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the daily dispatch.
■idtanof miivrMmt.
Mnndny Mamlng, Aifiit 9, 1859.
j-y Penoa* Abroad from the city en hare the
Dispatch tent to them for inj period of time they
may desire, by leaving their order* and paying die
eaab for the lime (peel tod.
It it * fact which every one mud have ob
served, that all mysteries which have never been
satisfactorily explained, are perpetually recur
ring to the minds of men for elucidation. Thus
it is tliat the authorship of Junius —a question
which has not the remotest bearing upon the
present condition of mankind —is made the sub
ject of unceasing and curious investigation.—
Sir David Brewster, devoted his leisure mo
ments during thirty years of his life, to rhis
subtle inquiry. Other philosophers, less re
nowned than he, have addressed themselves to
the vexed question of "Who bit Billy Patter,
son ?" and thousands of inquisitive intellects
have been turned to the unhappy fate of Milly
Macpherson. It will not be thought strange,
therefore, that after the lapse of some months
the dark and doubtful query which stands at
the head oi this article, should have come back
again to puzzle and perplex the brains of the
McDonald is himself responsible to some
extent, for this re-opening of the painful matter
connected with his name. We had hoped we
were done with McDonald. We had ventured
to cherish the belief, that until the meeting of
the Legislature, in November next, we should
not again be compelled to direct our gaze into
that opaque cloud of "historic doubts" which
hangs around the affair of the kicking. Truth to
say, McDonald had become a bore. We were
ourselves, sick, for a time, of perpetual Mc-
Donald. Our readers, too, began to tire of his
martyrdom and devoted McDonald to the infer
nal gods. And when he went back to the
bosoms of his confiding constituency, we be
lieve no tear was shed over his departure. But
M-Donald has "turned up" once more to the
public observation, and, like some unhappy
goblin, appears "before his time," to affright
It will be recollected that our worthy Chief
Magistrate, in the fulness of his gratitude lor
McDonald's sufferings in (he be
half, appointed him a Visitor of the Uni
versity of Virginia. Albeit not remarkable for
elegant scholarship, the new appointee went to
Charlottesville in the discharge of the duties
ol the visitation, where he flourished as a pa
tron of letters and a guardian of learning.—
On his arrival at home, he felt that something
was due to the sagacious Governor who had
elevated him to so distinguished a posit on —
Accordingly he gets up a meeting of the De
mocracy of his county, (of which we have re
ceived the proceedings in the Monongalia Mir
ror.) and pushes through a set of resolutions,
in which it is declared that Gov. Johnson was
right in commu'ing the sentence of Jordan
Hatcher, and in the reasons he as-igned for it,
that an "infuriate mob" assaulted the Gover
nor's house, and threatened the lives of its in
mates, and that Richmond is a "Free Soil
city" of the very worst stamp and character.
Vice McDonald! A has Richmond!
Now the Dispatch hus nothing to do with
politics) and cannot therefore comment upon
Jhe endoisement of the Jordan Hatcher busi
ness by a Democratic meeting. As a champion
of the honor of the city, however, it feels itselt
bound to remind McDonald that although the
most pushing investigation was made befoie
the Grand Jury and the Joint Committee of
both Houses, no evidence of anything beyond
a merely noisy gathering was elicited, and tha»
the ouly "infuriate mob" of which any ac
count could be obtained, consisted of op.e sin
gle individual, who did, it seems, with Porce and'
arms, <being thereto instigated by the devil,
agaftist the peatfc and dignity of the Common
wealth and the statute in such case made and
provided, proceed to kick (violenterpedcm im
posuit) the said McOonald, and trestt his per
son otherwise wiA disrespect. That this "in-
mob" was no joke, we are willing te
believe upof'the testimony erf McDonald him
self, who made off from it—
"Lifr.e one that on a kmesome road,
"Doth wnlk in few "and dread,
And having one* turned romi ij'Wufcl on,
And turns n-e'more his head;
Because he taows a trighliul tieud
Doth clise behind hiin tread."
But admitting the "infuriate mob," it is a
non sequitur, of which we should not have
suspected even the illogical mind of our
fiiend, McDonald, to say that in conse
quence Richmond is a Free Soil City.—
For what purpose was this mob (if mob there
was) gotten up? What was the occasion of
it? Every body knows that the excitement in
the public mind at that time was awakened
by the misjudged clemency of the Governor
in rescuing from death a sluve who had mur
dered his master. If it had been a Free Soil
or anti-Slavery agitation, the "infuriate mob"
would, it seems to us, have only waited on his
Excellency to thauk him lor his conduct, re
serving all its indignation and fury for the Couit
< which condemned the negro to die.
But we feel ashamed of ourselves for entering
into anything like an argument with McDonald.
Such exertion of our faculties, we are assur
ed, would soon deprive us of reason, and we
turn, therefore, to the momentous interrogato
ry—"Who kicked MeDouald? " Can not the
whole thing now be cleared up ? Where's the
individual ? We have an especial reason for
wishing to know him. We desire to raise a
•tatue to commemorate his achievement.—
Surely he deserves the honors of sculpture
more than if he had taken a city. As soon as
hia identity can be established, we shall open
a subscription list at the office of the Dispatch
for this fitting testimonial. The artistic effect
of such a work might be made very imposing.
The great unknown should be represented in
marble, in the act of kicking McDonald in na
tive brass. Such a design, wrought out with
skill, and erected upon the memorable spot
where the affair occuired, would, in after times,
divide the admiration of the eognoteetUi with
the elaborate and magnificent monument of
OwwspsaliMs sf tfco Dlsyattfe.
Pobtskovtb, Va., Aug. 7,1898.
Nhmu. Eoitom:—The lm protracted
examination of the Rand brothers, charged
with robbing a branch of the Bank of Virginia
at this place, con* to a close in the exaatWiinf
CoOrt before Mayor White. Friday. Th« tes
timony offered bv the Commonwealth and ton
defence, differ very little from that given in bo
fore Mayor Lambert. The cue wm •übm.ited
without argument, and the Mayor decided that
be should releaae Abraham W. Rand, but could
not, conscientiously, set John W.Rand at lib
erty, and he was remsnded to jail to await o
hearing before the Hustings Court. This deci
sion of the Mayor met with the umveranl ap
proval of the citizens of this place.
The weather is very warm here, and buai
ness is slmost at a stand.
Tbe U. S. steamer Powhatan is nearly rea
dy, and will sail sotiietitne thia month for the
' Mediterranean.
Yours, CICERO.
Medical College in Savannah.—The
Savannah Daily News, of the 4th inst., men
tions that at the late term of the Inferior Court
of that county, Dr. R D. Arnold, P. M. Rol
loch, W. G. Bulloch, C. W. West, H L- Bird,
E. H. Martin, J. G. Howard, and J. R. Reid,
were incorporated for the purpose of establish
ing a Medical School in ihat city, to be known
as the Savannah Medical Institution, and that
two lots, for the location of the necessary col£
lege buildings had been already purchased by
these gentlemen, and thai in a few days con
tracts will be entered into for their erection.—
Such institutions at the South are calculated
to modify materially the reputation and influ
ence of Northern scbools, hitherto exerting so
great a control in the dependence occasioned
by our waul of similar advantages.
Ikfamocs Outrage.—From the Staunton
Spectator we gather the following particulars
of an outrage, (before noticed,) in Augusta
"A negro man, belonging to James A. Fra
zier, Esq , near Jennings' Gap, was commit
ted to the jail of this county on Monday last,
charged with the pei petration of an infamous
outrage upon the person ot a respectable young
white teumle. We understand that the evi
dence against him is conclusive. The unfor
tunate woman identifies him distinctly, and
states that he had in his possession a pistol
and threatened to shoot her if she resisted.—
She did resist, but was overcome by the vil
lain, who is said to be a very powerful man.—
The deed was perpetrated on Sunday, during
the absence ol the father and a portion of the
family at Church. The young woman had
strolled into the orchard for the purpose of ga
thering fruit, where she was met and assaulted
by the black ruffian.
"Theseare the rumored particulars of one
of the most daring outrages ever committed in
our county."
By and with advice and consent of Senate.
Humphrey Marshall, of Kentucky, to be
Commissioner of the United States of America
to China.
Benjamin Patteson, of Alabama, to be Mar
shal ot the United States for the Northern Dis
trict of Alabama,in the pluce of Willis H. Gib
son, removed.
Howard Millspaugh, to be Assayer of the
Blanch iHint at New Orleans.
The powder mag zineon Vine st. Hill, Cin
cinnati, was attacked a few evenings since, by
a mob ol not less than one hundred men, who
broke open the door, then entered and carried
to a large pond near by, and threw in upward
of 700 kegs of powder. The mob then return
ed to the building, did considerable damage to
the inside, and left. The powder was valued
at near §4,000. The b) this mob violence
will not be less than one half. Cause—the
failure of the authorities to remove the depot,
which was believed to be dangerous to the
lives of the citizens,
The steamboat Diamond, oil her ft&y up
trom Niagara Fulls, on the 28th alt., struck a
rock in the channel between the head of Navy
and Grand Islands, and knocked a hole in her
bottom. She settled so fust that there was
hardly time to run her oa to Grand Island,
when she sank in about seven feet of water. —
She hud but few passettgers on board, who
were taken r ofl by the steamer Clinton.
No less than thirty-six men connected with
Barnum's Menagerie were arrested and caged
on the other side of the river, night before last,
for maltreating a landlord and thrashing a reg
iment of his friends. From wnat we have
heard, we think the landlord is to blame in
attempting to impose upon Barnum's agent. —
Detroit Press, Monday.
A young man by the name of Lopez, book
keeper and confidential clerk in the house of
Nttrth &. Scott, shoedeitlers at St. Louis, was
arrestedon the 28th ult., for embezzling
'800 from his employers. He had been in the
habit of frequeting the gambling hells of that
city, and this was the result.
Treasure in New Jersey.—The Sit Holly
Minor tells an almost incredible story that
some of Capt. Kidd's treasure hus betn found
among the Pines, and that the occupants of that
region are in a stale of intense excitement. A
man dreamed lor several nights successively
that he should find this trensure, the pluce to
be indicated by four iron bars projecting from
the earth He went and found his dream leal
ized. Two hundred and forty thousand dol
lars had been discovered up to Monday night,
buried in iron chests, and the people have
turned out with their pickaxes in further seurch
1 for the treasure.
From Gcatamala.—Advices under date of
14th June, received in Boston, in relation to the
cochineal crop, state that it has been nearly
destroyed. The quautity secured is about
3,0(10 bales against 1 J,OOO lust year; and many
vessels have bee obliged to leave the coast
without being able to secure a cargo.
A subscription to ruise fuuds to aid the poor
sufferers by the Henry Clay disaster anil to
enable them to commence lawsuits against the
proprietors of the Henry Cluv for dumuges,
because of loss of baggage, die., has been
started in New York city.
Going to Europe in a Balloon.—M. Pe
tin has written a letter to the Hartford (Conn.)
Times, about the construction of a lurge bal
loon to cross the Atlantic. This u favorite idea
of M. Petin.
Robert B. Sherrard, son of J. H. Sherrard,
cashier of the Farmers' Bank in Winchester,
Va..has been appointed by the Governor oi
California, judge of the Court ot Common
Pleas for the county of Sutter, at a salary of
$3,000 per annum. Mr. Sheirard is only 25
Fatal AJ}ray.
Louisville, Ky., Aug. s—An affray occur
red on F rid ay last at Lancaster, in this State,
between Joseph Murphy and S. F. McKee, in
which both were badly wounded, and a necro
wouian was killed whilst looking on.
Luke Lea, Enq., Commissioner 0 f Indian af
fairs, bemtr about to leave the tit v for a few
days, the President has appointed Charles E.
Miz, Esq., Acting Commissioner until the re
turn of Mr. Lea.
tST The Secretary of the Treasury return
ed to the seat of governuieut nn Tuesday, in
improved health.
Tn Puwim or Aomuai Gold.—
Tbrough the politcMM of tbe A May era of A*
ounce* in weight, which bin been imported,
from London, by the Mist, for the purpoee of
(eating ita character. Aa it wtt expressly writ
ten for, (be probability ia, that these are the
firat apeeimena of the fold production of Ana
tralia which have ever been aeen in thia coun
try. It waa received only yeaterday at the
Mint, and an aaaay of part of it givea a reault
of 966 lOOOths fine, which ia equal to about
$20 per os. Thia valuation ia, however, upon
the metal after melting, for which an allow
ance of two or three percent, muat be made,
making the value of the native grains about
$19.60; which was the prhe charged in Lon
don for this lot. Previous assays, in London,
of other parcels, are reported to have given
the result of 638 lOOOths fine. On the whole,
it is presumable that Ausiralian gold is better
than Californian (that is, containing less silver)
by six or seven percent, on the average. There
is a remarkable similarity in the physical or
external character of the gold from the two
great mining regions, occurring both in flat
spangles and in amorphous lumps.
Phil. Ledger, 6th.
Vv-S WHGd."—Tbe Young Men's Whig
Club will hold a meeting at Bother's Hall, This
Evening;, 9th innt., at 8 o'clock. Interesting
speeches may be expected. Come one, come all.
au 9—!t* •
Vs_2t removed to the Clifton House—office for
merly occupied by Dr. Bolton. au 9—law3w
#v_Si est market prices will be given in cash
for Bounty Land Warrants, of 40, 80, or 160 acres.
JOHN K. MARTIN, Pension Agent.
Office No 4 Law Buildings. Richmond, Va.
Note. —All Revolutionary claims, PENSIONS,
three months extra pay. Bounty Lands, and all
claims arising out ol thf* War of 18F2, or the Mexi
can War, will be prosecuted with diligence. I have
a full list of the Revolutionary Officers and Soldiers
in the Cont'ueutul and State services, in my office,
jell—3m* J. K. M.
Vv_S PUBLlC—Particular attention paidte
writing DEEDS and other legal instruments Of
lice in the Law Building, Richmond. Va my 6
NOW OPEN—Hot, Cold and Shower
Baths at all hours of the day and evening,
je 30—2 m
Leaving Richmond every Tuesday at 4 o'clock, I'. M.
The "ROANOKE," Capt Par
rish. will be ready to receive
freight This day (.Monday) at 12
o'clock, and contiuue to receive u
up to the hour ot X o'clock P. M., on Tuesday the
10th inst., leaving at 4 o'clock P. M. same day, by
wbi< - h hour passengers will please to be on
Passage to or from New York, iaclujing meals
and fine state room accommodation, only 810
steerage passage, only . _ 5
Shippers wilt please to send their bills lading
down to the ship or to our office, South side the
Basin, Tuesday afternoon. Passengers can secure
their berths and tickets at our office.
w<£rSStft* The Belvidere, Captain Gifford, will
receive ireight TO-DAY at 12 o cluck
w.ana will continue to receive it up to the hour of
1 o'clock P M, TUESDAY. 10th inst.
N. B.—Shippers will please to sand their bills
lading down to the Steamer, or to our office, Tues
day afternoon au 9—2t
M.\Y. —The magnificent Steam
ship will sail as above on Wed
nesday, 11th inst, at 12 o'clock M, landing pass
engers each trip at Cape May.
For freight or passage apply to
/?■ m. NOTICE. — 1 hereby not ty my old
customers and friends in general, that
Collars can only be found at my es-
JT tablishment, on Franklin, between 16th
and 17th streets, and at D A. Brown's, Shockoe
Hill. There will be the initials of my father's name
stamped on them, "W. P- B." on Nos. 1, 2, 3, ac
cordinff to quality, and none other Coliars are
mine. C. J. BALDWIN,
aft o im Successor to W. P. Baldwin.
£ff>C REWARD. —Kan away from the sub
Bcriber, residing near Black Heath P. O,
Chest'Mfield county, about the 17th lilt., a negro
«omi.n nuni' d ROSLLIN, about years of age,
rather under the ordinary height, of yellow com
plexion, atid quite fleshy Said woman is in a state
of pregnancy, which will probably be in
a few weeks. Has a mother and ether relatives living
iu Richmond, about which place or vicinity efce is no
douoi lurking- Tne above re ward will bo paid for
her apprehension if tsken outol the state, and se
cured in jail so that I get her again, or StO ii taken
tti within the State, and all other reasonable ex
pensss paid.
au 9—dlmwiJt* Z McGRUDER.
» STKAYUU-F rom my residence,
in »r Hacon Quarter Branch, two
Wtl COWS, one black and the other red,
tm£mSSßm shorthorns, white tail Tee finder
will receive a liberal reward by returning the same
to me. ..
au 9— 3t* MICHAEL HOUSE.
As the aeent and trustee of THOS H. BLA
KEY, I will" sell, privately, in lot* containing one
or more acres each, to suit purchasers, or
tec acres of the land now owned and occupied by
the said lilakey. These lots are b autitutly situa
trd on Union Hiil, fronting on the road leading to
Biakey's Mill, about % mile and a half only from
the old murket.
Terms accommodating. Refer f> John Shore.or
to the subscriber. athisofficaNa.fi Main street,
up stairs, over Messrs. Sinton & Co.
au y—3tawts J. K VVATKINS-
spectable private family, by I two respectable
young gentlemen. Address— through
the Post Office. au 9—2t*
Notice.— lost on Frid(<y night, the 6th
in-t., between the corner of Main and 14th sts.
and Basher's corner, a small blaca POCKET
BOOK, or FOB, with a steel fii-tener, containing
some valuable papers and a sinfdlainuunt of money.
The finder shal. U-t-e the money jor the reward, on
leaving it with Dr. H. Lofland, oVer tbe office of the
Virginia Marine aud Fire Insurance Company,
au 9—3t* 'LiflOS D. WaTsON.
LOSsT by tb'- suoscriDtr, en Saturday evening
last, his BOOK, contaiilng accounts against va
rious persons tor (,'oajh w.tk, all alphabetically ar
ranged, supposed to be 10-don Shockoe Hill, or be
tween the burying groundland my residence, on
Va'ley street As the; contents are tf no value to any
person but the subscriber, tie finder will be liber
ally r-war&ed by leaving tbt bjok aud contents at
this office.
N. B. —All persons are forlwarned not to pay any
account ot mine against than for coach work after
this date, without tnj speciilorder, as I Have no ac
counts in any collector's bans.
LOST— On Saturday lit, a roll ol NOI'ES,
about 8171. The wholl bmt.unt was iu bank
aole funds, which had just t«en received from Bank.
The finder wilt receive a l.j-:ral reward by leaviog
the ssme at this office } au 9—lt*
Tn A CARD.—I arnle o l Uie Fall
otGentiem: lluu,
au 9 | 87 Main street.
ii PANY —Tne Agent ofiiis Company respect
fully solicits a call I rom al tfcposed to lay up a fund
for tbe widow hn 1 orphan 1 Tbe business of this
Compar y continues to be v ry prosperous
Its accumulated cap Ul rj the Ist instant was
85i8 800, principally inve* ?d in New York and
United States Stocks. To >' number of Policies
issued upto that time whs i 761. Dividends made
annually on all Lite Policie in the shape of stock
bearing interest ti per cent Dividends heretofore
h*vealways averaged frcrr. 10 to 50 per cent For
all other information call .No 203, Main street,
square above the Banks.
BUUNZEI) SliTl't », dkc.—tiifuze h at
Rick.-, Settees. U:nbtiJ .i Stands, Camp Chairs
and stools, tor tale by
»u 9 t. M. ZIMMEHMAN,
kJUOILUKIia A*l JOLts.—2u hnds
prime bright Boulder 5 dodoJoles, lanuln*
pt- stean.er.fer Bale bv "
•"» 9 " K iIN H. CLAIBORNE.
pioydTridLe dty of thoee useless curs who moke
S.U<_ witiitheirbowlinfa, .ad Urn, tot or
citicens ia peace. An at tamp* to desarfbe tbe
horribli noise would be. toul Ml a re. Paedemo
nlum brake loe« would elono convey aa idea of
It Yelping and howling, the half starved brutes
traverse the streets, while .11 the sleepy inhabitants
of the city invoke anathemas upon their reprobate
beads. Whst shall be done I We should be
pleased if ■ simitar course of procedure could be
adopted to thst recently pursued in the dominions
of our sublime brother, the Sultan of Turkey. The
number of dogs became so grest in Constantinople
that three thousand wer*- conveyed to a desolate
iile in the Eospborus, with provisions sufficicnt|to
last them three days. On the fourth dsy, the
Imans ascended the minarets, and exhorted them
to patience and resignation, when the devoted curs
met their fate with becoming propriety. Three
thousand would reduce the number in Richmond
but slightly. Should this proposition be adopted,
we move to amend by inserting ten thousand.
Then, after a day of toil, our citizens might "sleep
It is no use talking about taxes on dogs. The
revenue don't compensate for the loss of sleep.
Neither do the dog-catchers diminish the evil to any
extent. Ii this philanthropic body scoured the
city every day in the year, they wouldn't catch
dogs enough to make a pyramid. Neither would
the Constantinople plan meet the emergency, for in
our " Bospborus" there is no island desoiate enough
to starve the critters to death. What, then, shall
be done i The " Live Giraffe," the spicy animal
that rears its lofty head in Raleigh, has declared
war upon the canine race in that city. The lollow
ing is the last article ia the declaration, which we
copy with feelings ot approbation :
We really wish we had a dog law here by which
every whelp should be killed once a year. The
town could thenaleepin peace; which will never
be the case aa long aa not only every white man,
but eveiy negro, is allowed to own us many doga
as he pleases—or let our commissioners pass a
new law, that every cur that dare 6 to open his un
happy month in the nigh; shall die by the hands of
the common hangman, without any benefit of cler
gy whatever—then lei their, only half entorce it, as
they do our other laws, and hall the grievance
will be speedily abated.
Trespassing.— Mrs. Pei du, a lady who had se
parated from her husband, Mr. Perdu, went to his
house a few dayssiuce and endeavored to take from
the care of thehousekecpei, Miss Ophe'.ia Smith,
Mr. Ptrdu'a little boy. The attempt proved unsuc
cessful. On Saturday, Mrs. Perdu was brought
before the Mayor on the charge of assaulting Mi ss
S. From the evidence, it appearing that the com
plainant was nearly as deep in the mud as Mrs. P.
was in the mire, the Mayor adjudicated the case
by binding Mrs. P. over in the sum of $100 and
Miss Smith in the sum of $200 to keep the peace.
Whipping.—John Fensom, a few days since,
whipped the infant son of R. 1. Wicker, and on
Saturday was examined before the Mayor on a
charge of assault, and bound over in the sum of
Fined —Samuel Freeman was fined 82 and costs
on Saturday, by the for obstructing a street
with lumber.
Dismissed.—A peace warrant pronounced by
Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, ol Oregon Hill, against Jas.
Lee and John Hancock, alias Turner, was on Sat
urday tried before his Honor aad dismissed, it be
ing proved tr.at Mrs. Smith was the assailant.
Discharged—lsaac Griffin was on Saturday dis
charged from jail. It the Mayor had heard tht full
particulars of Giiffin's case the morning he was
brought before him, we do not believe he would
have s§nt him to jail.
Southern Literary Messenger.—We have
received the August number of this periodical and
shall notice its varied and interesting contents here
Stealing — Eaily yesterday morning, some per
sons entered the house of Betsey Strauss, a free
negress, living in the upper part of the town , and
stole her thirty-two dollars in cash. The po
lice, as yet, have heard nothing of the thieves.
Who docs your Printing?
or PRINTING of any kind, and want your work
weil done, at the Lowest Cash prices, call at the
Dispatch Office, on Governor street, 2 doors from
On Sunday morning, Bth iust, ANNA LOUISA,
daughter of Wni. H. aud Mary A. Stringtellow,
aged 18 months. Her funeral will take place This
(Alonday) Morning, at 10 o'clock, Irom the resi
dence cf her father. The friends of the family are
requested to attend without further invitation. *
Departed this life, on Sunday, the Bth inst, after
a long aud paintul illness, FRANCES H., infant
daughter of Pleasant J. and Lucinda C. Southall.
aged 12 months and I day. The friends and ac
quaintances of the family are requested to attend
tier tuneral trorn the residence other father, corner
ot Ist and Clay streets, This Evening, at half past
3 o'clock, without lurtlier invitation. *
Last nuht, JOHN HENRY, infant son of John
and Elizabeth Tuliey, aged 19 months. The friends
and acquaintances of tbe family are r? quested to
attend tne I uneral at the Catholic Church This
Atterucon, at 4 o'clock, without further invitation.
I gP - Daguerreotype* iu the Uigkest
Stme of the Art.—All who see SIMONS' Pie
tuies for the nrst time are struck with tlieir beauty,
truth, and strength, and the wonder is not that our
p: ice is higher than that charged by some others,
but rather that such gems can be procured at any
price. We do not piett-nd tocompete In price with
a novice, whose only object is the dollar, regardless
ut'lhe advancement of the urt, or credit of its pro
fessors, whose productions compare as favorably
with a legitimate Daguerreotype as a figure h- ad
upon a Dutch vessel does with the classical figures
of a Michael Aug-lo; and for which any p ice be
yond the mere cost of toe materials used would be
an extoitian and imposition upon the public.
au 7 151 Main street, Eagle Square.
It is truly astonishing with what rapidity and
fiiiuneasH G. Farrell's Arabian Liniment has ta
ken hold of public favor; a tew months ago and
all that was known of it was that a most powtrlul
m> dicine of Arabic origin had tnaie its appearance
Now, th-re is hardly a family to be found that does
uot keep it always on hand; and no one would ever
be without it, wno had witnessei its magic power
over uisease, and its wondeiful potency in tellev
ing pain. See advertisement. au 7
L-iT* (»reat Cure for Bowel Complaint*.
The most sale and sure compound tor Bowel Com
plaints, Pains in the Stomach, Cholera, Cholera
Morbus, Dysentery, Pain in the Back, Side* or
Limbs, Toothache, Bruises end Sprains, is Dr.
Rose sPain Curer. This remarkable preparation
gives instant relief to all pains, aod is used by the
old and young. Thousands have been relieved in
a tew minutes from the most acute pain. In bot-
I; ' e * and 50 cents, and tor sale by Bennett
It Beers, Adie & Gray, Purcell, Ladd & Co, R. R
Duval, O. A. Strecker, A. Bodeker, J. Blair, S M
Zachrisson, W. P.Ladd, Gaynorfc Wood je 22
( oiimon Lxpreaaion.—They are cer
tainly the most Ute-like Daguerreotypes we
have ever seen—so say persons almost dally, oh
visiting our rooms. We endeavor to make them
appear natural and life like, in position, expression
and dnuh, and how far we succeed, we leave the
public to decide; and we are pleased to say that
many decide in our favor, daily We invite all
who may wish Daguerreutypei, and the public ia
general, to call and txamino our Pictures, our se
lection of Case., Frames, Locketa, Pais and prices,
and alter such examination you think you can be
belter suited elsewhere, we will think just as mucl,
qf you as it you had us. Unless wt
merit your patronage w* do not wish it
oc , . Daguerrectypists and dealers in Stock,
35f M*ifi ii, n Houir-) Aiehmoud, i&d
sycamore st, feitr.fcurtf, V*. jj 3i
exact. The obo to-day, beta* tbe Iflb,la ratborbofr
tur than those taken before.
Say* Mr. Barley, of Prtaee Edward: « Mr. Pratt
U the only artiat that baa ever taken a good Like
neaa of me, the eyee in particular.
Sty* Mr. J. A. Winston : " Mr.Pratt baa thia day
taken thn-e Pictures or me, which I think perfect aa
any I ever saw." '
says Mr. Sawyer: "The five Ltkeneeees taken
of me by Mr Pratt to day I consider first rate.
All the above are copies from the album of the
Virginia Gallery, Ho. H5- Main street an 3
ry To tbe Clttseaa af Richmond aid
Transient Viaitera.—lf you wish to have your
hair cut aud dressed in the most fashionable and
tasteful style, and your whiskers changed to a beau
tiful black or brown color, please call at the Hair
cutting, Shaving, and Shampooing Saloon, under
the American Hotel.
N B—Hot, cold, and shower baths can be had
daily from 6 A M to 10 P M, and on Saturday at It
P M.
Single bath 25 ct?; five ticketa for fl. Entrance
11th street. jy 24
jy .Mexican itluiiang Liniment, 1m
provement, Progress, Growth.—These are now the
order of the day. And the great desire for these is
the troving cause to the great advancement now in
operation in the Medical world. New light blaze 3
up and old practises and old mixtures are discard
ed. The six new astonishing combinations in tbe
Mustang Liniment enables it to penetrate flesh,
nerve and muscle, and drive out disease and aecist
nature to recover her lost powers, and become
healthy, which is evidently the true cause why it
is so successful and why so many physicUus that
are acquainted with its virtues, prescribe and re
commend it.
NERVOUS DISORDERS. <fcc., may be cured by
Stnbler'e Great Summer Remedy.
None genuine without tbe signature of R. H
Stabler, M. D.
Chills and Fevers, Ague. Bilious, Remittent
and Nervous Fevers, General Weakness, Weari
ness in the Limbs' Chronic Debility, Jaundice,
Dyspepsia, &c., may be cured by Stabler'* Great
Ague and Fever Specific.
None genuine without the signature of R. H.
Stabler, M. D.
Alterative—A valuable remedy for
Impurities of the Blood, Erysipelas, Boils, Salt
Rheum, Milk Crust, Rheumatism, Bronchitis, En
larged Tonsils, Sore Throat, Dropsy, Ulcers on the
legs, Swelled Glands, Deranged Liver, Oppression,
Palpation of the Heart, Tetters, <fcc, &.
All of the above for sale in Richmond by GAY
je 28—3 m* Alexandria, Va
Great Cure for Dyspepsia.—Dß. J
75 cents.
I have cured more than five thousand persons of
Dyspepsia and Liver Complaints with my Dyspep
tic Compound and Family Pills Read the follow
ing letter from a gentleman in Virginia, whom I
never saw. He is one of thousands who are living
monuments of the great cures made by my Fami
ly Medicines.—J. S. Rose, M D.
Dinwiddie Co , Va., June, 1852.
To Dr. J. S. Rose, Philadelphia—Dear Sir: For
the sake of humanity, I write these few lines to in
form you and the public generally, of the great
cure your Dyspeptic Compound has made on me
In the summer of 1850, I was a.tacked with a vio
lent diarrhoea, and after trying the remedies pre
scribed by two or three eminent physicians for 18
month;, without any effect, and being reduced al
most to a skeleton, and scarcely able to walk across
my room, 1 accidentally received one of your cir
culars, in which I found my disease exactly de
scribed. My son went to Petersburg and purchas
ed a buttle of the DYSPEPTIC COMPOUND, with
a bos. af your FAMILY or ALTERATIVEiPILLS,
and to my great astonishment and satisfaction, I
found gr.eat relief in a few days; and in two weuks
I was entirely well. At this time I am in better
health tHan i have been in ten or twelve yean. In
short, sir, your medicine saved my life.
Your, with respect, ;GEO. J. JONES.
The above preparations, and all Dr. Rose's cele
brated Family Medicines,
For sale by Adie Ac Gray, Purcell, Ladd <fc Co.,
Bennett & Beers, Alex Duval, R. R. Duval, O. A.
Strecker, A. Bodeker, Gaynor & Wood, J. Blair S.
M. Zachris-:on and W.P, Ladd. jy 16
How maay expressions of commendation
I ever hear in my saloon. " Why, he takes them
every time." " How beautiful that is."' " That's
you, Kt-.te." "I never saw any thing more per
feet." "Oh! why, hew he does take them." '•!
like bia style, his positions." " Oh, the dear little
thing ; why, be took it laughing, at the first time."
And many mora of the same sort. Those who
want a beautiful, durable and lifelike Portrait at
$1, will come to MOL'LSON'S,
Patent Process Daguerrean Gallery, 110 Main st,
door above Mitchell & Tyler's Jewelry store.
Don't mistake the olace. jy 1
"A Word to the Wlae." —Cholera
Preventative and Cure for the Prevailing Diseases
of the Summer- as Diarrhoa), Dysentery, Cholera
Morbus, Cramp Cholic, Summer Complaint, with
all diseases of the Bowels, may be founu in the cele
brated "TINCTURE" oi Hampton's.
By its m ; ld action on the Stomach, Liver and
Kidneys, it will cure the diseases of those organs,
with all Chronic Complaints, as Dyspepsia, C ugh,
Asthma, Bronchial and Lung Affections, Pains in the
B*ck, Side and Breast, Consumption, Scrofula,
Rheumatism, Gout, Neuralgia. Fistula, Piles, Worms,
Nervous Debility, with all Diseases arising trom
Impure Blood.
Ithasbecomaa FAMILY MEDICINE wherever
introduced. The wonderful cures have earned for
it a reputation never given to any other Medicine
Call on O. A. STREcKER, Main street, and get
pamphlets gratis. See advertisement in to-day's
iwue. j y a—to
(Va ) ALUM SPRINGS.—The.e Pilis are Diuretic,
Cathartic, Tonic and Alterative in their effects up
on the system. They excite the action of the Liver
in many cases in which Calomel would have no ef
fect. They are also peculiarly efficacious in Fe
male Diseases.
The wonderful success which has attended the
aseofthe Rockbridge Alum Water and Pills lor
many years, in a great variety of diseases, has ac
quirer lor it a celebrity rarely ife er equalled, and
is steadily increasing. The most eminent Chemists
ot the day have examined the Water and Pills, and
found it possessed extraordinary Medicinal proper
ties. It has been declared by the best authorities
to be a cure for every form of Scrofula, Chronic
Liver D'seases, all Chronic Diseases of the Stomach
and Bowels, Dyspepsia, Chronic Diseases of the
Eyes, Mercu-iai Affections, aud particularly adapt
ed to cates of Passive Uterine Hemorrhage, com
plicated with derangement of the Liver and Sto
mach, and many other disorders arising from im
parity oi the biood.
For sale by Druggists and country merchants
generally throughout the United States.
Price $1 per vial, $8 per dozen.
Druggists and others wishing to purchase in
large quantities, or become Agents for the sal.3 ol the
above celebrated Liver Pills, will please address
Alum Springs, Rockbridge Co., Va , or
je 7 Columbian Hotel, liichmcn
El** The Otkce 01 tue M«w Vork Her
ald, Philadelphia Ledger, Baltimore Sun, Baltimore
Clipper, and General Depot tor all the Newspapers.
Magazine*, and Cheap Publication*, it 1094
Broad street, opposite the Broad Street Uctel,
General Auent
WARE.—The subscriber keeps cons'antly on
hand a large supply of the drat quality Plated
Albata Ware, manufactured by Joseph Yates *-
eons, Sheffield, and which is now so generally used
instead of silver. Among the articles offered are:
Large Table Forks, Medium do. Desert do. Butter
Knives, Cream Ladlea, Gravy do Soup do, large
Table Spoons, Medium do, Driert Tea du, Arpara
gus Tongs, Sugar Tongs and Shovels, Fish Knives
and Fork*, Tea Sets, Water Pitchers. Table Cat
tun. Liquor Frames, Cordial Stands, Butter Cool
ers, Cake Baskets, Salt Holders, Salt, Mustard and
Kgg Spoons, Ac, Ac, &c, together with many
otuer articles manufactured of this ware, which is
vqual In appearance sad a'moatas curable as pure
silver It is easily cleaned. simply by wathlng it in
soap and water, and then wiping dry with a woolen
cl.'tn or chamois skin. The price is about one
tiurth that of pure silver, Fur sale in lar.e or
«i.all quantities at the House Furnishing Su>ie ot
an 9 LWISTK.R. 13? M*jn atreet
on BBt-S iH«iffl i.KAV JLAKO.IUM
tag j>ir st . mer, f r ss e by
fiea, Ae. made to order. TtSZSZto&Ztt
great utility. Www
CHEAP UMBRELLAB.—gfIk, Scotch Gte«h*B
and Cambric UmereHaa, of the bmt munuta-nara
Umbrellas covered with good An>>Heu Qinii«m'
for il,and with the best Scotch Gingham and auk*
propcrtionably tow. W*. REITH, '
jy2o—lm* 9WM.in.iSit.
Richmond fI«ANi;iMGTo*Y,-iiar
iog engaged the skiltol mechanic, T KAY
MOND, I a= now prepared to make Gold Pen. to
any pattern or size, and to .ait any hatd; also can
re point old Gold Peoa, and make them eaualiX
new, if not, no charge will be made, at
Manufacturer and Importer, 96 Main street,
. Next to J. N Gordon's.
N. B.—Spectacles made to order and dum
fitted to suit any sight in trn minute. • also th»
Fountain Pen repaired and made to order an •
■ berland brand, for tale by
RK YNULIiS UAJIS.-5 hhOs. l.nding M( j
Heriings, Porto Rico Molasses, for gale bv
tiKO.*I.UEL,IN'S 8L T PtßlOlfl*rtfMl
/ TARD and Ground Pepper, for sale by
smalt .ize landing from steamer, for .ale br
50 bushels, lor sale at ®2 per bu«h»»l Amlw
au 9
FOB KfcNT-Taoee two I erg.- brief
Tenements situated on Cnry street, 2nd sad
3ru Irom the corner of i7th, now occupied by Mr
George D. Harwood as a Tobacco Fsciury. Pos-"
session given Ist January. For ternis. ruolv to
au 9 Druggists, No. 185 Main street
Ssecessors to J. \V. Dlaory & Co.,
Office, No. 62, Main Street.
D.awn No* Delaware Lottery, Class 55, Auz 6-
24 62 33 J9 37 310537526 58 19 '
Drawn Nos of Delaware, Extra, No 58, Aug 7th •
65 66 38 39 45 4 29 12 30 40 33 27 64
Scheme for To-Day.— Capitals: $62,750
12,000,6000, 4000, 2776, 10 pnzes of 1,100, 10 cf
800, 10 oi i>oo, 251 of 300, &c. 78 numbers, 13
drawn. Tickets $8. an 9
14th Street, under Exchange Hotel.
Drawn Nos of Delaware, No 55, Aug 6th
-24 62 33 39 37 3 10 53 75 2o 58 19
For To-Day.—The Delaware State Lottery,
Class Nos7.—Capitals: #26,750, 12,000, 6000, 4«00
2776, 10 of 1000, 4tc. 78 numbers, 13 drawn. '
Tickets #8. au 9
Whole Nos 3 37 70, a prize oi $100; do do 10 33
53, » prize ol $iOO, by STKATTON.
Drawn Nos Delaware Ex, 58, August 7:,
65 66 38 39 45 4 29 12 30 40 33 27 64
Ticket Nos 27 29 38 —sold and paid by
Drawn Nos Delaware Class 56, August 7th
-77 41 64 46 18 72 32 50 48 38 2 39 34
For To-Day.—Delaware, 57—Capital: 426,-
750. Tickets 810. au 9
Wall Street, under the City Hotel,
For To-Day.—Washington County, 37.—
Capitals : 1 of §53u,000, 1 of 7 500, 1 ot 5000, 1 of
3148, lof 2500, sof 1750, sof 1250,10 of 1000, 10 of
750,10 of £00, &.C. 75 numbers, 13 drawn. Tick
ets «B—shares in proportion.
Also, Patapsco, 216.—Capitals: 1 of $5,314, 1 of
2500, lof 1250,1 0f750, Icfso , Ac, 78 numbers,
16 drawn. Tickets $2 50—shares in proportion.
au 9 SMITH.
ble Book.—A Guide to Magistrates, with prac
tical forms for the cischarge of their duties out of
Court, to which are added Precedents for tbe use
of Prosecutors. Sheriiiiß, Coroners, Constables, Ls
cheators. Clerks, <fcc, adapted to the new Code of
Virginia,by Joseph Mayo, Counsellor at Law and
Public Prosecutor in the Hustings Court ot Rich
mond For sale by A. MORRIS,
Late Drinker & Morris,
au 6 97 Main street
ROOFING SLATE—I am prepared to exe
cute with promptness ana dispatch, all or
ders entrusted lo my charge for the above article.
Samples may be seeu at my office.
jy 24 Corner 22d and Water sw.
PURIFY TIIK SV.sTEM.-The intense
heat which ha* prevailed lur some days baa
created biliousness in almost evi ry human trame,
and hundiedaof perdbur are daily phyaiciug Item
selves to death with ca.omei and pois nous minerals
ot various kinds, under the c. elusive hoy.; of rinding
relief for their annoying maladies. To such per
sona we can only say, try a bottle of Baker'*
Premium Bittern, and obtain immediate reuet
Being purely vegetable in their composition, and
entirely tree in tneir operation lrom those sicken
ing, nauseatipg qualities which are the effects ol
most medicines, ihey at once create a healthful re
action thioughout the patient, sharpen the appetite,
improve the digestion, give vigor to the liver, expel
the surplus bile, and thoroughly purity the blood,
thereby driving out every unwholesome humor
that may have become secieted in any portion of
the system As an Aperient or Tonic, these Bitters
have no equal, while, at the sun ' time, by their
healthful action on the stomach, liver, ana diges
tive organs, they at once check any inclination to
diarrhoea. Let the afflicted try them, and satisty
themselves ot the superior quality of ihese Bitters
over those of all others ottered in our city.
To be had in Richmond at the Dru? ."-tori's ci
Sl WOOD, Main street: 11. BLAIR. WM. P. I.ADD
»nd SEABROOK it REEVE, Shockoe Hill, CHAS.
au 2—ts
\IOTICE. —The co partnership heretotore ex
1* isting under the firm of MARTIN Jc fI'KPIN
is this day eissolved by mutual consent. The came
of the h:iu wi.l te used by Thomas W. Turpin m
settling the business. EDW'D. F. MAR l IN,
Richmond, July 30 1852. ...
N. B.—The u< dersigned wiil continue the rA
MILY GROCERY BUSINESS at the old »:*nd, b«-
tw> en 7th and Bth stieets, Alain strtet, wiit te ae
will always keep a good and geneiai assortment.
He solicits the ol the oid tnead»ot Uie
dim and the public generally.
au2-lw- T. W. URi'l.V
<t'l'c.UlUU BLACK Sll'A WITT - .—
We have juat leceived a iol ot t» r>"
black eiik Mitts; also, ladies' andgeutiemeu s wnte
«ud colored hid Gloves, at
Jy 29 Opposite Stt'<.is 1 a vera. t
BAHAMAS*. —A supply ot this delicious and
most healthy of Iruns, just received by
Also, a lot ot floe Pine Apples. Call in next
w *xci»uu*e Bunk.
je 13
i\l i£W LAW.—No 25 Braithwaite's Ketrospict
1 ' of Practical Mrdiciuc and Surgery—
The Upper Ten Thousand, sk-tehe. ol American
Society, by C Astor B risted —I>o cell ts
Vol i English Law and Equity Reports—B*«
No 20 London Labor and London Poor—l- ct*
Second supply Dickens' Bleak House, No 3
Abbott'* Mother at Home, new edition,
and enlarged—plates, 60 cei.U .
Abbott's Marco Paul's Travels, Forests o!
and Adventures in Vermout—3o cent* .
July No North Atneilcau Review received. * !U »
othei new Book*, by cu
j T ay J. W. RANDOLIH._
call on the subscriber , , j,,..
The subscriber is now roauutactuiwg Lad**
and Mlstea' Gaiter Boots aid Sbws .'"f
quality thai ran be had m this counuy SoLWJ
■u waul ot or Si.oes ol goon cju«iu,>,
please tall ana leaTr iuH> i>ic*rs t» u<) wi ' :
uiober y al'eoucd to,auu bo ifiueo it. p»>
' ALEX HILL. U. *•«> «•
j ßfs Ric^u.j-1.,

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