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the daily dispatch.
-r— 1 ueoucviiaiiuo
ofTSe Dispatch i» thui times •• lßjp «OM
of MI other Daily paper in the dtjr of Richmond.
H U therefore greatly superior to any other as a
■MxHuin of
KIC H afoSn.V A.l
M»inla<i N»vember H, 185i>._
We find the following portrait of our extra,
ordinary countryman in the conclusion of the
Slat chapter of Allison's " History of Eu
rope." The writer, it will he recollected, is
&n inveterate tory, and a principal contribu
tor to Blackwood's Magazine. Nomanofmo
dern times has proved himself a more pesever
iog enemy to all progress or reform, a more
decided bigot in all his notions, religious or
political, a more partial or one-sided historian)
or a greater foe to human rights and human
freedom. In the last respect he might, with
justice, take his stand along side of the lute Duke
of Wellington, whom it is at present fashiona
ble, even in this country, to extol, as the veiy
model cf every thing great, liberal and magna
nimous, though when he died he had been fight
ing against the right of the people to govern
tbemielves for sixty years, in the field, in the
House of Lords,'or in the Cabinet.
The virtues of Washington have wrung
praise even from the narrow minded bigot who
wrote the history (such a history !!!) of Eu.
rope from 1759 to 1815' li he could have
found any thing to say against him, he would
*o doubt have said it; but the fortress of Wash
ington'B qualities was too strong for his punv
arm. He might have broken his own reputa
tion into a thousand fragments in the encoun
ter, but he could have made nothing out of
Washington. He could malign Bonaparte,
because it is always safe to trample on the fal
len. He could flatter Wellington, because it
Ls profitable to fawn on the great. But of
Washington he conld make nothing. The
world would not suffer him to insult the me
mory of its hero, for Washington is the hero of
humanity. In one paragraph he showers his
filtby odula.ion upon that most detestable of!
all historical characters, Catherine of Russia,
who had just gone to pay, in another world,
the penally of a list of crimes, so long and
clack, that Nero himself would shudder to con
template it. The next he devotes to Wash
ington, who had just retired to private life, af
ter having held the first office in the gift of hit
countrymen for eight years. It is evident that
this sketch is extorted by the general senti
ment; for no man who is an apologist for the
murderer of her own husband, the despoiler of
Poland, the author of countless murders, can
really admire Washington.
The end of the same year witnessed the re
signation of Jthe presidency of the United
States of America by General Washington,
and his voluntary retirement into private life.
Modern history has not so spotles3 a charac
ter to commemorate. Invincible in resolution,
firm in conduct, incorruptible in integrity, he
brought to the helm of a victorious republic
the simplicity and innocence of rural life; he
was forced into greatness by circumstances,
rather than led into it by inclination, and pre
vailed over his enemies rather by the wisdom
of his designs and the perseverance of his eha
ter, than any extraordinary genius for the urt
of war. A soldier from necessity and patriot
ism rather than disposition, he was the first to
recommeud a return to pacific councils when
the independence of his country was secured,
and bequeathed to his conntrvmen an address,
on leaving their government, to which there is
no composition ot uninspired wisdom which
can bear a comparison, lie was modest with
out diffidence; sensible to the voice of fame
without vanity; independent and dignified with
out either asperity or pride. He was a friend
to liberty, but not licentiousness; not to the
dreams of enthusiasts, but to those practical
ideas which America had inherited from her
English descent, and w. hich were opposed to
nothing so much as the extravagant love of
power in the French Democracy. Acco.-ding
ly, having signalised his life by" successful re
sistance to English oppression, he closed it by
the warmest advice to cultivate the fiiendship
of Great Britain; and by his casting vote,
shortly before his resignation, ratified a treaty
offriendly and commercial intercourse between
the mother country and ijs emancipated off
spring. He was a Cromwell without his am
bition ; a Sylla without his crimes: and, after
having raised his country, by his exertions, to
the rank of an independent'state, closed his
career by a voluntary relinquishment of the
F.ower which a grateful people had bestowed,
t is the highest gbry of England to have given
birth, even amid transatlantic wilds, to such a
man ; and if she {cannot number him among
those who have extended her provinces or aug
mented her dominions, she mav at least feel
legitimate pride in the victories which he
achieved, and the great qualities which he ex
hibited in the contest with herself,and indulge
with satisfaction in the reflection that that vast
empire, which neither the ambition of Louis
XIV. nor the power ol Nupoleon could dismem
ber, received its first rude shock from the cour
age which she had communicated to her own
onspring; and that, amid the convulsions and re
volutions of other States, real liberty has ari
sen in that country alone, which inherited in
jts veins the genuine principles of British free
The Cincinnati Commercial gives the follow
ing account of a gentleman, named John Bal
lard, who resides in the immediate vicinity o<
the "Queen City," and who, it says, is now "in
the immediate neighborhood of sixty," that is>
we presume, fifty-nine years {old. (Of course
he was born in the year 1T93.)
,1 , left his home, a pleasant spot in
™...h r^ Cn 0, r ,lle ocettn >" when quite a
? V l -" (Juest °. f adventure, and, proceeding
» e Continent, joined the army of Napoleon,
Men beginning to carve his unlading glory
upon the pillars of fame. With all the ardor
. enthusiasm of his nation, he resolved to
win the laurels 01 wear the cypress, ar.d distin
guished himself, first in the ranks, until pro
motion ensued, and the couiuiander-in-chief
ever watchlul of the courage and capacity of
his coinpaniou m-arms, rewarded him with a
captaincy. He participated nobly in the memo
rable engagements of Austerlitz, Lodi Wa-
H , readers will agree with us
that Ballard was the most precocious wanm
o. whom history or fable makes mention We
we not told at what time he left "the Green
We. but as the battle of Lodi was fought on
the 10thi day of May, 1796, he had attained the
dignilied age of three years when he "partici
pated nobly" in that celebrated affair. Neither
are we told whether he had donned the -inex
preambles" before that interf sting period of his
and the world's history. If he had not, he
won them fairly on that day, and we hope he
was henceforth allowed to wear them in honor
M the young knight did bis spurs, after having'
obtained them by fair fighting. Nuy, at the
cooimißder-io-chief *u •cciutomed to buckle
on the «por» of the young applicant for the ho
nora of knighthood, we can «ee no good reason
why the "little corporaP'hitnaelf might not have
helped on the juvenile hero with the habili
ments distinctive of the masculine gender, pro
viding always he had never worn them before.
NVe have had .various pictures of that famous
column (6000 grenadiers) charging across the
bridge, wilh the "little corporal" at their head.
It is singular that the artist has failed to place
the hero of three years among the tall grena
diers ! It would hove given a life-like interest
to the picture, which even the figure of the
commander-in-chief fails to impart. We won
der what sized musket the young grenadier
carried on the occasion !
A career thus gloriously begun, was not, of
course, to be ended, as long as there were hard
knocks to be had for the asking. The young
gtenadier continued in the path ol glory, "win
ning laurels" for himself "weaving cypresses
for the foes of himself and the "little corporal.
How he employed the intermediate time, we
are not given to understand ; but we next hear
of him on the bloody and hardly contested field
of Marengo (14th June, 1800.) He had then
obtained, what to such a prodigy must have
been, the mature age of seven years, a period
oflife at which ordinary boya begin ,: to creep,"
forjthe firßt time, " unwillingly tojschool." Of
course he had, by this time, altered so much
that his very mother would not have recog
nized him. What a time he must have had ol
it, young as he was, on that eventful day !
lie next turns up at Austerlitz, (2d Decem
ber, 1805.) But glory had probably before this
time grown stale with hiui, and he no longer
felt the keen impulse which sent him across
the bridge at Lodi, nine years and six months
before, and when we hear of him again at Wa
grain, (July Gth, 1809,) he appears to us like
one who is already in the sere and yellow leuf«
being at least sixteen years old. Napoleon
must have been a very ungruteful man, not to
have made that child something more than a
As his career began at a time, when most
boys have not learned to talk very distinctly,
eo it ended just at the time when most young
men Bet out upon the journey of life. His star'
keeping company with that of Napoleon, set
with it upon the disastrous field of Waterloo'
when he had attained his majority, and had
one year to spare.
Hurrah ! we suy for Mr. John Bullard, and
his faithful biographer of the Commercial.
I am a wotd composed of fourteen letter* :
My 10th, sth, J 3th, 4th, 3d, 14th, 2d, spell the
name of a Scottish nobleman who was impeached
in 1805, for high crimes and misdemeanors.
My 7ih, 6th, 2d, 14th, 3d, form the name of * Sar
dinian General taken prisoner by Bonaparte.
My 10th, 3d, 2d, Ist, foimthe name ot a Man cele
brated in fabulous narratives for his strength.
My 12th, lOih, 3d, 8 h, spell the designation of the
descer.dai.ts of the prophet Mahomet.
My 6th, 9th, 14th 2d, Ist, is the name of a North
ern Chieftain of the dark ages.
My 10th, 12th, Bth, 7th, sth, 8;h, is the name of an
American Geoeral killed in the revolutionary war.
My 4th, 3d, 13th, sth, Bth, Ist, 3d, is the nam* of
a French General defeated by Marlborough.
My 10th, 9th, Ist, 6th, 12th, is thename of a great
Irish poet.
My Bth, Ist, 10th, slh, is the name of an ancient
My loth,9!h, C.h, 12th, was a famous English hig
torian and philosopher, who was beheaded in the
reign of Henry VIII.
3d, 14th, 2d, sth, Bth, is a river of Germany
much celebrated in history.
My 11th, Ist, 9th, 2d, is the name of an Ameri
can General.
My 10th, 3d, 13th, Sd, 12th, 6th, is the name of a
late crazy enthusiast who lived in one of tha North
ern States
M; *:h, 3d, 4th, 9th, 13th, 3d, is a famaus battle
gained by Bonaparte in luly.
My whale spells the name of a great English War
rior and Statesman.
E3P' We return our thanks to the Marshall
(Texas) Republican, for republishing our ad
vertisement. The Republican is a paper of
four years' standing, is well edited, and per
manently established. We take great pleasure
in placing it upon our exchange list.
Lynchburg Express.—Mr. G. W. Latham
has become associate editor of the Lynchburg
Express. In his sulutatory, he says—
As to the course I intend to pursue; so far as
I am concerned in the conduct of the Express,
1 shall say and do whatever I think best —"A
word to the wise is sufficient."
We extend to Mr. L. the right hand of fel
Appointments.—Postmaster General Hub
burd has appointed Benjamin F. Darracott
postmaster at Milford, Caroline county, Va..
vice R. F. Darracott, resigned ; John R. Ayrtg
postmaster at Accomac Court House, Acco
mac county, Va., vice Robert Herchfeldl, re
Mr. Everett.—Hon. Edward Everett, the
new Secretary of State, arrived at Washington
Friday evening.
The Norfolk Herald announces the
death of Robert \\ est, the watchman, who was
cut by Moore, a few days since.
r?" Altheus Smiths,.n, one of the lads who
was run over by a carriage in Lynchburg last
Tuesday, is improving.
Fst The regular election in Massachusetts
for representatives in Congress, a Governor of
the State, and Members of the Legislature,
takes place to-day.
The New Orleaus Bulletin contradicts the
report, sent by telegraph f roiu that city, stating
that Mr. Laborde, the Spanish Consul, had re
turned to Havana, on account of leurs of per
sonal violence. He was still in New Orleans,
and expected to remain ihere, having no appre
hension ot being molested.
I kofitarle Chiuse. —The barque N. D.
l-haae, which arrived lately in the port of Be
verly Mass , after a cruise of one vear in the
South Pacific, landed 420 barrel* sperm oil,
winch was immediately disposed of in Salem at
f 1 21 per gallon.
Masomc Cell brat ion—The centennial
anniversary of Washington's initiation into
Masonry, in Fredericksburg, Va., was cele
brated in this city, yesterday, by appropriate
ceremonies in the Lodge, a public procession
and address, ihe procession was a very large
one, being composed of many visiting, as well
as resideut, members of the Fraternity, and the
address, by Rev. Jacob D. Mitchell, "is much
complimented. Last night the Fair opened,
and was numeiously attended—Lynchburg
Virginian, Friday, m
We aontinoe the rotunx received since the issue
•f our last paper, giving the full retains and cor
rections of the rotea of »ome counties heretofore
reported. We nuke up our return Irom sources
believed to be reliable, yet we have no doubt the of
ficial vote, in ioine cases, W 'H vary, to tome extent,
the reault given in some of the counties. In the
main, however, we believe they will be found cor
-I*®'" Fierce. Scott.
South »rapton «56 Jjj-j
Bedford -.1188
mß j-
Upfhur ••
King and Queen... 180 ..
Nortnumberiand S3 ..
Lancaster 14 msj.
Greenbrier 113 ..
Franklin...... 200 ..
Patrick 41 .. .. ..
Carroll.... 253 .. .. ..
Pulaski 40
Montgomery 6 ..
Lewis 300 .. .. ..
Harrison. 4'JI ..
Wythe 300
Nelson 150 ..
Taylor 34
Gloucester 372 267
Norfolk county 310 maj.
Nausemond 34 maj.
late of Wight 478 .. .. ..
Loudoun 7bß 1813
Hampshire... 305 maj.
Southampton 456 493
Mecklenburg 681 303
Brunswick 462 187
Clarke 386 263
Elizabeth city it 14 Ic9
Warren 351 maj.
Shenandoah 2091 292
Rockingham 2474 575
Page b9O maj.
Highland (not complete).. 2*3 ..
Fauquier 1043 928
Pierce's majority in Virginia will not be under
10,000, and will probably exceed 12,000. The re
turns from the Western counties show large gains
to the Demtcratic vote over any previous vote.
particulars of the Winston Tragedy,
(in pamphlet form) being a full account of the
embracing all the particulars of the discovery of
the bloody victims, the testimony before the Coro
ner's Jury, and the evidence 011 the tinal trials of
the murderess and murderer, JANE AND JOHN
WILLIAMS: their sentence, confessions and
execution upon the gallows : together with
the Funeral Sermon of the Rev. Mr.
Moore, on the death of Mas. WINSTON AND
DAUGHTER, and the Sermon of Rev. Robt.
Ryland on the subject of the murder*.
For Snle at this Ofllce. Single copies 15
cents; 10 copies $1; $10 per hundred. Orders
addressed to the undersigned through the mail, will
meet with prompt attention.
oc 20—ts J. D. HAMMERS!,EY.
Sacred Music Society.
Notice. —As the lecture room iu which
the Society's meetings are usually held, will be oc
cupied for another purpose, the meeting of this
(Monday) evening will be held in the lecture room
ol the third Presbyterian church, on sth street, He v.
M. Hoge's. no B—lt
Chnnge of Hours. — Increased
Rate of Speed.—See what Adams &
Co. are doing tor their patrons ! The Express now
leaves Baltimore at 7 o'clock P M, in charge of ex
perienced and trusty agents, and arrives in Rich
mond at 5,% AM. Goods ordered by this morn
ing's mail, will be delivered to-morrow morning
without tail
Oui Express for the North, East and West, now
closes at 8* P M—arrives in Baltimore at an early
hour next morning.
Banks and Brokers will please take notice, that
by tbis change they will be greatly accommodated.
Drafts on England, Ireland ana Scotland lor sale
at this office. ADAMS &. CO,
no 8 14th street, Richmond. Va.
CHINA FOWLS.—I have jaet le
ocived another lot of those magniliceut
fowu from Mr. Charie* Sampson, «f West Rox
bury, Mass., comprising of Red, Brown, Blsck, and
pure White Shanghais, Cochin China and Game
One pair (Jive toed) Dorkin*.
This stcci is pure and unmixed; having been
bred by Mr. Sampson, with the greatest care.
Uht-y can Deen seen at my house ou First st., be
tween Main and Cary, any time through tee day
atiy day (except Sunday ) WM. A BUTTERS,
1108—»i at Nash ii. vVoodhoute, Eagl" Square.
BKSk removed his Office and residence to the
house at the corner of Bth and Main sts., oppotite
Rogers" Stone Yard. no s—2md*
C. W. fl ItDEIX & CO. are
purchasing as usual uncurrent Notes ol
all solvent institutions ; also, Specie, Notes, and
Drafts. oc 23
TO THE PUIIL.IC.-The earnest
solicitations of very many merchants and
manufacturers ot this city, ha e cjmpeiled us to
forego our recent determination, not again to issue
the notes of the Sonthern Manufacturers' Bank. We
do not feel at liberty to disregard what is repre
sented to us as the public nece.iNity by our best
and most influential citizens, and shall therefore
comply with what appears to be the public desire,
until some change in financial matters produced
by Legislative action, or some other cause shall
render the circulation of these notes neither ne
ceseary nor desirable to the public.
We again take occasion to warn all persons
against paying any discount on the notes ot the
Southern Manufacturers' Bank, for which Virginia
tunds at par, as heretofore, will be prompt.y paid
at our counter.
oc 29 C W PUF CELL <fc CO.
Home Testimony. — Head! !rom
one of the oldest Magi.trates of this city
—let the sick, the delicate, the declining, talk to
those we reterito, and then try this grand restora
Baltimore, Sept 11, 1851.
Messrs Mortimer & Mowbray: I leel it a duty to
make known the benefits I have derived from Dr
Hampton's Tincture. For a length of time I have
been subject to great prostration of muscular pow
er, and great debility of the nervous system, ac
companied with palpitation and fluttering of the
heart. 1 had 6ucli sudden attacks that on one occa
sion I could scarcely get home. I making mention
ot my case to a friend, he referred me to Joseph K.
Stapleton, Esq, an old and highly respectable citi
zen of Baltimore, who had used the Tincture under
similar circumstances. I called on Mr Stapleton,
and, after an interview of some minutes, I was fully
satisfied of the medicall virtues of the Tincture,
from the evidence before me, of his own person,
who, for some time previous, indicated a tailing
state of health, but now a hearty, hale appear
ance, with the activity of youth. 1 immediately
commenced using the Tincture, and before I took
the contents of one bottle, my strength was renew
ed, and 1 can walk as brisk and am as active as 1
was twenty years ago. This Tincture is the grand
restorative of the digestive organs, which, when
destroyed, the whole system is in a state of suffer
1 do assert it is, in reality, what it U represented
to be by Dr Hampton, the inventor.
Now in city of Washington.
See cases Cough, Rheumatism, Dyspepsia, tec.—
Sold only by O. A. STRECKER—pamphlets gratis.
Tjl Parage in front of the Capitol on THIS MON
■"DaY, the bth inat, at half past I o'clock, P. M.,
in winter uniform, arms in order lor inspection,
with three rounds ball cartridge*. Hv order of
tb« Captain. JOHN McDONALU,
no S —lt Orderly Sergeant.
NOTICE.—Token from my lot, on 4ih
.Aryvof November, at night, one Large Bay Mare;
ais.i <> ~srge Sorrel Mare, with a blaze face and a
white hind feet, little low in order. The said bur
set were put there by the city Sheriff. A liberal re
ward will be given tor thd delivery of said horses,
no B—>t* Wear Saabrook Warehouse Hjfth at.
D&tic., captain Otfford, wili receive freight to day,
weather permitting, at 12 o'clock, and will con
tinue to receive it up to the hour of 8 o'clock, P.
M, to-morrow, Tuesday, the 9th inat.
»» 8-8t LUDLAM k. WATSON.
OUCKWHEjIT. in 25 Pound fatsa, tiri> lata hy
Ofshino or Anothm Link in thb Rich
mond and Danvillc Rail*oad—A large num
ber of gentlemen left Richmond on Saturday morn
ing last, in a special train, accompanied by various
officers of the Richmond and Danville Railroad, to
participate in the ceremonies of the occasion of
opening the road to Keyiville, in Charlotte county.
We learn from some of the gentlemen of this city,
who had the pleasure of participating, that they
were in-.t at Keyaville by a very large number of
persons who had gathered there frt»m the sur
rounding country, to unite in commemorating the
event, including a large number of ladies, from all
of whom they received a very cordial reception.
The Bai bacue was very handsomely gotten up, and
very largely attended, at which many of the fair
sex were also present. The ceremonies through
out were of a vt>iy interesting and pleasing charac
ter. The most favorable Impressions, we are
pleased to learn, are made in oehalf of this
road, in all quarters where truth has a chance to
combat with error and prejudicn.
Inquest.—On Frilay evening last the captain ot
a vessel lying at Griffin's wh o rf, in Henrico county,
heard a pluuge intj the river near the wharf, and
upon proceeding to discover the cause of the un
wonted noise, observed a negro struggling in the
water. Assistance was procured immediately and
every effort was made to relieve the negro from
drowning, but he was n&t taken cut oi the water
until a corpse. His name was S jlomon Eppes, the
property cf Wm. H. Hubbard and hired to William
Beers, Jr. Verdict rendered by juries was—death
by accidental drowning. How Eppes came to get
into the river was not ascertained. The verdict,
singular to relate, was given by two juries. Coro
ner Wicker, hearing oi" the casualty, held an ic quest,
and R. A. Mayo, Esq , of Henrica county, contend,
ing that the inquest was properly under his juris
diction, also summoned a jury whs pronounced a
Fisld Acain.—The season for shooting is upon us
in all its glory. It is high time that those who take
a pleasure in this manly and invigorating sport,
were getting ready to commence operatioca. Their
gun* should be put in the best of order and their
dogs prepared for service. Their shot pouches,
pjwdar tlasks and game-bags, s h «ula all be in readi
To such as are not ready for the work, for the
lack of accoutrements, we ttke pleasure in au
Bouncing that our old friend Tom Tyrer, is once
more in the "full tide of successful experiment"
as Mr. Webster said on some occasion. Of his
fame, it is unnecessary to speak. For a sportsman
is this part of the world not to know Tom, "argues
himself unknown." The very partridges and hares
tremble when they hear his name. Ha has been
the greatest enemy they have ever had, for he h: s
furnished the supplies without which the war
against them could not harp been carried on —
Tom has btea under an eclipse, as the best of us
some times are; but he tias emerged from it, and
htscome out like a blaziug star. Tnose who with
to see him in all his original glory, need only call
a: No. 116 Main street, wnere tuey will find him
•urrouiided by the implemeats «f his trade; aiid
th»t trade, like the soldier's and the doctor's is
death. Tom has the decided advantage of then? in
one particular. They kill men and women; h«
only furuishts the means to kill wild carmirtla.
Tom has some splendid guns, of the latest pat
tjrn, with all the improvements. He !s determined
to keep up with the times. None of your old
iashioned rusty fire-locks, that kick with a foree
equal to that of the shot thoy project. There is not
a bit of head ache in one of his new fashion* J
pitcej, any more than thf re is in a bottle ol ten
dollar Madeira from the choicest cellar in Europe
—any more than their is in a puncheon of o 1 i
Metternich's best Hungarian. If you want a gun
that will kill your game witnout half-killing you,
go to Tom Tyrer. Let the partridges tear and
tremble. Tom Tyrer is iu the field.
Thk Gymnasium.—The proposed Gymnasium
progresses, under the auspices ot Mr. Hudson.—
We hear every day of its receiving accessians to
its number. Why do not souie ol the active youi.g
men, who have already set their n&mes down, take
the paper and get it tilled up at once ? Ten ot them
could easily get the required number ot one hun
dred, in a week. Forty-tive only are wanted to
make up that number; and surely there are no
tea young men among those whose names are down,
that cannot command at least tive names each
among their friends. Let them, by all means, try.
They are the proper persons to do it. Their asso
ciations lie among persons at tuat period of life, at
which such things are always agreeable.
If the Gymnasium shoula once go into operation
it would not afterwards be easily dispensed with.
Its tendencies are so excellent—it so invigorates the
system and strengthens the nerves, it fcives such a
tone to all the important organs of life, it so braces
the musc es and hardens the neives, that every
person who tries it, is very unwilling to give it up.
No mineral water, no nostrum of quack or physi
cian, no tea voyage, or land excursion, can have
half the efl'ect that regular gymnastic exercises have
upon the constitution. Such being the fact, it is as
tonishing to us that there should be any hesitation
on the part of those who lead sedentary lives with
out having the opportunity to exercise regularly in
the open air. Milo, it wns said, succeeded in lilt
ing an ox, by commencing when the animal was a
calf, and raising him up once a day until he had at
tained his full growth. The tale of Milo is, of course,
fabtfloue, but like most fables, it ha» a moral. That
maral points to the gradual development of the
muscles by continual exercise— in fact indicates the
very system adopted in the exercises of the Gym
nasium. A new beginner is weak at first—he can
only accomplish feats of small significance—he
gets a little stronger, on the second day, considera
bly stronger at the end of the first week, is able to
lift twice his origiiial load at the end of the first
month, and before the close oi the year, has his bo
dily capscities developed to their lullest extect.—
The strength of the mind grows along with the
strength of the body. The " menu tana in carport
sano," is enjoyed by nobody so much as the man
who has accustomed himself to the healthful recre
ations of the Gytr naeium. Next to this is sparring
with the gloves, which teaches the important secret
of guarding one's self against the assaults of a ruf
fian, without being compelled to shoot him down
in defense of ont'sown honor, as men of weak con
stitution often are, thereby rendering themselves
the victims of undying remorse. This science may
be learned in perfection at Mr. Hudson's Sparring
Room. But the Gymnasium is the most important
object, aud we appeal to our young men to turn
out and secure it
Somk Tomatojs—One of the finest specimens ut
the tomato vegetable that we have ever seeu, was
left at the office ol' tail paper on Saturday, for iu
■paction. It wa» a product of the farm of Mr. Jus.
Rennie, of Ucnrico county.
Th« Poet Gauwsu.-After a brief retirement
from the Cires of the world—spade exercise, the
temptations of life, and the vast theatre of an ima
gination in " tine pottry rolling"—on Saturday tho
poet-gardener, Thomas Wataon, was batted from
his confinement in jail, and aeut f jrth . nee more to
make war upon sin, gravel beds and bad metre.
Committed —Mary Jane Welion.a free ie-.eaa,
was on euurdij committed to jaU Ut delauit of ci
ty papers.
Asleep i* the Market.—Two men, from
•hecountry, named Jonea Deane, and William
Reynold*, were found drank asd aalaep, on
Friday night—the former under a butcher'*
stand, in the Old Market—the latter in Military
Hall, over the same market, his propensity be
ing to get high up in the world. They were
toiling and industrious men, and this was their
first appearance in a criminal court. A sad
and lepulsive appearance, truly—reeking with
the fumes ol liquor, soiled with market refuse,
and redolent of the miasma of tha cage ! Dur
ing (he examination oi Deane, he gave a most
horrible yell, and fell back in a fit. It was
some time before he recovered his sense?, and
it is to be hoped that the femful and degrading
lesson of a night's indiscretion, will warn both
Reynolds and himself to walk in the plain and
healthful path ofsobriety in the future. A ti.
mid youth, a spectator of the Mayor's Court
proceeding?, *as standing looking at Dcane ?
with painful solicitude, and immediately upon
his fainting, bounded out of Court, with eyes
starting, and ghastly features, as if t'le man
with the poker had come after "the hope ot the
Union Benevolent Society.—Attention is
called to the advertisement of Mr. Pratt, in this
day's issue. It will be seen that he gives up
to-dny and to-morrow for the benefit of the So'
ciety above named. This liberality is com"
meudable. We hope those who wish their da
guerreotypes taken will have it done now, as
they will be killing two birds with a single
Musical Teaching.—Seethe advertisement
of Mr. Brandt.
This gentleman has come to us with a high
character, both as a man of worth, and a teach
er of music. He brings with him, also, nume
rous letters from persons of high respectabili
ty, to gentlemen and ladies of standing her#-
Above all these, so far as musical qualifications
are concerned, he has the imprimatur of our
townsman, Mr. P. H.Taylor, which i 3 worth
its weight in gold, to any professor of musical
We do not hesitate to recommend him as a
gentleman, and a skilful teacher.
Fire.—A fire broke out about a quarter past four
o'clock yesterday evening, in the upper room of a
building attached to Seabrook's warehouse on 18th
street, and tenanted by some sf the servants of the
warehouse, but was extinguished before material
damage was done. The fire, it is supposed, caught
accidentally from the chimney of a room in which
gome tobacco was drying.
Serious Accident.—An interesting youth, rs
mad John Pearce, son of Mr. Samuel Pearce, natter ;
n?ar the old market, was run over by an omti'ius
Saturday evening, a little alter dusk, an! very sa-
Tsrely injured—his left arm being broken and his
aide much confused. We understand that young
Pearce was runniag across the street at the time he
was knocked down by the team of the omnibus,
and run over.
The Ladies' Fashions —This is a subject which
we have always doubted the right ot the gentlemen
to meddle with, yet there is now s fashion in vogue,
so abhorrent to our notions of beauty and propri.
ety, 'hat we are forced to violate one cfour settled
p:inciples to speak of it. We allude to the extreme
length of the ladies dresses at present. Where is
the advantage, the propriety or the beauty ot'a dress
so long as to be dragging ar.d sweeping at every
step, the miserably dirty streets ofthecity of Rich
mond? Daily we have eur sympathies aroused by
witnessing the line dresses of eiik, satin, <fcc., trail
ing and dragging along the black, dusty and muddy
atreets of the city. Alter the shower of rain Sat
tu day, when many of our pretty belles were ■ n
the street, we were shocked at the destruction ef
fine goods going on, and straightway took our seat
to pour out our indignation against a nonsensical
fashion which ciused it. Many of the victims held
up the loie-part to escape the mud and water, while
the hind-part was in for it most distressingly. Now
if we could discover "rhyme or reason'' in such
long dresses, we would hold oar peace; but, for
the lifi of us, we have been unable to discover any
merit or beauty whatever in such an absurd and
abominable fashion. We hope the ladies will ex
cuse thii plain talk. It is not often that we meddle
with their affairs ; but in this case, we cannot hold
our peace. Can it be that the ladies' of Richmond
are ashamed of their feet/ This cannot be; for
when we last saw their feet and ankles, we wore in
extacies at their smal'nees, symmetry, and beauty;
and our opinion was only the opinion of every body
who saw tfcein. The chief attractions about a lady,
are a handsome foot and ankle; and this faet we
communicate, in the hope that it may contribute
towards a reform of the long dress fashion.
Subscbiftion Vote.—We have not received
the full vote of Amelia county,held on Saturday last>
fjr and against a subscription to tbe stock of the
Richmond and Danville Railroad Company. We
have no doubt however, that a large majority of tbe
voters of that coanty have, ir. accordance with their
interest, given their voice in favor of it. At Amelia
Court-House, the vote stood : For the Subscription
47— against it 20.
The 7 heaths.—The Misses Dknin.—To
eight the Theatre will be peculiarly attractive. The
talented and beautiful American actresses, Misses
Kate aud Susan Deniu, make tbeir lirst appearance
hare ia the interesting characters of " Margaret
£!more" and " tlermii.ie," in Loveli's celeberated
and very popular play of " Love's Sacrifice." The
addition of these two accoMi-lUhed pertonaers to
the previous talen ei company, will present t.
strength such as to ensure a rich and rare treat to
all who may attend, "is He Jealous," a play also
interesting, amusing and popular, is to be the other
portion of tie evening s entertainment We of
Course anticipate oa this occasion an overflowing
house. With a host of performers, such as the
Misses Danin, Mrs. Ward, Miss Raymond, Mise
Kate Ueignolds, Mrs. aud Miss Cappeli, Mrs. Car
penter, and Messrs. Ward, Smith, Marchant, Gile,
Fisher, Chippendale, and other players ol merit
now at the Theatre, we have an assurance of an en
tertainment rarely to be met with at the Theatre
There is a versatility ot talent sullisient to tin ad mi
rably aud atly all the diversities departments and
characters of a good play, including dancing, sing
ing, Ac.
Fi.nkd — OtHcer Yarriagton Saturday reported
Wiiliaia Cauthoru lor ciuelly beating a horae with
the but-end of hi« whip in the street. Officer V.
•tated that Cauthora treated bira iu a very iaault
ing tnauner wbeu he apoke to him of hit offuuee.
Fined four dollar* and c ul».
Mra. Mat on waa duly Ciutd for leaving a email i>tr
tion of coal aahes in a atreet.
CiacuiT Couax or lixNaicj —The trial ol G.
lilankeaaliip. waa continued in tnia court on S»tur
day. The verdict of tlio jury will be recoided to
Hkneico Count* Couxt.—Thia court waa eu
gaged on siiiardaj in the trautaciiou o* civil buai
VISCHAXOCO.—A tree negro, named Harrlaon
bvaaa, arretted without a past Friday evening, waa
chtrg° J°° F fucUf « • fe L i»ter, and dla-
At half past 3 o'clo«« nomh. . .
Her tuners! will uk« place to day >1 it .
from the**ccnd Eiptlst eharch. fis f ° ek »
these of the family. r„
f n.t without further >ortce. 7 iDTito(i t0 «•
Ma»tao S
body vu ever dissatisfied wim uv> ilh, l 7
meat, wehavenotbeardo.it. Wh»n in
ttoD with any other, it always comes - i
ant. Its combination* are tbe resu't
chemical analysis, and the u»e oi it in L. w
one of the glorious remits of the 1
now being irr. P ,o»ed by the superior gwu.J*?
merican skill, has rendered it greatly
any other Liniment now in use for th-curenfV 10
strains, swelling, corn., or■*"">
part of the body. ,a in I
The Mexican Mustang Liniment hag been .
my fimily, and on my plantation, t*r a
ty of diseases requiring an e,t€ru»l
and has never failed to give immediate Lu-f.l
effect a permanent cure. 1 have cared »e».„i
ses of Rheumatism that had resisted the .kill??
best physicians. It has cured ringworms hv " ur
gle implication, chilblains in a Jew days tnikJ'u'
immediately, frost bites, cuts, sores arj'co-ff
few applications; nervous headache cared . 8
In fact, 1 have used it for almost eve^
has always cured. I consider it tb» w'i'J! "
I have ever used. ""e^cine
Savannah. June 14th, IS>2. *
ParcES—Tbe Liniment is pat up in throe i
the 00 centandf i sizes contain three and si* in ;
as much as the 25 cent size, and are much cJnne'
bor Bile by aJI Druzjitu. and by - a per.
CO 8-2iwlw-wlt Richmond.
ttf Kiohinoiid Oct. ii«. iS5i._T () Tfn .
r^/v 8 V K /" E . lON Bi-NKVOLLKT X
TT ' t ' lu t'me it approaching
your collections will be necessary, I beg leave t/
oßer tbe services ot myself and Gallery tor*-'w
day which may be agreeable to yourselves tu dJ
vo;e the proceeds to your excellent charity 1 h
hoped that each member of the tociety w i ih
ye«r brin* one friend, as the enurenet'm for
trans, will be given without reserve, ai.d the larger
the amount, the greater will be the gratification , f
your very obedient servant.
To Mb W. A. PBATT-tiR : The Lad*.Ythe
Union Benevolent Society, accept with grateful
thanks, the kind offer of your services, for the ben
efit ol the Society ; and in compliance th-T-wrh"
t':ey appoint the tenth day of tae present month
(Novemoer,) for that purpose; i; convenient to
yourseii. With much reepeet,
it D c M ' M ' .
Secbetaby to U. B. Society.
Nov. -a, 1852.
Richmond Scv. 2d, lgjj
To the Ladies of the U.B Soeiets—LadUy Yours
of this morning appointing Wednesday, the loth u |
November, was duly received. On that day,we shall
use our best exertions fur the support of your soci
ety; should the weather prove inc.emect, w.- eba'l
add the receipts of the first fair day, so as 1! > ossibie
to render the amount worthy of tbe object m view'
Respectfully Yours,
Grand New Vears' Present—A Fine
Gold Watch, worto sixty-five dollars, will be pre
sented on New Y'ears' day at S P Mountain & Go's
Jewelry and Fancy Store. No. 21? Main street, Rich
mond. The subscribe! s offer la the pub:ic a r«re
chance to get a beautiiul fine 18 carat aoid Ranting
Case; Watch, suitable for a lady or gentleman, as a
new years' present. The following arrangements
wi;l be made on the Ist of November, and iioni»uue
until the Ist of January, 1803 :
Every person, on purchasing each and every ar
ticle of tbe value of $3 and upwards, will receive a
card with a number on it, and their name and cor -
responding number will be registered in a book
kept for that purpose. On new year's day ali the
corresponding numbers cf cerds issued wulb- put
in a bag and well shaken, wfc n a numb r will be
drawn by a person entirely disinterested, and the
person holding the card with the number corres
ponding to tnat winch is drawn will receives pre
sect of a fine hunting case wxtch.
Each person, on purchasing eaei: and every arti
cle of the value of $1.50 to §:i, wi;i in lite tr.aOßer
receive n card as above, and the holder of the cor
responding number urawu will receive a pres-ntuf
a tiae gold locket worth S8 And each persun, on
purchasing or getting repaired each and every ar
ticle of the value of trom oiJ cents to Sl.oJ. will iu
like manner as above drawn, receive a handsome
port monnaie worth 83.
A fine assortment of Jewelry, Clocks, Watches,
and Fancy Articles on hand.
Clocks and Watches repaired by an exp fenced
workman. Ail hinds of Jeweiry made and repaired
at the shortest notice and lowest ptices, anu satis
faction warranted. Diamonds and other precious
stones set to order iti the latest New York styie.
N I>—Tbe article* will be exhibited in tue wmdow
until the drawing. Don't forg< t ihe place.
col —£m* No zil Main street.
ot style. w<> nave never a -nany
ariicies that would compare wi.h Stabler'* An
odv ne Cherry Expectorant and Hi irrlnen
toruinl. They have been recomrreudei
eively by our physicians in Bi.ltimorc, win i speaks
tor the contents. The proprietors ar sei tr"u
in such vast quantities ihu they have had to ni.iie
extensive arrangements for their preps -:. rit>
meet the demand. Those surt'erine wit; colds,
coughs, asthma, Jcc, or diarrhoea, should give ih- m
atual. no ci—lt
fjft' Hops auu joy to me Afflicted.—
CARTER'S SPANISH MIXiUKE, firiiie removal
and pe manent cure of alt diseases a'isingtrom an
Impure state ot the Biood, or habit ot the system,
viz: Scrofula, or King's Evii, Rheumatism, Obsti
nate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples, or Pustules on
the Face, Biotcbes, Biles, Chruaie Sore Eyes Ring
Worm or Tetter, Sca'.d Head, Enlargement and
Pain of the Bones and Joints, Stubborn beers,
Sjpbilitic Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Complaint*,
and all diseases arising from an injudicious use ot
Mercury, exposure or imprudence iu lite.
It invariably cures Indigestiou or Dyspepsia Neu
ralgia General and .Nervous Debility, Palpitation ot
the Heart, Liver Complaint, and inflammation in
the Kidneys. Ladies of pale complexion and con
sumptive tiabits, and such as are aeuiiitaied by those
obstructions which females are liable t-j, are re
stored by the use of a bottle or two, to hIoMB and
vigor. BENNETT ic BEERS,
General Agents and Proprietors,
No 125 Mam street, Richmond, •a.
Home Testimony.—For the extraordinary
virtues of this valuable Medicine, we are at tterty
to refer to f»e following gentlemen, well known m
our own city : Frederick Boycen, late ot the t*-
change; C.B.Luok, formerly in the Post Otf.ce;
Samuel M. Danker, ot the late firm of Drxker *
Morris; Dr. John Minge, formerly of the City Ho
tel; Edwin Burton, Commissioner otthe Revenue ;
George W. Baker, Ricnard E. West, WUUsiu A.
Matthews, J.M. Elmore, and many others, a.l o.
whom have tried its efficacy on ihemseiv -s. or »oen
its operation on others.
it has performed more cures than all the balance
of the articles so extensive.y advertised have eyer
djuo altogether. Don't delay; try it st
and get a pamphlet and be cured. oc ■—<- i!a
{ ' l,iUene»»e>» ot < htldren.—P* "'•* j i '
*iri»ri Ikeceaaea ot their children, bowewr ye-i' •<
can now procure tbem la Simon*' beat »:j
mg lb every particular b * mncli admired j.-ictu.'W
oi adulir. . ,
Judaea of the art who would rather pay a »'•
pi ice for a choice DagU'Tieotype, than ha-' sU
lmtlationlol one at any price, are invltru'■ ■ * ' LII
lue specimen*. M. i*. SI SONS, l-i > v > ,ln *'
N. B Wanted one or two hall pr!C3do|K r * tJ^
to go into the country, where good p.etures »•*
»>M rn or never aeeu; capacity 110 object -»•
those who h*v« 'je-n jmetk lug in a q't 11 '• 4 *
tea* the antcic of getting offdayuoug >•■»' *"
a picture, would he pretereJ.
! fc ' * \Vill be cloaed lor u lew d«)». '? "*
are making extensive alierati <us, iacu m
in a very large sky and enlarging o-u ■ '
»hica we have tiad to do to make na y'
the crowd* that eoaunue to throng our v *
the beautiful IJaguenevtypea, at tne a«! z /
low of one dollar, wiui thecaw
liue notice wilt be given of our re >$■-.:>"4 •
look out loi ths benuutul $nj Light I'.ctur- • .- ic
no Nu.ii in" ! -
N. B.—VVe would advUe our triend
tit* tjra hail price operator tor the coatstff- »-\i
hi mat It. Halt wouM just suit him
r»'Br. Kimo « Piuut urer-Tlie *•»***
OPTHK AOK!—AU pa n cured lika "/agio IM»» 1 "
dertul ptvpajraiiou $»***• u»iuH-diai« «dwt ti- ***
piuu. it it iwcd luterualij and externa-y- *
theumatittii, ear aud tooth ache, *woil«ua u* |»«- •
back or limba, sudden coidtf, ague, pa*"* lXl llitf * }m
cholera morbut, »caid», buru«* cfcilUrfsm** *1'
brunt-*, pmiuit-M and chrome eruption*, »
the atomach, ail yield in a few minutesto tht» e 1
cat compound. In bottle* at U 1-'. *> and "
For •ale bv Beuuett It Beer*, A*ii# l , j 5
Udd fc Co, A lluval, R K Duval, O A £«***'• A *e
linker, Uavuor k Wood, J t!!iir, S M
W|fLadd. *

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