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Monday, Dec. 13,
The following bills were passed in the Se
nate t«>-d*y:
A bill lo construct a plank or graded road
fro n R chaioud to Charlottesville;
A bill amending the first section of an act
mcoi|H>rttting the town oi Harpers' Ferry; and
■ bill incorporating the Piedmont Ft male
Academic Institute.
Hon we of i «>leuntrn.
Amongst the bills reported to-day, were the
Bills •tor the establishment of a Branch
Bank nt Bovdton; and a Brunch Bunk at
Danville. Also, a bill Tor annexing part of
Montgomery to Craig county.
s were raaJc agaii.nt propositions
lor selling annually u portion of tlia Statu
stocks of the Banks of the State, and against
printing the Virginia Hcporls, as proposed Ly
a memorial of J. W. Randolph.
In obedience to a resolution adopted some
days since, the House to-day proceeded with
the consideration of Internal Improvement
Bills. The following weio severally taken
up and ?.c!ed on, but none of them reached
final action.
The Manassas Gap Railroad bill;
The Rappahannock Cenaj bill;
The Lutay and Front Royal Turnpikebill;
The Staunton and Parkersburg l'iank or
McAdatnised road bill;
The Shinston Turnpike bill; and
The Covingtou and Ohio Ilailioad bill.
On the last named bill, a long debate occur
red, chiffly in reference to the point most tx
pedient tor beginning of the road—the east
ern or the western terminus.
At about 3 o'clock the House adjourned.
t*rnnd New Years' Present— \ Fine
Go d Watch, worth sixty-five dollars, wiil be pre
tented oa ftew Year?' day at S P Mountain & (Jo's
Jewelry aud Fancy store. N0.217 Main street, Rich
mond. The subscribers offer to the public a rare
eha: ce to get a beautitul tine 18 carat gold Hunting
Care Watch, su table for a lady or gentleman, as a
new years' prelent Tho following arrangements
wi;l b : made on the lit of November, and continue
until the Ist of January, 1833 :
Every person, on purchasing each and every ar
ticle of the vaiue of 83 and up wards, will receive a
card with a number on it, aad their name and cor
responding number will be registered in a book
kept for that purpose. Oil new year's day all the
corresponding numbers cf c rds issued wul be put
in a bag and well shaken, wh- n a number will b*
drawn by a person entirely disinterested, i.nd the
parson holding the card with the number corres
ponding to that which is drawn wiil receive a pre
sent "1 a fine gold hunting case watch.
Each person, on purchasing each and every arti
cle of tho value of 51.50 to §•(, wi'l in like maimer
receive * caid as above, and ilie Loiucr of tho cor
responding nuiober ainwu w.li receive a present cf
a fire gold locket worth $3. And each persun, on
purchasing or getting repaired each and every ar
ticle ii the value of from 50 cents to 81.50, will in
like manner a? above drawn, receive a handsome
port moncaie worth £3.
A fine assortment of Jewelly, Clocks, Watches,
and Fancy Articles on hand.
Clouks aud Watches repaired by an experienced
workman. Ail kinds o! Jewelry made and repaired
at the shortest notice and ioweet prices, and saus
faction warranted. Diamonds and other precious
•tonesset toorderin the latest Ni;w York style.
N B—The articles will be exhibited in ths window
until the drawinj. Don't forget the pi >cp
no I—2m* No 217 Muiu street.
Biker s x-reiuium iiitiers-llnrd
to beat—Mill they come —Lricwcod, Henrico
Co —E Baker Esq—l hereby certify, mat I have
used your BiUersin my family, for lo or iiO years,
and iound J hem to be a first rate lamiiy medicine,
and have feu: d them to effi ct everything that has
been ssid of them It is also my opion that per
sons ia the constaut use of them wiil never be at
tacked with the Ague and Fever.
Richmond Va„ 1852— E. Baiter, Esq , Dear §ir :
This is (o ceriify thai my wife has been guttering
with the Dyspepsia for three or lour jears, and bus
been entirely relieved from the use of two bottles
of E. Baker's Premium Bitters. My inothsr has
also b«u subject to the nervous headache for sevt
rtti years asd found immediate relief from the use
of the ub jve Bitters.
Respectfully, HENRY BALL,
Pnce only 50 cents per bottle. To be had at the drug
•tores of
Purcell, Ladd i. Co, A Bodeker, Adie & Gray, Ben
nett A. Beers, Gavnor St Wood, and E J Pioot, Main
■treet; H Blair, \Vm P Ladd, and Seabrook 4c Reeve,
Broad street, Richmond, Va. no 20
Pratt's Daguerreau Gallery, No 143
Mam street —Messrs. Editors: Pieaee pu'jluh the
following testimonials; "A very superior iikeness,"
Robert Taoip. " Very like," Roger A Pryor, Edi
tor Soutn Side Democrat. ' Likeness executed su
perlatively good," J. W. Roberts. " 1 give Mr Pratt
the preference to all the world in taking pictures,"
E. P.Goodwin, Louisa couuty. 'Mr. Pratt needs
but a trial and snccesa will be luovitable," David J.
Moodv- " Mr. Pratt's pictures are as guod or better
than 1 bavejet seen," \V. McDj'.vr>;r, King Wil
ham "The daguerreotypes in Mr. Pratts coliee
tton eqaai any 1 have seen in London." Jno. Tho
mas, M D, Editor of th-5 Herald of the Kingdom and
Age to Come. no U
Ft Let the Ulad Hiding* go out into I
eveiy r.ity, townund village, that there is hope for
the Afflicted — Hundreds oi Females have been
cured of Complicated Diseases after ail medical
saiil has bfr.u balll *d. Couuh, Rheuo atism, Dys
pop i». with ail Disease* ot the st'imach. liver and
bowcla, are cured by liauipton's Vegetuble
TiDClure* Ifbnie has gone to*.th, and Lhou
•ands this dsy, through its instrumentality, if ioice
in health.
Our own best known citizens, with their wives
and childi en, are its witnesses; and from every
city in every State the universal testimony of cures
made is pouring in upon us.
. Testimony of one of the most enterprising and
intelligent Druggists in the United Spates.
„ ™ ".kington, Del, June B*Ji, 1832.
t * gr *™' JTtl »*ei' if -Mowbray—" Hamptou's Ve
getable iu> c>u re" is selling very last, h lady who
hasused a tew bottles, says It exceeds a>l other Me
dlctues. She having searched lor fourteen years
paat tor a cure, and until she found youf'Tinc
ture found no relief. 1 have also sold it in several
casesot ttheuraaiism, Iwith great suscess.
Yours, * j.; McJkall
Call and get pampbleU gratis, and also see adver
nsemrjut in to-day's paper. For sale by
- ' and Druggists generally.
__ _ Br the Elegant Side-whfel
Lean* HtcJwwnd regularly er-ery Tumday afternoon
at 4 o'clock
-T, b t Koa "«>ke,Captain Parrish,
w " 1 rf, »dy to reeeive freight
t errr ' itun *) «>t 12 o'clock
i a i)A\, ior New York, and will I
FM l ° tha . hourot 1 o'clock
4<?clork?o nst: and ' be w '" leave at
voctockiQ the afternoon ot that day bv which
WiU to on boa'rdf
JS3SS&%ft— 1 • ,a '— accoy-
Sewage passago cniy 46.
Ttaa Une has no connection with any other
« taa-dsa-s
Jt'np'iuthh' 12 ,ijd continue to receive
'ue W 1 too hour of 2 u'clnrk l> m , _
to-mo now,
trip. '°, Il ' mi>er °f bbd, are engaged for this
toeir ( tu .* end •" namet of
their gooai mrUi be stored !n Ha'i. *' otherwi ««
pe—laad .i««, 0 » 4 - ll ®ore at their e*.
k l I,LA H & Watson
FccfWfStor p^., P , tpp . y
—»» .. .. — UOBT riA' KIN.
•■>ll tUOvuLATh, <ke -
lOh o!.» and ptepar,d Coeo«: t °
son, W J Early, J VV Tjfcr, New Vork; A J
Fost, Bnehanstn; RL (Jofrimn, Amhorst; W
Care/. J M Aldersoti, Lewisburg; Jos Zdll,
Union; VV A Kanawhn; J I) Pendle
ton, Buchanan; W \V Lainsinccr, 1) D Hand,
Pa; J V Scotl, Petersburg; CK Lyman, Ap
pomattox; J It Washburn, N J ; b D Wai
tings, Conn; C S Ciiminings. (i VV Thomas,
N J S Lang horn#, T P Hardy, Nits Meem,
'Lynchburg; VV P 11 .ill, Buckingham; B E
Morgan, C L Alderson, Fincastle; C Drutn
w right, Mecklenburg; Dr Crichton, Bruns
wick; I) A Claiborne, Greensville; A Thweatc,
Dinwiiijic; J G Turpin, Petersburg; L)r VV J
Eppe->, Buchinghuui; L>rE Powell, Goochland;
C A llargrave, Diuwiddie.
EXCHANGE HOTEL.—Q L MeCsrge, Mecklin-
il Lee rind lady, Pittsburg; Wm Smith, A'i
uuat ; J J Srnythe, N C; J Hardeaty, Harrisonburg;
Miss E L Pike and servant N V; 11 R Blackiitcn,
Philadelphia; N M Mo are, New York; E A Blanch,
Mecklenburg; W A Dunn, Rnleigh; J Muller and
Isdy, Cart<rt.vii:f; L Lewis, jr. Philadelphia; A Biu
l'o-d, Walker and W K Hi*, Alconvtrle; W C
Moon, New York; M Nelson, Wheeling; \V H
Reach, Chailestou; l)r Ganle and lady, three Miss
Gotuea, Mi-s Appling, ftllss (.ilover, C Clover, II
(laate and J VV Aiason, Albemn;le; J B Hanson,
Ph ladelphie; RBruce, Haufsx; 11 Roberson,Nor
fnlS - J Lit ban, Charlottesville;, VV I' Trowbridge,
U S Army; J C Barney, Baltimore; H Eustace,
Richmond; U Ha'risjn,Charles Citv; L Tazewell,
C o :<ovil VV A Noel ».od Dr Gay, Fluvanna; AVV
Hi. i! . it. uiy ia; Col Winctieli, Bedford; Judge
a:eno, r J C Walton and lady, Miss;
if i'stv'.i.n, N< ; t>r VV He m, Warrenton: T
C N SVV i d >f, Lynchburg; E C Roberson,
t-.orfo s; J K I'.rye I' rismouth; D Kyle, jr, RVV
HowderandJ Tl.ii i), N.nfi.ik; S A Stevens, Bsl
t .u..rf; Wm stye. : niy ai.d servaut and G F
vv b:» Noi:olk; i- i. Brocket?, Alexandria; RJ
Mor i 'in Fiede iri-Bi trg; J GMorris and Win II
(varan. B-durnore.
COI U -:B AN TOTKL—A G Binford, Albemarle;
J VV !" ■ :v: J r iinroughty, Amelia; A C Hogs,
R M Vo'.'fg. ■ T B RoWr eon, Petcroburj; J E J Ma
con. Alt; 1' McCaigo, V«>; F B Barnes, N Y; J Pols
ter, Biltimore; '! Blair, Scottesviile; J C Bowman,
I S Turner and Dr II L. Cabbie, Howardsville; W
Bali, Chicopee, Mass; J I) Price, Illinois; W Miller,
Goochland; VV H Davi<=, Oak Level, Va; S Hamlett,
Ccrr.pboll; S B Brown md J A Ilarinan, Augusta;
SL llsymaun, Lynchburg; A Pettyjohn, Amher6t;
W Duiguid, Lynchburg; W Ai Bartley, New Cantor;
T H and J Little, Fluvanna; J J Ambler.
Orange; J A Hooper, Powhatan; J O Reynold*. W
Powers,-W B J C England and F M
i'arrish, Cumberland; A Mcßae, Columbia; J
Brooke, Goochland; J F Stlelalr, Amelia; T J Dium
wright, Subsex; G S Whitney, J Griffin aad J C
G'iffin, Southampton; R Miller, Goochiacd; W B
Hodgson, Colurania; J M Alverscn and Win Cay
Lewisburc; J Zole, Union; K L Coleman, Amherst;
I) II Smith, Richmond; J Lunron, Ch?sts!fielJ; L
T Moore, Winchester; W P Collinswortb, Aiexan
CiTV HOTEL.—N Green, Chestettie'd; Jthn J
Oiu:n, Philadelphia; L L Stevenson, Staunton; K S
hnuiss E iiiitchue.UE FuitaudA A Kent, Peters
bar*; P L Dubosq and son, Phila; J II Marrow, ital
tim ore: Dr J Dove, Richmond; E J Perkins and L
L Stiff Madison; Geo Brumley and servant. New
Kent; T M West, Louisa; L H Clagett, steamer
Kclv-d re; B L Vick, N C; T G Turner, E L Biick
ett, and Dr (i II Lockhead, Peters bug; E II Saun
deis, Va; C C Worsham, H Samuel and
lady, Miss V Samuel aui Miss C Owci.s, N Y; A C
Jennings, Atlanta, Gi; D S Schugler, Pittsburg; W
Trent Tenn; J S Caldwell, Fredericksburg; R P
Jones and J C Rowe, Gloucester; J C Wilism,
Kennons; C C Cha'noon, Smithfield
PO HT O F it Id !151 ON I) .
Steamer Pennsylvania, liaymore, Philadelphia,
mdse to u Rankin.
Steamer Roanoke, Parrish, New York, mdse to
Ludlam Watson.
Steamer Re'vide'e, Ginord, Baltimore, rndse to
Lud.am Sc. Wat3on.
Scbrfehiron, Thatcher, Boston, mdse to D Cur
Barquo Parthena, Loveiar.d, New Orleans, mdse,
D Currie.
Btig Round Pond, Purse, Providence, mdse, U
Ran kin.
The particular attention of the members of the
Masonic Grand Lodge is invited to the large assort
meat of valuable Masonic works, at the Book, Sta
tionery anil Piano Forte establishment of
Late Drinker &. Morris, 97 Main st
The Analogy of Ancient Craft Masonry to Natu
ral and Resettled Religion, by Charles Scott, A M,
Grand Ma*U>r of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi.
A Lexicon ol Freemasonry containing a defini
ion of a? 1 its commercial terms, notices of its bis
ory, traditions and ant'quities, and an account of
ail the rites and rayeteties of the ancient world, by
A'b-'rt G Mackey. M D
The True Masonic Guide, containing elucidations
of the fundamental principles o! Freemasonry, &c
See, by Robert Macoy
The Freemason's Manual, a companion for the
initialed, through all the degrees ot Freemasonry,
from the entered apprentice to the bisher degrees
of Knighthood, by Kev K J Stewart. K T
The Virginia Masouiu Text Book, containing a
history ot Masonry and Masonic Grand Lodgts
from lbs earliest times, together with the Consti
tution ot Masonry or Aiiiman Reyon, and a Di
gest of the laws, rules ind regulatio s of the Grand
Lodge of Virginia, by John Dove, M I), G Secre
tary ol ;he G L ot Va
The True Masonic Chart or Hieroglyphic Moni
tor. by Jeremy L Cross, G L
The Craftsman and Freemason's Guide, con
taining a fciineation of the Ritua's c>f Freemason
ry and the order-of Priesthood, by Cornelius
Moo re
Subscriptions teceived to the Southern and West
ern Masonic Mis-Je lacy, edited by A G Mackey,
M D de 13
\ y U AKTILLKKY.— Attend a meeting at
Gun House, ou Tuesday, 14th inst, at
JfjjK naif oast 7 o'clock By order of the Cap
ain. THOS C BALL, O S.
/ AT COST— HYNEMAN, at 90 and 93 Main
street, will sell his large and well selected Stock
of Got ds at first cost, for a tew weeks, alter which
time the balance will be sold at auction. Look at
the prices—
black, blue cloth Dress and Frock Coals, 86 to 10
Overcoatsof ail kinds ;i tola
Business CoaU 3 to 7
Biack and fancy Cas Pants 2i to 5
Vest* in endless variety 1 to 4
D j not fail to call soon if you want bargains.
LEWIS HYNEMAN, Proprietor,
de 11 —1 It' 90 and 98 Main street.
We have recently received diroct from the
Banks of Newfoundland, a large supply of the
above article B icg fresh and pure, it is wi;h
confidence believed to possess, in a very unusual
degree, those medicinal properties n jon whi'h its
curative powers alone depend. It was procured
and prepared in the most careful manner, by one of
the most respectab'e houses in Newfoundland
from the livers oi Cod Fi-h, taken so late as Au
list. Oil obtained durirg this month is of much
medicioal value than that obtained at any
other season of th? year, '.wins, it i» supposed, to
• Juabte £° ndlu ° n °* feeding grounds of that
. aluab.e M,n tor sale by th • gall ,u or bottle, by
A.. ,t ADIE & GRAY,
—_ — 147 Main street
i °I °J 1 ANU*actlkkkm
. '• , ; < 'il J OKlCfc.—Wewill be regularly supplied
b> the importers with Mass Liquorice of tbe-fjeck
brand, a genuiLe and pure article, which
a are suthotiz, d to seil and warrant us such
A.so, with the 'G. C." brand. Manufacturers are
. l ue,t «d to give us a call Orders from the coun
try promptly eseeuted.
11 1 } L'H.—The susscriber baTTiTsToTe and
u tor sa e «>n eccoinmodating terms, the follow
" u ,ff rl " r brands of Licorice:-i5 cases F G
Sta k, JO cases Beck Sc. Co, Mass.
n " Corner Cary and 20th »tret ts '
Ufel.Vt I' Ul RlidftM.—Ju>t rec< iveuacotni-r
» large lot oi those cheap Velvet Ribbons. black
and colored, wbish we ar.j still telling at 75 ect.t*
per pi ice of 12 yards.
'IMJNQC A IlKANft.—soo poun is very sapen
.or (" l 4 Tonqua Beans, Just received and fur
•ale iu tOii ihe fcuit purchnit ri, by
SIC.—Prof, BRANDT respectfully inform* the
citizens (J Richmond that be gives lesson* on the
ab ivr mentioned instruments, and also in tha high
er branches uf Vocal Music,
Piot B having hid an experience of eighteen
years in the profession, and having s iecuslully
taught in several of the largoitSiminer'.ei in the
Soiiih, now offer* his services to the ditfrevt Fe
male Seminaries, as woil ns to the citizens of Rich
m> tid generally. For advanced scholars will have
the benefit of b< ing accompanied oo the Violin.
Professor Bra-ilt ia permitted to refer to the Rev
Dr Jones, and to the Rev Dr I.eroy M Lee.
All orders received at Mr P H Tajlo'sr, Na«h i
Woodhyuse's, Morris & Brothers', nui liar told &
Murray's stores. de 2—3tnwlw
UKAWINI*. —J. fS. PERKINS having return
ed to Richmond for tho winter, will gi*-e in
struction in the various branches of Drawing, as
Landscapes, Heads, Figures and Flowers. His sub
jects or models are by the best masters, and have
been selected with a view to attract and interest the
beginner, while they cultivate a correct taste, ana
gradually lead the pupil to a bold and independent
styio of execution that will readily enable him to
draw from nature.
All lovers of this art are Invited to call at his
rooms (corner of sth and Frank'in streets; and ex
amine his portfolios.
Lessons given at toe pupils' residences, if desired.
Separate hours devoted to youne Gentlemen and
young Ladiew at his studio, where they will be re
ceived on the same terms as in schools.
oc4 —Im*
Ai.:., 30VS.— H. P. TAYLOR, eth
street, between Grace and Franklin—My
School being exclusively for beginners. I give spe
cial attention to Reading, Correct Enunciation,
Grammar and Spelling; also to Geography, Map
Drawing, Arithmetic and History. Specimens cf
my boys' composition and writing, may be always
seen at the Dispatch office My Ilule is pererap
torv. but ns senile as p>g»ibi<». oc 9
\TOitTJi»iOHJ£ : S It II HUM ATI C CO.^t
great discovery is bringing health and happiness to
thousands, Rheumatism can be cured. More than one
thousand cases ot' chronic rheumatism (of the wont
form of tliis dreadtul disease) have been cured perma
nently, during the past year by the use of a few bottles
of this compound. Letters aad certificates are daily
being received from parties of high standing, many of
whom have been cripples for years, from the effects of
this hitherto incurable disease, but who now affirm
that they are sound and well, made so by this great re
medy, which is a vegetable spirit—an internal reraedj
—prepared for this one disease alone, and this it will
cure 111 every case, either inflammatory, (acute,) or
chronic form. Testimony of the most undoubted cha
racter will becheerfuliy submitted to the inspection of
all who may feel sufficiently interested to call on the
proprietors, at their Central Office, No. 1, Barclay St.,
AstorHouse, New York. One bottle $!>, three bottiei
Sole Agents for Richmond.
no 1 Proprietors, N. V.
C'liraitlt- ISbt uiiintUui of Ten Year*'
r tundiii".
New Oplsans, March 31.
P Prica, merchant, writes : '-No language can da
scribe the sufferings I have endured for the last ten
years. Mine was Chronic Rheumatism in its worst
forms. For the last three years I have scarcely been
able to turn myself in bed during the night. My whole
system was affected. I have had the best medical at
tendance which could be procured in the East and
South. And besides, 1 have used all otherremedies o f
which I could hear, and have taken medicine enough
to ruin the constitution of any man. At length I tried
Mortiinore's Rheumatic Compouad, and it has per
formed a radical cure. P. PRICB."
de I—dif
iWII.JjI NSiHYi—Celling nt Keduc-
F'tces.—'V'ra SWOltuS would re
spcctful'y ask the attention of th - Ladies to
her handsome assortment of Bonnets, made
in a superior macner, which the is now selling at
reduced prices, at NoS2i> Bread street.
N H—Head Dresses, Caps, i.c, en hand and made
to order ; rich R bbons, Plumes, ard other tan?}'
articles, for sale cheap :rt MRS. SWORD'S,
dc 11) 2. ! 5 Isr;ad street.
BKOAD .vr vitiAkt stoke, ;•»©.
104.—HAWLEY <S HAVES tako pleasure in
informing their iriends and the public generally,tnat
they are now prepared to furnish them wi;ha
choisc article ot imported and domestic Clears ;
also, a tine article of Chewing Tobacco, Snuff &c,
wholesale and retail
Remember, sign of the Negro end Indian, Rear
Broad Street Hotel.
N B All orders left at this store, or the Post Of
fice, for l.ightniug Rods, will meet with promnt
de 10—ts L J. HAWLEY.
'J TUROP would call the attention of purchasers
to their stock of—
Rich velvet and Brusseila tapestry Carpt t8
Rich il ply, 3 thread and ingrain do
Super Dutch do
These Goods are from the most celebrated Eng
lish manufactories of direct importation, and can
not be surpassed either in quality or price.
Also, low priced, all wool, hemp and cotton chair
Carpets; very rich Rugs, printed Drugset, &c. Si.c.,
at 99 Main street.
J CLOTHING !!—Gentlemenin wautof a Chiiat
mas suit, reaHy nice and cheap, should call at the
•'Money Institution," No 102 Main
street, and procure one of Keen, Chiles &. Baldwin's
superior recently received, of the newest
style out and nqt to be surpassed by any oi the first
cla«s Tailors in tha city, at one third less price ifcaa
charged by them for the same article. For Bargains
come to
Cbi'istiiing and New Year's Presents.
HAVE as tiae a collection of Books in Kich
and Elegant Bindings as can te iound in any
Bo >kstore in the Union. Tnis choice selection of
Splendid Works have been made with the utmost
care, and are such as are calcu ated to grace alike
the Centre Table aud the Choicest l.ibraiies.
V <iI r T BOOKS.—Just received, a beautiful as
sortment ot Aucuals or 1853. Also, Juvenile Works
for th» youth and children; Bibles and Hymn B joks
oi Extra Binding; Poetical Works; Alburn's &c ,
dire. Ail of which make a good assortment of Boobs,
suitable tor Christmas acd Naw Year's presents.
For sale at the Bipttst Bock Depository, by
SOMETHING NEW Call and see the ftUr
O bleivcd Mantlf s and Table Tops—most beauti
fu! and desirable for builders and Cabinet makers
Just received by the steamer Roanoke, and fjr sale
de 6—ts F ttY it McCANDLISH, Agents.
kegs of best quality, for sale by
BEEN AND BLAi K TKAs—2OO packagesol
vJT superior quality, for ssle by
JL MOL'SLAINES.—We have just opened another
case of Mouslaiiies at 12 ,*£ cents,
ROCKLAND LIME.—IOOO bbU just receiv
ed per schr Mary Wise, Capt Crockett, and
for sale trorn wharf, by
VELVET CLOAKS.—We have now a f«w
Velvet Cloak?, and our assortment of Cloth
Cloaks is better than it has been at any time this
deß C. HART WELL <fc CO.
dewing Birds, Screw Cuihion* of Shell wcrk
•ome very handsome, for sale by
WONQUA BEANS. -Just opened, a fresh
*- cask of prime old ToC(|'ia Beans, b'uck and
Tobarconist* who waut Beans postering the fla
vor ot I'nnqua in th* highest perfection, should uot
tail to take a look at til's lot Tbey are really No 1.
da 11 BENNETT Sl BEERS, Druagisla.
Landing trom schr George, a cirgo fH supe
rior Whits Aah Anthracite Conl. Penuni
laying in thertr winter supply c-f the above Coal,
would do well to send down their order*. §5 7.">
per load, delivered any where in the citv
Dock Wharf
NOTICE.- Ailpersouaiadcbted to the estate of
Rilcigh, are requested to linmedi
ata payment to nie. JaS. A t!NKLL,
Extcutor jf Riieigh,
no 2ts—dflvrctlstF
100 butbels jttst rtcclved and for ssl* by
de 11 * GEO. J ULUKINO,
An infallible care for Scrofula, or King's Evil, Rhtu
mntiam, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pirn plea or
Pustules on the Pace, Blotches. Biles, Chronic Sore
Eyes, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald Head, Enlarge
mmt and Pain of the Bonea and Joint*, Stubborn
Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Com
plaint*, and all Diseases ariaingtrom an injudicious
use of Mercury, Imprudence in Life, or Impurity of
the Blood.
This valuable Medicine, which bas become celebra
.ed in this city and vicinity, for the numbfrr of extra
ordinary cures effected threughits axency, hasindueed
the proprietor, at the urgeut request of his frionds, to
ofler it to the public, which be does with the utmost
confidence in its virtues Hnd wonderful curative pro
perties. The following certificates, selected from a
large number, are however stronger testimony than the
mere word of the proprietor. As the limits of an ad
vertisement would be too small to state the certificates
in full, they are condensed as much as possible, but
are detailed on the inside wrapper of each bottle, and
are all from gentlemen well known in their localities,
and of the highest respectability, many of them now
residing in the city of Richmond.
F Boyden, Esq., ofthe Exchange Hotel, Richmond,
known everywhere, says he has seen the medicine
called Carter's Spanish Mixture administered in over
a hundred cases, in nearly all the diseases for which it
is recommended, with the most astonishing good re
sults. He says it is the most extraordinary medicine
he has ever seen.
C B Luck, Esq., now in the city of Richmond, and
fot; many years in the Post Office, has such confidence
iuthe astonishing efficacy of Carter's Spanish Mixture,
that he has bought upwards ofso bottles, which he has
given away to the afflicted. Mr. Luck says he has
never known it to fail, when taken according to direc
Dr. John Minge, a practising Physician, and former
ly of the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says he
has witnessed in a number of instances the effects of
Carter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly sur-
S rising. He says in a case of Consumption, depen
ant on the Liver, the good effects were wonderful in
Liver complaint.—Samuel M Drinker, of the firm
of Drinker & Morris, Richmond, was cured of Liver
Complaint of 3 years standing, by the use of two bot
tle of Carter's Spanish Mixture.
Scrofula and Consumption.—Mr. Richard E. West of
Richmond, wascared of Scrofula, and what physicians
termed Confirmed Consumption, by 3 bottles of Car
ter's Spanish Mixture.
Ed.via Bnrton, Commissioner of the Revenue, says
he has seen the good effects of Carter's Spanish Mix
ture, in a number of Syphilitic cases, and says it is a
perfect cure for that horrible disease.
Wm. G. Harwood, of Richmond, Va., cured of Old
Sores and Ulcers, which disabled him from walking.
Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and
was enabled to walk without a Crutch, and in a short
time, permanently cured.
Dropsy Cured.—The wife of Mr. Geo. W. Baker,
was cured of Dropsy, (for which she was twice saliva
ted,) by Carter's Spanish Mixture. Mr. Bakeris a re
sident of Chesterfield county, Va.
Mr. Wm. A. Matthews, of Richmond, Va.. had a ser
vant cured of Syphilis, in the worst form, by Carter's
Spanish Mixture. He says he cheerfully recommends
it, and considers it an invaluable medicine.
Mr. Carter, the Proprietor of the Medicine, having
placed the entire control of it in our hands, to prevent
imitation, each bottle will bear the name oi BEN
NETT Si BEF.RS, Druggists, to whom all orders should
be addressed, Richmond, Va
We are prepared to sell it at wholesale on very fa
vorable terms, or consign it to responsible houses in
the United States, on commission.
Sold by BENNETT & BEERS, Richmond, Va.. and
Druggists generally iu this city and elsewhere. Price
$1 per bottle, or six bottles for §5. de B—dimc-iui
(KWi'JiKS WANTtD.-I wish to hire tor
V the ensuing year, 25 or 20 pood Coopts, to
work in this city, for whom I will pay Siau. and
for extra or workmen a higher price will oe
paid, quarierly if desired. Persons having such to
hire, will please rccress me h: re, or apply at my
shop, on the Virginia Central Railroad, near the
Depot, or to Messrs P>raa!ey A. Bro'hcr, No 24 Main
£0 cents per b wo! will be paid fir all extra work.
no2s—llJ a* WILLIAM F. HORD.
H. ROSENFELD, No 175 Broad street, most
respectfully e&lls thi attention of the Indies and
the public cetiereliy, to his large strck cf Dry (Jo ids
which ho is detf-rmined to sell off frc ra this date
nt very reduced prices, such as Lnce Goods.
Sleeves, Chemisettes, end a great variety of Em
broideries, Mwtslins, Silks, French and English
Merinos. CaHcos, Shawls. Blankets, See. A flue ha
sortae.it of Hosiery sr.d Gloves, aii of which will
be sold at such prices Shit canc t lai! to give satis
K B—Al! small notes tiktfn at market rairs, in
exchange for Goeds.
de B—lin* H. ROgEMFFLP.
JETJiK &. IjiiFTVVlCll, (ieneral Commis
sion Merchants, office two doors below the
Columbian Hot 1, Cary street, will attend to the
sales of every description of cmntry produce, the
hiring out of negroes, f;nd all ether business en
trusted to their wire. They rro also nropared to
do a large amount of storage cn tie Dock, upon
the most accommodat-rig terms. They pledge their
most rigid attention to all consignment; made to
them, and all other biicin«as entrusted to their care.
de B—l2t iff) WARD M LKFTWICH.
RESTOKER, for inviuoraiiug, beautifying a.Jd
promoting a k. altby growth of the hair.
The Hyperion, from its introduction some years
since, has gradually grown in public favor, an! by
its really valuable properties deservedly bee -m ■
one of the most popular articles of the day. For
sale, wholesale ar.d retail, by
PURCELL, LAUD &. CO , Druggists,
de 3 92 Main str et.
HOUSE Ut'lLl)l>(>.—The subscriber ts
now prepared to erect BUILDINGS of Every
Style, on accommodating terms.
Shop on Bth, between liraceand Franklin streets,
de 9—dtlJ ALBERT L WfiST
11L'Kit ANT JELLY', «Jkc. — f'reoh Curraut
V Jelly in Glass Jars
Cross ul. BlackweliV Durham Mustard
Worcestershire Saace
Walnut, Tomato and Musbroon Catsup
Assorted Pickles, in halt gal j *rs, &c
For sale by
de 9 R. M BURTON.
300 boxes (Hiurs') superior rosin Soap
50 boxes (E Jackson's) do tallow Candles
50 boxes (Bines') do do do
For «ile by
no 25 CH*S. T. WOHTHAM & CO
FiRESH HOPS.—A very superior article, tor
sale by W M DADE
de 9 Main street, near Old Mark
PECAN NUTS. —A supply ot txcellen: Pecan
Nuts. Just received by
'Next Door to Exchange Batik
a FOR KENT.—A Brics Tenement, in
good order, noar the Central Rail Road De
pot, suitable for a small family. Possession may
be had immediately. Price $120.
de 9 General Agents.
GA.HK WHIBKEY, lending and for sale by
Black and colored milk vel
vets FOR CLOAKS —We have just received
by Express a lht of handsome Velvets, suitable for
Mantillas and Cloaks, which will be sold low.
de 9 HART &i MOSE3.
j\r EG RO CLOTHING—The subscribers,
I* have a large stock ol Negro Clothing on
hand, which they will sell chfap
da 11 li 2 Main street.
H- L'NTING COATS.—S Merchant fc Weisi
ger, have jut received an additional lot of
Hunting Conts of superior qua ity. Call and
see them at No 112 Main st
£*J'J landing and for sale by
(IHEK*E. —A lot of prima Cheese, 15 hhds Ba
J con, just received a r d for sale Sy
ALUM WATER, fresh Irom tfw> spnniis. for
sale in any quantity by R. It DUVAL it BRO.,
Apothecaries, coiner above the Barks, Richmond.
de 7
CAKD CASES. —A beau'.ilul assortm>«t of
Card Gates, just received and for by
dell N> 103. Rroad Street.
FANCY BOXEW,—Fancy Boxes tf ih« most
beantfal assortment, suitable for Bridal Pre
sents For sale by
d« 11 No 103, Kroad Stwt
yletmFchinks. ano~eylets—
Good supply ou band, for sale by
CARD ENGRAVING We are now pre.
pared to fureish Eneraved Cards for invitatk n,
wedding, at home, or with lh-. nam $ ot A rn», <fco.
de 10 Eagle Square.
COD FISH, of the b s; quality, for sale by
, It it a remarkable fact, that among the hundreds of
eminent physicians who bav»examined the recipe by
which Bull's Saraaparilla i* prepared, not one haa con
demned it, bot all approve It, and commend it in the
higbeat terms. Many physicians express themselves
strongly in the belief that it is decidedly the best pre
paration of Saraaparilla that ha* ever been placed be
fore the public. Although there are many physicians
who feel a reluctance to having their names appended
to the recommendation of any particular remedy, not
withstanding they may approve of it in the highest de
gree, there are otli'rs who frankly yield their support
in favor of a remedy which they *now ia capable of
doing so much good in an afflicted community. As nn
evidence, read the followin* from old and respectable
physicians, ofhigh standing in the community iti which
they live:
Louisville, July 13th, 184.9.
I have examined the list of articles that compose
John Bull's Extract uf Sarsaparilla, and have no hesi
tation in saying, that it is a safe and valuable com
pound. I would prefer it to any article now in use, for
the diseases arising from an impure state of the blood
or taint of the system. I confidently recommend it to
mi friends as being a powerful Extract, and one that
I believe will cure all classes of diseases for which it is
recommended, if used according to directions. I be
lieve it to be a valuable succedaneum to mercury.—
Nay," 1 have my doubts whether, in the most violent
and protracted cases of Syphilis, accompanied with
Nodes Trophe. in caries of the bones, whether it ought
not to supercede any otherremedy.
S. R. McCONACHIE, M. 0.,
Honorary Member of the Medical Society Phil.
What Dr. Owen, Druggist and Apothecary, of several
years standing, says about Bull's Sarsaparilla:—
Louisville, May 31st, 1818.
Mr. John Bull—l have been, fbra mrrnbeT of years,
severely afflicted with a Mercurial Headache and a dull
heavy pain ia my liver. I used almost all the reme
dies of the day, especially the Sarsaparilla prepared by
different persons. But ail to little or no advantage,
until I chanced to meet with yours, three bottles of
which gave me more relief than all the others com
I therefore take pleasure in recommending yourSar
saparilla to the afflicted community as a superior arti
cle Very respectfully yours.
Hear what Dr. Stapp, a physician who stands at the
top of his profession, says of John Bull's Sarsaparilla:
I have been using John Bull's Sarsaparilla in a great
variety of Chronic diseases, with the most happy
effects, and 1 have no hesitation in recommending it to
tie publje for the cure of Syphilis, Scrofula, and all
Cutaneous and Glandular diseases.
Yours moat fervently, VVJf. STAPP, M. D.
Lkwisport, Ky., April 6th, 1849.
Let all who are suffering under the agonizing tor
ture® of Rheumatism, read the following, and see what
may be done for them, if they will use the infallible
Union-town, Ky., May 12, 1848.
Mr. John Bull —Dear Sir: Forthe last three years
I have been afflicted with Rheumatism of thejseverest
character. I was at times in the greatest agony of pain;
I tried every remedy I could procure for the disease,
but found no permanent relief until I was induced to
use your preparation of Sarsaparilla, which has entire
ly cured me of Rheumatism, and greatly improved my
general health more than any medicine I ever used. I
have been free of pain for several months, and have
no doubt the cure is permanent, and I recommend it
as the best medicine m use for Rheumatism
Loudon, Ky., April 25th, 1850.
Sir—Permit me to address to you a tew lines, and do
me the honor to reply to a request that I will make in
the conclusion of this letter, &c.
lam a graduate of Transylvania Medical Universi
ty; 1 have practiced medicine in this wilderness coun
try about live years, but owing to exposure to bitter
cold weather, I have been indisposed with Acute Rheu
matism about six months. After having exhausted my
skill in the treatment of my case, and deriving no bene
fit, I was indsced to give your Fluid Extract of Sar
saparilla a fair trial, and accordingly purchased a bottle
of your medicine from your agent, Mr. George P.
Brown, about two weeks ago, and 1 must confess that
one bottle has entirely cured me.
Sm jt is my opinion that your preparation of Sarsaparil
la is decidedly superior to any otner preparation now in
use, and I will tulte great pleasure in recommending it
to the afflicted as being a remedial agent r and I will ad
vise physicians to use it in their practice, itc.
Respectfully yours, B. B. ALLEN, M. D.
Rev. E. W. Sehon—Rev. E. Stevenson.
Louisville, May 20th, 1849.
We have used John Bull's Sarsaparilla, and have
known it to be used, with entire satisfaction, and we
have no hesitation in stating, that we believe it to be a
safe an.l valuable medical compound, and calculated
to produce much good, and relieve much suffering; and
therefore would cnec rfully and most earnestly recom
mend it to the afflicted. [Signed.!
DR. JOHN BULL'S Principal Cffice,
Fourth street, Louisville, Ky.
Where applications for Agencies must be ad
Fur sale in Richmond by
my 17—dlltawwly Druggists, Sole Agents.
—• IS confidently recommended to
tfWlßgy-/ invalids, as unsurpassed by any
known preparation, for the cnre of
forms of Common Colds, BRON
SUMPTION in an Early Stage, and for the relief of
the Patient evan in udvancad Stages of that Fatal
It combines in a scientific manner, remedies of long
esteemed value, with others of more recent discovery
and besides its soothing and tonic qualities, acts
through the skin gently, and with great efficacy for the
cure of this class of diseases.
A number of the most respectable Physicians, to
whom we communicated a knowledge of the constitu
ents of these Medicines have been pleased to favor us
with their opinions, (some of them in writing,)
that they are the best remedies they have ever been
acquainted with for the cure of the diseases for which
they are recommended.
One of the moat experienced of the faculty in this City,
and long celebrated for hid successful practice.
Gentlemen*.. — 1 have carefully examined the com
ponent parts of yowr Diarrhoea Cordial, as well as vour
Anodvne Cherry Expectorant, and tind them both
valnable compounds, the doses are safe and consistent
with medical practice, and 1 do not hesitato to recom
mend them. ... B.MARTIN, M. IX
The subscribers, Apothecaries and Pharmaceutists ii
the City of Baltimore, are satisfied that the prepara
tions known as Stabler's Anodyne Cherry Ex
pectorant and Stablers Diarrhcea Cordial, are
medicines of gre.it value and very etiicient tor the re
lief and cure of the diseases for which they are recom
mended; they bear the evidence of skill and care in
their preparation and style of putting up, and we take
pleasure in recommending them to our customers.
G. A. Moore, Israel J. Grahame, Jos. Koberts, H. 11.
Grahame, Francis P. Scott, Henry Lowe, John
M. Larogue, S. K. Fleming, J. \V. Barry i; Co., Jos B.
Stansbury. Mcpherson 4c Marshall, Kdward C. Gilpin,
L Phillips, A. W. Hughes, G. W. Johnston.
Uinrrliu n Cordial !
Is a pleasant Mixture, compounded in agreement
with the rules of Pharmacy, of theraputic agents, long
known and celebrated for their peculiar efficacy in cu
ring DIARRHOEA, aud similar affections of the system.
In «ts action it allays nausea and produces a healthy
action of the LIVER, thus removing the cause at the
same time that it cures the disease.
Opinion of Doct. Jons Addison, Physician to the Bal
timore Southern Dispensary.
Having made trial of jour Diarrhoea Cordial, and ba
ing acquainted with the ingredients of which it is
composed, it givesme much pleasure in adding my tes
timony to that of others in favor of its extraordinary
efficacy in the cure of Diarrhoea aud Summer Com
plaint iu children and adults.
With much respect, ic.,
For sale by Druggistsgenerally. Purcel!, Ladd k Co,
Richmond, Agents. oc 21—1 awd it. w6m.
CEDAR TAR—Consumption Carcd.-
The roost successful remedy now in use for the
cure of Incipient Consumption, Br >uohitis, Asthma,
Coughs, Sore Throat, diseases of tae Liver and
Kidney#, King'* Evil, Tett* r, Dyspepsia. icc., pre
pared by Mrs B. B. Noma, 343 Baltimo.e street,
Mm. B. B. Nobbis—Dear Madam : For several
years I have been afittcted with frequent hemor
rhag.i of the long*, attended with a painful cough
1 triad various remedies, and had the best medic*
advice, but without relief until I tried your Cedar
Tar, which has entirely cured me.
Yours respectfully, GEOKT.K PARKS,
127 .-'aratoga street, Baltimore, Md.
October 3d, 1854.
Call and got Pamphlets containing certificate*.
w: Beware of counterfeit*. The geuuiue ard
cle is for sale by
P HORTON KEACH, 91 Mahi street,
Solo Agent for Richmond, and
Po 9 Oeneral Ay out for Easlnrn Virginia.
FOH MALK,—The subscriber having oett r
mined to mova to thi country, otters formal*
privately, his Stables, (known a. the Mar.h*;i Live
ry Stables) situated on 7th, between ilioad and
Marshall streets—a stand not surpassed by any in
the city.
He will also sell one Hack, with Hara»*a, Sad
dles, Bridles, Buggies, Horses, Ac, Ac
Should tha above not be disputed of befurs
Thursday, the 23d inst, they will on thsi day, c. in
mencing at 19 o'clock M, it fair, tt not, the next (at;
day, be ottered at public auction.
For terms, Ac, call on Be«brook A Recro, or tin'
deß—ta3D» SAMUEL A. RKKVK.
ANTKD.—I *lm 11 empl -y iWnlu. uTkl
** ,0 *«"»P klMes. For further information,
•PP 1 * ANDRKW P!Z2iM,
No 103 B'owl »frfet
S""!LinU.-„ , lto
y quality, always krpt on h.nj. Kjr sal.' very
1°» {T W M DADE, Chemist,
«ata H< o«i»r Vld Market.
*■ ruJZ e £tZ*u " w, "«
** \rmmr Other Medicine ,h«a H„„*
ten* Vegetable Tincture! Gftf (t «??"
CAL DISCOVERY: —With such te«tirnonV ** "
gerproofcan be given, an!,,,
derful Hampton's \ egetnble Tincture w °®-
Let the afflicted raad: read
Bameli.tillf,, ALtr.SAMr Co, M d
To Messrs Mortimer 4c Mowbrty Ms> *' 10Si >J,
Dear Sir.: Jn justire to Dr Hamptor't V«.» v,
Tincture, I wi»h to inform you that I v.-,, t.i b '*
on the 3d day of January last, with an 4
stomach, bowels and kidney*. I was attended , tt " !
eminent physicians for more than two months' A "
tie or no effect. I had tome knowledge of,*."
virtue in Hampton's Tmelcre from on- bott'e JL ?V
my wife had taken two years since. " Wi *«b
I came to the conelntiou that I would take m ..
medicine from my physicians, but try 'he t.I ,
and lam happy to iiform von I had not takTl ° r "
day.before I felt itspowerfci inCnc^'"'«
ach. I havecontinnedusirigtheTnictiire ~'i7
able to leave my room, and "call e.Unycommon T!
without much lDconvemence or pressure ou my ,to*.'.
The afflicted or tlieir friends are dailv vi»i t i„.
lean, of the gr- ut virtue there ism
Hampton's. **"ciure of
l expect to send you several certificate, in . <•„„
dayj-one especially from a your.* lady who fea, bL«
confined to her room twelve months, with a t -,1
the head, affecting the brain. *d,seMe of
Respectfully yours, E w Hall
On the permanency of the cure hear him s, .
letter from the above I ' M "
Barrei.i.ville, ALtFGAXy Co. Mu J
October 13. In'.i I
Messrs Mortimer it Mowbray: *
Dear Sirs- I am happy to inform you that th'« •<
finds rnein the enjoyment of good health hvtf-n, *
your Hampton's Tincture and the btessing of Godi
am enabled to pursue my daily avocations as usual !
I have a great desire that the a:l!icteri should kt
great curative powers of the Tinctnre. w ■-»
I am, with respect, yours,
Truth Strnvgrr than Fiction '—No-eneed Demair ■
—A I.ady s Testimony after thirty-eight ,r
Suffering ■>
Were there not real virtue in this wonderful
cine, could it perform the astonishing cures mad "by
Northampton Cou.ntv, April 13 i?w
Messrs Tyler St Adair: '
I have been afflicted with rheumatism, at times from
my twelfth year ; 1 will be fifty years ot age the l?tS
of this month: the attacks were at times so sever
to render me lielpless; I have tried various renin
to very little effect. Last October I was attacked -n
my shouldersj sides, back, and hips; 1 could not re»-
day or night; I could not move any part of my boriv
without crying with nain, at tins time I also tried m
ny remedies, internal aud external, without receiv-m.
any relief; 1 was at last advised to try Hampton's Ve
getable Tincture; before I had taken one bottle o'
which 1 felt much better, and as I continued taking c
I felt strength coming into my back and lirnhs. ar.n m ,
stomach strengthened and revived every xav; 1 have
taken five bottles, and am much better than ( expect
ed to be. I intend to use it whenever I need 't aa '
would recommend it to the afflicted, believing i' une
Rev. Vernon E«kr?<l»;e, C, S. \.
Portsmouth. Va, August IS, Ry
Mr J E Boush—Dear Sir: While I am in genera! on
posed to Patent Medicines, candor compels me to state
that I have great confidence in the virtues of Hamp
ton's Vegetable Tincture. Forseveral month*put 1
have used it in my family, and in d vspepsia, lono'tap
petite, dizziness, and general debility, with entire sue
cess. So far as my experience extends, therefore 1
take pleasure in recommending it to the afflicted as a
safe and efficient remedy.
I am, respectfully, yours,
Chaplain in the L". States Navy,
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, ny its mild actior. or.
the stomach, liver, ami the kidneys, will cure dyspep"
sia, cough, asthma, bronchial and lung affections, pains
in the back, side and breast, consumption, scroti, 4
rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, fistula, piles, bowel com
plaints, worms, nervous debility—with all diseases ari
sing from impure blood, and is the greatest female me
dicine ever known
Call and get pamphlets gratia, and see certificates of
For sale by O. A. STRECKF.R, Main street, R h
mond; G. !». JONES 3t CO, Petersburg, Va.; l)i>rto»
COOKE, Fredericksburg; MORTIMER V MOW
BRAY, Baltimore; and by Druggists generally.
oc 29
:i*yTli. o " to bed, and wrap up warm to sweat
» Mt\Jw during the night.
For a cold and cough, take it moroni
ty. non, and evening, according to directions
on the bottle, and the difficulty will soon be remove'!
None will long sutler from this trouble when tbey find
it can be so readily cured. Persons afflicted with i
seated cough, which breaks them of their rest at uiglu,
will find, by taking the Cherry Pectoral on going to
bed, they may be sure of sound, unbroken sleep, and
consequently refreshing rest. Great relief from suffer
ing, and an ultimate cure is afforded to thousands who
are thu3 afflicted, by this invaluable remedy.
From its agreeable eff"ct in these cases, many find
themselves unwilling to forego its use when the usees
sity for it has ceased.
From two eminent physicians in
Fayettevilxe, Ten.*, April loth.
Sir—We 1 lave given your Cherry Pectoral an exte.i
ded trial in our practice, and find it to surpass every
other remedy we have for curing affections of the res
piratory organs.
To singers and public speakers this remedy is inva!
uable, as by its action on the throat and lungs when
taken in small quantities, it removes all hoarseness at
a few hours, and wonderfully increases the power and
flexibility of the voice.
Asthma is generally much relieved, and often wholly
cured by Cherry Pectoral; But there are some cases
so obstinate as to yield entirely to no medicine. Cner
ry Pectoral w ill cure them, if they can be cured.
Bronchitis, or irritation of the throat and upper
tion of the lungs, may be cured by taking Cherry P
toral in small and frequent doses. The uncoinforta&ts
oppression is soon relieved.
Rev Dr Lansing, of Brooklyn, New York, states
"1 have seen the Cherry Pectoral cure such cas -<of
Asthma and Bronchitis as leads me to believe It can
rarely fail to cure those diseases.'
For Croup, give an emetic of antimony, to be follow
ed by large arid frequent doses of Cherry Pcctoru:, ote
til it subdues the disease If taken in season, it wiU
notfail to cure.
Whooping Cough may be broken up and soon cared
by the use of Cherry Pectoral.
The Influenza is speedily removed by this reir.eiy
Numerous instances have l>een noticed where whole
families were protected from any serious consequents
while their neighbors, without the Cherry Pectoral,
were suffering from thedisease.
From the distinguished Professor of Chemistry ana
Materia Medica, Bowdwin Cullei*
I have found the Cherry Pectoral, as its
show, ft powerful remedy for colds, and coughs, at™
pulmonary diseases. .. _
Brunswick, Me, Feb 5, 13-17.
Dr Valentine Mutt, the widely celebrated Pro factor •
Surgery in the Medical College, N York city. *^ v «
It (fives me pleasure to certify the vnlu* ana efffcA*y
of Ayer*a Cherry Pectoral, which 1 consider pecuiafiY
adapted to care diseases of the throat and lungs.
Cures of severe diseases upon theiun*«
effected by Cherry Pectoral in such extreme cs v
warrant the belief that a remedy has at length been
fouud that can be depended on to cure the coughs. cou*
and consumption, which carrv from oar ruutst thjv
sand a every year. It is indeecf a medicine to whicbene
afflicted can look with confidence for relief, and
should not fail to avail themselves of it.
Prepared by J C AYE Ft, Chemist, Lowell. Mass
Sold in Richmond by PCRCELL, LADD * < O. u*
by al! the Druggists throughout the city and atate
oc I—d3ra -
CO. may b» conaulted, confidential!?. for nw
tre»itmi>nt of the following diaeaae*: Eruption*
Sore L.ega, Ulecra, Glandular Bwelttn?», or eo
'.argemeuta, Syphilis, and all morbid diac barge*,
whether recent or chronic. AUo, all those coav
slainta tinned female aueaaea. The a.lvertJ»- r
invite attention to their chemical extract ot *> <j
Flower*, which may be regarded aa the very W*
article known, to give tone and vigor to
*bu«»'d aud debilitated organ*. a» well U to remiv»w
a iy«tem ahftttered by diaaipatioa or other c»'JH
Medicine* aecureiy put up, with full dir»«Boa*
and sent to order. Foal paid letters prompt/*•"
tended to. Office on Franklin street, below '•*
change Hotel, and oral door below Trinity el V ur "
Xichmoad, Virginia
II"— - NOTICE.—The public are ker
informed that the ',v
AUv >1 • S be taken off the route vt* i '' ri
tha'l, between RithmocU and Norfolk, on M> u *1
tat November, for the p&rpoae of uiw*rg" u, <
pair* ami being titted for the wiuor. Hue no
«ill be fciveu wh-;u ready to r« siur.eber pi* 0 *
Hue THOi DODAMKaP. fup'-
Oifi e R. & P. R. R. Co.. Oct «Tth, U»
oc S7
UiIAVIKU HOAP.-Ruaaian ghav :
C 5 the finest and m»sl agreeaWe prepa:suoc
the taco ever ottered in thw market .
If yoa want a plmwant shave »»d ha*; 1 * f>l " J
ie*l sua colli# alter winjs, try the Hum an ">
8,,,,., to. »',>,• o 4 amcx" ■
APPI.KM.— MbLUtMjrtb-r. awttSflJ!-"*
•*UWr«*»/ WM.TA XU»

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