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"7,( last ifo'tent* ani Death of Daniel
MAF.snriKin, 10 o'clock, Saturday eve
r . \lr Webster is not now expected to
... an heiir. and i* himself momentarily ex
, [!..£ il) fin i! summons with great calm
r - icnation and composure.
l<i.iii»c (h nlte.rnoon and evening he ha*
, .*(,| freely, and with great clearness and
in r. itioii to til-- disposal of Ins private
... He cave, full directions in relation to
j i rt 1 inp 'he most minute statement of
* • m i' giiid to them.
|.i i. in the afternoon, he w.-.s seized
. » ,>•!.; nausea, and ruined considerable
A rt. t'nged with blood, which left
•. :sfc »>f great exhaustion and debili-
I ,v~icians in nitendanee then an
.[ . ,c M • W ehsier that Ins lust hour
» .) ■ approaching, lie received the
!I! c ilmly. ond tl rooted nil the
- . i'ie family lo be called in, to encli
«m ho addressed individually u few
. e parting woids, and bid them a
. i . He t:iTi took his leave ot his
r ;:ni-ntul personal friends, address
i, i ifiii individual!*, referring to part
:i>, t: u bade each an alTettioiiule lare
] Sh'lo! his latnily that he parted with
„ .« 1' ter Harvey Webster, (h grand eon,)
.iuin lit nsked tile richest blessings of
>i . lie t h« *l said, as if Hpeakitig to
- ■. "On the 241h of October all that is
tut of Daniel Webster trill be no more."
M- \\ ebs;«r then prayed in & lull and clear
f. in .st fervently and iinpres*ivel\, cou
_• as I illows :
4 /l.icenly Faffier foririce my sins, and
.: -ie >/<■ to thyself through Christ Je
-1),. .!i lTiies then conversed with him, and
. in that medic ii skill could do nothing
t,. which Mr. Webster replied;
•• V hen I <i t to In• here patiently till the end
— it be so may it come soon.'"
;■ - t: w JOo clock, and Air. Webster con
, i ■ j ifeclly conscious of every thing that is
j >.-. J' iT: ifs and Porter have expressed the
ti i it the immediate cause of hisinevi
■l is a cancerous affection of touie of
- Her ititeMine*.
'•! w.-Hrifctu Sunday Morning, 1 o'clock.
— > t• ii o clock Mr. Webster has coniin
: i gradually sink, though still returning
lit u!ties unclouded, but too weak to
.erse wi ii Ins friends, pave an occasional
•irs, as if to satisfy them that his mind
■-:.ii fiee, and that ail his menial faculties
. i ummpared. '
i Hnn.ii, Sunday Morning,4 o'clock.—
il;>n. I'aniel Webster, the gi>uiest of
•in rtiHtesmcn, is no more ! He died at
.. ite> oi 3 o'clock, in the 71st yeur of
!> !as! hour he was entirely calm,
ltiieii ins lust so peacefully that it
» i -Ult lo fix the precise moment that he
Mr. Webster's Death at Boston.
i. f , (Jit. L' 1. — I'he nnnounceu.ent of the
•< i;i Mr. Webster, ulthougli momentarily
ted throughout yesterday, casta univer
sal over the city, in which the whole
unity seemed to participate. At eight
k tins morning one hundred minute guns
i • liret! Irom the Conimon, the bells ofthe
were toll, d, and Hags suspended at lialf
in all the public buildings iu the city,
!-( tokens o! the great bereavement were
• :jed iiom many private dwellings. From
aily hour until noon the people weregath
• the etieets conversing on the national
. .11 v.
i V\ ebster Club Room iins been draped
i tirn ng, inside and out, and a craped baii
f i'li the fallow int: motto, suspended,
'■ut their principles live.'"
' ■ H ( itsfi r's Death at New York.
.Ni.vv uKKj Oct* 24.— The newspaper i Sices
« ■ liir. uged at an early hour this morning
•* nxioris enquirers after the condition of
\\ cbster. On the announcement of the
. t!:> bells of the city were tolled, flags
<i in mourning suspended from all the
buildings, and til! seemed desirous of
'Mng their sense of the great iNational
.. rusty.
Webster's Death at Philadelphia.
i:i I ADiXPuiA, Oct. 24. —The arinounce
' tit Mr. Webster's death was received
tit !' o'clock Ihi:» morning, and caused a
•viul excitement throughout the city.—
I >tn!e Ilou.-f- bell immediately commenced
, followed by all the bells in the city,
i! _ s draped ii. mourning are suspended in
; trtn ( i t:,c city. In nearly all the churches
i. cry. thin morning, his death, character,
.o j-ervires to the country, were made the
> I lot appropriate comment.
iin A etc Secretaryship—Cuban Affairs.
\\ A-ttiNGToN, Oct. 24.—There is much
■(leculation as to who is to succeed Mr. YVeb
-t r as Secretary of State, but nothing offi
witli regard to it has transpired. Mr.
mtenden is spoken ofus most suitable for
• eucressor.
1 in- Cuban affair is regarded here as look
- r ither serious.
Duulop, itioncure A Co. ask the
k * v —» attention of dealers t<« their auction sale
Groceries, Shoe*, «stc., commencing at 10
•: This Morning, without regard to weather.
ave to announce to the public in general, that
v epeni d a sti re in connection w.th their
P'aiitifiictory, at Nu 2i7 Mam street, next door
; * Aletbooisl Book Cone -rn, and are now pre
f ito sell or Manufacture Jewelry of all
k -at New York prices. We invite the public to
c and examin# their stock on hand, consisting of
1 u*, Watch s, Jewelry Bud Fancy Articles, and
I by proper atteution to the wains of the com
-1 ity >.nd continued exertions to fulfil all orders
i.y article in our line, to merit a share of public
1 k« end Watches saiefully repaired by an ex
> need worimati.
- «• iry of alt kinds made and repaired to order
wett piice-i, and satisfactio i warrantt d.
en i.dn and a 1 otter precious stones set to or
in the iarert New York etyl«a. oc 26—f'.f
. ■„'* We c rdially c.>minend to public notice and
f, Mr J F. SPACH, ou Governor, between
and Franklin str> e e, who is unquestionably
' ' th« moat tisty aud acci:mplished, scientiric
i»or» iii:h? city U you want a good cut, or
> m an i easy shave, call on him by all means.
■ 2-—lt
, > TII JE tXPKK .S li arrives and
_ haves daily, by Mail Trains, always in
jc nf trusty Agcntb. Tins mode of receiving
v.aiding g lods ot whatever description, com
- ft: .jomy, r.nd what is of greater importance,
'peed. Our waj'on will call for gooda togoaway,
delivei everything Witnout extra charge.
Ollice No. H, Fourteenth Street,
Near ttie Post < Itbce.
" * The Notea «»l" the United Stutea
IShiiL will be rtdeemud at the office of
- e Nott ic. Bevill, next door to the Excnange
y,22—ts WM N.TINSLEY.
p'V J.l.KY,—'li e subucribera are in receipt of
O 3L uieir large and superior »u; ply of Watrh
aid Jewelry. Their Watehes eat
■ t jii e from the most celebrated makers, and
warranted superior Xinv: ke> peis Among ihttin
>e (iolu Watches, as low as OurJewelty
aces ail the neweat styles.
- ' 6 H9 Main street. Eaule Square
f a A4."ii ~'J'O TIeiOIAIN i liie
s-afc 'hp lieruiine, Rasehen cornn ander, n><w
■ i i tin ii en car. hands jinely accommoUat ;
r p il early application is mado uj
-u—J.' E. W. UL VOii k CO.
H'.VBKAi. of aiK. WEBhTKIi.
. Bosto.i, 0ct.25.
V r.dav next has been appoinied for ihe fune
r il of the departed fttateamao, Daniel Webater.
Uen. Pierce will attend.
The intelligence of Mr. Webster'* death has
b '-en received everywhere with the deepest Sor-
No Flour to-day worthv olnote; it is
held at $4 50. Red Wheat, 97 to 98 els.—
Corn scarce.
Sales ol 14,500 bhls. Flour at §1 G2 t„ $1.87
for Southern. Sales of 11,000 bushels white
V, heat at 11.08 to 1.09; and 39.00J
mixed Corn at 7aJ cts.
fjT Hope mid Joy to the \ Illii Uft
CAKTEIt S .DANISH for the removal
I )<! manent cure of ail aiseaees a: isinsr lrom an
hnpuie (state ot the Biood, or habit of th?> system,
v!^: £' crolu 'a» or King's Evil, hheumatium, Obsti
iihte Cuuueous Eruptions. Pimples, o.- i'uetulr g on
tn«- race, blotches,» (Jhrvwic Kys, Kmc
Worm or Tetter, Scald Head, Enlargement and
I fclQ , - ? Koceß Joint., Stubborn Ulcers,
f'yj hiiitic Disorders, Lumuago, Spinal Complaints,
una ail dUe>i>es arising from an injudicious use of
Mercury, exposure or imprudence in life.
It invariably cures Indigestion or Dyspepsia, Neu
ralgia G-tierai and .--ervous Debility, l J alp)tation of
tlie Heart, Liver (;nmpi»int, uwt mfiarnmation in
th -Ki lneys Ladies or pale complexion and con
sumptive nabits, and »ueh as are debilitated by those
obstructions wnich iemajes are liable to, are re
stored by the use cf a bottle or two, to bloom and
vigor. BENNETT* BEERS, Druggists,
Ueneral Agents and Propiietors,
No liis Main street, Richmond, Va.
lloine Testimony.—For the extraordinary
virtues ol this valuable Medicine, we are at liberty
II refer to to'luwina gentlemen, weii known in
our own city: Frederick Boyaen, late of the Ex
change; C.li. Luek, formerly in the Post Office;
Saaiuei M. Drinker, of the iate tirrn of Drinker tc
Morris; Dr John Minge, formerly of the City Ho
tel ; Kiiivin Burton, Commissioner of the Kevenue ;
Cieorge W. Baker, Uicnard E. West, Wiiliuai A
Matthews, J M. Elrni're, end many others, all ot
whom have tried its > liicacy on themselves, or seen
its operation on others.
It n«8 perfoi med more cures than all the balance
o. the articles so extensively advertiso. 1 have ever
done altogether Don't del«y ; try it at once Call
»nd get a pamphlet and br- cured. oc 7—dim
L-V' Keep it Before the People, that
are a sure cure icr Dyspepsia, in alt its various
s'age?,as witness the iarge number of voluntary
certificates no* in the hands tl the Proprietor, snd
the great demand for it wher. v-t it has been intio
duc d No inedu ine ever introduced to the public
hn, ever gaiued the popularity possessed by these
Bitters, with to little aid from the public press
'i hey are a preventive ot Ague and Fever, a correc
tor cl disordered stomachs, and the best tonic to be
had at any price. Let the suil'erer try them and be
I'rice only 50 cents per bottle To be had at the
Druii Stores of
WOOD,and E. J. PICOT. Main street; H.BLAIR,
Broad 6treet, Richmond, V'a oc 1:0
vv. A. POWELL, Architect aud C ivil
nieer—ls prepared to iurnish Designs and draw
li.ss lot every ciais and etylt: ot build'ng. with spe
citicatiotis, estimates and agroctnentf.'adapted to
t ie location, with all ti.e m d'-rn conveniences,
improvements 4t , oa very moderate terms, and
at short notice. IDs many years expeiience and
practical knowledge, in his protesi-i m, with his su
rior facilities, enables him to d" justice to all en
gaging his services. Office on 12:h street, 2 doors
lrom lilbin street, opposit; the James fciver aud
Kanawha Company's office. oc 12—2w
(Va.; ALUM SPRINGS.—The.e Piils are Diuretic,
Cathartic, Tonic and Alterative iu their effects up
on the system. They excite the action ol tr.e Liver
in many cases in which Calomel would have no ef
fect. They are also peculiarly efficacious in Fe
male Diseases.
The wonderful success which has attended the
use of the Rockbridgr Alum Water and Pills toi
many years, in a great variety of diseases, baa e«-
quired tor it a celebrity rarely lf'o-er equalled, and
is steadily increasing. Tha most eminent Chemists
of the day have examined the Water p.ad Pills, arid
found it possessed extraordinary Medicinal proper
ties. It ha* been declared by the best authorities
tubes euro for every lorm of Scrofula, Chronic
Li*, er Diseases, all Chronic Din asea of thr Stomach
and Bowels, Dyspepsia, Chronic Diseases of the
Kyes, Mercurial Aficctious, and particularly ada-jt
ed to cases of Passive Uterine Hemorrhage, com
plicated with deruugen ect of the Liver and Sto
mach, and many other disorders arising from im
purity ot the blood.
For kale by Druggiets end country rceroLaaU
generally throughout tne United Mates.
Price ;»l per vial, perdozer.
Druggists and olhers wishing to purchase in
large quantities, or become Agents fur t:.c sale of the
above celebrated Liver Pills, will please aduress
Alum Springs, Rockbridge Co., Va , or
je 7 Columbisa Hotel, Richmon
[y Three VhiiusauJ Uus Dollar Pic
tured tnkeu within tb« la»t Tw« .VlautEe.
—Does noi tnis look like giving entire satisfaction
to our custotacra, and the jsubdcl if it does not,
we would like to know what do««. Do be
gulled any longer by paying high prices for your
pictures, but come to me and get a superior Pic
ture for one oollar, case included. Warranted
equal to any in the country.
se 21 No 110 Main street.
A Great Cure for J'evar ami Ague !!
ague toeing themosi common form of disease, and
indeed the forerunner of most if not all ether dis
eases, damands lor its radical cure a remedy which
has beau well tested, possessing full power to era
dicate disease and strengthen the constitution, i his
mixture, having never tailed in a single case, is pro
nounced by thousands to be that remedy.
Phis compound is truly the poor man's friend,
ani the rich man's security The clergy, bur, and
the press have already re-echoed the above statu
A few doses ot this wond'rful Tonic is always
sufficioatto Convince tue most skeptical
The infant and the aged tnay use it alike, regula
ting Ifce dose as per directions.
"Directions.—After purging freely with my
Raiiroad or Anti Bilioua Piils, take one teaspoonful
every hour during ilie absence of fever, lu cases
of debility, one teaspoonful three times a day. In
! cases of Y'ellow or high Bilious Fever, one tea
spooufui every half hour after an emetic. Price 50
cents per bottle. J. S. RUSE, M. D.
F'or sals by Bennett & Beers, Adie A: Gray, Pur
ceil, Eadd Co, A Duval, R R Duval, O A
Strecker, A Bodeker, Gaynor Si Wood, J Biair,
S M Zachriason, and W P Ladd oe 2
ty The Luairul Mair i oalc, for eleaas
ing, uurifyuig, preser»adon and growth of the Uair.
Prepared lrtm the original Franch receipts by
BENNETT At BEERS, Druggists, No 125 Main
This admiratle preparation ia a most efiectual
rem» »ly for Baldness and falling off of the iiair.
c.uaes it H grow luxuriantly, making it very st ft,
glossy, and beautiful, and preveau it from turning
grey, and ia tha only article which effectually
c:eansea the hesd from dandruff.
This article has been before the public for three
yeara, and the increasing demand and high popu
larity which it haa attained, is the best proof of ita
Numbeis of ladies and getitleaien in this city and
vicinity are in the constant habit of Using it to their
enure satisfaction. It has become a necessary ap
pendage to their toilet.
Large bottlea at 50cents each. Be aure to ask for
lleitnett If Utters' l.ustral Hair Tunit, in order to
prevent mistakes, aa there aic imitations abroad,
which would be apt to prove injurious U used.
oc 2—dim
ry Dr. Hoofiaad s Get man wuters, prepared bj
Ui\C U. J.cks»n, are ljustly reckoned amongst
our most valuable medicines. In casea of Dyspep
sia, it aets like magic, strength#.ing the tone cf the
st ii.acb, stimulating the digestive powers, and giv
ing luddy health to the eh-sek and brightness tothe
f > e. There are thouiands in this community who
can 'patily to their virtuea, and Uiouaands jw;ll |
ueret Iter adi their testimony-
For wla oj TURC'ELL, LADD U CO., Main
street. oc iy—l2s i
No 4, S of T . are h>r«by not
tifled that their next meeting will be held
the new ball of Marion Division, on
Kmc kiln, between 13th and 14th stroU, Thla
r-Tfnfag, at 7 o'cioek. Member* of other Di
vittiunt are respectfully iunited.
oc 26—It* M E COX H 8
*A. StILITIA.— ihe Ist Company, (furmerly
ciirmanded by Walter H Harrison) Ist Bat
taiion, will master on the !iSth Oct., 1852, in
front cf Kimbrrmgh's T«V"rn, on broad street, at 11
oclo< kAM. The 4th Company, Ist Battalion, on
30th Oct.. lat 11 AM, same plec -; and the
~d Company, I'd Battalion, (formerly commanded
by Capt Bsrham) on the 30lh Oct., 1852, at 11
o'clock, A M, sajiep ace.
oc —4 c* B. W. STARKE, Adj Comg.
Attend a meeting a your Gun House ou
I'liCHduy, th : Sijih inst, at 7 o'clock V M.
hy order of Captain.
oc :■'*> 1 HO MAS C. BALL, O S.
a semiannual washing ot
"e Kiehmond Fire Ass(>ciation, at your
,Ktpective Engine Houses, on Friday
Evening next, i'9;h ins. ant, at 3 o'clock.
By o.derof ice Principal Engineer,
oc 26 JNO. H. BOSHER. See'v.
MFOK Kli>T, that very agreeab.s su jur
ban retreit, known as the Catuge, immediate
ly opposite Warsaw, la the town of Sidney. The
buiiaing is of brick, nearly new, ami contains lour
exctlleat rooms with every convenience, out
hcuses, 4. c., with a well cf excellent water in the
yard. lh re are also two acre* of land attached in
a line state of cultivation, which, if properly man
aged, will produce! -om four to iive hundred dollars
in vegetables, txc. To a good tenant, it will be
rented cnesp; and possession given immediately.—
For further particulars, apply to
oc 26—ts At the Columbian Hotel
The ittcaiusbip Virginia, Capt'
is now ready to receive treight'
ajii wiTl sail THIS DAY, at 1 o'clock, P. M.
For freight or passage, apply to
N'tii'lCK. — vVe respectfully request a meeting
ot our creditors on Wtdnesday morning, the
instant, at 9 o'clock, at our office, at which
time we hope to make some arrangement lot the
settlement of their claims.
LOST, on Sunday morning last, betwucn tna
ciiy jail and tre African Church, a small
Leather i'ocUet Book, with green edges, con
taining a small reticule, in which was my Free
I'uperis. '1 he tinder will be suitably rewarded by
1 aving the Pocket Book and contents at this oUice.
oc 26—2t* A free woman ol color.
\|7AN'i JKD, or the balance ol the year, a Ser
f» vant tiirl, to dj chamber work. One who
can do plain sewing will be preferred.
ooiC-lw K. EDMOND.
oTITT 11/111 COI'IKS SOLD:— I'llF. NfcW
Collectiou of Chtjrch .Ousie, by .nowtll
Nfnoii. —This work is ol unique character, b ing
the first attempt to embody in one volume (as it
does) a selection of the best tunes In all Mr Mason's
various publications, from the first to the last, ex
cluding all tunes which experience las proved to
be cf little worth or rarely used. Net a tun» is
contained in the work but what is usetul and which
a choir may venture to sing at short notice, with
out fear of embarrassment. New Music is put in
an Appendix; and to the whole is added a selection
of MrCh. Zeuner's best tunes, which, by
purchase, the publishers are t uab > d to present in
this Work. The introduction of the New Carolina
tiacra into the choirs generally, would prevent the
constantly recurring necessity for the purchase of
uojv books, as this work contains sufficient that is
interesting, us< ful and stable to last for years. Is
this not a desideratum to the churches? F'orsale
wholesale and retail, by
oc 26 Eagle Square.
OOOiis THAT AH.K lor sale at
IJ> THUS. H. GREsHAM ri Cheap Book and
Peiiodical House. Broad atrset.
Men's Wives, oy Thackersy—sos
Japan and the Japanese, by M-.'Farland
The Queen of the S''a, by Ned Buntline
'i'he Democratic Review for Octooer—2sc
The Foiutt, by J V Huatinjttun. uulaor ol Alban,
Ludy Alice, ike. &c.
Bristec's Five Y'ears in an English University—
8i 25
Mr 3 Ellett's I'ioneer Women of the West—l 23
London News, Lonuon Punch
Dublin Nation—ah by the last steamer
Fiag. Banner, Waverly, Golden Dollar, Courier,
Corbet Bag, Uncle fciam and Arthur's Home Gazette,
all lor this week.
New iork Spirit of the Times
Yankee Notions, snd evf-ry thing in the cheap
pub.ication line, wholesale and retail, by
t-aj** 2000 copies of the Pamphlet containing the
pai tu:ulars of the Winston trageay. Copies mailed
upon the receipt of is*; cents oc 26
'SUUCEiaAY'S MtW WOttt-Mew*.
i- papers itir t-ia ws«U.—ihs Cabin and
Parlor, by J P Randolph~sUc
Gentleman Jack, or Life ou the Road—2~>:
lien's W>ves, by W M Thackeray, being No 14 ol
Appleton s Popular Library—price 50c
The King of the toa: a tale cl the fearless an j
fre/-,by Ned Buntlue—2sc
Godey's Lady s Book for November—2sc
Graham's Magazine foi November—2so
Adventures ot Lilly Dawson, or the Smugglers of
the Mill, by taw author of Susan Hopley—2sc
Reuben Medlicott, or .he Coming Man, by the au
thor ot the Bachelor of the Albsny—price 50c
The Robber, by G P R 25c
F'lsg of Our Uuioa, Waverley Magazine, Home
Gazette, Banner. Uncle Sam, American Union,
Courier, Carpet Bag, Privateer, Gleason's Pictorial,
&c , for sale by LEWIS L. SMITH,
Wholesale and retail dealer in Newspapers, Maga
zines, cheap Books, Stationery, Song Books,
Prists. <Stc , opposite the Americau. oc 26
W M Thackeray, last No Appietou's Popular
Harper tor November, 1852, received asd for sale.
oc2»; G. M. WEST &. BRO.
X NOR DRAMA, just received at L. L. SMITH'S
| Cheap Publication Depot opposite American Hotel,
a complete assoitmeut of all the PLAYa published
ia the above named editions, embracing all the
most popular Tragedies, Comedies, I) rum .a, Farces,
Operas, Ax. The assortment will be always kept
complete, and to ensure getting a Play, a person
need only to send or call. The new PUys that may
be published Irons time to time will be received lu
aivance of ar.yo'h :r house. oc 26—3t
VT LAiNES—Just received a large assortment ot
the above Goods for sale at lt> cts, 1'.4, Is., iiO, 25
cents and finer These Goods have been bought
very low, and will bo sold according:- Call in time.
oc 28 225 Broad street.
i t>i, 12>i and up to the finest; worked Muslin
and Lace sleeves at 37/4, 5'J and up »o 3 dollars ;
Cufl'-i from 25cts to *1 25; Cheuiis<tis from 37* cts
to $4; Caps Lorn SO cts to $1 50. All the a«ove
articles are ot the laslest styles, and the prices will
be fouud 25 per cent, lovrer than other stores.
< •26 "01 Broad street.
■)(I|| iiA»..-< tc.l6 fVU. l'O KiCU
OU't Coffee in store, for sale by
OIL., OIL., Otlu.—M aois Mactauary and Tan
ner's Oil lor sale ovj
o'* 56 FRY & M'CANDLISH.
OUU and Ta..alerro's Fair.ny Flour, 'or sale by
oc US FRY it ai'CANUHsU.
Fk.fr kit, salt Petrs, London Parfer,
Cottan Yaras, Window mass, Brazil sugsr, for
•ale by
>)nn tAbli BLba'.VUUX DhotU,
OUU lor sale by
OtlS, — iOtA) oustieU Uuw lauil.ng, aua tor aa.a
Irom the waart »y
LI tit landing aua tarsalgia tola
to suit , arcaaai r» by
/ ' A.Uk H U.IXbL.IiY.—A tew bols oi tnu c»-
vJf leorated old Whuxey, landing and lor sa.c by
wnoleaale only, or
\j tew .Ulib^L.Ai>ES. —KtcuiVcd y«.tjrday
per steamer Roanoke, a lot ot cheap Mousiaiues.
0C 2S Oppcsiti.--w.ta Tave.-a.
THBATItg, ~ .
Hewn. TAYLOR *l CLaRRE,.......
Tuesday Evening, Oct. 26th, 185 a,
Will be performed, the operatic drama ot
Meg Merriliea Mrs W. Ward
Lb I'olka M'lle. Theodore.
To conclude with th- mysterioui Drama of
Carlo Miss Raymond
Idakella MisaCappeli
Rafael Mr. March&nt
Casatlda... Miss keienolds
Box office open daily, from 10 A M, till 3"P M.,
when seats may be secured
A OMISSION —Boxes and Parquet 50 cents ;
Sec< ud Tier, entrance on Broad street, (termer!y
P.t door)2sceuU; Centre Gall-iy 50 cnU ; Color
ed Gallery (East) 371 cents ; Colored Gallery (West)
25 cents.
Doors open at a quarter before 7. Performance
to commence at half past 7 o'clock.
An effici nt Police will be in attendance,
jy Positively no Free List ex:ept the Prasa.
oc 26
wMitO'S FAJIILV FhUltt.—lUo bbli
0 very superior, for sale by
Ultl.»lli H/tt O.N alUbs uutf Shoulders
1 and L iRD iu paiis, landing per ste»mer, for
tale by
EXT it A liue (»reen and Hlack TEA,
very cheap for family use.
oc £6 FRY fc McCANDLISH.
liHiiSll lit,'i'T£,K. —A tew chi ice kags ic.
* ceiviug per steamer this day, for tale by
is a most delightful dentifrice, at the same time
that it hardens the gums and keeps them in a per
fectly healthy condition, and gives to the breath the
moet delighttul fragrance For sale by
oc 26 GAYNOR &. WOOD, Druggists.
I-WAIVW FOlt lUlfcrtES.—Uioaxs ot all
sizas lor «li»e«s, may be hid at
o* 26 OppjSit" Swan Tavern.
14th Htrastf under Exchange Hotel.
Drawn Nos ot Delaware, Ex 124, Oct 23 :
43 39 33 12 63 72 59 29 12 47 75 65 41
Drawn Numbers Delaware, Clata G, October £3:
73 61 52 17 34 38 18 27 71 43 63 3 41
Whole 17 27 71, a prize ot 8400, quarter 3 61 71,
a prize of 81000, both sold by LAMBERT.
To«day—The Delaware State Lottery, Class No
121.—Capitals: 820,000, 7010, 4000, 2583, 10 of
1000, &c. 75 numbers, 13 drawn. Tickets §5.
Also, a One Dollar Lottery. oc 26
UKKtiOtl.Y &, MAI KV,
Managers, Richmond, Virginia,
Successors to J. W. Maury 6c Co.—office No. Si
Main street.
Drawn Nos of Delaware Lottery, Class G. Oct. 23:
73 SI 52 17 :'A 3d 18 27 71 4« 63 3 41
Scheme To-day.—Capitals: B*o,ooo, 7000,
4000, isi3, 10 ot 1000, 10 of 500, 12 of 200,20 of
150, 130 of 100, &c. 73 numbers, 12 d uwn. Tick
ets 85.
Also—B4oy4, 4of 750, sof 500, &.c. 78 numbers,
13 drawn. Tickets 81. oc 26
Wall street, under the City Hotel,
Drawn Nos Grand Consolidated, 27, Oct. 23:
60 *6 25 15 73 o2 16 48 10 60 33 23.
Half 33 GG 68, v-92.
To-day.—Bel Air, 43—Capitals :1 of 820 000, 1
of 11,000, 1 of 5000, 1 ol S5 JC, 20 of 1000, 20 of 500,
ic. 75 numbers, 12 drawn. Tickets sso—shares
in proportion.
Also, Patapaco, 283 —Capita's: 1 of £1000, 1 of
1' <54, 5 of 250, 158of80, A;c. 78numbers, 11 drawn.
Tickets $I—shares1 —shares in proportion.
<»■ -G SMITH.
s>ri--aTi'uva okFlon.
To-day.—Delaware, i.x .ra, No 126. Capila!:
84,1.94. 78 numbers. 13 drawn. Tickets 81.
Also, Delaware, No 121. Capital $2U,100. 75Nos,
13 drawn 'tickets £5. oc 26
JJ SALE.—We are autnorlzed to sell privately, (ii
ear.j application be made to us,) tha; desirable lot
recently occupied by Mr. Mosby Johnson, carriage
maker, fronting t-5 feet on Franklin street, running
back o.;e hundred and twenty feet, and bounded by
Shockoe cr- js on til--east, and the property of the
iaie 'i hoiri ij Rutueiford on the we-L. ita proximi
ty to the oid or lower market, the Central Railroad
Depot, and other improvements now in progress,
strontiy recommends i: to those disposed to make
investment* m real estate, as one ol ihe tiest loca
tions in the city. Enquire of
Cilice oa west side ol Governor street, half way be
tween Maiii an.! Franklin itreets. oc 23—iw
The departure ol the morning train going North,
trom and after the Ist day of November next, will
bs at 7 o'clocjt, as formerly ; the night train at 9, P.
c< 23
A {J 1' ACE. —All per
il suns having tiaitns agsiust the estate ot Poi-
Liaux Robiuson, d.ic ated, ate requested to present
them, piopt rly authenticated, to me undersigned as
administrator; and all persons indebted, are re
quested to make pajmeut to him accordingly,
with as little delay as possible.
Administrator P. Robinson, deceased,
oc 23—1 m
REMOVAL. —Mrs DEL-CAMPO has rumoved
from her former res deuce, corner of Leigh
aui 3d streets, to the house occupied some time
since by her, the 2d house from the corner offiih,
between Marshall and Clay streets, where eht can
ut ail Hints b-i found, and will be pleased to wait on
all persons requiring her professional services.—
Orders lelt at the grocery store of Thomas W Tur
p:n, on Main, between 7tu and Bth streets, will meet
with prompt attention.
N- B.—Sue has just received a very large a s»pe
rior supply ol Foreign Leeche*. 0c23—12t
t'LUTUINU, —Selling otf at
> and below cost, for cash, a good stock of
Ready Made Clothing, stid to be disposed cf. Most
of the small note* will be taken ior Goods. Call
soon it you wish to get some bargains in Clothing,
at the chuap store ot P. DORNIN,
y() Main street,
g* Store for Rent. oc 23-dim (
ri'W FAKiUKUSi—A middle-aged man, who
A has hid considerable experience in tanning, is
desirous of outaiuing a situation on a farm. Satis
factory references can be g.vea as to habit*, dec.—
Apply at this office. oc 23—3t*
CLAIIKE'S OFtfll'K— 14th Street.
Drawn Nos. Delaware, Class G, October 23:
73 61 52 17 34 38 18 27 71 46 £3 3 41
Ticket 52 til 71, (share,) a prize of 4SIOOU sold in
the above, by
oc as—3t CLARKE.
fIuTST uiirCT.''T7vtl »„t..>• lK jdITTA
1 PERCHA PENb tor sale at OKESHAM S
cheap Book aad Periodical House, lc9J Broad at.
Ihe Gijnuiud Wut'.a Perth* Pens only per gross
or 25 cents per dcaen. oc 23
rv tW CliOi* HA*! ."VS.—SO barre.s whole
I » hail'aud quarter, for (ale by
jUAN pizzini,
cc 25 Next door to Exchange Bank
ICiiAT VfAuON WANTED. —A secono
hand one, but httl« used, preteired. Address
box st>7 Post Office. oc 25
L'U-Eib PAPhlta LU.Vi'.—Luti, uU i hu>»day
Jl mgut last, somewhere in the city, my Free
i'apsri, wuch were in u very .mall tin box—
Thefiuder will receive a reward cf $'■! 50 by leaving
the same at this uthce. JoHN NORMAN,
oc 2 A —3t* Free man of color.
\ CA.NDi,* MaRKK VVAS'IiiU, —due
O. who iiuserstanas the business can had cmploy
ueut, uy applying to the iuoscriber. Also, a young
BOY, ot 1* or 15 years of age, as an apprentice.
One tiom the country ureteriod.
oc 25— 1w * JAMES SINTON.
A .NO. 1 Tot* BllitiV AM>
(complete) for sale. A bargain can be had if
early application be made at thtsothue.
oc 2 j—ts
OAI/fjiron, Cast aud ousterrd titael, lor sale by
U oc 25 WM. EuGLESTON.
Üb.ASS.—MU Ids very superior
-I- Tonqua Bean* received, U> which the atten
tion ot the manufacturers is called; ior sale by
JOHN A. «Ot»iN=ON,
oc £5 Comer Cary acd XCta street*.
AUILV LAiil),:n pais, fur .alo bv
- puiuim I.AVH
LSasi! at auction.
p u ' w * xt ' the 33til o'clock,
the house there will m r 1416 !eMe ot
Haifera, fcc ILdT .' ,old ,e ' eral «°e Cowa,
table., tc. rge I«*ntt»y of Winter Vege-
Ternuat'aie. JAS M. TAYLOR.
„ —... — Auctioneer.
I*T V* etlington »,o«|dii7 "
THE FARM callku »t»1 hid, ~
day, tee 4m cay ot Novemoer, Is >2 uoon th
mi»e«, commencing at 2 I A o'clock P. M
ou the South side ot" the Richmond lurcuik?.
Road. caiied "Taiarera," containing 2? acres.
The Farm, for the most part, is in a high state of
improvement. The buildings have alt been erected
within the last teu years, are neatly arranged, and
are euficient for the accommodation of~a large
iamily. With the buildings, there will be sold 10
acres of land, and til " remaining 18 acres will be
divided into lots of suitable size, having irontsrm
the Turnpike. The nearness ot this lanu to the city
oi Richmond, its beautiful and healthy locatian, snd
sareeab:e and improving neighborhood, offer very
great inducements to persons wishing a country re
treat near the city.
Tkems—On -tourth cash; balance at 6, 12 and 18
months lor negotiable notes, interest added, secured
by a trust deed
By request of the •wner.
oc - 5 tJ « W. GODttTN, Auctr.
By Davenport. Allen Oc Co.
G^uV- E H^», &c *' at AUCTION.—On
THLttfcDAY, 28th October, wu will sell at 10
o'clock, at our auctiou stors, an assortment of Gro
ceries, vi?:
Rio, Java and Laguayra Coffee
Ctfiee, loaf and crushed Sugars
Sole Leather
•Starch, Candles
Green and blac* Teas
Bacon Sides
Cheese, Whiskey, Rum
100.000 Cigars
French Brandy, Wrapping Paper, &c.
An invoice of winter Clothing.
New Crop Fruit at Anclicn.-300 boxes
Malaga K&iaia*.
le&ms—Under SiOO cash; §100 and over, four
months' credit for approved paper.
oc 22 Auctioneers.
CUOTniNU . —At o'cio. K, on Thursday,
at our auction store, a large quantity of WIN
TER CLOTHING. Terms at sale.
davenport, allen &, co,
oc 26 Auctioneers.
fp KLsTiiE'W SAI.K—On Monday, the Ist
J. day of November 1852, at the house of G G
Alberger, at Bacon Quarter Branch, at halt past 3
o clock, P M, 1 shall, as trustee in a deed executed
by said Alberger, on the 13th January, 1847, sell,
lor cash, all the Household and Kitchen Furniture
ofthiieaia Alberger, and also a Mare and Colt, and
one horse Cart By request ot the beneficiary
oe 2' I —dtd
NOTICE. —In consequeu eol continued indis
position, I disposed of my stock of PAPER
with all accounts due by note, bond or open ac
counts, Ton Sept. Ist, 1832, to my son, JOHN F.
REGNAULT, who will continue the busiuess at
my oid stand, 180 Mam street, and in retiring must
respectfully ask for him a continuance ot that pa
tronage from the friends and a public who have
susta ned me for the past thirty-live yeur3.
oc2s—at F. REGNAULT.
Al'/'i I£l>.—Having purchased the stock cf
Paper Hangings, Upholstery Goods. 6cc.., of
my father, Mr. F. Regnbult,on September Ist, 1852,
and since which time lirge additions have been
made, carefully selected by mysell in the Northern
cities: lam now prepare Jto call the attention of
my friends and the public to an ass.jrtmen; ol
French and American Paper Hanging*. Up
lioUtery, ot every description, \. iudoiv
tilmdes, Carprts, lcut:s, iMals, Feather
Jted*, Curled Hair and .**Uuek .>iuttre»ses,
Lvauges, iVc., seldom met with in this section if
country, Rooms, halls and entries papertd, and
Upholstery work of every description done at the
► nortest notice, in a style NOl' TO BE EQUAL
LSD in ti is country.
I respect! u! y solicit a call, and will guarantee
satisfaction in all cases.
ISO Main street,
oc 25—lw Opposite the Virginia Banks.
DOLi-li has published this uselul little work, and
It contains, beside* the twelve calendar pages and
astronomical calculations, a Jewish Calendar. Gar
deners' Mouthly instructor, list ot the Virginia
Senators, Members ol Congress, Senate and Home
of Delegates, Virginia and Nortn Carolina State
Governments, State and Federal Couitsol Virginia
and North Carolina, Maryland and Dictrict ot Co
lumbia, Conjectures of the Weather, ill A iam
C aries Weather Table, Equation or Time Tables,
Meteorological Tables, by D Turner, Forms of
Deeds according to the New Code, Receipts, AOS'-
dotes, ic. For sale by the single copy, dozen or
hundred, at 121 Main street, Richmond, and by
booksellers throughout Virginia. oc 25
BANK.,) taken far Dry Goods, at H ROSEN
FELD'S, No. 175 Broad street, where the greatest
bargains will be ottered iu every artic e—such as
Ihouslaine*, Cashmeres, F cnch and British Meri
no*, plain ani figured Alpaca, Silks, Embroideries
in geeat Tariety, Hosiery, Glove* Chemisette*,
sleeves, Collar., Carpets, Blankets, Flannels, Cloths,
Cassimere*, Satinets, Kerseys, Liaseys, icc; C'ottou
Cloth from 4 cents to the nuest.
H ROSENFELD, 175 Broad etreet.
oc 22—lia*
t i.l'li, ADI) tflSVtit COXIUItuK.-
,nk. The Comyouud Tonic Pills have gained a hijih
clebriiy in nil sections of llie countiy by taeir
prompt aaa certain cure of tue Ague and Ferer,
Chill* aud Fever, Dumb Agues, <fcc, in twj days,
without fail. They act ireely upon toe Liver, re
moving ail morbid secretions, and give a healthy
tone to the whole system
You who suffer from till* plague, try them, and
be cured. To be had only 01 E. J. PICOT,
oc -JJ Corner opposite the Oid Market.
Pitl .NTt L» JIOL'S«I£LAIMiS.-a*)U yds
Printed Mousst'laines at iSJc, very cheap, finer
styles do at ;!5, 37, 50 aud 75c, extra rich Pans do do
very beautiful, extra rich Satin, striped eatiu De
Chine, solid colors; French, Euglish and American
Prints; white and colored Flannels; Donets ana
Non-shriLkiiig Fiannels; 1 case Irish Linens or our
own importation, warranted very supenor; toge
ther with olh r goods suitable lor families. Call
oc 23 99 Main street
WA*TKt>— A SilUAiiON, eitner in some
wholesale and retail Grocery Store or a Dry
Goods Store, by a Young Man, 18 years of age,
from the country, and who can produce the best ot
recommendations, feme apply at the Dispatch
office '* 33—(it*
rnoUAtt'O BOX JIAAIMi.-I have re
• X lauvml uiyshop iruui Cary street to VVater
street, u> ar ISth, on the Do;:*, where I »h«"l be
happy to accommodate my customers and others
in want of work in my line..
t.UUKU, LLMlllliK.—in addition to our
,cnerai assortment of seasoned White Piae
Lumber, we have, ia our yard, over 350,000 feet of
seasoned White Ouk and liuttoa Wood
Boards, suitable ljr tooaccj boxes. Purchasers
would uo well tj apply to u», either personally or
by k-tter before purchasing elsewhere.
se 13—2*w3m Port Ueposite, Md.
£i 3*Gd nEsT PERUVIAN GUANO, received
aud for is c by
oc 12-s-w/w HUGH W FRY.
frU Pll>K lIOLLAMI buU Ap
pie Brandy, fjraaio by
oc j*3 L. D. CRi-NSIiAYV it CO.
X TON YARNS, for sale at fictoiy prioes.
M AE.AUA rccetv. <f, forsak
oc iii Next door to Exchai. ge Kan It
«ua:le Plpp'-M, iost lecetred, lor talc by
JUAN fl'/.Z'.SI,
uc2s N?xt4'Jwtu E>«hari(e Hank.
rata tJA*.
' «*«£, AT AUCT O*.—Willbe
turday, the 83d day of October, *t 4i o'clock la tka
afternoon, open the premises, that Frame Haw
and Lot dtnated on Moore street. a short dlstaaee
watt of Bacon Quarter Branch Farm, and near to
the brickyard of Messrs Waii»ms, Son ABM
land. Th" house contaics about four room* aada
kitchen The let fronts about 30 fee: and rum»—
•ay 136 feet.
Cy inrmi at nle.
oc 16 JAMES M. TAYLOR. Aacfr
The above sale U postponed to TUESDAY, (ha
26th irst.
day. atJth iast, commencing at I<H o'clock,
" e Wli ' ae;l at our »tore, a general ancrtmect af
Groceries, conditio* in part of-—
L> * 6d P K Sn S* r - Wr to prime atMm
1W obis cotfee, clarified atd crushed Sugar
1 oag» primp Coffse
59 bbis Molasses
tit»!s Syrup
Whiskey, of extra quality
S:""' Taoeriffeand Madeira Wine.
i ® r * nd Poachoof Teas
that amomcM
Also -30 cas»g Shoes * C °' AarU "
assortment suited totb>-'season' 8 & laadsow
The sale of Shoes will commence at 10 „•
wink aa . -lock.
Will bo add-(1 to the above sale—
bags Laguayra Coffee
5J bbis Peach and App ie Brandy, Gin and kaita-
Uon Brandy ™
Terms as above »
oc jo DUNLOP. MONRURF & CO. Aacta
S'l'AThß JiAiii 1.1 \ k
By the Elegant Bide-wh»el
Lcacu Richmond regularly ecir f Tmtday after to ti
4 o'clock.
Th,: ROANOKE, Capt. Parrisfc.
b0 rei,ds ' to receiv J freight thia
day, weather permitting.' at it
j'clock, ana wiil continue to f eetre
it up to the hour of 1 o'clock. P. M., to-raorrow
Tuesday, the -'6th inst, leaving at 4 o'clock, P.
ef that day, by which iioui passr tigers will' pleaae
to be on board
Passage to New York, inc'nJinc meals and
tine state-room accoKmodaiions, only §10
Steeragepassuge, only ..............I"
Passengers taking this ship "to" Norfolk will be
charged the same as by the river boats
Shippers «re particularly requested to send ia
the name of their consignees either to our clerk's,
on the wharf, or to our office by 4 o'clock ever*
Tuesday aLernoon
This line has no connection whatsoever with iav
other. *
oc 35-2t LUDLAM &. WATSOK
KTKAMt.It iiliLV llltltK. "
r . The BKLVIDERE. C.piaiu GX
will receive f eight today, at
" Ciuu. ioi the above plates, aud cJntiuue to re
c. ive it up to the hour of J o'clock, P. M , Tuesday
the :;6:h inst.
oc2s—2t LUDLAM & WATt'OH.
A SMALL f-'Aii U b ult -ALb.. - vvi
"•5 otier tor sale a small Farm of 61 acres, a&oat
seven unles above Richmond, adjoining th-j piae»
lormerly known as "Patrick H Gentry'* Taveru.
I'he quai.ty of tbe land is such as is usual iu tiu£
neighborhood—3o acres arable. It has on it a
Dwelling with two rooms, a Kitchen, a Baru, a .Sta
ble, a Carriage house, and an Ice-house
oc -'•> TOLER dc COOK, treneraj AgPiita.
C. r-, TO TIIK LAUiUS i'AKlf*
■fcsjig FASHIONS.—MIt& C. I'UILIP, to her evf
®gX~totEC a and the public generally, would aa
w"*»nounce Tuesday, the 26th inst, fjr the
opening of her PATTERN HATS, with a rich and
varied assorimjui of FRENCH MILLINERY *u4
FANCY GOODS for Uie present and approaching
season oc Iw
gs> C UOICk FHLIT THKfca-At t?%,
j" agents for the celebr* cd Nursery of J<>«. ®jj~
siuiou x Sous, near this city, we would surest w
our friends niid farmers generally, the propnety of
sending in their orders for TKKKS as early as pos
sit le. Catalogues, with instructions tor planting;
&c., may on had at our store, 71 Main street, or will
be sent t>y mail, it instructed by letter, p ,st paid.
orders addressed to us, wiii m ft wun the a >st
prompt attention. C. J eiINTON & CO.,
oe 25 Hardware dealers. 71 Main afreet
/ —\KUbsa oi'sxiiiis m
iL. 'ol I Bj)received every day of the
c '" icett kind WILD I lirfjf
SORA now on narid, anu wdi be served at abort
notice, in private rooms if desired, li'yoa want fa
eat or drink the best tl,iJ market nfl'ord, call at
oe i 5 Corner Main and iiith sireet*.
£liOJ.I7¥\VOOL> Nl i{>"iiKT.-JAMK*
GUKsji', Florist and Nurseryman, head ui
SI:I Hi, Richmond, Vu., has s!wa)s on hand a
large supply ot Greeniiouse Plants, Rjs«s, Craps
Myitles, Evergreens, Magnollis, ihhde a;id Orna
mental Trees, Asparagus and Rhubarb Roots,
jjtrawlerry (among total thu ceieU«l6<i
and Grape Vines, &c, 4tc.
Camilla aad otn.-.-r cut Flowers, Bouquets, Ac,
furniahod at the' shortest notice.
lie refers to the following gentleman: Chsiira
T. Wortham, James Fisher, sr, a. M. Zimmennsa.
I*. L). Bernard, Esq, (Proprietor i f the t'cusitj*
Planter) Richmond; Jam< a Ljnca, Ecq, Peseta,
burg ; Chatlae B. Shaw, Ksg, Civil Engineer.
fcar' Orders left M the More of R. M Zirmo*r
mau, Main street, will be alluded to.
oc 21—eo3t*
£j&\ CLOCKS, JEWELRY. ic. fce.
Cjl mad* nsd repaired
thoroujiiy, anu on MOoeetHe
On Governor Street,
Opposite tfae Liapatrb OBce.
ty Musical Boxes, Accoraeons, 4tc„ repelreC.
Plate, Ac, engraved. Clocks attended to wlmta t
miles ot trie Post Office. oc iiil— d3m'
NEXT, 25th, our B .ats wiM
leave Ua,.y, Sundays excepted, at 5. P. M. The Boat:
for Buchanan will ieaVd Monday, Wednesday aad
Passage to Fiucastle <S fli
'• •' Rucharan 4 SO
" " Natural Bridge 45#
" " Lexington.. 4C®
" " Lynchburg 3 M
oc 20—d!2t
JO»HUA,« «o i ViuJiota,
ran De hired by the day, month or week,
tor Cotuionana liiiuring farUe*. Addras
W E or T J KUBLte, Lodvie, AuiU;*.
uc £1— 12T
,v OTItK.—At a mceunjjt ol the Presiariii ta4
11 Directors of (he KictinouJ, Frederick sbarj
and Potcir.ac Company, held at ILc |>rya
lu Richmond. iiOth October, ißsl>:
iiuolvtd, i hat a dividend ol 3}s per cent, out of
tha pronuof ihe company tor nx muuuii, eodiag
30th fceptfdcber last, be declared, payable to tfc*
stockholder*, or tueir representative*, ovtutf
afier the rirstof NoTensbf-r text
A true copy irorn tin; mlt ut^
ucti C W. MACMURDO, Ttean
WAM'tU. —A \ uutii, ib or i 7 years ui *y.
ol steady and induktrtou* habits, ihat wrttoi
a !air hand, at-d who ban had loan rxptr;tace tm
the Mexcaniile busies. One from tiie country prt
l=rrod- Apply at this office. oeii
KOCH. I.A.Ni> 1,1 .HK:JAm m
-1. ccived ar.d seiiinj from tchr Liou, by
cell K. HaMKII.
PtalS 'iKA COMPANY.—A toe stock «T
these 'IVas, Black aud Orwn. warranted I*
piKose or money retained. Call at
oc s2 BKHNhTT fc|BKEtr.
AjilsoiaiJ Kuu cii Arm haam
AMU Ui*B, tor sale by
oc 19 OruggUU, Main street.
INU-S UKftCiIANT *t VVr.lslGt.lt bee**
good assortment of Bay 's and Children a Ctitlfn
ou Ua_d, wtich tbey will aell at tair price*.
oc:» 112 Main *ti«.
BUr ULACMk*— aj lb*,beat Eaglisfc 'liiwf
Black, juat U> band, aud lor mm be
oci.'l O. A aTKECmt.
1? WINDSOR JHMP, reeei*edandtbr*»teb»
vcC AUlfe. A OKAY, 117 Mai a iu«A

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