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the latest news.
England —The clmificitioii of the New
Horn* of Commons is as follow. ; Ministerial
i«ts 325, Opposition 272; Ministerial majority
53. Fortv Liberal Conservatives are included
with the Ministerialists.
At the Yacht race at Cowes on Thursday,
the America was beaten by the Arrow.
Th ; bullion in the Bank of England amount
ed to £21,660,000. M<>ney was abundant.
Trade in the manufacturing district awaa not
so active.
France. —The President's visit to Baden ia
connected with a matrimonial project for the
hand of the Princess Caroline de Vesa, grand
daughter of the Duchess o! Baden.
The President contemplates a visit to AN
It is reported that a change w ill take place
in the ministry after his leturn from Strasburg,
and that more political arrests wiil be made.
Petitions tor the establishment of the Empire
are filling u« rapidly under the su .erintenden;e
of the local authorities at various places.
The expedition ot Gen. MoutunUaus to the
frontier ot Morocco had proved successful.
Ireland.—The gain of the Derby anti-
Catholic Ministry of the two members from
Dublin bus caused much surprise.
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are ex
peeled to stop at Cork whilst on their aquatic
tour. They are accompanied by a steam
squadron, consisting of uiue vessels. The
Catholic portion ol the population were averse
to joining in the honors preparing for them,
but all *as enthusiasm among the Protes
The rumors of the appearance of the potato
rot «<*re not credited. I'hecrop, it was gene
rail v anticipated, Mould he good.
Italy.—Sixty person? hud been arrested at
Mantua including the Archbishop of Rivera
and six other clergymen,by the Austrian Com
missioner, on suspicion oi holding liberal views.
Count Tiiiuaree Momo and other noblemen had
ai*o been apprehended at Rome from the same
I'.'!" R;>oe:mrtito of Turin states that the
Civil .Marriage Bill will doubtless pass ihe
Chambers notwithstanding the address against
it ol the Archbishop and Bishop of Piendmont.
An earthquake occurred at Kipezzia on ihe
The Fishery Question—Laler from St.
Boston, August 3d.—Bv the steamer "Ad
miral" we have St. John, N. 8., papers to the
second of August. Vice Admiral Seymour
has purchased a brig and schooner, which
have been manned and armed to protect the
Colonial fisheries from encroachment of the
The schooner Union reported yesterday as
seized, was taken in the Gulf of St. Law
rence, by the ''Telegraph" tender to H. M.
steamship Devastation.
The New "Brunswicker" thinks that when
the people of America understand the matter
better, tiiey will have but little cause of com
plaint. It considers that the reported terms of
the new reciprocity bill are too favorable to
the Americans. The Courier again explicitly
declares that there is no intention to enforce
tiie headland to headland part of the fishing
treaty, nor to demand reciprocal free trade as
the price of arranging ttie question.
Shocking Case of Infanticide.
Philadelphia, August 4.—A most horrible
case of infanticide occurred in Spring Garden
yesterday. A young Scotch girl, 16 years of
age, named Mary Ciaft, who was employed as
a domestic by Albert Shuster, keeper ol a pub
lic house in Spring Garden stieet above Ninth,
was known to be enciente. Whilst up stairs
by herself, she was delivered of an infant, and
afterwards nearly cut the head from the body
with a penknife. On being arrested, she con
fessed the crime, and said she did it to hide
her shame. The body of the child was found
in a clothes basket among some soiled
clothes. The father of the child is quite a
The Cholera at Buffalo.
Buffalo, Aug. 3.—Cholera still prevails in
Ibis city, and several deuths have occurred; but
only in particular neighborhoods, and Irom
local causes. The mortality of the city is
greater than usual; but there is no panic, nor
much fear of the disease spreading. The
weather is clear, and air pure. Sunday was
the most fatal day; but since then the cases
have been more mild and scarce. The dis
ease, .at first, appeared more violent than for
merly, many having died very suddenly, with
only three or lour hours' illness. The tele
graphic dispatch from Albany exaggerates the
Arrest of the Officers of the Henry Clay
New Vork, Aug. 4.—The engineer, pilot
and clerk ol the steamer Henrv Clay have
been arrested and held to bail in the sum of one
thousand dollurs each to answer the charges
brought against them.
The Death of Sands a Hoax.
.Syracuse, Aug.4.—The announcement of
the death of K. Sands, whilst walking on the
ceiling at W'ulcott, is a iioax. He performed
this afternoon.
Steamer Destroyed by Fire.
Toledo, (Ohio,) Aug.4.—The steamer Su
san, running between here and Detroit, took
fire at her do k las! night end was completely
destroyed. No lives lost.
it was Discovered, about 2'J years
ago, in the county ot King and Queen, by a Phy
sician, eminent in Lis pro.vs-ion, t-;at Asiatic Chol
era, Choleri Morbus, Bilious Cho.ic, Dysentery.
Diarrhoea, Lock Jaw, and many other uervous and
tp-fmodic difases of very dangerous character
could be easily cu'ed. i-ir;ce th3t time he has
priA <d that tact to hundreds of our tellow-citlzens,
and can prove it to as many as will try DUVAL'S
FAMILY ANTI SPASMODIC, the people..' l'avuriie
Medicine. They can get it trom PURCELL, LADD
4- CO., or any Druggist in the city. See advertise
ment. iiu 6—3».awts
Once again we call attention to the
pruU'-s volunteered bv the customers who patron
ize the. Virginia rky light Daguerrean Gallery, at
No. j 45 .4i<iu street, ot w.'iichMr. WM. A. PRATT
is Proprietor
Say e Mr. Kabius Lawson: "Mr. Pratt has taken
four Likenesses ot me, all of which were not only
satislacujry to me, but have beeti said by all to be
exact! The one to-day, bein/ the fifth, is rasher bet
ter than th"»e taken before.
Ms Mr. Wutlev, of Prince F.dwarr : ' Mr. Pratt
is the only artist that ever taken a good Lise
nessof me, the eyes in paittcutar.
S ys Mr. 1. A. Winston : " Mr. Pratt iiai this day
taken three Pictures ol me, which I thinK perfect as
any 1 ever saw "
.- -,s Mr. Sawyer i <4 Th° five Likenesses tak- n
ol u:e by Mr Yiat', to .lay i c-juiiiei liist raie.'
All the anoVii »recn.u(ii Irjm tUe album of the
Virsciuiu Gallery, N.i. I4:*> Main street au 2
To the Citizens oi itirhinoud usd
Transient Visitors.—lf you wish to have your
hair cut anil dte»sei iu the most fashionable and
tasteful style, and your whisker* chang. d to a beau
tiful blacß or brown color, please eal; at th 9 Hair
cutting, Shavirg, and Shampooing Saiojn, under
the American Hotel.
N B—Hot. cold, and shewer baths can be had
daily from 6 A M to 10 P M, ani on Satuidaj at H
P M.
Single bath 25 cts; hire ticket* for 81. Entrance
lite street. jy 224
Mexfcao Jlusiaug Liniment, lin
provement, Progress, Growth. —These are now the
order of the day. And the great desire for tnese is
the iroving cause to the great advancement now in
operation in the Medical world New light blaze*
up aud old practises and old mixtures are discard
ed Tne six new astonishing combinations in the
Mustaui! Liniment enables it to penetrate flash,
nerve and mu.cle, and drive out duease and assist
nature to recover her loit powers, aud become
healthy, which is evidently the true cause why it
is so sucjesstul and why so many physicians that
are acquaiuted with iss virtues, prescribe and re
commend it.
telegraphic news
—.m . i .JL———l—l
I'ttAMMMiTTfcP for this uailt dispatch
Washington, August 5.
Senate.—The Senate went into the consi*
deration of the Fishery Question, when Mr.
Hamlin made a speech thereon.
In the House, in Committee of the Whole,
the Civil and Diplomatic Bill was taken up and
Ravages of the Chslcra,
Rochester, N. Aug. 5.
The cholera is still on the increase in this
city. During the last twenty-four hours there
were 24 cases and 19 deaths reported.
Judge Deveaux died of cholera yesterday
at Niagara.
The Cholera had also broken out Sanduskv
Missouri Elections.
St. Louis, August 5.
Col. Benton has been elected to Congress.
Sailing of the America.
Boston, August 5.
The steamer America sailed to day, taking
out fifty-seven passengers, and $150,000 in
Flour.—Sales of GOO bbls. were made to
day at $4. Red Wheat 80 to 87 cts; White.
85 to 93 cents. Corn, white, 61 to 62 cents;
yellow, 62 a 64 cents.
„ 15®*"* Great Cure for liy*pep«ia.—Dß. J
75 cents.
I have cured more than five thousand persons of
Dyspepsia and Liver Complaints with my Dytpep
tic Compound and Family Pills Read the follow
ing letter from a gentleman in Virgiuia, whom I
never saw. He is one of thousands who are living
monuments of the great cures made by my Fami
ly Wedicitit-s.—J. S Rose, M D.
Dinwiddik Co , Va., June, 1852.
To Dr. J. S. Rose, Philadelphia—Dear Sir: For
the sake ol humanity. I write these few lines to in
form you and the pubiic generally, of the great
cure your Dyspeptic Compound has made on me
In the summer ot 1850. I was a.tacked with a vio
lent diarrhcea, and after trying the remedies pre
scribed by two or three eminent physicians for 18
monthi, without any effect, and beiag reduced al
mus: to a bkeieton, and scarcely able to walk across
my room, I accidentally received one of your cir
culars, in which I found my disease exactly de
scribed. My son went to Petersburg and purchas
ed a bottle of tne DYSPEPTIC COMPOUND, with
and to my great astonishment and satisfaction, I
found gr.eat relief in a few days; and in two weeks
I was entirely we!'. At this time I am in better
health tHan • have been iu ten «r twelve years. In
short, sir, your medicine saved my life.
Your, with respect, GEO. J. JONES.
The above preparations, and aii Dr. Rose's cele
brated Family Medicines,
For sale by Adie it Gray, Purceil, Ladd & Co.,
Bennett dc Beers, Alex Duval, R. K. Duval, O. A.
Strecker, A. Bodeker, Gaynor ic Wood, J Blair S.
M. Zachrisson ana W.K uadd. jy 16
Hew many expressions of commendation
I ever hear in my saloon. " Why, he takes them
every time." " How beautiful that is." " That's
you, Kate." " I never saw any thing more per
fect." "Oh! why, how he does take them." '• I
like his style, his positions." "Oh, the dear little
thing ; why, he took it laughing, at the first time "
And many more of the same sort. Those who
want a beautiful, durable and lifelike Portrait at
81, will come to MOULSO.VS,
Patent Process Daguerrean Gallery, ltO Main st,
door above Mitchell ii. Tyler's Jewelry store.
Don't mistake the Dlace. jy 1
The Voice of the Frea*.—"Simons'
Likenesses are the oest we have ever eeen."—Eve
ning Post As our citizens are leaving for watering
places, &.C, a likeness of a friend at such aperioc is
alw«ys received as a special gilt, to be treasured as
a household god. What young man is there who
would object to a beautiful likeness of his " lady
love?" or what young isdy would refuse a smiling
likeness of her oeau f or what parent or child ex
ists who would nut look with delight upon the like
ness of each other? A more truly valuable gift
cannot be conceived of than the beautiful, artistical
and richly colored Daguerreotypes, such as are ta
ken at M. P. SIMONS',
jy 17 151 Main street, Eagle Square.
ty Great Cure tur bowel Complaint!*.
Tne most sate and sure compouna tor Buwel Com
plaints, Pains in the Stomach, Cholera, Cholera
Morbus, Dysentery, Paic in tlu' Back, Sides or
Limbs, Toothache, Bruises and Sprains, is Dr.
Rose's Pain Curer. This remarkable preparation
gives instant relit-: to all pains, and is used by ttie
old and young. Thousands have been relieved in
a lew minutes iron) the tnost acute pain. Id bot
tles at 12i,20 and 50 cents, and lor sale by Bennett
6l Beers, Adie k. G;ay, Purcell, Ladd &. Co, R. R
Duval, O. A. Strecker, A. Bodeker, J. Blair, S. M-
Zachrissoa, W. P.Ladd. Gaynor & Wood, je 22
jy Daguerreotypes of Children, Fami
ly l« roups, single Portraits, <fcc dec., executed in
a style equal to the finest ivory pair.ting and quite
as durable. Copies made from oil paintings, Da
guerreotypes, and every other aescription of pic
The friends of Mr Clay can see a very fine Da
guerreotype of this great statesman, Irom whi. h
copies of any sise can be made, a d set in pin-,
rings, &c., or lraraed, making a handsome and
valuable ornament to the parlor or drawing room.
Mr Clay himself ssid ot this picture, "Thai it was
the best he ever had taken."
jy 1 151 Kagle Square.
NERVOUS DISORDERS, &.C., ,may be cured by
Sjtnfc!pr*s fir?r.t Summer Ker.iedj'
None genuaie with >ut the signature ot R. B
Stabler, M. D.
Chills and Fevers, Ague. Bilious, Remittent
and Nervous Fevers, General Weakness, Weari
ness in the Limbs' Chronic Debility, Jaundice,
Dyspepsia, &c., may be cured by Stabler's Great
Ayue and Fever Specific.
None genuine without the signature of R. H.
Stabler, M. D.
S»l>« bier's Alterative—A vsluable remedy for
Imyurities ot the Blood, Erysipelas, Boils, Salt
Rheum, Miik Crust, Rheumatism, Bronchitis, En
larged Tonsils, Sore Throat, Dropsy, Ulcers on the
legs, Swelled Giants, Deranged Liver, Oppression,
Palpation of the Heart, Tett rs, die, &.
Allot the above for sale in R;chmond by GIY
je 28—3 m* • Alexandria, Va
(Va.) ALUM SPRINGS.—Thee Pills are Diuretic,
Cathartic, Tonic and Alterative in their eSects up
on the tystem. They excite the action ol the Liver
in many cases in which Calomel would have no et
feet, They are also peculiarly efficacious in Fe
male Diseases. . , , .
The wonderful success w.uch has attended the
use of the Rockbridar Alum Water and Piiis for
many years, in a grt 'U variety of disuses, has ac
ovirpri'-'it • °r •.•q<iill«d, s*id
is steadily increasing.' The most emlaoatChemists
of the day have examined the Water and P ills, and
lound it possessed extraordinary Medicinal proper
ties It has been decured by the best authorities
to be a cure for every torm ci Scroiula, Chronic
Liver Diseases, si! Chronic Diseases of the stomach
and Bowels, Dyspepsia, Chronic Diseases of the
Eves Mercu-ial Atiections, and paiticularly adapt
ed to cases of Passive Uterine Hemorrhage, com-
Dlicated with deiangement oi the Liver and sto
mach, and many other disorders arising from tm
pUForys°^byb and country merchant,
generally throughout the United States.
Price SI per vial, SS per dozen- .
Drueuists and others wishing to purchase m
large quantities, or become Agents for ' l^ e
above celebrated Liver Pi.ls,will address
Alum Springs, Rockbridgei CoVa, or
je 7 Columbisn Hotel, Richmon
cy The Odtee oi tiie .New Vork Her
aid, Philadelphia Ledger, Baltimore Sun, Baltimore
Ciipper, and General Depot for all the Newspapers,
ilagaziiies, and Cheap Publications, is »at iu»j
Hroad »im»t, opposite the Broad Street Hotel,
General Agent.
*mL~ P 1 "!?,, •««*«» on the stomach, Lbwr ami
e,lr * '**—*«' "f ti»<*«» "f«M.
•" Curonic CompkinU, u Dy«pep»ia, C.ugh,
■ n ®Lo»f Affections, Pain* in the
at ll® *s*' BreM t Consumption, Scrofula,
WoeainariMß, Goat, N en rain ia, Fistula, Piles, Worms,
Sw'lfi*' 1 Wlth ViieiM!* arising from
JJ» b^ 5W »* • FAMILY MEDICINE wherever
introduced. The wonderful cure* have earned for
" • "putttton never given to anj other Medicine
Call on O. A. STREUKER, Main street, and get
pamphlet* grktit. bee advertisement in to-day's
f,,oe - jy 2—ts
A ( ommon Expression.—They are cer
tainly the most lite like Dagaerreotypes we
have ever seen-ao say persons almoat daily, on
visiting our rooms. We endeavor to make them
appear natural and life like, in position, expression,
and finish,.and cow far we succeed, we leave the
public to decide; and we are pleased to say that
many decide in our lavor, daily We invite all
who may wish Daguerreotypes, and the public ia
general, to call and i xamine our Pictures, our se
lection of Cases, Frames, Lockets, Pins, and prices,
and alter such examination you think you can be
better suited elsewhere, we will think just as much
ot yea as if you had patronized us. Cnleas we
merit your patronage we do not wish it-
Dagucrreotypista and dealers in Stock,
Main s;, (Mansion House) Richmond, and
Sycamore at, Petersburg, Va. jy 31
*-» and tor sa.e by THOS. H GRESHAM,
Hawthorne. 1 vol cloth,—7sc
ARCTIC JOURNAL, or Eighteen months in the
ro.ar .legions, being No X(V of Putnam's Library
LIFE IN THE SOUTH, a companion to Uncle
I cm '« Cabin—price 50c
Busied 1 vol—soc
price 25c
HARDER, fur August—2sc
No 430 LIVING AGE—I 2*
Do PUNCH do—l2c
A lew copies of Gitason from January Ist to July,
bound handsomely in cloth with gilt eclats and
one* Price S3
Gleason'e Pictorial, Courier, Post, Waverly,
Flag, Banner. lantern, Ficayune, Boston Museum,
"Si", all for this week
ALL NEW BOOKS received and for for sale,
wholesale and retail, as soon as issued from the
prees. Orders solicited.
General Book, Newspaper &. Pe.iodical A.ent
au 6
GI.SI RACY OF ViUfilNlA.—An Invaluu
ble Book.— A Guide to Magistrates, with prac
tical torms for the uncharge of their duties out of
Court, towh.ch are added Precedents for the use
of Prosecutor*. Sheriffs, Coroners, Constables, Es
cheators. Clerks, d£c, adapted to the new Code of
Virginia,by Joseph Mayo, Counsellor at Law and
Public Prosecutor in tne Hustings Court of Rich
mond For sale by A. MORRIS,
Late Drinker Si Morris,
au S7 Main str-jet.
-*- L AGU VRA uOI' FEE in store, for sale by
a ' J 6 FRY Sl McCANDoISH.
YTISVV FAIIILV Fl^Ul-K.—A superior at*
1* tide, warranted, receiving tnis morning, for
sale by
au fl FRY <fc McCANDLISH.
SALA-MANDEK ssAF£S«—Tne real tire
pi ooi ftafes, a.l sizes uii hand, lor sale by
D'awn Nosof Delaware, No 54, Aug sth:
47 54 22 50 49 10 61 52 20 6 J 57 32 11
Half NoS 47 52 6i, a prize of $2i»o, sold and paid
Urawn Nosof Delaware, Extra. N0.56, Aug sth •
4 1 36 45 50 5a 18 24 27 39 54
For To- Day.—Delaware, No. 55—Capital:
SJ3,oQl'. Tickets *5 ali 6
Wall street, under the City Hotel,
For To-Day.— Maryland Consolidated, 14 —
Capitals : 1 of $.'O,OOO, 1 of 10,000, 1 of 5 000, 4 of
3.000,4 ot' 1,500, 4of 1,000, sof 500, 200 of 105, &c.
75 numbers, 12 drawn. Tickets $s—shares5 —shares in pro
Ais-., Patapsco 214.—Cnpitals: 1 o? S9 000, 1 of
3 000, 1 ot 1,500, Slc. 7e numbers, 16 drawn.
Ticket* only *2 50—shares in proportion. au 6
hXhhVKt iV liALKV,
.Uhcr iters.
Successors to J. W. .Maury & Co.,
Office, So. 62, Mam fttreei.
D awn Nos Delaware Lottery, Class 53, Aug 4
63 7J Sri 71 50 58 57 67 J9 13 40 36 45*69
Scheme for To-Day.—Caoitals : a-23,0ii0,
7,000. 4 O'JO, 2,145 2,0.0,30 prizes of 1,000,10 of 300,
oot iSO, 155 of 100, ctc. 75 numbers, i.2 drawn
Tickets S$ j. au 6
14th Street, under Exchange Hotel.
Drawn Noa Delaware, Class 53. August 4 :
63 72 63 71 50 58 57 67 19 13 40 36 45 69
Whole '3 !9 57, a prize of SSOO returned.
For To-Day.—Tie Delaware State Lottery,
Class Su 55 — capitals : S2.J,(JOJ, 7,000, 4 000, 2,145,
2.000, 30 ot 1,000, ftc. 75 numbeis, 12 drawn.
Tickets 85 au 6
(Snccesitors to F.. i(lorri« & Co.)
For This Day.— capitals: $20,000, 10,000,
5,000, 4of 3 000, 4of 1,500, ftc. 75 numbers, 12
drawn Tickets 65.
Also, the Putapsco Lottery.—Capitals: $9,000,
3,000, Ac Tickets S2 ?0
Drawn Nos of Susquehanna, Clas® 22 :
12 22 73 50 17 08 6 42 30 45 23 8 39 72
•»—. _) IFUIsrZIi Losi. —*'xtia\tD,
* it ou Monday morning 1.-.et, Irom near the
ceruex oi Leif;h and Second streets, a white and
liver colored Pointer Hitch. She is about 18
months old, and has a natural short tail. Any in
formation respecting her, lelt at the above place, or
at ihe Second Auditor's oflice, will be thankfully
received. su s—3l*
Alt <• tun e>Al>t.—»Vi.l oe told ou MUN
. DAY, the i(3ih day ol August, at 5 o'clock, P.
M , unless dis t os»d ol private.y beiore, ol wh.ch
due notice will be given, a nice market FARM, cod
taiim.g 50 acres, siiuaUd two and a half miles below
the city, adjoining the iands ot jam-e Malonc and
Joel B Bragg ih-re is upon the Furm a comfort
able dwelling, together wi'h Darns, st«bl( », Kitchen,
<tc, as also a Wtll ot escellent water in theya d
There are between 25 and 3<J acres open and in a
high stata of cultivation, the balance iu oak and
pine timber. It Cc.u bepurctiasi-d with all the crops
upon it, and possession given immediately. DAVID
BARER, Jii., corner oi F una 17;h stieets, is au
thorized to make the sale privately. Teim- made
known on day of saie. au s—lOt
I iti L< V TllJi SI STHAI. — I'he intense
L' at which has prevailed lor some days has
created biliousness in ajno&t every human iramc,
and liundreasof pereout' are daily physicing tnem
selves to death with ca.omeland pi is.nous minerals
ot vuriods kicids, under the celu-ive hop j of finding
relief K*r th< ir ar.noviue maiadii * To <» •}> -.cr
a'j.i* we can only say, try a bottle of Baker'u
Premium Hitlers, and obtain immediate leiiet.
Being purely vegetable in their composition, and
entirely tree in their operation Irom those sicken
ing, nausr atipg qualities which are the effects ol
most medicines, they at on;e create * oeaithtul re
action thioughout the patient, sharpen the appetite
improve the digestion, give vigor to the liver, ex.oei
the surpiuj blie. and thorougnly purity the blood,
thereby diiving out every unwholesome humor
that may have become eecieted in any portion ol
the ays Urn As an Aperient or Tonic, these Bitters
have no equal, while, at the sam-> time, by their
heaithtul acjoii on the stomach, liver, and diges
tive organs, they at once check any inclination to
diarrhoea. Let the aiflidted try them, aud satis!)
themselves ot the superior quality of :beaa mtieis
over thoae of all other* otteied m our city.
To be had in Richmond at the Drug Storea o!
Si WOOD, Main .treet; ii. BLAIR, WM. P. LA 1)1
and SEABKwOR ft REEVE. Shockoe Udl, CBAS
au 2—ta
NOTICI£.-I am uow reaay to supply ine k Uj
tic with Dyayepaia Bread troui my stoie,
or from the cart.
t JAS. Si Mr-SON,
G .. ■,
am ~' sggaaar^*"^".,
PuyUcti, | ■.■^-a niM ,«, .
Circitan, 1 fHS: ww »
Lafctlt) | of every dnariiiiihm
Printed at »hort notice and apon reawwSetmßs
HP" Ordera for all kinds at Printing will be ml
reived and executed in the. »tvle
jy 13 *
JX THOMAS E PACE begs leave to inloim his
lrienda and the public that ne has taken the bouse
recently occupied by H C McNemara, corner of 4th
and Broad streets, and ia now purchasing and will
shortly open, a large assortment of freah and gen
uine Drugs, Medicines, Painta, Oiia, and Dyes.
Having been in the business for the last seven
years, and lately with one of the oldeat established
Drug houses in the city, he thinks he can. with con
fidence, aak a share ot the patronage of Phyaiciana,
Families, and the public.
His medicines shall be of the purest and best
quality that can be purchased, which will be select
ed by himself in person, trom the azents ot the
French and Eogtish Cbemista in New York.
Physicians are respectfully requested to call ind
examine hia atock Families supplied with the
best articlea en very reaaonaoie terms.
He hopes, by strict personal attention to buai
ness, to give aalisfacti'.n to all who may be so kind
as to iavor bim with a call, assuring them nothing
shall be wanting on his part to please. Tbe quality
of all articles guaranteed.
au 4—lOt THOMAS E. PACE.
DISSOLUTION. —Tne partnersnip hereto
tore existing between the subscribers, under
is this day dissolved Dy mutual consent All per
sons haviag claims against the concern will present
them, and those indebted will please make pay
ment as early as possible.
July Ist, 1852. I H. BARKSPALE.
CO-PARTNERSHIP. — Ihe subscribers have
this day formed a co-partnership under the firm
ot Word, Ferguson & Co., and will continue
the Dry Goods, importing and Jobbing business at
the old stand, No. 123, Main street, where they will
be happy to see their old liiends, psomising to do
all in their power to please.
They tee! confident, as their Fall Stock will be
entirely new in the Fancy line, and purchased for
cash, that they will be able to offer greater induce
ments than evei. Ail orders will be promptly at
tended to. QUIN M. WORD,
July Ist, 1852 W. H. WORD.
In retiring froin tne Mercantile business, I cor
dially recommend to all of my old acquaintances
and friends the new con; ern, feeling every assu
rance that not only justice goods can be
had, but tbey will find them high miuded and libe
ral in all transactions.
July Ist, 1852. ISAAC R. BAItKSD4LE.
au 4—lm
—4ik NOTICE.— i his is to iutorui my old
cuitorufs and the public generally, that
Collars can only be tound at my
• Saddle, Harness and Collar Factory,
Franklin street, between 16;h and 17th.
N. li.—This notice is called forth from the fact
that there has been sold in thU market a spurious
article tor my Coliar. CHAS. J. BALDWiN,
au 4—lm Successor to W. f. Baldwin.
WYNNE, Book and Job Printer, two doors be
low Exchange Bank, has just added to his already
extensive facilities one ot the largest and best
Power Presses manufactured in the United States,
thereby enabling him to execute work as neatly,
expeditiously, and upon as good terms 63 any estab.
meut in the south.
He is prepared for every description of work,
which may command bis attention.
I'rinting .Material ol every kind on sale at
Philadelphia prices
For the very liboral share ot patronage bestowed
he is most grateful, and its continuance is respect
fully solicitei. au 4—4t
A.MELIA LAND.—We offer for sale a large
and nioct Ueiirablt tract ot land in Amelia coun
ty, situatedan follows: Lying in the exireme low
er end of the county, ij miles from Appomattox
River, 16 West of Petersburg. 27 Soutu West of
Richmond; within 4£ miles of the South Side ltail
l oad, and within 7 miles of the Clover Hill Rail
road. Ail which channels cf transportation are of
easy and convenient access. This is one of the
very best larms in Amelia county. The situation
is elevated and healthy, and the society of the cir
cumjacent country such ai* to render the farm
yet the more desirable Circumstances are much
in favor ot tne supposition that there is plenty of
coal on this iarid N. arly one halt of this | roperty
is in pine ef origin a growth; and when tnis part of
it is cleared it produces the very finest tobacco —
There ie abundance of stave timber, which, as well
as wood, may be conveniently bonted to Peters
One hundred and eighty-eight acres of this tract
is bottom laud of tiie ve y beet quality, and being
entirely 1 tee from inundation every acre will pio
duce tobacco of the very best quality. About 30
acres more of it is in ci'-ver, and 40 acres in pea
'Ihe improvercen s are a good dwelling house a
garden. ai;d every out house teat could bv desired.
Tne negroes, stock, crops, a- d plantation imple
ments will be soid w:t . the farm l! uesitable.
Terms very accommodating
au 4 General Agents.
C'OKL, COAL, Wuuil.—l am p:epared to
I supply cousuuaers with Antbiacite and Bitumi
nous Coal. Coke, and Wood, at current prices, and
solicit orders Irom my frit nds and the publ c.
au4— 3m Norih side th>-Basin.
WO 'I'liE PIULIC, —T at subscilbeis, txec-
I utors to the Estate ot Jonn hnriera, deceased,
hereby gi -e notice that we will pay no claims
against tne Estate, except such ag are contracted by
us personally, or upon our written orders.
au 4- 3t* JOHN ENDEHB.
\l U'l'lUt.—l nave tais uay appointed Capta n
II SAMUEL FREEMAN my Agent, to conduct
the Carpenters' business for ire iuthis citv.
Richmond, Aug. Ist, 1852 au 4—3t
,V OTICIS. —We wish to hire lot a lew week , six
L* ab!e bodied men to work at Shockoe Ware
au 3—4t*
Ltß'a Jtl'l'aHSOill. —J. W itAftDOLPtJ
(having bougut the balunce ol th ■ edition) ol
fers tor sale in aoy quantity, Ooserva ions on the
writings of Thomas Jefferson, with particular re
ference to the attack on the memory ol the late
General Henry Lee. in a series of letters by H Lee.
Second edition, with an introduction and Now by
Charles Carter Lee. Price reduced to #1.25.
aug 3
NOTICE.— in order to make room lor my Fail
supply, I w.ll otier great inducements to all
who wish" to buy b«rgains in Dry Goods I have
left some ve-y cesiraole patterns oi Lawns, French
printed Muslins, embroidered Swis9. Bareges, Tis
sues, Chailies, fcc, which 1 will seii off at cost.
au 3 225 Broad street.
by A. MORRIS, late Drinker ft Mortis.. No 97
Main street,
A Journey to Katmandu, the Capital of Nepaul,
with camp of Jung Bahauaer, including a sketch of
the Nepaulests Ambassador at home, by Liureuce
Uilendroff'a M< thoa: Primary Lessons in Ital
ien, by G W Greens, A M, Law Instructor inMo.<-
P'own's author of
Primary cessons in French, ftc.
A;so Harper for August. au 4
i|UVE lIOL.LAK.si ItKWAKO.—Kan away
Ir, m tne subicrioer's laitory, on 20:h July, a
Negro aim named liOBERT LE »VIS, tne properly
ot John Eniers' Estate. The said Negro is ab-iut
20 rears of age, ol low stature, ginger bread, and
speaks very slow. The above reward will be paid
lur his deiivei v at my lactory, on Cary street,
au 4—6t* «}. D. HAaWOOD.
SAPAttILLA —Tais prepaiaaon cocUin* all
tae virtues ot the Sarsapariil* root in a coticentra
t* d lorui, and ib combined wiUi other
remeiiej, rendeiiag it one of tne best prorations
in US.' Fora&lebv •• "ILOI,
au 4' Corner opposita the Old Maraet.
U PONT S fUWDEtIS-liHW «egs Ud Poal'.
Blasting and Sportwg n«ei*»2 Md
for sale oy tDvVIW WOKIHAM ft U>.
au 4
O Takl>, ja*t received
Ma IK. - Fi«ier«ag
r ,ff" ** - '£££&ra*™.
°a soM on Vhmr»4mr next, the 12th last, con.
wwajag at 5 ja'clock P M, upon the pranises, a
Bm Bonae, and Lot, on Preseh Garden
recently bail* and eon
fcyt wwa; Aa»« front*3otoet
55?5ii3?J« £* tow alley l««e« wMs
e»nt d°* pmniaea, five va
and at the intersection of Federal
rannlh gy,V.'gy. «*h fronUng 30 feet and
-isu3Exß& lx &z** m
-«- »
BY J AMtg m. TAYf.nn
T FUMTm-B/ifrti'of ?(M B f2i Ll>
ecnted to the SBburiber as truatce, bv AuiS!?hl
xelton, and duiyffcorded in Riebm4i
Court Clerfc'a Office, to secure the pavmestlrf I
certain debt therein mentioned, and at the thm.ii
of the beneficiary, I shall, on MONDAY, th«9t?dav
of August, at 10 o'clock. A M, sell the property coi
veyed ta said deed, consisting often Beds and tea
Bedsteads, two Carpets, one Buretu, one Press, one
Safe, and iwo Dining Tables, together with numer
oua other articlea of Houaeboid Furniture.
James M. Tatlok, Auct. an 4
AT AUCTION.- Will be sold on SATURDAY,
the 7th instant, at 5 o'clock, P. M, upon the pre
mises, two Lots of Ground, fronting 40 feet each
on the North side of Leigh street, opposite the re
sidence of Mrs. Prentiss, and running back about
6. feet
The sale to be made without limit or reserve.
Terms—One third cash, balance at 6 months, with
interest, and tile retained.
au 4 JAS M TAYLOR, Auct.
At)and harness, and co.ujo feet of
LUMBER. aTAUCTION —Will be aold ca Tues
day , the 10th inst at 11 o'clock A M, at the Steam
Mill of Mr R. D. Philips, in Henrico county, half a
mile West ol the termination of the Plank Road,
13 valuable young Mules, of large eize, well brok
en, and from lour to fi.e years old, being on the
whale, such a lot as is seldom offered in tbe market
Also, two very good Horses; and the ru nine gear
of three Wagons, and several sets of Harness ; af
ter which, will be sold about 50,000 feet of Lumber
of various Rinds and qualities, say 20,000 feet of No
1, in Plank; 5000 feet 2d quality do; 12,000 feet
good Oak Plank, for fencing; 80CO feet 3by 4
Scantling, 10 to 25 ieei long; lot 4 by 6 do; lot
wain edge Plank, do Bedstead timber, and lot of
Hickory, sawed, lor Axletrets
Tebms.—For the Mules and Horses, four months
credii for approved negotiable piper; for the Lura
ber, under $20, cash; that amount and over, tour
months credit lor approved negotiable papers,
au 2—dtds JAMES M. TaYLOh. Auct
commencing at half past 9 o'clock, will be sold
at auction, at the lot in rear ol my ttore, No 8, Fif
teenth street, a Cariiage. Harness, and Horses, two
very fine family Horses, and work Horses and
Sale cc nducted by
au 6 GEO. J SUMNER, Auctioneer.
executed to us ou the 19th day of May, 1852, by
Oliver Drake, to secure the payment ol certain
debts mentioned therein, (recorded in theoffiee of
the Hustings Court for the city of Richmond,) and
at the lequest of the beneficiaries mentioned in the
said deed, we shall, on TUESDAY, th i 17th day of
August, 18i2. commencing at 10 o'clock, in the (tore
room on Main street, adjoining the one occupied by
Titus C. Rice, and opposite to Vanlew 6l Taylor s
hardware store, sell at public auctiou,totbe bigheit
bidder, for cash, a lot of Carriages. Buggies, Har
ne»B, iic, part of the property conveyed in the said
deed. WATSON dt liUGHEs, Trustees
In ibe aforesaid deed.
Sale to be conducted by
au 6 Geo. J Sumner, Auctioneer.
Auction thaue mlk, of sugar,
MOLASSES, A:c. —On Wednesday, the llth
instant, commencing at o'clock, We will tell at
our Warehouse at R' ck» tts, to closeconsignments,
519 hhds Suaar, plantation and clarified, ranging
from fair to choice quality.
500 bbls Louis.aua Molasses, early crop, and
prime quality.
150 bbls New York and Louisiana Syiup.
137 bbls small Loaf Sugar.
100 packages, Loaf, Crushed, aud Powdered Su
175 bb's Sasar, White and Yellow, clarified.
LaO boxes Amstendam Candies.
200 boxes Soap, a.c.
TkbM:—Under eloo, cash: over SIOO, 4 months
credit for approved Negotiable pape>
au 3 Aue'ione-rs
V OTlCE.—'ibe co partnership heretofore ex-
Ll istiug uuder the firm of MARTIN &. FURPIN
is this daj dissolved by mutual consent. The name
of the nrm wi.l be used by Thomas W. Turpin lu
settling the business. EDW'D F M ARTIN,
Richmond, July 30. 1852.
N. B —The ut dersinned will continue the FA
MILY GROCERY BUislNfctS at the old stand, be
tween 7th and Btb streets, Main strtet, where ne
will always keep a good and geneial assortment
lie solicits ihe patronage of the old friends ot the
firm and the public generally.
au2—lw" T. W. TURPIN.
i EDAK TAR—The mutt successful remedy.
V i now in use lor the cureol Consumption, Brou
chitis, Coughs, Colds, Asthma, lJyepepsu, Piles,
K ngs Evil. Diseases ot the Kidneys, Liver, ftc
Opinion* of tlu Medical Faculty.
BaLTIMOBE, Match 17, 1851.
Mrs. B B. fiorris—Dear Madam: It give* me
great pleasure in recommending to public tavor
your valuable medicine, (Cedar Tar) as an excel
i»*nt preventive or cuiative in the hrst stages of
bronchial atieciious, or diseases of the lungs, ana
also as a very valuable tonic. Yours, very respect
fully, T. H. WRiGHI, M D.
1 subscribe, with pleasure and full confidence, to
the gouu etiecto ot tne Cedar Tar, as prepai d and
soid by >irs. Norris, in mai.y cases ot disease, hav
ing prescribed it nequently, ana always with good
effects A. RICH, M. D.
March 27, 1851.
Mrs B B Murris—Madam : It gives me pleas
uie to recommeud to the lavorabie notice ot the
public yi.ur valuabie medicine, (Cedar Tar) in bron
chial affections a..d diseases 01 the lungs.
Baitimore, March 27, 1851.
The Cedar Tar is daiij gaining popularity iu this
community, and some ot our own physicians are
recommending it to their pa.ients
We are permitted to reier to the following per
sons, citizens ol Richmond and vicinuy, out ot a
large number, (who, irom motive* ot delicacy, pre
ter that their names should Dot be made pubiic,)
who have receivtd great benefit tiom the Use of the
Tar: Wm- C. Crump, Dentist. H. Meaefce, Jas. R.
Mooie, Juo B. Dodd, Charlottesville, Va.
Call ai.d see certiticates.
py Beware of counterfeits. The genuine arti
cle u tor sale by
P HORTON REACH, 91 Main street.
Sole Agent lor Richmond, and
«u 4 General lor East'-rn Virginia.
A sl ATt-S &AXK, Washington, D. C., will te
redeemed uy me in Virginia jmeLß^
au 2
nitlil'i'.—lettivcd, per Roanoke, a lot ol
r Iresh Oianges and Lemons, lor aaie t»y
i iresn w « aNTONIO PiZZINI,
RU 5 Under City Hotel.
I 'OTTd.* k-\ K>S.—Assorted numbers, best
v Quality, lor sale uy
|>t'rrtlt —1U n.»iiia iresß Mountain Butter'
D receiving this muruiit, by
BACON.— io nnd* Bone suits; i 0 hud* auoul
dera; 6 hhd> c.ear side*, tor sale by
CtOFFEJs..— iO-w nag* Java, Bio and Laguyra,
/ tor aaie by
jVBW FLOtU.-Jui received,• few barrets
il oi Hdidn'a Eziranew Fiour, lor by
an 4 LEWIS D CRENti3AWft CO.
C'OfcFßg et'«Ait».—obu of variou.
I quail i--#; 500 bbis Cru»oea and Powdered; iWJ
oois L.oat sugar, fur sal«* by
auction zxEmr*
—— . -.
BY 81CM1 J. BPM Nil.
Mrtw, wHkoat NMrw, « Ihm wDtattM afa*-
bS '
Cbeeae, tot Ink, Dry Good*, Show Cmm, Mtkow*
Dining Tables, and • grant May other Geo* to* -
numeroua to mention. Terms cash.
Saie conducted by
«" * GEO. J. BPM»E«. Anede—ar.
1 John Luke's testimony. a gwnltaaa m»
sively known, though upward* of *iaty yoan 4
H*t bow enjoy* the bealib and activity of
be cheerfully recommend* tbis • Tincture' ta ag
Many, by bi* charity, have been restored to fcaatafc.-
oy it, and in the r.ty of Richmond, numbers artH
te»uty it baa cored than when ail other remedies
have fai'ed; bat ita fame baa spread through fta
Union, uid every where the afflicted bail it ea the •
w "?derlul di covery of the age.
The world never before aaw auch a mataaf
Home testimony given to any o-ber roedicin-.
Mr ? p » tontMovnt, July Mb 18SI
mil: iU Sir; I feel it a duty to
Hamp?£SS» "J* benefill taT « derived from Or
"um£l "M. V .^ TXCTUkE Foe a
to ! tt * sred lrua <«•«••• **
f for lh * 'art three years—oaeef
the farm* of my diaeate «u Dyspepsia From ihla
dreadlu! malady 1 sulfered to .Jch m
ufe wa. really a burden_t& 52£LE?£!Sl
terent to that on any other
heard at timea it wa* like u>e paluiuti
hevrt-there waa a constant tnumpU,. ud
withoutinteitnist ion,about the region of thehUSt
chert and *tom*ch— lume of the auacka
tor week*—my (tomach wu much distendedTwZ
conatant pain, great weakae** and
the bowel*. 1 could not eat the most simple hli
without pain. I also suffered gr atiy from dueaaa
of the kidneys, with constant pain in the back, ao
that I could walk only with great difficulty— I tried
nearly ail the mo*t popular patent medicine* oi the
day, but tound no relief. I had alto the -est medl
cal attendance—one of my physicians fran&ly ndd
me it was no use for u,e to be paying him tor advice
as he could do me no good. 1 gave up almost in da*
pair and thought my disease certainly incurable.
At this juncture I beard of ilaaptci'i t m*.
table Tincture. 1 reiused to give it a trial, al
though persuaded Dy my friends, until my son per
chafed a tew beitL-s and requested me to trj
After taking it a few time*, it had a moat ■'-per
effect upon me—my confidence increased, and after
taking three bottle*, my Dy*pcpaia, or oisease of
the stomach, wag uearly if not enure.y cured. I
now feel myself anew mau, and in better health
ttian tor year*. 1 am certain that the cure in my
ease was made by this Vegetable 'fine
tare alout. Since my cure," I hare recommended
the Jincture to a number oi my liiends, who have
also been relieved by it. Some of the cure* have
been made ta rapid and equally wonderful as miae,
1 present my respects to Messrs Mortimer A
Mowbray, the proprietor* of this valuable Jleuieiae
ana say to them us value is above price, and trom
my cure and what I have seen oi the effect* apoa
otners, i shall ever feel it my duty to recommend,
it to the guttering. 1 have no douot many Tulutbia
lives will oe prolonged by its Use 1 hope tba af
flicted will cast aiiiie their prejudices and give it a
tairtiial. Yours most respectfull),
I'OBTSMOBTH. V*., Aug 18,1851.
Mr J. E Bouth—Dear sir : While 1 am in gene
ral opposed to Patent Medicine*, candor compete
me to state that 1 have great confidence in the vir
tues oi Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. For several
moutfig past I have used it in my family, and la
dyspepsia, loss of appetite dizzinets, and general
debility, with eniire success. Solars* my expe
rience extends, therefore, 1 take pleasure in recom
mending iito the afflicted a* a sate and efficient re
medy. lam, respectfully,yours,
chaplain U. 8. Nary.
Ilnmptou'e Vegetable Tincture, oy Its
miid action on the stomach, Liver and the Kid
neys, will cure Dyspepsia, Cough, Astnma, Hroa
cfiial and Lung Affection*, Fain* in the Back, tilde
and Breast, Consumption, Scrofula Rheumatism,
Gout, Neuralaia, Fistula, File*, bowel Complaints,
Worms, Nervous Debility, with all diseases arising
from impure blood, and is the greatest Feiuale Me
dicine ever known
Call on thole b«ving this wotderful article fbr<
Bale and get pamphlets gratis, and read n rtirti w
liom tne best men in the country.
FjT Cholera .Morbus, Cholic, Diarrhoea, and all
diseases incident to the bowels in the summer sum
sou, it has no equal.
Por sale by O. A. BTKECKEK, Main street, Rieh
mond ; G. B. JONKri 4c Co., Petersburg, Vs; Dr.
COOKE, Fredericksburg; MORTIMER ol NOW
BKAY. Baltimore; aud by Druggists generally,
'|Wlt liilt HAS VstJlA lUAT I'tfK
A COOJJS MUaT Br.' tMJuO--— Toe sj Use riser
will really eli cheaper than ever in order to re
duce his slock, so as 10 maae rouin for bis tall stuck,
for an assortment better canuot be found at thia
season On baud, liarege De iline at 124 cu: Utii
at od ; Calico at t>i eta; ah rtinj at 5 els; aheadOf
at t>d; worked Collars at 6i cts; Lace dleeves at
;,0 eta; Muslin Bleeves at -Hj cts; Hose of all sorts
at 12i cts , Ginghams at lzi cts; Check Muslin at
12 cts; owisg at 12 eta ; liner Muslins equa ly aa
cheap; hue Linen Cambric Hdk's at I'i cu. Mew
is the time, if you want bargains, call at
au 3 201 Broad street-
VKV% KOFK WALK,— tlaviug acoiiuecuaa
11 with and au interest tn a Hope Walk lately
established tm Union Hill, near this city, we am
prepared to luruish at snort noli-e and upon very
accommodating terms, any quantity, and every de
scription ot Hope manutscture. in p.rt as follow*:
Tow Line* ot all descriptions, Window do, Pioogfc
do. Garden do, Bed Cot da of every variety, Twine
of all Kinds, gleam Engine Packing, Bag atriags, .
tiC., 4-C.
We shall keep full supplli s at our s'ore, corner
of Cary and Pearl streets, wh re order* may bo
left, or with Mr Jehu j Ooumer, at (be kope
Waik on Union Hill.
Mnutst WA,\Ttl).-We With to reet
a house on Courcb Hill or Union Hill, with
no, ,ess than n.e gooa room*, and a kiicbeu. for
one of this oescripuon, we will pay a lair price.
au 2 General Agenla.
|'| PtK fsTiiA.Ylt.lt UOANUKK, liure
received a lurtner supply ut tne canton Braid
Hats, lor gent eoien, of a superior quality.
JumW TtiOMPiHiM,
jy 20 Si) Main street.
»'Olt hOS'l'Oft AStf PUKTLAAII.
JflSft i-list and only Vessel." The superior eop
pcieu anu copper fastened brig Sophia. Capt thnail,
is now reacy to receive ireigut as above, *nd wll
shi Friday, tne ton last, wuu all possible dia
For freight or passage, aj ply to
mK BKI!M£Nr-.he A i Br-nwas
ship Schiller, C. Bah:. master, will tosdfor
u>c «o„ve port, for (reignt or passage, apply to
au3-3w aCnAIK. KOHLER fcCO.
—■ — MLR AJiO a'fRAtV Jill,.
■GULla&kY.—Having a very good as JKF
Mi aortintct ot O'li and Straw Bonnets,
•* flowers, kibbona, Jtc, «ad b«tLg de SB*,
siroosof reuuc.ug tne *toe» c-u.ideraolj uetofV
going Ro.-Ui, 1 win seL all now on Dand at a (teal
re laction. MRb. cwoitllo*
au 3 Millinery Ware Room, 225 broad street.
ajoJlttmNti NLW him THk j.il
k? DIEo.—A new article of sewing Cnairs, a very
unique, desirable, and comfortable seat, a lew of
thein ou y, just receiving, to oe bad at
House Furnishing Store, 137 Mats sueaft.
au 2
rO HOtI»KRKtFIiRIS.-a««* aMwil
. °» Preserving Retiles, luted wit* poieriata, ei
au sizes; aiao Preserve fcpoons and t kimmers, M.
b* bad at GIMTER'd
House Furnishing Store, 137 Main sueat
au 2
WoLk LBATURi<«-iUlu Bides for tale by
>3 jy 30 HAVEKFOttT, ALLEK * CO.
,\| AkIIABU (10MBJb>iW bags, U
ITI. nor quality, lor aa.« by
jy 3o OAVRHfURT AH,EH 4fc 00.
1 UU*VLiC CMMMHVa, oi ami pif,
ibO bnls, fc-r tale by
«u4 pAVft>fORT. ALLRH 4 Oft
f UaUUttts-MOW Ret twtar kwm i(i

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