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VOL 2--N0 269
= A CQWARDIN, Proprietor.
caSH tkkms ok advertising.
1 ijtnira : insertion $0 .50 j 1 square, 1 month $4 00
i 'V» n " nsertion* 075 ( 1 do 2 mon'hs 700
} 3 do ICO 1 do a do 10 00
, ; w«'k 1 751 1 do 6 do 16 00
i jo 2 weeks 275 | 1 do 1 year 30 00
t-y f*. rr.raun;ciit3on»are charged at the same
fi«-« *» ments.
£?* T*'< 07 *»<**« « tquart; longer ad-
in exact proportion, and payable in ad-
T4 t-y Advertisement* Inserted once a week, twice
< " three times a week, will be charged SO
J«'t« r the first insertion, and ,17 i cents tor each
- t.iiuiincfi ■
lr.eert»*d for 25 cents; Fu
jg-iJ r.' tiees -5 cents; Deaths, without obituary or
#■-.-* invitation, 12J cents.
fhe " Daily Dispatch' is served to aubscribers
it ttr'ar.d a qhCrttr eetitl ptr week, payable to the
»i7rt r weekly. Price for mailing, 84 a year In ad
? »aae.
li publish) ii every Friday morning, and mailed
'j/onk dcllab a vkae. ToClcbs, for $5 six co
pie,, for Bio thirteen copies; for 815 twenty co
pies' for Sv!Otwentv-aeven copies.
h~ ! "i- iTspklNOS—Fare SIO.
1,, av. Richmond ot6j AM, ariive at Staunton
ts.iie div yv -"■} P M.
1,, arc S:-. liit 'H at 7{ A M, to Bath Alum by night.
Lrav.r -hm Alum at davlig'ut and arrive at White
Su.pfccr a: i.-iit past 3 P M.
white Sulphur at 7 A M and to Bath Alum
1,.-, re i>..'.h Alum by daylight, and to Cocke's by
Leave Cocke's at 5 A M and to Richmond by 2
j> M.
pars to Staunton ...8 5 00
ith nUim or Wartu 8 25
t!o H>: Sulphur 850
do Wh te Sulphur 10 00
d> Lexington 700
di Kocjbridgo Alum 850
(■*KDAK TAK. —lue idimi »uuctt>e!ui reuuaiy-
J now in use for the cure of Consumption, Broo
ch t'.s, Coughs. Colds, Asthma, Dyspeysi*, Piles,
a. . o r s' Evil. Diseases of th" Kidneys, Liver, ttc.
Opinions of the Medical Faculty.
Baltimgbk, March 17,1851.
Mre. B /?. Iforris—l)e»r Madam: It gives me
f »t pleasure in recommending to pubiio favor
y ar valuable medicine, (Cedar Tar) as an excel
!-nt preventive or curative in the first 6tages of
branchial affections, or diseases of the lungs, and
k.r ia* a very valuable tonic. Vours, very respect-
Uilj. T. H. WRIGHT. M D.
I subscribe, with pleasure and full confidence, to
the good effects of the Cedar Tar, as prepared and
s ,1: by Mrs Norris, in many cases of disease, hav
:qz prescribed it frequently, and always with good
efl'ecH A. RICH, M. D.
March 27, 1851.
Mrs. B. B Norris—Madam : It gives me pleas
ure to recommend to the favorable notice of the
public y our valuable medicine, (Cedar Tar) in bron
chia! affections and diseases or the lungs.
Knitimare, March 27, 1851.
The Ce jar Tar is daily gaining popularity in this
community, anil some of our own physicians are
recommending it to their patients.
We are permitted to refer to tbe following per
sons, citizens of Richmond and vicinity, out ot a
Urge number, (who, from motives of delicacy, pre
fer that their uames should not be made public,)
who have rep.eiv,-d great benefit from the use of the
'J*' W C ' 'taa;' Donlist, IJ. Sleseke, Jas. R.
Moore, Jno B. Dudd, Chariottesville, Va.
Call and see certificates.
Ijp* Beware of counterfeits. The genuine arti
cle is tor gale by
P. HORTON REACH, 91 Main street,
Sole Agent for Richmond, and
au 4 General Anent for Eastern Virginia.
HJ JA.HBH COLLINS would respectfully
JLlfccnil attvntion to bis Fall Mtyle of If ATS.
Tney are uuique, well adapted for the season, and
essential to a gentleman's costume. No pains has
beei: spared to austain the high reputation which
suy Hats have attained throughout the country.
I'ephalometron.—lt is considered one of the
greatest aud most useful inventions of the age; it
wuuiJ be impossible by the minutest description
to give a correct idea of its utility. Hats made by
it will lit the most diflliult heads conformirgto
aiy protuberance and depression of the cranium:
thus preventing the unpleasant feeling of a new
list, and paiuiul headache. No one can properly
appreciate its advantages, without having one of
my superior Hats.
Please call and ses me, and examine for your
selves. J. COLLINS,
No 45 Main street, Practical Hatter.
an 34—Ira
Mj V H L SIUS( HIHKit II AVI >(j L) Jt-
A (JLINED BUSINESS on his own account, re
turns his sincere acknowledgements to his friends
and the pu >Uc lor the very liberal patronage ex
tended to him, and begs a continuance in his new
He has arranged with Messrs. C. HARTWELL
Jc CO., where he will be able io show lis o!J »ns
tomers a cho'ce selection of every thin? in the
L)KV GOODS line, and will be able to sell them on
.he same liberal terms which be has offered in his
old business, and which have proved so generally
Histrieiids are invito to call and see him. His
oii customers will find him from this date at Messrs
HARP WELL &. CO., and he begs them lo call as
«.ion «d possible and adjust their accounts. It is
v. ry important to him to wind up his old business
*t ttie earliest date.
au 16—ts J. G. CHENERY.*S
\ OTK'K.-'l'ne eubscilbers have tormed a co
■f* [lartnership under the style ot Q.UARLES St
i'ROOKE, and will continue the Hat and !*lioe
liuaiatss at the old stand of the senior partner.
({I'ARLES A uuuuhli, dealers in Boots,
Hals, Caps, Bonnets. Trunks, 4c, Acc, No.
'.'I Pear! street, Richmond, Va , are now receiving
a full assortment of goods suitable lor the tall
trade, to which they would call the attention of
country merchants, farmers, and the public gene
ra.ly. Their stock is large, and comprises one of
cn- most complete assoi tm-Lts to be found in any
iiouse; and being desirous of selling on the most
accommodating terms they thtek that they can en
sure sadetaction ft their customers.
Tney are largely engaged in the manufacture of
thoes, which will enable th>m to furnish a supeiior
article, and iu most cases to regulate the sizes to
suit purchaser!. Believing that a good artier is
a. ways ch. apet t, they will at all times endeavor to
tumi.h such goods as will prove satisfactory to the
■customer. Purchasers are respectfully invited to
call. au 31—dim
V'JKA U WitUt(i ti T Vtl Li».—Straw
Wrought Lace Veils, a new and very pretty ar
Black and white Lace Veil*
Lace Capes. Collars and Sleeve*
Org ana lea, Lawns, Bareges, Tissue*
And other varieties of Oress Goods, will be sold
•at gn at reduction in price. For bargains, call at 99
Main street.
j A The kubscrib'jr solicits the attention of Tobac
co Ma".'ifanu r "r» t" hi* superior Presses and Mills,
every d.-scrlotion. P KAHM,
Eagle Fi.uudry, Cary below Pearl street.
au 2!— 6 ,i
11 KHEttKlNCis!—ao Uali obis
4 * tauiiiy ltoe Herrings
U'j bbls ha 1 Halifax Herring*
51l do No ti do do
!u store and lorssle low by A. S. LEE.
au I(J—u
*-* Splendid figured and plain Ha/age at'Ji cents;
oarajjt de Laines 10 and 13 cent*; fine French Do
-*iue» 25 cU; tine French Lawns, Swiss and Can*
bite Muslins, satin striped and checked Muslin, plain
•<id fauejr b(lka. For bargains, call at
A FOR KENT, the Dwelling over the sub
scriber's store, containing six rooms, porch
«!tcn.*n, A c . suitable for a boarding house orlarae
taini'y Possession given in October next.
w D U M M( Jhgan,
Corner above market houae, Main street
se 2—] 2t
MHOI-Sh Kilt HKMT,—'J'tje Hnck Te
nement, corner of Marshall and Madison su.
now occupied by Doctor Walthall, i. for rent, and
immediate possession may be bad. it has two ex
eei.ent basement rooms, two rooms on the first
floor, and two on the second, and has, in addition,
two large ar d convenient closets. The lot is extend
sive, and has on it a wood house and a well, which
affords a la'tte supply of the best water in Rich
mond- Rent 8100. TOLER Ac. COOK,
au <»eperal Agents.
BFOK KKNT— lne • upper part ot the
house occupied by Mr David B. Franklin, ou
Kioad street I: has five good rooms and two
closets, and in the yard are a good kitchen and a
hyorant The premises have lately been repaired
throughout, and may be taken in possession imme
diately, at a very low rent, say 8150.
au ° General Agents.
FOR KENT—That most ceeirable Store
on Main street, next below Col Titus C Rice's,
lor some time past occupied by Messrs. Drake il
Lorrisou, dealers in Cart iages This is considered
one ol the best stands on M*in street lor a large
Grocery, Dry Goods or Clothing business. The
bouse is large, and would be found convenient iu
almost any line ot business, being situated in the
best business part of the city, about equi distant
Irom two oi the railroad depots. Possession may
be had in a lew days. Rent 8700 per annum.
au 5 General Agents.
KORRKNT,—A neat wooden Tenement,
jliiinear Mr Glenn's brick yard, West of Brook
Avenue, li has three Rooms, and attached is a
Garden containing many Vegetables. Kent, $6 25
per month. TOLER & COOK,
au 18 General Agents.
©FOK KENT—Those two large brick
Tenements situated on Cary street, 2nd and
3rd Irom the corner of 17th, now occupied by Mr.
George D. Harwood as a Tobacco Fsctory. Pos
session given Ist January. For terms, apply to
wu 9 Druggists, No. 125 Main street.
Hilt KJiNT. two newly built three story
jg]e> Houses, with /as pipes throughout—on Main
street, between 2nd and 3rd streets. Apply to
my 26— ts W. GODDIN.
Mf ult KENT—A laige Iront Koum over
our store, on first floor.
au 5 No 102. Main street.
mKOK KENT—A lodging liUUAI ovtr my
store, 87 Main street
J NOTICE. — 1 lie subscriber takes all
this method of informing his friends anc JrLL
the public generally, that he is now receiv
ing direct irom the manufacturers, and will,
by the 15th day ot September, nave opened and
ready for sale, an entire fresh stock of Boots,
hhoe*, Trunks and Carpet Baga, embracing
alt the different kinds necessary for a genteel retail
store. This will not interiere with the Hat aod Cap
department of my business, as I have engaged a
gentleman of experience to manage the Shoe and
Boot blanch; and in the Hat and Cap department,
1 pledge my personal attention and the aid of com
petent assistants. Particulars hereafter.
au 25 67 Main street.
J That I have now on hand, the
largest and best assortment ol«SS<®ss
Hoots and Shoes, of good quality, ever
offered in this city; selected by myself ex
presely lor retail, both of my own manufacture and
the best Philadelphia make. Among my assort
ment can be found something extra, to which I
would most respectfully call the attention cf all in
want, as they will be sold low, by
Manufacturer and dealer in Boots, Shoes,
Trunks, Carpet Bags, Valices, ic,
se 2 No 127 Main street, Richmona, Va.
M The subscriber has just received a large
Bassortment ot Ladies' t»aiter Hoots, both
JW thick and thin soles, at 81 60 a pair. They
are something extra, for the price ; for sale
se2 No 127 Main street. Richmond. Va.
TO FARMKitg A. ,
The subscriber has on hand alaryc stock ot II ro
ganit, of his own manufacture; they are made
very heavy and strosg, both black and ruseett,
bound anu unbound, suitable fer Plantations and
Railroad purposes, to whl*h 1 would most respect
fully call the attention of all in want, as they will be
sold as low as at aey other house in the city.
se2 No 127 Main street, Richmond. Va.
—Having a very good
■EgTsortment of SUk and Straw Bonnets, jEriS
Ribbons, Ax, and being de- >' 1 ' n
sirous of reducing the stock considerably before
going North, I will sell all now on hand at b great
reduction. MRS SWORDS'
au 3 Millinery Ware Room, 225 Broad street.
SKjjjSwisbes to call the attention of
sßgG*"triends and the public, to the fact
thtt she has taken the lower
merit of the MANSION HOUSE, No 33>i Main
street —Mrs Phillips' old stand.
au 10—dim
IH TAILOR, oppositk Exchange, 14th ST.,
lliir Richmond, Va., is receiving his Fall and
*■*"" Winter supply of Goods, to which he would
mos: respectfully call the attention of bis custo
titers and the public generally. In addition to his
usual stock he intends keeping an assortment of
Gentlemen's Fine Furnishing Goods, to which he
wou'd invite th» attention of all who want nice and
handsome goods ot the kind. se 2—dlmw4'
scriber i» prepared tu furnish WOOD, COKE
or COAL as cheap as can be bought in town.
Yard at Danville Depot—office on Pearl street,
opposite Alhambra Hotel, and immediately under
Messrs Toler Cook. All orders lett Mr P. Wool
folk's Grocery, on Broad street, (formerly Ellis')
will be attended immediately.
Lump Coal 83 per load.
ty 23—3 m THOMAS FOSTER.
'JIO Ti£ A I'll Eli*. —FOR KENT OK SALE,
X g frame ejcbool House, with a complete
set of desks acd other necessary lurmture. The
building is in one of the most central and eligibh
locations in the city, and where a flourishing School
has been sustained. Apply to
au3 -dts W. GODDIN.
r Ist October next, the subscriber will be
prepared to receive a limned number of Gentlemen
as BOARDERS, who mny desire to practice the
French language. This is the hut opportunity that
was ever ottered in Richmond, for the object above
stated, as all the members of the family speak
French. Persons desiring to cultivate, the SPANISH
and ITALIAN languages, will likewise tiud an ot>-
poituoity of so doing, as Messrs J. Michaidand H.
B Michard have been for the six last years, and
are still employed as teachers of these languages in
tome of the principal Academies oi this ci'.y.
se I—l m Main street, between Bth and 9tb.
Fllit liKfc.Hfc.rN — Inn well fcut.wn
tavorite ship WESTPHALIA, Weasel,
uiu.er, will load for the above port. Cash ad
vances made ou consignments of stems and tobac
co by her, to address U our friends, H. H. Meier h
Co., Bremen. For freight, apply to
Lynch buhls COUPON bonds.-wo.ooo
of the above bends, endoised by tbe Virginia
and Tennessee Railroad, in bonds ot 91,000 and
63,000, interest payable semiannually in Lynch
burg. For further information, call on
C. W. PURCELL * CO., Bankers,
au 94 And Dealers in Exchange.
V3ar / CO., Importers and Dealers in
'r r' Earthenware, China and Glass,
\ 1 mAW b aTe rec-ivej by srdp» Empire
At State, Sheridan aod Forrest State,
j rom their fall stock of
Earthenware and China direct from the manufac
turers raakingtheir stock iarge and complete ; and
by arrivals- from the nor hern cities, they »re re
ceiving their suDplies of Glass Ware, both rich and
pain, Looking-Glasses and Fancy Articles, well
adapted to the country and city trade.
Merchants visiting our city may be assured of
having inducements off-red which will induce them
to make their purchase- with us.
Be * {Front Iron Building, 101 Broad st.
DE4LEHS.— Grinnell &
Jenkins, No. S26S, Market street, Baltimore,
wnolesale dealers in Boot*, Shoes, Hats,
• nps, llonnets, A:r., have now in store, »nd
are ucnsiantly receiving a large and well selected
stock ot Fall Gods, which they are prepared to of
fer by the package or dozen to caih or prompt
time dealers at the lowest rates, and request the at
tention of Virginia merchants to their stock, cora-
P"«ed in part ot
Thick Boots fine Calf and Kip Boots
Coarse Brogana, His, Ca f and fineMorocos
Rubber Shoes ot all kinds, at manufacturers
Silk, Beaver, Kossuth and Wool Hats
CI th, Silk. Piush, Glazed and Velvet Caos
Satin, Florence, and other Bonnets, &c, &c.
Cal and oblige
ge 4—d!2iw3t* GKINNELL & JENKINS.
FOIt THE LADlES—Beautiful
nut* nil Fall Goods—We have just received,
per steamer Pennsylvania, an additional supply of
Ladies' and Children's Gaiters and Jenry Lind
Boots,with rosettes, from the most approved man
ufacturers in Philadelphia. We now are enabled
to offer to the ladies the most varied assortment of
styles and colors, of those hardsome Gaiters at one
dollar and a half, that we hivs ever had in store ;
also, Parcdi's. Jenny Liod's, and a new and beau
tiful article of Diamond lies, with rosettes ; and we
shall continue to rece ve, weekly, during 'he sea
son, fresh supplies c f fashionable styles < F Ladies',
Misses' and Children's Shoes, all of which will be
sold at our usual mode'ate prices.
WHITE &. PAGE. 73 Main St.,
3doors helow Dooley> Ilat 8tor».
thus. K. Harreys. John A. Burgess.
No. 165, Main Street, (nearly opposite
the Exchange Bank,) Richmond, Va ,
WHERE they will thanklully receive and
promptly execute all work entrusted to
N. B.—Orders from the country respectfully so
licited. au :to—:im
COAL, AND COKE.—I am still delivering
the best Lump Coal from the Mi lothian Pits, at
seventeen cents per bushel, and am prepared to
deliver Coke ot the beet quality, also at seventeen
cents per bushd; and Anthracite Coal at
per cart load. Orders left at my office on 14th
street, near Mayo's bridge, or at my coal yard, at
the Richmond and Danville Railroad depot, will
be promptly attended to.
RY.—The subscriber invites the attention of
thetiade to his new and extensive Fall Stock of
HATS and CAPS, which comprises all the various
erades, styles, colors and qualities of Gentlemen*',
Bo7B' and Childrens' Hats and Caps now in use.
Merchants of Virginia, North Carolina and Ten
nessee are particularly requested to examine before
going further Noith, thi almost infinite variety of
goods now ready for their inspection at this estab
lishment. Those who have the disposi'ion to pre
fer home manufactures and encourage home in
dustry, can do sn with advantage by supplying
themselves and their customers with Richmond
made goods, which will be warranted as fine in
quality and perfect in workmanship as can be pro
duced in any market in the world, while the prices
shall be reduced to the lowest and inosc economical
American standaid. Those who may wish to pat
ronize the manufactures of other States can be fur
nished w th Northern and Eastern goods at the
manufacturers prices The stock consists of the
usual variety of fine fashionable Hats and Caps, of
old gentlemen's broad brims frrm the finest to the
lowest qualities; Servants' Hats and Caps of all
kinds, from one dollar per dozen un ; Children and
infants' Hits and Caps, Lvditi' Rid ng Hat*, all
the various styles and qualities of si.fi Hats. Tar
paulin.Wool and Glazed Hats, all the grades of
Caps, hair, seal, cloth, leather, plush, (cotton and
silk,) Fur Caps up to the very finest Otter and Bea
Ladle*' Fnra—Muffs, Tippets, Muffatees,
Cuffs, Victorines, Foot Mutts, Misses' and Children*'
Muffs, Victorines, 4c, as complete and well assort
ed a stock of these gt-ods as is usually kept in the
most fashionable fancy Fur stores of New York,
au 31—2 m JOHN POOLEY, 81 Main *t.
certainly the most lite-like Daguerreotype*
we have ever seen—so say persons almost daily, otf
visiting our rooms. We endeavor to make themj
appear natural and life like, in position, expression/
and finish, and how far we succeed, we leave thflj
public to decide ; and we are pleased to say thai
many decide in our favor, daily We invite ail
who may wish Daguerreotypes, and the public in
general, to call and examine our Pictures, our so. :
lection of Cases, Frames, Lockets, Pins, and prices,
and after such examination you think you can be
better suited elsewhere, we will think just as much
of you as if you had patronized us. Unless wo
merit your patronage we do not wish it.
Daguerreotypists and dealers in Stock,
35} Main st, (Mansion House) Richmond, and
Sycamore st, Petersburg, Va. jy 31
The subscriber respectfully presents this notice of
his usual assortment of House-keeping articles,
which is known and universally admitted to be the
most extensive in the State of Virginia He has al.
ways been the first to introduce novelties that are
really valuable aud will continue to add to his stock
by careful and judicious importations and selec
tions, at tbe same time confidently assuring those
about commencing houie-keeptng, that they can
save time and money, get better articles, and select
from a stock almost equal to any to be found at tbe
North. The enumeration of the following articles
forms but a small portion which may be found at
his establishment, such as fine Table Cutlery, im
ported direct from Joseph Rodgers it Sons, Shef
field. and other celebrated mskers, sold in setts, or
Knives without Forks; Albata Ware, consisting of
Tea and Coffee tets, castors, &c, &c; Tea aud Ta
ble Spoons Forks, Toast Racks, Snuffers and Trays,
high and low Candlesticks, Salt Cellars, Mustard
Cups, &c, Aic. The above aie imported direct
from the houses of James Dixon & Sons and Jo>eph
Yates & Sons, Sheflielp, are equal to silver for use,
and at about one-touith the cost. Britannia Metal
Ware, Tea and Cotlee Pots, Tea and Table Spoons,
Soup, Sauce and Toddy Ladles, Lamus, Candle
sticks, <fcc, itc, itc. Block and Planished Tin Gooda
— Dish Covers, ot the newest and most elegant da
signs, oblong Covers ip sets and singly from ten to
twenty inches, Platedcovers to match, Plate Heat
ers, Water Plates and Covera, Covered Meat Dish
es, for hot water or with lamp beaters, all sizes
trom twtWeio twenty inches, Fi«h Dishes, Oyster
Stewers, Coffee Biggins and Filters, Coffee Ma
chines and Urns of alt sites, Coffe ■ Pots and Boilers
fcc, tic. Japannery—rine English Tes Trays, all
the newest shapes aud patterns, in sets of 3, 4, 5.
and ti pieces, Waiter* to match, Bread Tray s,Cheese
Trays, Toilet Sets, Japauned imitation China Nurse
ry Lamps, with China Cups and lea Kettles, suit
able for the sick. Cast Iron Hat and Umbrella
stands, of most eleg* t designs, era truth prefera
ble to Mahogany, being cheaper, more durable, aud
handsomer, Bronse and Steel Goods—Fire Irons,
in sets or pairs, of plain and richly polished steel,
standard to match or singly. Brass Fenders, Nur
sery Fenders, Library and Folding Fender*, And
iron* of all the latest and most desirable style*,
Kitchen Utensils, adapted to Ranjes or StOTea.—
Miscellaneous—Brushes, Broom*, Door Mats, Wil
low Ware, Wooden Ware, in fact everything the
most ingenious house keeper can desire, to be aad
at the House Furnishing Store of.
se o—l w 137 Main street
Limp pj-asTkm.-ssou tons, tor salt b*
se 6 DA Vt MPOKT, ALLEN * C*.
Street. "
Schemes for September, 1853.
<30.000, 7,500, 5,000.
ST £
1 of-—- 5,000 25 0f...
Tickets 810. halve, 5. quarters 2 50.""
&»i,4iß, 50 of 5 000.
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class TJ to be
drawn in Baltimore, Saturday, September 11th.
1852. 75 numbers, 11 drawn. oc l" emDer
1 0f...........-552 : 418 | 50 0f.............55 ojjo
Tickets 815. hilves 7 50, quarters 3 75. '
$32,e52, H.f>oo. 5,500.
Susquehanna Lottery, Class 38, to be drawn in
Baltimore, Wednesday, September 15tb, 1852. 78
numbers 12 drawn.
capitals :
1 of. $32,852 1 0f.... 83500
1 of 11,500 1 of 2500
1 of 5,500 1 of 1500
214 0f.... 750
Tickets SlO, halves 5, quarters 2 50.
840,000, 12,497, 6,000.
Grand Consolioated Lottery, Class 23, to be
drawn in Baltimore, Saturday, September 18th,
1852. 78 numbers, 12 drawn.
lof $40,000 I 1 of. 84000
1 of 12 497 I 100 of 1000
1 of. 6.000 I 100 of £03
Tickets 810, halves 5. quarters 2 50.
835,000, 15,000. 7.500.
Susquehanna Lottery, Class 39, to be drawn in
Baltimore, Wednesday, September 22nd, 1852. 78
numbers, 16 drawn.
1 of 835,000 i 1 of $3608
1 of 15,0<-0 20 of 1000
1 of 7,500 I £0 cf 500
Pickets 810. halves ft, quarters 2 50.
All Prize Lottery for September 25th.
capital «72,000.
Each and every ticket in this Lottery will bn a
prize. For all those ticketa without a drawn num
ber will be entitled to $10 aross
$72,000. 25 000. 13,C00.
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class vV, to be
drawn in Baltimore, Siturday, September 25th,
1852. 78 numbers, 12 drawn.
1 of 872.000 I 1 of $15,544
1 of 25.000 10 of 5,009
1 of. 13 000 I 10 of 3000
20 of 1250 |
Tickets 830, halves 15, quarters 7 50.
Certificate ot a package of wholes $280, halves 14C,
quarters 70.
$30,000, 20 01 S.O-.0, 20 of 1000.
Susquehanna Lottery. Class 40, to be drawn In
Baltimore, Wednesday, September 29ih, 1852. 75
numbers, 12 drawn.
capitals :
1 of 830,000 I 20 of $10C0
20 of 5,000 | 20 of. £00
Tickets 810, halves 5, quarters 2 50.
Orders for Tickets in any 01 the Maryland
Lotteries will meet the mi.st prompt and confiden
tial attention, if addressed to R. FRANCE &. CO.,
Managers, or to C. W.PURCELL,
au i 6 Richmond. Va
DIC, for the cure ot Asiatic Cholera, Cholici
of all kinds, Spasms, Cholera Morbus, Dysentery,
Diarrhoea, Lock Jaw, violent Pain, whether Rh> u
matic or Neura'gie, Cramp in the Stomach, Tooth
ache, Nervous Headache, Delirium Tremens, Spi
der Bites, Dyspeptic Fullness trom Imprudent
Eating, Threatened Abortion, Fits, Sinking or Con
gestive Chills, Ague and Fever, Burns, Cuts, &c.
Accompanying each bottle is a pamphlet contain
ing full directions for its use, in the various disea
ses for which it is recommended, as well as pre
senting many strongtestimonials.
This medicine is not only efficient, but safe.—
It is adapted to many of the most violent
ses, giving the most prompt relief—and isespecial'y
suited to large families as well as to travellers—
The proprietor, therefore, would respectfully ask
the attention of the public to its claims; which are
founded on more than twenty years' experience
in its use, and not on conjecture.
It has already become a very popular remedy in
many parts ot the country, and is destined to be so
wherever it is introduced.
We would respectfully call the attention of the
public to the following, smongst many names ol
highly respectable and well known gentlemea in
different parts of the couutry, who have used it,
and spoken of it in high terms:
Muscoe Garnett, E»q. Essex, Va; Jag M Jeffries,
Esq, King and Queen, Va; Alexander Dudley, Esq,
King and Queen, Va; R W Schooler, Esq, Caroline,
Va; Wilson C Pemberton, King William, Va; A B
Walthall, CaariottesTille. Va; Thomas D Quarles,
Richmond, Va; John W Woods, Baltimore; Wm F
Pendleton, Washington; Newton Short, King Wil
liam; Winston, Chesterfield, Va; Jame9 W
Goss, Gordonsville, Va; R L Coleman, Richmond,
Va; N B Hill, Richmond, Va; Thomas Starke, King
William, Va.
Amongst the many Physicians who have used it,
we beg leave to refer, for the present, to the follow
Ur John S Lewis, King William; Dr William T
Downer, King William; Dr William R Puikinr.
Northumberland; Dr Richard T Hundley, Hanover,
We also askyou to read thefullowing Certificates,
and refer you to many more In the pamphlets and
our various advertisements:
Jn ( hnUro, Agl* »B< FeTer, &C.
Da. Do Val—Dear Sir: 1 was promptly re
lieved, a tew years ago, of a violent attack of some
thing like the Cholera, by taking a large dose of
your Anti-dpaimodic. Since that time I have fre
quently witnessed its good effects in other cases.
About six weeks ago I was suffering exceedingly
from an attack of Third-day Ague and Fever. It
bail bees iucicasiug lu severity lor nearly a month.
1 determined to try your Anti-Spasmodic, and ac
cordingly took a large dose of it just before the time
for tze chill. It producod over the whole system
a peculiar sensation of warmth, which was kept up
by repeating the dose once or twice at intervals of
two hours. Though necessarily exposed since, I
have felt no return of chill. I feel eonjuient in re
commending your Medicine.
Very sincerely yours,
King William. July. 1852.
la Cmmp, Dysentery, and Spider Bites*
D*. Do Val—Dear Sir: 1 have administered
your Family Anti-Spasmodic in several violent at
tacks of Cramp and Dysentery. 1 have applied it
externally to the bite of a ipid-r, when there was
an enormous enlargement of the limb, and intense
n»m—in *n with .>»rtont success. 1 have sold a
great aeai ot it in tnis neighborhood, and as far aa 1
know, it has given universal satisfaction. All who
have tested it seem to think it ha* no equal as a
family medicine. I deem it due to *ay that in most
ol the instances alluded to above, various iemeries
were used without effect.
Respectfully years,
(Signed) S W. Y. MUSE.
Maruiactured by P. F. DU VAL, M. D., King
William C. H., Va.. to whom all order* should be
addressed. Price S3 1-3 cents and Vl per bcttie.
For sale in Richmond, Va., by PURCELL, LADD
it CO., wholesale agents, and by THOMAS 4c
P. LADD; iu Baltimore, by CANBY * HATCH;
in Portsmouth, by GARLIC* * GWATHMEY,
and by Druggists generally. au 6—3tawi*
rkIVIDEND.—The Board of Directors of the
mJ Richmond Fire Aaaoeiauoa have declared a
dividend of seven and a halt per cent on the capital
stock thereof oat ol the profits for the six month*
ending 31st August. 1853. payable at the office on
and alter Wednesday next. Bth September.
By order of the Board ol D
e jUu. H. BOSHfcR. Beey .
—kW BuuTH. NJtW BOOTS.-Just le
eelved, a lot of beauUful Boott, H-eocb
Calf. Fit elegantly, aod will be sold at the low
priee of *3 50, at No 43 Main at, by WALgB
Dcm'l farfM, .Iff Big 8001, J«» b*ow Oly
HotHopp-twMfe S!Li 4
;'IIKI;cuk BAVV»»-K. H«»« C«» cum
L> lo B»w, from •fc «0 Si
•ad for mlb low by C.J. SUTTON * CO,
Ml »;§■ of *• Ctrt«l«r law, 71 Maia *tieet.
The New York Herald of Monday gives
further particulars of the explosion on board
the Reindeer. Our readers will find in the
editorial columns of the Dispatch copious ex*
tracts from the testimony before the coroner's
inquest, together with lists of the killed and
wounded. Th i reporter of the Herald gives
the following description of the scene at Bris
tol landing, on his arrival there :
The scene there presented was most heart
rending. Up to ten o'clock last night seven
teen were dead and several others at the Mai
den Hotj-e were in dreadful agonies, some of
whom have since died, making twenty-six in
all. The appearance of the injured, and the
frightful agonies they were evidently enduring
caused this scene to exceed in horror aovit
has been our fate to witness, even among "the
late terrible catastrophes, Some of which were
more extensive.
The place where this occurred was the Bris
tol landing, in the village now called Maiden
between thirtv and forty miles this side of Al
bany. The Reindeer had just come alongside
on her way up from New Yoik, at about half
past one o'clock. Some of the passengers and
employees of the boat were in the cabin on the
main deck at dinner, and all these were fatally
or severely injured—some seven or upwards
being instantly killed. The nature and causih
of the accident, if such it were, are described
as fully as it is at present possible, in the testi
mony of the captain and our reporter's des
cription of the sad scene on hoard. Immedi*
ately on its occurrence Mr. Nathan Kellog.Mr.
Bigelow. and other residents, used every exer
tion to afford all possible aid to the sufferers.
The dead were conveyed to the store house of
the first named gentleman and his partners, and
the survivors were taken to the Maiden House,
to the proprietors and attendants of which
great credit is also due. Several clergymen
and physicians were quickly in attendance
from neighboring parts, administering to their
Mr. Norton's house, the Exchange Hotel,
was also open, and every accommodation af
forded to those in attendance.
Samuel Merclean, Esq., Coroner, in the
course of the afternoon, empanelled a jury, at
the store house where the bodies lie; and
while they were engaged in the inquisition on
nine bodies, six more breathed their last. Of
these the body of Miss Estelle Goop was tN*
ken to Albany bafore the Coroner was aware
of it. On the others inquests were held. One
hundred and twenty paasengers saved left by
the ferry boat for I'ivoli, and eight took stage
for Catskill; thirty or forty left since by other
routes, it being impossible to induce them to
remain and give evidence.
The following brief account of the disaster
will be read with interest:
The Reindeer had landed the Saugerties
passengers, and was drawing in her gang
plank, when the pipe which connects the flues
called the connection of the return flues,
The steam rushed out between decks, tear
ing down (i temporary bulk head and passing
through a pantry into the lower eebin, where
a number of passengers were dining. The
work of destruction in the dining cabin was
complete, every person iheie being either
killed or badly injured. The steam also pass
ed up the chimney, carrying away the amoke
pipe, which fell across the, hurricane deck,
breaking it do<vn. No persons, however, were
injured above ihe deck, except the engineers
and cooks. VVe have witnessed the scene of
disaster, and a mora heart rending spectacle
was never beheld. Language canuot describe
ilie condition or appearance of the pitiable ob
jects we saw.
Our citizeaa are unremitting in their offices
of kindness to the suffering, and their friends
at a distance, may be assured that nothing will
be omitted to render the wounded as comfor
table as possible.
Drs. Dowers, A. B. and \V. C. Dewitt, Vel
der Rogers, and Charles Dewitt, of this vil
lage, together with Dr. George Lorillard. of
Rhinebeck, and Dr. Irving and son, of South
Carolina, have been in constant attendance
upon the sufferers.
The Reindeer was launched in New York on
the 2d of March, 1850. She is 850 tons burth
en, 3212 leet long, 34 feet wide, and 9 leetdeep.
She was built for Captain De Groot, by Mr.
Thomas Collyer. The boat was considered
by the owners to be in excellent order. The
cost of the boat in building amounted to near
$100,000. This is only the second reason the
boat hus been running.
The New York papers received by last
night's express mail bring us full particular*
of the explosion of the Reindeer, an account
of which appeared in yesterday's Dispatch,
under the telegraphic head. We take the fol
lowing from the New York Daily Times :
The report of the explosion was heard for
several miles up and down the river. The
ateamer was supposed to be on fire alter the
fearful explosion, which ad<ied to the conster
nation of tbesui viving po*sengers. The scenes
that followed were heart-rending. The dead
were picked up and convened to the warehouse
of Messrs. Kellogg (St Co.. on the wharf. At
thie time aearch was made for ihe wounded by
their Iriends and citizens of the village. Those
of the passengers scalded were lound in the
after cabin, in great agouy. with the akin drop
ping from their bodies, and many of thein at
the point of death from iubaliug the steam.—
Those in this condition died shortly after. Fa
thers ,mothers, brothers and sisters were weep
ing m their lasses or praying for the safely of
relatives. ,
Those taken out alive were removed to the
Maiden Hotel, Exchange Hotel, aud private
houses in the vicinity, where medical attend
ance was procured at once. Their wounds
were immtdiately dressed with sweet oil, lin
seed oil, and raw cotton, aud nurses were pro
cured to remain in attendance during the night.
The ladiee of the »iHsg« volunteered their ser
vices, and remained with the suffering female*,
rendering every assistance iu their power to
alleviate tbeir distress.
Mr Hugh Rileigh, of Richmond, Va, with
his two step daughters, ihe Misses Andrews,
were badlv scalded and uken to the Maiden
House,where every atieaiiou was paid to them
by competent physicians. Mr. Rileigb made
hie will, devising hie property to hia »wo step
daughters, in caae they survi/ed the accident.
If they did not, then he devised it to his oh»-
ther-iu-law aod broiber-ia-iaw, with some pro
visiona made for tbe educaitou of certain chil
dren of one of the overseer* on hia plantation
near Richmond. Mr. Rileigh waa Tery badly
acaliled, aod Buffered exireua tv; but hia rnmd
remained clear and atroug to the last. Amid
the groans of Ihe wounded aud dyiug, ha dic
tated to bia attorney, Mr. Van Orden, tbe terms
of hia will. The *iep-daughters lingered a
short lima after ibeir protector, and then fol
lowed bin to tbe apirit world. Tbara were five
in this parly, all ol wlioa are dead excepting
a Mr.Smith* Tbereuwioa weredepoeitediaa
private vaalt.
Que person waa standing near tbe tmgim
room, heard the noise of the explosion, and im
mediately looked down into the hold, and saw
the steam rushing out of the doors of the fur
nace; and finding himself enveloped by it, put
his .lands to his face and ran overboard. There
were a number of persona who jumped over
board and were picked up; be swam to Um
bow of the boat where he was pulled on bo«rd
•gain. After procuring a change of clothes,
he proceeded on board the ferry boat for the
cars, rejoicing in his hair»breadth escape.
A most praiseworthy act was performed by
u° f,hc Til,n K p > named Alexander
*" ed ,he ,ife ol a , « d » b y l»p
--lv tn Ih. t water .* ncl Bw,mn >' n g with her aafe
ne-onih* '1? aDpearß Mr " "asstand
se?v?n* t ? ° H,e toiler exploded ; ob
fright he onifki * jump overboard in her
Irigm, he quickly went to her assistance in a
lhe r mo( h »
she was going down. I n her struggles his
hold gave way ; „ was at this time ,be heroic
gentleinanjuinped into the river and by m n
strength saved her from a watery grave
Yesterday afternoon Mr. C. H. Sk'illin of
Amsterdam, came to Bristol to see his dy'inr
sister, Mrs. Bowers, with a hope of reaching
her before she died; but the poor woman had
expired, and was removed to Albany before
her broken-hearted brother reached the scene
of the disaster. The poor fellow was over
powered with *
Another of the sufferers, who is probably
dead ere this reaches our .leaders, is VVooda
Baker, Ei>q.,of the U. S. Coast Survey, ,esi.
ding at Princeton, N. J. When we left the vil
lage, last night, Mr. Baker was dying, and yet
retained his senses. He made a will, devisinr
Ins property to his wife and two children, and
fold those around him he was confident he
should not survive, and hoped soon to be out
of his misery. Yesterday, while the jury were
examining the exploded boiler and the after
cabin, one of them picked up what proved to
be the skin from the wrist and hand, with the
nails attached,that had peeled from the limb of
some unfortunate sufferer.
♦Probably meant Mr. Snell, who died •fcortly af
ter —Dispatch.
The Funeral or Mazzmi's Mothkr
There is still lite in Italy. The subjoined ac
count of the obsequies of Mozzini's mother,
at Genoa, show that the sentiment of the no
ble and the kindly still glows in the Italian
breast. The relations which existed between
iMazzini and his mother were beautiful and
touching. From the time of his boyhood he
had only seen her once—at Milan in 1848.
Hut their love had not waxed cool inconse
quence of separation. Week by week they
corresponded without fail for a period of twen
ty-two years. The filial devotion knit Mazzi
ni to the Italian heart by a purely humane and
domestic tie. The solemnities of her funeral,
characterised by the fervid feelings of Italy,
show what a hold mother and son had (and
have) upon the Italian mind, and how the con
tagious influence of their countrymen's love
and veneration had caught hold of eveu the
colder children of the North.
Uknoa, August 12.—Yesterday morning the
funeral services ut the mother of Mazzini took
place in the church of the Carmine.
The church was crowded. A more sublime
and moving scene than the accompaniment of
the corpse to the cemetery Staglieno, Genoa,
has never been known. It may be said that
tfce entire city was there. In the morning all
the English and American, with some Dutch,
Swedish and Danish vessels in the harbor,
hoisted their flags half-mast high, and lowered
their pennants in the form of a cross, as a
sign of mourning. At six in the evening tbe
cortege slatted from the church of the Car
mine, followed by all the emigration, all the
nssociutions of working men of Genoa, St.
Piere D'Arene, and (he suburbs. Every class
took part. All the naval captains of Genoa
and the Riviera were present, 80 or more being
from the Gulph and Lerici; and the immense
body of sailors, with the associations of the
boatmen of the port-
Many Genoese and foreign ladies carried the
funeral palls, and surrounded the coffin*, upon
which were deposited numberless wreaths, wo
ven by them and presented by the association.
Tricolored banners, and tibbons, and flower*
without end. English and American, the
Swedish, Dutch and Danish captains were
present in deep mourning, each in their turn
seeking the honor of bearing the coffin, which
was alike claimed by the working men, the em
igration and those of all classes, who were
present. The civic bands led the procession,
playing religious music. The procession num
bered at least 15,000, walking in two column*
of four abreast. The entire population lined
the streets, and the most perfect order reigned
amid manifestations of the sincerest grief.—
When the cortege reached Staglieno the night
was far advanced ; and the whole valley of the
llisigno was illuminated on every side. There
was not a peasant's hut or a nobleman's pal
ace without a light in every window illumin
ating the cortege on its darksome way.
From Turk's Island—Destructio* or
Salt—The brig Huntress, from Turk'* Is*
land, reports on the night of the 19th expe
rienced a heavy blow from southeast-slid south;
vessels at Salt Key had to leave their anchor
age and stand out to sea,during which time
it rained very hard, and it is supposed that
the rain destroyed about 100,000 bushels of
salt.—iV. Y. Express.
Agility.—An astonishing feat waa per
formed in Jersey City, on Friday, by a man
welt known in New tork by the cognomen of
Micky Free. H« jumped two hundred and
ten hurdles, which were three feet and one
inch high, in 24J minutes. There were ten
hurdles plsced in a circle of about one-ninth
of a mile, and he repeated the circuit, leaping
the hurdles 210 times in the space of time
above named. He had made a wager to do it
in an hour. He is a walking match at the
Thatched Cottage of one thousand half miles
in one thousand consecutive hall hours, for a
wager, it is said, of $2000.
"51 TUB AKBOUK, / \
Corner Main and lali'yCA f
g]„ e wing Ducks
QFresh Sora; Cherry Blood Oysters
York River Crabs
Are a pert of the delicacies now on hand at this fa
vorite Restaurant
ae 3 R. W. ALLKH, Proprietor.**
WOTJL'K,— Ualsa Mtsaaukls Cmmpmmr*
The undersigned hsviug, oo toe 19tb ultimo,
resigned the sgeuey of this line of Btetai Packets,
to take effect from the Ist September, Instant,
would respectfully refer shippers and others who
may have freight by thit Hoe to tbeir successor. Mr.
ROBERT RANKIN, who will give them all neces
sary information.
se 4—lw MA TO k. ATKIWBOW.
a small bouse suitable for a grocery, sit sated
ou toe South aide ot the Csnal. next above the
bridge leadiog t j the Public Warehouse. Also, the
l~t adjoining, an excellent location for keeping Ca
nal horses. With the two e«»it,a good business
'Sf-jr *** jowsmss.
PkUAK ■»*
les, put up in while vinegar, in half gallon,
*uart and pint jars, for satej^ oM() ptzzm ,
an 30 M* 41 Main strent, nnder City Hotel.
hMMIt RJOCuyFM^-aDWgslwltn.fcr

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