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The, Guamo 11c*k»tion.-—t he most impor
tant newaby the Illinois, arrived nt New \ork
a lew days since, relates to the settlement of
the guano question. Lieut. Gillis came pas
senger in the Illinois, with despatches to the
Government. The real character of these de
spatches 'us not Ijeen made known, but the
editor of the N. Y. Express, who has had on
interview with Lieut. G., ventures to assure
the public that no further difficulty ou the sub
ject need be apprehended. The advices from
the Lobos Islands are to the lGsh ult., at which
time there were no American vessels there,
and only two English ships loading guano.—
The subjoined extract from the Express w ill
be read with interest:
The Peruvian Government had a naval force
for the protection of the islands, consisting of
n steamer, a brig of war, and a schooner. —
Tnere was also a force on shore, consisting ol
more than two hundred soldiers, in garrison, to
act as a guard
As there had been no collision between the
vessels or people of the two countries, the ex
citement in I'eru touching the claim: setup
by the United States, which had previously
existed, had pretty much died away.
Commodore McCauly (at Cullao on the 13th
a'timo) was to-nil for "the United States on
the next day. The f:ict that his presence in
those waters was deemed no longer necessary
» looked upon as all but conclusive evidence
that whatever difficulty was at first apprehend
ed has now blown over.
The despatches from the American Charge
at Lima are understood to contain proposi
tions from the Peruvian Government of such
a nature as hardly to leave a doubt of a finul
settlement oi the question on a basis satisfac
tory and honorable to both parties.
Lieut. Gillis represents the political aspect
at aftdirs in Chili and Lima us threatening in
Ihe extreme. A revolution was impending,
' and there was no saying how soon it would
break out. Every body was expecting it, and
every body accordingly seemed to be preparing
for it.
Lieut. Giili?, daring his absence, has gath
ered many astronomical facts and mads many
discoveries, which will be given to the public
in detail before lone.
The Rape Ca.-e is Staunton.—Our rend
ers will recollect the particulars of a biutal
outrage by four Irishmen, in Augusta county,
some time since, upon the person of a young
Jady who was on her way with her betrothed
Jo the marriage altar. The principal offender
was tried last week in Staunton, found guilty
and sentenced to forty years confinement in
the penitentiary. The accessories in the hor
rid crime are to be tried separately.
The young lady whose virtue was assailed
by these fiends vvus subsequently married to
the young man who was in company with
her at the time of the attack, and they now
\ive together as man and wife.
n- wm. S. Rojston, Esq , of Caroline
eountv, had acub'ti on his estate l-urned down
on the night of the 11th instant, nut! 3 negro
*K-n perished in the flames!
Jirv, a negio man belonging to James A.
Beckham, E-q., of this county, was kicked in
the abdorr.er, by a mule, on Saturday week,
and after suffering intense pain, died on Sun
day evening. It seems he was about gearing
bis mules for the purpose ef returning home,
sod I lie mule having a sore back, kicked him
while in the act of putting them on. lie lay
sometime at the heels of the mule, and after
recovering some little, crawled some six or
eight feet off, to some chaff, where he remained
until discovered by some one passing by.—
This was the same bov chastised sometime
since by Mr. Beckham for giving him some in
solent language —Culpcper Observer.
A New Southern College.—We learn
&em the Methodist Piolestunt I tint the Pro
testant Methodists hnvo commenced a move
ment to build up a college in Alabama. About
$30,000 were promptly raided at the start. —
O.ie gentleman, Ahner McGehee, E-q , near
Montgomery, Alabama, contributed ten thou
sand dollars in the formof an endowment.
i;i4 Main Street, opposite Kagle Square, hich
wv-ud, Va„ h»s now open liis iarsre, new Winter
-Cnekof KKADY MADE CLOTHING, all of which
will be so!d at the very lowest cash prices. Ilero
*pectlally calls the attention oi purchasers to Li?
brge and careiuliy selected assortment of dress and
ir'vk Coats, made ot black and iancy French and
■&:;!!ish cloths; business and over Coats, of fjvery
fe»ndsome style and materia!, which cannot be sur
f&zhi for aeatu>'.-s oi workmanship and tit; I'aiit*
»!id Vest* in endless variety of styles, qualities,
colors, cut ard price; b>;jV C! thine. consisting oi
Fr;> k aui Over Coats, Round jack- ti, i'auts. Vests
1 o.
Furnishing Woods..—lie ha* rpared no pains
ai making his *t: ck of Fancy Goods one of the
richest consisting of black end fancy Silk and Satin
aieaiti ana Cravats, Ties and Stocks; silk, p'ueh
and ir.eiino Mutf-ir-*; Gloves, Susoenders, Hand
k«rch;el<, S!;irts, Cellars, Socks rneiiro and silk
ineerisimt, hud L'laweis, ic.
J rom h:s very great facilities in purchasing and
msoufachiriag t.is ttock, he is tff»ring the greatest
ksrgains. J. D. GOODMAN,
134 Main street.
V H-. Aft t» AtiCh is promptly and persna
A tien lj teiieved by the use < f the India Chola-
I 'sne, au u di.iliog remedy for Fev. r and Ague
and o'her bilious dilates.
The genv.ua India ChoWogue is for sale by
"° 3 Druggists. 92 Mai a street.
1 ha l , e in store a and handsome assort
aaeut «,f Mouselaines, Cashmeres, Merinos, ar,4
ether Dress Goods ; alto, Stockings, Gloves Boas
«/oujiorta t Shaw s, and other winter Wrappit jrs!
Trimmings, c-t ail kit<3»», lur sale very cheap hi
na 2:ij Bruad strpct.
i- & it u v 14 •'-» s ' j re ard mild remedy for
i ;.es, , Aid, and all eth'T diseases of the
rectum. Out bax will convince tk-3 patient of its
saMd acd cuiatlvß prope.-U. s
Piice4 02 one d >l!ar,2 oz per b ! >x.
Prepared by W. HUTCHESON, Amsterdam,
Botetourt County, Va.
For sale in Richmond by Purcell, LaJd t Co
Dove A. Co and Adia 6c Gray. se 29— diy
MOK.K HbW liOOUf THOtf U. PiiiCF
Sl CO. jiut received new «ry;..,
Cloth #a<i Si'fc Cloaks aiid MaaUci '
B *ck Velvet itibD.m
Rich Fur:;;isr« PrltiU
Lace Berth?*
u" Mit: *' ead min 7 irt!c:e«
,'*• house caufen"
K AND JOINER thnnkf'i! fjr tb» »h v -' I'
f» r, ' w friend.
le m t„ undertake e- ,' "
iird on accommodating t« rca ° -
Iforie* epraxes? k ti .,»i. j of tL „ u „, h
!wp «by «n-» ..twolioi. tu tt. to 3 iy ß -tUUeCuI ,
*!i wbu mvr employ fcira.
Shop <-u Bth, between Grace and Franklio 6t
SwbHioDd. *u 13—dtli
i!«>bit'» Yeiut Powder irr ir.akin, burkwhca'
«ke4, A.c., rise, for aaie bjr WM. M. DADE,
CLcft;ut ntitj Ap*tSuc»jy,
"" ¥0 ?*tiin t'.rc.et, o-tr O ii t
I AVE tilJll'H, I ELVHT lf irrno.N-
* ir.;d aoj wiliug Hi reduced pikwi, by
** ** 63, Main ttreat. j
AMERICAN HOTEL—T> T Owens, Norfolk; W
8 Morrison, Weldon; J Mj'n. Richmond; N S«rwt
m*n. New Haven. T H'>w and J C Letglit, N V; S C
Hubbard, N C; II \V Harris ard lady Macon; Mi»i
Warner, do; E A Mat'hewa, Campbell; II D Ste
vens, Va; N S Flarders Roanok>; M J Moore, NC;
HN Hatcher. Franklin, J C Smith. Maine; J Kins
lif»r, Stauton; W H Cunningham, Fredericksburg;
J Pe'saveu, Phils; O T Brown, do; Mr & Mr»
G oodall and Master (ioodall, Washington; Dr Wei
aer, Ricnmcnd; N T Coleman, Amelia: O ri Cole
rr.im. Morctieli ; C H .Stevens, N Y; G Vincent do;
J N Kingsbury, Lynchburg; LS Bailey. Pittsburg:
H H Bell. Old P..t&t; Mr gedwick, Washington: J
Moody, Bangor; Mi.a Palmar, King Wm; J A S?l
--ilen, Jr, Pi ince George; M K Crenshaw and W S
McCauley, Va; j B Km- ry. Bait-
CIIY HOTEL.—J Noel, Ess. x; J Gum pel, Phil;
.1 L Marlin and lady, Mi* sea K C Wids and C '»
Foster, Ala; J W Miller, Tenn; H Goldburg, Peters
burg; L J Curling, Miss; Geo riomerby and lady,
N C; TR Furt, K Uid.tide, Petersburg; W M Bet
thai', N Y; R S' mersbv, Boston; WK Proctor, Ma:
J T Hatßi'ili, N V; James Stumper, New K r.t; J T
Siir.s, 8 C; E Bray, Vp; J Walker, Madison; R P
Borough?,' A T Rob< rts,Ga; G A Sherman, lynch
burg- R A Pilaris, Farmville; J W Harrison, Vath;
A C Lsrlonns, Phil; P S Saunders and lady and Miss
Saunders, N C; U C Hubbard, Tenn.
COLUMBIAN HOTEL.—GW Jordan, Jordan's
Springs; B I. Jordan, Lynchburg; S I) Williamson,
Pr Hdivard, G L Loyall, Va; V/ M P.uckner, Buck
ingham; J M Bojd, Lynchburg; M Carter, V»: J S
i;*y, Deerfield: R T Marshall, Lexington; S K Ai
dridge, Franklin; A B Sizzard, Chesterfield; R E
N-Is p, Palmyra; W S Diliard, Lynchburg; J H
VV'nitp, Buckingham; G W Mitchell, New Market;
W J Johnson, Columbia; C II Hudson, Staunton;
F O Tiliman, Tenn; J B Rcnwick, -Lynchburg; W
F Kri;h, Tenn; D B Sttgar, Powhatan; KT Eng
!and, Cumberland; J II Cork, Richmond, J J Mil
lan, Cuipepe-: CII Featbereton, Amelia.
EXCHANGE HOTEL.— L M Coleman, Hanrve ;
H IJudnall, Chestettield; J A Halbart, Frederioks
:>ur»r; li West and lady, Ga; L Mortan, N Y; E J
Collins, Hartford; W E Jackson and F H Miller,
Augusta; It E Wynne, Wil.iamsburg; II C Wat Inn 3,
Chesterfield; J M Richardson, S C; J M Cross,
Phiia; B Winston and lady, G Cocke, Flunanns; G
B Buther, N Y; J M Willcox, lady and 2 servants
Chesterfield; II Carter, Charies City; J W Morris,
Va 4 Tenn It K; Miss M L Christian Chesterfield.
Schr Huntley, Hammond, Nek York
Schr Mary J.Peek, Duprey. New York
Sctr Mary Morris, Boston
Schr D W E'dridge. O.don, Philadelphia
Schr Warren C Nelson, Leeds, Albany
Schr \V L Dayton. Poaglbss, I'liiia: eiphia
Schr Hampton, I'hiLps, Baltimore
Steamer Roanoke, Parrieh, Ntjw York
Staamer Belvidere, Girt'ord, Baltimore
Schr John Chirk, Sands, from Fredericksburg,
arr st Boston 12th
Schr i'awtucket, Ulmer, hence tor Sa'em.arrat
Holmes' Hole i Ith
Brig Aictarus, Ntcker?on, arr at iia'iiax,
N S,7fn
Schr Edwin, Aaron, eld at Baltimore for this
prirt 14th
Ws A cho;ce variety of the latest patterns of
\fff Cloths, Caasimeres and Vesting*, just re
■ 1 ceived by F. M ROBERTSON,
New Store, Main street, nearly opposite the Ex
ehanee Bank. " eo 12 ts
JL MILLER'S GUIDE, iilustratea by 23 descrip
tive plates, by Oliver Evan*.
lb-3 Aui.-fs Guide and Mechanic's Own Book,
embracing the portion if chemistry applicable to
the mechanic arts with abstracts of electricity, gal
v anisic, ma jnetism. pneu.natics, optics, a-.tronomy,
and mechanical philosophy, dec, 6cc, by James i'il
Mechanics for the Mill-Wright, Machinist, engi
neer, Civil Engineer, Architect and Student, con
twining a Uear elementary exposition of the princi
ples and practice of building machines, by Freder
ick Overman.
Engineer s anaJMechanic's Pocket Book, by Chas
H. llusweli.
For salt by _ JA3 B GIBR,
no 11 53 onposito City Hotel.
1 tH'S JiAT , tor ine 0. -
> * struction of Rats, M ; ce, &c.—Perj ins whose
premises are infested by these vermin, will d , well
to jive this a trial. Th 3 rats leave their holes be
fore they die. For su eby
no 11 Druggists, I>3 Mate 3tr«et. corner 14th.
| llitte \li. —Buckwheat cases, X.C. &c'
v* can be made by using Babbit's Celebra
ted Yeast Ponders, which, with groat saving
of time and labor, will produce at less coet than
when made with yeast a good i'ghtaud wholesome
bread without uncertainty. Buexwheat cakes, bii
cut, &e, can be easily made with this infallible
powder. The directions are ea-ily followed and
accompany every box; for sale wholesale and retail
by the agerts. rITtCELL, LADD & CO,
E0 11 92 Main st.cor 14) li
\t.\V llA.il.S AM) hKE-sil lIOF-*, jut
i * received and for saie by
no 13 Opposite Fredericksburg Depot.
RANDUEPH has connected With his Book a r d
Stationery Store, '21 Main street, an extensive Bin
dery and i>-a:ik Book Manufactory. Ail sizes and
kinds of Blank Books n.a-e to order at the shortest
notice, and Books Bound in every known style,
from the plainest to the most elaborate gilding,
no 12
I » LIFI.N OS .'iANi;kl£-+ J. W. k-.N
UOLPiI, will puoiish on the 15th D.ceinber
an essay on Calcareous Manures—by Edmus.l Kui
fin, sth Edition Amended and Enlarged. no 12
1' IViiEDS, &c.—Just opened a lot oi Twt els,
X low priced Cassimen s. Ac, for bjys'ciothirg.
no 13 Opposite 3 war. Tavern.
I)ARTII,£» ii£. i'Aiii, or l aris Lozeng«rs,
. lor the alleviation an i cure of bronch.tis h jarse
ness, aad all othar diseases of the for saie
no 9 No 155 Main corner 12th st.
L> L'KISJft'U FLViDt—l atn receiving tresh
* irom the manufacturers, weekly invoices of
Burning Fluid—double distilled and considered the
best in the market, which I am Selling to the hade
at northern prices.
i.T-9. voict s Dry Goods just received per Adams A.
Co'sExpress and steamer,Roanoke. The public
are envited to caH ard examine
rno MA(.S KIW, LAU Ul' ltA JA.
*■"" a ator-* Qadtorsn'eby
r-o 13 LEWIS P. CHEN3H'vW & CO
~hi I l'UKli»|£, Iwidtci' trora sciir
*->yJ Ua»!;, lor sale by 3
I' '^'i 1 "" A%U „ 4 ' halt p lpt . a mi oc .
wh 'rL v J lel,neJ Bu S" Tuacalocw
wn SKIy, and lor sal- by
-'° WH.LIAMs & BROTH 2R.
N"u 4 10 L STA I m "PCKWIiiAT^Tr
, '.I? " y „ JAVES B eiiKLTON,
—~ "'JiTi*r (?f 4 f h fcn<] Bro r «d fctreetg.
|> L'USLSii FLI Ji)—Received t Joj, for
~.r a J c 'y THOMAS E FACE.
- — _____ 22! Brosd street
T .or sulT
oc * w ..,•■» . JUAN J'IZZINI,
«<> r.o thrt hxcfdtye Bank
F**■?"?*«■ i?" l i* HKB ' Ac—A tine a,-
r ® ; -f the above, auitat'.a !<•/ tarri>ur-
r , ,u4te "' «-ch ei ,
nM ' " ttt GINTER'3
- — Main St.
SiO*„ 5 hhJl ~rl, rlm .7jr^;Tb"
vV " ae t»*iSaje > t tilt! yt ar. 6
wh. rr r 1 "f u;»od ch»r»ct.r, fur
th'a '.ar^ 4 s pr«j wU! begiveo. A, p'y a:
A W}^~^XaTN li-.-A larut* 'lui
-- .. .••;■ — *•' '"°O4 I; laiote, at 50 cU yard, watlh
'*' " * "o'Wat.d richatjiea, just rectdved at
~ HART a N w atr.re,
- ' 6.1. Main «trei t
•" ' f • «14MTU KA3HI.V i-i.OLil,
• '<'• tale by *
THE subscriber, having completed his winter ar
rangements, takes this opportunity of return
ing his sincere thanks to his Iriendsand the public
generally, for Jhel'beral patronage he has received,
sine- he opened the above establishment, and begs
leave to say that the fcxrhnnxe Hotel is now in
better condition for the comfort of its guests than it
has ever been before. He has made many changes
dictated by experience, which add greatly to its
style, as well as to it* comforts. Bad respectfully so
licits a continuance of the patronage hitherto so lib
erally bestowed upon nim.
no 10—dts Proprietor.
From the Richmond Whig of Nov Olh, 1832.
Exchange Hotel—This celebrated Hotel, dis
t'nguisbed throughout the country for its superior
hcco.iim datum, h«s, under the management ot its
present landlord, Mr J :icn P Bal ard, acquired in a
brief period a greatly extended celebrity. And
that such is the case is no matter of surpiist; to us
fndteel it is but a sinking con*it mation oi a fact well
known to all who have any knowledge of Mr B.'s
mode of entertainng, to wit, that in enterpiise, in
activity, iu the manner and style of furnishing, in
studious and anxious fftorts to secure comfort and
happiness to his guests, he is ui surpassed any
where. We have been inclined to say this much of
the Exchange, and its landlord in particular, by
personal observation of the superb accommodation
t i the house and the indefatigable efforts of Mrß.
to accommodate satisfactorily We have observed
"hit recently many st liking changes have been made
upon the principal floor, both useful and ornament
al, which indicate increased comtart and conven
ience. no 10—ts
\ VERY great inducement is now off-red, Af
1\ ter being engaged ia tavern keeping for thirty
years, and as my health is not good, I would sell all
the r urniturein thi - house. Tne furniture is most
ly new, plain and n. at, and the hotel is furnished
from cellar to garret, all ol which I will sell at fair
valuation. The tavern can be rented upon as lorg
a >»rm rs the tenant may require, and possession
given on the first day of January next. It is one
of the largest and b' »t arranged hotels in this city,
and has been put in complete order lrom bottom to
top at a very heavy txpeuse, ar d many comforts
added which it never possessed before Persons
wishing to engage in this business, will call and see
me at the Union Hotel. JOHN TALMAN.
no 4—3iw2w
GOODS.—We respectfully invite Gentle
n.eo in want of handsome and durable Dress
Boots, Gaiters, dtc, to call and examine our
large and varied assortment of articles in that line.
VVe have been at preat pains to select the most
tast< ful an J choicest geds, and have had mid" ex
pressly to our order various styles ai d patterns of
gentlemen's Dress Boots, Shoes ani Gaiters, that
we are confident will be approved by those who
wish something at once useful and beautilul
Please give us a cali, at our large and convenient
store, wiierc may be found the mart complete as
sortment ofitoors, Shoes, Trunks nnd I'nr
pet Bags,to be found at anyone place in Vir
ginia. WHITE jc PAGE,
73 Main st, 3 doors below Doiley's Hat Store.
til E.\ I> <{ i; A K'l'E U,t> FOII FASH- ;
IOSABLE CLOTHING —Just received the
irreatest variety of Cloths, Cueimercs ar.d '
Veet'ngs, to be found in the city, of the J
latest and most approved styles, consisting in part j
French blk Cloths and Casaimeres, ali qualities; ;
French fancy coi'ii CI ths and Cassimeres of evi ry I
shade and quality, French Bsaver Cloths, all quali
ties; French fiimalsga Coating Cloth, entirely new; j
French Petetshara Cloths, French marble aud
clouded Uassiaieres, new
Testings.—Figured Silk, Plush and Velvet;
Quadrille Silk, l'.ush and Velvet; Watered Silk,
Plush and Velvet; Kibbed Siik , Plush and Velvet.;
plain Plush Silk, Cashm>re Vestings, Demask Silk
Vestings, black and fancy Grenadine Silk Vestiugs.
Bulf" and white Grenadine Silk Vestings, Party
Vesting decidedly rich.
Keady-.Made Clothing; of all kinds end qua- !
lities of the ve>y latest styles, such as Kossuth Ovur j
Coats, Esquimaux Wrappers. Lamattine Sacits, j
Paletot Frocks, Albert Tup ilur,ting Coats, j
Fancy Goods—Fancy Tie; and Cravats, Crimp
aud Frill Ties, something ne v; Apron Tie.?, black
and fancy; rich f<.nuy and black Silk Scarf?,do do.
Satin, Gloves of all kinds, Coilars, Suspenders,
Socks —siik, cotton and mt-rino ; rese Shirts, Silk
Shirts, Merino Shirts and Drawers.
Call and see lor yourselves.
oc 13—ts Comer of Main and G jvertinrsts.
f New nnd ( onii'irtnble Schedules.
ter the Ist of March, the following quick and com
fortable schedules will be ran over the inland route
between Richmond and New York: Leave Rich
mond, daily, at 7 o'clock, A. M . and 9 o'clock, P. M.;
arrive in New York, daily, atsj, A. M., and 6J P M.
Fare to Washington, Ist class $5 50
" " 2d " " 400
" " Baltimore Ist " '• 7 00
" " " iJd " " 500
Between Baltimore and Philadelphia by rail
road 3 00
Between Baltimore and Philadelphia, by New
Castle and Frenuhtown line, 2 50
Between Philadelphia and New York 3 00
For let class passengers, and 82 on each for 2d
class do.
Besides the through and direct connexion named
above with the main Northern Roue, through
tickets, direct, can be obtained at she Depot of the
Baltimore & Ohio Knilroad Company, in Washing
ton, for Pittsburg and Wheelir:- via the Ralay
House on the following terms:
Between Washington and Pittsburg-—
(Time 24 hours) §11 50
Between Washington and Wheeling—
(Time 3:2 hours) 1 12 50
Fur through tickets to Washington and Balti
more. or other information, apply at the ticket ol
it is deemed proper, in addition, to state, for the
information ot passengers, that four daily lines are
ia operation between Washington and Baltimore,
by means of which the traveller who, through
hu3'.nesa or l«a delayed in Wash
ington, nas u always in nis power to proceed at a
convenient hour directly on his journey to any
point north of that place. THOMAS SHARP,
Agent of Transportation.
o?fics R., F. & P. R. R. Co., {
Richmond, Feb. 20, 1852. J
P. S.—The Night Train wili not stop to take up or
put down passengers, except at the following sta
tionj: Cottage, Taylorsviile, Junction, Chestertiold,
Milford, Ginney's, Fredericksburg and Brooks'.
N. B.— By order of the Postmaster General, no
mail train will be run between Richmond and
Washington on Sunday nights,
fe 21 T. 8.
HAIK AMITOOTfI BKCililllCit —A Ireth
assortment, together with a good supply of
Perfumerv and fancy article-!, received and tor sale
no 2 175 Broad street.
Column*, CI»LD>, iVe.-Ayers Cner y
Pectoisl, Mrs. Gardner's Ba'aam of Liverwort.
Swarne's Cungq Syrup, Wi:d Cherry. Jayr.e's »md
Rome's Expectoral, and various articles for Colds,
Coug'as, &c. For sale by
no 2 175 Broad street.
rVTOTiCIi.— R. fi. DUVAL having this day ta
«.* ten his brother, J. P. DUVAL, into co part
nership, the business will in future be conducted
by R. it. Duval & Brother, at the old stand,
under the American Hotel. We are n r.v receiving
a fresh supply of Drags, Medicines, P«! ;ts, Oils, tie
tic., and hope, by strict personal attention, to me:it
a portion of public patronage R. R DUVAL,
J. ?. DUVAL.
Richmond, Jvriy Ist, 1852. Jy I
ffgl I f OK WALK.—Th-H use and Lot,c r
lilS. nor of Frauklm mid 4h streets, at present oc
cupied by Cain H M Nimmo. Th"? lot fronts G4
let on Franklin ai l ruus back 120 test o ; 4 h
ttr.-et to a 15 foot alley.
1 or terms, which will ba accommodating, apply
to R. M. BUIU'ON
oc 2
\). eight Brojjne Makers, to
If whom constant euin'ov merit will be f;tv<-,n. —
Apf'-Jto JAMES B. SIIi.LToN.
I - _ Corner of 4tH and Broad streets.
NEW H A supply of very saperi»r new
• lams, jiist rociived ni-d torenle by
D"* Corner Broad aeit 4'h s't
I li'«* CGI) LIVER OIE.-A fresh .up
ply just received for sale by
Bf> " No 155 Main corner 12'h st.
MEBCEK POTATOES,—Iwi bustieU very
fi»e, for sale by *
00 13 GEO. J. HERRING.
ANI) DAY SCHOOL, Corner of Franlo
lin and sth Street*, Richmond, T«.~The
next term of th's Institution will commence on the
Ist of October. The course of study will embrace
all the bianchcs pertaining to a thoro.ugh English
education, together with Ancient and Modern Lan
guages. Last year more then 100 oupils were in
attendance at the same time, but during tin? next
te'rn the number will be restricted to 100—twenty
of whom will be received as boe.rdcrs iu the family
of the Principal. Charge for board, washing and
all usual accommodations, for ten months, 9220,
as heretofore. Tuition in English, from £~5 to
*40, according to the advancement of the pupil.
French. Spanish or Italian, 820; Latin. 815 ; Music
$7 per month. '1 he Ge r mnn Lansuage will be
taught orally, or by the usual method, to as many
as may wi-h to acquire it,frttoj charge.
Kev. J. P. SAFFORD will occupy the position
which was filled by the Kev. W. J Hoge last year.
Mr. Safford is a gentleman of varied and accurate
scholarship, and has had several years experience
as an instructor in soiae of the best institutions in
our country.
Young Ladies from the country, as well as from
the desired to be present on the fir6tday of
the session. It is often a serious inconvenience
and discouragement to a pupil to enter a class
which has made even a week's progres*.
Payments invariably in advance—one-half on the
first of October, the other on the first of March.
All communications will receive prompt atten
tion. Address Rev. M. D. HOGE,
nu 27—d&w3m Richmond, Va.
WOyK VOCAL MUdlC.—Professor Brandt
gr respectfully informs the citizens of Rich
moxid that he intends giving lessons on the above
mentioned insfuments, and also in the higher
branches of Vocal Music, to commence on the 15th
of Noverr next. —
Prof. B. having had an experieftce of eighteen
years in the profession, and having successfully
taught in several of the largest Seminaries in the
South, now offers his services to the different Fe
male Seminaries, as well as to the citizens of Rich
mond generally. Far advanced scholars will hive
the benefit of beins accompanied on the Violin
Professor Brandt is permitted to refer to the Rev
Dr. Jones, and to the Rev. Dr. Leroy M. Lee. All
orders received at Mr. P. H. Taylor's Music Store,
where references can be seen. no B—2w
\|K. «& WHS. KEELING'* Knglixh,
lfl nndFrcnch Hoardingand liny .School
fnr Young l,adie«, Seventh ttreet, between
Fiankliu and Grace, opens Oct. Ist, and closes
July 31st. The course of instruction includes,
Mathematics, Natural ard Moral Science, Music,
Ancient and Modern Languages; in a word, every
thing essential to a solid and ornamental education.
The Principals are devoted to their profession, and
are assisted in every department by an accomplish
ed c jrps of instructors Parents and othei3 are
invited to inspect the Institution.
Tsbm3 — Board per 10 months, or in proportion
from time of entrance, pay half yearly in advance,
•S200; washing,§2o; English. $19 to £20, accord
ing to age ar.d progress of pupil; Music at the Pro
lessors' fe»\ filodern Languages, of which French
is alwa>s taught by an educated native if Paris,
resident in the family, each §20. Day scholars pay
quarterly. oc2s—3* wis
D HAWING.—J. S. PERKINS having return
ed to Richmond for the winter, will'give in
6iruction in the various branches of Drawing, as
Landscapes, Heads, Figures*>nd Flowers. His sub
jects cr models are by the best masters, and have
been selected with a *iew to attract and interest the
beginner, while they cultivate a correct taste, and
graduslly iead the pupil to a bold arid independent
style of execution that will readily enable him to
draw from nature.
All lovers ot this art are invited to call at his
rooms (corner of s;h and Fra:;klin streets; and ex
amice his portfolios.
Lessons given at the pupils' residences, if desired.
Separate hours devoted to young Gentlemen and
young Ladies at his studio, where th»y will be re
ceivtd on the same terms as in schools.
Aljlj liUVX,—II. p. TAYLOR, rith
street, between Grace and F/ankiin—My
School being exclusively for beginners, I give spe
cial attention to Heading, Correct Enunciation,
Grammar and Spelling; also to Geography, Map
Dn.wing, Arithmetic and Hi3tjry. Specimens of
my boys'composition «nd writing, may be always
seen at the Dispatch office. My Kule is peretnp
tory, but as senile as possible. oc 0
31ain Street, Kicbtntrd, Vb.
Splendid Scheme* for November, ISSB.
51!5,1/00, 17,500, 7 500 !
Susauehanna Lottery, Class 47, to be drawn in
Baltimore, «Vednesd=iy, November 17 h. 75 num
bers, 14 drawn.
capitals :
1 prize of $35,0C0 i aOp-izts of. $750
lof 17,500 10 of. 400
lof 7,500 | i 0 of 300
1 of 3,673 | 100 ot 200
Tickets $10. halves 5, quarters 2 50.
Certificate of a package of wholes $100, halves
50, quarters 25.,
836,623, 7 ol 6,500, 10 of 3,500 !
Grand Consolidated Lot'ery, Class 29, to be
drawn at Baltimore on Saturday, Nov. 20th. 76
Nos, 12 drawn.
1 prize of $36.6.3 j 20 prizes of $1250
7 of. 6 TOO i 20 of 650
10 of 3 SOO j 162 of 317
Tickets ©10; halves 5, quarters 2 50
Certificate of a package ot wholes 8130: halves6s,
qu&tiers 'JJ 50.
831,000, 8,146. 5 of 3,5001
Susquehanna Lottery, Class No 43, to be drawn at
Baltimore on Wedns sday, Nov. 24th. 76 numbers,
14 drawn.
capitals :
1 prize of 631 000 I 10 ptizesof SISCO
lof 8,146 : 10 of 1000
sof 3 509 J 30 of 500
a cf. 2.( 00 | 302 of 2*7
Tickets $10: halves 5, quarters 2 50.
Certificate of a package oi wholes $ i2O; halves 60,
quarters 30.
Splendid Lottery for Nov. 27th.
880,000, Grand Capital—4o,Ol'O, 23,6 ;5, 3 of 10 000.
Twenty drawn cumber* ia each package of
twenty-rive tickets
Grand Consolidated Lottery Z, to be drawn at
Baltimore on Satu:day, Nov. 2Ttb, IS.*2. 78 Ncs,
20 drawn.
I prize of. 880,000 I 10 prizes 0f... .SIOOO
lof. 40, i 00 I lOof 750
lof *3.655 ;oof 500
3of 10 000 ] 100 of 40
4 of 5 000 | j 000 of" 300
Lowe 12 Nr> prize SSO; Ist, si, 3d 4th or sth
drawn Nos $32; 6th, 7 h Bth, 9th or lOtli, 525; 11th,
12th, 13th. 14th or 15th, $J0; 16th, 17th, lath, 19:h
or 20th 8 6. Tickets $32: halves 16 quarters 8.
Certificate of a package c f wholes 936 '; halves
180. quarters 90
Ordera for tickets in anv cf the Maryland
Lotteries will meet the in«rt prompt and con
fidential attention, if addr?«ed to
R FRANCE & CO.. Mai* 2 «rs,
OrtoC. VV. PURCELL, Ktc-mand, Va.
DO 2
16 Movcrnor Street,
HAVE in store th»ir Fall stock of French ani
Ametican rAPFK HANGINGS offvery quality
and style, purchased from the beat fact ties in tfrU
e untry and France, m&ay of them very rich and
elegant Also, a very complete a-sortnient ot cur
tain gords, cornices, gln.ps tas«e!s. cor.ls, ba"tis,
window shades, in treat ty, w r.d>.>w blinds'
curtain paper, buff Holland f,r thade?, a tuperi- r
stock ol floor oil cloths, coco mating, curle-i hsir
and shuck rnattics-es. teathr-r b -.lo bi.'sters B :i i
pillows, of the best tj-ialuy, *i h other er:i
cles, in our line, all ot wtiich will be sold on fair
terms, and P«p<»r Han-ir.? end UphoUtering d. t:e
in town or country, at the shortest notice ard by
the best workmen. »e '6 3m
JA S. AT~SNTiI7i77 — A*eur _ tbr~liTixlsO?<
SNEI.L, ha t ikee the stand No 29 w<vt M-.'ai
etr at, lately occupied by Jno, A. stmli Si Co., y.;,d
ha<i jmt rt-e -ived « put, bni by Wedncsd ■</ r?*;',
wili have in etitiie new u .ck ot Staple and
fancy Ory <»ooi1m ( and must respectiuiiy inlic
i'.o ih« ?fctrona*o o' tiie fi 'end -of the late fir.as of
■Ino A Suell .fc Co,, Barn's u. Sneil and tiuiih
Itil ith oc
•' a C ' Vod by
i- barrel# for sale by
" ' '3 FHT at VcCANDI.ISH
WHITE 'f UK Til A>U A~liAl.jU V
II ihilH—Kith att«inab'n by theusdeithe
Sirswberry Tooth Wash For sale at
no City Drug Store.
-11 Mrlber* have entered intoco partnership under
the Arm of PENDLETON St BROTHER, for the
transaction of the Commission Busine»sinTOßAC
have taken Warehouse No. 120 Smith's Wharf,
Baltimore, Md.
Baltimore, August 16th. 1f52.
Hugh .Tonkins & Co , Baltimore.
F. W. Brune & Pons, do.
Wii). Wilson&Sons, do.
Edwin Woitliam m. Co., Richmond.
Arcbb'd Thomas & Son, da.
Hugh W. Fry, do
Rhodes 4c Oglebay, Bridgeport, Ohio.
John Crrigb, Cincinnati.
Gordon &. Co , Louisville.
W H. Bartl'ss, Charleston, S. C.
Otis J Chafee, do. do.
James McCullogb, Pittsburgh.
Brown & Kirkpatrick, do.
Z. Chotre, do.
D. Lamb, Esq., Cash'r N VV. Bank, Wheeling.
S. Brady, Esq., do. Mer. &. Mech. do. to.
James R. Baiter, Whee ing
Joeiah Sibley, Harnburgs, :■>. C.
H-nry A. Schrooder, Mobile, Alabama.
A L. Gaines, New Orleans.
oo 12—t w6m
As the agent and trustee of THOS. H. BLA
KEY, I will sell, privately, in lols containing one
or more acres each, to suit purchaser!, eiaht or
ten <, "(is of the land now owned arid occupied by
the said Blakey. These iots are b' autitully situa
ted on Union Hill, fronting on the road leading to
Blakey's Mill, about a mile and a hall only from
the old market.
Terms accommodating. Refer to John Shore,or
to the subscriber, at his office No. 71 Main street,
up stairs,over Messrs. Sinton &. Co.
au !I—3:awts I. R. WATKINS
FOR SALE—Kor sale privately, a pretty littie
market and dairy Farm, about U miles Irom Rich
moni, embracing 15 acres, beautifully undulating,
and well adapted to tbe cultivation of every variety
of vegetables. Tbe soil is of clay bottom and very
susceptible ol improvement. It is a tine situation
tor tneice business, and has on it an excellent ice
house. The improvements are new f.nd substan
tial. The dwelling is of wood two stories high,
contait.ing six good rooms, with a finely s aded
piazza in rear, and a porch in fr iiit. It commands
a beautiful view of Richmond and the surrounding
country, and is altogether a healthy, improving and
desirable place.
A great bargain ct.n be had if early application bs
made, es the owner is desirous of so: ling in order to
remove to the lower country. For term*, apply to
J^^Seini-weekly Whig and Enquirer copy for
one month. m4—2awSt*
I L.MBKR, M.UUl^K.—in addition to our
general assortment of seasoned White Pine
Lumber, we have, in our yard, over 350,000 feet of
s asoned White Onk nmi Button Wood
Boards, suitable for tonacco boxes. Purchasers
would do well to apply to us, either personally or
by letter before purchasing elsewhere.
TOME &. h iN I.HART,
so 13—2aw3rn Port Deposite, Md.
VLW YOiiK i, IF ft 1 LRA.V V K CW M
i i PANY.—The quarterly s atement of this com
pany is received, ending Ist October c
During the quarter 244 P licies were issued—pre
miutns on the same amount to $16,048 56
Premiums on renewals, same time 69 475 76
Tutal premiums $e5,524 32
Losses paid during the same time amount
to 19,750 00
The assets of the company up to the same
date (invested in United States and
New York State Stock, &c ,) were... $559,860 00
Tnis company coL'finea its business to Lite In
surance alone, a:.d being or> the Mutual plan, all
profits accrue lor the benefit of the icsuied All
losses paid punctually, 60 days after proof of the
death of the party, or it will be advar.ctd, deduct
ing the 60 days interest
For further information, call on the Agent, No 203
M'.in street, square above the Banks.
oc 20 CHAS. WORTH AM. Agent
ALtlj Physicians agree that "large and trequent
doses ot nauseous alcoholic compounds taken
into the stomach from time to time, must have a
tendency to d< stroy the healthful tone of that vital
organ of the human system," and » is well known
to all the medical profession, that the active princi
ple of a galion of liquid medicine can be placed in
a teaspoon; why then the use of giving large and
n-useous draughts The erroneous idea that -'the
mora nauseous the medicine the more potent its ef
fects," is now discarded by all ca did reasoners,
and it is indisputably proved beyond doubt that
the mjtt agreeable and palatable nature, is the most
ell'ectual remedy lor Coughs, Colas, and their con
sequences. They invariably give relief in ten min
utes, ard are so pleasant to the taste that any child
will take them.
Price 23 cents per box. Far aa'e by
no \ GAYNOR & WOOD, Druggists
BARRELED GUNS! ! —Just received, direct from
Europe, the most splendid lot of Rouble mid
Single barreled Gune, Percussion Cape,
Powder Unslvrt n::d *hot Touches, ot every
description, which will \>a sold at very reduced
Having been to England myself, making all my
purchases direct from the manufacturer tor cash,
and being desirous of doing a large business in the
Can line, I willsf il as low 39 any Northern Import
er, at my Cheap Cash Store, No 98 Main street,
Richmond, Va HENRY iiYMAN,
Importer of Gu::s end Watches,
Next door to Joha N. Gordon's Grocery Store.
Sportsmen ate respectfully invitee to call and ex
amice the n-A- Patent, nr.d latest Improved Double
Barreled Guu.jast received trom England.
A lloeral discount will be rn.de to Whole
sal- i/ealers and Country Merchants
Don't forget that it is "No. 93, Main street," Rich
mond, Va. se 17
A The subscriber begs leave to inform his city
and country friends, tnat he is still receiving by
steamer ail kinds of Goods in his line, which he oi
lers at wholesale or retail, on reasonable trras.—
The following articles comprise a part of his as
50 boxes Lsyer Raisins, fresh aad ftca
75 halt do do do do
25 boxes Preserved Ginger
1U catks dry Carrai.ts
20 dozen assorted Pickles— gallon, half gallon,
quarts ar.d pints
3'loo lbs soft and nard shelled Almonds
10 bags Palm N'ais
5 bacs Filberts
50,000 Cigais—from prime quality ta low price
A great variety of Fancy Candy always on hand,
with » large assortment ot Fancy Arriofesand many
other Goods too tedious to enumerate, it; store and
for sale by k JUAN PJZ2INI,
oc 4 W" 152, next to Exchange Bank
tyHITK ASH AiM'Jtl K.\t ITK UUAii.
Landing Irom schr George, a cargo oi supe
rior Whits A*h Anthracite Coal. Person*
laying in their winter supply of the above C. al,
w.,ulri do well to send down their orders. $0 75
per load, delivered anv where in the cttv
se 7 Dock Wharf.
XjOTICK. — .it a meerin* ul the Pre^ides t and
1- 1 !).rectors of the Richmond, Fredericksburg
acJ Potomac Rwiro d Company, held at the Depot
i:i Ph hm -nd, 20 U October, ifSi:
Fmolvcd, 'l e t a dividend of per cent out of
the prori:»of ih.r company I .r six months ending
J ;th September last, tie u clared. parable te th-'
st irk! olders or their legal representatives, ocaca
after the fi. »t <-£ November neat
A true copy lrom the. mi> u: -s.
oc 2*J C W MAOMURDO. Treat.
•? green w .th bra?« mouldi igs, bronz -d and Nur
se. >'K- nders. suitablalt.r ci.y ami c istry ft;e
elders; brass hal pulished and kttchta tirelraus,
c. sorts:i, ir pricc» Iroui 50c- ts to *7 57.
Also, a good assoitracnt of polished nuS brass
fcf al Pi.'ivjr.-, fjr sale by
I LlUUORiCte.—We will be regularly oupp!ii»d
by importers will* M*«« I.iqu rivi l the"d<«ek
1 Co." bt«nd, a *•:! ui e aad j»uru article, whii h
w ♦ a-f:_»uth iiz 1 lo( il O'.d w-triant a* such.—
Vis j with the 'G. C." biai.d. Manufacturers are
r to jj!ve us a call Ciders from the couu
try promvt'y esc?ut- d
oc ia t urn.am jt watson
W 1-liVI'M Venuiii, itist, blZ u»e, Aitt aad
- • lf«neU l.'rslrojfr,—Tin r.buvo art'ale
juai rtrie;it>d fii.tn the matulacturers, wl.h lull di
r<ju:ijtuf >r use, auti lor sale by
BO 8 A 75 Broad street.
mad* and repaired
thoroughly, and or, r .», „
On Governor Street, '
Opposite the DiapntchOßW
Ey Musical Boxes. Aecardenns, * e r
Plate, Slc , engraved. Clocks attended U> «i •
miles of tbe Post Office. ~c "?'
*Lu7;V f>>^
Bait;mora Co.:', ,-e oi*D«£:\ : ! ' :i
ry.) offers his professional
to the citizens of Richmon i and virii.ity 1
Office 145 Main street, ..
RrrKRUVCM— Professor C. I!, OiWr ft"!
C. P. Johnson, Rev. Dr. Howell, Rer j•> T :
Rev. R„. R viand, A. G. Wort ham, M. 1) and Vv '
F Butler, E-q , Richmond. ' Du H =
Prof' ssorC. A. Harris, Professor Tfcoe r o i
Prolessor W. R. Handy. Prof 0 O Cone .Mr
ter Noble. D.D. 8., Baltimore.llon* n f L " 4
~^ r ~,r
prices, d.'sfrea fo make^',"'''' 1
every persm that he will continue perm
ioiiow ng charges lor his services- with -h, '
ance that his operations shall be pvf .rrrV.j
than under his past exorbitant lees. H w» •"'o'"
cause he and his assistants are kept i n f u >;,, .
and make ir.ore money.
Extract tooth 25 cents; Pl.iz with si'ver o- «„ -
feats; with gold 75 cents; Pivot Tooth*' V*'p'?
Tooth $3; upper or lower p. tts j" with o- '
out natural, artificial eums. src ' , *.
Fiaros irum tl-.e prpu s- -
* -* J "acrs, Nunns&Clark. '
Tlfse instruments received the great go ,
prize at ;he ••IVoila's Fair," London, Sol » <
ihey have invariably received the Jirit pri'-tL'-.'
American Institute Fairs in this country p'"'
combine all the modern improvements W r "J
Metallic Frame and pcUnt ever strings ind
confidently recommended for stceeintss <J t>» <
great durability, which quality will be
in the country, whore good tuners are k
tound. , E
P H. Taylor has sold these instrumentsin t'-j
city ior the Ust seventeen yeai s to the entire sav
iaotimot his numerous customers.
fjp' Old Pianos taken in part pay.
Pit.no Stools and Mur-ie, (the lareest anj W
collection in the Sta'e) Violin and Guitar String
Violins anl Gditars of the beat quality at ' »
prwes. p. a TAYLOR,' '
Piano and Music Store.
PC 5 IfiO Main street, opposite th.> Banks
spectfully informs the tn eda v j
o d customers of his father, and tb j
' " cublic in general, that he has juj
i pened a handsome essoitment of Double ainj
Single films, Powder Flank*, vhot B«!>»
Game Bags, and every article in theGunaoa
Sporting line. Also, a gieat variety of Colt's F.ve
Shooters, Allen's Revolvers, tiugle barrel Piston
all kinds, Bowie Knives, &c., &c., all of which ?
be sold at the lowest possible prices.
GUNSMITHING done in ali its vaikties,such is
gun. rifle and pistol stocking, altering tire ar- i •
ali kinds into percussion ana all other rep-irs
longing to tbe trade. Keys fitted to d or trunk
cabinet and other locks; and walking Canes mrua'
ed in gold or silver—all of which »ill be under this
supeiintendence of his father, THOMAS TYUER,
so well known to tbe public of Virginia for the imi
25 years; rind notice Is here given that TYRER'*
Gun Establishment is No. lio Main, 3 doors be; *
Governor street
NOTICE to my old friends, customers, nnd toi
public in general, is here given, as per edvertlii
meut above, tfcat you will find me once a:ain to
lowing my old business ; and it will give me mucii
pleasure to wait on all who may give me a call a;
No. 116 Main street, in telling to th>-m any articl"
in our line of business, from the smallest quantity
of ammunition to a superior double-barrel Uutr o:
in attending to any work in the gttnsmithing line
find promise that no such work shall leave Tyrer *
Gun Establishment, unless it is dona in the m ist
substantial and superior maimer
ni s—dim Gun ard Rifle .Vi.ker.
•j[DENCE FOR SALE.—I otfer for sale tbe
very desirable private residence, situated on the
coiner of Marshall and Ist streets. The dwelling it
new, comfortable and comm idiaus, and contain*
eleven rooms, to which is attached a larje kitchen
smoke, wood nnd coal bouses. The situation of tL.s
property renders it •esirabl; as a private residence.
For terms apply to VV. BOOTWRIGHT,
no 9—lm Corner Ist and Broad Sts
MFOK RENT, tur th-year lea3,«.rto: t
term of years, that targe House and Lut in the
town o» Manchester, commonly known as the old
Farmers' Its size and locality, n> ar tha ci
ty, make a desirable place to any gentleman who
might wish to open a boarding school, rr it would
suit very well two small families. All necessary
r«p-.irs wil! be put upon it. For terms »rd pnrUi>
ulars apply to Robert D. Ward, attorn y at ,aw. No
63 Alain street, nearly opposite the t'i'y Hotel,
no 2 —lm*
fijis FOK itE.VT, a large Brick Tenement a
Biia Gra( o street, west of Madison stri et, cow ck:
cupied by Mr Bowers. Possession may be had i:a
mediately. Rent §050. TOLER & COOK,
no 4 General Agents
"gs-*r~T> KIIWARD.-stayed IrunHarn
lin street, between 7th and fe;h street!
VjM on the 4th October, a larsa Durham
•"■""CMHV, with black sides, v lute face i>:j I
white streak down her back. Any'jerson gi.l
such irlorraaiion at th:s office us wil! ead to the
recovery of the said cow, wiil be suitably rewar
ded. no 5— 13t
& H.
l iKUi.MA ( fc>lKAii »t,AlLni,<.U».-
Monday, 15.h the cars on this ruud will arrive »t '■
P. M.
Passengers will then come through from Stan
ton same day.
The train will continue to leave Richmond »t t
A M., stopping at the Junction lor breaktast.
no 11 E. H. GILL, Saperintemiert.
ways on hand Pickled Cucumbers, in vinegar
aud spiced lor table use, in barren, hsil barrels,
ga.ioa or hundred, which we will sell very low tor
cash. We »ell them by the gallon at only two sh:.-
lings. Those that are in want of a gooJ ar'ic'e, w-i
please give tu a call Ht'LSi' KIAC,
no 9—2w Old M irkat.
sortment of plain and watered biack silk Ciosk*
black sok aud saiio Mantiiias and velvet C:oak«-
just received by Roanoke. Good barg ias can b«
had by calling early at UARf A MOsKr.
no 12 63 Matn street.
AKI'IjIj Hnd wt:li telected tiocll ol uKUt'i
ill ES cLiistmtiy on hand, for tale by
no 12 Corner ol Broau and 4sb utrert*
fyoooks WAKE.—A iuiFai.Jrt::ien!
» T a W*te of -'rery description. ttmkeUi
Broom*, and Deouijohna, jutt received per »!saai-.
•ad 1. r sale by P WOOLFOLK Jr.
n ■ 13 tao Broo i .
J~i UAMJI ii.-s, WINKS, Sic.—One p>«', a
-f pt-rio/ L D Brandy, osajiipe
Brandy one pipe U!d Made ra Wioti e bo*
Laci.;>'» Old Whi. key. tw;> bbl* Game
AUo; • full etiort'uent b•« Paoiiiy t» '"C '*•
>:?. red on tee ruott reis>B»t>l terun
cn 13—t* 130 i;roai ttmt. _
IQIJ b7uFkEISTtAU, receiving.: r» 1
no ij 8 McQKVD v R * s *L_
VKVV' IIA.U* A M «r»l rat-» iUm* la *w ; '
il u.:d for ia'.a by P. V\ OOLPOLiv. Jr.
no t3— a l»i> B.i 1 d treet
HKltaiNtir.: H-> 1 • - '
family Kot< lit
SO bb!» No 1 ilaliSax Herring*
SO do N.» a do do
, In store and fjr*r!e low i-y A. 3. LE...
RU t!^—t* -
_ WNs^ _ Tbe ,a>cr-.be »
I wiii receive propooa!* (or Use *tone work :o _ r
tbe foundation of a bei'din# about 40 W' e
l«rr-.iUr»in y be Mccitaiuod on ai* u:
no 12 LEWIS D. CRENSHAW it tO _
ECONi) *tF FL V « ¥ WIN r^ l '
GOODS — We »r>» now in receipt of our tee-- ai
•ujipiy ot Wi-ter (ioodt, p-.trch'iaed rec-r'/y »•
g'eatly reduced price*, ttf wht'h we invite
leLtiou of a 1 vert >c* iu w*at of do»ir«bl •
rxireme'.y Itw price*. HART Mt
1111 It) New *tor*. 63 M iin t'ri^_

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