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Virginia Legislature.
Saturday, June 5.
Hnsr of Delegate*.
Tbe following bills were passed to day.
Appropriating the Public Revenue for the
fiscal year 1851-62;
Appropriating $'2,000 to purchase a library
and philosophical apparatus and organ for the
institution of the Deaf and Dumb and of the
Extending the corporate powera of the town
of Charlottesville;
Authorising the issuing of licenses in certain
Concerning the term of office of Justices of
the peace, and certain other officer* ot counties
and corporations;
Authorising Circuit Judges in vacation to
appoint Commissioners in Chancery or tor
stating accounts; . .
A joint resolution relative to the printing ot
the acts and joint resolutions of the present ses
sion of the General Assembly;
A bill from the Senate authorising the
Wheeling ami Belmont Bridge Company to
raise money by an issue of new stock or by
Amending an act incorporating the town of
Autnorising the corporation of Fredericks
burg to make a loan to the Hazel River Navi
gation Company;
Regulating the jurisdiction cf the District
Courts and Court of Appeals, (with amend
Authorising a loan to the James River and
Kanawha Company so as to prevent any failure
to meet the interest for which the State is
Mr. Butler presented a minority report from
the Committee on the Armory, accompanied
by a bill as a substitute for (he bill reported by
the majority of said committee, in relation to
the removal of the brick wall in front of the
Armory, &c. The report was laid on the table
and oruered to be printed.
Mr. Lewis of Harrison, presented a long
preamble, with resolutions attached, in relation
to the removal of the Capitol of Virginia to a
more central location. Thev were laid on the
Various members unitedly presented a pro
test against the tax bill which they had voted
for, asking that the protest might be entered
upon the journal of the House. Objection be
ing insde, the protest was disposed of by its
indefinite postponement.
The House concluded action on the tax bill,
and returned the same to the Senate; which
body was chiefly occupied to-dnv with the
amendments of the House to said bill.
A communication was received, informing
the House that the Senate had passed a joint
resolution instructing our Senators and re
questing our Representatives in Congress to
endeavor to procure the passage of an act re
funding to , a resident of Missouri,
and a Virginian by birth, several thousand
dollars expended by him in travelling . 400
miles to the, aid of sick, perishing and suffer
ing emigrants on the overland route to Califor
nia, in 1850. The preamble applauds in the
highest terms the liberality, humanity and
kindness of Mr. on the occasion alluded
At near three o'clock, the House adjourned
to the evening session.
Correspondence of the Dispntcb.
Washington Citv, June 3rd, 1852.
The Democratic Association of this citj is ma
king extensive preparations to bold a great " ratifi
cation meeting" on Tuesday night. This meeting,
I learn, would be held on the same evening of the
day on which the nomination is made, were it not
deemed impolitic by the friends of Mr. Maury, (the
Democratic candidate for Mayor) As I have be
fore stated, there are three candidates for this of
fice : two Whijs and one Democrat Washington
is a Whig city by a large majority. But Mr. Maury
being extensively and favorably inown, and, with
al, a wealthy man, and largely interested in the
prosperity of the city, will, it is believed, receive
not only the entire support of his own party, but
that ot a very respectable portion of the Whig
party. Indeed, his friends are betting two to one
on his election. Monday next wll decide the con
teat. And, with the view of allaying, as much as
possible, all oolitical excitement, the proposed De
mocraiio ratification meeting will not come off until
after the Mavor's election Is determined. Our De
mocratic friends have always been considered
S;at tacticians, and this move, among other?, we
nk, evidences the fact.
Our citizens are, just now, so much engrossed
with the approaching municipal election, that
scarcely a thought seems to be given to the proceed
ings of the Baltimore Convention. The truth is,
our most excitable and fiery politicians are in Bal
timore, and we are now in the full enjoyment of
temporarv quiet and repose, so far as regards na
tional politics.
Yesterday, a rumor was current on our streets,
the import of which was, that Messrs. Wise and
McMullin, of Virginia, had been engaged in a per
sonal rencontre in one of the hotels in Baltimore.
Thi« turns out to be not entirely correct. But lam
credibly informed that a serious and irreconcilable
misunderstanding ha» arisen between the two, in
consequence, it is said, of the latter gentleman' re
tailing a certain private conversation, held with : n
other, in reference to the anticipated course of Mr.
Wise in the Convention. Hard words were freely
exchanged, and language of no doubtful import
passed, it ie said, between the two We are almost
hourly either favored or annoyed with the most im
probable and aosurd rumors purporting to be tele
graphic despatches from Baltimore.
I will not tire the patience of your readers by
enumerating them Should anything import i.t
come, in an authentic shape, I will telegraph you at
the earliest moment.
Mr Clay is no better ; on the contrary, he con
tinues to sink, and in all human probability will
aoon pass from the stage of existence.
At about 12 o'clock, to-dav, the Baltimore Con
vention commenced balloting; about every half
hour we art receivii g the result of each successive
ballot. L'p to two o'clock (as I write) Cass leads.—
Comment is useless now, as the fiu«l result will
doubtless be known ere this reaches you. We are
in a fever of excitement to know who will be the
The weather, for the past few day*, has been op
pressively hot. The thermometer, tbia morning,
at 11 o'clock, ranged 95 deg in the shade. Oar
markets are plentifully ouppiicd with strawberries
and cherries; the former may be bought at from 8
to 16 cents, accoroiDg to quality; cherries from 8
to 10 cents. We hare an abundant supply of sea
sonable vegrtables, also, at reasonable prices.
P S. At the time of closing this (5 P. M ) we
have received the result of the Bth ballut, viz
Cass, 113: Buchanan, Btf; Douglas, o4 ; scattering,
53. Cass and Buchanan are both falling off—
Douglas stock is rising. It is, however, impossi
ble to conjecture who will be the nominee. H.
HOPS, of the best quality, for salr cheap in any
quantity, by
gant assortment ot French tancy Port Monnaies,
Morocco, Callskin, Papier Mache and Iv ol y,juat
to hand and for gale by •"
je I BKWNETT fc BEERS, Druggists.
COTTON \ A K,>», Lemons, Porto Kico su
gars, superior quality, for sale by
AL.T.—Fine and G. Alum bait, m siore, fur
•ale by
AttD.—SO bbla Wilson's superior Leaf Lard
just received and for sale by
NK. KliH, Felton's tfanulacture—Apple
• Brandy, Gin and Old Whiskey, for sale by
FANS. —Another lot of Spanish Fans just re
ceived, at price* from 75 cents to 96, for sale
je 2 Corner Main and 12th street*.
CUBA 30 bfads and tierces
Cuba Moiaaae*, in store for Mle low by
my 10 A. 8 .LEE.
AOON MIDJfS.—SO casks prime Western
Bacon Sides, receiving, for Mle by
CITY HAMS.-A further auppiy
received, for sale by
my 13 K.M. BURTON.
iufDiriN HOTEL —"A J Glowr, Elizibcth
ssa a,. <*&
t !n Alabama; Mr. Mcnk andl«er
vwt, Chailraton: D C.ih'ndar and Mr Merttas,
Petersburg- K H Beverly, Nottoway; J A Morrison,
WoWok « K Woodward, BridsetcW; C R Sbel
din* N C; A R Conner ttrnl C B Norton, Washing
ton; G L Pennock, N C; J R Leod, Baltimore; 8
Ha*kin*. Falmouth.
and J Moody, Ch»»t«>rfi"ld; J K Bo wyer, Charlottes
Tille; W G Perry, Philadelphia; W H Ruffin, N C;
J C Robert ton, Nottoway; £ C Jordan, Campbeil;
J R Clarke, Richmond; S Hicks, Campbell; J
Grave, and A J McAiphtne, N C.
Knngr of the Thermometer
At J. W. Randolph's, No. 121, Main .treet,
7 A. M 12 M. I 5 P.M.
«8 68 70
Bte«mer Virginia, Teal, Philadelphia, md3e to
Mayo Si Atkinson
Schr Rainbow, Rogers, Boston, mdse to D Currie.
Schr Hanover, Chichester, New York, mdse D
Schr Lavinia Jane, Kechum, Philadelphia, coal.
Schr C P Brown, McKee, James River.
New Yobk, June 6— Cld, schr Haxall, Layfield
Philadelphia, June s—Arrd, steamship Penn
sylvania, Baymore, Richmond; brig Sea Belle
Harntnan, do.
-IWL TlON.—Office in Exchange building, next
door to the Post Office, Richmond, Va.—ACCU
$50,000. —M. B. DEAN, President Finance Com
mittee: Wm. Patton, G. C. Wood, H. B. Judkins,
A. Wilbur, Actuary.
This Association has declared a dividend of thirty
five and one half per cent, for the year ending April
Ist, 1852 No liability to assessment.
This is an Association of Worklne Men and
others for the mutual assistance of each other in
case of sickness or accident.
By the payment of the following annual deposits,
you will become a life member, and will be entitled
to a weekly benefit (first week excepted) during
life, if you should be disabled by sickness or ac
cident from attending to vour ordinary business or
occupation. r wlu diaw in case of sickness
common to both sexes.
Table of Kates.
52 pr yr. draw $2 pr w'k. Pr yr. draw 87 pr.w'k
■4 u u 3 •' 8 " " 8 "
4«•"4" 9 " " 9 "
5 " " 5 " 10 « " 10 "
6"" 8 "
Those over fifty years of age will be charged f!5
psr cent, extra. One dollar and fifty cents admit
sion fee will be charged, in addition to the above,
the first year, and must be paid ai the time of ap
plication, and the first year's deposit within thirty
days. '
References.—Doeget &. Anderson, Upholster
ers, corner 13th and Governor st 9., Richmond, Va;
Geo M West & Bro, Booksellers, Exchange Place;
Smith Jt Marvin, Merchants, Main St.; Bowen &
Bruce, Washington Hotel; McDonald & Lyons,
Regalia Manufacturers, Exchange Place; Hqfrlis
ton X. Bro, Furniture dealers, 13th St., do.; Thomas
Hornbrook, merchant, Wheeling; A Lame, hard
ware do, do; Georg" Hardman. builder, do; J E
Wharton, Editor of Times and Gazette, do ; And.
Mehaffy, Esq, Gosport Foundry, Norfolk, Va; Geo
W Bain, Savings Bank, Portsmouth; J M Blanchard,
Superintendent on Seaboard and Roanoke Kailroad,
Portsmouth, Va ; Hon Reuben Wood, Governor of
Ohio; Hon Joseph A Wright, Gov'r oi*l<idiana;
Hon Augustus C French, Gov'r of Illinois; Hon
Austin A King, Gov'r of Missouri; Hon Richard
Brodhead. Senator from Penn; Hon James M Por
ter, Easton, do.
Ail communications should be addressed (post
paid) to A. WILBUR,
Actuary and General Agent, Richmond, Va.
my 11—ts
—STORE bOR KKNT.—I ain now off-ring my
entire stock of Re»dy Made Clothing at cost, and
any person wishing to purchase the stock, a great
inducement will be ottered. The stand cannot be
surpassed, and th« ; tock is all seasonable and man
ulactured expressly for this maritet. A desire to
move to California, is my only object in selling out.
This is no humbug; a trial of which will satisfy
anybody wishing to buy.
98 Main street.
N.B. Wholesale dealers are requested to call, as
we will sell cheaper than the cheapest,
my 22—1 m*
SIGHT.—The subscriber informs the citizens of
Richmond and vicinity thatne has returned to the
city, and will be happy to attend to all persons re
quiring his aid. His optical skill and superior glasses
are so well known, that they need no tarther praise.
He can be consulted at No. 4, City Hotel, and pre
mises to give full satisf action.
ap 30—ts E. MARKENS, Optician.
JOT IN SEASON.- We have just received
another supply of white and sniped French
Drill Marseilles and Linen Coats and Pauu, to
gether with a iarne assortment of White, Buff and
Figured Marseilles and Lineu Vests; also, another
supply of those beautitul blue Silk Coats, so gene
rally admired for their pleasantness, and the style
in which they are gotten up, to which we would
c ill the immediate attention of purchasers.
je 2 Co'ncr Main and 14tb streets.
I^OTICJS. —At f«o. 112 Main Street you wiiJ
i * find as good an assortment of Reaay Made
Clothing as will be found in this City. Our Goods
are well made, and will be sold very cheap for
j e 2 No- 112, Main st.
N.B. Also—A fine assortmentof Shirts and Col
lars .
wut'ltli:ii.\ KtUALIA DEPOT, NO.
Horton Keach, manufacturer of Regalia lor the
Encampment and Subordinate Lodges, I. o. O. F.,
Masons, Sons of Temperance, Rechabites, Red
Men, and all other societies; also, Banners. Flags.
Signals, &c.,in the latest and most approved styles,
not surpassed by any Northern manufacturers in
qualily or price. Lodges, Encampments, and Di
visions fitted out with Costumes, Robes, Sashes,
Jewels, Staffs ol Office, Gavels, &c.
N. B.—Drawings and Designs for Banners, Rega
lia, &c, will be turnisbed, and any information re
quired will be cheerfully imparted on application,
or by addressine the advertiser. my 29— lm
V Ihe subscribers, intending to make a chanee
in their business, offer their entire stock of DR Y
GOODS at cost for cash, and respectfully ask all
persons wishing to purchase, to give us a call before
purchasing elsewhere, as we feel confident that a
better assortment of Dry Goods or one selectad
with more care, was never offered at cost in this
market Our stock consists of the latest and most
approved styles. Determined to close, we assure
the public there is no humbug in this advertise
ment Do not forget to call at 203 Broad street,
between 4 th and sth streets.
my 27—2 m L. &M. ROSE,
T S Arthur and Wm E Carpenter. Histories of
Kentucky and Georgia now ready— eacb
62>4 cents.
In this series of histories the author, while pre
senting a concise but accurate narrative of the do
mestic policy ot each State, will gire greater pro
minence to the persona) history of the people. The
dangers which continually hovered around the
earlv colonists; the stirring romance of a life passed
fearlessly amid peril; the incident, of border war
fare; the adventures ot hardy Dinner- u
watchfulness, the subtle .urpri.e, the
tack, and prompt retaliation—all these havin*
an important influence upon the formation of the
American character, are to be faithfully reeorrWi
while the progressive developments of the
of each individual State, from the rough to rest life
of the earlier day to the polished conoiti in of the
present, will exhibit a picture of national expansion
as instructing as it ia interesting. Books sentbv
mail when desired. '
li BOOTS.—Just received, an excellent lot of su
perior fitting and durable Morocco Boots, for aale
cheap at WALSH'S,
my 29 43 Mala street, Sign of (he Soot
Mala Street. Richmond, Ya.
Splendid Scheme* for Jene, 1854.
*35,000, 1.1,000, 7,5001
16 drawn ballots in every package of 26 ticket*.
Husqaehanna Lottery, Class 24, to be drawn
at Baltimore oo Wednesday, June oth, 1852. 78
numbers, 16 draw^
I prize of $35,000 I 1 prize of $3,608
1 do 35,000 20 do 1,000
1 do 7,500 120 do 500
Tickets $10; halves 5, quarters 2 50,
450,000, 50 ot 5,000. 10 of 2.01.0 I
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class N, to
be drawn at Balt'roore on Saturday, June 12th. —
78 numbers. 12 drawn.
1 prize of 850,000 I 10 prizes of $800
50 do 5 000 10 do 600
10 do 2,000 I 10 do 33d
10 do 1,250 j 119 do 200
Tickets $15; halves 7 50. quarters 3 75.
$30,000, 20,000, 1,000, 50 ot 1,000, 50 of 5001
Susquehanna Lottery, Class No 25, to be
drawn at Baltimore, on Wednesday, June 16th. its
numbers, 13 drawn.
1 prize 0f....... $30,000 I 1 prize of $-1000
I do 1... 20,000 | 1 do 2870
1 do 10,000 50 do..- 1000
1 do 5,000 150 do 500
Tickets $10- halves 5, qusrters 2 50.
Each and every ticket in this Lotterj wnl be a
prize—for all those tickets without drawn number
are each entitled to #3 gross
$37,765, 12,000, 7,500!
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class 16, to
be drawn at Baltimore on Saturday, June 19th.—
75 numbers, 11 drawn.
1 prize of $37,755 I I prize of $1500
iy d 0 12,000 I 10 do 1200
! do'"". 7,500 1 10 do 600
i 5,500 10 do 300
1 do." 3.5i'0|119 do i.-. 150
Tickets $10 ; halves 5, quarters 2 50.
Py Orders for Tickets in any of the Maryland
Lotteries svill meet tha mi.st prompt and confiden
tial attention, if addressed to R. fRANCE&CO.,
Managers, or to C. W.PURCELL,
mv 31 < Richmond, Va.
LM»li "<T»7foITSL, PORTSM(S?¥hJW
-F POINT, &c.—The steamboat Augusta, Capt.
Wm. C. Smith, having been refitted for the sum
mer travel, will re§ume her piace upon the line
via. Port Walthall, on Wednesday, the 2d of June.
The Cars running in connexion with the Augusta
will leave the Richmond and Petersburg Depoi
on Monday, Wednesday and Fiiday morning at 6
Returning, the AUGUSTA wil 1 leave Norfolk on
the alternate days, viz: Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays, at 6 o'clock A. M.
The Augusta will touch at Old Point during the
Bathing season, going and returning, and all the
landings on the River.
Fare to City Point, $1 00
Do. to Cokes orjGrove Wharf, 1 50
Do. to Old Point, Norfolk and Portsmouth,..2 0<
Children over 3 and not over 12 years of age,
half price.
Servants to Old Point, Norfolk and Ports
mouth 150
To any point on the River not below the
• Grove 1 00
Meals sti
Do. for children and servants, 25
my 22 Superintendent
after Thursday, May 20th, Excursion Tickets will
be issued over the Richmond and Danville Railroad.
Fare from Richmond to the Junction and back
the same day, $2 5 J ; children under three years of
age, free; from three to twelve years, half price.
The cars leave th» depot every morning, except
Sunday, at 7, A. M.; returning, arrive at Richmond
at 1:45, P.M.
my 19 JOHN H. OSBORNE, Sup't.
Fruits, Fresh Meats, and other perishable articles-
On and alter Monday, 7th June, a freight car ar
ranged for the purpose, will be run with the mail
train three times a week for the speedy trans
portation of Milk, Butter, Fruits, Fresh meats and
other perishable articles, and of Packages of Mer
chandise now frequently sent in the baggage cars.
A Special Agent will always accompany this car
to attend to the receipt and delivery of all articles
in Richmond and at the several depots ; an ad
vauce tin the regular charges by the freight train
will be made to cover the extra expenses.
The first trip will be from Richmond , on Monday,
7th June, and from Woodville on Tuesday Bth;
afterwards on alternate days except Sundays.
All articles mu9tbe put up securely, with their
weight marked thereon, and be in place before tlie
arrival of the train at depots in the country, as
there can be no delay on this account.
N. B. Freight by this car will not be taken for
any Turnouts—and paid for in advance.
All articles not properly considered as baggage
will be charged for and they will be expected to
be gent by the express freight car.
jel E. H GILL, Supt.
offering at his siand, 141 Eagle Square, a full
assortment of Dry Goods for ladies' and gentle
men's wear. His Dress Goods department com
prises choice patterns ol Bareges, Tissues, Barege
de Laines, &c, in the hancsomsst combination of
colors; and in the department for gents' wear can
be found a complete and desirable assortment ol
Cloths. Cassimeres, Drillings, See. In Gloves, Em
broideries and Hosiery his stock offers satisfactory
inducements. In connection with the above will
be found a supply of beautiful Mantiilas, of various
styles and in different colors; also, black Silk Man
tilla Lace. my 18—t20ju
HAVING to our present business that o)
HOUSE PLUMBING, and having engaaeri
workmen recommended by the best establishment
in the city ot Philadelphia, we are now prepared tc
water, &c., which will be done at prices to suit the
times. Persons in want will please give us a call
mb 26—ts 201, cor. Main and 10th streets
FOR SALE.—A very desirable trained Dwell
ing, with excellent Kitchen, &c, on Leigh
street. Immediate possession may be had. This
property is in good jrder. The owner wishing to
remove to the country, would make the terms fa
vorable to a purchaser. Apply at this office,
ap -JD—ts
FREf»il GROL.NO tJOJKF'EE.— Ju=t re
ceivesl, a new supply Ground Coffee, retailing
at 6d. per pound
WHITE UKILIi —A large assort
meat of white Russia and Navy Drill Pants,
various prices, at No. 102 M»in street,
WANTED.— A WQite or coloieJ SERVANT,
who can take care of children, and can couie
well recommended. Apply at
■M MKS. 8 WOKDS' 225 Broad street.
IV'T AR:SEILLES VESTS.—Just received, a
beautiful lot of Marseilles Vests; for sale
my 28 ts HO Main street.
P°5T. * V , INK > LEMONS, English Cheese,
sale by key ' Starch - Porter, Cotton Yarns, for
LIMB.— 200 cusks treah Thomaston Lime just
received, for sale
Pepper, Gluger and Mustard, lor pals by
SEUAB.S. —Lovers of the Weed in waiit of
some extra fine Havana Segars, should not fail
to call at E. J. PICOTS,'
je 1 Corner opposite the Oid Market.
&.C.—Just received, a second lot of Gloves,
r*ufpende r s, Collars, Shirts, Cravats, Neckties. Slc.,
for sale cheap. RIDDICK & BKNsOM,
my 28—ts 110 Main street
" f supply received, for sale by
°»y>3 R. M BURTON.
TODD'S BACON.—Todd's superior Family
Baccn, Hog Round, for sale by
Work > Key, Clothes,
. Market, Knife, Cissr and plate, together with
» great variety of embroidered and other Basket*,
forwto by R. M.ZIMMERMAN,
3 Corner Mala and 13th streets.
With a Healing Balm we cmc m great
rpHE action of thU Liniment upon the human
X organization i* truly wonderful its volatile,
penetrating, toothing and healing properties diffuse
themselves to the very bones. It enters into the
circulation of the blood, gives a new Impulse to
the whole nervous system, stimulates the absor
tents and secretions, and thus assists nature to
throw off and rid heraelf of any diseased action of
the nervous chords or ligaments, making it equally
anulicable to sores of any kind, rheumatism, or
abundant reasons of its great efficacy in so many
different diseases. While* it is perfectly harmless
to healthy flesh, skin or bone, it acts upon scientific
principles and FIXED LAWS OF THE CREA
TION. The large number of cases in which this
Liniment has proved it 3 great value in the short
time it has been in Virginia, is sufficient to give the
greatest confidence, that its virtues are incompara
ble in the cure of Rheumatism, bruises, Sprains,
Burns, Wounds, Swellings, Broken and Caked
Breast, old Sores, Slc.
Testimony from the South.
Savannah, Feb'y sth, 1852.
Having been afflicted with acute Rheumatism for
some time, and tried aeveral of the most popular
medicines of the day, also under medical advice,
and received no relief until I tried the MUSTANG
LINIMENT, and much to my surprise, I received
immediate reliek; and 1 am confident, that by a
few more applications of this truly celebrated Lini
ment, I shall be entirely cured; and I advise all who
are afflicted, to try the Mexican Mustang Liniment
(Signed,) A. FREEMAN.
Ship Masters, Read!
New Orleans, Feb'y 21st, 1851.
I take pleasure in givi ig my testimony in favoi
of the MUSTANG LINIMENT. I have used it in a
great many cases with satisfaction. I would par
ticularly recommend it to the notice of MASTERS
OF VESSELS, of all kinds, as surpassing all
other external applications within my knowledge
for Pains, Bruises, Cuts, Burns. Sores and Rheuma
tism, <tc. die. LEWIS WARDEN,
Master Steamboat Pontiac.
An Editorial Article
From the Savannah Republican ot December 20th,
1851, written by A.K.Moore, Esq., recommends
the Mustang Liniment ic the following manner:
This medicine is now offered to the people of
Georgia for the first time. Our personal experience
enables us to recommend this Liniment to the
public with confidence, as we have felt the good
effects upon a sprained a',tele, which received great
benefit trom one application, and has been almost
cured by the occasional use lor a week.
Sore ol 40 years' Standing Cured.
Pine Valley, Miss., Dec. 25th, 1851.
A. G. Bragg &. Co.: The 9 dozen bottles Mustang
Liniment left five weeks ago, aie all sold-. Sena
me 30 dozen immediately. The Liniment has per
formed some wonderful cures here. Doctor W
W. Nevel says it is the greatest Liniment in the
world. He has a negro girl almost deaf and blind.
His remedies did her no good. A few applications
of the Liniment cured her entirely. It is also curing
James Coy's leg, which has been a running sore for
forty years. It has not failed in a single case so
far as it has been tried.
We only ask a fair trial of this valuable Lini
ment in the cure of Strains, Bruises, Cuts, Galls,
Scratches, Sweny, Pole, Evil, Fistula, Big Head,
Sjiavin, Ring Bone, Wind Galls, Cracked Heels, or
any wound, stiffness, or enlargement of bone or
inuncle in horses. We have many certificates to
those cures, and, therefore, am confident it will
give perfect satisfaction, and effect all we recom
mend for it.
A. G. BRAGG &. CO., Sole Proprietors, St.
Louis, Mo.
Sold by I) ruggiits generally, and by
PURCELL, LADD, & CO., Druggists,
mh 12—eod6m
R- K. CHANDLER, (graduate of the
timnre College of "Dental Surge
ry.) offers his professional services
to the citizens of Richmond and vicinity.
Office 145 Main street, Eagle Square.
References.—Professor C. B. Gibson, Profes
sor C. P. Johnson, Rev Dr Hewell, Rev J. B. Tay
lor, Rev Ro. Uyland, A. G. Wortham, MD, and
Wm. F. Butler, Esq, Richmond.
Professor C. A Harris, Professor Thomas E.
Bond, Professor W R Handy, Prof C. O. Cone,
and Lester Noble, D. D.S', Baltimore.
ray 28—3 m*
/MBiKdnate) Dentist—PRACTITION
SINCE 1842, invites attention
to a few more new facts.
He has ceased to pick his own teeth, complain ol
the newspapers, and sigh over taking another ex
tra nap, whilst wairtng for the non-arrival of an
aching victim. Why? Because, Mr Common
Sense has made known, that the Doctor pulls Terth
for -'5 cents, tills with silver at 50 cts, and with cold
for 75 cts; then his upper sets cost only $50;
therefore, a few friends of Mr. C. 3. have sought oui
Dr. Addingtoh's office. ap2B
INSURANCE—The Richmond Fire
Association are now prepared to issue
—policies of Insurance on the above de
•cription of risks on as reasonable terms as anj
similar company, and respectfully ask a share ol
the patronage of the public. Applications will bf
received at the office, No 223, corner of Main and
9th streets, where the officers will cheerfully fur
nish all information that may be required. AD
losses promptly and liberally adjusted.
John H. Bqsheb, Secretary. mh 17
Main Stbekt, have in store, and are receiv
ing, large additions to their stock of Drugs,
Medicines, Surgeons' Instruments,
Paints, Oils, Dyes, Window Glass and
Fancy Articles 9 which they offer for sale on the
mo>t tavorable terms to cash and punctual dealers
tbe 3rd instant, our Pack
et boats resume their regular trips for Lynchbura
and Buchanan. Fare to Lynchburg, $3 50, to Bu
chanua, 85
A new daily line for Staunton also commences
on the 3rd instant. Leave Richmond by our Boats
every evening, except Sunday, at 6 o'clock, arrive
in Scottsvilie next day at 12, and into Staunton by
Ficklin & Co.'s lineoi STAGES, by 9, P. M. Fare
through only $2.
my 3—ts
Wftfr-JTrrrrrfc FOR NOKTH UIVEK &
—Tee canal boat
UiMuN, Capt f u elps, isnow ready to receive freight
lor the tbove points, and will leave on Thursday in
time to go through before navigation is obstructed.
my 31 A. 8. LEE.
Pfr*-Jf Pgr l r>k has ju>t received a further
J J 3fj Jl'Upply of Nuun's & Clark's superior
m J "Pianos, at his Piano and Music Store,
my 11 160 Main Street.
a FOR RENT.—Tflelarje and very desir
able residence, with a very large lot and ev
ery desirable convenience attached, now iu the oc
cupancy of Mr. Samuel Ellis, and situated on sth
street, between Clay and Leigh. Immediate pos
sessijn can be ha». TOLER <fc COOK,
m y 15 General Agents.
m*OR RENT—The upper part ot the
house on Broad street, occupied by the sub
sen Li era. Possession given the tirst of At>ril.
MFOR RENT, an excellent Dwelling
House, with a garden attached, below the city,
on the ruad leading to Stony Run. For terms ap
ply to TOLER & COOK,
"P 6 General Agent*.
UJf on »h» N..rth «ide of Leigh, at its junction
with Adams street. Appiy ai mil omce.
my 21
FOR RENT, two newly built thre&story
Houses, srith jss pi pet throughout— on Main
street, b 'tween 2nd and 3rd streets. Apply to
m y '- ,6 — u W. GO I) DIN.
Mix B ALE.—The very desirable three story Brick
Tenement oo the North side of Leigh streot.be
tween 6th and 7th streets, now in the occupany of
Andrew Johnston. For terms, apply to
, Attorney at Law,
de 20—dflm* Main street -oppositeOitv Hotel
SPRING GOODS*—Jus udhiniu « isritt*iwd
fashionable assortment of Spring liothinu;
also, a large assortment of new style Cloths, Cas
simeres, Ye stings, dec., something really new
and rich. Cail and examine,at N*» 120.
*nh 29 K. B. BPKNCK
CRAKES in great variety, daily made, lor mue
*r t!i No 171 Main street.
riINING WARE, ol every variety ot pattern
u just received at
"T* Mo 101 Broad street.
QUEEN VA.—Adapted to die treatment of more
than twent' d aeaaea, to-wit: Ariatic Cholera,
Cholies of all kinda, 8 paras, Cholera Morbna, Dy
■eatery, Diarrhoea, Cholera Infantum, Asthma,
Tetanus violent Pain, Nervous Headache, Nerrou
Irritability, Toothache, Hysteria, Hypochondria,
Rheumatism, Delirium Tremens, spider Bites,
Wasp Stings, Ac., Dyspepsia, Saint Vitus' Dance,
certain Obstetrical caaes, Fits, sinking or conges
tive Chills, Colds, Coughs, Ac.
Accompanying each bottle is a pamphlet contain
ing full directions for its use, in the various disea
ses for which it ia recommended, as well as pre
senting many strnngteetimonials.
This medicine ia not only efficient, but safe.—
Adapted as it is to many of the most violent disea
ses, giving the most prompt relief—and especial'y
suited to large families as well as to travellers —
the proprietors would respectfully ask the atten
tion of die public to its claims ; which are founded
on more than twenty five years' experience, and
not on conjecture.
Agents are supplied with pamphlets for gratui
tons distribution. Will the public call on our
agents, examine for themselves, and gire the me
dicine a fair trial.
I deem it due to the public at large, but especially
to those at a distance, to state, that Dr. JOHN DU
VAL, the Proprietor of the Family Anti-Spas,
modic, is a graduate of the University oi Pei.nsyl
vania, as may be seen by reference to the Medical
Recorder, vol. 1, page 304, published in Philadel
phia in 1818. And in further confirmation of his
claim to public confidence, in reference to the
claims of this medicine and the pamphlet accom
panying it, we present to the public the following
certificate of a number of highly respectable citi
zens,of the county of his long residence, besides
others of different sections.
WE. the undersigned,do hereby certify that
Dr. JOHN DUVAL has been a resident of the
county of King & Queen, Va., for some thirty
years; that he ia a regular physician; has done
one of the most extensive practices amongst us
fid is fully worthy of the public confidence In any
statement which he may make.
[Signed !
Geo. M. Pendleton, Ro. Courtney, Wm.S. Nunn,
Richard Bagby.Col. R. M. Spencer, Justice of the
Peace; John Bagby, Philip Bird, John Lumphin,
J.P.; Col. Wm. B Davis, Ro. F Sti'bba, J. P.; Dr.
S.G. Fannethroy, Sr., J. P; Joseph Ryland, J. P.;
Col. Alex. Fleet, J. P.; Elder Wm. Todd, Ro. Pol
lard, Clerk of King & Queen ; John H. Watkins,
Volney Walker. Jas. M- Jefferies, Commonwealth's
Attorney; Col Jas Pollard, J. P.; Hill Jones, Wm
Boulware, Ex Minister to Naples ; E. S. Acree, J.
P.; Geo. C Nunn, Jas. C Roy, Sanr.R. Ryland,
Temple Walker, B. B. Douglass, Gen. Corbin
Braxton, M D.; Muscoe Garnetr, Jas. Smith, Fran
cis W. Scott, members of the Virginia Ref. Con.
The above list of names coufd have been en
larged at discretion but it is deemed sufficiently
extended to secure the attention of the public to
the facts set forth in the pamphlet accompanying
fhe medicine. The remedy is confidently submit
ted to the farther test ot experience. Relying
upon its merits for public favor, he only asks for it
a trial.
The genuine article will have the initials of the
subscriber stamped on the mouth of every bottle,
and for each label the written signature of
P. P. DU VAL, Sole Agent.
All orders and communications addressed to Dr.
P.P. Duval, at King William C. H., or to the Pro
prietor, Dr. J. Duval, at Stevensville, Va.
For sale in Richmond, Va., by PURCELL, LADD
& CO., wholesale agents, and by THOMAS
gists generally.
Price 62J cents and Si per bottle.
Manufactured by P. P. DUVAL, M. D., sole
agent, King William Court House, Va., to whom
ait orders should be addressed.
The following certificate speaks for itself:
Burge 3' store, Northumberland, April, 30,'51
I have used Dr. Duval's Family Anti-
Spasmodic in a variety of cases, with the most
astonishing success, such as Crapulous diseases,
Flatulent at d Bilious Colics, and in one instance, in
the most dangerous of Colics, known cemmonlyas
the ilial passion. Besides, I have used it in Chol
era Morbus, Diarrhcßa, Dysentery, Dysmenorrhea,
and Menorrhagia, and also in those diseases whert
there is an undue balance of nervous energy, such
as Hysterical Hypochrondiac, &c. In a word, I have
used it in many cases, under my care, when an
anodyne or anti spasmodic was called for, and )
do, with much confidence in its value, recommend
it to the public as the most certain and safe Family
Medicine of its class. [Signed]
fe2s—3tawly WM. R. PURKINS M. D.
And all
diseases ari
sing from a disor
dered Liver or Sto
mach, such as Constipa
tion, Inward Piles, Fullness, or
Blood to tht Head, Acidity of the Sto
mach, Nausea, Heart-burn, Disgust for
Food, Fullness, or weight in the Stomach,
Sour Eructations, Sinking or Fluttering at
the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hur
ried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the
Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensationi
when in a lying posture, Dimness of Vi
sion, Dots or Webs before tht Sight,
Fever and Dull Pain in the
Head, Deficiency of Perspi
ration, Yellowness of
the Skin and Eyes,
Pain in the
Back, Chest, Limbs, ifC., Sudden Flushes of Heat,
Burning in tht Flesh, Constant Imaginings o)
Evil, and Great Depression of Spirits, can be ef
lectually cured by DR. HOOFLAND'S CELE
C. M. Jackson, at the German Medicine Store,
120 Arch street, Philadelphia.
Their power over the above diseases is not ex
celled—il equalled—by any other preptwation in the
United States, as the currs attest, in many cases af
ter skilful physicians had tailed.
Tnose Bitters are worthy the attention of inva
lids. Possessine great virtues in the rectification of
diseases of the Liver and leaser glands, exercising
the most searching powers in weakness and affec
tions of the digestive organs, they are, withal, safe,
certain and pleasant.
Charles Robinson, Esq., Easton, Md., in a letter
to Dr. Jackson, January 9,1830, said—
"My wife and myselt have received more benefit
from your medicine than any other we have ever
taken tor the Dyspepsia andjLiver disease."
"The Tenth Legon." published at Woodstock,
Va., January 10,1850, said—
"A Great Medicine."
" We have uniformly refrained from recommend/
ing to the public any of the various Patent Medi
cines ot the day. unless thoroughly convinced of
their value. Among those we consider worthy of
notice is the German Bitters, invented by Dr. Hoof
land, and prepared by Dr. Jackson, in Ph'ladelphia
One instance in particular, in which the superior
virtues of this medicine has been tested, has fallen
under our observation During the last summer, a
son of Mr. Abraham Crabill, of this county, was
ve-y seriously afflicted with Liver Complaint, and
after trying in ?ain various remedies, he purchased
a bottle of the Bitters, and after using it, was so
much relieved of his distressing malady, that he
procured another bottle, and is restored entirely to
The "Philadelphia Saturday Gazette," the best
family newspaper published in the United States
The editor saysoi
"It is seldom that we recommend what are
termed Patent Medi :ines to the confidence and pa
tronage of our readers; and, therefore, when we re
commend Dr. Hooflland's German Bitters, we wish
It to be distinctly understood that we are not speak
ing of the nostrums of the day, that are noised
about for a brief period and then forgotten after it
has done its guilty race of mischief, but of a medi
cine long established, universally prized, and which
has met the hearty approval of the faculty itself."
This medicine has attained that high character
which is necessary for all medicines to attain to in
duo'counterfeits to put forth a spurious article at
the risk of the lives of those who are innocently
ts the Mark* mf the Genuine.
1 hey have the written signature of C. M. JACK
wrapjmr, ana the name blown in the
For *nd retail, by
mh 0 _•«»? LADD <fc CO., Druggists,
_mhß-.ttawly 93 Main street, corner 14 th.
JlLh.™th£! liV OF ATTENTION.-!
titSlr HAIN .t?, y Kw hcd ,w " Canadit
Straw HATB. soluble fofcaervants, which lam dU
posed to sell at a very loV Jrust. Those in want
of harvest Hats tor wtvants will find it to their in
to call it No. 87 Main iw • boauti
ful article of India Straw Hats for gentl mens' wear
t 7- * 1 JOHN Thompson
• I***"**** o*'0*'
I of BULL'ff
den, pes we ack.ewiedge that we do
meaning ol the wo-d Read and ho
facts are stranger than fiction • actd U>*t
Lore P. 0., Fulton Co! Kv,Oct i i**,
Dr. John Bull.- Deer Sir—The two dozin i?
Sarsaparilla, ordered in September
and, in acknowledging the receipt of th?
feel 1 would be doin? yoq injustice to hf?* 1
|««.«»| "J -WS.'iSSS'a;
have come under my observation tiumTt', if
two years, of the great curative properties ,tfJ
Sarsaparilla: P * J°ar
Mra.Jeannette Martin, a highly ,
of my neighborhood, aged lixfy
been long afflicted with a cancerous ufcrr
finally reduced her to so helpless a cotjaitir* ,l C .
she could not leave her bed" g he £*
medical advice in our county withoi»» reW
had given up all hope, of a cJre. At thul
her case, I persuaded ber son to taW a .
your Sarsaparilla. He did sj, and in • •
returned, and purchased am ther bott - sutir., !? 8
first had had a decidedly good effect .--icon m 5
to use it until, alter the use of five or ix hotiil.l
had the pleasure of seeing the ol i la# v
church She assured me that she Z \ £
tirely recovered her health, and from K ?r I
the account of her disease, and in ab it thT"..
words I give it to you- This is but <■ eof a
ber of cures under my observation of vervZ.
markable ones—performed by the use if your a
saparilla, in my neighborhood. The remand
hrf steadily increased since its intro action her.
Very respectiul.y, your obedwnts. -vast.
Boyle County, Ky., 0«-t. 6 i»vi
Dr. John Bull: Dear Sir-I have sort the ir llf
marvellous cure ol one of my patients, bv vonr
valuable medicine—an old lady, who bad been
flicted trom her childhood with scrolula and vi
rious diseases of the brain. She was tiO years o ; d It
had run into something like leprosy, and she was
the moat frightlul creature my eyes ever beheld 1
called in Dr. McFadden, a very fine physician to
consult with me in re atiou to her. We came to
the conclusion that it was out of our power to re
iieve her ; but, on going to my office, 1 accidental'*
picked up one of your journals, when, on seeici
the wonderful cures your Sarsaparilla had effected
I resolved to try the experiment in this case {
took her two bottles of it, after taking which ! per
ceived a great change. I took her some more She
is now taking the sixth bottle, and I consider her
entirely cured. I,take great pleasure in recom
mending your Sarsaparilla to the afflicted public
Y oura, respectfully,
I, Thomas A Ringo, ol Graves county, Kentucky
for the benefit of mankind generally, do hereby eer!
tify, that on or about the lbth day ot Oct', ber 1847
I was attacked with a very severe pain m the lower
part ot the abdomen, which lasted but a tew ma
utes, and moved into tae lett hip, and continued
exceedingly painlul lor about live dßya, during
which time I had a very light lever. At the endcf
that time the Sever ceased, and the pain abated for
a day or two, after which it again returned, and
was much worse than before. During all this time
I was under medical treatment From a short time
after I was taken, I was unable to walk or sit up ;
the hip in which the pain was 6o bad commenced
rising, until some time in January, when it burst,
and a number ol pieces of bone came out— as many
as twenty, at least. Some of the pieces were ttiree
fourths ot an inch long. Some time after to is, a
hard knot appeared on my light hip, also one on
my right wrist, and one on my leg, below my knee.
1 continued to get weak and worse, and pam made
its appearance in my right shoulder, and would
move in my breast and stomach. At this time all
persons gave me up to die. A physician then told
me that, as a last remedj, 1 had bettor use Mr. Bail *
Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla. Alter ttie use ef tha
second bottle, the knot on my wrist commenced
getting soft. I opened it, and a day or two alter, a
piece of bone came out. My wrist ioon got well,
and I ccntinued to gain strength. After 1 used the
third bottle, I co-!d get no more for some four
weeks, after which time 1 succeeded in getting threa
more bottles. Alter using tha three las't bottles, tha
knot on my hip became solt; it was opened, and
some corruption ran out, together with a small
piece ot bone, and the sure soon got well, and the
knot entirely disappeared. The sore on my leg also
opened, and a piece of bone came out. 1 continued
the use ot the Sarsaparilla until 1 Used twelve bot
tles, and am now entirely well, and able to do daily
labor. It may seem strange to some, but 1 will tiers
state that, during the summer of 1849, I coughed
up three pieces of bone, which can now be seen at
the lesidence of my uncle, Thomas Neal. where I
now live, and it any persons doubt this statement,
1 will be happy to converse with them, it they will
call on me.
Signed, THOMAS N. RiNGO.
State of Kentucky, G.aves Co, Set.
This day personally came before me, tae under
signed, an acting justice of the peace in and lor
said county, and made oath iu due form of law,
that the above statement is true. Subscribed and
sworn to this Isih day of February, 1850.
S. P. MORSE, J. P. for G. C.
I, Irwin Anderson, Clerk ot the County Court of
Graves County, State ol Kentucky, do certify that
S. P. Morse, whose name is signed to toe above cer
tificate, is now, and was at the time ot signing tits
same, a justice of the peace in and for said Gravel
County, duly commissioned and qualified as such,
and thattaitn and credit are due all his official acts
m such.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto
set my band, an J caused the seal of the
[L. S.J County Court of said county to be here
unto affixed, this ltfth aay ot February,
Can the reader believo, alter reading the descrip
tion of the above numerous cures, that there is soil
a few human beings suffering with disease that re
fuse to give Bull's Sarsapariila a trial It is indeed
hard to believe, but nevertheless it is too true.
What kind of testimony would it take to convince
the lew remaining disbelievers, that Bull's medi
cine will do more even than it prom.scs; The
Doctor could produce another auc another ewe
performed by his medicine; but it the c**'i pub
lished above will not convince uie sceptics', it .4
useless to produce any more, and, indeed, it would
costa fortune to publish the many certificates that
have been showered on Dr. Bull. The largest mam
moth sheet in America would not contain even Ue
names ot those cured, let alone full statements of
their cases
This medicine, when used according to direc
tions, will cure, without tall, Strofula, or King's
Evil, Cancsra, Tumors, Eruptions of the Stin, tr J*
sipelas, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ringworm or Tetters,
Scald Head, Rheumatism, Pains in the Boiies or
Joints, Old Sores and Ulcers, SwellingoflheGlands,
Syphilis, Dyspepsia, Salt Rheum, Di»eases of the
Kidneys, Diseases arising from the use ot Mercury,
Loss of Appetite, Pain in the Side or Shoulders,
General Debility, Lumbago, Dmp»y, Jaundice,
Costiveness, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Cuujiis,
Colds, Weakness ot 'he Chest. Pulmonary Affec
tions, and all other diseaaei tending to i roduce Con
sumption, Liver Complaints, Female Irregularis
and Complaints, Sick and Nervous Headache, LJ*
Spirits, Night Sweats, Exposure or Imprudence in
Lite, Cnronic Constitutional Diseases, and » •
spr ng and summer drink, and general tonic tor tie
system, and a gentle and pleasant purgative, it }*
supetior to Blur; Lick and Congress Water, tfa*->
or Seidlitz Powders.
DK JOHN BULL'S Principal Office.
81 Fourth street, Louisvil.s. •-?
Where applications for Agencies must be as
For sale in Richmond by
my 17—d3t»wwly Drugai»t«, Sule Agents.
EADISm: LADIKM!—Away to tae Cbe»P
Store of MILLUiSKR & BkO., 193 Broad «•
Reduction in Price*!—Hellln* off.—A» u - -*
season la advauciug, aui ha viug a very large *toc*
of desirable Good* un baud, in order to reduce
them, we hare determined to offer evejry artk* t»
hand, from a Crape Shawl toa Cotton Hiudkerenmii
at a reduced price. We aie cuntiJi-at that «ca
bargains, a* we are willing to aeli, to tboae wn
call toon, canoot be had erery day. Onfta «•
Barege de Lawei, Barege., Lawiu.
black and colored Silka, plain aud dotted s«u»
Muaiina, Cambrica, Jacmnotw, si'lk
article in the Oomettic line, «uch a* « 4 W*™™
Oottona 6J. extremely tine at i eeuu ; nilo*'«.■««
»«, ®i«acned, at 10 centa per yard;
Handkerchief* at prime auction co#t W
and secure mfflt of the cheapo*! Good* er«r ore
ed in tbi* city, at MlLLttitiK* 4 BKU jJ .
my ai 193 K-bad »tre>t.
WIKK OIBM COV IS M !~ a • u, " w *
new article of o.ver to put over '™*|
pie*, itc-, to keep oti die* or atnaii inn-ot* J
aro ol peculiar cunatruction, "eu># «n*' Je '
tine woven wire, are of rariou* aa»i>«w »» J
*(*: round, ov«i and obluug, and will sU -', _ n
platea and ii*beaof acy au«- They »W»WJ•«*'¥*
varying id price from lt-1 CMtta to »1 3u> A®f
u»ef«lne«a I* auch that no bouat'k-Hfper »»ou.d
without them. For aaleal the Houa»Furni»bi3<
Kmporiu,, of L . GiMtt*-,
|_| AH4.-A M* very auperior country cured,
my W £DWi* WOJtTKAM 4 CO.

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