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VOL. 3—NO. : 14.
r i>\i i> v uiefA l tijti
iAd A. CbWARI>IN, Proprietor.
i l insertion SO 50 J 1 square, 1 month 8l 00
1 do 2 insertion* 075 | 1 do 2mon«hs 700
1 do 3 do 100 1 do 3 do 10 00
I do i week I 751 1 do 6 do 16 00
1 Jo 2*wii 2 75)1 do 1 year 3< 00
t; ramiir cation*are charged at the «axco
ft a f»- meat*.
J v I; (».« or .Vsa make a tqiutrt ; longer ad
if -i >D( Knot proportion, and payable inad-
» •?" A vertN inentt Ins-rted onrw a week twice
i•» k. ■. r ?hr. • 'irii's a we< k. be shared 5C
«> r !b tii»t :a»iril<;n, and J7J ceuU lor each
» •• nee.
rj :ir. notict i ir.«.'; ted fur 25 cents; Fu
c ... d ■.»•••» *•'» cr nt*; 11. aths. without obituary or
f l- I tea Jt, 12 J cents.
fr.i: •' Oaily Dispatch" is »erved io subscriber!
at in a r.q .ar-rr per rr,tk, payable to the
ri-r kiy. Price for mailing, $4 a year In ad-
li *' J - very Friday morning, and mailed
fit ■: >.k • ■ i.la 3 a vkae To Clubs, tor $5 six co
pies; 0 thirteen copies; for #15 twenty co
j » -.m • wenty-seven copies.
remsrksbli fact, that among the hundreds of
'' • piiyjocpir;* who have examined the recipe by
a - - juiril: j is prepared, not one has con
: .* approve it. and commend it in the
' Mmy physicians express themselves
s "i ' fi" b*'i :.-f t iiat it is decidedly the best pre-
,1 Sarsaparilla that hsa ever been placed be
r "* * ui-i.e Although there are many physicians
w reiuctau, e to having their names appended
: : ' emendation of any particular remedy, not
v standing they may approve of it in the highest de.
:• others who frankly vield their support
■.••rot i I fined V which they know is capable of
_■ *0 muth ccxi 111 an afflicted community. As an
• the following from old and respectable
• iih. of standingin the community in which
Louisville, July 13th, 1849.
• ''VIMI Ji: ■ list of articles that compose
■' i , I. of Sarsaparilla, and have no hesi
•. '. v .;. m, that it is a sate and valuable com
r - ■' I would prefer it to any article now in me, for
- « arising irorn an impure state of the blood
■: 01 the system. I confidently recommend it to
fs as l>. lr J a powerful Extract, and one that
• " li<ui. c, sses of diseases for which it is
i» mled, it used according to directions. I be
.: to a valuable succedaneiim to mercury.—
N i.-ne my doubts whether, in the most violent
pi tracted cases of Syphilis, accompanied with
'• - l'foji!,e. in c -r.es of the bones, whether it ought
sip-,, .-de any oth> rremedy.
" S. It. Met OXACHIE, M. D„
: . i .r-. M-mber of the Medical Society Phil
V l , : Jo- i en, Druggist and Apothecary, of several
- MU'imiZ. says about Bull's Sarsaparifla :—
Louisville, May 31st, 1843.
! "U \ II; i.t.—l have been, tor a number of years,
r' i y "f'':ct».'d with a Mercurial Ileadache and a dull
. . pain is my liver. 1 used almost all the reme
- ■ tie- 1: iy. especially the Sarsaparilla prepared by
r*' -. ot person?., Uut all to little or no advantage.
- . I chanced to me. t with yours, three bottles of
v sraveme more relief than all the others coiri
-1 ■ .*refore tske pleasure in recommending yourSar
s . ;!ato the community as a superior itrli-
Very respectfully yours.
' -ar what Dr. Stapp, a physician who stands at the
1 "J his profession, says of John Bull's Sarsaparilla:
-a . - In en usinij John Bull's Sarsaparilla in a great
■ -ty of Chrome diseases, with the most happy
' -. and I have no hesitation in recommending it to
- ; blic tor tie- cur.* ot Syphilis, Scrofula, and all
. aous anil (vlitndular diseases.
Vours most fervently, WM STAPP, M. I).
Lewi'sport. Kv., April tith, 184y.
i • all who art suHerim: under the a-'omzing for
f • f Itle uiij ltism, read the following, and see what
1 i .'1 done for them, if they will use the infallible
1 N1 ontown, Kv., May 12, In 13.
Ma. John Bli.i,—Dear Sir: Forthe last three years
I . . e been afllicted with Rheumatism ot thejseverest
ter. I was at times in the greatest agony of pain;
I 1: ed . very remedy 1 could procure for the disease,
' ro tad 110 permanent relief until 1 was induced to
y air preparation of Sarsaparilla, which has entire
, cured me of Rheumatism, and greatly improved my
general health more than any medicine I ever used. 1
lav ■ been free of pain for several months, and have
1 doubt the cure is permanent, aud I recommend it
ui' ■ v beet medicine in use for Rheumatism
Loudon, Kv., April 25th, 18.50.
>' k— Permit me to address to you a tew lines, and do
i the honor to reply to a request that 1 will make iu
1 conclusion ol this letter, k.c.
■ >'u a graduate of Transylvania Medical Universi
.. I have practiced medicine 111 this wildernesscoun
; \ about five years, but owing to exposure to bitter
«.t u i atlier, i have been indisposed with Acute Rheu
■ ;sm about six months. After having exhausted my
.1 the treatment of my case, and deriving no bene-
I was induced to give your Fluid Extract of Sar
>' ]st r:!!a a fairtrial, and accordingly purchased a bottle
■■' v■ ur medicine from your agent, Mr. George P.
ft; own, about Iwo weeks ago. and I must confess that
. bottle has entirely cured me.
jg! ■■ my opinion that yo'ir preparation of Sarsaparil
.s decii.'. iliy superior to any other preparation now in
1 ad I will take great pleasure in recommending it
r »the afflicted as being a remedial agent, and I will ad
v , (.aysicians to use it in their practice. Si.c.
It. specttuliy yours, B. B. ALLEN, M. 0.
Rev. K. W. Sehon—Rev. E. Stevenson.
Louisville, May 20th, 1849.
v\ have used John Bull's Sarsaparilla, aud have
••.v.i it to be used, with entire satisfaction, and we
i.ive no hesitation in stating, that we believe it to be a
. arid valuable medical compound, aud calculated
i roduce much good, and relieve much suffering; and
■refore would cheerfully and most earnestly recom
ad it to the afflicted. [Signed.]
DR. JOHN BULL'S Prmcipal office,
Si Fourth street, Louisville. Ky.
Where applications for Agencies must be ad
: . eased.
{ or sale in Richmond by
my 17—d«ltawwly Druggist*, Sole Agents.
W 0KI 7 r>loltK'.l KHKL JI ATIC CO 91-
i'O' ND AN !> BLOOD PUi« IFlt'R.—Tbi*
discovery is bringing health and happiness to
Itonsands. Rheumatism can be cured. More than one
-•isuiifi ca»es of chronic rheumatism (of the worst
'Hi; of this dreadful dit>ease) have been cured nerina
during the past year by the use of a few bottles
«»*. r ;us compound. Letters ami certificates are daily
; ji received from parties of high standing, many of
3 hum have been cnpDlesfor years, from the effectsof
* hitherto incurable disease, but who now affirm
U.-.r they are sound and well, made so by this great re*
v, which isa vegetable spirit—an internal remedy
prepared for this one disease alone, and this it will
-re m ev«Ty case, either inflammatory, (acute,) or
Tronic form. Testimony of the most undoubted cha
ter will be cheerfully submitted to the inspection of
who may feel sufficiently interested to call on the
printers. at iheir Central Office, No. 1, Barclay St.,
* or iivuse, New York. One bottle $.S, three bottles
5-* riKCKLL, LAOi) 4c CO,
Sole Agents for Richmond.
i.c 1 proprietors, N. Y.
the («eriimii Yorker AIIk* 1 -
1 miu..- Z-ituriy, ,Se:it. f, 1852.— Kheiimn> ir
;rad.—Mortimore's Rheumatic Compound and Blood
' nri^r—This great remedy seems to prove a specific
jf this dreadful disease, in all its forms, and is bringing
\efto vast numbers \%ho have long suffered. We
lave had persoual knowledge of the virtue and effica
y of this medicine tur some time, and witii pleasure
tf-r to a most obstinate case of chronic rheumatism
ioug standing, which it cured. This case was the
•vTit of a wealthy merchant, who was for many years
- cripple. No expense was spired in visiting the most
-lebrated springs, and procuring the treatment of emi
.ent physicians, This was continued for years, but
he only grew worse, and seemed a victim to its with
iig grasp. Ail other remedies and efforts failed. We
•vere instrumental in inducing her to try this remedy,
i d, to our surprise and her groat reliw, it cured her
ompletely. Some we**ks ago we called and purchased
bottle, at the depot, No. 1 Barclay street, arid sent to
gentleman friend of ours, in this city, who seemed a
■artyr to this disease. This one bottle cured him.—
here are numbers of other cases which hare come
•-der our notice, cured b? this remedy. We are glad
- afi: the *u< ce»* attending the introduction of this
octicine. Its timely use wj 11 save thousands from pain
.d muttering, and restore them to sound and perfect
W«• MisiV this is the only remedy known.
u.< L is put torth for this one disease alone, and we are
ilmth'M it will do what is claimed for it —cure rheu
in ail ;u forms. no I—dif
« taken si par ; NaU>tia! Bink of W»t»nin<ton;
' is»uk, Merchant*' and Mecbmiis'* —
,'u will tike tc- above nutes at their fall value,
;,«yirit i,: iorUry Good*.
iub ii Cheap Swrej. 1 j and 5V Main St.
baily dispatch.
J\tJV\L'* FAMILY ANT|.*PA^»l<>
r vl l( '' for,hec « r »<?» A-iatic Cholera. Cho'ics
of all kinds, spasms. cholera morbus, dysenterv diar
rhoa. lock jaw, vioW pain, whether rheumVtic or
neuralgic, cramp in the stomach, toothache, nervous
headache, del,num tremens. f[ uder bites. .lyspepsU!
fulness from imprudent satin*. threatened abomon
cnts.Tc.'"' con ge*tive chills, ague and fever, bun£
Accompanying each bottle i» a pamphlet containing
wbich itS "' r ,he Tar 'ous diseases for
S»SSS ended ' M VreUttß many
I ", n ? t fnlv efficient, but safe. It is
f!w t » '? of , rh . e inoßt Solent fcivin*
ht most prompt relief, and is especially suited to large
1 | " we "" <° travelers. The proprietor, there
fore, would respectfully ask the attention of the public
to lU claims ; which are founded on more than twenty
years experience in its use. and not on conjecture.
It lias already become a very popular remedy in ma
ny parts of f lie country and is destined to be so wher
ever it ir introduced.
\\ e wouid respectfully call the attention of the pub
lic to the following, amongst many names of highly re
spectable and well-known gentlemen in different parts
ot the country, who have used it, and spoken of it in
high terms:
Muscoe Garnett,esq, Essex: Jas M Jeffries.esn Kin'
and Queen, \a; Alexander Dudley, esq. King and
-lu.'en Va; R \V .schooler, esn, Caroline. Va; Wilson
< 1 emberton, King William, Va: A B Walthall, C.har
\i'ti.s.v . e ' Th " s " Ciuarl '"i Richmond, Va: John
VV \\ oods, Baltimore: Win F Pendleton, Washington-
Newton Short. King William: Winston. Cheater
d. »». James W (Joss, Gordonsville, Va; K I. Cole
man Richmond. Va; N B Hill, Richmond, Va; Thos
bturke, Km? William, Va.
Amongst the many physicians who have used it. we
beg leave to refer, for the present, to the following-
Or John S Lewis, King William; Or WmT Down
er. King William; I)r Win II Purkins. Northumber
land; Dr Richard T Hundley, Hanover.
We also ask you to read the following certificates,
and refer you to many more in tbe pamphlets and our
various advertisements
I n 1 hnU "". 1 n Fever, dtr.
Dr lJu \ al—Dear Sir: I was promptly relieved, a
feu- years ago, of a violent attack of something like the
cholera, by taking a larze dose of your Anti-Spasmod
ic. Since that time I have frequently witnessed its
good eflects in other cases. About six weeks ago I was
suffering exceedingly from an attack of Third-day
Ague and Fever. It had been increasing in severity
for nearly a month. I determined to try your Anti-
Spasmodic, and accordingly took a large dose of it iust
before the tune for the chill. It produced over the
whole system a peculiar sensation of warmth, which
was kept up by repeating the dose once or twice at
intervals of two hours. Though necessarily exposed
since, I have felt no return of chill. I feel CONFIDENT
in recommending your medicine.
Very sincerely yours,
King \\ illiaui, Julv, 1852.
In < r;»mu% «>y»rotery, and Si>i<!pr
Dr Du Val—Dear Sir : I have administered your Fa
mily Anti-Spasmodic in several violent attarks of
cramp and dysentery. I have npplied it externally to
the bite of a snider, when ti ere Was an enormous en
largement of the limb, and intense pain—in all with
fierfect success. I have sold a great deal of it in this
neighborhood, and as far as I know, it has given univer
sal satisfaction. All who have tested it seem to think
it has no equal as a family medicine. I deem it due to
say that in most of the instances alluded to above, va
rious remedies were ust-d without eflect.
Respectfully, vours,
(Signed) " S W Y MUSE.
Manufactured by P P DU VAL, M I), King William
C 11, \ a, to whom all orders should be addressed. Price
ti2 1-2 cents and .91 per bottle.
For sale in Richmond, Va, by Purcell, Ladd &. Co,
wholesale agents, and by Thomas A; McCarthy, .1 Blair,
A Bodeker, and Win I' Ladd; in Baltimore by Canby
it Hatch; iu Portsmouth by Garlick k Gwathmey, and
by Druggists generally. aufi—3tawts
FOU ittllST, lor the j ear les3,iir lor a
term of years, that large House and Lot in the
town of Manchester, commonly known as the old
Farmers'H tel. Its size and locality, near the ci
ty, make a desirable place to any gentleman who
might wish to open a boarding school, cr it would
tuit vety well two small families. All n<cees»ry
r pars will be put upon it. For terms and pertic
ulars apply to Robert I). Ward,attorney at law, No
63 Main street, nearly opposite the Oi'y Hotel,
no 2—lm*
FOIt MALG,—The 11 use and Lot,cor
jfr-ii nerol F'ranklin and 4th otreets, at present oc
cupied by Capt R M Nitntno. The lot fronts 64
feet on Frankiin aud runs back 120 feet on 4;h
street, to a 15 foot alley.
For terms, which will be accommodating, apply
to R. M. BURTON,
oc 2
D I-SOLUTION.—The copartnership here
tofore existing under the firm ol L. & M.
ROSE, is this (lay, by mutual consent, dissolved.
St-ptember 16th, 165 i.
The subscriber, in returning his most sincere
thanks ior the very liberal patronage so kindly be
stowed on the old tirtn, begs to Uil irm his oid cus
tomer and the citizens generally, that he hat just
returned from the North with an entire new
of Fall Goods#, amongst which may bs found
handsome designs in Silks Silk Velvets, Mouslin
de Laine, Cush:neres, Merinos, Alpacas, and an ex
tensive assortment of crape, long, square nnd thin •{
shawls; also, a very large assortment of flannels.
Blankets, Kerseys, Linsfys, &.c. <fcc., and almost
very article usually kept in a dry goods house,
which will be sold on the mo?t reasonable terms
oc6—2m 203 Broad street.
V3T A Urge lot of Oa:ico3, 6i cents, worth 10 cU ;
rich Printed Mouselaines, white and colored flan
nels, Kerseys, Satinets. Gloves and Hosiery— to
tether with every article usually found in a Dry
Goods htuse; and if you want bargains, call on
No Sea, corner Ist and Broad streets.
no 9—*B
i\T«TlCK.—Miss ABBA O KANKS and Sis
L* terg respectfully solicit the attention < f the la
dies of Richmond to t'aeir Mantua-Making.—
As have recently moved to this city, they
would be happy to accommodate the ladies with
their neat sewing and good titling. Prices azcon
modating. They will be found on Broad Street,
over U. B. Franklin's shoe store. no 19—7t*
EX ECL'TOK'S NOTICE.—The undersign
ed having qualified as executor of the last will
and testament of his brother, Joseph Bonavita.
dee d, all persons who are in any manner indebted
wi:l please call and settle, and th sse persons who
may have any claims against the estate will present
th> in, properly authenticated.
no 19—1-jt SIMON BONAVTTA. Ex'r &c.
N OTICE. —The stock of Confectionary, Fruits,
dtc , of the late Joseph Bonavita, dee'd, will be
sold for cash bt cost, at his late stand No 76 Main
str et, until further notice. A opportunity is
here offered for dealers in this line to uurcha-e.
no 19- l'Jt SIMON BONA VITA, Ex'r.
J AS. A. SN ELL, Aj{tnt for MILLISON
SNELL, has taken the stand No 29 west Main
street, lately occupied by Jno. A. Snell & Co., and
has just received a part, and by Wednesday next,
will have in entire new stock of Htnple and
Fancy Ory Goods, and must regpectfuMy solic
its the patronage o 1 the friends of the late firms of
Jno A Snell at Co,. Barnes &. Snell and Hugh
Kil'ith "C H— ts
AFORTINK FOB Sl.—The r.-ceipt with
full instructions in thj elegant and beautiful
accomp'ishment ofinlaying and ornamenting Pa
pier >laclie, (whereby from $10 to §2 > per week
may be obtained will be forwarded 'o all who will
enclose $1, post paid to Messrs SPRING & CO, 41
Second street. Baltimore, Md Numerous ladies
and gentlemen are now employed and realizing a
handsome income from this valuable receipt, which
is made so plain bv the instruction as to mwt the
••ap»nity eveu ofchildren oc2^—lm*
L* "ami IN CHAHLES CITY.—We have
for sale a tract of Land in Charlis City county,
containing 125 acres, 75 of which ate e'eared The
improvements are a framed dwell.'ne, »ith three
rooms and the usual out houses. This Land lies
about six miles west of the court house and the
same distance from Jttmos River, and "djoins the
land ol John Bradley and others. We will sell this
land for #100—$200 cash, and the balai.ee within
twelve months. Apply to us.
no 18 General Agents.
L~7t:OHICE.— The subscriber has in store and
for sa e on accommodating terms, the follow
ing superior brands of Licorice:—2s cases F G
Stick, 3D cases Beck & Co, Mass.
no 19 Corner Cary and 20ih streets.
The departure of the mornim train going North,
from and after the Ist day of November next, will
be M 7 o'elock, as fonneilt ; the nUht -rain at 9, P.
K. f'UANCt <fe CO.,
31aia Street, Richnurd, Va.
Splendid Srhemex for November.
Lottery for >ov. U7th.
580.0U0, Grand Capital—4o,ooo, :i of 10 000.
twenty drawn cumbers in each packa/e of
twenty-five tickets
Grand Consolidated Lottery Z, to b« drawn at
Bahimore on Saturday, Nov. 27th, lg"2 7g Nos
20 drawn. '
grand capitals:
1 P--zc of. £80,000 10 prizes 0f....51000
lf ' f 40.(00 10 of 750
I°' 23,655 10 of 500
3of 10 000 100 of 40f
4of 5.000 1000 of 300
Lowe-t 2 No prize $50; Ist 21, 3d 4'h or sth
drawn Nos $33; 6th, 7-.h Bth, 9th or 10th, £25- ll h
12th, 13th. 14th or 15:h, 820; 16th, 17th. 18th, 19th
or 20ih, 8 6. Tickets &32 : halves IS quarters 8
Certificate of a package of wholes jS36j: halves
18c, quarters 90
Orders for tickets in anv of the Maryland
Lot-res will meet the most prompt and con
fidential attention, if addressed to
R. FRANCE <fc CO., Managers,
Or to C. W. PURChLLi Richmond Va
no 2
— Warranted* s„fe, sure and mild remedy for
i'.les, Pralapsus Ani, and all other diseases of the
rectum. One box will convince tbe patient of iu
mild and curative properties
Price 4 oz. one dollar, 2 oz. 50c per box
Prepared by W. HUTCHESON, Amsterdam,
Botetourt County, Va.
For sale in IJichmond by Purcell, L*dd & Co.
Dove & < o and Adie &l Gray. «e29—dly
A ' " M4T WEST, house carpen-
ER AND JOINER, thankful for the liberal pa
ronago wbich he has received during the last five
years, would inform his friends and the public that
he s prepared to undertake Eu'ILDINGd ol every
kind on accommodating terms.
Having a practical knowledge of the business, h
nopes. by strict attention to it, to give satisfaction to
ail who ma? employ him.
Shop on Bth, between Grace and Franklin streets,
Richmond. s e 13
No 176, corner of Broad and 6th ftrcts Intend
ing to make a change in our business, we are now
offering at prime cost, for eish, our | W e end well
selected stock of STAPLE and FANCY DRY
GOODS, consisting of the usual vail, ty kept in 9
Jobbing ai d Retail Store. Cur entire stock has
been bought for cash only, at the besLNorthern
markets and agjuts of manufacturers.' Having
just r» ceiveJ our second supply of Fall and Wiif
ter Goods, we are enabled to show an entire fresh
and handsome assortment suitable for ibis season.
We invite our friends and the s pub ic generally to
give us an ear.y call, as we are determined to close
out s on.
On hand, a few pieces double Ply Carpet, and a
lot of ready made Servants' CLOTHING,
no 15—ri-jin J &. M. ROSkNBAUM
& I (I] | Afl-OO.—Oi e thousand Likenesses
w -s- •' have been taken at OSBORN'S Dt
guerrean Galleries since the reduction f prices.—
And we 11 w with it understood by all that Osborn
will continue to take fine Sky Light Miniatures ic a
neat case for $I. Remember, this is the only place
wher» Sky Light Miniatures are taken for 81. To
those that think one dollar is too cheap for a gnod
Likeness, we would only say, call and get a Like
ness worth sor $10- Remember the place.
Opposite the Ranks sisn of the American Flags.
'j'Hli attention of Ladies is solicited to the i.ew
i. Bnd elecact assortment of Broche, Merino,
Cashmere Buy State and Waterloo (all wool) long
aud square Shawls, to be found at the Mstropo i
tan Store—Thny comprise a large variety In quail
ty, style and prize. Also, a general assortment cf
Dry Goods, suitabls for the season.
no -8 151 Flaale Square, Main street.
I\VOUI.D respectfully inform my old friends
and cunoaers that lam now engag'd with Mr.
E. B. Spence, in the T'iloring department of his
business where I wou'd be pleased to ha»e thfm
give me a call, pledging them all in my power to
give satisfaction.
no 16—lm J. L. CROWELL.
Notice.-t he subscriber would respect.ully
inform his old customers and the pub.ic gener
al y, that be has employed in his cutting depart
mentthe services 'of Mr J L CROWEIL and J P
HANLON, so well acd favorably known to the
Richmond public.
as 16 E. B. SPENCE.
' CHAS BAKt.R, formerly of thefirm ot Baker
<k Tinsley, announces to his friends and the public,
that be has opened a store on Broad strtet, No 295,
two squares aoove the old stand of Baker at Tins
ley, wnere he intends keeping on hand a large and
complete assortment of Groceries, as well as
Horse Feed of every description He will be
pleased to >ce ail hts old frienrs and customers at
his newstand, and any quantity of new ones.
Goods purchased at his store will be delivered in
any j.art of the city free ol drayage.
no 10—ldm
FtUS.—I would most respectfully
1-' cail the attention cf tbe Ladie«, to my assort
ment of Farcy Furs; consisting ol Black and natur
al Lynx Mu9s, Mountxin Martin, Cr..s» Fox, Gen
ett, ai d Coney do. A great variety for Miesrs and
Childien do.; Also Victorines & Cuffs, from low
priced to the finest articel—which I am disposed
to sell as low as similar goods can bs puichued in
New York
1. We would call yr ur attention to our beautiful
assortment of Ready Made Clothing and Gentle
m n s Furnishing Goods, which consists of every
garment pettaiuii.g to a;entleman's outfit, select* d
from the most desirable patterns made in the latest
styles. We invite you to call immediately aud ex
amine our stock, while we have a large supply, and
will use every endeavor to suit and please you.
no 20 No 103 Main street, corner 14ch.
'I'llE suosenbers intending to make a change in
X their business on the Ist January next, offer
tor sale their Suck of Goods, consisting of an ex
cellent assortment ol Cloths, Csssimeres and Vest
ings, Heady Made Clothing, Gloves, Socks, Shirts,
Suspenders, Handkerchiefs, Neckerchiefs, Scarfs,
Cravats, Umbrellas, ic., 011 reasonable terms, and
would be haupy to receive a call from all in want
of any article in their line.
Merchant Tailors and Clothif ra,
no SO—l w No IIP. Main atre«t.
Latest news fuom eukuhe.—
BARKELEI) GUNS! I —Just received, direct from
Europe, the most splendid lot of Double and
Single Barreled Uun«, Percussion Caps,
Powder Flasks and Shot Ponchos, ol every
description, wbich will ke sold at very reduced
Having been to England myself, making all my
purchases dircct from the maottfacturer for cash,
and being desirous of doing a large business in tbe
Gun Hue, 1 will sell as low as any Northern Import
er, at my Cheap Cash Store, No 96 Main street,
Richmond, Va HENRY HYMAN,
Importer of Guns nnd Watches,
Next door to John N. Gordon's Grocery Store.
Sportsmen aie r» speetfully invitee to call and ex
amine the new Patent, and latest Improved Double
Barreled Gun. just received from England.
ar A lioeral discount will be made to Whole
sale and Country Merchants
Don't forget that it is "No. 96, Main street," Rich
mond, Va. se 17
SfcCOND suernr.-cH«tiarMN a la-
TbKUP are re :eiviug A air second eupply of
Goods, among ibem—
50 pieced M« urainr* at 25 cU per year, same quali
ty aithoM wa have bees sailing at J7 j and 50c
30 piece* more of those cbe«p WouiUimn ai la J cU
60 dresse* tiue Paii* do, at 75 ctn, worth tl
Extra Manchester G Dghim* for children
Rich Velvet and Cloth Cloak*
Velvet Kibbon* and Galloon* Call at
no 9 x 89 Mil« atreet.
(rn u Fi.OWts.Ks, VLOWIiK-i.-Ju.tra
• lot of dwart Chryan bamumi of
different »hade» and color*. For sale low,
•s*3bi W M DiOB,
bo 17 ChemUt, Maia at, near Old Market.
R ..V'!!' H BDAUDIMj
AND DAY SCHOOL, Corner of Frank.
lin nnd sth StreetH, liic monri, Va.—The
next term of th's Institution will commence on the
Ist of October. The course of study will embrace
all the branches pertaining to a thorough English
education, together with Accient and Modern Lan
ffuazfs. Last year more then 100 Dupil* wore in
attendance at the same time, bnt during the next
te-m the number will be restricted to 100—twenty
of whom will be received as ooerders in the family
of the Principal. Charge for board, washing and
all usual accommodations, tor ten months, 8220
as heretofore. Tuition ir> English, from §25 to
S4O, according to the advancement of the pupil
French, Spanish or Italian, 820; Latin, §15 ; Music!
•*57 per month. The German Language will be
taught orally, or by the übusl method, to as many
as may wi-h to acquire it,/re« uj charge.
Rev. J. P. SAFFORC will occupy the position
which was filled by the Rev. W. J Hoge last year.
Mr. Safford U a gentlemaL of varied and accurate
scholarship, and has had -vr-il years experience
as an instructor in some of tha best institutions in
our country.
Young Ladies from the country, as well as from
the city, are desired to be present on the first day of
the session. It is often a serious inconvenience
and discouragement to ? pupil to enter a class
which has made even a week's progress.
Payments invariably in advance—one-half on the
Srst of October, the other on the first of March. .
All communications will receive prompt atten
tion. Address p v sv. M. D. HOGE,
aa 27—d&w3m Richmond, Va.
D HAWING. —J. S. Pi.RKtNd having return
ed to Richmond for the winter, will give in
struction in the various 'inches of Drawing, as
Landscapes, Heads, Figures -fid Flowers his sub
jects or models are by the best mnsters, atid have
been selected with a view to a-tract and interest the
beginner, while they cultivate a correct taste, ana
gradually lead the pupil to a brsld and independent
s-y!e of execution that wiU readily enable him to
draw from nature.
All lovers ol this art trr> invited to call at his
rooms ("corner of sih una> racklia streets) and ex
amine his portfolios.
Lessons given at tbe pupils' residences, if desired.
Separate hours devoted to young Gentlemen and
young Ladies at his studi<\ where they will be re
ceive d 011 the same t< rms as in schools.
oc 4—3 m *
All s."allbuv;i.-h. p. Taylor,Bth
street, between Grace and Franklin—My
School being exclusively for beginners. I give Bps
ci«l attention to Reading, Correct Enunciation,
Grammar and Spelling, »'so to Geoerau'av, Msp
Drawing, Arithmetic at J History Specirnfns of
my boys' composition cud writing, tnay be always
seen et tbe Dispatch t£:-• My llale is peretnp
tory, but as gentle as 9. cc 9
Notice.— kichmoj-u and danvjlle
RAILROAD CO MP A NY.—The fifth annual
meeting oi the Stockholders in the Richmond and
Danville Railroad Con pec v wiil be held in the city
of Richmond on WEDNESDAY, the Bth day <f
De-ember, 1852. The Stockholders will have the
privilege of goirg to and returning from tbe meet
ing ca the carefree of hargt.
P Van DKURSEN. Secretary.
Form of a Power of Attorney to vote at a netting of
the Slockhoiders .-
Knov all Men by THtsß Pbesents: That
, the undersigned, do hereby constitute and
appoint attortey (t,:ey or either of them) for
, and in name, to vote on all ques
tions that may be brought before themreting if
the Stockholders of the Richmond and Danville
iiailr ad Company, to be held in tfce city of Ri'ii
mond,on Wed eeday. tt« Bth dav o; Decern Her,
1852, or any rdjourned u.eeting tLereof, hereby
ratifying all the acts of said attorney in the pre
tniaes, as fully as if ■ were present, and
voting in person.
In testimony whereof have herento affixed
hand this day of , 1852.
"No pr< xy shall be valid for more than six
months from the date the.xol."—(Lxir&ct from the
4tb By-Law)
no 9—dtßD P. V D„ Sec'y
A The subscriber solicit* the attention of Tobac
co Manufacturers to hi» superior Presses and Mills,
of every description. P. RAHM,
Eugle Foundry, Cary below Pearl street,
au 21—fim
thus. K. Hurreyet. John A. Burden*.
No. 165, Main ST2Krr, (measly opposite
the Exchange Hank,) Richmond, Va.,
WLI ERE they will thanktuily receive and
promptly execute all woik entrusted ta
N. B.—Orders from country resoectfnlly so
licited. etu ;«)— 3m
IONABLE CLOTHING —Just received, the
greatest variety of Cloths, Cassimurea a;.d
Vestings, to be found in the city, of the
latest and most aoproved styles, consisting in part
Frt.nch blk Cloths and Casaimere*, ali qualities;
French tancy col'd Cl.-ths and Ca»«iineres of ev«ry
shad? and quality, French Cloths, all quali
ties; French Him&lagi Citing Cloth, entirely new;
French Peteitham Cloths, French marble and
clouded Caeeioieres, new.
Vesting*.—Figured Silk, Plush_end Velvet;
QuadriHa Silk, P.ush and Velvet; Watered Silk,
Piush and Ve'vet; Ribbed Silk , Plush and Velvet;
plain Plush Si'k, C'ashm re Vesting, Demask Silk
Veetlnga, black and iar.cy Grenadine Silk Vesting*.
Buff and white Grenadine Siik Vestings, Pmty
Vestings decidedly rich.
KcadyOlade I'lotMagof all kinds ind qua
lities of the veiy latest a jles, such asKossuth Ovur
Coats, Esquimaux Wrappers, Lamm tine Sacks,
Paletot Frocks, Albert Top Coats, Hunting Coats,
Fancy Goods—Fancy Ties and Cr*vats,Crisp
and Fiil] Ties, something new; Apron Ties, black
and fancy ; rich ftncy uod black Silk Scar&.do. do.
Satin, Gloves ot all kind', Collars, Suspenders,
Socks—siik, cotton and Merino ; Dress Shirts, Silk
Shirts, Merino Shirts aa-l Drawers.
Call and see fur yourselves.
oc 13—ts Corner of Main and Governsrsts.
,|| ISOTICF.— i'he public are hen-
informed tkat the steamboat
aUuUoiA will be takes ofl'the route via Port Wal
thall, between Richniui-st mid Norfolk, on Monday,
let November, for the purpose of undergoing re
pairs and being fitted for tbe win'er. Due notice
will be given when ready to rrsumeher place on the
line egain. TEOS- DOOAMEAD, dupt.
Offi. e K. iP.R.K. Co , Oct. Sffth, 1852.
oc 27
J That 1 have now on hand,
largest and b> at astortmelrt
Boors and P»hoe», of good quality, ever
i ffered in this city ; selected by myself ex
presaly lor retail, both ot my own manufacture and
the best Philadelphia make. Among my assort
ment can be found something extia, to which 1
would most respectfu ly call the attention ot all in
want, as they will t>t auid low by
Manufacturer and dealer in Boots, Shoes,
Trunks, Bags. VaSices, Ac,
Be 2 No 187 street. Kichnaono, Vs.
ivl ii CO. have just received new styles
Cloth and Siik Cioaks and Ma:.lit*
Black Velvet Rliboas
Rich Furniture Prints
Lace Berthes
Black Lace Mitts, aßd many other article*.
oc!4 ts
Celebrated Ky» Water, for all diseases
of the Eire#, prrpaied by an old Scotch recipe, for
sale by R. R DUVAL & BROTHER,
Apothecaries, under tbe American Hotel,
no Id Main street, Richmond.
CLKA.YI.—A pleasant and ethcacloa*
article for chapped hand«, hp«, «Ct freshly
prepared a&i highly perfumed with Otto of Rose.
For sale by 8 J PICOT,
no 19 Corner opp-site the Old Market.
FAMILY Ml-TTKH.-Just ree«vef W kegs
strictly prime Butter, for tamily use, for sale by
KODNO PLAfiTka, Lime, Tar and Grmi
stones, for s«le by
M 18 EDWIN WORTH All * 00
Whether the Mortnona do or do not allow
polygamy, has been a mooted question The
following letter from a Wisconsin overland
traveller, the Milwaukie News says, has been
furnished for publication to that paper, and
may be relied on :
# # _ "Salt Lake City, July 26.
estfrday Orson Pratt, one of the
aiurroon apostles, gave us quite a sensible ser
mon. urigham \ oung is the Prophet, Seer,
Keyelator, and head of the Church. He is
assisted by two Councillors, twelve apostle?,
and eighteen Bishops. The prophet and Go
vernor, was present with some of his wives,
who came and went in a large elegant open
carnage. He has living with him iu the citv,
in one house, sixteen wives and thirty child
ren. tach wife, with her progeny, lives in her
separate furnished apartment, and spins, sews,
weaves, &.C., Jtc.
1 he person I board with has two wives.—
Dr. Richards, a councillor, has six, and all
ot them goodlooking, healthy women. Thus
you see polygamy is openly allowed and
supported by these Mormons. A man, having
a right to ae many wives as he can find and
support, takes a fancy, goes to a justice and
swears he is able to support her, and the
marriage comes off with due ceremony—and
so it goes on, as he grows richer, without
"There are warm and hot springs here, the
last at boiling heat. Salt is manufactured
from the lake water, which yields one bowl of
salt from three of water. There are also
mines of coal and iron. Lumber is scarce,
$50 per thou>and. The city 13 watered by
more than one hundred streams, brought from
the neighboring mountains, of the purest wa
"This country is reitainly as beautiful and
fertile as any 1 ever siw. They raise all we
do in Wisconsin, and in far greater propor
tion. Vegetables are peculiarly excellent,
aud, alter the hard bread and bacon of the
plains, taste very well, I assure you.
"The Mormonsl find quite kind and oblig
ing. tSrigham Young is a fine-looking man,
resembling a little Judge 11. [lis wives are
mostly pretty, and the little legitimates, whom
the people here call young prophets, are all
gocd-looking and well dressed."
Extensive Steamboat Disasters.—The
Steamer Buckeye State, on Saturday, brought
intelligence of the following steamboat acci
dents :
Tiie Royal Arch sunk at Buffington's Is
land, with o feet wuter in her hold.
The Tuscarora swung against the Royal
Arch, and was supposed to be sunk, or badly
The fcnvoy was stove in by coming in con
tact with the Jane Franklin.
Tfie Jane Frunklin was also considerably
It would seem, from the above reports,
that a series of accidents occurred,commenc
ing with the Royal Arch, which obstructed
the channel in a very narrow place in the
The Arrawline sunk at the head of Payton's
Island, up to the ladies' cabin floor.
The Cincinnati was aground at Grand
view Island.
INine bouts were in sight at Buffington's Is
land when the Buckeye passed.
Wheeling Int.
Criminal Trials.—The jury in the case
of Matthew Brogy—tried for rape, as princi
pal and accessory—being unable to agree,
were discharged by th« Judge on Saturday
evening. It is understood that five of the
jury were for acquittal and seven for cenvic
tion. The diffi :ulty was as to identification.
McTiger and Hallon are now on trial togeth
er; the first indicted as principal and accesso
ry and the latter as accessory, in the same
crime.—Staunton Spect.
North Carolina Matters.—A Raleigh
correspondent of the Wilmington Journal
states that an attempt km made in the North
Carolina Senate on the 20th instant, to elect a
United States Senator. Mr. Dobbin, the nomi
nee of the Democratic Caucus, lacked nine
vote* of being elected. It was supposed that
.-omeof the mora stubborn Senators would yield
their preferences, and vote for Mr. D. on the
nest trial.
The same correspondent also sa\a:
Prof. Hale, who has figured some Utile in
this city, as a scientific gentleman, professing
Electro Biology, figured "more so," at the
Ynrbrough House a few days since, clande*
tinely having ia his charge a Uisa Adeline
Mitchell, who he represented as tomebody go
ing to Petersburg, under his charge, for the
purpose of receiving a polished education.-—
They went on, and the last Petersburg Eipreas
shows the Professor off to considerable disad
vantage. He has victimized some innocent
and unsuspecting female, no doubt. I never
could reconcile them large pewter eyes of this
distinguished Biologist.
Railroad Accidest —On Wednesday
morning, as the eipress train on thaSasque
hanna railroad was approaching Baltimore,
the locomotive came in contact with a cow.—
The locomotive and tender became discon
nected and escaped without injury; but three
large passenger cars were thrown off the track,
and ran lapidiy on the brink of a deep preci
pice to the falls. When all the passengers
had given theiwelves up for lost, the fore
most car came in contact with a telegraph
pole, which prevented the car from tilting over
into tliestream, in which case, many must have
been kilted. -
Thk I)*TEKTIOS or Vessel* m Hamptos
Roads.—The following letter h.s been re
ceive.! froin Wm. L. Hodge, Esq , Acting Sec
retary ol'the Treasury, in reply to a commu
nication addtessed to him by a committee ap
pointed by the Baltimore Board of Trade :
Triastrt Dzfaktmikt, I
November 12ib, 1852. $
Gentlemen In reply to your communica
tion of the Bth iost., respecting the detention of
veosels bound to Baltitnor.-, by being com
pelled to enter and clear at Norfolk while de
tsmed at Hampton Roads. 1 have to state thai
the collector at Norfolk has been instructed,
under this date, to r< quire. in such casea, the
delivery of a certified copy of the Manifest to
the boarding cftLer, but not to require the v*a
sols to enter and clear at his port.
1 am, very respectfully,
Vour obedient servant, »
Actiag Secretary of the Treasury.
tar g.p. R. James, the distinguished no
velist, lately appointed H. B. M.'e Consul at
Norfolk, to eapply the vacancy occasioned by
the death of Praacie Waring, Esq., arrived at
(bat port on Sunday laat.
CF" A distressed family, eonsisti, gof a man,
h,a wife and seven daughters, were discovered
by a watchman, in Baltimore on Tuesday
evening. I bey represented that they wem
travelling from Petersburg, V a ., t0 Qhfo. TbT
Sun says:
rt falher has P BSS< "<J the meridian of life
" Kr 1 ,;! ; he &
years Tiff" " 6 ,ias n ° l w «l*ed for two
car?, * 801811
tbe-.n without shelter n'r i j o<ficer > finding "
home in the southern stat?on h " tPll, P orar y
the assistance ofoiher< nl an d with
dant good chser. ' P roV| ded them abun-
Ihe barn and stack-vnr#i r«■ .
Furr were burned down on 1 J .° hnson
Lo?s considerable—though naniv'-
must have been the f"
the stack-yard was a half mile d£um frZ'.hi
US N »\ h , u ' - H * K * Davenpor'.
of"|he recen ''* b «n in command
NaTv nnt f T tl > "' L wh,!e ab " en t I"* the
Mar'edonkn oHhp T 8 ° ,dered to < he
will make no fn«h pan *q«»dron. So he
,e no further trips to Havana at nr.
w—Journal of Commerce. P
Loss of the Oneida.—There „„ i. _
any doubt of the loss of the propeller OnAda'
and hut little hope remains that any of those"
on hoard her were saved, it is supposed, says
the Cleveland Herald, that there were seven
teen persons in nil on board, and it is rumored
that besides the crew, there were two passen
gers. We have been unable to ascertain the
w"« 8 p ,be , c , rew ' but ' el'eve the offWrs were
« " Jv/ C Laptaio; .Samuel Hurlgate, Ist
Mate; Charles Willium=..2J Mate; E. Is. Sher.
E,,si " e " i *" j h, "t
A baby was recently left for safe keepin*, as
baggage,'' wuh the wife of the station keeper
of one of the small towns on the Central Rail
road, while its mother went to a store to make
some puichases. The "baggage" turned out
to be a young male child! The Democrats, in
their joy over Franklin Pierce's election, have
adopted the child, provided the ways and
means for its proper "bringing up," and nam
ed it •«* rank Pierce!"— N. V. Exprtm.
burgeon Jonathan Cowdery, of the United
States Navy, died oil v3iturdav laat fit Ports
mouth, Va ,of apoplexy. He entered the
seivice in 1800, and was the oldest surgeon in
the service. Dr. Wm. P. C. Barton, of Pa.,
is the oldest suivivor of the grade.
Heavy Damages Claimed.—The owners
of the late steumer Atlantic, wrecked on Lake
Erie with great loss of life, from a collision
Willi the propeller have sued
the owners of the latter, claiming $100,000
damages. The case comes up belore the Dis
trict Court of Otiio, at titeub«n/ille, on the
oih pro*.
The Democrats of Norfolk celebrated
I heir triumph in the election of Pierce and
King, on Monday night, by an illumination
and proceasion.
kiP* The Agricultural Fair, at Kempavilfe*
Vs., opened on Tuesday. Dr. Francis Malic
ry delivered the address.
Hon. VV. A. Minshail, jad,,a of the fifteenth cir
cuit in Illinois, died a few days ago.
An orphan asjlum i* being established in Austin
county, Texas.
Upward* of twenty steamers have been built ia
Cincinnati daring the preient aeaion.
There are 509 priioneri in the Ohio penitentiary.
William Brady, "f Ohio co., Va , sold a buck a
few day* ago, for $300.
The work on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad ia
said to be going ahead with a "ruth."
The Spanish Government i* about to tell all the
suit mine* belonging to the State
The horse"Abdallab," famou* for bit progeny,
died on the 17th in*t., at the stable of James Coxine,
Qraveaend, L. I.
It i* said that there are 13,000 bog* on the routs
to the east, between Lewisburg and Charleston,
Va. , . » •
Han A. Dixon ha* resigned Ibf presidency of tha
Honderaob and NartrrtHe Railroad, and la succeed
ed by Cal. Hopkioa.
There i*no occasion to t» ample upon the mean
est reptile, ner to an«ek to the graataat prince. In
solence and baseness are equally unmanly.
It is a base temper in mankind toat they will not
Uke the smallest sight at the hand of those who
have done them the greatest kindness.
The suaa to be demanded of Parliament for >he
expanses of the Wellington faaeral ia placed aa
high a* $300,000.
Make your company a rarity, and people will
value it. Men despise what tkej can eaajy have.
Avoid all Kaohnea* pf bakarior: treat averjr pM
with that eaartea* which springs from a a*U3 and
gentle heart - " 1 ,
The scfar. iudlaaola, of «B tern* »a»lairierf> ]
at Perth Amboy on daSurday weak. She ia *e
largest eeho/ytrnferer launched.
MKCUUM'S RIVKR—D*il* «ae* way, tsnaww
StaunUm and RicMmcnd in 14 Hourt - On and after
Mouday, 15rh Nov , leave Kictunocd at 6)4, A *—
stopping for breakfast at the Junction, and return
log, leave Medium's riter at 11X A M., and arriva
in' Richmond at P M
Daily I'aaaectlaM.
Between Charlotte**; ie and Richmond....93 50
*• Staunton mm 5 00
«' Lexington » « 7 00
44 Calpeper CQ. M " 4.30
Connnctiag also with the Orange and Aiwra
dria Kailrrjad.
Tri-Woekly CaaiMttaai.
1 Between Lynch-jurg and Richmond, oa Monday,
Wednesday and Fri. ay going up, 9iM
£. Between tiuyandotte and Richmond, same deya
going Weat, 2®.00
Between Charleaton, Ka ,'and Richmond, uaM
daj*. going Weft, 1940
Between Buchanan and Richmond, 8.09
Between W«ato* and Htthaaraid. oa TmsJsy,
Thuraday and Sunday, going Weal. 14 00
Between Beverley and Richmond, aame days, go
tag Weat, 11JH
" Our Stages arriva at Staunton, from Richmond,
at PM , Ist d»y. at Lexington at 24 P M.. 2nd
day, at Beverly at 7P.M .3d day.
A line of Poor Horse Coaches will leave Oor
donavuie for Maw Market, af er the arrival of tha
Car*, oa Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and re
turn on Wedneaday, Friday and eiu.day, by Ma
Bci*»n a travel ing without their maatera, meet
leave a pasa with the Tkhei Agent, aad also ahaw
another to the Coed uctor.
An extra chafe will ha made If paaamaara do
not obtain ticket*. EM QILU
Bupt of Transposition,
rf Waahington paaaeagara may go fcf «ha
Junclian. and reach that city la Ml hour* froaa
Ma union—taking tha night train of tha Riaf—*,
Fredericksburg and Potomac "TU,

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