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far tk* mm tndiif Tkurtdaf Imhih/, J*ly 3U.
[cutrtuT coaaxcrxp.j
BACON la without change Virginia cured, hog
round, li| cants; prime western and Baltimore
i*Mes lo| la 11 eta; Shoulders Wto 9| ets; Hams
ÜBOTiU BOTi fcH iTmrood supply. We quote firkin 98
to 25 cts per lb.; fresh Rolfßs ; Goshen SO to 2»'*
BEESWAX—« aS» CU. per lb.—with small re-
la Cotton here is limited. The quotsUons sre S*
ets. Cotton Ysrns 17 cts per lb. _.
COFFEE—OId Jsts 111 to l2 n^
9|; Rio »* to 9i cts; Cape 8* »9i
CANDLES —fallow 10* s 11* ; Hull s patent IJ,
Sperm 43 a 45, Adamantine 221 a 27*. Jackson s
10 cents on bosrd lor good mixed, fine
and limp; Bto 9 cents for blacksmith s coal.
CORN is more abundant, snd with the increased
supply, is dull at Wats.
CORN MEAL—7S to 80 cents per bushel.
FLOUR—Last sales of Scottsville and Richmond
at 94 1-16 to 4*— very little arriving.
FLAXBEED —In demand at 91 la per bushel.
FEATHERS—Live geese 33 a 35 cts.
FISH—No. 1 Mackerel (11; No. S #16; No. 3,
small If) to 61—in good demand and scarce; No. 4,
none in market. Clipped N. C Herrings $6 75 to
7_.nominal, none here; Family Roe $4 to 4 25, in
hall bbis.; Gross, from wharf, §5 25 to 5 50 for N.
C.; Halifax No. 1 Clipped 96, Groas 94 50 to 4 75.
Bhad 9* 50 to 10.
GUANO—Peruvian ®46J from store, per ton ef
8000 lbs.; Patagonian 940— light demand
HlDES—Slaughtered 95.50. green weight; Span
lah 913.50 to 916; Calf Skins 81.1:4*.
HAT—Last sales from wharf at 87* to 90 cts;
in store 91 13*.
LIQUORS—Brandy, Otard, Dupuy & Co. 92.25 a
92.50; A. Seignette 91.75; Imitation 32 i 034 cents ;
Saxerac 93 a 3.50; Peach, dull at 91 a 1.25; Virgi
aia Apple 60; do. old. 62* a 75; Northern 4C
cents. Hum, New England, 28* a 29 cts. Whiskey
Richmond rectified 23* to 24* cU in bbls; Cincinnati
23* to 24* cU; Gin, Holland 91 a 1.25 : American
25 cents.
LARD—Prime Leaf in barrels 11* to 11* cents;
kegs 12* to 13 cents.
LlME—Last sales from vessels at 91 30 to 1 35;
from a tor* *1 50.
LUMBER—CIear white Pine 533a35; refuse clear
t29; merchantable 820 a $22; refuse $12» $15 per
IL; one inch pine Plank from $12 to 815 per M :
three-quarter inch pine Plank $10 to $12. flooring
rough, from $15 to $18; dressed $26 a $ 10; joists
$18 • $15; two inch Plank $15; weather board
ing $11 to $14—dull; inch oat Plank $C 3 to 28;
battouwood do 821 to 26; f inch cherr* $30: |
iMh poplar $18.
MuLASSES is without further cnange. Cuba
firm at 22; New Orleans 30a32 cents.
SOAP—Turpentine 3$ a t> cts; Variegated 12a 14c
IRON—Pig $20 to $23.50; Swedes 895; English
$50; Tredegar (Richmond; 885; Up Country
$90; Nails 3} to 3$ cU.
PLASTER—None arriving. Last salea from wharf
$3 75.
POTATOES—Northern 81 to 1 37$ per bushel,
and scarce.
RYE—Extra, for distilling, 75 cents per bushel
RICE—4J to 5 cents per lb., with a light supply.
SALT—SI 40 from Jtore; 81 35 from wbarf.
SUGARS exhibit no chanse- Porto Rico 5} to
61 for ordinary to prime; New Orleans sto6s ;
Retinedloat to 9$ cts; crushed 9 to 9i; clarified
-BTEEL —American blistered 107$ to 110
TOBACCO —Receipts and inspections heavy,
•nd prices for all descriptions, except flue manu
facturing, higher. We quote lugs at 83j a $4} and
5; common leaf 86 a 7|; good 89 a 11 ; fine stem
ming 89 a 11; fine manufacturing $12$ a 275.
TEAS—lmperial and Gunpowder 55 to $1 20;
Black 35 to 50, with light demand-
L BATHER—We have no change to notice In
Leather. The supply is good, with a fair enquiry
"Good" light wt's 815 to it>s ; middle 814$ to 15$
heavy $14 to 15; "damaged" $10, 12$ and 14. Ac
cording to quality.
WHEAT—Very little has yet been sold. We
hear ot small sales for immediate delivery a' 95cts.
for prime red, and 81 for prime white. The large
mills hold off and refuse to name prices.
OATS—4S to 50 cts. per bushel, for ordinary Vir
OFFAL—Bran 14 cts. per bualiel; Shorts 18 sta.;
Browc-Stutt' 15 eta.; Ship-Stuff 40 a 45 cts.
SHOT—Si a 6 cents per lb.
Fobkign.—But little doing— r» tea nominal
London 27s 6d per hhds.
Domestic we quote as follows:
Nete York. Boatm. Philadt'phie
Coal, per bush. to 5 eta. 6 eta. 4 iota.
Clour, per bbl. 20 20 20
Tobacco, per hhd. 2.00 2.5*) 2.25
80. per box, 15 STi 90
Coal to Baltimore 3 cents per bushel.
Sterling Bills : 10| premium.
Domestic : Northern Exchange range* forcheckt
on the chief cities at fa) premium. Large North
ern City Bank Notes i premium. Uncurrent notes
we quote at the following discount:
North Carolina 1 Tennessee 2
South Carolina 1 Kentucky 2
Georgia 1 Ohio 2
Alabama State Bank -• 2| Northern interior -* - J
Bank of Mobile •-• --1 I Silver—lJ premium.
Gold—4 premium
Virginia Bt*te Stock, 25 yeara to run, interestfrom
date—sale* at the Treasury, 8107.
Va. State Stock, tormer issue, with interest from
Ist July—.hort dates #103 and int, long do. 8106
and interest
Bonds guaranteed by State of Va., with int. from
Ist July—last sales 103 and int.
City of Petersburg Coupon Bonds, with interest ]
from Ist February—last side 100 and int.
Richmond City Stock, with interestfrom Ist July
— this week 103 and int.
Virginia Bank Stock, par (70—sales this week 73
Fanners' Bank Stock—sales this w t ek 105.
Exchange Bank Stock—large sales this week 106.
Va. Fire and Marine Insurance Stock—last sales
Richmond Fire Association Stock—par $20, last
aales 31<.
Richmond. Fredericksburg and Potomac & R.
Stock—last sales 9>.
Virginia Central R. R Stock—last sales 40.
Richmond and Petersburg R. R. Stock—last sales
James River and Kanawha Stock—last sales 17.
T 8 Arthur and Wm E Carpenter. Histories of
Virginia, Kentucky and Georgia now ready—each
eSjf centa.
In this series of histories the author, while pre
senting a concise but accurate narrative of the do
mestic policy of each State, will give greater pro
minence to the personal history of the people. The
dangers which continually hovered around the
early colonists; the stirring romance of a life passed
fearlessly amid peril; the incident* of border war
tare; the adventure* of hardy pioneers; the keen
watchfulness, the subtle turpme, the ruthiett at
tack, and prompt retaliation—all these having had
an Important influence upon the formation of the
America* character, are to be faithfully recorded,
while the progressive developments of the citizens
ot each individual State, from the rough foreat lite
of the earlier day to the polished condition of the
present, will exhibit a picture of national expansion
a* instructing as it is interesting. Books sentbv
mail when desired.
Mir, jut received at BUTa.-The subscriber
has jus ( received aavther supply of Gaiter Boots, at
the low price of Bt 50 per pair. They are a first
rata article for the price ALEX. HILL,
je 21 Bo 137 Main street, Richmond. V*.
f KAF URD AND HAMS.-125 pails
AJ choice Leaf Lard; 10 bbls do do; 5 tien&s su
car cured Hams, small six 4, landing per steamer
for aale by
NJBW FAMILY Fi,o(7tt.-tt<-*g«'s first
I" grinding, in halt barrels, in store aud for sale
DJtKSH PBUNttf-1 bare just received a
JT lot of the above article, which l ean recom
meed as freak, and an excellent article lor family
■ml Call at AMTOVIO PIZZiKI'S,
ft I Under City Hotel.
4»ms Molasses, for aaie by
lj 13 CPA*. T. WORTHAM A CO.
r tAF LA^ f l U rMla by '
EXCHANGE HOTEL -H Simkia. Baltj.
more- Dr. C. Planum wd Wj. J**' *
dell, liiwr and servant NI C, J H Eaton, Phil,
Z B Glar.ier, R M Canby, Mr» Porter, 6lr«
lim and three #oiw, Mm Lowe, Mrs Hall,
Wilmington, Del; W Ford, Elkton; M C Sel
df>n and lady. M C Selden. ir. B. K. Selden, C
H Kennon, Powhatan; P B Jones, Orange; R
L Marab, M P Rober'aoo, Norfolk; Dr R Mc
Rae and lady, Miss Henry, Dr Mcßae, J J
Long, child and servant, N C; Dr and Mrs
Bellinger, Bliaa Clark, Miss Cartane, Miss Si*
mons, Charleston. 8 C; AS Miller, Wilming
ton, N C; E Ruffio, M M Anderson, Hanover;
F G Rurtin, Albemarle; Col C G Coleman,
Louisa; Dr Waddell, Staunon; E Henahaw,
Miss; 0 Crump, Halifax; TDS Mendanell,
Western Missouri; E S Latimer, Warrenion,
Ga; J B Grey and lad v. Miss; Col Payne, U
S A; J T Wood, Balto; A B Magruder, Al
Nashville,Tenn; L B Hopkins, Powhatan; G
W Vaughnn, P Edward; Asa Vanghan, Not
towag; J N Vaughan, Lunenbu;g; I Overby,
Charlotte; J F Calloway, S S R; H Fowlkea,
J S Oabourne, Nottoway: P J Haskins, Pow
hatan; J A Hillsmond, Amelia; W A Scott,
Buckingham; E Scott, Powhatan; J A Shep
herd, W M Shepherd, Fluvanna; Capt W E
Sb<»armon,N Y; BM DeWitr, Goochland; J
H Brazeal, Amelia; H Forbes, Salesbury; J
G Snelson, Perkinsville; J R Bowles. Hano
ver; W J Bagbv, Louisa; F Bowin. Alabama;
J M Sublet!, Powhatan; P S Dawson, Scotts
ville; I) R Chapman, Ohio; F W Crowder,
Cumberland; J A Powell, R E Taylor, Gooch
land; J E Adams; J T Rudd, P fcd; O Ham
ilton, Petersburg; M Scott, Cumberland.
mac; G E Harrison, L VV Carter, Brandon,
Vu; A C Garrett Williamsburg; E B Miller,
P Edward: VV A Borman, Nottoway; J H
Coxe, Phila; J VV Gorman, Bait; R A Chap
pell, S» J Birdsing, Dr J R Mann, B J Peebles,
Sussex, Va; R B Heath, Richmond; J H Ed
wards, Jefferson City, Mo; W Bankelon and
lady, S C; G G James, Petersburg; J R Pal
more, J R Palmore.jr, Cumberland; J P Wed
don, Mrs Walton and family, Canton; Dr G
L Elliott, Charleston, S C; F Titus, Memphis,
Tehn; Miss E Noble, C W Deland, Charles
ton; J R Stirling, Washington; E Bowen, J
Mupes, Alabama; C A Gwatkin, Lynchburg;
R E Hawkins end son, Brunswick; T Branch
and son, Petersburg.
CITY HOTEL—J P Pierce, New Kent C
H; EO Watkiua, Chesterfield; J F Jones, Va;
J Coles, Newark; D Cosbey and lady, Raleigh,
NC; C Lichtenburg, N V; O Faimer and lady,
Charleston; Col J M G Dickinson, Louisiana;
R TM Dix, Lancaster, Va; R Saunders, Ca
roline; J W Smith, jr, Petersburg; P Beers, J
Beers, Master L Beeis, N Y; M I) Anderson,
Va; VV O Moslev, Hanover; D B Watkins,
Goochland; JohnH Mettert, Albert M Aiken,
Henrico; W L Smith, King and Queen; J M
Smith, Essex; J T Thornton, Va; J P Raw
lins, 1) S Rawlins, Penn; VV N Phillips, Ohio;
T N King, Augusta; E Logwood, J P Wright,
Lynchburg; G Young, jr, Nottoway.
Range ot (he Thermometer
At J. VV. Randolphs, No. 121, Main street,
7am I 12 a. I 5 p.m.
76 f6 I »7
Bark Cora, Horton, eld at New Orleans for this
oort 13th.
EVJI.S OK li-SVAMT UAfllsJl 430
copies ot the second edition of this work just
received and for sale.
The tirst edition of this book having met with a
ready sale, it has been r> vised by the author (R.
B. C. Howell, D D; and stereotyped. From the
great enquiry for this book since the first editien
was sold, we anticipate a ape-dy sale To those
who Duy to sell again a discount of 15 per cent,
from the retail price of 50 cents will be made.
Just received a further supply of Religious
Works, American Tract Society's Publications,
die. Also, an additional supply of Books for
schools anc colleges, stationery ot all kinds. Bap
tist Book Store, No. 203, Main street, square above
the Banks CHAS. WORTHAM,
je 20 Depositary.
lOl'U Kiltiis.—Jewelers', Demists',
O Sawyers', Carpt nters' and Machinists' Files and
Rasps made to order. Also, old Files re cut and
warranted, at the Virginia File Works, Manchester,
Orders left at the store of Mr. Seagers, 14th st,
near the Bridge, or the Works, will be promptly
attended to. je 30— lm*
D ETDKNIMti our thanks to tne Laaies tor
IV the liberal patronage so kindly bestowed fjr
the last four years, we beg leave to inform them
that we are again ouen, and will continue to aell at
retail until the last ot this month, when our auction
will take place. Great bargains may be expected.
Merchants wishing to close large 1 ts of desirable
goods at less than they can be bought in Northern
markets, are invited to examine our stock before
our public sale.
i iy io—i2t
Books for thk home circle.
NASH & WOOD HOUSE, Eagle Square, have
Dollars and Cents, fourth edition, two vols —1 50
Ciuwchy, by the author of the "Wide, Wide
World," 16th <iditiou two volumes
Hood's up the Ruine, with wood cuts, two parts
—55 cents; tine edition 75 centa
History of the Electric Telegraph, Bvo—9l
The Polypi of the Larynx,'<fcc., by DrH Green,
Tue Memorial to J. Fenlmore Cooper, «vo $1
Journey to Iceland, by Ida Phietter, 12m0—25c
fine edition 50c
Horse Shoe Robinson, by J P Kennedy, revised
edition—Sl 50
Swallow Barn, by J P Kennedy, plates, revised
$1 75
The Napoleon Ballads, by Bon Gaultier—2sc
Book for a Corner, by Leigh Hunt—2sc; fine edi
tion 40c
Hind's Popular Treatise on the Solar System—
25c; tine edition 40c
Wide, Wide World, 18th edition, lvo—l 50
Claret and Olives, by A D Reach—2sc; tine edi
tion 40c
Home Narratives, edite i by Dickens—2sc
Nineveh and its Remains, unabridged—
Head's Faggot of French Sticks, filth edition—sl
i j .? >na ot an American Farmer in Ena
land—2sc; hnc tdiiion 40c
Hood s Own, with comic wood cuts—23c- fine
ediUon 40c jL g
received a supply at White Sulphur Water, from
the Greenbrier White Sulphur Spring*.
lickqnr?' UC | Li £ k W^ er ' direCt from the B, U«
Lick Springs in Kentucky.
tog"*' 0 !* Water ' from teCongrf s«Spring,Bara
-o^hl-rf r f hll i d »^ C,d Miner J Water, from the Oak
W York Mmeral s P rin B«. Genessee county,
menldSi^ hlj recommended by medical
ettMA muph m i?® r *P idl y lu }° u®e for various die
andurinaI 7 ora C »n» o^^ #fleClioD, u° f tbe (ii « estife
«un r hrm,;« $ ■ aome ot tbe cutaneous aia-
c^K?' Cbromc diwrh ®«.Tronic
K^c^n o^Sld cyatitia, dia
ceoc6 from protracted iJJLr* ? ,n coiTilei
•«#<»«. *
J® 81 Sole A genu for the *f v^X',
call on the subscriber WTV,
J 1 !!. wb f e J!? l ? r now ®M«»f*cturi«g Ladle.'
u»dNlim' Getter Boou and Shoes oi'the b£ t
quality that can be had in thia country. 80 '"jiff
to wit of Boots or Shoes of good quality, will
plena* call and leave tfa«4r order* aa toe* will la
proper.y attended to,and no pains spared to bleaie
ALEX iIILL, l*7 Haia stTT
jert Richmond, VJ
B. ftAMCB * CO.,
Mala Bttwt, Kicfct—d, f«.
Splendid Bi>ia». for Jalr, 18W.
$40,WW. 18.487, 6.000. 100 of LOW, 100 of 9001
Graad Ceaaelldated Lottery, Class !», to
ha drawn at Baltimore on Saturday, July 84th.—
78 numbers, 18 drawn.
1 prise of. #40,000 1 prixe of #4000
1 do 18.497 100 do 1000
1 do 40«*> 100 do W0
Tickets #10; halves 5. quarters 8 50.
•30,000, SOjOOO, 10 0000 of 1,000. 50 of 500!
feMquefcrnsm Lottery, Class No 31, to be
drawn at Baltimore on Wednesday, July 28th, 78
numbers, 13 drawn.
I prise of #30 00G [ 1 prise of $3,000
L * do 20,000 1 do 8,670
1 do 10,000 50 do 1,000
1 do 5,000 ]50 do 500
Tickets $10: halves 5. quartersß 50.
*67,500, 87.500, 100 of 1,7501
Graad CoanoHdated Lottery, Class R, to
be drawn at Baltimore on Saturday, July 31st. 78
numbers, 14 drawn.
1 prize o£ $67,500 5 prizes of $3,000
1 do 27,500 100 do 1,750
1 do 17,700 20 do 750
1 do 6,2 6 30 do 350
5 do 5,000 200 do 200
Tickets #20; halves 10 5. Certificate
of a package of wholes *240 —shares in propor
py Orders for Tickets in any of the Maryland
Lotteries will meet the m<,st prompt and confiden
tial attention, if addressad to R. FRANCE A CO,
Managers, or to C. W. PURCELL,
jy 14 Richmond, Va
THE subscriber invites the attention ol the pub
lic to this place of entertainment. It ia de
signed solely lor ladies and gentlemen, and no
amusements are practised there, which are unfit for
the observa ion of ladies. It does not become bim
to speak of the dinners which he can furnish at the
snortest notice, though he has at all times, all the
luxuries that the Ru hmond market and the country
round the city can afford; nor of his wines, though
he challenges comparison with any cellar in Vir
ginia ; nor uf the recreations and amusements which
his guests will find there, though they are as numer
ous as they are innocent; not of the accommoda
tions, natural and artificial, which the Retreat af
fords. All he wishes is, that the public will come
and see, and if they do not say, that it is the very
place the town has always wanted, and situated at
the very distance at which it ought to be situated,
he will be willing to acknowledge that he has de
ceived himseif, and thereby cheated others. It is
at the proper distance, tor it is three miles from
town; it is in the proper situation, for it is on the
Brooke Turnpike, a fine carriage road, it is proper
ly fixed, for the rooms are on the most approved
modern scale for convenience, and fitted with a
luxury almost unknown in the country. But my.
description can satisfy no body. Come and see for
jy 16—ts C. R. ALLEN.
JUNE '-£») 185*. —Just received from New
Plain Swiss Muslins
Dotted uo do
Checked and plaid Swiss Muslins
Colored sprig and Dotted do
Jaconet Cambrics
Tape Che k Muslins
Furniture Dimity, very cheap
And a variety of other desirable and cheap goods,
je29 New Store, 63 Main street.
As the season has fetr advanced, wc propose
selling the remainder of our Summtr at cost
for cash, and wou'd invite the attention of all who
wish to purchase cheap, to some of the must choice
goods of (tie season, which we have vet on hand.
Clothing Emporium, corner Main and 14th sts.
Wrought Lace Veils, a new and very pretty ar
Black and white Lace Veils
Lace Capes, Collars and Sleeves
Organdies, Lawns, Bareges, Tissues
And other varieties of Dress Goods, will be sold
at great reduction in price. For bargains, call at 99
Main street.
have still on band a very rich assortment of
Bareges and Tissue*, of the latest style; also, plain,
figured and plaid summer Silks; handsome French
Lawns and Cambric*; white and colored and em
broidered Muslins; very fixe French Embroideries,
in the way of French worked Capes, Collars, Cuffs
and Sleeves; rich embroidered lawn Hdkfs—allot
which we are sel Ing at very reduced prices, as the
season is advancing, at
jy 12 107 Broad street.
Ladies' dkess goods at cost.—
Splendid figured and plain Barage at 25 cents;
Barege de Laiues 10 and 12 cents; fine French De
laines 25 cts; fine French Lawns, Swiss and Cam
biic Muslins, satin striped and checked Musiin, plain
and fancy Silks. For bargains, call at
jy 12 JACOB A. LEVY'S.
LAND IN HENIMCO.—We will sell aoout
135 aires of excellent Wood LAND, without
improvements, lying in Henrico county, about sev
en miles north of the city, which is supposed to
contain Coal, It being toe next tract to one from
which much Coal has been taken; and the Land be
ing near Hungary Watrr Station, eicher wood or
•oal might easilj be transported thence to Rich
mond. Here is a chance tor a great bargain. Apply
early. TOLER dt COOK,
J? t General Agents.
place to get tine Sky-light Pictures taken for 81.—
We wcuia invite all to call soon, as we shall not
»ake low pictures but a few weeks.
W'e have made arrangements to take pictures of
sick or deceased persons at their residences Our
prices are from 81 to 810. OS BORN'B,
Opposite the Banks, sign of the American Flags.
jy 13
\ FOIt HI KE.—We have a middle
aged Man, who is said to be an excellent cook,
whom we would hire out for the balance of the
ye*' TOLER & COOK.
Jy 1Q General Agents,
[VEUKOEs FOK HIRE.— We have lor hire
tor the balance of the ye*r, two Women and
two House Girl*. TOLER St COOK,
LOUK.—A very superior lot for
bUI-FUR AND CHEESE.—6S kegs new
MJ Goshen Butter, ana 50 boxes new Uoahen
Chee«c, receiving and for sale by
i e2t WM. TAYLOR.
OLD WHIS.iEY.-75 bbls. superior old
WHIbKLV, in store and for sale by
jy chas. t. wobtham & co.
OUNTEK SCALES, oi superior quality, for
•ale by C. J. SIN TON St CO..
Sign of the Circular Saw,
71 Main street.
WHALE OlL,Stuarts Coffje and Kice.
receiving and tor gale by
I bbls., lor tale by
«JUU good order for sale by '
-f-P 171 Main .treet
W CHEESE.-150 ooxes, receiving, lor Mie
~~Z 175 Broad ttreet.
umK " 100 c ° i,e * in *«•«*
JUST RECEI VED, a •mail lot of vera tape.
*f rior Havana Cigars, have also on hand - —
te! r If" ,upcrlor <**"**2 to.
-*j* . m Broad
bbU "
jj MIKING —73 bU. Uaufax No t E
II Hj|«, taMUag Iron achr Oman*, for aalo b»
frith a BMitagfcHi we nm
•> ' > >
THE netlee of ttis Liniment upon the human
organisation U truly wonderful It* volatile,
soothing mm healing properties difhue
themselves to the very bone*. It eaten into the
cireulatiun of the blood, givee a new impulse to
the whole nervous ifitem, stimulates the absor
tend and secretions, and th«»s *nM< naturt to
throw off and rid herself of any diseased action of
the nervous chorda or ligaments, staking it equally
applicable to aorea of any kind, rheumatism, or
abundant reason* of its great efficacy in so many
different diseases. While it is perfectly harm lew
to healthy flesh, akin or bone, it acta upon scientific
principles abd FIXED LAWS OF THE CREA
TION. The large numbei of cases in which this
Liniment has proved its great value in the short
time it baa been in Virginia, ia sufficient to give the
greatest confidence, that its virtues are incompara
le in the cure of Rheumatism, Bruises, Sprains,
Burns, Wounds, Swellings, Broken and Caked
Breaat, old Sores, Ac.
Testimony from the Beat#.
Savaanah Feb'v sth. 1852.
Having been afflicted with acute Rheumatism for
some time, and tried several of the most popular
medicines of the day, also under medical advice,
and received no relief until I tried the MUSTANu
LINIMENT, and much to my surprise, I received
immediate eklief; and I am confident, that by a
few more applications of this truly celebrated Lini
ment, I aha Ibe entirely cured; and I advise all who
are afflicted, to try the Mexican Mustang Uniment
(Signed,) * A. FREEMAN.
Ship Masters, Read! •
New Oblsans, Feb'y 21st, 1851.
I take pleasure in (tiviig my testimony in favot
of the MUSTANG LINIMENT. I have used it in a
great many cases with satisfaction. I P®£
ticularly recommend it to the notice of MAS i ttis
OF VESSELS, of alt kinds, as surpassing all
otheb external applications within my knowledge
for Pains, Bruises, Cuts,
tism, Ac. Ac. LEWIS WARDEN,
Master Steamboat Pontiac.
An Editorial Article
From the Savannah Republican oi December 20th.
1851, written by A K.Moore, Esq., recommends
the Mustsng Liniment in the following manner:
This medicine is now offered to the people of
Georgia for the first time. Our personal experience
enables us to recommend this Liniment to the
public with confidence, as we have fell the good
effect® upon a sprained ancle, which receives great
benefit trom one application, and has been almost
cured by the occasional use for a week
gore ol 40 years' "Standing; Cared.
Fixe Valley, Miss., Dec. 25th, 1851.
A. G. Bragg A Co.: Tbe 9 dozen bottles Mus:ant
Liniment left five weeks ago, a>e all sold Send
me 30 dozen immediately. The Liniment has per
foimed some wonderful cures here. Doctor W
W. Nevel says it is the grew test Liniment in the
world He has a negro girl almost deaf and blind.
His remedies did her no good. A few applications
of tne Liniment cured her entirely. It is also curing
Jahies Coy's leg, which has been a running sore for
forty years. It has not failed in a single case so
far as it has been tried.
We only ask a fair trial of this valuable Lini
! ment in the cure of Strains, Bruises, Cuts, Galls,
Scratches, Sweny, Pole, Evil, Fistula, Big Head,
Spavin, Ring Bone, Wind Galls. Cracked Heels, or
any wound, stiffness, or enlargement of bone or
muHcle in horses. We have many certificates to
those cures, and, therefore, am confident it will
give perfect satisfaction, and effect all we recom
mend for it.
A. G. BRACK, A CO., Sole Proprietors, St.
Louis, Mo.
Sold by Druggists generally, and by
PURCELL, LADD. & CO., Druggists.
mh 12 eod6m
QUEEN VA.—Adapted to the treatment of more
than twent' diseases, to-wit: Asiatic Cholera,
Cholics of all kinds, Spasms, Cholera Morbus, Dy
sentery, Diarrhoea, Cholera Infantum, Asthma,
Tetanus violent Pain, Nervous Headache, Nervou
Irritability, Toothache, Hysteria, Hypochondria,
Rheumatism, Delirium Tremens, Spider Bites,
Wasp Stings, See., Dyspepsia, Saint Vitus' Dance,
certain Obstetrical cases, Fits, sinking or conges
tive Chills, Colds, Coughs, See.
Accompanying each bottle is a pamphlet contain
ing full directions for its use, in the various disea
ses for which it i« recommended, as well as pre
senting many strong testimonials.
This medicine is not only efficient, but safe.—
Adapted as it is to many of the most violent disea
ses, giving the most prompt relief—and especial'y
suited to large families as well as to travellers—
the proprietors would respectfully ask the atten
tion of the public to its claims; which are founded
on more than twenty hve years'experience, and
not on conjecture.
Agents are supplied with pamphlet* forgratui
tous distribution. Will the public call on our
agents, examine for themselves, and gice the me
dicine a fair trial.
I deem it due to the public at large, but especially
to those at a distance, to state, that Dr. JOHN DU
VAL, the Proprietor of the Family Antispas
modic, is a graduate of the University of Pecnsyl
vania, as may be seen by reference to the Medical
Recorder, vol. 1, page 304, published in Philadel
phia in 1818. And in further confirmation of his
claim to public confidence, in reference to the
claims of this medicine and the pamphlet accom
panying it, we present to the public the following
certificate of a number of highly respectable cit£
zeus, of the county of his long residence, besides
others of different sections.
WE, the undersigned,do hereby certify that
Dr. JOHN DUVAL has been . resident of the
-.ounty of King Sc. Queen, Va., for some thirty
years; that he is a regular physician; has done
one of the most extensive practices amongst us
and is fully worthy of the public confidence in any
statement which he may make.
[Signed |
Geo. M. Pendleton, Ro. Courtney, Wm. S. Nunn
Richard Bagby,Col. R M. Spencer, Justice of tte
Peace; John Bagby, Philip Bird, John Lumphin,
J.P.; Col. Wm. B Davis, Ro. F. Stubbs, J. P.; Dr.
S.G. Fannethroy, Sr., J. P ; Joseph Ryland, j. P.
Col. Alex. Fleet, J. P.; Elder Wm. Todd. Ro. Pol
lard, Clerk of King & Queen ; John H. Watkins,
Volney Walker. Jas. M- Jeffeiies, Commonwealtn's
Attorney; Col Jas Pollard, J. P.; Hill Jonea, Win
Boulware, Ex Minister to Naples; E. 8. Acree J
P.; Geo. C Nunn, Jas. C Roy, Saor.R. Ryland,
Temple Walker, B. B. Douglass, Gen. Corbin
Braxton, M D.; Muscoe Garnett, Jas. Smith, Fran
cis W. Scott, members of the Virginia Ref. Con.
The above list of names could have been en
Urged at discretion but it is deemed sufficiently
extended to secure the attention of the public to
the iacts set forth in the pamphlet accompanying
the medicuu. The remedy is confidently submit
ted to the farther test of experience. Relying
upon its merits for public favor, he only asks for it
a tnal. ' '
The genuine article will have the initial* of the
subscriber stamped on the mouth of every bottle
and for each label the written signature of '
All j , Dl) VAL, Sole Agent.
All orders and communication* addressed to f)r
P P. Duval, at King William C. H., or to the Pro
prietor, Dr. J. Duval, at Steven*ville, Va
For sale in Richmond, Va., by PURCELL, LADD
fc CO., wholesale agents, and by THOMAS
CARTHY, j BLAIR 8 , A.'bODEKLJ« d D ,ug
gist* gene 1 ally. 8
Price 62J cent* and *1 per bottle.
Manufactured by P. P. DUVAL, M.D,*ole
agent. King William Court Hjuae, Va., to
all order* *hould be addressed.
The following certificate speaks for itself-
Bukgxs Stou, Northumberland, April, 30,'51
I hare used Dr. Duval'a FainllV i.ri
?«' in * of case*, with the moat
astonishing »ucce«, such ai Crapuloua diseases
Flatulent ai d Bllioua Colica, and in one instance in
uaod it in man; cases, under my care, when an
anodyne or anu spasmodic was called for and )
it°toTta ™kh c ",? fidence ln iu rtlue < 'ecommend
it to the public as the most certaiu and aale Pamila
Medicine of iu claw. [Signed] '"""J
fe^s—3tawly WM. H PURkiwa m. d .
I> Obbkt F. BKOADOI'a ottera his servT
QBtsss vjst s& »
is. °*°+ * i " &<£?.?£
jaj ttT.Pi.. M , -
jjrjnras vm
if i# TOua » pooi,
* OmnlApafc
facts arc stranger than Action:
Lam P. 0., Fulton Co, My., Oct. I.IMI
Dr. John Boll: Dear Sir—Tße two dononofyous
Sarsaparilla, ordered in September, came tobu&
■nd, in acknowledging the reeetot
feel I would bo doing yon wuhhold tbe
following, among the many of the in*tonoos thai
hare come onder my observation during the law
two year*, of tbe great curative of J oar
Martin, a highly respectable lady
of my neighborhood, aged *ixty-nve year*, had
been long afflicted with a cancerous nicer, which
finally reduced her to ao helpless a condition, thai
ahe could not leave her bed. She tried the beat
medical advice in our county withoat relief, and
had given up all hope* of a cure. At this stage of
her caae, I perauaded ber aon to take a bottle of
your Sarsaparilla. He did ao, and in a abort time
returned, and purcfc aaed ant ther bott'e, stating the
first had had a decidedly good effect. ?he continued
to use it until, after the u*e of five or six bottles, 1
had the pleasure of seeing the old lady herself at
church She assured me that sbe had almost en
tirely recovered her health, and from her 1 receiveo
the account of her disease, and in about the same
words I give it to you. This is but tneof a num
ber oi cures under my observation- of very re
markable ones—performed by the use of your 3ar
§ Jparilla, in my neighborhood. The demand for it
has steadily increased since its introduction here.
Very respectful y, yourobedient se -rant,
Boyle Cooktt, Ky., Oct 6, 1851.
Dr. John Bull: Dear Sir—i bave se»m the most
marvellous cure of one of my patients, by your
valuable medicine—an old lady, who bad been af
flicted from her childhood with scrofula, and va.
riou* diseases of tbe brain. She was 60 years old. It
had run into aomething like leprosy, and she was
tbe most frightful creature my eyes ever beheld. 1
called in Dr. McFadden, a very line physician, to
consult with me in re ation to her. We came to
the conciuaion that it was out of our power to re
lieve her ; but, on going to my office, 1 accidentally
picked up one of your journals, when, on seeing
the wonderful cures your Sarsaparilla had effected,
1 resolved to try the experiment in thia case. 1
took her two bottles of it, after taking which 1 per
ceived a great change. I took ber some more. She
is now taking the sixth bottle, and I consider her
entirely cured. I take great pleasure in recom
men.iirg your Sarsaparilla to the afflicted public.
Y ours, respectfully,
I, Thomas A Rlngo, of Graves county, Kentucky,
for the benefit of mankind generally, do hereby cer
tify, that on or about the ltith day of Octcber. 1847,
I was attacked with a very severe pain in the lower
part ot the abdomen, which lasted but a tew min
utes, and moved into tie lett hip, and continued
exceedingly painlul for about tave days, duriug
which time I had a very light fever. At the end ol
that time the fever ceased, and the pain abated for
a day or two, after which it again returned, and
was much worse than before. Dur.ng all this time
i was under medical treatment From a short time
after I was taken, 1 was unable to walk or sit up ;
the hip in which the pain was so bad commenced
rising, until some time in January, when it burst,
and a number of pieces of bone came out—as many
as twenty, at least. Some of the pieces were three
fourrhs of an inch long. Some time atter tnis, •
hard knot appeared on my right hip, also one on
my right wrist, and one on my leg, below my knee.
1 continued to get weak and worse, and pain made
its appearance in my right shoulder, and would
move in my breast and stomach. At this time all
persons gave me up to die. A physician then told
me that, as a last remedj , 1 had setter use Mr. Bull's
Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla. After the use of the
second bottle, the knot on my wrist commenced
getting soft. I opened it, and a day or two after, a
piece oi bone came out. My wrist soon get well
and I continued to gain strength- After 1 used the
third bottle, I co-Id get no more for some four
week*, atter which time I succeeded in getting three
more bottles. Alter using the three last bottles, the
knot on my hip became soft; it was opened, and
some corruption ran cut, together with a small
Eiece oi bone, and the sore soon got well, and the
not entirely disappeared. The sore on my leg also
opened, and a piece of bone came out. I continued
the use oi the Sarsaparilla until I used twelve bot
tles, and am now entirely well, and able to do daily
labor. Itmay seem strange to some, but I will nere
state that, during the summer of 1849,1 coughed
up three pieces of bone, which can now be see~n at
the tesidence of my undo, Thomas Neal, where 1
now live, and ii any persons doubt this statement
1 will be happy to converse with them, it they will
callon me.
Statk of Kzntucxy, Graves Co., Set.
This day personally came before me, tbe under
signed, an acting justice of the peace in and fer
said county, and made oath in due form of law,
that the above statement is true. Subscribed and
•worn to this Isih day of February, 1850.
S. P. MORSE, J. P. for G. C.
I, Irwin Anderson, Clerk of the County Court of
Graves County, State of Kentucky, do certify that
S. P. Morse, whose name is signed to tne above cer
tificate, is now, and was at the time of signing the
sauie, a justice ot the peace in and for said Graves
Couuty. duly commissioned and qualified as such,
aod that iaith and credit are due ail his official acts
as suoh.
Id testimony whereof, I have hereunto
stt my hand, an J caused the seal of the
[L. S.J County Court of said county to be here
unto affixed, this 18th oay of February,
Can the reader believe, after reading the descrip
tion of the above numerous cures, that there is suil
a few human beings suffering with disease that re
fuse to give Bull's Sarsaparilla a trial. It is indeed
hard to believe, but nevertheless it is too true
What kind of testimony would it take to convince
the Jew remaining disbelievers, that Bull's medi
cine will do more eveu than it promises? The
Doctor could produce another and another cure
performed by his medicine ; but if the cases pub
lished above w;ll not convince the sceptical, it ir
useless to produce any more, and, indeed, it would
cost a iortune to publish the many certificates that
have been showered on Dr. Buil. The largest mam
moth sheet in America would not contain even the
nam: s of those cured, let alone lull statements of
their cases
This medicine, when used according to direc
tions, will cure, without fail, Scrofula, or King's
Evil, Cancsrs, Tumors, Eruptions of the Sain, Kry.
sipelas, Chronic Sore Eyes, King worm or Tetters.
Scald Head, Rheumatism, Pains in the Boues or
Joints, Old Sores ana Ulcers, Swelling of the Glands
Syphilis, Dyspepsia, Salt Rhjum, Diseases of the
kidneys, Diseases arising from the use of Mercury
Loss of Appetite, Pain in the Side or Shoulders
General Debility, Lumbago, Dropsy, Jaundice'
Costiveness, Bronchitis, Sore Thioat, Cou«hs
Colds, Weakness of the Chest, Pulmonary Artec!
Uons, and all other diseases tending to i roduct Con
sumption, Liver Complaints, Female Irregularities
aud Complaints, Sick aud Nervous Headache, Low
Spirits,. Night Sweats, Exposure or Imprudence in
Lite, Chronic Constitutional Diseases, and as a
sprng and summer drink, and general tonic for the
system, and a gentle and pleasant purgative, it is
superior to Blui Lick aud Congress Water, Salt,
or oeidliu Powders.
DK. JOHN BULL'S Principal Office.
81 Fourth street, Louisville, Ky.
W here application* for Agencies miut be ad
For tale in Richmond by
my 17—ri3t«wwly Druggist*, Sole Agent*
nave associated
* themselves tor the purpose ot conducting in
this city, a Tnbnccn and ueMral C'annu*
nm 1 !. v M » under the Firm of KEN NKI T A
IJUULtY, and respectfully *olicit your patronage
Our butinea* will be exclusively a Commission
business ; and an experience ot twenty year* by
our aenior partner, in active Mercantile life <n thi*
c »ty»and a determination on the part of both, tc
promote the Intereaia of oar friend*, will, we hope
secuie to ua a liberal support. We are prepared
to make the uaual Advance on Consignments in
band, and to purchase Produce, Ac, un the cus
tomary terma. We will occupy the large and
com modioli* Warehouse, Mo 14 Public Landing.
Refer to Ju. Warwick, Esq.; J a*. Thomas, Jr.,
Esq; Messrs Thomas * Sam'l Hardgrove, atic
Sutton A Win*ton.
Cincinnati, April 19th. 1858. Je 15 3 m *
i| Jfl** AN© me
■ balance of Um present season we wtD sett
from our large assortment of Trunks, Bon
T* Valiee% Carpet Bags, and Bo^t*.
Shoes, Gaitera. Ac., at sack prices a* will be ae
| oeptabie to judicious and economical buyers- » «
desire to redace our stock ae aauoh as poaaikts U
tSITsS^IaL l M J° t*i<—
«**«, or win wish a supply fur tnemselve* or
<•»"«»»**» pnssean-d to prtwe
«wk articles aa they mavjMed, at moderate rates.
warns * page.
irU 3 *°ors bataw kOtZtor*.
kaowntoovwyperse.uZThe will
full exercise, and make mora money ""
Extract tooth. V 5 eta; fill with sUvor n* «. u
?«r t 2,'°U, n et«; Pivot tZZhm-Z"
Tooth, *3; upper or lower setts, fSS, *5.
out »rtHlc«al mm*, fce Ac. Ac Ira"
ryj offer, his
to the citizen* of Richmond and ricinitv
Office 145 Main street, Ksgfe'sqaara
Rsrsasncxa.—Professor C. B. GiWn fw
•or C. P. Johnson, Rev Dr Hewell, RerT
lor. Rev Ro. Ryland, A. G. Wortham H n 13'
Wm. 9 Butler, fetq, Richmond. * D . »4
Professor C. A. Harris, Professor Thcnaa ■
Bond, Professor W R. Handy, Prof c OrL5
and Leater Noble, D. D.g , Baltimore. '
my 26—3 bo*
ksA&Mt A Nil Mjk i*
Association are now prepared to lan!
™ , policies of Insurance on the abovei!
•cription of risks on as reasonable terms* «£
similar company, and respectfully ask a sh»rT!i
thepatronage of the publk Application, wffi 2
received at the office, No 393, corner of
9th street*, where the officers will cbeerfnll. t~~
nish all information that may be require/ ah
loases promptly and liberally adjusted '
JAMES KOSHER, President.
Joint H. BogHxa, Secretary. inhl7
B1 t subscriber is now epen.'
extensive assortment of
French and English Chins Croefc
ery and Glass Ware, with a splendid collection
Bohemian Cut Glass Toilette B.ttles. a
ty of elegant Cups and Saucers, some of them riri
iy gilt and decorated.
Also, Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Window
Shades, Trays, Waiters, Knives, Forks, Ac, ttt.
1800 doz Tumblers, of various sizes and p'atteraa.
This extensive assortment of Goods bavins been
purchased under tbe personal inspection of the pro
prietor, at very low prices, he is determined to
sell accordingly. A call is respectfully solicited
je~ j6 ~ u RL HICK^ON!
is constantly receiving
fj J I 1 B-wwtor Piano Fortes rom Nam
• " Clark, and other celebrated mak
ers, and asks the att> ntion of purchasers to his
Stock, which he will warrant, and will sel'. at verv
moderate prices. *
Pianos repaired. Tuned, let on hire, and taken
in exchange, at his Piano Forte anc Mus'c Store
je 21 —ts 1«0 Main Mrreet.
t) 9 9 1 {Istantly receiving supplie* cf Piano
" m m "Fortes from three of the bett manu
facturies in America The character of the instro
ments which they rffer is established, and pur
chasers may safely rely upon getting a good srtH&
They lurnish them at northern prices and a large
assortment may be found, varying froin the lowest
priced good instrument made, to the most elegant
and costly.
Also, for sale, beautiful and sweet toned Guitsra,
of Martin's make.
All of which ma; be seen at their Book and Piano
Forte Warehouse, 13 ) Main street, tag e Square
je 30
ft 913,000 WORTH OF GOLD
verware, Aibata »nd Plated Goods, telling
at cost, for two months only, to raise
Henry flyman, 96 Main street, rest to John
N. Gordon, offers lor sale the whole of his valu»
ble stock, consisting of Gold Lever Watches, price
526 to 8120 each, warranted; gold chains, seals,
keys, ear rings, finger-rings, breast pics, silver ta
ble, tea and desert spoons, forks, &.c , and a great
variety of articles too numerous to mention. Also,
a large lot of plated castors, cake baskets, Attata
tea sets, waiters, from 4 to 40 inches in size, guns,
clocks, Slc.
Do not neglect this opportunity, m such a ran
chance as this seldom or ever offers to the public.
Do not fornet that it is at HENRY HYMAN'ri, SM
Main at., the old established store, and Direct Im
N. B.—Watches an d Jewelry carefully repaired
by competent workmen, on reasonable terms,
my 18
I have received 9 esses of those beautiful white
and pearl Nankin felt Hats, to which 1 invite the
attention of all gentlemen who appreciate an ele
gant and comfortable head covering.
87 Main street
P. S.—l have still on band a full assortment of
Canada Straw Hau, as also every kind of Hat
that ancient or modern history gives any account
of. J. T.
je 23
HESaKiThe *übacriber has on band, at hit
Coacn-iuaking establishment, on Lombard Alley,
between Main and Cary, (l3th and 14th street*)
n*s*r the Columbian Hotel, Coaches, Chariotteea,
Barouches, Buggies, with and without tops, sod
Sulkies, allot' his own make, of the best material*
and workmanship. All of which will be sold at low
as good work of the kind can be in the city of
Richmond; and 1 respectfully ask a call from those
in want of any article in the Carriage line, at 1 am
determined tc make to order and sell at the iowe*
prices possible; and all work sold, that is now, war.
ap 28 - d6m ______
jfgf it CO. would respectfully inform tb*ir cas
turners and the public generally, that they
have just received a large and choice assortment**
Ready Made Clothing, waich they offer it
the lowest cash prices, from their superb varices
of Cloths, Casslmeres and Vestings, purcha
sers can select the latest patterns for Ctnlj
Panta and Vesta, and have them made up by N a
Co. in the nceet fashionable styles. They offer for
sale also a select aaaortment of gentlemen's Furnish
ing Goods. «. W. NEI.SON A CO-,
.No 135 Broad street,
ap 30—3 m Next door to the M» r »hiHJj9W
f AUlts. &. t.itA \ , uncuu
Main St*«t, have in store, and are recrti"-
IS ing, large additions to their stock of Drmga,
® .Hedlelacs, Surgeons' liitnmaHi
Paints, Oils, Dyes, Window Glass an*
Fancy Articles, which they offer for sale on the
most favorable terms to cash and punctual dealers
cheapest place in the city to buy is at J. H. JM
ANTHONY'S, where Moieskin Hsti of the
best quality are sold at «3 50; second quality 13 ,•
Silk *2 50.
Fine Calf-akin Sewed Boot*
Patent Leather Congress Boots * 1*
Patent Leather Oxford Ties * 2
Patent Leather Monterey Boots f 10
Together with an aaaortment of Panama,
horn and soft Hatt, Umbrellas, Ac.
CO. may be consulted, conSdentiaily, tor ths
treatment of the following disease*: Eruptions,
Sore Legs, Ulcer*, Glandular Swellings, or en
largements, Syphilis, and all morbid discharge*
whether reeent or chronic. Also, all those com
plaints termed female diseases. The advertisers
invite attention to their efcemicnl extract ot Wild
Flowers, which may be regarded as ths very be*
article known, to give tons and vigor to certain
abused aud debilitated organs, as well a* to renovate
a system shattered by dissipation or other causa
Medicine* securely put up, wfth full direction*
sad sent to order. Post paid tewr* promptly »•
(ended to. Otfice on Franklin strset, below Ex
change Hotel, and first door bslow Trinity ehoros,
Richmond. Virginia
O The aubaerihera, intending to
in their business, offer their entire stick
GOODS at euet for ensh, and respecting >•*•»
persons wishing to purchase, to gto* as a «aU »«m»
purchasing e.'se where, as we fe*t •
oetter assortment of Dry Goods or «a»
with more cere, w*s never oifcred at cost to thto
market Our stock consist* oi the latest snd ow»
approved styles. Determine to close, w» mun
the pnbHe A«re to no humbug to'
meat Do not fotf* locail ai Broad surest,
between 4tk and 9a streets. ,
myW-ton « l> * » " osg
U/litl CL.OTti.-A tuil s**ortasastot Wtra
ft Ciotk, suitable for soresns. un* wnmS

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