable terms, and
at a great sacrifice. Purchaser* are invited to make
early application until day ot sale, enuer to toe
trustee or to Mr H. B. Dickins«n Trustee
my 24—dtds J R. D PAYNE, Trustee.
BY JOHN K. I>. PAYNE, Salesman.
\j ESTATE —lo pursuance a decree ©I the
Circuit C.»u.t of C uanrery tor H-nnco County,
Jon tee 19* day ol March i«2, in a su.t
tWrein uending. under the style ot Ueorge, Ax,
[% r Z t 0° Tuesday, toe 15th
da- of June next. at 5 o'clock in the aiternoon
yroceed to sell, on the premises, at public auction,
to the highest bidder, the House ar d Lot situated at
the corner of Leigh and ?th streets, >n the city o!
Richmond, which was formerly occupied by Jauces
K. Heath, and which was conveyed by the «<dd
Heath and wile to me, by deed bearing da: • :h- ;
21st dayot December, 1848, and ol record in fne.ii- I
fice ot the Court uf Hustings tor the city of K.titi
m md.
Terms of sale—One-third cash, one-third in six
months, and the residue in nine months from the
day of sale—the purchaser giving negotiable notes
tor the deterr- d payments, and me title to be re
taiued until • conveyance is directed by the eouit
my 12—d tds JOHN O. SIEGER
fMGARS.—SOO,OOO Cigars, various qualities,
v J for sale by
my 13 WH. TAYLOR.
ORT WINE.—SO quarter casks Po* Wine,
receiving tor sale.
1W CHEESE, >st received and fbr sale W
B * !>QtT St CO.
PumoifnH,!!? A LAB6B COL-
Liaa limf «au»A* ahd t»o
ri-Ssr 5
o„ n.^ , .. C rr BCe 10 **® w *tboofr«-
■ rini'V """"--"Cl! io>«kn
m nun.—The member* ire reipectiully »rt
«e<i. during their visit to the Metropoba, to
drop u> at the large mi beautiful store. pop
« y > kßown " '• Ladies' Saloon," wh-re they
will always find a sparkling draught of tbeir ia*o
me beverage, and retired anl piessant seats, at
«r»ervice. The "Isona"are invited tobrirg the
t , e ™"•'ong with them, and we wl!. take
? * b s'Wing tbrm as -arge and varied an
01 800, •' Trunki, fcc . of ail
ViraiAi. »** luW P»ce« as they ever sold lor ia
irginia. He member the address.
j e 3 WHITE & PAGE, "3 Main street,
doors b»low Doo.ey's K*» store.
JHom-s 1 A*n~ U 1 ,V kt >KW
CFIVED*T 6 S??1 ,ust
street, Kichmoco t"hl
would most reepectxuilv V.ii *iT~
friends, customers and the ucbW.*^ ° ! £!"
assortment of Boots. Shoes Trunk "o" ' 7
Valises, &c, not celebrated'oniy tjj'w' l '* l
style, *c, but celebrated lor another and a J-ri i
po-taat object, that is. the durability
Uou they give the wearer, to wnicn the
would most respeetfully cail the attention ot
and gentlemen in want of Boots and Shoea of 20 od
quality, as they will always rird the best of good,
to select from, both of my own and tne best Phila
delphia made, anc at the lowest prices.
Manufacturer and Ueaier in Boots, Shoes,
je4 Trunks. Carpet B**s. VaUsey at c .
OF TJi.UPIIKA.NCE wuu inteud par
ticipating in tlie celebration, to morrow, are
solicited to call snd supply then selves w»x white
Vests aau Gloves, at No 134 Main st., where also
ir.ay be found, a large and cue of the richest etocka
of Summer Ready Made Clothing, compris
ing every style of foods fur Coats, Pant* ar,d Vests,
now in market, from linest to lowest grades. Also,
a great variety of Furnishing Goods, such ss Neck
Ties, Stocks, Gauze, Merino and Lialt- '1 iuead Un
dershirts, ate. One and aii in warn, will tind it
greatly to their advantage in giving me a ta 1, a*
the goods must and shall bs soid at the smaileat
je 3 No 134 Maipat. opposite Eagle Sqr
|Vt,VV Boutis; St.w BOOKS!:—Lec
tures on the Apocalypse: Critical, Expository,
and Practical, delivered betbre the University of
Cambridge, being the Hulsean Lectures for the
year iS4S, by Chr. Wordsworth, D D, Can n of
Westminster, formerly Fellow ol Trinity Col ege,
Cambridge, and Public Oiaior of the University—
from the 2ud London edition.
The Elements of Christian Science: a Treatise
upon Moral Philosophy ana Practice, by W Adam*
S T P.
The Last Enemy, Conquering and Conquered. by
George Burgess, D D, bishop ol the Protestant
Episcopal Church in Maine.
Naomi, or the Last Days of Jerusalem, by Mrs J
B Webb, author ot the Beloved Disciple, tcc.
Elements of Instruction, c<i/cerning the (.'aurch,
for the use of young persons, by Chr Woida
worth, edited end enlarged, by Hugh Davy Evan*
The Riches that Bring i.o Sorrow, by Rev i£ra»
kine Neale, MA, Rector"of Kerton, and Chaplain to
Earl Spencer.
Thooph'lus Americanua, iy Chr. Wordsworth,
edited by H D Evans. A. MORRIS,
j** 3 97 Main street.
| 'KAI Ji .NKVV WuRK.-
VJ J W RANDOLPH has received, June 4—
The Study of Words, by Richard C Fieoch, B D
—75 cents
Gilbert's Family Atlas of Modern Geography, with
a physical introduction and c insuitinj index of the
Latitude and Longitude of -o,O(K> Places, London
edition —45
Vol 7 English Law and Equity Report*. Same
in paper co/ers
Kose Ashford, or the Ruined Gamester, by E L
Blanchard, author ot M;s Caudie's Curuiii Lec
tures, &c— 50 cents
Viola, or Adventures in the Far South-West, by
E Bei.nfctt, author of tfce P.-airie Flower—emu
April No Edinburgh Keview
Days of P.ruce, a Story from Scotch History, by
Grace Aguilar, author ol Ko.a.e Influence, ate—2
vols—sl. je 4
JtST 1* IB L 1 «1110— Emerson ienuett'i
greatest worK, Viola, or Adventures :□ the Far
Sooth-West, by Emerson Bennett, author of the
Prairie Flower, Sic—2s cen:»
Wilkuru, or the Heir ol '.he Manor a Romance
of the Old Dominion, by Walter Whitaiore, K.q,
auttior of Retiibution. Ella Winston, sic—2s oenu.
For sale by G. M. WEST * BROTHEst,
je 4 Under the Kxchnnp*.
jfi Kitcl AUll I,AK, June 4ih.— The D o va
U of Bruce: a story troin ocoiush Hiitory, 2 vols,
41; by Giace A uiiar.
Dollars and Cents, 2 vols—l 50.
Viola, or Adventaresin ths South west, by theaa
thor ol the Prairie Flower—2sc- Received :z.e day.
je 4 GEO M WEST li 3*o.
Dttfc AM L.I&K POL&A, cotiposed aad
most respectful.y dtdicafd to the Lnu.es of
Fredericksburg, Va., by J Wiliard Adascs—p/ice
25 cents—just published and for sale ny
je 2 121 Main street.
x posed an<l dedicated to (.'apt Jdo H Shook, of
the Whig executive committee of Kichinond, Va,
by Charles (Jrobe —price "i 5 c^ru—ju« pub! .shed
and !or saie by J. W. RANDOLPH,
je a lai Main street.
SILVER SPOONS, dtt;.—We cave just re
ceived an additional suppiv of Silver Table,
Dessert, Hnd T>a Spoons ;* fickle Kuivea and
Porte, Butter Knives; a.'eo, i'lsfed Spc.'M and
Forks. UENNiST *. JAMES,
je i Eagle Square.
!>»APES—A turner »upp<y,
O (and we always have on baud ail »ue«.: ot Her
ring s really tire pruol Sate*, at the New York fae»
lory prices, delivered in the city, war ran ed to be
the genuine kind, to stand the moat intense hot,
and to preserve its contents from injury.
K.KY u McCANDLJsH. Agents,
je 3 Cary street
m wv/ including 14 by 30, bnght and leadt.', for
Spelter, Zinc, Pig Tin and Bar Lead. Tiumaston
Lime, receiving and In store tor sale i.y
su 30 8. XcGRVDEM SL SOU.
d 1 Al/fi MERINO SHI UTS.- ieraoM
VJ ay. ut changing their iea.y winter tJanneta,
can find something real.y nrce and «* morialk: for
the summer wear, by cs-.iwi at toe Ci'./.hmg Loom
oi KKtN, £ BALDWiN,
my 29 No. iUSMam afreet.
'tioßAt'CO nA^l'KACTlKfclW^*
JL «mail supply of the very bra; tja«l :y, Tunfae
Bean, for sale by
my & MAYO it ATK!N*O*.
JiXI'KAtT VAi.tKIA.N ' "
Do do siesjua
L'o do r.eut^ro
Do do Pink Kuot and
Do do San-spun].a C'imjt*
Coutkitiing tb« ir »>tue* m ice c.ost etuttr.:;atet!
foiEu. Prepared and lor tve.
W. M. D*DE,
Cr.< mist and Apttl»*ca(y, Soil Vaif> bt.,
nay til Moar.y oppuaue Oid Xt.'trt.
V 4t LATHROP, offsr tfceir «;cfc 0-' fine Velvet
Patent. Tapestry Ingrait, and Three Pljr CaiV**>
rich Hugs, dtc, at great bargain*.
Citizen* turd strangers lik'e a rare opportunity
of supplying tfcemseive* with a Cse C«rj*t •»=* •
great reduction lrom the asaai price#, tau «
i>9 Main street. , ._. uo „ o
O can be has! in any ' H***
Ni'sJ Ladles' lee Cream Saloon, ise«t d. or to^tfc*
fcsrhanee , * ■

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