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TV ike vet* ending Thuriday Keening, Dec 2.
BACON—Virginia cured, hog round, lOftoll
WtiU; prime VVestern and Baltimore Sides scarce
*nd wanted at 104 cents; Shoulders 9 to 91 cents.
A great many inferior Shoulders are in market.
Hams 14 to MJo, and scarce.
BIJTTKR .a in fair supply Firkin 18 to JU cents
per lb.; f-esh Koll 25 Goshen 20 to Sto cenU.
BEESWAX—22 a 23 eta. per lb. —with small re-
In Cotton here is limited. The quotations are 101
to 104 -ts. Cotton Yarns 16 cts per lb.
COFFEE—OId Java 11 hto 12; Laguayra i>| to
10- itio 91 to 9| cts; CapeßJa9cU; Manilla 12$.
CANDLES —Tallow 12ja 131; Hull's patent M ;
Sperm 4:5 a *15, Adamantine 22ja27J. Jackson a
patent 14. .
COAL— 10tol2J cents on board for good mix
ed, tine aid lump; 9to 11 cent* for blacksmith's
CORN—We note sales at os to 70 cents
CORN MEAI 75 to 8J cents per bushel.
FLOUR —Sales *t &5 25 lor Richmond superfine;
#5| asked for Sefttsviile.
FLAXSEED —!n demand at £1 15 per bushel.
FEATHERS —Live geese 33 a 35 cts.
FISH—No. 1 Mackerel $12J to 13; No. 2 SIS to
11£ ; ft o. 3, small ii?i to 7$ ; No. 4, $>ti 25 to 6 50.
Clipped N. C. Herrings $ti 75 to 7—nominal, none
here; Family Roe $4 to 4 25, in hall obis.; Gross,
from wharf, $5 25 to 550 lor N. C.; Halifax No. 1
Clipped $6, Gross $4 50 to 4 75. Shad §9 50 to 10.
GUANO—The supply is goo J, tut u« change in
Drice. Peruvian #52 from stoie, per ton et 2000
n».; Patagoniaa S-jti.
HlDßß—Slaughtered $5.30, green weight; spar,
ish 813.50t0 Sit); Calf Skins £i.l2j.
HAY—None arriving—would briugSl 25 per l^u
LIQUORS —3ran«iy, Otard, Dupuy & Co. $2.2 - i.
§2.50; A. Seignette 5i.75; Imitation 32 to 34 cents ;
Sazerac $3 a 3.50; Peacb, dull at $1 a 1.25; Virgi
nia Apple 60; do. old, li2i a 75; Northern 41
eenw. Hum, New England, 28J a29cts. Whiskey
Richmond rectified 25 to 20 cts in bbls ; Cincinnati
26 to 27 cents; Gin, Holland $1 a 1.25; American
LARD —Prime Leaf in barrels at 13,SJ cts ; kegs
14 to 14J cents lor kegs and pails.
LlME—Last sales from vessels at 81 12X ; from
•tore $1 50.
LUMBER—CIear white Pine $33a35; relusec'eer
$29; merchantable $20 a $22; refuse $12f $15 per
M ; one inch pine Plank from $12 to $15 per M ;
three-quarter inch pine Plank $10 u $12 flooring
rough,from $15 to $16; dressect $26 a S!0; joists
$12 a $15; two inch Plank $15; weather board-
Inesllto $14 —dull; inch oai i'lank $C 3 to 2cS;
buUouwood do $21 to 2«; f innh cherry 830; {
in*b poplar $18.
MOLASSES—Cuba2I a'.2 ; New Orleans 30 a 32
SOAP —Turpentine 3i it 6 cts; Variegated lift 14.
IRON—Pig $28 to #•»:}; Sw.-des $90 to J»5; Eng
lish #55 to 60; Tredegar (Richmond; $85; Up
Country «SQ; Nails 3| to 4$ cts.
PLASTER —.-ales at §4 50—scarce and warned.
POTATOES —\ r s-go <t Nova s?c»iia Mercers
jast ia is telling at 70 to 73 ce&t*.
RYE—Extra, tor dit'.LU'fig, 73 cents perbuehel—
nominal, none here.
KlCE—4i to 5 cents per lb.
SALT—SI 70 troiu store; $1 60 from wha'f—
scuice anl wanted.
SUGARS—Porto Rico 5i to7i for ordinary to
strictly prime; New Orleans 5J to CJ; Refined loa!
9to Oi cts; crushed b'i to 9; clarified Ik.
STEEL—American blistered 10* to 110.
8 HOT—SI a C cents per lb.
TOBACCO —Inspections and receipts light. We
quote lugs at $4} a ;»i; middling and common S6.Js'
a it, rood and fine al9 Si me new loosesn
market: lugi sell at 63)*: •» 4,'iJ ; leal $5} a 7s.
TEAS—lmperial -Mid Gunpowder 05 to 20.
Slack 25 to 45, with light demand.
LEATHER —We have tio change to notice lii
Leather. The supply is goad, with a fair enquiry
-"Good" light wt's $15 to 16$ : middle $144 to ISA
heavy $14 to 15; "damaged" 810, 12$ and 14, uc
cording to quality.
WHEAT —Prime white $1 to $1 05; prime red
95 to 100 cents
OATS— 3ti to 45 cts. per bushel,for ordinary Vir.
OFFAL—Bran 15 cts. per bushel ; ShorU 38 Jo
30 ets.; Browi-Stuft'tiO ft*.-. Ship-Stu!l'4o to 45 cts.
PausiGN. —But Utile doing—r» tes nominal
L udou 27s 6-1 per hhds.
Domestic we quote as follows:
New York. Boston. Phiiadtlphiax
Coal,per bush, to 5 cts. 7 cis. 4$ ots
Flour, per bbl. 20 30 * 20
Tobacco, per hhd. 2.00 3 00 2.25
Do. per box, 15 2;" 20
Coal to Baltimore 3 cent 3 per bushel.
Stebi.ing Bills : 10J premium.
Domestic : Noi thern Exchange ranges forchecks
on the chief cities at jaj premium. Large North
ern City Bank Notes i premium. Uncurrent notes
we quote at the following discount:
Morth Carolina i Tennessee 2
South Carolina i Kentucky 2
Georgia * Ohio 2
Alabama State Batik -- 24 Northern interior - -•)
Bank of Mobile i Silver—2 k a'i premium.
Gold —i premium
Virginia State uyi n ui., years to run, interest
from uate—last sale 9 at Treasury 8109.
Do. do. previous issue, with interest from iat July
—106 and int.
Do. do. of 20 years issue, over 10 years to run,
wk'aint from lit Juiy—los and int.
Do. do. it" 20 years issue, 10 years and under to
run. with interest from Ist July—lo3 and int
Bonds guaranteed by State of Va., with int. from
Ist July—last sales 103 and mt.
City ct Petersburg Coupon Bonds, with interest
from lot August*—last sales 100 atid int.
Richmond City Stock, with interesttrom Ist July
—list sales, fchoit dates 102 and int; long /ates $103
and mst.
Virginia Bank Stock, par $70—last suns 76|.
Farmers' Bank Stock—sales this week 109$.
Exchange Bank Stock—sales this week 109.
Va. fire and Marine Insurance Stock—sales this
week, dividend off, 110.
Richmond Fire Association Stock, par $20— sales
this wtek 33.
Richmond, 1 rederieksburg and Potomac R. R.
Stock—sales this week, dividend off, 98i-
Virginia Central R. R Stock, reported by D An
ders ju, Jr.—sals.j this wetk4U.
Richmond and Petersburg R. R. Stock—sales this
wet k 35
lames River and Kanawha Stock—last sales 17.
W H,l> - A»U ANTllUAll'lK (lOAb,
*» Landing from schr George, a cargo of supe
rior Whit? Ash Anthracite t'oul. Persons
laying in their winter supply of the above Ccal,
would do well to setid down their orders. &5 75
per load, delivered auv where in the city
* el Dock Wharf.
'r u •llfc.Kn.—^Ointment I'or Hurd iiiril
■1. lulnful Brraatii, after tha recip; of Mad
arno Veinet. au eminent French Narse. This Oin
tment is soothing—can be applied at all times, anc
utte oil y preparation in use, tfapt will relieve ihe
pa n and scatter the swelling in au inflamed Breast
wade oi.iy by
_no;J7-iw O. A. STRECKER.
f| tOR RKNT.-a wooden
*ke Av! ' t,ep '' I"*-"*-" Adams street and
Pm » i ' " ow occupied by Mr l.ally—
''O" m *y i»e had at any time. Rent 82<)0
Q«t.eral Agent..
SR.!,!!i Ul \ T -,' lh " desiralfe
K. udence t>n track;ia street, Church Hill
Th« < -'l < i CCU i?? d by deceased —'
Rm7 iaSa * * **' 1 ' a »«"chod.
tw».n', qa )j per atiuum
no 26* l ° Tol ' Ea * COOK,
—— Pear 1 stre t.
t, T « e '. B *" ao W'l" on this lard, but it has „r,
is welf watered r osch « rd .
This little tract, which 1. In a hirh stite of im
h-i »„ I !Z T " h " alai y ulJ d agreeable n. ighb, r
f * i-! ' a ' e U!: 7 be mode of its
P'" " Wi " =urrc land wit
jK-'trlld 1L' 9 ' but ** w «l»^wse.lit:
tZSZ!? 1 ™* - "««»->»
- A
biU 1
■o» OiiAjK. T. WO*'iiiAM> CO_
Henrico; James L Spencer, Elenton, N Cj Hon
A W Yenab.e, N C; Thos Wilkin*, Halifax;
Win D Schoolfield and ladv, Charlotte; John
II Bocock, Louisa; Benj Wood, Albemarle;
I)r Francis Stribbling, Staunton; Robt A Gray,
Harrisonburg; Mrs Houlville, Master Houl
ville and servant, Mrs Anusey, Boston; P Hen
ry Duke and l«dy, City Poin ; Mr Ycst, lady,
son and Miss Vest, Va; P A Johnson, Na; Rob
Foster, Vavanns; Jesse Hare, W A Read,
Lynchburg; H Honke, ship Capt; W Sayre,
lady and servant, Norfolk; Mr McPhaile, Char
lotte; Ro S Brynrit, Pittsylvania; T H Wil
liamson, lady, 1 children and servant, Lexing
ton; P Henry Carpenter, Richmond College;
Mr Barnes,2sons and sprvant, Mrs Weeimore,
Mr Barnes, Essex; E Thurman, Albemarle;
Col E Fountain, Va C II R; G W Winfree, N
W Ceisler, Madeison; J B llendren, Florida;
J Mason, Buckingham; T R Dawson, Pliiln;
A Gardner, New Voik; Robt Morris, Wash
ington; J Taylor and lady, Washington; Miss
E Marler, Miss J Marler, Canada; J S Mont
mollins and son, Georgia; W II Wood ley, G
C Ashton, II B Evans, New Vork; Miss A E
l'etertnan, f) H Iloge and Lady, Montgomery;
MisaL C Dt'j jineit, Miss C H Dejarnett, Car
ol n •.
Pulkington. Teen; J Miller, Va; // Wilkinson,
Chesterfield; T J Noble, Amelia; R Moore, Halifax;
C W i >ili' y, Hanover, J II Moody, Chesterfield;
<; \V D :n. a n : ; 8 and M H Hancock, do; F W GUI,
lia'rpt'»•■; J N VVinfree, Madison; LW Ch *ster,
Ms'M-n; J H F.iiai >, Fluvanue; B Coleman, Caro
liti ; J Chtndier an.i son, di>; J N W oodfi i, Pow
hatan; J S tiniiWi, jo; s K Scay, Amelia; J O
Ynughan.d ; J H K'lU -'ues x: K Samsons, Gooch
lanr,; R Reynolds, ..t nberland; J H Adams, do;
J 1» St,'Ui; R ; J S Muhols.do; Major A S
Wo. 1.l idge, M C.m H.nes; B F Iloolbrook, Vs;
N S Pulaski, u,., VV ii Warwick, Lovingslon; A
' ihb, dt>; S Twlij , < Cumberland; G Charbry, Buck
ingham ,j <; ~a aCt 4 \ vD r \y flood, Henry; Geo
S Ai nistr ng. KiD RR; R S Winfree, Chester
field; J Ciiristuburg, P Edwaid; J Johnson, and Jas
M Dorigan. do; R liocking, Powhatan, I) A Tibby.
Danville; M A Mud way unci J T Bethell, do; Dan!
Stringer, BWhalton; Capt V VVitcber, Pittsylvan'a;
rc l-er, Chesterfield; j Myers, Powhatan; D
11 Lite, 1 ex a.-; VV T Clark, l.eesburg; W Gilby, N'ot
t iwaj; Dr Bass, do; J C Gi.alt Powhstan; VV T
Siitherlin, Danvili.; G Madma, Port VV.
CITY HOTEi. —A S HoJt Am lia, DFraher, Va;
W & Ware, Hanover; S D Holt ,nd servt, VVeet
moielani; J R Dishfiiare, do; F O Miss. Louis*; VV
Ud V.& r rvr, Va; J 11 Spears, Chcstertield;
J Walker, Middlesex; Mr Walker, do; R N Short,
Richmond; Capt M Flournoy, Chesterlield; J C
Carpenter, Goochland; T VV Hev-son, do; A C
Dincklnson, V>; VV Duiir. Hrnovet; J M Dicktou,
Nort .ik; S Peters. Vh: (> VV Key, Goochland; II J
Archer, V»; J G B Coleman Louisa; N VV Br dly
New Kent: f Lussey,Petersburg; J H Moory, Ch s
terhe..;, N Greer., o ; F Sch tie:, Staunton: D Mc
l)aiu> i, .. J Dootoh, S Id Mocre, lady 2 children
iir'l S ' i *' uunicghani and O Curiningham,
VV bee.;rig: 1 B Owens, SC; J Brnwn. Tenn; H C
Titnt, Mobil?; J G Collni, do; II S Ware, Va
i AMERICAN HOTEL-—J C C">lf.man, Halifax;
D s-heitOD, Buftnio Springs,; j F Harvey, lady and
®, a r■" rmvi 'l e; Nottoway: C B Bennett,
(•», H il Decker, m , O I Ardersou, Petersburg: W
Lawrence. N V; N \V Woodbury, Philu; J N Rati
dah'lady, Mrs Colo and Mrs Foote, Georgia: J M
Biijkhouse, Northampt ; W T Fitchett and lady,
I 'Ktttbie.Senor, Washington; J W GiUiam &-
ady, DinwtddlP; Mi?s M 1' Ciiliiam, do: A Jones
Chesterfield; S C Lynea it, N Y; J V Krenshaw,
Liverpool; D L"a, Petersburg; I. C Mosley, Put
naL, CO; P H.-insbcmugh, jßiooksvilli; Dr E J
L"wm a-id A St*lev.
PO ICT OF BIC iiM Ol* !» .
At the Bar, brig flantsp »rt, Holmes, N S, po'atoes
and platt -r to Wiliiams & Brother
Br-g Maczillon, Berry, Boston, mdse, R Rankin
Schr Gipaey, Bunnell, cM a; New Vark Ist for
tins \;ort
Sch s York town Wogiam. from Petersburg, and
Wm L Dajton, Baker, trom Virginia, arrat dosame
fchr l aratine, hence, arr at Boston 30th u!t
Schr Wiliiam, Johnson, from Fredericksburg
air at New York Ist
IO.'i ABLE CLOTHING -Just received; the
attest variety of Cloths, and
Vesfngs, to be found iii the city, of the
latest and moat approved style*, consisting in part
French b!k Cloths and Casaimares, a!i Equalities'
trench fancy co'l'd Cloths and Caseimeres of every
shade and quality, French Bsaver Cioths, all quali
ties; French Himalaga Costing Cloth, entirely new;
rrench Peteieham Cloths, French marble and
clouded Cassimeres, new.
VesrlngH.—Figured Silk, Plush and Velvet;
Quadrills silk, I'lush ard Velvet; Watered Silk'
Plush and Velvet; Ribbed Siik .Flush and Velvet
piaiii Pmsh Siik, Cashmere Vestings, Demask Silk
Vesting*, b.ack and fancy Grenadine Silk Vestings
Buff and white Grenadino Silk Vestings, Paity
V estings decidedly rich.
Keudj-.llade ( lotliing of all kinds End qua
lities of the veiy latest styles, such as Kossuth Oyer
Coats, Esquimaux Wrappers, Lamartine Sacks,
i aietot rrocds, Albert Top Coats, Hunting Coats,
Fancy Goods—Fancy Ties and Cravats, Crimp
and Full 'lies, something new; Apron Ties, black
and ianry ; rich l*ney and black Silk Scarf*, do. do.
S&tiri, Gloves of »'i kinds, Collars, Suspt?nders,
Socks—silk, cotton and nieiino; Or ess Shirk, Silk
Shirts, Merino Hurts and Drawers.
Call and Bee far yourselves.
oc i3—l« Corner of Main and Governors!*.
Of ll!K
J f That I have now on hand, the
I largest and best assortment of
J Boot* and (-hoes, of good quality, ever
offered in this city ; selected by mys< If ex
pressly tor retail, both oi my own manufacture and
the best Philadelphia n*ake. Among my assort
raent can be found something extra, to which I
would n ost respectfully call the intention of a'l in
want, as tney will be sold low, by
Sianutacturer and dealer in Boots, Shoes,
Trunks, Carpet Bags, Valices, (to,
56 ~ No 127 Main strpet, Richmono, Va.
I he finest Buck seen here it along
t'me will be served up in our well
~ 1,1 1 1 known ttylj, at "THE ARBOUR."
Canvass Back and MaUrd Ducks
York Uiver Oysters, Partridges
fresh fuh, Squirrels, 4c, now on hand
if you want a fine Supper or Dinner, call on
x, . „ Corner Main f.nd 12th street.
n ~ A Bt'uard Room with two elegant Tables
up 3:!> " g - no2f '
jlr n,,na A "W- S DKESS
» GOODS.—W a respectfully invite Gentle
ir.eu in want of handsome and durable Dress
Loots, Guitera, &c, to call and examine our
large aud varied assortment of articl. s in that line
We have been at greut pains to select the mi,at
tasteful ana choicest goods, and have had 'x
pressly to our order various styles ->„T. »
W fc- ,h i Dgat ° n , Ce beau'ful OBC Wh °
St re, where may b* found "th^m 6 coll1 ; l!Bli ' lil
g'.uia 1 «"y °tw place in Vir
! JlS ily Ko * «'*rdn"s NU!,: ~ a5 " B " obU
i A.jfi. LBE.
Sfcr.fiM Soap
50 Ws &£ST d) d° U ,'' 0W C '» dk »
For rale by do do do
v-cms t WORTH A M too
I ' R*
Work forlaU by" !urnlahed a, ' J
-rticie, just tor «te l y " Ud " ry COm » U 0
aes< K. 4. 2:AUU:eman.
99 IMiia Street.
BY the "Aslrea," via New York, we have just
received the latest patterns made at the most
celebrated manufactory in England, of Hpper
Velvet Tapestry and fagraia Carpeting*
and Hags.
Citizens and visitors are requested to examine
our stock, which embraces the best descriptions of
Csrpeting, See, for Parlom, Chamber*, Dia
log KoomS) and Hmteinentß, now open; tor
sale by
i l ecribers have entered into co partnership under
the firm of PENDLETON & BROTHER, for the
transaction of the Commission Busioefs in TOBAC
have tak>'n Warehouse No. 120 Smith's Wbarf,
Baltimore, Md.
Baltimore, August 10th. 1852.
Hugh Jenkins &. Co , Baltimore.
F. W. Brune & Sons, do.
Wm. Wilson & Sons, do.
Edwin Wortham it Co., Richmond
Archb'd Thomas & Son, do.
Hugh W. Fry, do.
Rhodes &. Ogiebay, Bridgeport, Obio.
John Creigh, Cincinnati
Gordon <fe Co., Louisville.
W H. Baitless, Charleston, S. C.
Otis J Cfiafee, do. do.
James McCullogh, Pittsburgh.
Brown i Kirkpatriek, do.
Z. Chafee. do.
I>. Lamb, Esq., Cash'r N. W. Bar.k, Wheeling.
K. Brady, Esq , de. Mer. &. Mecb. do. «!o.
James K. Baker, Wheo ina
Josiah Sibley, Hambnrgs, S. C.
H>-ury A. Schiasder, Mobile, Alabama.
A L. Gaines, New Orleans.
oc 12—t wfim
l' <f it itiiNT, that desirable business .-tand-
BS No 18, Main street, at present occupied by
Mr John B. Styale. Possession given the Ist De
camber, 1832. Apuiy to HENRY C JENKS,
no 15—3tawtt At Edwin Wortham & Co'a
I » UV it ALi;.H WAißlt,
SPRINGS, VA. — Our second supply of this cele
brated ami valuable Mineral Water, is just at hand.
1 hose who have engaged the Water to arrive, will
pleas i call; tho.-e in wiui, will engage it at once,
as there are only a few barrels unsold.
Price §10 per bb!, -Sti per half bbl; cash on deliv
General Agents far the Rockbridge Alum Springs,
no 3D
») C HALF CHESTS TEA, good to versui e
*■ 'J nor quality
20,000 Cigais, good quality
2,000 Cigars, superior quality Regalia
1,000 Cigars, tood do ' do
17 fcoxe Adamaaiine Cand es,4'e m 6 !b-j-aper
5 boxes Adamantine Candles, 18'*
5 barrels so ar win er bleach- j Oil
5 do winter bleach d do
Just received, for saie by
_noii> L. i». CRENSHAW & CO.
i*- PAIN—We aie juet ia rcci ip: ot a iresh sup
ply oJ Dr Rose's great Pain C«;rer. Titi-s raniarka
blo preparation cures tooth ache in a ft. w minute?;
suit'neck from a sudden cold, sore thr at, pain in
the iace, back, limos and side—yield instantly, it
is good for sprains and bruises, tt id u used inter
naliy lor pains in the stomach or b.weis; in oot
tlcs, 12.!£, 25 aed 50 cents.
no 27 R. R. DUVAL &: BROTHER.
LEWIS PLUK i. :aW.~ "
5 tons Lewis' Pur- Lead ia Oil
5 ca.- s Chrome Grt • n
300 lbs No 1, Paris Ureea
3 cases Chrome Yeliow
For sale by O A STRECKER
d tOOO BlLl, PAPi.ii.-l, good Jlil paper
vJT is wasted t > make out Ist January accounts
upon, inch can be had >:t th- B >ksto:e of
no 30 Es..'e Squaie.
< ii.VEIt FlMl iiMVJ .S aud FotCKr*,
O Silver Dessert iv r: , til ver Spoon*, Silver
Forks, Soup and Oyster Ladles, Sauce and C earn
Ladles, Sugar Spoons. Pickle Knives and Forks.
&c. I'orsaleby GENNET Sc JAMES,
no 30 kagle Square.
/'Alii) t'ASK.H, dLi'.—Silver ana Peaii Card
Cases, Silver Card Cases, richly chased Riid
embossed. suitable for Bridal and Cnristrnas Pre
sents. Also, X'earl, Punier Machie and fch< !l do
For sale by " GENNET & JAMES,
no 30 Square.
PORT JIO.NAJKS, ol ad the various iiin'is—
such as Pear!, Silvered and Inlaid, Real Silver,
Morocco, Leather, A.c Ac. For sale by
no 30 F'agle Squire
J have just had printed and bound up in books
of various sizes, handsome Checks on the teveral
Banks of the city.
Also, fot salt-—Negotiable Notts, Promissory do.
Foreign Bills o! Exchange, Drafts, Bills of Lading',
Canal bills of Lading, Arc no 30
pori >r article, just received and for cale low by
C. J. SIN TON & CO.,
no 30 of Circukir Saw, 71 Main at.
ASS l.ll'OK J CK.—4O cases very sup rior
F. G. Mass Licorice. n..w landing and for sale
no 24 Corner C«ry and 20th strtets.
P KIM IS NEVV SHOLi.DiiKs, suitable for
lamily use, just received and (or sale by
no 24 Corn, r Broad and 4th streets.
NEW IiKEAS<T I'lLCAi©, a very superior
article, lor sale by
~4 Curi-t r Broad and 4th stre-Hs.
HI HS & ttfri, Li) Felices, and
Bows, suitable for Buggy s, Barouches, Conch
es and Wagons, 1 rsale t>y
AT PRIVATE SALE, a splendid coileciiois of
(>irandolctt,iuS, 3 and 5 lights sets.
HAY.— 75 bales superior ti ay" daily expected per
schooner Athos, lor saie by
" o1(i Dock) Wharf
tiAU.— lIKJ hbUs prime New Orleans Sugar,
lu store and for sals by
no 25 CH AS. T. WORTHAM it CO.
W RANUOI.PH, at his Bookstoreßn<l B;r;d»rw
121 Main street, can supply any quantity at the
Virginia Almanac for 1853 no 24
( KOPEK'S lrtlMilvASls, tor mak:: g BTaUc
Mauge, Jelly, ic For sale by
no 27 Main 6treet, Cld tlarket.
Lll' SAI.VB.- Fresh iip silve, in handsome
china boxes, for sale by
W M D vBE,
P0 27 Main etreet, near Old Market.
A WO. I TO I* BUtiti IT AND liAUNK*)*
(complete) for sals. A bargain ean b;> had if
early application be i.iade at this olhce.
oc 25—ts
400 sacks Liverpool Salt, 10 to the ton;
til iat aud fur saie bv
C 1 HEESE. —S6 box.es prime Chaos?, receiving eaJ
' for sale by
OIJ GAlt, in store, for sa'e by
OLD APPLE I*KAND~Y.—I have tor sal a i
a few obis very fiae old Apple B'sndy.
m.k9\J a t privats snle.
PA.ASTEK, ailoai, for sale, to arrive, j
OA/k BOXES MLiACK TEA, for sale by |
bojtvt, neeb crop, received by
. JUAN riaziNi,
nr ' 17 Nest door to Esekangfi Back. !
U Fine Havacna sad Priucipd Ciijars, SmoKod
labaeco, Ac, lor salu Ly
no * 7 9-i Mai.t struct
LIME AND VAK— H»*iviot? and for sale by
>•» newifl WOIiTHAiI * go
A KLIAH HALE, lmptrter of
ffjloooDd, No. 106 Mala Street.—Juat
flMßVopening, an exteniive assortment of
Watches and Jewelry of every description, and for
■ale in quant)tie* to aoit purchaaera. at aa low
prices aa con be purchast d in any of the Northern
citiea. City and country merchants, dealers and
othera, will please call acd examine Good* and
prices. The stock comprises Gold Watches of every
description, from the moat celebrated manufac
turers ; Jewelry of every description, of new styles
and of the finest quality; gold Guard, foh and vest
Chains; Ear and Finger Kings; plated Ware, com
pricing Toa Bets, new patterns; Ppoous, Forks, &c.;
silver Folks, Spoons, Knives, Napkin Rings, Fruit
Krives, Caid Cases. &C ; also, a very extensive as
sortment of gilt and plated lewelry of every des
cription, suitable fur the country trade; Combs,
Buttons, Bruihes, fancy Soaps, Cologne Water,
Extracts, Pins, Cutlery, Clocks, Pencil", Bohemian
Glass Ware, Girandoles Porte Monales, Cig«r Cases,
Dressir g Cases, Portfolios Blank Books, Note and
Writing Paper, Steel Pens, Sealing Wax, Wslcrs,
Carpet Bass, Britannia Spoons, Coffee Mi ls, Ham
mers, Aceordeons, Violin Strings—in fact every
variety end kind of the above description of Goods
toornmerous to mention New Goods rec<ived
a morit every day. ELIA3 HALE, Importer,
n-i 24 No 106 Main st-eet
To the Dispatch office for my paper, and
R\a. to WM. BARTHOLOMEW'S. Watch Ma-
opposite the Dispatch office, to have
my watch repaired ; for I hear that he can and will
repair them on as reasonable terms as any one in
the city, and as correctly. Only t y him
no 25—ts
H I Ji II li V I' O L, I S II E
BLE CUTLERY, with a variety of
handsome China Articles, Work Boxes, &c, for
Chrlslmas Presents; some beautiful Eoglish and
French China Tea Sets, Trays, Waiters, <kc, just
received at the China, Crockery and Glass Store,
218 Broad street,
no 27 H L. HICKSON.
((■OOi*E*S WA.NTKI),-! wish to hire for
\j the ensuing year, 25 or 30 good Coopers, to
work in this city, for whom I will pay $150, and
for extra or tight workmen a higher price will De
paid, quarterly if desired. Persons having such to
hire, will please address roe here, or apply at my
shop, on the Virginia Central Railroad, near the
Depot, or to Messrs Brad'ey it Brother, No 24 Main
2 J cents per barrel will be paid forall extra work.
11025—tlJa* WILLIAM F. HORO.
undersigned hive formed a co partner
1 ship unJer the style and firm of WM. R. RO
BINSON £c CO. for the purpose of carrying on the
Tobacco "Vlaiiiitnrliirin,-; the en
suing year, and request all tnose who hired their
hands this year to the late MrPoßiaux Robinson,
brothri ot one of our firm, and others having hands
for hire, to give us a call before hiring them out, as
w ■ are wii iog to give fair market prices for such as
suit. WM. R. ROBINSON,
no2s—dtUa JAmES TYLER
p i-i J) A H TAR —Coonumpticn l ured.—
tj The most fuect-estul remedy now in U3e for the
cure of Incipient Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma,
Coughs, Sore Throat, diseases of the Liver and
Kidneys, King's Evil, Tett r, Dyspepsia, &c, pre
paied by Mrs B. B. Norris, 343 Baltimore strjet,
Mm. B. B. Nobbis—Dear Madim : For eeveral
years i have been afflicted with treqacnt hem. r
ihages lun?s, attended with «. paitful cough
i til d various remedies, and had the beat medica :
advice, but without relief until I tri :d your Cedar
Tar, 'Ahich has entirely cured me.
Yours respectfullj, GEORGE PARKS,
1V .-aratoga street, Baltimore, Md.
October 3d, 1652.
''ail and get Pamphlets containing certificates.
IIP" Beware of counterfeits. The genuine arti
c!u is for a lie by
P. HORTON REACH, 91 Muin street,
Solo Agent for Richmond, and
n-. S? Genera! Auent for Eastern Virginia.
It |? AMTi.V.—A 'Tobacco Manufacturer to su
' • perintet:d a Factory about2s miles irom Pe
tersbuig A single man, who ca® com : well re
commeaiej, would be preferred. A good Tailor,
Shu j .-iaki i ipd Tat nf r, could also fi.:d employ
mt at at the same place. For particulars, at.ply
no 2 ;> —lw Petersburg, Va.
Ul'fUA'l'lOft WAM'KD.—By a young man
i. who has be connected with a Hoiel tor about
ten years—has a general knowledge of the busi
ness in all its branches. Has been encased as
Book Keeper and general Superintendent for the
last three years He can give satisfactory refer
ence as to character, quantisations, Acc., and would
rot cl ject to go North or South. Address S. J.,
Bex No. 27*. Petersburg Post Office, no s9 -iw
.NiH'lt'E.—.V(i persons nav
i ing claixn.j against tilt! estate of 11. B. 'iwath
mey, dee'd, will please present them to ma without
delay tor payment, and all those iuJebted to thu
estate are requf 9ted to call and settle the same.
no 29—lw* li. B. Gwalhmey. dee'd.
| I'tiKAi' KOK CASH.—
" * Wo are selling 11 lbs of Double Refined
Crushed and Powdered Sugar for 61.00, Ciaritied,
5>1,00; Rio Coffee iOc; best Laguaj ra do 1 Ic; Java
'Jo 12c; Black Soap 6 pence per bar; beet pearl
Starch 9c: host pickle d Cucumoers, 2 shillings per
gaiiou; Northern tfuckwheat &7cents prrbag;
Ground Coifed 6 pence per lb; Tallow Candles 9
pecco per ib; lix'ra Black Tea s)c; beat Gunpow
der do 61 0C; New Orleans Molasses 2 shillings per
gallon. With a general slock oi the Best Groce
ries at eaually low prices.
no 29 Franklin st. near Old Market.
[V». w mum-, Jt >i iihiJitviu HV
HARROLD & MUKHAV—Bread street.
Select British Eloquence, containing the test
Speeches entire o! the meat eminent Orators ot
Great Britai.". foi the last two centuries, with
sketches o! thair iivoa, die , by Chauacy A Goxi
Lives of Wellington and Peal, from the Lond a
Shabbj Genteel Story, by Ti ackn. ay—soc
History of Henry Esmond, K-q , ty Thackaray—
A Life rf Vicissitudes, by G P P. lames—2sc
Kn.cb Knacks trorn an Kditors Table, by L Gay
lord Clarke—l 25 '
History ef Romulus, by Jacob Abbott—6o
A Isrga vaiitty ci New Juvenile Books
All New Booka received as soon aa published
NEW MOVKljS.—Winnie Grey, ur Wnoisttia
Heir, by She authwr of Aray Lawrence, or the
Freemason's Daughter, Stßifiell Hail, &c.—price
Tackee Jack, cr the Peii'a of a •
a romance of the War of 181-.', by Harry Haz^l—
price 25c
Pictorial Life and Adventures of Davy Crockett
written by himself— ptico 50c
Fcr sale by " JAMES B. 0188,
''Oi9 53, opposite City Hotel, Main street.
it you wish to have your l'air Cut, in the latest
and most approved style, and your Whiskers
cheeked to a besetilul black or brown color, then
call a: the Hi ir-Cutting, Shaving, Shampooing and
Sathicg Saloon, under the American Betel.
N fi—Hot, cold tnd shower Baths, can bs bad
caily, trow 6 A M to U P M, and on Satu:day to li P
M. S;»gie Bath a 5 cents, or five tickets for -31
Entrenee on 11 th street. no 27
LOOK —We again otlcr our services
to our friends and the public, »s Aleuts tor the
hiriujj out of their servants f r the ensuing yee-.
Ar.d tor our punctttslity in over hires re
ceivcd, end our attention to th? ttjrvaets comm t
tedto our managemeat, Wr-reler to those who
b <su so kind at t„f<vuur ns w,th toeir patrouaae
heretofore. To persons iu the c untr ■,
we would remark, that it is important flit we
shonlj be informi d ai early as pra?;icab!e of th •
number of serraaU, their age*, qaalificvUons, ic,
>ut6oit-j fcti sent in, inuy b*j tb« belior
to secure good home* and good price* foi
We wi ! also secure homes f;r whlta aer.ants
npoc reasonable terms. TOLER & COOK,
f ' a G neral Agents.
\J dersijined, Inventor tt * Baß or P aaoiphericai
niachtae fur Crushing aad Pulverizing Qa -r z Ruck
pitosteiiu tbt* country and Europe, not final?
per* ins 0:; linst infringing upon it.
™ -us t otico is given that person* pirating or buiUi
*ol,' tnj h.vintioni wilibedeiilt with to the tuil e»-
t nttf the law J w COCUUAN,
no 18—dtUtJ* CI g stieet. New Yerk.
|"y UTlt'Ji.—Ail pemiai iiijeuutl taivM.U
&. SNELI,, ai a reducated f.> make immeatstr p.iy
u. &ttomo. JAttfcb A. SWELL,
iv 37—1« AdsiinitlMUw oi Win. If. MociL
|{k«UM ANl> If ATSTfor smle by "
" JAAlfca B. tSUELTON,
It it a remarkable fact, that among the hundred* of
eminent physician* who hava examined the recipe by
which BuirgJSaraaparilla i* prepared, not one ha* con
denined it, KB nil approve it, and commend it in the
highest term*. Many physician* expre** themselve*
strongly in the belief that it i* decidedly the beat pre
paration of Sarsaparilla that ha* ever been placed be
fore the public. Although there are many physicians
who feel a reluctance to having their names appended
to the recommendation of any particular remedy, not
with*t*ndinj they may approve of it in the highest de
gree, there are other* who frankly yield their support
in favor of a remedy which they *now is capable of
doing so mnch good in an afflicted community. As an
evidence, read the following from old and respectable
physicians, ofhigh standing in the community in which
they live:
Louisville, July 13tb, 1849.
1 have examined the list of articles that compose
John Bull's Extract of Sarsapanlla, and have no hesi
tation in saying, that it is a safe and valuable com
pound. 1 would prefer it to any article now in use, for
the diseases arising from an impure state of the blood
or taint of the system. I confidently recommend it to
my friends as being a powerful Extract, and one that
I believe will cure all classes of diseases for which it is
recommended, if used according to directions. I be
lieve it to be a valuable succedaneum to mercury.—
Nav, I have my doubts whether, in the most violent
and protracted cases of Syphilis, accompanied with
Nodes Trophe, in caries of the bones, whether it ought
not to supercede any other remedy.
S. If. McCONACHIE, M. I).,
Honorary Member of the Medical Society I'bil
What Dr. Owen, Druggist and Apothecary, of several
year* standing, says about Bull's Saraaparifla:—
Louisville, May 31st, 1848.
Mr. John Bull—l have been, for a number of years,
severely afflicted with a Mercurial Headache and a dull
heavy pain in my liver. I used almost all the reme
dies of the day, especially the Sarsaparilla prepared by
different persons. But all to little or no advantage,
until I chanced to meet with yours, three bottles of
which gave me more relief than all the others com
I therefore take pleasure in recommending yourSar
saparilla to the afflicted community as a superior arti
cle Very respectfully yours.
Hear what Dr. Stapp, a physician who stands at the
top of his profession, says of John Bull's Sarsaparilla:
I have been using John Bull's Sarsaparilla in a great
variety of Chronic diseases, with the most happy
effects, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to
the public for the cure of Syphilis, Scrofula, and all
Cutaneous and Glandular diseases.
Yours most fervently, WM. STAFP, M. D.
Lewisport, Ky., April 6th, 1849.
Let all who are suffering under the agonizing tor
tures of Rheumatism, read the foliowiug, and see what
may be done for them, if they will use the infallible
Uniontown, Kv., May 12, 1818.
Mr. John Bull—DearSir: For the last" three years
I have been afflicted with Rheumatism of thejseverest
character. 1 was at times in the greatest agony of pain;
I tried every remedy 1 could procure for the disease,
but found no permanent relief until 1 was induced to
use your preparation of Sarsaparilla, which has entire
ly cured me of Rheumatism, and greatly improved my
general health more than any medicine f everuaed. I
have been free of pain for several months, and have
no doubt th*» cure is permanent, and I recommend it
as the best eaedicine in use for Rheumatism
i Loudon, Kv., April 2.5 th, 1850.
Sir—Permit me to address to you a few lines, and do
me the honor to reply to a request that 1 will make in
the conclusion of tins letter, Acc.
lama graduate of Transylvania Medical Universi
ty; I have practiced medicine in this wilderness coun
try about live years, but owing to exposure to bitter
cold weather, I have been indisposed with Acute Rheu
matism about six months. After having exhausted my
skillin the treatment of my case, anil deriving no bene
fit, I was induced to give your Fluid Extract of Sar
aaparillaa fair trial, and accordingly purchased a bottle
of your medicine from your agent, Mr. George P.
Brown, about two weeks ago, and I must confess that
one bottle has entirely cured me.
Sit is my opinion that your preparation of Sarsaparil
is decidedly superiorto any other preparation now in
use, and I will take great pleasure in recommending it
to the afflicted as being a remedial agent, aud I will ad
vise physicians to use it in their practice, &c.
Respectfully yours, B. B. ALLEN. M. D.
Rev. E. W. Sehon—Rev. E. Stevenson.
Louisville, May 20th, 1319.
We have used John Bull's SarsapariUa, and have
known it to be used, with entire satisfaction, and we
have no hesitation in stating, that we believe it to he a
safe and valuable medical compound, and calculated
to produce much jjood, and relieve much suffering; and
therefore would cheerfully and most earnestly recom
mend it to the afflicKed. {Signed.]
IR. BULL'S Principal Office,
61 Fourth street, Louisville, Ky.
Where applications for Agencies must i>s ud
For sale in Richmond b v
rav 17—d3tawwly Druggists, Sole Aeentp.
U VAL,»S KAHiIiV AN il-r.JfAS »A<».
DIC, for the cure of Asiatic Cholera, Cholics
of all kinds, spasms, cholera morbus, dysentery, diar
rheal, lockjaw, violent pain, whether"rheumatic or
neuralgic, cramp in the stomach, toothache, nervous
headache, delirium tremens, spider bites, dyspepsia,
fulness from imprudent eating, threatened abortion,
tits, sinking or congestive chills, ague and fever, burns,
cuts. Air.
Accompanying each bottle is a pamphlet containing
full directions for its use, in the various diseases for
which it is recommended, as well as presenting many
strong testimonials.
This medicine is not only efficient, hut safe. It is
adapted to many of the njost violent diseases, giving
the most prompt relief, and is especially suited to large
families as well as to travelers. The proprietor, there
fore, would respectfully ask the attention of the public
to its claims; which are founded on more than twenty
years' experience in its use, and not on conjecture.
It has already become a very popular remedy in ma
ny parts of the country, and is destined to be so wher
ever it is introduced.
We would respectfully call the attention of the pub
lic to the following, amongst many names of highly re
spectable and well-known gentlemen in different parte
of the country, who have u»ed it, aud spoken of it in
high tern;.:
Muscoe Garactt, esq, Kssex; .'a« M Jeffries, esq, Kins
and Queen, Va; Alexander Dudley, esq, King ami
Uueen, Va; ii W Schooler, esq, Caroline, Va; Wilson
C Pemberton, Kins William, Va; A B Walthall, Char
lottesville, Va; Thos D Ciuarles, Richmond, Va; John
W Woods, Baltimore; \\ in F Pendleton, Washington;
Newton Short, King William: Winston, Cliester
tifld, V it; James W Goss, Gordousville, Va; 111, Cole
man, Richmond, Va; N B Hill, Richmond, Va: Thos
Starke, King William, Va.
Arnot est the many physicians who have used it, we
beg leave to refer, for the present, to the following:
Dr Joan S Lewis, King William; Dr Win T Down
er, King William; l)r Win R Purkins, Northumboi
!and; Dr Ric' ardT Hundley, Hanover.
We also ask you to read the following certificates,
and refer you to many more in the pamphlets and our
various advertisements
■ ( hnisr'i, "n-1 Fever, A-?,
Dr Du Vai—Dear Sir: 1 *«! promptly relieved, a
few years ago, of a violent attack of something like the
cholera, by taking a large dose of your Auti-Spasmod
ic. Since that time I have frequently witnessed its
a»r>d efleets in other cases. About six weeks ago 1 was
suffering exceedingly from an attack of Third-day
Ague and Fever, it had been increasing in severity
for nearly a month. 1 determined to try your Anti-
Spasmodic, and accordingly took a large dose of it just
before the time for the chill. It produced over the
whole systotu a peculinr sensation of warmth, which
wtw kejt up hv repeating the dose once or twice at
intervals ot two hears. Though necessarily exposed
since, 1 have felt no return of chill. 1 feel confident
in recommending your medicine.
Very sincerely yours.
Kuig \\ illiam, July, 1862.
In ( rump. li>sratrry, nnd Spider Kiln.
Dr Du Val—Dear Sir: 1 have administered your Fa
mily Anti-Spasmodic in several violent attacks of
cramp and dysentery. I have applied it externally to
the bite of a spider, when them wis an enormous en
largement of tne limb, aud intense pam—m ail with
perfect success. I have sold a greet deal of it in this
neighborhood, and ae far as I know, it has given univer
sal tjtwfecHoii. AH who have tested it seem to think
it has no equal as a family medicine. I deem it due to
say that in most of the instances alluded to above, va
rious remedies were used without effect.
Respectfully, yours,
(Signed) S W Y MI'SE.
Manufactured by P P DC VAL. M D. King WifKam
C 11, V a, to wliom all orders should be addressed. Price
62 1-2 cents and #1 per bottle.
For sale in Richmond, Va, bv Purcell, Ladd 4 Co,
wholesale agents, and by Thomas it McCarthy, J Bljir.
A Bodeker, and Win P Ladd ; in Baltimore by Ciuiby
fc Hatch ■. m Portsmouth by Girlick &. Owathmev, and
hy 1 frnggiats generstly. aud—Stmts
I ATKST AHW« "jkuo.u jsihopk.—
hARRKLEI) GUNci!—Just received,direct from
Kcropr, the rr. at »p eadid lot of Double uad
.* l&«ls Barreled Onus, I'lTrunjioa ('up*.
!'ovrdrr l'lanl.w and !»b3t roaches,oi every
d<- riptioa, which will bo sold at veiy reduced
Having been to Ecglnad mys. !f, making ail my
pannaiea direct from the m»> nvctv>rrr (,r ca»li
and ielug denirouaof doing a large b-iainea* ia the'
(;•• r hue, 1 w.II sell 9* us am- Nurtb.r;. Import
er, at my Cneap Cash Store. So *5 M'un street,
liich:o.;nd, Va HEMhV HYV AN,
Importer of Guoj rind Watch *,
N"*t d o»t') John N. Cordon's Grocery Ktore.
rtsmer atertapectfully invitee tocaii and c.<-
anaiuo the n .v pi.tect, end l»!e*t Improved Double
Herreled Gun, just rccciyed from England.
r a Moera! discount will U naado to Whole
sale ueajors aed Co out y Merchants
Dou'i forget that uls " No. Main stn*#,' Kith
mood, Va.
UAttTVOKD HCUKWs.-iajw g,„
ford tJcrews, assorted, trow 3-j to as kck.
for tain by
"We Hprak am te Wiae Mo. •«
ky muj other Medicine than n *° E
ton • Vegetable Tleetnre!-G*iKAT^t7fr
CAL DISCOVERY!-With such tert'mon, n .
§•* proof ean Ixß * ITen ' ">'«*• it b« trial t/'th?. -"''
derful Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. ca "
Let the afflicted read! read!
Barrkllvillc, Allegany Co, Md
To Me»»r.Mortimer t Mowbr*,. M " y 4 ' I * 5Z »
Dear Sirs: [n justice to Dr Hampton'* Vc»»..v.
Tincture, I wish to inform you that I
on the M day of January last, with affect^n'of'tr"
•tomach, bowels and kidney*. 1 attended
eminent physicians for more two months
tie or no effect. 1 had some knowledge of !* ; p
virtue in Hampton's Tincture from one bottle 'Jv *'•
my wife had taken two years since. *
I came to the conclusion tb,»' I would tako no
medicine from my physicians, b-it try th» Tw'-'l*
and lam nanny to inform you I had not takenit t'2~'
(lavs oefore t felt it* powerful influence upon mv t
ach. 1 have continued Ming th» Tincture, and Irr nL
able to leave my room, and can eat any comtnor d «
without muca inconvenience or pressure oa rr.ystor-
The afflicted or their friends are daily visiting me •.
Hampton's 6 V ' rtUe th " e " ,h,s T, S' of
I expect to send you several certificate* i„ . <■ „
days—one especially from a young ladv who hu i
confined to her room twelve mouths, with adi«\. r
the head, affecting the brain. ' *'**** 3f
Respectfully yours, E W HALL
On the permanency of the cure hear him .
other letter from the above! SE "
Barrrllville, ALi.Rr.ANv Co, Ma. ,
October 13, U;-32 c
Messri Mortimer &. Mowbray:
Dear Sirs- 1 am happy to" inform yon that th * d
finds me in the enjoyment of ge»d health hy
your Hampton's Tincture and the blessing of God i
am enabled to pursue mv daily avocations as usual » J
1 have a great desire that t'le afflicted should know th 2
gTeat curative powers of the Tincture.
1 am, with respect, yours,
Truth Stranger than F,ctio>, '—Font need Ihmair
—A Lady s Testimony after thirty-eight ijrari i,'f
Suffering: '
Were there not real virtue in this wonderful me,-',
cine, could it perform the astonishing cures mad" by
Northampton Countv, April 13 ias»
Messrs Tyler Al Adair: 1 '
1 have been afflicted with rheumatism, at times from
mv twelfth year; 1 will be fifty years of age thX istk
of this month; the attacks were at times so *ev»-<> •,*
to render me helpless; I have tried various remHi„
to very little effect. Last October I was attacked <n
my shoulders, sides, back, and hips; 1 could not r»«L
day or night; I could not move any part of my bod*
withoutcrying withnain, at this time I also tru-d n a
ny remedies, interna! and external, without receivini
any relief; 1 was at bxt advised to try Hampton's Ve
getable Tincture; before I had taken one bottle rf
which 1 felt much better, and ns I continued tak -i g
I felt strength coming into my back and limbs, and mv
stomach strengthened and revived every way'; I | m ve
taken five bottles, and am much better than I expect
ed to be. 1 intend to use it whenever I •; K , <
would recommend it lo the afflicted, believing ;'tV-'
Iter. Vertion KsUri«l«c, 11,l 1 , K. n.
Portsmouth. V*, August ny
Mr J EBoneb—Dear Sir: While 1 am ngeneral od
posed to Patent Medicines, candor comp els me to b; • -.»
that I iiave great confidence in the virtues of Hamr.
ton's Vegetable Tincture. For several months p-ist (
have used it in my family, and in dyspepsia, loss of ar.'
petite, dizziness, and general debility, with entir-sue
cess. So far as my experience extend*, therefore l
take pleasure in recommending it to the afflicted id a
safe and efficient remedy.
I am, respectfully, yours,
Chaplain in the U. States Navy,
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, oy its mild action 01
the stomach, liver, and the kidneys", will cure dys-«p
sia, couch, asthma, bronchial and long affections. pains
in the back, side and breast, consumption, scrofula
rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, tistuta, piles, bowel corr
plaints, worms, nervous debility—with all diseases an
sing from impure blood, and is the greatest female ine
dicine ever known
Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see certificates »f
For sale by O. A. STRECKER, Main street, Rir h
mond; (). R. JONES it CO., Petersburg, \ *.; I),, v> r
COOKE, Fredericksburg; MORTIMER A MuW
BRAY, Baltimore; and by Druggists generally.
oc 29
// i lo bed, and wrap up warm to swest
* (B TjTduring the night.
For a cold and cough, take it morning,
i' and evening, according to direction#
on the bottle, and the difficulty will soon be removed.
None will long suffer from this trouble when thev find
it can be so readily cured. Persons afflicted With s
seated cough, which breaks them of their rest at uiahL
will find, by taking the Cherry Pectoral on going m
bed, they may be sure of sound, unbroken sleep, arm
consequently refreshing rest, Great relief from suffer
ing, and an ultimate cure is ajtorded to thousands wff«
are thus afflicted, by this invaluable remedy.
From its agreeable effect in these cases, many find
themselves unwilling to forego its use when the neccs
sity for it has ceased.
from two eminent physicians in
Favetteville, Tk.nn., Apr* Ititfc, lfiflf
Sir—We have given your Cherry Pectoral ati exten
ded trial in our practice, and find it to surpass every
other remedy we have for curing affections o«' the res
piratory organs.
Ti» singers and public speakers this r -m. dy ts iwvi
uable, as by its action on the throat and lungs, ivheo
taken in small quantities, it removes all hoarser ss in
a few hours, and wonderfully increases the pom er and
flexibility of the voice.
Asthma-is generally much relieved, and often whol'y
cured by Cherry Pectoral. But there are some esses
so obstinate as to yield entirely to no medicine. Cher
ry Pectoral will cure them, if they can be cured.
Bronchitis, or irritation of the throat and npperoor
tion of the lungs, may be cured by taking Cherry Pa
toral in small and frequent doses. The uncomfcrtjWi
oppression is soon relieved.
Rev Dr Lausinc, of Brooklyn, Kew York, states
" 1 have seen the Cherry Pect'iral cure such cases n
Asthma and Bronchitis as leads me to believe it ci
rarely fail to cure those diseases.' '
For Croup, cive an emetic of antimony, t« b» (blJr w
ed by large and frequent doses of Cherry Pectoral, un
til it subdues the disease If taken in sessoc, it »:>
notfail to cure.
Whooping Cough may be broken up and soon cur i
by the use of Cherry Pectoral.
The Influenza is speedily removed by this remedy
Numerous instances have been noticed where wh ::e
families were protected from any serious consequence *
while their neighbors, without the Cherry
were suffering from the disease
From the distinguished Professor of Chemistry atii
Materia Medica, Bowdoin Coljege.
I have found the Cherry Pectoral, as its nts
show, a powerful remedy for colds, and coughs, sue.
pulmonary diseases.
Brunswick, Me, Feb 5, 18-J7.
Dr Valentine Motr, the widely celebrated Professor a
Surgery in the Medical College, N York citv. s<iv»
It gives me pleasure to certify the value aud efficac#
of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, which I consider pecu.;arlf
adapted to cure diseases of the throat and lungs.
Cures of si-vere diseases upon the lungs haveV'C
effected bv Cherry Pectoral in such extreme fas'* u
warrant the belief that a remedy has at length
fou'id that can be depended on to rtire the coughs.
and consumption, which carry from our midst ton
sands every year. It is iudeed a medicine to which
afflicted can look with confidence for relief, and taej
should not fail to avail themselves of it.
Prepared by J C AVER, Chemist, Lowell, MuH
Sold in R.chmond hy PCRCF.LL, LADD St CO.
by all the Druggists throughout the city acd Staff
oc I—d3m
CO. may be consulted, confidentially, for tn*
.treatment of the following di*e«se»: Erupt:or.J
Sore Legs, Ulcers, Glandular Sweilin**, or
'argemetita.Syphili*, and all morbid discnarg**
whether recent or chronic. Also, all thoae co.r.
plaints termed female diseases. The advertiser'
invite attention to their chemical extract oi «
Flower*, which may be regarded as the very WJ
article known, to give tone and vigor to c
abused and debditAtedorgans, as well as to reaoTjfc
* sy ' >m shattered by dissipation or other causa
Medicines securely put up, with fall direction*
snd seut to order. Post paid letters prom jUy *'
tended to. Office on Franklin street, below <•-»•
shnnga Hotel, ani firrtsdoor below Trinity cbu'es
Richmond, Virginia _
'lIWKNTI TltiM UO I, t. *Jf
No. I?S,corner of Broad and 6th street*- -~' n5
in:j to make at hang) in our buiiueas, we arc 80 *
i tiering at pri m<- cost, for cash, ou' large sad ws»
sei-.te'ed stock of STAPLE and FVfJCY l>»»
COO!>-\ cen«i.<tiuy of the u«u»l variety kept la -
Jobbing and Ketaii Hloro. Our tntre stock a*"
been bought for eath only, at toe best N 'j u^r "
nuiiketa and ag.'ts til uianut'icturers. "
just received our second supplj of Pall apd »» i: !
ter Goods, we are enabled to st.>v aa eiu're '' es '
*i d band «ome assortment suitable for this
VVe Invite cur friends tnd the 'public ceeeraljj >
g ve us au early call, as wo are «etenalne<l to c»o*
;utauT>n ,
On hand, a few piece* doubt > Ply Carpet. * B *
lotofteacf made Servant*' CLOTHIMtJ
un IV-dSm J *. M. ROSKWPA '
•ol 'ii.* aud stationary Castots, Slo -ers.»
IViyr, Hack*, gtigar Toeg*. Wat sr '-
a d ( e'te baskets, Table aad Dessert Foiks, **•
tr.ißy etbt r kitlclae of Hoc plated J|
t$ v* Hv/HU+mim**"*-

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