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i Hl* iMii.y DISPATCH
C*rre«|N»n4«»ce *f the Via patch.
Wahhinuton, July 8,1852.
For several da* a past, we have been swelter
ing beneath a scorching sun. We are daily
favored with a prospect of refreshing reins, but
yet the clouds have showered their blessings
« ewhere, and dropped fatneaa in other places
th.-.n on the patched and thimtv rarth here
about*. Each day we imagine to be the hot
test. and ihe heat and duM combine to render
all cut doortxercise any thing else but agree
It is understood that Gen. Armstrong of the
•"Union," will be the lueky recipient of the
printing contract lor boih Houses of Congress.
This, in Printers' parlance, will be a "fat
The political cauldron babbles fiercely. 1 ha
movements that are about being made, both ut
the Norih and South, bv the dissatisfied por
tion of the Whig party, towards the formation
of a third, or Union, or Webster party, occa
sion much excitement, and no little degree of
alarm among the adherents of Gen. Scott.
On the other band, the democrats appear
highly elated in view of these dissensions in
the Whig ranks. Geo. Pierce's friei.ds pro
fess to claim, in the event of 51 r. Webster's
nomination, Massachusetts, Connecticut and
Kevr York. They have, already, laid claim to
every Southern aud Southwestern State in the
Union. Kentucky excepted. They claim, ulso,
every free State at the West, except Ohio, and
this State, too, they claim, if a free soil ticket
is put iu the Held. Ou the other huud, Gen.
Scott's friends claim New York, Pennsylvania
and Ohio, as certain, to begin with, and rely
ing upon the heretofore strong Whig States to
come to the rescue, and carry them trium
phantly through the canvass. Thus, you will
perceive, both parties seem sanguine of vic
Nttwithstanding the pxtreme heat of (he
weather, almost every night an enthusiastic
gathering of the "faithful," of either party, as
sembles to listen to the eucouiJging words of
their orators and leaders. We are often diver
ted at the arguments used by the speakers to
show up the superior traits of character and
great moral excellencies of one candidate, and
ihe hideous and repulsive moral defects of the
other. We despise blackguardism und low
scurrility, as well on the stump, as in the Sen
ate House; and it is a base reflection ou the
intelligence and discrimination of an Amerieun
audience, to appeul, in this wise, to their feel
ings, passions and prejudices. That cause,
which requires for its pmp and support, a re
sort so miserably vulgar, should be denounced
fcy. and receive the execration of, every high
minded and honorable man—amen !
It is rumored that Judge Chambers, of Md.,
has been offered the vacant Secretaryship of
the Na /y. The office to go a begging.
The truth is, in consideration of the very brief
time the incumbent could retain this high of
fice, it would hardly compensate any man for
the tiouble aud expense cl winding up, and
perhups disunaiigiug, his private affairs at
home, to ustun.e a trust so important and re
Mr. Webster, I learn, could go to England,
in the place of Mr. Lawrence, (about to re
sign,) it hi: wished to ; but important consid
erntions will induce him to remain at home.
Mr. Crittenden wiil very likely be Mr. Law
rence's successor.
The deficiency bill will pa»s in a day or so.
including (I trust and believe) the Collins
amendment. Henrico.
CONGRESS— Thursday
Senate.—ln of the illness of
>lr.King, the Presidentprotvvi. of the Senate
Mr. Atchison, ui the request of that gentleman,
look the chair.
Mr. Chase presented a petition from citizens
of Ohio, in lavor of the homestead hill.
Mr Hunter gave notice of a bill for the re
demption of the public debt.
A bill to crea e additional land districts in
Iowa; and
A bill lo satisfy outstanding Virginia milita
IT land warrants, v. eie severally taken up und
ordered to a third readiug.
A bill granting lam) to Arkansas to aid in the
eonMtuction of u ruiltoad was ordered to be
Several private bills were then takeu up, and
from the committee on the I'ost Office and Post
Roads, reported a bill authorizing the Postmus
ler General to contract lor the transportation of
ihe United States uihilß, semi month Iv, in first
elassj ■teamships, between Jersey City, port
of New York, and Galway in Ireland; which
was referred to the Committee of the Whole on
the state of the Union.
Several other reports were mude from that
committee, including one declaring the Whee
ling Bridge tube a lawful structure.
The House then went into Committee on the
deficiency bill.
, r . . 4 rthur Hl| d Wm E Carpenter. Histories of
Virginia, Kentucky ttad Georgia now ready—eacn
<BX cents.
In this series of histories the author, while pre
senting a concise but accurate narrative of the do
mestic policy of each State, will give greater pro
minence to the personal history of the people. The
dangers which continually hovered around the
early colonists; the stirung romance of a life passeJ
tearlessly amid peril; the in-ident. ot border war
tare; the adventures of hardy pioneers; the keen
watchfulness, the subtle »urpnse, the ruth.ess at
lack, and prompt retaliation—all these having had
an important influence upon the formation of the
American character, are to be faithfully recorded,
while Iho probative developments of the citizens
*»' each individual State, from the rough forest lite
i»t the earlier day to the polUhed conditi ,n of the
present, will exhibit a piciui e of national expansion
as instructiu;; as it is interesting. Books sen: bv
mail when oesired
JAMAICA GINGER —'1 his article will be found
invaluable during the warm months of summer
preventing the injurious etfects of a too free use of
cold water; relieving flatulence or colic occasioned
by indigestion or oih«»r causes, and nrevouting in
many iustauces a tendency to Diarrb'ma, Dysen'"
ry, 6lc.
A few drops in water, sweetened or not as pre
feired, forms a ple.isant and healthful beverage.
Purcell, Ladd Si Co s Extract Ginger is prepar
ed from the tlie true Jamaica root, which' alone
possesses these valuable prop-rties. jeig
JUNK '49, 185* • —jUat received uom ftew
Plain Swiss Muslim
Dotted do do
Checked and plaid Swiss Muslim
Colored Sprig and Doited do
Jaconet Cambrics
Tape Che k Mus! ns
Furniture Dimity, very cheap
And a variety of other desirable and cheap -»oods
« m hakt Si MO?E3'
je 5J9 New Store, 63 Main street.
REKINKI# Hl'txAMM.—3i)J pacaagea .at
crushed and Powdered Sugars.
900 do Coffee do, for sale by
l/ttAaM ttVA'i Jitt.—lteceiviug dally a cm
J tinual suppiy ot the best freth Butter the country
affords, for MUe low, wholesa'e and retail bv
Jy 7 Old Market and 532 Broad street.
LJillCll —<Ve axa arilinj tae
1 best Mediteranean Filtering Stones at $J 50 —
l'hey are the finest w« have ever sold
jrfi SfKBHIKW. DAB"A< OTT fr CO.
,k A**, d jiAcHiilliiitt— uUDoiii israe
i™ and small No. 3 Mackaiel, landing from schr
Juli 'tt, for sale by
KTBOUUBS FOE HIKE.-Wehare for hire
v" for the balance of the yesr, two Women and
two Uooae Girls. TOLKR St COOK,
If I General Ag»ntj.
BL'iTEtt AND CilEhnE (13 kegi new
Uoahen Butter, wad 50 boxes new Goshen
receiving and for sale by
*»8i WM. TAYLOR.
AmuVALa AT Tbit fturvtifAL birritLd
tiicore; G Bailey, Cbail-aton; Mr Du Pne,
VV ilmingtoi; N W Holland, lallaba«e; A
Denman. Baltimore! W L Tall.afe™, Glou
crster; W H Merriweather, Texas; Ttt Sikle
Poila; W B Hodge*. Baltimore; W R Mosby,
Lynchburg; J R Barksdale and lady, Va; R
Riven, lady and daughter, J J Pleasant. Albe
marie; R A Clend and lady, child and nurse,
Mrs Chambers, Miss Ellison, R R Chambers,
SC;VV A McCorkle, New York;-J Feuney,
lady and 4 children, New Oileans; Dr Chan
tern and lady, Geo; H B Gaines, Petersburg;
L E Smith, H J Perritt. Mobile; J C Reese,
Ala; TS Cooke, Albemarle; S R Jones,Chur
lottesville; Mr und Mrs R Hull und daughter,
Bait; T B Lewis, lady, 4 children and 2 servts,
Mr Irwine, Hulifax; C C Rueon, Pa; J F Hol
e.ombe, Va; VV S R Bric*enbrougl>, Wh S
Stevenson, Hanover; B VV Merxon, N V; F S
Smith, Washington, D. C; R Dabney, Pow
E Scruggs, Powhatan; M M Anderson, Han
over; V Purris.i, Miss Punish and R J Phil
lips, Cumberland; S J Pendleton & lady,
Williamsburg; Geo Williaton, Norfolk; J C
Moore, Charlotte; S J Wagner, N Barnwell
' and lady, Charleston. S C; B 1 odd, Peters
burg; J B Hamlin, Dinwiddie; J £ de Alfotna,
University of Va; 'I G Carson aud C H Ste
phens, Amherst; Hon S A Douglass, Illinois;
Mi Murphy, Washington; A G Cole, Bait; A
N Hart. Phils; Mr & Mrs Fowle and Miss
Fowle, Alexandria; G £ Harrison, Bruudon.
CITY HOTEL —Gen G M Boykin, T Hall,
J T Cocke, Isle of Wight; VV R Hicks, Alber
marie; W Alsup, Va; S McWinn, Mobile;
J R Gray, Isle of Wight; J Edmondsen, N. C;
A C Mason and lady, New Kent; fl Rich
ards, King 6c Queen; C L Dorr. Bait; R E
Hughson and J VV McCamllish, V C R R; S
C Collum,Va; Jacobsou, N Y.
COLUMBiAN HOTEL.—E H Flouraoy, Ches
tertield; T Wily, Amelia; Thus Page, umberlsnd;
L Bennett, Halifax: W P Dukenar, Nottoway; J
Smith, l'owhutau; James V Hall, Virginia M insti
tute; il A Whitney, Hanover; E Scott and W A
Scott, Powhatan: K Harlott and E M Giiham, James
City; K Miller, An:e'ia; P Chatham, Chestertield;
E P Jouko, Dinwiddie; W E Ciopton, New Ke,nt;
M Gregory, Buckingham, Dr Booker, Amelia; F J
Moses, Criarlottt; j J Gill, Amelia; J J Dordeya,
Powhatan; A Y Moseiy, Buckingham.
Kniige ot the Thermometer
At J. VV. Randolph's No. 121, Main street.
7 A. 21. j 12 M. I 5 P. 21.
75 i 81 j 84
PORT OF KICli M<»N i) .
Steamer Pennsylvania. Bajmore, Philadelphia.
Schr Stratton, Stu divant, Stamford, coal.
Schr Emma de R'iusy, Wicks, New York, coal
Scar Mary Willis. Wilson, Washington, stunt:
Schr Mary Adeline, Craig City Piont.
Ship Powhatan, Myers, from City Point, arrived
at Helvoet prior to 23d ult.
Schr Lion, H*e!y, hence, arrived at New York
Trii. Schr Gardner, Moss, cleared at do for this
no: t tame day. Schr Oriaana, Dodge, el'd at do.
for tiii-port 8m
tt VijjiSiffi ISa^* AM,t & WOODHOUSii are con
-1 J & f? flstantly receiving supplies of Piano
" * » "Fortes from three ot the be.-t maiiu
facturiea i:i America The character of the instru
menu which they offer is established, and pur
chasers may sateiy rely upon yetting a good article.
They lurnish them at northern prices, and a large
assortment may be found, varying Irons the lowest
priced good instrument made, to the most elegant
and cos ly.
Aiso, tor sale, beautiful and sweet toned Guitars,
ot Martin's make.
All ot which ma} be seen at their Book and Piano
Forte Warehouse, 131 Main street, Eaa e Square
je 30
has received the following favorite pieces:
No more, no more ot Fancy's uieam by
11 /v'd rhee t'>o dearly, by Mrs Abbot
Sweeter than the breath ot morning, by Nelson
fffii Dean by Benkert
Do do, for guitar
My Home is there, by Kirk
Bohemian Polka, by Petrak
Spirit do, by Barnett
Empire Grand March, by Tombler
Compromise Waltz
Liberty do.
jy '•! Music Store, 130 Maiust.
THIN COATS, 3A€K.S, dcc.—No. 10a,
A Main street
Black Silk Walp Alpacca SACKS
Colored do do
Grey mix'd goat's hair do
Grass, Linen and Grass Silk do
Merino, Stroud's and cloth do
Black aiid Fancy Pants, all Grades j
do do Vests, all do
Fancy Cravats, hali hose, Collars, Shirts, Draw
ers, Gauze Merino Shirts, &c. The goods must be
soid, the cash must be raised. Call on
CiAHPJiM'KHs' TUOJL*.—W. 6. <fc G.
> DONNAN ask the attention of Carpenters
and others to their ct mplete assortment of tools,
consisting of—
Bench and Moulding Planes, every variety,
Hand, Panael, Tenon and Cross Cut Saws, part
BestC Steel Socket and Firmer Chisels, all
Turners Chisels, Plane Irons, Drawing Knives.
Shingling, Chopping and Broad Axes, Cast Steel
Augurs and Bit:s, Irou and best Plated Braces,
with 12 to 43 Bitts.
Measuring Tapes, Hammers, Compasses. Di
viders ana 2 and 4 told K ales; part of the tinest fin
ished ivory, which we ofler for sale on the lowest
terms. W. 3. £. G. DONNAN
J e "3 No IS Pearl street.
LAND I HtNlilt jl.—VVe will sell about
135 acres of excellent Wood LAND, without
improvements, lying in Heurico county, about sev
eu miles north of the city, which is supposed to
contain Coal, it being toe next tract to one from
wiiich much Coal has beeu taken ; and the Land be
ing near Hungary Water Station, either wood or
coal might easilj be transported thence to Rich
mond. Here is a chance lor a great bargain. App : y
eariy. TOLER COOK,
jy 1 General Agents.
\rillTJK (;KA>s L.INEN SACK!" Just
" received, another lot of those besuti%l white
Grass Sacks; also, white Linea Drill Pacts, while
Marseilles Vests, thin Cravats, half hose. Shirts,
Collars, Gauze Merino Shirrs, Drawers, See, tuita
ble for the warm weather. Call at No. 10a Main
VOTKK —for the benefit ol others, i heieby
i-i certify that! have received more benefit from
two bottles of Baker's Premium Hitters, in my sick
ness with the Dyspepsia, than any thing I ever have
tried, with the assured confidence that it will ex
terminate that annoying disease.
(Signed) JOHN £. BROOK,
Richrn' iid. June Bth, 1852. je 15 ts
AmK.— VVe have in s;ore a very good a sort
men: of brown and white Table Damasa : also, a
large supply ot Irish Linens, Napkins, Hut aback
Toweling ot even description, Dowlas, Liren
sheetings i.nd Shillings-, al.i. white lumiture Di
mity, with a good assortment of house-keepicL
Goods at CHAS. HaRTWELL ic CO '8,
•^ e <07 Broad strw>t.
II UA'l'AUlK'ts UIUJitI'UUV t' If It
f Sub ' Cn l >erß • or Montague* Directory
for ISsl', are earnestly rt qo ested to call atouroflic
or their copies, and all other persona who wish to
have a book «. useful to every man residin- in or
near the city, are invited to call upon u £ t h e r«
being a large surplus of toe work yet on hand
E' LAKRA BEE'S ItKl'ttlUlfKXxiJiTr
*• fcUolVi.lt BATHS and Water Coolers aij
•old by LEWIS GiNTER. Sole Aaent'
■>y 3 ~ 6t No 137 Main street.
Wl/If good order for s<ic by
Je2s 171 Main street
trull Kjfcft'JV-AouukuO uriwe. B
JHlat""d Bnd streets, suitable for a ■mail fami
ly. For further information, apply to NORVELL,
JOKES A JEGGLKSTON.Ho. 14 Pearl street
Jy 3—dts
uu KttATr— Intending to give up the
Grocery and Granary busineaa. I will rent out
my Store, Dwelling, and Lumber House, that I at
present occupy, on Main street It is a good chance
wishing to commence.
®— : KOH KKNT, a Brat rate large Brick
Dwelling, with every convenience, situated at
tee intersection of Marsha.l <nd eixth street* This
house has lately been repaired and beautified
throughout It na» «*>"«* 10 rooms, and is delight
fully situated. Kent «4l)0 per annum; and posses
sion may ba had ""mediately. &
n General Asents
FOK KEM. two newly built three story
ffiS Houses, with jas pipes throughout— on Maiii
e ITSt, b tween 2nd and 3rd stntfs Applyr to
my «i6—tfl V• wUuIJIN
jjei, FOK KENT.— 1 bree othces, suitable lor
Ha professional men—one adjoining our office,
in Lisii s Row, and the other two in the Law Build
ing. Apply to us. TOLER it COOK,
Je 17 General Aaents
tp. FOK KENT—A small brick tenement on
■iS Church Hill, near the residence of Mr.
tlutchinson. Rent, 87 per month.
el 7 TOLER ic COOK, General Agents.
The subscriber having taken the FLOYD
tiuuSE, offers for rent this house on Main street,
No. 354. it has nine rooms, and a kitchen with
two rooms, and is well arranged for a Boarding
House, having b»en rec-ntly repaired and painted.
Possession can be bad immediately. Price $275.—
Apply to JOHN A. JETER,
jy I—l2t* Floyd House.
OFF AT G'OsT, at toe Frank
er lin Clothing Store, 132 Main itreet, opposite
Eagle Square, Richmond, Va.
Having a very large stock of Summer Cloth
ing on hand we will, from the Ist ol July, seil at
cost, tor cash only, un'il the entile stock is sold to
make room for our fall stock. It consists in part
of Sack and Frock Coats of every f tyle and variety
for Summer wear; Blue, Black and Brown French
Twilled Cloth Sack and Frock Coats; White. Buff
and Figured Marseilles Vests and Linen Vests, in
endless variety; White Linen Drill, Linen Stripes,
and Fancy Linen and Summer Caseimere Pants of
every style imaginable. Also, a very large stock
of Shirts, Collars, Cravats, Hdkfs, Hose, Glov;s,
&.c , itc.
jy 2—tlOJy R. DF.COU <fc CO.
(VTOTICIf.-K. R- DUVAL having this day ta
Ll ken his brother, J. P. DUVAL, into co part
nership, ihe business will in future be conduc ed
by U. K. Duval & Brother, at the old stand,
under the American Hotel. We are now receiving
a fresh supply of Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Jcc
61c., ana hope, by strict personal attention, to merit
a portion of public patronagt. R. R DUVAL,
Richmond, July Ist, 1852. jy 1
> As the season has fa'r advanced, we propose
selling the remainder of our Summtr Stock at cost
for Cash, and would invite the attention of all who
wish to pui chase cheap, to some of the most choice
goods of ine season, which we have vet on hand.
Clothing Emporium, corner Main and I4th sts.
J3" ~
Xj copies of the second edition of this work just
received and for sal".
The first edition of this book having met with a
ready sale, it has been n vised by the author (R.
E C. Howell, D D) and stereotyped. From the
great enquiry for this Book since the first edition
was £.old, we antic pate a spe» dy sale. To those
who cuy to sell again a discount of 15 per cent
from the retail price of 50 cents wiii be made.
Jiut received a further supply of Religious
Works, American Tract Society's Publications,
&.C. Aiao, an additional supply of Books for
schools anc colleges, stationery of all kinds. Bap
tist Hook Store, Ho. i.H/3, Main street, square above
the Banks. CHAS. WORTHAM,
je 20 Depositary.
LAND JN HiPiRICO.—We otter for sale a
tract of LAN 3 in Henrico, containing 515 acres,
and lying about eleven miles from Ki'-hmond. It
is bounded on the west by the Richmond, Freder
icksburg and Potomac Railroad, and on the north
and east by the Chickahominy Creek. The whole
tract is ot excellent quality: has about 250 acres of
arable laud, the balance finely timbered. The im
provements are of the first order. We will sell
with this land, should the purchaser prefer it, the
stock cf every description, and the (arming imple
mer.ts of every kind. As it rarely happens that
such property as this gets into maiket, and as land
is now much sought, we would remind capitalists
ot the propriety of their applying without delay
je 21 General Agents
AND WORKMANSHIP—AIbata Sp'ons, Forks,
&c will not tarnish or change color alter using. This
metal is much harder, and consequently of a more
durable nature than sterling silver, to which metal
it bears such a close resemblance that it can scarce
ly be distinguished from it. The above goods are
heavily plated with pure silver, and are made at
the well known hause of Yates & Sons, Sheffield,
whose reputation tor the manutaccure of pure Al
bata Ware is the first in the world. It is cleaned
iu :h- same way as silver, simpiy by dipping in hot
water and beiug wiped dry directly atter usiug.
By attending to this last simple direction, the ar
ticles will retain their color and remain unimpaired
for years. For sale at ;he House-Furnishing Em
porium of
jy s—6t L. GINTER, 137 Main street.
alCHMilhl) itIAJiUFAOTUKV.—(iotd
and Silver Pencil Cases; the ever pointed Pens
manufactured by as experienced workman as any
in the United States, and Focona to none.
Spectacles of vaiious kinds, and those ground
by ourselves, positively restoring the sight aa near
as ai tiScial means can.
1 he liver Flowing Fountain Pen, modern
invention, combining skill with simplicity, and no
doubt as expressed by many, "The invention of
c.g'. " For lurther particulars please call at the
office and examine for yourselves, as to the utility,
workmanship, and durability; and decide whetner
it is reality or a humbug.
Manufactoiy at the corner of 11th and Main st:
office in room icrmeriy occupied by the Richmond
Pens re-pointed and warranted t-» stand.
WJAVJK i OL T It i?lijH.*i. —Jewelers', lientisis',
Sawyers , Carpf nters' ana Machinists' Files and
Itasca made to order. Also. o'd Files re cut and
warranted, at the Virginia File Worka, Manchester
V a.
Oriers left at the-store of Mr. Seagers, 14ih St.,
near the Bridge or the Works, will be promptly
attended to. je 30-1 m <
Sii.il AM* LIAtN COATS, -i-ure Irist,
Linen aadPopha Sacks, a luxury lor hot weath
er, with many other cool iixings, at"
38 No !20 Main street
'I'liA, TtA.-We are still otiimg our t £iuice
-1 selection of Green and Black l\a», at unusual
ly low rates. To tsose who lilit a nice article, we
can acceronioaate ihem with any quaat'ty
U L - 10t HULST * KING.
QTRAW YV KOUii H T TjflLS—ftraw
kJ A iought Lace V eiis, a new and very pretty ar
Black and white Lace Veils
Lace Capes. Collars and Sleeves
Organdies, Lawns, Bareges, Tissues
And other varieties of Dress Goods will be sold
Ma!n e s B tr« a L UCI ' On *" Chii at 'JO
, Ju , Bt received, an elegant assortment of the
above, best of pea fowl aud vulture fathers; also a
large variety ot leather Dusters, suitable for dust
log furniture, carriages, and for store ase. for sale
at the House Furnishing Store of
s ~ tit L PINTER. 137 Main street.
QAaC-HANl>jLl,ll£ M ! S ._ Alfte; . ll J
VJ new patterns now opening at
j i0 1 Mrcad street
B Ll ' 1 K p, 1 1 NI ? IA IW,
and Plates just received at
—i- 101 Broad street
SS "T™« T*'c£:?zl""
F Iriin * , ! d C J*J Furnaces, assorted sizes * *
For «le low by C . J *INTON * CO.,
•* Sign of the Circular Saw, 7f Main st.
I AHD,—2O bbls No 1 Lard, tor sale by ~
*° jM®A£uST" *
Will WMlorf Never C«u»f
IV the following cure*, performed alone by the
use of BULL'S BARSAPARILLA, are not won
ders, then we acknowtedgethatwedo not know the
meaning the wo -d Heed end be convinced thu
facte are stranger than fiction >
Link P. 0., Fulton Co, Ky., Oct 1, 183)
Dr. John Bull: Dear Sir—The two dozea of your
Sarssparilla, oidered in September, came to hand,
and, in acknowledging the receipt of the same, 1
feel 1 would be doing you injustice to withhold the
following, among the many of the instances that
have come under my observation during the iast
two 7 ears, of the great curative properties of your
Mrs. Jeannette Martin, a highly respectable iady
of my neighborhood, aged sixty-five years, had
been lohg afflicted with a cancerous nicer, which
fiaally reduced her to so helpless a condition, tiia!
she could not leave her bed. She tried the best
medical advice in our county without relief, and
had given up all hopes of a cure. At this stage of
her case, I persuaded her son tc taVe a bottle ol
your Sarsaparilla. He did sj. and in a short time
returned, andpurcb »sed anither bott'e, stating the
first had had a decidedly good effect. £be continued
to use it until, alter the use of five or six bottles, I
had the pleasure of seeing the oil lady herself at
church She assured me that she bad almost en
tirely recovered her health, and from her 1 receivea
the account of her disease, and in about the came
words I give it to you. This is but tneof a num
ber of cures under my observation- of very re
markable ones—performed by the use of your Sar
saparilla, in my neighborhood. Ttie demand for it
has steadily increased since its introduction here
Very respectful y, your obedient se -vant,
Boyle County, Ky., Oct. 6, 1631.
Dr. John Bull: Dear Sir— 1 have 6e<*o the most
marvellous cure of one of my patients, by your
valuable medicine—an old lady, who bad been af
flicted from her childhood with scrofula, and va.
rious diseases of the brain. She was 60 years old. It
had run into something like leprosy, and she was
the most frightful creature my eyes ever beheld. 1
called in Dr. McFadden, a Tory fine physician, tc
consult with me in re aiion to her. We came to
the conclusion that it was out of our power to re
lieve her ; but, on goiug to my office, 1 accidentally
picked up one of your journals, wnen, on seeing
the wonderful cures your Sarsaparilla had effected.
1 resolved to try the experiment in this case. I
took her two bottles of it, after taking which I per
ceived a great change. I took her sume more. She
ii now taking the sixth bottle, and I consider her
entirely cured. I take great pleasure in recorn
menJing yourSarsaparilla to the afflicted public.
Y ours, respectfully,
I, Thomas A Ringo, of Graves county, Kentucky,
for the benefit of mankind generally, do hereby cer
tify, that on or aboul the ISth day of October. 1847,
I was attacked with a very s> vere pain in the lower
part oi the abdomen, which iasteu but a tew in in
ut's, and moved into tie lelt hip, and continued
exceedingly paintul for about five days, doling
which time I had a very light lever. At the end of
that time the fever ceased, and the pain abated for
a day or two, after which it again returned, and
was much worse than before. During ail this time
1 was under medical treatment From a short time
after I was taken, 1 was unable to walk or sit up ;
the hip in which the pain w«s so bad commenced
rising, until some time in January, when it burst,
and a number of pieces of bone came out—as many
as twenty, at least. Some of the pieces were three
fourths of an inch long. Some time alter this, a
hard K;:ot appeared on my right hip, also one on
my right wrist, and ote on my leg, below my knee.
1 co'it iiued to get weak and worse, and pain snade
its appearancs in my right shoujder, and would
move in my breast and stomach. At this time ali
persots gave me up to die. A physician then told
me that, as a last remedj , 1 had setter use Mr. Bull's
Fluid Extract of iiaisapariila. After toe use cf the
second bottle, the knot on my wrist commenced
getting soft. I opened it, find a day or two alter, a
piece of bone came out. My wrist scon gwt well
and I continued to gain strength. After 1 used the
third bottle, 1 co.Jd get no more far som<; four
weeks, after which time 1 succeeded in getting three
more bottles. Alter using the thtee last bottles, tfc'.
knot on my hip became sott; it was opened, and
some corruption ran out, together with a smaii
piece ot bone, and the sore soon got well, and the
knot entirely disappeartd. The sore on my leg also
opened, and a piece of bone came out. I lonttnuec.
the use ol the Sarsaparilla until 1 used twelve bot
tles, and am now entirely well, and able to do daily
labor Itmay seem strangs to some, but 1 will here
state that, during the summer of 1849,1 coughed
up three pieces of bone, which can now be seen at
the ie6idenc-G of my unciu, Thomas Neal, where 1
now live, and it any persons doubt thi3 statement,
1 will be happy to converse with them, ii they wiT,
Stats or Kentucky, G.avee Co., Set.
This day personally came bttore me, the under
signed, an acting justice ot the peace in and I'ot
said county, and made oath in due form of law,
that tho above statement is tiue. Subscribed and
sworn tuthis Is:hduy of February, leoO.
S. P. MORSE, J. P. for G. C.
I, Irwin Anderson, Clerk ot the Couuty Court ol
Graves County, Slate ot Kentucky, Ou certify tha:
S. P Morse, whose name is signed to tne above cer
titicate, is now, and was at the time of signing the
same, a justice ot the peace in ana for said Graves
County, duiy commissioned and qualified as euch
aua that iaitn and credit are due ali his official acts
a» such.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto
stt iny hand, am caused the seal of the
[L. S.] County Court ot said county to be here
unto affixed, thia itfth uav ot February.
Can the reader believe, alter reading the descrip
tion ol the above numerous cures, that there is auli
a few human beings suffering with disease thot re
fuse to give Bull'a Sarsaparilja a trial. It is indeed
hard to believe, but nevertheless it is too true
What kind of testimony would it take to convince
the lew remaining disbelievers, that Bull's medi
cine will do more eveu than it protniaesi The
Doctor could produce another and another cure
performed by his medicine ; but ii the cases pub
lished above will not convince the sceptical, it ir
uselefs to produce any more, ano indeed, it would
costa lortune to publish the many certiticatea thai
have been showered on Dr. Bull. The lamest mam
moth sheet in America would uot contain even the
nam, sot ihose cured, let alone full statements ot
their casea
Thia medicine, when used according to direc
tions, will cure, without tail, Scrofula, or King's
Evil, Canc-ra, Tumors, Eruptions of the Skin, Ery
sipelas, Chronic SoreE>e6, Ringworm or Tetters
Se»ld Head, Rneumaiism, Pains in the Bones or
Joints, Old Sores and Ulcers, Swelling of the Glands
Syphilid, Dyspepsia, Salt Rheum, Diseases of the
Kidney a, Diseases arising from the use oi fllercurv
Loss ot Appetite, Pain iu the side or Shoulders
General Debility, Lumbago, Diopsy, Jaundice
Costivenees, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Couchf
Colds, Weakness ot the Chest, I'ulmonary Auc
tions, and all other diseasei tending to i roduct Con
sumption, Liver Complaints, Feinalit Irregularities
and Complaints, Sick anci Nervous Headache I ow
Spirus, Night Sweats, Exoosure or Imprudence in
i-ile, Chronic Constitutional Diseases and as *
spring and summer drink, and general tonic lor the
system, and a gentle and pleasant purgative, it is
•upenor to Blue Lick and Congress Water, Salt,
or aeid'itz Powders.
i>R. JOHN BULL'S Principal Office.
81 fourth stre.it, Louisville. av
Where applications lor Amende# mu.t oe'ad
tur sale in Richmond by
my li-rt.itawwly Drujrgisu, Sole A tents.
JLLV 4'l'll, ir76.
1 hy spirit, Independence, let me share I
Lord ot the lion heart and Eagle eye-
Thy steps I follow with my bosom bare,
Nor herd the storm that howls along tue'skv
Tms glorious anniversary is drawing £ e ar
awakening proud ar.d grateful recollections of the
heroic age ot our country, and reminding us that
Uie sum toe r w,lf soon pass away, aud having yet on
hand a great variety of summer SHOES, G AI'IERS
&c„ lor Ladies, Gents, and Children, we are'de"
termmed to .eh from lit July to Ist September at
such prices as will accommodate the views ot" the
most economical. Give us a call, all who wish a
I ruck, or summer Boots, Shoes or Gaiters lor we
aie determined to please you, at the saloon of
. j WHITE 4; PAGE,
jy i i hree doun below Dooly's Hat Store.
IJ OBl.Ui if. JIHOAUDtn ort,TS nis ,erv7
* V ces to the citizens of Richmond ar.d the public
generally as a general Collector of Claims He
pledges himself to attend strictly to all business en
trusted to his cure. His office uin the Mr
■und v. &Utl ° n ' 4 cffice ' m Lkw Building, Rich
——1— «ny 4—6 m*
R. "VnchS €W ' B C '" CU!Br 49 ' 301 5/ -
!?m'' CroM-oat Saw?, warranted quality
Buichers superior Mill s«w f U's, aU aizes
Copper Rivits and Bars for Bolting
Italian and Russia li-mp Packir.eYarn
Le«a Pipe, J inch to inch diameter
in store said for isle «i low pric«« by
, , C. J. SINTON <L CO ,
jy 3 Sign of Ue Circular Saw, 7t Wain i
WU <tau> bear rf th* »»»' —uhumumh curm
being effected by t&t great and popular m«dt
The greatest remedy ever diaeoverod for alrawrt •»
complaint* requiring «« wrternal application, eith«
io man or bea«t In tbe «bort length of time it ha*
been introduced to the people of the United Bute#,
it bM gained a reputation uneqaaledbv any other
medicine in tbe known world. Why T» it? Ihe
answer Uplain: became no medicine of tnemnd
baa ever been put before the public ao deferring of
the rich laurel# it baa acquired ; and 'twill continue
to gain friend* aa long aa it perform**** moat extra
ordinary cures of various the
doctor* and other remedies had failed. We do not
only say that the genuine H. G. Farre.ls Arabian
Liniment can and does perform cures which no
other medicine can do, but you have here certificates
of what it has done* ~ „
Tiaooscs Smith, of Mudd Creek. Tazcweli
county, Illinois, says : " I had lost the use of my
arm tor more than a year by palzy or paraiyei*;
the flesh had entirely withered away, leaving no
thine but skin, musclc and bone. I tried a'l the
beat doctors and all tbe remedies I could hear of,
but tbey did no good. I then commcoced the use
of H. G. Farrell's Arabian Liniment, nd a few bot
tles entirely cured me, and my arm is now as strong
and tie*by as the other. It is also first rate for
burns, sprains and bruises.
The celebrated Dr. Javne, whose reputation a*
a benefactor to mankind extends over tbe whole
world, reports that a lady of one of the first fami
lies in Philadelphia bad been confined to her bed
fourteen years wi b K heumatism, and was cured by
H G. Farrell'* Arabian Liniment. He also aays :
"Your Liniment is going rapidly ; send me a supply
immediately by Leech's fast line."
My daughter, wben six months old, wa* taken
with a swelling in the tonsils, which grew larger
and larger, till when six years old, she had great
difficulty in swallowing her food. Every uisht,
watch was kept, fearing she would suffocate The
best doctors attended her, but could give no relief.
I took her to the most eminent doctors in the East;
they said there wa9 no help for her but to outgrow
it. With a sad heart I returned home with her,
when she became so much worse that, the doctors
had to be called in again ; they decided the tonsils
must be cut off, as the only means of giving relief
My wife would not consent to this, and she deter
mined to try your Liniment, which gave relief the
very first application, and by a continued use she
entirely recovered. She is new ten years old, and
fleshy and healthy as could be desired. Your Lini
ment is also the best in u*e for sprains, bruises,
cuts, burns, headache, <fcc.; and it will remove the
most severe pain in a few minutes. It also cured
cakcd udder in my cow in a few days.
Peoria, March 20, 1P49. GEORGE FORD.
Mr. H G. Farreil: Your Arabian Liniment ia th"
greatestmedicinefor horse lleshinthe world. I bad
a mare about to foal, when she became so helpless
that she could not rise from the ground: she whs
it this way for several days, when with seven others
I succeeded in raising ber up, which was the only
way it could be done, when I commenced the use
of your excellent Liniment, rubbed in well over
the ioina, and astonishing as it may appear, before I
used up a bottle of the doliar size, she was able to
get up'and walk herself. 1 would not have given
ten dollars for her before, and many advised me to
shoot her to put her out of misery; she ia now one
ot my best mares. I suppose it was a strain in the
loins. G. W. HUNT
Peoria, 111.. July 2,1549.
J To gv.ard againti imporUion, read the fol
lowing carefully:
Thf public a~c particularly cautioned against a
base Counterfeit which has lately made its appear
ance, and is called by the Imposter who makes it,
"W. B. Farrell's Arabian Liniment." This is a
dangerous fraud, and more liable to deceive from
his bearing the name of Farreil. Therefore be par
ticular never to call for it by the name ' l Famll's Li
niment,"'for unprincipled dealers will impose this
SPURIOUS Mixture upon you for the genuine, but
always ask for H. G. Fa&sell's Arabian Lini
aiSNT," and take no other, as the genuine always
has the letters H. G. before Farrell's, his signa
ture is also oa the outaide wrapper, and these
words blown in the glass bottle. "H. G. FAR
Call on the agent, who will fu mish jrr.e of charge,
% Book containing much valuable information tor
avery class of citizens.
Price—2sc., 50c. and one dollar per bottle.
The only Genuine is manufactured by H G
Farreli.soleinventorand proprietor, and wholesale
druggist, No 17 Main street, Peoria, lU.,and for sale,
wholesale and retail at proprietor's prices, by
92, Main at., corner of 14th,
ap n—d3m Richmond, V#.
TAR. —The most successnil rrmedy
* now in use tor the cure of incipient Consump
tion, Bronchitis, Asthma, Coughs, Putrid Sore
Throat, Dyspepsia, diseases of the Kidneys and
Liver, King's Evil, Piles, Tetter, and ail diseases
arising from impure blood and enlc ebled state of
the system.
Baltimore. May 27, 1852.
Mrs. Norris—Dear Madam: Permit me to aay to
you, for the benefit of others similarly afflicted, that
1 was twkeu last November, with a severe cough and
a general weakness that completely prostrated me.
For several months I was so far reduced that I
could not attend to my business. I became so weak
that I was not able to sit up for more than a half
hour tt a time, when I would be compelled to lie
down to gain strength I tried a dozen different
a' tides, recommended to me as cuses, but received
no relief from any of them. My cough and weak
nesa increased, and, in fact, 1 was so far gone, that
I seriously thought I should die, when I heard of
your valuable medicin , the Cedar Tar. 1 tried it,
and I had taken it but a few days before I found
great relief. My appetite became so good that
1 could eat every thing tl"at was put before me I
would commend it to all afflicted like myself, as a
certain cure, lor I consider myself now perfectly
well Yours, respectfully,
No. 123 Franklin street.
Home Testimony,
We are permitted to tefer to the following per
sons, citizens of Richmond and vicinity, out of a
larg" number, ( ho, from motives of delicacy, pre-
In > hat their names should not be made public )
wno have received greU benefit from the use of the
Tar: Wm C. Crump Dentist, il Meseke. Jsmes
R. Moore, John B Dodd, Charlottesville, Va.
Call and see certificates.
Lrtr" Beware of counterfeits. The gen-jit#- ir
ticle is tor sale by
P. HORTON REACH,3I Main street,
. Sole Agent for Richmond, and
jell' General Agent for Eastern Virginia.
i.W TlON.—Office in Exchange building, next
f° the Post Officc, Richmond, Va. ACC T ".
55.)0,0i>0. —M B DEAN, President. Fit ante Com
mmee: Wm. Patton, G. C. Wood, H.
AW libur, Actuary. 1
This Aeswciation has declared a dividend of thirty
- ?s4 On N„ f ceut for the y«w ending April
h- . : k° liability
i ciA la an Asgociation oi Working Mrr unA
'i a « rS . he mutual distance of each other it
oi sickneta or accident.
vou^wn? paynen tof the following annual deposits
you wii. become a lite member, and will beer.tiilsa
life ;T y u en fj l . (flr9t weßk excepted, during
*?' lf i ou should be disabled by eirkn-sao- ac
Bt^ndin " tn , vnur ordinary or
sr^bo r th^.. w "' ur# * 114 —* ■ Kckoe »
. of Raton,
. «7 pryr.drawS7pr.Wji
a i. .. 2 18" « a ..
* 4 u | y «« «« r\ «
I: *r. ;: - •• io ••
Those orer fitty year* of age will b«! chara»4 •"«
percent, extra. One dollar L d 6ftfwS:.
t Z%? e , Will bec^ r S fid - in •Edition to the abo 4
the lir»tyear, and mutt bo paid at th* r f
phcation, and the first year'* deposit within thirty
K£P£benxe«.—Doagct Sc Anderaon. r D ho
era, corner 13th and Governor bU. KichmiMiH v.
Geo M West * Bro, B^k^lleA I
Smith & Marvin, Merchant#, Main at • Bow n a
Bruce, Wellington Hot.!; McDonald &. I.joot
Italia Manufacturer., Exchange Place • HrUm.
ton & Bro, Furniture dealers, 13th »t„ do.: Thumas
Uornbrook, merchant, Wheeling A Lata*
ware do , d Tf
Tl '? e * * ud <»*»««, do ; And
Mehatfy, E»q, Oospore foundry, Norfolk Va ■ (W
W Bain, Saving. Bank. »urt.,n*tb, i M Bkncbi-d
Superintends t oh Seaboard and Roanoke
Portsmouth, Va; Hon Reuben Wood, Governor
Oh,o; Hon Joseph A Wrl,hr, <iov r of t" uUna
Hon Augusta* C French. Gov't oi liiiaou Hon
Austin A Kinij, Oov'r ot Misaou i H.»n Rich»-d
tW lrOUl ; 1,00 J *® lM M
Aj[ ahouid be addre«*d (poai
my A fu?t7 *** Geaar "
A SSSrn£2S2®
. 9 .sgjM
rt) offer* hi* urot« 9 W.lJr r **
to the citizen* of Richmond *»d vicinitv *«•
Office 145 Main street, E*afe 8oiu»-.
Rf.f*xixc*s.—Proff-wor c. B Gilson pi «'
•or C. P. Johnson, Rev Dr Hewel?. .'2,*
lor ReT Ro. Kviand, A. G. Wortham mrV **'
Wm F. Butter, Esq. Richmond ' M D - tn <»
Profeasor C. A Harris, Profrscor „
Bond, Professor W R Handy, Prof COT
and Lester Noble, D. D. 8-, Batimoie.
iny iw—3m*
M. i.OO| KU T«Sr«S
to a few more new tact*.
He ha* ceased tn pick hi* own teeth, cum,,'.,.
the newspapers, and sigh over taking ano'h!ei J?
tra nap, whilst wailing for the of
acmog victim. Why J Because, Mr < m~
Sense has made known, that the DocUr milk
for 25 cento, fill* with .ilver at 50 cts. aKtfa' *
for 75 CU; then hi* upper sets cost only too
therefore, a few friend* of Mr. C. i>. have» o u«l»™J
Dr. Addington'* office f
— *p2B
Iflttli. I,lth. Anil JiAklki
INSURANCE -The RichSotdß*
IJBggs Association are now prepared to iuua
. ..policies of Insurance on the
•cnption of rt*k* on a* reaeocalie teras u -
similar company, and respectfully tt3 k a share nf
the patronage of the public. Application, win 2
received at the office, No 823, comer of Main tnH
9th ttreeto, where the officers will cheerful™ f,,,
nish all information that may be r.;qui r Mf in
losses promptlv and liberally adiusted "
av ' JA JF 3 BOS «Ea. Preside,,,
John H. Bosheb, Secretary. ah IT
218 BROADEST. —CH'ina l
irmtiESß °R°CKKKY, GLASS Ware
\\ ' WtrA&EK f 1 C —Tho subscriber is cow epen •'
mg an extensive assortment of
French and Enyliih China Cr.ck
ery and Glass Ware, with a solendid collection of
Bohemian Cut Glass Toilette B.tties, a great varie.
ty of elegant Cups and Saucers, some of them rch
ly gilt and decorated.
Also, Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Window
Shades, Trays, Waiters, Knives, Forks, fcc, dtc
1800 d< 7. Tumblers, of various sizi-s and patterns
This extensive assortment of Goods having b»en
pursued under tne personal inspection oi the pro
prietor, at very low prices, he is determined to
sell accordingly. A cail is respectfully solicited
VVIL,LIAiU iIIEAR begs leave to
inform his lriends and the public general,
ly that he hss commence d the House
Sign and Ornamental Painting, with his
imitation of Woods ana Marbles, which h?is de
teimined to do in the best maimer. Orders punc
tually attended to.
Shop, on 4th street, between Broad and Marshal!
streets je 14— lm" "
JUL' have received 0 cases of those beautiful white
and pearl Nankin felt Hats, ta which 1 invite the
attention ot ail gentlemen-who appreciate an ele
gant and comfortable head coverine.
e7 Main street.
P. S.—l have still on hand a full assortment ot
Canada Straw Halt, as also every kit.d of Hat
that ancient or modern history gives any account
of- J. T.
je 23
Kj&*=&9tr~ The subscriber has on hand, at his
Coacn-uiaKing establishment, on Lombard Alley,
between Main and Cary, (tilth and 14th streets,)
n-sar the Columbian Hotel, Coaches, Cbarietlees,
Barouches, Buggies, with and without tops, atd
Sulkies, all of his own make, of the best mmeriaii
and workmanship. All of which will be sold as low
as good work of the kind can be In the city of
Richmond; and I respectfully ask a call irom those
in want of any article in the Carriage line, as 1 am
determined tc make to order and sell a: the lowest
prices possible; and ail work sold, that is new. war.
ranted. MiCAJAH MAJiGUM.
ap 28 -d6m
|fif &• CO. would respectfully inform thi ir ca»-
tomers and the public generally, that they
have just received a large and choice assortment of
Ready Made Clothing, which they offer at
the lowest cash prices. From their superb varifei
ot Cloths, Cassimeres and Vi-stinga, purcha
sers can select the latest patterns for Coau,
Pants and Vests, and have them made up by N k
Co. in the nt oat fashionable styles. They otter for
sale also a select assortment of gentlemen's Furnish
ing Good*. N. W. NEi.SON ii. CO.,
No 135 Broad street,
ap 30—3 m Next door to the Marshall Hate)
AUIH. Oi httA k , KKlutilSio, Hi
Main Street, have in store, and are receiv
ing, large additions to their stock of Drags,
.Medicines, Surgeons' Instruments,
Paints, Oils, Dyes, Window Glass ana
Fancy Articles, which they offer for sale on the
most favorable terms to cash and punctual dealers
cnexpest place in the city to buy is at J. H.
ANTHONY'S, where Moleskin Hats of the
best quality are sold at §3 50; second quality 43;
ailk «2 50.
Fine Calf-skin Sewed Boots #3 50
Patent Leather Congress BooU 2 TO
Patent Leather Oxford Ties 2 75
Patent Leather Monterey Boots 3 25
Together with an assortment of Panama, Leg
horn and soft Hats, Umbrellas. &c.
CO. may be consulted, confidentially, for the
treatment of the following disease*: Eruptions,
Sore Legs, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, or en
largements, Syphilis, and all morbid discharges,
whether recent or chronic. Also, ali those com
plaints termed female diseases. The advertisers
invite attention to their chemical extract of Wild
Fiowera, which may be regarded as the very best
article known, to give tone and vijjor to certain
abused aud debilitated organs, as well as to renovate
a system shattered by dissipation or other cause.
Medicines securely put up, with full directions,
and sent to order. paid letters promptly at
tended to. Office on Franklin street, beiow Ex
change Hotel, and first door below Trcdty church,
Richmond. Virginia te'J
'i'u hXctttsfO.MM3.-Ur „uo»ciit>e:
A has just received irom New Vork a splendid
j fast sailing yacht called the Koaaokc. it is ca
pable of comfortably accommodating from twelve
' to fifteen persona. At a moment's notice it can be
prepared tor the transit of a pleasure party to any
of the beautiful groves that line the bat.** of tae
| sparkling James. Persons desiring to hire the
j yacht Wy the day,or tor a few hours' sail, wi!! please
apply at SCOFIELD'S New York Saloon. Terms
"J. BCOFIELD, N York Saloon;
; j« 12—Im Main St.. opposite City Hotel
J The subset ibers, intending to make a eb&nge
; in their business, otfer their entire stock ol DKV
GOODS at cost for cash, and respectfully ask all
j persons wishing to purchase, to give us a before
I purchasing elsewhere, as we feel confident that a
i better assortment of Dry Goods or *>iie select*!
; wth more cure, w;s never ottered at cost in this
market Our stock consists ol the latest and anost
' approved style*. Determined to close, we assure
■ the public there is no humbug in this advertise-
I mtnt Do not forgjl to call at X>3 Broad street,
between Ith and sti> streets.
; my 27—2 m L k M Ro3<-
THK SI'B»<'KIUER> have associated
A themselves for the purpose ot conducting in
this city,» Tobacco and (iewrsl I obimjU
' "i'a Baslaess, under the Flrta ol KENNfci'T k
DUDLEY, and respectfully solicit your patronage.
Our business wii! he exclusively a Cooi—ission
: business; aud an experience ol eweiil) years By
1 our senior partner, in active Mercantile iitr *n this
I city, and a determination on the part of bctb, to
prom ite the Interests of our frit na*. we t>«p«
secuie to us a libera: support. W« are prepared
to make the usual Adv»i ce oa C jusig»m«uts in
h«tid. and to purchase Produce, tcc , >Ae
tomary tonus. We will occupy sh« kfge and
ooaituodtous Wsrehou.B, No 14 ru'ute LanJiog.
JHO. W DlutßY
Refer to Jas Warwick, Esq. Ja» Thomas, Jf-<
Esq ; Messrs Thomas A daaa'i Harder***, and
Sat:on ac Winston
Oiaeinnati. April l»th I&3A )»tiV-3a>»
j V AUD, No i.—H bois. for aalo by

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