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V'OL. B—NO 22 L
he daily dispatch
r A r v A COWARDIN. Proprietor.
K. Editor.
t iotmre l insertion SO 50 | 1 square, 1 month §4 00
i ,t, 2 insertions 075 . 1 do 2mon«bs7 00
t do ;? do 100 1 do 3 do 10 00
i ,>o ! week 17511 do 6 do 16 00
{ <>~ * weeks 2 751 1 do 1 year 30 00
Communication* are charged at tho iim«
»« advertisement*.
V-jr 'fen line* or Uf» nakt a , longer ad
'n exact proportion, ar.d payable In ad
jy Advertisements Inserted once a week, twice
, or thrive times « week, wii! be jhargtd SO
tentf for the first insertion, and 37j cents tor each
ry Marriage notices inserted for 25 cents; Fu
notices 25 cents; Deaths, without obituary or
i >n «rai invitation. 121 cents.
The " DaIX.IT Dispatch' ts served to subscribers
st fix ni a a charier ctnu per ipayable to the
#«rrfer weekly Price f»r mailing, fel ayearin ad
11 published every Friday morning, and mailed
fjr onk doli.ar a vkar. To Clcbs. for 85 six co
pies; for $10 thirteen copies; for $15 twenty co
pes: for 920 twenty-seven copies.
We have received the Remonstrance of the
New Orleans Company, against the Report
and Resolutions of the Mexican Congress an
nulling this treaty. It is a very able docu
men!, and places the worse than Punic faith
of the Mexican Government iu a light so clear,
that it is wonderful to us how there can be any
d >übt upon the subject. The transfer of the
rights ofGaray to Manning & Mackintosh was
clearly acknowledged by the commissioners
who signed, ou the part of Mexico, the treaty
of Guadalupe Hidalgo; for when Mr. Trial
otTered $15,000,000 for the right of w ay across
the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, these commis
sioners replied that it had already been granted
to a private contractor, and had been transfer
led, ''with the. sanction of the Government, to
Lnglish subjects, of whose rights .Mexico can
not dispose.'' Of these " English subjects''
(Mantling and Mackintosh) it was purchased
by Hargous & Co., and it became vested in
them by a tide which it is impossible to shake
The principal ground upon which the Mexican
Congress relies, is, that the Government of Sa
las, which, by a decree dated sth November,
1846,' renewed and extended the original grant
toGaray, was a usurpation. Yet we find that
Manning and Mackintosh purchased after this
decree, and under it, and that their purchase
w as acknowledged to be good by the commis
sioners who signed the treaty of Guadalupe
Hidalgo. If it be contended that these latter
had no power in the premises, then that treaty
is a dead letter, and ire have no right to Cali
fornia and New Mexico which we claim under
it; for they had plenary powers to settle all
matters with this Government. Resides, when
w as it ever the case, that foreigners were com
pelled to look, in matters of contract, farther
than to the Government de facto? What have
they to do with the right of the Government
which they find in existence, to rule over the
country.' Mr. Jefferson bought Louisiana from
Napoleon. His Government was afterwards
overthrown, and declared to be a usurpation.
Yet had Louis XV'III laid claim to Louisiana,
on the ground that the so-called usurper had
no power to sell it, would an American have
been found to acquiesce in such a claim? And
would the American claim have been support
ed !-.y an attempt to prove ; that the Government
of Napoleon was noi a usurpation? No! most
assuredly not. Our commissioners wosld
have said, we know nothing about the claims
of your rival governments. All we know, and
all it is necessary for us to know, is, that we
bought this country, for a fair consideiatior,
from the person who exercised supreme power
at the titue. Whether he did so of right, or by
usurpation, is your business ani! net ours. The
Government of the Restoration did not repu
diate the debts contracted by Napoleon, nor
did the Government of the Republic refuse to
pay those contracted by the Bourbons. It has
always been a principle of this government,
to treat with the government de facto, of every
country with which it has relations, and this
principle is founded in common sense. If a
different one were adopted, we should become
the judges of all governments, and would
thereby establish the doctrine of intervention
;>n the widest possible basis.
Tbe iS'ew York Journal of Commerce men
lions an extraordinary fact in acoustics, about
which the editors say there can he no mistake:
An intelligent and very respectable gentle
man, by the nunie ot Ebenazer Snell, who is
.still living at the age of 80 and upwards,
was in a corn iield with a negro on the 17th of
June, 1776, ill the township of Ctiuimington,
Mass., 120 mi let west of Bunker Hill by the
course of the road, and at least 100 in an air
line. Some time during the day the negro was
lying ou the ground, and remarked to Ebene
zer that war somew here,for he could
distinctly hear the firing. Ebenezer put his
•.-ar £o the ground, and also heard the firing dis
tinctly, and for a considerable time. He re
members the (act, which made a deep impres
sion on his mind, as plainly as though it were
Thk Fanny Again.—The Savnnnah lit
publican of the '2d instant in allusion to this
unfortunate vessel and its passengers, thus
\s peaks: This interesting steamer, which was
lioelled for forfeiture on account of excess of
passengers, has been released by orders from
Washington. Hence she is free so far as the
United States is concerned. But she will still
be retained by the attachment of passengers.
We suppose her late will be to remain here all
.-ummer, and we shall soou expect, frotn her
xposed situation and crowded decks, to see
cotue serious illness among the passengers,
< ..lling for still further aid, not only in money
tiom the city, but in the attentions of the hu
iiianj and charitable.
l,At>ft> > Pisroi.s. —A n»w fiort oft<re-«ims
called Indies' pis ols, have appeared in Cin
cinnati. Small and beautilully made, very
pretty iijotruHieut*tor it lady's delicate hands
—it she don't shoot. They ioiik and leel much
better, we should supr"-". "» a satm palm,
thnn would their contents j n a cloth covered
body. The Cincinnati Commercial suggests
a name 1 >r the«e novel instruments, "Lola
Montcs popguus."'
Sii»c«i«o Tr aokdt—Our nlr S r«plj,c dii.
pate on yesterday announced tliol a woman
had been kill-d in Balti mo ,e by her husband
1 he particulars of this revolting affair, w hich
we hud in the Patriot, we publish below :
It appears thut a man named Wm. H. Wil
liams had, °, late, reasous lo suspect the fi.
delity of his wife and accordingly left her.giv
itiS her all the furniture he possessed. On
Saturday las, she left the house of her injure
husbaud, and removed her effects to No 333
SoiOli Chat lea street. The husband, stil'l hav
ing Hint affection for his errine wife, which all
men that realty love cannot throw off, went to
her residence on Sunday night, and passing
up the alley he thought he heard some one
within in suppressed conversation; he jumped
the fence and entered the house, where he
found his wife in company with a man named
Samuel Abbott. He rushed upon the guilty
pair, and thrust a large knife, which he bad
in his hand, into the left shoulder of his wile,
immediately repeated the blow and stiiking
her in the right shoulder just below theehoui
der-olade, the knife entering the third and
' fourth ribs, and separating the lungs. The
uiifortunate woman ran through the back en
trance and thence into ihe street, where she
fell and expired. Williams made several
thrusts at Abbott, and inflicted two or three
very severe wounds upon his person. He im
mediately after left the house and gave him
self up to the watchman; who was not aware
of the difficulty, until informed by W. He was
taken to the Southern District watch house,and
Captain Heffner immediately repaired to the
residence of the unfortunate woman, and had
the matter investigated. When the Captain
returned to the watchhouse, he informed Wil
Hams that his wife was dead, when he imme
diately burst into tears and said he was »oirv
for what lie had done, but any man would hav.-
done the same thing had he been in hi* place.
From all the facts in the case it appears that
Abbott had been seen in company with W.'s
wife several times, previous to this unhappy
occurrence. Williams was immediately com
mitted to jail to await his trial before the
Criminal Court. While the examination was
going on at the watch house, die excitement
on the outside was very great, and dire were
ihe threats made against the man who had
been the cause of tins melancholy deed, and
the greatest sympathy expressed for Wil
liams, whose honor suffered such grevious
A Martinique Belle.—N. P. Willis, in
an amusing letter to the '"Home Journal,"
from Martinique, gives the subjoined descrip
tion of a jet black young lady, who moves
"in the best of society' of Fort Royal, and
who is said to be more admired by the French
Officers stationed there, than any other lady
on their visiting list:
M'lle Julietta is of the blood that does not
thin w,th the climate, as do the white?. She
is about nineteen, and as plump as Hebe—her
original model from Nature apparently just
perfected. He skin, though as black a one as
i ever saw, is fine-grained and lustrous, and
her shoulders, (there was no denying,) quite
beautiful, i ffe gorgeous-coloured Madras tur
ban covered her forehead to the eyebrows,
and, with a long sweep of twisted fold over
the cheek, concealed the hair—the lace hern
of her snowy chemise being the next down
ward interruption to the lines of rounded
ebony. Her features are strictly African—
the lips full, and the nose of that degree of
flatness which is only affectionate, and which
I take to be the highest expression of this
shape in contradistinction to the more repell
ing aquiline. Her eyes would have been
beautiful if there had been anything white in
the neighborhood with which to contrast thein
—but black eyes on so black a ground were
"coals to Newcastle." They had one fine
quality, howevei; they had never been con
tracted with suspicion, or an attempt to under
stand anything that did not speak for itself;
and they were, consequently, as tranquilly
open as the cup of two water-lilies. Her
smile was of the same never-startled confid
ingness—coming and going with the ease of a
shad iw—and l:er teeth were only too white
and perfect for any piquancy of expression.
No jeweller could have cut them more evenly
out of pearl. Her little fat black hands were
daintily tapered, and looked lady-like. She
wore large rings, and these, with her heaps
of gold chains and the enormous gold ear
rings, which they cail cing clous, made a sort
of barbaric glitter. I was pleased, by the way,
with the consistency with which she adhered
to the dress and ornaments exclusively worn
by those of her own colo-. The cina-clous,
ear-rings, particularly—masses of solid gold,
resembling five small kegs welded together by
the sides—are seen in eveiy respectable bla«k
ear, never iu a white one.
A wallet, presumed to have been thrown there
by a person suspected of passing counterfeit
money, was found, as we learn from the Mar
shall Eagle, on the bank of the river near Gun
tersville, Ala., a few days since. It contained
counterfeit bills to the amount of about $1088.
as follows:
Seven $100 bills on Merchants' Bank ofS.
C*; one 4100 bill on the Cantti hank of New Oi
leans; two §>30 bills on the bank of George
town, S. C.; seven $'20 bills on the Slate Bank
oIIS. C.; ten $10on the bank of Augusta—well
executed; two $3 bills on the Bunk ot Cape
Fear, and one $2 oil the Bank ol Kentucky.
Among other horrible occurrences in
Baltimore oa the sth, we observe the follow
ing :
It is reported that a gang of unlawful des
peradoes yesterday visited a woods near the
city, where a Sunday School was celebruiing
the 4th, and in a very insulting language, or
dered several young ladies toleave their swings.
The gentlemen in company with the ladies,
ordered the ruffians oft" the ground, when a
general uielee ensued. In the scuiHe, it is said,
that a child was crushed so badly, that death
ensued in a tew minutes. If such should be
the facts, we hope the perpetrators of the out
rage may be caught aud summarily punish
UT An iriotVensive man, named John 1).
Woodland, was beaten and stabbed by three
ruffians, iu Baltimore, on Sunday night. One
of the gang was arrested at.d committed for
X3T An altercation took place in Baltimore
011 Moil.lay night, between two tailors named
Kegun and Sweeny. Mrs. Regan rebuKed
theiu in forcible terms, when Sweeny s< iz< d a
pair of tailors shears and stabbed the woman
in her shoulder, inflicting a dangerous wou::d.
Swet-ny was committed tojuil-
* if * The splendid mansion ol Lord Wii
loughby, Brookivn, was destroyed by fire last
Monday night.
OF* Mr. L. B. Whitehead, of Edgecomb
couuty, N. C., was killed a few days ago. by
Mr. John F.ditiondion, of Pitt county. They
were both respectable citizens.
Defining their Positions.—The Nationa
Intelligencer contains a letter Itom Hon. A.
Stephen*, Hon. R. Toombs, and Hon. Jamea
Johnson, of Georgia; Hon. C. J. Faulkner, of
\ irginia; Hon. W. Brooke, of Mississippi; and
Hon. Alex. W bite and Hon. Jas. Abercrombie,
of Alabama; giving their reasons for withhold
iog their support from Gen. Scott. Hon. M.
P. Gentry and Hon. C. H. Williams, of Ten
nessee, nlso announce, through the same
source, a similar determination, and add that
they will give the reason for their course here
after, if necessary. All of these gentlemen
are members of the present Congress.
~, Lynch Law in Barbados.
Knrnmo ru rom - a P a * se nger on board the
barque Gen. Harrison, Meade, at this port, that
on I uesday evening, June 15th, 1852, a sailor
shore'*Hml'a" Schr. Sally Evans, swam on
!« w: i t gl . V i"f. th S B,arm that ,he ca P ( ain of
said schr. had killed a man on board. A crowd
of boatmen, carters, and porters, all negroes
collected immediately on thewhaif, when a'
boat was manned by five boatmen, who went
off to the schooner, got on board, knocked the
Captain down, and tumbled him into the boat
and brought him on shore, when two police
men got into the boat to protect him from the
mob, who threatened to kill him. She was
immediately filled by the mob and capsized
and some ot them tried to drown the Captain!
1 hey also committed ofher outrages by strik
ing an American Captain, and knocking a
white man belonging to the place overboard.
I lie authorities have taken no notice of the be
havior of the mob in any way,
The L apt. of the schr. Sally Evans, whose
n ime is Evans, unfortunately killed a man
on board, for which he now awaits his trial at
the Criminal Court in August ensuing. The
man killed was a negro and the mob was com
posed entirely of negroes.—Alex. Gazette.
Failure of an Aeronaut.
Wilmington, Del ,July 6.—Mr. Pusey, an
Aeronaut, undertook to make a balloon ascen
sionjesferday afternoon, but it proved u failure.
He was too heavy. Great excitement prevailed
with threats to destroy the balloon, lie made
a second effort, by cutting loose his basket,
and getting astride, but it was no go.
Capt. J. F. Robinson, of this city, volun
teered to make the ascension, when he was
lashed to the bottom with cords, and rose dang
ling in the air. He alighted some three miles
distant safely, and returned to the city amongst
ihe shouts of his friends and the populace.
Fatal Occukkenck.—At New York, on
Sundav afternoon, a young man named Wm.
Dunlea, nineteen years of age, who resided
with his brother-in-law, Timothy O'Laugh
man, was ?hot through the head and killed by
a musket in the hands of Timothy, who, hav
ing once fired the weapon, (as a holiday sa
lute,) was engaged in ramming home the wad
for another discharge, when the powder ex
ploded, and the rod was forced into the brain
o( young Dunlea.
Monument Convention in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia. July 6.—At the session of
the Monument Convention this afternoon, Gov.
Higler presiding, Hon. John C. Speiicr, of
New York, presented the report of the commit
tee appointed to [repare resolutions to carry
out the object of the convention. The report
recommends the building of a single monument
in Independence Square, with 13 sides, and
that the Declaration of Independence he cut
thereon in solid muble. Eloquent addresses
were delivered by Messrs. Spencer, Chas. F.
Adams,of Mass.; M.J. Welborn, of Georgia;
Ex"Gov. Dinsmore, of N. H., and other distin
guished gentlemen—altei which the resolu
tions were adopted.
Democratic Ratification Meeting.
Salem, Mass., July 6.—The Democrats of
the 2d district held a ratification meeting here
yesterduy. Hon. Robert Kantoul came out
for Pierce and King.
Meeting of the Cincinnati Society.
Boston, July 6.—The Massachusetts* Cin
cinnuti Society met yesterday. Gen. Frank
Pierce reported a series of resolutions, and
passed a warm eulogium on Mr. Clay.
Sailing of the Ohio.
New York, July 6.—The steamer Ohio
sailed for San Juan, yesterday, taking out a
numbei of troops from Governor's island.
Measurement of Grain from April 14tli, 1852, to the
Ist July, 1852. inclusive, viz:
Of Wheat 00
Of Corn 10 973
Of Oats 4 687
Ol Potatoes 1,708
Fees received per cent, SBS Ho.
Very respectfully,
Grain measurer for Port of Richmond.
Cily of Richmond, State of Virginia, to wit:
Thistiay personally appeared before me, a Jus
tice of the Peace ia aud lor said city, L. H. LUCK,
who being duly qualified, made oath that the whole
amount of fees received oi charged by him for the
measuring ot grain and other articles from the
14th day of April 1852, to the Ist July 1852, inclu
sive, is eighty live do.lars and ninety »i-x cents.
Given uncecmynand and seal, SOihJune. 1852.
GUl,l> PEN S of the beat quality. Letter and
Cap Paper, extra fine; Pass Books, Steel Pens,
and every vaiiety of Stationery, may be found at
WARROCK'S American Periodical and cheap
fuaiication IlaH, 164 Main street, opposite Ameri
can Hotel. jy
DOttV O. iHOItE, a national Romance, oy
t Samuel Lover, Esq. in which may be found
an interest peculiar to tae Irish alone
Diary of a London Physician, 2d series, by Sam'!
C Warren, ruthorof Ten Thousand a Year
Adventures of Roderick Random, with illustra
tions, by Cruikshank^
The Wild Girl of tbwNelsraska, by C W Webber
Eoline, or, The Magnolia vale, by Mrs Caroline
Lee Hentz
Linda, or, The Young Pilot of the Belle Creole,
a tale ot Southern life, by the same authoress
Prairie Seout, or, Agatone, the Renegade
Knickeibocker, Graham, and Harper's Magazines
for July, all for sale at LOUD WICK WAR
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crushed and Powdejed Sugars.
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BASK.KTS. —TraveU.B# aud . very o'uer des
cription ot Baskets I nave a Urge stock, atd
to reduce it will sell at reduced price*
Je 39 CorucrMaiu aid 12th streets.
GREAT REDUCTION —Bring your nowtta
OSBORN & CO '8 splendid Skylight Daguerreaa
Gallery. As we have lost work in sticking to the
regular prices, or, in other words, have been under
bid by other artists, we have resolved to reduce the
price to one dollar for a nice picture and case—just
one half the former price. We are the first that
have ever attempted to work at Northern prices,
and we shall expect a liberal support Bear in mind,
our pictures are taken with aline sky-light.
Sign of the American Flags, opposite the Ban *s.
Any person having a picture ol ours that Is not
good, can have it retaken free of cost. my 5
M-J copies ot the secood edition of this work just
received and for sblh.
The first edition of this book having met with a
ready sale, it has been rt vised by the author (R.
B. C. Howell, D D; and stereotyped. From the
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«*c. Also, an additional supply of Books for
schools and colleges, stationery ol all kinds. Bap
tist Book Store, No. 21/3, Main street, square above
the Banks. CHAS. YVORTHAM,
je 20 Depositary.
LAND IN Hi.NKll'o.—We otter for saie i»
tract of LAN D in Henrico, containing 515 acres,
and lying about eleven miles from Kv*hmond. It
is bounded on the west by the Richmond, Freder-
and Potomac Railroad, and on the north
and east by the Chickahominy Creek. The whole
tract is ot excellent quality, has about 250 acres of
arable land, the balance finely timbered. The im
provements are of the first order. We will sell
with this land, shonld the purchaser prefer it, the
stock of every description, and the farming imple
ments ot eveiy kind. As it rarely happens that
such property as this gets into market, aud as land
is now much sought, we would remind capitalists
ol the propriety ot their applying without delay
J e General Agents
AND WORKMANSHIP— Albata Spoons, Forks,
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Hy attending to this last simple direction, the ar
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je 12— I m*
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e 22 General Agents
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LAND IN HENRICO.—We will sell about
135 a:res of excellent Wood LaND, without
improvements, lying in Heurico county, about sev
en miles north of the city, which is supposed to
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ing near Hungaiy Station, either wood or
coal migbt easilj be transpjrteU thence to Rich
mond. Here is a'coance lot a great bargain. Apply
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jy i General Asents.
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' Brown, a very superior article, just received
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HANDINGPAI T, Ot diffident colors, lor
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evil, as they are prepared with great pani .
warranted to give nADEi CbnaU t,
jy 5 Main street, near Old Market
W UII ' lt J Jl^ thfr^of
f? received, anotbe Drill Pants, white
Grass Sack.; h* h^Snirts,
Marseilles Vests, ghirts, Drawers, 4te, raita-
Collars, Gausa Meirino , t No . joa Main
bte tor the warm
-■ Je . „ KhU Wo 1 Lard, lor sale by
L je a WILLUsi T\YLOR.
/L ii!'"*** WORTH OF COLD
AMD SILVK& WATCHE*, Jewelry, Si)
PUted OoodM, »eiHn g
cub. co **» for two months only, to rate
" tr( * t ' nejrt to John
ble stock, cowman. wbole of M * Tala «
•26 to•I90«ch Watches, price
keys, ear ring., go!d clulin »- **!•-
ble, te««iHiie*rtfpo^?fo^i' ,iM - *P ver u
variety of articles too 'l" ,d * * rew
a large lot of plated ?*" tlon - Al »°
tea sets waiter., from 4 A
clocks, &c. Qe * m «ie, gans
Do not neglect this opportunity «
chance a* this seldom or ever " £?•**
Do not forget that it is at HEN&Y HymiKl IS,
Main st., the old esublished store, ana im
N. B.—Watches an d Jewelry carefully retMoiw
by competent workmen, on reasonable term. I
my 18
fr*lt;HTV THO t » A N D *toKT 1 1.3
!i INCH DRESSED FLOORING, even length.
75,000 do white Pine Boards and Plank ; 60,000 do
seasoned Oak Boards; 18,000 do do inch Button
wood ; 10, i 00 do 1-4 inch C heart Step Plank, now
landing from board achrs Telegraph, Canton and
Ashlaud, for sale b
my 14—ts R & G. WHITFIELD
f*'Vthis day received two thousand Canada
Straw HATS, suitable for servants, which I am dis
posed to sell at a very low price. Those in warn
of harvest Hats for servants will find it to their in
terest to call at No. 87 Main street Also, a beauti
ful article of India Straw Hats for gen tl-mens' wear
Hif SUBS''UIB£RS have associated
A themselves for the purpose of conducting in
this city, a Tobacco nod General Commits*
sion Business, uaderthe Firm of KENNETT Sc
DUDLEY, and respectfully solicit your patronage.
Our business will be exclusively a Commission
business; and an experience of twenty years by
our senior partner, in active Mercantile life in this
city, and a determination on the part of both, to
promote the Interests of our friends, will, we hopa
secure to us a libera! support. We are prepared
to make the usual Advance on Consignments in
hand, and to purchase Produce, &c ,on the cus
tomary terms. We will occupy the large and
commodious Warehouse, No 14 Public Landing.
Refer to Jas. Warwick. Esq.; Jas. Thomas, J"-.,
Esq; Messrs Thomas dt Sam'l Hardgrove, and
Sutron <fc Winston
Cincinnati, April 12th. 1852. je 15—3 m*
HAVING add»d to our present business that of
HOUSE PLUMBING, and having engaged
workmen recommended by the best establishment
in the city ot Philadelphia, we are now prepared tc
water, &.c., which will be done at prices to suitthf
times. Persons in want will please give us a call.
mh 26—ts 201. cor. Main and 10th streets
AWMINGsj. —JACOB MULL, 18th street, be
tween Broad and Marshall streets, is prepared
to execute, in aiaithlul and workmanlike manner,
the above description of work. Awnings, Sack
log Bottoms, Tents, Marques, Tarpaulins, Wheel-
Ropes, and all other kinds of splicing done at
short notice and on reasonable term*.
Orders left at the Hardware Store of Smith
& Harwood, or as above, will be attended to.
je 17—1 m
Office buprrintentlent streets, I
liieh aioud, June 28,1852 J
TO STONE PAVIKRS Sealed proposals
will be received ac this office until Thursday
the Bth July next, at 12 o'clock M, for re iaying the
gutter pavements on 9th street from Main to Broad,
and on 10th street from Main to C*ry, and paving
the residue or crown of the streets solidly, with
good medium size paving stones, on a bed of good
snarp sand and grave), not less than nine inches
thick. Toe work is to be comple ed on or before
the Ist day of November next, and in the most ap
proved mode of pavtug. >
Payments will be made on monthly estimates, as
the work progresses—the city retaining twenty per
centum on the monthly estimates, until the com
pletion of the work.
The estimates were placed at 60 c!» per square
yard for the new, and 30 cts for the old stone—no
bids beyond these will be considered.
The contractor will be required te enter into
covenent with security for the prompt and faithful
execution of the work : which contract must be
signed within ten days alter the work is awarded,
otherwise it be consideied as abandoned.
The proposal must * state the price per square
yard, for both the ek and the new w rk, including
all grading and removal of earth and rubbish from
the streets.
je 29— td M BATES. Supt. Street*.
JL'Nfc. 'i9i IH&'Z.—Just received Irom New
York, •
Plain Swiss Muslins * >
Dotted do do
Checked and plaid Swiss Muslins
Colored Sprig and Dotted do i
Jaconet Cambrics |
Tape Che k Muslins
Furniture Dimity, very cheap
And a variety of other desirable aud ch* , ap,goods,
at HART it. MOsEs'
je -29 New Store, 63 Main street.
STRAW \V KO L U tIT VKlLs.—straw
Wrought Lace Veils, a new and very pretty ar
Black and white Lace Veils
Lace Capes. Collars and Sleeves
Organdies, Lawns, Baieges, Tissues
Ami ottier varieties of Dres* Goods will be sold
at great reduciiou in price. For bargains, call at 99
Ma'.n streat.
MM) EXCUKsIONISTri. — Toe »üb«cnber
JL hasjust received irom New York a splendid
fast sailing yacht called the Konnoke. It is ca
pable of comfortably accommodating from twelve
to titteen persons. At a moment's notice it can be
prepared for the transit of a pleaturt party to any
of the beautiful groves that line the banks of tht
sparkling Jaineg. Persons desiring to hire the
yacht Uy the day.or for a lew hours' sail, wjll please
apply a: SCOFIELD'S New York Saloon. Terms
•J. SCOFIELD, N York Saloon;
je 12—lm ' Main sl, opposite City Hotel.
The subscribers, intending to make a change
in their business, otfer their entire stock of DRY
GOODS at c'St for cash, and respectfully ask ah
persons wishing to purchase, to give us a call before
purchasing elsewhere, as we teel confident that a
Detter assortment of Dry Goods or one selected
with more care, was never offered at coat in this
market. Our stock consists of the latest and most
approved styles. Determined to close, we assure
ttie public there is no humbug in this advertise
ment Do not forget to call at «W3 Broad street,
between 4th and stn streets.
in v 27—ii:n L & M. ROBE
Land FOK SAL.*:.—We offer lor safe about
120 acres of land in Henrico county, about **•
ten miles north of the city—oue hal f ot which is
cleared —the balance so wooded that*snough wood
might be spared from Uto pay for the land. It lies
wei!-is conveniently situated, and u of good
hy It is withou? improvements and will be priced
accordingly. Apply early TOLEa & COOK,
15 General AgenU.
CO. may be consulted, confidentially, for the
treatment of the following diseases: Eruption*,
riore Lesrs, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, or en
largements , Syphilis, and all morbid discharges,
whether recent or chronic. Also, all those com
plaint* termed female diseases. The advertisers
.nvite attenaoK to their chemical extract of Wild
flowers, which may be regarded a* the yery best
article known, to give tone and vigor to certain
abused aud dek'lit»tedorgan*,a* well a* to renovate
a system shattered by dissipation or other cause.
Medicine* securely put up, with fall direction*,
and sent to order. Post paid letter* promptly at
tended to. Office on Franklin street, below Ex
change Hotel, and first doer Mow Trinity church,
Richmond. Virginia fa >
are sdliinj me
1 beat Meditera»eut Filtering Stone* tt 9$ 50.—
They are the toeit wa have ewer sold
jy 5 SfEßßme, DAK&ACOTT * CO.
vmosrafr KAIL> suaoto
MIGHT TRAV£t^WHiru l »ir^i2£ lOUT
fttr—Sfsw rw&
at White Sulphur btSd » "ErtSS*
«l I RrW* Ve * &^ OBto,> for Write So] pb«H»Y Natu
ral Bridge, on Tuesday, Thar»d»,
,rnTID « **£ WW» S a lphur in fh^!l^ y '
Those klaht
'Si«BuuS? e °lf Xpcd,ti(>o -•»
i •«?*«•»« A M. and Mtk White
second day from Richmond, at 11 •'clock
B«w«a Richmond and White Sulphur Spring,,
-? »« liITS
do d •"* Lwdogton, C 00
do !j° StoUßton, 5 00
do !j° Chartnttesvilte 3 90
do d® Lynchburg, 4 90
d <> do Culpeper g. House, 490
c-*<JsgißS£*~ 500
Teal, and EEWNBTiIvTmi a vi *G^»U._&fftain
One of these fine Steamshin.Ln Js*l mOT *-
for Fhil^elphia^?'^%Wnd
beautifully fitted up for *JJ22?*
with Francis's Patent MeUHfc .Lite
rate tab'es, and every attention is Mid lo thTonm
taken low, and all transhipment Mold-
Passage in first Cabin $8, berths and —-~ in .
eluded. • #• •
do 2nd do $7, do 9o do
Passage through to New York Yia Philadelphia ®9
do do 1
The Virginia and Pennsylvania will touch at Cape
May during the bathing season to land passengers
Passage to Cape May $8, meals inchided. thus
saving about halt the espense in visitinf this de
lightful bathing place. Apply to
Mayo * ATKINSON, Agents, Richmond.
N B —The ships returning, leave Philadelphia
every Wednesday, at 10 o'clock,A M. jy 1
{fcrlw . 11KAK begs leave to
inform his friends and tbe public general
ly that h& has comrpenoea the House,
Si*« and Ornamental Fainting, with hi*
imitation of Woods and Marbles, which he Is de
termined to do ir. the best maimer. Orders punc
tually attended to.
Shop, on 4th street, between Broad and Marshall
streets je 14—lm*
I have received 9 cases oi those beautiful white
and pearl Nankin felt Hats, to which I invite the
attention ot all gentlemen who appreciate an ele
gant and comfortable head eovnriDg.
87 Main street.
P. S.—l have still on band • full assortment of
Canada Straw Uats, as also every kind of Hat
that ancient or modern history gives any account
of- J. T.
"rSBr I 2ls BROAD ST. — CHINA,
\\ I —The sutsscriberisuowepen
ii jKPlft- ' n * an ext^B9 ' ve assortment ot
French and English China Crock
ery and Glass Want, with a splendid collection ot
Bohemian Cut Glass Toilette B-ttie*, a great varie
ty of elegant Cupi and Sauceri, tome of then rich
ly gilt and decorated.
Alao, Refrigerators, Water Coolera, Window
Shades, Trays, Waiters, Knives, Forks, he, Ac.
1800 doz Tumblers, of various siaes and patterns.
This extensive assortment of Goods having been
purchased under tne personal inspection of the pro
prietor, at 'very low price*, he is determined to
sell accordingly. A call is respectfully solicited,
je 26—ts R. L HICKSON.
■EanirAYLOR fs constantly receiving
n If ■ f| flducerior Piano Fortes rota Mann
II * rn J Clark, and Other celebrated mak
ers, and asks the attention of purchaser* to hia
Stock, which he will warrant, and will adl at vary
moderate prices.
Pianos repaired, Toned, let oa hire, and taken
id exchange, at his Piano Forte and Music Store,
jegl—ts HO Mais Street.
I] I ■ II nstantly receiving supplies of Piano
• • * V "Fortes from three of the best mano
facturies in America. The character of tiM inatrtur
meats which thej offer is established, and pur
chasers may safely rely upon getting a good article.
They furnish them at northern prices, and a large
assortment may be found, varying from lb* lowest
priced good instrument made, to the most elegant
and costly.
Also, tor sale, beputifi}} toned Guitar*,
of Martin's make.
All of which ma; be seen at their Rook and Piano
Forte Warehouse, 139 Main street, Lag a Square, j
i )e3O '
/MU has received tbeTollowHig favorite piece*:
mgaK No more, no mure ot fancy'* Gleam,by
, gilbert
1 luv'd thee too dearly, by tSr» A"Bbot
gweeter than the.breath ui morning, by Nelson
Effie Dean bj Benkert
Do do, tor gfiitar
My Home i* there, by Kirk
Bohemian Polka, by Petrak
Spirit do, by Harnett
Empire Granri-Mnrcb, by Tombler
Compromise Waltz
Liberty do.
jy <g Maslc Bfre, HQ Main st.
BKfcgHy* The subscriber hag on band, at hi*
Cuncn-ir.itnog establishment, on Lombard Alley,
between Main and Cary, (tJtb and 14th streets,)
niar the Columbian Hotel, Coaches, Gbariottees,
Barouche*. Baggie*, with snd without top*, and
Sulkier all of hi own make, of theimmaterial*
and workmanship. All of which will be told a* low
as (rood'work of the kind can oe to the city of
Richmond; and Jrespectlully aril a call from those
in want of any article in the Carriage toj,a.l«
determined to make to order and at the lowert
nrice* nossible; and aB work sold, that i* new, war.
ap 28 — dfim
M <fc CO. would respectfully inform their cu*>
—™~" turner* and the public ceneraUy, that they
haveju*t received a large and ci iiee assortmentof
Heady Made Cl*t«i|, wbicb they offer at
the lowest cash price*. From their superb varices
ot Cloths, Ca**lsiere* and festlan, purcha
sen can xject the huest patter** tot Coats,
Pants and Vests, sod have then made up by M *
Co. in the a est fashionable styles. They o&r for
aale also a select assortment of gentlemen's Furnish
ing Goods. N. W. NELSON A CO.,
Mo 135 Breed street,
sp 30—3 m Mc«t door to the Marshall Betel
AUltt At UKAI, DlU'uUfltW, id
IViUni Smmmt, havu in store, aadare reesir
1M iBM, lai ce additions tu their slock al Pray*
Paaey Articiaa, which they <**
most favorable tanas to cash sad e
best quality are sold <•» "< ° '
e 'yu>e*Cstf«kla ßewed
JTthlr Caasrrsss Boot* t W
- J W
p!^t Leather MoaJerey 800t5...... 9 »
aa sssstturt of Psaaaaa, Lag-
Hats, Umbrellas, Ae.

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