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VOL. 2--N0 227.
i HE daily dispatch!
7AS A COWA.RDIN, Proprietor.
8101 l tt. n.fcA.-A>TM, Efltw.
i 1 ,nf«*rtioosO 30 | 1 square, 1 month $4 00
- -2 insertions 075 . 1 do 2 months 700
f Vq 3 do 100 1 do 3 do 10 00
'• Aa i week 175 i 1 do 6 do 16 00
! do 2 wnkt 2 751 1 do 1 year 30 00
' j-y* OammunicatioMare charged at the same
' , a( advertisements
' *,-£■ i rT, or Us* make a tfvart; longer ad
in "**»ct proportion and payable in ad
"r-£r Advertisements Inserted once a week, twice
f JJli. or thrt.-e times * week, will be SO
,er.:» tor uie first insertion, and 37 i cents tor each
ry Marriage notices Inserted for 25cents; Fu
as-Toi.'ticea cents ; Deaths, without obituary or
invitation, 13} cents.
The "Daily Dispatch' Is served to subscribers
tt «- aid * "uarttr rtntt -per vttk, payable to the
onlcr weekiy. Price far mailing, *4 a year In ad
the wkkkly dispatch
I< published every Friday morning, and mailed
for oxs dollab a vkab. To Clubs, for $5 six co
pies forilO thirteen copies; for $15 twenty co
p',.t' for $'.>0 twenty -seven copies.
We select the following from the Editor's
iu the June number of the Knicker
bocker :
Happening to gel a peep at a half written
book tiy our fiieitd Pvnnhuret, whose "Wan
.-ieriiiga and Ways of Thinking" are becoming
<■0 popular, we "conveyed" the following : ' 1
ri ni-iiiher to have been sent by my mother,
i ;i mission of consolation to Mia. Beddles,
ulio had just lost her husband,our farmer.—
U'l.at 1 beet r-member about her belote this
;:c«sion i*, tliut she had quantities of ducks,
~1 which she was very proud. She evidently
believed that no oilier birds knew what moult
meant; she thought her ducks, and they
aioi)'', committed this action. "Yes, Master
Hugh," sha used to say, "yes; Sir," wiih a
-iKiiis emphasis on the "Sir," "them ducks as
M u °ee tiiete, which the one that his tail turns
up is the drake ; well, them ducks changes
ih.-ir foliage regular every spring." Well,
beinj sent, when nine or ten years old, to cor;-
dole with »Uis. liedUles, 1 did not know exact
iv what to do. ' Mrs. Beddles," I said, "Main*
,*iu me down to sny how sorry she is that
Mr. Heddles is dead." "Oh, ho! yes, my
•Jear Master Hugh ; your mar is so good ; she,
:00, have lost a good husban', but nobody
leiii't know what 1 lost, he was sitch a good
purwider." I felt like laughing and crying at
;i;e same time, hs 1 said : "Yes, I know lie
wus a good provider, but (hat makes you glad
to think of now, don't it 1" "Yea, my dear;
•j! when one is all lonely so,and no particular
tiusiness for to toiler, one can't help a cryin'
.'ur liieui as is went to their long 'oraes, and as
sitch a good purwiders. And now he luys
;i,ere into the back kitchen, in his clean shirt
-lid drawers, and they ain't nobody to purwide
no more." Wfcen I had gone a little way, I
/i*li as if 1 had not done enough, and began to
ihiiik that il any body 1 loved was dead, 1
should besoiry to have them buried very soon;
Hid that suggesting another topic of consola*
lion, 1 went back, half opened the door, and
said: "Mrs. Beddles, don't you bury Mr.
Buddies so soon, i know that Mamma would
<ike to keep him with you as long as possible."
"lVs, Master Hugh," she answered,"! would
keep him, but it is sitch warm weather that
I'm afearil he'll spile !"
A friend gives us an amusing idea of "a
itaicii Judge" in the following sketcn :
"He was about to sentence a prisoner, and
mi looking around lor him, found him playing
chequers with his custodian, while the fore
•iiau of the jury was fast asleep. Replenishing
(lie ample judicial chuir with his broadcast
person, lie thus addressed the jury : 'Mister
voretnan and t'oder jurymans : Der brisoner,
Hans Vleckier, is vinished his game mit der
sheiifl', and has peat hiiu, but 1 shall dake
ijare he don't peat me. Hans has peen tried
Air murder pefore you, and you must pring in a
vardick, but il must pe 'cordin to de law. De
;;ian he kill't wasn kill't at all, as it was broved
he id in der jail at Morristown, lor sheep-steal
mg. i'ut dat is no madder. Der law says
»en dere ish a lout you give 'em to der bris
'iier ; put here der ish uo tout; you see der
prisoner ish guilty. Besides, he ish a great
iouler. 1 hut know'd him vifty year, and he
aatliu't tone a s'ditch of vork in all dat times ;
ind deie ish no oue debeuding upou him for
ieir liviu', and he ish no use to no pody. 1
'link ii would pe goot plans to hang him for de
example. I dink, Mr. Voremans, dat he petter
I pe hung next Fourt o'July, ns der militia ish
lodiaiu iu anoder gounty.and der would
pe no vun goiu' ou here !"
Ii shouiu be edded, to the credit of the jury,
ihat in spite of this "learned and impartial
:liarge," they acquitted the "brisoner," tind
ng him M Not46ll ilty, if he would leave the
Sunn was in Bhiladelphia, on his first visit.
Consequently he hud rather a verdant look,
sud strolled down Chesnut street, wild as one
; ust caught. 0;i his devious route he was ac
costed by an exquisite of the first wuter, w ho,
!i <lding out a regalia, requested Sam to "be
kind enough to afford him a light."' Sam drew
itusell up to his full height, looked supercil
iously down upon his interrogator, and finally
implied : "Certainly,l sir, tobacco levels all
distinctions; light your cigar, sir!" and took
t hasty leave. So writes a friend, from whom
"more auon."
IMNGEK OK h.:\i.kH.NG to Ladies.—Oue of
!ie drollest occurrences in the annuls of gul
jutrv is related of (iibbon, the historian, who
was short 111 stature, and very fat. One day
oeing alone with tho beautiful Madame de
Crouzas, he dropped on his knee before her,
iuiJ made a declaration of love in the most
passionate terms. The astonished lady reject
"'l Ins suit, and requested hiui to rise. The
J washed hisioiian remained on his knees.—
'time, Mr. Gibbon, I beseech you, rise." Mr.
'jiiibon still kept his posture. "Mr. Gibbon
* v ill you have the goodness to get up ?" "Alas
madam," faltered the unlucky lover, "I can
"ol." He was too fat to regain his feet with
ui assistance. Madame de Crouzas rang the
'fil, and said to her servant, "Lift up Mr.
'-"ekphayeu Himdelk.—During the preva
.cuce of the epidemic in Virginia, in 1849, the
negroes 011 the different plantations became
ireudlully alarmed, and thought they would
'■ertainly die with it. Among others, in one
•it ilif upper counties, w is a negro boy, who,
•''bwug beard his lather say that the cholera
w ;uld soon be along their way, left his work
Il !' V " eloo ' t 1° 'be woods.—
" ie je was found ti> his overseer, soon after,
-- asleep. Being tak«-n to task b> hi in foi
.1 atiijg his work, he excused himself on the
jjioum: inat, not being "prepared iu mind to
' li' had gone to the woods to "meditate.."
_ ul > ""fid Hie overseer, "how was il Ihat you
*eut asleep?" "Well 1 don't know, zaeily,"
"•sponded the negro, "but 1 speck I must have
ovetprayed iiiywif."
» # IMr Allison C. L joker, a printer, died
'• cholera at Cincinnati on the 9lb inst.
The Phi Beta Kappa.—We perceive by
following, from the Norfolk Beacon, that
this ancient society has been revived in Wil
liam and Mary College:
The night before the commencement was
marked bv an event of much interest, the revi"
val of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. It was first
instituted in the College on the" sixth day of
December, 1776, and its branches have been
established in five other Colleges and Universi
ties, viz: Cambridge, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth
and Lnion. Its members at present exceed
one thousand, and its catalogue contains
the names of the most distinguished men of
this and other States. During the troubles of
the times in 1781, when it was apprehended
that the College would be dissolved, the Parent
Society held its last meeting, sealed up its
pers, and gave them in safe keeping to be pre
served for future use. In 1849, Mr. Short of
Philadelphia, the last President, and only sur
viving member, commissioned Professors Tot
ten and Smecd, now ot William and Mary,
but Alumni of Union College, and members
of the branch there established, to re-orga
nize the present society. They accordingly
procured the papers alluded to, and on the first
ot July, after a suspension of threescore yeurs
and ten, the Phi Beta Kappa was once more
in session. The sealed papers contained this
44 The members present at the last meeting
of the Society thinking it advisable that the
papers should not be removed, determined to
deliver them into the hands of the College Stew
ard, to remain with him until the desired event
of the Society*B resurrection; and this deposit
they make, in the sure and certain hope that
the fraternity will one day rise to life everlast
ing and glory immortal."
May ihis hoped for day which has thus
dawned, brighten into all the splendor autici
pated by those literary seers, and renew and
prolong the salutary radiance which ripened
them for eminence and usefulness.
Mrs. Clay.—A correspondent at Wash
ington writes:—
"When Mr. Clay became Secretary of State,
Mrs. Clay resided here, and was universally
aJmiied for kindness and affability, and her
evening parties were rendered as agreeable by
her pleasing manners as by her brilliancy and
spirit. I remember an incident that occurred
when he had the duel with John Randolph.—
Aa he was returning from the ground, he ask
ed, anxiously, whether Mrs Clay knew what
had happened. He had informed her that he
was going out, and had kept it a seciet. Just
before his return, she heard it from a servant,
and, meeting him in the passage, threw her
arms aiound him, exclaiming, 'O, Harry! how
could you go without letting me know?' I
mention these circumstances in consequence
of the widely circulated statements, lately
made in letters from Washington, that Mrs
Clay never was in this city—where her illus
trious husband passed a iar|?e portion of his
lite, and established a name that is honored by
the whole civilized world."
Gabriel Villere, an esteemed citizen of
Louisiana, died in the Parish of St. Bernard
on the 6th. The Delta says:
To Major Yillere's devotion and intrepidity
New Orleans is largely indebted for its ulti"
mate safety, when, on the 23d December, 1814*
he was surprised in iiis own house by the Brit
ish vanguard, he leaped through a window of
the second story, madegood his escape through
a shower of bullets, and was the first man who
announced the enemy's presence to General
Jackson, who, on that same evening, with his
gallant bund, met and conquered the foe.
It is said that when the announcement was
made to General Jackson, he immediately
cried out, in a loud voice, to hia negro boy—
"Boh! bring me my boots. By the Eternal!
I''l fight them to-night."
The following, Irom the N. O. Fica
yune, represents a depth of depravity seldom
exceeded. No punishment is too bad for such
Robbing the Bodies.—The bodies of the
uufurtunate victims of the explosion had been
nearly all rifled before they were received tin
board the Mobile yesterday. The pockets of
all were turned inside out. Human vultures
have been hovering round the scene of the
disaster, and the presence of death, and the
consciousness of the affliction of families to
whom each little memorial of the lost ones
would be as a mine of wealth, did not prevent
thein from plundering. The exccrable wreteh
es should be lashed out of society. We trust
that they may be discovered.
To make Mus<iijiToEs Leave.—Tie a piece
offhintiel or sponge to a thread made fast to
the top of the bedstead, wet the flannel or
sponge with camphorated spirits, and the mus
quitoes will leave the room-
Don't know whether the above is effectual
or not, but it is worth tryiug. We believe
however, that if the vile insects once get a taste
of human blood, all the camphor in the world
won't drive them away.
The valuable tract of land belonging to
the estate of the late Judge Douglass, near
Ciiarlestown, Virginia, was sold last week for
the sum of $58 55 per acre. Purchased by
Mr. F. W. Drew.
[jp Nothing could exceed the delight with
which the growing com in this vicinity re
ceived the late showers of ruin, it appears
to us that the season has been favorable, thus
far, to the growth of crops of every descrip
tion. Btiople are always complaining, how
ever, either of heal or cold. Can't help pity
ing them.
fcjjf Three persons were arrested in Cincin
nati on the 7th for manufacturing bogus
money. A considerable quantity of counter
feit dies, nnd some excellent moulds were
found in their possession.
The Whigs of Buffalo are making ar
rangements for a graud gathering at Niagara,
Falls, on the 27th of this month, the anniver
sary of the battle of Lundy's Lane.
kF* Daniel A. Quackenboss, a clerk in the
Merchant's Bank, Wall street, New York, has
been arrested and commuted to prison, for forg
ing a draft.
£3*° John S. Thrasher was complimented
by a public dinner, ill New Orleans, on Mon
|y The Lynchburg Virginian is to be is
sued daily, early in August.
Another Nokth Carolina Diamond.—
We saw, a day or two ago, a diamond of the
first water, weighing four grains, found by Mr.
J. W. Arwood, of McDowell county, whilst
working a gold mine, about five and a half
miles west of Charlotte, on what is called the
l odd Branch. —Charlotte Whig.
Southside Railroad.—The following res
olution was passed at a meeting of the stock*
holders of this road, in Petersburg, on Tues
Revolted, That the President und Directors,
(a majority of the whole BoarJ concurring)
be authorized to borrow for and on behalf of
this Company, for the purpose of completing
the road to Lynchburg, a sum not exceeding
$800,000. upon such terms, and payable, prin
cipal and interest, at such times, and at such
places, as to them may seem best, —and that
they be authorised to issue the bonds of the
companv for thesum so borrowed,with coupons
attached, signed by the President, and sealed
with the seal of this Company; and, as a secu
rity for the prompt and faithful payment of the
interest and principal of said bonds, they be
authorised to execute, in due and legal form, a
mortgage on all the property, works, &.C., of
the said Company.
A man lately started on a truck from the
foot of Plane No. 1, on »he Portage (Pa.)
Railroad, to go to Johnstown, followed closely
by a section boat. He seated himself on a keg
of powder, and let his truck run at a pietty
good gait. A mile or two below the plane, a
wagon loaded with wood, in hastening across
the track, dropped a cord wood piece, which
threw the truck off, and the man and powder
on thp track side—the powder bursting open
by the fall. The section boat passed over him,
literally crushing him to death; at the same
time, in striking, the truck, by some means or
other, ignited the powder, and the man was
completely blown up!
Revolutionary Relics.—The Ohio Elyri
an Courier says the indentical gun used bv
tilhan Allen, during his services in the revolu
tioiiarv war, is now in possession of N. H.Un
deihill. of that village. Also the gun used bv
(Jen. Wayne, and with which he made himself
so notorious in picking Indians from the tops
of trees, is now in a gun shop in that village to
be repaired.
Strong Attachment.—We heard lately re
peated the grounds of a strong attachment.—
A young and beautiful, but poor widow, was
about to marry a rich old widower. Her friends
wished to know what she was about to marry
hiin for. She feelingly replied: "Pure love,
I love the ground (meaning the farm probably)
on which he walks, and the very house in
which he lives."
Naval.—Orders have been received to fit
out with dispatch, the Razee independence,
the sloop-of-war Marion. and the schooner Dol
phin, all of which vessels are now lying at the
Navy Yard at New York.
It is supposed that the Independence is in
tended for the flag ship of thn Home Squadron;
the Marion (or the exploration of the River Am
azon, and the Dolphin for the Coast of Alrica.
—N. Y. Journal of Commerce.
The celebrated comedian, John Reeve, was
once accosted by an elderly female, with a bot
tle of gin in her hand. " Pray, sir, I beg your
pardon, is this the way to the work house?"—
John gave her a look of clerical dignity, and
pointing to the bottle said: 41 No, madam, but
that is!"
41 So there's another rupture of Mount Voci
ferous," said Mrs. Partington, as.she put up her
specs, 41 the paper tells us about the burning
lather running down the mountain, but it don't
tell how it got a fire."
Thunder Storm.—A severe thunder storm
occurred at Charlestown, Va., on Sunday.—
The Episcopal Church was struck by light
ning and slightly injured.
Mrs. Mowatt is playing, with great success,
at Louis* ille, Ky., showing that she is entirely
recovered from her late injuries.
jjjf fIU
Only.—The public are hereby informed that the
comfortable and commodious low-pressure Steam
er MARYLAND, Capt. Charles E. Mitchell, having
been entirely refitted, enlarged, and improved in
every respect, with berths for a large number of
passengers, and with state rooms tor those who
prefer being retired, is now on the route between
Richmond and Baltimore. Passengers by this agree
b.e and economical line will leave Ricnmona by
tte morning train, 011 Mondays and Wednesdays,
at 7 o'clock, A. M., and reach Baltimore on the fol
lowing murnings in time to proceed y the New
Castle and Freuchtown Steamboat line fat half past
6 A M, or with the early train of those days to Phil
adelphia. Returning, passengers will leave Balti
more on the afternoons of Tuesday and Thursday,
at 4, P M , and connect at the Creek on Wednesday
and Friday succeeding with the train which ar
rives in Richmond at 4, P. M., of the same days.
Fare iu either direction, 85, (state rooms and
meals for cabin passengers, extra, except in the case
of ladies and families, who will have the privilege
of state-rooms free of charge.) Forward cabin
passengers, (including meals and lodging on board,)
84 50.
Fare for first class passengers between Baltimore
an! Philadelphia by the New Castle and French
town line. $2 50. For second class do, $ 1 50. Ma
king the whole fare from Richmond to Philadelphia
for first clan passengers by this agreeable line,
®7 50 only.
Nor further particulars, or through tickets, apply
at the office of the Richmond, Fredericksburg ii
Potomac Railroad Company.
J. B. WINSTON, Ticket Agent.
Officr R., F. &. P. R. R. Company, }
Richmond, March 6th, 1852. 1 mh 6
D As agents for the manufacturers we keep on
hand, constantly, an attractive and varied stock ot
the above article, made of India Rubber The at
tention of Mill owners, Steamboat and Steam
Engine Proprietors and Machinists is particular
ly invited to these goods Their superiority is now
so universally acknowledged thst it is almost Deed
less to enlsrge upon that score. Evidence of this
is lound in the tact that they are used in all the
most extensive manulacturing establishments, and
by a large proportion of the steamboat proprietors
not enly iu this country but throughout Canada
and the other British Provinces in North America,
in preference to any other descriptions. For sale,
in every variety and any quantity, by
Corner Cary and Pearl sts., Richmond, Va.
je 26
Time and Tide; or, Strive and Win, by A. S.
Roe, author of 'James Mon'joy,' 'To Love and be
Loved,' &c, <fcc. 1 vol compel*—soc
St. George; or. The Canadian League, by Wil
liam Chas McKianon, author ol 'Si Castine,' a Le
gend of Cape Breton, Ac. 2 vol*—L
Marcus Warland; or, The Long Moss Spring. A
new supply—soc
Michael Bonham; or, The Fall of Bexar, a tale
of Texas. Complete—2sc
Also, a great variety of other new works just re
ceived and tor sale by
jy '2 G. M. WEST k. BRO.
BUA.NDIMi PAI. Tf ol different colors, tor
Tobacconists —You that are using paints of •
pale, dirty color, and which clog up the brands,
should give my Paints a trial, and thus avoid the
evil, as they are prepared with great pains, and
warranted 10 give satintacti- u
W. M. DADE, Chemist,
jy & Main street, near Old Market-
HOM.SK SHOES.—Forged horse and mule
Shoes, sad Griffin's horse shoe Naiia, for sale
by m yJ2 VAN LEW t TAYLOR.
TICK LICORICE.—72 cases hoe Calabria
Stick Licorice.
30 do do Spanish do do, in store and for sale by
Books for thk bomb circle.
NASH & WOOD HOUSE, Eagle Square, have
Dollars and Cents, fourth edition, two vols—l 50
Queechy, by the author of the "Wide, Wide
World," 16th edition, two volumes
Hood's up the Rhine, with wood cuts, two parts
—55 cents; tine edition. 75 cents
History of the Electric Telegraph, Bvo—tl
The Polypi of the Larynx, Ac., by DrH Green,
The Memorial to J. Fenimore Cooper, Bvo $1
Journey to Iceland, by Ida Phietier, 12m0—25c;
fine edition 50c
Morse Shoe Robinson, by J P Kennedy, revised
edition—Bl 50
Swallow Barn, by J P Kennedy, plates, revised—
•1 75
The Napoleon Ballads, by Bon Gaultier—2sc
Book for a Corner, by Leigh Hunt—2sc; fine edi
tion 40c
Hind's Popular Treatise on the Solar System—
25c; fine edition 40c
Wide, Wide World, 18th edition, lvo—l 50
Claret and Olives, by A D Reach—2sc; fine edi
tion 40c
Home Narratives, editel by Dickens—2sc
Layard's Nineveh and its Remains, unabridged
Head's Faggot of French Sticks, fifth edition—sl
V> alks ana Talks of an American Farmer in Eng
land— 25c; fine edition 40c
Hood's Own, with comic wood cuts—2sc; fine
edition 40c jy 8
RANDOLPH has for sale.
Life in Paris, or the Adventures of Emily Clyc
June No Democratic Review, with a portrait lof
Frank Pierce—2sc
Romance of Life in New York, or the secret or
der of seven Plates
Schmiiz and Zumpt's Elementary Latin Gram
mar and Exercises—soc
History of Democracy in the United States, with
a Portrait of Washington—2sc
Scenes in the Life of Gen Scott—6c
Life ol Gen Scott Illustrated—6c
July number Applston's Mechanics and Engi
neer's Magazine—2sc
A Step lrom the New World to the Old and back
again, with thoughts on the Good and Evil in both,
by H PTappan,2 vols—sl 75
April No Medico Chirurglcal Review
Historical Sketches of the Electric Telegraph,
including its rise and progress in the US, by A
Jones —61
Vasari's Lives of the Painters, vol 5 Bohn's Libra
ry, Loudon —$4
Ron e in the 19th century, by C A Eaton, 34
platf>6, Bohn's Library, London—2s
Bridgewater Treatises, vol 1, Kirby on the Pow
er, Wisdom and Goodness of God, as manifested in
the Creation ol Animals; plates—Bohn's Library,
London—sl £5
Ovid, Littrally Translated, Heroides, Amours,
Art ot Love, &c, Bohn s Library, London—l 25
jy 13
Lauds—Described in a series <u Historical, Ge
ographical and Topographical Sketches, by John
Kitto, D D.. and illustrated oy a complete Biblical
Atlas, comprising twenty-four maps, with an index
ot references—l 25.
Rome, in the Nineteenth Century, containing a
complete aocount of the ruin ot the ancient city,
the remains of the middle ages, and the monu
ments of modern times, by Charlotte A. Eaton —
sth editioi, to which is now first added a complete
index and thirty four engraved illustrations—in 2
vols. Vol I—l1 —1 2?.
The Heroides, or Epistles of Heroines—The
Amours, Art ot Love, iUjmedy of Love, and minor
works of Ovid, litera.ls translated into English
prose, with copioas Henry C- Riley, B. A.
of Clare Hall, Caiabridga—l2s
Lives of the most Eminent Painters, Sculptors
and Architects, translated I rem the Italian ol Gioi
gio Vasari, in 5 vols—vol. 5.—1 00
On the Power, Wisdom a"d Goodness of God,
as manifested iu the creation of animals, andin their
history, habits and instincts, by the Rev. William
Kirby, M.A.,F.K. S., dtc., Rector of Barham—vol.
I—l 25.
u(t received and for sale at the Exchange Book
jy 13 ft M. WEBT & BRO
JL tomeot Ancient Geography, Greek and Ro
man Mythology, Antiquitie* and Chronology—
chiefly intended for the use of Schools—compiled
by James S 8 Baird, Trinity College, Dublin.
CKtton, or Modern Fashion, Politics and Morals;
a Novel, by Arthur Townley.
Also—Another supply yf those justly popular No
vels: Marcus Warhnd, and Eoiine, by Caroline
Lee Hentz ; and Pencil Sketches by Mils Leslie.—
For sale by A. MORRIS,
jy 13 »7 Main street.
GO.—This it one of the best hook* of the kind ever
published, being a startling history ot the bkek
deeds of one of the greatest pirates that ever lived.
A true account of the betrayal of the gang at Nor
folk, and his awful death is also given. Tne history
of Felix, Pcpe and Courro, the three pirates who
were executed in this city many years ago, is inti
mately connected with that of Tardy, and a full ac
count of their lives and death* is given in this book
Those who have not yet become acquainted with
the entire history of theae d Jinz pirate*, will do
well to read this book. Price 25 cents, and s >nt
I ree of postage to any distance.
BUCKINGHAM'S ithMlMjsCENCEß, containing
anecdotes, personal memoirs* and biographies of
literary men connected witb newspaper literature
from 1690 to 1800, 2 vol", wilfc tine steel portraits
of Isaiah Thomas and Benjamin Ruaaell— price 1 00
TIME AND TIDE, or Strive and Win, by A S
Roe, author ot "To Love and be Loved"—price 50c
GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, vol 2, bound in mus
lin, gilt edge* and back—price 3 00
A largelot of NOV ELS just received, and will be
sold cheap by T. H. GRESHAM,
jy 14 Herald and Sun office, Broad street.
Evils of infant baptism.- uo
copies of the second edition of this work just
received and for sale.
The first edition of this book having met with a
ready sale, it has been r< vised by the author (R.
B. C. Howell, D D; and stereotyped. From the
great enquiry for this Book since the first edition
was sold, we anticipate a spet dy sale. To those
who buy to sell again a discount of 15 per cent,
from the retail price of 50 ceuts will be made.
Just received a further supply of Religious
Works, American Tract Society's Publications,
tic. Also, an additional supply of Book* for
schools anc colleges, stationery of all kinds, bap
tist Book Store, No. 2t3, M*in street, square above
the Banks CHAS. WORTH AM,
je 20 Depositary.
T S Arthur and Wm E Carpenter. Histories of
Virginia, Kentucky end Georgia now ready— each
62% cents.
In this series of histories the author, while pre
senting a concise but accurate narrative of the do
mestic policy of each State, will give greater pro
minence to the persona) history of the people. Tlie
dangers which continually hovered around the
early colonists; the stirring romance of a life passed
fearlessly amid peril; the incidents of border war
fare; the adventures ot hardy pioneers; the keen
watchfulness, the subtle surprise, the ruthless at
tack, and prompt retaliation—all theae having had
an important iufluence upon the formation of the
American character, are to be faithfully recorded,
wbile the progressive development* of the citizen*
ot each individual State,from the rough fora*t life
of the earlier day to the polished condition of the
present, will exhibit a picture of national expansion
as instructing as it ia interesting. Book* sent by
mail when oeaired.
pOBKKT F. BBOAB»W«fc» Uii«tt-
IV cea to the citizen* of Richmond md the pobHe
generally a* a general Collector af Cmuom. H«
pledge* himaelt to attend atrieliy »•tmdama
tnuted to hia care. Hi* ofloa Uin ti» J** « **
Jamea R Sutton'a offloo, to Law Building, Bich
tnund, Vi <—
nKNTO' DH&tM aoy-
U pi* hut received of theae b *ndful and mpe~
rior fr«cbCa» Bm Bo*,at Mo <3 Mate -reel,
aign * the Big Boot, by WILLIAM WALSH.
"W in •«««■»«« rimuaj
tion, Bronchitis, AsOum" n Consmnp-
Throat, Dvrowvii. Putrid Sore
Lirer, Kid neys and
arising fro® impure fc«id»? T r'®wses
the system. - «"xi «mt< ebled state at
Mr., Norrls—Deer 185 «-
y°*i for the benefit of others iinUUrW SbITLJ?
I was taken last November, wUh
• general weakness that completely p ro «r«S !??
For several month* I *u so Car
could not attend to my business. I berame 10 »e*k
that I was not able to sit up for more than «
hour at a time, when ( would be compelled to lie
down to gain strength I tried a dozen different
a deles, recommender to me as cuaec, bot received
no relief from any of them. My cough and weak
ness increased, and, in fact, 1 waa to tar gone, that
I seriously thought 1 should die, when I heard of
your valuable medicin', the Cedar Tar. I tried it,
and I had taken it but a few days before 1 found
freat relief. My appetite became so good that
could eat every thing waa put before me. I
would commend it to all afflicted like myself, as a
certain cure, tor I consider myself now pertectiy
well. Youra, respectfully,
No. 123 Franklin street
Hone Testimony.
We are permitted to teiei- to the following per
sons, citizens of Richmond and vicinity, out of a
large number, ( ho, from motives of delicacy, pra
ftr ihat their names should not be made public,;
who have received greu benefit from the use of the
Tar: Wm. C. Crump, Dentist, H Meseke, Jsmes
R. Moore, John B. Dodd, Charlottesville, Va.
Call and see certificates.
{y Beware of counterfeits. The genua e ar
ticle is for sale by
P.HORTON REACH,9I Main street,
Sole Agent for Richmond, and
je 10 General Agent for Eastern Virginia.
TlON.—Office in Exchange building, next
door to the Post Office, Richmond, Va.—ACCU
850,000.—M B DEAN, President. Finance Com
mittee: Wm. Patton, G. C. Wood, H. B. Judkins,
A. Wilbur, Actuary.
This Association has declared a dividend of thirty
five and one half per cent, for the year ending April
Ist, 1852. No liability to assessment.
This is an Association of Worki-ur Men and
others for the mutual assistance of each ether in
-ase of sickness or accident.
By the payment of the following annual deposits,
you will become a life member, and will be entitled
to a weekly benefit (first week excepted) during
life, if you should be disabled by sickness or ac
cident. from attending to your ordinary business or
occupnuuu. temun wlu uiaw iii case of sickness
common to both sexes.
Table of Kates.
82pryr.draw 82 pr w'k. 87 pr yr. draw 87 pr.w'k
3""3" 8 » " 8 "
4 «• « 4 « 9 <• •< 9 ii
5 " " 5 " 10 «» " 10 »
6"" 6 "
Those over fitly years of age will be charged :T5
psr cent, extra. One dollar and fifty cents ad mu
s:on fee will be charged, in addition to the above,
the first year, and must be paid ai the time of ap
plication, and the first year's deposit within thirty
References.—Dogget St Anderson, Upholster*
ers, corner 13th and Governor sts., Richmond, Va;
Geo M West & Bro, Booksellers, Exchange Place;
Smith St Marvin, Merchants, Main St.; Bowen &
Bruce, Washington Hotel; McDonald Sl Lyons,
Regalia Manufacturers, Exchange Place; Habiis
ton & Bro, Furniture dealers, 13th St., do.; Thomas
Hornbrook, merchant, Wheeling ; A Laing, hard
ware do, do; George Hardman, builder, do; J E
Wharton, Editor pf Ti<nes and Gazette, do; And.
MehaSy, Esq, Gosport Foundry, Norfolk, Va; Geo
W Bain, Savings Bank, Portsmouth; J M Blanchard,
Superintendent on Seaboard and Roanoke Kail road,
Portsmouth, Va; Hon Reuben Wood, Governor ai
Ohio; Hon Joseph A Wright, Gov'r of Indiana;
Hon Amgustns C French, Gov'r of Illinois; Hon
Austin a. juug, Gov'r of Missouri; Hon Richard
Brodhead, Senator from Penn; Hon James M Por
ter, Easton, do.
All communication* should be add rested (post
paid) to A. WILBUR,
Actuary and General Agent, Richmond, Va.
my ll—ts
DRY GOODS AT COAT.—The subscribers
have still in store a large assortment of sea
sonable Dry t»#oda, which they are desirous of
selling out at and below cost, in part—
Plain ana fancy Silk Cravat*
Silk and cambric Neck Tie*
Pari* men*' and boy'* kid Glovea
Taffeta and Cap Ribbon*
Irish Linens and brown Hollands
Bird* Eye Diaper
Sileaias, Rice Cambric
Black and white Wigan
Colored and blue Sewings
Buttons of all kinds
Colored and white Spool Cotton
Linen and cotton Tape
All of which will be sold at and belew cost to
je 7 No 106 Main street.
BEERS, Druggists, No 123 Main street, return
their thanks for the liberal patronage bestowed on
them, and take this occasion to inform their friends
and the public, that they atill endeavor to keep con
stantly ud hand only the purest and best medi
cines to be had, which they turnish at no higher
rates than is charged for articles of more inferior
quality. Among their stock will be found, Her
ring's Blue Mass Howard's London Calomel; all of
Mander'a, Bigger's, Allen'*, and Haskell's selected
Powders; Extract* and Chemical preparation*,
which cannot be surpassed for purity and effect*.
Extra Turkey Rhuoa>-b, powdered; Hyd Potass,
and every article usually iound in a well regulated
Drug House Our personal attention i* given to
compounding and dispenaing proscription* in the
neatest and best manner, and at reasonable charges.
City and country phj sician* supplied on low
.erms. jy 10.
have just received certificate* from highly respecta
ble merchant* in the above cities, who were burnt
out a lew day* since, and but for having one of
Herring'* Salamander Real Fire Proof Safe*, they
would nave lost all their book* and paper* One
of them say*, I have one of Herring'* Safe* in my
store cost #150. I would not take 91000 and be
without it.
Call and supply yourselves with one which we
are now receiving, at the New York factory prices
—and none of your spurioo* kind made for aale—
but we warrant to stand the hottest lire and to save
its content* from all barm.
je 30 Cary street
BKLLING OFF AT l'Ot»T.—l dull sell off
my whole st >cfc of Dry Good* at cost, and all
in want of Good* will find it to their advantage to
examine my assortment, which consists in part of
rich Brocade and plain changeable Silk*, splendid
Barages, Tissue*, Lawn* and Delanea, plain and
embroidered Crape Staswls, very cheap; 10 and
12 4 Linen Bb*eting, Damaak Tabte Clotha, Nap
kins, Towel*, Diaper*, pure Iriah Linena, Mar
seillea Quits, Dimity. Fringe*, Gmgham*, lg4
Hamilt m Sheeting, *4 C***
Silk trimming Lace., French CaUco, white *gng
and colored Muslin*, Bwis* and CambneJfwßus,
Parasols—with a large assortment of Staple md
Fancv (ioodfl. JAI/OH A*mßV I|
rwcj uoooa. 58 rfnet.
'imift COATS, SitJAS, dkc—No. 108,
1 Main street.
Black Silk Warp Alpaeca SACKS
Colored do
Grey mix'd goaf a hair do
Grass, Line* and Graaa Bilk do
Merino, SUond'* and light doth do
Black and Fancy Panta,all Oradoa I
do do Vesta, all do
Fancy Cravats, haif hose. Collars, Shirta, Draw
era, Gauze Merino Shirt*, Ac. The good* moat be
sold, the cash mast be raised. Call on
*1 acre* of Wood land aa abore daacribed. Be
ddea being weU wooded, upon tone portion of It
tbere Is good timber. Apply to Ro. A. Mayo,
a _
Ajr S— hm», W. GODDIM.
wo to *190 each, wtrruM: cold ekmiZT 22ST
oypommtty. m .nek, H»S
porte*.«»WMMora, Hd Dinette.
J?' OTaiV W*SuL WiTtu" V_£l£
U awsisu® fsara - - -
Oak Orchard Acid WawJ Water hm. «. „ .
Orchard Acid Mineral Bprin»a,
Mew York. ® WMI 9.
Thia water ia highly recommended b* medico
men, and u coming rapidly into use for thZu&
eaaea,such aa chronic affectfoaa of the i-'irnMini
and urinary organa, and aome of the cutanemiadiZ
eaaea, chronic dyspepsia, chronic diarrhoea, chronic
dysentery, chronic din res la, chronic cystitis, Mm.
betea, in eaaea of low typhoid fevers, in eoLvalea
cence from protracted fevers, to excite the asiietite
and promote digeation, pilea, dropay, A«
Ordinary dose far an adult, a wine glass fafl. di
luted, taken three timea a day.
Pamphlets embracing it* analvais. bv Profoaanr
Silliman, opinion, of medical wXrs,Ld™«ri!£J
lettera as to ita curative proper tie* in certain dia
eaaea, turniahed gratuitously by
a . . , ADIE ft GRAY,
je 21 Bole Agenta for the State of Viry<n<t
M BOSKNBKHU, of Poland, Fashionable
* Hair Cutter and Dreawr, practice*
l? * ■!»»»■«. Teeth-Drawing, Bleedbi,
LeecMng and Vacciaaclaa, opposite the Cut
Hotel Bar Room, Wall atree, Richmond Va.
Mr. R has exercised hia talenta in tte above
branches in aome of the principal Hospitals of Eu-
N. B—Surgical operations performed with Bttkt
or no pain.
Mr. R hag always on hand a fine aaaortment of
Swedish, Hungarian, and Poland Leeches. Give
m Jo*22—lra' ,0U WUI find my ch>>r ii e * reasonable.
A WMNGS.—JACOB MULL, 18th street, be
x*- tween Broad and Marshall streets, is prepared
to execute, in a faithful and workmanlike manner
the above description of work. Awnings, Sack*
lng Bottoms, Tents, Marques, Tarpaulina, Wheel*
Ropes, and all ether kinds of splicing done at
short notice and on reasonable terma.
W Orders left at the Hardware Store of Smith
&. Unrwood, or aa above, will be attended to
je 17—lm
75,000 do white fine Board* and Plank : 60,000 do
seasoned Oak Boards; 18,000 do do inch Button
wood ; 10,. 00 do 1-4 inch C heart Step Plank, now
landing from board achra Telegraph, Canton and
Aahiaud, tor tale b
Ilk wo * T "* OF ATTENTION.- !
this day received two thousand Canada
Straw HATS, suitable for servanta, which I aa dis
posed to sell at a very low price. Thoae in want
ot harvest Hats for servants will find it to their in
terest to call at No. 87 Main street Aleo, • beauti
iul article of India Straw Hats for gentlsmens' wear,
U AVI NO add>d to our present business that of
U HOUSE PLUMBING, and having engaged
workmen recommended by the best eatabliahment
in the city of Philadelphia, we are now prepared to
water, Ac., which will be done at price* to suit the
timea. Persona in want will please give as a
mh 86—ta 201, cor. Main and 10th street*.
AUCTION GOODS.—This morning we are
receiving and opening aa additional auppljr of
new and cheap Goods, bought at auction, which
we will be able to aell a great deal cheaper Hi««
they can be bought elsewhere. Among them an
the following:
100 dozen Linen Towel*, at 9 eta a piece, worth
double, very fine, and 7-8 wide Shirting, nnbleach
ed, at &ic.
Lota of small and large Dotted Swiaa Muslin*.
Checked and Striped Muslin*, at all prices,*oine
aa low a* 10 centa per yard.
Linen Hdkfs, very cheap.
Blk Silk and Silk Laces, Swiss and Caznbrie
Gentlemen's Silk Umbrellas, $3 50, worth $6,
Rid Gloves, in white, light and dark Colors, 371 c
per pair, besides quantities of other cheap Good*.
Callaoon, aa the; certainly will aell very quick at
those prices. MILLHISER it BROTHER,
je 28 193 Broad street.
TUCKY.—Fresh supplies just received. This Sul
phur Water is well and favorably known. Persona
of bilioas ha'lita or with a tendency to bilious affee
tiona, or other diseaaea incident to the warm month*
of aummer, or those suffering from dyapcptie
symptom*, will find great advantage from its use.
A* a cooling aperient, it posaeasas many advanta
ge* over the ordinary saline purgatives Its actios
on the bowels is more natural, and ita effect of giv
ing strength and tone to the digestive organ*, rat'
der it one of the moat deairable remedial agenta. II
ha* within itself the element* of it* own pnwerva
tion, and we are, therefore, enabled to offer it aa
perfect as to it* outward characteristics, and with
the certainty that all it* properties as a remedial
agent are retained, aa If taken fresh from the Spring.
Iu it* composition, it is identical with the Harrow
gate Spring, of Englaud. We are the only agenta
hr its sale in this city. Our suppltc* are received
direct from the Spring.
All Blue Lick Water in bottle* *old by us will be
branded thus," Blue Lick Water, Parcdl, Ladd 4k
C 0.," the word* being blown in the glass. The
proprietors, with the view of placing this Water
within the reach of aO, put it at so low a price that
we feel warranted in saying that It Is the cheapest
Mineral Water in the United State*.
PURCELL, LADD A CO., Geo! Agent*
je 17 For the Blue Liek Sulphur Water.
ItSSonl v actum *.—ooi3
sad Silver Pencil Case*-, the ever pointed Pena
manufactured by a* experienced workman aa any
in the United State*, and second to none.
Spectacles of various kind*, and those masi
by ourselvea, positively restoring the sight aa near
as aitifidal mean* can.
The Ever Flswlsg Psaital* Pee, modem
Invention, combining skill with ainmheity, a*d mm
V. «P™»«d »y many, "TS* imitation »j
tkUurt " For furtker particulars ptoase call at the
office and examine for youraelvea, aa to tha utility,
workmanahip, and durability; and *"*4+ ~htthir
It i* reality or a humbug.
Manulactoty at the corner of ilth and Main at;
>>«ce in room formerly occupied by the Rfohmead
Pen* re-pointed and warranted to ataad.
1,4?, D w UkNßit«r-W« wui asU aoee*
Ri U5 acre* of excellent Wood LARD, withent
improvement*, lying in Henriao connty, abooissv
en miles north of the city, which ie suppused to
contain Coal, It being the n«st tract to
which much Coal ha? been taken; and Land *>•
tag near Hungary Water Stadoe. «**•»
jyi Oeaawi Ajibi
DiUtoH *"*
Lai*t ■gjaajftws.ss
use. Call at A*TO*iOPlMi*ri^,
*L wry soperiw M fa*

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