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l'Rb>ll)liiM I I \L ELECTION,
■j-, c detail" of the laic election have lost
,-f sheii interest, froin the fact that they
. t i r.ip'rtclv on one side. There is con
-11 :r st («It, however, in the result in
i •■(>. K« ntuck>, and mute other States
sre looked upon ns doubtful, 'i'he
■ ton I nion l.Aievrs that the Demo
tarried IVnnesaec, and claims 'i(HK)
.., Kentucky. J hi' Republic has a
; oui F nnessee which elates that
> c:,r; J the Pierce's majori
% Carolina so far, is 25'3.». The
us the follow ing majorities tor
» ,"i rtav Ire varied by full returns :
y . N w 11; mj>shire, Ultode
I,"!. Conm < ticut 2,.*>00; New \ <nk
\. « Jetr-.v Pennsylvania "0,-
11. iv ai .1. Mai \ land about .>.587; \n-
V':;h Carolina ti.OOO; Alabama
M --ij'pi IK.OOO, Louisiana 10,00;
5,i t • Kentucky 2,()!'0; Indiana 20,-
•0, M ichigan ovi-r C,000; W'is-
I a a 3,0();i: Ohio 'JO 000. No
. ii received from Georgia, Flo
j \ \ikitns or California. The I'al
- . them nil down for Pierce.
1 ihington Ajfaiut.
.i'jM.r. v. Nov. I.—The announcement
%;;. !•;«! ,ii,>. the ('ominisj-ioner of Pa
, i ii i" in oi (I, i> not correcl, n< he
jntftt..* - 2ned. Silas Hodges,
i aj'| iti ii in bir 4 [>!aee. and w:I! enier
- i'ii Monday next. The a;>poim
vi - ti in r.il nli?tielion.
G. ctie C. J»chatlV r, if Danville,
fr - b i n appointed chief i iumi
• e I' .'i t! < )lliee, vice Cooper. F.
,i . 1. j., iatt assistant examiner, lias
: mic hi.-t examiner, i'ne corps is now
I'he National Whigs find nuch consolation
'.v given hv the recent election
2her !•••« ii.resie.s and übolitinnism
• h i 'vinj that the mere support
■ j (hi rtl ricot', by certain of these
I h , . wr s the great cause of his
i Hon. I'.ilward Everett is expected heie
i. .v to take Ins post in the Siiate De-
Fram L toll.
I. i-vn.i r, Nov. 3.— i'he Salt L'ike mail
! Independence, Mo., on the 29th ult.,
ne month s later news from I tali. The
••s «eie becoming troublesome, anil bad
-mall party ol California emigrants.
• m i m s were nt war with the I'uw-
A parte of sev. nty Mormons were on
aay ' In,lependence utid tit. Josephs,oil
u .. -louarj tour.
(. : :aiditiH I'ar/tii'neiit—The Tariff.
, Nov. i.—The Canadian Pariia
• " h - ngieed to adjoin ii from the 10th to
A il f Ft brur.:> .
M'. li.nks stated" last nig': t that the new
w« ~.d he po>tponed, aril even then
no on the course of tne American
i .-ii- i, whether or not it will apply io
. <m , )s p - ing through the U. States in
iAi ii Accident.—The Alexandria Ga
- nti'inees the iiuiriUle death of n lad,
i ix \ ai- <i a;;e, son ot Mr. Moses
. .at !..e Suinuc Mill in tliat city.—
;■ iin.ii is that he was caught by the
:i all ■ :td to the wheel, and crushed
• u post with which he was brought in
. He died in a short time after the ac
f ■ Havana. — The Isabel airived at
ton o*i Tuesday from Havana. The
say s she was permitted to land her
:e;-' and mails without any unnecessaiy
oi: i re part of the authorities—even
, : r were permitted to be delivered and
. . are. on her departure every thing
-• 1 1>« be i| lit t aud peaceable.
T :..* jr., ■ City arrived at New York from
ti ii .oi Wednesday. No news.
i ■ • 11 v: Si. iVE Ca-k.—George Bradley,
. : ve from labor, was taken be
i< . •M.iir : Ingruhatn, of l'hiladelpbia,
1 : - : : v ;ils rntmn, at the instauce of Mr.
I'iL-rec, oi Cecil county, Md. The
• v jio-tjioneil toi a ciav or two, to procure
•"•i > —Mi. West, u walchman, in Nor
> was b;id!_v stabbed by a man named
Moore, whom lie was endeavoring to arrest,
Tuesday night. It was thought he might
"'•ei. Kobert Moore, the perpetrator, was
t in (iosport, after considerable trouble.
Is ; 1 lie Masonic fraternity of Cincinnati,
ce.- i .lt d the cenlenni i! anniversary ot Wasli
,ton's initiation in an appropriate manner.
i :.<* httenduiice was lurge.
If The election in Delaware tor members
4- t ongress and the legislature, takes place
next 1 uesdav.
I tji rritt Smith, the ultra abolitionist, is
t eu to Congress in the Oswego district, N.
1 ork.
- A i)KM UAlil, K l!(»bSK FOlt
M j . t I —For r.-m, • Brick House with eigat
brick kitchen and cut houses attached, ail
.t, rut. i ■ order, and aituated in au agreeable
i.i-i. . u-jod on 3rd street, between Clay atiu
Leigh street*. To a car.'lut ai d punc'ua! tenant,
ti ::*n: would be only &!jO, p-tyabie quarterly,
.a t,i i:.ii ior the next year and tile balance of
, a - y likely Pruiiilc lloune Jseivant,
v. _> i- a ,u plain Beamstress. Apply to
non-U- C. M KIMMO.
j.' s'Al'hlO LO>l'. — I.U»- oa Tuesday
I ■ -.-.i last, my PRE . Pal £JtS. Tke tiuder
iv rewarded by returuing the Mtnd to
! o —vJt* A tre.; woman ot color.
[.' - \ Peraile S>avg, aaout 4J year*
•*, aau '■ c.01,. -:.—iliiee boys and
vtuui ; age® rat,,-: ttora njht«e« to fjur
j Aj. ~,y lo U it li'lvVltiON,
Tr«-tee, Law Build ug
\ '■> - ■ t JC..-- Aoout a mi tn or kit w eka past,
- ■ - .me (_-,-!»■«. -;iiarn> j uii..u iwn ) let! a
■ • ss u; ray stable, on Will street, 'ihlsis
•; . ■ t» ■ w.ii i i, come toward, pay the ex
. ; r aud take the carriig-) airay.
L -
and paying for thiaadverliaeraeut.
■ o ■ neyt to l) r . VVayt's.
* i.< -MA \ .• —tn a DryGdOd*
k - .. _ r iii iti. v. i. . a '• ' '"o * kiiuw.
.. V.,. Aih ** i , i' --i i)&G4 t
It;A v'» '.l *—#500 t; the-Beakot the 'ni 'u."
»v o-ts and. yizzrwL
i I' i.l NV*.—Otf n.»..U u But
i >«,;•» t ... y C«ssia,e;o P.u'i, <,i e - td
».i. . ... it st >1' s.
i.. I •», -• :: I i >. 1 1 CUarii VV ,'i si"
'J - . , 1...V .i •.d tt Ilu- a-»k!,; rnerst Ot COt:
v% .etui tucy ol e. ry q a.l'y. CiUauo «e-j
t-i-.'.::.. MijiC'll HT tc w LL-.GLK,
t, - il',* Main it.
I) ruth ol the Pom master of Petersburg.
Pi-terkbusg, i"ov. 5.
Mr. Ilolert llireh«*ll, the worthy and ri
spected Postmaster of this city, died to day, at
o clork. M,, of appoplexy.
Mull Mrfrt. under the c'ltv Hotel.
Drawn No. Patap.co, 291:
5") 27 2U ti.i tic! 25 3d G> s:t 19 44 a sg.
Whole H< 4 ; 5«; do quarter 20 38 58.
11 rawn Nos Patapfcj. 29*2:
ii 9iu Ci> :h 27 15 28 5J 67 30 IS>
Httlf 3,j 5u 74
I . C " n,ioli 'l« t -d. 28-Capitals:
> i i mjT'-m!*', ,U ' 9, 5 ,jt SlK ' o ' *' J of <'•**»• »' i
20J0, IW >_ t oUO, 100 Ot 810, iic 75 numbers, ;2
diHWu lick-.tij 312—(-hares in proporiion.
Utap.co, 293—Capita!. : 1 of «",000. 1 of
■ ~ o it J> ,1 ol 500, au ot 100, <te 7c numbers,
;4 ii::wn. ticket. fcl 25—sriHieo ;n proportion.
'* — SMITII.
5- 4 RATTII> > . Fi I L'B
i) raw >] Nog. ol iifiuware txtnl 134, Nov. 4:
, °jf, 29 40 31 6t 16 24 75 48 32
1 tcket No. 20 29 62, another one so d and paid by
__Drawn No. ( f Delaware No 12", Nov 4:
72 : 6 42 34 10 17 48 71 -Jj 70 2 io
To«L ay, iteia* are Extra 13—Capital —75
No»—11 drawn—Tickets Si.
Also, Delaware No 131—Capital ®3>i,UCo—7B Nos—
12 drawn—Tieke'g Si 6
(>i< *■ !l;i~
14th Street, under Exchange Hotel.
Drawn Nos ct Delaware t xlra 134, Nov 4:
02 27 ie'J 40 31 61 20 24 39 75 48 32
Hair, 32 40 01, u prize told by LAMBERT.
Drawn Nos Delaware Ciar-e 129, Nov 4 :
72 36 42 .14 10 17 4s 71 -J.) 7J 7 78 21 10
To Day, the Delaware State Lottery ulagg No
131—Capitals «36,( 00, 20,000, 15,UC0, lu,CCO, 4.000,
2 ; * !'7, 100 oliO, Jl4 ot 500 beinti th * lowest tbu-e
number prizes. 7s nam'jers—l2 drawn. Tickets
Al'o. a one-dollar lottery. no 6
Wolt I'lTv «; •. 'I T 1-..NTlolv I'itlM [.
hoase woa.d invite !ue attention Teachrra iintl
f ..rents io the South, to ,iie loilowin? Educational
Apaluohisn Piimer, consisting ot Progressive
l.egaona in words and. two i-y liable..
Apaiaebian Reader, No. i, consisting of Easy
Leasoiie in Heading at:d Exereiseain Spelling.
Apalaohian ICetdei■ I* 2, Embrscinii Easy Lce
s us in Reading with Question, and Exercises in
Apalaohian Header No. 3, coiila n ng appropriate
L''-ons in Keadiirg and Spelling wnb
Definitions, I'roi.unc arions i.c.
ApaUehian ll 'ader No. 4, embracing the princi
ples ol Rhetorical Kciding and appropriate Lessons
carefuliy seiecteu an J arranaed.
A flistory ol United Stats, in which will be
i 'Und a more* lull liiatoiy ci] t e Southern States,
ttiaii :n any otiier History now beiore tne oubiic.
no 6
XHtiS lOJiiEtflllft'. Of AN ET(f\
UO\ —I'he Lil •. and I'ubiic Career of Daniel
vv uubter. including a brie, ontii ie ot ni. Service, to
the Nation, as R-.e'resentative, Serjat'r. and Secre
tary ot Mste, with a .ummury ol ni« views on tile
•treat National Qu> -tions ol the u«-y, from the New
tor* Daily Tanei—lie.
I'he L> inociHtic Review for October, containing
a Beauulul Stwl Portrait of Gen. Eranlt Pierce. —-5c
T:;u Confessions of an Eton Boy, by Chailes Ro* -
croft, Author ot -'Tales of the Colonies ' Jce. ic,—
Splendidly Illustrate^..—le"< pag- e—soc
Tie Fir»t S :ep to C.ime; or tut Itoti'.e, Illustrated
t y Cmihshank, c liipiete—2sc
The i- .rbt Step to Fortune, or the Pledge, a se
qu ! to the Bottle—23t .
M ney, a i'iay by Bui wer—l2.
The Lady of Lyons, by Bulwer—!2c.
For saie by G. M. WEST it 8110.,
n<> C Exehang" H-.ok >tore-
I > tAuk Tiii -t oA V Ai" s.'n i tl'S,
ii opposite trie American—
C nli ..ion. ol an Etou B'jy, by Ch«. i llowarolt
—50 c
Men's Wives, by Thackeray—r.Oe
Gallant Tom, by the author «-f Yankee Jack—2ss
Adventures of Lilly Dawson—2sc
The Coqut; te, by the author ol Jli.seiio.us
'1 he R'.ooer, by .lames—2sj
Hike Kink, by Emerson Bennett —25c
Life ol bu'.iie: Wt hster, p unph et edition—l2.'»e
Gentleman Jack, or Life n the lioad—2sc
The Queen ot the Sea—2sc The King of the Sea
Aunt I'hillia' Cabin, or Southern Lit', us it is; by
MM tl Lasimai. —50c
New Yoi4 Spirit ol the Times tor No* C—li. . c
Do Weekly Herald—6c
Do Weekly Tribune— tjj
L<o 1 iclc and Picayune—s cts each
Boston Pilot, tic; Lite in Bostoii, tic: Courier. Ban
ner, i-iaj, Wa»'-r!y, Mu- urn, Post, Pictori il. Police
t.dzett", We.tK'y Sun, LMlar wewspauer—ail K>r
Nov. 6di, lor sa.e by LEWIS 1.. SMllil,
no ti OoiJosite th* Aint-ricnn
A »> 1,1 V LlVi.Mi At.ii:, r-l.h
Tt'X'-X Hunt's Merchants' Magazine, November
i) in icr>.tic Ueview
Conl'sisious oi an Eton Roy
London Lancet tor November
W'estmiuster Review tor October
The Cabin and Parlor, or slaves acd Masters,
by J T Kaad j.ph
Bivouac, or ilie Kival Suitors, by Maxwell
Knickerbocker Magazine, November
Comparative Physiognomy, by J ti li "dtield
The Foiest, by J V Huntington, author ol Lady
Alice, Altiau, iic
4l) J Copies ol the Winston Tragedy yet on hand
15 cvnts
Harper's Magazine for November
Godey'e Laay s Book do
Graham's Magazine do
Arthur's do do
Yankee Notious do
treason's Pictorial, Flag, Banner, Waverly
Saturday Post, Courier, Museum, Boston Piiot
Police Gazette, N Y Weekly Herald
Lantern, Pick. Picayune, Olive Branch
N Y Spirit of the Times, Carpet Bag
And alt the papers tor this week tor sale at the boo*
and music store ot
NB—Just received a tine assortment oi Vioiins,
Guitars, Baujos, Flutts, Accord eons, Files, aud ev
ery thing in tlie musical line ; also a ane assortment
ol at! the new music.
1* —llios H. Gresham, 109)i,i5rokd st, has just
received a tine assortment ot Musical Instruments,
such as Guit irs, Violins, FiUtes, Accordeons, liau
jjS, Fil'-s 4iC , wnich he will sell on the most ac
comodating terras; also a fine assortment or Violin
and Guitar Strings.
I Zf - Ail Nt w Music received as soon as jiub'ish
ed, and mailed to any place Iree i 1 postjge
A liberal discount to Teachers and Dealers.
no fi 10;) hi Broad St., opposite Broad st. Hotel.
X assortment ot Frei.ch Worked Sleeves, also
Cambric and Muslin Bands &c . for e ile cy
uu (} C. h UU'WKI.L A- Cp
~*~J jb A A nil) M-«»VfcS.—i tJ*
I\. assortment of Alexander's Kid |Glove» lor La
dies Ht'd Gentlemen, lor *aU' by
c. HhuTWKI.L & Cc
I iTlh\Cti NfcW CilOC, Fixucti
I> Lemon*, Cb-«.*«», Uwe, Surch dec , :or s . ■ uy
„,J g 11 v V EWPQtiT, AI.LhN a- CO.
«rSTi E BKA/,IL. HUUAH.—IOO Ba 2 » lor
\, . «*'" " y DAVKNPiJitT, ALLKX & CO.
1/1 "'f 5 L.' - VI 1,1 11 » M"!-
1 CIHNP i l . VVWdIGIiH. have received « he«t*
ful lot of tancy Cut Velvet V esM, ol the !'<•« qja;»ty.
s mlk ;hant wiiisiLiLii,
(7 No 112 Majp Sirtet
'r tTvti"sT'li£.*N».—A BliiUii i.'i "1 V ";i . qua i-
X ty lor salo by AI.LX ULV \L,
_nu_6_ No U5 t-'-'.n ivtn -t
»lfcl"S LlVKlt OiJL.-A
y*y jus; received lor sale ' y
Ai,i:x DUVAL,
1$ Ku 155 *»Li;o rne : l«-ll St.
IJ A > ril.i-:-. i/L f A tCi , . Paru 'is,
i tor :•!>• a!-' v.a.i jn an : cut ot bronchitis h «r*e
i■ aud a:l olii :r ills.- ases ol ilio tur .a", lui* sale
ttj ALi X Ui;'v"AL,
i.o 6 No 155 Main corner l'itn «t.
* Kt> LitUl' < M 'l-. ti. rces liai" oy
e jl ■ Vtls; 1 ' 'I>T ALi.LN Ac Co
)Al Ji*<» s."i t !■». —50
lor * * • ty
no j JOHN U. i.L.UB'JR.SK*
ipectiully in tonus the friends and
o'a cuttoinert of big father, and the
public in general, that he baa ju»'
opened a handsome aaaortment of D«nb!e *ud
single Gun*, Powder Flank*, shot Helm,
l.nnie Bk K i, and every article In the Gun and
porting line. Also, a great variety of Co'f» Five
footers, Allen'si Revolver., .ingle barrel Pistols o!
all kind., Bowie Knivea, dec., &.c., ail 0 f which will
b- sold at tiii; lowest possible prices.
GUNSMITHIKG done in nil its varieties such as
gun, rifie and pi- tol stocking, altering firearms of
ail kinds into percussion, and ail other iep*irs be
longing to the trade. Keys fitted to d ~or~trunk,
cabinet and other locks; and walking Cnues m< uut
ed iu gold or tilver—all of which wiil be under the
superintendence c! hi« lather, THOMAS TYREP
*o well known to the public of Virginia lor the last
-i year* ; and notice u here given that TYKE'S,'-:
Guu fcaublisbment is No. 116 Main, 3 doors beilw
Governor street.
NOTICE to my old friends, customers, and the
public in teneral, is here given, as per advertise
in< nt above, toat you will find me once again ful
lowing my (jld business; aud it will give me much
pleasure t » wait on all who maj give m a call at
tio. 110 Main street, in seliing to them ariv aiticie
in our line < 1 business, from the smallest'quantity
of ammunition to a superior double-barrel Gun- or
in attending to any work in the gunsmithing line
and promise thatuo such wors shall leave Tyrer's
Gnu Establishment. unless it is done ia the most
substantial an J superior manner.
no s—dim Gun and Rifle toaker.
Office of Superintendent >treei»7i
November 4th. 1852 1
-1.1 sals wi 1 be received at this olfice until 12
o'clock on THURSDAY, the ilth November, iss2,
for the extension of the Franklin street city culvert'
Irora the western suie ot 18th street to a point about
mid way between lOili and 20th streets, (aoout SJO
leet j The depth wiil be from 10 to 11 feet to tne
top of the bottom flag. The flag stones are to be of
hard granite not less than 9 inches thick, and to ex
tend thoroughly across and und;r the iidj walls
which are to be ~ feet thick st bottom and 1£ feet
thick at top. Its capacity wiil be 2 lest Wide and
3 1 ;et high, efear, and to be covered with strong
granite slabs, slid all the masonry laid iu good co
ir eat mortar. I'he contractor will be n quired to
fill iu the earth over the culvert and remove the
surplus earth trorn the street as the work progresses.
State the pi ice per running foot.
The estimate was made at 62 per foot, and no bid
higher than tint will be entertained.
The pers-ii to whom thy coatiact is awarded
rr.ust enter into covenant with security, lor the
prompt and laithful execution of the work within
t. ndays fcf er the date of tne awaid, or hia hid will
no s—utf M. BATES, Supt Srreets.
- so-—< PIANO FoltT£B OFKELI>
Cj^sf/ 7 !" fSsl '.liuE CIIAitAC s Lit A. Stedar iac
tj J M fjffOo., We'.v Yorit ; J. Ctiickering. Bos
" *11 *[01) ; and J. B. Dunham, New" York;
are as well knowu in the Mualcil as ia the
r ashiuiab.e world; iu tile Musical on account of
their superior tone, power and durability; in the
Fashionable lor their Elegant Style, choice work
manship iir.d reai excel! ease in all respects-
The subscribers are r the sale of
those instruments in the city of Richmond.
YVe have recently received large supplies from
the ab jve celebrated rnaners—some ricnly carve j
lo the style which prevailed in the time of Louis
\i.. others t.f the present day, aud sovera. plain.y
furnished but of good tone ac low pries.
no 5 Booksellers, Eagle Mjuara
» I,tt ' Ai.»MN.,TON, igmdn
4TOVKa&sjLft '''>) DLNIiSF, practitioner since
>UjQ3jii''laving fully icsted his reiuced
prices, desires to make known to
every pers in that he will continue permanent, tne
follow ng charges 'or his cervices; with the essur
ame ill .: hi.- operation shall be performed better
than uad"r hij past exorbitant fees. How so lie
cause lie and ;.is assist .ruts are kept in full exercise,
and make more motley.
Extract t iolo 23 cents; Plug with silver or tin oil
cent-; with. -id 73 cents: Pivot Tooth ifi 30; Plate
Too.il ; upper or lower setts with or with
out natural attir'-eia! euu.s. Arc no 3
-■s- v yiii.iVttiU . — tirayeul om my
*-V. - U h nee hi liie valley near Stearns
18 ' 'inmeil's cistillery, a suieil milcn
c;\v, wuh large led and white spots,
has one ir aiarked Aav perseu i- urmn, said
cow to me. wi.. j t liaei jlly rewarded,
uo 3—:»;• KO. PA i I'll'-{.SON.
"'*■■■ ""'"ij UKWAUO.—Strayed from Frank
with black sides, white lace .aid
white streak down her br.v . Any pers on giving
such in form i ion nt this oiii.eas will lead to the
recovery ol the .aud cow, will b.-* suitaiiiy rewar
ded. n-o—lot
"jf*" v Si'i-Ai loVV^.—l'wo stray
COW.S llf\ II aboil* Iljy JIIP.C'! iur
Mfjm about m.nu; si'vi'u moat !•<, oiieol them
m '. jab now a young <•>!.'; tue/ ar ) Jott of
them red Cow;— one With a white lace tne otuer
ia white on her btek «ad under her belly. The
owner is reque.-ti li to Co:::e ami j>:iy charges aud
take them away. fitN CJ*!,
near i.ock No. 3, t-u t'ae Jas. K. Cnual.
r*T s».t "V;-, Richnior d anu Dae-
F-*as ' iUit j\, - it.-,... h.l will Li.'.- open
I'll 1.1 K-j -v;..e tile O'.h lust. Sjoc'i
hi iders can | 'i cure ;■» e ; civets f.t'.ae ctfice f»i ihe
excursion, i 11■: iraiii will ;edve ta ' uepjt precise
ly at H o'clock, A M.
no 5 W I', TUNSTAM,. fV.jVt.
t-iiAUJIAKC TAI/twill' IN
J. Autuor ot " Giummer Simplifi
ed," he labor saving Grammar, aa fhis is not
oats ci th_- humbugs tf the d*j. as Mr Greenleafa
system of Grammar and peculiar method of in
struction, have received the Highest Commenuations
trotu thirty ol' our principal Colleges, and from
numerous Tescuers aud Clergymen, Civil Otfieers,
Members of Congress If , includiaj tie* late Chief
Justice Marshall, Gov. Randolph aad other distin
guished gentlemen ot' this city.
Having tauthmis system, with ucparaleiied suc
cess in the principal cities tt the U S , Mr. Greei
leaf respeeifully gives noticr, that ho will in a f- w
days, commence a course ol lessons tu English
Gramma", in this city; and pledges himself tc im
part a respectable atiowitdge el Etymology and
Syntax, ia Six Davs, to every I'up't ot suitable age,
and common capacity ; thus reducing the drudgery
ot one year, to a delightful study ot one week.—
Young Ladies and Gentlemen who happened not to
acquire a knowledge ot Grammar at eeaool, will do
weli to avail themselves ol this opportunity ot sup
plying so important a detect in tueir education.
For Terms, and particulars, enquire at Mrs Ab
bott's, Main «t, ot Rsv. J. B. Praat- who will e\-
hibit numerous and most siti.-factorv tes'.imoaia.i.
N. B. Evening classes formed lor tnose wao
desire it. no 4—st*
BL«I( K Ti.N UO ;»!>■». -Now optnin..g a
id# and c«nipi< te assortment ol'
bio '* lni Cotfee Urns and Greques
Do do Steak and Oyster Dishes
Do co Cotlee aud lea Pots
Egg Ro iers. Buckwheat Plates, Shaving .'Etnas
Impeiial aud I'laia Dish Covers, Jk.c, vtti.cu we
o2er at i educed prices.
no 6 Sijrn of Ike Circular Saw, 71 Mam st.
V»>| kg V,. e WAMl'iill—liAU ittJAiii .-
y «s"'"O Those persj-» wao have now on
Laud any of the broken ban!: lutes, and wish to
dispose of t.iem, cad d> s.> oy C-iilh.g oa us, wiu u
tL.-y can receive for the
Potomac Bin's, 55 ceut3
K-inner.,' v iilerchaiil's " Vo "
Mectiaaics' " ey «
ia ULtt.s, attue legiiar rt ial prices C»U early at
o "<i i l'ii Jt M AIIV i.\ S,
no s—-t* lli Main street.
The iiot-.s ft til- farmers' tr.d Mcrcueats'
itans, by t-:nithson & Stat, an, ais > the note? . : tae
Mechatdui*fe.tuk.by Lojttv -d&\. iih., wi'i aeie
il-• ted ai ptr at cur c -auter, 1. :' go jiij , l ca»a
pi ices. C. A. 6WAT£IM
r, i s—3lis 107 M in at. opi. osi'i; b-.ik
A <• tlAitllihitSiitl>•—riy Bjjpiyii'_ to
X~X us, a genteel iann.y ui. ye u;ii;y a you.>j„" »n :
int. !.:gent i risd 1 f dy, v. ho is wii ij yt iio:'ji the
au:i s ul chaint-it maid, o^c.
!'n —- H TOI.E" <• COOK. Ag*nl«.
t3il». CWOklji I'iltUC Liu»it;d
Oil oa bund, and ior tai ■ by
uo o O- A. isi'lUX'ivElt.
UPANIsH t'KJAIW.-A la*?J ijamtity oi
U varioai ijualiti -a .".fatiUh 1 ; dale t.y
nos X)4Vi-:»iPOia- AI.LI.N dt CO.
«t.Ol* ii*»n.>. il L t -kii i'*j, Cji.ll4
J. BE it SKTri, juat r» .;iv d it
aTEiiaiNS, UAttitA'JoTT 4 CO -
o: 1 i l -. trotd
Messrs. TAYLOR it CL.AtUv.i-., Lessees.
Mr. \V. M. WAttD, Manager.
This ETenlng, >•▼. 6(b, 1832,
Oliver, Mr Ward; Smithers, Mr Marchant; Trotter,
Mr sttith; Margaret. Mrs Ward; Lady Elton, Mrs
Cappell; Lotty, Miss Raymond.
Song Miss Cappell.
Pas Sylphide ...Mile Theodore.
Vlltfil.MA .UU.UJI V.
Ginger Blue Mr Himale.
no C
henagekie & ciucis combined.
MALS IN THK World, many of which were
trained and exhibited by tne celebrated Van Am
barg through the principal cities of Europe and
'J he Equestrian Troupe is without its superior
in the known world, among which is that celebra
ted eix horse r.der, N B."TURNER, also T. V.
THOMAS, EDWIN, , ace., and that Clown of
ail C! jwns, J. W. MYERS, whose daring act of
turning a somer&ct over sixteen men, ten horses
and the elephant, ths largest ia the Uai.ed Siates,
a»toni:h s eiery person who ha» seen this almost
Incredible performance.
Will exhibit ;n Richmond FRIDAY and SATUR
DAY, November 12tb and j:;th, 160 a Day Per
formance un Satuiday, at 2 o'clock. P. M
Doors open at hail patt i and Salt past 6 o'clock.
Peito'ma'iccs commence at 2 ar d 7, P. M.
Admission 50cents; children and servants half
price. no I—l2t
Governor Street. •£ door* from Main,
Pamphlets, | Hu«iness Cards,
Circular*, I Tickets,
Handbills, iSiaulis, «4rc. &c.,
Labels, ' of estry description,
Printed at short notice arid upon reasonable terras.
Orders for ali kinds ci Printing will be re
ceived and executed in the handsomes'. style.
jy M
NOTII. K.—L'M(»> llOTiiii.
A VKRi «ri «t inducement is now ottered. At
■ljx. ter being engaged in tavern keeping for thirty
years, and us my health is not good, 1 wouid sell a!'
the Furniture in this house. lue furniture ie most
ly new, plain and noat, and the hotel is furnished
from cellar to garret, all ol which I will teil at fair
valuation. The tavern can in rented upon as long
a teiin as the tenant may require, and possession
given on the first day of January next. Ii is one
of the largest and best arranged hotels in this city,
and has been put in complete order Irom bottom t >
top at a very heavy txpens:, and many comforts
added which it never possessed before. Persons
wishing to eugago in this business, will call and »ee
me at the Uuion Uotel. JOHN TALMAN.
no 4—;iaw2w
m K i'KICE at i;u. have juat opened—
X Elegant embroidered and plain tiimuiad cloth
Rich plain and figured Silks
Rich plaid spun silk and plaid Cashmeres
Low priced and rich Mousiin de Lames
Ladies' Cioths for c'oaks
Plain Merinos and Ci.sarnerea, in g r eat variety
Rich Lace Chemisettes and Mourning Musliu
French, English and American Prints
, With ui<.ny o..i;er new and de.liable Goods,
no -I—it
rjIHE pv.hiia are hereby informed that i have just
JL received by Adams' Expiess, a superior lot oi
Swedish Leeches, which wiH be applied up-jii rea
sonable lorini. I can always be found at the Hair
Dressimr, ?liavitig, whhmpouing and listhiiig Sa
loon, under the American Hotel. Entrance on 1 ith
street. R C HOrISON.
N B.—Cupping and Loi-ching at'.eaoed lo at the
thorteat notice and upo" th : mostreasonaoie terms.
no 4 '
fipidE VUUiINiA \VUIt.U-EiLLErt is a tare and
A c -rtaiu Vermifuge, mild and pie.t-ant to the
taste aud every way worthy of the attention of mo
thers ;.iij others wno havo children •utfi-rine from
th-; t-tteeu ct worms. It is jnepared with great
care anil io ci.nfid?ntly oSerad ;.s a preparation up
ou v>hi'.h c ■ ery reliance c- ebe pl-cod as a
certain rem dy. t'repared by E j PICO I',
n i 2 Corner opoosite thi- 'id tnai kef.
ajiltiiri <;yiii» PiiPi.-n.—The l. howiiig f.-i ia
ii the l';-iludeiphia Ledger is one tmong the maay
t;stimi,..ialsin ie. ,rd to lii se pens:
An Jutyior.mmt.—ln the li.-t of patents which
we pub isu re;.ularly in the Ledger, inemioti was
in-.ae a lew day 3 oince of a pa eac having been
_ranted to A \V. Raop, oi Pni: .u< -pli.a, lor «.a iui
j».- -vt mei.t ;a the Gold Pea. 'in se p,-!is are ma
nuiitctured ia this city. They a.-o the best which
have been produced for elasticity aud durability —
They write w.lh greater ease, and allow a treeUinn
el the baud not heretofore altaii t:J, except with a
g.ioil qu'li pen. The points eo not catch toe paper,
and therefore arc no: nrokeu For sale by
uj3 GKNNKT .v JaMbS. I'lagle Square
L'ANt'V «'X'iiCJ. —1 would mosl respectiuhy
*■- ca ! the attention Of the Ladle», mj assort
ment of 1 a: ■ _ Fe.rt; consis'ing ul ihack and natur
al Ljax Mulls, Mountain Martin, (.'ruts Gen
ttt, i.i.u Coney do. A ir jat variety tor Missro and
Chiltiiexi oo; Ahi) Victonnes U: Culls, from iow
priced to ti:e tin.-st articei—which 1 a:n disposed
to Seii a. .o\v as i.au.ur aijOdi call bj pui-ci:iu>ed In
New York
VV JiO At Ci. THE itAt'i'l V,. it vN
m DOLPiI has received, Nov, 3—
Who are the Happy, or Piety, the oniy founda
tion of true and substantial Joy; by Rev j B Water
bury, DD—2 t c
Gallant Tom, or 'he Perils of tlia Ocean ; naia
tere.ting sea tale—2sc
ihe Forrest, by W Huntington, author of Aibau,
Lady Alice. This is a love story —1 23
2nd of Leigh Hunt's Book tor a Corner.
No 20 Puiuatu's Lib.ary—23c
Discovery aud Exploration of the Mississippi Val
ley, with the original narratives ol Marquette A!-
iouez, Membre, Henepin and Anarta=e D 'uay; by
Joo G Shea, with a luc simile of the newly discover
ed map ol Marqu tte—S2
Confessions ol an Eton Boy, by Chas Rowcroft,
443 Litteli's Living Age—l2c
November No Plough, Loom and Anvil
November No London L&ncvt
Memoirs ol Mai tha Thompson SiAr a. by her pas
tor, K, v J J Hehn. American Tract Society— Isc
A Pastor's Councils. American Tract Society—l 2
Letters from a Senior lo a Junior Physician, Am.
I Tract Society—Hi
! 11 vina's Snetch Book, Bvo, f.ae new edition, wHa
! plates—no i
Ah.UiiMsXiiATOU'S >ul'l (f.-Ail per
eons having claims against the estate ot jpoi
tiaux Robinson, deceased, ale requested 10 present
them, propt rly •utheaiicated, to tae undersigned as
administrator; and all persons indebted, aie re
quested to make payment to hua accordingly,
with as little delay as possible.
Administrator P. Robinson, deceased,
oc 23—1 m
■tlAa f CAN iit-Li* ONE.
\\f J BAK.fUOLO.viEW lormer.y at li.'-.ry xly
»» man s, S'ti Main s . takes th:s opportunity ol in
form. :ig the pabhc that Iw ia« opened a =,tore .<u
GoVeri.or stre-t, Opp-.siirt til** L--J.:cii o3.ec, I
the repairiu.' f Wutcnes, C2->c»s, J» wehery. nr.
a..d '.h-y may depend that n : paint siii.;i tetf.' ur ..
ou his p t*t tu pieese. All Lj ftshs is a tiial. C .ocas
attend. J to wi.au. tw . tnil a of U:s store, »»da-i
wo. a done ly him w:;lb:: warrantet lor one \-.ar.
Nt —Governor it:e. t'-e Dtspatcn ■ i
ri r * ' ■»—3t
i. i--'- it— i-. - •*» '-
vp, ... ... a ..ssortuieii! i t tue i i.t<e ol
n: -: eleg ■ t Htyies. Als '- JOj-aa.: u r..p .' .-is,
W„: -r P i.-. Fojt Bat'.i =. ««., -t Hooic-
Fa:,i.g S '
l. tvSiii. AIW 511' as
i /ortmuat ol tae tai-ai o ioi tuiLltUie
ilai-ifci's. ,i, -.-a; Dusters, £s»ri f>n .aes,
0.. .ag -■ra:U' -, i-o. at UlNTfclCo
. .; l.f< i-la.ii st.
-<1 uliu.- Ai jat<>'VAMO ot/Ui'.K, tc< •«. s: nni
SU f. : .»> y I.A UN JC
gU'aCALOtfSSA iV, ituilaUoa
A i iauuy, u' ir, to ." ' te by
r, Juii • >. OLAIBOUNE.
btast; nta.Mii iiKA:*i>v.—-*huaj'lp'*
L iM a tel a. fiaet t'asieiio hr»tiU«,
w# 11 cl'jsa invoice Dir
bIJ 5 JOHN 11. Cl.Aieu.NE-
I WitlfstiJi V.—Ola pale wiu:e VVal*
U *ey, «• . .v.* tv <11.y iu Hi«r»- *, I - »«.« by
fc.j j JOHN li. CLUfct>KNli.
By Davenport. Allen & C*.
.. L Witant, wiii *ell at ?0
cerie.vu Car BactJon tU>re ' tn ""ortment of Gro
25'J bbl§ Ccfiee Sugar
£?. P**»g-a loaf and crushed do
M Kfex? L »^Co*,e
50 bbh Herrings
nn Xe * GiMi
100 boxes Tumblers
Ch?eee, Starch, Oil
Brandy, Whiskey, W.ue., fcc 4c.
Ai.au, , -
100 package. of superior iireen Teas, of late in
specCens ' "" c iU
100.000 Cigars of dift'e ent qualities.
Terms - Under i-100 cash ; 3100 aud over fo*r
months" credit tor aporr-ved paper "
P CES AT AUCTION —Will be soid on Tuesday,
November £3d, at 3/4 o'clock P M uuon the prt asi
ses, those tour very desirable brick houses aud lots
s.tuatei at the corner of 19th and Broad sts. These
houses are tinisbae in the most approved style, and
are in fxcellent order, containing aDout 11 rooms
each, with brick kitcheus and the other usual oat
houses. The lots front about feet, and run
back about ldi feet to a 20 foot paved alley ; and all
of these houses are at present occupied by excel
lent tenants at fair rents.
This property being pleasantly located within a
tew minutes walk of the heaviest business portion
of the city, market, dock, <fcc, presents unusual ad
vantages to those wishing residences retired, yet
convenient to those points.
Term*.—Oue-'.hird cash, the balance at six and
twelve months, with iuterest and satisfactorily se
no 6 JAMES M TAYLOR, Auct.
On FRIDAY, Use 12.1 i November,at lOo'clock,
we will seil at our auction store a geneia! assort
ment of Groceries, &c, consisting in pirt ol—
IC6 hbds Sugar, part prime quality
225 bags Laauyra ara Rio Coffee
50 bbLs Coffte and Clarified Sugar
6 Jbbls New Orleans Molasses and Syrup
75 bb's RjS Whiskey, part old and very supe
rior quality
Gunpowder and Pouchong Tea
Mustard, Cigars, Indigo
Tbb.ms—Under $100 cash, over 8100, four months
credit, for approved paper.
DUNLOP, MONCURE & (JO., Auctioneers,
no 6
<Sc KITCHEN f titM
TURE AT AUCTION.—On Wednesday the
lUih iast., at J2 o'clock M., we will sell at Messrs
Beits &. Edmondson's jail, comeroflTth aud Broad
streets,a aeoerai assortment of Household At Kitch
en Furniture, consisting of Beds, Bedstads, Chairs,
Washstands, Cooking Uleas ils Jc:. See. Terms
cash. By order oi owners.
no 6—dtd- PULL IAM & DAVIS. AticU.
ISy Welliiis:t«» liuddin,
rnwo tenemkm'.s «a gajiibi,E'B
sold on WEDNESDAY afternoon, the 10th Novem
ber, 1852, upon the premises, commencing at 4
o'clock, two brick tenements on Gamble's Hill, situat
ed on tho West line of 3d street, between Canal and
iiyrd streets
'1 luse tenements arelocaled in a very improving
pnrtol the cit*. Terms—One-'hird cash; balance
at 3 and b months, for negotiable notes, interest
s.cded, secured by a trust aeed.
no 3 W. GODDIN, Auct.
hesolriat pi'dic auction, on TUfcSEAY, the 9ih
November 1852, upon the premises, cornmencing
tt 11 o'clock, the Farm on Marion liili, now in the
occupancy cf Mr. Charles B iswell, situated on the
Osborne's Turnpike, one mile below Richmond.—
The tract contains about 60 acres of lend, equal in
soil and fertility to any aujiceut to Richmond.—
The land is ia a high state of cultivation ; most of
it having been limed, bone dusted and manured.—
The garden has tine extensive asparagus beds,
eti awoerr.es, ic., a.so, a fine young orchard. Tha
buildings are *11 i • jv, consisting of an elegant man
sun, 17 by 47 leet, built of the best materials, one
sto' v above the basement newly painted, with ten
room?,ail neatly tinisheo; riso barn, stables, quar
lei, with four rooms, ice hou-e, carriage lious*,
smoke house, and a'l other luildings suitable to the
place. A tiae spring of water conveyed ia the
vard and house by a Hydraulic Ram. it is tne ol
ti.e healthiest situations in the country. It has been
setiied four years, and not one case of ague and fe
ver, biiious or intermittent, in the lin.e.
A!t-r thesale of the iaad tne following personal
property will be sold. \U: sfirst rate Milch > ows,
it! II -s 73 barrels of Corn)fodder, Shucks, Straw,
i iiorte, 3 years old, household and kitcheu Fur
l, e lire.
'i I.RM3 —F or the lard, one-iourth cash, balance
at 4 d and 12 months, tor negotiable notes, tearing
interest, secured by a trust deed. For the person
al estate, all sums under 820 cash, over ttiat aaiount
4 months credit, for approved endorsed negotiable
nos W. GODDIN Auct.
DJIAI.o FAit.il, about J mile enst o!
ij liieli.uoiid, on fhe road lo Hlukey's
Will be seld oa Thursday Afternoon, the 1L h
November, irf.Js. upon the premises commencing at
4 o'ci ck, the desirably located FAR >1 about one
mile easto! Richmond, now occuped by Mr W L
Montague, aear to Mr John C Kaaufl', Charles R
Hunt, a:c, coutiiniug between e! aud 10 acres. The
land is in a high state i f improvement, and is ad
mirably adapted to the purposes ol a market gar
The improvements are all nearly new—consist
ing cf a dwelling containing o rooms, 3 of which
are newly papeieu and painted—and many other
buildings, audi as bam. stable, Jce. The waole
premises are weli enclosed, an • are in good repair.
Terms accommodating, and made known on the
day rt sale. \V GODDIN, Auctr.
no 11
1»Y JOii> K. I). PA V .Mi, salesman.
Land, ho u?»ku o l. d fi'rmtike,
Will be sold ou Friday, the 19:'n in»t., at 11
o'clock if lair, if not, the next fair day, ray tract o!
land situated iu the county of Chesterfield, S m:ies
lro.-n the city ot Richmond, containing 150 acres,
aud within 3UU yard* oi the Richmond and Danvi ie
Railroad The impiovemeius are comtoi tible, aud
the land ia a good stat-3 ot cultivation- Also, the
crop of Corn, Oats, Hay, Fodder, Household Forai
ture, anumber of yeung Mitch Cows, ic.,
j.r. Terms at sale. J. S DL'YAEL.
Sale to be conducted by Juo R D Payne, Auct.
no 3
NO IK't,—riy virtue ot an execution to me ill
reeled, which issued from :ne circuit ijurt ot
Freder.ek county in the name of John B. Collin.
»ur\itor of t>hepj.ard .i- Collin auaiuat thee»".ale oi j
Henry St. Getsr.e Tucker. deceased, iu the
of Joan K. Tucaer.nw aiiiniuistrat ,r, to be admin
itteirJ, I snail, on thetirst (lay of November haat
iuus court tor the city of Kieanioud at the t;ty
illi ih» said ci:y, between me houri ot 11
o'clock A M an J 4 o'clock ? M <■! the ftme Jay,
pr to se!;, lor ca<;i, aoout 730 capita 1 1 i k
~, 'j (."ijinaipctari/;* is atieet», »raomany thereoi a»
iiiiy i 6u!Mto pay alii sat:aty «aij execuli
ilie same ha."log be ,i .er,euoii by me on til? -it:,
jay 11 Oi- '"T ieiJ, &* l> unging to the eatate ol
the gbi J Henry St. Uaorje Tut hit, deceased.
poat—<itd J*o M FE&OUgaO«. t»<t CE.
T|AT AN 7 COAT ai'ANbS.— jaat o|. ■ ;<ed no xe
ii bea*u.;ul c» the above, ol tiroos-J irou, atex
ceecingiy .ow i r.ces. tor • at in».; HuuaeFar
tis;. ig sjtore cf -iIS 1 > 1.5. .iain struct.
no 4
\;i ■ jiAitiK—i aree bOoU ,u;u~yroeu carpeil
* tri s cju obiaiti employ in ftut on a Builuin,-,
!:<:til !jc.\tc' i ug by imaiediaie appi.cauou attud
0„ :e <•( W. A J'.i well, Archt &. c. ti . two d .uii
lY ill Mjlifl, on 1-i h etr—:t- li" J—t
t'liltJ.-l aHi iv.-civiui! ircaii
ti i.vitt toe ciiiiaittctu.'weekly mv ices of
Huruitu r'iuul—double distilled „uj considered the
b' »tiu U:e mark - , which 1 mu skiing to tae trade
t; uort'.'. a prices.
m 5 O/A ..-=tßi:i KKR.
1 '■ilo Kio Collee.
v/ s&t b«j< Lagaayra
10J I'.jy* frim-i J»VB "
iu cl jfe ior sale b*
ni)3 BACON <L jj isKKHVILL.
Sil-ii. iVtKt.AU tt.ia not-tjaihcr tor »aie
a.- .f5 WM. KtijLK'i IU» VJ
SAliT.lroc, dao ii..*v' f* »i ."-i;*-., lor
wA WM ..tOtlLts'fOM.
rtiia i»aT.
■ "r -— a*
By Alexander K*n It, ©#.
ASfJK- MALK — w, ' t * "» d tb»
4X at 10 o'clock at *mr
auction wore, the toilowing Good* -
*5 Over Coats
10 piece* Linsey*
33 piece* Calico*
15 piece* Domestics
Linen Besom Shirt*
Under Shirts and Drawer*
4 docUe-barrei Guns
2 gold lever Watches
4 »icond-haud silver lever do
A lot o. secona-h&tia t urnsture, with mans- unr
articles. '
°° 5 ALEX. HOTT fe CO.. Aurta.
Uy Alexander .>»tt db i*. -
/~\UR h.\ EM>li wii! be contained
" until the sea*on closes, comraeucini at term
o'clock, at which time v»s will *>!! trom the metim,
in ljts to sun puichaseia, a good selection of Uaoa
and cut dry good?, hardware, cutlery. gun*, uutoia.
go.d aud silver watches, ami clocks una time ptecoa
ut every description. Also ai-enerai of
Uuc ? goods. ALEX NO'lT * CO.
-5Si _____ Auctions***.
torn', " r °**
nently,during the
ot tins compound. Letters and cert-.ticat-s wdST
.being received trom parties ot high standins rn^rf
whom have been cripples tor years, froui the e<i,4arf
Ihnt A ,tl,ert ° ""T""? Ul r', but
that they are strand and w ell, made so l.y this n-m ™!
medy, winch is a \egetable >pint-an inttrr.alTemSw
prepared fortius one disease alone, and thiait win
cure in every case, either inHamnnitory, (icute.l or
chronic form. Testimony ot the most undoubted ciia
racter will becheertuhv submitted to theinspectioßof
ail who may [eel snlhciently interested to cs!! on the
proprietors, at their Central Office, No. 1, Barclay st_
Assyur House, New Vork. One bottle three bottlea
Sole Agents tor llichiumml.
no 1 I'roprietora, N. y.
l/rom the Ueriuuu Xew Yorker Allxtt
ineiue * Hu;1Iy, —n > J-.n. .1 ft.—
Cured.—Murrimort's Rheumatic Compound and BM
fun tier.—Tins great remedy seems to prove a .jwciAc
for this dreadfuldisease, in all ltsturuio. uud is br.ngia*
relief to vast numbers who have long suiiered. \V©
have had peisoml knowledge of the virtue and eificat
cy ot tins medicine lor some time, and wit;. pi■ *<uizw3
refer to a most obstinate case ot chronic
of long standing, whu'a it cured. Thi»ca*e v. as th«
wil'eot a wealtliy rcerdiaat, who was for many vear*
a cripple. iNo expense was spared in visirinj tneutoat
celebrated springs. and procuring the treatment.!? emi
nent physicians. Th;s was continued lor years, but
she only grew worse, uud seemed a victim r. its with
ering grasp. All other remedies and effort -> tailed. Wo
were instrumental in inducing her to try t;; s i-iatdy t
and, to our surprise auu her great relief it cured hair
completely. CSome \\ etks ago we cailet! a; i pMchaaed
a bottle, at the depot. No. 1 Barclay street, and sent ui
a gentleman In. ml of ours, in tins city, who seemeda
martyr to this disease. Tuis one bottle cured hint—
There are numbers of other cases which i ave coino
under our notice, cured by th.s remedy. We are (ltd
to see the success atteiaiing the introduction of thia
medicine. Its timely use will save thousands iiuiu pais
and suffering, and restore them to sound ant! perfect
health. We beiiev* tills is the only remedy kuowu,
which is put lor? ii for this one disease alone, a( o we are
satisfied it will do wnat is claimed Inr it—cure rtae*»-
matisui in all its forms. i, ( I—di/
t\i it
'JMiK subsctiber, having completedhi* winter ar-
A lanaetucuU, takes tli\ opportunity ul returu
lug h s sincere thanks to his tr.euca aad It.?* put lie
gtueraily, toi the i'beral patronage .it lint t s-.-jved,
s.uce tie opened the above establishment, and i/»;ga
l"uve to say thai tne i-.xchuugc Hole. isn -a in
better condition tor the comton. cl Us quests f uhji i t
lias ever been before. iJ[e has znadv inai.y eliasi£t?a
cictated oy experience, winch a; J greaay to iu
ttyx', aa weil as 10 its cumt'.Kti, uaa r- 'pectluijy »**-
lictts a continuance ot tne patronage h:u:rilo Si>
eiaily bestowed upon linn.
no I —tits I'roprietur.
Mfdii mat very agreeable *ii jmi-
Laa retreat, Kuown as the tot; u.-. i:;i
iy . pposite UHi jaw, ia t:ie town of ftai ey. the:
builoing is of brick, nearly new, and coutaias (our
excehe.it rooms with every convenience. oat
iicuaei, >vt\, Witu a well o; excellent water ut tite
vk.a, '1 a re are a'so two acies ot land atticijel ia
a hue state ot cultivation, which, if prop-riy ts*o-
wdl pi'odi i el vt.t iour to Jtvehiudi• diiulurß
in vegetables, u«.c. To a good tenant, it wjj be
rentea cneap; ana possession given tm:a?d:«M/. —
r'or luriher particulars, apply to
JoiiS tl. BLAVHfcS,
oe i(j— ts At the Columbian i/o'es.
i'O it it t•> T , l«r ttt-i year i-j,l, ir i<ir a.
Mi terra til y :ir», t.i >t large House and Lot in thi»
i'X alaucnester, commonly knows as tiie uif
farmers'H.>tel. Ira size mid . ocaiicy, ucur tag ai
lj , inak<: u desira:> j place to auy genuem-u who
migitt with tj open a j.mrtilag sthuo 1 , cr it wuuia
siiil v«iy Wellt-vo small famines. Ail imceuMcy
it [una iriii b: p ! upon il. for terma and p«rfie
ui.»i» i'.jiy t.iK 'if;:! VVira.atiojrn y a •<», So.
b,i Maiu sir>- t, nearly i ppo-ite tiie City Uotn
uo x—l ill *
i<OK kL..VI', a iur e e brick 1 e.irmeiM cm
ma irate aircet, vvtrsi «>l iUidii»Q »uvt*t, uuw <*>
oy Mr J'oWors. i'osai sjioii may :.e bad Im
l::e,iiaif*.y . ileal $ ~00. 'iOLKIt (.U'-jA,
l' no 4 Genertt! AtrrrU
-— f l N VOUK.
I -* la .• steamship C'ityof tflchitiwwl,
I Wiii Ir.vV'* NeA Yorii to
ice Uiu i»utfeaioei', at li o'eloca. AlerchaaS* wijf
please stud u i tbe.r uratjr* lo come ay tale nuiy. -
Goods shipped by this »!e«msr are caretdl:y msu
urei. A ri LKt. Agent
j no 4—4t
New wi.vrKit hoods.—i aai jk< m
receipt ol secotii aaaoitment ui new VVuAsc
Gooda, aiiii rii'St wnich may tie found a variety of
oeautilui (Jioths, tatty anu p>ain Cas?iuieies, aiat*
rich lot of Cut Velvit Vetiings, which I will lw
liaupy lo makeup iu my usual at) le.
Draper and iaiiof,
no 1 iiw 14th stieet, opposite KxthaMS,
O.iil litV> AKU.-uau away ItuiaiUK »al»-
o'jout toUf weeas a.50, uiv m
man WAKNfcK. He is a tolerably stout u?gr».
about hve tee! live or S'.x Inches hlgc—lias a very
I ahull loot, a couutenance wij. -a /kea lu,
!i uot cru»i(ed, at.a a remavkaole •nuii t-«r Ui*
' eyeiaii' rather ss.a.i ai;d iuli—Has toietauiy btfh
( caeek boues and roui.d iace. i »i!l jive iiieahuf*
j reward lor ttie »a!e delivery c» VVm;.rr i-j iu
King William, or loN.fc.<fcC.!i Uhl,
I Vtt-
I oc :w—d lit Mli.L<.
VW tT MKr>t \VA-NTKO.-Oae vnt»»«
iucuuitirauce pielerreU. App y at i*u.
Bi oad street.
U, A.M'ti) Xu Uillh-A iuiwin. Uua.
VV a jpiy to
no;; f- IL C'KLNtfHAW 4 CO.
I»I K.MMi bectiveU t , Uj, Utc
1J eaiC i>y iiiUJlAtf t. PACt,
oc -7 -i- Broad atreet.
marie Lippu,», ;u»t recvived, iut t .;<* Uj
at AN I'U.l. bi,
oCS-i N<>Xt d'.crto Cschst Hu><.
R- CLlVh.i' p,- r a :.t iiaxaii a u^.^l3 >u.e jo
tioii o: pip.ti uiavnc unit piece.. p .Ttivaus ««£
worn. »u v. i.it.ci-.
ri.: j AI.KX N'>" i' fc CO.
I'ASii. i.LACr».iS.i, a . ««•
•uppiy jeceivcu, lor aaleUy
it ai. ziMsn.'<j;am,
to - Cornei- Maiu tnu i>:ii »'.r«ta.
k V AI.tV!ISU «^A»*l.rE.—A 4«S» >44a!i
w » ct IV. d, ior aai..
'K. M ZIHNL.'.MAa,
no 2 Coi «»<af Aiaia «Mi i — a
I » KCJUV u»
AW Uwujli- Larici iiM*, wnicu wi.i te i J wi»ie
eu.c HLd uial. at pfiVaie*a.e
u ALKX. NUli_ X Vu.
Sti'liiilolt < Ot.NT*tV ai
\Cui.-u iliibt .ustole and saie
~y f. WuOLfULa
I ui 2
Vf LI ...1 CfciUa.- -Wc Win
Uicptts- ui w«k » »oioi Vtlrrt c •-**«, ««•<*
v» tVf ill cuSk4 lu *' ~ c.cit'j
mAHT fc ¥OOUt,
LtVi'H Unow, hU|AIMM', am «*2
i;ouch ucxliii)(T. —'iu- ou.ivtf tunc*.
ju». rcii:i> iu U. iu ic« ui«u.uu«.-tuicr*, v»r.a
i tcUu:i» l.<r u»<, »i si lor tale Oy
frEABKOUK & RESVf, , |
no 2 1 «5 tirota
UuUit il.\ 1 a—A % at'jm mn.atittuf.tt*rt
iii ii<: xi UUifKU'S, i«l7 M ui «v
liv 4

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