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VOL. 2—NO 218
.'AS. A. CO WAR DIN. Proprietor.
HIGH *t. t'LRAfA.NTg*, Editor.
I rtuxre, 1 itnertiorefO 50 j I square, 1 month <4 00
1 i,i 2 insertions 075 ( 1 do amnn'hi 700
i dj d ° ioo i do a do io oo
i do iwk 175 j 1 do 6 do 16 00
I dn - week* 275 j 1 do 1 year 30 00
rsr CojamunifHtion* »w» charged at the uisd
n j, f „i advertisement*.
-•if- Xrn lint* or Its* makt a tquart,- !onger ad
,«-t;t<>ment* in exsc: proportion, and payable In ad-
T *»-y Advertisements Inserted once a week, twice
( «<vk. or throe times * woek, will b« -•.hanj.-d 50
*,>r,t? ! r the first inscrti m, and cents lor each
ry Marriajre notices Inserted for 25 cents; Fu
r."rices 25 c»-nts; Deaths, without obituary or
(tntral invitation, ISJ cenu.
The" Daily Dispatch' is served to subscribers
( l giz and a quarter cents per week, payable to the,
«irrler weekly. Price for mailing. 61 a yoar in ad
11 published every Friday morning, and mailed
far osk dollar a year. To Clubs, for 85 sixco
p!e«; for $10 thirteen copies; for $15 twenty co
pies; for $20 twenty-seven copies.
Richmond I'osl OlUcc.
The Mails are duo and closed as follows
Herat Southern Mail, via Washington City
—i>u<' 1 P. M. and 6 A. M.; closes 7 P. M. and 6
A. M.
Thk >:de Mails on this route are furnished from
tat* train that departs at 7 A. M„ and will be closed
daily at 8 P M.
Gbkat SorTHKRN Mail, .via Petersburg—Due
. f Maud 6 A. M-; closes 3 P. M. and 6 A M.
The Staunton Mail, via Charlottesville—Due
daily in Railroad curs at 2 o'clock, P. M., and closes
daily at 8 o'clock, P. M.
Thk Norfolk City Mail, per Steamers, via
" y Point —Due Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur
days at 6 I'. M.. and closes Sundays, Tuesdays and
Thursdays at 8 P. M.
Thk Williamsburg Mail, per Steamers, via
:ae Orove Landing—DueTuesdays. Thursdays and
Saturdays at S P. M., closes Tuesdays, Thursdays
snd Sundays at 8 o'clock P. M.
The Yorxtown Mail, via the Grove Landing—
">ae Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 6 P.
M.. closes Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at
: P. M.
The Charles City C- H. Mail, via Swine
yard's—Due Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
n 6 P. M . closes Sundays, Tuesdays and Thurs
days at 8 P.M.
Thk Lynchburg Mail, via Canal Packet Boats
—Due daily. < xcept Monday, at 8 P. M.; closes daily,
-.cept Sunday, at 3 P. M.
Thk Side Mails on this route are furnished by
the departues of Monday, Wednesday and Friday
The Lynchburg Mail, via Danville Railroad
and Farmville—Due Monday, Thursday and Satur
day «i 4 P M.; Cioses Monday, Wednesday and
i riday at 8 P. M,
f'jp Mails also close for Lynchburg on Sun
iay. fueoday.,ai!d Thursday, at 8, P. M., which
ire dispatched via Central llaliroad and Char
: itesviile ou the mornings of Monday, Wednesday
and Friday.
The Tappahannocx Mail—Due on Wednes
days and Saturdays at 7 o'clock, P. M., closes on
"■lidays and Thursdays at 8 o'clock, P. M.
The Williamsburg Mail, via New Kent C. H.
—Due Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9 o'clock, P.
H., and closes Mondays and Thursdtays at 8, P. M.
The Louisa Horse Mail, via Goodall's to Fred
ricksbarg—Jue Monday and Thursday at 5 I'. M.;
closes ttonday and Thursday at 8 P. M.
Short Pusip Mail, via Three Chopped Road
to Treviliian's Depot—Due Thursdays at 11 P M.
*nd closes same day at 8 P. M.
J3POFFICE HOURS.—From 8i o'clo Jt A. M..
until the arrival of the Northern Mail, due at 4 P.
M , after th? assorting of that mail until 7 P. M.
On Sunday from Si to 9} A. M., and from 6 to 7
P. M.
Stamps for the pre-payment of postage on
.•'tiers rnj be had at the office.
Persi .3 applying for letters which have been
nDVEUTisKn, will le se so to designate them.
all trai sie it newspapers, and every
cither description ot printed matter, except news
papers and periodicals published at intervals uot
exceeding three months, and sent trom the office of
publication to actual and buna fide subscribers, post
aze is required to be p&k-paid when deposited
in the office. „ „
tnh 1 THOS. B. BIGGER. P. M.
'pilK MM'tS 01 uie .Uuiiutac
it turen' Bank of Washington City, and 01 the
C orporation of Frciierick»hur«, will be re
vived at par tcilh Virginia Bank Rotes at our
counter. C. W. PURCELL «fc CO.,
my SO Exchange Brokers
i.rtrt tIKWAHU, —The above reward wiilbe
paid lor the apprehension, with the evi
aeoce necessary to convict tne thief who st ile from
Raalaud's new buildines, corner of Franklin and
itifstreets, veeteiday (Friday) morning, 4 casks o!
LIME. 3-di/aed: S. Laird. Unslacked No 1 Lime.
rpo CONTKACTOitS.-un the IS clay 01 ju
fly will be recieved for building a De
; )t at Mechum's River.
Specifications and plans will be exhibited at the
Engineer's office of the Virginia Central Railroad at
Wood v.lie t-n the 9th day 1f July.
Richmond, June2Cnd 1852 td
A»K.— We iiave in s'ure a very good a-sort
:acnt of orwn and white Table Damask; also, a
arge supply of Irish Linens, Hucabach,
Towi 'ii.g of every description, Dowlas, Linen
-hee:inas ;md Shirtings; also. white furniture Di
mity, with a good assortment of housekeeping
> »ods at CHAS. HAKTWELL & CO'S,
je 107 Broad street.
JkKV liUOOS AT COST.— Jhe subsci ibers
*-* iiave still in store a large assortment o' sea
•unable Dry Woods, which they are desirous of
ae.Ung out af and below cost, in part —
Plain anu fancy Silk Cravats
Silk and cambric Neck Ties
Paris menu' and boy's kid Gloves
Taffeta and Cap Ribbons
Irish Linens and brown Hollands
Bird's Eye Diaper
Silesia*, Rice Cambric
Hlack and white Wigau
Colored and blue Sewings
Buttons of all kinds
Colored and white Spool Cotton
Linen and cotton Tape
Ml of which will be so!d at and below cost to
j( . 7 No lOrt Main street.
j~7FPI 'OTT's CA B J .Mi T Hl.Vi O
T S Arthur and Wm E Carpenter. Histories oi
Virginia, Kentucky and Georgia now ready—each
cents. ..,
In this series of histories the author, while pre
senting a concise but accurate narrative of the do
mestic pcliey of each State, will give greater pro
minence to the personal history of the people. The
dangers which continually hovered around the
•any colonists; the stirring romance of a life passed
fearlessly amid peril; the incidents of border war
tire; the adventures ot hardy pioneers; the keen
watchfulness, the subtle »urprise, the ruthless at
tack, and prompt retaliation—all these having had
aa important induence upon tbe formation ot the
American character, are to be faithfully recorded,
while the progressive developments of the citizens
of each individual State, from the rough forest life
of the earlier day to the polished condition of the
w.li exhibit a picture of national expansion
a-, instructing as it ia interesting. Book* sent by
mail when ue»ired.
lir 1 ut u KidllSS AAU
»< rit>ers have just received a large assortment Ol
Heady >litde CI ithiuft, "difpted to the season.
»nich will els ;o»« ~1 at a very smail advance,
for the ready 111 ae/. All who are in want of Cloth
ng give us a t ail, and you will »»ve 25 to 50 per
< ml. Oar mot o is quit k sa.e» and *01811 profit*,
tor cash only.
Opposite Americtß Hotel, Richmond, Va.
je Jii -lm*
Till OAII.Y I»IS|-AT<|,
ON ANY oTIIhR ROUTE—and still m&klic the
trip in little over a and a hall days to the Wait*
Schedule for Comfort.
L**ve Kichmood daily, at ti* A M: and arrived
at W tut* Sulphur in 2 and a half days A tri •week
ly »me letvei Maunton lor White Sulphur by N*tu
ra! Bridge, on iues<jay, Thursday and Saturday,
arriving at the White Sulphur in the same time
Schedule for Expedition.
Those who are willing to eucounter some night
travel lor the sake ol expedition, can procure extra
Stages at Staunti.r, leave at 4 A M. and reach White
second day trom Richmond, at 11 o'clock
Between Richmond and White Sulphur Springs,
passing the Warm and Hot Springs, $1100
Between Richmond and Lexington, 6 00
d< > do Staunton, 5 00
do do Charlottesville ;j 50
do do Lynchburg, 4 50
do do Oulpeper C. House, 450
do do Fauquier Springs, SCO
Through Tickets
Can be obtained to New York and Philadelphia,
by Steamships Roanoke, Virginia and Philadelphia,
jv 2 E. H. GILL. Superintendent,
alter Thursday, July Ist, 1852, a regular passenger
(rain will run between Richmond and the Junction,
connecting at the Junction with Fiagg & Co's line
t .* Stages tor Burkeville, Charlotte Court House,
Halifax Court House, Danville, Milton and Greens
borough. The train will stop for passengers only
at the fallowing points: Manchester, Powhite.
Rob:ou's, Coalfield, Tomshnwk, Powhatan, Mat
tOHX. Scott's Shop, Amelia Court House, Wyanoke
and Jenmng's Ordinary.
Leave Richmond every day except Sunday at 7
o'clock, A. M. Returning, leave the junction at
2:30. P. M
Children over 3, and not over 12 years of use
half price to any points except the two first
named. Servants travelling by themselves musl
be furnished with two passes, so that one can bf
retained in the office; and it must be expressiy
seated on the pass that they are permitted to go
op. the cars. A freight train will leave Richmond
every Wednesday. Parties forwarding goods musl
have them on the ground the previous evening.
N. it.—The Stage leases the Junction eve
ry Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, in connection
with the above points; and returning, meets the
cars at the same paint every Monday, Thursday
and Saturday
Through ticket from Richmond to Danville $10
Do do do Greensboro'. 12
Through passengers not providing themselves
with tick"te will be considered as way passengers,
snd charsed an increased rate of fare
im 29' IQHN H. OSBORNE Supt.
A POINT, &c—The steamboat Capt.
Wk. C. Smith, having been refitted lor the sum
mer travel. »ill resume her place »pon the line
via. Port Walthall, on Wednesday, the 2d of June.
The Cars running in connexion with the Augusta
will leave the Richmond and Petersburg Depot
on Monday, Wednesday and Fiiday morning at 6
Returning, the AUGUSTA wii 1 leave Norfolk on
the alternate days, viz : Tuesdays, Thursdays anc
Saturdays, at 6 o'clock A.M.
The Augusta will touch at Old Pint during the
Bathing season, going and returning, and all the
landings on the River.
Fare to City Point, Si 00
Do. to Cokes or, Grove Wharf, .....1 50
Do. to Old Point, Norfolk and Portsmouth,..2 Ot
Children over 3 and not over 12 years of age,
half price.
Servants to Old Point, Norfolk and Ports
mouth, . 150
To any point on the River not below the
Grove, 1 00
Meals 5C
Do. for children and servants, iil
my 22 Superintendent
11' H .11 Oft l> ,»1 AIS L' KACTO KV. (iuid
and Silver Pencil Cases; the ever pointed Pens
manufactured by as experienced workman as any
in the United States, and second to none.
Speciacles of vaiioua kinds, and those ground
by ourselves, positively restoring the sight as near
as aitilicial means can
The Ever Flowing Fountain Pen, modern
invention, combining skill with simplicity, and 110
doubt as expressed by many, "Thi invention oj
this age For further particulars plea?e call at the
office and examine for yourselves, as to the utility
workmanship, and durability; and decide whether
it is reality or a humbug.
Manufactory at the corner of 11th and Main st;
iffice in room formerly occupied by the Richmond
Pens re-pointed and warranted to stand.
received a supply «f White Sulphur Water, from
the Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs.
Fresh Blue Lick Water, direct from the Blue
Lick Springs in Kentucky.
Saratoga Water, from theCongrfsa Spring, Sara
Uhk Orchard Acid Mineral Water, from the Oak
Orchard Acid Mineral Springs, Genessee county,
N-w York.
I'his water is highly recommended by medical
m°n, and is coming rapidly into use for various dis
easfs such as chronic a Sections of tbe digestive
and urinary organs, and some ot the cutaneous dis
eases,chronic dyspepsia, chronic diarrhosa, chronic
dysentery, chronic dinresis, chronic cystitis, dia
betes, in cases of low typhoid fevers, iu convales
cence from protracted fevers, to excite the appetite
and promote digestion, piles, dropsy, &3.
Ordinary dose for an adult, a wine glass full, di
luted, taken three times a day.
Pamphlets embracing it 9 analysis, by Professor
Siiliman, opinions of medical writers, and various
letters as to its curative properties in certa n dis
eases, furnished gratuitously ny
je 21 Sole Agents for the State of Virginia.
iiou. comprising a lull assortment ot English,
Cou' try, Sweedes and Tredegar Iron; Nail Rods,
Plough Plates, lloop and Sheet Iron.
IS tons Nayior's best Cast Steel, embracing tlut,
square, octagon and shear Steel.
3 tonsEnglisx: aud American blistered and German
Steel, tor saie by
Vo'i'l t'E. —For tbe benefit of otneis, 1 h«:eby
certify that I have received more benefit from
two bottles of Baker's Premium hitters, in my sick
ness with tbe Dyspepsia, than any ihingl ever have
tried, with the assured confidence that it will ex
terminate that annoying disease.
(Signed) JOHN E. BROOK,
Richmond, June Bth. 1852- Je 15 ts
S~ ILVFK SPOONS, OcV.—We have just re
ceived an additional supply of Silver Table,
Dessert and Tea Spoons; Pickle Knives anl
Forks, 'Butter Knives; also, Plated Spoons and
Eajjle Suuare.
IH'ItKSH PKL'NKf*.—l have just received s
F lot of the above article, which l ean recom
mend as fresh, and an excellent article tor family
-| Under City Hotel.
/CENTS' DttiSS HOOTS.—An.;!her s"p
|jr%jy just received of these b *uul«ii and supe
rior French Call Dress Boots, at No -i-i Malu streai,
sign o. the liig Boot, by w WALSH.
je !•>
TT/IKE ChOTH.-A lull assortment ot Wire
V» Cloth, suitable tor screens, oeives, covering
window*, ate.,for sale by
HOKsE StiOES.— fryrged hor»e and uiule
Shoes, «*»d Griffin's hoiae th'>u Nai s, lor sale
by mv la VAN-LEW & TAYLOR.
4.1 bois No 1 ilue Herrings
from N. Carolina, daily expected and for sale
li.w from whirl by
-3« L ' D ' CKENSUAW * cO
Remaining in ihe Richmond I'ost Office
on the \ind July, IW2.
ty Persons calling for Letters iu this List will
please say they are advertised
Anderson Miss MaryF Hanks Miss Mary A
Barr Mrs Sarah 8 B ttoms Miss Mildred
Bradfhaw Mn Sarah E Burwell Mi-» Kate
Bluckwell Mrs Susan R<mner Miss Elizabeth
Bell Mrs Sarth E Branch Miss Elizabeth
Barker Mrs Sarah L Bottoms Miss E L
Burton Mrs Mary M Boulvrare M'ss Elizs
Baker Mrs Arney Bradley Misses
Bolger MUs Margaret
Crump Mrs P VV Cobb Mrs Amelia
Clarke Mrs Margaret Caligan Mrs Ann
Carter Mrs Mary Cardozo Mi«s Clara
< easteus Mrs Mary J Gates Miss Caroline
Cux Mrs Lucy Cameron Miss Christeaa
Clarke Mrs Jane E Craddock Miss F P P
Cock Mrs Jane C Clopton Miss E C
Cox Mrs H Curhmat Miss J
Corson Mrs Ellen Clopton Miss Lizzie
Carter Mrs Fanny Citizen Miss Mary A
Cock Mrs Chastaia Crolv Miss Ophelia
Dean Mr* William Dan Mrs Mary
Denton Mrs Sarah J Drewry Miss Lizzie
Dabney Mrs P E Drew Miss Mary A
Dabney Mrs Martha C Dabney Miss Sarah E
Everett Mrs R Enroughty Miss Eivy
Ellington Mrs Martha Ellysoli Miss Bettie H
Franklin MrsS FcrdMissAC
Fox Mrs Sarah E Fisher Miss Laura
Fox Mrs Lizzie F Fear Mi*s Emm* J 3
Ford Mrs Edith B Forse Miss Virginia
Franklin Mrs
Gordon Mrs Mary E Gay Miss Fanny T
Glascock Mrs M C Gentry Anna
Harding Mrs Wm H Hodgss Mrs Francis
Hubard Mrs Sarah F Hitchcock Mrs EC F
Hughes MrsSallieE Henly Mrs Dolly
Henasee Mrs Sarah Hogue Miss Rebecca K
Howard Mrs R F Hal! Miss L
Hamilton Mrs Margaret Harrison Miss Anne
Harding Mrs Mary G Hilliard Mrs F
Jones Mrs Silvia Jacobs Mi3a EUa V
Jefferson Miss Artesia
Kinnard Mrs Mary Kersey Mrs Agness
Leary Mrs Margaret Longest Miss Frances
Landrum Mrs lucy A I.e Seller Miss Mary I)
Lipscomb Mrs L S Leffler Miss Mary J
Lewis Mrs Hannah Lee Miss Sarah Ann
Lewis Mrs Harriet Lccker i>Uss Virginia
Linton Miss E A
Murtaugh Ann Meredith Mrs M
Marren Catharine Moon Mrs Marietta A
Murtaugh Margaret Mottley Mrs Mary E
Worrier Pinkey Mose'.ey Miss Mary E
Marshall Mrs Abn Morris Miss E S
Morris Mr# Ellen Mann Miss Eliza
Montcastle Mrs Mary Morrissett Miss Eliza E
Montague Mrs Mary Murry Miss Martha
Matthews Mrs M A McKmnon Miss Maria
Mitilin Miss Mary
Norvel Mrs Sarah S Nichols Xiss C S
Patten Sylva Parnell Mrs Mary B
Parker Mrs Adaline Mrs Richard
Page Mrs uely Pleasants Misses
Pollard Mrs Jans B Pitman Miss Isabella V
Page Mrs James Perkius Miss Kate M
Page Mrs Virginia Payne Miss Mitchell
Pitas Mrs Mary J Pacuill Miss M A
Quinn Mary Cecelia Quay Miss Sarah C D
Quir'x Miss Eliza
Roseufeld Mrs Sabina Reaves Miss Octavier
Russel Mrs Rosanna Rodaers Miss M A
Robertson Mrs M J E Redford Mi»s Mary A
Robinson Mrs Mary A Roan" Miss Florence
Read Mrs C H Read Miss lietue
Robinson Miss Sally
Starke Mrs S H Saunders Mrs Mary C
Saunders Mrs Mary A Sharpe Mis* S
Southall Mrs Mary V Sh"lton Miss Maria L
Steers Mrs Smith Miss oettie
Smith Mrs Charles Slater Miss Amanda M
Tinsley Mrs E S L Thompson Miss Elvira
Thompson Mrs CM 2 Taylor Mrs A R
Tally Mrs Mary A
Wood Mrs Sallie P Willson Mrs Charles
VVyatt Mrs Mary E Whitl .ck Mrs Bettie J
Williams Mrs M A Williams Mrs Anne E
Wells Mrs Josephine Wingtield Miss Virginia
Woody Mrs Jane Wallace Miss Sarah
Williamson Mrs Jane Watts Miss Martha
Waiker Mrs Hannah S White Miss Manda
Wya.i Mrs Emily
Avery Abiel Augst Joseph
Archer Branch O Apperson Richard W 2
Anderson David Atkinson Robert K
Aab George Allen Wm H
Anderson James R Alsop Wm P
Brushwood Alonzo W Becker Jobanne
Block A Brower J F
Blackburn Caleb D Brown James
Boyce David A Brook Lawrence
Braidy Dan Byrnes Michael
Bloomer Edward Bowen Mauiice
Burton <fc Gordon Messrs Broadus Robert F
Baker George W Brearly Robert
Baker Capt Geo W Brooks Silas H
Baxter Geo A Bennrell S R
Baier Jac b Burton Major Thos O
Barry Hon John S Bryant Thomas W
Belknap Ira N Butler Thos
Brittan John BrunirgJ H
Bromell Joseph Hooker Richird T
Brooke John E Bormer Dr VVm
Berry Joseph H Baker W m M
Bo?well Joseph F Bagby V\ illiam
Brabry John Bernard W H
Baber WmD
Clarke Andrew Clarke &. Livingston
Chalmers David 2 Clarke M T
Carter Cnuries Conway Michael
Ciil'ton Conrad Cain Michael
Ciirr Cennel! N D
Collier K J Cabell P H
Cumminga G W S CabiH Pat
Clarke G D Cramor Pat
Clarke G H Carter R D
CkirKe Rev K H Coleman Robt
Clarke John Cia'kebam'i
ComuiinsJ i Crump Geo (colored)
Cooley Jchn C»rriiigf.n Thos
Carter John L Coon Valentine
Commins Job 2 Corbin Wm B
Carter Dr John F Col« W H
Coulder John Cahii Wm
Cox J H Clopton Wra
Clopton J B Cbeatham W L
Carrol John Couling Wm
CrUtopber Kit Clarxton Wm
Cairn Le a
Dudley A H Dubam Jas R
Ii F Drought John
Deems C F Dusar J H
Driscoe Dennis Davis Samuel
Davis James Davis s E
Doud James L>o?get Samuel
Uonaghey Pat Dreke W L
Dtnsuii Dennis Dadmac Joseph
Essex George Erwin James
KI It-ili Henry Edmunds Nicholas
Edwards Horace Evans O B
Etistun James K En land R B
E.jg)e?tuu James A
Field Dr Foikea J >ta J H
Folsoin Chas W Fellers Nick S 2
Frankim E W Fleet Robt L
Fitch Eh Forrister Richard
Fandue George W Folies R W
Forrister George Flournoy R W2
Finch J R Franklin Stephen D
Freedel John Foyle Thomas
Gardner P A Gill Marsnall
Gorman Dennis J i*.-
Gwalia Charles A Grublss P W
Gubald F Glasgow Robt F
Goodloe George Grey T B
Griffin George A Granger Wm
Graves Henry C W Grey Wm U
Green bauin F Goul Wm
Gat- wood Joseph B 2 Gibson Wm T
Gardner James B Gardner Dr Wm H
Garthright C C Greea John
Gcdsey W P Gavin Juhn
Hopkins Dr A 2 Hemesey John
Hoeflich A N Hudnall J H
Heayer Birr.aro Heath K .
Hopkins Erasn us Hawley LouisT
Halt Elias 2 Hallenan Michael
Harper Capi Francis H Hughes Mark
Hale F L House N W
Hindu Alpheus Hobson F W
Holmes George H Hith Bob
Hinchmand George Hay P H
Hyhe H A Harris Samuel M
Hawkins Joseph J Hogue Solomon
Hu a -hi James Healey Simon
Hill Jos G 2 Hurt Wm S
Hagan John Hatchet Rev Wm
Hodgcon Ivory P HudgensJohnA
Irving Carter H Johnston John H
Joyuer A E Jones M U
Jacob Caleb 2 Jones Capt Thomas 2
James E W JonesTbos2
Jacobson Geo'ge Jones Samuel
Jessee George R Jackson Wm 2
Jones Albert S Jones J C 2
King George H King Robt & Co
Keenan James Keenan R
Kinsoia Jame3 Kenedy Wm
Layne Alex Landers John
Lohrnann K Lyle John T
Lintze George Lane N B
Lee Henry il Leddy <te Richard
Lyons James Ligon Wm H
Leslie John V Lindsay Wm T
Lee J as M
Montague L L Myer3 Capt Jr.o A
Monro Albert Marsh James L
Morton Andrew Mulier Jno E
Moses estate (agent ol) Marston O J
Memman Capt Chas Mause Nelson
Morrison Daniel S3 Mitchel Richard D
Melvin Edward Moles Samuel A
Mann Edward J Meekiiig Samuei
Moors Edrnond Moss T A
Minson Fred'k it 2 Miels William
Millon Henry MaddexWmH
Malsed James P Mitcaell Wm R
Mann Jos A Miller Wm
Murphy Jeremiah Moras Janes
Mitchell Wm F
McGonnigle Andrew J $ McCarthy James C
McCurdy Donald McDonnell Michael
McCarthy Florence 2 JtleLoughlin Michael
McKeuny Francis 2 .JlcCaithy Michael
McCarthy Henry 2 McCurdy Kobt
McEvoy Hugh McDowell Wm J 2
McCallister Joseph MeCuHen Wm Jr
Nimmo C M Mash Hon Jno W
Neagie David Nob e '1' W
Nelson David G Newcomb Wm R
Nelson James R Nichols W H
Nickersou Capt Cyrus Norri-» James H
O'Doriovan Daniel Owens S'aeppard
O'Coiinell Jno Ocley Thomas
Powell Charles W Peale James .
Perce Bollin V Page Rev Jas J 2
Pollard Samuel R Pitunoa Jno A
Patterson Edward Pollard Jno S
Pence Frannlin Pollard ramuel R 3
Pegram Geo E Pollard Samuel
Pilcher George W Payne Richard H
Phillips Henry Perkins K A
Pepper Jno G - 2 Perkins Tiios D
Pepper Jas E Page Tho3 M
Pearce Jno T Plummer Capt Wm E
Powell Josiah W Par asm Wm E
Reynolds Wm iveiiley John
Ruhin Wm Robertson John J
Koach Samuel Riordan James
Ransom Robt W Robinson Garnett Sc.
Ryan Robert Reckord Henry
Richardson Robt Koper Alpheus
Reive Ro H Roper E H
Riely Patrich Ruppert Christian
Kiggires John Rest Beverly
Roche James Koberts Anthony
Ross Aaron
Symonds Wm 2 i>heilds JasT
Stewart Wm H Separk J H
Smith Wm D Szoioszy J B
Shore Wm H SeldenLitut Joseph
Stone Wm F Spencer H M
Staples Thos A Stem Henry
Steers Thomas Snead E T
Steele Robert 2 Scott Essex
Smiti) Rictiard Skaggs E H
Stevenson Robt M Stanley Edwin
Sharp Peter Smith D H
Souther Moses Stewart Chas
Stern M Sullivan Cornelius
Smith Lewis E Smite C A
Starks Lewis Scott Benj
jj a l R Saake Augusta
Slate J S Jt S Smith Alex
Shunick James 2 Separk Augustiae
Topp Wiiheim Turner James T
Tiller Thos M Thomas Josiah
Towie nmon Tillaou Henrv H
Thorburn Robt Toodd Geo W
Tutie Capt Ruei P Totty Daniel
1 aylor R Taylor Cornelius
Tuner bichard Tracey Bernard
Thump on N Tulane Arther
Tate Mathew W Tow send Albert
Tree (valla J T Timberlake A B 2
Turner James H
Willis Wm R Watson James
Whltesides Wm Williams Joseph 2
Wyatte Wm C Walsh M D John T
Willis Wm Weymouth Jotn E
Witistou Wm A 2 Weatherly James W
Wilson Wrn L Wiiliagisuu Germina
Wells Thomas Walker George
White Thos J 2 Ware G P
Watkins Robt B Wilde G Canning
Williamion Robt Wade Edward
Woodward Rich B Wyatt E iS
Ware Robt J Woods Dennis
Webster Peter A WhitSe C E
Wright Dr Thomas Walker ai Co
Watson Mr Wilkinson Augustus A
Watson Joannas Wilkinson James
jy 3 THOS. B. BIGGER, P. M.
Pofiuveiy every Wednesday, until lurther notice.
Union Steamship Company's Line. —The two tew
and oesntitul Steamships, VIRGINIA, Captain
Teal, aud PENNSYLVANIA, Captain Baymore
One of these tine Steamships will l«ave Richmond
for Philadelphia every Wedne»day. They are
beautifully fitted up for pas»eDm-rs, are provided
with Francis's Patent Mettllic Lite Beats, set first
rate tab es, and every attention is paid to the cum
foit trid safety of the passengers and protection ot
t reigbtg taken low, and ail transhipment avoid
Passage in first Cabin id, berths and meals in
do 2nd do $7, do do do
Passage through to New York via Philadelphia $9.
do do
The Virginia and Pennsylvania will touch at Cape
May during the bathing season to load passenger#.
Passage to Cope May $8, meal* included. thus
saving about halt the espense in visiting tnl* at-
N.B—The ships returning, lea" PhlWtetpw
every Wednesday, at 10 o'clock. A »■ JJ
/\NK MOttK
U POPULAR LIBRA** reoj***a saa torsoie
SSTEmS^—• »r
torero part of the
*!fSStttSSJfSST^ 18058 bJ
Robert C Howell, DO Jy 2
1 HI A F rrt^t V r S i* ATER FROM EUROPE.
Tht erTti K tI T MpAfrlc.
reached New Y«k about hti? 001 Junf " , 19 '
o'clock Thursday. Sbebrot>*ht P#Bt twel * e
passengers. OlMi,l3 ">u ß ht seventy eight
Madame and M.Goldschmidt j
The London Morning Her* ld contams
following alarming paragraph
" We understand that the government has
taken means lo prevent, by our naval power
any efforts that may be attempted by American
adventurers against the Virgin Islands."
Thf. Australian Excitement.— Arri- '
tals OF Gold, &c.—Two other arrivals are
reported from Australia with gold, namely, the
Northumberland, with 16,900 ounces, und the
Enchanter with *22,988.
The Cunard Company have their arrange,
nients nearly completed for the establishment
of their new line ol steamships to Australia via
Panama and New Zealand, and in connection
with the mail service between Liverpool and
the United States. Their expectation is to se
cure the carriage of the mails between England
and those places, and also to procure from the
French Government a contract for Tahi'i.—
This project, it is set forth, will tend to the
greater encouragement of British interests in
the Pacific."
Gold ruining shares are in favor in the Lon
don market. On the 17th purchases were
made of Nnveau Monde, and a slight advance
established. In this connection it may be men
tinned, that among the passengers by the out
ward Brazilian mail steamer Orinoco this week,
was Senor Gonzales, late Minister of Fiuance
of New Grenada, who proceeds to the seat of
the Bogota Government, as political agent of
the Atlantic and Pacific Junction Company,
and will afterwards negotiate for the New Gra
naJa Alining Company, lately established in
London. He is accompanied by Mr. White
lord, a mining engineer, who purposes landing
at Carthagena, to survey the province of A ntio
quieu, and the western side of the Cordillera
Occidental, for valuable mines kn <wn to have
existed under the Spanish tegime.
The proclamation against Romish proces
sions has excited a great dpal of indignation,
coming as it does, at so opportune a moment
for Protestant electioneering.
The political news is not of much impor
On the 15th the Council of State heard the
pleadings on the Orieans confiscation case.—
M. Cornudet and M. Maigre appeared on be
half of the government, and Paul Favre for
the Orleans family. The points to which the
latter confined his arguments were two: —Ist.
Were the princes of Orleans, from 1830 to 1852,
legitimate proprietors of the estate o( Mon
ceany and Neu.lly ? and,2d. If so, have they
ceased to be so in virtue of the decree of the
22d January ? A decision will be given on
the day the Africa sailed.
The latest accounts received on Saturday
morning, the 19th. state that the Council of
State hits come to a decision respecting the
Oileans property. It has adopted the con
clusions of the Government Commission, de
privnig the judicial tribunals of the right to
decide in the case, and reserves to the civil ju
risdiction the examination of all questions that
ruay arise relative to private property, which
the Princes of Orleans hold in virtue of here
ditarv right. The President has signed this
In the Corps Legulatif, the prolongation
of the tobacco monopoly till January 1.1863,
was carried unanimously, as was a credit of
170,0061r. for restoration of the old church, of
St. Ouen, at Rouen. The delegates of the
paper manufacturers have just published a
protest against the proposed duty on paper,
and show that the tax will not produce more
then three millions of francs per annum. The
printers are preparing a similar memo rial.
A revolt has broken out in Algeria. On the
second a tribe of Arabs, numbering 1,000, rose
and attacked a camp of French workmen,
killing some and causing the others to flee.—
The insurgents afterwards marched on Ghel
ma, and on the fourth and fifth had an engage
ment with the troops from Kona and Constan
tia, in which the French appear to have been
worsted. At all events, the insurgents crossed
the river Ouled Saha, and had advanced to
Boussora. Additional troops were expected
from Constuntia.
The Post Ampt Gazette, of the 12ih, state*
that Austria lias officially unnouuced to
sia its suspension of all negotiations relative
to a customs treatv wi'h that power. A ne
gotiation to that effect has been likewise trans
mitted to the "Darmstadt Coalition." On the
other hand (we gather from the Independence,)
there is a feeling in Berlin, that M. Scheen
hausen, who bus gone to Vienna temporarily,
to replace the Prussian Minister, may be charg
ed with overtures for a direct commercial
union with Austria, without reference to the
German States.
A London pupt-r learns that the frigate hav
ing on board the Fiench envoy deputed to ar
range the nffuirs of Lu Plata, is detained nt
Madeira by casualties. Sir C. Hotham, the
British Commissioner, will therefore uwait his
arrival at Bahin. It is added that Urquizn,
President of the Argentine Republic, is de*i
rous to meet the views of the commission, and
a reasonable hope exisis that the wnters of
La Plata will soou be opened to the traffic of
the world.
There is no n tws of much interest.
The Under Secretary for the colonies stated
in the House, last night, that the law officers
of the crown had so far hack as 1834, decided
that the Lohaf> Island* belonged toPeru,nud,
though representation* had been made to the
government of Peru to allow British ships to
import guano they had not, hitherto, been at
tended with success. .
Continental despatches contain no news of
'"our'country letter, state that seasonable
rrl „, are bringing forward the erops, and, gen
ii., iinre good accounts of the corn.—
til tis however, purchased io Holland and
potato rot seems to have stayed its ravages
this season.
That Calf Case.—A paragraph went the
round* some time since, to the effect that a
lawsuit about a calf in Burlington, lowa, had
gone on until the costs amounted to about
three hundred dollars. The lowa State Ga
zette says the case originated in West Point,
Lee county, and that it has just been decided
on an appeal, and further that the cost* now
amount to five hundred dollars, independent
of counsel fees. On the first trial, the witnes
ses for one party, some twenty or thirty in
number, swore that the calf* tail was entirely
black, while those on the other side swore it
was partly while. It has been decided that
the tail mi pwtl* white, and the plaintiff
has gained hie caw. The ralae of the calf is
three dollara.
eccentric hospitality
Owing the late American war, »
w . ho h, . d .^ en wounded and honurawTdE!
charged, bemg destitute and benighted, Wwckl
ed at the door of an Irish fanner when the
following dialogue ensued.
Patrick.—And who the deril an you.
Soldier.—My name is-John Wilson.
John~Wtlsou? ,ere lhedevllM yo"«o»ffrom,
S — From the American armr at Erie, air.
P.—And what do you want here, air?
S.—l want shelter all night; will von per
mit me to lay my blanket on your flow and
steep to-night?
P—LWil take me if I do, John Wilson?
»—On your kitchen floor, sir?
r. Not I, by the Hill o'Howth.
»— In your stable then?
S —p^'L l do ,hM » either.
and'acru»t.i.i n Lr"^ l K™ n6er: me 1
P —rwliMJ ••SW more.
r—U«vi| blow me tfl do, air.
thirst, 10 «««*»> my
thingT^" 111 1)6 hanßed: 1,1 no auch
b.—Sir, I have been fighting to *i
blessings which you enjoy. I ha»«
in contributing to the welfare and h.
country which has so hospitably received you
-and can you so inhospitably reject me 4m
your house? ulu
Reject you from my bouse? Who the devil
talked about rejecting? May be I am not the
dirty spalpeen you take me to be, John Wilton
You asked me to let you lie on my kitchen
u 001 !' ," r , ,he 9,able ". by the powers d'ye
think I d let a perfect stranger do that, when I
have half a dozen soft beds empty? No. hv
the Hill o'Howth, John, that I won't. In tbe
second place, you told roe you were dying
with hunger and wanted a bone and a crust to
eat; now, honey; d'ye think I'll feed a hungry
man on hones arid crirsts, when my yard is
full of fat pullets and turkevs and pigs? No
by the powers,not I—that's flat. In tbe third
place you asked me for some water to quench
vour thirst; now as my water is none of the
best. I never give it to a poor traveller wilbout
mixing it with plenty of wine or something
else wholesome and cooling. Come into my
house, my honey; devil blow me but ye shall
sleep on the best feather bed I have; you shall
have the bestsupper and breakfast my farm
can supply—which, thank heaven, is none of
the worst; you shall drink as ixrtNth-water aa
>ou choose, provided you mil it with plenty
ofgood wine, and provided, also, you prefer it.
Come in, my hearty, oome in, and feel your
self at home. It snail never be said that Pat
rick O'Flaherty treated a man scurvy who has
been fighting for the dear couutry which gave
him protection.
News from St. Domingo.—By recent ad
vices from St. Domingo, w« were informed
that demonstration* ol hos lit) ba ' a ready In an
mode k>y Soulouque, now Faustin 1., Emperor
ofHayti, toward the Dominican portion of the
island. This intelligence has been confirmed
by a private correspondence of Capt. Rice, of
the brig Isabella Reid, dated June 10, 1852,
from Cape Hayti. By it we learn that Faus
tin is actively engaged in warlike preparations
against the Dominicans, by conscriptions which
require all male subjects between the ages of
sixteen and sixty, to join the army, and that
thirty thousand men have already been added
to the list. He also states that the new Em
peror is exceedingly elated with hia new situ
ation, and possesses all the arrogance and igno
rance peculiar 'o a negro in a prosperoua and
commanding position; and tbat should fortune
favor his undertakings, he will undoubtedly
prove arbitrary and tyrannical in tbe extreme.
His encroachments it is thought will be pre
vented by tbe United States, English, and
French Y. Herald.
Iron Paper.—Ar the Prussian Industrial
Exhibition, Count Renard, a large proprietor
of iron works, exhibited sheet iron of such a
degree of tenuity, that the leaves can be used
for paper. One of the finest sort the machine'
ry rolls is 7040 square feet, of what may be
called leaf-iron, from a cwt. of metal. A book*
binder of Breslau has made an album of noth
ing else, the pages of which turn as flexibly as
the finest fabric of linen rags. As yet no
tensive application for this form of the metal
has been found, but the manager says the ma
terial must precede ihe use for it.
Western Theatricals are ol rather an unique
character. We extract from an lowa paper
the following notice of "the opening of the Red
Barn: " . ~
"First night of the Dancing Goat, who goes
through the intricacies of the cotillon like a
fellow critter. The performances of the Goat
will be followed by an exhibition of the won
derful attainments of the Dog Billy, a quadru
ped that reckons up fignres like a piece of
chalk,and works problems in algebr* with one
|fg tied behind him. Admission 12| cents.-—
No corn taken at the door. P.The free
lisi is entiiely excluded, except the press and
ministeia of the Gospel."
Hunter's Only Pi;*.—'The celebrated John
Hunter is said to nave rende but ?ne pnn m
his life, aud thtft was wMn lecturing in the
Wind-mill Strict School of' Medicine. }n de
monstrating the j wbone, he observed that
ihe bone was Knowa tu "abound in proportion
to the want of brains. Dome students at the
time were talking instead of attending to the
lecture, upon which Hunter exclaim#®, ~*®*
tlemeh, let us have more imtetiect *ud le.«s
It is estimated that the quantity of oysttrn
now Dtabled to the waters yf New Haven har
bor issoi,ooo bushels- Estimating -MO oysters
,o the bush.l, would gire one hundred million
of ovsters. These oysters are for the early fall
trade, and are aside from the enormoon quanti
ties importedand opened in New Vork during
the winter months.
Under the head of "Revolutionary soldier
gone,'' the Auburn Advertiser publish** ft do*
lice of U»« marriage, on the 7th Inst., of Mr.
Asaph Morse and Mrs. Cynthia Whi taker.—
Mr Morse is one-of the few surviving soldiers
ol the Revolutionary War,and is 92 years of
age. Ha*nig served his country faithfully da
ring the Mimes that tried men's souls,' be his
now retired to the 'shades of private life/ to
spend the remainder of bis days under lbs soft
blandishments and smiles of beautv. Mrs.
Whitaker was a blooming widow of 82.
The quantity of foreign cheese imported in
to Great Britain during lbs year ending Jaooa
ry 5, 1852, .mounted to 338,981 e*i»jof
which 167,90»«wt5. were irapurjed la* LiwMji
and 354W* >uto Liverpool. Tbs a»o»«W7 «"*
ports increased from 23460 ewtt. ''
1851, to 44,890 cwts. in Pscewbsr. MM.
R,c » Xszj-Z'
Savaonab lUpubl«M "• CsrotiM shore.
Mill, opposite tba« Machtses aid
bSmiS w Mr - W,h,r
outbuild***, Saturday morning

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