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fbr ttm week rutting TkuruUf Evening, July £9.
(cawvuv coa»xcntD.j
BACON—Virginia cured, bog round. 11# centa;
prime Western and Baltimore -ides 10# to 1! eta;
Bbtmldera 9# to 9* cts; Hama 13 '• 14, and scare-.
BUTTER it ia good sup.>l/. We <, uote firkin 22
lo «£5 eta per lb.; f reab Roll 23 to 25 Goahen 20
t*» ce-ta.
H EES WAX—22 a 23 eti per lb.—with small re
ceipts no change.
to Cotton here ia limited. The quotationa are 9J
Cta. Cotton Yarna 17 eta per lb.
COFFEE—OId Java 111 to 12*; Laguayra 9* I to
H; «Uo 9* to 9| ct*; Cape 01 a !)* eta; Manilla 12*
CANDLES—TaIIow 10* a 11*; Hull's patent 1J;
■perm 43 a 45, Adamantine 22* a 27*. Jackson a
10 centa on board lor good mixer!, fine
and lamp; 9to 11 centa lor blacksmith a cor.l.
CORN U more abundant. We note sales -it 65 to
67i Man.
CORN MEAL—7S to 80 centa per bushel.
FLOUR—Last sales of Scottsrille and Richmond
at (41-16 to <*—*ery little arriving.
FLAXSEED —In demand at $1 lo per buahel.
FEATHERS —Live geese 33 a 35 cta
FISH—No. 1 Mackerel #11; No. 2 816; No. 3,
■mall 16 50— in good demand and scarce; No. 4,
■one in market. Clipped N. C Herrings $6 75 to
7—nominal, none here; Family Roe 44 to 4 25, in
ball btws.; Gross, from wharf, 15 25 to 5 50 for N.
C.; Haliiax No. 1 Clipped #6, Gross $4 51 to 4 75.
Shad fa 50 to 10.
GUANO—Peruvian $46* from store, per ton af
800# ibs ; Patxgoman ♦4<J—light demand
HlDES—Slaughtered $5.50, weignt; Span
Ml $13.50 to $16; Calf Skina #1.12*.
HAY—Last sales Irons wharf at e7* to 90 cU ;
is store $i 12*.
LIQUORS— Urandy, Otard, Dupuy i. Co. #2.25 a
$LSO; A. Seignette #1.75; imitation 32 lo 34 cents ;
daierac $3 a 3.50; Peach, dull at #1 a 1.25; Virgi
aia Apple 60; do. old, 62* a 75 ; Northern 40
cents Rum, New England, 2ei* a 29 cts. Whiskey
Richmond rectified 23} to 24* cta m bble; Cincinnati
83* to 24* cU; Gin, Holland #1 a 1.25 : American
88 cents.
LARD—Prime Leaf in barrels 11* to 11* cents;
kegs 12* to 13 cents.
LlME—Last sales from vessels at $1 30 to 1 35;
from «tor- *1 50.
LUMBER—CIear white Pine 833a35; refuse clear
139; merchantable $20 a refuse 812f 615 per
M.; one inch pine i'lank from 412 to 615 per Mi
three-quarter inch piue Piank 910 to 812 flooring
tough, from $15 to $18, dressec. 826 a $10; joists
#12 a 815; two inch Plank 815; weathrr board
ing #11 to §14—dull; inch oak Plank #13 to 2S,
buttonwood do 821 to 26; j moh eherry 830: j
Inch poplar 818.
MuLAe-SES is without further cnange. Cuba
Arm at 22; New Orleans 30a32cent9.
SOAP—Turpentine 3f a ti eta; Variegated 12a 14c
IRON—Pig 820 to 823.50; Swedes *y5; English
850; Tredegar (Richmond; 805; Up Country
190; Nails 3* to 3$ cts.
PLANTER —None arriving. Last sales from wharf
$3 75
POTATOES—Northern 81 to 1 37$ per bushel,
■ad Marce.
RYE—Extra, for distilling, 75 cents per bushel
RICE—4i to 5 cents per lb , with a light supply.
SALT—BI 40 troin Jiore; 81 35 trom wnari
SUGARS—Porto Rico 6 to 7i for ordinary to
■trictiy prime; New Orleans 5$ to li|; Keiined lout
»$ to 9J c«s; crushed y to 9±; c;a:ined 7J.
STEEL—American blistered 107$ to 110
TOBACCO—lnspections heavy, the receipts have
fallen oil'some—prices good. We quote lug 3at 84
•s,ii to 6 for good ; common leaf BSj a 7}; good
$9 a 11 ; tine manufacturing B'2j a 23.
TEAS —Imperial and Gunpowder 55 to 8\ 20;
Black 35 to 50, with light demand.
LEATHER—We have no change to notics !n
Leather. The supply is good, with a fair enquiry
"Good" light wt's 815 to 16$ ; middle 814$ to 154
heavy 814 to 15; "damaged'' $10, 12$ and 14, ac
cording to quality.
WHKAT—For prime white 92$ cash to 95 4
months. For prime red 87$ cash to 90 4 months.—
Good crops of part each of red and white bring
readily 9<j cents or a fraction over. We bear of
one sale of 8000 bushels very prime rrd and white.
Price not transpired—supposed 95 cents round or a
trifle under.
OATS—4S to 50 cts. per bushel, for ordinary Vir
OFFAL —Bran 14 cts. per bus'iel; Shorts 18 cts.;
Browt-Stutt' 15 cts.; Ship-Stutf 40 a 45 cts.
SHOT—S} a 6 cents per lb.
Foreign.—But little doing— rites nominal
London 27s 6-J per hhds.
Domestic we quote as follows:
fine York. Bos: in Philadelphia
Coal,per bush, to 5 cts. 6 eta. 41 cts.
Flour, per bbl. 20 20 20
Tobacco, per hhd. 2.00 2.5') 2.25
Do. per box, 15 35 20
Coal to Baltimore 3 cents per bushel.
Steelinb Bills : lOf premium.
Domestic: Northern Exchange ranges f oreheeks
an the chief cities at fa) premium. North
ern City Bank Notes $ premium. Uncurrent notes
we quote at the lollowing discount:
North Carolina 1 Tennessee 2
South CaroUna 1 Kentucky 2
Georgia 1 Ohio 2
Alabama State Bank •• 2$ Northern interior -- - $
Bank of Mobile 1 Silver—ls premium.
Gold—s premium
Virginia Suta Stock, 25 years to run, interest from
date-iales at the Treasury, 8107.
Va. State Stock, tormer issue, with interest from
Ist July—>hort dates 8103 and int., long do. 8106
au-i interest
Bonds guaranteed by State of Va., with int. from
Ist July—last sales 103 and int.
City of Petersburg Coupon Bonds, with interest
from Ist February—last axle 100 and int.
Richmond City Stock, with lmerestirom Ist July
—tan this week 103 and int.
Virginia Bank Stock, par 870—sales this week 73$
Farmers' Bank Stock —sales this w t ek 105.
Exchange Bank Stock—sales this week 106.
Va. Fire and Marine insurance Stock—last sales
104 j.
Richmond Fire Association Stock—par 820, last
Mies 31|
Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac R. R.
Stock—last sales 975.
Virginia Central R. R Stock—last sales 40.
and Petersburg R. R Stock—last sales
James River and Kanawha Stock—last sales 17.
RA3COKS.— We have just opened another lot
ot tnose unrivalled American Razors ; and our
friends wtto have been waiting tor them ran now
be supplied. Every Razor is warrant, d, ttUt i the
money will be refuuded in every case where they
do not give satisfaction. For sale by
C. J SiNTuN Sl CO.,
Only Agents tor this city,
Sign of the Circular Saw,
jy 24 7i Main street.
BA>A.NA». —A supply ol tins delicious and
most healthy of iruiu, jusi received by
Also, a lot of fine Pine Apples. Call in next door
to Exchange Bank,
je 18
Ist!.—No 1 Mackerel, in wnole and hail bbls.
and kits: 100 bbls Halifax Herrings.
LtAF liAitl). tor sale by
II AIB—800 casks Rockland Lime, jjsiiccmved
I. ex schr Mary Wise, and for sale a »
'j 24 ROBERT V ' '
CAM'AnMiJ) iiA.tlM —i 0 iieicts ai.d » hbda
Canvassed Hsms, in store and for sale by
SACO>'.— A lew unas clear aides in store, for
sale by
T GINGER, in s'ore and for sale by
Vb IfOM Mlßfe.—seveial first
0 rate house and nurse Girl* tor hire Apply
early. TOLKR it COOK,
jv 99 Agents.
UtLts.AU Mli'uulrr (Mai •—oav/oiu*
D Yeast Powders are an excellent and convenient
substitute for yeast Breed, biscuits. 4cc., made
with them are never heavy or sour Far sale by
jy <9 Druggists, 9J Main street
pANDLKB.-i few bosee Jackaoa s Summer
EXCHANGE HOTEL.—B Pollard, Henrico; O
H P Wrirht, Alabama; T F Lumpkin. Texas; L T
Woodruff, Mobile; R G Baiawell, Wtw Orleans;!,
O B Branch, Raleigb, N C: P F Annspaugh and Mis*
Annasaugb. Wetumpks. Ala; W Goer and servant,
T Yate*. and J W Guy, Charleston; T A Ranea. Au
gunta. Ga; L T Houghton and lady, NC; WO
Goode, Mecklenburg; 4 M Agee and J B Powell, AL
Mist Moiwall and Miaa Trager, Henrico; Col F H
Smith, Lexington; J Timberlake, Albemarle; J Y
Hooch Fluvanna; W Steel, Charleston 8 C; ETra
ey. Lansinburg, N J; R P Hamilton, New York; i
Y Paae, Va; Mra E Fearneyhugh Albemarle; Dr
Karrand. Mra Barrand, Mia* M G Barrand, Mies
Kata Wilaon, Miaa St Juiia Wilaon, Miaa D C Wil
aon, and C Barrand and servant, Norfolk; R J Tur
ner, Washington; B B Bell. Surry county; R Dau
that, Charlea City; J W Brodnax, Danville; W F
Brodaax Buckingham; H Slaughter, Danville; C R
Prian, Amelia; Mra J Layce, Albemarle; AW Mc-
Intoah. Norfolk.
CITY HOTEL —G H Cooke, Williamsburg; J R
Wright, King and Queen; Jnn W Taylor, Cumber
land; C H Merideth aud G Turner, Louiaa; Miaa
Hankins,Surry Co, Va; A H Branch. Che»tertield;
J B Dorsett, Powhatan; S Myers, N Y; B Whelan,
Ala; L E Hickman and M W Harris, Louisa; J W
Clark, G A Hobson and lady. Miss M E Hobson,
and master H B Hobson, Oranga; W G Ja»per aud
daughter, Rockbridge; H C Pope, Bait; Tnoa Lee
and Miss Lee, Philadelphia; J L Freatlfy, Hog
Wm; RC Hurley, Hanover; H A Gates, Va; W R
Rnyall, Gloucester; G Thempion. Ga.
COLUMBIAN HOTEL.—Joseph Myera, Powha
tan; G H Robeitaon, J T Mc.ttley, N ;ttoway; J R
Beard, Scottavii e; Charlea Maisie, Goochland; John
Overtor ana son No toway; John T Branch, Prince
Edward; Edward Barton, Charlotte; H E Thomas,
Baltimore; B C Jones. Nottoway; Stephen B Hughes,
Richmond; G W Dawson, Seottsville; N Craodock,
Cumberland; Wm A Noel, A M Hsmiltor, Colum
bis; Thomas E Powhatan; G W G Estes, Vir
ginia; Thomas G Tuprnan, C .vinaton, Ky; J B Jef
fries and son. Cumberland; Capt H O'Kinney, Glas
gow; Capt J Masters, City Point; C P Wilhelm, J
A C Jardeiia, Washington, D C; J II Barlow and
son, P a Powell, Williamsburg; A G Shepherd,
Palmya; G C Piyor, Lunenburg.
AMEKICAN HOTEL—A S Wooldridge, Mid
lothian; Dr Temple, C White Hanover; F J Lavin
der, Baltimore; J A Phelps, Dr P C Gooch, Li'er
pool; Mr Dodson, Mr Todd, Mr Man >. Petersburg;
K H Kirby and family, W G Allan and family, a C;
W L Davis, Alabama; H D Bird, Petersburg; G H
Utrdon and iainily, Woodville, Miss; W A Forbes,
linngc of the Thermometer
At J. W. Kakdolph's No. 121, Main street,
7 A. M. I 12 M. 5 P. 31.
76 I e4 85
Brig Victoria, Halifax, flour.
Schr Hhxall, Laytield, New York, D Currie.
Gen World, Travers, Baltimore.
Ocean. Mitchell, James Hiver, for wheat.
Baltimore, Phillips. James River, for wheat.
Governor Street, 2 doors from .Main,
Pamphlets, I llusiness Cards,
Circulars, | Tickets,
Handbills, I l*lunk«, dfce. &c M
Labels, | of every description,
Printed at ehort notice and upon reasonable terms.
Orders for all kinds of Printing will be re
reived and executed in the handaom-js'. style.
jy )3
/liiDAKTAIi NOTICJE. —In consequence of
V the course pursued by some Druggists in the
sale ol my Medicina, calculated to detract from the
interest ot my regular agents, I hereby authorize
my agent in Richmond to reduce the pace oi the
C'edur Tar to 75 cents per bottle, until further no
IS** P. HORTON REACH, 91 Main street, is
the only authorized agent tor Richmond and East
ern Virginia, for the sale "f the Tar, by wholesale
or retail
Pamphlets distributed gratuitous by all my
jy 23 B B. NORRIS
Some dealers are in the habit of putting on
a doleful face, semi-annually at least, about
the dull season. Perhaps we may do so, too,
when we get time ! But so long as we adhere to
our prerent mode ot doing business, we don't ex
pect to vet time. We take dull times by the fore
lock—fur we are determined to maki'a the " Laoies'
Saloon" the place for bargain* at all times, Thut,
in July and August, we otter our large and varied
summer stock at such rati-s as induce those who
call to purchase. Our assortment of Ladies',
Children and Misses' Shoes of various kinds is yet
good, and Trunk*, Bonnet Boxes, &c., and to fami
lies supplying themselves at this season, we make
a satisfactory discount.
WHITE it PAGE, 73 Main street,
jy 24 3 doors below C'ooiry's hat store.
& BROIHER, hereby respectfully ii.iorm tb*ir
friends, customers, and pub ic generally, that they
have received, and ready for sale, large additions to
their stock ot Goods, all bought within the last few
days at auction, for less than halt the original cost
price; being late in the season and desirous of hav
ing room lor our Fall purchases, we will aeil the best
bargaihsever offeied in this place.
Look at the Catalogue.—Lawn 6i cts yard
widi-; solid color Bare.es at one shilling, cost 37j;
Ginghauis and Delaines too numerous to mention;
white goods, such H9 dotted, plain, t»nd sprigged
Swiss checked Cambric Muslins; Lace Sleeves for
Misses, i 2£; black Lace Veils 37j; Misses' black and
white Ho>e, s'x pence perpaii; Linen Towels 9 cts
a piece; 9d Furniture Prints for a 4d; Linen Lustre
10 cts a yard; Merimac Prints in dark Colors, suita
ble for the approachiug season,.B cts per yard; Linen
Haktsfor 8, 10, and 12i c:s, besides the best and
cheapest Domestic Go'-ds, such as brown and bleach
ed Shirting a: ( d Sheeting, Ticking and Flaunels, to
be had in the ciiy Call soon, or you may miss
some of the bargains, at
jT 27—6t 139 Bread street.
Bath is one of the most complete articles ot its kind
ever offered to the public, inasmuch as a gieatand
important improvement is obtained over all others,
by throwing the water upon tne body without wet
ting the bead, unless at the will or tne pleasure of
the bather, but a greater point is gained by being
able to bath with warm water, which no other
Shower Bath is adapted to.
The.e Biths are neatly finished, and are suitable
to stand in a chamber or any part ol the house As
aprool of the superiority of this Bath over all others,
it is sufficient to ray that it was awarded the premi
um at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, and the
Maryland Institute, Baltimore, the only Bath thit
abnve°K«th pmn j l u ® at lhe * lovp Institutes. The
above Bath can be seen at the House Furnishing
Store (the so,e agency for Richmond') of
. a . , L. GINTER,
jy 24 lw 137 Main street.
MENT.—A sale and well established business
(partly manufacturing) will be sold entire or in part
Large profits can be realized, and business can be
extended to almost any extent For particulars
and leasons of selling, address Richmond, Post Of
fice, Box 7.,4. j v 26—iw
W OUI) ' COKK AM) COAL,.—The sub
* * scrioer is prepared to furnish WOOD, COKE
or COAL as cheap as can be bought in town
Yard at Danville Depot—office on Pearl street,
opposite A.hambra Hotel, ana immediately under
Messrs Toler a Cook.
Lump Coal (3 per load.
y Uu^'~ A hcautitu. arti cie of striped
Jruh Lineu backs, juat the idea lor theae hot
day#, with many other cool n
jf 10 E. B. SPENCE'S. No. LaO Main street
AMI IN MIi.IMKICO.-We wui «Ji „ U J U ,
135 acres of excellent Wood LaND, without
Improvements, lying in Henrico county, about sev
en miles north ot' the dty, which is supposed to
contain Coal, it being tee next tract to one from
which much Coal ha* been taken; and the Land be
ing near Hungary Water Station, either wood or
ooal might eaailj be transported thence to Rich
mond. Hera ia a chance for a great bargain. Apply
aarly. TOLER * COOK,
jrl General Agenu.
v"v good order for aate by
171 Mais (treat
OU EYg* f °* rtw w«fr 4lmhm! to-wit : Asiatic Cholera,
JZutlil Cholics of an kindi, Spaama, Cholera Morbu., Dy
dUtatttari- sentery, Diarrhoea, Cholera lifntna, Asthma,
f . disar- Tetw»M violent Pain, Kerroaa Headache, Nerv«u
deliver or Sto- ?£££
mack, suck as Contipm- Rhoumadam, Delirium Treaepa, ffider JMw»,
eertSn Obatetrical catem, sinking or congee
,dS?ihrt4r&£u .
W £ru^w« # , or Figuring « tag™ l d^ ct u io °» for iU '"LjS® T * rio ?;
tkePUoftXmack, Strimmingof tkeHeof, Hstr- .ea for which it i. recommended, aa well aa pro
tied and Difcult BrtatkingTFluttering at tk» wating many atrongteiitimonialr
Heart Choking or Suffocating Sensations This , me< * lc . ln ? 4 °? ,? e ®, n V , at ."j!* -
wton in a lying pom W«n«» of Vi- Adapted aa it 1. to may of the most violent disea-
VL, Potior Web* before tks Sight, *»• S 4 * 1 "? moat prompt relief-and especially
Fever and Dull Pain in tie suiteS to large families aa well aa totraveller»-
Head, Deficiency of Per,pi- «be proprietor* would respectfully aak the atten
ration. YcUovmcsi of ti°n of the public to in claima; which are founded
tkt Skin and Eye*. on more than twenty-tire years' experience, and
Pain in tks not on conjecture.
Side Agenta are supplied with pamphlets for gratul
Back, Chest, Limbs, iff.., Sudden Flushes of Heat, tous distribution. Will the public call on our
Burning in tkt Flesk, Constant Imaginings of agent*, examine for themselves, and gire the toe-
Evil, and Great Depression of Spirits, can be ef- dicine a fair trial.
lectually cured by DR. HOOFLAND'S CELE- I deem it due to the public at large, but especially
BRA TED GERMAN BITTERS, prepared by Dr. to those at a diaunce, to state, that Dr. JOHN DU-
C. M. Jackaen, at the German Medicine Btore, VAL, the Proprietor of the Family Anti-Spas.
120 Arch street, Pni.adelphia. modic, is a graduate of the University of Perrsyl-
Their power over the above diseases is not ex- vania, as may be seen by reference to the Medical
celled—if equalled—by any other preparation in the Recorder, vol. 1, page 304, published in Philadel-
United States, as the cur3S attest, in many cases af- phiain 1818. And in further confirmation of his
tcr skilful physicians had failed. claim to public confidence, in reference to the
Tnese Bitters are worthy the attention of Inva- claims of this medicine aod the pamphlet accom
lids. Possessing great virtues in the rectification of panying it, we present to the public the following
diseases of the Liver and lesser glands, exercising certificate of a number of highly respectable citi
the most searching powers in weakness and affec- zens.ofthe county of his long residence, besides
tions of the digestive organs, they are, withal, safe, others of different sections.
certain and pleasant. WE, the undersigned,do hereby eertify that
READ! AND BE CONVINCED. Dr. JOHN DUVAL has been a resident of the
Charles Robinson, Esq., Easton, Md., in a letter tounty of King & Queen, Va., for some thirty
to Dr. Jackson, January 9, 1850, said— years; that he is a regular physician; has done
"My wife and myself have received more benefit one of the most extensive practices amongst us
from your medicine than any other we have ever and is fully worthy of the public confidence in any
taken for the Dyspepsia and; Liver disease." statement-which ha may make.
'•The Tenth Legon." published at Woodstock, [Signed ]
Va., January 10,1850, said— Geo. M. Pendleton, Ro Courtney, Wm. S. Nunn
"A Great Medicine." Richard Bagby, Col. R M. Spencer, Justice of the
"We have uniformly'refrained from recommend- Peace; John Bagby, Philip Bird, John Lumphin
Ins to the public any of the various Patent Medi- J. P.; Col. Wm. B Davis, Ro. F. Stvbbs, J. P.; Dr
cines of the day. unless thoroughly convinced of S.G. Fannethroy, Sr., J. P; Joseph Ryland, J. P.;
their value. Among those we consider worthy of Col. Alex. Fleet, J. P.; Elder Wm. Todd. Ro. Pol
rotice is the German Bitters, invented by Dr Hoof- lard. Clerk of King ic Queen ; John H. Watkiny
land, and prepared by Dr. Jackson, in Pciladeluhia. Volney Walker. J as. M Jetferies, Commonwealth'
One instance in particular, in which the superior Attorney; Col Jas Pollard, J. P.; Hill Jones, Wm
virtues of this medicine has been tested, has fallen Boulware, Ex Minister to Naples ; E. S. Acree, J.
under our observation During the last summer, a P.; Geo. C. Nucn, Jas. C Roy, San-. R. Ryland,
son of Mr. Abraham Crabill. of this county, was Temple Walker, B. B. Douglass, Gen. Corbin
ve-y seriously afflicted with Liver Complaint, and Braxton, M D.; Muscoe Garnett, Jas. Smith, Fran
after trying in rain various remedies, he purchased cis W. Scott, members of the Virginia Ref. Con.
a bottle oi the Bitters, and after using it, was so The above list of names coufd have been en
much relieved of his distressing malady, that he larged at discretion but it is deemed sufficiently
Procured another bottle, and is restored entirely to extended to secure the attention of the public to
ealth." the facts set forth in the pamphlet accompanying
MORE EVIDENCE. the medicine. The remedy is confidently submit
The "Philadelphia Saturday Gazette," the best ted to the farther test of experience. Relying
family newspaper published in the United States upon its merits for public favor, he only asks tor it
The editor says oi atrial.
DR. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS: The genuine article will have the initials of the
"It is seldom that we recommend what are subscriber stamped on the mouth of every bottle,
termed Potent Medicines to the confidence and pa- and foreachlabel the written signature of
tronage of our readers; and, therefore, when we re- P. P. DU VAL, Sole Agent,
commend Dr. Hotflland's German Bitters, we wish All orders and communications addressed toDr
It to be distinctly understood that we are not speak- P. P. Duval, at King William C. H., or to the Pro
ing ol the nostrums of the day, that are noised prietor, Dr. J. Duval, at Stevensville, Va.
about for a brief period and then forgotten after it For sale in Richmond, Va., by PURCELL, LADD
has done its guilty race of mischief, but of a medi- ic CO., wholesale agents, and by THOMAS >.
cine long established, universally prized, and which CARTHY, J. BLAIR, A. BODEKER, and Drug
has met the hparty approval of the faculty itself." gists generally
This medicine has attained that high character Price cents and $1 per bottle.
which is necessary for all medicines to attain to in Manufactured by P. P. DUVAL, M.D., sole
ducp counterfeits to put forth a spurious article at agent, King William Court House, Va., to whom
the risk of the lives of those who are innocently all orders should be addressed.
Look well to the Marks of the Genuine. The following certificate speaks for itself:
They have the written signature of C. M. JACK- Buboes'store, Northumberland, April, 30,'51
SON upon the wrapper, and the name blown in the 1 have used Dr. Duval's Family Anti
bottle—WlTHOUT WHICH THEY ARE SPU- Spasmodic in a variety of cases, with the most
RIOUS. astonishing success, such as Crapulous diseases,
For sale, wholesale and retail, by Flatulent ai d Bilious Colics, and in one instance, in
PURCELL, LADD 6c CO., Druggists, the most dangerous of Colics, known commonly as
mh B—itawly 92 Main street, earner 14 th. the ilial passion. Besides,! have used it in Chol
era Morbus, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Dysmenorrhea,
and Menorrhagia, and also in those diseases when
there is an undue balance of nervous energy, such
as Hysterical Hypochrondiac, &c. In a word, I have
used it in many cases, under my care, when an
anodyne or anti spasmodic was called for, and >
do, with much confidence in its value, recommend
it to the public as the most certain and sale Family
Medicine of its class. [Signed]
fe2s—3tawly WM. R. PURKINS M. D.
it. fiiANCfc. & CO.,
Alain Street, Richmond, Va.
Splendid Schemes for July, 1833.
«ifi7,500, 27,500, 100 of 1.750J
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class R, to
be drawn at Baltimore on Saturday, July 31st. 78
numbers, 14 drawn.
1 prize of. 867.500 j 5 prizes of $3,000
1 do 27,500 I 100 do 1,750
1 do 17,700 I 20 do 750
1 do 8.2,6 130 do 350
5 do 5,000 | £08 do 200
Tickets 820; halves 10, quarters 5. Certificate
ot a package of wholes ©240 —shares in propor
ICy 0 Orders for Tickets in any of the Maryland
Lotteries will meet the mi.at prompt and confiden
tial attention, if addreaaad to R. FRANCE it CO.,
Managers, or to C. W. PURCELL,
jy 14 Richmond, Va
MKCHAMC'S' union associa.
TlON.—Office in Exchange building, next
door to the Post Office, Richmond, Va.—ACCU
$50,000. —M B DEAN, President. Finance Com
mittee: Win. Patton, G. C. Wood, H. B. Judkina,
A- Wilbur, Actuary.
This Association has declared a dividend of thirty
live and one half per cent, for the year ending April
Ist, 185:2. No liability to assessment.
This is aa Association of Working Men and
others for the mutual assistance of eaeh other in
case of sickness or accident.
By the payment of the following annual deposits,
you will become a lite member, and will be entitled
to a weekly benefit (first week excepted) during
life, if you should be disabled by sickness or ac
cident from attending to your ordinary business or
occupation, remmeb wui draw in case of sickness
common to both sexes.
Table of Hate*.
82 pryr.draw 3— pr w'k. £7 pr yr. araw 87 pr.w'k
3"3"8 » " 8 "
4»•»4« 9 « » 9 «
5 " " 5 " 10 " " 10 "
6 " •' 6 "
Those over titty years of aje will be charged
psr cent, extra. One dollar sad fifty cents admit
sion fee will be charged, in addition to the above,
the first year, and must be paid at the time of ap
plication, and the first year's deposit within thirty
Refebences.—Doeget & Anderson, Upholster
ers, corner 13th and Governor sts., Richmond, Va.;
Geo M West & Bru, Booksellers, Exchange Place;
Smith «fc Marvin, Merchants, Main St.; Bowen Si
Bruce, Washington Hotel; McDonald & Lyons.
Regalia Manufacturers, Exchange Place; Hablis
ton ii Bro, Furniture dealers, 13tn St., do.; Thomas
Hornbrook, merchant, Wheeling ; A Lams, hard
ware do, do; George Hardman. builder, do; J E
Wharton, Editor of Times and Gazette, do ; And
Mehaffy, Esq, Gosport Foundry, Nori'olk, Va; Geo
W Bain, Saving* Bank, Portsmouth; J M Blanchard,
Superintendent on Seaboard and Koanoke Kailroad,
Portsmouth, Va; Hon Reuben Wood, Governor oi
Ohio; Hon Joseph A Wright, Gov'r of Indiana;
Hon Augustus C French, Gov'r of Illinois; Hon
Austin A King, Gov'r of Missouri; Hon Richard
Brodhead. Senator from Pccn; Hon James M Por
ter, Eae'.ou, do.
All communications should be addressed (post
P»id)to A. WILBUR,
Actuary and Ueneral Agent, Richmond, Va.
my 11—ts
T^papl» V F ANO
A PAPERS.—Dunne the last we k, several
, have been entered by lase
nn i hK , ne /r on Sa 6oi tl»e old kica cut open
ana robbed of it, contents! To merchants and bu
smees mt-o, theies no thought more
th*n, that during the silent watches of the night
and amid the ravages ot the conflagration, to know
and be satisfied thit their valuable books and m£
ney are beyond tne reach of the desperado or des
true.ion; and to the promotion of this conttdence
nothing has contributed ao much as the improve'
meuta made by Silas C. Herring in the Salaman
der SaU-s; one of which, at least, every prudent
man should have upon his premises.
tail and examine. We have on hand all sizes
with powder and burglar proof locks; and at the
factory price*, delivered in this city fr-e of charge
jy »6—61 FRY it McCANDI laH,
Sole An*nts for Virginia.
OTURAGE.- (iuano, sugar, muiasses, tigfa, Uk
received on storage in the large cellar under the
Virginia Central Railroad Depot
» 3 ~ lm 8 HUNTER, Agont
IV nn^^'7 A ■ pnato ,ut • t "»uw)r
r....V° e^ e ' J<ut receired per stnamer lanh
» wholesale or retail, by
-Eii HULBT. k. KINO.
StSSS- *£•
b, mto, tt.
With a Healing Balm we come to greet
THE action of this Liniment upon the human
organization is truly wonderful its volatile,
penetrating, soothing and healing properties diffuse
themselves to the very bones. It enters into the
circulation of the blood, gives a new impulse to
the whole nervous system, stimulates the absor
tents and secretions, and thus assists nature to
throw oil' and rid herself of any diseased action ot
the nervous chords or ligamentK, making it equally
applicable to sores of any kind, rheumatism, or
abundant reasons of its great efficacy in so many
different diseases. While it ia perfectly harmless
to healthy flesh, skin or bone, It acts upon scientific
principles and FIXED LAWS OF THE CREA
TION. The large numbei of cases in which this
Liniment has proved its great value in the short
time it has been in Virginia, is sufficient to give the
greatest confidence, that its virtues ar> incompara
le in the cure of Rheumatism, bruises, Sprains.
Burns, Wounds, Swellings, Broken and Caked
Breast, old Sores, <fcc.
Testimony from the South.
Savannah, Feb'y sth, 1852.
Having been afflicted with acute Rheumatism for
some time, and tried several of the most popular
medicines of the day, also under medical advice,
and received no relief until I tried the MUSTANG
LINIMENT, and much to my surprise, I received
immediate belief ; and I am confident, that by a
fe *r more applications of this truly celebrated Lia
ment. 1 sha Ibe entirely cured; and I advise all wh >
are afflicted, to try the Mexican Mustang Liniment
(Signed,) A. FREEMAN.
Ship Matters, Read!
New Oblzans, Feb'y 21st, 1851.
I take pleasure in givi ig my testimony in tavoi
of the MUSTANG LINIMENT. I have used it in a
great many cases with satisfaction. I would par
ticularly recommend it to the notice of MASTERS
OF VESSELS, of all kinds, as surpassing all
otheb external applications within my knowledge
for Pains, Bruises, Cuts, Burns, Sores and Rheuma
tism, <tc. 3tc. LEWIS WARDEN,
Master Steamboat Pontiac.
An Editorial Article
From the Savannah Republican ot December 20th.
1851, written by A. K . Moore, Esq., recommends
the Musttng Liniment ic the following manner:
This medicine is now offered to the people o
Georgia for the first time. Our personal experience
enables us to recommend this Liniment to tht
public with confidence, as we have felt the good
effects upon a sprained ancle, which receives! great
benefit trom one application, and has been almost
cured by the occasional use tor a week.
Sore ot 40 years' "Standing Cored,
Pink Valley, Miss., Dec. 25th, 1851.
A. G. Bragg & Co.: The 9 dozen bottles Mustang
Liniment lelt five weeks ago, a<e all sold Send
me 30 dozen immediately. The Liniment has per
foimed some wonderful cures here. Doctor W
W.Nevelsays it is the greatest Liniment in the
world He has a negro girl almost deaf and blind.
His remedies did her uo good. A tew applications
of the Liniment cured her entireiy. It is a;so curing
James Coy's leg, which has been a running sore for
forty years. It has not failed in • tingle case ac
far as it has been tried.
We only ask a fair trial of this valuable Lini
ment in the cure of Strains, Bruises, Cuts, Galls,
Scratches, Sweny, Pole, Evil, Fistula, Big Head
Spavin, King Bone, Wind Galls, Cracked Heels, or
any wound, stiflnes*, or enlargement of bono or
muscle in horses. We have many certificates to
those cures, and, therefore, am confident it will
men^forh' 4a act * OD * • nc ' effect all we recom
L 0 A uU ° Mo K ® AOa * CO., Sole Proprietors, St
Bold by DrumhU generally, and by
mh 13 LADD ' * CO., Druggists.
Stnk£?"£*•* IWO thou " nJ Canada
. !T. »?' ulUble 'or servants, which lam dis
SfhtrvMtH TBry low P riw >- Those in warn
*»H«»nd it to their in
fnl I M * iß ,trcet Also, a beauti
ful arficl of India Straw Hat* for gentlemen*' wear
T»* BtEBl/'HIBEMs, prupoatag to sell
L h ?"»" ad « rof *toekof I)Ri GOODS
and HARDWARE, at suction, the cloan of the
present month, will, until that toe, offer their stiU
large assortment at such prices as will tandsk
great bargains in both Summer sad Winter goods
Jy io 106 Main street.
Will Wsa4ers Never Ceasef
K the following cures, performed won* by the
N of BULL'S MAR4APARJLLA, are not won*
den, than we acknowledge that we do not know the
meaning w f the word Reed and be oonvineed thai
facts are stranger than Action:
Lms P. 0., Pnßoo Co, Ky.« Oct 1, 1851
Dr. John Ball: Dear Bii-—The two dozen of your
Sarsaparilla, ordered in September, came to hand,
and, in acknowledging the receipt of the same, I
feel LwoaM be doing yon injustice to withhold the
following, among the many of the instances thai
hare come under my observation during the last
two years, of the greet curative properties of your
Mrs. Jeannette Martin, a highly respectable lady
of my neighborhood, aged aixty-five years, had
been long afflicted with a cancerous nicer, which
Anally reduced her to so helpless a condition, that
she could not leave her bed. She tried the beat
medical advice in our county without relief, and
had given up all hopes of a cure. At this stage of
her case, I persuaded ber son to take a bottle of
your Sarsaparilla. He did •■j, and in a short time
returned, and purchased ant ther bottle, stating the
first bad had a decidedly good effect f'hecominued
to use it until, after the use of five or six bottles, 1
had the pleasure of seeing the old lady berseli at
church. She assured me that she bad almost en
tirely recovered her health, and from her I received
the account of her disease, and in about the same
words I give it to you. This is but <neof a num
ber of cures under my observation- of very re
markable ones—performed by the use of your Sar
saparilla, in my neighborhood. Tbe demand for it
has steadily increased since its introduction here.
Very respectful y, your obedient se -vaot,
Bovlb Countt, Ky., Oct. 6, 1851.
Dr. John Bull: Dear Sir—l have seKn the most
marvellous cure of one of my patients, by you?
valuable medicine—an old lady, who had been af
flicted from ber childhood with scrofula, and va.
rious diseases of the braiu. She was (50 years old. It
bad run into something like leprosy, aud she was
the most frightful creature my eyes ever beheld. 1
called in Dr. McFadden, a very fine physician, to
consult with me in re aiion to her. We came to
the conclusion that it was out of our power to re
lieve her ; but, on goiug to my office. 1 accidentally
picked up one of your journals, when, on seeing
the wonderful cures your Sarsaparilla had effected.
1 resolved to try the experiment in this case. 1
took her two bottles of it, after taking which I per
ceived a great change. I took her some more. She
is now taking the sixth bottle, and 1 consider her
entirely cured. I take great pleasure in recom
mending your Sarsaparilla to the afflicted public.
Tours, respectfully,
I, Thomas A Ringo, of Graves county, Kentucky,
for the benefit of mankind generally, do hereby cer
tify, that on or about the ltich day of Octcber 1847,
I was attacked with a very severe pain in the lower
part of tbe abdomen, which lasted but a lew min
utrs, and moved into tie lelt hip, and continued
exceedingly paintul for about live days, during
which time I had a very light fever. At the end of
that time the fever ceased, and the pain abated for
a day or two, after which it again returned, and
was much worse than before. During all this time
I was under medical treatment From a short time
after I was taken, I was unable to walk or sit up ;
the hip in which the pain was so bad commenced
rising, until some time in Jauuary, wben it burst,
and a number of pieces of bone came out—as many
as twenty, at least. Some of the pieces were tnree
fourths of an inch long. Some time after this, a
bard knot appeared on my right hip, also one on
my right wrist, and one on my leg, below my knee.
I continued to get weak and worse, and pain wade
its appearance in my right shoulder, and would
move in my breast and stomach. At this time all
persons gave me up to die. A physician then told
me that, as a last rernedj, 1 had better use Mr. Bull's
Fluid Extract of Sai'saparilla. Alter the use of the
second bottle, the knot on my wrist commenced
getting soft. I opened it, aDd a day or two after, &
piece of bone came out. My wrist soon got well
and I continued to gain strength. After I used the
third bottle, I coJld get no more for soma four
weeks, after which time 1 succeeded in getting three
more bottles. Alter using the three last bottles, the
knot on my hip became soft; it was opened, and
some corruption ran out, together with a small
Eiece of bone, and the sore soon got well, and the
not entirely disappeared. The sore on my leg also
opened, and a piece of bone came out. 1 continued
the use of the Sarsaparilla until I used twelve bot
tles, and am now entirely well, and able to do daily
labor, ltmay seem strange to some, but I will bere
state that, during the summer of 1849,1 coughed
up three pieces of bone, which can now be seen at
the lesidence of my uncle, Thomas Neal, where I
now live, and ii any persons doubt this statement
1 will be happy to converse with them, it they will
Statk of Kentucky, Graves Co., Set
This day personally came before me, tbe under
signed, an acting justice of the peace in and far
said couuty, and made oath in due form of law,
that the above statement is true. Subscribed and
•worn to this loih day of February, Ibso.
8. P. MORsE, J. P. for G. C.
I, Irwin Anderson, Clerk of the County Court ol
Graves County, State at Kentucky, do certify that
S. P. Morse, whose name is signed to tbe above cer
tificate, is now, and was at the time of signing the
sauie, a justice of the peace in and for said Graves
County, duly commissioned aud qualified as such,
and that laitn and credit are due all his official acts
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto
■et my hand, an J caused the seal of the
[L. S.] County Court of said county to be here
unto affixed, thi* 18th aay of February,
Can the reader believe, alter reading the descrip
tion of the above numerous cures, that there is still
a lew human beings Buttering with disease that re
fuse to give Bull's Sarsaparilla a trial. It is indeed
hard to believe, but nevertheless it is too true.
What kind of testimony would it take to convince
the lew remaining disbelievers, that Bull's medi
cine will do more eveu than it promises I The
Doctor could produce another and another cure
performed by his medicine ; but if the cases pub
lished above w.ll not convince the sceptical, it ir
useless to produce any more, and, iudeed, it would
cost a lortuue to publish the many certificates that
have been Bhowered on Dr. Bull. The largest mam
moth sheet in America would not contain even the
nam-s 01 those cured, let alone full statements of
their cases
This medicine, when used according to direc
tions, will cure, without tail, Scrofula, or King's
Evil, Cancsrs, Tumors, Eruptions of the Skin Ery
sipelas, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ringworm or Tetters
Scald Head, Rheumatism, Pains in the Bones or
Joints, Old Sores and Ulcers, Swelling of the Glands
Syphilis, Dyspepsia, Salt Rheum, Diseases of the
Kidneys, Diseases arising lroin the use of Mercury
Loss ot Appetite, Pain in the Side or Shoulders
General Debility, Lumbago, Dropsy, Jaundice'
Coativeness, Bronchitis, Sore Th.oat, Couchs!
Colds, Weakness ol the Cheat, Pulmonary Affec
tions, and all other diseases tending to produce Con
sumption, Liver Complaints, Female Irregularities
und Complaints, Sick and Nervous Headache, Low
Spirits, Night Sweats, Exposure or Imprudence in
Lite, Chronic Constitutional Diseases, tind as a
spr.ng and summer drink, and general tonic for the
system, and a gentle aud pleasant purgative, it is
superior to Blu-: Lick and Congress Water, Salt
or Scidlitz Powders.
DR. JOHN BULL'S Principal Office.
81 Fourth street, Louisville, Ky.
Where applications for Ageucies must be ad
For sale in Richmond by
my 17—-d3tawwly Druggists, Sole Agents.
received a supply at White Sulphur Water, from
the Greenbrier White Sulphur Spring*.
Fre.h Blue Liek Water, direct from the Blue
Lick Springs in Kentucky.
Saratoga Water, from the Congrt •• Spring, Sara
Oak Orchard Acid Mineral Water, from the Oak
Orchard Acid Mineral Spring*, Geneuee county,
New York. *
This water la highly recommended by medical
men, and i* coming rapidly into use for various dis
ease*, such as chronic affections of the digestive
and urinary organs, and some ot the cutaneou* dis
eases, cbroi,ic dyspepsia, chronic diarrhoea, chronic
dysentery, chronic dinresia, chronic cystitis, dia
betes, In cases of low typhoid fever*, la coi»vaie»
cencefrom protracted fevers, to excite the appetite
and promote digestion, piles, dropsy, Ao
Ordinary dose for an adult, a wine glass full, di
luted, tak*-n three times a day.
amSST »embracing its analysis, by Professor
SUllman, opinio as of medical writers, and various
letters^ as to lu curative properties in oerta n dis
eaaea, furnished gratuitously oy
. 0 , _ , . „ ADIE * GRAY,
91 * goats for th» ?*t»t» of Virtlnla.
W HkH fttUssaomwwloi Wire
«*SZbfSSI*X, mK *+ ** """•
Mylt frAN-LBW * TAYLOR, j
*MWIU—A very superior w lur
. / jyOR \ ]*— * '"I® •Mortm«Dt of n.
duced pri<£*, detire# to » £
known to evenr personth.t be wiU cocfcnne**
mamnt the flowing charges for bit service! ££
the assurance that hit operation* •hall be lth
ed better than under bis pas. e £*l£f e £2"*
Hcrw .ot Been* he wd hi. Mrf.tw,,, , re ggr
full exercise, and make more none?- ™ 10
Extract tooth. 25 cts; All with sUrer n» «. ,»
cU; with gold, 75 cts; Pivot Tooth,
Tooth, *3; upper or lower aotu, g?
out artificial sums. Ac. Ac, *c
flßßSfc UiIMTAI, StlttilsoT^
K. CHANDLER, (graduate*^
X, ,b. citizen* ""*•
Office 145 Mam street, bugle Square
R Mr**M»c*s.—Professor C. B. GiW» r l
•or C. P. Johnson, Rer Dr Howell, B*vJ «T
lor. Rev Ro. Rjland, A. G. Wortham w n Ift
Wm. F Butler, Esq, Richmond. ' lai
Professor C. A. Harris, Professor Tfccma. »
Bond, Professor W R. Handy, Prof C
aDd Lester Noble, D. D. S-, Ba:timore. '
my 2tH—3m*
WHli, LilPJjl AM) JiAKiM
i INSI'RANCB-The Richmond
JMHEX Associationi are now prepared to issw
— policies of Insurance on the above dT
scription of risk* on as reasonable terms as
similar company, and respectfully ask a share (5
the patronage of the public. Applications will £1
received at the office, No 223, corner of Ma,n and
9th streets, where the officers will cheerfu'lv fnl
nish all information that mav be require# in
losses promptly and liberally adjusted '
John H. Boshrk, Secretary. m '„ )7
fjTSttej c R O C K K R Y, GLASS WaRE
ll I ffmay —The subscriber is now epen
ing an extensive assortment ol
j/-. „, French » n< l English China Crock
ery and Glass Ware, with a splendid collection o|
Bohemian Cut Glass Toilette Battles, a great varie!
ty of elegant Cups and Saucers, some ot them rich,
ly gilt and decorated.
Also, Refrigerators, Water Coolers. Window
Shades. Tr»ys, Waiters, Knives, Forks, Ac, ie.
1800 doz 1 umblers. of various sizes and patterns.
This extensive assortment of Goods having been
purchased under tbe personal inspection of tn»pro.
prietor, at very low prices, he is determined to
sell accordingly. A call is respectfully solicited
je-'ft-t" R. L HICKSON
TAYLOR is constantly receiving
[? II # 17 Superior Piano Fortes rom Nunn
« ™ » " & Clark, and other celebrated mak
ers. and asks the atb ntion of purchasers to his
Stock, which he will warrant, and will sell at very
moderate prices.
Pianos repaired, Tuned, let ou hire, and taken
in exchange, at his Piano Forte anc Music Store
jc2l—ts 160 Main Street. '
' JIORK PiA.\U trottTK*.-
pEjn£EfIBNASH &. WOODHOUSL are con
(ljgrTrffetantly receiving supplies ol Piano
• ■ Fortes from thive of th.' be-t manu
factories in America. The character of the instru
ments which they offer is established, and pur
chasers may safely rely upon getting agood article.
They furnish them at northern prices, and a large
assortment may be found, varying from the lowest
priced good instrument made, to the most elegant
and costly.
Also, for sale, beautiful and sweet toned Guitars,
of Martin's make.
All of which may be seen at their Book arid Piano
Forte Warehouse, 139 Main street Lag e Square,
je 30
«AIUSII', ftitsic.-p. H. TAYLOR
has received the following favorite pieces:
No more, no more of Fancy's uleam.bt
1 luv'd thee too dearly, by Mrs Abbot
Sweeter than the breath of morning, by Nelson
Fffic; Dean by Benkert
Do do, for guitar
My Home is there, by Kirk
Bohemian Polka, by Petrak
Spirit do, by Baruett
Empire Grand Marah, by Tombler
Compromise Waltz
Liberty do.
jy 2 Music Store, 160 Main st
I have received 9 cases of those beautiful w fails
and pearl Nankin felt Hats, to which 1 invite ths
attention of ail gentlemen who appreciate as els
gant and comfortable bead coverirg.
87 Main street
P. S.—l have still on hand • full assortment ol
Canada Straw Hat*, as also every kind of Htl
that ancient or modern history gives any accoaal
of. J. T.
je 23
QKW— * The subscriber bss on band, at his
Coacn-making establishment, on Lombard Alley,
between Main and Cary, (13th and 14th streets,)
near the Columbian Hotel, Coaches, Chariotteefc,
Barouches, Buggies, with and without tops, sua
Sulkies, all of ku own make, of the best mate risk
and workmanship. Ail of which will be sold as low
as good work of the kind can be In the city oI
Richmond; and lrespectfully ask a call lrom thosa
in want of any article in the Carriage line, as 1 sa
determined to make to order and sell at the lows*'
prices possible; and all work sold, that is new, war.
ap 38 - d6m
if if tL CO. would respectfully iuform thwir eu»
tomers and the public generally, that thej
have just received a larse and chiice
Ready Made Clothing, wniec thev otfer it
the lowest cash prices. From their superb varitfa
ol Cloths, Casslmens and V eatings, purcn»|
sers can select the latest patterns tor Coat*
Panta and Vests, and have them made up by N k
Co. in the most fashionable styles. They ofer fo*
sale also a select asaortment of gentlemen's Furuisfr
ing Goods. N. W. NELSON h CO,
Ho 135 Broad street, {
ap 30—3 m Next door to the Marshall HoW
Al>iJ£ tV. km HA V » Ulti'tiUUia, J
Maim Stxxxt, have in store, and are recs*
IB ing, large additions to their stock of DrnjPi
Medicines, Hurieoss' Instrument*
Paiats, Oils, Dyes, Window Glass »s
Fancy Articles, which they offer far sale on u»
most favorable terms to cash and punctual d*alc>
MiJifOlt'l'AM'i' NUI'ICK TO g
cheapest place In the city to buy i» st J. H. M
ANTHONY'S, where Moleskin Hats of the
best quality are sold at $3 50: second quality S3;
Silk ll> 50.
Fine Calf-skin Sewed Boots 13 51
Patent Leather Congress Boots - J*
Patent Leather Oxford Ties "
Patent Leather Monterey Boots 3 2
Together with an assertment of Panama, let
horn and soft Hats, Umbrellas, he.
U OBKKT K. BKOAUDtS otfrr* ku«r«i
IV cp* to the citizen* of Richmond and the publ*
generally a* a general Collector ->i Claim*. u *
pledge* himself to attend strictly to all basincss e»
trusted to hi* care. Hi* office i* in the rear of Mi
James R. Sutton'* office, in Law Building, Ri<*
mund. V*. w»v i—"m*
TAhfc. .lUliia. —ureal aesscuv* '*
1 Price*.—As the season is far advancing, I »u>
now otfer my entire stock of Dry Goods and Fane;
Articles at great reduced pr.cos. Those wisnioi io
purchase great bargains, are r»spectfu.ly invited le
giro me a call and satisfy themselves.
Also, another lot of those well known patent
Manilla Corded Skirts, received this day by steamer
173 Broad street
P. S —All person* indebted to the late concern of
HENRY KOSENFELU A BRO, wf!) phase eo**
forward and settle their accounts, »a lunger ma*>
gene* cannot he given. Jy
LUUIiTK rHOIiBAdIt 1 !■*
Ci INCH DRESstI) PLOOAINO, "ten teugio*}
75.00U do white Hne Board* aud Plank; d»,vX*» «•
seasoned Oak boards; 18.0UU do do teen nuttoe
■votid ; 10. 00 do 1-4 inch C heart Step Plans, »"•
landing from board schrs Telegraph, Canton aM
Ashland, for sale b
m( 14—1» UAH WHITyiM.B
k.<sk*«ta «***«..**»•—•
r lot ot the above artiete. which lean reeo*
.Mad ss fresh., aad aa emails. I artieJe tor fcailf
as*. Call at * ANTONIO MZiNl'd,
Jet Under City Hotel.

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