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VOL. 2—NO iW
JA.9 A. COW ARDIN, Proprietor.
1 . h ! II! u !i\ rill. I K \NKI.IN.
V - \ '.k. Oct. 11, M —The steamer
: . d her* this morning with three
\n'l's fiom Et'rope. She blings
,„ '.".'(li September. She has on
t"-« itjrrs and in specie,
e passage in a httle over 11 days
. , :? • port.
-r . .ei ashington touched off Cowes
i't. The steamer America air.red
.. | , ■>. i! on the 20th.
j \ : iran guano expedition to the Lo-
I ; i>. s v\ as creating much uneasiness
rs in guano, and the Peruvian
; i , ,:s were in apprehension of ncolli-
I London Times,of the"Sth ultimo,
. article expressing the conviction
: r -jvian government wiil be able to
. c: jiture the whole ol the merchant
, _ ,'ed in the expedition, unless
r t ..iidron o! the I nited States in
-1 i anient regarding the weather had
1e harvest north had nearly all
:,, s.jt. ly. The wheat crop would
i'.: .be under an average, quality
i; . . *torii wns still in Scotland
of t!ie Duke of Wellington was
V. ;ner Castle, awaiting necessary
. :.'s tor lying in state in Chelsea
T "V 's from France is of nn interesting
xi-ilin£ character. It is confident
\ it France is to be declart d an
i ■ about the hull of October, and
V. ■mto be Kmperor.
f . oi; Times, on the authority of its
nt'ents, says that the first np
■« ids consummating an Empire
« ■ 1 bllity, take place about the
i \ : i, when on the President's ar
- i>■ ii the decree will bepuldish
•it • M rii■. :r. for an cxtr lordinarv con
» ."Senate, lur the purpose of «-x
--_ <-es emanating from the De
nt- ; d Councils General, ami to either
i• , it thereon, or for the Senators to
N . .. to assume the impeiial dynas
;\:itoi.i' -n his return, after completing his
pc-M-nt _i ,ie>. to I'aris. On this occasion
. :-:■>!■ '.\tlcomed with great splendor—in
• i royalty and imperial pomp, fur
- . : \ .lung ever before seen in I'aris.
A * and well planned conspiracy
- I .:•! • W irst'illes to assassinate Louis Na
; e. i. I.i, ..* passage through that city. An
" • rTi 11 i : L-hitse was sei/.ed. it had been
i e l jn a house on the s.treet through
« ii 1.1 "a -to pass the next day. Fortu
' !y. hofti-viT, it was seized by the police,
a:. ! taken ' pnge of by them.
i fi-- tnnchitie is composed of two hundred
i ! ii ft v gun barrels, loaded with fifteen hund
;ed bullets: besides these there were some blun
' ! : iiis.-is similarly charged tvith grape shot.
T - battf: ~ if fired during the passage of the
splendid _ utege, would have completely
s •»'pt riwyy the President and his attendants.
1' i- i tnot a single survivor, in his im
uie.ii ite Mr-- nee, would have been left. It is
sai>: that - .11 another machine, of similar con
sfruction. sin existence in Marseilles. IMany
"iie cii! -; uators in this bloody design have
i • ■••n :i. -> i. and will be adequately punish
ed. The plot was concocted by a secret so
iupon which the police have long had an
i'he 1 'aris Journals are principally occu- |
pied chronicling the progress of the President
thrjugh the Southern departments. At Gre
t. iile. Avicnon and Marseilles, the President
w us received with most extraordinary outward
show ami i\i:np, and demonstrations of joy,
but .•(■-neat., all this current of popular rejoic
ing. then- were plain indications of secret-ha
ii i,whi< i was evinced by the terrible attempt
assassinate him.
Toe subject of advancing the addresses
cirmuating from the Departmental Councils
gen-Tally - and of either framing a report there
on or pas-: c the Senate's ultimatum inviting
l.osii- Napoleon to assume the imperial dynas
ty, has not vet been definitely settled.
The refu'.i o*the prince to Paris, after com-
P - :'.uz hi- ; resent journey, will be celebrated
with roy :t! . id imperial pomp and magnifi-
Mi e. »(,:• :i w 11 eclipse any thing of the sort
ever -fpn : n I i .-nice.
The news oi the attempted assassination of
L tuis Nap ileon bad no effect on the I'aris
'5 Kirse. i ,e machine was calculated to kill
'■ pei'.- jt.:.
'1 i ! I'e/. ing Assistant Engineers were
i ; <~ia; : d for promotion bv the Board of
.Ni.val Lin . cers recently convened at the
(j i.-j ort N..vv Yard: Second Assistant C.
v\ , (j.uiies. to be first Assistant, anil third
Assistants G. \V. Alexander, F. A. Jackson,
and \\ . P. Li indin, to be second Assis
tants. Bindsley was recommended for
C;i • ! Ei . i leer Joshua Follansbee was dis
patched to t alii. rnia f<-r the purpose of form
ing a Board i t trie examination of Naval En
gineer# on that station.
Oiders i be-ti received at the Navv \ aid
■:i Charlesto-.vn, Muss., t- prepare the U. S.
ship of tlie ~;ie Vermont for sea, with all con
venient dis;i- ich.
The s: •..:! Hancock, originally intended
r mi ai,i or-hov, is to be lengthened some
•fi feel, to: i trau.-loiined into an armed sca-go
mg steamer.
A SixHT.iR am) Fatal Mistake.—The
Dayton (Ohiv ) Haze tie relates a most singu
lar circumstance, which occurred in Darke
county,on Wednesday last. A Mr. Bobbins
■Mm a boy, u ..ile out hunting, discovered what
et first the\ supposed to be a gray squirrel,
ist beyond a pile of logs in the distance. —
On closer examination they concluded it must
be a ground ii'/g, and Bobbins fired at the ob
tet;t. On ii- tching the spot, what was his hor
ror to find liiat he bad shot u man through the
bead. It appeared that a pedlar cf jewelry,
who wore a skiu cap, had seated himself be
side the logs, so that his cap was juet visi
ble and vms uthe net of counting his money.
The motion of his gray skin cap deceived the
hunter. The unfortunate stranger lived but
a short time.
Siut'iTi'iN and auicjDE.-—On Friday last,
a joung Sw.ss girl, named Louisa Heichi,
du d at the SHaspital, from the effects
<;f a dose ot taken on the previous
Mondav. >i,e had been in the family of Mr. J.
li. Buck su!,:, us a servant. She assigned as
a reason fur c-immitting self-destruction, that
she hud been seduced bv a heartless villain
whom she Is i loved, and who had accom
plished his n iMioiis design under a promise
of ma'iiage.—St. I.ouis Jut. Sepl
'l'hk New York Chystal Palace.—lt is
elated ihat Letts, Pusev, Jones &l Seal, of Wil
mington, Dei., have received a contract for
casting, turning and planing fifteen tons per
week < f titecolumns and base pieces lor the
trianJ Crystal Pnlace to be built io New V ork
forjihe \\ oj id's Fair, 'i'he work is to be finished
ifl two asonths.
BisHor Doane But little of interest has
thil* far transpired relative to the trial of Bish
op Donne. Resolutions were to have been
discusscd by ihe court of Bishops on Mod
day, proposing to drfer the trial of the new
presentment against Bif hop Doane until after
the meeting of the convention of the eiocesn
of New Jersey, and to dismiss the o'd present
ment, on the ground that the New Jersey con
vention had, at its last session, declared them
not proved. The New York Times says Ihe
fj llowing scene occurred before the court on
Friday :
When it was determined by the court tore
move to Burlington, Bishop Burgess hoped
that no members of the court would suffer
themselves to be the guests of the accti-ed
Bishop. Bishop Doane immediately said that
he presumed his Right Rev. Brother, when
making the remark, could not ha\e remem
bered that he (Bishop Doane) was the gurst
of Bishop during his trial. Bishop
Burgess replied that he had it in his mind at
the moment. W hereupon, Bishop Doane re
joined that he could not, under such circtur
stan es, but consider the remark aa a gross
outrage and ii suit, such ns he would not say
no christian Bishop, and no christian genllf
man, but no man could listen to without indig
nation —that he could, therefore, have nothing
further to say to Bishop Burgess.
Fratricide.—The following account of a
horrible occurrence in Accomac county, Va.,
is furnished to the Baltimore Sun by a corres
pondent :
One of the most horrible tragedies ever
know:) in this part i f the country occuired on
the night of the 2d of October, at or near the
Cross Roads, in this county. John Belote, br
ing at a small house on his farm, a place fre
quently resorted to by him for catd-playing,
and «>th r purposes, sent, about 8 o'clock, i J .
M , fjr his brother, Joseph G. Belote, who
lived about a quarter of a miie from the pla e.
Oa the ai rival of his brother, a game of cards
was commenced ; but after a short while, John
opened a quarrel with his brother, and, finally,
went to the other end of the table and kicked
hini- He then, being quite athletic, threw Jo
seph to the floor ami beat him severely, when
he was taken oft'. He repeated it a " second
time, gelting him down and beating him, and
again was taken off, nnu a third time he re
peated it, when, ufier being separated, much
enraged, Joseph ran to his house, aimed him
self with a revolver and two butcher-kni\es,
and returned to the place where the distur
bance occurred.
The duor being locked, he shot through it,
but on being advised, was about to return
home. lie bad got thirty yards or more from
Ihe house, when John, knocking down another
brother in the tiouse, ran out, and, with a fence
rail uplifted, swore he would kill Joseph, who,
in return, made a similar threat against his
brother, if he came to him. After striking at
Joseph with the fence rail, and missing him,
John still approached him, knocked him down,
and whs upon him, when Joseph, using his
knife, cut him horribly in one or two place®,
reaching the kidney, from the effect of which
John died on the morning of the 4ih inst.
Immediately after the act, Joseph went to
the court house and offered to give himself up,
but was not taken ir.to custody till the sth.—
He vvaii then committed to Accomac jail to
await the action of the grand jury.
Joseph, ever before, whs known to be peace
able, quiet, and a good citizen. It is sup
posed that both were under the influence of
Attempt at Rape.—We learn byafiiend
that a young negro man attempted to commit
a rape upon a very respectable married lady a
few days since, at or near Hickory Wythe,
Fayette county. The lady gave "the alarm,
and persons came to her rescue, seizing the
negro and detaining him in custody. When
the husband of the lady came, he took his gun
and fired at the negro, but without effect. He
was prevented by those around him from doing
further violence to the negro, but subsequently
another party came up, took the colored wrech
and hung him nearby. The whole affair crea
ted quit an excitement in that peaceful village,
and much sympathy is felt for the lady, upon
vsiiom such a daring outrage had been attempt
ed.—Memphis Express, Sept. 30.
The Governor of Virginia has appointed the
2d of November as (he day of election in Fau
quier county, to supply the vacancy in the
house of Delegates occasioned by the resig
nation of Mr. Kobe t E. Scott.
The Cuban Outrage.— It is said that pre
parations are making in New York to hold a
mass meeting in that city, to express public
opinien on the recent violations of international
law perpetrated by the colonial govenime.it of
Cuba against the American flag.
"Good-by John!"—A late English paper
has the following paragraph: — Died, at Bus
hey, Hertfordshire, <>n his birthday, August
-lth, aged 96, John Smith, formerly a soldier in
the British Army, and as such present at,the
buttle of Bunker's Hill, June 1?, 1775.
Bite from a Mad i)oc.—On Thursday
last a blacksmith, standing, in the door of his
shop, was bitten in the hand by a rnbid dog,
and in order to avoid the terrors of hydropho
bia, he instantly cut off his own hand.—St.
Louis Democrat, Oct. 2.
QUALITY AND STYLE—Country merchant*can
tupply themselves with all if the above articles at
very low rates, by calling at the Drug House of
BKNNETT 6l BEEKS, Main street.
i!U0.000 sup. split and ribbi d I'eicussion Caps
jOO bundles best Violin tarings
Fancy and plain Soaps, in any quantity
Port Metises, Razor Strops, Combs
Yankee Sharing Soap, Shaving Creams, &c. Ac.
An endless stock, suitable for the country trude,
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oc U
FOR BOSTON. —The supe ior fast
schr Fe. u, Capt Smith, i« now te=idy
to receive freight as above, and will sail with all
possible dispatch
For freight or passage apply to
oc j j R RANKIN
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Metropolitan Store, 151 Main street, are now re
ceiving large additions to their stock, to which t v "y
iuvite the attention of .the most critical buye-s -
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Toe Telegraph, Express and steamer Roanoke,
are put in constant requisition to supo v our cus
iomen with everything new and desirable.
or 11
PI.NJiBJ>A( K TfcA.-iOfcaa cueiu, eitfi
r fine flavor, for sale. v , r „
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APPI-ES.— 50 bbls Northern Apples, receiving
for sale by wm
P OIL prime quality and beautiful color, lor sale
by ADIE ii GRAY, 147 Main street,
oc 6
[all tby aud fiords Grass Seed, receiving, for
"*5eY ** 8. McGRI'DEH * SONS.
Wednesday morning, october 13.ihss
T'lu)l™r!L^sV.. U ? Keanon Together.''
Hampton'* Ve Jeiah X. D " 3t derired ,rom
1° d«y we have g*!n * T ! n , ctuPe V I ' r^m <*aj
formed on ourbenf krrL i ' 8 cures per
have a perfect avalanche clt:z " n '- , ' n ' l »*ill we
u«—all all givinri wetht rT" t,OUri "« in U P""
convince the most Arnica Vl" lm °ny . that must
and read for themaelve. xi. . " invlted cal
one of the fir.f^er C a„,ilI h H e r ! ' nter^'' IoW U fr " m
knowthem.it mustcarrve . To thoie who
many .ufferer. to give thf. Tincture"'tdaf- lndUC °
Mes.rs Mortimer'rMow\ A raVl A r^! y 27 vJ e52 -
again to send an order for moilTrf!'' : hare
derlul Hampton's Vegetable J oo 'truly won
ti'«t tried it has sold with ,ut lieffort ana" 'V®*
not »een the first person who has nm t W<? have
benefitted by its use. A gentleman , r ?reatl >'
borhood was induced to try the 'Tinc'hir°?f De,4!h '
lent palpitation of the heart. He hid «Jhl 8 J' 0 "
much (r .m it that he said he had prayed
He had taken but three dwses wh£n 1 Jr *eatQ
he would not take five hundred dollars
' he h«a derived, and that he should never cease
to remember us with gratitude for calling' his at
tention to «o valuable a medicine
7he Whole World, Attention —hear him, ye sick
and do likewise!!
Baltimobe, Feb 9,185-2
Messr* Mortimer Sc Mowbray—Gentlemen: It is
with real pleasure that I am able to attest to the gen
eral healing and curative powers of Dr Hampton's
Vegetable Tincture. Sometime during last Novem
ber I was taken wi'h a very bad and serious cough.
1 was advised to take Cod-Liver Oil, and did so;
but getiing no better, I was induced to try your
Tincture. I got one bottle, and before I had used
it all, my eough left me. Permit me also to state
that, tor the last fifteen yt ars. I have suftijred very
much Irom Acute Rheumatism and Vertigo, con
fining me at times to my bed. 1 am fully convinc
ed that I owe my present good health to the u«e of
the Tincture, and a kinf Providence.
Vou are, my friends, at liberty to use this as you
may think proper; and believe me, yours, very
respectfully, G DUNAN.
N. B.—l can be saen at any time at the Mayor s
office. G. D.
Cure of Cough, Consumption, great Debility.
Baltimore, July G, l^id.
Messrs Mortimer &. Mowbray—Gents: Last Srp
tember 1 was attacked with erysiue a*, Irom which
a dreadful ulcer touted on my right leg. Getting
better of this, last November I took a deep cold,
which ,ed to what ray physician told me was bil
ious p eurisy, which lett me with a constant, deep
ly-seated, and painful cough, having no r.-st day or
night, end constantly throwing up from my lungs
a thick matter. I fc carr.e much emaciated, grow
mg weaker every day, and keeping iny bed the
greater part of >he time. My lrienus thought 1 had
the consumption, and at times 1 was also of the
same opinion. Ai this stage ot my disease,alter hav
ing tried many and various remedies, without sue
cess a friend advised me to try Dr Hampton'sVeget
able Tincture, and I procured me a bottle, which I
now pronounce the greatest medicine lever took.
Before I had taken half the contents of one bottle,
1 felt much improved; and now, having taken but
two bottles, my cough aud pains have entirely left
me, ana lam enabled to attend to business. I can
truly say that, with th>' blessing of God, I have
been restored to the health I now enjoy by the use
of this most invaluable medicine.
Schroeder,|near Saratoga street.
Ilaniptoii , s Vegetable Tincture, by it*
mild action on the Stomach, Liver and the Kid
neys, will cure Dyspepsia, Cough, Asthma, Bron
chiai and Lung Affections, Pams in the Hack, Side
and Breast, Consumption, Scrofula Rheumatism.
Gout, Neuralgia, Fistula. Piles, Bowel Complaints,
Worms, Nervous Debility, with all diseases ari*inj
f rom impure blood, and is the greatest Female Me
dicine ever known.
Call on those having this worderful article for
sale and get pamphlets gratis, and read certiticate»
Irom the best men in the country.
For Cholera Morbus, Cholic, Diarrhoea, and all
diseases incident to the bowels in the summer sea
son, it has no equal.
For sale by O. A. STRECKER, Main street, Rich
mond ; G.B.JONES dc CO., Petersburg, Va;Dr.
COOKE, Fredericksburg; MORTIMER Sc. MOW
BRAY, Baltimore; and by Druggists generally.
Be 13
THE K° r,v > t ake >b e CHERRY PEC
TOUAL on going to bed, and wrap up
) 'JB warm, to sweat during the night.
For a Cold and Cough, take it morn
nit, i.oou, and evening, according to directions on
the bo.tie, et d the difficulty will soon be removed.
None will long sutler from this trouble when they
find it can be so readily cured. Persons alil'cted
with a seated c ugh, which breaks them ot their
rest at right, will tind, by taking the Cherry Pec
toral on going to bed, they may be sure of sound,
unbroken sleep, and consequently refreshing
r< 3t. Great relief trom suffering, and an ultimate
cure is afforded to thousands who arethu3 afflicted,
by this inva'ur ble remedy.
From its Hg.eeable effect in these cases, many
find themselves unwilling to forego its use when
the necessity for it has ceased.
From two eminent Physicians in
Fayetteville, Tenn., April 16th, 1851.
Sir—We have given your Cherry Pectoral au ex
tended trie' in our practice, an i find it to surpass
every other rejot dy we have for curing affections
of the respiratory organ*.
To Singers and Public Speakers this remedy is
invaluable, as by its action on the throat and lu< gs
when taken in small quantities.it removef all hoaise
ness in a lew hours, and wonde lully increases the
power and flexibility ol the voice.
Asthma is generally much relieved, and often
wholly cured by Cherry Pectoral. But there are
some cases so obstinate as to jield entirely t" no
medicine. Cherry Pectoral will cure them, if they
can be cured.
Bronchitis, or irritation of the throat and upper
portion of the lungs, may be cuie 1 by taking Cher
ry Pectoral in small and frequent doses. The un
comfortable oppression is soon relieved.
Rev. Dr. Lansing, of Brooklyn, New York, states :
'■ I have seen tee Cherry Fectjral cure such cases
of Asthma ar.d Bronchitis as If ads me to believe it
can rarely fail to cure those diseases."
For Croup, give an emetic of antimony, tofcefol
lowed by large and frequent doses ol Cherry Pec
toral, until it subdues the disease. If taken in sea
son, it will not fail to cure
Whooping Cough may be broken up and scon
cured by the use of! herry Pectoral.
The Influenza is speedily removed bv this reme
dy. Numerous instances have been noticed where
whole families were prutected from anj serious
consequences, while their neighbors, without the
Cherry Pectoral were suffering from the disease.
From the distinguished Professor of Chemistry and
M»teira Medica, Bowdoin College.
I have 1" und tt.e Cnerry Pectoral, as its ingre
dients show, a powerful remedy for colds, and
coughs, and pu monary disea'es
Brunswick, Me , Feb 5,1817
Dr. VaientiDe Mott. the widely celebrated Professor
of Surgery in tha Medical College, New York
city, says:
" It gives me pleasure to certify the value and ef
ficacy of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral which 1 consider
peeu.:arly adapted to cure diseases of the Throat
ard Lungs."
Cures of severe diseases upen the Lungs have
been effected by Chei ry Pectoral in such extreme
cases as warrant the beiiet that a remedy has at
length been found that can be depended on to care
the Coughs, Colds and Consumption which carry
from our midst thousands every year. It Is indred
a medicine to which the afli.cted can look with «on
tidence for relief, ana they should cot fail to avail
themselves of it.
Prepared by J. C. AYFIR, Chemist, Lowell,Mass.
Sold in Richmond by PL'KCELL, LAI'D A CO ,
and by all the Druggists throughout the ctiy and
State. oc i—c 3m
rrUIE SUBSCRIBER having taken the store
1 corner of 4th and Broad streets, (recently oc
cupied by John F. Reeve, Esq ,) will keep on hand
a lud and well selected assortment ol Orocerles,
to which he invites the attention of his fneads and
the public generally JAMES B. SHELTON.
Having retired from the giocery business, 1 take
great pleasure in recomtueading my saocessar
(James B Sheltoa) to my friends and patron*. I
have known Mr eheltoa long and mttmately, and
fael a strong assurance that la al! buiaw Uanaao
g,l.. «*. UI>I
Srh A^ ED I ' K!>p will be received at I
suffice, Staunton till the l4tbdayof
Grading and Msionry of fifteen
ml™ of the Virgin a Central Rail Road, extending
«* .?' twcnt y mi!e l west of Staunton, to
Panther Oap, a distance of fifteen m les in mile eec
i ,^ r< ' P ; r a '" WiU a! ?° be received for hauling tbe
fr mlf^ S ' g H lkes &e ' a across the mountain
'J,™ Meechum * river, for the read, from the west
side to Staunton, a distance of 15 mile, ; and also
jJ* mi * hlD g Ue8 ' at)ci la s in £ down the .-uper
tie? 6 ' tee P arate b ' ds may be offeie J for the
The ties to be °f White or Post Oak, eight feet
long, hewed on parallel sides to a thickness of six
inches, with . face of not less thw eight inche*
Win mL? n 7°- m tbp othpr Bi,Jes -~ t'foposais
wood r,? EC fcr a brid ? e of 80 feet B P an cf
at wivneil ; hn s tian ' 9 cr eek ; also lor depots
fi he r«H gh , and : taUßt " n - Plan* »ndpro
vember. from the eth to the 14th of No-
Satisfactory references will be required.
By order of the Board.
m™. F • T c °LDEN RUGGLES, C. E.
- tTimeg, Enqmrer and Reuublican. copy 1 oc2
Office of snperlntenden t ~f Streets, /
dkopos*t°-'y, a ' october ~ th - >
1 til w SL b " rpeeivf, d a» :his office un
the JLoTKI ot t h r°,h J hur ! the lUh Inst. tor
street and the river ar? f ''T*' b I T, tween B > rd
street, in " Neil»on'«' pi l r< l m 1 " ran^hn or Arcil
street, and ersoin» f . fIOKJ 6 'h street to 9th
indicated as above stre ets between the points
™„':; "™ b i' b °«
to grade the low places rn." no ™ey be required
will be taken on cuttings alone. ' bowever >
1 he contractor will enter into covenarf n.
city ot Richmond f.r the prompt and faithtul ex'
ecution of tbe work, to be signed within ten days
ht er the date of the awardl, otherwise tne contract
will be consideteda* abandoned.
Payments will be made on monthly estimates
with a reservation of yU per cent, thereof until th"
completion ot the work
oc 6—drt M. BATE?', Snpt. Streets
J AM> tit it »Al,h Zit.AU kit iSAio.-.0.
±-J Ihe subscriber ofiers lor sale a small but a
most excellent FARM, cf about fifty acre?, on the
South side of tbe Wi'liemsburg road, r ear Hindi
man's, twoand a baf moes from the Old Market.
About two-thirds of the Land c eared, ai d a con
siderable part n< w cuiiivat- d as a market garden.
Such is its fertility, adaptation and convenience to
niirket as makes it our of the mostdesirab'e places
for a market gareen ard daiy about the city, and
if properly managed, its coet could be easily made
troin its profits The Building can, with but litt.e
expense, be rer.dercda comfortable residence, with
all necessary c >nvenienc, and a numberof the best
springs of water on the place
Those wishing to purchase wili please call and
examine for themselves.
Tkbms very liberal Apply to Robert Hastings,
on the premises, or to the subscriber.
se 29—dlmw4t SAMUEL HASTINGS.
PUi V A'l'E i' l!.\t 'i-ICt—Dr Pi, HAIL &
CO. may be consulted, confidentially, for the
treatment of the following diseases: Eruptions
Sore Legs, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, or en
largements, Syphilis, and all morbid discharges
whether recent or chronic. Also, all those com
plaints termed female diseases. The advertisers
mvite attention to their chemical extract of Wild
Flowers, which may be regarded as the very best
article known, to give tone and vigor to certaii
abused aud dehilitatedorgans.as well as to renovate
a system shattered by dissipation or other cause.
. Medicines securely put up, with full direction*
and sent to order. Post paid letters promptly at
tended to. Office on Franklin street, below Ex
change Hotel, and first door below Trinity church
Richrrond. Virsrinia fe 9
VEW FALL li OO 1> » A
ll BROTHER, invite the attention ot purchasers
to their large and well assorted Stock of Fall and
Winter Dry Goo'is, recently purchased by them at
the Northern Market* lor cMh, which will be so.d
as cheap, and cheaper, than similar goods are sold
Among the great variety of good bargains which
we are Belling, the following are particularly worih
noticing. as they are worth just double the price we
are eelling them at:—Linen Towels sixpence a
piece, Merrimack Prints, variety of patterns, six
pence the yard; Linen Hdkfs sixpence; Kid Gloves
37J eents; Ribbons, the latest and richest designs;
Needle Work Collars, Cambric and Mushu Rutfliug
and Flouncing, Cambric and Swiss Kd.inggana
Insertings, Worked Hdkfs, Sleeves and Inside
Hdjfs, Moualine de Laine and Cashmere, Merinos
and Alpaccas, in all colors and shades ; Alpaccaand
Cashmere Hose, Irish Linen, Table Napkins, Bird
eye and Table Damask and Diaper, White, Red and
Yellow Flannels; Bed Blankets, Table Covers, be
sides the ususl stock of Domestic Goods, such as
Brown and Bleached Shirtings and Sheetings,
Tickings, Canton Flar ne s, and all of the best Fab
rics, and the lowest prices. A call is respectfully
solicited, at 193 Broad street
N. B —Just received per Kxpress, a most splen
did lot of Black Silk Lace Veils, ol the richest pat
terns, and very cheap. U7—lm
'p \K UNUKKSHiMiU, in returning their
X most grateful thanks to the public lor tne lib
eral patronage they have enjoyed since the exis
tenceol theii establishment ou Broad street, 17y,
beg to inlorm their patrons that they are now re
ceiving their Fall Goods from recent purchases in
New York and Europe, consisting of a more com
plete assortment of Trimmings, Toys and
Fancy <>oo>!», than has hitherto been exhibited
in this place. As it would be too tedious to enu
merate the qusniity of useful as well as lancy arti
cl-s which we oiler lor s*!c at low ca»h prices.
We invite the public, and the Ladies particularly,
to call and examin-; our stock of Good, and e?pe
caily that ot Trimmings, embracing everything in
this line, from the most tr.tlmg Buttons and Gimps,
Et 1, 2, and 3 Cents a yard, up to the richest anu
most lashionable Stik, Velvet, Lace, and Fringe
Trimmings, which can be produced. Zephyr.
Sp it, and Tapestry Worsted, Yarns, Knitting and
Crochet Cotton, I'urse Twist, Silk, Linen, and Cot
ton; Floss, Beads, Patterns, Embroidered Works
Chenille, dtc, dec,in iuli assortment.
Orders from the country carefully attended to.
No change in prices, bnt liberal all'.wancemade,
on Gojus bought for fairs, societies. &c
179 Bread Street, Shockoe Hill,
Next to Messrs Ilarrold &: Murray's Book Store,
se 17—lm'
ekkim;*: —HO hail obis
Farniiy Roe Herrings
50 bbls No 1 Halitax Herrings
SO do No 2 da do
In store and for sale low by A. 3. LEE.
au 10—ts
NOTICE. —AU persons ladebted to tha iatecrm
of PEAKE, BRADLEY Si CO, either by Bond
or open account, are earnestly requested to come
forward and settle th> m, as no longer indulgence
will be givea Tnese accounts are o; long stanefng
and must be settled.
Also, all persons indebted to ns, whose accounts
are due. are requested to settle them speedily. lor
we are determined to have them settled wiiuout
C LOT Hi >ls »TOJifc,l3<
■Main Street, KJchmond, Vn.—The sub
scribers wouid respectfully call ihe aitentioa of the
citizens of Richmond and the surrounding country
to their very arge and w-11 selected stock of Heady
Alade Clothing, consisiing of every sty e and
quality for Fall and Winter wear, all which we gar
rantee to sell low*r than any Guods of the same
quaiity in the city of Richmond We thereiore, in
vite all who wish to obtain a good article at a very
low price, to give us a call.
Als a very large and select stock of gentlemen*'
Furnishing Goods.
se 25-Jrn R. DECOU Si CO
V r OTICE.—by power ot Attorney duly recoru
iv ed in the Hustings Court, 1 have thu day ap
pointed my Son, JAMKS A. SNELL my Agent, to
conduct and transact the Dry Goods business'or
me, and on my account, in the city ot Ricnmoud.
NOTICE. —Ah persons indebted toWM.il
it SNELL, ar« reqaesutd to sake Un n#diate psy
meet la me, . JAJLtsi A. SNELL,
«e »—U AdHinMraMr ol Yim. U. ewe 11
for rent
H no?M'r! t n.-v T^ A KAht CHANCE—UN
Store and House 98 Main si4et ». l . — he
pied b'y L. Hyneman as a ci.jtiuc'z storr^Th^ 5 ?.
a lease on the property th,t has five years t £ ra n "
To any person wishing to engage in b J usme £
an opportunity that very seldom offe-s The*!
cessity of alter ding to affairs in a tar distant nla»
is the only reason tor leaving. For particular.
on the premises, No 98 Mam street. '
L hyneman.
N B—A large and fashionable assortment of Fall
Clothing selling off low. Call soon se 17—1 m *
At No. 69 Mnin Street.
/BTTwa MKS. C. FHII.IP, is nowin receipt
■HBof the l»te3t Fail Fashions, which she ia
now opening at he r new store, to which she
would call the attention of her customers
and the public generally Her assortment is un
usually larte and very beautiful. oc 7 6t
flvvr* -UH.i, K. Ltovs HiLi.i>fctty
BagJKOOMS, Main street, over Word, Frrgus
&. Co—Thankliil to tbe public for the
literal patronage heretofore extended to
her, solicits a continuance, as she has just returned
Irom the North, and is now in receipt of a large and
fasaionab e assortment ot Millinery and Fancy
GooJs. Her stock consists in part of Silk Velvet
and Straw Bonueti; Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers
Plumes; Mourning, Lace and Needle-W rk Col'
lars, Chemiaettea, 4c; Dress and Mantle Trim
mings of every description: Hair Braids, Fronts,
&e. All of which will be sold at wholesale or re
tail. on the most accommodating term*
Milliners, Dresi Makers and others can be sup
piiei with Ladies' and Chile rens' Dress, Cloak
Mantle and VUette patterns of the most fashionable
styles. Dre ses and Mantles made to order. Figured
Siik Dresses for sale. oc f 2w
Li*'i'£.EM UUI.L iKS ii t VVAKI).—Kan
X away lom ir.y preim.-ej, on the night of the
m In?(P t ' , ™ bH . r ' any provocation, my maid,
MARIA, tfhe is a mulatto woman. ot rather dark
complexion, long hair, wears it tucked up. She is
.!*¥* a S®» nt ' M w»l tidy in her appearance,
and ot usual size. No mark, except that her left
eye tooth projects the other taetu a little; carried
, vv "" „ 6eve " 1 r etght frocks and two bonnets,
one a drew oona t end ill- ~tfa»r a long-eared. 1
";' p . a ? '0«»Jovu rewaro it delivered to me, or se
cured u. jail so that I get her again. I learn she
has bti b seen in iti-famond. I J . H PRICE
Hanover, October 4th. li? 02 ' oe f»—ts
Woul »i copsuit your own interest, rtai
tP™ „ l"!T tl6c!te lrum a «ei! kuowu gen
tieman ot th>a city: b
Kichmond, November Ist, ISSO.—To Mrs. A
. I)a^ 6 .'~ U ' " Madam : 1 have u.ed your "tlougl
h.ixir in my tairuly t>r about two years in al
cates ot colds and couth . ; and have, ou vaiiou
occasions, recommended ittotheuseot my friends
and I am happy to =ay that, in every instance, it ha
pen entire satisfaction. Indeed, so habituated
haw I become to its use. in cases of coughs aDd
cicis, that i never think ot recommending anv
other remedy either in my own famUv or to mi
iriends. Yours, ice ,
for sale, wholesale and retail, by BENNETT &-
I) \ ALE, and Airs. A B. DAWS, Main street, Rich
mond . gg 03
'j'O THt LADIHS.-l would pnrticu arly
*- ask a call from the Ladies wishing sometbin"
rrHtly prime, in the style ot Morocco Buskins ancl
Morocco Lace Boots or Goat Buskins and Goat
Lace Boots; also for Mis=< s School and Dress
Walking Shoes, of Morocco and Goat Lace Boots.
These were all made by my direction for my retail
sa'es, and raaj be depended upon ss the best.
Recollect, at me sign < i the Boot, No 43 Main
stree', just below City Hotel, opposite side, at
Bt ' 1! WALSH'S
<fc I (}( ) VI.UO.—Ui e tnousand Likfu»»«B#
v *V/V7j i,ave been taken at OSBORN'S D*.
guerrean Galleries since the reduction i f prices —
And we n w wuh it understood by all thatOsbora
will continue to taxetiiie Light Miniatures is a
neat case lor Remember. tni« is the only p'ace
where Sky Light Miniatures are taken for $1. To
those that think one dollar is too cheap for a good
Likeness, we wuuld only say, call and get a Like
ness worth sor ailO. Remember the place.
• „ , OSBORN'S,
Opposite tne Banks, sign of the American Flag&
oc 7 5
11. IFN I COFFEE PO I*S.—Just received, dire"t
from Europe, another lot ot those truly and justly
celebiated Coffet Pots. For the use ol families we
would recommend them as being preferable to any
thing of the kind ever usi dor invented We have
them in a greater and rr o:e convenient variety of
sizes than we bad btfore, of 1%, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6', 7 and
6 pints. The large cumber we have sold, and the
universal satisfaction they have given, is a convinc
ing proof ol their superiority orer ali others —
Their simplicity of construction is one of the nu
merous advantages; the clearness and strength of
the coffee extracted, and the short space of time in
which tt is made, must render them a most desir
able article for those who drink coffee. We have
sizes suitable for the Bachf lor as well as a large
Family. 'i'bey are manufactured of hne Britannia
Metal, which make them desirable tor table use
finally we would say to those who have not yet
purchased one of "Bean's Patent Coffee Pots," to
do sj without delay, at the House Furnishing Store
o- 8 L. GINTER, 137 Main street
i.'Al.l. .A.>tl OKY UOOUrT:
VA.—l', A. (iWATKIM takes pleas"re in an
nouncing to tee citizens of Richmond and sur
tounding country, that he has tanen the spacious
Wareroom, No 167 Ma n street, opposite the Ex
change Bank and a few doors below the American
Holt., where h has opened « new and splendid
stock of ."tuple ituil Fancy Dry suit
ed :o the Fan and Winter Sales, either at wholesale
or retail. He now has in store a most every article
usual y kept in a Dry Goods Store, all ot which he
expects tc se l much cheaper than the old prices,
a great portion having been purchased at Auction,
ai.d since the late decline in a great many kinds of
printed g< ods. He respectfully and cordially so
ncits a call from ail in w ant of cheap goods, es
jtc ally the Ladies.
occ-lm C A. GWATKIN
SALE.—Tee subscriber is authorized to sell that
most Lot ou the south side ot Franklin
betwf en 3d and 4th streets, on which there suads
a framed dw -lling, now ia :hs occupancy of Mr
Fhom&s Tyrer. The lot liont* leet, runs back
abjut 130 fret to an a ley. The location of this
property is among the most desirable in this city,
tor genteel private residences
ocs—iw WGODDIN. Auct >
Holme a>o lot on imus mill,
1 ns subscriber is authorise.! to sell a newly erected
Brick Dwelling on Union Hiil, near Anbury Chapel,
suitable for a small fimily. If immediate applica
tion be made,a bargain will be g'ven. App.y to
c,c 7 — 6 W. GUDDHI.
Stencil Cutter thankij't ,r past tarora, begs lo
icf jrra !ri«ndi aud tue pub!:c, that for the pre
aeiit he can belouod at hi* je-idence on l»tb street,
btiween Main and Frankliu, whrre h>- will execate
any work u hit line wi:!i Le»tness and d.ipatch.
<u .ur.UICAL. »i i OE.NTrt—MEDICAL
ifcXi' rtOOKS —A MOKKI3. late Drinker £
Morris, U prep»r»d t:< furnish a'udents and the
nudlcal profnaion, with ail lb* Text Books in use
sn the Richmond c'o l-jte; togc'h?r with a general
a*rortraeat of standard Medical v\ orks, at the low
tat prices
riubsciiptions received to all tbe Medical Journals
and U'Tiewr. oe 11 ]
thing rich and well calculated to pl'-ase the mutt
Ustidtou* tobacco che»er. 'I'nia brand ot Tobacco,
put up by Mr. John sle*art Walker, has te-*n tried,
and luund to sustain its reputation. It is neatly pui
up in small boxes of eight plug* each, and aUo re
tailed in small quantities rors-le by
C'l DEK.—3O bbl* new Newark Cider, receiving
> and for sale by
m great reduction in m
JULtHE price Or HATS, CAP* AND ■
BOOTS—ldbuTinir yourHaU and Boot*,«o »
nffat toHead Quarter*, J. H ANTHONY,
Columbian Hotel corner, where Moletkia Hat* of
be*t qua ity are filing at w
second quality "J™
Silk Hat* of the late«t fsabion".".!
Fine CaJtakin *ewed Boott ? w
Together with an a*«ortment of Cloth piuth »nrf
Oil s.ik Caps: Soft Fur and Wool Hat,' Silk GiW
ham and Cotton Imbreila*. at low pn<-«„ **29^
>U w. .nelson aTToTT
-XC. T,^ oad St ' Oypostu HifFR. R. Oepot,
Good. . rec ® lve d their Fall and W'imer
•tjle* The^rfMDectfnu' 6 *' IDO,t f ,rtl ' OD * bl «
cu.tomer* and the public re<,ne,t * Uom thelr
ment offeiij made'^'th '° the ' r su P* ri ® r Msort
bly fail to whicb cannot po«i.
oc 4—3 m * re g a 'd» »tjle and price
of Franklin and 4th u Lot, cor
by Cape RM kPT®".*£."
teet on Franklin and run* backiaofL!' .^ 4
•treet to a 15 foot alley. feet on 4 ' h
For term*, which will" be •ccommodatiog, apply
oc 2 R M BURW *
V rlh — On *nd alter Friday, lit
October, the traiu for Washington will leave the
Depot precisely at 6 o'clock, A. M„ and returning,
will arrive here at 2* o'clock, P. M 8
No change iu the Night Train.
r\ai n • i *1 HOS SHARP, Supoript^nHant•
Office Rich d, Fred'g and P. R R. Co., )
Richmond, Sept. 28,1852 5
S^ aM f ger ! goina Nurth will breakfast at
Mhford Depot, and arrive in Washington at 2 W
M ___ se 28'
• —I have a variety of
lsi ' trinam ''d and untrimmed; also
Ribbons and Flowers suitable for the pre
sent season, which I am disposed to sell at
ery reduced prices, previous to receiving a new
se 20 MRS. SWORDS, 225 Broad street.
— Warranted a ft.to, sure and mild remedy for
I i.es, Pralapsus Ani, and a.l oth**r <1 spasms ottho
rectum. One box*witi convmoo the patient ol its
miid and curative properties
Price 4 oz- one d _>llar. 2 oz. 50**? per box
Prepared by W. HUTCHESON, Amsterdam,
Botetourt County, Va.
For sale In Richmond by Purceil, Ladd & Co,
Dove Si <'o and Adie A: Gray. se 2'J dlv
THD.HAs «fc ( HUtUIS Kl.ljl"s~~ist _ COl
HAVE removed their office to No. 158 Main st —
Entrance on ilth street, two doors above the
Exchange Bnnk, in the room formerly occupied aa
the "Richmond Library."
BeiDg engaged in closing their business, they re
quest ail persons indebted to them to call and setila
their accounts 8e 15_ 2 ra
aiBkKT 1,. V\ tr»T, HuUsE CARPEN
i»-TER AND JOiNER, thankful tor the liberal pa
ronage which he has received during the last live
years, would inform his friends and the public that
he is prepared to undertake BUILDINGS of every
kind on accommodating terms.
Having a practical knowledge of the business, he
hopes, by strict attention to it, to give satisfaction to
alt who may employ him.
Shop oneth, between Grace and Franklin streets,
Richmond. se 13—dtlj
Chun. Hi tlnrre}*. John A. BurjCH,
No. 165, Main Street, (nearly opposite
thk Exchanok Bank,) Richmond, Va.,
WliKKfc! they will thankfully receive and
promptly execute ail work entrusted to
N. B.—Orders from the country respectfully »o
licited. au ;)(J—3m
Olllce Va. Central Hailroatl Company, I
Richmond, September 23rd, 1552. }
IVOTICE.—The 17th Annual Meeting of taa
II Stockholders of the Virginia Central Railroad
Company will be held at Richmond, in the Ex
change Concert Room, on FRIDA V, the 29th Octo
ber, 1552, at 4 o'clock, P. M
se 24—dt«i90 J GARRETT, Secretary.
0011, t OHE A.NU sub
scriber is prepared to furnish WOOD, COKE
or COAL as cheap as can be bought in town.
Yard at Danville Depot—office on Pearl street,
opposite Alhambra Hotel, and immediately under
Messrs Toler ii. Cook. All orders lett Mr P. Wool
folk's Grocery, on Broad street, (lurmerly Ellis')
will be attended immediately.
Lump Coal $3 per load.
IV{ O'l'l (' E.—The undersigned beg leave most ra
il spectlully to intimate to the inhabitants of
Richmond arid its vicinity, that they hare com
menced business on 14th or Pearl street, near
Mayo's Bridge, for the purpose of carrying on Plain
aud Ornamental, House, Sign, Coach and Furni
ture Painting ; al.o, (Gliding, (Hazing, Pa
per flanging and Graining. Thuy pledge
themselves to execute ail work in the neatest,
cheapest and most substantial manner
N. B.—All orders punctually attended to.
Be 21—2 m*
j\l OTICE. —All persons indebted to the late
1 i Jacob Karr, deceased, and the firm of Karr It
Brother, are requested to make payment imme
diately , and all persona having claims Hgaiiist Jacob
Karr individually, are requested topresent the game
to me lor settlement.
Adm r of Jicob Karr, deceased,
oc 4—l2t* 18th at., ad door from Main.
r PitlCEs —J. D. GOODMAN, No 134 Main at.,
opposite Eagle Square, has just received another
supply oi nno Dress and Frock Coats; also a varied
assortment ot iiUsiness Coat*, lancy caesimere Pant*
and merino Vests. They are of choice patterns,
made in ihe best manner arid cut to fit precisely.—
Call ana examine. J D. G., No 134 Main street.
N. to.— tor cash Trucks of every quality and
siz.% at a very small per cent, on co»t oc 4
Ltf'l'l O.N OV Di.l'OT AtifcNTH.—A
resolution of the Board of Directors ci the Vir
ginia Central Kali road Company declares that all
Depot Igenta shall be elected annually. Notice la
now given that on the 14th of October, at Rich
mond, the Board wili make an appointment of
Agents for all depots on the line oi the road, toaerva
durixix the ytar 1853.
E. FONTAINE, President.
Office Va. Central R. K. Co., J
Septemter *7, 185 a. J sa 39— dtl4o
RUUtlt'f t. MHUAUiJLn uiien hu aervl
ces to the citizens of Richmond and the public
generally as a general Collector sf Claima. He
pledges himself to attend atrictly to all buaiaete en
trusted to his care. Ills oflca is in the rear of Mr
James R. euttun'a ottce, ia Law Building, Rich,
mond, Va my 4—6 m*
A The subscriber aoliciu the attention of Tobac
co Manufacturer* to his superior Fresae* and Milla,
of every description. p RAiJM,
Eagle Foundry, Cary below Pearl street.
au 21—6 m
t ACMlSLtttx COLI'O.N ttO*l>M.-«40,UU0
of the above bonds, endorsed by the Virginia
and Tetineaaee Railroad, in bonds ot 91,000 and
$2,000, interest payable semi annually la Lynch
burg. For turther information, call ob % -
C. W. FURCELL * CO., Banker*,
au 24 And Dealers in Kichanee-
AND WAKKA.NT*^—Wo wuh to purchase
100 Land Warrants, for w Bleb the big heat mac.
ket price will lie paid.
Jil C. W. PL'RCELL k. CO.
KFFKK, Mplrt, tilmger, Mace, C
Nutmegs, indigo aad Buioh. tor sale by
ADUKi H'l.NK.I* i® and i-4 caaks, «f
my own imvorutioa juat rwcalvad, forsaie by
•Wtfk BOXKS TIN rLATtI, an aaaort-
JUU mem compriaing nearly all size*, bright
and levied, (or tale by
»# 8. MoGRI'DER * BOM.

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