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rmr TO ADVKRTISBK».~TheotreBIa«on
of the Dispatch U thus times as larm as that
of any other Dally paper in the city of Richmond.
II li therefore greatly superior to any other as a
■axlluni of advertising.
KsNirdsj Morning, December 4, 1 Ss'2.
We paid a visit to the room of the Historical
Society, on Thursday last, for the purpose of
seeing this work, which has justly excited
much admiration among those who claim to
be connoisseurs. To this honorable appella
tion we make no claim whatever, being igno
rant even of the terms ofart. The bust strui k
us as that of a very beautiful woman, the fea
tures being purely Grecian, and their expres
sion uncommonly sweet anil placid. The
sculptor doubtless worked at it con amore, as
it was, perhaps, his ideal of perfect beauty.—
T.ie only fault we could find with it was, that
it did not, in our opinion, bsar sufficient marks
of being the representation whieh it is de
signed to be, there being no reason why it
should be the bust of Psyche, any more than
that of any other beautiful female.
The allegery of Psyche and Cupid, is the
most beautiful of all that Greciun genius has
left us, and it is so palpable that there can b«
no mistaking it. Venus (sensual love) becomes
jealous of Pysche (the scut) on account of her
beauty, and commits her to Cupid for desec ra
tion. But the immortal beauty of the intend
ed victim, entrances even the God of Love
himself. In a fit of caprice, he afterwards de
serted her, and she, wandering all over the
world in search of him, came at last to the pal
ace of Venus, where she was enslaved, and
treated with brutal severity. Released at lust
by Cupid, Venus becomes reconciled to her,
she mariies her lover, and becoming immortal,
forever after enjoys his society. She is evi
dently the human soul, purified from human
passions, and thus prepared to enjoy eternal
bliss. A 8 emblematical of the mortal putting
on immortality, she is generally represented
with the wings of a butterfly.
We understand that Mr. Gait is a native of
Norfolk, and thai he is now in Italy, where he
has been engaged on a statue of Columbus,
and a Bacchante, both of which have been I e
spoken by 1113 countrymen. It is suggested
by a writer in the Whig, that he be employed
to execute the statue of Jefferson, which will
be roted for by the present Legislature. The
selection, doubtless, would be an excellent one.
Grand Chinese Festival.—-The Chinese
in California frequently treat the unsophistica
ted Americans of that earlhly paradise te rare
sights and strange sounds. They recently pa
raded in San Francisco to visit the cemetery
w here their dead lie interred, and, from ac
counts given, we shouldjudge that they tried
their best to "wake 'em up" from their long
slumber. The upper ten, in yellow silk un
mentionables, r:de in carriages in front, while
the more common people brought up the rear
on horseback. The music is described as par
ticularly awful. The Land struck up the
Kwang sei march, with the Yysingtu varia
tions. Physical force was energetically and
incessantly applied to the gong, cymbals
drums and 3tringed instruments, until the
very heavena tesounded with the frightful dis
cord. Not a dog or an unbroken horse could
be found within six squares of the procession.
An avalanche in the Alps, double distilled pa
tent thunder, or a dozen grizzlies in a cane
break, does not even give an approximating
idea of the nature of the noise. Such are some
of the beautiful characteristics of Sail Fran
cisco. They are, no doubt, pleasant interludes
to the oft repeated scenes of robbery und mur
Execution ok Lecoi/nt.—Henry Lecount
was hung in the prison-yard at Cincinnati, on
the 26th ult., fjr the murder of Mr. Clinch, in
a drunken brawl. The criminal expressed his
belief, a few moments before death, that his
sins had been forgiven ; that lie bore ill will
to no one, and that he was prepared for hea
ven. The Cincinnati Gazette gives the fol
lowing description of Lecount and his last
hoHrs :
The criminal was forty-seven years of age,
end left a wife and six children the inheritance
of his ignominy. He attributed his crimes,
disgrace, and felon's end, to that bane of man
—strong drink—which fired a fierce, ungov
ernable temper. The following touching seen#
transpired in prison the day before Lecount'e
execution: His wife visited him yesterday
afternoon, and the scone of their meeting was
extremely affecting—3o much so, that even the
stern check of the guard sparkled with a tear.
They conversed for a considerable time, em
braced, and when she was about to leave, after
having bid him the lust furewell, and taking
the last look upon the face of the choice of her
heart, he frantically culled her back, crying,
"Pray for me!" Both the wife and brother
stood mute, when Lecount threw himself upon
his knees, saying,"! will prav for you." He
gave forth his thoughts—aske'd the blessing of
heaven upon his wife and children, his mother,
and his brothers, and added, "My God, keep
them from an end like mine." Mrs. L. is a
plain, small woman, of quiet and unassuming
manners, worn down by grief. After haviilg
completed his prayer, he bid his wife and
brother farewell, saying, "Give my love to mv
children,'' and seizing Mr. Baumgartner, (as
sistant jailer,) by the hand, said, "II I had been
treated by ail men, Joe, as 1 have been treated
by you,l would never have been here. The
world has used me roughly. May you al
ways be happy."
Railroads is Prussia.—According to a re
cent return of railway truffle in Prussia, it ap- 1
pears that the number of persons conveyed
by the Pruss an railroads in 1851, waa 9,901,-
•81. Of this immense number only one per
bon was killed, who might be siid to have kill
ed himself, for he jumped from the train while
in motion—an expeiiment which few would re
-1 eat and only four were wounded. By acci
dents on the line to persons not passengers
four were killed, and three injured; they were
all crossing the rails contrary to the regula
tions, in front of advancing trains. The acci
dent. to employe» and labo.ers on the lines
•nd at the stations were more numerous. Un
der this head there are eighteen killed and
twenty woundej.
We are positive that such a favorable return
of railroad accident* could not be made in our
own country.
Bouth Carolina S*natok.—Judge Evan«
wu elected lo the U. 3. Senate, for the long
term, by the Legislature of South Carolina, on
the Ist io»t.
Death or Mr. Booth.—We announced
yesterday, under our telegraphic head, th«
death of Junius Brutus Booth; The event
took place on board the steamer J S. Cheno
worth, on her passage from New Orleans to
Cincinnati. On the arrival of the boat at the
lstter place, the body was placed in a metallic
coffin, to be forwarded to the family of the
deceased, in Baltimore. He reached New Or
leans from California, where he fulfilled a suc
cessful and profitable engagement bnt a few
weeks since.
Junius Brutus Booth was born in London,
May Ist, 1796. He appeared on the stage in
London in 1811, in opposition to Kean, till he
was driven from the stage by riot. Soon after
this he came to America, where he made his
first appearance in 1821, in Petersburg, in the
character of Richard 111. The next yearhe
came out at the Park Theatre, New ork.—
From that time to the period of his death, he
has been on the American stage ; and though
his eccentric habits and personal faults have
rendered his fortunes variable, the patrons of
the drama have always been willing to award
high praise to " Old Booth." In the language
of a contemporary, "his acting had a stamp
of enthusiastic roality which remained even
after age and the 1 upsand downs' of life had,
in a measure, broken him down."
Copper Mines in Tennessee.—Each suc
ceeding year develops fresh indications of the
vast mineral wealth of the South. There is
nothing of value or utility that has not been
bestowed upon her by the hand of nature. It
is, however, a humiliating reflection that the
most valuable sources of wealih in the South
are appropriated by capitalists from abroad.—
In Polk county, Tennessee, about five miles
from the State lines of North Carolina and
Georgia, there is a rich vein of copper which
runs longitudinally, in a series of hills (a spur
of the Alleghany mountains,) in a northeast
and southwest direction. The ore is princi*
pally black oxide ofcopper, yielding, it is said,
from ten to seventy per cent, of pure metal.—
The annexed description is copied from the
Dalton Times:
The black oxide is found at a distance of
about forty feet from the surface, the vein here
being fifteen wide, on an average. Below the
stratum of black oxide, the vein gradually in
creases in width, as you go down, and produces
yellow sulphuret of copper. Several hundred
tons have already been takeß out of the mine.
The company is constructing a plank road
from the mine down the bank of the Oconee
river, to Cleveland. So soon as this is com
pleted the amount sent forward to market will
be largely increased. This mine is worked by
a company from the city of New York. The
mining operations are under the supervision of
an able minerfrom Cornwall. We understand
he has had much experience in the mines of
Mexico, Cuba, Cornwall, and the United
States, and pronounces the prospects here to
be equal, if not superior, to any he has ever
before seen.
Senator Borland.—ln giving a sketch of
Arkansas senators, a short time since, the New
York Hera.d stated ibat Senator Borland wa«
a native of the South; whereupon, a corres
pondent of the Herald located his birth-place
in Orange county, New York. This statement
has called out another from Mr, John B. Ben
ton, of New York, who says that he and Sena
tor Borland were boys together, and that Sena
tor Borland was certainly born inNansemond
county, Virginia. This is undoubtedly true.—
We hope th« nativity question is now settled.
Not Fond of Freedom.—A man named
Henry P. Kyle, who had been confined in the
penitentiary of Kentucky for manslaughter,
was, a few days since, pardoned by the Go
vernor. He immediately took the cars for
Louisville, and on the way duwn was detected
in an efl'ort to steal a gold watch from an artist
of New Voik. Henry was arrested and sent to
jail. The pure air of liberty was too much
for him.
Proposed Railroad Link.—The citizens
of Fredericksburg held a meeting last Wednes
day night, for the purpose of consulting upon
a scheme to connect the Richmond and Fred
ericksburg Railroad with the Orange and Alex
anJria, at a point near to the Manassas Gap.—
A resolution was adopted appointing a com
mittee to confer with the officers of the R.. F.
and P. Railroad Company, to obtain all ne
cessary information regarding the proposed
scheme, and to report at a subsequent meet
ing. Speeches were made by Col. Hunton, of
Prince William ; D. Jasper, Esq., of the same
county; J.P.Phillips, Esq., of Fauquier; Dr.
Mason, of" Falmouth, and several genilemeu of
Distressing Accident.—We learn from
the Lynchburg Virginian of Wednesday, that
William, an interesting little boy of five years
of age, son of John and Martha Revely, came
suddenly to his death, Tuesday morning, un
der painful circumstances. On the evening
before, being near the fire, his clothes caught
and before the flames could be extinguished, he
was so much burned that he lingered but a
few hours, when death relieved him of his in
tense suffering and pain.
Contested Seat.—Mr. Merriwether's seat
iu the United States Senate is contested by
Hon. Archibald Dixon, who was elected by the
Legislature of Kentucky to fill the vacancy
•ccasioued by the death of Mr. Clay. Mr.
Mernwether holds his appointment from the
Governor. The decision of the case by the
Senate will form an interesting precedent.
tdP Large quantities of freight are accumu
lating at Dunkirk, N. V., the weather of the
past week having been unfavorable for its re
Ihe Lynchburg Express has been en
larged and improved. We are glad to observe
this indication of success.
Li?* Hon. Wm. R. King, whose hialth has
greatly improved, is daily expected to arrive i.
PF* Obediah Ayre?, a volunteer in the Mex
<can war, died suddenly in Trenton, a few days
since. J
Wamikßy.ii National Monument—The
first of l a?!/ e £" ed S \ the a office frora ll '«
of f •vembtr to the 2,J of December
amoumed , 0 $9 202 30-mainlv aub. Sal
ton TlieV.* '•.V'
rini'thi fi? t <' en(l ", ureß for the monumeiit du
ftepiMie. n<l U,on,h were 2 ' 633 24 —
Benjamin Hill waa shot dead on the 17th
T» «."k^f n0 ' r Nl C• b * s - Williams.
1 hey had previously quarreled.
Friday, Dec. 3, 1802.
The following bills were passed in the Sen
ate to-dsy: •
A Senate hill establishing a branch of the
Farmers' Bank, or the Bank of Virginia, in the
town of Clarkesville, in Mecklenburg connty.
A bill, also originating in the Senate, provi
ding percussion rifles for a rifle company in
Dinwtddie; and a bill authorising a change of
arms for the Virginia German Rifles.
The preamble and resolution for accepting
the act of Congress providing for the satisfac
tion of Virginia land warrants, and for relin
quishing the alaitnof Ihe Slate to the lands in
the Virginia Military Land District in the
State cf Ohio, was also passed: ayes 3G, noos 3.
Mr. Isbell offered the following resolution,
which, undpr the rule?, lies over one day:
Resolved by the General Assembly, That
since our last adjournment, we have learned,
with deep regret of the death of Henry Clay,
of Kentucky, and Daniel Webster, of Massa
chusetts, and deplore these events as national
Ilouxe of Delegates.
On motion of Mr. Segar, it was resolved, that
all the Internal Imptoveraent bills on the Spea
ker's table be made the special order of the day
for Saturday next, at 1 o'clock, and for each
succeeding day, at the same hour, until the
same shall be disposed of.
On the abovereßolution,the vote stood—ayes
78, noes 40.
Mr. Wheeler resumed his remarks, suspend
ed yesterday by a motion for an adjournment
prevailing, und continued to speak in favor of
a line of steutners between the waters of Vir
ginia and Antwerp, or some European port,
up to the hour of adjournment, about three
Bishop Doane's Case.—The Episcopal
Convention of New Jersey met at Burlington
on the Ist inst., when the committee appointed
to investigate the charges against Bishop
Doane mau'e a lengthy report, which went on
to s»v that they had investigated said charges
and find them false in every particular, and
believe he is an honest, virtuous and sober
man. His habits are temperate, and they be
lieve that he was never intoxicated, as alleged
by some persons. His cellars were stocked
with wines and liquors, but not too extrava
gant for a man in his position. Other charges
were also investigated and found to be ground
less. A motion to accept the report, and reso
lutions expressing undiminished confidence in
the honesty and morality of the Bishop, were
pending at our latest accounts.
Gen. Pierce and the Webster Obse
quies.—Mr. Wells, President of the New
Hampshire Senate, in reply to an address of
welcome from Gov. Boutwell, on their arrival
in Boston to attend the Webster obsequies,
stated that Gen. Pierce would have been pre
sent had he been able to have left home at that
A company ofChinese Theatrical performers
arrived at New York in the steamer from Cali
4.}. H. A. M —Th 3 officers and Compan
jjTions of Lafayette Chapter, No. 4.'1, are
h« ie <y summoned to attend a meeting
' ~ , °f Chapter, in the Lodge Room,
Bosher's Ha'.l, on this evening, at 6 o'clock.
By order of the M.E. High Priest
-4 E. H. GILL, Recorder.
1 You are ordered to attend a meeting of your
■ Company on Monday evening, 6th inst, at half
ill past seven o'clock, at Lafayette Hall. The roll
"■will be called at the hour, and every member is
expected to be punctual. By order of CaD'ain
Caski*. W. A. IRVIN, OS.
BParade in front of the Capitol on Monday,
IB the 6th December, at 2j o'clock P M, iu tull
* Winter Uniform. Arms in order for inspec
By order of the Captain.
de 1 J. W. BARLOW.
E9 Parnle in front of the Capitol, on Monday next,
fjl the 6th isstant, at 2 o'clocg, P. M., in full winter
* uniform—arms and accoutrements in order for
inspection. Member* will be punctual st the above
named hour. By order of the Ist Lieut. Com
de 4 THO3. C. POWELL. O. S.
FOR ItKN'T.— I'ha dwelling over the
BiM store of Mr Chas N irdmyer, Main street, be
tween 9th aud 10;h 6treets, containing seven
rooms, kitchen, servants' room 3, cellar, yard, hy
drant, &c. Also, the office on 12th street, lately
occupied by S- D. Whittle, Esq., Attorney at Law
de 4-dtf
a FOR RENT, the Store House No 194, on
the North side of Main street, between 9th and
luui streets, now occupied by R. D. McFarland as
a tailor's thop. Possession given let day of Jan
uary next, or sooner if desLed. For terms, apply
on the premises to
) STOLEN.—I rom ray residence l , on
Sunday last, 2et'u of Nov., a Poin'er
Puppy, with a white and live; colored spots. Any
one returning said puppy to me, on tha new bridge
road,or giving inlormstion so that I may get him,
will receive a liberal reward, and my thanks. Col
lar on neck with my name.
de4—2t* New Bridge Rnad.
_ 110 118K GONE ON THE STrtEEl'.
Escaped freiu Church Hill, Friday evening,
a .-orrel Ilorse, with ISaddl# and Bridle. The
finder will please d river him at the Columbian
Tavern, ar give notice at this offiee. de 4—lt*
<TV_ STRAYEO Olt STOL.KN, from the
.A**?V«ubscribcr, aear the Ist Locks, a bob tail
Buy liarse, (named Jim Sandford,) slightly lame
iu his right hind leg. A liberal reward will bo
paid lor him if left at my store, £95 Broad street, or
for such information as may enable me to recover
de 4—ts CHAS. BAKER
|1 J M B Rscquence of tne undersigned having
■ ■ » I "to giveinstructionin tho cout-try «n
Saturday, ha !• left almost entirely unoccupied on
the corresponding Wednesday, and would ba glad
to give lessons on tbat day, to any who may de
sire it, either in the city or its neighborhood-
Prof, of Music, and Organist at St John's Church.
13" Orders may ba left at the Bookstore of
Messrs Harrold Jt Murray, Broad street,
da 4—2aw4w*
Yot'U, by Steamship Roamokx.
Those desiring to ship by the Roanoke oa Monday,
will please to make early application, as there i 3
yet some unoccupied room.
de 4—lt LUDLAM t WATSON.
LOST.— A Draft on one uf the Hanks in the
eity of New, York, tor 827 50, payable to my or
der. All persons are hereby notifiad not to receive
the same.
de 4—lt* S.H. PARKER
<r.»icr KKWARD-Lost Thuttday evening,
)£D between Messrs Hiskias aud Libby s
store, at Rocketts, and Curria's wharf, a large size
BOOK, containing about li'.'O in money : one 610
Cape Fear note, three ®10 notes, in Virgina Mo
ney, pavablein Richmond, four 15 nates, and other
notes, not recollected—and a number of due bids
and dray tickets. Tha above reward will be paid
the finder for the delivery of tho same to me, ur
leaving it at this office.
L'Ol.ND—Within the iast few days past, near
r the Washington Hotel, a Mourning Kraast
Pin, which the own?r can get by calling st this
office, describing the same, and paying for this
advertisement do 4—lt
OARD.—J*rs. Dr.CLARK can accommodate
one or two FaiiJiliej and several Gentlemen
with Board, by the month or year. Residence on
Franklin, between "th and 6th streets, de 4—3t*
RIME ROI.L BL'TTER. —Just received
aud for sale by
da 4 » Corner 4th and Broad sts
LOAF, Ctuibed, Pulverizai, Granulated and
Coffee Sugars, tor sale by
4i i Corner 4tb aid Broai sts.
A Black Dkspe*aj>o —The continued ease of
William Watsen, slave to Win, Myers and hired to
to Messrs. Edmond k. Davenport, charged .with vi
olently assaulting his overseer, Captain J. Wills,
on Tuesday last, came up before the Mayor yester -
day. From the Captain's statement it appeared
Watson was employed on board of his boat and
had charge oi his (Wins') room. II; was in the
habit of waiting on th« Captain at table. Some
two or three weeks ago, one evening, Jus t before
supper, the Captain place J some 10] in go'd and
silver in a drawer in his roona and upon going to
the drawer agaio, Immediately after supper, he
found it had been broken open and th? money ab
stracted. Watson was missing daring supper
time, a very unusual thing, and tho Ceptain there'
fore Buspccted him of stealing th i money. Mr. W.
intended to have ha j the negro ex imined in Lynch
burg about a week since, having delayed examina
tion until that time, in order to flud out, if possible,
the true thief; but Watson ran aw«y at Lynch'
burg and came down here to his master, Mr'
Myers. On Tuesday Captain Wills determined to
flow the negro, and indues him, if possible, to con
fesi the tht fe. lie took him into a tUb'<; and teld
the negro to strip, an J was tureing round to pick
up a switch when the negro jumped and seized &
heavy wooden mailel about two ie t long and six
or seven inches in circumference, and made at the
CapUin. The Captain was just recoveriag from
sickness, and vr»9 therefore very w>'ak and unable
to cope with the black 1 uflitn. A long and terrible
struggled ensued; several limes the negro succeed
ed in striking the Captain over the h:ad and shoul
ders with the mallet, and at last he got the Captain
down, who had i ecome perfectly exhausted, when
Captain McClenahan, who was pasting near the
stable, saw through a window the scuffle, seized an
adze and arrived just in time to save the Captain
from having his skull mashed to pieces bj the ne
gro. The negro was then tied and soundly fl ->gged-
Fhaneg. o, while tied, asked to be unloosed that Le
might kill Captain Wills. Captain W. stated in
court yeEterday, that if the negro was let loose in
Richmond and came in Ibis way, as he had threat
ened to kill him, (Wills) he should certainly feel
justitied in killing him, (Wat3on ) The Mayor said
he could not sutler such a public threat to go un
noticed, and would therefore require $300 security
of the Captain, aud would order the negro 39 lash
es, to be administered as soon as able to bear them-
Mr. Myers, owner of the negro, stating that he in"
tended to sell him to ge South immediately, the
Mayor remitted the security from the Captain.—
From the Captain's statement, the struggle for life
on his part was a fearful one, and it was next to a
mirsclethat bis life was saved. Had hs have been
in good health he could have mastered tho black
villain, who certainly deserves 39 every day Le
ttays here.
Pbcfessgr llalii.—We have received an adver"
tisement from Professor Hale, containing a state
ment explanatory of his course and conduct to
wards the "mysturi us female,' in whcse web he
has become entangled His statement will app ear
ou -'i-ouday next, the liit of letters and other indis
pensable matters preventing its appearance to dsy.
A Pbesent. —We return our thanks to Mr. Win.
A. Butters for a pair of splendid Shanghai fowls.—
As these fowls sell readily for 315 th; pair, it was
no small present. Mr. 8., we are glad to hear, has
been very fortunate in disposing of his slock ; but
there is a plenty mo'e of the same sort left.
Tbhspassi.wj — Christian Bowers, who was
brought before the Mayor Monday last, for behav
ing in a very disorderly manner last Sunday even
ing and bound over for future good behavior, Wot
again brought t« the bar of justice yesterday.—
Bowers, since his last arrest, seemed to have be
come perfectly reckless and came to his boarding
house at Mr. Jones', every night drunk, and be
haved in such an outrageous manner that Mr. J
had to hs,ve him arrested. Lt. Trueheart accord
ingly took him into custody on Thursday evening,
and on yesterday th 3 Mayor committed Bowers to
jail for three months in default of §200 security.
Runaway —Sarah Jaue, slave to Thomas Crosr,
was arrested as a runaway Thursday by watch
man Bibb. Certitic&ta issued yesterday to watch
man Bibb.
Dbc.\k.- A native of the land of steady habits,
Connecticut, named Alfred Stone, very unsteadily
staegerad into the cage Thursday evening and de
sired lodgings for the night. His request "Was re
fused, and it was not until after Stone had kid
himself out full length in the market house, ai d
kicked a;.d hollowed ae if in a tit that ths hospitali
ties of Captain Jenkins' hotel were extended kirn.
Stone was certainly a Uard. case. Ho was commit
ted to jaii in default of $100 security to keep the
Assault —A free negress named Martha Clark,
on yesterday received 25 lashes for assaulting an
other free woman named Elisabeth Warren.
Finkd — Officer Tyler reported Jesse Williams
for th# misdemeanor of one cf his teamsters, and
yesterday Williams was duly fined.
A summons agaiast Abram Kraksr fur a viola
tion of a city ordinance, la leaving clothes hanging
out over tho sidewalk, was on yesterday dismissed,
and one ordeied to be issued agaiust Jacob Solo
man, tke real delinquent.
A summons against R. R Duval for obstructing a
portien of Main street wi;h lumber, was dismissed,
there being extenuating circumstances-
Caroline Pollard wa3 reported by Lt. Johnson,
and fined by the Mayor, for causing a wagon, to re
main in a ptib'.ic ctreet all nuht.
New Vxsjkl.—Oa Thursday, while traversiag
the halt improved region of Rocketts, the beauti
ful elipper barque Partheoa, Captain JesseJLove
land, attracted our attention and a brief examina
tion. She is just from Baltimore, where she was
built by tha Messrs. Abrams and Aehcraft, under
the able saperlntenden-e of Captain Allan, of this
city, for David Currie of this city. Length 130
fei<t, team 28 feet, depth of ha'd 14 feet- She U
designed to ply between Richmond and Rio Jane •
ro, but will make her first trip to New Orleans
with tobacco on tho 13ti» inst. The Partheon is
fitted up with the latest modern naval improve.
ments, in the most tasty and serviceabla manner.
Tne styla of paintijg intarualiy aud externally is
white, relieved with crimson, aud gold The cabin
is one of the most cosy and comfortable eiiairs ot
the kind wo have ever seen—tho 1 idies department
unusually so. Accommodations and berths for
20 passengers, and csrtalnly of a character ta tempt
a timid lancsman to try a sul o'er the foaming,
dashing water-prairies of tho ocean.
We learn that a new clipper schooner, from a
New York ship yard, will soon ba added to the
carrying iaet of vessels plying between this city
and New York. She is 125 feet long, 30 fast beam,
and 10 feet deep in the hold.
New 3toib.—A large commodious ware
house built for Messrs. ilaskins 4. Llbby, direoJy
opposite their present store on Main street is ra
pidly approaching completion. The carpenter's
work is being executed by Wiiiism Liggon, the
stone work by C It N Green, and the brick work
by Mr. Turner, in the most substantia! and suilsfsc
tjry manner. From the arrangement of tfcle
•tore, auie.s an unusually heavy fresh should
•rise, Messrs H St L will not be subjected in thai*
new quarters to the murcy of the devasliug w».
Tax WsATHa*.—Yesterday, water under feet,
water over bead, water everywbare. Patter and
drip, drip and pour were the reigning orders of
the day. Umbrellas took a rite, .and over-shoe*,
hitherto greatly down trodden, gained a new foot
ing. The street* were washed clean of mud, end
idlers and homo-fires, though sometimes in grates,
generally were grate ful in their feeliajs.
Office Va. Central If all road Company, )
Richmond, Dec. 3d, 1852. j
Statement of produce. Sic., received at Richmond
by way of the Virginia Central Railroad for two
weeks ending 2nd inst :
Wheat .....16,711 bushels
Corn and corn meal 3,571 do
Flour 2,504 barrels
Apples 350 do
Pig Iron 19,000 pounds
Livestock 1,228 bead
And various other articles, making 355 car loads,
averaging from 6 to 7 000 lbs «arh.
J. GARRETT, Trea'r.
KVKttY I'Itl.M'KU, belonging to
the Richmond Typographical S.ci'ty,
shou'd attend the meeting at Odd Fellows Hall
1 his Evening, at 7$ o'clock. Important busi
ness demands your immediate action.
AND GROCERS.—You are requested to examine
the Letter Sheet Prices Current, iisued every
Thursday by'.ha subscriber. It contains a full re
port of the Market, Ship News, &c, corrected week
ly—just the thing to send to your agents and cor
Price only three cents per sheet, if not le3S
th-»ti ten copies ere taken.
No 3 just issued and tor sale by
ds4—lt* Ko 7,14 th street.
Tg" TO-Nltill l', atih ; store# ot West
&. Rro:hjr, 5 and 6 Exchange Hotel, will
be sold a superb collection c f BOOKS, among
which will bs found Encyclopa;dia Americana, 14
vols., elegant (Jilt Books, Poetical VS orks, tee Also
a costly Flute, Writing Desks, »Vork Box s, Sic.
d - 3 R. CAUTHORN, Auct.
B. W. KTAltKfc', Attorney nt
Law and Notary Public.— Practices
in ail the Courts ot Henrico County and Richmond
city. A3 a Notary Public particular attention will
Le paid to the taking of Depositions, (ia or out of
his cffic ?) i'root and Acknowledgements of Deeds,
Relinquishments of Dower, Sec. Claims for collec
tion entrusted to him, promptly attended to.
Office removed to No 52 th<ee doors sbove City
Hote!, on North side of Maiu street, Richmond, Va
do 2—ly
Chjiujje of Hours. — Increased
Hate of .Speed.—See what Adaxis Si.
Co. are doing lor th irpatrous! The Exprees now
leaves Baltimore at 7 o'clock P M, in charge of ex
perienced and trusty agents, and arrives in Rich
mond at 5% AM. Goods ordered by th:9 morn
ing's mail, will be delivered to-morrow morning
without fail.
Ou: Express for the North. East and West, now
closes at B£P M—arrives in Baltimore at an early
hoar next morning.
Banks bad Broker® will please take notice, that
by this change they will be greatly accommodated.
Drafts on England, Ireland &n1 Scotland for said
at this offico. ADAMS & CO,
no 8 14th street, Richmond. Va.
Specie Wanted. —Wo will pay the
highest premium for silver coin. Quar
ters and small change preferred,
no 9 C W PURCELL & CO.
Main street, over Tyrer's Gun Store.
tjjP" J. B. M. txpects to leave tee city about the
lat January, to be absent several months. Persons
having business wiih him, are therefore invit;d to
give him an early call. no 30—Imis
DR. R. K.lDDi.it fAVLOiv has
removed his Office and residence to the
house at the comer of Bth and Main 6ta., opposite
Rogers' Stone Yard. no s—Umd*
Auction Notice.—Particular mention i*
solicited to our sale This Morning, at 10 o'clock,
de 4 AL.EX NOT 1" & CO, Aucts
J'jT To the Voters of Ileiirlc* t ounty.
The Office of Clerk of the Circuit C.urtof Henri
co being vacant by the death of the lata iucumbant,
1 hereby announce myseif a candidate for that of
fice. The day of election being lixed at so early a
period, (the 16 h iust.,) it will not be in my power
to see all the voters in person. Should it however
be their pleasure to confer upon me the effl ;e, I will
do my duty.
de3—dtdclt JOHN O. MOSBY.
OP To the Voters of tlie County of
Henrico.—l am a candidate for tha Clerasai? of
the Circuit Court of Henrico County. Should it
be your pleasure to elect me, 1 shall discharge the
duties ot the office to the best of my ability; and
for my ability to discharge those duties, I reier
those of you who have had uusiness in the lata Cir
cuit Court of Law for the cjunty, during the last
three years, to my services as a Deputy Clerk ot
that Court.
llow Beautiful and Uright the James
River water looks after it has pascea th'oughthe
Porous Glass Filter; weaie sure that aj lady
housekeeper would do wi hout it, if t'aey were to
see it in operation. This instrument proves that
every family that uses the James River water uo
iiitered consumes near a tumbler fail of thict,
slimy mud every week. Two dollars expended
fjr one of these Filters, will give you a clean, pure
and pellucid water, wiischer for drinking, culinary,
washing or mechanical purposes. It will filter
from 4'JO to 510 gallons per day.
The decayed vegetable matter in river water is
a fruitful source ot fever and ague—T Mott, M D
River water abounds with impurities which the
" New Filter" removes pertectly and lapialy, there
by preventing all danger of living animals from en
tering the stom ict —Prof J Renwick
It is bettar to remove those aaima's by the new
" Porous G ass Fiit°r" than to expel them alter
they get into the stomach—Dc Turner, the Ameri
can Chrone-Thermalist.
The "New Filter" removes all Impurities.—Prof
It is the best article of the kini.—Dr J R Chilton.
Expiiiet.ee has shown that the existence of ani
maicu'te iu water has be- n tin cause of severe and
fatal disease. —Dr Armstrong.
Foi sale by the Agent at tha Store o? G. & A.
BAkGA&IIM, Jr., Ho 201 Main st. no 30—lw*
(-|p Grand New Vears' Present—A Fine
Gold Watch, worth sixty-five dollars, will be pre
seiited on New Years' day at 3 P Mountain &. Co's
Jewalry and Fancy Store, N0.21? Slain street, Itich
mond The subscribers offer to the public a rare
chance to get a beautiiul line Id carat gold Hunting
Case Watch, suitable for a lady or gentleman, ;,s a
new years' present. The f Slowing arrangements
wi;l be made on the lit of November, and continue
until tha Ist of January, 1»53 :
livery person, 01 purchasing each anJ eTery ar
ticle of the value of l»3 aud upwards, will receive a
card with a number on it, end their name and cor
responding number will be registered in a book
kept for that purpose. Oa new year's day all the
corresponding numbers ctc-rds issued will be put
iu a bag and well shaken, when a number will bj
drawn by a person entirely disinteieated, nnd the
parson holding the card with the number corres
ponding to that which is drawn will receive a pre
sent of a tine gold hunting cam watch,
tiach person, on each and every arti
cle of the value of gl 50 to %>3, w.'.i iu lifce manner
receive a card as above, and the holder of the cor
responding number drawn will receive a present el
a tine gold locket worth $6. And eacu psrsoti, on
purchasing or ge'tin,' repaired each »r.d every ar
ticle of the value of from 50 cents to $1.50, will in
like manner as above drawn, receive a handsome
port monnale worth $3.
A tine assortment of Jewjlry, Clocks, Watches,
and Fancy Articles on hand.
Clocks and Watches repaired by an experienced
workman. All kinds ot Jewelry made and repaired
at the shortest ujticeand lowest prices, and sads
faction warranted. Diamonds aud other precious
stones set to order in the latust New York styla.
N U—The articles will be exhibited iu the window
until tue drawing. Don't lorget Uie place.
no I—2m* No 817 Mala street.
IV As the season is wun us. when there is al
ways much tieknest am sag children, caused by
sudden colds, it may not be amiss tor us to uieu
ti n that tho new medicine, "Ayer's Cherry lVc
toral,' attracting to much of the public notica, for
the cure of serious Luui cirapluuts, is, when used
in small doses, one of the best in tho WJtld for oc
casional family u»9 It is simple and harmless tor
ehildien, ai well as very palatable. We use the
article ourselves, and would recommend our tend
ers to call on PUKCkLL. LAUD tt CX and get a
bottle for trial. da i— *Jt
J3T, »■£?>
Mr »•*
with the picture you took for W ]Jf
hat given such sniverial satisfaction hni '«
that I hare directed my wife to r ilf« » ? ln - nd «.
lor the purpose of
will please take and set in a fra*nr ■(*»! *° u
of mine. I wish them toWe&Sn'?
My wife, you will Hod, I think, a
jeet, and U you tucceed with her »as itl ?
did with mine, (which has already c *ll* £?
dreda to a«y they would call on you) 1 w Ml
you many patron* from our county Mre
Yours, reapecUuUy,
no 24 JAS. WEIGHT.
ry I<et the <«lad Tisliog* KO out i„,
eveiy city, town and village that there i»™ . ,0
the AtHicted —Hundreds of Festal** h
cured of Complicated Disease* af-er
skill has been baffl- d. CoTh KfceuV ! .
popin, with ail Dw Me . of the stomach i.Vor
bowe.s, are cured by Hampton'* Veg-uhu
Tincture, its lame has g )0 e loth
in B hrVth" tbroUgh iU l<J » tr umentaliiy „^
'i ur u?^ n beit knf ? w 1 cUizeD «. with thei» *■;...
and children are its and from
city in erery State th '.universal testimony of cur I
male is pouring in upon u». t8
Testimony ot one of the most enterorisi™
intelligent Druggists in the United S-n^s
V y iL * ,NOTO! ,'Dei, Junee b.l^i
Messrs Mortimer A- Muicbrau—" H» m L* • ,*-
gf table Tinc'urt "is selling wry last, a'l M y wao
has used ate# bottler, says it exceed, all otbrM,!
dicines. f-ne having searched lor fourteen y*ni
past for a cure, and until she lound voar-T,
ture" found no relief, i have also sol iit i n „ v , "
casrs'.i Rheumausm, wi.hgroat success
Call and get pamphlets eralis, an l
tuement m to-day's p»per. For sale by '
cc J and Druggists eca e tai!g
EP=E. B<kcr » Premium B!tters-Hn,.)
f® beat-Still, they coir e.-Kd ? *ood,H nne"
r I hereby certify, that 1 bave
ua-d your Bitiwiiu my family, for 15 or 20 v.-a-.
and found them to be a first rate family nn>d n,'
and have found them to eff-ct fmrjthin - that has
been said of them. It is also myopion'that be-,
■ons in the constant use of them wili never be at
tacked with the Ague and Fever.
Richmond, Va„ 1852— E. Biker, Esq , Dear S'-
This U:o certify tUi my wife Lai been saS-riL'
w<th the Dyspepsia for three or four jears, and has
been entirely relieved from the use of two bottles
of E. Baker's Premium Bittera. My mvta r has
also been subject to the nervous hetdnihe for set--,
rai years acd found relief from the use
of the above Bitters.
Respectfully, lIENRY BALL
Price only 50 cents per bottle. To be had at the dru?
stores of '
Purcell, Ladd & Co, A Bodeker, Adie k Gray Ben
nett Ai. Beers, Oavtior 41 Wood, and E J Picot Mtic
street; H Blair, Wm P Ladd, and Seabrook t R«*ve
Broad street, Richmond, Va. no 4) '
Bp 3 SC i£OFUL<A.—Richmond Sept 23, Ifciy —
1 here cettiiy that, for the last ten or wc!ve \, aT '
I have frequentlysutfere 1 ircn s#e'!ij.sa ..-and'
the throat, which ny physicians declared t» be
hereditary Scrofula, having had h sister who di-d
fn.m ttiat disease. At times ; suffered very much.
Last October 1 caught a severe coia, ar.d was ia
two months declared by tny physician t.> be inc'a
firmed Consumption, and would certain.y die hiv
ing all the syinjj;oms which my sister had previous
to her death 1 was induced as a last re* > tu rr
of whicti cured me entirely, and to this u,y i am
as well and as hearty as any maa in Virginia.
A physician's testimony
Dear Sir,— I have witnessed in a number ot in
stances the admioistraaen of the "SPAM-U MiX
TORE," manufactured by yourself, and have been
surprised at its wonderful effects, particu. trly iii
cases requiring an alterative, in one case of Uoi •
sump-ion, dep u i-'nt upon liver d-.sease esjec.ai.y
the effects were wonderlul ind :e j.
Yours, very respectfully.
Ma. Cabter.
by BENNETT & BEEKS, and Drug
gists generally no 22
Pratt's Daguerrean Gallery, No 143
Main street.—Messrs. Editors: Please publico tne
lollowine: testimonials: "A very superior iikenesj."
Robert Taorp. " Very like," Roger A Pry >r, Ka.
tor Soutn-Side Democrat, " Likeness execute t su
perlatively good," J. W.Roberts. " i give Mr i'ratt
the preference to all the world in ni;ug picture ,'
E. P.Goodwin, Louisa county. ' Mr. I'ratt needs
but a trial and su3cess wii! be inevitable," David J.
Moody. " Mr. Pratt's pictures are as good or b tier
than I have jet seen,'' VV. J. Mc.Djwner, Kin,' Wil
liam "The daguerreotypes in Mr. Pratt's collec
tion equal any I have seei in L mdon." Juo. i
inns, M D, Editor of the Herald of the Kingdom aa J
Age to Come. " noil
tip 3 For Co ugh*, ('uiils, l'rou;» nud
Whooping Ccuih.—ii<s prepared for enanae ot
weather.—Toe trequent chang-a of the weather
bring with it bad Cold*, Cougn, Astnaia, Irritation
of tue Lunge, Sore Turoat and BroccitiUs. all A
which con 08 curcd, and thesyst>m loriit'd -ir.ir.jt
frequent attacks by using Dr J S tICHE'S -
COUGH SYRUP. Price only 50 ce-.u.
Children are also liable to Cr up, whiah din
gerous complaint yi> Ids Immediately to lc. i a
Rose'j never failing CROUP SYRUP. Prise 23
Whooping Cough, another compialn', i way#
worse in cold and da\u.» weather. Trie :.r:l :*:d
Wiil fi: d gre.it r< lief in tuo use of Dr J t Roies
WHOOPING COUGH 3VKUP, which alwiysre
iievea prevents the disease from running into
c.ther diseases, such as Inflammation of th'j Lang#,
Dropsy in the Cheat, 4:1 d Consumption i'ric; oO
cents Dr Rose's Baeceesful tre anient in all Lang
Adoctions ha» created a great ceui indlur the abufiJ
highly valuable Family Medicines.
i'o be had at the Drug Stores of PURCELL,
feaT" To the Puplic.—Y.>ur attention i» in
vitea to the very beiutiiul styles of Daguerreotype
which MINNIS ic VVATdON are dai.y Lota
their gall-.ry. No 35,5s Main streat, Mansion liouse
Nearly all, among th-j many who visit oar rooms
daily, are heard to exclaim: they are til 1? best I've
ever |tee:i; they are certainly the tnoit natural
Ixiktog eyes I ever saw. ab we hive never re
torted to humbug, or tried to write out'seiv. s into
notice, we ask me p'jblictj call and judge lor
litems- lv.;s. You are also notihed that oar pri.es
pre a* low as any in this city. Djn't forg t the
place, Ns 35J Main street, Manoi n House,
no 30 M.NNIS & WAT3ON.
Cjr' The best evidence that can be adduced 111 tavor
of the etlicaciousui-ss of Hootland's German Bitlers,
prepared by Dr. C. il. Jackson is the unpreceaeot de
mand for t.iem from all parts of th# Union : a»d al
though there may be uiany compounds prepared and
represented as being worthy of a liberal pstronafe. y«t
we feel constrained to remark, that the >usl nuiuuei' 1
testimonials with which the worthy doctor has !w«sn
honored, by persons ol the highest character ai.»i re
spectability, who found it necessary to have recoaxsa
to his preparation, is testimony authcientiy conclusive,
that a more etlectual remedy for the almost namca ata
relief of those afllicted with that direful malady, <*)»•
pepsia, has never been discovered. d« 1
ijTORK, No ]Ji, Mr:u S.rcet, LLichmond, Va.—Wi)
have just receivtj, ia »dditi .n to our already -* r <
Block i t Ueady Med) Ciothi ;g, u aup«>riof i t
Ofer Uoas, u! variou* S:>iei Abo, L>r«a» :&£»*•
Frock and Drea* Gouta ol every color, * 5 * *•""*
quality 1 ; Plain ll ici sud t\ney Cai»iai trtt Paati.—
Alao, Vtals la cudioM variety, an J oi cv»r/ at>i*
quality «ni materia!. A 1-rgo and ver> toltci"' l ' i
o! G -a'dcmsti'* Gooda H»#J ara«l<>
auitab'u t> la a Ge .Howai-'i Warirob--.—
Alab, Uuzbrcl'.M, Ca. jei B «c Ac. Al l ot w» ."<*
we will kell at coit until th* Ist of January as **
wiah to cioaaH out th j uutire S.ojk by tha'ti-ie —
Tbost who coil 64iiy Wili g-n the best bargain.
dw 4—Un 13J Main 1
iiUiuvit:; Waaler* I'iatcd Label* tor Ujcani
ataoricd, for aale by K M ZIMSii.'K VjAN.
L'UH tePOONa,—Km B. ue tSjww
MU ISoxWvfOtl, .i us. aid and tf*J: t>j>„ :i , r »
•ue quality. Uuod ijpi'l) ou band for »a!i? by
d« 4 Corner fciaiu and 12th atwu
Mountain BUTIKK. ash BCCK-
WiitlAT i'LOll.t—Juat aui lot
ialo by FEY Jt
'pAN.MiU'a 0i1..—20 bba Juat rtwwi*td by
-i- d> I FRY U JtfcCAMPUan.
HI CUIIO.sit UKOtiW PJ<A» I V l>k"
4UO tuna tftsah gioui.d, trow aeiwett d LuO;j>,
tor aale by

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