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VOL. 2--NO 238.
THE daily dispatch
a. COWARDIN, Proprietor.
GL'OH li. PI..KASANTS, Editor.
ca?h terms of advertising.
i M 5,i», l insertion 80 50 | 1 square, 1 month 84 00
i do 2insertion*o 75 i 1 do 2mon*ha7 00
£ d 0 3 do 100 1 do 3 do 10 00
i do 1 week I 751 1 do 6 do 16 00
i do 2 weok* 2 751 1 do 1 year 30 00
rjr CammunicNtion* are charged at the tame
rt v>» adveriieemeels.
ry Tit or le*s maki • tqnart; longer ad
»a-tiVmer.u in exact proportion, and payable In ad
r*T Advertisement* Inserted once a week,twice
t or tbree times a week, will be charged SO
««rui lor the first insertion, and 37i cent* lor each
|y Marriage notices Inserted for 25 cents; Fu
ttr?notices 2o cents; Death*, without obituary or
{tsiral invitation. 12$ cent*.
The " Dails Dispatch' is aerved to subscriber*
It iiT aid a quarter c*nt* prr wcrk. payable to the
«srrfer weekly. Price for mailing, 84 a year in ad-
I» published every Friday morning, and mailed
for o.if dollar a ykab. To Clubs, for $5 six co
pies, for #10 thirteen copies; for 815 twenty co
pies for $20 twenty-seven copie*.
rpil K eubscriberinvites the attention ol the pub
-1 lie !o this place ol entertainment. It is de
sigsej solely tor ladies and gentlemen, and no
ajr..»-?tnentsare practiced there, which are unfit tor
tie ob«erva ion ot ladies. It does not become him
to »ueak of the dinners which he can furnish at the
sr. notice, ihougb he has at all times, all the
luxuries that the Richmond market and the country
round tae city can afford; nor of his wines, though
he challenges comparison with any cellar in Vir
gin. h ; nor of the recreations and amusements which
t;s guetts wi:l find there, though they areasnumer
cus »s they are innocent; nor of the accommoda
tions, natural and artificial, which the Retreat af
fords. Ail he wishes is, that the public will come
arid »ee, and if they do not say, that it is the very
place the town has always wanted, and situated at
the very distance at which it ought to be situated,
he be willing to acknowledge that he has de
ceived himseif, and thereby cheated others. It is
at the proper distHiice, tor it is three miles from
towr.; it is in the proper situation, for it is on the
Kri oke Turnpike, a fine carriage road, it is proper
ly fixed, tor the rooms are on the most approved
ni dern scalc for convenience, and fitted with a
luxury almost unknown ;n the country. But my
description can satisfy no body. Come and see for
jy It>—ts C. R. ALLEN.
FALQUfcIt >t*Kl.
AMi eTAUh, LlNE.—Fare reduced to 'SJ,
trum Richmond to the i'uuquier White Sulphur
Leaves Richmond at 6 1-2 o'clock A. M , on Tues
days. Thursdays ond Saturdays, by the Va. Central
Railroad to Gordonsville, thence by stages to the
Springs Leaves the Springs on Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays at 4 o'clock P. M., and arrives
in Richmond next day by 2 o'clock P. M.
Passengers will find this a pleasant and very com
fortable route as the eare, coaches and teams are
all ood and the conductors and drivers not only
steady and attentive, but gentlemen.
Servants are charged lull fare on the
|iy Seats can be secured at the Central Rail
road Office in Richmond, and of D. M. Pattie at the
jy 7—d4w F. P SAWYER.
'jvoi - 1 34—tJOODS THAT JUST BE
1* SOLD.—Having determined to close out en
tirely my stock of Summer Ready-Made Clothing
before the end of the season, such deductions will
be made a* to ensure sales to all in want, who may
favor me as well as themselves with s call. Mj
stock is yet large, comprising every article in the
line ol Clothing and styles ot Goods out this season.
Fits guaranteed. Call and sapply yourself with a
cool suit of linen, black summer cloth, or light cas
liuiere, for cash. A word to the wise is sufficient.
No i 34 Main street, opposite Eagle Square.
N B.—Furnishing Goods, a large supply on haud.
jy 15
i* No. 112 Main street, have on hand a good as
sortment of Summer Clothing, embracing Black
and Colored Alpaca, White and Buff Grass Linen,
Silk, Drap d'Ete, Plain and coi'd Linen, Sack and
Frock Coats. Alio, Pants and Vests of every style
and quality As the season is advancing and they
with to reduce their stock, they will sell their
Summer Goods at reduced prices from this date.—
Now is the time for bargaiua.
jy 15 No 112 Main street.
ALSO—On hand a good stock of Shirts and
Fancy Goods.
HAVING added to our present business that o)
HOUSE PLUMBING, and having engaged
workmta recommended by the best establishment
in the city it Philadelphia, we are now prepared tc
TiONAK V WASH-STANDS, PIPES for hot or cold
water, &c., which will be done at prices to suit thf
limes. Persons in want will piease give us a call.
mh '26—t 201, cor. Main and 10th streets.
TO CI OSE BUSINESS.—The subscrber having
determined to discontinue his present business, will,
during the month of July, close out his entire
stock without regard to cosi, consisting of the usual
variety found ii a clothing and gentleman's fur
wishing store. The stock is large and seasonable;
and io ail persons in want, an unusual opportunity
is offered of supplying themselves at much less
than the usual rates.
The Store is for rent. It is one of the best stands
on the street for almost any kind of business.
PHILIP DORNIN, No 90 Main st,
iy 7—lra* Next door to Purcell. Ladd Sl Co.
iloa T t let itae time pu«* without giving
LEV* a caII.—LEVY hasyeton hand large lots
ul Goods which be is extremely anxious to git iid
of. He will, theief re, offer great inducements to
all in want Barege de Laines at 12c, Lawns at 10c
Gingham at ]2c,'Shirting Stripes at 6d, Apron
C'hecus at fid, fine Linen Cambric Hdkls at 12c,
at sc. extra ht avy and wide Sheeting at 6d,
Hose at lie. Prints at ss, heavy Bed Tick at iOc,
Check Muslin at 12c, Swiss at the same price, Mus-
Jin 'J rimming* at 1», worked Muslin Sleeves at 37c,
Lsc«* Sleeves at 50c, and lots "i other Goods—all to
be uflcred at pries* to suit he times Come while
tee assortment is good, and get a large bundle ot
«'<Ldi lor a little money. The place tor bargains is
jy 22 201 Broad street.
Jt.Nfc 29, jubi received irom Aew
Plain Swiss Muslim
Dotted do do
•Checked and plaid Swiss Muslin*
■Colored Sprig and Dotted do
Jaconet Cambrics
"Tape Che k Muslins
furniture Dimity, very cheap
And a variety of other desirable and cheap goods,
<.! HAKT & MOsES'
]c 29 New Store, 63 Main street.
RUNAWAY IN J All-.— lucre was coin
witted to the jaiUt the city of Richncond, as
n runaway, on the i4th day ot juae, 1852. * Negro
.Msn. who calls himsell H nry, and fays he U the
property of Charlotte 'Archer, of the county of
<'d""'erfieid, V«. Said negro it five feet five inches
toiga, ot a dark complexion, about tjity vears of age.
an 5 bad on, when I'umuiittcd to jaii, a black velvet
cau darn caa»ioet coat aud pmts The owner of
saio cgro is requested to come tur«»rj, prove
property, pay charges, and take "aim aw<y, or be
11 w;il be dealt with as the iaw directs.
JOS. A. STAiiKE. D. a ,
jy }4 —*s ForJno M Fergufen, Serg't
Cleaning, Preserving aud lieautUykn the
Twth aud Gum*. The rei-ip? for this unequalled
Utaufrice was furni.lied us by Dr. R. N. Hudion ot
thW cit>, who recommends it high'y •» a clean** r
w4 puritisr of the Teeth and Gums. Prepared only
by K. R. DUVAL k. BRO-,
| /j IT Under the American Hotel.
fWT SPBIMGB without
ON ANY OTHER ROUTE—and .till making the
trip in little over 2 and a bait days to the Whit.;
Schedule for Comfort.
Lenve Richmond daily, at 6} A M ; and arrired
at White Sulphur in 2 and a half days A tri-week
ly line leaves Stannton for White Sulphur by Natu
ral Bridge, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
arriving at the White Sulphur in th* same time.
Schedule for Expedition.
Those who are willing to eucounter some night
travel tor the sake of expedition, can procure extra
Stages at Staunti.n, leave at 4 A M. and reach White
Sulphur second day from Richmoad, at 11 o'clock
Between Richmond and White Sulphur Springs,
passing the Warm and Hot Springs,3 «11 00
Between Richmond and Lexington, 6 00
do do Staunton, 5 00
do do Charlottesville a 50
do do Lynchburg, 4 50
do do Culpeper C. House, 450
do do Fauquier Sprirga, 500
Through Tickets
Can be obtained to New York and Philadelphia,
by Steamships Roanoke, Virginia and Philadelphia,
jy 2 E. H GILL. Superintendent.
ea kfii inS^rSTEinnjTffr
VJ >'ew and Comfortable Schedules.
ter the Ist of March, the following quick and com
fortable schedules will be run over tne inland route
between Richmond and New York: Leave Rich
mond, daily, at 7 o'clock, A. M , and 9 o'clock, P. M.;
arrive in New York, daily, ats£, A. M., and 6i P M
F'areto Washington,lstclassseat* of
" " 2d «' " 400
" " Baltimore Ist " " 7 0(i
" " 2d " " 500
Between Baltimore and Philadelphia by rail
road 3 oo
Between Baltimore and Philadelphia, by New
Castle and Frenchtown line, 2 50
Between Philadelphia and New York 3 00
For Ist class passengers, and 82 on each for 2d
class do.
Besides the through and direct connexion named
above with the main Northern Rou'e, through
tickets, direct, can be obtained at the Depot of the
Baltimore ic Ohio Railroad Company, in Washing
ton, for Pittsburg and Wheeling via the Ralay
House on the following terms :
Between Washington aud Pittsburg—
(Time 24 hours) 811 50
Between Washhieton and Wheeling—
(Time 32 hour?) 12 50
For through tickets to Washington and Balti
more, or other information, apply at the ticket of
It is deemed proper, in addition, to state, for tha
information of passengers, that four daily lines are
in operation between Washington and Baltimore,
by means of which the traveller who, tbrougb
business or pleasure, has been delayed in Wash
ington, has it always in his power to proceed at a
convenient hour directly on his journey to any
point north of '.hat place. THOMAS SHAR?,
Agent of Transportation.
Office R., F. <fc P. R. R. Co., >
Richmond, Feb. 20,1852, >
P. S.—The Night Train will not stop to take up or
put down passengers, except at the following sta
tions : Cottage, Tnylorsville, Junction, Chesterfield,
Milford, Cinney's, F'redericksburg and Brooks'.
N. B.— By order of the Postmaster General, no
mail train will be run between Richmond and
Washington on Sunday nights,
fe 21 T. 8.
'I'HU MBsClUhiiKft nave assooiateu
1 themselves for the purpose of conducting in
this city, a Tobacco and General C'ominls
"lon Business, under the Firm of KENNETT ii
DUDLEY, and respectfully solicit your patronage.
Our business will be exclusively a Commission
business; and an experience ot twenty years by
our senior partner, in active Mercantile life <n this
city, and a determination on the part cf both, to
promote the Interests of our friends, will, we hope,
secure to us a liberal support. We are prepared
to make the usual Advance on Consigaments In
band, and to purchase Produce, ice ,on the cus
tomary terms. We will occupy the large and
commodious Warehouse, No 14 Public Landing.
Refer to Jas. Warwick, Esq.; Jas Thomas, Jr.,
Esq; Messrs Thomas &. Sam'l Hardgiove, and
Sutton Si Winston.
Cincinnati. April 12th. 1852. je 15—3 m*
call on the subscriber.
The subscriber is now manufacturing Ladies'
and Misees' Gaiter Boots and Shoes of the best
quality that can be had in this country. So Ladies
in want of Boots or Shoes of good quality, will
please call and leave their orders »s they will be
proper.y attended to,and no pains spared to please.
ALEX HILL. 127 Main St..
je r5 Richmond. Va.
RY UOODS AT COfVi'.—l he subsciibers
have still in store a larve assortment ol sea
sonable Dry Goods, which they are desirous of
selling out at and below cost, in part-
Plain ami fancy Silk Cravats
Silk and cambric Neck Ties
Paris mens' and boy's kid Glove*
Talieta and Cap Ribbons
Irish Linens and brown Hollands
Bird's Eye Diaper
Silesias, Rice Cambric
Black and white Wigan
Colored and blue Sewings
Buttons of all kinds
Colored and white Spool Cotton
Linen and cotton Tape
All of which will be sold at and below cost to
close. THOS. &. CHAS. ELLIS Ai CO.,
je 7 No 106 Main street.
J DONNAN as* the attention of Carpenters
and others to their complete assortment of tools,
consisting of—
Bench and Moulding Planes, every variety,
Hand, Pannel, Tenon and Cross Cut Saws, part
Best C. Steel Socket and Firmer Chisels, al.
Turner's Chisels, Plane lions. Drawing Knives.
Shingling, Chopping and Broad Axes, Cast Steel
Augurs and Bitts, Iron and best Plated Braces,
with 12 to 4a bitts.
Measuring Tapes, Hammers, Compasses, Di
viders and 2 an- 4 told Kules; part of the finest fin
ished Ivory, which we offer for sale on 'ielowest
terms. W. S. &. G. DONNAN,
je 23 No IS Pearl sfeet.
CO. may be consulted, confidentially, for the
treatment of the following diseases: Eruptions,
Sore Legs, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, or en
largemeilts,Syphilis, and all morbid discharges
whether recent or chronic. Also, all those com
plaints termed female diseases. The advertisers
invite attention to their chemical extract of Wild
Flowers, which may be regarded as the very besi
article known, to give tone and vigor to certain
abused aud debilitated organs, as well as to renovate
a system snattered by dissipation or other cause.
Medicines securely put up, with full directions
and sent to order. Post paid letters promptly at
tended to. Office ou Franklin street, below Ex
change Hotel, and first door below Trinity church
Richmond.Virginia fe 0
ANO *• OH &AL.U..— Wt: otl-iJ luf esieaoou:
120 acres of land in Henrico county, about *e
ten miles noith of the city—one hall ol which i»
cleared—the balance to wooded that enough wood
wight be spareii from it to pay lor the land. It iie*
weil—is conveniently situated, and is of good qual
ity It is without improvements and will oe prtceo
Mcoidingly. 4COOK ,
je IS General Asent*.
VK VOL U FIL.AS.—JeWtILH , UeuU.ts',
O sawyers', Carp* nters' and Machinists' File* and
Hasp* made to order. Also, old Files re cut and
warranted, at Ike Virginia File Works, Manchester,
Ordera left at the store of Mr. Seagers, 14th st,
near the Bridge, ur the Works, wiil be promptly
attended to. je 30—In*
Simm w 1 * co.>B
a re now run-
Si 9 sr taLr&'S
Our arrangement. are such that the utmost
prompted, may be relied upon for the perfoim
ance ol all business entrusted to ua.
Custom-house business attended to, goodaentered.
duties paid, and articlea forwarded with dispatch
Be aure to order goo da by ADAMS it CO/8 Ex
Checks on England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
in auma te suit, tor sale at this office.
Our European and Caliiornia Expresses give gen
eral satisfaction.
The Express leaves Richmond for the North.
East and West every mominp (except Sunday) at
7i o'clock, arrives every evening (except Monday)
a sio'clock. J. H. SAWYER, Agent,
OtficeNo. 5, Fourteenth street. Richmond, Va.
-T POINT, Sic• —The steamboat Augusta, Capt.
Wm. C. Smith, having been refitted tor the sum
mer travel, will resume her place spun the line
via. Port Walthall, on Wednesday, the 2d ot June.
The Cart running in connexion with the Augusta
will leave the Richmond Bnd Petersburg Depot
on Monday, Wednesday and Fiiday morning at 6
Returning, the AUGUSTA wil 1 leave Norfolk on
the alternate days, viz: Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays, at 6 o'clock A. M.
The Augusta will touch at Old P>int during the
Bathing season, going and returning, and all the
landings on the River.
Fare to City P0int................ $1 00
Do. to Cokes or ( Grove Wharf,. " ... i 50
Do. to Old Point, Norfolk and Portsmouth,..2 0<
Children over 3 and not over 12 years of age,
half price.
Servants to Old Point, Norfolk and Ports
mouth, 1 50
To any point on the River not below the
Grove 00
Meals at,
Do. for children and servants, 25
22 Superintendent
ACCOMMODATIONS.—Miortent, Cheapest,
most Comfortable and most Kxpeditious
Route to the Sweet aad White Sulphur
From Washington by the Richmond and Freder
icksburg and Potomac Rail Road
From Baltimore by the comfortable and low
pressure steamer Maryland, Capt C E Mitchell.
Connecting at Richmond witn the Richmocd and
Danville Railroad.
Fare frvm Kaitimore to White Sulphur, $15 00
" Baltimore to Sweet Springs, 14 01
" Washington to White Sulphur, 15 00
" Washington to Sweet Sptings, 14 00
" Richmond to White Sulphur, 10 00
" Richmond to Sweet Springs, 9 00
Leave Baltimore every Tuesday and Thursday
afternoon, at 4 o'clock, connecting at Aquia Creek
with the train which reaches Richmond at 4 P M.
the succeeding days.
Leave Washington every day in the week at 7 A
M, and 9 PM, and on Sum lay at 7 A M. Passen
gers by this route can arrive in the morning at 6
o'clk, at Richmond, and proceed thence, at 7 A M,
by the Richmond and Danville Railroad, 54 miles
and by stages 68 miles to Lynchburg, which point
they will reach at 10 PM. Leave Lynchburg at 6
A M by the Virginia and Tennt-ssee Railroad, and
go4o miles to breakfast, at Buford's, at 8 A M ;
thence 47 miles by stages, and arrive at the Sweet
Springs, at 8 P M; thence on, 17 mile*, over a
smooth Turnpike to the White Sulphur.
For comfort and expedition this route is unrival
led, and will recommend itself to invalids and gen
tlemen travelling with their families; and tnere be
ing only 4 meals to be taken between Richmond
and the Spring*, will make it the most economical
Tickets can be had on board the steamboats on
the Potomac, and from Capt C E Mit'hell on the
steamer Maryland and at the office of tha Rich
mond and Danvilie Railroad, Richmond.
jy B—ts JOHN H, OSBORNE, Supt.
Positively every Wednesday, until further notice.
Union Steamship Compan) '• Line.—The two new
and beantitul Steamships, VIRGINIA, Captain
Teal, and PENNSYLVANIA, Captain Baymore.
One of these fine Steamships will lsave Richmond
for Philadelphia every Wednesday. They are
beautifully fitted up for passengers, are provided
with Francis's Patent Metallic Lite Boats, aet first
rate tab es, and every attention Is paid to the com
toit and safety of the passengers and protection o)
Freights uken low, and all transhipment avoid
Passage in first Cabin $8, bertha and meals in
do 2nd do ®7, do do do
Passage thiough to New York Tia Philadelphia 49,
do do
The Virginia and Pennsylvania will touch at Cape
May during the bathing season to land passenger*.
Passage to Cape May 88, meals included, thus
saving about halt the expense in visiting this de
lightful bathing place. Apply to
MAYO & ATKINSON, Agents, Richmond.
N.B.—The ships returning, leave Philadelphia
every Wednesday, at 10 oVlock. AM. jy 1
LINE ToTffifflP
Only.—The public are hereby informed that the
comfortable and commodious low-pressure Steam
er MARYLAND, Capt. Charles E. Mitchell, having
been entirely refitted, enlarged, and improved in
every respect, with berths for a large number of
passengei s, and with state rooms tor those who
f refer being retired, i* now on the route between
Richmond and Baltimore. Passengers by this agree
b.e and economical line will leave Ricnmond by
tie morning train, on Mondays and Wednesdays,
at 7 o'clock, A. M., and reach Baltimore on the fol
lowing mornings in time to proceed y the New
Castle - and Frenchtown Steamboat line fat half past
6 A M, or with the early train of those days to Phil
adelphia. Returning, passengers will leave Balti
more on the atternoona of Tuesday and Thursday,
at 4, P M , and eonnect at the Creek on Wednesday
and Friday succeeding with the train which ar
rives in Richmond at 4, P. M., ot the same days.
Fare in either direction, 85, (state rooms and
meals tor cabin passengers, extra, except in the cast
of ladies and families, who will have the privilege
of state-rooms free of charge.) Forward cabin
passengers, (including meals and lodging on board,)
•S4 50.
Fare forfirst class passengers between Baltimore
and Philadelphia by the New Castle and Wrench
town line B~' 50. For secenu class do, SI 50. Ma
king the whole fare from Richmond to Pkiladelpkia
for first class passenger» by this agreeable line,
$7 50 only.
Nor further particular*, or through tickets, apply
at the office of the Richmond, Fredericksourg 4i
Potomac Railroad Company.
j. B. WINSTON, Ticket Agent
Omci R., F. & P. R. R. Company, )
Richmond. March 6th, 1852. J mh 6
•LvJ. 1854—Subscribers for Montague's Directory
for ltsv!, ar<; earnestly requited to call at our office
lor their copies, and all otnor persons who wish to
have a book t<_ uieful to every man residing in or
near ty city, are invi'ed to call upon us, there
being a large surplus of toe work yet on hand
j y 5 TOLEK & COOK.
'|MH> I'OATH, SACKS, dfcc.-Wo. 108,
A Main street
KUck is ilk Warp Alpacca SA?K3
Colored do do
Ci rey mix'd goat's hair do
Grass, Linen and Grass Silk do
Merino, Stroud's and light cloth do
Black and Fancy Pants, all Grades; ]
do do Vests, all do
Fancy Cravats, half hose. Collar*, Shirts, Draw
ers, Gauze Merino Shirts, «cc. The goods mast be
sold, the cash most be raised. Call on
rpi r« , WOLAHDi
in thp J~) p ' l8 h elections, so far, have resulted
and 42 nunT 1 117 ministerial, 190 opposition,
TK- W "V",' «o Parliament.
« u " n,,1il "'eamship Thames, ar-
VVest India" M mp, ° n 0D S " turdtt 3 r . with 'he
s«n r exic ? n and Pacific mails, and
W "itteo iB ■! ecie, namely:-From
and l ° ,a1 ' f988 > 603 ,n >iUe '
One week's later mail from the Brazils is
Julv U* fnrtl B,ore ? h 'P Jy° e ' Plymouth,
She brinla k^ endayß f,om Rio de Jane "°-
count ,n B P eoie on merchants' ac-
The Rattler has arrived Irom Hobart Town,
Van Uieinan s Land, where she sailed on the
sth of March, with £12,000 in gold on freight.
An engineer is at present surveying the port
, ..V. mout * 1 ' previous to reporting on its ca
pabilities as a port of departure and arrival for
the packets of a new steamship company,
about to establish a line of paddle wheel steam
ships to Australia. The Eastern Steam Navi
gation Company have also under consideration,
a plan for the establishment of a line of large
steamers, lo ply between England and Calcutta,
via Cape of Good Hope, making the passage
in shorter lime than can be attained by the
overland route, which, even under favorable
circumstances, occupies thirty five days, and
is accomplished at a cost of double what the
fare by steamer would be.
Rumor begins to point to the approaching
fete, on the 15th of August, wilh the same
omen it did to the 10th of May, as a day on
which some great coup d'etat may be attempt
ed. Gen. Schramm, former Minister of War,
Gen.Gastelluue, Commander in Chief at Lyons,
Gen. St. Arnaud and Gen. Mograu are spoken
ol as likely, on that day, to be appointed
Marshals of France. A report is also in cir
culation that a certain number of the repre
sentatives, who were exiled alter the events of
2d ol December, will be allowed to return to
France on the same occasion. Amongst
others spoken of is Victor Hugo. It is also
said that several more members of the Moun
tain party are prepared to become supporters
of the preseut Government.
The President has pardoned or commuted
the punishment of ninety-one political prison
ers, sentenced in the mixed commission in the
The Government has exempted the clergy
from taking the usual oath of ullegiance.
A rumor that Government was about to seize
the estates ot Arc and Chateuuvillain, belong
ing to the Prince de Joiuwlle, is contradicted
by the Echo du Feuple of Chaumoat. The
properties of Joinville and Saint Dizier are,
however, to betaken possesion of. M. Bocher,
administrator of the Orleans property, who
was condemned lo a fine of 500 francs and a
month's imprisonment for circulating docu
ments having reference to ihe confiscation
decree, has just surrendered lo fulfil his sen
tence. On Monday, the chateuu of Bizy, uear
Vervon, formerly the residence of Duchess
d'Orleans, was seized by the authorities, backed
by the troops.
The French fleet, under the command of
Admiral de la Suisse, and consisting of six
ships of the line, two steam frigates and a
Bteam corvette, was at Port Muhon, in the
Balearic Islands, on the 3d inst.
Sardinia.—The"Mediterraneo," of Genoa,
relates that a collision had taken place between
the troops and the people, in the commune of
Ellera, Province of Savona, Piedmont. The
difficulty arose from an alleged intention, on the
part of the Communal Council, to cut down
the public forests, a measure which the people
determined to prevent. The matter ended in
a general riot, in which the people fired on
both sides. Reinforcements of soldiers soon
arrived from Savona, and quiet was restored.
The Sardinian Squadron was at Geuoa on
the sth, ready for sea.
The "Piedtnontese Gazette" contains a de
cree, withdrawing the personal tax bill.
Prince Jerome Adelscalchi died at Rome on
the 3d uit., aged 65.
The Ancona Railroad, the Gas Company,
the Duke de Braschi's contract for four suspen
sion bridges across the Tiber, with Beveral
other public projects, are iu a state of torpor,
owing to the dilaioriness of the authorities.
The Emperor left Buda on the 6th, for the
mining towns of Schemniiz and Kremniiz.—
After his teiurn from his first visit journey in
Hungary, be is said to have assured the Minis
ter of the interior and rhe Chief of Police of
Pesth, that ihe feeling of the people was better
than he had been led to expect.
A. Always attend to your avocation, avoid
ale-houses and artful women.
B. Be benevolent but not prodigal; bury all
bickerings in the bosom of forgetfulness.
C. Contrive to collect cash nnd keep it.
D. Do your duty and defy the devil.
E. Eurly endeavor to eiadicate every error,
of both head and heart.
F. Fight fairly when you fight; but the belter
way is not to fight hi ail. Fiddle lor no loots
G. Grace, goodness, gumption, and a little
goose-grease, enable a man to slip through the
world mighty easy. Get them and glory in
H. Harbor hope in your heart, if you would
be happy; but hark ye', hope can't render rot
ten the rope of the hangman.
I. Inquisitiveness is insufferable; indulge
not in it.
J. Juleps may be called joy and
the yeast of jest; but let them ulone, for 100
much joking often destroys the joviality ol
the social circle.
K. Kindness kindles the fire of friendship.
A kiss always avails more than a kick.
L. Love the ladies—look before you leap;
eschew k« erisin.
M. Make no mischief by meddling with other
folks' business.
N. Never be caught napping except in the
night tune.
O. Older is Heaven'ssfirat law; obey ii.
"But ye can't Vote."—Great was the
amazement and dismay among the Irish labor
ers when the steam .shovels were first »>ut into
operation on a certain section of the Vermont
Central Railroad, and one of the sturdier of the
Hibernians, after gazing at his huge rival for a
few moments, thus apostrophised the enemy:
'• Well, faith, ye are a big divil of a baste, and
mighty stroug* 111 the arrjins; may be, now,ye
think yersell as (nod SS au Irishman, but
(with a look of iueliable contemptjd n
your sow I, ye can't vote!"—Botton rost.
O, wonderous age! whan want _of native
charms, no longer fills fair woman with alarm*;
when painted rosea 'dorn the sallow face, and
cotton stuffing gives bar every g«*i when
pi lea of gold—her aire's 31 gotten game, are
lull atonement for ber wast of brains; when
solid graces wield a blunted dart.whtle. mutk
and moonlight win the lovsr'a heart.
W«»ra«Toli—4 cor™-
appeal iiThlfc ®ake» tba following
to 11;,> mmtT iur moooowßl
o,b " o,Wuhi »«»».«F^k.-
unhni.hed, aid . neglacudl *SS
this, Sons and Daughters of Virginia n!?7,
cannot have been told yo„, for^£ wil £ o 'j
would have roused your feelings into M, io £
and we should have been spared this ,£££
cboly announcement.
In passing through Fredericksburg, a few
days past, 1 learnt that the Monument gen
erously dedicated to this interesting individual
by fiurrowsof New York, has not yet receiv
ed its capstone, which is Iving near it, and ap
pears deserted and left to full into ruin.
The individual who generously commenced
an<l carried on the work so far, I un lerstand,
failed in his pecuniary means to complete the
work, and we may presume that he received
no friendly aid to overcome the difficulty.—
Where is the chivalry of Virginia, that will
not come to the rescue? Is there no one to tak«
up the subject, and spare Virginia the melan
choly reflection of the neglect ol .her sons and
daughters, in fulfilling a sacred trust? Let
the stranger, as he passes by the scene of thia
Monument, not have to mourn the ingratitude
of the Stat .
1 appeal loyou, Messrs. Editors, to bring
this subject to the attention of Virginia's sons
and daughters—the latter especially, for
the subject comes home to their finer feel
ings; and it will be lo their Honor to
capstone on this Monument, and complete
the work commenced by a generous New
Yorker, whose admiration of this daughter of
Virginia, induced him to undertake the rearing
and dedicating of this Monument to her. The
appeal, then, is to the daughters of Virgi
nia, and with you, Messrs. Editors, I leave
the subject, trusting that you will recommend
it to their attention; and induce immediate ac
tion in the premises.
Accomplished at last.—lt is well known
that there is no word iu the English language
to rhyme with "mouth." Confident of this, a
gentleman recently asserted among several
of his friends, that with all their boasted in
genuity, there was not one of them who could
produce a ryhme to "month." A grave indi
vidual present, immediately drew Forth a pen
cil, and wrote the following, which, on being
read publicly, brought down the house, and
the grave individual returned his pencil amidst
a cloud of dust.
"They seized the soldier in Broadway.
[December was the month]
He saw hispittuis tin own aw&j.
And alto was his sua tb—
—Rown away.
Devoured by a Shark.—The other night
one of the men oil bourd the U.S. ship Penn
sylvania attempted to make his escape from
the service by plunging overboard in expecta
tion of reaching the shore in safety. The poor
fellow hud scarcely, however, touched the wa«
ter, when he was sniz°<l by a large Shark and
speedily dispatched. His cries for help are re_
presented as being piteous in the extreme, but
before the boats could get to his assistance he
wus destroyed by the voracious monster of the
deep. It is said thut a number of these fish are
in our waters, having followed the Cyane when
she came in trom sea, with several men upon
her sick list—their instinct, when there is dis„
ease on shipboard, prompting them to pursue
in the wake in hopes of prey. Sfuch sagacity is
truly wonderful.—Norfolk At gut.
Merit and Good Fortune.—A modest
youth started one morning early to crosn the
great valley of human life for the temple of
fame. He was alone. The path was at first
green, easy, and no difficulties : but he had not
gone far till a thousand thickets and bushes
intervened. He lost his way sometimes in a
wood, and at other limes was beguiled by the I
carolling of singing birds. Modesty at first
fell in wiih Merit by ihe way, but they couJd
pot get on together. Every obstacle started
Modesty, and mode him give up in despair.
A pert young fellow came up to Merit, and
whispered to him—"Modesty is a fool—he'll
lead you astray; I'll go with you." "What is
your name?" asked Merit. "Some call me
Impudence, but 1 was christened Assurance."
Merit went on remarkably well for a few hours,
but he soon found that the company he got in
to was very low, noisy and disagreeable. At
last, Impudence became very saucy, and abus
ed Merit. Merit quitted the fellow, and wan
dered a long time in a wild wood without
knowing where he was. A middle-aged lady
callrd Good Fortune, saw Merit,look him by
he hand, and in a few hours, conducted him
o the great temple of fame.
Ccba.—By the last arrival from Cuba, we
rrceivfd a small {Hinted sheet, entitled "La
Vujs del Pueblo, Organ de lndependencia." It
id full of revolutionary sentiments, and we are
told tliat in spite of all the efforts of the go
vernment and police, copies of it are scattered
everywhere in town and country, find their
way to the public «.tikes, and even to the pri
vate residence of the Captaio General. The
government has offered a reward of $3000 for
the apprehension of uuy one connected with
the printing or circulation of this sheet, (two
numbers of which have been issued) hut with
out success. This shows that there is either
a reiunrkable tact on the part of the publish
ers and their agents in conducting theirbusi
ness, or else thut there is a prevalent sentiment
in the hearts of the people adverse to the be
trayal of the parlies implicated. If the latter
supposition be correct, the end is not yet.—iV.
Y. Jaur. Com.
Military Moteme.nts on the Plains.—
The Independence (Mo.) Messenger says:
"We learn that our apprehensions with re
gard to the conduct ol some of the Indian tribes
near Fort Atkinson (the Apaches particularly)
are not illjounded. An express reached Fort
Leavenworth a week or so since which caused
a diversion of the troops from their intended
couise. The rifles and one or two companies
of dragoons have been taken from the Fort
Lnratnii' route, and ordered to Fort Atkinson,
and points beyond, it necessary, at once, the
Indians, it seems, in consequence of some mis
understanding, have threatened to destroy the
Fost on the Arkansas, and commit other ecu
of a hostile nature. By the manner in which
the troops are hurrying on, we thiok they will
reach the plains at the desired time, and do
sincerely trust that their presence may do
■owe good. Our Santa Fe mail men have some
time since told us of the threatening bearing of
the Indians, but we never placed much reli
ance on the repot ts, thinking that it arose from
some little trouble that would aoon be re
Death fro* Drinking.
Philadelphia, July 25.—Two young men
of Moyameasing named Win. Gallagher aad
Anthony McCall, drank mora than a pint of
liquor each on Saturday night on a wager.-—
Gallagher died this morning from the effects.
Robbery and Probobie Murder.
Cletklakd, July 26th—Fradk. fitumoas,
steamboat agent, of Buffalo, was knocked
down and nibbed here on Saturday night—
His Ufa is despaired of. Three arrests have
been mads.
amounting: to Mveatr-fivs thaustad —
sterling, from t Doa Gay Enuud Henudo.
a wealthy West India planter. TbiaUdy, it is
■aid, *u married to the planter in l946,wben
the was scarcely fifteen yews «Md, but the Mr
nage ha? id? proved an unhappy one, it was
■ever proclaimed. Shortly after be left her and
!£* ?P hi " """knee »n New Orleans. la
j \ . information of bis father's
death—he returned to bis estate in South Amer
ica, and succeeded in increasing bis already
■erge fortune to one hundred and fifty thousand
Wi»ds sterling. As be was about to embark
Ha*aaa,be was taken with the cholera, and
thou««nt bequeathing seventy-five
heiress ia'tbe ITJLw* 1 " her rhe wealthiest
Po," *U* Ua,ted States—N. Y.
'SStSk A UriL
T. Sawyer, harm* committed . u *k£» bvTnu
ting his throat with a knife,
Mr. Sawyer was a native of ih*SuiT? r Ver
mont, that he had attained his 65th vear Vla
that his self-destruction was owinr .ole'lvtn
an alienation of mind, occasioned by anW
expected separation from a young and beauti
ful wife, whom he married »few days before
being ordered to sea.
Apportionment of Rkprksentatiok.—
Under the act oi Congress, which wo* finally
passed last week, the whole numbef of Repre
sentatives will he two hundred and thirty-four
distributed as follows, viz; Maine fi, New
Hampshire 3, Vermont 3, Massachusetts 11,
Rhode Island 2, Connecticut 4, New York 33,
New Jersey 5, Pennsylvania 25, Delaware 1.
Maryland 6, Ohio 21, Sofith Carolina 6. Geor
giaß, Florida 1, Alabama 7, Mississippi 5,
Lou siana 4, Virginia 13, North Carolina 8,
leunessee 10, Kentucky 10, Missouri 7,Ark»
ansas 2, Indiana 11, Illinois 9, Michigan 4-
■ V r ,Bc .°™ n 3-lowa 2, Texas 2, California 2—
I oia! 234. Ihe whole number of Presidential
electors—adding the 62 Senators—will there
tore be 296, making 149 necessary to ■
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.—The
r airmont 1 rue Virginian of Saturday saya it
>s confidently expected that the railroad will
be finished toMunnington by about the first o
next month. From Manningtoo the Ohio river
can be reached in about 38 miles.
to New York, by taking ).a**aga
to New Cattle via steamer to Frenchtown, will be
taken from New Castle by tbe Independent line of
steamers which leave Philadelphia every day at 11
o'clock. A, M., (Sunday'* excepted,) and arrive in
New Ynrk early on the following morning, as fol
On Monday* and Thursdays, steamer Penobscott,
Captain W hi taker.
On Tuesdays and Fridays, steamer Kenoebee,
Captain Sandford.
On Wednesdays'and Saturday*, steamer Dela
ware, Captain Seymour.
The above are first rate sea steamers, and com
manded by experienced captain*.
By this route the heat and dust ot railroad trav
elling are avoided. A fine view of the Delaware
Bay, Cape Hay, and the New York Bay la had,
making the route a very interesting and pleasant
Fare from New Castle to New Y0rk....91 75
" " Baltimore to New York.,.. 4 00
T. CI.YDE, Agent,
jv 24—3w 34 3 W narves, Phila.
V ON CRIMINAL LAW, for sale by A. MOK
BIS, late Dilnker A Morris.
Wheeler's Criminal Law, report* of Criminal
Law Case*, decided at the City HalJ, city Of New
York, with note* and reference*, by Jaeob D.
Wheeler, Counsellor at Law, 3 vol*, eva
Barbour'* Criminal Law, a treatise on the Crimi
nal Law of the State of New York; and upon the
Jurisdiction, Duty and Authority of Justice* ot lb*
Peaee, aad incidentally of the Powet and Duly of
Sheriff*, Constables, Ac., In Criminal Case*, by
OUver Lorenzo Barbour, Counsellor at Law, 1 rot,
Arcbiboid'* Criminal Pleadings, 1 vol, Bvo.
Russet ob Crimes, 3 vol*, Bvo. .
Roscoe's Criminal Evidence, 8 roll, Byo—new
edition. Jy 31
NASH Sl WOODHOUSE, £agle Square, have
received— -* *
Dollar* and Cent*, fourth edition, two Tola—l 50
Queechy, by tbe author of the "Wide, Wide
World," 16 th edition, two volumes
Hood's up the Rnlne, with wood cnta, two parts
—55 cent*; fine edition, 75 ceqt% - «
History of the Electric Telegraph, 8vo—(I
The Polypi of the Larynx, if*., by l>r H Green,
The Memorial to J. Fenlmori Cooper, *vo $1
Journey to Iceland, by Ida Phiefler : l-'mo—2sc;
fine edition 50c
Horse Shoe Robinson, by J P Kennedy, revised
edition—§l 50
Swallow Barn, by J P Kennedy, plates, revised—
•1 75 M
The Napoleon Bhllads, by Bon Gaoltier— 25c
Book for a Corner, by Leigh Hunt—2sc; tine edi
tion 40c
Hind's Popular Treatise on the Solar System
25c; line edition 40c
Wide, Wide World, 18th edition, lvo—l 50
Claret and Olives, by A D Reach—2sc; toe edi
tion 40c
Home Narratives, editel by Dickens—2sc
Layard's Nineveh and its Remains, unabridged—
Head's Faggot of French Sticks, filth edition—#!
V* alks and Talks of an American Farmer Is Eng
land—2sc; fine edition 40c
Hood's Own, with comic wood cuts—2sc; fine
edition 40c ij 8
Daughter, or tbe Children of tbe Isle, a Tale of the
Chesspeaks, bv Emma DEN Soutbworth, author
oi tbe Deserted Wile, Shanuor.dsle, 4c, In 2 vols—
75 cents
A Journey to Katmandu, or the Nepaoleee Am
bassador at Home, by Lawrence Oiyphant—soe
New Carru-ature, a Contested Seat, Sorry to Dis
appoint You, Pierce, But tbe People Wish me to
Take This Seat, Presidential Chair, Ac—price 12
Just received, a verv large supply of tbe Ufaof
Scott, and also tbe Life of Pierce—2s cents
Actild'e Trial—lS cents. For sale at the Ex
change Bookstore.
iy«6 O. M. WEST * BKOTHfiI.
ate., can be i.ad this day of THOo. IL ORE
SHAN, lU9J Broad street
iHE ART JOURNAL for July, containing three
steel engravings of the finest style of art—price 73a
BLEAK House, part V, by Charles Wchtne.
with two fine Illustrations—price 18s
A lew more copies still of THE DISCARDED
DAUGHTER, by Rise Soutbworth, author of Re
tribution, Ac.
20—13 c . „
ALL THE MEW BOOKS of theday.as soo«ae
PU GL*EASOII'S PICTORIAL far the preaeat week,
• splendid Mml»l, oily
jj*4 Broad StreHHeesl.
ftVas Ai.l Ail. Stuart » Ccfee Sugar, Mi Wm,
W 4 00.

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