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~ riaoiNiA lißcisLATiaE, ~
Wkomsuat, Dec. 15.
A communication wn laid before the Se
nate, by the President, from the President it
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company,
inviting the Senators to unite in the ceremo
nies of opening the road to Wheeling on the
31st inst.
A bill increasing the capital stork'of the
Orange and Alexundtia Railroad Company,
for the p irpose of extending their road to
Lynchburg was taken up. An r:nendment
c adopted requiring Chariottesviile to be
made a point in said roaii. After which the
bill f r ilie present was laid on the tal.de —
noes IS.
A resolution was adopted, tendering the use
o! S( uue CUiblki i > Stale Agricultu
ral Societv on Thursday evening, at lour
iioune of Dclestwes.
'1 ..a bill, fixing the time !". r the commence
ment of the terms of office ol various officers
elected by the General Assembly, (tns "base
ment officers," vtc.,) came from the Semite,
with an amendment, fixing the time of com
i;..?..e< ment on the Ist of July, instead ol the
J. January. The bill was laid on the table
or the present.
i'i.e order of the day being the resolution de
claring George li C. Price, the Delegate to
the House from Hardy county, incapacitated
for occupying his sent, and declaring said s
vacant, was taken up lor consider Tit.on, wh- re
ap on the Speaker presented to the Una «
letter from Sir. Pritie, in obedience to Mr- i' «
reque-t, declaring that he is unjustly detail, d
in tae Asylum, sr.J claiming bis seat in ti.e
O.i motion, the resolution and 1-Hter «eri
committed to the Committee oi Privileges ami
Elections, in older that the subject may again
be considered in Committee, and a report
made in view < f the communication ftoai Mr.
A resolution of inquiry was introduced by
Mr. Jackson, nf Wood, for providing by law
u effectually to prevent the escape of
slaves in sections nf the State adjacent to the
States of Ohio and Pennsylvania.
The Seuth-Side K liiioud bill *a3 taken up
lot consideration.
Mr. I moved that liiß vote, by which
the bill had bens o;di r. J ' tr engrossed for a
third reading, be reconsidered, to enable him
lo propose some impoitant amendments which
he indicated.
Mr. Wallace, in a lengthy speech, opposed
tho motion.
He aas followed liy other speakers, tml the
t;... ju.-.-i o.i oi tiiH question, as well hs the iu
ii rml iiiiproveir.t i.t question get erallv before
the Legislature, n is eou'inued until a lute
hour, when an adjournment took place.]
Mr. Goode, of M., iiud the floor when the
Hoiisc adjourned.
t'oiriapondence of the Dispatch.
Rawlisosbukg, N. C., Dec. 9, 136,!,
Mr. Editor:—Your valuable paper so fYe
contains editorials and communica
tions \ iih the above caption, that yea no doubt
ihink the public are becoming tired ol litem. Uut
I apsuie yoti, if such un opinion is entertamed
i: is far, very far, from be,;:? the cm f. Lveiv
thin; in relation to this important ivork is t u I
with the deepest interest; and nothing which
hita been made public iti relation to it has so
much astonished, and been more pleasing to its
friends, shun the late exhibit of Ihe rectipt.s of
the road for ihe twelve months terminating the
liOth of September last. Upwards ot $81,000
received iti twelve months, and the road com
pleted but little mor'> than one-third of 'he wav
f.oin Richmond to Danville! Can nnv now be
so incredulous us not to believe, when the road
is completed to Danville, the receipts will
amount to at leasi four hundred thousand dol
lars per annum? I think there is nothing more
certain than that ihev will; lor, in addition to
the fact that the road has not yet reached the
most fertile region it is to penetrate, there are
additional feedert made and being made con
tinualiy: and one of them the most important
probably the road will ever have—l mean in
the way « f travel. I allude to the connection
of this road with the South Carolina Railroad,
terminating at Charlotte, N. C., by four-horse
po*t conches.
I, is already ki.owii that Messrs. Fla«2 &,
Co. have a daily line of slaves from Keysville,
t!i« present terminus of (ho Richmond and Dan
ville Road, to trie town of Danville; and that
Messrs. Holderbv & Co. have ntri-week'v lino
from Danville to the town of Salisbury, in North
Carolina, warning only 40 miles more of sta
ein; to r»-ach the !o-vn <>f Charlotte, the termi
nus of the Sonth Corolina itoad; and I tin
hippy to be able to inform you that ibis litter
company are determined to supply this fortv
tnile- with tri weekly stages by the" Ist of .Jsn
ary ensuing: so you will perceive we shall
then have a continuous line of four-horse
coaches upon the entire line from the Rich
mond and Danv.iie to th • South Carolina Rail
road; thu.i cnii!.feting Richmond directly with
C'jlambin, S. C. We siiall then be able to
make the entire travel from Richmond to Co
lumbia, a distince of 390 miles miles, in about
two and a half days, and the traveller will
have the pleasure of beholding, upon tvvo
thirds of his journey, the most delightful coun
try human eyes ever witnessed. This iine, of
itseii, will add nioie than £000 passengers per
year to the 31,000 already reported for th? last
year as having passed over the road. And
litre, Mr. Lditor, let me say, that I desire vou
should make one of this tw'o thousand; and if,
o;i your return to Richmond, you do not ac- j
know ledge that you have passed over the most
beautiful country, rode on the finest rail
reads, rode in the best aud fastest stages, drank
the purest water, =ee« more children and pret
tier women than you ever saw before, why
then I'll acknowledge the corn, and sav I am
no judge.
Mr- Kditsr, why is not all the mail matter j
from Richmond to thid section of couutrv sent
via Danville aud Richmond Railroad? "I un
derstand you have aa accommodating and g-ert
tlemaidy Postmaster, and no doubt if he knew
' o* much sooner we get our letters and pv
r f » hy this route than we do by the wav of
Raleigh, he would *«»iid nil the mails for us
over which he has control via Danville. When
the Dispatch comes via Raleigh, it is rarely
received here under six davs. If it were sent
»;a Danville, on d mailed at 7 o'clock, A. M.,
« "days, we should get it here the next
day at 2 o'clock, 1\ M.
n.„„ i ~ J'' <,uarter: y 8 '8t«-aaect .! this v.ui
paay a, recr;v,^ t eudi:iif ]/ toctoV ,
Dunns the quarle< SiJi {• ii c : e3 w , re ; 4g , ..,
mwo,« ur. . a ~-^Y... i c . AT' V
Prtuoiu.aa oa reae*a a »v ß "' t.taeV.V." 4>'j*V V 7tf
Total prfm urns
"'IT! 1 U " Bam; im m'ut '32
s-£r ;«i
loaat-a {,„ d uaoctuail/. 60 -liva tfs r . f AJ
death of th* party, or it wm I. A 1 j° in ' !
Uiglhefto 4.yWrS U 'i»»nctd, d,.d. ,
For 'vifth. r Inform.,loa, c%! . w ., ,
Mcia atr- ft, «q t.t<- ah [>,» r*.
<**■ ' UVS u-ortT;t A ;.,
PANCV B«.*h».:i „ Cj ,: , s , ltf tl; .. -
I bfaut ful «i-a<> unvnt, lum'jie < r i-,
aeota For «al jiy
andri.vv r;zz:N,
** N'o 103, Br« ad • t
«i« H JViaLM 11. CLAiBORMi,
M V'nughan, and MissL Head, Farniville; W
B Shepard, Buckingham; S Saunders, Miss
•Saunders, Capt J Oliver and lady, Lunenburg;
W F Ford and lady, Petersburg; C B Grego
ry, anil (J R Edwards, N C; Dr S Morrison.
Wvtlie; E S Steven?, Baltimore; B L H olden,
Vn; I' Kennedy, Augusta; Mr and Mrs Price,
Maine, II C Hawthorne, Lunenburg; Rev C
Minnegerade, lady and - children, Prinre
George; W I) Wilson, 1) Callender, J Loyn,
ami J M Temple, Petersburg; J L Voting,
Buckingham; T 1) Sbelton, Albemare; G II
Phelps, Lynrhburg; J McGnssen, Phile; C II
Williams, Wytlievitle, II T Gooowin, und G
Shepard, N C; A J Watson, Lunenburg; S C
Payne, Powhatan.
CU V HOTEL —T Webster. Amelia; W
II Fl'-shmnn, Louis -. J T Anderson. Hanover)
W S Ware, W S Mallicote, G Mngruder J
C Gordon and servant, Vu; J I) Maguire, Bal
timore; BF Maul, IS J: J C Rowlings, Cum
berland; C I) Cobb, Tenn; S C Carpenter,
Goochland; G Brown, Md; G McCauley, I) C;
M C Belts, W B Browner, Vn; C F Maupin,
Greenbriei; W Burnip, Louisa. E F Winston,
Va; LC Bit: 'all, Hanover; I) McDaniel, N C;
T O Miller, J II Harrow, Md; A C Cook, N C
L W Th >mpson, V Evans, S C; B D Fowler
and l » !y, J C Harris and son, Campbell; D S
Barker, Miss; \\ Jones, Ala; D B Hancock,
ki< !'th, C L Larking, Vu.
i •>! . '' ■: T \N HoTKL —J M Vaag> an, Chestor
.. 1; .If' <j Deaw.re; II 2.at him, Lynchbure;
«• ' j. , S'il'owhata'; Judge J\V
•"» - ; .<i ■ s ■ 1 umx'jurc: (» t'hsppeJ!, Char
.o i, ii ,i „ ,i.rr, :pf Jl ireaux, Amelia:
"'t j '•* yz ie. *'i 'i K Miles, Cumberland;
J K y H'Cism to. A Chcutr-.'fi !•.!; rj-o
4 i cheitertield c .unty, Va;
J ... i it'fr n Ku:i , Gbj;; T K I' ,l ; ;t. PowUatan:
l> W F i.uck-: . '.o'vt xr'.o'd; W Kali, Mast; Ri'
Wa t'n, Luuij : a.i; K T Kuglaad, do; JII But
• ' " ■ R Holiand.dc; rf £ Wil.iam3,
Lyic-it,j.J-,La Murray, d<>: A J Richardaon,
I- VV Trent, Va; G V/Nicholas, de; Jno
D Uhtls, Arabetst; J t' Jennings, iioochiaud; S H
ihnlord, do; i' 1, Coleman, Amelia; C R vVoodson,
Buckingham, Johu Ilort-uly, do; W II Flesbmsr,
EXCHANGE HOTEL—U G ?mltb, Hanover;
r <j Brocks, Miss A E Brook, Miss M F Crutch r
a:id VV A Lipscomb, Charlotte; W A blunders, I'oi-
Udelptid; (; <; lpir,f.D, is If and a s"cs, sua Miss
Col' man, Dinwiddle; f 4 D Shannon, £>C; F CJ Toukc,
Ga; T B V. .mil g. Va; Dr TJ Philips, fauqiiier; C
Brackcnridge, J Gilmer and J II Carrington, Pitte»
ytvwila; A p Alien, Oak ttidge; R Charles, N Y; M
I'obineon, i'etersbur;.; A II Campbell, Weshi'j.'ton,
M A B-.'rtr let, P«; i. i' llamiitc n, N V'; Col KP Uun
t r, T E Hamblcton, Jr, Baltimore; C
r Moslev, Buckingham; A Ford, Cartersvilie; John
<•« bbs, South: mpt m: MUa S C Cobbs, M:.-s Eld;,
M; a A Nicholson, Miss >5 .Nicholson ar.d A Butts,
F C Institute; E J Ash, N C; Dr Cay, and Mr Gait
*'.d 1 !.y, Fluvanna; ii Brown, Buckingham; K J
" nc, Ka.a Wm;C Bash and O Ronirger, Btlt'r; 'J'
Conkuu, Va; Dr Q 3 Widord, EreCericKtbur.!; W
Hogg,Ji, and iady 2children and nurse, Pbdadel-
VV j Fall?, Baltimore:
yon t ait riv i: o> u .
f'• \ss---r City i P.ichniond, , New York,
iruieP to A a L e,
>j.jruc a::, Mr.jhii' .la't.rit■ re, cumber to Jas.
S■:"ir M !c'.-:i:it, ■ .ac j, N .v \\,rs, m Jsc to D
Scfar ii p;. Kirwin, Baltimore rnjse to VV D
Cu q'l.tt
>chr J Pr:nce, J; , I- a", !>» Grfioa.coal.
Schr Wm VV. Wy-r. gt Id ml. Boston, Plaster.
New V obk, Due. 1 i—Arrd sctif I!"ji cc3 f W
!ora, trom 1' ters'aur^.
POK ltKM I , —That largo hottse iu the
tfcwu ot M«nchee>ei', c .:nni;ij.y known as tiie
■ i ■'arm'! r»" fiote-, v- ■.1 be rented lor th« year
! jS?. cr for a teini of years. It is euitable for a
Hotel, for a boarding school, or lor a } rivate tarni'y.
All necessary repairs v. I.i be put upon it. For fur
the.- parti' ula-3 apply to Itobert D Ward, Attorney
at Law, No <53, Main street, nearly opposite City
Hotel, or to Mr a Brooks, at the Columbian Hotel
de U—tt
We:climts Stid at our the iarg-Jt,
best and cheapest stock of Biil Paper and Biiak
Books to be found in Kichiaond.
de 13 5 and 6 Exchange
iJAi'lilt. —Five casesSuj.."ihne l i tter and Cap
A I'aper, just from the mi'la, and for sale low :n
auaatilijs from uu ) quire to hundred reams.
de 13 and d Kxchange.
i 'OFVEa AM) *L >LG.TkT^
V./ 50 barrels landing from the steamer.
lie 13 FIiV & .MoC'ANDLIaU.
C(i UAt>? SjAUI Ai'liA t'tiKKhi , just
v» - J received by
GIi£AT 111 -51 TO I.KVY'x. --TOU E
f rowiieil from IHarnltig Tili Night.—
The pub.ic are n< ai :u:;y ccnvtuced that cFVV
has not been carry;n4 i n ihe lumo'i; jaaio, but
has perfor»r. d all that he has promised. He has a
many Goo js stiK v/.;ic'.i wbe solo at
and below Co-", as h-' .j very anxious to e .s ? out
as soon ,'.5 po3iib!-?. Particular •»« is caiiei
to the Embroideries, th«? orices c-f which w. I a-:-
tonish »:l. ArJiiAHAil LEVY, Jr.,
d-jI.T 2ul Hroad Street
JAM'A ttV IjiODfiV, J- V. iUn.
dclnh baa received Dee. "4,
Woman's Hecord; oi sketches of all fiist^ngui-lied
worsen irom the beatrying to I3Ci), by Mrs •». J.
Haie, 22rj portraits —35
The Ocean Bore; a tale at tt*-J Seas. '.y j®. A. God*
!ni:; —iic
Wa'de-Warrei:; a t^' 1 of Circ'-iaioUatial L~; ;■
donee, by K H 'nnoit—2.sc
Zmgra the Gip»ey, by A. W. Maii^rd—.>oc
A specimen number ot G dey'3 Ladys for
Janiary, 13M. N /iv'j tlw time to subscribe
c'y Hovel; ; r, Varieties in Eag'iah Life, by Sir
K buiwer f.ytton. Fart!— 37; ue 14
nava tor sale a
young bay a'jrse, (5 jears old n ;at spring) ve
ry large and su'l growing, ia a good eaddie horse,
ani works welt anywaera in single i r double bar.
net-a; perfectly gemte and has n > tric»s. Any {.-»r
son wanting a tamiiy bona tiiat a boy can
has now a rare opportunity. He ivuuid suit a d >o
*>r adaiirabiy, as be is aeeustosed to standing any
v here without tieiag. For one possessing somuny
Osssrabie qaslities he will be so.d very i w
WM WALSH, No. 43. Atalu street.
Also for a KaraUore wagon very cae»p.
d» 14
HAKOWAitt.— A s. at <r. iJONM \N, No.
19 Pearl Street, o:?'er f• r n direct
tmj» aud American naoulactu *—
■JOCO doz. a Kaiv-M aui forks, trsrj va-
djzen Pea a d P xrset Knfves "very 7.iety
100 do itaz >rs «i Kodgers, Wade &-Butch
er, and VVi stecaelrr.'s manufacture
200 d }zen Sciaa-irj and itteara, vari-ju ijaaii-
U "4
3500 fd.f sad &z* twiated Unkiraco
500 djz Pad, Choa:, Closet, aui Till Locks, aa
iOJ doz.'ti stock • ka. aaaorttri -;z.?s*
50 do HLn, Knob and il-jrtice Locks, witii
Krasa. Wc:'." and Miners! Kaiba
2t>o dozer: Howian-j'a, Ames' o'.Vrr jaaiet,
Spsdea and Shovo.4
50 dlj a Hay eai Manura F'orii
300 do Curry Com 04, ot a ' qualilipa
adO i. Asca o! Virginia's Coilias'. dita
uXj'.i *. anl ol'afr'i :::anuf,_;ure
200 J i n iismaier* aau HaicUe'.i
200 C ia. Hilda, vaiioua siz*a
2 ') Fen kra, Braaa, Wire, at J Fiorcvd a
15,ij00 -.'Ji Naylora and Maisha.;'* O'aci pic,,
tqu«je, round, and octagon shap.j#
1000 & zcn Fi". j, embracing e7t ;y vur'ety aad
of Hani, I'itand Mill
s< J Flat Bast.j: d
150 Double at i iin ti .' Barrel pttrcuasioaOiaj
p->. t fine q - i'«iuy
5 )0 tut u»aad <i )> Caps
r with other art:tl.a k»ptU; u.; HarJ-Ai-e
it.j o:i.ora r.iitiaa Kiobicand, w . ;11
. io t'.c.r tutereatto j'.ti .i a cu..—wh:ch wo
r <•» cttui v Siiiieit
"Jfc.l MJ't's,—»ujj t ly of ts.' .. u. fecan
* 1, u(» j ,«t receivui ay
Ncsi Door tc iiA.uu: q's Bunk
■ GOODS.—We respectfully invite (ientln
■ men in want ol handsome and durable Dress
Hoots, Gaiters, itc, to call and examine our
large and varied assortment ot articles in that line
We have been at great pains to select the most
tasteful an>l choicest goods, and have had made ex
pregsly to our order various styles and pattern * of
gentlemen's Dress Boots, Shoes and Gaiters, that
we are confident wiil be approved by those who
wish something at one? aud beau'iful
Please give us a call, at our large and convenient
8t re, where may be found the 'TJ -t complete as
st. rtment<>t Knot". Hhoes, Trunk* nnd I'nr
pet Hajji.tobe found at any one place in Vir
ginia WHITE & PACK,
7:1 Main «t. doors below Donley's !l»t Store.
"gTI KKAT It Kl>«JITi (> NI N &
BOUTS.—In buying your H«U and Koota, no JSg
right to Head Quai te;n, J. H. ANTHONY,
Columbian Hot . corner, where MclesLia Hats of
beatqaa'ity are st lling i»t ...S3 :0
Second quality 3 uO
Silk Hats of the latest fashion "■>o
Fine Calfskin sewed Boots.. 3 00
Together with an assortment of Cloth, Flush, and
Oil Silk Caps; Soft Fur and Wool Huts, Siik, Oing
hain and Cotton Umbrellas, at low prices. sell!)
„<X_ KIKK. 1,1 FK AM) UAIilXi
INSURANCE —The Richmond Fir?
Association aro now prepared to Issue
—policies of Insurance on the above df.
serlption of risks on as reasonable terms aa ac}
similar companj', and respectfully ask a share
the patronage of the public. Applications will b<
received at the office, No 2ij3, comer of Main anc
9t'n streets, where the officers will cheerfully fa?
nUh all informatics that may be repaired. 4lf
losses liberally adjusted.
JAMES BOSHER, President.
John H. Bosheb, Secretary. mfcl7
\V K fiK St V ;,XNH FPU
, .y('i< v of Hlrhmond and Onta-
Bg3gS«SS.IILSiJ 1 jo, will commence their regyl .r
trips THIS WKI.K.
The City of Richmond will leave NewY'"rk
on SATURDAY', the 1 lth inst, and the Ontario
will succeed her on the following SATURDAY.
They wiil alternately leave New Y'ork every Sat
urday at 3 o'clock, ami Richmond every FRIDAY
MORNING, at 0 o'clct k.
For freight or passage, having superior accom
modations, applyou boaid, or to
de 7 * ALFRED S LEF.
"V ((TICK.-ll avmg gold tne Ketail Branch ol
I * mv business to Messrs Collins & Buckley, of
Savannah, Georgia, who wiii come in possession
on the First of February next,l wiiJ, f rom this time,
se my < ntin; st ck of Goods :it j(i-eatly reduc
ed jirices. Persons wishing to purchase Fine
Fancy Geods, or the necessary ii> use Fumithine
At tides, will Snd a complete ass rtment at such
pri.-os as will prov-» hishly advantageous.
The-lock of Fl3ted and Block Tin Ware, Cut
lerv, Tea Tr tya, Fire irons, &e, is large
and complete.
1 wi'S continue the Wholesale Business, at
No It; pearl str—t. n, arly opposite Messrs Kent,
Payne 4.- Kent, and will open for the Spring Trade
a iarte snd desirable ?toek ol Goods, -"uitable for
tk • ;;tv and country, at who'esale onlv
de 2 137 Msin st-cet
;V O i'lf!)., —JAMES A. S' : E'.,L, Executor, will
l v offer, ut the r,l.i stand «1 Hugh Rileish, dec'd ,
entire "cock ol Dry G joda, ci and beiow cost
Many desirable G toilj may b' had at reduced
pries, consisting i:i part of the following-, viz:
lit avy Suitir.etts, Kereeya and Blank ;a, for Ser-
Superior fine ioths, Casaimers, Vestings, &c., for
Gentiem. n,
Heavy and tine Cotton Sheetings an! Shirtings
A r >, a largs stock of plain and figured, black and
fancy colored Dress Silks t r Ladies; and many
other desirable Goods, usually found in the Dry
Goods line, suitable for the season, which will be
sold wi;hout rese;ve until Ist January, 135.2.
Ai! persons wishing to secure gocd bargains will
do well to call soon. " no 19—tf
w LY REDUCED PRICES—From and after this
di,te, we are offering our large aid cheap stock of
Fancy and Domestic Dry Goods, at greatly reduced
prices, in order to reduce the s'-.mcsufficiently, pri
or to taking Inventory, by let of January next. Ail
in search for really cheap and handsome goods,
u.ust not fail to call on us. We have the largest
assortment in Drtss Goods of all kinds; beautiful
Mous'tines at one shilling. Also, another lot of
those superior Linen Towe's, at §1 per dozen.
Needle work of all descriptions, very cheap.—
White.red. and yellow Flannels, very iow ; in fact,
everything needful and desirable in the Dry Goods
lice, can be had at our store a little cheaper than
anywhere else.
Ribbons, Florences, Marcalise. Satins, Bonnett
ami Mantilla Velvets, we wjl! sell at cost to all who
will call. J. MILLHIiER t BROTHER,
no 2 J 193 Broad street.
AND GUMS—The Roseate Elixir, an elegant
and lragrant astringent wash ; the Pearl Dentifrice
and Odentine, two of the most efficient and popular
tooth powders before the public ; Charcoal Tooth
Paste, Chlorine Tooth Wash, A c. &c., for snle by
PURCELL, LAD.) &. CO . Druggists,
de 8 92 Main street
/'IOAL, COAL.—Landing at Rocketts from
J schooner W L Dayton, 165 tons of Lest lied
Ash Anthracite Coal, 85 75 per Irr-d. delivered in
any part of the city, if taken trocr the vessel.
no IS Dee Wharf.
ISOOTS, BOOTS, BOOTS.—Just received
by Express a large and beautiful lot of Gen
tlemeu's Dress and Heavy Fine. Calf Boots, which
I warrant not to rip, and will be sold very cheap
for the quality, 'it Sign of the Boot, by
de ■" No 43. Main street
1 CO. may be consulted, con.identially, for the
trefttment of the following diseases: Eruptions
Soro Legs, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, or en
largement3,Syphiiis, ar.d all morbid discharges,
whether recent or chronic. Also, all those com
plaints termed female diseases. The advertisers
Invite attention to tuoir chemical extract of Wild
Flowers, which may be regarded as the very best
article known, to give tone and visor to certain
abused iud debilitated organs, as welfas to renovaf
a system shattered by dissipation or other cause.
Medicines securely put ap, with fall directions
and sent to order. Post paid letters promptly at
tended to. Office on Frank ia streot, below'Ki
cbange Hotel, *~,} eras door below Trinity church
Richmond, Virginia fe 9
Having fu'ly determined to difcontinuc the Dry
Goods business, will from this day commence see
ing off my entire stack of Dry Goods, at and under
cost for cash. The public generally are invited to
call soon, as every article will be so'd without re
serve, and all Goods remaining hand will be
sol+out at auction.
I have a l f yj>g Jl asaortnient of new Drees Goods.
Shawls. Hovery, Gloves, Flannels, &«, &c. aii ui
which will be sold at ve y tlrent Pnrgiiiin, at
de 6 225 Broad ssre't, Shockoe Hill.
Notice.—Those indented to mo will please
make immediate payment, as a!' accounts of long
standicj mu»t, by the Ist of January, he put into
other hands for collection
de 6 W. J .S
_ NOTICE. —The public are hert-
GBSSmSSmfrv informed that th" steambopt
AUGI-'SI'A will betaken off the r-u'.e r'.a Port Wal
thall, between R'chtnocd and Norfolk, on Monday,
Ist November, for the pnrpose of undergoing re
pairs and being fitted for the win'er. Die notice
will be given when ready to resume her place on the
line again THOS. DOiJAMEAD, Supt.
OSice R. &. P. R. R. Co., Oct. --7th, :_-52.
oc 27
SHAVING SOAP.—K us sari Siiavirg foap,
the fineit and u)'-st agreeable preparation for
the lace ever offered in this market
If you want a p!eatai;t shave n;:d hive your
f el smoothe afterwards, try tii • Russian Shaving
Soap. For sale by
d ; li OA STKECKHit.
W.\ >TKH.-I «i>h toempi"y -i Will ! i; (iIKL
to wrap For furii vr
ap/.y to ANDREW riZZINI,
' No ;03 P.inaij street
PKN3.- Savaral n#w pitterr.s just re
ceivej, s moot übieh are the verv best Peu3
maav.i .»tur<.*d. WEST &. BROTHER,
de l.i 5 Mid 6 I schance.
J I>'«!.E1) Ol L,ia b3rreli,at the lowest mar
-1-J hei pr;3e, for sale by
de 1-1 ' BENNETT" i BEERS, Dru'tvts.
SJIALL No. :: :>IAI KtitEL.-iu. bb >in
store, f;r a«le ',j *
«».ue luw by
dj 14 BENNETT &. UHEiiS, a.
DKAWI MU.—J. S. PERKINS having return
ed to Richmond for Ihe winter, will give in
■truction in the variuu* branches of Drawing, s«
Landscapes, Heads, Figures and Flowers. IJis sub
jects or models Bre by the best masters, and have
been selected with a to aitract and interest the
beginner, while tbey cultivate a rorrect taste, ard
gradually tend the pupil to a b dd ai.d independent
style of execution that will readi'y < nabia him to
draw from nature.
All lovers o5 this art are invited to ci.il at hio
rooms (corner of sih and r'raakl'.u str< rfo) and ex
amine bis portfolios.
Lessons given at the pupiis' redid::nce«, If desired.
Separate hours devoted to young «! Ttfonv-n and
young Ladles at his studio, where they will be re
ceivf d on the same t ran as in achou.s.
A LL SHAljij litfi S. —U. P- TAYLOR, rith
it fclreet, b3t»een Grac? aud Frar.k'in—My
Schcoi being exclusively tor beginncis. i give epe
ci.il attention ta Reading. Correct Enunciation
Grammar and sr'pvllin?; a..:-i to Gogr-iphy, Msp
Drawdng, Arithmetic u.. i History. Specimens of
mv buys' c imposition tnd writing, may be always
seen at the Dir.ateh office. My iiulc is pcremp
tory, but senile as possible. cc
jIKUAII TAl£—Cossnmption I'nreri.—
V The most sua,: remedy now in use for the
cure of Ir.ci'i—tC u3uinptioa, Bronchitis, Asthma,
C iighs, Sore Throat, diseases of the Liver and
Kidneys, Sing's Evil, Tett> t, Dyspepsia, &c., pre
pan d by Mrs B. B. Hor:ia, 343 Baitimoie street,
Mas B. B. Nobbis—Dear Madam : For several
yeirs 1 have been arreted with frequent hemor
»h i'-"s of the lane?, attended with a painful cough
I tri :-l various remedies, and had the best medi 1
advici, but witiiout relief u - itil 1 tried your Cedar
Tur, which has entirely cuied rr.e.
Yuura rcapectiully, GEORGE PARKS,
lg7 Saratoga street, Baltimore, Md.
October 3d, 1852.
(,'a!l and get Pamphlets containing certificates.
Beware of counterfeits. The genuine art!
cie is for sale by
P lIORTON KEACH, 91 Main street,
Sole Agent for Richmond, and
no 0 General Agent for Eastern Virginia.
\T oUTI KEltf ! K L'lvj ATI C CO.;l.
great discovery is bringing health and happiness tc
thousands. Rheumatism can be cured. More than one
thousand cases ot" chronic rheumatism (of the worst
form of this dreadful disease) have been cured perma
nently, during the past year by the use of a few bottles
ot' this compound. Letters aad certificates are daily
being received trom parties of high standing, many of
whom have been cripples for years, from the eifects of
this hitherto incurable disease, but who now affirm
that they are sound and weil, made so by this great re
medy, which is a vegetable spirit—au internal reinedv
—prepared for this one disease alone, and this it wifi
cure in every case, either inflammatory, (acute,) or
chronic form. Testimony of the most undoubted cha
racter will becheerfuliy submitted to the inspection of
all who may feel suiiiciently iuterested to call on the
proprietors, at their Central Office, No. 1, Barclay st.
AstorHouse, New York. One bottle $0, three bottle«
Sole Agentsfor Richmond.
no 1 Proprietors, N. Y'.
(. hroulc liheuinntism ol" r i'iii Years'
£ landing.
New Opleans, March 31.
I' Price, merchant, writes : ' No language can de
scribe the sufferings I have endured for the last teu
years. Mine was Clironic Rheumatism in its worst
forms. For the last three years 1 have scarcely been
able to turn myself in bed during the night. My whole
system was afiected. I have had the best medical at
tendance which could be procured in the East and
South. And besides, I have used a!i other remedies o f
which I could hear, and have taken medicine enough
to ruin tiieconstitution of any man. At length I tried
Mortimore's Rheumatic Compound, and it has per
formed a radical cure. P. PRICE."
de t—dif
•*.""-^2l MiliMSliV.—.*«eliin;j at lieduo-
Pi ices.— Mrs SWOKuS would n
■KjSP'epcctfuliy ask the attention r,j the Ladies to
her handsome assortment of Bonnets, mad
in a superior manner, which she is now selling at
reduced prices, at No22i> Broad street.
N B—Head Dresses. Caps, &c, on hand and made
to order ; rich R Übt.ns, Piunies, and other fancy
articles, fur sale cheap at MRS SWORD'S,
de 10 2'5 Briad street
BItOAD STKiiKT CIKAU is'i'OiiE, , v ,o.
104.—IIAWLKY e, HAYES take pleasure ia
informing their friends and the public generally,tnat
they are now prepared to furnish them vvi.h a
choice article ot imported and domestic Ci_a r s ;
also, a fine article of Chewing Tobteco. Snuff <£.c,
wholesale and retail
Remember, sign ol the Negro an J Indian, aom
Bioad Street Hotel.
N 11 All orders left at this store, or the i' :st Of
fice, tor 1-ightuing Rods, will with prompt
de 10—ts L J. HAVVLEY
V TIIROP would call the attention of purchasers
to their stock of—
Rjch velvet and Brusaells tapestry Carpets
Rich 3 ply, 3 thread and ingrain do
Super Dutch * do
These Goods are from the most celebrated Eng
lish msnutuctori- a ef direct Importation, and can
not be.'urpaseed either in quality or price.
Also, loiv priced, all wool, neinp and cotton chair
Carpets; very rich Ruga, printed Drugget, tcc &r .
at 99 Main street.
£H. TAYLOR has in tiore, the i'ollowing
3 Musi a! instruction books :
Methods tor Piano, by Herz, Hunten (full
anj Czemy, Beyer.
Meinekie; Cliltorr.
Do do Guitar by Carcass!; Curtis*; Ballard.
Instructors in Singing, by Cook; Sconcia; ditto";
Harp, Flute, Violin and Aecnrdoon Instruct. rs.
The largest assortment • f Music and Musical in
struments it! ths Stat • fjr £ ile at New York priee
IPj?'Persons desiring the services ol a Protege r
of Music, can obtain all requrtito ii.fjnnation as to
the IjLii qualified-. terms Vc., at
1". H. TAYLOR'S Piano and Music store,
no • J 160 Main st, opposite the Banks
<■ J have just had printed and bound up in books
of various sizes, handsi:;e Chucks on the several
Banks of the city.
Also, fot sale—Negotiable Notes, Promissory do,
Foreign Bills ol Exchange, Draft-, Bills of Lading,
Canal Bills of Ladins, Sc no 3D
'pilE PI.ANTATION" BOOK is pronouuc
X ed by all who have used it to be imiipensable
to ail judicious farm-rs. it w published and for
sale by J.W.RANDOLPH,
de 3 And ail other booksellers.
' Cl.O'iHlNii ! I—(ientleint n in want of a Christ,
rr.as suit, really nice and cheap, shcu'd call at the
"Jloney Snving Institution," No 102 Main
street, and procureoneof Keen, Chiles &. Baldwin's
superior make, recently received, i f the ir west
style out, and not to be surpassed by any of the first
class Tailors in the tuy, at one thiid less price than
charged by them for ..he sauie article. For oar?eics
C' l ine ' j
SO .HUT IIIN ii NiiU'.-CH 1 ! mi see the Mar
b!e<ved Mautif s ;ind Table Tops—moat beauti
fal and desirable for builders :.nd Cabinet makers
Just received itj th« stearaer Roanoke, and for sale
de B—ts FkY & McCANDLISH, Agent*.
IAWIEj*' SK WiNi* B1 ttOS.-SliVfj- pistid
-J Sewins Birds, Screw Cushions ot Shell w. rk
some very handsome, for sal ,- by
WHITE A.*»li ANTtnt.it i i'h »
Landing from «chr Ge ,:„-3, a cargo of eup«-
riur Whits Auli Anthrariie Con I. i'crjou»
laying in their winter supply.! th> -bi .e Coi.l,
would do well to send dowu tl. -ir or.f- a. 75
per loa-1, delivered anv whore in the citr
' Doric Wharf.
\T OTIC'E.—AII persons mdebtrd to the ettate i t
Hugh Rileigh, are requested to make immedi
ate payment to ice. JAS. A SNEI.L,
Executor Jt Huh Kileigh, dnceated
no 28—dCwctlstK
% 1 PRIVATE SALE— A han.home atsorun<~-> i
•-«- ct laiiaa' Papier Macl.e and rose w od Wi.-ii
B see; Papier Macha Port Folios, &c whicri
will be sold very low to close,
\j KHi'EK POTATO lis.—A t w hindrd
i'«- buabels lelt of the cargo pr Hunts.' .rt, Ijr
sale from the wharf, by
/ iROLNU t'OKI'EK, tVc.-fp .
ground CotlcO a":d a full iioits il i f 'rour:d
Spices, for sale by P. WOOLFOLK. j»,
de 11 If*-) Broa I stre«t
1) Of HI.AND i.i.tlE.—Uitw tola justroc..iv
•i j»er»chr Mary VV:®?, Capt aiid
for ti'oia wharf, by
An infallible cure for Scrofula, or King's Evil, Rhea
m>fi«in, Obitinafce Cuf'ineous Eruptions. Pimples or
Pu«tnle§wi the Face. Blotches, Bilet. Chronic Sore
Eyes, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald Head KnlJirff*
ment and Pain of th* 1 * Botiea nnd Joints. Stubborn
Ulcers. Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Com
plaint*, and all Diseases arising from nu tnjurii ions
use of Mercury, Imprudence in Life, or Impurity of
the Blood.
This valnablo Medicine, which bas become celebra
.ed in this city and vicinity, for the number ot extra
ordinary carol effected through its *%< nry. Iwioloced
the proprietor b4 the ■ reoMt of bis fri< nds, to
offer it to the pnbl .wl i< be does with the n oil
confidence in it* virtu s and wonderful curative pro
perties. The following certificates, selected from a
large number, r.;; however stronger testimony th in the
mere word of the proprietor. As the limits of an :«d
--vertisement woui i be too small to state trie certificates
in full, they are condensed as much as possible, but
arc detailed on the inside wrapper of each bottle, and
are all from z'mtlemen well known in their localities,
and of the retpeetnbiiity, many of them sow
residing in the city ot Richmond.
K Boyden, Esq., of the Exchange Hotel. Richmond,
kr iwu everywhere, says he has seen tne medi ine
calh d Carter's Spanish Mixture administered in over
a hundred cases, in nearly all the diseases for which it
is recommended, with the most astonishing good re
sults. He says it is the most extraordinary medicine
he has ever seen.
C 1, L'jclt, Esq., nowi.i the city of Richmond, and
for many years in the Post Office, l„is such confidence
in the as! rrishingetlicacy of Carter's Spanish Mixture,
that he has bo-.iiht upwards ofdft bottles, which l.e has
given away to the a.Hicted. Mr Luck savs he has
never known it to fail, when taken according to direc
Dr. John Mime, a practisir 2 Physician, and former
ly of the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says he
nw witnessed in a number of instances the effects of
Carter'* Spanish Mixture, which were moat truly sur
prising. He says in a case of Consumption, depen
dant 011 the Liver, the good effect* were wonderful in
Liver compMut.--Samuel M Drinker, of the firm
of Drinker 6: Morris, Richmond, was cured of Liver
Complaint of •> years standing, by the use of two bot
tle of Carter's Spanish Mixture.
Scrofula and ( ousumption.—Mr Richard E. West of
Richmond, w of Scrofuia, and what physicians
termed Confirmed Consumption, by 3 bottler of Car
ter's Spanish Mixture.
Edwin Burton, Commissioner of the Revenue, Pays
he has seen tho good effects of (' irter s Spanish Mix
ture, in a number ot" Syphilitic cases, and says it is a
perfect cure for thnt horrible dis*»aß<\
Wm. G. Harwood, of Richmond, Va.. cured of Old
Sores and fleers, which disabled him from waking.
Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and
w«s enabled to waik without a Crutch, and in a short
time, permanently cured.
Dropsy Cured.—The wife of Mr. Geo. W. Baker,
was cured of Dropsy, (for which she w is twice saliva
ted.) by Carter's Spanish Mixture. Mr. Baker is a re
sident of Chesterfield county. \ •«
Mr. Wm. A. Matthews, of Richmond, Va., had a ser
vant cured of Syphilis, in the worst form, by Carter's
Spanish Mixture. He says he cheerfully recommends
it, and considers it an invaluable medicine.
Mr. Carter, the Proprietor of the Medicine, having
placed the entire control of it in our hands, to prevent
imitation, each bottle will bear the nam-: 01 BEN
NETT Ac B EKIIS, Druggists, to whom all orders should
be addressed. Richmond, Va
We are prepared to sell i r at wl. Resale on very fa
vorable terms, or consign it to responsible houses n
the L"i ited States, on commission.
Sold by BENNETT & BEERS, Richmond, Va., and
Druggists generally in this city and elsev/here. Price
$1 per bottle, or six bottles for $5. deß—dl ■ Im
DIC, for the euro ot Asiatic Ch ler », Chores
of ali kinds, spasms, cholera morbus, dysentery, diar
rhoea, lock jaw. violent pa n, whether rheumatic or
neuralgic, cramp in the stomvh, toothache, nervous
headache, delirium tremens, spider bites, dyspepsia,
fulness from imprudent eating, threaten- d abortion,
tits, sinking or congestive chills, ague and fever, burns,
cuts, Alc.
Accompanying each bottle is a pamphlet vontaining
full directions for its use. in tin.* various diseases for
which it is recommended, as well as presenting many
strong testimonials.
This medicine is not only efficient, but safe. If is
adapted to many of the most violent diseases, giving
the most prompt relief, and is especially suited to large
families as well as to travelers. The proprietor, there
fore. would respectfully ask the attention of the public
to ir s claims ; which are founded on more than twenty
years'experience in its use, an I not on conjecture.
it has already become a very popular remedy in n: i
ny parts of the country, and is destined to be so wher
ever it is introduced.
We would respectfully call the attention of the pub
lic to the following, amongst many names of highly re
spectable and well-known gentlemen in dirferent parts
of the country, who have used it. and spoken of it in
high terms:
Muscoe Garnett, esq. Essex: .fasM Jeffries, esq, King
and Queen, Va; Alexander Dudley, esq. King anil
Queen. Va; R W Schooler, esq. Can-line, Va; Wi!.-> :i
C Pemberton, King William. \ a; A B Walthall, Char
lottesville, Va; Thos i> Quarles, Richmond, Va; John
\V Woods, Baltimore: V\ m F Pendh ton, \\ ashington;
Newton Short, King William: Winston, Chester
field, Va; Janes W Gosh. Gordonsville, Va: It L Cole
man, Richmond. Va; N B Hill, Richmond, Va; Thos
Starke. King William, Va.
Amongst the many physicians who have used if, we
beg leave to refer, for the present, to the following:
Ih JohnS Lewis, King William; Dr U'mT Down
er, King William: l)r Wm It Purkins, Northumber-
Ln i: l)i Richard 'F Hundley, Hanover.
We also ask you to read the following certificates,
and refer you to many more in the pamphlets ar.d our
Vinous advertisements
I" t't'o'e'-H, Agne "ii'l Fever, «Xre.
Dr I)u Val—Oear Sir: 1 was promptly relieved, a
few jearsa.go. ofaviolent attack of sometnirig iiketh 0
cholera, by takieg a !ar2'- dose of your Anti-Spasrnod
ic. Since that time I have frequently witnessed its
good effects in otiier cases. About six weeks ago 1 was
suffering exceedingly from an attack of Third-day
Ague and Fever. It had been increasing in severity
for nearly a month. 1 determined to try your Anti-
Spasmodic. and iireordinglv took a large dose of it just
before the time for the cndl. It produced over the
whole s;. stem a peculiar sensation of warmth, which
was k.-pt up by repeating the dose once or twice at
intervals ot two hours. Though necessarily exposed
since. I have felt no return ot chili. 1 feel confident
in recommending your medicine.
Very sincerely yours.
King \\ iliiaie, July, 13.5.2.
In < rntrtv, l>j»entery, i\nd
I>r Do \ a!— Dear Sir: I have administered vour Fa
mily Anti-Spasmodic in several vioh-nt attacks of
cnunpand dysentery. 1 have applied it externally to
tiie bite ot a sp. ir. when re wis an enoraious •!-
largement ef tiie I" ib. and intense p:.:a—in all with
perfect S'lfc! --. I have sold a great deal of it ,n this
neighborhood, and as far us I know, it has given univer
sal satisfaction. AH who have tested it seem to think
it lias no equal as a family medicine. I deem it due to
say that in most ot tiie instances alluded to above, va
rious remedies were used without effect.
Respectfully, yours.
(Signed) S W Y MUSE
Manufactured by P P DC VAL. M D. KingWißiam
C H, Va, to whom ail orders should be addressed. Price
62 1-2 cents and «<1 per bottle.
For sale in Richmond. \a. by Purcell, I,add & Co,
wholeaale ager.ts, and Ir, Thomas i McCarthy, J Blair.
A Bodeker, and Win P I.add ;in Baltimore by Canby
•V. Hatch : in Portsmoi. th by C*ari:ck <x G-wathmey, and
by Druffgiatsgenerally. ' au ti—3ta"wta
I MtfU'KKM VVANTh !>,—i wish to hire tor
\j the fnauing year. 25 i.r GO aood Coopers, to
work iti thia city, for wcom 1 w.il pay ®iSO, and
for extra or tig lit wiirkmin s higher prico will oe
paid, quatterly if Ussired. Persons havi"g such to
hire, will pi"-ate r.adreea t:.e here, or apply at my
shop, on th« Virginia Centra! Railroad, near the
Depot or to Messrs Bradley it Brelfcer, No 21 Main
sd) cents per barrel wi.' b" t .«W I -.rat! Sxtra w.,rk
(I UK AT ItEDL't'TION JN HttltßS,-
VA H. ROSBNtKLD, No 173 Broad a'reet, most
f«*P 'ctfully cai'j the ; titi :t of tho :,.d:es and
t«!<; ;).sbUs t ; Air. Ur-rert' ck of Dry Go d*
which ho »a d 'lvrn m< dto tv'l otf from this date
»t very reduced pric-s, s'ach a? f.acn Good.,
Sleeve*, Cht H.isrttL's, mid a great variety of Km-
S.rcii! Mousi'm, Preach and Knglisb
Meriouj, O»!icoa, Shawla. Bankets 4c. A Siip as.
s r'r.i- i.t oi 110- orv snri 91oro-?, ail of which will
u- sold .t 2'jch pr:cej th't caanot tail to give iatia-
ZAd: n.
Nil—A:i atrial! not.i tu s at market vet; a, iu
exchange for Goods.
_de e-lm* » KO?f NEt I.D.
I hTf£K «V I.KFT VVXMI, General Coirtmta
** fciuii Merchants, cffice two d r. f**. :w the
Columbian Ut I. Gary s:,-.. will attend to the
saie»o! every deaciiption of r< uatry prsduce, the
hiring out i i negro, a, and a.l other bu»in »# en
•mated to the r care i are t;i&o orepared to
d a large am ant of *t<\ »/a co ife !>. ck, upen
.;ie rr,o.«: aeconrvo.i : ej i< .-cm '] he? pledge UiMr
not rigid f.tt< tiiiou t.> *11 c lsignmcnts mide to
.; ;n, ami s'.l vUier :>;n'»s ritru«!' a t > their care.
Sf.'.MUKI. H. JiiTEtt
<?e 8 —lOt tit# .VAiiD M I.K?TVVHU.
jJ Ut Sfc rir 6»jb*ct iter U
J * now D-r.ar^dto'v#*ct Bl'iLDlNG>oi Kvrry
St>!r, on t- rmv
tffcuj.- r-n 3th, t-uw <r. .mi Fra;Xlin *Ueet*>
iiicbmoz d,
J— til J ALKKKT 1. \Vf:-T
i* »* U.i ** M a"« AIN !> VkW ' I KAK'S
w ''ll*'' t-OOJkS.—Ju*t seciivrd.a U'iut iul t«-
si.rtmmtot s.r>r ANo. Work,
i>r th» youth .:i A t-hildp-n: Btblt.ntt.} liytr.n H> ; a
o! f'.M.-i liiii !ine; PoeUc»l Work.; Album'* A,; ,
A e A'l. t which it> -.Set a goo 2 H:«»>rt»eut ol B ■ >ia,
#ji able fwr Cluittma* ar 1 Now Y»«t'« pr>,m.t
i tu!u at the L>j|*iUt a Depository, by
(tOO I* Itl, of the 6 qsmiity, fo i* Ba'e by
) de 13 DAVE.NPOHT, ALLi.it CO-
( fc N »nd after Wrdneadny, :h- !s;h U ,
-f, ber.a Oar*rr*n.red for them,
wnl ruts with ;n«f Mail tra. j daily, -"unda, !! H 4 '
ed ) for the m ,re speedy \
Batter, fresh Meats, tad other perisbabb <-
and pack*;-* of merchandise, 4c. '
A special A pent will aecoiruatjr th -af
ro f-.a receipt and t iivery f.farticl-s at th.'-'--'
depot= Ail urncm s ant be p-jt up **r- "
tneir w-egnt and destination mm* • *
tie in pu-.-4 be. ore toe ttrri*#! cf ti.e tVi ••
pots in tl: 1 cf.urti y. • •
Article* to be trmportii from the Rkha
<!'•} ot, m lit be «er.t th we bet*see j\m -' -
M »cc m,#!!.. I by tw, tickets s.stirijf
pee they are lobe • n* ( bywh m t&4 to
the articles received correspond with the
o c wii. be s»gr - d t,y the A# at -h"
her. «red to th- pers..n bringing the s
th» orh-T rttt.ire J by the Agent.
An Agent will be hi attanaaaea lb* bm.
dep t tr. tr. JA M t :li 7l' M, for tb-- : r
ticl •» brought by th.; Ez::re*a {,'ara
The Ueignt on ,nl art c es rnvu • r ■
vacce, tad no article will be taken for
oat - "
Trunk*, IJox< h nnd }'ackn»e„.
Singlepaekxv -i, nt exceeding five p „j,
in wrirht |-.ra ; distances '
Packages web hit g ov-.r riv.- JV" • * '
leaathm fifty poiieda, for aU dliuaeei
Package ovar fifty poonda and lea* thin
/trtiC'es x *e« l?) 0 p
bi-tw lucfamond and Los:*a C!i . •>,.
i , .'l pnunO'' ''
Richmond and (j.-rd n«7i!i*p?.- lu : j lb*I! «ij
do Meeehuiri'* Hirer do do •
liutter, Lard, drt-sscd Fowls and fre.).
75 ceil!; per 100 peunda for ail d.sta: c-s
charge to :/• less than centa.
i-":uits nnd Vegetable*.
Oy s; ters—By epaciai arrangement.
E. H.Gi:.i
d.. in—;tawta -Supt Trm.sp.
C* .New liud t'oiiiiortiihie Soh«M|'i
AND BAOiiAOE, IHCoiiiH ill.; (
ter th-' :<st of March, the fuliowing «• :
fortab schedules will be run over the :j. f -
between Hichmi.nd and New York: Let
ntaad,daily,at 7o'clock, A.H., and 9o'ci . .- ••
arrive in New York, daily, a:0-, \. j{„ ~„j , ,
Fare to Washington. i3t 'aasae itj «- <■,
" 4i ~ 2d " '• ,
" " Baltimore Is: " " -
Between Baltlmor-i and Phtlau phii by .
Betwreii Baltimore and Philadelphia, >y N
Castle ,md i' reeehtown line
Between Phllad* Iphia and N w Y rl;
tor 1-t oliids puss- . rSj and -S- oa etr i
class do.
Besides the through and direct connexion.. j
above with the main Northern 110-j!.-. through
tickut*, direct, can Iw obtained at tl.e 1' p •
Baltimore & Uiiij P. ail road mpany.U't.
ti>n, lor Pittshut z and VYi i-.:u_• v;h t„ - . i- (
House on the following terms:
Betw: Washington and Pittaburj—
(TimeUt hoars) i
Between WaahiK.-toa nad Wi. -:in^—
(Titte 32 hours j •_ g
tor through tickets to Washing! n and o
mo: or other iinonnatian, apply at thet. -k •
It is deemed proper, ir. addition, to state, •'
intormatiun -a that h .ir daily ■
in o: '-ration b«»we»-n \\ ashii .-ton and Bait >
by means c; vhich the travt !ier wi rh:
Oii-ile- r i,» hyj b-,'e dela7ed .'i v ! , ■~h
tngton. nasi-, always in his power to proc. 1 . .
convenient hour direct j on his jouraey ' • »iy
pointnorth os thatplace. THOMAH SHAKP
Agent >f Transport j-: j
Office It., F. £ P.R. H. Co., J
Richmond, Feb. 20, 5
i'. 6.—The Night Train wiil not stop to tak * ■.»: 1
put down p »ss-risers, except ».t :h" f -llowir.z'sta
tions: Cottage, Taylorsville, Junction, C..-stcr- .I,
MiliUrd. Ginney's. Fredericksburg and Brooke
N. B. —By ■ rder of the Postmaster C n»--,l jr
mail trail: will be run between Rirhncond and
Washington on Sunday nights.
~~ " j J A NT B '
COFi- INS —Patented by F. Skiff, of New V -k B*
low 1 append some certificates:
Mr McKenzie's children were put on b 1 i
Steamship Southerner, fur Charleston, on oa'.a .•
last, mid they were both as natural as th *
the day tb» > were put into thecofflns. thro:'a :i
--ago. N ' ; tl;er of them bed tvnedb'ask :n • m
and 'he bunch ot roses were ss ireah as w y
were picked from the stem. Hot a part: • il
drr ppe 1 off or fallen t > pieces. A a amber
and gentlemen, by invitation, went on boa i >•"
ti'.eai, hb-1 were astonished to think thi*. it s
but so It was, and I have bo doubt bat they *U! •.
Bsaiii in their present state for any length
8. SMI I'll. M U
N -f 'i, Novesih- r 21s', I jl'
We. tho uiutersigr-.ed, h-»v.ng exam •• i » '
men o. a patent tM raitc Air Tight Sarcop.j.wus .
C::ttiri pate; ed by Mr. F. Skiff, < t New '. . " »
taken tneians.'.oly ic statin, t'.iat
aider it worthy ••.* patronage onl je?ei ea. ~
fore, a favorable consideration oftkajmbWe !'' •
durabi.ity of thi mat 'ri tl of w -Ich it >» •;ir
ted its admirable adaptation to be hern
the Ca.Se it :Ce ac» "nd h'lin.-aB ' •'
1) B. DAVIS, M. I>
W. H. PRATT, M >
tsAy.ru. movk, : f . u.
William ia r MT;-::i, >t. d,
A xi.'.v. N-)»srr.bfr 20ih, !-»T.
Ihe above i n.'d Sircoph ig.n ire n .idr , -a:
a tat-' a rosewood c -ttin *hr-y dn rr . ii"
nsurh bibber tbaa a fine mahogany coffir. . tru'
Ag< nt! r ! hia city.
hu 2o—d4tw's J. A. 3ELV.N
~ •' \VOK<E >TK!£'> FTaNTF"
iy the scho: tier jHaaov. r— i
JH J cei vi d aodi'.ional au;«j. '.tea
by the schooners N w York and Merchant da .
expected—wilibein receipt ot- ami forth rui>
pii«#—making ray assortment very corn p.'» • 1
exteudre. PrcUsa .rs. Amateurs and the pi.
particu'ar'y those desiring !o pur • J js<e a
unexe-ptlenab'e character, at a'j derate prx-ei • •
invited to examine my asiortaient
d- ■" Books''Ter and dealer in PiaaoF •! -
FA!,I. I.HI'I»aTATIO>, Ib3iß.
* CO , l Hi.d Ueale.' i«
t-ai ther. w ire. iinua aci '<
\ l have received by ships t , .e 1,..-T
--i Sttte, Sheridan and Forrest
trotn Liverpool, their fall st ck ;
Earthenware and Cbiaa.direct from the rnanu: u
turers making their stock large and complete, si- i
by arrivals from the northern cities, they cr- •
celving their supplies ot Ulass Ware, bath rich
plain. Looking filaeaes and Fancy Articles w
adapted to the country aii i city trade
Merchants visiting oar c'ty may be assured el
havit / inducerr.e-.'s off red «*hi:h wUI induce theui
to mue their purchase-, w.th us
se I Front Iron Huildin?, !U1 Broad «t
'l hst 1 nave now on hand, the
largest an l be«t assortment O: «sS£^»
Jm Boat* and good qua'ity - 1
—*• ottered in this city ; selected by myself
preiily ret-.il, both ol my own manafacturesn>i
the b»*st f'ciia 1-lphia make. Among aiy assort
ment eta be l an 1 s.imetcifig extra, t.> 'h •
wc- jld most ri'speetiui't call the attention * :u
wp.ai, us they w.d ooseld low, by
Manufastu-nr and dealer la Beots, Shoes,
'i'- ;r !i». Carpet Vjliee»,Ac
se i No U7 Ma n <ire«.t, Richmoao, Va
I gteen with br»s mouldings, brar.i'J ai l .'•«
•erj Frttdcn s>ilt>h'llnr city «• d eoootn "
;.< *•«; j'lii r. sd polished and k.tch-n *if ■ -*•
itsa v j.« p : * ifO a SOcefits t 4>i 0'•
A) . a-■ j i.s at ot lUU;.4 aa.l - '
hi a 1. is, tor i • . i j
\iO» A ft OTIA rO'l'A oaf»
i* I»V> bushc.v u. ?iv ;i a-.d • ■ s*l *'»
dK.U tii-J j.

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