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vol . 3--NO -\2
/AS. A COWA.RDIN, Proprietor -
i- •• a r *rWal».c fart, that among the hundreds of
i ....•! ' ; i.v*. iat... »in h.tvit examined the recipe by
v h K.iil » tparilla ih prepared. not one has con
but ail approv it. and commend it in the
I . - term- Many express themselves
«■:. -. in the b<lief that it is decidedly the b>'st pre-
I ':. i 1! >•:- <; .ii. Nt!: it li t> vit !.►-«-1. placed he
t- ' p public Although there are many physicians
\t: el » reluctance to having tlieir names appended
t ' •• recommendation of any particular remetfy, not
%>-*.iridii\2 thev may approve of it in the highest de
ar.'!.»re nr.- others whofrankly \:eld their support
in!.i. rot a r'mi-iiv which they know is capable of
ri.j 2si much jjoort in an afflicted community. As an
> . r, read the following from old and respectable
ph\ - ot h.ih standing in the community in which
ti'.ev live :
Locisvillf., July 13th. IP-19.
I 1 >-.e examined the list of articles that compose
.1 i Hull's Extract of Sarsaparilla, and have no ne«i
t.'it i in savin* that it is «, safe and valuable com
pour Iv» .'il.i prefer it toany article now in use, for
the diseases arising from an impure state of the blood
i a ■ i "* the - • I confidently recommend it to
'■ v :-eiid« a- h- i:g ; i powertul Kxtract, and one that
I i/.-i;eve will c .:ea!l classes of diseases for which it la
rec mended, ;t Med according to directions. 1 be
rey. - to he a \aiuiihle suc-edaneum to mercury.—
N have my doubts whether, in the most violent
i-\i rn iricled cases ot Syphilis, accompanied with
f>. .;e S Troph** in caries of the bones, whether itought
II supercede any other remedy.
S. 11. M< < ONAC HIE, M. I).,
'■?o: i try M mbi r of the Medical Society Phil.
\\ ' at Dr. Owen, Druggist and Apothecary, of several
* ■ .;•■ «!au(i ng. says about Bull's Sarsaparilla;—
Louisville, May 31st, 1848.
M"i Joh nßt ;.L—l have been, for a number of years,
sevr - ! v afflicted with a Mercurial lleadacheand a dull
heavy pain :my liver. I user! almost ail the rente
r- ' the day. especially the Sarsaparilla prepared by
(iitterer.t p*-rsons. (Jul ail to little or no advantage,
i t. I chanced to uie't with yours, three bottles of
: ga\ c uie more relief than all the others com
i. lied
I ;refore t ,ke pleasure in recommending yourSar
s ; i t to the a!9ictedcommur:ity as a superior arti
cle Very respectfully yours.
:!- <.rw!.'t Or Stn:»p, a physician who stands at tlie
top "f his p..'te- ~i,. suysof John Bull's Sarsaparilla:
1 have been n John Bull's Sarsaparilla in a great
variety of Chr.mic diseases, with the most happy
e:ie ' ■ . and I have no hesitation in recommending it to
the i • blic for the (tire of Syphilis. Scrofula, and all
< u' ~ eous and Glandular diseases.
Yours most fervently, VVM. STAPP, M. I).
LkwiVport, Kv., April 6th, 1849.
Let aJiwh-> are Butterbur under the agonizing tor
t :lr> - , Kiietin attsm, read the following, and see what
may e done for them, if they will use the infailibie
I'siontown. Kv.. May 12, 1848.
Mr John Bull—Dear Sir: For the last three yean
I been afflicted with Rheumatism of the|severest
(.-ii ire- r» i. I was at times in the greatest agony of pain;
I tried c verj* remedy I could procure for the disease,
i ! found iio permanent relief until I was induced to
ust your prep nation of Sarsaparilla, which has entire
ly r.ire.l me of Rheumatism, and greatly improved my
general health more than any medicine I everused. 1
have iieen free of pain for several months, and have
no (h:ubt the cure is permanent, and 1 recommend it
:.s*the best medicine in use for Rheumatism.
Loudon, Kv., April 2.5 th, 18.50.
Sir—Permit nie to address to you a tew lines, and do
me the honor to reply to a request that 1 will make in
the t nclusion of this letter. &ic.
I im a graduate ol Transylvania Medical Universi
ty;! have practiced medicine in this wilderness coun
try about five V'-e.M. but owing to exposure to bitter
cold weather, i have been indisposed with Acute Rheu
matism about >in months. After having exhausted my
•kill i a the treatment of my case, and deriving no bene
fit, I was induced to give your Fluid Extract of Sar
a-par.iia a lair trial, and accordingly purchased a bottle
of your medicine from your agent, Mr. George P.
Brown, about two weeks ago. and I must confess that
one bottle has entirely cured me.
||!t is my opinion that your preparation of Sarsaparil
la is idedly superior to any other preparation now in
use. and I will take great pleasure in recommending it
to the afflicted as being a remedial agent, and I will ad
vise physicians to use it in their practice,
Respectfully yours, B. B. ALLEN, M. I).
Kev. E W. Sehon—Rev. E. Stevenson.
Louisville, May 20th, 1849.
We have used John Bull's Sarsaparilla, and have
known it to be used, with entire satisfaction, and we
have no hesitation in stating, that we believe it to be a
at it and valuable medical compound, and calculated
to produce much good, and relieve much Battering; and
therefore would cheerfully and most earnestly recom
mend-Cto the afflicted. I Signed.]
DR. JOHN BULL'S Principal office,
el Fourth street, Louisville, Ky.
Where applications for Agencies must be ad
For sale iu Richmond by
my 17—dJtawwly Druggists, Sole Agents.
DIC, for the cure of Asiatic Cholera, Cho'ics
of' all Kinds, spasms, cholera morbus, dysentery, diar
rhea, lock jaw, violent pain, whether rheumatic or
ueiiraiiic. cramp in the stomach, toothache, uervous
headache, delirium tremens, spider bites, dyspepsia,
fulness from imprudent eatma, threatened abortion,
fits, sir,king o: congestive chills, ague and fever, burns,
curs, i.c.
Accompanying each bottle is a pamphlet containing
full directions for its use, in the various diseases for
winch it is recommended, as w ell as presenting many
stron;; testimonials.
This medicine is not only efficient, but safe. It is
edapted to many of the most violent diseases, giving
tiie most prompt relief, and is especially suited to large
families as well as to travelers. The proprietor, there
fore. would respectfully ask the attention of the public
to .ts claims ; which are founded on more than twenty
>ears' experience in Its use, and not on conjecture.
II has already become a very popular remedy in ma
ny parts of the country, and is destined to be so wher
ever it is introduced.
We would respectfully call the attention of the pub
lic to the following, amongst many names of highly re
spe' t able and w ell-known gentlemen in different parts
of the country, who have used it, and spoken of it in
high terms • .
Muscoe Gamett. esq, Essex; Jas M Jeffries, esq. King
and Queen, Va; Alexander Dudley, esq, King and
Uueen, Va, R IV Schooler, esq, Caroline, Va; \Vilsou
C 1 Vmberton. King William, Va; A B Walthall, Cbar
lottesville, Va; Thoa D yuaries. Richmond, Va; John
\V Woods, Baltimore: \Ym F Pendleton, Washington;
Newton Short, King William: Winston, Chester
-.eid, \ a; James W (joss, Gordonsville, Va; R LCole
naii! Richmond. Va; N B Hill, Richmond, Va; Thos
Starke, Kins William, Va.
Amongst the many physicians who have used it, we
bez leave to refer, for the present, to the following:
Dr John S Lewis, King William; Dr WmT Down
er, Kir.g William; Dr W/n R Purkins, Northumber
land; Dr Richard T Hundley. Hanover.
We also ask you to read the following certificates,
and refer you to many more in the pamphlets and our
various advertisements
| n ( fcoUm, A U ne in'* Fever. Jko.
Dr Du Vai—Dear Sir: 1 was promptly relieved, a
few \ ears ago, of a violent attack of something like the
cholera, by tak na a larue dose of your Anti-Spasmod
ic. Since that time 1 have frequently witnessed its
good effects in other cases About six weeks ago I was
.uttering exceedingly from an attack of Third-day
Ague and Fever. It had been increasing in seventy
ior nearly a month. I determined to try your Anti-
Spasmodic, au i accordingly took a large dose of it just
belore the time for the chill It produced-over the
whole system a peculiar sensation of warmth, which
was Kept up by repeating the dose once or twice at
intervals of two hours. Though necessarily exposed
sine e I have felt no return of chill. 1 feel CONFIDENT
H; recommending your medicine.
Very sincerely yours,
King W iUianr, July, 1852.
In ( rami.. liysrnirry, nnd Spider Illten.
Ilr Du Val—Dear Su 1 have administered your Fa
intly Auti-Spasmodic >n several violent attacks of
ormnp and dysentery. I have applied it externally to
the bite of a spider," when t! ere w+i an enormous en
largement of the limb, and intense pain—in ail with
perfect success. 1 have sold a great deal of it in this
neighborhood, and as far as 1 know, it has given univer
sal satisfaction. Ail wbo have tested it seem to think
it has do equal as a family medicine. I deem it due to
»a\ that in most of the instances alluded to above, va
i oub remedies were used w itnout etiect.
K' ni»r-tf'ully, yours,
<Si#ned) 8 W V MUSE.
Manufactured by P P DU V AL. M f>, Knia W ilium
i H. Va. to whom aii ciders »lioul<l be addf;socd. i'nce
1-2 c«>nU autl $1 per butile.
for sai.i in Richmond, Va, by Purcell, J.add 1 C o,
v. i-: >tnd bv Thoma*& McCarthy, J Blair,
A Hod~krr and W'/n Pi-aOd; in Baltimore by Canby
o. ICkt.-b ; iu Portsmouth by (Jarlick fc Uwathmcy. and
by Druaaml* generally. au o—3tawta
ijTl, r~fc nodliUO W N UHKM mid J'KOCK
i) « ~4 in —Call t.£ No lli, .'<!'» n Hirer*. aad
.« i #»» ,nment of Bloe and Brown Dint bad
i CukU F>r eaie by
b 'j jii) No lli, Main Street.
."♦lain Street. Richmond, Va.
Splendid ISrhenim for November, 1552,
»-t 1 ,000, 8,146, 5 of 3,5001
Susquehanna Lottery, Class No 48, to be drawn at
Baltimore on Wednesday, Not. 24th. 78 numbers
14 drawn.
1 prize of $:i 1,000 I lOprizesof $1500
I°l 8.146 10 of. 1000
s°f 3,500 I 30 of 500
5 0f...... .. 2.000 | 30-2 of 287
Tickets «10; halves 5, quarters 2 50.
Certificate of a package of wholes 4120; halves 60
quarters 30.
Splendid Lottery for Nov. '27th.
180,000, Grand Capital—4o,ooo, 23,655, 3 of 10 000.
Twenty drawn numbers in each package of
twenty-3ve tickets.
Grand Consolidated Lottery Z, to be drawn at
Baltimore on Saturday, Nov. 27th, 18"2. 78 Nos,
20 drawn.
1 prize of. 880,000 10 prizes 0f....81000
1 of 40,t00 10 of 750
1 of 23,655 10 of 500
3of 10 000 100 of 400
4of 5,000 1000 of 300
Lowe-t 2 No prize SSO; Ist, 2d, 3d 4th or sth
drawn Nos $32; 6th. 7ih,Bth, 9th or 10th, $25; 11th,
12th, 13th. 14th or 15th, $i 0; 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th
or 20th, $;6. Tickets $32 ; halves 16, quarters 8.
Certificate of a package of wholes 8360; halves
180. quarters 90.
Orders for tickets in any of the Maryland
Lotleries will meet the most prompt and con
fidential attention, if addressed to
R. FRANCE t CO., Maaagers,
Or to C. W. PURCELL, Richmond, Va.
no 2
MFOK RENT, for the year 1853,0r for a
term of years, that large House and Lot in the
town of Manchester, commonly kiiown as the old
Farmers' Hotel. Its size and locality, near the ci
ty, make a desirable place to any gentleman who
minbt wish to open a boarding school, or it would
suit very well two small families. All necessary
rr pairs will be put upon it. For terms and partic
ulars apply to Robert D. Ward, attorney at-law, No
03 Main street, nearly opposite the City Hotel,
no 2—lm*
MFOK SALE.—The House and Lot,cor
ner of Franklin and 4th streets, at present oc
cupied by Capt R M Nimmo. The lot fronts 64
feet on Franklin and runs back 120 teet on 4th
street, to a 15 foot alley.
For terms, which will be accommodating, apply
to R. M. BURTON,
oc 2
OS FOR SALE OR RENT, tnat desirable
Jjjj prvate residence situated on the corner of Ist
and Marshall streets. The dwelling is new, com
fortable and commodious, and contains eleven
rooms, to which is attached a large kitthen. smoke,
wood and coal houses The situation of this pro
perty renders it iesirable as a private residence.—
For terms, r.ppiy to VV. BOOTWRIGHT, Jr.
Possession given Ist January. no9—lm
' and below coet, for cash, a good stock of
Ready Made Clothine, still to be disposed of. Most
of the small notes will be taken for Goods. Call
soon if you wish to fret|some bargains in Clothing,
at the cheap store of P. DORNIN,
90 Main street.
Storefor Rent. oc 23— dim
til* I /tA * 1.00. —Or e thousand l.ikei esses
X fy have been taken at OSBORN'S Ds
guerrean Galleries since the reduction < f prices.—
And we n w with it understood by all that Osborn
will continue to take fine Sky-Light Miniatures in a
neat case for $1. Remember, this is the only place
where Sky Light Miniatures are taken for SI. To
those that thiuk one dollar is too cheap for a good
Likeness, we would only eay, call and get a Like
ness worth sor #10- Remember the place.
Opposite the Ranks, sign of the American Flairs.
I LIQUORICE. —YVewill be regularly supplied
by the importers with Mass Liquorice of the "Beck
Si Co." brand, a genui' e and pure article, which
we are authorized to sell and warrant as such.—
Also, with the "G. C." brand. Manufacturers are
requested to give us a call Orders from the coun
try promptly executed,
Family Roe Herrings
50 bbls No 1 Halifax Herring*
50 do No 2 do do
In store and forssle low by A. S. LEE.
au 10—ts
The attention of Ladies is solicited to the ww
and elegant assortment of Broche, Merino,
Cashmere Bay State and Waterloo (all wool) long
and square Shawls, to be found at the Metropoli
tan Store—They comprise a large variety in quali
ty, style and priie. Also, a general assortment of
Dry Goods, suitable for the season.
no 13 151 Eaele Square, Main street
-1 WOULD respectfully inform my old friends
and customers that I am now engaged with Mr.
E. It. Spence, in the T'iloring department of his
bumnass where I would be pleased to ha*"e th»m
give me a call, pledging them all ia my power to
give satisfaction.
no IS— lm J. L. CROWELL.
VJOTICE. —The subscriber would respectfully
il inform his old customers and the pub.ic gener
al y, that he has employed in his cutting depart
ment the services fol Mr J L CROWELL and J P
HANLON, so well and favorably known to the
Richmond public,
no 16 E. B. SPENCE.
Reduction in prices for dry
GOODS.—AII in want of bargains in Dry
Goods will do well to give me a call. I have a
good maov Gosds, bought at auction, which 1 am
selling very cheap. WM. J SWOKDS,
no 17 £25 Broad street.
B"~~uck wheat cakes in season.—
Babbit's Yeast Powder tor making buckwheat
cakes, Sic., rise, for sale by WM. M DADE
Chemist and Apothecary
no 10 Main street, near Old Market
assortment ol gtound Spices, ground Coffee,
Sic, always on hand and for sale by
no 18 180 Broad street.
ZV'i PATENT CANDLES, 100 boxes Mitchell's
and Juda's Patent Sperm Caudles, for sale by
WANTED-* or tfie balance of the year, a
Colored Narse, rf good character, for
whom, theghighest price will be given. Apply at
this office. oc 8
000 lbs of Lewis' pure White Lead, in oil, in
kegs from 25 to 300 lbs each, for sale at factory
prices by
no 16 BENNETT Si BEERS, Druggists.
C KENT'S OVERCOATS.—Just opt-ned a
f large lot of Fine " Castor Beaver Overcoats,"
some Tery superior. Also, Heavy Pilots, Beaver*,
&e. Overcoats from $3 to $27.
ford Screws, assorted, from 3-8 to 3X inch,
for sale by
oc l9 3 LEW Sl TAYLOR.
H ÜBS A FELLOES.—Hubs, Felloes, and
Bows, suitable for Buggys Barouches, Coach
es and Wagon*, for sale by
received and for gale by
oc 27 222 Broad street
HA Y . —75 bales superior flay dally e*peetod per
schooter Athos for tale by
no 16 Dock Wharf
jljll BARRELS TAR, receiving, for sale
*"U FLOUR in store andtor sale by
the best article of the kind in uw, for sale by
no 17 £• J. i'ICOT, Druggist.
1-v CHAS BAKER, formerly of the firm of Baker
k Tinsley, announces to hi* friends and the public,
that be has opened a store on Broad atreet, No 29,),
two square* above the old stand of Baker & Tins
ley, where he intends keeping on hand a large and
complete assortment of Groceries, as well as
Home Feed of every description He will be
pleased to tee ail bis old friend* and customers at
his new stand, and any quantity of new cnea.
Goods purchased at his store will be delivered in
any part of the city free of arayage.
no 10—ldm
BNELL, has taken the stand No 29 west M&in
street, lately occupied by Jno. A. Sueil <fc Co., and
has just ree -ived a part, and by Wednesday next,
will have an entire new stock of Stnple and
Fancy fry Wood*, and most respectfully solic
its the patronage o* the friends of the late firms of
Jno A. Snell Ac Co., Barnes ic Snell and Hugh
Rileigh oc 11—ts
GLAr-S.—This article is unsurpassed by any other
for purity, richness and »he beaudful clirystaline
apoearance of the Jelly mide with it.
Be sure to get the French Amber Gelatine, which
for strength, richness and cheapness, stand* unri
valled. Sold in Richmond, Va., by
PURCELL, LADD &. CO., Druggists.
Iritis put up in package* of 1 pouiid each,
which are sub-divided into 4 oz. parcels. no 15
AKOUTL'NK FOR si —1 he receipt w.tb
full instructions in the elegant and beautiful
accomplishment of inlaying and ornamenting Pa
pier Itlarhe, (whereby from $10 to $2d per week
may be obtained) will be forwarded to all who will
enclose 81, post paid, to Messrs. SPRING Sl CO, 41
Second street, Baltimore, Md. Numerous ladies
and gentlemen are now employed and realizing a
handsome income from this valuable receipt, which
is made so plain bv the instruction as to meet the
capacity even of children. OC2*—lm*
DI^HOI.IiTION. —The co-partnership here
tofore existing under the firm of L. & M.
ROSE, is this day, by mutual consent, dissolved.
September 16th, 1852.
The subscriber, in returning his moet sincere
thanks for the very libera! patronage so kindly be
stowed on the old firm, bee* to inform his old cus
tomers and the citirens generally, that he has just
returned from the North with an entire new stock
of Fall (jicods, amonjist which may b« found
handsome designs in Silks Silk Velvets, Mouslin
de Laine, Cashmeres, Merino 9, Alpacas, and an ex
tensive assortment of crape, long, square and tfaih*>t
Shawls; also, a very large assortment of Flannels,
Blankets, Kerseys, Linseys, &c. &c., and almost
every article usually kept in a dry goods house,
which will be sold on the most reasonable terms.
oc 6—2 m 203 Broad street.
GKEAT BAKUAINM in calicos.—
A large lot of Calicos, 6i cents, worth 10 cts ;
rich Printed Mouselainea, white and colored Flan
nels, Kerseys, Satinets, Gloves and Hosiery—to
gether with every article usually found in a Dry
Goods house; and if you want bargains, call on
N0285, corner Ist and Broad streets.
no 9—ts
-i for sale a tract of Land in Charles City county,
containing 125 acres, 75 of which are e'eared The
improvements are a framed dwelling, with three
rooms, and the usual out houses. This Land lie*
about six miles west of the court house, and the
same distance from Jamos River, and adjoins the
land ot John Bradley and others. We will sell this
land tor $400 —$200 cash, and the balance within
twelve months. Apply to us.
no 18 General Agents.
—Warranted a safe, snre and mild remedy for
Piles, Pralapsus Aui, and all other diseases of the
rectum. One box will convince the patient of it*
mild and curative properties.
Price 4 oz. one dollar, 2 oz. 50c per box.
Prepared by W. HUTCHESON, Amsterdam,
Botetourt County, Va.
For sale In Richmond by Purcel!, Ladd & Co,
Dove Sc. Co and Adie Sc. Gray. se 29—dly
TER AND JOINER, thankful for the liberal pa
ronage which he has received during the last five
years, would inform his friends and the public that
he ts prepared to undertake BUILDINGS ol every
kind on accommodating terms.
Having a practical knowledge of the business, h
hopes. by strict attention to It, to give satisfaction to
all who may employ him.
Shop on Bth, between Grace and Franklin streets,
Richmond. se 13—dtlj
• PKN.—A further supply received, in regard
to which the National Intelligencer says: "They
are constructed and manulactured on an entire new
principle, thereby embracing all the desirable elas
ticity, and every other pleasing quality of the quill
pen His having been a professor of penmanship
for upwards of thirty years, would enable him to
study the defects and supply the deficiencies that
have heretofore existed in the formation of gold
pens." For sale by GEN NET Sc. JAMES,
no 10 Eagle Square.
Twenty thousand dullars
No 176, corner of Broad and 6th streets. —Intend-
ing to make achange in eur business, we are now
offering at prime cost, for cash, our large and well
selected stock of STAPLE and FANCY DRY
GOODS, consisting of the usual variety kept in a
Jobbing aud Retail Store. Our entire stock has
been bought for cath only, at the best Northern
markets and agents of manufacturers. Having
just received our second supply of Fall and Win
ter Goods, we are enabled to show an entire fresh
and handsome assortment suitable for this season.
We invite our friends and the 'public seneraily to
give us an early call, as we are determined to close
out Bron.8 r on.
On hand, a few pieces double Ply Carpet, and a
lotofready made Servants' CLOTHING,
no 15—dim J. Sc. M. ROSENBAUM
Notice.— miss abba o eanes and sis
ters respectfully solicit the attention of the la
dies of Richmond to their Manum-Maklng.—
As thej have recently moved to this city, they
would be happy to accommodate the ladies with
their neatsewing and good fitting. Prices accom
modating. They will be found on Broad Street,
over D. B. Franklin's shoe store. no 19—7 i*
NOTICE.—The undersign
-* ed having qualified as executor of the las: will
and teetament of his brother, Joseph Bonavita.
dec'd, all persons who are in any manner indebted
will please call aud settle, and thwse persons who
may h*ve any claims against the estate will present
them, properly authenticated.
no 11-.t SIMON BOWAVITA, Ex'r &c.
IVOTICE.—The stock of Confectionary, Fruita,
i v 4c ,of the late Joseph Bi navita, dec'd, will be
sold for cash, at cost, at his late stand, No 76 Main
street, until further notice. A good opportunity is
here offered for dealers in this line to ourcbase.
no 19- I2t SIMON BONAVITA, Kir.
O>QL A BEANS. —500 pounds very snperi
or hiack Tonqua Beans, just received and for
sale in lots tbe suit purchasers, by
no 19 Corner Cary and 20th sts
LICORICE. —The subscriber Das in store and
for sa e on accommodating terms, the follow
ing superior brands of Licorice:—2s cases F G
Stick, 30 cases Beck Sc. Co, Mass.
no 19 Comer Cary and 20th streets.
£5 volving and stationary Castors, Snuffers and
Trays, Toast hacks, Sugar Toius, Waiters, Fruit
a:d Calte Baskets Table and Dessert F'orks, with
many other at ticks of fine plat-d ware (or a ale by
no 19 Corner Main and 12th streets.
taken at par; National Bank <t Washington;
Mechanic's Rank; Merchants' and Mechanic's —
We will take the above notes at their full value,
in pajmtut lor Dry Goods.
no 19 Ch«ap Stores, 15 aid s!> Main St.
MISStS'ANI) CIIILDRtN'S Sliver, aud a va
riety of other Colored Shoes, undoubtedly the
most be.utilul Shoes made at
nu 20 Sign of ihe Boot, 43 Main street
NOR'fhtlS .nAIE routiE?
V* New and Comfortable Schedules.
ter the Ist of March, the following quick and com
fortable schedules will be run over Uie inland route
oetween Richmond and New York: Leave Rich
mond, daily, at 7 o'clock, A. M., and 9o'clock, P. M.:
arrive in New York, daily, atsf, \. M„ and 6J P. M
Fare to Washington, Ist class seats $5 50
" " 2d " " 400
" " Baltimore Ist " 44 7 00
" " 2d " 44 500
Between Baltimore and Philadelphia by rail
road... 3 00
Between Baltimore and Philadelphia, by New
Castle and Frenchtowu line, 2 50
Between Philadelphia and New York 3 06
For Ist ciass passengers, and $2 on each for 2d
class do.
Besides the through and direct connexion named
above with the main Northern Route, through
tickets, direct. c>.n be obtained at the Depot of the
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company, in Washing
ton, for Pittsburg and Wheeling via the Raiay
House on the following terms :
Between Washington and Pittsburg—
(Time 24 hours) ......sll 50
Between Washington and Wheeling—
(Time 32 hours) 12 50
For through tickets to Washington and Balti
more, or other inlormali jn, apply at the ticket ot
It is deemed proper, in addition, to state, for tha
information of passengers, that four daily lines are
in operation between "Washington and Baltimore,
by means of which the traveller who, through
business or nlenauro h» a Hue- delayed in Wash
mgioii, nas ti always in nls power to proceed at a
convenient hour directly on his journey to any
point north of'hat place. THOMAS SHARP,
Agent of Transportation.
Ofmce R., F. <fc P.R. R.Co., J
Richmond, Feb. 20,1852. J
P. S.—The Night Train will not stop to take up or
put down passengers, except at the following sta
tion?; Cottage, Taylorsville, Junction, Chesterfield,
Milford, Ginney's, Fredericksburg and Brooks'.
N. B.—By order of the Postmaster General, no
mail train will be run between Richmond and
Washington on Sunday night*.
Ie 21 T. 3.
MECHUM'S RIVER—Daily each tray, between
Staunton and Richmond in 14 Hours — On and after
Monday, loth Nov , leave Richmond at 6%, A M—
stopping for breakfast at the Junction, and return
ing, leave Medium's river at 11/S A M., and arrive
in "Richmond at fij P M
Daily Connections.
Between Charlottesvi le and Richmond....s3 50
44 - Staunton 44 44 500
44 Lexington " 14 7 00
41 CulpeperCH, 41 " 4.50
Connecting also with the Orange and Aiesan
dria Railroad.
Tri-Weekly Connections.
Between Lynchburg and Richmond, on Monday,
Wedne*day and Fricay going up, 84.50
BBetween Guyandotte and Richmond, same day*
going West, * 20.00
Bttwpen Charleston, Ka ,'and Richmond, same
Jays, going West, 19.00
Between Buchanan and Richmond, _ 8.00
Between Weston and Richm'iod, on Tuesday,
Thursday and Sunday, going West, 14 00
Between Beverley and Richmond, same days, go
ing West, 11.90
•«Oi" • — - ' ■
'Our Stages arrive at Staunton, from Richmond,
at P M., Ist day. at Lexington at sSj P M„ and
day, at Beverly at 7 P. M , 3d day.
A Jine of Kour Horse Cosches will leave Gor
donsviile for New Market, alter the arrival of the
Cars, on Tuesday, Thuriday and Saturday, and re
turn on Wednesday, Friday and Sucday, by Ma
dison C H.
Servants traveling without their masters, must
leave a pass with the Ticket Agent, and also shew
another to the Conductor.
An extra charge will be made if passecgers do
not obtain tickets. E H GILL,
Sup't of Transportation.
Washington passengers may go by the
Junction, and reach that city in 24 hours from
Staunton—taking the night train of the Richmond,
Fredericksburg and Potomac Company.
no 17 Superintendent.
IONABLE CLOTHING —Just received, the
greatest variety of Cloths, Cassimeres and
Vest'ngs, to be found in the city, of the
latest and most approved stylei, consisting in part
French blk Cloths and Cassimeres, ali qualities;
French fancy col'd Cloths and Cassimeres of every
shad; and quality, French Beaver Cloths, all quali
ties; French Himalaga Coating Cloth, entirely new;
French Petersham Cloths, French marble and
clouded Cassimeres, new
Vesting**.—Figured Silk, Plush and Velvet;
Quad rills Silk, P:ush and Velvet; Watered Silk,
Plush and Velvet; Ribbed Silk.Piush and Velvet ;
plain Plush Silk, Cashmere Vestings, Demask Silk
Vestlngs, black and fancy Grenadine Silk Vestings,
Buff and white Grenadine Silk Vestings, Party
Vestinus decidedly rich
KeadyOlade Clothing of all kinds end qua
lities of the veiy latest styles, such as Kossuth Ovor
Coats, Esquimaux Wrappers, Lamartine Sacks,
Palstot Frocks, Albert Top Coats, Hunting Cuats,
Fancy Good*—Fancy Ties and Cravats, Crimp
and Fifll Ties, something new; Apron Ties, black
and fancy ; rich fsncy and black Silk Scarfs, do. do.
Satin, Gloves ot all kinds, Collars, Suspenders,
Socks—silk, cotton and merino ; Dress shirts, Silk
Shirts, Merino Shirts and Drawers.
Call and see for yourselves.
oc 13—ts Corner of Main and Governor sts.
-fT— NOTICE.—The public are here
jySgjjjgHCby informed that the steamboat
be taken off the route via Port Wal
thall, between Richmond and Norfolk, on Monday,
Ist November, for the purpose of undergoing re
pairs «nd being fitted for the winier. Due notice
will b« given wh?n ready to resume her place on the
tine sewn. THOS. DOUAMEAD, Supt.
Offiae R. <fc P. R. R, Co., Oct. 27th, 1652.
■ i That I have now on hand, the
■ largest and beat assortment
#Boots and Shoes, of good quality, ever
Utered in thin city; selected by myself ex
pressly ibr retail, both ot my own manufacture ana
the beat Philadelphia make. Among my assort
ment can be found something extra, to which I
would »ost respectfully call tbe attention ot all in
want, a*they will Desold low. by
Manufacturer and dealer in Boots. Shoes,
Trunks, Carpet Bags, Valicee, &c,
se2 No 127 Main street, Richmond, Va.
r Celebrated Eye Water, tor aU disease.
of the Eves. prepaied by an old Scotch recipe, tor
sale by R. R DUVAL & BROTHER, ,
Apothecaries, under the Amurisan Hotel,
no is Main street. Richmond.
ChEA.VI. —A pleasant and tffisacious
J article for chapped hands, lips, Ac., freshly
prepared auj bigbiy perfumed with Otto of Rose.
For sale by E ■> P'COT.
no i 9 Corner oppftite the Old Market.
HI.ME iAKD.-S bbla No 1 Lard, just re
ceived per steamer and for sale by
no ]g 180 Broad street
KOt'M> PLASTER, Lime, Tar and Grrnd-
I stones, for sale by
FEET —Just received, a lot of extra wide aud
soft Morocco a».d Kid Buskins, at
no £0 8 go of the Boct. No <3 Main street.
bo 17 " Next door to Exchange Bank.
The daily dispatch
"*he old bonnet.
A Story f.r Aat«*.
It was a black chilly day in November. The
w.nd went watltng like a ltviag Ihm r
the naked trees, and dying away i n hollow
murmurs through ihe leaf-bestrewn valley,
But ir. the parlor of Mr. Eirdlong all was as
•heerful as May. A fire in the grate cast a
genial wannth through the richly furnished
room, and the light from the somber sky stole
in through heavy damask curtains, casting a
crimson shado over every thing—over the soft
richly plied carpet—the nicely polished ehairs,
sofas and tables, and eten staining to a deeper
glow the cheeks of two young girls, who sat
with some net work in their hands before the
They sat and gossiped about the dress, man
ners and habit.-" of the various individuals whom
Ihey knew. Tney were the daughters of a rich
merchant, and had just made their entre into
the world.
"I think,,'said Susie Birdlong, the elder of
the two, "that Jane Dixon, to whom we were
introduced at Mrs. Myers'yesterday, can't be
much. Did you notice her dress? Her glovea
fitted her hand well enough, but she has, I
dare say, worn them a doeen times before, and
her bonnet looked as though old Madame Noah
might have worn it into the Ark. She had but
little to say, 1 noticed, and I consider that proof
positive that she can't talk, for when people
can talk, they generally do. At any rate, 1
don't like the looks of her bonnet; and i mean
to cut her acquaintance, let who will visit her."
Her sister smiled an approving smile, and
then the two proceeded to diseect the charac
ter of others.
But let us turn to Miss Dixon, the young
lady who had drawn upon herself censure, by
daring to wear an antique article of dress.—
She sat, upon the same morning in which
we have introduced the Misses Birdlong to the
render's notice, in a parlor equally well fur
nished—equally cheerful, and in her hands,
strange to tell, was the very bonnet—the old
fashioned bonnet, which might have belonged
to Mrs. Noah. She was turning it around,
and contemplating the appearance of its faded
ribbons. Every now and theo, as a wilder
blast swept by, she however raised her head
with an anxious expression upon h«r face to
listen. Once she laid down the bonnet, nnd
went to the window to lookout.
"It is a bitter day," she said to herself,
mentally. "I wonder how that poor Irish
family, the McCarties, will get along 1 I think
that I must go over and see after them. L«l
me think! If I can manage to wear my old
bonnet another winter, I can afford to buy
wood for them, and by curtailing some other
expenses, I could send those two oldest child
ren to school. Once educated they could aid
in the education of the younger members of
the family. As it is, nil are growing up in
idleness and mischief. I think I must try to do
this. But that old bonnet does look shsbby.
Yet I can repair it, by retrimming it, until it
will look near, and why need I care if it does
not look fine ? Thoae who know and love me,
will not care what kind of a bonnet I weni —
those who do not know me, certainly need not
concern themselves about my dress. . I think
that I shall manage to wear it." So saying
she went back to the seat—took up the un
conscious object of the soliloquy, and after
re-trimming it, went out to look after the Mc-
In the Irishman's hovel she was received
with clamorous demonstrations of joy. Her
luce became as radiant with good humor and
benevolence as an angel's. She bought th«
wood and entered the children's names at
On her way home she met Susie Birdlong,
accompanied by several fashionable acquain
tances, not one of whom chose to recognize
her. Had she been fashionably dressed, the
result would have been different.
Was she a gainer or loser by wearing that
old bonnet ? Her own happy heart, as she
mounted the steps of her father's mansion, and
took it carefully off. whispered "a gainer."—
The angels, those bright intelligences, who,
bending from the Mount of God, keep watch
over the actions of men, and shout to each
oilier for joy when they see mortals "bearing
one another's bvrdtns" and fulfilling the
"law of love," shouted in one united chorus,
then, we fancy, "a gainer;" but Susie Bird-
Ion?, and several individuals belonging to her
highly arialoctatie circles, thought otherwise.
Madison Family Visiter.
VF- V incent Hunt, the youngest son of
Leigh Hunt, a poet and scholar of promise, is
jy The Philadelphia Bulletin suggests
that ladies'necks should be/«r nished just
ts- Susan Maria Leerned has obtained a
verdict against Alfred W atkyns, of Albany>
for a breach of promise of marriage, of $3500
Mr. Watkyns has learned a severe lesson
from his acquaintance with Susan Maria.
jy High topped boots are worn by north
ern ladies. It is said that some of them are
not (satisfied with boots, but actually wear
the •
The Abolitionists having given the
Lemmon a Paintful squeeze, citizens are de
termined to treat the country with a little Lern
mcn aid, says the New York Mirror. Quite
witty, that refection of the Mirror.
From the present indications, the Richmond
Dispatch's prediction of a severe winter pro
mises to be fully realised.
Fredericktbicrg Recorder.
No doubt about it. The Dispatch never
makes a false prediction.
Phillips, indicted tor the murder of W. W.
Miiler, was tried before the Common Law and
Chancery Court, in Memphis, on the 10th inst.
The jurors in the case were a long time in
consultation, bul fiually returned a verdictof
"not guilty."
Horse THiti.—A young man who gave
his name as James D. Bowie, was arrested in
Fredericksburg last Friday night, charged
with stealing a blooded horse irorn Col. Thom
son, of Charles county, Md , and committed to
jail to await a requisition. He says bis pa
rents live on James river, near Richmond.
Naval. —The U. 8. steamships Mississippi
and Princeton arrived in Hampton Roads on
Friday from Annapolis.
Nicholas K. Trout has been elected Cash
ier of the Central Bank of Virginia, at Staun
Daniel Tucker, who ha* been so often warn
ed lo "gei out ol the way," ia aaid to hate
been run over by a train of care in Arkanaaa,
which ia the first intimation we have seen that
a railroad had been built ia that slate.
C*rrrsp«a4*«c* of Ike Dlapnteh.
washincton Cm, Hot. 83d, j
Pretty authentic information received, leads
me to believe that Madam Rumor »u in error
in announcing the early arrival of General
Th» C r®n. | S °°" h " t0 Virginia.-
The General, it is now said, will remain at
home, and amuse h.mself by perusing the one
or two bushels of letters which he daily re
ceives from disinterested patriots in all sec
lions of the couotrj.
As the announcement has nor, as yet, been
alMei. "f" I "'' f "2' w,rr * nted 'o staling, that
i2 f T expectants" a, us, b,
will not e ther communication}
invariably nil! T\ f a 'V ab,e
serve ihe'ir J? d ,' or - Let those anxious to
Ex.en..«° ,ntr>l *7 ,hi » »"»h to heart,
the officers and"mSVlff **
Metropolitan Institute for L Mechani.-a'
February ; and we Le er . t xh,b,,,on '«
Mr. Edwin Robinson, tha e ffi r V® ! h "
of ,h. Richmond, .KEta&SX
Railroad, has, with that commendable spirit o?
i' b " a ' 7 fj® 9 e*er characterised his
conduct on all similar occasions, proffered a
free transit ts all articles coming oyer the Una
fended f R,ch ™.° nd * nd Washington, and in
ended tor exhibition. It is to be hoped that
be art£Vn?" fv" D ° • b ® permit,ed fo P"». by
ble.f »i« I V ' r S ini «- to proye to the assem
bled wisdom of the nation, that the t>.d l)o
-- »t" rft BOt 80 r * r b , ehi ? d ,he *pirit and pro
fo be ,B<f ' B9 beeU re P reße " ,e,,
Thursday, the 2»th, will be observed in this
District, as a day of public thanksgiving and
nraise to Almighty God, fjrthe manifold bles
sings He has been pleased to vouchsafe our
people during the pa-t year. All secular bu
einess will be suspended during the day
On Saturday evening, Mr. Henry S. Weight
man, a elerk in the City Poat Office, was ar
rssted, on the charge ol purloining valuable
letters passing through the office. Major
Weightman is r o«t respectably connected,
and heretofore has been regarded a worthy
and estimable gentleman. The crime witu
which he is charged has steeped in distress ft
large number of relative* and friends. Six
thousand dollars were demanded and given as
bail (01 his appearance at the next term of the
Criminal Court, his brother, General Roger
Weightman, appearing as bail.
The Democrats are making preparations to
have a grand supper at one of our princioal
Hotels, in honor of their recent victory. Tick
ets $3.
There are gome half dozen applicants for
each of the principal offices in this city, at the
bestowal of the Executive, vis : the offices of
District Attoiney, Navy Agent, Marshal, War
den of Penitentiary, Post Offioe, Commission
er of Public Buildings, dcc. &c. May they all
have a good time of it. Henrico.
"In the Southern States of this Union slave
ry exists by the laws of the States, and under
the guaranty of the Constitution of the United
States; and it has existed in them from a pe
riod long antecedent to the time when they
ceased to be British Colonies. In this state of
things it will happen that slaves will be often
on board coasting vessels, as hands, as servants
attending the families of their owners, or for
the purpose of being carried from port lo port.
" The maritime law is full of instances of the
application of the great and practical rule, that
that which is the clear result of necessity,
ought to draw after it do penalty and no ha
The case of Mr. and Mrs. Lemtnon was a
case of necessity, as alleged by them; and,
as if Co meet their case, Mr. Webster adds :
" Your Lordship observes that I hare spo
ken only of American Teasels driven into Bri
tish ports by the disasters of the seas, or car
ried in by unlawful force. I confine my re
murks to these cases, because they are th<
common cases. * * But, my Lord, th<
rule of law, and the comity and praetice of
nations, go much further than tlieM case* of
necessity, and allow even to a merchant vea
eel, coming into any open port of another
country voluntarily, for the purpose of lawful
trade, to bring with her, and keep over.her, to
• very considerable extent, the jurisdiction and
auihority of the lawa of her own country, ex
cluding, to thia extent, by consequence, the
jurisdiction of the local law."
Mr. W. confine* himself to cases of vessels
driven into British ports by the disasters of th»
seas, or carried in by anlawful force, because
they are the common case?, —implying thai
there were other cages where the necessity
might not be so great —perhaps tha mere ne
cessity of convenience.
Mr. VV.. says again:
" Your Lordship will please to.bear in mind,
that the proposition which I atn endeavoring
to support is, that by the comity of the lair
of nations, and the practice of modern times,
merchant vessels entering open porta of otbar
nations, tor the purpose of trade, are presumed
to be allowed to bring with them, and to retaia
for their protection and government, the juria*
diction and laws of their country. All this I
repeat, is presumed to be allowed ; because
the port* are open, because trade is invited,
and because, under the circumstances sueh
permission or allowance is according to gene
ral usage."
If such be the law of nations, governing the
relations between governments wholly septr
rate and distinct, much more," it is declared*
are they called for by the comity wbieh should
characterise these United States T In conclu-
Webster says:
"If therefore, vessel* of the United States,
pursuing lawful voyages, from pott to port,
alotig their own shore, are driven by stress of
weather, or carried by unlawful force into Ea-
S liiih ports, the government of the United
tat<>B cannot consent that the local authoritiee
in those ports shall take advantage oi such
misfortunes, and enter them, for the purpose of
interfering with the condition of persons or
things on board as established by their ow*
laws."—A'. Y. Exj re '*•
i CiGARIL—On band, a large and complete as
sortm* nt of ike mutt choice and popular brands of
genuine Havana and Principe Cigars. Those who
sre tond of a f rag rant Havana and a " good snotM,"
should not tail to try those, at
E. J. Floors,
no 15 Comer opposite the Old Market
EXFKCTKD to arrive in a tew dais per brig
Koundpond trom Providence, Rhode Islsnd—
1000 bushels Mercer Potatoes
50 barrels Apples
25 do Cider
2000 strings Onions—for sale by
fresh supply ot the very superior Cod Liver
Oil ot Mr slines, which has received the e- mmen
ditiua of oar best physicians, and la warranted
jure and free trim all aduilari lion.
As a remedy for consumption, coughs and gene
ral dvbillty, it stands unrivalled; for sate by
no 16 Main strret.
JL'BT leceived, a Large aa<* splendid assuiUcent
of Cabioot Furniture, which wilt be disposed oi
very k w. *

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