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VOL, ?*«NO 11
AS A. COWARDIN, Proprietor.
,J ,MIM( PlI-tiul.UAl.i'. I'O.Udl.M
>1 \ .-.iINON — With the view of affording an op
ir and an inducement to Mason* centrally,
■» aM ' "iic [: gritnage to Mount Vernon
~ 1 4h il S >vember c<xt, in company with
, . irsfbv. N i 4. which Lodge initialed
V\ asiiinjton into the mysteri<>« i f Mas ,nrv
i . utday, itiehunfrrd yea s ago, tho tare wiil
be redue.-d on the occasion as follow*:
i .iK- hmondto and from Mount Vernon..s3 00
i-rorn Mi lord do do do ..4 (X)
. . ii hre . rick-b-itg do do do .. 52 50
i Ao-ia Creek do do do .. 200
.>Je:il« Extra.
The tr&ia w.'.l leave the Richmond Depot at 5
:.»•* precisely. cn the morning of '.he 4th of N,j-
Tern '* ", and st.-p at Mo ford a sufficient time for
>-! i »''rs to Breakfast. The hour ot departure
Icm i- reder.cisiiurrf will be A. M. Returning,
will reach Fredericksburg at 7 P.M.,
». i H.- 'in. N.i about lu I*. M.
'i .. -p'. n.iM steamer BALTIMORE, with stirta
ble i"cor Hi. >ns and a good bund of music on board,
v, . •,k :.e p>. ty from the Creek to Mount Vernon,
and In.r r » ,!l be served on beard, oa the conclu
sion < • v til s at the timb.
TV ;n and b»: will be subject to the control
of i •• • tli'ksourg Lodge, No 4 ; but any p»rson,
v. 1 . • t attache !to the Masonic order or not, can
; in the excursion.
T i j.rr»on6 who have never visited the tomb r f
a better opportunity, or one under
3iore Irtvorab'.e circumstances, will never be pre
se.-ite , and as good order is guaranteed cn the oc
easier, the most fastidious should have no hesitation
ia retard to the excursion.
OSice Richmond, Fred g and P. R. RCo , t
Richmond, Oct. 18th, 18 j2. f
P. P.—Th- attention of Masons is called to the
not.ee fcuw. T S.
FBEDKUICKBUtG, Oct 15tb, 1852.
Fredericksburg Lodge, >o. 4,
/jrA _' ! V,: ' S tie Masonic fraternity, and those
'jy aitereat'd in Masonry, to accmnpany it on
the a jove mentioned occasion.
I lli Sec'y of Fredericksburg Lodge, No 4.
D— VII.V l.lMi '1 OHC«. Ii A A IN
1.: iVt? Richmond daily at hail past *>, A M, to .v'taun
to:i by night; second day to Buchanan by 5, PM.
On the r"turn, leave Buchanan at 3 o'clock A M,
ar-ivea! Richmond next aay to dinner, by half past
I c'.ocl;, P M.
This makes a dally line via Natural Bridge to the
White Sulphur Springs.
Fare irom Richmond to Buchanan Q 6
do do Richmond to White Sulphur, via
Natural Bridge 12
Bit 6 E. 11. GILL, Superintendent.
V'/iLL >T 1 LKs I hOAKS at CHRIaTiAK
A ig I.ATHROP'S —Just received new style of
CU th ar.a Siik Cloaks, rich Crape and other Shawls;
Lace h. rtfces, Sleeves, Cap< s and Collars; Extra
R h Poiis Mt usselities; do do. Plain and Figured
Si is Also, beautiful Tapestry, Velvet and Brus
s i Carpets ; Three-ply Ingrain and Dutch do ; low
, t iced >; g. Hemp and Wool do ; Rues, Door Mats,
0.l Cloths, Printed Dru.ets; Satin, De Laines, Lace
a. J Mu-)iu Curtains —with other desirable styles
cf go «'s, at 99 Main street oc 15
|> IC'fi.UONO .VI OV E VVOKIi>.— oeaiers
in Richmond and throughout the State can
fx* eupp ied irom thnse works with —
Premium and Air-tight Cooking Stoves
A'r tl_ht Cea'. Franklin and Wood F'ranklin Par
lor Stoves
Factory, Store and Ccuatiag-Rooai Healing
F'uti d Box Stoves, Acc, &c
Also—Frort* ai.d Grates, Feeders, Iron Railings,
&.c, in great variety
J'i&in and ornamented House Castings, made of
sup'rior material, and id' fini lied worktnatiship
Toe ittail purchaser would do well to selee* our
Sum a in preference to the mass of Northt rn trash
withwnich the market is flooded; some of wnich
will not stand a single winter without requiring
mure repairs than the original cost of tht more.
Our Stoves have been gotteu up with a particu
lar regard to the Southern trade —being made luil
sio per cent heavier than those made at the North
—of superior materials and warranted of as good
Messrs Ensign A Sears, and C D Yale, keep a full
assortment of our Stoves, and they may also be
bad from Messrs D & C R We Her, F HeSley, Main
street; M S Coc.per, Cary street, and S Bozes,
Broad street
Dt • OOJLij'i'l l»?». — ine co-parinerßnip fiere
t< fore existing under the firm of L. Ac. M.
ROSE, is this day, by mutual consent, dissolved.
S> ptetnber ltith, 165-.
The subscriber, in returning his mott sincere
Thaiks for the very liberal pationage so kindly be
stowed on the old tirm, beys to inform his old cus
tomers and the citizens generally, that he has juaf
returned from the North with an entire new slock
cf h Jill <»cods, amongst which may b« found
handsome rU-signs in Silk?, Silk \elvets, Mouslin
de l.aine, Cashmeres, Merinos, Alpacas, and an ex
tensive assoitment of crape, long, square and t'nih t
Shawls; also, a very large assortment of Flannels,
Blankets, Kerseys, Linseys, Ac. Ac., and almost
every article usually kept in a dry goods house,
whiia will Ue sold oa the most reasonable terms.
oc 6—Em 203 Broad street.
j.VX 1.17 AM) H l.M'fiK i)KV t.(/()U> I
VA—V. A. (iWATKIN tak»-s pleasure ia an
uoui.ciug to the citizens of Richmond and sur
rounding couatiy. that he has taken the spacious
Wareroom, No 1 'j7 Main street, opposite the Ex
change Bank.and a few doors below the American
Hotel, wherfl he has opened a new and splendid
is'.ock of &tuple and Fancy Dry l«oo«ls, suit
ed lo the Fail and Winter Sales, either at wholesale
or retail. He now hat in store a most every article
u» a! y kept in a Dry Goods Store, all of which he
expects to sed much cheaper than the old prices,
a g('•■at portion having been purchased at Auction,
ai.d tiuce the lute decline ia « great many kinds of
printed gi ods. He respectfully and cordially so
liciis a call from ail in want of cheap goods, es
:,i c.allv the Ladies.
■ >c 8 — i m C. A. GWATKIN.
j AN OliU i'itO> I.HII TIIAT
« " T.ME IS MONEY," and a great deal of time
and money too may be saved by the citizens of
Richmond in quest of rich SILKS, f-HA WLS,
MANTILLAS, MOUSF.LAiNS. and other Dress
Goods, b) visiting tte Metropolitan Start, 151 Ea
gle Square, as the pr.ces will be lound low and the
assortment good.
4 » uUhlt'l' F. HHOADI>In otters liin ecrv:
• V c*s to the citizens of Richmond and the public
generally as a general Collector of Claims. He
pledges nirnaelf to attend strictly to all business en
iruswd to his rare. His office is in the rear of M)
James K riiU»o> office, in Law Building, Rich
nioud, Va. my 4—6 m*
CL'TTINIi.—M. U. Will r MAN,
JBt.-ncil Cutter, th:iukf*l for past favors, begs to
inform his triands and tue public, that for the pre
sent he can be found at his lesidence oc 18th street,
between Main and Franklin, where he will execute
*±jy work in his hue with neatness and dupatch.
v. 4—ttu
» Guano and ; Piai>ter will continue to be carried
at the rales untii lurther notice.
oe I—lm E. H. GILL,. Sup't.
' 1111 K .Ml X ftfl" U r 111 t tf>Tr tTU
X STATES i.ANK, Washington, D. C., will be
redeemed by tsi in Virginia money.
sui.'—'km WM. N T/WBLKY.
NuTl< h.—Alt persons indented to WW. H
SKKLL, are requested to make iuim>'dUte pay
men tto me. JAMES A. SNELL,
m'Sl—l» Adrninistralor ot Wm H. Sneij
tiu** l.reen und llluek TEA,
■i very cheap fur family use.
live, (,'ast audlßiuterod Btrel, tor sale by
Jot 25 WM^LOIiLEeiToN.
with a wish frequently expressed to me, f intend
to open r n the In of November, evening clashes for
young Men. for the tuition of the German, French
and Spanish Languages, thus offering an >pportunity
to at qui r the knowledge of the most important of
Modern UK-r»*B. at h much lower rate than it is
possible to single private scholars. 1 beg to refer
the subjoined testimony. Apply to the French Con
sulate, frc tn 11 o'clock V M. to 1 o'clock P M ; or at
SlU'road street, b-f .re 10 o'clock AM, or after 4
Teacher of Modern Languages.
Mr. Henry von Groning enjoyed unusual op
portunities, by education and continued residence
abroad, to become practically familiar with the
most important of Modern Languages, whilst his
character and his habits are sucn as to insure to
him, ks a grntleman, that success which his exten
sive knowledge an J great ability a? a teacher, c-tn
not l'ail to obtain. Da. ERNEST VOLGER,
Adj Pr f. < f Mod Long.
University cf Virginia, March 1, 1652.
1 tike further liberty to refer to O A Strecker,
Esq, and E W de Voss, Esq, cf this city, and to
John Endiich, Esq, of Reading, Pa.
oc2l—l2t* H. v O.
DRAW —J. PfchKlMsj naving return
ed to Richmond for the winter, wiil give in
struction in the various branches of Drawing, as
Landscapes, Heads, Figures *rd Flowers. His sub
jects or models are by the best masters, ai d have
been selected with a vi»w to attract and interest the
b 'ginner, while they cultivate a correct taste, and
gradually lead the pupil to a bold atd independent
style ol execution that wiil readily enable him to
draw from nature.
All lovers ot this art are invited to call at his
room® (corner of sth and Franklin streets; and ex
amice his portfolios.
Lessons given at the pupils' residences, if desired.
Separate hours devotud to young Gentlemen and
young Ladies at his studio, where they wiil be re-
Ceivf d on the same terms as in schuols.
ALL W UALh HtlVfs.—H. P. 'jaYloH, eth
A street, between Grace and Franklin—My
School being exclusively for beginners, 1 give spe
cial attention to Reading, Correct Enunciation,
Grammar and Spel.ing; also to Geography, Map
Drawing, Arithmetic aod History. Specimtns of
my boys' compositiontmd writing, may be always
seen at the Dispatch office. My Rule isperemp
tory, but as gentle as possible. oc 9
REV 77)1. D. H.M*E'S HO AH dim;
ANI) DAY SCHOOL, Corner of Frank
lin nnd sth Street*, Kiehmoiid, Va.-The
next t"rm of th's Institution will commence on the
Ist of October. The course of study wiil embrace
all the branches pertaining to a thorough English
education, together with Ancient and Modern Lan
guages. Last year more then 100 irapiis were in
attendance at the same time, but duriug the next
P "m the number will be restricted to 100—twenty
of whom will be received as boarders in the family
of the Principal. Charge for board, washing and
all usual accommodations, for ten months, $220,
as heretofore. Tuition in English, Irom §25 to
£40, according to the advancement of the pupil.
French. Spanish or Italian, $20; Latin, 615 ; Music.
$7 per month. The German Language will be
taught orally, or bv the uoual method, to as many
as may wish to acquire it, free uj charge.
Rev. J. p. SAFFORD will occupy the position
which wa? filled by the Rev. W. J Ifoge last year.
Mr. Safford is a gentleman of varied aud accurate
scholarship, and has had several years experience
as an instructor in some of tha best institutions in
our country.
Young Ladies from the country, as we'.l ss from
the city, are desired to be present cn the hrst day of
the se si n. It is often a .serious inconvenience
and discouragement to a pupil to enter a class
which has made even a week's progress.
Payments invariably in advance—one-half on the
2r«t of October, the other tin the first of March.
AU will receive prompt often
tlori. Address Rev. M. D. HOGE,
au 27—d&w3m Richmond. Vr
BLOOD PURIFIER.—This great discovery is
bringing health and happiness to thousands. Rheu
matism c*n be cured More than one thousand
cases of Chrouic Rheumatinn (of the worst form
of this dreadful disease) have been cured perma
nently, during the past year by tne use of a few
bottles of this compound. Letters and certificates
are daily being received from parties of highs'and
lag, many of whom have been cripples for years,
from the effects of this hitherto incurable disease,
but who now affirm that they are sound and well,
made so by Jhe use of th's great remedy, which is
a vegetable spirit—an internal rt.me.dy—prepared for
this one disease alone, and this it tcUl cure ia every
case, either inflammatory, (acute,) or chronic form.
Testimony of the most undoubted character will
be cheerfully submitted to the inspection of all who
may feel sufficiently interested to call on the propri
etors, at their Central Office, No. 1, Barclay street,
Astor House, New York. One bottle $5, three bot
tles £10.
Sole Agents for Richmond.
Proprietors, N. Y.
Chronic Rbeumatinmof:is > ear* Standing
"Beardßtown, 111., Jan. Ist.
Thos. R. Saunders, merchant, writes :
'•I have been the subject of severe affliction from
the rheumatism for more than twenty five years.
1 had visited southern climes, and at different times
placed myself under the treatment of many emi
nent physicians ; but every expedient failed. At
leDgth I tried •Mortimore's Rheumatic Compound,'
and it cured me efiectmaiy.
i 3 DRESSING. —Cupping, Leeching. Bleeding, Ex
tracting' Teeth, Ac. MR J. F. SPACH, from Ger
main , Tate f rom Philadelphia, would most lesyect
fully inform the citizens of Richmond and its vicin
ity, that he has opened and n at!y titted out the cor
nt r store on Governor street, under Mrs. Edding's
Boarding House, where he will be at all times pre
pared to give ample satisfaction ia a!! the above
named branches, with promptitude and dispatch.
oe 12—1 m"
Ub tli£D PROPOSALS will be received at
Uthe Engineer's Office. Staunton, till the 14th day of
Nov, 185 i', for the Grading and Masonry of fifteen
miles of the Virginia Central Rail Road, extending
from Craw fold's, twenty miles west of Staunton, to
Panther Gap, a distance of .fifteen miles in mile sec
Proposals will also be received for hauling the
iroa rails, chairs, spikes <fcc, a-xross the mountain
fr. m Meechnm's liver, for the road, from the west
side to Staunton, a distance of 15 miles ; and also
for furnishing the ties, and laying down the super
structure. Separate bids may i>e otfe: ed for the
The ties to be of White or Poet Oak, eight feet
long, hewed on parallel sides to a thickness of sis
inches, with a fact ot not less than eight inches,
and the Dark taken from ihe other sides. Proposals
will aluo be received fc r a bridge of 80 feet span of
wood or iron, at Christian's creek ; also lor depots
at Waynesborough and Staunton. Plans and pro
files will be ready from the t*th to the 14th of No
Satisfactory references will be required.
By order of the Board.
[Times. Enquirer and Republican, copy ] oc2
'IMlli SU BSCKItt&K having taken ttie store
A corner ot 4th and Broad ctreeta, (recently oc
cupied by John F. Reeve, Esq ,) will keep on hand
a lull ani well selectei assortment of Groceries,
to whicn he invites the attention of his friends ana
the public generally. JAMES B. SHELTON.
Having retired Irom the grocery business, I take
great pleasure in recommending my successor
(James B. Shelton) to my friends and patrons. I
have knowu Mr rhelton long and intimately, acd
feel a strong assurac-e that in all business transac
tions he wilt give entire satislaction.
oc 2—im JOHN F. REEVE.
— Warrant'da ssfe, scire and mild remedy for
Files, Pralapsus Ani, and all other diseases of the
rectum. One box will convince the patient of it*
mild and curative properties.
Piice 4 or. one dollar. 2 oz. 50e per box.
Prepared by W. HUTCHESON, Amsterdam,
Botetourt County, V*.
For sale In Richmond J>y Purcell, Ladd Sc Co,
Dove Sl Co and Adie A Gray. seiW —dty
TABLK MALT, ifi (mall sucks, tor aale by
oc SO WftL EtittLJMTOM.
DIC, for the cure ot Agaric Cb iera, Cno'ics
ot ail kinds, spasms, cholera morbus, dysentery, diar
rhoea. lock jau-, violett pain, whether rheumatic or
neuralgic, cramp in the stomach, toothache, nervous
headache, delirium tremens, spider bite*, dyspepsia,
fulness from imprudent eating, threatened abortion
fits, sinking or congestive chills, ague and fever, bums,
cuts, 4ic.
Accompanying each bottle i* a pamphlet containing
full directions tor its use. in the various diseases for
which it is recommended, as well as presenting many
strong testimonials.
11ns medicine is not only efficient, hut safe. It is
adapted to many of the most violent diseases, giving
the most prompt relief, and is especially suited to large
lamilies as well as to travelers. The proprietor, there
fore would respectfully ask the attention of the public
to its claims ; which are foundt don more than twenty
years' experience in its use, and not on conjecture.
It has hi: -. ally become a very popular rt-medv in ma
ny jiarts «if the country, and is destined to be so wher
e\ ( r it is introduced.
We would respectfully call the attention of the pub
lic to the following, amongst many names ot highly re
spectable and well-known gentlemen in different parts
OI the country, who have used it, and spoken of it in
high terms:
Muscoe Garnett, esq, Essex; Jas M Jeffries, esq. King
and Queen, \a; Alexander Dudley, esq, King and
Queen, Va; R W Schooler, esq, Caroline, Va; Wilson
C Pemberton, King William, \ a; A B Walthall, Char
lottesville, Va; Thos I) Quarles, Richmond, Va; John
w Woods, Baltimore; Wm F Pendleton, Washington;
Newton Short, King William: Winston. Chester
field, \ a; James W (Joss, (iordonsville, Va; 11 L Cole
maiij Richmond, Va; N B Hill, Richmond, Va; Thos
Starse, King William, Va.
Amongst the many physicians who have used it, we
beg leave to refer, tor the present, to the following :
Dr.lorin S Lewis, King William; Dr WmT Down
er, King William: Dr Wm R Purkins, Northumber
land; Dr Richard T Hundley, Hanover.
We also ask you to read the following certificates,
and refer you to many more in the pamphlets and our
various advertisements:
in i iw.i»ji,» nriit Fever, Ac,
Dr Du Val—Dear Sir: I was promptly relieved, a
few years ago, of a violent attack of something like the
cholera, by taking a large dose of your Anti-Spasmod
ic. Since tiiat rime 1 have frequently witnessed its
good effects in other cases. About six weeks ago 1 was
suffering exceedingly from an attack of Third-day
Ague and Fever. It had been increasing in severity
for nearly a month. 1 determined to try your Anti-
Spasmodic, and accordingly took a large dose of it just
bi tore the time for the chill. It produced over the
whole system a peculiar sensation of warmth, which
was kept up by repeating the dose once or twice at
intervals of two hours. Though necessarily exposed
since, I have felt no return of chill. I feel confident
in recommending your medicine.
Very sincerely yours,
King William, July, 1852.
In ( rami), lijurnu rr, nnd Spider ItlteH.
Dr Du Val—Dear Sir: I have administered your Fa
mily Anti-Spasmodic in several violent attacks of
•ramp and dysentery. 1 have applied it externally to
the bite of a spider, when there was an enormous en
largement of the limb, and intense pain—in all with
perfect success. 1 have sold a great deal of it in this
neighborhood, and as far as 1 know, it has given univer
sal satisfaction. All who have tested it seem to think
it has no equal as a family medicine. I deem it due to
say that in most of the instances alluded to above, va
rious remedies were used without effect.
Respectfully, yours,
(Signed) S W Y MUSE.
Manufactured by I* P DU VAL, M D, King William
C H, Va, to whom all orders should be addressed. Price
G2 1-2 cents anil $1 per bottle.
For sale in Richmond, Va, by Purcell, Ladd .V Co,
wholesale agents, and by Thomas & McCarthy, J Blair,
A Kodeker, and Wm P Ladd; in Baltimore by Canby
& Hutch ; in Portsmouth by Garlick St Gwathmey, and
by Druggists generally. auti—Stawts
'jpu 'i'OB.tCCU MANtlfAcTtiUllS
i L'QUORICK.—WewiiI be regularly supph< d
by the iiuuorterf with Mass Liquorico of the "rleck
4 Co." broad, a genui. e and pure article, which
we are authorized to sell and wariant as such.—
Also, with the "G. C." brand. Manufacturers are
rt quß?ted to give us a call. Orders from the coun
try promptly executed.
oc 18 LUDLAM .t WATgON.
oiwi nun COIMBOi^:—THK N/.W
OUUjUuu CAUMINA Improved
Collection of Church ftlnsic, by lowt II
yitiHtn.—This work is if unique character, baing
the first attempt to embodrin one volume (as it
does) a selection of the beet tunes in al! Mr MdsoD'6
various publications, from the first to >he last, ex
cluding all tunes which experience has proved to
be cf little worth or rarely used. Not a tune is
o»ntained in the work but what is useful and which
a choir may venture to sing ai short notice, with
out fear of emoarrassment. New Music is put in
an Appendix; and to the whole is added ft selection
of MrCb. Zeuuer's best tunes, which by special
purchase, the publishers are enabled to present in
this work. The introduction of the New Carmina
Sacra into the choirs generally, would prevtntlhe
constantly recurring necessity for the purchase of
near books, as this work contains sufficient that 1b
interesting, useful and stable to last for yeais. Is
this not a desideratum to the churches I For sale
wholesale and retail, by
oc 26 Eagle Square.
134 lflaiu opposite Eagle square, Kich
mond, Vs., his now open his larse, new Winter
stock of READY-MADE CLOTHING, all of which
will be sold at the very lowest cash prices. He re
spectfully calls the attention of purchasers to his
large and carefully selected assortment cf dre6B and
tr r 'ek Coats, made of black and fancy French and
English cloths; business and over Coats, of every
handsome style and material, which cannot be sur
passed for neatness ol workmanship and tit; Pants
and Vest, in endless variety of sty'ea, qualities,
colors, cut and price ; boys' Clothing, consisting of
Frock and Over Coats, Round Jackets, Pants. Vests,
Furnishing Good*.—He has spared no pains
in making his stock of Fancy Goods one of the
richest, consisting of black and fancy Silk and Satin
Scarfs and Cravats, Ties and Stocss; silk, plush
ana merino Mutters : Gloves, Susoenders, Hand
kerchiefs, Shirts, Collars, Socks raeriio and silk
Under Shirts and Drawers, &.c.
From his very great facilities in purchasing and
manufacturing Lis stock, he is ifi>ring the greatest
bargains. J. D. GOODMAN,
oc 28 134 Main street.
TAK-By Mrs. «. «. Norilsk
> The inoft successful remedy now in use for the
cttre of Incipient Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma,
Coughs, Sore Throat, diseases of the Liver and
Kidutys, King's Evil, Tetter, Dyspepsia, &c.
Ibis medicine has now gained a reputation in
tki* community, that precludes the r.ecesiitv of
publishing certificates througn the public prints.
Those suffering from any ot the above diseases,
are invited to call on the agent and gel a pamphlet
containing recommendations and certificates ol
Beware of counterfeits. The genuine arti
cle is for sale by
P HORTON KEACH, 91 Main street,
Sole Agent for Richmond, and
oc 5 General Agent for Eastern Virginia.
spectfully invite the attention ol housekeepers and
others to his select stock of House-Furnishing
Goods, adapted to the season, such as
Platad Aibata War", viz : Spoon., Forka. Soup
and Gravy Ladles, Egg, Mustard and Salt Spoons,
Batter Knives, Sugar Baskets, Sa't Holders, Butter
Coalers, Tea Sets, Tea and Coffee Urns, Water Ket
tles, &C.&C, <fcc.
FiEe Ivory Handle Table Cutlery, of direct im
portation from the manufactory ot Joseph Rodger.
it Son.. Sheffield, consisting of Knives with or
without Forks, do and Fork, in sets ot ol and 53
Sieces, Game and Beel Cai vers, BeefSlicers, Steels,
uted and plain, also a new style of Sharpener,
Ivory Handle Bread Knives, Cheese Scoop, and
Oyster Knives, &c.
Block Tin Gotds, such as Tea, Coffee and Wa
ter lirns. Oyster Dishes, Vegetable DUbes, Meat
Diihes from smtll to laige size, Dub Covers, a va
riety ot patterns either in sets or singly.
F ire Iron., of elegantly polhhed steel, also Brass
Head Fire Irons either in set. or pair*, with richly
bronzed stands to match.
Fender., blower Stands, Copper Coal Scutt'e.,
Brass and Bronzed Andircns— .♦ these we have a
most desirableassortmant, comprising *.me styles
entirely new.
Tea Trays and Waiters, • very lar*e assortment,
either insets or singly. All the above, with nume
rous other articles, can be bad at the Home-F ur
nisbing Store,
oc 28- lw 137 Jlwln Streeu
TARD AMD CHEESE, receiving and for
sale by
Remaining in the Richmond Post Office
on the 49ih October, 1893.
ITy Persons calling for Letters in this List will
please say they are ad vertised.
Anderson Mrs Eliza Abrahams Miss Ella J
Alexander Mrs James Adams M.ss Ann E
Anderson Miss Maria
Burton Mrs S H Brown MissM V
Blankeuebip Mrs E J Baird Miss Margaret
Brown Mrs Elizabeth J Brock Miss H A
Barrett Mrs Frances A Bowis M.ss Fannie M
den Mrs J Ann Brown Miss Frances E
Blythe Mrs Mary A Branch Miss Elizabeth
Bragg Miss Sarah E Brackenbridge Miss B
Blsnisecship Miss M J
Carter Mrs Cordelia V CowlesMisaSA 3
Carpenter Mrs C CruiE p Miss Sarah A
Cowardin Mrs Eugenia Carter Miss Mary L 2
Cosby Mrs F W Courtney Miss Mary A
Camp Mrs Francis V Coulter Miss Fannie B
Culien Mrs J S D Clark Miss F M
Clarke Mrs Lucy Curtains Miss Maria
Christian Mrs L Jane Coleman Miss Bettie M 1
Cox Mrs Francis E Crabbin Mi»s Amanda
CooleyMias Virginia
Dawly Mrs Martha A Daniels Miss Jane
Davis Mrs Eliza Aon Pencis Miss Maria T
Dew Miss Gertrude Dixson Miss Martha
Dunleny Miss G
Ellis Rebecca Emby Miss Jane (col'd)
Ford Mrs Mary P Frayeer Miss E F
FrayserMrs Mary M Forsyth Miss Fanny C
Fuicher Mrs Susan A brazier Miss Fannie
Flynn Miss Caroline
Gary Mrs Amandaß W Gunn Miss Emelia F
Granger Mrs C A Glenn Miss E Virginia
Gordon Mrs Elizabeth Gay Miss Mary A
Goddin Mrs Martha J Gresham Miss Robert?
Green Mrs Susan Grasswat Miss Sarah H
Gaskins Miss Agnes A
Hitchcock Mrs ECT Harris Miss Fanny
Harris Mrs Lucy A Hopkins Miss Josephine
Harrison Mrs L Hooper Miss MaryC
Hopkins Mrs Mary E Haines Miss xMary
Hughes Mrs Sal ie E Harris Mits Ma-y
Harris Miss Amanda 2 Hovell Miss Nancy
Hug'ues Miss Ann F Hooper Miss S J
Howard Miss Ella J Hawkm Mies Winny
Hill Miss Eiiza L
Ingersol Miss Margaret Jacobs Mrs A H
Johnson MrsRJ Jones Miss Ann
Joy Mrs Mary A Johnson Miss C E
Jonas Mrs Catherine Jordon Miss Sarah J
Jeter Mrs Charlotte E
K;cg Mis» I.usy Lipscrmb MrsF G
Ligtau Mrs Susan F Lee Miss Eliza J P
Langhorn Mrs Susan M Lyon Miss K L
Larry Mrs Martha J
Morrrs Mrs Adela Moore Mrs Margarette
Munding Mrs Antioneite Martin Mrs Mary J B
Millon Mrs Betty Martin Miss Ann E
Kartia Mrs Jacob Miller Miss J "tiny
Martin Mrs Louisa Mason Mios Marion
Mart n Miss Susan
McCarthy Miss Ann Powell Miss Julia B
Prlcher Mrs E A Powell Miss Lucy C
Po lard Mrs Julia A Parker Miss Mar ia E
Puckett Mrs Martha F Pilcher Miss M E
Pierce Mrs Thomas A Page Miss Marv
Mrs A D Ratrsone Mrs Mary J
Richards Mrs C P Roane Miss Florence
Ramsey Mrs Lucy A Robbins Miss Harriet
Southail Mrs Mary J S*»th Miss Jane
Sterling Mrs Mary E Summer Miss KafinyD
Stnmbury Mrs J B Shoemaker Miss trrima
Sable Mrs Edirh A Smart Miss Elizabeth
Saimond Miss Roxanna Singleton Miss Ann
Steel Mies Margaret Slater Miss A M
Shelton Miss M L Stuart Miss Sallie
Sumpter Miss L W
Turpio Mrs M A Thomas Mrs Frances
Timberlnke Mrs Mary A Taylor Mrs Ann E
Turpin Miss Lncy Tutthill Miss Emily A 2
Via Mrs Nancy Winterbaur Mrs
Wellington Mrs Susan Wineman Mrs Betty
Wi kinson Mrs Mary J Wingfield Mias Martha R
Wyatt Mrs Luciuda West Miss Lucy Ann
Wooldridge Mrs L Wilson Miss Lucinda
Woodv Mrs Jane 2 Watkins Miss Susan E
Wallace Mrs ES Walker Miss Julia
White Mrs Elizabeth Wren Miss Jane E
Wuhum Mrs Elizabeth Wright Miss Amelia
West Mrs Sarah Ann
Adams William N Ahre Francis
Armstrong Archer B Ambrose Henry
Allicder Samuel A.vis Joshua
Anderson Samuel N Adams Jams*
Alvig Thomas S Adams Junius
Adams 'Ihomas Alexander James
Agers William Acree John H
Adcock William F Ahern Patrick
Addington A J Andrews William B
Aeree A'bert Alien P
Allen Alfred N Apper3on Robt C
Arsell A Adkins Rufus M
Adams B P Ardry S D
Andrews David Armstrong Archer B
Baird Robt Basnat George
Burch Samuel S Button George P
Browning Thomas 2 John M
Bail Thomas H Bell John J
Brewn VVm H 2 Balindino Isaac
Brown V/ Barnes Joseph
Bogte Wm Barnes Jesse
Barlow Wm Baker James R
Beufort Wm Brooks James
Barnes B H Bates John Lewis
Breeaen Mr Beach James N
Block Rev A Ballentjne J W
Baugban Benjamin Barnes John
Barrett Charles B BayreJS
BurJon CCS Bidgood James C
Boswell C Bagby 6l Lee
Bauman Ckas W Bannan Mark
Banks Francis Bowles Marshall
Brown Fleming Bcrtoa N P
Baker Geo W Ureal Geo
Baptist M C
Craig William Carter J M
Campbell Wm Cooper Jacob M
Cary William Cridlin Jacob W
Chapman Augustus Conroy John
Cardoxa Chas E Campbell Jam.s
Crump D A Coi-way Michael
Cooper Edward R Campion N Field
Chesleman E H Clancey Patrick
Crittenden G W Coo sdge R
Cocsixc Henry Clark Tbomas E
Carter J W Courtney T T
Correll Jobn Cerry Thomas
Clark J L Claxton J William
Clark James M Condin Tboma.
Crow Jame. CalUgan J P
Cray R Milton Camp '"d G
Dabney Mr DattoJohnF
Dobv E C Dean M B
Downey Rev D Deware Phill
Den eon Deunit D*Ti* ti S
Dabney Edward Daon Thos
Dobbin. Gordon Dudley Kaeworuiy
Dillin James 2 Duowrigbt Wm D
Dove James Deleney Jobn
Eiigleston James A Evan. John
Kbtenbury John Eggen Wm
Epstier Lewis Edelin. n K
Ensign Tboma.
Flynn Chas Fletcher John R
Forbu. Hains Fursylb S
Foster James B 2 Fenton Tfcos
Foster John T flynn Wm J
Fiihtiurn Jacob W FordWm WS
Frear Jobn E o *,
Flournoy R W 2 James
Glasgow It Archer Garnett James M
Gienns Messrs Gregory M
Goode Cba. Gnmb e H
Gregory Edward L Godwin [oMthiia
r.n"n gluhaG Gri£a That M 2
Gregorv F. C Gardner Tho.
ure gory E G Gore Wm L
rfJl I ranCl, M Gregory Wm
Gordun James Granger Wm
uonnett John Gr.v'iWmP
Hodees Dr Alpheus Hill Junes
SKEr Ho T y :?i Jame#
Heise Chas Henderson M A
HMbrok Frederick Hanvey Miihaeia
HamHa G W Harper Ph'lip H
Hitzmann Herman Heisiop Rice B
Hammond John L Hardest? Rollens
Ha cock John Harris eamuel M
Hunt James Harrison 8 R 2
HixJohnF HecningThosS •
Harrison James F Hattan Washington 2
Hunter Jos Hatcher Wm B
Hicks John Hen rick Wm
Harrison J H Hni:ar James H
I—J ~
Lascs G W Joy L H
Johnson A B Jordon R O
Jeter Dr F A Jones Capt Jas
Jones Htnry 2 Johnson W 3
Jones, McCorcle & Lips- Jennings Mr
comb JoaesJosT
Kenarick F E Kershaw R 8
Keegee George W Kjle Wm 8
Keesee George KnowleaWmH
Leary A O Langley John
Lee A £ LaJd James H
Leary Dennis O Leadman M
Lee D G Long Michael
Lengers H A Lanly O F
Lee James R Leeds N' 6 2
Lake J R Lipscemb Newton
Lucetord John L Lyoe R B
Lcckodoe James i.ester R G
Lewelien T J Lewis W B
Moore Austin E 2 Miller James
Mosby A Maher Patrick
Miller James H Moss Reubin
M&nvyJ VV Moore Samuel D
Mason Jam»s T Mezger TheodoreF
Miller Juo W Montgomery Wm
Mills James Martin Wm H
Mountcastle J R Miller Wm l>
Msguirejno Moore Wm A
Martin Jno Martin Peter
Michara Dr JSeth
McGrain Wm McEvoyJno
MeCoun Davis McKtnny Luke
McCarthy Jno MeUready Wm
McMahon Joo McCarthy Justin
McKtags Jno M
Nangher Patt Newell M B
Newman Jno T2 Nelson Richard L 5
tfielson James R Nelson Samuel J
New Robt P NewtU RevMß3
O'Brine James Otey R
Ohare Michael 2
Powell Charles H Perks Jno D
Peery David H Powell J W
Powell Dr Erasmus Purcell Michael
Pepper Edward Painter Jc Co Messrs Peg-
Powell George T ram
Parker George Powell Robt
PottrJessee Palmer Capt Samuel
Petti aru J J Parnell Willis
Perkins Thos D Peraberton Jno H
Quarles Moses Rauschert Lewis
Koulett A Ronald Messrs Mills &
Rooertson C H ttei.ly Patrick 2
Uoane J R Roppard Thomas
Reed Jamea A Ruger T
Roane Dr Junius J Robins Thomas
Rou.-eJonn Reed Wm
Reynolds Dr Jos A Robertson W 8
timanst on Geo Schuman St Co Chas
S mther Edwin F Smith Chas
Sanders Eli Snyder Charles 2
Sisead Edrmnd T Springfield Bolivar
Sweeny Denis Sears Andrew J 2
Sullivan Dennis D Smuh Asa R
Seiden Wm D Sboap Mark A
Siubbs Wm D Shaw Messrs MeCloy ti
Saimond Wm Shannon Capt James 3
Simms Capt T C Smith John L
Suter Thos Shelton Jas B
Spencer Thos Snodgrais John F
Smith Robt B Sutherland James J
Smith Robt H Starke John K
Shelton Robt B Studicy Capt Joshua
Sherlock Patrick Shaw Heary A
Sullivan Owen Stanard Hugh
Smith Marcellus M Sheilds Hamilton
Sweeney Michael fcouthall tieo H
Silbermann Sc Bro
Taylor Wm O Tulley John
Thorn Wm Tucker Col G W
Toler Wm D Toombs Edward N
Tawoes Richard C Tompkins Christopher H
Taylor Robt B Taylor Cnas G
Trim Robt F Taylor C G
Turner NB Tyler Alfred F
Taylor Jas H Tuley Cel
Thomas James D Tulane Auther
Turnbridge John
Umbefd Jno T Vial Pater
Waish Walter Warwick John M
Wilson Dr Wm E Wa'kerJL
Watiins W L Wiikes John
Winston Wm A West John E
Wooding R P Wheely George
White Robt B Winn Geo W
Warthali Was Waliin Geo
Winlall L Wiley G W
Woods Rev John R Worrell D C
Walker J J wi:Bon Charles
Wingfield Jus C Warts C S
oc 30 THOS. B. BIGGER. P. M
AFA KM FOR SALE.—We otter tor sales
Farm in Charles City county, of excellent qua
lity, containing dU acres, and lying within five miles
ot James River. Ct this little farm, about 30 acres
are cleared. The Improvements are a dwelling,
with a store house attached, and ths usual out
house*. It is eiuy of acces* —lying immediately on
the Charles City court house road, and i« near a
steam sawmill on the adjoining tract, This pro
perty may he bad for six hundred dollars, in easy
payments, or would beexcha-.ged for c ty property.
i ui.kk &. cook,
oc General Agents.
.> tXttLLtM' FAUJI.-Ai we aid not
sell Mr Hundley's Farm publicly last Tours
day, we now oiler it privately. It is, in all respect*
very desirable, being of excellent quality, having
good improvements and good water, and being
wittin a few minutes ride ol the city Itis the pur
pose of Mr Hundley to remove to Richmond, and
therefore, a bargain may be had, and satisfactory
time will be allowed as to pay menu, or be would
exchange for city property. The determination is
to .ell, and person, wishing to purchase, are re
minded to be in time. TOLER A. COOK,
oc jjg General AgenU
ANTKD —Twenty five t uUNIi Ht.h toea
gage in a light, desirable busweM. To those
of energy and integrity good encouragement will bt
given. Apply personally at No d Law BuUdmgs,
Uichmond, Va, or by letter, post-paid, to box Ho.
363. Richmond P O. oc 27—6t*
The .üb.cricer having had very frequent appliea
tioc. for these Frame*, has been induced to retail
them at wholesale price*, vix : Gilt, with oval, from
*3 50 to *5
Old Frame, re gilded, and any description of
Frame* made to order, on very moderate term*.
oc 27—fit* Main w.. No lf1». Richmond
\OTII K.-l take thismetnod oi lulormmg the
11 citizen, of Kichmond and the public generally
that tbflfirm t f Joan M. McLeod t Co. i. no more.
I forewarn all person, from crediting the above
Lamed tirm. WM. C DREW.
I also forewarn all personi irum pacing an]
money due the above firm to Jobn M. McLeod.
V This excellent preparation, with which M or
! dinary waibing may be doue in leas than two boon
j with gre*; saving of time, labor and soap, can tx
1 bad by the pint, quart or gallon at
; 04 h E. / Picora Drag Store.
The following is tha speech of Louis Napo
leon at Bordeaux, in response to a compli
mentary toast given in the name of the Princa
President by M. Dufour Duberyer, president of
the Bordeaux Chamber ol Commerce :
"I accept, wnh eagerness, the opportunity
afforded me by the Bordeaux Chamber of Com
merce tor thanking your ereat city for its cor
j dial reception and magnificent hospitality. £
i am happy, at the end of ray journey, to com
municate the impression 1 have received. Th«
object of my tour, as you are well aware, wa«
to make myself acquainted, by personal obser
vation, with the beautiful provinces io th*
..outh, and to ascertain the real wants of tha
"It has, however, led to a far more important
result. I may say, indeed, with candor, as tar
removed from the Prince as from false modes
ty, that never did a people more directly
mere spontaneously—more unanimously testi
fy their determination to free themselves from
all uneasiness respecting the future by placing
in the same hands as heretofore a power whica
sympathised with its feelings.- [Applause.]
"The people have now at last learned to
»alue at their price the false hopes with which
it has been cejoled and the dangers with which
it was threatened.
"It seems that in 1552 society approached itr
dissolution, because each party consoled itself
with the beliet that, amid the general wreck, il
might still plant its standard on floating frag
ments. [Sensation—cries of Vive I'EmpereurJ
Now that its eyes are opened to the absurd
theories, the people have acquired a convic
tion that those pretended reforms were vision
ary, inasmuch as there has always been a dis
proportioned wunt ol consequence between ex
pedients and promised results. [Loud applause
and cries of'true,' 'true.']
"A nation surrounds me with its sympathies,
because I do not belong to the familv of Idealo
gists. T» promote the welfare ol the cou.itry
it is not necessary to apply new systems, but
the chief point above all is to produce confi
dence in the present and security for the fu
ture. For these reasons it seems France de
sires to return to the Empire. ['Yes, yes,' and
prolonged applause with cries of'Vive l'Eai
" There is one objection to which I most re
ply. Certain minds seem to entertain a dread
of war. Certain persons say the empire will
only be a state of war; but I say the Empire is
peace, [(ireat sensation.] For France de
sires it, and when France is satisfied the world
is tranquil. [ These words, uttered in a firm
voice and with a strong emphasis, produced a
a magical effect, and enthusiastic * bravos'
were heard on all sides.]
"Glory des ends by inheritance, but not war.
Did the Princes who justly lielt pride that they
were the grand children of Louis XIV. recom
mence his wars ? War is not made for plea
sure, but through necessity; and, at this epock
of transition, where, by the side of so many ele
ments of prosperity, spring so many causes of
death, we may truly suy, woe be to him who
gives the first signal to collision, the conse
quences of which weuld be incalculable.—
[Long and profound sensution.] 1 have many
conquests to mtke. I wish, like him, to con
quer, by conciliation, all hostile parties, and to
tiring into the grand popular current those hos
tile streams which now lose themselves with
out profit to any one. [Applause.]
"I wish to restore to religion, morality and
opulence, that still numerous part of the popu
lation which, though in the bosom of the most
fertile country in the world, can scarcely ob
tain rhe common necessaries of life. [Sens*-
"We have an immense waste of territory to
cultivate, roads to open, ports to dig, rivers to
render navigable, a system of railroads to com
plete. We have opposite to Marseilles a vast
kingdom which we must assimilate to France.
We have to bring all our great Western ports
into connection with the American continent
by the rapidity of communication which we
still want, and, lastly, we have ruins to restore
—false gods to overthrow. Truths will b*
made triumphant. [Prolonged applause.]—
This is the sense which I attach to empire—
if empire is to be restored. [Cries of Vive I'
Empereur ] Such are the conquests which I
contemplate, and all you who surround ine,
and who, like me, desire your country's wel
fare, you are my soldiers." [Ves, yes, and
prolonged applause.]
The Affair of the Cresetnt City.
The New York Herald publishes Utters
from M. O. Robert?, agent of the U. States
Mail Steamship Company, and George Law,
President of the Company, to Hon. C. M.
Conrad, Acting Secretary of State, relative to
the Crescent City affair. The following is tba
reply of Mr. Conrad.
DiPAHrtMpawr Stati, (
25,18 M. jj
To George Law, Esq , New York.
Sir—Your letter of the 3d instant has been
receded. As no intelligence has reached this
Depaitment from Cut)a since that which wu
brought by your sieaiser, it has no means of
knowing the intentions of the authorities of
the island, other tliuu what you possess yout
seif, and cannot, therefore, inform you whether
mails or passengers will be ptruttilled to laad
there or not. It uiay, however, be inferred,
from the past proceedings of the authorities,
that mails and passengers conveyed in the
steamer Crescent City, will not be permitted
to land there in case the individual named
William Smith should remaiu ou board of
I am sir, very respectfully your obedient
(Signed) C. M.CONRAD,
Acting Secretary.
Mr. WcßiTEß.—The following extract
from the proceedings of the Suffolk bar, hi
Boston, will be read with interest:
During the remarks of Judge Curtis, be
gave a most interesting and affecting account
of his interview with Mr. Webster in his dy
ing hours. On one occasion, when his friends
were gathered around him, Mr. Webster said,
what would b« the condition of any of us with
out hope in immortality. What is there to reet
that hope upon but the Gospel?
On another occasion the great dying states
man said :
[ "My greatest wish on earih has bren to do
my Matter's will. I thank him. And I also
thank Him for the means of doing soma good
for those beloved objects, and for tbo many
blessings that surround tne. I also thank Hia
for ray nature and my associations. 1 thank
Him 1 am to die under so many circom
ittances of love and afiection." All preoeot
were deeply impressed whilst tbaaa remarks
were being delivered.
The Last Words of Webster are said to bar*
been the remarkable ones, "1 still live!"
He atill lives, in the hearts of hia country
men, who will torever cherish with a faction*
ate recollection hia great services to tha
Union. He atill Hve»,wc trust, is t
tad better sphere.

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