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VOL. B—NO. 40
A. COW a RDIN. Proprietor.
j- .? tkil bv T. Buchanan lioad.np
K i -k. iJ■ -k r fur November:—
■. v. bin mi i nil without iue
• .. t!'"dfsrrs* about mo
Oh. how t:i'M
i my l. rt She ivor s'.ide'h
ugh ti«>ha i. w, dark :
(.n ;he Mr. »ra the v, iiit< moon ridcth
1 :kea bsrk;
»ih linden a*»ovft me,
I think tome things there be
n d-t ry world that love mo—
Evi u mc!
: • Mi Is are blooming rear roe,
; -'k -vvrot'-H brath around;
-s \ •;ees rise to cheer mo
t iom the ground;
\r 'ho !'in" bird f.'inoi: I hear it,
1-! u. • «>i! anJ windy pint-.
j' thes d ■»»•» of itss-pirit
i nto nnne:
;t ncs ard siaga above mc,
, 11. i ti'.'.nk some tlin_a thorp hp
; - .irp try world that love me—
> vv >1.0 tn ■ >r, hath ll oatei to me;
On tl s.ro.im i tee it sway,
>t - r , o t lik-', as 'twould woo me
Far a*«i\ !
•: d ' o >!a <■ ! end from the pzurs;
: i roach t'-: m where I lie:
i v »•' ~or all the pleasure
Of tho t-ky;
"h and smiln above me,
Ti! ! ti.ink some thirds there be
iu t:..' vp! y h-HV- us that lore mo—
j".v !i m< '
N w Ahr. cutuoa tb-' 1 tide of ev^tj,
I - asol- mn river alow,
(li'u;! oyce ak;e. to heaven
On ni-»
• Singto my heart of heart*;
i;_' ! M.-h—ath'.ng < f g'.ory
i?oon do;>ai j.
i ; -vh ; Mabv ; oars above me,
! pj ;-tth:' k that there wilt be
li sr-iXjnore i ; heavea to l.ve m•—
Kvm me !
X JA A. •- .Nh.L.l.. Executor, w:it
ul e . su.-.d f tiugh Kikigh, dee'd ,
i "1 Dry G»i ds, at and bow cost
V G.i'-iH teav b? had at reduced
-'. ngin p irt of ihe ft)llowics, viz:
tu, ft- and Blank-, ts, for Sfr-
> Casslnuers, Vesticgs, ,fcc.,for
id .' ie Cotton Sheetings aai Shirtings.
- in-," 'tuck ot plain as»d figured, black and
red Dress Silks tor L-idies; and many
v <j 10 is, usually found in the Dry
i n" salable for ih" season, whi' _ h will be
'..L r «»r. inti' Ist Jnu sry, 1852.
\ i m .ns w.s-hing to secure good bargains will
jj *. to call soon. r.o!9—tf
■ (, : VTT il- ANDERSON,
1(5 (iovrrnor Street,
'{ WE .-ton th-'ii Kail stock of French and
f. v can rAPi. II HANGINGS of every quality
•rch'r "'d from the best factories in tuts
.. .. i • in" , :rauy ot them very rich and
■:i -t Also, a 'very complete assortment ii c .r
--i . d?. cornices, gimps, tasse ?, coHs, bands,
i l -> thad<. s in great variety, w'ndow blinds
i.„ p ipi.-r, butt Holland for shades, a superior
• : »>r e l c'»>ths, coco tc-ct i .?, curled hair
i-' l -tck mattresses, feather beds, bolsters and
v . i the best qua uy, with many othei arti
iii our lice, all of which will be eo'd on fair
•.--n- uDd Paper Hanging and Upholstering done
i • or country, at the shortest notice and by
■ ; • best workmen. se ifi—3m
j\ I - sol, I I'l ll>i. — Trie co-parmeisnip here
< ' t jfore existing und-'r the firm ot L. &. M.
ROSE, is this day, by mutual consent, dissolved.
s ptomber 16th, 1852.
T ■ subscriber, in returning his most sincere
• ;h!..<s tor the very liberal patronage so kindly be
=toA-> :i on the old firm, begs to infirm his old cus
tomers and the citizens generally, that he has just
eturned from the North with an entire new slock
<>i Vail (icods, amo nest which may be found
-irid- ,e designs in Silk) Silk Velvets, Mouslin
je Lain,.-, Cashmeres, Merinos, Alpacas, and an ex
let!: \-e assortment of crape, long, square and thibit
also, a very large assortment o* Flannels,
k-la, Kerseys," Lins-ns, &c. 4.C., and almost
--v.-ry article usually kept in a dry goods house,
which will behold on the most reasonable t"rms.
,)C (> 2m 203 Broad street.
','iia«, i£. Harrejs. John A. Ht.rjjess,
No. 133, Main Stbekt, (N'KAKLr oppositk
thk Kxchaxsi Bank,) Richmond, Va ,
\VIiZKE they will thankfully receive and
1 f promptly execute all work entrusted to
N. p —O'ders from t*>e country respectfully si
.icited. au 30—3 m
d < ittiAT B.Alt IN CALICOS—
iJ A large lot of Calicos, Hi cents. wor;h 10 cts ;
tich Print-id Mouselaines, white and colored Flan
je]», K.ers-'y3, Satinets, Gloves and Hosiery—to
with every article usually fouod in a Dry
"SoocU h- use- and it you w«nt banrdns, call ou
No 285, corner Ist and Broad streets.
no 9—ts
— Wurrsiot'da sbfe, Bure and mild remedy for
i*i.:e«, Pralapsus Ani, and all other diseases of the
.ectum. One box will convince the patient of its
mild ar d '.urative properties.
Price 4 oz■ one dollar, 2 oz. 50a per box.
Prepared by W. HUTCHESON, Amsterdam,
Botetourt County. Va.
Ko«- ufiie in Richmond by Purcell, Ladd & Co,
Dove <fe <V> and Adie A Gray. ee 29—d 1 y
TEH AND JOINER, thankful for the liberal pa
ronw.'H which he has received during the last five
yen-s, would inform his friends and the public that
he's prepared to undertake BUILDINGS ol every
kind on accommodating terms.
iiurin. l a practical knowledge ol tLe business, h
liop- s. by strict attention to it, to give satisfaction to
ah who mty employ him.
Hhop ou -ith, between Grace and Franklin streets,
Richmond. se 13—<i'iJ
* i k/k # l-Otl. — » « HJuumUMl
%? Sl Lave been taken at OSBORN S Da
jiaenvan Ga.ieni'j sii.ce the redaction f prices.—
And »v<; ri w wish it unde stoui !»y a '] tli»t Osborn
*'ill continue t'j tike fine rfiy ljidht Miniature* in a
neat chi,e for $1. Hoinember, this is the only place
wiicre Hky-Liytt Miniature? we taken for $1. lo
hose that think one dollar is too cheap for a gj-od
Likeucca, we would only say, call and c>'t a Like
-ietb wurtu it or $10- Remember tie place.
Opposite the s-.te of tii- 1 American Hlajs
I WtfLLiTrespectfully inform my old friends
s and customers Irat lam now t u#ag r d wt *h M, r '
K. H. Bpence, io th" T• iloriiig dep»rtta {, nt 01 his
seisin **a where I wou'd ptemcd to Lh v «? th» m
**ive roe a call, ihein &1* ia power to
' j L.rßown.i..
Nuil \,ti.— i/ie euosi.ilo.-r woUiU ißspeci'Ully
iitfurin his oil easterners and the pub.ic gen>'r
aJ'y, that he has f-mpl >ye«l !n his euttin? depart
tjsiT/t the services fof Mr J L CROWKLL and J f
UANL'J*, *o wail and favorably known to tbs
ttici 'noßd public. _
L ... 15 K B. SPUN"!--
TF\ND KIRK IKON?*.—»[•••
i :r rev ri witb bra?& moildlngi, and War-
Ki*nc(jr» s-itat's for city erd era titty Bra
yia S; b i»s b;ai polished and k:tchfu Kire Irons,
»•-« med. in (.riees trooi 50cents to 87 .*>9
AU*», a (rood assortment of polished aud bress
head Pokers, for »»ie by . „„
oe 19 VAN LEW &lATLQR,
FA'MtCW UL'TTKB.-Jus!: "received. #0 *«(?»
stfie y ori.ii* lialu-r, fur l*"- ly ■«", forsale by
no 80 VMOiUifc /. UJiRtUNV
BAKKK - iermprly of th.flrtu of
Sc Tinaley, announces to hit friend, and the public
that he has opened a store on Broad street No i«95
two square* above thp old stand of Baker' al Tin•-
loy, where he intends on hand a large and
complete ot lirocerlc*, aa well a.
, f I'ecd of every description He will be
pleased to roe all h!» old frienc'g and customers at
his now stand, and any qu unity of new ones.
lioods purchased at his store will be delivered in
any part o. the city free of drayage.
ro IP--ldm
KLMB.-1 would most respectfully
i cad the attention of the Ladie.. to my assort
reont of f■ ancy Kirs; consisting of Black and natur
. si' M, u,lNin Martin, Cross Fox, Gen-
Ut'ni do - A krfi;it variety for Missrs and
Chddien fin.; Also Vietorines & Cuffa, from low
priced to the finest articel—w hich I am disposed
New V rk° W 88 B!mi!ar good ' CBn bo purchased in
KAILKOAD COMPANY.—The tifth annual
meeting of the Stoekho!d«r« in the Richmond and
i.'anvi.ie Kaiiroad Con pany will be held in the citv
o' Richmond en WEDNESDAY, the Bth day of
I'eeenilier, 1853. The Stockholders will have the
privilege o! going to and returning from the meet
ing on the cars free of charge.
P. VAN DKURSFN, Secretary.
torm oj a „ oi-tr of Attorney to vote at a meeting of
the Stockholders:
Know all Mkn bv these Pbe3e.vts: That
—♦ vhe UDderfiigoed, do hereby constitute and
appoint — — attorney (they or either of them) for
and ia name, to vote on all ques
tions t oat may be brought before the meeting cf
tno of the Richmond and Danville
Raslr ad Company, to be hold in the city of Rioh
mond.on Wed read ay, the Bth day of December,
lco;-', or any idjourned meeting thereof, hereby
ratifying all the acts of said attorney in the pre
mises, as fully as if were present, and
voting m person.
In testimony whereof haveherunto affixed
hand this day of , ]852.
"No proxy shall bo valid for more than six
months from the date thereof.''—(Extract from the
4th By-Law )
no 9—etßD P. V D Sec'y
LYRhDUCED PRICES.—From and after this
date, we are offering our large ard eh> ap st ck of
Fancy and Domestic Dry Goods, at greatly reduced
prices in order to reduce the same sufficiently, pri
or to taking Inventory, by Ist cf January n<xt. At!
in search for really cheap end handsome goods,
rnuct not fail to call on us. We hove the largest
assortment in Drf*s Goods of all kinds; beautiful
Mouaiinei at one shilling. Ale ), another lot of
those superior Linen Towels, at Si per dozen.
Needle work of all descriptions, very cheap.—
White, red, and yellow Flannels, very low ; in fact,
everything needful and desiiable in the Dry Goods
line, caa be ir-.d at cur store a little cheaper than
anywhere else.
Ki'ibonfl, Florences, Marcalise, Satins, Bonnc-tt
and Mantilla Velvets, we will sell at cost to all who
will call. J. MILLHBER & BROTHER,
e022 193 Broad street.
( I LOTUi.\G, ( 'LOTIII AG.-Just received
' eno'her supply of business winter Frocks,
black and fancy cass. Pants, Merino and black cass
Vests, (single and double breasted,) merino and silk
under Shirts and Drawers; also, a very large as
sortment of OverCoats, of all grades, of the very
latest styles, guaranteed to fit precisely; also, a
good assortment of boy's Clothing, at
Nc 134 Main street, opposite Eagle Square.
N, B—l have cn hand a very laige supply of
Trunks, which will be soidvery low,forcash.
no J. 1). G.
-in" DOZ. SHijU'l'N.—Received by recent
i'lj arrivals, one hundred and five dozen good
and medium Shirts, warranted to fit, and well
made—made expressly to our order, by one of the
most experienced manufacturers in the United
States. No 102 Main street,
N B—Lar;e lot ot Under Shirts and Drawers, ol
Puckskin, Silk, Merino, &c. no 23
" - lb, NOTICE.—'i he public are hert
informed that the steamboat
fIUGUSt'A wilt be taken oft the route via Port Wal
thall, between Richmond and Norfolk, on Monday,
Ist November, for the purpose of undergoing re
pairs and being fitted for the win'er. Due notice
will be given when ready to resume her place on the
line Egain THOS. DODAMEAD, Supt.
Office R. &P.R. R. Co., Oct. 27»h, 1652.
oc 27
IICORIC'E. —The subscriber his in store and
J for sa e on accommodating terms, the follow
ing superior b'.-ands of Licorice:—2s cases F G
Stick, 3'J cases Beck & Co, Mass.
no 19 Corner Cary and 2Uih streets.
iclislo>o, fkedkTucksburO &
The departure ot the snornin* train going North,
from a; d rdter the Ist day of November next, will
be at 7 o'clock, as fonnerlv; the niuht train at 9, P.
THROP are receiving their second supply of
(foods, among them —
50 pieces Mousiaines at 85 eta per year, same quali
ty as those we have boon selling at 37$ and 50c
30 pieces more of th so cheap Mous'iaines a' 12$ cts
riO dresses tine Paris do, at 75 eta, worth $L
Extra Manchester Ginghams for children
Rich Velvet and Cloth Cloak#
Velvet Ribhtms and Galloons. Calt at
no 9 99 Main street.
* LIQUORICE.—We will be regularly supplied
by ths importers with Mass Liquorice of the "Beck
i. Co." brand, a genui- e and pure article, which
we are authorized to 6el! and warrant as such.—
Also, with the 'G. C" brand. Manufacturers are
requested to give us a call. Orders from the coun
try promptly executed,
vX We have in stoS a large assortment of (Jen
tlemena' Merino Uiider-Shirts, Drawers and other
Goods suitable for Gent'emens' wear, which will
be sold low HART & MOSES.
no 2'2
1-i fIDKF'S —Jast received a large assortment of
the above named goods, varying in price from
to §10. Among them will be lound some wblch
we are enabled to sell lower than ever offered in
Richmond before. HART St MOSES.
ALSO—Maiy other Embroideries which will be
offered ia the same ratas. H. & St.
no 22
" taken at par; National Bank of Washington;
Mechanic's Bink; Merchants' and Mechanic's —
We will lift" the above notes at their full value,
lu payment for Dry Goods.
no 19 Chap Stores 15 and 59 Main St.
/ 'OCGHS, COLDS, dcc.—Ayers Cherry
pectoral, Mrs. Gardner's Balsam of Llvf rwort,
Swav tie's Congq Syrup, Wild Cherry, Jayre's and
Rose's Expeetora',and varioas articles lor Colds,
Co srhs &c. Ear sate by
no 0 175 Broa-i street
.1 The subscriber soUciU the attention of Tobac
co Manufacturers t" hi# superior Presses and Mills,
ol'every description. P RAHM,
Etigle Foundry, Cary below Pearl street.
au 21—Cra
W'i't t:i Vi «00l»S.-'l'H08. R. PRICE
i»4 &. CO. h .ve last received new styles
Cloth and Silk Cloaks and Meottes
Black Velvet Riboons
Rich Parniture Prints
Luce Bcrfhes
Black Lace MlUs, and oisny 6tker articles.
ocl4 ts
r'|V6" *TO>K~ MASONS.—The sab criber.
I will receive proposals f>r fhe stonework for
the foundation of a bulging ab®at 40 by t'O foet.
Particulars may be a«c it ttinuu on at our
no 12 LfcWW ». CBFH3HAW L CO.
NO. 1 tIACKEIiEL, ia quarter barrels and
kks, l»r by JAMBS B. SHKLTOH,
bo 84 C9(fur Bc&d wd lit ctteebi
NS havin; return
ed to Richmond for the winter, will give in
struction in the various branches of Drawing as
ecu r C r i ' u gU [ RB " Dd Flow «™. His sub
h™ . ' j'"'". ? re by the best masters. and have
« view to attract and iMe.<-st the
h D ?i r ' ri,' cultivate a correct teste and
gradually lead the pupil to aWd and independent
sfeteszr wi " —»»»«««».»
All lovers of this art are invited to call at his
rooms (corner of oth and Franklin streets) and ex
amine his portfolios. aa ex
uinTV' ven j' the P u P i,e ' residences, if desired.
Separate hours devoted to young Gentierwß and
young Ladies at his studio, wherl theyWbere
tt iv< d on the suae terms as in schools.
/X s.reet, between Grace and Fraakun—TWy
fechool being exclusively for beginners, i give roe
»al attention to Reading, Correct Enunciation,
Wrarnmar and spelling; also to Geography, Map
Drawing. Arithmetic and History. Specimens of
my boys composition snd writing, may be always
seen at the Dispatch ( ffice. My "Hule U peremp
tory, but as gentle as possible. oc 9
®AljiC.—'i tiejtiLUse ana Lot, cor
ner of I-rano.lin and 4:h streets, at present oc
cupied by Capt K M Nimmo. The lot fronts 64
teet on * ranklia and runs back 120 fee. on 4th
street, to a 15 foot alley.
Jor terms, which will be accommodating,
oc 2 :
ceived a splendid assortment of Velvet Ribbons
all colors and widths; rich black snd colored Vel
vets for MaotillAs, also, rich cloth Cloaks.
no 36 . 9J Main street.
LIIiALON'S JIA! Kjj YK.— instantly colors
. , ret ' or gri y hair to a beautiful brown cj black,
without injuring the skin.
We have also/rricobaph", Roussel's and Hauel's
Djeej Indian Hair Dye, Puiveiine, &c.
"° 27 Druggists, 92 Main street.
*- S. MERCHANT & WEISIGER, have a beau
tiful lot of Fancy Silk *nd Sa'in Vests, of tV new
est styles and best qaality. Call at No 112 and see
LOST.- On Saturday eight, a Morocco Bag,
containing three Keys. Oao large and
one large Steel Key, connected by a no?—the
small one seperate. The fir der will confer s "favor,
and receive a reward of 85, if desired, by leaving
th-m at the Dispatch office. no'x-5— ts
WANTtI) —By a Young Man, a situation as
Clerk in some mercantile business The
best references can be given as t_. qualifications —
He ha<: an extensive country acquaintance and in
fluence. Address box No 452, Richmond Poat Of
fice- no 27 —6t*
fPHK attention of Ladies i 3 solicited to tae i.ew
A and elegant assortment of Brocfce, Merino,
Ceshrnere Bay State and Waterloo (ail wool) long
and square Shawls, to be found at the Metropoli
tan Store —They comprise a large variety !u quili
ty, style and pri?e. Also, a general assortment of
Dry Goods, suitable far the season.
no 18 151 Eagle Square, Main street.
COUGH AND CROUP.—Dr. Roses celebrated
COUGH SYRUP, for Coughs, Colds and Consump
tion, in bottles, 5Cc and $1.
A.so, Dr Rose's Syrup,
which relieves in one day and cures in one or two
weeks; price 50 cents. Likewise, Dr Rose's
Croup Sjrnp, a never failing remedy. Price 25
cents Just received and for sale by
IIIiLY CRKAiI, for chapped hand*, Hps,
M &.c. Just prepared, a supply of this article,
so much admired and recommended by sll who
have used it. Itisthe best and most reliable pre
paration ol the kind in use, combining with its
soothing and healing virtues all tbe Iragranc of the
rose, i- or sale only by
e j picor,
no 29 Corner opposite the Old Market.
APT IST lIWUN BOOK*.—The -iapnst
Psalmody, a Southern Hymn Book, by Basil
Manly 1) D, President of tba University of Alaba
ma, and Rev Basil Manly, Jr. Pastor ot the First
Baptist Church, Richmond, Va, published by the
Southern Baptist Pnblication Society, Charleston,
S C,and the Virginia Baptist S 8 and Publication
Society, Richmond, Va.
The Psa'mist and Supplement, by Richard Fuller,
D D, and J B Jeter, D D.
The Virginia Seleciion, by the Rev Andrew
Ali of the above Hymn Books may be had at the
Baptist Book Depository, No £03 Main strt et. A
liberal discount will be made to Churches, or to
persons buying to sail.
no 27 CHARLES WORTHAM. Depositary.
Buckwheat flour, &c.—Mountain
Buckwheat, in whole half aud quarter bbls.
Northern do in bags.
No 1 Mackerel in half bb's and kit 3.
No 1 Salmon in kits.
Smoked Beef and Beef Tongues—lor sab by
no -25 R M BURTON.
yA^Vdveyears old—draws and rides fic-elv.
ALSO—A first rate second hand BUGGY AND
HARNESS. Apply to P WOOLFOt.K, .'i,
no 26 160 Broal st.
("<OAL, COAL.—Landing at Rocket:* from
J schooner W L Dayton, 165 tons of best Red
Ash Anthracite Coal, 85 75 per load, deliv«:. i in
any part of the city, it taken from the vessel.
no 18 Dock Wharf.
Salesman WANTED.—a Yonng rinn^
who is acquainted with the Dry Goods business
and can oome well recommended. Apply at 226
Broad street. no 29
BACON. — .6 hhds prrae Western 53 j
hhds prime Western Shoulders, just received
in store, and for sale by
no 25 CHAS. T. WORTHAM & CO.
TTbelmakle pippin applbs.-io
bb'.a tor sale by ,J. PHBBHH.
Also, |tine Malaga Grapes.
received and for sale by
oc 27 222 Broad street
AVANA ClUAßS.—9oo,oooHavana Cigars
our own importation direct, and of superior
quality, for sale by
no 25 CHAS. T. WORTHAM &. CO.
& WEISIGER'S, No 113 Main street, ycvi will
nd a cood assortment cfßoy'sClotbing.
no 27 112 Main street.
FRKStI sspp!y of Roussei's Aaaaudic, tor
Chapped Hands. For sale by
no 2# 155 Main street, corner of 12th
AISINS, &c.—Bunch Raisins in whole,
half, a"d quaiter boxes, sofi shelled Airuopda
fresh Currants asd Citron, lor sals by
no 2® R M. BURTON.
Extra fink old WHisKEr^-tibbis
Rye Whiskey, thstiiled in 1838, tor sale by
no 20 . R M. BURTON.
ANTED, a Young Man 16 or 18 years of age,
to wait mabo jk store. Apply to
no 20 53 oppotite the City Hotel
.UIXTL'KL, for
sato by
do E J. PICOT, Diyggfst
*■» BOX KM Pltl.tiE CHEESE, receiving,
*3 lor sale by
APPf. RS,—SO bbts |MortiUKii AppUs, reiving
ami for i ■ W M. TATLf^K-
ES— For uhur. hes. uVacLsiand
thuso persons trout* d
i"° B e» •oraet Mate aod Wfti sttwU.
miiim MANUFACTORS, --—■
'Wbi'll ITI ) 1A ' L dealers in boots,
i 2 OES ' tr lnks, VALICES,
& i S°. PP ° ,ite Exchange Bank, respect
til' LLJjif, Btran ? f! r* visiting the city, and the pub
lic generally, to call and examine their large and
complete assortment of articles in the above line,
rheir prices will be found to be as low as those of
o™ ThTf' T hetl T by tUe ,in * ie P alr ' d °-™
or case. The stock embraces—
Gentlemen's Dress Shoes, Gaiters and Bootees
v .?> t. ca ' *I**' BDd stout Boots and Bootees
Youth s Hoots and Bootees, of msny kinds
Servant s Brogue*, bound and unbound
Ladies' Shoe*, Buskins, Kids, Jenny Linds, <fcc
Ladies black, bronze snd colo ed Gaiters
Huskma and Bootees for servant women, various
Misses and Children's Shoes, In great variety
Travelling Trunks, plain Leather and Hair
J ranks
HP ■.All of which are'ofered at the lowest rates
; PEMBERTON & BRO, 161 Main st
{Opposite Exchange Bank, Richmond, Va
UR ipect'ully informs the friends and
o!d customers of bis father, and the
public in genera!, that he has just
opened a handsome assortment ef Double and
Single Guns, Powder Flaeks, Shot Beltw,
Game Bags, end every article in the Gun and
Sporting lice. Also, a great variety of Colt's Five
Shooters, Allen's Revolvers, tiogle barrel Pistols of
all kinds, Bowie Knives, &c„ &c., all of which will
be sold at the lowest possible prices.
GUNsMITHING done in ail its varieties, such as
gun, rifle and pistol stocking, altering fire-arms of
all kinds into percussion and all other repairs be
longing to the trade. Keys fitted to door trunk,
cabinet and other locks; and walking Canes mount
ed in gold or silver—all of which will be under the
eupeiintendence of his father, THOMAS TYRER,
so well known to the public of Virginia for the l<ist
25 years ; nnd notice is here given" that TYRER'S
Gun Establishment is No. 116 Main, 3 doors below
Governor street.
NOTICE to my old friends, customers, and the
public in general, is here given, as per advertise
ment above, that you will find me once again fol
lowing my old business; and it will give me much
pleasure to wait on all who may give me a call at
No. 116 Main street, in selling to them any article
in our line of business, Irem the smallest quantity
of ammunition to a superior double-barrel Gun; or
in attending to any work in the gunsmithing hne;
and promise that no such work shall leave Tyrer's
Gun Establishment, unless it is done in the most
substantial end superior manner
no s—dim Gun and Rifle Maker.
— WAT! , |IFs
CLOCKS, ifcWELRY, &c. 4c,
jL made and repaired
•®s3»*protnptly, thoroughly, and on reasonable
On Governor Street,
Opposite tlie Dispatch Office.
Musical Boxes, Accordeons, &c., repaired.
Plate, i c., engraved. Clocks attended to within 2
miles of the Post Office. oc2o— d3m*
iWHHKII- K. CHANDLER, (graduateof the
'•X-Qjff"'? ft Baltimore College of Dental Surge
ry,) offers his professional services
to the citizens of Richmond and vicinity.
Office 145 Main street, Eagle Square.
Refebsncss—Professor C. B. Gibson, Professor
C. P. Johnson, Rev. Dr. Howell, Rev. J. B. Tavlor,
Rev. Re. Ryland, A. G. Wortham, M. D., and Wm.
ButJer, Esq, Richmond.
Professor C. A. Harris, Professor Thos. E. Bond,
Professor W. R. Handy. Prof. C. O. Cc'ie, and Lea
ter Noble. D. D. 5„ Baltimore. se 3—d6m
MfWySPfc 1)11. ADDINGTON, (gradu-
DENTIST, practitioner since
having fully tested his reduced
prices, desires to make known to
every person that he will continue permanent, the
following charges tor his services; with the assur
ance that his operations shall be performed better
than under his past exorbitant fees. How so? Be
cause he and his assistants are kept in full exercise,
and make more money.
Extract tooth 25 cents; Plug with silver or tin 50
cents; with gold 75 cents; Pivot Tooth #2 50; Plate
Tooth SM; upper or lower setts $25, with or with
out vatural. artificial gums, &c. no 5
receiving eleasm and
TT a "I f| plain Fianos from the popular ma-
U « W \l »her», Nunns & Clark.
These instruments received the great gold medal
prize at the "World's Fair" London, 1851; ard
they have invariably received the first prize at the
American Institute Fairs in this country. They
combine ail the modern improvements with tbe
Metallic Frame and patent over strings snd are
confidently recommended for siceetnres of tone and
great durability, which quality will be appreciated
in the country, where good tuners are seldom
P. H. Taylor hna sold these instruments in this
city for the last seventeen years, to the entire satis
faction of his numerous customers.
Old Pianos taken in part pay.
Piano Stools and Mutic. (the largest and best
collection in the Sta'e) Violin and Guitar Strings,
Violins and Guitars of the best quality, at low
prices. P. H TAYLOR,
Piano and Music Store.
!>c 5 lfiO Main street, opposite the Ranks.
H. TAYLOR has in store, the following
Musical Instruction books:
Methods for Piano, by Herz, Hunten (full
and abridged) Czerny, Beyer.
Meinekie; Clifton.
Do do Guitar by Carcassi; Curtiss; Ballard,
instructors in Singing, by Cook; Sconcia; Clifton;
Harp, Flute, Violin and Accordeon Instructors.
The largest assortment of Music and Musical In
struments in ths State, for sale at New York prices.
desirina the servioes of a Professor
of Music, can obtain all requisite information as to
the bett qualified,, terms Ac., at
P. H. TAYLOR'S Piano and Music store,
no 24 160 Main st. opposite the Banks.
Wjf Broad St , Opposite R <V F R. R Depot,
Have received their Fall and Winter
Goods, embracing the latest and most tashionab.e
styles. They respectfully request a call from their
customers and the public
Attention is olso called to their superior assort
ment of ready made clothing, which cannot possi
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oc 4—3 m
BOOTS —In buying your Hats and Boots, go JH
right to Head Quarters, J. H. ANTHONY,
Columbian Hot . corner, where Moleskin Hatscf
best quality are selling at.... ........13 -">0
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Silk Hats of the latest fashion 2 50
Fine Calfskin sswel Boots 3 50
Together with an assortment of CIcA, Plush, and
Oil Silk Caps; B<>ft Fur and Wool Hats, BHk, Ging
ham and Cotton Umbrellas, at low prices se29
- INSURANCE—The Richmond Firs
Association are now prepared to issus
- " — policies of Insurance on the above de*
■•eription of risks on as reasonable tenns as any
simflsr company, and respectfully ask a sharo of
the patronage of the public. Applications win M
received at the offlse, No 223, oorner of Mam ant
<rth streets, where the officers wCI cbaerfiulv fa*
uish all Information that may be required. A»
loues Pr«Ptl/^«^J^gJ pw-A)Bt
JOHN H. Boshkb. mhl7
(■WHais have in store, and are recelv
\W tng, l&rge additions to their stock of Dregs.
A* Medlrl.ea, Surgeon.' I«stra»e«U.
P ilnts, Otis, Dyes, Windawr (ilsss susd
Kanry Artie lea, which tbey offer for sale on th*
most favorable tcims to cask and pun -tualdealeri
TONQUA BEANS,—SOO pound* very snpert
as Clairk Ton qua Beans, Just reaeived and fa t
•sietfi lsutha tmh purchasers, by
00 w fomerCxry and iO(h M,
The Murdered Bridegroom.
[From 3entley'» Miscellany.]
There :s a irait in Irish character, which 1
have always conceived to be naturally chi
valrous, and that is, a general dislike to seek
in courts of law a momentary compensation
tor honor outraged through woman's folly. In
England, reparation for loss of services is con
sidered a thing as correctly reclaiir.able as loss
of profit on a broken contract for a cargo of
seal-oil or guano, while in the s.Bter|kingdom,
in nine cases out often, the man who works
upon the .veakness of a wife, or trifles with the
affections of a sister, is not subjected to the as
sentment or i mounts of injury to the computa
tion of a jury, but summoned to give personal
satisfaction in the field Many a fatal case,
recorded in the annals of Irish dueling, will
tell how frequently profligate success has paid,
in turn, a bloody penalty.
In caricaturing Milesian manners and feel
ings, it has been asserted that yeu could not
look at a Cork lady at a supper table but she
giaciously murmured, "Port, if you please!"
or dance a second time with a man's sister,
that lie was not certain to drop in the next
morning, before you dressed, to inquire wheth
eryour intentions to the young lady were ma
trimonial. That a number of unhappy mar
riages have been effected Sv pistol-intervention
is too true ; and I recollect one gad case,
where the love was on the lady's side, und a
fine, spirited and honorable young fellow, wiih
all before him that could promise happiness,
was suddenly removed from existence, ere the
third week closed that followed us bright a
uniou as could be fancied.
U was remarkably handsome, and
those personal advantages were enhanced bv
the total unconsciousness that he possessed
them. |A young lady saw, loved—and, remem
bering what Viola's friends suffeied from con
cealment, she saved the damask of her cheek,
and intimated to the gentleman the state of
her affections. In reply, poor R candid
ly coafided his situation to the lady. He had
wooed and won the only woman he loved,
and the next Monday would bless him with her
_ Harnette M—— was hnndaome, self-willed,
rich, and proud as Lucifer. R ,in for
tune, was her equal, but in birth a caste below.
The circumstance, however, that embittered
her rejection—and if rejection be humiliating
to a man, how feurfully must it agonize the
woman who, perverting conventional usages,
sue 3 when bhe should be sought—supplicates
what she would conceal, and is rejected!
"Heaven Las no rage like love to hatred turned
Hot hell a lury like a womsn spurned."
And for whom had her liand and fortune been
declined ? The daughter of a village curate
rich in nothing but youth, and innocence, and
The devil never prompts a delinquency that
he does not manage to supply a tool. George
Pemberton was Hurrielte's kinsman, a Lieu
tenant in the —tli, and wretchedly poor, and
his regiment an expensive one. His manners
were assuming ; and, with an empty purse,
how many slights will un ill-tempered indivi
dual experience, should he have the misfor
tune of being gazetted to the crack corps ?—
George Pemberton was returning, on leave be
tween returns, to raise a small sum of money ;
or, failing, to sell out; and he tound his cou
sin ilarriette all alone, five minutes after the
Chroiiicle had been received, detailing,
in glowing language, the beauty of the bride,
as being in perfect keeping with that ol the
handsomest man who, for many years, had
sworn conjugal allegiance at the altar. "The
happy couple," the paper added, "had gone
to to spend the honeymoon."
In such frames of mind, and under such cir
cumstances, the cousins met. Pemberton, in
right of his relationship, would have saluted
Ilia fair kinuwoman; but oho drpw her faca
away, and, looking contemptuously at his short
and shapeless persou, coolly observed :
"Palm to palm must do George; for, i'
faith, you are too ugly even for a cousin to
"As handsome and as insolent as ever!—
Why, Harriette, I expected to have seen a wil
low wreath and pnlid cheek. You bear your
throw-over patiently."
The lady's brow contracted, and she
tily waved her hand.
"Enough! no more of this. I know your
business here. You want two hundred pounds,
and ray father will not advance as many pence,
were it to save your neck, aud not your com
"Then 1 must send in my popers and leave
the —th."
"Unless some fool is found who will lend
money to a gentleman, who, on six shillings
a day, keeps a pair of hunters!" observed the
Pemberton looked sulky and displeased.
"Nay, George, on my conscience, thsu art
ill-favored enough, without knitting those bee
tle-brows together. I have the money; would
you earn it ?'*
"I would go to the devil," was the reply, "or
rather quit the —-th from sheer poverty. What
shall Ido ?" , .
She turned her dark and lightning eyes on
his, and after a pause of half a minute, pointed
with her finger to the paragraph which announ
ced the hated marriage. Then dropping her
voice to an emphatic whisper, she laid her lips
close to her kinsman's ear—
"Rend! Spoil roe that honeymoon, the mon
ey's thine!" .....
And without waiting a reply, she hurried to
ber own apartment.
Never did the arch enemy of man select a
better agent than George Pemberton. To a
curri h temper he united enough of animal
couiage to make him dangerous; and secret in
fluences, with which his revengeful kinswoman
was totally unacquainted, fitted him for the
task. He knew that his reiirement from a re
giment, officered by men of property, and to
whom he had made himself obnoxious, by the
idle attempt of veiling poverty under insolence,
would be f*lt a triumph. But deadlier feelings
towards the husband of Lucy Meadows, urged
kiin to vengeance. He had secretly, but pas
sionatelv, loved her; and she had neither tad
nor prudence to conceal a personal dislike,
amounting to aversion. Keeping in the back
ground the real causes which induced him to
attempt the life of one against whom he could
plead no injury, an alleged slight to his fair
cousin would form "a very pretty quarrel;"' and
with a congenial spirit as demoniac as his own,
he set off without delay, to the retired water
ing place, where the handsomest and happiest
pair that Connaught could produce, were, in
their own belief, entertaining an elysian exist
ence* L •
The barbarous punctilio of the times—provi
ded a man could boast gentle lineage—almost
prohibited a refusal to hi* call fur satisfaction, I
no matter how flimsy the pretext might be un- j
der which he demanded a hostile meeting, and
Pemberton availed himself of ii.
It was even-ng. K bad been engaged
in answering congratulatory letters, and bad
proceeded with his billets to the post. Lucy
watched him from the inn window, and thought
her husband never looked so handsome as
when,in turning tlie corner, he smiled and kiss
ed bis hand. She (axed at the sun, siskiog
gloriously m lha far west, axdiaa loud gold
hiding his broad disc in the houmliets waters
firl.'that A '" : BhC drM » e * **><
a j ; The moon thAtroM
Ana promised rapture in the ciDte,"
was tated to usher in a night on whose deep,
deep darkness a ray of hope should never break
• i Fe '?^f r, ? n .» n d his companion waylaid bis
intended viet.m; but R felr biiaelf to*
blessed with Lucy to risk augbt that could in
!ftr rUpt k h *PP' nMB - Against the imputed
offence he temperately remonstrated, and repu
ij intention of wounding the feelings of
lacv, whose imaginary wrongs were made
the basis to rest a quarrel on. A meetimr he
cons'uft a fr"' T S, r Un,il he coo,d B ™ d «<*
consult a friend. From insolence. Petnhertoa
to verbal, at last to personal insult.
Heaven' "i m ? nl - v p P iri| * GouJ
Heaven, to feel the ruffian's whip upon his
shoulders, and not resent the outrage. Hia
temper yielded ; he longed to wipe disgraee
away ,n blood. He urged delay no longer,X
manded instant satisfaction; hurried into the
inn a»rden, and within ten minutes from the
time he waved a passing—little did he fancy it
the ast—adieu, R. was stretched in death, udob
the bowling preen!
VY hat Lucy suffered may be readily conceiv
ed. Human misery could not go further in
one sheer plunge to reach, from the very pinna
cle of mortal happiness, the darkest abyss of
despair. The imagination must ill oat what
fancy cannot pencil.
And how did she feel—she, that guilty wo
man, when 6 *
" Tho ruin (hat her rashness wrought,''
was told lier.
Before the emissary had accomplished halt-
Ins journey, Harriette's better feeling had re
gained ascenduncy, and, when, too late, she
would have given thousands to have recalled
her hirel ng kinsman. lu charity, we will hope
that her wounded pride sought vengeance short
of her dantruction. Indeed, the efl'ect of the
sad intelligence, when it arrived, would go far
to prove that such was the case. She was con«
valsed, fevered, delirious for two months' after,
ant) recovered strength only by the loss of rea
son; and in a few years afterclosed her wretch
ed existence in an asylum.
I often called to memory the truth of Father
Malachi's duelling deduction*—for the finale
to the caieers of Messieurs Andrews onj Pem
bertop, proved them correct to the letter.—
Both d<ed violent, but inglorious deuths.
Frank Andrews, some half a dozen years af
ter he hud plnced the house of Sheive nagar
rew in mourning, repaired to the metropolis on
business. The evening he arrived in Dublia
he contrived to fasten n quarrel on a linen dra
per, whose sister he had insulted at the theatre,
and hurried the devoted tradesman by the first
dawti of the day to the " twelve acres."* The
hour of retribution had come ; for a man whose
hand had never clasped before a deadlier im
plement than a cloth-yard, contrived to pop,
par acei'lcnf, u quartet ofan ounce of lead inta
the pericardium of Mr. Francis Andrews.
Well, though he fell in the lap of honor,
still the artiste who sped him was a linen dra
per; that was ceitainly a sad drawback; but,
if Mr. Andrews' exit was not the thing, Mr.
Pemberton's was even less dttlingue.
Ni ver had homicide, by permission of Irish
gentlemen, promised more satisfactory resulta
to its perpetrator. The transmission of Har
riette and her father—the former to a mad
house, and the latter to a grave—occurred
within the month, and, as heir-at-law, Mr,
George Pemberton succeeded to the manage
ment of the estates and custody of the lunatic.
Mr. Pemberton determined that, during his
life, his fair cousin should continue in secla
sion and fate gave a kind consent.
It was a gray Autumnal evening, when Pem
berton, who had taken formal possession ofhia
uncle's house, was carrying two strangers
home to supper, whose acquaintance ha had
made that morning at the fair of town.—
It may be here necessary to remark that R——
had a natural brother to whom he had beea
generous and kind, and who had been often
overheard vowing eternal vengeance on tha
destroyer of his kinsman. He took his noth
er's name—was called William Halligan, but
by the country people, was better known bjr
the touhriquel of Liaume Vaddagh.f Fight
months had elapsed since R was killed by
Pemberton, and people began to say that
"George was safely seated in his saddle."—
To this opinion others dissented. Liaume
Vaddagh, before his kinsman's death, had
been held in light estimation. He drank free
ly, headed faction fights, and more than once
had been hinted at, in chapel, as a gay decei
ver. But a marvelous change since his broth
er's death had come over his wild youth—
whisky never parsed his lips—no inducement,
at fair or market, could rank him in a factioa
fight—his youthful compeers dectared he waa
bewitched—but older men shook their heads,
ami hinted that the young l.iaume Vaddagh,
under a quiet extt-rior, was "luller of mischief
than a loaded blunderbuss." l'he old folka
were right, for "Long William" only bode his
time, like the red Kirkpatrick, to "strike
Pemberton, although sevsral monitory hinta
were given him, remained in false eecuritrj
and yet there were times thai the altered hab
its of this wild young man, when coupled with
his omnipresence in fair cr market, or where
ver else the place he frequently might be, went
some length in creating Huspicion in the tuiad
of Pemberton. At the fair, on this, he en
countered "Long William" more than once,
and so did others, who noticed to each other a
change equally remarkable in his habits and
appearance. Liaume Vaddagh had hitherto
worn the deepest mourning ana avoided spirits
as he would poison. On this day his sables
were discarded, and he was gaily dressed;
while,with his "inky" garments, bis unsocial
habits appeared to nave deputed. He drank
deep to his brother's memory, mentioning that
this was the birthday of the deceased.
*A divUion of the Phcealx Park, where dm«la
have bcftu (ought by the hu&dred.
i Anglic*— Long William
BNELI., haa takes the *taad Mo '2S» went Mai*
•treat, lately occupied by J do. A. duel) k Co., and
hat Ju*t received a putt, and by Wednatday nex',
will have an ertire now atock of Maal* mmd
fa.orj Dry liaotU, and raaat retpesuolly aollc
ita the patronage of the frbmda of the late arm* of
Jbo A. Sneil k Co,, Baraea k Saell ard Hugh
Kileigh oe 11—<a
NOTICE.- Ail peraooa indebted to thaaaUteof
Uu t h fciit-igb, are requeued to mak* Immedi
ate payment tome. JAB. A. SNELL,
Executor of Hugh Uilaigb, daoeaaed.
no 28—d6wctl«U' ,
i * KNT'ri OTKIiUOATB. —Juat opaKd 1
V* large lot of Floe " Caator Bearer OterooaU,"
tome very *uparlor. Alao, HwTf Pilota, Beavata,
&c* OvarooaU from 13 to %9'l.
SYRCP—Aa e*tellaai aod
I epproted remedy for cough*, coiJa, k*.— -
price 25 eti par boltie, lor aak» by
ri2« B J PICOT, Dnxtgiat.
for tale at otly 91 35, at
— WM WALfetTS.
BUn of >he Boet. Ho4B, oppoatte 0 W grafter**.
P AHTIL.KM 1)1 FA HI, «r VarSa U»M(»n,
ior lue kiletia'iim audcureofbroßAb'.Ua buarao
ttaaa, and all atfeer dUeaaea of the for aala
ALL* ttt'VAL.
i Ml Ho W9 Mmlamum
<4 :i- S

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