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VOL. 2-NO 226
7-TTTTTu ily dispatch
7"ar A. COWARDIN, Proprietor.
HXGH R. iM.KAStrr*, Kdlt.r.
t '.-SMS
j s jSt isli S SS
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for the tirit insertion, and 37J cenU tor each
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notices 25 cents; Deaths, without obitusry or
fnasra! invitation, 124 cents.
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eloter weekly Price far mailing, 11 a year tn ad-
I, aubiishcd every Friday morning, and mailed
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j««, forslo thirteen copies; for $15 twenty co
p « for jJO twenty-seven copies.
the daily dispatch.
We are induced to lay before our readers
the particulars of the late fire at Montreal.—
We often read in wotks of fiction, descriptions
of scenes that fill the mind with awe; but an
account like the following, known to be true,
is read with the moßt peculiar emotions. Such
a picture of destruction and human suffering
almost surpasses belief, and yet it details but
one chapter in the sad historv. The fire that
subsequently broke out, briefly noticed at the
conclusion, was quite as destructive.
Burlington, Vt., July 10—0 P. M.—The
following is extracted from one of this morn
ing's Montreal papers : Yesterday morning,
between nine and ten o'clock, a fire broke out
in St. Catharine street, St. Lawrence suburbs,
originating, we are informed, in the (flitbuild
ings of the houses occupied by Mr. Waugh,
baker. From this it was carried by the wind
in a northeasterly direction, to the adjoining
houses, which were all roofed witfi wood, ttnu
generally built of the same material. The
late dry weather having rendered them as dry
as tinder, the flames spread with astonishing
rapiditv. There was, again, no water in the
reservoir when it commenced. What madness,
or blindness, or neglect could have permitted
this to be the case, after the late frightful ca
lamity which visited them ? Blame mustiest
somewhere —where, we do not pretend to say—
but this we feel assured of; that the people of
Montreal will, with one voice, demand an in-
V'gtigatijn into the came of the disaster, and
justice against those who are culpuble.
Within half an hour after the commencement,
a hundred houses were on fire. They were
grnerally the dwellings of poor urticans and
laborers, and it was the most heart-rend
ing spectacle to see the poor people gathering
their household goods together, and carrying
them perhups to some place where the flames
would reach them iu a few minutes, after carry
ing them, as they thought, to a place of safety.
Frequently, by the time they hud removed one
load, it was too lute to return for more. In
many instances the poor mother had just time
to grasp her infant from the flames, and rush
to an adjoining field or guden, and sink down,
despairing and exhausted, upon the little rem
nant of property which her husband orchildren
had been able to bring there. The despair and
agony written upon their features were most
From the Main or St. Lawrence street, the
fire burned everything before it along St. Cuth
ariue and Dorchester, and widening its path
way up towards Cote a-Baron, and downward
towards Craig street.
As it went along in St. Dennis street, not
withstanding the most strenuous exertions to
lave them, the splendid buildings known us
Cornwall Terrace were consumed.
The tire having cauglu in Ellslie's wood
yard, and nothing but wooden buildings inter
vening between it aud the Montreal General
Hospital, that institution was in imminent
danger from about one o'clock until half-pasi
three, and the most strenuous exertions were
required to keep the tire from reaching it.
The Union Company did good service here,
and drew a large quantity of water from the
large cistern on the hospitul ground. Some
buildings and fences were also torn down here,
and the tire was checked in St. Dominique
■down below Dorchester street to near Luguu
c.ieteie street. Above this, it made a clean
aweep up to the vacant ground, which skirts
Cole-a-Baron and extended eastward along
Dorchester, Catharine and Migiione streets.
It made a clear, sweep to St. Dennis street,
which was burned from one end to the other.
The Bishop's church aud palace fell a prey
to the flames. The greater part of the palace
iiud been newly erected, und was a splendid
cut alone building, with beautifully fluted
columns before the St. Catherine street frot.t.
The fire ran down St. Catherine street to the
house of Mr. Coffin, joint prothonetary, which
was consumed. Ttie nunnery opposite was
saved, though the fire raged on thrf e sides of it.
The buildings on Viger Place, including the
cattle market, See., were destroyed, and here
the fire was ariested.
On the lower side, at Elizabeth street, aud
from that to Viger Place, the flames came with
in one or two houses of Craig street.
Over six huudred houses have been destroy
ed, and the loss of the real property will be
probably from one huudred and twenty-five
thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand
pouuds sterling. Not any more than half the
amount, we believe, is covered by iusurnnce,if
so much.
The loss of persouul property it is impossi
ble to estimate. Many poor working mechan
ics and laborers have lost their little all, and
few of them, we fear, have taken the precaufion
<o insure their furniture. From £15,000 to
L 20.000 we think a moderate valuation of these
losses, exclusive of what has been lost ia the
church and palace, the wood-yards and the
shops, whirh will probably be £10,000.
The totalloss we should set down at £420,000
1 his, u will be seen, is about the amount of
the loss by the fire of the 6ih June; but it en
tails consequences uoon the city far more dis
Upwards ol three thousand persons must
have been homeless last night, and many of
them have, to-day, no menus wherewith to {
procure u new sheltet for themselves.
Our citizens have never shown themselves
•tipgarlilv in giving. I.<?t them be ready to
Kiv»', for now ihere ore many who need their
The firemen >li<l all tint men could do, who
h"U no leaders for u part ot the time, and. for
the rest, had to work without wafer. They
worked at their engines and upon the roofs, in
the demolition of dangerous buildings, from
•noMiing until night, iu the mid*t o! tire and
suu>ke, and under a broiling huh, with a tempe
rature it: the shade of more than B*l degrees.
hile this large fire was rngrng, another one
began, kindled, as we are told, by the sparks
'rom the lire which consumed Meters. Siiumti
& Coltnm's tltttin planing mill*, iu Si. Mary
street, Quebec suburbs, and tilts greater Dart
of the lumber in their yard. The distillery and
foundry of the Messrs. Melson were in immi
nent danger, but were saved by the exertions
ofthofe upon the premises. The loss bere
will amount to about £2000 or £3000.
After the foregoing was written, we went to
take a last look at the ruins, it was mournful
as we drove along the Bite. Cote-a-Baron. —
The large vacant field extending from the
main street to St. Dennis street, lying just un
der the Cote, was filled with groups of men,
women and children, and their little piles of
furniture and goods, while all around and be
low them was a smoking wilderness, covered
with chimneys like a burned pine fcrest, with
its scathed and charred trees, and the Champ
de Mars and Viger square were similarly oc
cupied with heaps of goods.
While on the route, we witnessed the com
mencement of another conflagration. The
wooden building in the rear of Hayes' House
having been ignited by sparks from the other
fire, the flumes worked their way to that build
ing, which was consumed, and all the houses
on Dalhousic square, including the Hon. Mr.
Moffat's residence, and the mess houses of the
Royal Artillery and of the Twentieth regiment
and the Military Secretary's office.
The fire is still raging at the hour we write.
Godonly knows where it will stop. Montreal
seems to be doomed.
P. S.—The fire has crossed Amherst street,
on its wav through the Quebec suburbs, and
it does not seem as if any power could save
any portion of that populous ward.
From the N. O. Picayune.
By the arrival of the steamship Mexico,
Capt. Place, we have received full files of
Texas papers. The dates are no Inter than
previously received,but we append a few items
not before noticed :
A jockey club, called the ''Star State Jock
ey Ciub," was formed in Corpus Chrisli on
the 20th ult. Geo. P. H. Bell was elected
President, wi'h twenty one Vice Presidents,
and Cupt. Forbes Britton was elected Secre
tary and Treasurer. A subscription was
opened, and a large sum subscribed in a short
time. The first race is to come off during the
fair at Corpus Christi, in 1853.
A terrible affray occurred in Washington
on the 2Gth inst., in the course of which a man
named Farrell was killed and another named
Shepard seriously wounded by G. P. Lynch.
Lynch made his escape, and a reward of §550
is offered for him by the citizens and the Ma
sonic Lodge of Washington.
Railroad meetings have teen held at Austin
and Houston, and delegates appointed to the
convention to have been held at Chappell Hill
on the 3J inst.
The Austin State Gazette complains of the
low salaries of the different State officers. It
says that no man of family can serve a term as
Govt rnor without subjecting himself to a loss
greater than u prudent man would willingly
incur. The present system was adopted at
the close of the revolution, and was rendered
necessary by the burthen of a heuvy public
debt, but circumstances have since changed
and justice should be done to the talents and
services of citizens selected for important of
A party of the citizens of Lagrange were out
on u mustang hunt recently, when they came
upon three panthers. Very singularly, there
was not a firearm in the crowd, but they gave
chase notwithstanding, and, after a long and
exciting race, succeeded in lassoing two of
the panthers. The third oueescuped.
FURTHEK foreign news.
The writs for a new parliament will be sent
out immediately after the dissolution of the old
one, returnable in the month of August, but it
will not probubly be called together before the
middle ofOctober.
A deputation from the Canadas, Nova Scotia
and New Brunswick Railway Company had
an interview with the colonial Secretary on
Saturduy, but the result has not transpired.
It is announced that the Catholic Synod of
England will be opened on the 6th of July, at
St. Mary's College, near Birmingham.
The commissioner appointed to inquire into
therelative merits ofGalway and Joynes, for
packing stations, is proceeding diligently in
the business.
The enthronization of Doctor Cullen, as
Catholic Archbishop 01 Dublin, took place on
Tuesday, the2oih, at the Church of the Con
ception, a: Dublin.
Political uflairs quiet. It is stated that the
property of the Due d'Aumale, which he inher
ited from the Prince d'Conde, is to beforthwitn
placed under sequestration.
A letter, dated June 21st, from Petit Noir, in
the Jura, state that the periodical inundations
have again caused immense damage in that
country at the time when the farmers were
about to reap their harvest. In the village of
Petit Noir the houses are under water, the
fields submerged, and the inhubitunts had been
obliged to flee.
The commander of the French fleet in the
Levant contradicts the report that pirates were
at present infesting those seas.
It is announced that a mine of platinn ha&
been discovered in the neighborhood of Valcn
A shock of an eurthquakc was felt at
Payerne, Canton of Friburg, on the lDth of
June, and, at the same instant two shocks were
experienced at Berne.
All extra sessiou of the Chambers will proba
bly be convoked about the middle of July.—
The commercial treaty with France expires
early in August, and it is necessary that the
sanction of the Chambers should be" had to its
The Zollverein Congress hud another sil
ting on Friday, but no business of importance
was done.
It is rumored that a Conference of the Darm
studt States will be opened at Vienna for con
sultation, at which Austria will offer her guar
antees to her confederates for the los of reve
nue they must sustain by au actual sepaiation
from the Zoilverein.
The London Protocol of the Bth of May reg
ulating the affairs of the Schleswig Holstein,
had reached Berlin, and deeply wounded the
German sympathies ol all classes.
Biinibav dates of 23d May have reached
France. "No important event had occurred
since the previous dales from that place. It is
generally understood that nothing more will
be done in Btirtnah till afier, : "tho rains. The
whole force will remain in the country, mid the
war be resumed wiih vigor the moment the sea
son permits. The Indiau papers aie already
hinting at the probable "'annexation" ol the
whole peuiusula.
Disturbances st'll continue ulongthe North
western frontier, and military preparations of
au extensive nature are in preparation. Seve
ral huts had been attacked or captured in the
Hazara country,aud operations are in progress
which, it is thought, will terminate the war in a
week or two.
f|The difficulties with the Nizam are still un«
settled. The Calcutta Engliahman biota that
the S izam has beta treated with injustice, and
that he owes the British nothing.
The electric telegraph has been put in auc
cessful operation in India.
A.F.&R. Maxwell's Circular, Liverpool,
June 29.—The imports from foreign ports,
since last Tuesday, have been 9016 quarters of
' Wheat; 340 quarters Barley; 4725 quarters
of Indian Corn ; 727 sacks and 10,188 bbls of
Flour, exclusive of 4378 bbls. Flour'from Ca
The exports in the same time comprise 3000
quarters of wheat, 7760 corn, 1264 sacks and
4730 bbls. flour. The trade throughout the
week has been firm, and very full prices have
been obtained for both wheat and flour. Indian
corn has advanced one shilling six pence to
two shillings per quarter, and is extremely
On Monday last Franklin Court House was
the scene of an affray of a serious character
which resulted nearly in the death of a gentle
man of the highest respectability.
About 12 o'clock, while sitting, quietly at
tending to tho proceedings of the Court, we
heard a considerable noise immediately behind
the bar, and, on turning to ascertain the cause,
beheld two men engaged in administering a se
vere castigation to a third individual, whose
vociferous cries of inurder indicated that the
dose was any thing else than agreeable. The
assailants were Messrs. Joseph and Randolph
Dickenson, merchants in Franklin county, and
the subject, John Soyars. We regret to add
that Mr. Wingfield, a luwver, residing near
Rocky Mount, interfered to separate the par
tie*, and while doing so, was stabbad in the
right side by Soyars, who, it is supposed, took
liim to be an assailant. The wound, though
severe, is thought not to be dangerous.
The circumstances are these. At a previous
term of the court John Soyars appeured as a
witness for the Commonwealth against Pinck
ard, a presentment, but not being above suspi
cion, several persons were called in and exam
ined, and among others, Randolph Dickenson,
who testified to Soyars' general bad character.
Inconsequence of which Soyars had a hand
bill printed, in which Dickenson was denounn*
ed as a perjured man. This bill was posted to
the wall of the Court House, in a conspicuous
place, and read by many persons, among them
Randolph Dickenson and his brother—where
upon they procured, the one a hickory stick,
of goodly size, the other a cowhide, and went
in search of Soyars. He, in the meantime, had
retreated into the Court House, hoping, it is
presumed, to be protected by the presence of
the Court. But we are sorry to state that the
dignity of the Court was insulted by an assault
in the very temple of justice. We never wit
nessed a scene of such excitement. The or
ders of the Court and the efforts of the sheriff
being totally disregarded. The Messrs. Dick
enson were fined $25 each,and ordered to be im
prisoned four hours for contempt of Court, but
the imprisonment was afterwards remitted.—
They aregentlemen of the highest standing, and
were justified by public sentiment in flogging
Soyars. The contempt of Court of which they
were guilty, they now, no doubt, heartily re
Peter Gray.
I'll tell you of a nice young man,
Who.-e name was Peter Gr»y ;
The State where Peter Gray wa* born
Was Pennsylva-ni a.
This Peter he did fall in love
All with a nice young girl.
The na -ue of her I'm positive
Was Lizzyanny Quirl.
When they were going to be wed,
Her lather he safd "No!"
And brutzlly he sent her otf
Bsyond the O-hi-o.
When Pe'er beard his love was lost
He knew not what to tay,
He'd half a nind to jump into
The fcusquehau-nia.
But he went trading to the west,
In lurs and other skins,
And there was caught, killed aud drest
By the bloo.' y In-giins.
When Lizzyanny heard the news
She straightway went to bed,
And never did get up agaiu
Until she dii-ed.
Ye lathers all a warning take,
Each one as has a girl,
And think upon poor Peter Gray
And Lizzjanny Quiri.
I have little sympathy for machinery; the
action of machines of great power always ter
rifies me by its impassability. There are some
above all employed for beating out metals,
and which do so to an alarming extent.—
Whatever these may happen to seize between
their iron teeth, once seized, the thing must
pass through a hole more cr less great, towards
which all tabricable substances are conducted.
Of whatever size the thing may be when
it goes in—let it be a beam of the greatest
thickness—it will come out stretched into a
knitting needle of the greatest fineness. As
for the machine, it merely turns—that is its
business and its duty, and it mutters not to it
what the substance be which it has to crush
and draw out. You offer it an iron bar—the
monster draws it to itself, and devours it. You
don't take your hand back quickly enough—
the machine pinches the end of your finger,
and all is over. You may cry out ; but if
there be no workmen present with a hatchet
to cut your wrist off, after the fingpr comes
the hand, after the hand the arm, after the
arm the head, after the head the body. Shrieks,
oaths, prayers, nothing will avail you; the
shortest plan for your friends or family is to
look out for you on the other side of the ma
chine. You went in a man, you come out a
wire; in five minutes you have grown 200
feet. It is curious, but not agreeable.—Alex'
andre Duma*.
The Crops.—Thus fur, the rains have fallen
in due season. The wheat crop is now saved,
and the oat harvest is progressing, and promi
ses a large yield, with a smaller encumbrance
of straw than usual. The corn and tobacco
crops were nevermore promising than at this
season. So that the Richmond and Danville
Rail Road Company may calculate upon a
heavy carrying business from this section.—
Roanoke Rep.
The Rev, Sir. Magoun, the eloquent pastor
of the Oliver st. (Baptist) Church, in New
York, aud a manofsouie eccentricity of speech
and character, is said to have declared pub
licly that ihe only rule for eloquence "is to
get chock full of the tubjeet, pull out the
bung, and let Xatur caper."
Murder.—We have heard a rumor of a
ton id crime, perpetrated by a negro at Sandy
Run, L>*xingtou district. On Sunday, a slave
of Mr. Wolf, was transferred from one plnnta
tiou lo another, against bis wish. This led
to u quarrel with the timer, who was killed
iu the encounter. Ihe interference of the
master met with the iufliciiou of a knife-wound
from w icli he died.—Columbia S. Caruli
tiiau, \*t i**',.
A fellow down in Massachusetts, who pro
bably drinks nothing but "common rum,'*
wants to know what's the use of three cents,
now tb<; Maine liquor law has been passed
(I B ■ II ffstantir receiving supplies of Piano
. , " "Fortes from three of the best manu
faetnneain America. The character of the instrn
ments which they offer is established, and pur
c"jjfer* may safely rely upon getting a good article.
They tarnish them at northern prices, and a large
assortment may be found, varying from the lowest
instrument made, to the most elegant
•* l ®' beautiful and sweet toned Guitars,
of Martin's make.
!?* « a»ir Book and Plane
je3o * treet ' E, * le
F v?n. NU »«RTBS_P.H.
is constantly receiving
V ■ (V fj'upeiior Piano Fortes; rom Nunn
II MUII & ciarh, snd other celebrated mak
ers, and asks the attrntion of purchaaers to his
Stock, which he will warrant, and will sell at very
moderate prices.
Pianos repaired, Tuned, let on hire, and taken
in exchange, at his Piano Forte and Music Store,
je 21—ts 160 Mala Street.
has received the following favorite piece*:
No more, no more of Fancy'* Gleam,by
I luv'd thee too dearly, by Mr* Abbot
Sweeter than the breath of morning, by Nelaon
Kffie Dean by Benkert
Do do, tor guitar
My Home i» there, by Kirk
Bohemian Polka, by Petrak
Spirit do, by Barnett
Empire Grand March, by Tombler
Compromise Waltz
Liberty do.
jy 2 Mnalc Store, 160 Main gt.
The subscriber having taken the FLOYD
St., offers for rent this house on Main street,
No. 35}. It has nine rooms, and a kitchen with
two rooms, and is well arranged for a Boarding
House, having b*en recently repaired and painted.
Possession can be had immediately. Price $275.—
Apply to JOHN A. JETER,
jy I—l2t* Floyd House.
mFOtt KENT) a first rate large Brick
Dwelling, with every convenience, situated at
ice interaction of Marshall and Sixth streets. This
bouse has lately been repaired and beautified
throughout. It has about 10 rooms, and is delight
fully situated. Kent 8400 per annum; and posses
sion may ba had immediately.
e 22 General Agents.
Foil KENT.—A house on Main, Delween
■ia Ist and 2nd streets, suitable for a small fami
ly. For further information, apply to NORVELL,
JONES & EGGLESTON, No. 14 Pearl street,
jy 3—dts
rfjpcjj FOR KENT, two newly built tiiree story
■!a House*, with ja» pipe* throughout—on Main
street, br tween 2nd and 3rd atr-.ets. Apply to
my 26—ts W. GODDIN.
tfpj FOk RENT— i hree offices, suitable lor
Mail prolessional men—one adjoining our office,
in LiisL's Row, and the other two in the Law Build
ing. Apply to ua. TOLER <fc COOK,
je 17 General Agents.
BFOR RENT—A small brick tenement on
Church Hilt, near the residence of Mr.
Hutchinson. Rent, $7 per month.
el 7 TOLER & COOK, General Agents.
CANAL OPEN.—Onandafter
Monday next, our Boats will run
Ualiy ua UaUni.
jy 7—6t
AND teTAut. iJNE.—Fare reduced to $3,
from Richmond to the Fauquier White Sulphur
Leaves Richmond at 61-2 o'clock A. M , on Tues
days, Thursdays ond Saturdays, by the Va. Central
Railroad to Gordonsville, thence oy stages to the
Springs. Leaves the Springs on Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays at 4 o'clock P. M , and arrives
in Richmond next day by 2 o'clock P. M.
Passengers will find this a pleasant and very com
fortable route as the cars, coaches and teams are
all good and the conductors and drivers not only
steady and attentive, but gentlemen.
Servants are charged full fare on the
Seats can be secured at the Central Rail
road Office in Richmond, and oi D, M. Pattie at the
jy 7—d4w F. P SAWYER.
THE NOTES oi the Southern .Uanifao
tnrers' Bank of Washington City, and of the
Corporation of Fredericksburg, will be re
ceived at par with Virginia Bank Notet at our
counter. C. W. PURCELL 6l CO.,
my 20 Exchange Brokers.
LAISD FOR HALK.—We offer tor sale about
120 acres of land in Henrico county, abou* se
ven miles north of the city— one hall of which is
cleared—tbe balance so wooded that enough wood
might be spared from it to pay for the land. It lies
well—is conveniently situated, and is of good qual
ity. It is without improvements and will De priced'
accordingly. Apply early.
je 15 General Agents.
Richmond, July 6th. i 852. J
THK President sua Directors of the bunk of
Viigiuia have this day declared a dividend of
of four aTid a quarter per cent out of the profits oi
tbe Bank for tiie last six months, subject to the de
ductionofi percent, bonus to tbe State, which
leaves lour per cent or $2 eO per share, payable to
the stockholders on demand
jy 7—daw SAM''. MARX, CaaHer.
1- brand F Funk, prime; seventy do Virginia
Apple Brandy; one pipe Holland Gin, juat received,
for sale by
VANiiYKK BROWN.—idu lbs. Vandyke
Brown, a very superior article, just received
and for sale very low, t>y W. M. DADE,
Chemist and Apothecary,
jy 5 Main street, near Old Market
PICKJLKD SALMON.— We have just opened
two tierces of new Mo. 1 Salmon, retailing It
only 10 cents per pound Persons wishing a prime
article, will please ci It soon at
jy 10 Old Market and 2i2 Broad street.
mon to fair quality, receiving, lor sale,
BiiAMiirSU fAI. 'X", ot aitte'enl cuiure, for
Tobacconist*—You that are using paints uf a
pale, dirty color, and which clog up the oraods.
should give my Paints a trial, and thus avoid ihe
evil, as they are prepared wich great pains, and
warrauted to give sati«iacti»n
VV. M. DADE, Chemist,
jy 5 Main street, near Old Market.
GUANO.— 60UC bags No. I Peruvian Guano,
put up iu new strong bags, cargo ot the barque
Fame, direct from the lsiaua to James River , now
discharging and for aale in lets to suit purchaser*
je 2*J 8. McGKUDKK at BQN3
LAUD.— aepaits nice iamily Lard, received, tor
BH.e by
jy 8 R. M. BURTON.
OUKK Forged horse and utile
ehoes, and Griffin's horse shoe Naiia, for sale
1852 —Subscribers tor Montague's Directory
tor 1152, are earnestly requested to call at our office
lor their copies, and all other persons who wish to
have a book st useful to every man residing in or
near the city, are invited to call upon ua, there
beiug a larae surplua of tae work yet on hand
\J MCt 111— These ternole pests to all good
housekeepers mar be gotten rid of by the use of
one box of BURGEse A CO'd ROACH, RAT AND
MuUHa EXTERMINATOR. This article has been
trii-.d all over the country, and testimonials ol its
efficacy iurnished by numerous respectable per
sods Priee only 25 cents a box. For sale whole
sale and retail, by THUS. H UREBHAM,
jy iu Periodica! Dealer, Broad street.
I A*D in HIMKICO.—Ws offer far sale *
*** r> tn Una rim, rmntainlai 111 arrns
and lying aboat eleven miles from Kv-hmond. It
lessborg and Prsemii Railroad, and cm the north
tracHaof-^3' Uekafcooli «y CkA. The whole
y«at,, .boat acres of
tFSZt. Sis
:.mi.ho Ul d pnrckwr prrf-r it *.hfl
Cf desertpnoa, the farming imple
such property as this get. tod
is now much sought, we would remind cap tahsts
of the propriety of their apafefefwithout
>21 (LZrSTtL,
Jl'ik «TH, 1771. —
Thy spirit, Independence, let me share 1
Lord of the lion heart and Eagle eye;
Thy steps I follow with my bosom hare,
Nor heed the storm that howls along thesky.
This gloriesu anniversary is drawing near,
awakening proud and grateful recollections of the
heroic age of our country, and reminding ss that
the summer will soon pass awsy, and harm? jet on
hand a great variety ofsummer SHOES, GAITERS,
Ice., for Ladies, Gents, and Children, we are de
termined to sell from Ist July to Ist September at
such prices as will aecemmoiate the views of the
most economical. Give us a call, all who wish a
1 runk, or summer Boots, Shoes or Gaiters, for we
are determined to please you, at the saloon of
. , mL , WHITE & PAGE,
Jy 1 Three doors below Dooley's Hat Btore.
TlON.—Office in Exchange building, next
door to the Port Office, Richmond, Va.—ACCU
$50,000. —M B DEAN, President, Finance Com
mittee: Wm. Patton, 6. C. Wood, H. B. Judkins.
A. Wilbur, Actuary.
This Association has declared a dividend of thirty
five and one half per cent for the year ending April
Ist, 1862. No liability to assessment.
This Is an Association of Workiat Men and
others for the mutual assistance of each other in
case of sickness or accident.
By the payment of the following annual deposits.
you will become a life member, and will be entitled
to a weekly benefit (first week excepted) during
life, if you should be disabled by sickness or ac
cident from attending to your ordinary business or
occupation, reutaiee win draw in case of sickness
common to both sexes.
Table of Rates.
•2prjr.draw 92 prw'k. $7 ptjr. draw 67 pr.w'k
3""3" 8 " " 8 "
4<■«4« 9 " « 9 M
5 « « 5 « 10 " " 10 "
6"" 6 "
Those over fifty years of age will be charged 25
psr cent, extra. One dollar and fifty cents admit
sion fee will be charged, in addition to the above,
the rirst year, aud must be paid at the time of ap
plication, and the first year's deposit within thirty
References.—Dogget & Anderson, Upholster*
ers, corner 13th and Governor sts., Richmond, Va;
Geo M West & Bro, Booksellers, Exchange Place;
Smith Jit Marvin, Merchants, Main St.; Bowen &
Bruce, Washington Hotel; McDonald & Lyons,
Regalia Manufacturers, Exchange Place; Hafaiis
ton & Bro, Furniture dealers, 13th St., do.; Thomas
Hornbrook, merchant, Wheeling; A Laine, hard
ware do, do; George Hardman, builder, do; J E
Wharton, Editor of Times and Gazette, do; And.
Mehatfy, Esq, Gosport Foundry, Norfolk, Va; Geo
W Bain, Savings Bank. Portsmouth; J M Blanchard,
Superintendent on Seaboard and Roadoke Railroad,
Portsmouth, Va; Hon Reuben Wood, Governor ef
Ohio; Hon Joseph A Wright, Gov'r of Indiana;
Hon Augustus C French, 'Gov'r of Illinois; Hon
Austin A King, Gov<r of Missouri; Hon Richard
Brodhead. Senator from Penn; Hon James M Por
ter, Easton, do.
All communications should be addressed (post
paid) to A. WILBUR,
Actuary and General Agent, Richmond, Va.
my 11—ts
AKK NOTICE —Great Redaction la
Prices.—As th« season is far advancing, I will
now otfer my entire stock of Dry Goods ana Fancy
Articles at great reduced prices. Those wishing to
purchase great bargains, are respectfully invited to
give me a call and satisfy themselves.
Also, another lot of those well known patent
Manilla Corded Skirts, received this day by steamei
175 Broad street
P. S —All persons indebted to the late concern of
HENRY ROSENFELD ts. BRO, wi!l please come
forward and settle their accounts, ts longer indul
gence cannot be given. jy 7—lm
T. T.—We are *Uil selling Choice TEAS at
X • very low price*. Best Gunpowder and Im
perial Tea* we aell at $1, usually told at $1.50, and
we will tell a Tea at 75 cent* that will compare with
any dollar Tea in the city. We only charge SO
cents for the beat Black Tea. The reaaon we can
aell cheaper than any other retail house ia thU, we
•elect the choicest Teas from the cargo, and bring
them direct from the importer to tbe consumer
saving our cuatomera several profits, aa Teas gene
rally pass through three or four hands before they
reach tha retailer ia Richmond. Sample* tree to
try. HULST fc KING,
jy 10— 6t Old Market, and 232 Broad street.
Goods at pricks to suit thk
TlMES.—Calicoes at 5 cents-, Shirting at 5
cents; Sheeting at 6d; Check Muslin at IS 1-9 cents;
Swi-'s at 12 1-2 cents; Jeans at 6d; Collars at 6t;
Muslin Sleeves at 37 12 cents; Lace do at 50 cents;
Chimi«ettes at 37 12 cents; Lawns at 10 cents;
Gingham at 12 1-2 cents; Summer Cravats at 12 I<2
cents; Shirting Stripes at fid; Bad Tick at 10 eeatt
and lota ol other cheap Goods. Cad soon, beiote
the bargains are all dispmod oL
ABRAHAM LEVY, J* , 201 Broad atteet
Jy9 '
IV"OTICE.—For the benefit of others, I hereby
11 certify that I have received more benefit from
two bottles of Baker's Premium Bitters, in my sick
ness with the Dyspepafe, than any thing I ever have
tried, with the ass a red cootirieaoe that it will ex
terminate that annoying disease.
(Signed) JOHN E. BROOK,
Richmond, Jane Bth, 1852. je 15 U
JUNK 20, ISsX—Juat received Iron Mew
Plain Swiss Muslins
Dotted do de
Checked and plaid Swiss Muslins
CoWred Sprig and Dotted do
Jaconet Cambrics ,
Tape Che k Muslim
Furniture Dimity, very cheap
And a variety of other desirable and cheap goods,
at HART * MOsE*'
je 29 ' Mew Store, 63 Main street.
HOK dc CO'S CLcular Saws, 48, 90, 52,
• 60 inches
Mill, Pit, and Cross-eat Sawa, warranted quality
Butcher's superior Mill law Fife*, ait sizes
Copper Rivits and Bars for Bolting
Italian and Russia Hemp Packing Yarn
Lead Pipe, i inch to 14 inch diameter
In store and for aale at low price* by
iy 3 Sign »f tbe Circular 8a w, 74 Main at.
OTICK.-R- K DU VALh*ring thia day la
ken his brother, J- P. DUVAL, into e» part
nerthip, the buslntas will in future be eoadoerad
by R. It. Daval 6c. Bratfcer, at the old Mod,
under the Amerossn Hotel. We an bow reviving
a freah supply of Drugs, Medicines, P.inta, Oils, Ac
fee , and hope, by strict personal attention, to merit
a portion of public patronage. R. R DUVAL,
Richmond, July Ist, 1852. jy j
Ann MBWAItO.—The above reward will fee
paid for the apprebensioo, with the evi
dence neceaaary to convict toe thief who stale from
Ksgland s new bnildnras, corner of Franklin and
Bth atreets, yeaterdsy (Friday) morning, 4 casks ot
UMa, oranded: 8. Laird. UntlackedMol Lime.
ROBKKT r. BHOAODUtf offers his servi
ces to the citiaens of Ricamoad and the public
generally as a general Collector of Claims. Be
pledges himself u> attend strictly to all business en
trusted to his care. His office is In the rear of Mr
James R. Sutton's office, la Law Building,
mund, Va. my 4—fen* 1
i I *NT»> UItXM BOOTS*—Another sup
u ply just received of these b <autiful tad supe
rior French Calf Dress Boots, at No 43 Main street,
«ign of the Big Boot, by
price one chi l
JJjjgy ■ WwMMa» t OA u> 'I -V
K. Gordon, o&rTfo? \^3ft£*£•
SL^Sl^^2r ,- K j
keys, earring*, fager-ring a, braaetatM. 1«S
ble, tea and deaert spoon*, ferk*. tuymlt'nS
a large lot of plat-d castors, cake btukata, AKni*
faw « to<olndJirSk W
*-^"-WseeheeandJewelry eareArihrNnM
worfa * e *' °* m-°Mwr»r
sDLramt AN*
FreA Blue w»L
Ltek gwiw «"** »«■ «*• Bh»
Oak Orchard Add 10ner*l Water fr
«?sr "~ J
eaaea, rack a* chronic affection« of «k«i -»■
and urinary organa, and aome of the eutiMouadft!.
eases, chronic dytpepaU, ehroaie diarrhcaa.
dysentery, chronic dtoreat*. chronic
™ J 7pboti
cence trom protracted ferera, to excite the annrrtm
i.StKSS.'S +
cu ™tiTe prop*rtiee in certain dia
eaaea, fumiahed gratuitously i
je 21 Sole Agents for the State of Vtorin'l*.
Hotel Bar Room, Wall r, '
Mr. R haa exercised hia talent* to the above
rope * " Cme ° f Hoapitala of Eu-
H. B —Surgical operation! performed with litlto
or no pain.
Mr R has always on hand a fine aaaortment of
Swedish, Hungarian, and Poland LnAn. Givte
m T ° U By ch « r S e * reasonable.
A WNING».-JaCOB MULL, 180 atreet, be
•c*. tween Broad and Marshall street*, la prepared
to execute, in a faithful and workmanlike inuner,
the above description of work. Awninsa, Sack
ing Bottoms, Tents, Marques, Tarpaulins Whoel-
Rope*, and all other kinds of splicing done at
short notice and on reasonable terms.
BT Orders left at the Hardware Store of Smith
® Garwood, or as above, will be attended to.
je 17—lm
75,000 do white Pine Board* and Plank; 60,000 do
•easoaed Oak Board*; 18,000 do do inch Button
wood ; 10, 00 do I*4 inch C heart Step Plank* now
landing from board achr* Telegraph, Canton arid
Ashland, for *ale b
my 14—t* Rfc O. WHITWELD.
JBl*have this day roceired two thousand Canada
Straw HATS, suitable for servants, which I an die
posed to tell at a very low price. Those io want
of harvest Hats for servants wilt find It to their In
terest to call at No. 87 Main stxaet Alao, a beauti
ful article of India Straw Hats fur gentlsmeaa* wear.
HAVING added to oar present business that of
HOUSE PLUMBING, and bavin* encafed
workmen recommended by the beat establishment
in the city of Philadelphia, we a re 1 now prepared to
water, Ac., which will be done at oriees to salt the
times. Persons in wsat will plMsegive use oUI
0. * A. Bannsstiii i.
mh 28—ts 801. cor. Main and 10th streets.
Auction Gooos.-Thu meniag m are
receiving and opening an additional supply of
sew and cheap Goods, bought at auetka, which
we will be able to aell • great deal cheaper thaa
they can be bought elsewhere. Among them are
the following:
100 dozen Lines Towel*,at9 eta apiece, worth
doable, very fine, and 7-6 wide Shirtffcg, nob leach
ed, at lie.
Lou of (mall and large Dotted Bwi**
Cheeked and Striped Muslins, ataQ prices,some
aa low aa 10 cent* per yard.
Linen Hdkfa, very cheap. . , . ' .
Blk Silk and Silk Lacea, Swiaa and Cambric
Gentlemen'! Silk S3 8* worth 96,
Kid Gloves, is white, light and dark egon, 33&e
per pair, besides qnantitiae of other cheap Goods.
Calf soon, aa they certainly will aell very qntek at
those pricea. J, MILLMSER * BUOTHKR,
J« 3R _ 1 193 Broad atreet.
TUCKJf.—Freeh supplies jastreealred. Thia Sul
phur Water ia well aad favorably known. Persona
of biiiooa haSiU or with a tendency to billons affec
> tiona.ur other diseases iaeidenttoihe trans months
of wmmer, or thoae asitariag fraan djrapeftlc
symptom*, will find great, advantage from ita aae.
A* a coofing Sperieat, it possesses many adnata
gea over the ordinary sanaopargatives ' to aodon
on the bowel* i* more natural, and it* eJS»ctof giv
ing atrengtb and tone to the digestive organ*, ren
der it on* of the moat desirable remedMsfetrts. It
ha* within iteelf the elepntnu of it* owa pmaerva
tioßj and we are, therefore, enabled to offer it as
perfect aa to it* outward characteristics, and with
the certainty that alt its p—fiertias aa a rsmadlsl
agent are retained, aa if takes freeh from the dpriag.
Iu it* composition, it i* identical with the Harrow
gate Spring, of Bsgload. We are the ealy agehts
it r iwaalein this aity. Oar supplies are rtcdnd
direct from the Spring.
All Bine Lick Water in brttleeaoM b? ■* wßfbo
branded thus," B)tte LWt Water, AumS, Ladd *
C 0.," the words being blows ia Ike glass The
proprietor*, with us new of placing ft is Water
wHSia the reaek of all* pat itatae low apHe*4i*t
we fcel wamstfod ta saying that it fa the okaaamt
Mineral Water is the United Statae.
PLHCKLL, LAOS • CO., Gaal Ageate
Je 17 For tko Rkip Uek Balpk«7Vfator.
•ad mnr ttacii Cim; the ererpointed Pena
manufactured by u experienced workam « am
ia the United Stated andaccwi to Mm. 7
Spectacle* of raiiuut hinda, and thoao grand
- vtiEiZZZm m 7 tmorih * *• "•? "
The Brer Fltwlaa Faaitala f— tandem
Invention, combining akill with limpUeitT. and no
H w reality or • humbug.
Manufactoi y at the corner of llthand Itta at:
offloeta room formerly oecopied by the ltafcfW
Peui re-pointed and warranted taatni.
I AMD in H*NiUciL-We itfTUU*-
V 134a»reaof excellent Wood LAND, artthoat
impro»ea»eßU, lying la Henricv coufe (frfM***
en mile* north of the city, wbkh ia aMMM ta
contain Coal, it b<dag the next tract to Arwa
which mueb Coal baa been takes ; a«i A*Las4 hi
ing near Hungary Wafer Station, afehar SWl*
coal might eaa&j be transported 6*eW # ®dfc
moad Here U a chance for aj^baqjim^PPV
r lot of the «**V *** liwy
mend atfrcah, and an
iLwk. a ..<J

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