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the daily dispatch.
fsitf Iron the l'/nins.
St. Lot i«, Oct.!«».—A party arrived yeater
<ja» at Independence, front the Plains—part of
ibrni tiom fsalt Luke, and part from California.
The* S ting no news of importance from
Utah. " P-.isiness was recovering and a biisk
trade springing up.
All «a? ijittet at Fort Laramie. M ajor Fitz
patr-.'k w f daily expected tliere. The goods
tor the Indian? had nut arrived at Laramie and
large haiuis were atr.vin'g there awaiting their
«Swlributio a.
Capiat Thomas ar.d the Pueblo Indiana are
at lnd- !■' tidence aid \\enlpnrt and will leave
fit Santa Fe on the 10th or 12th November.
,v,j t , . t >:crr Malaza Fruit in Boston.
|v >i \ Oct. 11.—'Ilie sales oftbe first csr
go <>: .V ■ ■iegn Fitiit received here, per burk
"Man■ I>k place to-day and brought high
l>ricr.-i. Casks blue marked, brought
6>">; bine . S box-. bunch -1,BO; hall do
S, <i*: 1. _, onarb r drillu*vic; boxes, in layers,
half do 1.11. There were a number
*if puieiiusets from New \ ork.
! Seducer Assassinated.
Mit ,vi MMt, Oct. Li.—Yesterday, a
girl natii! . Ann W heeler allot dead in street a
K.'.n n;>u>ed Lace, who iiad seduced her, and
pui»iiciv boasted oi his villainy in the fcaloons
*iej taverns o! the citv.
Ti-'v Gkkat Isdia Klbbkk Cask.—in the
1 1 , fcj. Circuit Court nt 'l'renton, (N. J ) ori
a motion was made, on behaP
<ii>cd>ear. to attach Horace H. ])ay and John
Helm f.>r contempt, in violutins: the injunction
•f tne Court, lately gr.'inte.l Day, by
cwtinuing to manufacture India rubber goods.
'The parties ore in Court. Da v denies that he
bo * \ sated the ;;.j ••notion, and say n he sold
out «for tJI.-O) "r;is tuauufactory to Ko«rr &
W'vi h• ' New York, by whom the business
jMiiir; <n. 'I iie complaint alleges th-it ti;e
ais; « - rtudulent, whicli Day had denied.
A *o". 't k In vc rn»N or Fake on the
Jmim- — i'hev will soon bet in to pay pasßen
j!cr? : by the various sound routes
from York !<> liofion. at tie present rup
«i rales < reducing fares. The Fall Kiverline,
consist!! ; ol those s;»len iid steamers, the Em
jure iV'i'e Mid Jiav .St:ite. !ms cihi.c down lo
j/; :r c :n passengers and $1 tor deck.—
'i'tie Independent line lias reduced the cabin
h.-c to iji «0, which is the lowest rates vet
J j li n. Andrew J. died suddenly,
ol' . \y, ou tuf i iih ii.-tuut, at Somerset,
I'a. '
UP .L ines I'oiuts, Ksq., i . >S. ?.larsha) for
l.ie v -!• in distiict in Yirginia, died at Staui.-
t r. a:c ,s ,'aysoio.
Z~i : Ai.iiiony C. Cazenove. a venerable and
veil know n citizen of Aiexai.dria, died last
i?6'.urd .
rtFMM-MCM OF ii.ol 1. J.NsI'ECTOR,—We
untieis -.'id lliat Governor Johnson has up
pointed .Mr.Ciiaries F. Stninback, Inspector
©f Flour tor tins ril\. vice Jliclinrd F. Iluiinoi:,
removed. —I'< t< r *bltrsr Kjcprvsx.
Tiie Lu-tiiil llitir 'ionic, for cleans
fc« puritytng, preservation and ,:rowtn i i the Hair,
y retire-: tr. ui the original Front:. reccpts Lv
BENNiiii' A. bE£R£, Drup. ists, No i-'o Slain
'ihi* admirable preparation is a most effectua'
rem. ay lor Bamness m <1 faliinp oft of tiie Hair,
easier ;; 11 sn,vv luxuiiantiy, making it very a, f ,
glossy. ar, b?au?:tiil, and prevents it from turning
l-re;. and .a lie oily article which etfecluaily
t.i riies ;i • he».l ftoui danriiuif.
1 Sis art.ele'has been ot! "e the public for three
ye&. u i increasing demand and high popu
1-' rv wiiico u has attained, ie the jt-it pioef of iu
e£< a?y.
t>„uiuets r,t iaiii's and gentleman in tnis city and
Ticmiiv n ihe coi.sti.ui iiabrt of «,i-3 it t >"their
ent.re r W* eti-.ti. !t na= b .come a necessary ap
pt-iidai. ,o theii t niet.
"s »t 5o cents e--ieh. B» sure to ask for
U,- ,- 'V L.i-ral Ih'r 1 .ii order to
p/rven; ii:i-aats, as lie re art iinitaitons a'jload,
» -it'll would be ast t'J prove injurious if us- -J.
cc 'i—d 1m
ALI M SPRiN!:^.—Tbe.e i'ills aie Uiareiic
Cfttanrtic i'omc and Alterative in their etieots up
tin tin s; stem. They excite the action of the Lit - i
lb u-ttny cases in which Calomel would have no el
t:-*' T.-i- y a also pecuiiariy efficacious in Fe-
Eih.e Dise - si t.
'the vt'.iuderfu! succoss which has attend ad the
w«l tin- Rockbridgi- Alum Water auu Pus lor
m&'..y years, t:. a gr«;at variety of diseases, has ac
eu rea lur it a t- lebrity rarely "t| r er ecoa' to. and
b «:• "iOiiy ii.-r- .-in?. The re. -' eri:.:. i_.'. Li-_ mUts
«! ti." day hart examined tr ■ Water and 1 ... auo
loandtt possessed extraordinary Mecicinai proper
lies, it ha» "jeeii declared by the beat autiiunties
Inb» a cure t- r every lorin <;-• Sjro'. c
L" D'seas-i s an Chronic D.s.-a=- so! the .-;:,.nscb
»s.c ii weis Dyspepsia. Chronic Diseases ol the
P; 't. • u-.ai Ariections, and panicuiaric udi.pt
ei'.oc — **s i.t passive L'terin-- H.jmorr .hJ , com
jh.i.ted with d'.-ra-cement of the J.i-er 1-na .Mo
fc -.-'ii. a-: i manv other disorders arising l'roin iw
fui :ty ■ i the b.o c.
r ,• sr i '■} Diusf2i«s wr.d country rnerchactf
t"- -''a ij ii >ugp.-.iut ti.-e i.'i.'ter 1 t'tatcs.
Price i per vi u, dozi r-
Drai.:«U and oU; - v.is-.nuj to purcaase in
Ur je .. .1 .utitie£ J. ue( ,aj«:Aj' is for the siie ot tb
I. -•'«'? c- '.lated 1.-vi r Piiis. win plea- •n-t rt-hs
P. JOTH ANDhR;-<.jf' i (.'UltlSTi iN
Alum fconn.tl> -*k' C ... Va or
JOHN H \<v; Vi-rJ,
je " <•■ -■■n-i-. ' 1....:..:,
nP Hope and Joy jt> the &flieted.—
CA ;i '. . > r.'.no in .'iiiX 1 i it!., ; rtno rem val
AL' 1 pe ; -lii-el CUfe oi U.l o.si HseS -isiij. 'ToTn i.li
in.- J • : an. «.! I.i BiOtt J, ot habit el th • systeni,
■ i K . s i\vi i.i" jnialii.nl, Olisii- |
a»teCu ki.eous Eruptions Pimples, or Pustules on
tiit i i i' l't* 1.e., ;~i s. t.ir' ,t.c r-ore L', t.s R;n.
WWII ' ititter. Scald Head Enlargement and
}'.■ ■ ■' tioi.es ai.d J in:* i
hji il.l . l)i- 111 , LuM j«gi, ,v- ,1 U i; .
a ■, a ty.ni an . lie ,1c u.-e il
Ee.-c. y. i\| st;. ; in.prjj- ice in iti
it ii v .vc. ,1- d.-.e-ti m.o i'ysp psia, Neu
""• ' "no ervi.ua Dei: uy.'Pa p'itadon <.1
It-t iii ai; Liv» < omp: in. rod inllaniin,hd: in
tat.. jr : l.aL ■ - ■ i mplex on - n
*~ u -f ■" nabits, a d such asaredemiitaied ky thos
•tetmc i ii- which females a-e liable to, are re
ti .-:eu ... to.;- ■< ' ■ abo tie t tw .. t. t-ioom jtnd
Tigor. BEhNr Ji i BEEUs. Drucidsts,
(letierhl Agents and Pinpiietots.
I, N" ItiO Main .ree: P.icbnioad, Va
.Hmw Test).nMjr.- For the
' r '» l ' l,s v*lunt<i« Meo:< iu»- vre ar<j «t ii:>» riv
_i' tes, t„ io|,owing tentiemer, well known iL
r." - '■ n. l.u.'K tj-mniy in u e 10... .
L Ult •" t " ,iru ' '' Jl I'linker ,i!
- Cecity U„.
»hontrw,r.,n;l^' Ui n "" ,y l ah of
■ * '■ " • txuacy ou uu hi-hlvc ,
**' per..Uon on otheru ' or tetu
to bM tnoreeu'estban a ii .a„,
ar;; ".z:.
li. i i nn,.hl. • t . 11 01 "'i-'- 1 ' «il
'' oc 7—elm
I* toimt i»'t»i sa) .Z77T s
memory i.au JoVe
Ooiogce. u ismaii,., »nd wni out ~u ' l ' Sl P"« i: e
•s* h . praise tl.ruuiih Jl Z^VT mla
' • ,u " " t " J «"r "•nlei.ce üb( fore u- v
iieni e <.»,-i.injc, WMiontiag, de i- lau
•ml de til ui 11 our i.atai l»ou.ti.»
joii v»iin to ol the qu„,itie, 0 t the niet
ibe I >>*e, or tr.c j»s. h ni ie, just »t e n into
C.iynur Wood's, a> d a»t f,r a bottle f their
D'iir«ay Tl. r- '« notimg iik- it. VVbileit wi .
five .-'('J all'ii fiajroi.c fine part rrc, it will
«y languor, revive low spirits, cure he d
scne. Aie. i<ii.l ies, »iu dot s not love a swe t
Wuj ■ .'. id what lady doe* not love a sweet gen
Hewn f Con e Uien, indies, be sweet- Beau*, b
ditio icosvsbut little, and may probt yju much
GTOft A.UALJj .XU I £8 bought
CITY HOTEL.—L M Spratley. Isle cf Wight; J
Walker, jr. Madison; Mrs J M Theodore, Mist
Theodore and D G Thomas, J L
Sinn Spottsylvania; H G Smith, Hanover; A An
derson, Pittsylvania; Wm £ Smith. Chesterfield; K
K Hundley, Hanover; J Gooci, C G \V Ilkiuson arid
J 11 Moody, Chesterfield; I* liar iaonaad B B Botts,
Richinona; M Seligtnan, Philadelphia; I' Cunning
ham and R K Murston, Wanhington; J Hamilton,
via; J Bur?a, Charleston; E T Wins'cw. Richmond;
J N Baltimore: W Tinaley,. Ky; E Light
toot. Nor talk; W K Henderson, N C; J £1 Osborne
and family. Philadelphia; H K Martha'! and M E
Burcon. N \ ; L G Stewart, Goochland; J H llnr
wood, V'a.
EXCHANGE HOTEL.—FSK yatjii lady.Bslti
more; J i- rheppard, N O; Win 1! Harmon, Ami-.
:ia; J M hirkpntrick, Powhatan: H Hudna'.l, Cnes
tori I .i Harsbraugb, Orange C H; L B Novell,
i'rince Wm; J Boeke, N Y; R E <'hac Miss; AM
Mills, Ala; )•■ W Dana. Boston; I. M Coloian, Han
over; WGRj-Bn, Vh; LTunk. NY; T Ashi-y and
Mrs Lauren, child and servant, Sf; S W J-icklin.
Charlottesville; <i Dobbins. Nelson; Judue G ii
Lee, Clarksburg; W 1! Meriwether. T< xaa; A C»
ron, Philadelphia; J B Pond, San Francisco; Miss
Polid N* work; l)r A G Jones. New Kent.
A MEKICAN HOTEL —Mr Jones and 1 .mily, Mr
Smil.T. Mr Will, w and J A Jederson, Petersburg;
P H Aylett, King Wm; W T Joynei>, Petersburg;
UPHoleman, Fluvanna; C W'ukie, Kv; J Bo s
teiu, J KRoJ.crtson.ladv ar.d niece, Petersburg;
i. c Taylor and J Fi nwick, Wi mington; C rav
man and lad v. Raleigh; M Seldrn, Surrj; C A
Wwatkiu and lady. Richmond
CUU'Mi-I IN HOTEL.—Chrs E Clark, Prince
Kdw .i I; <" Nucke'ls, Grayson; Geo S Armstrong,
ft and Ii K it; ti Dnffield, Newark, J»el; Wm M
Mi.t.i v, ti II Mesley, T L Brown. A Baldwin; Buck-
Wm R Cocke, Powhatan; Maj A S Wool-
.ii i.i 1 , .Midlothian; Tims 1) Shelton. A'a; J Smith,
W Shelton, Bedford; W G Mallen, W Sondler. Co
iumbia; W B Hobson. Cumberland; .1 T Walker,
ouekinirhann; ti W \ R-'inc, Wm H Ha.!, Lynch
iiurb; A t' Uunter, W K GritSn, Columbia, S C; E
Ber.love, Saiem. N C; H W Lubheck. Miss E J
ili bbs, Peiersburi:: J J Flournoy, Powhatan; J E
Smiicy, N-1 on; Mr James, Goochland; VV Alpbtn,
Win Hui 1 , Dr Wilkeraoo, Rockbridge; E W
King, T.-rin; K A I.ueley, W C Lynn, Danville; S
W Acton. L' ban >ii, Vs; P 11 Shelton, Me; T M
iuiktWright, Appomattox cc; .1 W Palmer, Augusta
c , "a
MA !i INE NK Wb.
i'OilT (!K iMCII >I<)ND.
AUKTY t.iii
.->. hr (Jalb'gu, Nelson. New Yoik, muse to D Cur
Schr Lewi; Clarke, fcirk New York, cod.
fveauvr Teal, Philadelphia, nidse, ice,
1! Rankin.
J nailed t > tne new series ol School Boons pub
lii-hed in (ieorpia. 'j.ii< =e Bo .ks aic edited, printed
-.ad bound a: tne touto, and ouiht to receive the
patronage ol r.li teacLeis tela side ol Mason's and
Dixon's Line.
'Hi" Apdachian Piiwrer, consist in? of progres
sive ! -sons ii, words ol one or two syllables.
Apamebi «u .No I, consisting of easy les
sons in reading ai d exercises !u spelling.'.
Apalachiin Reader, Xj2, consisting of easy I»'S
sens in i nJug, with questions and spelling lessons
.-ip!.::ich;mi Kradi'r, fio 3, containing appropriate
1«-.- • :i- in r> adm_', exercises i.i enunciation, pause,
miletiori »! ii emphasis, %vith spelling lessons, ue
tiniliou aed pronunciation.
History ut the U. States of America, from its nia
C"iv ly to the piesei.t time, iacludin.- the discovery
kiiU cat!y history ol Louisiana «nd X'exas.
The. Southein Orator, consisting ot elements of
elocution and seleedms suitable for declamation
and i c.tatii La lioui eminent tioutueru orators and
w: iters.
!.'op> s given to tcacbcrs fur examination; fjr
gai< . u iiolt fiui-: aiiii 10Lcii 1, Lv
oc 15 J. \V. RANDOLPH.
UlittVAft'r'f Iti.O'l'lll.SK.-Wc have i.ow
tj onbai dalaige assortment of Servants Cloth
ing and ev.oy style ot cheap durable go>.US wcich
we will seilat the very lowest prices.
oc I'l N > It tt Main tiro t corner "41h.
i UlOiC K 51A !> nILi A VVI :i!.. A small ii
v> voice '•Tliita" and ' Navy' Wiee, selected in
Mad ;ra by agentieman ol tn.s city, fjr sale by
oe 13 K. M. BUR ION
j s A>: i.l f.tM i FANT-.—ileavy
lIS English, French auu Americau Fancy Cass.
Paiitu, biack Doe.-k.il do, Wool Veiv;-'. and cut Vel
vet Ves i, black anl laiicy si k do, iargu a.-sot Uueut,
at No Ha Main street.
oe M K!•:i:r-' KS A I, \ldvvjm.
7m t'Fttst. I filAFl.Mi OiS i< !>,
V' < IV.-' i'Kli cTEVv Lit.-, ac.—A large asoortm ot
ol the above, lii-ide ol lice Ktiglish Biuci-c i m, vary
ing in siii'- 10 to -2 inches, eooie enlirt:;; r;■ .v
slyii s, to be had at (iINTER'S,
oe 14 ItS7 Main stre?;.
O 'lAi.l, .Mll'£S.— We are iaaing tu excn.-nye
0 lor geods, tee n l> s of the Farian-i' mid Me -
chants' Bank, and the Mecbasics' iiatik o! Wash
ii!i.'t n Ciry
1 »I.\> i.N • Ujf;> r MeAi .s, V-L'
V 7 etable 1) iißuckwheat Cake Dish-is, Tea
and ' ft-" I. i-j.a. Water hi «!••$, ice can :> i „«1 iu
gre ,: var.i-ty at ;uu Ilnu»e I'urnis-hicg Store ot
' : * L JilNTEll. it>7 Main str, et.
'i'AH-ity .ih'i, "5. i?. Noriis.—
cV j ;u- -1 'uccssfu. remeuv now in Uv: lor the
' tii"' ni Incipient Consumption, .tr mcbitis. Asthma,
C o .. . oe ilir j.it, oiseisr jot the Liver and
hid .- yn. King's Evil, Tetter, Dyspepsia, ice.
ii ; ii. ic.'ic h-K niw gHtt.i-a a reputation in
?•.;* • m n'.y, that p-t'c'ud-s the necesiitv ii
pi . ..iu 'e• ■ riiti■ •-■ e- ih'ouja t• • pu': 'ic u'i»i*.•§-
'i ••• -u (ertr>ij :• m i lly i'T the above oi.>=a»e-,
are ~ v ili dto ead on t.,:■ 1 til ,[ ?), IHp t!n f j,., t
c i.taining recoiniiiendatious and certiticat* sot
cur- .
ar H.-w .: ( oi counterleits. The genuine arti
cle Is J• r sale ;,y
V HUKTi.-N KK U.'P, 'JI stieet,
' Agent tor liiciiii - no and
oc o <{v>R-*ra! A. r Ka..; : Virginia.
It BuU'l'g,SlH)K» I THt'>K!»i _
f| c.-wu'r.T )'..v 4-. *ub ®Bss£s&
- ■! most ffspi'ctiu'iy c.oi >L> ■
tentioa «i tiu public to tiialargQ stock ot the
abort p joda, fresh Iruoi ih#muiufutarcrt, embra
r ' • !ij ;r-trl - to:iows : (if-iuleuien's Flue ('nil Ij
,: 'e.t» -'-v. u r . _j. u ; .1) W >.[!- pr..i l" <i i ; i; ,
S ■(• Wa'i ipio i -o : Ju. CVI aud I'dt- nt I_< i; • :
■ 0• 1 IJii&s I*<j a, 6 1 »s ■ 0 hail pe^-
!>'•' ; I. eh. - \i • :-;r I'.-.- to, a'.i e 'lors hi>J qu.iiitie* ;
ii. vf'i-u . ! d ,ni i'.i ts, 11i.;-'J-'i'tr , iiu-kui (i*r.r-,
;do White Hid «>iH Salin Slippers; <i Black
'<) n» r., t,\ i hid ppt-ra, ai! qu<iil!.H . d - > Mv>n.> -
HI. i ijCrll Wii.lilll.' Sho.'g, 1)1 Mil til-t.io. rib I
Miat-(J-.i-t-r BooU, Bootees Bunkior. Slip
i .Ch-.-JMi'e Waiters a:ii Shoes of every
di sr: iprioii ; rii.y.- and YuUtiiS* Chi£ and K:p Bmo'.b
' 11 t" , , . \-.it'.s buo'B and 1"li:a, various
kinrts. t ■, mention ; also 'l'ruv ling aiid
i'rtck.iiii" 1 runks. t. uibreilas and Cs'p't iJhi:*
<>e 16 67 Main street, Klchrc'.nH
v, I i'feltloii I'lAMi FtlitTr .'s AN!) fciri-
k ~ TIf»S—NASH A WOouHOU.-fc bav-jonthe
way in r** su. t rior I'iario Fortt fi, !ri>m J Ciiicker
>i*- ■» ; ; Adatn stodart & Co. and John B. Uuu
haro. New York
1 hey have lately received a splendid s.sjriment
;.! Gu:;ar» trim that celebrates maker, Martin ; a.
*«, superior ftiicgs lor lite Ciuitar ai d Violin cm
be obtained hum
" c *** Kaiiie Squ-re
I ' KfcAT I »i PitlH KUKVr IN
I'tM-NASH 4' V.'OODHOI'SK have been
appuinti d snip ateiits i/: ft is • uy, the a« eof the
i a ei.i Gutta p. rcha Coated wih Pluina
feints Tne»r pens wrile well and U«t iou t ei th»u
ai y o her pens luanufaciuicj. Brie.: io cents
p-1 di;Z-n oi >4 p ß r gro»a „ c jfj
&BBS* VALU ' I°l runkT,
T. 1\ 1.-.Carprt 1U.3 Ac—Haviiu
it- u
fytr Lh T:' Morocc,j h«.C ", r : d
of 'i. M u'«" OOU hIIU hhlJ "' ttud " lar «« a»Kjrtuient
.ii^ 0 ° ! ' hu *«low City Hotel, oppotitu
K U **"•« »>. yard n»;
■I all Mi'lttOr'ULlTAN tiiOHE.
-1 PORA I ION BCNDS—The subscribers have
for sale $40,000 ot' Lynchburg Corporation Bonds
The Corporation of Lynchburg, previous to issuing
these bonds, owed the small debt ot 810s! 000, one
halt of which was lor her waterworks, which are a
source of revenue paying now, besides the expenses
of their operations, about five per cent, upon their
cost, into the sinking lund of the town treasury —
The Other half of ibis debt is for the town s sub
scription to the James Rivet aud Kanawha Canal;
the stock in which, although very low, will u.Uuiate
!y 111 the'byuchburg and Tern e.eee road the town
of l.yr.ehburg has assumed *500,'100 « 1 bonds : but
she is a bona tide subscriber tor only about 8.490,-
000 For the reinaiuing &-'lu,olio sno Stands ill the
relation of lender or endorser tor the c impany. and
whenever the road n»'t« tairiv into operation st,e
wribe relieved lrcm paying at Last the interest up
on this B*lo, COO. .
The improvement 18 one ol the greatest in tne
whole South, a- well in the commercial advantages
which it will h .ve as for its magnitude , and there
ran scaio ly be a doubt induced that it will p »y a
ten per a nt. dividend lort ie payment of the in
terest upon these bonds, as well as the ultimate pay
ment ot the principal, the whole red estate within
limits ot the the corporation, public and private, is
plu gti
i.ut there i 6 a feature iu the nrw charter of the
town which gives additional assurance to all who
may become the poesessers ot her securities. It is
provided that, besides the obligation to pny the an
nually accruing interest on her public liabilities, she
sliali levy, collect aud set apart our per cent, upon
the principal as a sinking lund. to be applied to the
ultimate payment ol the public debt. This sinking
1 ed, in a short space of lime, already reaches 83.-
(jUO, and as it increases will be invest) d iu interest
paying funds ; so that it will be multiplied in amount
as rapidly as possible.
The bonds of this town offer to the capitalist a favo
rable oppertunny !or a safe and judicious invest
ment. Ihe high premium upon State stock causi s
en ir.quiiy for seeuiities at lower prices, and we re
gard toose of Lynchburg as among the very best
now offered. That town includes within its sphere
one ol the most populous and productive countries
in the whole South. It is the eastern terminus of
the great Virginia and Tennessee Riilroad, where
ttat improvement strikes the James River and Ka
nawha Canal. The tobacco trade and manufacture
has been one of the chiet sources of that commer
cial prosperity which bus made Lynchburg one of
the wealthiest inland towns in the Uni in. Tb» re
isharoly another thatcm show, as the can. a thou
sand dollars for each inhabitant within her corpo
rate lines, fhere is a permanency in her commer
cial position, a firmness and solidity iu tne loumla
ti jns of her commercial prosperity which prohibit
any doubt whatever as to her steaaiiy growing and
improvirg career.
'1 hese bends have coupons attached. Any fur
ther information that iiidj- be defiled with regard
to them, will Lc given on application to the subscri
be! s, in person or by letter
oc 14 C. W. PURCELL CO.
in Henrico County Court, Oct. 4i, J?v3'J.
fjl 21 tfi Justices of this Court having been summon
i <d to attend on this day to determine whether
or no the 33rd section of the 19jjth chapter ot the
Code of Virginia, winch prescribes tnet ''if a fr« e
negro shall sell or barter, or < tier for saie or barter
any agricultural products without having a certiri
cate in writing from on - respectable white person
of the counry or neighooici ou, t t his beiiet ttiat tie
raised or otnerwi-e cam" honestly by tne same,
such products shall be lotfeited una the ne-ro pun
i h d vvitn stripes, and that any white pel ton w'uo
shall purchase or receive in trade agricultural pro
ducts of a free negro who has not 61' eh certiri cate,
shall be guilty < f a misdemeanor.'' shall be in f.jrce
10 thecojir.y of lienric'. Tne Court this day pro
ceeded to consider the same, and it is the unanimous
opinion ol the Court thai tne section aforesaid shall
bein fore in thecounty cf Hi nrico and the same
i torde ed accordingly. And it is further ordered
that tills order be published twice u week tor one
month, ia the Daily Dispatch and Richmond Daily
Enuri rer
By a subsequeut order of the County Court of
Henrico, entered on the sill October, iBo-.it whs di
iect d that the section mentioned in the preceJing
order, should not take effect iu sail county until
ti" 6■.h day <f November nest.
2wim JAMEr* ELLFTT, C. H. C
| L.>2BEK, iiUiSUiiiit.—ln addition to our
I-i teneral assortment i t seasoned VViiite fine
Lumber, we have, in our yard, over 3SO.OUU feet of
seasoned White link sui<l iiiiitoii Wood
Boards, suitable for tooacco bores, purchasers
wouid do weli to apply to us, either personally or
by letter buloie purchasing elsewhere.
ee 13—2'-iw3m Port !> ;:osi'e,
"5/ i <«.-!' Ttl(H,re',> U t< I Vi. A.J.I* it UEii
A * rtAlis HEST PERUVTAi»i GUANO, received
and for sa • by
~<■ . ?TZFL. i.7mV• ~iTta>e
INeUR. NC'L— The Rtninioi.d l ire
11* .fiat:. 1 lire now preoan ;to i»3U«
"" —policie? ol iusuru'iep en ibe above cle
sc.-.: 11 oil of ni:ks on as terms as acy
simtißr company, and respe.-t:ui!j a.; 1 ; a share el
the patronage 01 tne public. Application.! '.'. ill t t
received at the oflice, No &£{, corn -i of >lam uvc
bth streets, where thaotliceis will cheerluily titl.
nisti all iiiformadon that may be required, tli
toaias prompi'vand literally adjuuted.
JAMEti BOSHER, Presldeul.
John H. Bo'thkb, .Secretary. aih 17
fWfllil.Y Nli\V FAl,fj (itltlbf.— VV.J.
1j SWOKIJS.most reapeciinl.'y intorms the La
dies oi Kichniond and its vicinity tl'.it i.e ii now '
ceiv.ng n lipiend'.d ass rtinent i f ])i ets • ,i>ods a.i of
ti." lairst . tvl« s. s-. 1> ct? d ;it:r»t>itH>y in New York,
with the greatest care, so us to cave beauty of
tty V coukmuvd with ecoi.i-my in piices.and solicits
a call from iiis ;iii ds. with '.* tuat
st»>i and pi ices will be s tislac-m y. a- i have
mad • ' my particular ! uti • .. to get stood articles
tliat wi.i please my customers, at the ' -.v.-st priors.
WM J. ti'-Vt;Uiits,
oc 11 'ii'-i str -e*. Ir n A .u:) : Frame.
OTJ i' li
TO La ')! Rrf AM) (i !1N Tl-ii ' l KM,
fg. Tuat 1 i'ave no-.', it) band, the *
and Iwet assor'en-nt <•:
'.li,oix iai >,ni toi d q<i:..u>. ever
otic re i in ties cit-v ; selected by myself ex
pre-. !••!• ret :!,;. oi my own matiuiaetureniid
ttn-b' j; Phi; lit .p 1 A ii!..:-?. my a sort
ment -.un oe found Eometbing extra, to which I
would e-'ost res pec'fuily call the attetiti m of all in
want, as they w.:! be .-.,! d k-w. by
Mai.tffitCtu• «"t* liV.ii de*it*r in .fs.
'i i units. CBi t ,et lls.'s Y-e rr-i 6c,
e»2 i<>> -.-J,! fi -.mt-i t. i 'ci niouo, Va.
fa | i!{ } «l«0 ie thousandit ■e«
X«\/v/j have j«n : . tea at OsBOKN S Di<
guerrean Ganeiies since the reduction • f price*.—
And wo n \v wi: ii it nnriei itoo j jy ab i . at Ost ora
w:i: contiaue to la te !i .e i.ijht Miuiaturra in a
n«*t ease, ior $i ltemt-mber. ibis is the on!y place
w*ier» Sky Liaht MimatUK-j a'» '. .ken t,r oi. To
those that thins on" d>'! lai is too c. eap f>r a good
Li:-.eness, Wt* woiiUi o.i y say, cai! and a Lik-. -
cess woitii ."> or r»;U. Remember tne place.
Opvcsitethe Banks, t'jrj tii.> Ameticaa Flats.
oc 7
V (ITK'K. — F; m au l : l'tet O r'ober ritti, tne
i v d -y ior powoi r over the lilch
mond and l)at;vi:le HdUosu, will bo changed fro.n
Monday to \Vi doe.sday, (;he toll on I'owder ieia
been reduced to 25 cents per kejjo! 25 lbs.) "Parties
intending to s-nd powder v/ii pluase tiotiiytbe
Freight Agent the day beforehand.
Sup't Transportation, R. & 1). It. R.
oc ll—2w
'TTo coi vrtty ami ( ity okai.hKs.
X Ihe subscriber begs icave to inform his city
and country Iriende, ttiat ha is »ti I receiving by
steamer ail kinds ot Goods in his line, which he ot
ters at wholesale or retail, on reasonable t-rina.—
Th'-following articles comprise a part of his as-
50 boxes Layer Raisins, tiesh acd line
75 hall do do do Uo
25 boxes Preserved Ginger
JO cssks dry Currants
20 dozen assorted Picklea—ga'loc, ca.f gallon,
quirts and pints
uOOO lbs eoit and tiard snelled Aimotids
10 bans Pslrn Nu.s
5 bags Filbt ils
50,000 Cigais—lroin prime quality ti low price
A great variety of Fancy Candy always on hand,
with a large assortment ol Fancy Articles and man)
other Goods too tedious to enumoiate in store and
for sale by JUAN PIZZINI,
oc 4 N" IM. next to Kxtkuus Hank
JVTtjTlt K.—All persons indented toVVM.H
At SNFLL, are requested to make immediate pay
meuttome. JAMES A. SNELL,
■*e 27—ts Administrator ol Win H. Sneil
WAM'KI) —ror tne Onianue of tne year, a
Colored Murae, cf good character, for
whom, tue.highest price will be given. Apply at
this office. oc 8
' 1 111 l£ .H«»r i'HAOKDn\K V ,UIS
Jl. Farrell'a Celebrated Arabian Un-
Iment.—The beautiful and fertile region skirting
the desert of A rabin. abounds with rare plant* ana
odorous wood", wUence are procured those aro
matic gums and balsams of which this Liniment is
composed,and by whose stinuiating, unctuous and
penetrating properties it is, whu applied, diffused
thiough the whole nervous system, allaying the
most intense pam in a few minutes. Try it, when
you will be convinced that no preparation possess
es in so high ad gree, its perfect anodyne qualities
Ice action ii prom;»t and effective. It penetrates the
flesh to the bone, relaxes c mtracted cotds, r'-sto
ring use to the limbs paralysed for years, and where
the flesh has waited away, 1» aving not'dng but sltsn
and "none, excites a healthy fiction, c .using new
flesh to grow out and till up the shrivelled parts.
It restored the synovial fluid or joint water, and this
is the r- ason why it ha« bei n to successful in ois
eases of (be joints In aff ctions of the Spine, Liver,
Lunes and Kidneys, tbu great remedy stands be
fore any othpr ever produced For ague cake, or
enlargement of the spleen, it is a specific For any
internal inflammation, you will tir.d it gives great ie
-1 ief. It has uoequal in the world for Uileum-tisin,
alsocrainps, Bwelling, numbness, w >«kj >nts,Spine
and Chest, pains, wounds, chilblains, burns, sore
throat, oites of insects and reptiles, salt rheum,
waits, corns, mange, and indee i nearly ail diseases
which require an external application, and mojiy
others, are greatly benefitted by it. It is used tx
ternaily with great success in g itre, or swelled
n> ck, Scrofula, or Hint's Evil Liver Complaint,
nervous diseases, &c. Tor Horses cr Catt'e, it is as
effectual as in diseases of man. Will cure any
ease of Sweeney in existence; also, Spavin, Splint,
Ringbone, Big Head, Fistula, farcy, Poll Evil,
Windfalls St ains Bruises, &c.
Look Out for Counterfeit*!.
The public are cautioned against ano hr coun
terft it, which has lately made its appearance, ca 1-
ed VV. B. Farrell's Arabian Liniment, the most dare
gerouf ol all the counterieits, because his having
ihe name ot Farrell, many will buy it in good taith,
without the kuowledge tii--t a counterfeit exists, and
th> y will perhaps onl/ discover their error wh-n
the spurious mixture has wrought its evii effects
The genuine article is manufactured only by 11.
G. Fa~iell, sole inventor and proprietor, and whol- -
sale Druggist, No 17, Main street, Peoria, Illinois, to
whom ail applications lor Agencies must be td
dressed. te sure you get it with the letters II G
before Farrell's, thuii—li. G FARRELL'S—and his
signature on the wrapper, ait otnera are counter
l or sale in Richmond by Pu'RCELL, LAUD &
CO , Main street, and by regularly authorized
Agents throughout the United S.ate-.
Price 2j and ob cento, and $>t per Bottls.
Agents wanted ir. evsiy town, village and hamlet
in tne United states, in which or.e is not uheady
established. Address fi G. i arreil as abovp, ac
cornpanied with good refoienceas to character, re
extensibility. A c oe 7—dliriitfit
Ifl BuOOU PURIFIER. —This great discovery is
bringing health and happiness to thousands. Kheu
niatiaru c*n be cured More titan one thousand
cases of Chronic Rheurn&ti m (ot tie- worst form
oi this dreadful disease) have been cuted perma
nently, during the past year by tne use ot a few
bottles of this compound. Letters ai d certificates
are daily being received from patties of high stand
ing, many of wuoni bitve been Clippies lor years,
from the ntl-cts ot this hitherto incurable disease
but who now atiirui that tney are sound and weli,
made so by tie use ot the treat r»ni< dy, which is
a vegetable spiiit—an internal r medy— prepared 1 >r
this one disease atone, and this it Kill cure in every
cure, either it.Criminatory, (acute.) or cnrunic form.
Testimony of the most undoubted character wnl
be cin erlully submitted to the inspection oi all who
may feel siitticient.y inter- sted to caii on the proprt
cols, at their Central Office, iVo. 1, Barciay street,
Astor House, New York One oottle >o, three dot
tles fIU.
riole Agents ior Richmond.
Proprietors, N. Y.
Chronic ICfceuniiUism 0f145 years Standing
"Bear date'.Vo, 1:1., Jan Ist.
Titos. R sfaundere, merchant, writer :
•'i have been the subject of severe affliction from
tne rheumatism tor more ttun twenty five years.
1 had vtailed southern c. tines, and at ditf-rent times
pieced myself under the treatment t f many em:-
i out physician- ; but every expedient laited. At
lenytti 1 tri- d •Alortiinore'a R.-eumat-c Compound,'
and :t cured tne eSectuxiiy.
oc 1:2 TaOS R SAI.'NDERi?."
iKH iUiA.v*. itl.ll HiNiS i'Ou
ll ING \.l) OiiE.— n-esntlv p?. '-rit ■< ia ihis
country and Lur .pe.—'ibese Maui iue», by their
simplicity > 1 construction, their curability, tr.e un
douoteu principles upon wmeh th< y opt;rate, tiioi
i ileeiive operation and result, aiejusi.y out.tied t »
tiie consideration of h!I parties e: L'»u>-d iu Crush
ing, Grinding. >u d Pulverising <iold Ore. aui all
uther ores or mineral substances. Tiiey w..rs and
deliver wet o: dry as may ue n quire ;, and car. Le
worked bj steam, water, or h.use power, and whin
pul -ertsirg g' bearing ore or qu »-. iz, pa' ueu.arly
whoa niuen sulphurate ot iron lo f..t:nd with the
ore The peifcct manner in which lib ll.e material
passim. mruugti the machine is gtaneiat-d, neepi> g
the to.d pe- Kelly bright, liuiu 15 to HO per cent
more gold i» produced than by any other process
known. M-iciilees, vritii th,: i'ii*ht to jr-e them,
cap .be of rising to a rim: powder 3JU pouuos
p, r In.ur are sold at i ,000— those pulverising one
ton per hour at &.50U—and those pulverising two
tons per hourat ■ti-.uO'J, de.ivt rej ;a M- *v York
JTo mine, c who aie not pt to purer:a: ,
th.- machines wi.i be lurmshed, and rent-.d on the
follow te. 1 ins, vu :
A icachim- to pulverise UHW pounds per h >ur,
i'oJ J—per j e u ,
" '• one ton " t- u
" " two tons " a-15) ■'
A competent person wi.i be provided to erect the
macnine. at me t xpeaee oi the Jessce
Machines are at wurK in fiew York, aed at thfl
Tellui euto Gold mine if Commodore Stockton,
Fjli'.ainia Count,. Ya.
Application i.i ; fy oe made *o Wiiliam R.
Ki«q , Ofct.ii-1-viiii-, Spotsylvania County, Ya., „r :■>
Mr. John (« I." u.i'v, ag• tot Commodore fctjok
tons in.j-a, iio.vu- '• iii •, t luvunna Co., Ya,
l or iurther p«ti*.i'-u'u s adiii>.M-
L. A. J. ):L-S ~INII & CO.,
oc 12 —lm 32 C.iti st:. .< V.
a.\ KI) W A UK.—W. ct i:. ..V ».,7.
I!> Pearl Street, od=r f»r sale, of direct
li:ipl'lat! li, anil Amoi lean n: . u.aetu: —
JOOO dozen Table Knivts unci lurks, every vu
2UCO dozen Pea a d Pocket Knirea, every v iety
100 do Racers oi Rodgers, Wade ,t Batch
er. Had 'A ostetiholm's m.inuiacture
200 dozen ccissors a.d a -tre, verioui csus'i
2DOO p«-r straight nnd lir.a twitted liak Trace
Chit us
500 doz fa;', Chest, C"< .t, aud 1. Lol'uS, as
s.ao d
109 dozen Stock Locks, atried afzes
50 do J:im, Kuob and .Moitice Lucks, with
I'.rHSS, Wi:m'and Mineral Kuhjs
2iX) dozen It Avlai.i! s, A:c': / and otoer
j-pades and fthov. is
50 dozen Hay an-J Manure For'ts
300 eu Cu ij- Colitis, ot a.'l q.i»l!t r "S
auo uo Axes oi C Sim
Tncn'», atid other's manufacture
100 dozt-n Dauiiiieis and l»alc e'.s
i! 00 Coal Hods, \aili.us fizes
2 OFf iid 's, Brass, Wire, aai rierc'd Iron
15.U00 lbs Najlor's and MarsnaO o Cnat aieei,
square, round, and octagon shap -s
ICCO dozen Fii'-s, embracu g every variety and
sizi- of Hand, Cross-cut, lit and Mill tiaw,
aud Flat i'.asta; J
150 Double and ;m;;!e Barrel Percusdon Guns,
part line quality
500 thousand G i> Percussion C ips
Together wiin other nrucics kept in the Hardware
Merchant* and others viaiting Richmond, would
fin ait to toeir interest to s i»e us <t etui—which wo
r»'»p. Ctlully 6ullC:t. »c j i
Li LOCK-, 1 but Ks», CLOCKS.—n > it,-
' schooner Ricnmotid. 1 have just receivrd a
large lot <d 30-bour and 6-day Spring Weight and
Striking Marine Clucks, to whicn tne attention if
purchasers la inv.ted, by ih ■ case or other wis-, lor
oc 1.1 Corm-r Main and lath «t*.
I Hii No. 1 i-tiIUJA.V t.LA.K)
A yJyJ 400 cB«k» i, un.i
»0U bi xft Tin PUie mi assortment cotnpiisiug
nearly nil bridal ai d ioad ;d
Timothy and lipids Grail l-t-r-d—i U! bv
*« :» H. iVicCJttJiDKK ii MJN'-J.
i* lit ttAUI.IMI f .M. >i
&OAf —A supply ot thu »up<jiior loiietle
£ii«.p ju*: received mid lor »wi« by
oc fi A 1)1 K <v, ( jRAY, H7 Main nfpet
O.XK Plt-li. llUbbAMUtil.H,.u uol. ap
pie Brandy, fur aaie by
oci3 L.I) CRENSHAW & CO.
Black famm, u .-.u.i, B*eon
dide*, Ground flatter, C'ottde tiuair, tor tale
Will Wonder* Never C'ew*e ?
IF the following cures, performed alone by the
uae of BOLL'S BARSAPAKILLA, are not won
ders, then weacknowledgelhat we do not know the
meaning of the wo'd head and be convinced thw
facts are»trang<T than fiction:
Liar P. 0., Fulton Co , Ky., Oct. 1, ISSI
Dr. John Bull: Dear dir—The two dozen of your
Saraaparilla, ordered in September, came to hand,
and, in acknowledging the receipt ot the seme, 1
feel I would be doing you injustice to withhold thfc
loliowinz,among the many of the irstancea thai
have come under my observation du'!o.g the last
two years, of the great curative properties of your
Mrs. Jeannette Martin, a bigb'y respectable 'ady
of my neighborhood, aged sixty-five years, hat:
been long attiicted with a canearous ulcer, which
fiually reduced her to ao helpless a concition, thai
she could not leave fcer bed. She tried the best
medical advice in our county withoot relief, arte
had given up a!! hopes of a At this of
her case, I persuaded her aon to take a bottle of
yourSarsaparilla. lie d;d sj. and in a short time
return'd, and purer. «Ed amther bottle, stat.nc th»
first had had a uecidedly good etiect. Shecontinued
to use it until, after the use of five or six bottles, 1
had the pleasure of seeing the old lady herself at
church She assured me that she had almost en
tirely recovered her health, and from her 1 received
the account ot her disease, and in about the same
words I give it to you. This is but rue of a num
ber ot cures under my observation- of very re
markable ones—performed by the use of your Sar
saparilla, in my neighborhood. The demand for it
has steadily increased since its introduction here.
Very respectful y, your obedient se-vant,
BoviiS County, Ky., Oct. 6, 1851.
Dr. John Bull: Dear Sir—l have set-xi the most
m&rveHous cure of one of my patients, by your
valuable medicine—an old !ady, who had been af
flicted from her childhood with scrofoia, and va
rious diseases of the brain. She was 60 years old. It
had run into something like leprosy, and she was
the most frightful creature my eyes ever beheld. 1
called in Dr. McFadden, a very fine physician, to
consult with me in re atlon to her. We came to
the conclusion that it was out of our power to re
lieve ber ; but, on goiag to my office.! accidentally
picked up one of your journals, when, on seeing
the wonderful curesyour f-arsaparilla had effected.
1 resolved to try the experiment iu this case. 1
took her two bottles of it, after taking which I per
ceived a great change. J took her some more. She
ia now taking the sixth but;i>\ -cid 1 consider her
entirely cured. I take great pleasure in recom
mending your Sarsapwrlila to tau atf.icted public.
I, Thomas A Ringo, of Graves county, Kentucky,
for the benefit of mankind generally, do hereby cer
tify, tuat on or about the i bin u«y o; Oct' ber. 1 »47,
1 was attacked with a very v.re pain in the lower
partot the abdomen, which lasted but a tew min
lit s, and moved into tae lelt hip, and continued
exceedingly painlul tor about five days, during
which time I had a very light lever. At the end of
that time the lever ceased, and trie pain abated lor
a day or two, after which it again returned, and
was much worse than before. During all this time
! I w:.s under medical treatment From a short time
alter 1 was taken, 1 was unable to walk or sit up ;
the hipin which the pain was so bad commenced
rising, uutil some time in Januaiy, when it burst,
and a number of pieces of bone came out—as many
as twenty, at least. Some of the pieces wen three
fourths of an inch long. Some time alter tbia, a
hard knot appeared on rny right nip, also one ca
my right wrist, and one on my h g, beiow my kuee.
I continued to get weak and worse, and pain made
its appearance in my right shoulder, and would
t move in my breast and stomach. At this time el]
persocs gave me up to die. A physician then told
me that, as alastremedj, 1 had 'setter use Mr. Bull's
Fluid Extract of Sa rsaparilla. Alter tne use ol the
second bottle, the knot on my wrist commences
getting soft. I opened it, and a d»y or two after, a
piece of bone came out. My wrist aoon got well,
and ! continued to gain strength. Alter 1 Used the
third bottle, I co<.'d get no more for some tour
weeks, r fter which time 1 succeeded in getting three
more ?-o lies. After using the three iatt bottles, the
knot on my hip became a it; it was opececi, and
S'lin- corruption ran out, together with s smaii
p ece of bone, ar-d the * <re soon got well, and the
knot entirely J:sapp"ar. d. The sore on my leg also
c p ned, *nd a piece of bone came out. I continued
the use of the Saraapai iila until i used twelve Lot
11es, and i.iri now entirely well, ar,d able to do daily
labor, itmayseein =trangt to some, 1 ut I will Here
state that, during the sum::. - :' of Is I*, 1 c mgbsd
up three pieces ot Done, which can now be seen at
| the teeidenoe of my uncle, T nomas Mea., where 1
i now live, and if any persons doubt this stater;.tut
| i whl be happy to converse with them, il mey wiii
1 call on in'.
Signed. THOMAS N. RiNviO.
a TAT?, OF KENTUCKY, (iiHVtt Co., Set.
This uay personally earns before me, the under
cigted, an acting justice of the peace ia aim f«»
on:d county, and :i.-ade oatlt in due form oi .a«
that the above statement is true, sjur.ocnbei aoo
sworn to this 15:b day of February, leoO
S. P. MOUSE, j. P. for G. C.
I, Irwin Anderson, Clerk of l.io County C -irt of
Graves County, State ul Kentucky, uu certify that
jf. P .Morse, v. 'cosk name is signed to tneo j.ec< r*
tilic.tte, is now, and was at the time ol signing the
su-ui, a justice t the ace in eud for s i.d Gravis
County, duly Cimm -stoned aim qualified as such,
aoa th.it in:in and triad arc due aii t.s oiiicia. uctf
In testimony where f, I bave hereunto
set my auod, hiij caused the seal ol tlie
[L. tf.J County Court ot" *a;d ui.ty too.; b-:ire
uiitii atiiseu, to.s Ir'th cay 01 ruary
ISSO. fcjJWiN AMU: ItMjls.
Can the t .ader bel'ove. aitcr ruadiki; u;> ai-ocoii
tiou e.t the above numeroua cares, that sre ia L-t.ii
a lew human b<-ii:,s with ;i;-,t re
iuse t-) »'.ve 1 j .- = ftarsapa::)!a a uiai. It is ind -i
bard t.-- believe, out lievertbelesa it ts too true.
v» ..at ut testimony woitt'i '.i i .<•' to eouv-oce
the lew .-emaiuiug dtst.e.ievcrs. tr.ut !sai.'» liicdl
c.ue uii: do inoie evra 1 iu .t pruimseef M h<-
iJn .t-ji i.. produce anolLer a...i ;:j. ,: I' 'e
performed by his medicine; but it the cas«.» pa 1 .),
i.sht labo. w.ii j.i-1 I'jstii.i i' itc -> 1 pticai, ;t ir
Cus". a i jriui.e t < ;.u ;.ii. :u ; u<. 1 j .< ; that
i. r.'e bt e:i ■- .1 Wf_-1 lon t-ii. Uu.:. lae i-u ai-un
u.i/th .dice: :u Airittzica wou.d UotConta.c ev.-n the
i;aui's of ti: jai cuitd; tie ia.. aia.i tiifi.t . v,!
4. : -1" Clot?.
'i iiis Oi .lie, %-v: -i U:>ed a a to direc
tiocs. w.ll ei..i , w.tuout ia.l, Stroiioa", or Ktr.i; - *
Evil, Turn Erupt!oi<* of the 8 Kin, hrv
sip-1... Ciiroi.te .-:-. re iiy s, 1.. <. ••• >.- . y. IV.:-io
?o-i!d tlead. Rbeumatisui, Pains in the Bui us 01
J tints Lfd: .'si,-':!., rs, mi.-: .. ofii.- (>u«id%.
.-ypiitlis, lly pfptia. :ia;t Ki.- , 'J\ - - ~j L
Kidneys, iJ' 1- ■•is a 1 iv.'.g irosn ti * use >f Mercury
Gen-!:;! lifbiiltv. I.un ba•• .11 ,p'-v *"• '
( osLtVt nesß, 'i. e.cbltit, > ie r
Colds, \V f ''ak':- s• ol the Ch "--.t. Pulmonary Adec
tkHM, and nil other disease* teodingto pro iuc t; in
suinpttoa,Lirer Ci ■ > 1)... ts. Fecsls [rtrt t m
and (.'oiiipluinix, r-'icit ai.-d hervousUeadachi. Lov
Spirits, Night Sweats, .sure rltnpradenee in
Cbronie c in titutienal Diseases, and as t
*P r - £ 4 *EHHae? drioi end gsnecaltonic tortL*
system, and .» g -I,t:« :. 1 , : it l e
superior ta BlU'- Lickacd Congress Vvawr, oait
01 Stddiits Po-.vd -: a.
IJK JOHN BULI.'S Ptiij -ip*j
~, ci I*ourth airotit, l*oi«* *•'.!: cKy
d resaed.
i~ or oileiii Ki'jhmorjd - y
i'jUCi!.!.',, LAL>D A- CO.,
151 7 1 'iHWWI v S ■ A^entf*
2CHAUL£B i i »•» VAK»».—i .:n >«
«ale my tarra in Cha>lea Ci v Co , about iO
«i4i.c< troia ih ; i'i:y, nojoining tbe no. -ot Air Al
. Crt Italic; Hi!.l other*. containing Si aer •«, and
lounerij" "i'mb Bb# u: -"p' {wit'.
i a*? t >.i i.st t ii-iit ijUH.ity, and tb"?- e abeul
• o i.cioj i>l arable land. 'i hn ißpi.iveii.i.iiU art- «
irrfiiie ou-.'lhiiji, nearly new with a sto:e at
tached, a kitchen staoit e, ,vc ,Ac t •<! term*, aj.-
p.'y t.< m",«m French Gtrce i ;ii 1 Hichr.i.jud
or. I-J fi:» fKH ** I IAN !)K'.Attt JK.
|A«». A. >Nbl,li, Agem loi
•' SNEI.I,, baa tak.-u ae cutil No i.'.» w«»t Maiii
'trie, aulj Occupied by Jno. A fJiifu ic <>»., at d
ii'i# ju»t r« c**lv« d i pin, and toy Wednesday mxi.
will havn ;.n ciairc new ot Miiple itu.l
Kancj Dry Ooodx, s »d »p» ctlu y r.„ »-
1U ihi: o' t:»e Iciei d» ! n ie Ut« r.i :ns ~t
Ju<> A. sno;J Ai Co., t>-»rc. » a. i»j«ii and Uuj!
Kil»iih. ,u_,.
Ltw> 1'. —on .:atatuu> ~, ...
low liio 1 tijairc, :;.y i ri c An
person thfin ni rtcvtfe * ai<u«ii'.« ..•» •••
upon theuj to um, ur Wvim ei
•.hi* . tHc«_ j v vi(.> JUH NB'>N,
. (K ' A Ir p »ih;> i f co'. r
Üb.Ni', :n.; tr.cd SU'iie m.u um i i_t.i
riaj;o uous. at rhe reaidenne of Mr aobfit h.
howi . u, corutr «.! Clay and fith «tro« tt. Th -y am
tin ro fed. TULKK A COOK,
(1< * '* t)
Fttfc- H Kt»l Ki.a.mj 1.l na -ju.t re-
CHved and aclani from achr Liou, by
oc U H. HANK IN.
l fiicted frferds of tfe*
nampt..-,yeuMabieTlnnort '? d f ""a
to day we have given the c.-r'i J,?'« * >oß4 '-•»?
formed on our beat-known r : t .,*£,* '! r c /". s i*?-
have a perfect avalanche of «*•>. -< ' ,r " 1 «i>i »,
us—all nil giving a weight of Wj'f " I£r ' n opnr,
convince thn most skeptical. A .'.. * l "*t «;,»•
atil read fur lvfs. 'ft,. . . r, *>d toe*.,
one of the first mercnntile : ° w J '*froni
koow th< m, it mu§t carry cor.v'j f ** W -V ;
many su&rers to sirr ihiti 'Jirr* - deduce
KCVai r j
Mcs*rs Mortimer 4M
owbray—' , ' " ''*■
•train to son Jan ord«r for m< ... : V< e ;, sv
derful Hampton's Y>g>-tab:< Ti, t't < tr '
fi'st tried it has sold w;t"oj!»t;,r,. • S e ® -
not »een ti -first person who has a • 'Wc
benefitted by ita uae. A smt.e.p," n grr-'iy
borbood was induced totiy t| J( - °~ ra ' >.r.
lent palpitation of the heart.' *"***»•
much fr m it that he ««u,j he h •' 1 ®
lie had taken tut three d'-.st -' { 1 ~!f
he would not take live bundled a ' r*' r,( * U1
efit be had derived, and that h« Vfe'- ' !^ew, s.
to remember* withgratitude I r r . "" : " r
tention to so valuable a Bed da • "J natt.
Yours truly, GRAY 4 "T> ' t
The Whole WorLd, Attention .'--/Wr /'■" ' TfjNl
and do UktuUe" ' ' J '- "- ><•
.. .. rt h
Messrs Mortimer ic Mowbray—t •• -"-'i.
with real p!e»sure that lam able t'iE'-tT"?' !t ' 3
i r*l heaiius and curative p,,w- i )r " £i >®gen.
Vegetable Tincture. Sometime V . .". H *®ptooj
ber I was taken wi h av- ry &1 „j aar , <i ' t
1 was advijed to take Cod-Live-M S " not ' Cou gh.
but getting no better, I i-'j',,.", .
Tincture." I got one bottle, and v l: i" J
it r!1, ray sough lelt me. Permit i
that, for the last fifteen y«-ara 1 \ ,O *We
much from Acute Kheutratiem • i v r 7
fining me at times to my bd. j " afn . ; 0 ' «»•
"d that I owe my present od Ij< • . ' L "
the Tfccture, and a kin 4 Provid* tice ° witt,e °t
You are, my friends at libertV to "u'-.e n
may flunk prop. r; and believe uie vo ' U
reiipeciiuily, G iTvi« r '
N. b.—i can be seen at any ti-i- ,» ri, .
office. M'y&ri
Cure o/ Cough, Co-ntvnpCun. grm h>
„ . Kalti-hohe. Juiv t;'' - vi'
Messrs Mortimer & Mt.wi rH> - *•
tember 1 was attacied with e v
a dreadful ulcer formed on try r, V'.., <- W
better of this, teat November I took® dJ f
whicn led to what my phyaician t
tous p eutwy, which left me with a c..natant deen
ly-seated. and pun to] couah. h;>vin - r P"
night, and constantly throwing ul i
a thick matter. I became im ci > 7 1
icg weaker every day, ami ~i-V
greater part of the time. My * V J '. f
the consumption and at times ; u .
same opinion. At this stase o! Ny
tog tried many and various remedies withoi
cess:r;erd advkedme to try Or ii km M
able iinetuie, and 1 procured r. ■ , . wn . r r
now pron iunce the greatest e. ue i*,.~..,
iJefore 1 bad taken halt the con:- . - .on-'b ttie'
I lelt much improved; and now, i rtV .i • u Krn a ..J
two bun.: s, my and ?e >t - '
m<>, and I ain enabled to attend to bntii • m icm
tiuly say that, with In- bl-siing n i,...j"j tave
been restored to toe health I row e.,' y i, y tneusr*
of this most invaluable medicine.
SchroedprJur-ar Saratoga Tett
IfniiH»ton's Vegetable Tincture, ay to
milri action on the tftomacb. l.iv.r „ .1 the K
neys, wiii cure Dyspepsia, Cough, Asthma, Bron
chial and Lung A Sections, Paii.dia t: Kacs, j'ida
and Breast, Consumption, irorolula ~fc( -inntia'aT
(rout, Neuralgia, i'>tulH, Pi!«.s, i u'vt'. ( ;unts
Worms, Nervous Dcbti.ty, with all ui
trom impure blood, and is the greatest t ex ate Me
dicine ever known.
Call on those Laving this wot derful article for
sale and get pamphlets gratis, and read cerUScaki
lrotn the beat men in the country
For Cholera Morbus, Cfcolie, aci ali
diseases iiieiiit-nt to the bowt.it iu int suu:c: : if.a
son, it has no equal.
For sal»" by O. A. STRECKER, Main »tr ft Rich
■aond; (». B. JONES ,v CO.,Petersburg, Vt;Di,
('(JOKE, Fredericksburg; MORTIMEUd:. MOW
BKAY, Ba.timore; and by Drat'>-u i- <tu 7.
se 13
/r.-j TO CSJIIJK A COi.ti, \\ 1 f«t
THE BODY, taks It- CifiKiiY PEC
(Tkt&L TOKAL on goini t 1 b.-d, a.-d wrap Bp
jj| yJ wain. to »w ..-at curing the : .. bt-
For a Co.ii and Cough, teite it mora*
in.. i.ouu, and evenir?, aecii 'ijir; . c:rectiuu on
the b ittie, and the diihcuity w»a b .1 !.e ; moved.
None will long sudar from tn.* trouble when t »jr
tind it can be 30 readily cored. P* r->na at&ctrt
wi'.h • seated c-ugh, which bre;.V:s ■; m il their
1 est a' night, will tind, by ta'tiog t'.ie <>.• rry P.c
tora! fin going to bed, tht-y may bo k; e 0:
unbroken sleep, and constq.:en'.]y rt-i'r-.sUag
rt : at. Great re!i f from suit. : . i.,i an
cure is afforded to thousands who are thus ad. 'itii,
by this invaluable remedy.
Krcra its sareeatde edeet in w esse*, mar.?
find tbenucim unwilling to f„rtgo iti use »—u
the necessity iur it has cea- d
Prom two eminent Pby« < auain
i AYJTTEViLLE. J I'fl.'i . A f'! ' til, ItJl.
Sia— We hat>y u <'ie.iv • :»a >S
teaaed tiial in our niacti. e, sn i :i: . i: t- -u-; ■
every oitii r reandy we bate f,r tu . 4 i..>:UOM
ol the respiratjry rt-.11-.
Ucs. c. I;.»vitok.
To Stagers and Public Speakers tfci« reasedy h
invaluabte. at byittac'i 11 n the •> — :i
when tiken in sma.i qiuir • -. it 1»• ■ ■ • -it/.u »«<:•
nesjin a lew hours. ;nd w. ri..e y ise. ; -a t-£
power «nJ tfex:bj ,ty ot tu • v
A-iun.a is _• uerany nr>u< ij r» . >'■'i
wti.. iy cured «.y <\':ierry i .t t ■<
»-/mn cttei of iii' &•> »!• y 1 '"
in l dici'i(iii riy i■ ct .iai wiiic-r • <•£■
can be cur. d.
Bronciints, or irritati-ja of tbe tiir> '■ h ' •• • .-■ ''
portiotn,! the i. tn.;y be cuie 1 " '■
ry Pectoral in Dud and ut do* Tw —
c<m: u:-p. : jir.\ is »■■ '1 1- e
itev. i-r. La!, sin it, of Uroi.-.lyn, X •« J
" I hnve i'n n t;;eC^'riy Pwct r«l cur^suckc**e»
of A«'hnia-.'d K'Ot.cii: s •• • I- •*-•■
can randy fail t. cnr£tb< »*> due a."
For Croup, h* r cetic ol antiw Dy r toWi
lowed by lllgt asi if- 0 .''lit Jo--- = ■ !
to;a', ui.>;il it eub :a( s tn« dist •• " ■■ < 1 '•*' it ' 3'
suit, it wih rot fail to ca
vV'nu' Cor jr. m«y •«• '*■ } «1' °- !lJ 3ca
cu ed bj the uae ot Oberrj Feclwri
Tl.«: Icti (CI.ZU:-) s:.-v»(j!:y r ". ' ' "
dr. Maoaerousinstances h»t& b >0 niAicedwbere
v-li "<: >0 e» w- pr tfi 1
Consequence«, wbile tli*dr ni. !-! witb -
Cb'-rrj Peeiend #ere suferiog m tot -''" t
Prjm ine ." :ttnsu!-:--d P :•* - r» - } ' x:
MstwirnMaMea, Sowi >10 Co'>je .
I have f ucd tie Cierry PMMor'l.as
dient* show, a powerl rc-i. iy t r col'JJ,
e i.iid pu motirt v 'ft • ..
PA iKiik ' I. . Vi'.MNU. -■ J '
Brunswick, Mi , reb.s. )Bi7
Dr Vateniise Mott th ! widely cell a edP ' r , r
of Surgery ia tha Medical C—';e. , »'•* '" r
city, e-iys:
'• e r. <rt m« pleasure to ceri:fy' ■'"
rieaoy of Ayer'a Cowry Peetor I :
;o u.iar'iy M'mpted to cure <Ji«t'Bjc» i> * 61 ' a "
hi a Lunx«" , , »
Cure* ot «erer« diseases up ti tte •' c ?® r '
bwa uflaetcd by Civ-try fNUnI ir. web extr«r~-
c uhsmi warrant : k ■; b"iic' tent h i" i:i ■>
•■ii'jtt. lx»ea louud ;r«t ra:i b»-<l *i ! / ' *;..
tu» Coughs. Cold* md Coi.aumpti o
t'itim our inijs:thoiuatulf ftwy year. ft
.1 <iieiii<*iue to which »ti! ctcd ««» { ws ; 6 l ,
for re iei, anu they acosi'd wilt-.*
tnem*<;!*e» <>f it. ~ .
Prepared by J. AVER, Chfuvtt, 1.,-Vi
Sold ia Kl'.nnt Jini by prttCU.L 1..t O - - •
mil i y a.I the Di Uf,, !«ts :bnm<fcout
H lit VA l'h t'UAi Tit is.*—Uf -
1 CO. may t»* c .n«aln-d, conhuenua..),
i rt'KHllr'Ul t;i rjii»>VVitJg (i.ft
L leer#, iihii du!w Jjw . .
!V.-mentK.Wyph; i«. ai:d_ all morbid u;.
xhrliwr recvut or enronic. Al*o. *•' ! .. 5 , rl
piatut* tinned t.m.sie if- t
uvite Htttiiitio* to th<nr cbemtctl , t ,
Kljwrtu, ivnichmay Uj rtvardvd a* 1 3
»riu.lc kiiowu, to <;*» tvae md .o --
aud dej htateUurmtM,a* wwl. <• t ;
. iy»ti>:n <a«ttcred by awavan-•••> '»* 1,1 ' t , Bfc
vli\licinrj tecure y put up. |u ■ * t .
. J «.-nt to order, i'tat paid Ic'.f'r* V r '
nd.-.ito. U!fcc« on - - /ci<
nanjio UotMt.and brat door h«l«.w -' nll y u
{ffMiiond, . .-
i■ ■ i i a i in i "" 1 ~ ' « .•> V i sX.i
UuitllMl'*. "
Kautiiy U;>!* Herrings
30 bois »No I Halt!** H«rrjngi
60 do Nj J d" do g {.EE.
la »iort* aud ,ot*»l<l low by
»u i n—»« ~
villi* aud ¥ a**-:* ct rVr'.'y dcacnpii^n ( (S
llC o« t-dlniw«v* «0. UtJ, Nu»

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