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S*i»at*.—Several petitions in favor of the
homestead bill ware presented.
Mr. Fish presented memorials from New
York in tavor of the recognition of (be indepen
dence of Hay ti.
Mr. James introduced his bill amendatory of
the existing laws respecting the valuation of
imported goods.
T e Indian appropriati n bill was taken up
and referred to the Committee on Finance.
The resolution ordering the purchase of Cat
lin'a collection of Indian portraits and scenes
was taken up, and, after debate, it was ordered
to lie on the table—yeas 26. nays 20.
A bill granting lamia to Louisiana to aid in
the construction ot a railroad 111 that State was
taken up and ordered to be engrossed.
House of Representatives.—The House
lookup the bill giving to all incorporated rail
road and plank road companies the right of
way througli the public lands, and considered
the same until the expiration of the morning
The Military Academy appropriation bill
was taken up in Committee of the Whole on
the state of the Union, when
Mr. Olds made a Democratic party speech,
and Mr. Bell replied.
Religtvus Excitement.
Lancaster, Pa., July 19.—Considerable
excitement was occasioned in the vicinity of
this city at a place called Kreiiier s, by a reli
gious controversy between Mr. John Paster
and the Rev. Joshua Potts. Mr. Paster
endeavored to prove that the tenets advanced
the Rev gentleman were not tenable; his
opponent contended for their orthodoxy. The
friends of the gentlemen gathered in large
numbers at the tiine and place appointed for
the discussion. Serious consequences were
apprehended from the interest manifested by
the partiz'insof the gentlemen engaged in the
controversy, but the timely appearance ol two
police officers, calmed the excited feelings of
the crowd. The argument was continued
aome hours without any definite resu t, each
party being as firm in their opinion at the con
clusion as at the opening of the argument.
Purchase of a Telegraph Line.
Pittsburg, July 20.— The Cincinnati papers
which have just come to hand state, that the
proprietors of the House Printing Teleeraph
have purchased that portion of the O'Reilly
Telegraph line worked under the Morse patent,
which extends from Louisville to St. Louis.—
This completes the House line connection
with St. Louis via Buffilo, Cleveland and Cin
cinnati and Louisville. It is intended to sub
stitute their own instruments for those now in
The Fishing Difficultie» ■
Washington, July 20th.—Mr. Crampton,
•he British Minister here, has gone to see Mr.
Webster, now at bis home in Massachusetts,
in reference to our fishing difficulty with the
British provinces. They wi'l settle the ques
tion over a chowder and a bottle ot port.
Death ok Judge McKinley—Judge John
McKinley, Associate Justice of the Supreme
Court ol the United Stales, who died at his
residence at Louisville, Ky., on Monday, of
apoplexy, was a native of the State of Virgin
ia, but was appointed from the State of Ala
bama. His nnirie and reputatiou for legal
ability aie well known to the country. He
was appointed to the Bench during the ad
ministration of President Van Buren.
The Southern Sun, ot Kosciusko, Mississip
pi, reports an affray that occurred at Kuk
wood's Ferry, in that county, on the 3d inst.,
which resulted in the death of Thos.M Ram
bo, by the hands of James Everett. The de
ceased leaves a_\oung wife, to whom he had
been married hut one week. Whiskey was at
the bottom of the whole affair, and we have no
doubt but that, had the parties been sober, it
would not]have occurred. Everett had not been
arrested at the latest dates.
The practice of placing a looking-glass be
fore the engineer inn locomotive, inclined in
such a way as to ennble him to see ihe whole
train behind him, without turning, is gradually
becoming universal in Europe.
'Look hpre, nin,' said a Yankee young ludy,
just commencing to take lessons in puintiug,
holding up a sample of her skill to her moth
er, 'See my painting. 'Can you tell me what
it is?' Ma, after looking at it some time, an
swered,' Well, I reckon it's a cow or a rose
bud, but I don't know which.'
Achilla vi. nkw.uan -j. w. ran
DOLFH, has for sale, July 20, August No Peter,
son's National Magazine—lßc
August Nu Godey's Lady's Book—2sc
Alexander Tardy's Poisoner and Pirate Chief of
St Domingo, with a sketch of the lives ol Felix.
P-pe and Curoro, who were hucg at Richmond
some years ago, with plates—2s
Rob H. )y part sth Abbottsford edition Warerly
Fair Rosamond, or the Queen's Victim, by Pierce
Egan, author of Quinton Matey e, See Plates—2sc.
White Friars, or the days of Ch>trles the Second
aa historical lomance Plates—tisc
Detection of Fraud, and Protection of Health, a
treatise ou the adulteration of fjod an j drink, with
plain and simple directioua tor Jetectinir them, bv
M L Byiu, M D-37c
Dumas' Prize Novel Louisa, or the Adventures of
French Milliner, by A Dumas
No 11 Dickea's Household Words—6c
Achilla vs N- win an a full report of this most
extraordinary trial—■ 2c
August No of Graham's Magazine—2sc
jy 20
|>OOK.S, BOOKS, BOOIkS.-VVniteFnars,
MJ or the Day* of Charles the Second: an hiato
ncal romance splendi jly illustrate - ? with original
fesigut by Chapin. All those who like to read his
torical r(in)jnre», would do well to buy this work,
for it is one cf the beat since Wuverly—pr ce 50c
fair Rosamond, or the Q'leeu'a Victim, by Fierce
Lgan, Esq. bu hor of Quin in Matsys, c»r the Blac*
smith of Antwerp, Kobia Hood, 6lc. &c., iu:i ot
i!lustr«ti"ns and complete in 1 vol -£0c
Horses: their varieties, bneling and maiiaae
ment in health and disease, by 11 b Richardson
The Hog : its origin and varieties, and treatment
under disease, by H D Richardson—!isc
Domestic Fowl, and Ornamental Poultry, bv 1J
D Richardson— 2 c
The bive and the Honey Bee, with an account of
the diseasei of Bees, and th».ir remeaies, by a 1)
Richardsou—2sc. Received and for sate )>y
. G. M. WEST & KRO.,
J* Karh mge B' otstore.
£,1 cl, —Subscribers tor Montague's Directory
are earnestly requested to call at ouroSice
V CO v Ie *' * ad *" otner P ors oDß who wish to
™Ir th* Jit? • '° 7 ery maa »n or
near the city, are invited to call upou us. there
beiDg a large surplus of toe work yet on hand
_JL£ tqlkr t cook
Klr,J"»i received at f BU ® Tbu^
inelowpr.ee of *t 50 per pair. TVy are a first
rate article for the price ALEX nut
Je 21 Wo 127 Msiii street, Richmond Va
Lkav laud and
choice Leaf Lard; 10 bbls do do ; 5 tierces su-
Sir cured Hams, »msll six t, landing per steamer
r tale by
jy 20 JOHN H. CLAI
ing qualified as administrator of the estate of
IHK per, deed all persons having '•Urns against
•aid estate are requested to present them at oece,
and all persons indebted thereto wiil please make
immediate payment. JAMES M. TAYLajr,
jy 16—2aw2w Adrn'r of E H Roper, deceased.
NOTICE. —All persons who are luaebied by
bond, note or book accounts, to the late firms
a Robert k. Hail Neilaoo, Hall Neiiaou £ Co, and
Hall Meilson, and more recently to Hall Neilson in
dividually, are requested to snake payment. And
H there should b« any claim* atalrts-. any of the
•hove concerns, or againat Hall Keilson individual
ly, they *U1 he fettled wo application to him
BALL *ElL°o3f,
ly 19—law3w* Surviving Partner.
: tianville, Va.; S R Sullivan, ChsrlotMsvillr;
WT Hiwiton, G W Hinton, N C; J H Roy,
Richmond: A S Wooldrich, Midlothian; J O
Hinxdale, N Y; W H Miller, Savannah, Ga;
Col F Lance »nd lady, Charleston, S C; A G
Powers and ladv, N O; B \V Force and fami
ly, Charleston; \V H Mitchell, Petersburg; C
B Line, Boston; P J I) Mnclin, Greensville;
W F Bain. Petersburg: A H Martin, Glouces
ter; R Atkinson and Lady, Chesterfield; TS
Muirhead, S Emanuel, Petersburg; W Love,
Hanover; T L Taylor, Gloucester; H M De
nison, Williamsburg; R Harrison, Cumberl'd;
J Gowen, Harrisburg, Pa.
& servt, T B Perkinson. F Sarkson and C R
Pryor, Amelia; Miss R Mills, Nottoway: Miss
S Crump, Powhatan; C A McEvov, Hugue
not Springs; W H Fowle, Alexandiin; VV H
Wilson, Va; J H Young, Henrico; J Dunlop,
Petersburg: F M Trousdale, N C; N Raine,
Sussex; A G Brown, Athens, Ohio; J M Cross,
Miss; M G Bnrtlette, Vu; J F Johnson and
lady. Liberty, Va; Mr & Mrs Atkinson, Balti
more; G E Badger, Raleigh, P' C.
Jc D RR; VV S Wise, E Stegiir, J Hobson, C
S Christian, G Hocker. Buckingham! James
Hobson. VV Jenkins, Cumberland; P H Clark,
Prince Edward; VV S Dawson, R St D R R; J
C Hamlett, ladv and daugh:er, Charlotte; H R
Gary, Louiou; F Haslop, Spottsylvania; VV F
Mallory, Petersburg; H H Venable, S S R R;
J G Colinan, Caroline; A Atkinson and lady,
VV G Flournov,J S Morrisett, Chesterfield; R
VV Radford and lady, L S Army; M James,
Goochland. ,
CITY HOTEL— G W Butt, M Hutchin
son, Portsmouth; J L Hall, Amelia; J C Box
ley, Louisa; G VV Bassett, Hanover: S C
Sluter, New Kent; R Law, Bait; J M Vincent
and daughter, Miss K G Huddon, Petersburg;
W H Bohbett und lady, N C; E Meeds, Ball;
R E Hughson, Va C R R.
Range ol the Thermometer
At J. VV. Randolph's No. 131, Main street,
7 A. M I 12 M. I 5 P. M.
71 I eO I 82
At Cily Point, ship Georg" A Phelps, Shuman,
New Vnk. ir, b-dtxst tn Bev Clooton
Only.—The public are her.iby informed that the
comfortable and commodious low pressure Steam
er MARYLAND, Capt. Charles E. Mitchell, having
been entirely refitted, enlarged, and improved in
every respect, with berths tor a large number of
passengers, and with state rooms for those who
prefer oeing retired, is now on the route between
Richmond and Baltimore. Passengers by ibis agree
b'.e and economical line will leave Kicnmond by
tke morning train, on Mondays and Wednesdays,
at 7 o'clock, A. M-, and reach Baltimore on the fol
lowing ra /rnings in time to proceed y the New
Castle iana Frenchtown Steamboat line Ist naif piet
6 A M, or with the early train of these days to Phil
adelphia Returning, passengers will leave Balti
more on the afternoons of Tuesday and Thursday,
at 4, P M , and connect at the Creek on Wednesday
and Friday succeeding with the train which ar
rives in Richmond at 4, P. M., of the same days.
Fare in either direction, $5, (state rooms and
meals* forcabiu passengers, extra, exceptin the cast
of ladies and families, who will have the privilege
of state-rooms free of charge.) Forward cabin
passengers, (including meals and lodging on board,)
84 50.
Fare forfirst class passengers between Baltimore
and Philadelphia by the New Castle and French
town line $2 50 For seceno classdo, St 50. Ma
king the whole fare from Richmond to Philadelphia
for first class passengers by this agreeable line,
§7 50 only.
Nor further particulars, or through tickets, apply
at the office of the Richmond, Fredericksburg <t
Potomac Railroad Compt-ny.
J. B. YVINriTON, Ticket Agent.
Office R., F. & P. R. R. Company, }
Richmond, March 6tb. 1852. j mh 6
T S Arthur and Win E Carpenter. Histories of
Virginia, Kentucky aud Georgia now ready— each
62>6 cents.
In this series of histories the author, while pre
senting a concise but accurate narrative of the do
mestic policy of each State, will j.'ive grrater pro
minence to the personal history of the people. The
dangers which continually hovered around the
early colonists; the stirring romance of a life passed
tearlessly amid perii; the incident, ol border war
tare; the adventures of hardy pioneers; the keen
watchfulness, the subtle »urprise, the ruthless at
tack, und prompt retaliation—ail these having had
an important influence upon the formation of the
American character, are to be faithfully recorded,
while the progressive developments of the citizens
of each individual State, from the rough torest life
of the earlier day to the polished conuitiin of the
present, will exhibit a picture of national expansion
as instructing as it is interesting. Books sent by
mail when uesircd.
IiUewHTANT TO FAHMttts.-lte sub
scriber having purchased of Mr Peirpoint the
right ot manufacturing his celebrated Seed Se
parator and Struiv Carrier, invites 4,11 who
are in want to call and esamine the cheap and sim
ple machine belore purchasing els< wnere.
Eagle foundry, on Cary, between Pearl and 15th
atreeta - je 12—2aw6w
i_l HUH W. FRY, m„nutacturer, now offers
11 to tne 'rade, contractors, and ethers, ihe first
lot received of these superior Nails, comprising all
sizes ot Nails and Spikes, a 60, box iimng, fence fin
ishing aud flooring Nails. The box and 'ining Nails
are the exact pattern to suit tob-cco manJiactu
rers. The quality of the Nads of this brand will ba
warranted, and they are confidently often d as tullv
equal, it not superior, to any Nails ever before sold
in this market. Apply to
jy 9—2tww4w WM S. TRIPLETT, Agent.
i*l if I.'"^ ARfeHAI -L PLACE" FUR
SALb. Ihe subscriber is authorized to sell that
most desirable Tenem-jnt in "Marshall Place," now
m ,l h u e occupancy of Ur Charles B. GiDson.
. regarded as one among the meat
dewrab.e Tenements lor a gentpel family to be
-cund in this city. For terms, apply to
jy 12 —'Jaw 2 -v w GODDIN.
Lan UUANO.—I am uow prepare-!
,7 tu £ , er customers, Guano in large or small
lot' My stock is of late importation, and war
ranted to b* ot the very beat quality
jy 9 law4w HUGH W FRY.
$1 li-ENT, on Biook Turnpike, oppo
MS. the residecce of Win. Sledds, within 10
minutes wslkot the head ot Bread street, a Brick
House, nearly new, containing 6 rooms, with a
store-room, brick kitchen, stable, carriage house,
and a well of delightiu! wuier in the yard, with a
garden ol about ou acre, in nice cultivation, and a
quantity ot choice fruit trees, which makes it equal
15th , Pl ' fif ea.ion given beiw* n
i^ihaud .'oth July. Apply to
At Tn n , , „ T - C. WOODDV.
street.' Dr y Good* «tore, No 229 Broad
'■— jy 3—l aw'lw"
P and foraSS by CWFJ?ii,j: *~ 60 It: «iving
J'" n WL U ' IA Mtf & BROTHER.
I 1'" .. co
300 good order
le 29 WM " fALCONER,
ACOMPLtUTIt assortment ot —
&c, on hand and for aale by ' '**
J 175 Bro»d , trßßt
b ' B ' = " =s »3i
V *"« Molm** for sale by
J? 13 | CdAt. T. W&47BAM ft CO.
'I'M t Bl'uftCuillkKe u«»t> mMHJvmusv
X themselves tor UlO purpose of conducting in
this city, ■ Ttbicrg and General C«nnli>
•Jon Baalaesa, under the Firm of KENNETT *
DUDLEY, and respectfully solicit your patronage
Oar bisiness will be exclusively a Com=i»»ioD
business; and an experience ot twenty yesn by
ouraenior partner, in active Mercantile life- <n thi*
city, and a determination on the part of both, to
promote the Interests of our friends, will, we bope.
secure to ut a liberal support. We are prepared
to make the usual Advarce on Conaigaments in
band, and to purchase Produce, Ac ,on the cus
ternary terms. We will occupy the large and
commodious Warehouse, No 14 Public Landing.
Refer to Jae. Warwick, Esq.; ias. Thomas, Jr..
Esq; Messrs Thomas to sam'i Hardgrove, and
Sutton to Winston.
Cincinnati, April 12th, 1852. je I?—3m*
rpHIN COATS, SACKS, Jtc-No, 102,
A Main street.
Black Silk Warp Alpacca SACKS
Colored do do
Grey mix'd goat's hair do
Grass, Linen and Grass Silk do
Merino, Stroud's and light cloth do
Black and Fancy Pants, all Grades J
do do Vests, all do
Fancy Cravßts, half hose. Collars, Shirts, Draw
ers, Gauze Merino Shirts, &c. The goods must be
sold, the cash must be raided. Call on
TOOLS.—W. S. to G
' DONNAN ask the attention of Carpenters
and others to their complete assortment of tools,
consisting of—
Bench and Moulding Planes, every variety,
Hand, Pannel, Tenon aud Cross Cut Saws, part
Best C. Steel Socket and Firmer Chisels, al
Turner's Chisels, Plane Irons, Drawing Knives.
Shinglin& Chopping and Broad Axes, Cast Steel
Augurs and Blt:s, Iron and best Plated Braces,
with 12 to 48 Bitts
Measuring Tapes, Hammers, Compasses, Di
viders and 2 9C« 4 lold Rules; part of the finestfin
ished Ivory, which we offer for sale on the lowest
terms. W. S. & G. DONNAN,
je 23 No 19 Pearl street.
Great fire in cheraw, s. c.,
have, just received certificates from hiuhly respecta
ble merchants in the above cities, who were burnt
out a tew days since, and but for having one ot
Herring's Salamander Real Fire Proof Sales, they
would have lost all their books and papers One
of them eays, I have one of Herring's Sates in mv
store cost $150. I would not take $1000 and be
without it.
Call and supply yourselves with one which we
are now receiving, at the New York factory prices
—ani none of your spuriouß kind rr.ade lor sale—
but we warrant to stand the hottest tire and to save
ita contents from all harm.
FRY to McCANDLISH, Agents,
je 30 Gary street.
SAVE VOUR FlLES.—Jewelers',Denttsis',
Sawyers', Carpenters' and Machinists' Files and
Rasps in sde to order. Also, old Files re cut and
warranted, at the Virginia File Works, Manchester,
Orders left at the store of Mr. Seagers, I4th St.,
near the Bridge, or the Works, wiil be promptly
attended to. je 30—lro*
RETURNING our thanks to the Ladies tor
the liberal patronage so kindly bestowed for
the last four years, we beg leave to inform them
that we are again ooen, and will continue to sell at
retail until the last ol this month, when our auction
will take place. Great bargains may be expected.
Merchants wishing to close large I ts of desirable
goods at less than they can be bought in Northern
markets, are invited to examine our stock before
our public sale.
jy 10—32t
ROBERT F. BROAODUS offers his servi
ces to the citizens of Richmond and the public
generally a.* a general Collector of Claims. He
pledges himself to attend strictly to all business en
trusted to his care. His office is in the rear of Mr
James R. Sutton's office, in Law Building, Rich
mond, Va. my 4—6 m*
JUNK U9, ISs*!.—Just received trom New
Plain Swiss Muslins
Dotted do do
Checked and plaid Swiss Muslins
Colored Sprig and Dotted do
Jaconet Cambrics
Tape Cbe k Muslins
Furniture Dimity, very cheap
And a variety of other desirable and cheap goods,
at HART <fc MOtES'
jp29 New Store, 63 Maiu street.
' As the season has fa'r advanced, we propose
selling the remainder of our Surornt r Stock at cost
for cash, and would invite the attention of all who
wish to purchase cheap, to some of the most choice
goods of tne season, which we have vet on hand.
Clothing Emporium, corner Main and 14th sts.
Wrought Lace Veils, a new and very pretty ar
Black «nd white Lace Veils
Lace Capes, Collars and Sleeves
Organdies, Lawns, Bareges, Tissues
And other varieties of Dress Goods will be sold
at great reduction in price. For bargains, call at 91?
Main street.
FOR HE>T,»desiraole tirick Residence
on Main street, suitable for a small family. It
ia «est door to Capt Win M. Fulton's residence
Possession may be had immediately. Kent &50.
The preseut occupant has the usual variety ot
Furniture, kitchen u.tnsils, &.c. &c., which would
be sold on good terms. Apply to
jy 15 Genera) Agents.
& JUIjY A.Mi AL'liLST.—During the
jS balauci of the present season we will sell
J3 from our large assortment of Trunks, Bon
net Boxes, Valices, Carpet Bags, and Boot),
Shoes, Gaiters &c., at such prices as will be ac
ceptable to judicious and economical buyers. We
detire to reduce our stock as much as possible be
fore receiving our Fall supply. To those about to
travel, or who wish a supply for themselves or
families, an opportuni'y is presented to procure
such articles as they may need, at moderate rates.
73 Main street,
jy 16 3 doors below O&oley's hat store.
* GIN GER —This elegaut preparation is prepared
by an approved process, by which all its met'iciral
virtues are extracted in a concentrated form, de
void of all deleterious and useless properties It
will be found an excellent tonic in cases ot debility,
ire , giving tone and strength to the digestive or
gans at well as to th<-' system generally. For indi
gestion, nausea and dyspepsia, it will be found an
inva'uable remedy, correcting all griping, pains and
sense of fullness in tlie ftomnch. Price of half pint
bottles 50 cents, medium size :i5 cents; for sale by
jy 15 E J PICOT.
place to get line Uky-light Pictures taken for *I.—
We wouh: invite all to call soon, as we shall not
•ake low pictures but a few weeks.
We have made arrangements to take pictures of
sii kor deceased persons at their residences Our
prices are from §1 to 810. OSBOKN'3,
Opposite the Banks, sign of the American Flairs.
jy 13 6
A tOUK FOR UIRU.— We have a middle
'f- «« ed Man, who is said to be an excellent cook,
whom we would hire out for the balance of the
y«.» r TOLEK COOK.
General A gents,
[V E(*ROJ£M FOR HlitK.—Wehavefor hire
1 •y the balance ot the year, two Women and
two House Girls. TOLKfI Sc. COOK,
•E ver > superior iot lor
ft TER AND —tio ken- new
IJ Gosher. Butter, and 30 box.g new Goshen
Cheese, receiving and tor sale by
jeßl WM. TAYLOR.
O L WiiIRKKv B i K^ Y, ~ 7 , 5 bbl V superior old
. lQAtorn and for enie by
A ,u " of Wire
° LlL c k ?.V,VrT«"i a-'"' "*
I. <o of the Circular Saw,
„ J ;.. . 71 Main str.W
ON ANY OTHER ROUTE—an J still making the
trip in little over 3 and a hall days to the Wait .
Sehedale for Comfort.
Leave Richmond daily, at 64 A M; and arrived
at White Sulphur in 3 and a half days Atri-week
ly line leaves Staunton for White Sulphur by Natu
ral Bridge, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
arriving at the White Sulphur in the tame time.
Befcedale for Expedition.
Those who are willing to encounter some night
travel far the sake of expedition, can procure extra
Stages at Staunti.n, leavn at 4 A M. and reach White
Sulphur second day from Richmond, at ll o'clock
Between Richmond and White Sulphur Springs,
pasting the Warm ar.d Hat Springs,J #11 00
Between Richmond and Lexington, 6 00
do do Staunton, 5 00
do do Charlot'esville 3 30
do do Lynchburg, 4 5C
do do Culprper C. House, <1 50
do do Fauquier Springs, 500
Throagh Tickets
Can be obtained to hew York and Philadelphia,
by Steamships Roanoke, Virgi-ia and Philadelphia,
jv 2 E. H GILL, Superintendent.
f±*t ABICSSSSSn ADA ills iV* (JO.'t
ning to nearly every city, town and village in th*
United States, and ita superior facilities are offered
to all (at low rates) for the rapid carriage and d>-
livery of articles of all descriptions: boxes, bales
packages, parcels, money, toe. Arc., and for the col
lection of notes, drafts, bills, in all places where we
have agents.
Our arrangements are such that the utmost
promptness may be relied upon for the perform
ance of all business entrusted to us.
Custom-house business attended to, goods entered
duties paid, and articles forwarded with dispatch.
Be sure to order goods by ADAMS to CO.'S Es
Checks on England, Ireland, Scotland and Wale«
in turns t» suit, For sale at this office.
Our European and California Expresses give gee
eral Butislactifin.
The Express leaves Richmond for the Nortii
East and West every morning (except Sunday) a:
7i o'clock, arrives every evening (except Monday
a 5£ o'clock. J. H. SAWYER, Agent,
Office No. 5, Fourteenth street. Richmond, Va.
Main Street, Richmond, Va.
Splendid Schemes for July, !Ssi.
$40,000, 12,497, 6.000, 100 of 1,000, IGO of 500 I
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class 19, to
be drawn at Baltimore on Saturday, July 24th.—
78 numbers, 12 drawn.
1 prize of $40,000 I i prize of $4000
1 do 12,497 I 100 do 1000
1 do 6,000 | 100 do 500
Tickets $10; halves 5. quarters 2 50.
$30,000, 20.000, 10 00j, oO of i.,000, 50 of 500!
buttquebanna Lottery, Class No 31, to be
drawn at Baltimore on Wednesday, July 28th. 78
numbers, 13 drawn.
capitals: ™
1 prize of $30,00G I 1 prize of $3,000
I do 20,000 1 do 2,870
1 do 10,000 150 do 1,000
1 do 5,000 j 50 do 500
Tickets $10: halves 5. quarters 2 50.
$67,500, 27.500, 100 of 1.750!
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class R, to
be drawn at Baltimore on Saturday, July 31st. 78
numbers, 14 drawn.
1 prize of. $67,500 5 prizes of $3,000
1 do 27,500 100 do 1,750
1 do 17,700 20 do 750
1 do 8,2:6 30 do 350
5 do 5,000 ?ott do 200
Tickets $20; halves 10 5. Certificate
ot a package of whoies —shares in propor
for Tickets m any of the Maryland
Lotteries will meet the m<et prompt and connden
tlalattention, if addressed to'R. f RANGE is CO.,
Managers, or to C. W. PURCELL,
jy 14 Richmond, Va
THK subscriber invites the attention ot ihe pub
lic to this place ot entertainment. It is de
signed solely t'ir ladies and gentlemen, and no
amusements are practised there, which are unfit tor
the observa ion of ladies. It does not become him
to speak of the dinners which he can furnish at the
shortest notice, though he has at all times, all the
luxuries that the Hi' hmond market and the country
round the city can afford; nor of his wines, though
he challenges comparison with any cellar in Vir
ginia ; nor of the recreations and amusements which
his guests will find there, though they area»numer
ous as they are inuocent; noi of th* accommoda
tions, natural and artificial, which the Retreat af
fords. All he wishes is, that the public wiil come
and see, and if they do cot say, that it is the very
place the town has always wanted, and situated at
the very distance at which it ought to be situated,
he will be willing to acknowledge that he has de
ceived himseif, and thereby cneated others. It is
at the proper distance, tor it is three miles from
town ; it is in the proper situation, for it is on the
Hrooke Turnpike, a fiue carriage read, it is proper
ly fixed, for the rooms are on the most approved
modern scale for convenience, and fitted with a
luxury almost unknown in the country. But my
description can satisfy no body. Come and see for
jy '6—f C. R. ALLEN.
ggfr DR. ADDING TON', (Gradu
ate.) Dentist—practitioner since
T TFlß4.'—having fully tested his re
duced prices, desires to make
known to every person, that he will continue per
mant-nt the following charges in his services, with
the assurance that his operations shall be perfurm
ed better than under bis past exorbitant fees.—
How so t Because he and his assistants are kept in
full exercise, and make more money:
Extract tooth. *5 cts; fill with silver or tin, 50
cts; with gold, 75 ct»; Pivot Tooth, $2 50: Plate
Tooth, $3; upper or lower setts, $25, with or with
out artificial gums, &c Sic. Ac jy 13
D4t¥ UOUUB AT COss'l'.—'l tie subscjlbers
have still iu store a large assortment ot se*
souable Dry Goods, which they are desirous of
selling out at and below cost, in part-
Plain ana fancy Silk Cravats
Silk and cambric Neck Ties
Paris mens' and boy's kid Gloves
Talf'ita and Cap Ribbons
Irish Linens and brown Hollands
Bird's Eye Diaper
Silesias, Rice Cambric
Black and white VVigan
Colored and blue Sewings
Buttons of all kinds
Colored and white Spool Cotton
Linen and cotton Tape
All of which will be soid at and beiaw cost to
close THOS. * CHAS. ELLIS fc eoT
7 No 106 Main street.
call on the subscriber 11 *'
The subscriber is now manufacturing Ladies'
and ftusses' Gaiter Boots and Shots ot thThest
quality that can be had in this country. So Ladies
in want of Bcots or Shoes of good quality will
please call and leave th«ii orders ss they wi'l be
properly attended to.and no pain, spared to please
ALEX HILL. 127 Mam Z
J Richmond. Va
of > LA i N* i *?,, K H lCO -~ We °? er tur
U tract ol LAN ;y in Henrico, containing 515 acres
and lying about eleven miles from Richmond It
is bounded on the west by the Richmond Freder
icniburg and Potomac Railroad, and on the north
and east by the Chickahominy Creek. The whole
tract is of excellent quality has about "iO srrca t
arable land, the balauce finely timbered. The im
provements are of the first order. We will £ 1
with this land, should the purchaser prefer it the
stock ef every description' and the (arming
ments ot every kind. As it rarely happens that
"* geU imo and a. land
LohJ sought, wr would remind capitalists
oi the propriety ol their applying without deiay
** Anwoti
determine 1 to dis<»<)ntinueTu ,*wllf
, of close out ku entire
{ egl|rd 1 to consistingof tta usual
. }. J I™* clolhuia aud ffeutlemtii'i fur
Mid f #ioc * '• *«uoi**hte;
u P **°t. Ml unusual oppo.' iaoitj
-_ T > J*"® 4 * It Is one of the bettataad.
the street_fot almost aaw kind of busiot as.
pORNIH, Mo 80 Main at,
JJ ~—lm Mast door to Puree!!, Ladd U Co.
»Ait, liiKk.
By the new and elegant tide wheel Steamship
Leaves Rlcbmaad Tae»dav Kee
ning, at 4 o'clock, earr>ia« the
(Jolted State* Mall.
And will leave Richmond regu
larlv erery Tuesday, at 4 o'clock,
M., tor New York, (topping at
mBKV Norfolk going and returning, to
land freight and passengers. Freight received
every Monday at 12 o'clock, and opto the hour ol
1 o'clock. P. M., every Tuesday
Passage to or from Mew York, including meals
and fine state room accommodations, only —•i 0
Steerage passage to or from do, only balljince.
For freight or passage, apply at our office, south
side of the Basin.
ht.U.UKK AKIC.\N«ifc.»IK>T
Of the Richmond, Peterftbnrg, Morfolk,
and New York Steamship Company.
m The new doub.e enjribe t^tearn
CI TY OF NORFOLK will hereaf
ter leave Richmond every Friday
and New York every Thursday, giving ample time
in each port to receive and discharge cargo, in good
weather only, and with th» greatest possible cai&
We have put our rates of freight as low as we can
possibly afford with the hope of receiving a liberal
support from the merchants generally. Our Stram
ers have also splendid state-room accommodations
for passengers, and the travelling public will tiud
this a very pleasant as well as the cheapest route to
New York
rmwage sua tare, ursi class state-rooms 83 00
Do do second cabin 600
ALFRED S. LEE, Richmond, )
ap 19—ts
Posmvely every Wednesday, until further notice.
Union Steamship Company's Line.—The two new
and beantiful Steamships, VIRGINIA, Captain
Teal, and PENNSYLVANIA, Captain Baymore.
One of these fine Steamships will leave Richmond
for Philadelphia every Wednetday. They are
beautifully fitted up for passengers, are provided
with Francis's Patent Metallic Lite Boats, set first
rate tab'es, and every attention is paid to the com
fort and safety of the passengers and protection ol
Freights taken low, and all transhipment avoid
Passage in first Cabin id, berths and meals in
do 2nd do $7, do do do
Passage through lo New York via Philadelphia #9,
do do
The Virginia and Pennsylvania will touch at Cape
M-*7during the bathing season to land passenger*.
Passage to Cape May 83, meals included, thus
saving about halt the expense in visiting this de
lightful bathing place. Apply to
MAYO <fc ATKINSON, Agents, Richmond.
N.3.—The ships returning, "leave Philadelphia
every Wednesday, at 10 o'cloek, A M. jy 1
vl New and Comfortable Schedules.
ter the Ist of March, the following quick and com
fortable schedules will be run over the inland route
between Richmond and New York: Leave Rich
mond, daily, at 7 o'clock, A. M , and 9 o'clock. P. M.;
arrive in New York, daily, atss, A. M., and 6i P M
Fare to Washington, Ist class seats $5 50
" " 2d '• " 400
" " Baltimore Ist " " 700
" " " 2d " " 500
Between Baltimore and Philadelphia by rail
road 3 00
Between Baltimore and Philadelphia, by New
Castle and Frenchtown line 2 50
Between Philadelphia and New York 3 00
For Ist class passengers, and §2 on each for 2d
class do.
Besides the through and direct connexion named
above with the main Northern Rou'e, through
tickets, direct, can be obtained at (he Depot of the
Baltimore <fc Ohio Railroad Company, in Washing
ton, for Pittsburg and Wheeling via the Raiay
House on the following terms:
Between Washington and Pittsburg—
(Time 24 hours) $11 50
Between Washington and Wheeling—
(Time 32 12 50
For through tickets to Washington and Balti
more, or ottser information, apply at the ticket ol
It is deemed proper, in addition, to state, for ths
information of passengers, that four daily lines are
in operation between Washington and Baltimore,
by means of which the traveller who, through
business or pleasure, has been delayed in Wash
ington, has it always in his power to proceed at a
convenient hour directly on his journey to any
point north of that place. THOMAS SHARP,
Agent of Transportation.
Office R., F. & P. R. R. Co., (
Richmond, Feb. 20,1852. J
P. S.—The Night Train will not stop to take up or
put down passengers, except at the following sta
tions : Cottage, Taylorsville, Junction, Chestertield,
Milford, Ginney's, Fredericksburg and Brooks'.
N. B.— By order of the Postmaster General, no
mail train will be run between Richmond and
Washington on Sunday nighta.
fe 21 T 8
■I- POINT, &c-—The steamboat Augusta, Capt.
Wm. C. Smith, having been refitted for the sum
mer travel, will resume her place upon the line
via. Port Walthall, on Wednesday, the 2d of June.
The Cars running in connexion with the Augusta
will leave the Richmond and Petersburg Depot
on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning ai 6
Returning, the AUGUSTA wfl I leave Norfolk ot
the alternate days, viz: Tuesday*, Thursdays and
Saturdays, at 6 o'clock A. M.
The Augusta will touch at Old Point durine the
Bathing season, going and returning, and all the
landings on the Hirer.
Fare to City Point, ...Si Ot
Do. to Cokes or/Jrove Wharf, 1 50
Do. to Old Point, Norfolk and Portsmouth",..2 Ot
Children over 3 and not over 13 years ot age
half price.
Servants to Old Point, Norfolk and Ports
mouth, 50
Tu any point on the River not below the
», G ™ ve 1 00
Uc<uß m 50
Do. for children and servants,..... " ->5
m ? -- Superintendent
ACCOMMODATIONS.—Miorteat, Cheapest,
most Comfortable and ino*t Kxpfdltious
Route 10 the Sweet and White Sulphur
irom Washington by the Richmond and Freder
icksburg and Potomac Rail Ruad.
f rem Baltimore by the comforiable and low
pressure steamer Maryland Capt C E Mitchell.
Connecting at Kichmoud with the Richmond and
Danville Hai'road
Fare fr,m Baltimore to White Suiphur, $15 00
" Baltimore to Sweet Springs, 14 0*
" Wa*hingtcu to While Sulphur, 15 00
" Washington to Sweet Springs, HOO
" Richmond to White Sulphur, 10 00
" Richmond to Swee: Springs, U 00
Leave Baltimore every Tuesday and Thursday
afternoon, at 4 o'clock, connecting at Aquia Creek
with the train which reaches Richmond it 4 P M,
the succeeding day*.
Leave Washington every day in the week at 7 A
M, and 9 P M, and on Sum lay at 7 A M. Passen
gers by this route can arrive in the morning »t 6
o'clk, at Richmond, and proceed thence, at 7 AM,
by the Richmond and Danville Railroad 34 milea
and by stages 68 miles to Lynchburg, which point
they will reach at 10 P M Leave Lynchburg at 6
A M by the Virginia and Tenn-s.ee Railroad, and
go 40 miles to breakfast, at Buford'a, at 8 A M ;
thence 47 mites by stages, ant) arrive at the Sweet
Springs, at 8 P M; tfienco on, 17 mile*, over a
smooth Turnpike to the White Sulphur.
For comfort and eyedition this route is unrival
led, and will recommend itself to invalids aud g« u
•ieroen travelling with their families; and there b*- ,
'eg only 4 meals (a be tak-n between Richmond
and the Spring., will ntaae it the most econuuiica,
Tickets can be had on board the steamboat* on
the PotooMe, and from Capt C E Mitchell on the
steamer Maryland and at the uthee of the hkh
«*>«td and (Janvihe Railroad, Ricomond.
tor a*>« by
« JT 18 4 JUHN U. CLAIBOfttfG,
to the «bm. PiS^JfißSg
•or C. P. Johnson, Rev Dr H<-w»n, JUv? B t»"
lor. Rev Ro. Rvland. A. O, Wortham, M D 13"
Wm. F Botlcr, Esq, Richmond. "'•*»
Professor C. A. Harris, Professor Th fm .. »
Bond, Profewor W R . Handy, Prof c. O Coi£
and Lester Noble, D. D. B-, Baltimore. *
my 28—3 m*
MRK. ia*k ASU MAuT+m
ltfft INSURANCE -The RichZnf F&
Association are now prepared u>
——— policies of Insurance
scription of risks on as reasonable twrais as
similar company, and respectfully ask a sh.roJs
the patronage of the public. A pplicatioas iin Cl
received at the office, No 323, coWonLS
!tth streets, where the officers will cbeerfwS ££
nish all information that may be reouiJrf TS
losses promptly and liberally idjusted^^
John H. Boshkr, Secretary. "«hl7
<~v J?\ ATI krt l ai7 —T7
\ MlWrwiS oß°c KEK Y. OLABB WaRF
1 «t ° ~ The * uUcn ber is cow^S:
VmSSt* »* 'Z Msortmeatof
French and English China Crock
ery and Glass Ware, with a splendid collection 2
Boh. tman Cut Glass Toilette B-tiles, a -rest vsrW
ty of elegant Cups and Saucers, some of them rich
ly gilt and decorated.
Also, Refrigerators, Water Coole-s. Wir,H«-
Shades. Tray,, Waiters. Koive,, Fork. 4 c i,
1800 d. z Tumblers, of various sizessnd patterns
This extensive assortment of Goods bavW t*w,*
purchased under tee personal inspection of theV«v
pnetor.at very low prices, he is determined to
sell accordingly, A call la respectfully solicited
je ~6 ts R. L HICKfON'
fc OUT
■■■HeHI'AYLOR IS constantly receiving
3J 2 3 \l'*~£ TU L r p 'ano Forces rom N ua £
« & Cmrk. ssd oth«r celebrated mak.
ers, and asks the attention of oui'chasers to h ; s
Stock, which he will warrant, and will sei: at 7 p p »
moderate prices. '
Pianos repaired, Tuned, let O' hire, and tsken
in exchange, at his Piano Forte anc Music dtnr.
je2l— ts 1«f» «•,«„ »
& WOuDHOUSE art* con
-1 ff § 1 receiving supplies ot Pilkao
. " " Furea fr.im thr.-e of tht- best m»n U .
tacturies in America The character of the instru
ments whiah they offer is established, and pur.
chf.sers may safely rely upon gettiog a good arCrU
They lurnish them at northern prices, and a large
assortment may be found, varying from th<- low'it
priced good instrument made, to the mcst elegint
and costly. ' s
Also, for sale, beautiful and sweet toned Guitars,
of Martin's make.
Ail of which may be seen at their Book and Piano
Forte Warehouse, 13i Main street, Lag e i-qnare.
~pt 91 a,OOP UOKTH uF~<777Tri»
"gPlk AND tiILV KR W ATCHEd, Jew> lrv Sil
verware, Albata and Plated Good-., selling
at cost, for two months only, to raiie
Henry Ilyman, 96 Main street, next to John
N. Gordon, offers lor sale the whole of his valu*
bie stock, consisting of Gold Lever Watches, price
£26 to SI2O each, warranted ; gold chains seaii
keys, ear rings, finger-rings, breast pins, silver ta
ble, tea and desert spoons, forks. Xc, and a yrcat
variety of articles too numerous to mention. Also,
a large lot of plat -d castors, cake baskets, A!bits'
tea sets, waiters, from 4 to 40 inches in size, guns,
clocks, See.
Do not neglect this opportunity, as such a rare
chance as this seldom or ever offers to the public.
Do not forget that it is at HENRY HYMAN'ri, 96
Main st., the old established store, aca Direct Im
N- B.—Watches and Jewelry carefully repaired
by competent workmen, on reasonable terms,
my 18
I have received 9 ruses of those beautiful white
and pearl Nankin felt Hats, to which 1 invite the
attention of all gentlemen who appreciate an ele
gant and comfortable head cove rice.
87 Main street.
P. S.—l have stil? on hand a full assortment of
Canada Straw Hris, a* also every kind of Hat
that ancient or modern history gives any account
of. J. T.
je 23
2{£=sKZ.The subscriber has on hand, at hit
Coacti-iuaking establishment, on Lombard Alley,
between Main and Cary, (i3th and 14th streets,)
nsar the Columbian Hotel, Coaches, Cbsriotteet,
Barouches, Buggies, with and without tops, and
Sulkies, all of nfs wn make, at the best material*
and workmanship. All of which will be sold as low
as good work of the kind can be in the city of
Richmond; and 1 respectfully ask a call irom thoM
in want of any article in the Carriage line, as I am
determined tc make to order and sen at the lowest
price* possible; and all work sold, that is new, war.
ap 28 - d6m
ify & CO. would respectfully inform tfatir cos
turners and the public generally, that thef
have just received a large and choice assortment of
Renily Made Clothing, wbieb they otter at
the lowest cash prices. From their superb vtnrea
ot Cloths, Caaaimeres and Vesting*, purcha
sers can select the latest patterns for Coatt,
Panta and Vests, and have them made up by N *
Co. in the irost fashionable style# They offer for
sale also a select assortment of gentlemen's Furnish
ing Gooda. N. W. h'Ei SON & CO.,
No 135 Brosd street,
ap 30—3 m Neat door tn the Mvhall Rntel
Main Stmkt, have in store, and are rcceif-
La ins, large additions to their stock of Drags,
Medicines, Surgeons' Inatrameats.
Paints, Oils, Dyes, Window C!«»
Fancy Articles, which they offer for stle on tl*
most favorable terms to cash and punctual dealers
cheapest place in the city to buy is at J. H. Jt
ANTHONY'S, where Moeskin Hats of the
best quality are sold at <3 50 i second quality <3;
Silk *2 50.
Fine Calf-skin Sewed Boots *•> *
Patent Leather Congress Boots 2 73
Pateat Leather Oxlord Ties • ™
Patent Leather Monterey Boots •' 0
Together with an assortment of Panama, L«fr
horn and soft Hats, Umbrellas, &c.
CO. may be consulted, contidentiaiiy, ' or '=•
treatment of the following diseases: Eruptions,
Sore Legs, Ulcers, Glandular Swelling, of #n *
largements, Syphilis, and all morbid discharge*,
whether recent or chronic. Also, all those cuffi
plaints termed female diseases. The adverttwf*
invite attention to their chemica! extract of
Fiowers, which may be regarded as the very bef
article known, to give tone aud to
abuaed aud debilitated organs, as well as "> reoovat*
a system shattered by dMpstkm or other
Medicines securely put up, w.th lull dirrcnoa*,
*ud sent to order. Post paid letters ;>rJiopuy
tended to. Office on Franklin street, belt* t *'
change Hotel, aud iirat door belowTriaity ciar *">
Richmond, Virginia .
O The aubacribera, ioteuuiDjj to tnaie *,
io their biuioea*, offer their enure «&«* 1,1
GOODS at c >*t for ca«h, and re«p«rtfuUT
perauoa wiahing lo purchase, to s;w » 4 ***" Jj*?,
purchasing elsewhere aa we fe«i coaMWj®"
oetter assortment of Dry Good* or
with more care, w*a n» rer odvred at
market Our a lock counts'* ot the aoJ
approve at;tea. Determiee,J to ckise, *» ***~y
the public there ia bo hutnbug u» d»»
meat Do no! tbrg j> to eall •» S"W fcroad **•■*
between 4th and su» atreou. . ortJt
mT«7—»m L t M
Ht ilso.vs rtAKIi
Cleaning, Prr«r?iay »nd ,
Tretb and Guom. Tba recip« for tw» U ?*J _ j
D.uUii ice w*» iiMpitiuni u» oy Or. R. W. " , .
this citj, who rcp«njiwi»d» « high y•• * c -, ,
nrul puriti >r of the Teeth *nd Ouiu# P fe !"' "
by K. H DOVAU* bHU.
jj 17 I - d.ua-
A>u fr'OK '"XJTS!
J I2U arret «•!' iwtd -n Uw.so
«o mtlra Bortti of tli« citjr— on® W
:i«»red—-tw o*!jbc<? »» wtxusW 'h»« roou<®
weil—im,Dov«-e:«i!tiy aitiwtm, »ud i» oi
:ty. It u without tmprifwstenWMa w« »•
accordingly. Apply «lj. „ 4 0001.
jiU GtnalM*

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