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Florida Election.
Mr. Cabell, who has been sojourning in our
cily for a short time past, received a dispatch
on Sunday which satisfied him that he had
been re-"!ltcted,and that Mr. Ward, Whig, had
been chosen Governor, by a small majority.—
Another dispatch, dated Mobile. ISth, says
both the Whig candidates are elected. The
following dispatch «e find in the Baltimore
papers of vesterdsr.
Charleston, Oct. 141.—AI 41 .—A letter from an ir
iel!ice;it gentleman at Jacksonville, io the
fJavai iiah Republican, make* the majority for
Broome, deni . lor Governor 160, and Maxwell,
deiii., for Congress H*o. The democrats have
catried both brandies of the Legislature.
Corporation Notes.—The Select Council
ft Norfolk have pn«ged a bill making provision
or the is-ue <f cotpoiatioti sc>ip to the amount
of in sums of if'tOand *100, bearing six
per cent, interest; and $HMJOO in sums of one
dollar. bearing an interest of one half of one
per cent, per annum.
1~2~ Coroner Hall, cf New Vork, held an
inquest a few days since on the remains of
Cratectdt, who died very suddenly
of disease of the heart. He was a nativeo
Gen. Sci'tt left New Vork Tuesday
mon.ing for his home in El : z :beihtown. He
was attended to the cars by a larce number of
bis friends. The General appeared to be very
much fatigued by the journey he has per
formed and the constant excitement occasion
ed by the numerous demonstrations along his
For Sale.— 11. M. Garland, Jr., offers lor
saleu part of his interest in the Lynchburg
Express. This opening is worthy of the at
tention of any one disposed to engage in the
business*. 11l health is the reason assigned by
Mr. G. for wishing to seii.
Illness of Bishop Doirst.— It is stated
thai Bishop Do.ine. of N°w Jersey, was taken
suddenly and seriously ill in church during
nervier, at IVen Brunswick, N. J , on Monday
morning. He was immediately removed to the
house < t'Mr. Hams, near by. where he lies in
a very precarious situation.
Yv A POWELL, A rebitect and Civil Pimi
neer- Is prepared to lurnish Dt sigris and draw
:• -- every ciass and style ot boi'd ng. with spe.
citications. estimates anci agreement*. adapted to
the in-ati :ii, with aii tre uk dern conveniences,
improvements \r. on very moderate terms, and
at short notice. His man; years experience and
practical knowledge, in his -u', with his au
|>er.i:r t ll.ties, enabVs him to d» justice to all en
gaging his services. Office on 12 ii street. 2 doors
frotn Main street, ' pp"ett'S tee James and
Kanawha Company's office ©c 12— o w
It was Discovered, about 20 years
ego, in toe county ot King and Queen, by a'Phy
sician. eminent in his profession. mat Asiatic Choi
« a. Ch i.era Morbus, Bilious Chodc. Dysentery.
Diarrhea, Lockjaw, and many other nervous aud
spasm die diseases of very dangerous character
jjcould be easily cured. sdnce that time he has
proved that iact to hundreds of c ur leliow citizens,
and ran prove it to as many ss will try DUVAL'S
i AMIL'i ANTISPASMODIC, the peoples'favorite
Medicine. They can get it from PURCELL, LADD
St CO., or any Druggist in the city. See advertise
ment. au 6—3tawts
Hip* A fOent Cure for Fevernnd Aen«!!
ague b*ir g themosi common form of disease, and
indeed the forerunner of mo?t if not all other dis
demands tor us radical cure a remedy which
has been weii tested, possessing full power to era
dicate disease aad strengthen the constitution. > hie
mixture having never failed in a single case, is pro
nounced by thousands to be that remedy.
This compound is truly »he poor man's friend,
and the rich man's security The clergy, bar, ?.nd
the press have already re echoed the above state
in en: s.
A t*-w coses of this T vondf l rful Tonic is always
sufficient to convince the most skeptical.
The it fan! and the aged msy use it alike, regula
ting the dose as per directions.
Directions.— After purging freely with my
Railroad or Anti Bilious Pills, take one teaepoonful
eve'y hour during the absence of fever. In cases
of debility, one teaspootfal three times a day. Id
esse? fl *1 ellow or Bilious Fever, oLe tea
spoonfjl every ha.f hour after an emetic Price 50
cents per bottle. j. S. ROSE, M. D.
For eaie by Bennett &. Beers Adie St Gray. Pur
cell. Liscd Sc Co, A Duval, R K Duval, O A
Strecker, A Bodeker. Gaynor St Wood. J Biair,
H M Zachrisson, and W P Lsdd oc 2
Passing down Malu street, we were struck
by tt<»; pip.arance of a tew style oi Portrait in the
show ens*: ol our old esLhbi\t] Daguerreotypist
Mr W ILLIAM A. PRA'I T; we -;lude to the minia
tutts st Meters Thomas A. Rust, the firm ot Par
ker. B.ytv -V Nitr.mo, and others, i:i which the
beaie xi-cut» r wiih all the depth of tint and natu
rale.'or ofa Van Dyke, to start like magic
lrom the deep obscure of a black buck ground,
(which,ley the by,lias been always considered the
Highest style of art,) striking with the force c f iite
its-It open the mind < 1' ;he cx-miner, and leaving
to th- irons nation the task ot rilling up dvni.t
which tt o olten exhibit in the hands of unskilful
artiste deformities which do not i t ally exist. Thes
pictures have the advantage, their gieat
strength, < f being seen in anv I'ght. as the eye nat
ural y tolli.w* the ci.fiCL/itrafiun cl the picture. Mr.
f. is tbe originator of this > eautitul style, cc -1
To the Voters of ihe < ily of IJlcli-
Mr Danifi having a ri(.imirhti;,n
tor tue '-'ecant -eat ot Judge Meredith in the St riate,
1 beg leave, in deference to the wi-hes of many
lrtet.es, to offer myself as a candidate for your suf
"c 19 FT). ROEIKisON.
t S 5 " Dr. Ho< fl.u.u -■ (iei lut.n bitters, by
Dr C M Jscksrii, are'justly reck ned amonsst
our most valuable medicines. Incases ot Dyspep
sia it ocis lik- magic, otrengtlici iug the toce'cl the
stomach, stirru a'ir.g u e ciiie-,tive pov- ers, *«i.d
in-i ruddy health to the chrek and b ightness to the
eye jheieaie th ujai dsiu trie cornmaaity who
can testily to tueir viitues, and thousands will
here,.lter add thfir testimony
For sale by fURCJfcILL, LaDD <fc CO., Mfic
•tree: oc i9_ig t
1 Con in D'Ooiy,—This gentleman, if
enjuiiitc mee.ory, is ao Hiore. Not so. hi- exquisite
Colo.-ne. It remains, and wi:l continue to remain to
spesi hs \ raise, through all time—a richer and
aweetei eulogy tr,ai: could p^onocne 43 .—
OI the truth oi this, the evidence is before u» ev
laeac• inspiring, reviving. invigorating, delicious
an J Ce.yjttut t ; our 1 asai lacuitiss." Reader if
yoa *i.h to partake of the qualities of the pink
U». ''"a- Vv - e jassamu e, just step into
1) vtl t, °°? 3 a " d d,i Ijr u bottle of the, r
rm- voo'. er V 1:011 * r,g Uk " i! " u bile it wil
L i Ifogranee 1 f the part rre it wll
a OX - 1 " wlc - aßd c '"y p.-'-St you much.
!"r c'enis
I'r-i-r.,' 1,7 m" , he ; rll . J " U, V' !rO T ' I ,h " H»'r.
n:t..oy tor Balane^
cause, it f» .TOW luxuriantly, makie-' «7 !r '
glosey, »r:d b'HUtifal. anl prev- m . it from '
grer.aud is :h« o, ly
the irom dandruti'. ' ?
i r:» article h*. been tel .re the public for three
year* and the incre«siog d»insnl ana hi«h oouo
which it oas Bttsiaeo, is tne be.t proa a iu
Numrwi t i f U-iln and ge;ir!«a)»n in ttiis city »nr
vicin.:y sr*iu UtecuMUiitiuur: u u»tug it to ih. ij
nn'Mr It baa L>ec ,:nr a ctco»»*ry »p
pefi<i»ge to tbeir toilet
Laiur bott 't-t at 50 cenr* psch. B« fare to a-* for
Bennett Be n' L .stral Hair Tju < i»j onj*r t<.
prt-vtmi niiolak,-(■, a» ifat-rearc imitetlotis H .ioad
win a wcuiii be apt to prove injurious :l uted.
oc 2—dim
College- K C Towne». Miss, E E Leifh, Amelia;
DrL VV Mayo, Buchanan C J Raymond. Augusta,
Ga; HA Howaid. Wilmington, North Carolina; G
II Fisher, Augusta Georgia; E Perkins, Philadel
phia: G A Burwell, Macon, Georgia; W H Lawsoo,
Mississippi; G \V :-hieids. Norfolk: C S Watkine,
Petersburg; C C Shea Philadelphia; J Mcßrovrn,
Petersburg; J K Irving, jr. Richmond; R B Sadler.
Petersburg; John Fowler, Baltimore; Rev W T
Leav«*U end family, Charles City county: E E
Rhodes. Portsmouth; J B Vaimin, Peteisburg;
Bishop VV Capers, t-outh Carolina. John A Ha:.,
Mecklenburg; A Steward, Dinwiddle: J W White.
Prince George J E Husband. Baltimore; \\ C
Smi;h Hanover; W Birc;e Massachusetts; C C
Jones arid Mra Georgia: Mrs Cburcciii and
sou, and Guorge A Cuyier. savar.nah
L AndeiS'jn. Nottcw y: J A ! avidson. Prince Ej
ward; T Jon« s. VVilliatneburz: r- >n-rii. Ches
teifi-fi.'"; it B Malone. Ann-.i ,: E J Meney, ca
lard U N Atkins -n. Pittsylvania; „S P Beaih Din
widdle: T A Oisf.irnc, Btic2::>*rsm; D J Mo dy,
Chesteifieid: Mr D-vnt Mr Johns, n. Petersburg;
R W Rooerds Nott( way C H; Jud/e Meriwether,
Arkst'iaf: Col Davip, Cuir.b>:il ;id: Jftme j «mjtb.
VV Gay, ii J .\.-lasted, Fiuvama: K Hudgcns. 3uc»-
invbair; Wii.iaOi ( Roberts, Neiat.u; J W I'ari-.
C-darviiie; John H Kolman and son, Powhatai.: VV
VV Mays, Nt- n; R ii Ovrrboit. Au.usta; E S
iia iiicale. Ha: .' ,s; C's} t H Batcher. City Point.
EXCHANGE HOTEL.—J Meisnelle, Philadel
phis: E T I.igoD. hsrmviile; J M Tucker Amelia;
JVV \ inter a::.i J B Lee, Lyacabars: VV G Obet
t n. Hanover; Miss M J Egglestou," Nottoway; J
Murdougi. and Miss Riddick Pummouth: J 'i iia;i.
Notloik; T K Taomae. N C; 5i £ .vjot. Richmond;
C Smyth. Philadelphia; H U Schooiiield, Ljcct
t-urg: I J Johns •?.. t n: .n; Mr (J.-ori. a: Dr
Brent, Va: J E t-nepard, N V; M Wilkinson and
lady, ana VV R Gardner, Augusta. Ga; Mrs J c
Green, child *nd nurse, and Miss M Green, Char
lest.jm V. R Hayward. Mr Sinkler. S
C; Dr F Gregc r> ai <i Dr T L Gregory. Ku g "A ni:
11 M Durn-.ie and J 11 Lee and iisdy. Orauae. Va, E
Eontf.ine. Hanover; B pjiiard, Henrico.
ClT"i HOTEL.—Miss M A Sad>r. Ame'.if: W P
Moore, Baltimore; T ! . B-s*. K Richards, B E Bias,
II Goddan and i Wisemar. Pi tt.-t.burg; J RBraoiev!
Am-lia; S B .Minor NorfoiK: P Hancock, W Wood'
cock. .1 W J roan and M Allan. Va: D si Chambers
and ti C Balam. Charleston; j Thornwooa and T
Tborr.wood, Washington; A L Thur»ton. Va- C A
Gogar. Batinmre: W ACr'-man. N V : J Brittai.
Columbia. Ga: W Bj-nts. N O: A C Miliiku. Co
lumbia. G'.; H B N' rwo ,d. Philadelphia, S M Shep
pard, Gloucester; A B White, Ala, W E Walstrum,
Charl- ttpsvii;^
frchr Charity. Mtxcan. New Vori, cay to Tomp
kins & Royster.
Schr JasH Deputy, Winsmore. Albany. lumber
to E F Ragland 4; C "..
Scbr Telegraph, Bcze, Bi.ii;more, guano to H W
Schr E i Corson. Philadelphia. coal.
Schr Jas h'anc, Pan or,*, Philideiphia' coe,.
Scbr Empire, .Sampson. Boston
Scbr Ticga, Crowe!, Boston, mdse, shells St
Jasper. Bak-r. clu at Bos ten 16th for tc is
Schrs Refc'cca. Gmd. acd Huiih Scott, Tenier
Fre.- e
ricksburg. a r r'd a: New VorK iJi.:
fcchrs Hemie<\ ru'.tie. and Oiiana, Dodge, arr'c
at New York l^th.
\IADONIC I'l I,«KI.UA(iiI TO .lllJl'M'
•Lei VERNON —With the v.ew <a ttfordin# an op
portunity and an inducement to Masons generally,
ct making a Mas jiiic pilgrimage to Mount Vernon
on t. e 4 k cl November next, in company wi;h
Fredenchsbutg Lodge. M - 4, which Lodge initiated
George Washington into the mysteries of Masonry
on tr.at day, one buna red yean ago, the tare will
be reducrd on the occasion as follows ;
From Ri hmond to and from Mount Vernon..£s 00
Prom Mil ford < o do do ao ..4 00
From Freaericksbuig ao go do 5o
From Aquia Czeek do do do .. 200
„ Aleals Extra.
The train will the Ricnmond D<rjo* at 5
o'clock precisely, on the morning ot ce 4ts of N« >-
vtmier, and st p at A! a ford a sufficient time j- r
passengers i > creakfast. Tt;e hour ot departure
from r reaericks'.urg will be gj A. M. Returning,
passengers will reach Frcdenckabutg at 7 P.M.,
ai d Richmond about iO P. M.
The splendid steamer BALTIMORE, with suita
ble uecoiations aud a good band ot music on board,
wiil take the party from the C:tek luiL .in: Vemoo,
and dinner will be served on board, on tbeconclu
sion of ceremonies at the timb.
1 h'- tr 3 :n and boat wili be subject to the contr i
of i-ied> rtcksourg Lodse No 4; out any person,
wnelher attached to the Masonic order or not. can
unite in the excursion.
To persons who have never visited the totr b of
Washington, a letter opportunity, or otie under
moie ijvorable citcumstances. wr'l never be Dre
s.-ntec ; ai.a as good order i< gaarantetd u the"oc
casion. the most lastidious have no hesitation
in regain to tue excursion
Office Richmond, Fred's and P R R «.'o,<
Ricnmend, Oct. leta. ia'i J
P. >—Tue attention oi Masons is called to the
notice below. x .S.
FuEUiiuCK.- BLiG, Oct. 15i«. 13c2.
AFi'iilcricknliurii Lodge, >o. 4,
"ivites in - .Hd.onic l.aternity, and t:;.;.-, •
\k Jr interest. din Masonry, to acc> inpjuj i;cn
aoove mentiin-d oecasi jn.
oc 19 Sec'y of Frederi> Ksti!irg Lo<ic~. So 4.
TVOTICP'.-R K. DL'V.AI. t;,;- cav ta
■Li ken his brother. J P. /jUVALT into co'uart
ne:?h;p. the : usm- es wi:: luture oe conduced
fcv 11. 11. Duval d: JJj other, at tie old stand,
uncier the American VV e are n j*«y receiving
a fresh supply of Medicine*, Paints, Oi.«. Ie
■5-c., iiGii hope, by strict pers . uu: attention. to mtj2it
a portion ot yuioic p&tronagt, R. R. lUV-.L.
R'.cbmon-j. July Ist. lao'J : v 1
\ lIO> AM) ""Ttti, ->TOtt£.
1 f iron
MO Ten. p
I .Niv'or's Caat Me. 1 square ana
1 OCt&C<jE
15 Toes ; Hiiiliifc B.isrered Me,\
! American cu do
i. < je.m ;n d , J
Amer'c-n and Russia thee! Iron jter Lead. £'! ock
alili ft., fiitle Ot 3n (."JSC. .loll;: , /..1.0 alitl Dei*
ter, for sa.e by
'•cl- " HD"IN WObTiiAM fc CO.
V* AiiltAM>,— Vle sun to pi.'chnt.e
itiQLand W'arrauts, for which the mar
ket price wii. be paid
»uil C. V.. PIIuCELL i CO.
2 AM) MIK Kt.VJ .— t .-I.' tor
«-» tcc Best year, a Farm in Cii-stetfi-.i count
*.x or e'i'ht miles iio'n Hi. iua< nd, and wimin a
lew htud:ea steps oi :ii■: Dunviiie R-.ilro-1. It
adjoins the uroi cf M* Ananias Hancock, ac;o is i
wood quality. We wouia like t„. rent in tr - • ior
wheat to Le «eed»»i. TuL.hR COOfi,
cc General Agents.
iV .iLK.'.Kn LiNI.VJi.NT — i-or the
* oi swtuney, sjwcl^iiigs,
Wounds, !i„rua I'aini.Ac.&c
1 i-ie aiticie i: is be t ?i; ,*3t-ns:7ely used in our city,
and is Known to quick and efficacious in its ac
tion upon diseased pia -es. wn :theron man or beast; i
tor sale by
—i*or Jeliy, I
«' tnr> e cizt-s, tor said oj
(lAUTVUUi) i
»» lord ScrtWi, assorted, lrotn 3-3 to3'iinch. !
iur im'.* by
v is re n t w . fcA ' 1 -—■ ruia.lrigu.ed Cotton Vel
vets tor Cui.ilreo s.vrear. for sale by
" K ~' >0 HARi WELL fc CO.
VV ? " Woman, wunout
nay iiu-uiubfauce, h Sil Ha r'lOk a «
< an Oo eo by iodie.uijj a few iines tj-B p.
htMe * Where an interview can be hid.
OC •v—
Voice* of Nature to her Foater Child, the Soul
ot Man, by lie* Geu B Cheever, D D, I vol 12mo—
price 1 25
"We think it by far the moat poetical, graceful
and »upg"Btive ot hia works, and can commend the
book as une of deeper insight. mure genial views of
truth and nature, and sharper expose* of folly and
error, than any with which the reader will be apt
to come in contact in a long time."—_V Y. Kvangc
"!t it a mott rich and tuegettive book."—Chris
tian Inquirer.
••The work must be a favorite one with all reli
gious persons."— Phil. Bulletin
J u»t 1 stalled j
Mr? E'.Vt's I'icneer Women ci tae West, 1 vol—
*1 25
fieadley's Lives of £cottand Jackson, 1 vo!—1 £5
American Literature and Manners, by Pro!
Charles, i vol—£l
Archibald Cameron, or Heart Trials, 1 voi 75c
Dr Alexander'* Moral science, 1 vol—7sc
Seaman's Progress of Nations, new edition, I vol
—i 50. For tale by
oc Eagle Square.
The Adventures ot Liiiy Dawson, or the
Smugg ers ot the Mil!: a novel, by the author of
Si.-an H'ipley—-2cc
Jack Uunny.TK d->: the Mac of rcatv Thanks, by
Doualas Jerrold—l'-'c
The Bivouac, ov the Rival Suitors, by Col W H
Maxwe.l, author oi Hector O Halloran, Storie3 oi
Waterloo, etc . with plates—soc
"I ne South' in \i«w of -'Uncle Tom's Cabin.''
irom th ■ S uthern Literary .Messenger, by the Edi
to; — ljc
The Cabin a:;d Parlor, or Slaves ana Masters, by
i Thornton Randolph, beautiiul.y bound—Sl
.Esop, in Rhyme, or Ola Friend in a New Dress,
by Marmaduke i'«rk, fall of illustrations—7se
Historical aud Desciuitive Sketches ~f the Wo
men cf ;»;e B.ble, trim Eve of trie Old to the Mary's
ci the New Testament, by P C Hend'ey—Sl
For sale by G. M. WEST 4: BRO-,
oc le Under Exchanae Hotel.
1* DOLPH has tor sale, October isth—
Parisian Sig-.ts and French Principles, seen
through American Spectacles—so cents
The Adventures of Lilly Dawson, or smugglers
ol the Mill, a Novel, hy the author of Susan Hopiey
—25 cents
Review of Uncle Tom's Cabin, by J R Thomp
son, editor Southern Literary Messenger—l2# cts
The Doctrine of Equality, being a Commentary
on the Law as administered by the Court of Chance
ry, by J Adams, second American edition, with
Notes ano References to the latest Ameri.-an
Chancery Decision*, by J R Ludlow and J H Col
Goaey 's and Ladies" National Magazines for No
B ackwood's Magazi:.e for October
Lives i»t Wellington and Peei, from the London
Times- oi cents
oitnste.J's Walks and Talks of an American
Farmer in England, 2nd series—2s cents oc 19
■Li to k tor November, liSii. is a beautiful number,
containing 15 steel pi ite at d wood engravings, and
a choice selection of reading matter—price ©3 a
year ; 35 cts per number
Graham's Magaz ne for November, is as good as
osua'. It has i-i engravings and 25 original articles
oi reading—price so a year; single aumbers2scts
Ladies' National Magazine for Novemc-er. The
contents of this nuinbei aie richer than usual—price
1? cts copy ; $2 per year
Arthur's Home Magazine for November. This
needs no teeoinmenaation, the author's neme is
enough to snsure its welcome reception—puce Isc
Geut.e.'iian Jack, ir Lite on ti.e Road: anew
b-joit. by the author ot Pau» Clifford, just received
—j'lice 25 cts
Flag oi Our Union, Waveriy Magazine, Star
Spa; gie-.i Banner. Gulden !)• liar. American C* urier,
Sam, Piivatet-r, Carpet Bag—a.i for this week ; for
sale tt SJliTH'c News Depot,
C' '9 Oopo-it" An erican Hotel.
1.» OOK>. fsXA i iO.N fc.it % , AM) .tllMl ,
-> 1 77 liroatl Street.—HaßßOLD 6. MUR
RA's are now receiving a very fu , supply of Books
Stationery, and Music, inr tre Fall and Winter
trade, winch they are determin-o to sell ai low as
they possit:y can be purchased anv where in the
1 hey respectfully invite their city and eountry
friend* to eive ioern a can, promising to give satis
Teachers and Schools will be supplied at very
liberal disc unt
New Music received »v»ry wrek. se 15
GOO US—We respecttuiiy invite Gentle
rr.e:t in want of handsome and durable Dress
hoots. Gaiters, «kc, to call aud examine our
large ana varied assortment ot articles tu that line.
We hava been at great pans t > select the most
tasteful an j ciioicest goods, ana have had ex
pressly to our older varto is ttyies and patterns of
gentlemen s Dress Boots, Shoes and Gaiters, that
we are comiJent will be approved by those who
wish something at once us-'iui ano beautiful.
P.ease give us a csii, at our large and convenient
store, whe.-e may be found lite most complete ae
-6 ,i tci,<'iitO[ iSootn. Sjlioca. Trunks and C'nr
pet Hags, to be tounu a: anv one place in Vir
ginia. _ WHITE <v PAGE,
73 Main st, 3 doors below Do Uey's Hat Store,
oc IS
BARRLLID GUNS!'—Just received, direet frota
Europe, the most spiendid iot o; Double and
Sinale harrelrd <;un-, jPfrcu-.i.ian C'«p»,
Powder Einsks and .-'hot Pouches, ot every
description, wtnen will oe sold at very reduced
Having been to England myself, making all my
puichases direct irom me uianntacturer t'cr caau,
and being desirousj.mg a large business in the
( ;'-n line, I wii; s r-.. -.s low a: any Northern Impcrt
■r, a*, my ::* Cain fitor.?. .N<J 96 ilaia strael,
ElCiimoLu, \ a Hr.NitY HYMAN,
Importer oi und Watches,
Next <i or to Joan N. tjordon'a Giocery Store.
.-p-rUmen ;. i e r > specitu.iy invito to fail and ex
aai:.:e tr.e n.'W latent, ard latest improved DouDle
Li h ' • 1 Gun. just rec-'.vtu ircm England.
-; 1 -'-o-'rai discount .vii, te made to Ifi'tnle
ea^r-j.ealers a: d Country Merchants
1' ii c: i get tfcat uis "Nu. £W, Ma.n strt-et," liich
nii'i.ri. \ fi.
OAii, V 'i !J li b 1 i.<(
iiKit-ia;: 10 white -LLPH.U »i'RINGS.
i-**a'. ■ *uckmond da. yat r. t. AM, c j Staun
ton . y night; «ec»na a<t> t iueia'-iui cy o, PM.
>-'!• Qf; return , i-&ve HuoiiuaaE at -i o eioci A M,
arrive it '.:chirtcnd next -ay to aiacer, by half past
I o'clock, ? SI.
1 uiz :;.a*es a ua'.ly .ice :i Natural Bridge lo the
Wc.te >- pnur Springs.
tare Irom Richmond to Hue.- I.i an $ g
uo do Ricnmond ta Wnite auiphur, via
Natural . r:da* 12
B'-* h ' E. H. (ill.L. Superintendent.
A.>U i-'it.-i i iCU.V-*.—kr^ss,
c . - :■ wita bnu mouidiuga, bronzed auj Nur
e-*r. r iiuito'.- ;-.,r t". y uIJ <;;uutiy lire
L-isc-=: urcss t:-hj p v;J kit.-hou Fire Irons,
assorted, in pr<ce* i:oui s'jcsau t j.;7 sj.
a.a . a good aMo.iuieut o: puiiscea and brass
hfi. i Posters, for oam o v
HUs —iiuos, redoes, hud
Bows, suitable tor Buggy a, Barouches, Coaea
es ami W'agoiif, tor sale oy
YVi\fc.K Kit UJ !, r.K"s A .Mi Bit t. ID
i U.iSXi.Ki5, tor shie by
■'■' K M. ZI'iMKRMAN.
Oi-Aii. >V ALtM iili«j,—Aujejicau i»ua i
J. <izh patterns, sotue wry bsZidsoiuK, lor saie oy
|,c Con, r M-in Mid ii! i; str-eU.
BO*>. A.Mi 1 If ti. JKt.N's I LOTII.
INti-S iVIERCilAit'f jj, VYKJoiGtH have a
good dssoi iment m Bt>y s aud Children s Cl jtcing
uii hiii'j, wiiioii win tj*--*! at t*ir prices
a. WEi-IGEK,
<>c Hi Main street.
Vi' AliTii sOAf, far Tailors' use, for
' marking ciotli—much cheaper and better
th«Xi s„'d J • stone or French chi.s ; tor -u.r by
„ . W". M L-ADE,
Caetuist and Apothecary, street,
' c N'-w Cia - >:d Market
BKWIa- *jl ftl stove*, lor
-' 1 - e J > W. ->f. DADE, cbeznut.
"*• Noll \th.n st. ce-»r;h-!Old Market.
4' tl'Jl JMi St Aljh^,—A lui ot AK-uic.ue
± -' JL t jrsaiHiuw i/v
, W . W. DADE, Apothecary,
Maui street. near Old Market.
/ MDLU,—iiU bbU i:ew Jtewar* Cider,receiving
mid tor aaie by
oc fi WJI, TAYLOE.
AT *n adjourned meeting c.t the Council of the
City of Richmond, heia Sept. »l*t, 135J, the fol
lowing was adopted :
The Council b«i"g tatitfed that the petition* of
Corbin Warwick at.d otheis are the pet'tiona ofone
fourth of the freeholder* of the city, doth, on the
taM petition*.
Retolve, That a poll be, and the same it hereby
diiected. to take the tense of the freeholderi of the
city on the question, whether the Council, on be
halt ol the city, miy tubscribe to the ttock of the
Richmond and Danville Railroad Company, a coin
pany incorporated for a work ot internal improve
ment in this State, (part of which is to be construct
ed in or near the city.) an amount not exceeding
650,000; that thetime . f the poll be Tuesday, the 2d
day < t November nest and that this resolution be
published for one month 'and afterwards until tbe
day ci the in at least two newspapers ot the
city. A copy.
oc 4—3twt2n
As the agent and trustee of THOS. H. BLA
KEY, I will sell, privately, in lot* containing one
or mere acres*each, to tut purchaser*, eia'nt or
ten u -eg of the land now uwted and occupied by
tbe said Blakey. These lots are b> autitully situa
ted on Union Hill, fronting on the road leading to
Elaki-y's Mill, about araiieanua half only trcm
the old mwiket.
Terms accommodating. Refer to John Shore,or
to the subscriber. at his office No. 71 Main street,
upstaira.over Messrs. Sinton & Co.
an'J—3:awts L R. WATKINS.
i * scribers have entered into co partnership under
the iir/n of PENDLETON a BROTHER, tor th 9
transaction of the Commission Business in TOBAC
have taken Warehouse No. i-0 Smith's Wharf,
Baltimwre, Md.
Baltimore, August 16th. 1552.
Hugh Jenkins tc Co., Baltimore.
F. W. Brune it Sons, do.
Wm. Wilson <fc Sons, do.
Edwin Worth am a Co., Richmond.
Archb'd Thomas 4; Son, do.
Hugh W. Fry, do.
Rhodes i. Oglebay, Bridgeport, Ohio.
John Creigh, Cincinnati
Gordon & Co., Louisville.
W H. Bartiess, Charleston. S. C.
Otis J Chafee, do. do.
James McCu'ilogh, Pittsburgh.
Brown & Kirkpatrick, do.
Z. Chafee. do.
D.Lamb, Esq., Cash'r N. W.Bank, Wheeling.
S. Brady, Esq., do. Mer. &. ftlech. do. *o.
James R. Baiter, Whee.ing
Josiah Sibley, Hamburg*, S. C.
Henry A. fichrceder, Mobile, Alabama.
A L. Gaines, New Orleans.
oc 13—t w6m
In iienrico C<*umy Court, Oct. (i, l»-5vS.
'pHE Justices cf this Court having been summon-
X til to attend on tnis day to determine whether
or not the 33rd section of the 198 th chapter oi the
Code of Virginia, which prescribes that "if a frte
negro shall sell or barter, or offer for sale or barter
any agricultural products without having a certiti
cate in writing from one re=p> ctab.e white person
of the coun'y or neighborhood, ol his belief tnat he
raisec or otaerwise came honestly by the same,
such products shall be forfeited and the negro pun
isht d with stripes, and that any white person who
shall purchase or receive in trade agricultural pro
ducts of a free negro woo has not such certificate,
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor," shail be in fores
in the county of Henrico. The Court this day pro
ceeded to consider the same, anu it is the unanimous
opinion ot the Court that tne section aforesaid shall
be in force in the county i f iienrico auu the same
is orde ed accordingly. And it is further ordered
that this order be published twice a week for ore
month, in the Daily Dispatch and Richmond Daily
A Copy Teste. JAMES ELLETT, C H C.
By a subsequeut order of the County Court of
Henrico, entered on the Bth October, 1852, it was di
rected that the section mentioned in the preceding
order, shouid not take effect in said county until
the 6to dav (f November next.
0! 11—vim JAMES ELLFTT, C. 11. C.
jVi.W KVfAIH.IMI.UKAT The suoscri
i* ber, having titted up a portion of the Bowlina
Siloon on Franklin street, near the Kxchange, tor
a Carnage Repository, is now receiving and will be
constantly addina to his assortment of Carriages,
Buggies, Rockawnys <fcc , wiiich he ihink* on a close
examination w; 1 compare tavorably with any other
establishment in the city. With this view, he has
engaged the services of a practical coach-maker,
Mr. Wm. D. Baber, to conduct the business, who
will give his personal attention to ielectina and lay
ing in such articles of style and quality, as will cuit
the tancy ana meet the views of purcha.-ers in thU
market He therefore solicits a call from his friends
and the public generally, that they may examine
and judge for themselves, hoping thereby to secure
a share of public patronage. Not unmindful of the
past, th« undersigned takes this occasion to return
nls gratetui tckaowledgmeuts for the liberal en
couragement extended to him in his livery business,
and flutters himself ou a continuance of those favors
at his old stand on 12th street, where he can pretty
generally be tound ready to administer to the wants
of his ca.tomers.
c ,ol3—eodiw—w3t WILLIAM GRAVES.
LU.MHEK, LliHttfcU,—ln addition to our
general assortment of seasoned Wtiite Fine
Lumber, we have, in our yard, over 350,000 fe> t of
seasoned White Oak ami l>uuon Wood
Boards, suitable tor tooacco boxes. Purchasers
wouid do well to aopiy to us, either personally or
by letter before purchasing elsewhere.
sel3—2iw3rr. port Depostte, Md.
jLWtill'i' m'AOUiili
-Li Bags BEST PERUVIAN GUANO, received
ana for sale by
ocl2—s-wiw IJCGH W. FRY.
V OTlCii.— 1' tif-j uiiti*?i si;riu'd in<"isi r^*
1 * speettuiiy to intimate to (be inhabitants of
Richmond ai d its vicinity, that they have c>rn
minced business on i-lta or Pearl street, near
May o's Bridge, for the purpose of carrying on Plain
and Ornamental, li oust, fian, Coach and Furni
ture Fainting; ai-o, Gilding, lilnzfng, Ta
per Hanging and Graining, They pledge
ttemselves to execute ?.il work in the neatest,
cheapest and most substantia! manner.
J. Mc-LEOI) &. CO.
N. K—All orders punctually attenurd to.
se 21 —2m*
Is OUiiliT 1-. HUOAI>m > ot'. rs las «-rvi
-Iv ces to the Citizens oi R c ttuouu uud the public
generally as a general Collector of Claim*. He
pledges himself io aitend fctrict.y to all business en
trusted to his care. His o£ce is in the rear ot Mi
James R. Sutuu's otice, ia Law Building, Rich
mund, Va. my 4—Hn3' r
«, WKA'a >i -Vl AM *r A» TUI:EIi(S~
1 he suoscrih-jr solicits the attention of Tooac
co Manufßctu'ers •<. his superior Presses and Miilg,
oi every description. P. RAH.'.I,
Eagle Foundry, Cary below Pearl street,
au 21—6rn
L'it TfcliN UEn AliO.—Ran
i. away trom my premi.-e», on the uignt of the
23r«i Hepteruoer, without any pruvocation. my maid,
MARIA, he is a mulatto Woman, . i rather oatk
complexion, long Lair, wears it tucked up. She is
23 years oi age, neat and tidy in her appearance,
and ci usual o:ze. No mark, except that her left
eye tooth projects the other tenta a littie; carried
wi:h her seven cr eight frocks and two bonnets,
one a dress bonn-t and the ota-r a lonfc-eared. 1
will pay the above rewara if delivered t., me, or se
cured in jail so that I get her again. 1 iearn she
has Dwen seen in Richmond. P. H. PRICE
Hanover. October 4ih, l-.vj oc ft— t's
U'LOKIU.I \\ ATfcllt, ol superior qualt'y,
A from J M Laiocue, lialumore. for sale by
oc If ' No 155 Main t.t c;t <-~ruer I-jth.
dAV A>.NA —A largo a»nortmeat
part very superior quality, for aale fey
oc No i 5 i Mam street, corner 12th
SARATOGA WATtH,— supp.y of
Saratoga Water just received, lor sale by
08 * 6 Uraagists. 92 Main st.
POitTO ItJC'O t iinds, receiving
Jrom schr Emma, for sale by
oc 19 W H.L'A>;S Si BROTHKH.
A ' UHAI IT tt OA L,—Landing at Km t
1 * * tts, 200 tons superior Antnracite Coal, at
per lon ot 200Uibs,U taken fr< m the wharf.
QC Dock XVharf.
BLL iC 350 los h.uts Jrtoue on band
As this is used by Farmers lor soaking Wnea*.
it w.il beiold viiMp, by
oc 1!) O A STRKCKER.
O.NK fIFK HObLA.M) UIM, 2u boi. Ap
pie Brandy, tor sate t»y
<"= '3 L. D.CRENSHAW t CO.
COtKfafc ftl tiAHo. —J.W bbis lor sale by j
■»!> i l t ) MANI/'FACTOHM.
Main street, oppoiite th" Exchange Bank, respect
fully invite stronger* visiting the citj. and the pub
lic generally, to call and eaamine their large and
complete assortment of articles in the above line.
Their prices wili be found to be as low as those of
any other house, whether by the tingle pair, dozen
or case The stock embraces—
Gentlemen's Dress Shoes, Gaiters and Bor tees
Do calf, kip. and gtout Boots ar.d Bootees
Youth's Boots ani Bootees, of many kinds
Servant's Brogues, bound and unbound
Ladies' Shoes. Buskins, Kids, Jenny l.inds, A_c
Ladies' black, bronze snd cola ed Gaiters
Buskins and 3oot- es for servant women, various
Mioses and Children's Shoes, in great variety
Travelling Trunks, plain > Leather and flair
V£r' All of which are offered atthe]owe«t rates.
PEMEERTGN a BRO. 161 Main st.
Opposite Exchange Bank, Richmond, Va.
se 17—3 m
ir2 CES3&-* a PIANOS.—P. H. TAYLOR is
Eggamfig^p|Scon*tant ! y receiving elegant and
ft nf K n) (/plain Fiafos irom the popular id a-
U » 'J J a iterß , >iunns Ac Clark.
These instruments received the great gold medal
prize at the '■ ft'or Id't Fair,'' Lfindon, i&.ll; atid
they have invariably received the first prize st the
American institute Fairs in this country. They
combine all the modern improvements "with the
Metallic Frame and patent over strings &nd are
confidently recommended tor sweetmss of tone and
great durability, which quality will be appreciated
in the couutry t where good tuners are seldom
i J H.Taylor has sold these instruments in this
city for the Ust seventeen ypa'"s. to the entire satis
faction of his numerous customers.
Old Pianos taken in part pay.
Fiano Stools and Music, (the largest and best
collection in the Sta e) Violin and Guitar Strings,
Violins and Gaitara of the best quality, at low
prices. P. H. TAYLOR,
Piano and Music Store,
pc 5 160 Main street, rpposite the hanks.
fIBBBSKIt. I>K.VfAI, »lH(ifcOJi.-Dr.
R- K. CHAN DLER, (graduate of the
Baltimore College ot Dental Surge
ry,) oft'ers hi 3 professional services
to the citizens of Richmond and vicinity.
Office 145 Main street. Eagle Square.
References—Professor C. B. Gibson, Professor
C. P.Johnson, Rev. Dr. Howell, Rev. J. B. Taylor,
Rev. Ho. Rvland, A. G. Wortham, M. D., and VVm.
F. Butler, Esq , Richmond.
Professor C. A. HarrU, Professor Tho9. E. Bond,
Proiessor W. R. Handy, Prof. C. O. Cone, and Les®
ter Noble. D. D. S., Baltimore. se i—d6m
Main Street, have in store, and are recelT
iarge additions to their stock of Druj(a.
Medlelnes, riuriteonN' ln«truiueotai
Paint!), Otis, Oyes. Wiudow CJlilhs nad
Fancy Articles, which they otfer foj- sale on the
most favorable t«;rms to cash and punctual dealer i
fCARPr,T BA'iS, >tc—The sub SBsstubs
1 senber would most respectfu'ly call the at
tention of the pablic to his larg« stock ot the
above goods, fresh from the manufacturers, embra
cing in pHrt as follows : Gentlemen's Fine Call Dress
Routs, sewed and pegged; do Waterproof do ; do
Kip Waterproof do ; do. Ca'f and Patent Leather
Monterey®; do. do. Dress Shoes, sewed and peg
ged ; Ladies Gaiter Boots, all colors and qualities ;
15 i.Jenny I.iud Boots, Half-Gaiters, Buskin Gaiters,
£:c.; do White Kid and Satin Slippers; do. Biack
Morocco ami hid Slippers, all qualities ; do. Moroc
co and Gcat Walking Shoes, of all fashionable
styles; Misses' Gaiter Boots, Bootees Buskin*.Slip
oers, dec.; Children's Gaiters and Shoes, of every
description ; Boys' and Youths' Calf and Kip Boots,
Bootees, ic.; Servants' Boots and Shoes, various
kinds, too tedious to mention ; also Traveling aad
Packing Trunks, Umbrellas and Carpet Bats.
oc 16 87 Main street. Richmond.
. ~ ShW HOOTS, MIOJKS, Trunks,
k VALiCES. Carpet Baas, &c—Having re
ceivtdinost ot my Falist'ckof the above articles, se
lected by mys-lf and pur hasod of the manu'aetureis
f_>r cash. I beg a call from my customer* and the
public, ilattering myself that I can offer them better
bargains and articl-s than ever, notwithstanding the
rise in the boot ard shoe market. Among my as
sortment will be found Ladies' Gaiters, thick and
tain sole, foxed and tipped, of various pne-s ; La
dies' Morocco Gaiters >nd Lace Boots, thick and
thin aol>-s; Ladies' Morocco and Goat Buskins ; Mo
rocco Slip* and Ties, &c., and an endless variety of
ijentleu.en's, Boys" and Children'* Bootsand Shoe*;
Servants' Boots and Shoes, and a lar*e assortment
of Trunks.
Sign of the Boot, just below City Hotel, opposite
Di -SOLLTI l)N,—The Co-partnership here
tofore existing under the firm ot L. & M.
ROSE, is this day, by mutual consent, dissolved.
September ltith, les'-!.
The subscriber, in returning his mo?t sincere
thanks lor the very liberal patronage so kindly be
stowed on the old tirm, begs to inform his o:d cus
tomers and the citizens generally, that he has ju3t
returned from the North with an entire new si .ok
of Fall Goods, amoncst which may be found
handsome designs in Silks, Silk Velvets, Mousiin
deLaine, Cashmeres, Merinos, Alpacas, and an ex
tensive assortment ot crape, loug, square and tkib t
Sh*wls; also, a very large assortment of Flannels,
Blankets, Kerseys, Linseya. «fce. <fcc., and almost
every article usually kept in a dry goods houae,
which will be sola on the most reasonable terms
oc 6—Dm 203 Broad street.
mKltiUlfl.NU iIAT .HA.MI At TO
RY.—The subscriber invites the attention of
thetiade to his new and extensive Fall Stock of
ilA'lS and CAPS, whiclj all thtt vaiious
grades, styles, colors qualities of Gentlemen*',
Boys' and Child reus' fiats mid Cspsdiow in use.
Merchants ot Virginia, North '.arofina and Ten
n"isee are particularly requested to examine before
going further North, th-s almost infinite variety of
gowj» now ready for their inspection at this estab
iifhment. Those »ho have the disposition to pre
fer home manufactures aud encourage home in
dustry. can do eo with advantage by supplying
themselves and their customers with Richmond
made goods, which will be warranted as fine in
quality and perfect i-i workmanship as can be p-o
--auced in any market in the world, while the prices
shall be reduced to the lowest and most economical
American standard Those who may wii>h to pat
ronize the manufactures of other States can be fur
nished w th Northern and Eastern goods at the
manufacturers prices The stock consists of the
usual varie;y of tine fashionable Hats and Caps, of
oid gentlemen's broad brims from the finest to the
iowest qualities; Servants' Hats and Caps of all
kinds, from one dollar per dozen ur>; Children and
infants' Hsts and Caps, Ladies' Riding Halt, all
the various styles and quaitues of s,,ti Hats Tar
pau'.in. Wool and Glazed flats, all the grades of
Caps, hair, seal, clotu, leather, plush, (.cation and
silk,; Fur Cap» up to the very finest Otter and Bta
Ladle*' Furs—Muffs, Tippets, Muffatees,
Cutis, \ ictsrbpg,i*oot Miitfi, Miwcs'mid Chiidrens'
Mutts, Victorines, &c. as complete and well assart
ed h stock ot these a, ods as ts usually kept in the
most fashionable tancy Fur stores of New York,
au 31—,'tf. JOHN POO LEY, «1 Main st
A—C. A. UWATKIN tak-s pleas rein an
nouncing to the cit;zeca of Richmond and sur
icutidi&g count'y. that he has taken the spacious
\V areroora, No lt<7 Main street, opposite the Ex
change llauk, and a few doors below the Americau
Hole;, where he has t p'ned a new and splendid
stock ot .**tnple and Knncy Dry t*oo<!», suit
ed to th<s Fall and Winter Sales, either at wholesale
or retail. He now has in store a moat every article
usual.y kept in a Dry Goods Store, ail o! which he
expects to seil much cheaper than the old prices,
a yrreat poition having br-en purcntsr-d at Auction,
and since the late decline in a great many atnds of
printed gcods. He respectfully and cordially to
ilcits a call from all in want cf cheap goods, es
pecially the Ladie*.
oc 6 —1m C A.OWATKIN
I -» tftanctl Cultir, tluuktui {>t put favors, begs to
irforui his triei>d« and tue public, that for the pre
sen! he can be touud at his )evidence ou 18th street,
between Mala and Fraukiin, whera he will execute
any work in his line with neatness and dispatch,
of) 4—lm
»%!,»£, i>KiVATKI.t, a lot Ol
x school Desks, and other Bokrding School Fur
n.ture ; also, a Utse Rosewood Piano, made by
Nunus and Clark, at New York, and in peilect or
der. /or sale at the residence of B. B. Minor, on
Main itrtet, between 3rd and 4th streets.
RIO I O&bk*k»—lis dags, lanouii ttoui sclir
Emma, fur tile low to ciose.
And til
diseaset art.
j from a disor
dered Liter or Sto
mach, tuck at Conitipa-
Hon, luwmrd POet, Fullness, or
Bloodto the Head. Acidity of the Sto
mack >a«sea, Heart burn, Lh,g u ,7for
Food Fui inets, or height in the Stokcck
Sour Eructations, Sinking or Flutters ~
the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of ik t w,*„? <?
rud and Difficult Breathing?.
Heart. Choking or Suffocating Sen, Stun,
tchen i'( a lyii'gpotture. Dimi..., „f jv
■ Dote or Webt before, the
fe ?rrrl >Un Pcin in <»' '
Htad. Deficiency of Per'pi.
ration. Ytllotnets of
the Skin and Eytt,
Pain in the
Back. Chen. TJmbt, Sudden Flutket of i:
Burning in the Fltth, Co,,nam / ma ,
Eril, and Great Depression of fipir ts ?* '■
factually cured by DR. HOOFLAVD*Vi" :
C. M. JnrkNon, at the ' -
120 Arch street, Philadelphia
Tbear power over the above disease, j 9 r . t .
eehed—it equalled—by any other ,\'C ti
United States, as the cur •; atte/t ; :
ter skilful physicians bad fa:id, ' ycaijsai
Tuese Bitters are worthy the attention of i-, v .
lids. Possessing great virtues in th - '
diseases of the Lirerand lesser gland*.''
the most searching powersin weakens »-'« V,
tions of the digestive organs, they are, wftp
certain and pleasant. ' '
Charles Robinson, Esq., Easton, Md„ i'a a v .
to Dr. Jackson. January 9, leso, said
"My wife and myself have received more ber
from your medicine than any other we hav t ,
for the Dyspepsia and Liver disease " '
"The Tenth Leeon." published at Woodstoefc
Va., January 10,1?50, said—
"A Great Medicine."
" We have uniformly retrained from recommend
ingtothe public any of the various Patent ikied
cines ot the day. unless thoroughly convinced u ,
their value. Among those we consider worthy <;■
rotice is the German Bitters, invented by Dr Hoo*'
land, and orepared by Dr. Jackson, in Psiladeltih ,
One instance iu particular, in which the superior
virtues of this medicine ha 3 been tested, has fallen
under our observation During the last summe • ,
son of Mr. Abraham Crabill, ot this county w%s
ve-y seriously afflicted with Liver Complaint, and
after trying in ?ain various remedies, he purchased
a bottle ot the Bitters, and after usmi; it, whs su
much relieved of his distressing malady, that lie
procured another bottle, and is restored entirely T
The "Philadelphia Saturday Gazette," the b- 1 -'
family newspaper published ia the United StH'.-s
The editor savsof
"It is seldom that we recommend what are
termed P»tent Medicines to the conhdence and pa
tronage of our readers; and, therefore, when we .e.
commend Dr. Hootiland's German Bitters, we wi.fa
It to be distinctly understood that we are not speai
ing ot the nostrums of the day, that are i lU-d
about for a brief period and then forgotten after it
has done its guilty race of mischief but ol a meil:-
cine long established, universally prized, and ivr/iia
has met the hearty approval of the faculty
This medicine has attained that high c::ar i-jter
which is necessary for all medicines to attain t . in
duce counterfeits to put forth a spurious article at
the risk of the lives of those who are inaocentiy
Look well to the Mark* of the Genuine.
They have the writteu signature of C. M. JACK
SON upon the wrapper, and the nameblown in tee
For sale, wholesale and retail, by
PURCELL, LADD CO., Druggists,
mh B—3tawly 92 Main street, comer 14th
DlC,for the cure ot Asiatic Cholera, Choiica
ol all kinds, Spasms, Cholera Morbus, Dysent-»rv
Diarrhoea, Lock Jaw, violent Pain, whether Kh-'l
matic or Neuralgic, Cramp in the Stomach, Tooth
ache, Nervous Headache, Delirium Tremens, Spi
der Kites, Dyspeptic Fullness trout Itnprudeut
Eating, Thrtateued Abortion, Fits, Sinking or Cub
gestive Chills, Ague and Fever, Bums, Cuts, \.c.
Accompanying each bottle is a pamphlet contain
ing full directions for its use, in the various disea
ses for which it is recommended, as well as pre
senting many strcngtestimoniais.
This medicine is not only efficient, out safe.—
It is adapted to many of the most violent disea
ses, giving the most prompt relief—and is t specify
suited to large families as well as to travellers—
The proprietor, therefore, would respeettally ask
the attention of the public to its claims, whim are
founded on more titan twenty years' experience
in its use, and not on conjecture.
It ha» already become a very popular remedy in
many parts ot the country, and is destined to be so
wherever it is introduced.
We wouid respectfully call the attention of the
public to the following, amongst many nanu s i.I
highly respectable ana well-known gent'ernea ;n
ditfereut parts of the country, who have used
and spoken of it in higu terms:
Muscoe Garuett, Esq, Essex, Va: Jas M Jeffrie.
Esq, King and Queen, Va; Alexander L)ud!ey, E»u
King and Queen, Va K W Schooler, Esq, C'ardu.e.
Va; Wilson C i'emberton, King William, Va; A h
Walthall, Charlottesville, Va; Thomas L> Qiar.es,
Rich mot d, Va; John VV Woods, Baltimore; V\ m F
Pendleton, Washington; Newton Short, King XV.
iiam; Winston, Chesterfield, Va, jaines V\
Goss, Gordonsviile, Va; It L Coleman, Riohm ni l
Va; N 15 JHill, iUclimoud, Va; Thomas Starve, Kini
William, Va.
Amongst the many Physicians who have us"J it,
we beg leave to refer, for the present, to ice f •*
~l)t John 5 Lewii. King William; Br Willian. T
Downer, King William; Dr Wil.iarn K Pu .<ii;s.
Korthumberland: iJr iticuard T Hund.Vy. fjaiuvt.
We also a>k you to read thefeilowmg Cerr.Sci-.r-. s
and refer you to many more in the pamphlets au 3
our various advertisements:
■if Hn'f Fever, Arc.
Pa. Ot' Val—beai sir: 1 wus piomp;.) re
lieved. h lew years ago, of a violent attack oi s.-u. •
thing like the Cholera, By taking a large d -•
your Anti-Spasmodic- Since lhat time 1 have
quently witness* d its good e:i- etc in other ca=
About sis weeks agu i was sutf-raig esceedli . )'
from an attack of f'nird day Ague anj Fever, it
a«u ot;euiucicasiug u severity lor nearly am !.t
I determined to try your Anu -J.c, au.i a
cordingly tooi a iurg.- do»e ot it jusl b--i jre tne U.:
lor chiil. it produced over tne whole »y»; "
a peculiar sensauoa of warmth, which kept uy
by repeating iCe dose once or twice at intervals
two hours. Though nee ssarily exp -sed since, 1
have leit no return ot chill. I feel conjident m re-
Commending your Medicine.
Very sincerely yours,
Kins Wilimm. July, 1852.
In Crimp, seal try, find Spider Ul!e«-
JJa. Up val—Dear Sir: 1 have adinmu;- •-
your Family Anti-Spasmodic in sever*, viol-;'-! at
tacks of Cramp and Dysentery. 1 have aop ied .'
externally to tile bite oi a tpid r, v.oen tnee was
an enormous enlargement oi the limb. auJ intense
nain —in fti 1 w,»K ,>ort«rt success 1 have »O.J »
great deal oi it in tins nelgnbornovu. anu as ta: *s
know, tthas given universal aatislactiou. A.i w- 1
nave tested it seem to think it has no equal as a
family medicine, i deem it due to say that in ttii)»t
ol the instances alluded to above, various tease- is
were used without etfect
Reapectniliy yours,
(Signed) S. W. Y. MU?E-
Maruinctured by P. P. DU VAL, M. L), h '-S
Willi<na C. ii., Va ,to whom all orders sbou.d
addressed Price 6- 1 - ctuu and el per
For sale in Ricninond.Va,, by PL'KC£i-L, L.U'. 1
i. CO., wholesale agents, and by THUjla~ A
P. LADD; in Baltimore, by CAN BY x HATC
iu Portsmouth, by GAIU.ICK ii UWATiIMtI.
HD l by PruitKi»ts jeneraily au o—
Ato.w.»io.\ t.VFi{K.-sio>.-ls y
certainly the moat lne-Me Dai{iit*i*rr«>t)pi*»
we have ever seen—scsay persons almost da: y. l,u
visiting our rooms We endeavor to ni»»« ti> m
appear natural and life like, in positiou,
mi l tiuisb, ami how ia.- «re succeed, we leave too
public to decide; and we are p east d to sa> lE*'
many decide in our tavor, aaiiy We tuviui a•*
who may wish Daguerreotypes, and tue public i'-
general, to call and examine our Pictures, our ' *■-
lection ot Ca»es. Frames, Lockets, PiuS. and priee«.
and utter suih exami lation you tniuk you can
oetter suited elsew.u re, we wnl think just as uiiica
of you a* it )ou had patiouliid us. lu.iss »e
merit your patronage we do not wish it.
NlN.Nis 4. WATSON,
Daguerreoiypiata and dealers in stack.
33} Main at, (Mansion House) Richuioud, and
Sycamore at. P»ter«h"rj. V» <r
AC ON 911>Ks».—I#4u4s, landing tor «ue t>y
oc lit WILLIAMS * BRoTUtK.

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