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A COWARDTN, Proprietor.
Jl iTMOI Ki KT. lIIROHKTT. Kf*l- —' The
|- ;.r * F.xpriss, of Saturday, makes the
I ; touching the death of this
n.tit;, already announced bv telegraph :
j- so r painful dutv tn record the death of
y U ,t, rt Birchett, IVst Master of this city,
, j:. ,'! <d lis last yesterday, about 12
y (i i short and severe illness. His dis
»-,s ;. ualysis, with which he was attack
nS itur iav last, lie was a man of irre
, |, iMo character; and was Messed with a
ir a! ve the common ord r. He was
, „rime the able conductor of the Pe
vi - • Intelligencer; and iiis death will ere
*., , , in our mMst difficult to fill. He
Vi - i i;! i : c spirited and useful citizen; an* l
i«- ,!:.!ii''stic relations, was ail that could
-n:ii of lather, husband, master, and
f . id.
Uaii.roap Mi.tTi.Nfi.- —The stockholders of
. ... V ir git:ta and Tennessee Railroad conven
ed ~t Lvnchburg on the3d. We extract the
follow ing from the second day's proceedings,
a.- »e find them in the Virginian:
I'he resolution of Mr. Dease, given yester
and a ie'solution by Mr. Boyd, declaring
: expedient to construct a branch Railroad to
t . >..;t w. rks and Plaster banks of Washing
ton. were ri forred to a committee.
resolutions of the Union Convention
were taken ;;p at the evening session, and af
ter seine discussion were adopted, alter which
the Stockholders went into the election of offi
< rs.
John R. 1 n McDaniel, of Lynchburg, wag
I elected President.
Henrv Davis, of Lynchburg, and Thos. J.
lit vj, of Wythe, Directors.
J'akiumentary.—The following is re
i> ried us a scene in the Illinois legislature."
it nav do for a guide for ambitious mem-
Mv opponent, Mr. Speaker, persists in say
that he is entitled to the floor. Whether
t!;i«issoor not, I shall not inquire. All 1
juive cot to ssv is that whether he is entitled
to the floor or no:, he'll get floored if he inter
rupts me again. Here the gentleman from
!;l»>c>dv Creek pulled up his sleeves and took
. - in ck tie off.
Skitiv-ki Respited.—Blaise Skupinski,
;he young man who was to have been execut
ed last Friday in Philadelphia, has had his
sentence respited until ihe 31 of December.
T Some circuiusiaucts attending the re
spite of Biaise Skupinski w ill be read with in
re«t. It appears that a report wai put in cir
culation that Kaiser,or Rutkowski, had been
arretted at Easton, Pa., and the marshal sent
au otficer to that place,who ascertained that the
«<! rson suspected was a man who was arrest
ed some months ago, and discharged from cus
tody. The facts were sent to Gov. B'gler, who
lespited Blaise until the 3d of December. It
is generally supposed that the respite was ob
tained through trickery. The prisoner receiv
ed it as a thing confidently expected, and did
not express the emotion naturally to be ex
pected on sach an occasion. He did not even
express thanks to the sheriff until it was sug
gested to him by the priest, when he kissed his
13P Mary Verplank, daughter of Henry
Verplank, pilot on board the steamer Francis
Sk'wiciy, committed suicide in IVevv York last
Thursday, nnder the most melancholy circum
stances. It appears that the family had for
merly lived in Albany, and while there, the
deceased had been offered and had accepted, the
hand of a young man in marriage. He, how
ever, having recently become heir to a consi
derable for:'due, thought proper to break off the
engagement. This bo preyed upon the feelings
of the girl, that she sought consolation in the
poisoned cup.
Shooting.—On Monday last Mr. G. VV. A.
R ilue met with Mr. Benjamin Nosvlin of Ap
pomattox, at the depot in Lynchburg, and in
consequence of some previous difficulty, rais
ed nis cane to strike him, when Mr. Nowiin
drew a pistol and fired upon Mr. Raine, the
all taking effect just above Mr. R.'s knee.—
Mr. N. waa taken before the Mayor who dis
charged him, on the ground that he was acting
iri sell defence ; but from prudential considera
lions bound him over in the sum of $-"'OO to
keep the peace for twelve months.
Hard to Please.—The voters of Glynn
county, Georgia . are evidently hard to please*
With three candidates in the field, the good
people o! Brunswick preciust were of the de
liberate opinion that none were worthy of sop
port, and no poll was opened.
fi*" A negro man, in Petersburg, who
w-ent to the house of Dr. Nolluer, last Thurs
day night, for the purpose of stealing chick
ens, was shot by Dr. N.'s servant, who sup
poses he lodged twenty-five shot in the thief.
He was disguised in a woman s gown; but
t'ron the fact of dropping his hat, it is pre
sumed it must be a man.
Coal in Mississippi.—A bituminous tniae
r tl, resembling coal in every respect, easily
ignited, and giving out great heat and blaze,
fcas been found iu large quantities upon the
plantation ot Geu. VV. R. Miies in \azoo
county. Several have been made of it,
and with uniform success.
jy The shock of ae earthquake wag&en
fcibly felt in Ljnrhburg, on the 2d, about halt'
past sir o'elocK, P. M.
A man named Guthrie. residing near
Tear Wallet church, in Cumberland county,
committed auieide luft Frirfay week by harig
iag himself. Cause nut stated; probably
of life.
I'ir w s learu from the Express that & r.e
gto wagoner was severely buraed Thuriday
•iight iu Kuffin's wagon yard- Hie clothes
took fire while he was asleep
jy Dr. M. T. Mendenhall. a distinguished
citizen of Charleston, died last Thursday.
|y Preparation* are in prngrfi*B i ir a grand
regatta at Charleston. Several New York
I sats have been entered.
Election Fruos.—A dispatch from Pitts
burg. Pn., is published in the papers, which
slates that disclosures have been made there
of election frauds, in which leading Whigs are
implicated. Naturalization, alleged to be frau
dulent, is the foundation of the charge.
The South Carolina Legislature, in caucus,
previous to resolving to cast the vote of the
State fur 1 ierce and King, Rdoptcd a resolution
declaring that in so doing the State protests
against any approval or acquiescence in the
measured commonly called the Compromise.
ri 8 " .lames F. Hall was committed to pri
son in New \ ork last Thursday for beating and
kicking his wife in such a manner that she.was
not expected to recover.
tlF* Mr. E. C. Marshall, President of the
Manassas Gap Railroad Company, had one of
his legs broken the other day, while dismount
ing from his horse.
L3P G. P. R. James is to deliver a funeral
oration on the life, character and public ser
vices of the Duke of Wellington, before the
British residents of Boston, next Wednesday.
Praiseworthy.—The Savannah Courier
states that the sum of $350 was collected at
the polls in that city last Tuesday, for the
Washington Monument. What does Rich
mond say to that?
French Diet.—The raising and fattening
of snails ha?, of late year.*, very much increas
ed in France, and, according to a recent calcu
lation made at one of the Paris Markets, the
amount consumed annually in France is about
6,000,000. The price averages from 50 to 70
cents per 100, and one individual is stated to
make over $1000 per annum, by his snail beds.
Sailing or Steamers —The steamers
Georgia, Prometheus and Northern Liglit,
sailed from New York on Friday, full of pas
ISP Messrs. Meaher, near Mobile, are pre
paring to construct a large class merchant
ship, of Alabama timber. This is all right.—
Southern enterprise is marching onward.
F. M. Morris, editor of the Anderson
(S. C ) Gazette, died last Tuesday.
Acquitted.—The jury in the case of Law
lor, the soldier, tried for ihe murder of Ser
geant McKevitt, at Smithville, about a year
since, brought in a verdict of " not guilty'."—
Wilmington Journal.
W. &. R. R. R. Stock.—We learn that
thirty-three shares of Wilmington and Raleigh
Railroad Stock were sold last week at public
auction in Halifax county, for thirty-three
hundred dollars, being the par value of the
saine.— Wilmington Jour.
Compulsory Enjoyment.—A gentleman
who frequented the circus, noticed a boy
among the audience who was soundly asleep
every time he happened in.
Curious to know why the urchin should
resort to such a place for somniferous purpo
ses, our friend went up one evening, and ac
costed him :
"My 1 ittle fellow, what do you go to sleep
for 1"
"I can't keep awake," rejoined the other;
"it is such a terrible bore to see them doing
the same things every night."
"But why do you come ?"
•'Oh! I can't help it; 1 must coine—Fve got
a season ticket."
ING GOLD ORK.— Recently patented in this
country and Europe.—These Machines, by their
simplicity of construction, their durability, the un
doubted principles upon which they operate, their
effective operation and result, are justly entitled to
the consideration of all parties engaged in Crush
ing, Grind'ng, and Pulverisim; Gold Ore, and all
other ores or mineral substances. They work and
deliver wet or dry as may be required, and cat. be
worked by steam, water, or horse power, and when
pulverising gold bearing ore or quartz, particularly
when mucn anlphurate of Iron is found with the
ore. The perfect manner in which al! the material
passing through the machine is granuluted, keeping
the gold pe fectly bright, from 15 to 30 per cent
more gold is produced than by any crlher process
known Machines, with the right to use them,
capable of pulverising to a fine powder 500 pounds
per hour are sold at SiOOO—those pulverising one
ton per hour at 6>2,soo—and those pulverising two
tons per hour at $5000, delivered in New York.
miners who are not prepared to purchase,
th i machines will be furnished, and rented on the
following terms, viz:
A machine to pulverise 1000 pounds per hour,
#330—per jear,
•• " one ton " SSOO "
" " two tons " 8759 "
A competent person will be provided to erect the
machine, at the expense of the lessee.
Machines are at work in New York, and at the
Tellureum Gold mine of Commodore Stockton,
Fluvanna Count?, Va.
Application m*iy be made to William Beasley,
Esq , Daniel«ville,Spotsylvania County, Va., or to
Mr. John G Beaaley, agent of Commodore Stock
ton's min -s, Bowieovilt Fluvtoma Co., Va.
For tanker particulars address
oc 12—] m 32 C!iff street, N Y.
FA RM KOK~S AL, K.—We otter Jo. saie a
Farm in Charles City countv, of excellent qua
lity, containing 80 acres, and lying wi'biu five miies
ot James River. Ci this little Farm, about 30 acres
are cleared. The improvements are a dwelling
with a store house attached, and the usual out.
bouses. It is easy ot scces*—lying immediately on
the Charles City court house road, and is near a
steam saw mill on the adjoining tract. This pro
perty may Pe had for six hundred dollars, in easy
payments, or would be exchanged fir cty property.
cc 23 Genera! Agents
* N hXCKhLENT FAR.U. —As we did not
/V sell Mr Hundley's Farm publicly last Thurs
day. we uiw offer it privately. It is, in all respects
very desirable, being of excellent quality, having
good improvements and good water, and being
within u tew minutes ride of the city Itis the pur
pose of Mr Hcnd'n-y to remove to Richmond, and
therefore, a baryain n:»y be had, and satisfactory
Uine wiii be allowed as to payments, or he would
exchange tor city property. The determination is
to sell, and persons wishing to purchase, are re
minded to be in time. TOL.ER & COOK,
oc 28 General Agents-
A Lt'.H WATKR tram the Rockbridge Alum
iJ fcpritiga—Bennett fleers, DruifgUtt, No. 125
Main *treet, Richmond. V*. having beau appointed
geutrraiamenta tor ttit*bH.f. of Aluoi Water from tne
R< okbridge Alum Bpring»,nanouuoeto ail wiaohave
BMti wwtfng, th*L a supply is cow on the way tresh
lroin ths optitige, a: d will be ready i ->r dehvtry in
atiw days.
Arrangement* have been made to keep a* con
alautly supplied with tfca water, which will be re
:eiv >i liirt ct Irom r .he springs every wwk,i n Dar
.-li, ha t b.trr.-l», and ftv» g*:lcn demijchna, iu the
highest atM« of perfection aud equa.ly good as when
drank from ih-: f ioatain head.
izjif 'lat tush ui-ai aeejjipany a" order*. Ad
u0 2 Uroggiet*. H.i"hmon I.
gW£E» J-JfSrfajiK.-
oc 28 Next door to the Exchange Bank.
Main Street, Richmond, Va.
n^,Tu d ' d . £or November, 1552.
Brilliant Lottery fop Not* 11 mvi
430,000 Grand Capital—2s prizes of 10,000,
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Clue V. to be drawn
at Baltimore on Saturday, November 13th. 73 num
bers, 12 drawn.
I prue of $50,000 1 194 prizes 0f..... $400
2-of 10,000 I Ac, tic
Tickets $15, halves 7 50, quarters 3 75.
, J? < * rtlhcates °* « package ot wholes $200. halves
100, quarters 50.
$55,000, 17,500, 7 500'
Susquehanna Lottery, Class 47, to be drawn in
Baltimore, .Vedneeday, November 17ih. 75 nam
berg, J4 drawn.
1 prize of. $35,000 I SO of $7."0
J°f 17,500 10 of 400
' °' 7,500 I 10 of 300
lof : 3,678 | 100 of 200
Tickets §10, halves 5, quarters 2 50.
Certificate of a package of wholes $100, halves
50, quarters 25.
836,623. 7 ot 3,500, 10 of 3,500 !
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class 29, to be
drawn at Baltimore on Saturday, Nov. 20th. 75
Noa , 12 drawn.
1 prize of 836,6.'3 I 20 prizes of .... $1250
7of 6,500 20 of 650
10 0f..... 3 500 j 162 of 317
Tickets 810; halves 5, quarters 2 50.
Certificate of a package of wholes $130: halves 65,
quarters 32 50.
$31,000, 8,146. 5 of 3,500!
Susquehanna Lottery, Class No 48, to be drawn at
Baltimore on Wednesday, Nov. 24th. 78 numbers
14 drawn.
lprizeof $31,000 1 lOprizesof $1500
lot 8,146 10 0f......... 1000
5 of. 3 500| 30 of. 500
5 of 2.000 | 302 of 287
Tickets <510; halves 5, quarters 2 50.
Certificate of a package of wholes $120; halves 60,
quarters 30.
Splendid l.ottery ler Mov. 2?th.
$81,000, Grand Capital—4o,oo*o, 23.655, 3 of 10 000.
Twenty drawn numbers in each package of
twenty-five tickets.
Grand Consolidated Lottery Z, to be drawn at
Baltimore on Saturday, Nov. 27th, 1852. 78 Nos.,
20 drawa.
lprizeof 880,000 10 prizes 0f.... $1000
lof 40,f 00 lOof 750
1 of 23,655 10 of 500
3 of. 10 000 100 of 400
4of 5,000 1000 of 300
Lowest 2 Nr> prize 850: Ist, 2d, 3d 4th or sth
drawn Nos $32; 6th, 7lh,Bth, 9th or 10th, 825: 11th,
12th, 13th. 14th or 15th, $20; 16th, 17th, l«th, 19th
or 20lb, $16. Tickets 832 : halves 16, quarters 8.
Certificate of a package of wholes $360; halves
180. quarters 90.
I3P Orders for tickets in any of the Maryland
Lotteries will meet the most prempt and con
fidential attention, if addreseed to
R FRANCE &. CO., Managers,
Or to C. W. PURCELL, Richmond, Va.
no 2
IVII)END ISOTICK.—Office Va. F. <fc M
In. Co, Kichmord, let Nov, 1652.—The Board
of Directors of this institution have declared a se
mi annual dividend of 14 per cent, oat of the earn
ingß of the last six months: 10 per cent, thereof
payable to the ttockholaers or their legal agents, on
or after the 15th inst, and four per cent, thereof to
be passed to the contingent fund.
The transfer book will, as usual, be closed until
the 15th instant.
no I—d»nls Secretary.
ritaK attention of the laflies is reapecttuny called
A to our extensive stock of DreitM Goods, com
prising goods trom the lowest to the finest qualities
at unusually low prices Also to the largest and
baad'omest assortment of ribbons, tlarences. satins,
marcilines, bonnet and mantilla velvet kept in any
store in the city and at less prices ; 100 drzen linen
cambric hdkfsat $1.25 per dozen, 100 dozen linen
towels at $1 per ; needle work goods of all
kinds in great variety ; alpacas, merinoet and thi
lets of all shades and cheap; flannels, white, red,
blue and yellow, very cheap; with a complete stock
of Domestic Goods and Servants' Wear, to which
we again respectfully call the attention of purcha
cr Persons purchasing by the piece or dozen
would do well to give us a call.
no 2 193 Broad street.
Dining kuom and office carpets —
Just received, oi direct importation, one thou
sand yards Dutch Carpeting, of ve y pretty patterns,
suitable for dining rooms and offices ; 50 pieces oth
er styles low prictd carpets, varying in price from
25 to 75c per yard. Also several new patterns ta
pestry, Brusse's and velvet do, rich Mosaic rugs,
very beautiful, low priced rugs and door mats, plain
and twilled Venetian stair carpets, superior Brussels
Ho, together with a full ais- rtmeni of extra and im
perial, three-ply and ingrain carpets, at our carpet
ware-rooms, 99 Main street,
CO. may be consulted, confidentially, for the
treatment of the following diseases: Eruptions.
Sore Legs, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, or en
largements, Syphilis, and all morbid discharges,
whether recent or chronic. Also, ai! tho3e com
plaints termed female diseases. The advertisers
invite attention to their chemical extract oi Wild
Flowers, which may be regarded as the very best
article known, to give tone and vigor to certain
abused aud debilitated organs, as welTas to renovate
a system shattered by dissipation or other cause.
Medicines securely put up, with full directions,,
sad sent to order. Pest paid letters promptly at
tended to. Office on Franklin street, below Ex
change Hotel, and tint door below Trinity churoh
Richmond, Virginia fe 9
TER AND JOINER, thankful for the liberal pa
rouage which he has received during the last five
years, would inform his friends and the public that
he te prepared to undertake BUILDINGS ol every
kind on accommodating terms.
Having a practical knowledge of tLe business, h
hopes, by strict attention to it, to give satisfaction to
ail who may employ him.
Shop on ;;h, between Grace and Franklia streets,
Richmond. «e 13—dtlJ
® I <111 l.OO.—Ote thousand Likenesses
yp a. nave been taken at OSBORN'S Da
guerrcau Galleries since the reduction of prices.—
Aud we u:ivf wuh it understood by all that Osbcrn
will contiuue to take fiue Sky-Light Miniatures in a
neat case for $1. Remember, this is the only place
where Sky-Light Miniatures are taken for $1 To
those that think one dollar is too cheap for a good
Likeness, we would only say, call and get a Like
ness worth sor $10. Remember the place.
Opposite the Banks, aign of the American Flag*.
" TIME IS MONEY ">nd a great deal of time
and money too may be saved by the citizens of
Richmond in quest of rich SiLKS, SHAWLS,
MANTILLAS, ftIOUSELAINS, and other Dress
Goods, b} visiting the Metropolitan Store. 151 Ea
gle Square, as the prxe# will be found low and the
assortment good- „ .
oc op WILLCOX * BETTfe.
&. CO, have just received new styles
Cloth and Silk Cloaks and Mantles
B'ack Velvet Ribbons
Rich Furniture Prints
Lace BtTthes
Black Lace Mitts, and many other articles,
oc 14 u
i. i {era reapectfully solicit the atteution of the
ladle* of Rtchaiond to th« ii Maatua-Moklng.—
As tfcey have recently movtd to this city, tney
would be nappy to accomme date Ahe ladies with
their ue«t sewing and gaod fittii i- Prices *ccom
laodaticj. T b-j wilt be found on Broad street over
D B Prank!'"'* shoe a'ore. oc 19—lm*
T> tJlo»Ali.-t M KuHfcK'ltjoN, Merchant
(V Tailor, informs bis friend* and the public that
hd ha* temuveU hi* Tailoring Establishment fiom
Governor suvet to the *tore on Main »treit, ne*t to
Meaar* Pemberton it Brother'*, wtere be will be
plowed to acfljmaaadalp them. oe 13—ta
£. MOUSE FOR Kfc>T—A Bricx House
in the Valley, corner of 17th and Venable
streets, wti"h contains four rooms, and has lately
been painted 'hroughouL
SEm "Ouse and two |Wooden Tenements, on
1 rench Garden Hili. TOLE R & COOK,
oc General 4gents.
A* OK RE>T, the House on stn street
betwen Graee and Franklin, at one time oc
cupied by Mrs Tazewell. Possession may be had
on the Ist of November.
QB*o General Agents.
® WANTED.—We wish to purchase a
Home anl Lot in a good neighborhood,
within ten minutes walk of our office. "The price
not.to exceed S3sto. The cash will be paid. Per
sons having suitable property would do well to
give us a call. TOLER & COOK,
oc 29 General A gen ts.
fi WATCH fc-S,
mads and repaired
thoroughly, and on reasonable
On Governor Street,
Opposite the Dispatch Office.
Musical Boxes. Accordeons, &c., repaired.
Plate, Sic., engraved. Clocks attended to within 2
miles of the Post Office. oc 20— d3m*
-J&tGSZL— PIANO foktesof REM.
Lfj'nr'jg- "" " CHARACTER -A. Sti da r t <fc
I J & (7 fl Co., New York ; J.Chickering. Bos
™ "toil; and J. B. Dunham, New York ;
are makers as well known in the Musical as in the
Fashionable world; in the Musical on account of
thpir superior tone, power and durability; In the
Fashionabl" tor their Elegant Style, choice work
manship and real excellence in all respects-
The subscribers are theonly|agentstf r the sale of
those instruments in the city of Richmond.
We have recently received large supplies from
the ab-jve celebrated makers—some riculy carvej
in the style which prevailed in the time of Locis
xiv. other* ef the present day, and several plainly
furnished but of good tone at low pric°3.
do 5 Booksellers, Eaaie Square.
receiving elegant and
[I II 1 f| fl plain Pianos from the popular ma
ll * * J •kers, Nunns & Clark.
These instruments receiver the great gold medal
prize at the "World's Fair," Loudon, 1851; and
ihey have invariably received the first prize at the
American Institute Fairs in this country. They
combine all the modern improvements with the
Metallic Frame and patent over strings end are
confidently recommended for siteetntss of tone and
great durability, which quality will be appreciated
in the country, where gcod tuners are seldom
P.H.Taylor has sold these instruments in this
city for the last seventeen years, to the entire satis
faction of his numerous customers.
Old Pianos taken in part pay.
Piano Stools and Muric, (the largest and best
collection in the Sta'e) Violin and, Guitar Strings,
Violins and Guitars of the be3t quality, at low
prices. P. H TAYLOR,
Piano and Music Store,
oc 5 160 Main street, opposite the Banks.
INSURANCE —The Richmond Fire
are now prepared to issul
— policies of Insurance on the above de
scription of risks on as reasonable terms as an)
similar company, and respectfully ask a share o
the patronage of the public. Applications will b«
received at the office, No 223, corner of Main and
streets, where the officers will cheerfully fur
nish all information that may be required. AL'
l osses promptly and liberally adjusted.
John H. Boshes, Secretary. mhl7
lIU. ADDINGTON, cgradu
ate,) DENTIST, practitioner since
having fully tested his reduced
prices, desires to make known to
every person that he will continue permanent,the
following charges for his services; with the assur
ance that his operation shall be performed better
than under his past exorbitant fees. How so i Be
cause he and his assistants are kept in full exercise,
and make more money-
Extract tooth 25 cents; Plug w::h silver or tin 50
cents; with gold 75 cents; Pivot Tooth #2 50; Plate
Tooth S:<; upper or lower setts $25, with or with
out natural, artificial gums. &c. no 5
K. CHAN nLER, (graduate of the
VJUHYJBaltimore College of Dental Surge
ry,) offers his professional services
to the citizens of Richmond and vicinity.
Office 145 Main street. Eagle Square.
References—Professor C. B. Gibson, Professor
C. P. Johnson, Rev. Dr. Howell, Rev. J. B. Taylor,
Rev. Ro. Ryland, A. G. Wortham, M. D., and Wm.
F. Butler, Esq , Richmond.
Professor C. A. Harris, Professor Thos. E. Bond,
Professor W. R. Handy, Prof.C. O. Cone, and Les
ter Noble. D. D. 3., Baltimore. se 2—d6m
Broad Street.—'Thesubscri
ber is now receivinat some handsome China
Tea Sets, elegaut China and Bohemian cut glass
Toilet Bottles, with a great many other nice Fancy
Articles. He keeps always on hand a supply of
white, blue and mulberry Granite, and common
Country orders carefully packed and sent to any
part of the city free of charge, all at much reduced
prices. R- L. HICKSON,
1200 dozen best quality and commoa Tumblers,
se 21
>1« M. VV. NELSON dk CO.,
Broad St, Opposite R (( F R. R Depot,
Have received their Fall ar.d Winter
Goods, embracing the latest and most fashionable
styles They respectfully request a call from their
customers and the public
Attention is also called to their snperier assort
ment of ready made clothing, which cannot possi
bly fail to please both as regards style and price,
oc 4—3ni
BOOTS.—In buying your Hats and Boots, go Jm
right to Heed Uuarters, J. H. ANTHONY,
Columbian Hot . corner, where Moleskin Hats of
beat quality are selling at £3 50
Second quality 300
Silk Hats of the latest fashion 2 50
Fine Caltskin sewed Boot* 3 50
Together with an assortment of Cloth, Plush, and
Oil Silk Caps; Soft Fur and Wool Hats, Silk, Ging
ham and Cotton Umbrellas, at low prices se29
@aaVALICK«, Carpet Bags, 4c—Havintr re
ceived most oi my Fa!l#t'ck of the above articles, se
lected by mvself and purchased of the manufacturers
for cash. I beg a call from my customers and the
public, datteriug myself that I can off r them better
bargains and articles than ever, notwithstanding the
rise in the boot ard shoe market. Among ray as
sortment will be found Ladies' Gaiters, thick and
loin sole, foxed and tipped, of various prices ; La
dies' Morocco Gaiters >nd Lace Baits, thick and
thin soles; Ladies' Morocco and Goat Buskins ; Mo
rocco S'ips and Ties, Ac., aud an endless variety of
i ientlenen's. Boys'and Children's Boots aud Shoes;
Servants Boots and Shoe*, and a large assortment
of Trunks.
Sign of the Boot, just below City Hote:, opposite
•ide. „
J That I have now on hand, the
largest and beat assortment
Bosts and Shoes, of good quality, ever
offered in this city ; selected by myself ex
pressly lor retail, both of my own manufacture and
the best Philadelphia make. Among my
ment can be found something extra, to which I
would B'oct respectfully call the attention of ail m
want, as they will De sold low. by
Manufacturer and dealer in Boots, Sboea,
Trunks, Carpet Bags, VaUcee, iu,
%* 8 Wo 127 Main street. Rfchmc.no, Va.
DuuK MA i d—A general »«o i unent uf ibe above
for uleil GIUTEK d, 137 Mtia it
ME L S ' •IISBUHCU English,
«nr Da * Seheol
f-„|,V f r Seventh street, between
F.ankan anjGrace, opens Ocu I at, and close*
July 31st The course of instruction includes,
Mathematics, Natural and Moral Science, Music
Ancient and Modern Languages; in a word, every,
thing essentia; to a solid and ornamental education
The Principals are devoted to their profession and
are assisted in every department by an accomplish
ed corps of instructers Parents and others are
invited to inspect the Institution.
Tebms — Board per 10 months, or in proportion
from time of entrance, pay half yearly in advance,
<200; washing, $20; English, $10 to $20, accord
ing to age and progress of pupil; Music at the Pro
fessors' fee. Modern Languages, of which French
is always taught by an educated native of Paris,
resident in the family, each $20. Day scholars pay
quarterly. oc 25—3*wts
AND DAY SCHOOL, Comer of Frank
lin and sth Street*, Richmond, Va.—The
next term of th ; s Institution will commence on the
Ist of October. The course of study will embrace
all the branches pertaining to a thorough English
education, together with Ancient and Modern Lan
guages. Last year more then 100 pupils were in
attendance at the same time, but during the next
te-m the number will be restricted to 100— twenty
of whom will be received as boarders in the family
of the Principal. Charge for board, washing and
ail usual accommodations, for ten months, $220,
as heretofore. Tuition in English, from $25 to
$40, according to the advancement of the pupil.
French. Spanish or Italian, $20; Latin, $15 ; Music,
$7 per month. The German Language will be
taught orally, or by the usual method, to as many
as may wish to acquire it, freeoj charge.
Rev. J. P. SAFFORD will occupy the position
which was filled by the Rev. W.J Hoge last year.
Mr. Safford is a gentleman of varied and accurate
scholarship, and has had several years experience
as an instructor in some of the best institutions in
our country.
Young Ladies from the country, as well as from
the city, are desired to be present on the first day of
the session. It is often a serious inconvenience
and discouragement to a pupil to enter a class
which has made even a week's prngresi.
Payments invariably in advance—one-half on the
flrat of October, the other on the tirst of March.
All communications will receive prompt atten
tion. Address Rev. M. D. HOGE,
au 27—d&w3m Richmond, Va.
DKAWING. —J. S. PERKINS having return
ed to Richmond for the winter, will give in
struction in the various branches of Drawing, as
Landscapes, Heads, Figures and Flowers. His sub
jects or models are by the be3t masters, and have
been selected with a view to attract and interest the
b»ginner, while they cultivate a correct taste, ana
gradually lead the pupil to a bold and independent
style of execution that will readily enable him to
draw from nature.
All lovers ot this art are invited to call Bt his
rooms (corner of sth and Franklin streets) and ex
amice his portfolios.
Lessons given at the pupils' residences, if desired.
Separate hours devotad to young Gentlemen and
young Ladies at his studio, where they will be re
ceived on the same terms as in schools.
A 1,1, SMALL BOYf*.—H. P. TAYLOR, sth
street, between Grace and Franklin—My
School being exclusively for beginners, I give spe
ribl attention to Reading, Correct Enunciation,
Grammar and Spelling; also to Geography, Map
Drawing, Arithmetic aud History. Specimens of
my boys' composition »nd writing, may be always
seen at the Dispatch office. My Uule is pererap
tory, but as aentle as possible. oc 9
Notice fok you.nu and
Prof-jsor at the German St. Marj's Institute, corner
of Marshall and 4tb streets, has the honor tolnform
the public, that he will give instruction in German,
what regards a correct speaking, readme and wri
ting of that language. He will also give lessons in
playing the piano, as well as in drawing in all its
branches. The daily instructions begin with the Ist
day o' November next, from 3 to 7 o'clock P. M.
oc 16—1 m*
THE most extraordinary dis
11. G. Farrell's Celebrated Arabian !■>■•
intent.—The beautiful and fertile region skirting
the desert of Arabia, abounds with rare plants and
odorous woods, whence are procured those aro
matic gums and balsams of which this Liniment is
composed, a>d by whose stimulating, unctuous and
peuetratiag properties it is, when applied, diffused
through ttie whole nervous system, allaying the
most intense pain in a few minutes. Try it, when
you will be convinced that no preparation possess
es in so high a degree, its perfect anodyne qualities.
Its action is prompt and effective. It penetrates the
deih to the bone, relaxes contracted cords, resto
ring use to the limbs paralysed for years, and where
the tlesh has wasted away, leaving nothing but skin
and bone, excites a healthy action, causing new
flesh to grow out and fill up the shrivelled parts.
It restores the synovial fluid or joint water, and this
is the rtason why it ha* been so successful in dis
eases of the joints In affections of the Spine, Liver,
Lungs and Kidneys, this great remedy stands be
fore any other ever produced. For ague cake, or
enlargement of the spleen, it is a sptcific. For any
internal inflammation, you will find it gives great te
lief. It has no equal in the world for Rbeumitisai,
also cramps, swelling, numbness, weak joints, Spine
and Chest, pains, wounds, chilblains, burns, sore
throat, bites of insects and reptiles, salt rbeum,
warts, corns, mange, and indeed nearly all diseases
which require an external application, and many
others, are greatly benefitted by it. It is used fx
tern ally with great success in g itre, or sweUed
neck, Scrofula, or Kind's Evil, Liver Complaint,
nervous diseases, Ate. hot Horses or Catt'e, it is as
effectual as in diseases of man. VVill cure any
case of Sweeney in existence; also. Spavin, Splint,
Ringbone, Big Head, fistula, Farcy, Poll Evil
Wiadgalls. Straits Bruises, See.
Look Out for Counterfeit*.
The public are cautioied against another coun
terf-it, which has lately made its appearance, ca I
ed VV. B. Farrelfs Arabian Liniment, the most dan
gerous of all the counterfeits, because his having
the name of Farreli. many will buy it in good faitr,
without the knowledge that a counterfeit exists, and
they will perhaps onl? discover their error when
the spurious mixture has wrought its evil effects-
The genuine article is msmifscfcired only by H.
G. Farreli, »oie inventor and proprietor, and whole
sale Druzgist, No '.7, Main street, Peoria, Illinois, to
whom all applications for Agencies must be ad
dressed. Be sure you set it with the letters H O.
before Farrell's. thus—H. G PARRELL'S—arid his
•''snatcre on the wrapper, all other* are counter
For sale in Richmond by PURCELL, LADD 4
CO , Main street, and by regularly authorised
Agents throughout the United Suites.
Price 25 and 50 cents, and $1 per bottle.
Agents wanted ic every town, village and n*®**
in the Uuited Sutes. in which one u not already
established. Address H G. Farreli as above, »c
compacted with good reference a- t» ch re
soonsibiltty, He. oc 7-dlroiWt* W
a a A. SNELL, Agent for MILLIfcOM
SNELL. has taken the stand No 2S» we* Mam
stree:. lately occupied by Jno. A. Mie.l 4c Co., and
has just received a part, and by Wednesday next
will have an enure new stock ot Staple
Vwlucj Dry Goo**, «nd m»«t respectfully soiio
iu the patronage oi the friend •of the iate firms of
Jno A. Sneil *. Co., Barnes * tnell and Hugh
Rileigh ocH - U
HAVE remored thair office to Mo. 158 Main «t —
Entranoe on ilth *traet, two door* above the
Exebioge B<uk. in toe room formerly occupied u
the "Kichmond Library. ' t *
Quint augured in cloning tnetr wuoeii, they re
quest nil person* indebted to them to catl and se*.lie
their account*- ** IS- - m
CaoTUlMti, ott at
/ and be lew co»t, (or cuh. ■ good Mock of
Urtay Mado Clothinr. stlU to be di*poaed of. Moat
of the tmtiU cote* will be token for Good*. Call
*uon if jou with to get. tome bargain* in Clothing,
at the choau (tore of P. DORMIN,
90 Main alreet.
rarstor#for Rent ocV3-dtm
a *mali lot Terr uio* Roil B«t>r, for *ale by
oc JO Opposite Frederick* Mug Depot.
Main street, oppotite the Exchange Bank, respect
fully inrite stranger* vi»iting the crtt. and the pub
lic generally, to call and examine their large and
complete assortment of articles in the above line.
Their prices will be found to be as tow as thosr of
any other house, whether by the tingle fair, dozen
or ease. The stock embraces—
Gentlemen's Dress Shoes, Gaiters and Bootee*
Do calf, kip, and stout Boots and Bootee*
Youth's Boots an J Bootees, of many kinds
Servant's Brogues, bound and unboand
Ladies' Shoes, Buskins, Kids, Jenny Linda, Ac
Ladies' black, bronze snd coioed Gaiters
styles*'"' ® ootiei * or women, various
nd ( l hUdren '» Shoes, in great variety
Trunks Trunks, plain Leather and Hair
ty ah of which are offered at the lowest rate*.
PEMBERTON A BRO, 161 Main at.
Opposite Exchange Bank, Richmond, Va.
*e 17—ore
I CO., lan porters and Dealers m
tT uR& Earthenware, China and Glass
WjmmSKm haTe receiveJ by ships Empire
State, Sheridan snd Forrest State,
from Liverpool, their fall stock of
tarthenware and China,direct from the manmfac
turers making their stock iarge and complete; »"H
by arrivals from the norihern cities, they sm re
ceiving their supplies of Glass Ware, both rich and
plain, L joking Glauses and Fancy Articles, well
adapted to the country and city trade.
Merchants visiting our city may be assured of
having mducementa offered which will induce them
to make their purchases with us
Be 4 Front Iron Building. 101 Broad ft.
HARP FOR BALE.-I nave re^
ceived direct from London per "Prince Al
bert," a very superior doable actiaa
tlarp, I ondon make, which I am anxious
to dispose of. This Harp has been fully tested by
Miss SULLY, one of our most successful and ac
complished teachers upon that Instiument, and pro
nounced by her to be of superior tone and actios.
Miss SULLY will take pleasure in showing the
Harp at her residence, on Marshall, between sth
and 6th streets.
Main Street, have in store, and are reeefv
ing, large additions to their stock of Draga,
Medicines, Harseons' Inatraneata.
Paints, Oils, Dyes, Window Glass aM
Fancy Articles, which they offer for sale on tilts
most favorable terms to cash and punctual dealer «
TAR- By Mrs. B. B. N«nlsr
' The most successful remedy now in use for ths
cure of Incipient Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma,
Coughs, Sore Throat, diseases of the Liver and
Kidneys, King's Evil, Tett« r, Dyspepsia, Ac.
This medicine has nc w gained a reputation io
thi« community, that precludes the necessity of
publishing certificates througn the public print*.
These suffering from any ot the above diseases,
are invited to call on the agent and get a pamphlet
c mtaining recommendations and certificate* of
ty Beware of counterfeits. The genuine arti
cle is for sale by
P. HORTON REACH, 91 Main street,
Sole Agent for Richmond, and
oc 5 General A«ent for Eastern Vj/ginia.
NO I'll 1 take this method ot inlorming the
citizens of Richmond and the public generally
that ta" firm ' f John M. McLeod A Co. i* no more.
I forewarn all persons from crediting the above
named firm. WM. C DREW.
I also forewarn all persons from paying any
money due the above firm to John M. McLeod.
oc 27—tl5N* WILLIAM C. DREW.
—Warranted a *afe, sure and mild remedy far
Tile*, Pralapeus Ani, and alt other diseases of the
rectum. One box will convince lb* patient of i»
mild and curative properties.
Price 4 oz- one dollar, 2 oz. 50a per box.
Prepared by W. HUTCHBHOW, Amsterdam,
Botetourt County, Va.
For (ale In KichmoDd byPorcell, Ladd A Co,
Dove A Co and Adie A Gray. se 39—dly
DRESSING.—Cupping, Leeching. Blending, Ea.
trading Teeth, Ac. MR. J. P. SPACH, from Ger
man;,Tate Irom Philadelphia, would moat respect
fully inform the citizen* of Richmond and it* vfcln
ity, that be ba* opened and n* atly fitted out the cor
ntr store on Governor (treat, under Mr*. Edding'*
Boarding House, where he will be at all time* pre
pared to give ample satisfaction in all the above
named branches, with promptitude and dfepatoh.
oc la-lor*
of tbe city of Richmond, held Friday, October
29th, 165-2, the following was adopted :
The council being satisfied that the petitions af
corbin Warwick and otters are the petitions of
one-fourth of the freeholders of the city, doth oa
the said petitions
Rttolve, 1 hat a poll be and the lame is hereby
directed, to take the sense of tbe freeholders of the
city on the que>-tion whetber the council, on t ehalf of
the city, may subscribe to the stock of tbe Richmond
and Dapville railroad company, a company incur
poratea for a work <f internal improvement in thus
State, (part of which is to be constructed in or near
the city,) au amount not exceeding €50,000, thit the
time of the poll be Thursday, the 2(1 day ol Decem
ber next, and that this resolution be published for
one mouth and alterwards until tbe day of the pull,
in at least two newspapers ol the city.
A true copy: WM P SHEPPARD,
no I—td Cl'k C Kichmond
LUST.— on punday evening evenirg last be
tween the corner ol Leigh and Bth street* and
St Paul's church, a small black Part HMHMis,
containing a $10 Bank of the Valley note, a 43
North Carolina note, some siiver, (amount not re
collected ,) and sundry receipt*. The finder will be
suitably rewarded by leav.ng it at th« I Hmpatch ol
lice. If not sufficiently hone*t to do this, the own
er would thank him to return the Port Monnai iv
reeled to tne 'Dispaicb," through the post office, an
it i* value a tor some reminiscences connected with
it oe 30
mo TUB AVfill'Tßo —Vuiuutary ceru
X ficates continue to come in fiom person* wno
have given Mr». Paws' C'ongh Elixir a fatt
"Richmond, Nov. 25th, leso.—Mrs.A.B D*wa—
Dear Madam . I take gr«at pleasu-e in r- commend
,ng your Cough Drop* to ihote afflicted with
Coughs, Colds, Ac. I have us* d i.in my f*mil» for
three years, and lound it the beat fsrally medleloe
I ever used. On one occasion I v:mini»ter«d It to
one of my children, suffering greai'.y with c* Id sod
a nigh fever, and it afford* J immediate relkf.
Very respecting,
For sale, who'esale and retail, by BENNETT A
YALE, and Mrs. A B DAWS, Main street, aad
BoUCHEK. A MELTON. Broad *t, Richmond.
AI-OH.TI.NK KOK $1.-'lhe nweij* with
full io»uuction» in (hi eleirant and beaatiful
accomptubment of inlaying and ornamenting Pa
pie* Mache, (whereby from *10 to §Su per week
amy be obtained) will oe forwarded to all "ho wtU
rueloaetl, poat paid, to Metera. cHUNC ft CO, 41
Second »treet Baltimore, Kd. Hume rout ladiea
and gentlemen »re oon employed and realizing a
L*o<s*ome income from thi® v*iu*b*a receipt, wfiiett
is made so plain b* tbe inatmcuoa a* to meet thft
capacity of children or 2-*—lm*
tU»K UKKnS lfJ * •«•*<
large auppliea 01 tine blae* t rOC
Coata, black and rich moey Silk »nd V«l*et veatat
black and fancy Fr-r-eh *nd English Caaa fem't:
u**w itylft fancy Cosu Al«o, w
of (ieotlameaa Undei ca>r!» «nd Drawer*, ftc, *c.
Call at tha Mone> »?avinfc» in*iuat:M» of
No toe dtaia »ire«t.
H B—AUo. erary *t>s« o»er Coata ia u»e, r«rf
low. **"
Miorttr-ert, toge«taer with a m>od attpfly of
Parfamenr Uocjr urttci**. recemd ?co tortile
fc, * RfceVK,
ftO 3 175 Broad Mftatk

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