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vol. 3--NO 54
-••I**f t A Vy 1 I
a >. A. COW A.RDIN, Proprietor.
T C OST. —W. h iu; t reduce our stick before
jti t '' »t lanuary, w« earntt tly callattention to
1. Brocage Dress Si'iks
i) 1' »id and Striped do
i o Printed I'ar.s ,\i > » .n De Lam »
i'u d> do Cashmeres
Medium and low pric< Dreta Goods, a variety of
*t} >» >* ••i«'h w ' wi.l t»»ll at i' -t. r, t! m -nci.ig this
: • t '■ rw.thal&rg it"Ck cf embroideries, at
\ erj reduced puces.
d 7— lm >t! Eagle Square.
•T" <> nT. >i 11 k;t•- 77b TTTK <; K\> «>
rhe particular attfDli :i it the mrmbera ot the
v .> nic Grand Lodgi Ls invited to the .arje assort
of va liable M is< :.ic work*, a; the Book, Sta
t. i. ry and Piano Forte citab.ishnv nt of
Late I<r:: k- r 4- M • *? Main st
All. ,y » t Anr, r.t (.'rati Masonry to Natu
- K v. ated Reiigitn by < harlea Scott, AM,
Grai i Master < t ii. Grand Lodge of Mississippi.
A ] \- no' Frremaaosry containing a defini
. . . i .. lit* comrat terms,notice*of it. bis
-••ns at i *nt,q:r s, and an account of
i rica of the ancient world, by
I I'r Ma- ;i i ;He. containing elucidations
■a" • n'v es ot Freemasonry, &c
i r." n i.'- Mafia*, a companic e for the
V 1 ' r■ ■ ti.e J grees i t Freemasonry,
■ i 'i ■ t.t— t) the higher decreet
: i. -.'itn d, by K - K J Stewart K T
V i'i- ' i-ltus i it T i: Bock containii.2 a
' y i . Ma.vi-.ty Haa M»-»vt;ic Grand Lodfps
.» i >rii st ULvi.t :■ tier with the Consti
tt Mas.jnry or A:. :i.-»n Reyon, und a Ui
t. 1 th- • • t:..i r.-_..:u..;-, «o{ th< Grand
• \i?>' -.ii. y j .;:s Jjove, M b, G isecrw-
U'> > : :h" i. i. • ! Va
• •>'• 'ui? ..a-t or Hieroglyphic Mmii
t ' yJ' . nyl.c <•>, (, L
' • t'laluui ... .x I. masoa't Guide, con
a .. ; t-;e It 'UU.: of Ei-etuat
t"• ' i-: . r oi i'rksl- jyj, Ly Come.ij*
; t: 1,3 tec dt tin- St.'-!hsrnand West
■ ' i-'C M«>a> !a:.y, o-i. v <-d y A G Mackey,
"•! 1 " ' de
till HE AC.
sTti f '
" " » " li:-:.ta 1: in the <Jintiriir*:?-d Piano
t iutii ly i.i.;-:.i i;n rosewood tnJ b.ick walnut.
-i . !:> t '.pii.it t lr..in tht eslablichei manufao
■ rietof Adam, Stodart & Co., and John B. Dun-
N- . "i ia—4.: , s which have their u»uai tine
t :. aud e.i'_-anc-- oitiiiUh.
NA.-ii & W'OODHOI'.-B.
| J * Fair prices aiiowod lor old I'ioiiut in n
t (i» 7
j ' i ll'tT ROOMSi/'URISTI tN 4; I.A
v iliiOP vv u'ic,. . th- att r.tian _-i purchto*.Tb
l : rbt i of—
:• • h veiv. • i.i }!:u«>fl's ta;ie«try Carpete
. a l p.y, ;> cfo
- . ' ;>ut;j do
i e<' -ids are Jr-.ta tl.u met'. c«rlebra:-'d Fns
i!.»imih- toii set d - , t iiaportat: ju. caa
i_ ' u .-u.-j -et-d cKi. rin qusßty or price.
A..- .» prir d. a., ao- .. ie-iiip an i c tton chair
' •« .- ry : .oil prii.ltd Di uj;.-;et, &.c. iXC,
' NKitAli A(iEVCY» \r. —Blehard .'IP 1 ,
vT jt , and H. W'.•« y oi ilan< ver, have enter
i : , arttieirhip !or tLe purpose oi coc.iuctin;
a Gent al Agency in ad its tranches, particularly
. : *.n.2 o> in-.: •<•• and renting o! h'U<--s They
« p.eus.-d i. the favors (.4 Uioir
• 6 -ductal B. W. TALLY,
i J EKK lr* A t li A M I. I Olt iTTITI
> i iJlih N i 134, Main Stre< t, Richmond, Va.— We
have j :st ric> ia addition to our already largf
t-r rk -1 Ready Made Clothing, a sup<;ric r lot of
if. r.Mts, oi vari..us Myles. AUo, i>rw»H
F: i and Drest l.'osts ot every c:'.or, style ar.d
'i , iv . i'lai ili s -.* and far.ey Caetiroere i'asta —
A - Vests iii en i. =3 variety, and of every sty!."
:ty ansl materia! A large an! very fleet at "k
.-itlemen's i urn shir.2 <ioods Every article
£ b!e to complete tnj Gectleman'a Wardrobe.—
A !' i. e. u, Caru . ac ie A! lof which
v. w - -11 ate ot ui.ti: the Ist of January, as we
wish to e.oaf.- out the entire Stoek by that time.—
i.. • who call t ariy »ill g t the best bar2»ics.
1. DECUL' 4 CO.,
ii - ! -im Ui! Main Street
k'l.i.i.!N<i AT COST. —At No i7fi,
»i 'on 'i ot li: .J tiisd 6th ttre-t We hare at: 11
... i st "k cf i-'tr.fand Fancy Dry Goods on
1. w: .• :-.ve ar?-or:-:iiu at Cost Prices. The
ci w- :• ii 1 m ikiiit in iur Bu-iness, and to
• .v; oceupy ri fitted, compels
t.-t • !-y tin- tirit i nest month, l'ersi i.a in
v. . i i'. •. Gii :s will ii:ej :t to th"lr advantage
t . ja h c.i.i, as v.. are otJ'-rinj great induce
i.is O>r st., kof Clotha, Caaimerea, Vesting*,
tin ' Alapacas, Muslin de Laiiie^,
i : •... Domeatica is large and well
;. Wi,:: a fall jk cf White G»ads hi d
:t . .• t . •••.•.Tahy h pi b/ us. at prices widen
.'. -j-.u/ J & M ROSKNBAL'M
I'l AUKM V— A I'AKU.—i'e»
II ur ■ . .-.n-d, i ir tit»- last elg'at years employed
. { .o (1 Me- rs 'I'oier i Cook, having
i n n-d• >do t similar business himsell ten
d- - -h> rviccß t his trier:j 3 «»r.d the public, from
v • r *!■•! flr»t day oi January entutng, as agent
! t i.tioe out «>j t! ti9ee, ta« hiring out ■ f Se
ct • = .»t, i thrt co.lection of Claims, tc. Ac. He
~• y the i :i.o-r » Htb street, between Ma n
<-. ' . t. . in, now etc .pied bj Mr V.'m. VV. Eue
t ... ! plt-dj-s : ims a to aur.-re to promptitude
at. i i. iu al! things r- l&ting to his l-uiinosa.
H.« ti nn-, will be moierate and satisfactory.
. - 2 —clJa 1 DWAKD D. EACHO.
* Ai COST.—HYNEMAN, at !»0 and '.'3 Main
bt.»-: will seii his and weli seieoted Stuck
ot i ((U at ri- =t cost, tor a t w w-'ek-t, after which
tii-. ■ tii»- -ilat.ce wi.l in; sold ,at aoctsuo. l<uok at
. .a.» cloth Dress and Frock Coate. £*> to 10
Ov.-;co!-uo{ a.; kiuds 3 to 12
1 iioess Coats 3 to 7
i. ; i aud t .i.'-y Caa l ai.U 2J t > 5
\ -in -i. l -s varii-;y 1 to 4
.• > afnil call s ni 4' y,u wat,t ;<a:k-*.iris.
I.EVVI- liYNEMAN, Propt .-tor.
c 11 — 1 It* i'O and Main strurt.
TEMPLE a iii nthly maga2 ; ».rt, devoled to Ma
s';.-y Lit>;r-.tur«, a; d Soienc - . Kdih ■d ty 1L Paifet
ur. ; 0 E Biuiaenthal. i
. rs.s is a ma?>,nie and lit* rary p<.'riodleal. drroted
t tt.e dissf-mi' ali a of Utelal uiw nic doctrine, tuid
p.U ) ii.tere-t ct l.terary matter; onicu'ated to m
ia.-.'-the mind, eratify ti " tastt, and improve the
t.eart —hj line, t > maie a («fha!lbe
a v it-one visiter and interesting owpani'-n in
the torn .!«• o! A.i bretcrea of Ute ••mystic tie."
Mi w- i: as many who h».va never y<M immkml the
-i room
Trie subs-, ,-ii t on to the work i< at srth n r%K> as
t . ; +c.i u within tl.'r reach o! ail- I'ei.MS—always
j ay.-, jie ;n «d-. .nee, »i 50 p»r »cnuai. Four
ft :.: to on-- a-idrers i .r-ijo. Ten c pies to one ad
cr. -i lor 10 Tt aaa in the city wishing to eub
t> :>e can do * • tor «1 i<) free of posla«-i', payibl#
i ,-itat.c- by lu t -Jr names >o
53, Op;eait • to- City Hot-1, Main St.
t> 31 ' A*f-ot f r the St„te of Virginia.
1,!,A1 K OKE-"» FLOCK t'»ATS.-A
j/ '.v lot ot B ii-k D'OSs j'roek <'<xiU, ju* rv
oeivr d at li 2 Main street
i] - UK.:,CHANT L V.'El ■-IffF.H.
1 1,V1.T V ii~V fca.e n--w i n bandt
V aad /hiu' ..! hs« tot luk Velvet
, : j< ,h Vi-; 1 : wfc'sb w:d censpare favorably
, /■ ,s- .' ni* < i our'i aiLrs, tiia-i' 1 U
i ■ i .-a - • styk wh -h we will s.-ii *wy low.
,j ' N : ;03 Main ttiet t, corr.er 14th.
• • A Ml lit A WiStt —Cure iaiportad ''Co
i.rtiid. !'. I y
v it, ALLLF A. CO
| Select Hi iti-h Eloquence, containing llic fcort
j Speerhe* entir • of the most eminent Orators of
i Great Brit tin. lor the last two centuries, with
; Sk-tch. i fceir Uvea, to., by Chauncy A Good
rich—U. 50
Lives i ; Wellington and Peel, from the London
J- -a l , by f.enteel Story, by Tl.ackarav—soc
Hut. ry of lie cry Esmond, Esq , tj Thackaray
■ >0 cer.U
t V w' J vu-i "i'-idei, by G P R James—2sc
K..."S Knacks trum an Editors Table, by L Gav
j l9ru Clarke—l 25
His! ry of Romulci, by Jacob Abbott—6o
A J irge variety ot New Juvenile Books
A" N ew Books received as goon as published
i 029
!*lii KM « - i)l Cf.\Al, < <il> I.IVKR OIE.
- We have recently received direct from the
liarks of Newfoundland, a supply of the
above articlo Beitg fre>«h and pure, it is with
confidence believed to possess, in a very unusual
degree, those medicinal properties upon whiih its
curative pont rf alone depend. It was procured
and prepared in the most careiu! manner, fey one of
the most respectable houses fa Newfoundland,
from the liv.-- s of Cod Fi'h, taken so late as Au2u*t
Ist. Oil obtained during tkig month is of mach
greater madiohlal valne than that obtained at any
other season ef the year, owing, it it supposed, to
the then condition of tne feeding grounds of that
valuable I- kii. For eel® by the gallon or bottle, by
A'UK <fc GRAY,
d" U 147 Main street.
O LYKLDUCEI) I'BICES.—From and after this
d-.te we are offering our large atd cheap stock of
fancy -.ind D enestic I*ry Goods, at greatly reduced
prices, in oider t) reduce the ttimesufficiently, pri
r taking Inventory, by Ist of January next. All
iu f - irefc lur resl.y cheap and handsome goods,
rnuft not fail to call oa us. We have the largest
assortment in Dr« is floose of all kinds; beautiful
Mouslineg at ot:- shilling. Also, another lot cf
those superior Linen Towels, at 81 per dozen.
Ne-dle work of all descriptions, very cheap.—
White, red, ami yellow Flannels, very iow ; in fact,
• vr rythirg needful and desirsble in the Dry Roods
hr, •, cai be bad at our store a little cheaper than
anywhere else.
Bib; inf. Florences, Marcalise, Satins, Bonnett
and M'.r.tilla Velv- i?, we will sell at curl to all who
willca'l. J. MlLLiiliEß & BROTHER,
no - 1 193 Broad street.
.V OTJ (' K. — Ha !r<_' sold the Retail iiianch oi
■1 ' mv burin-ss to Messrs Collins it Buskley, cf
Jtdvni.: ah, ( ;<*<- rgia, who will cotnc in possession
on the Fiist. of February next,l will, from this li.-ue.
see my i ntlre st ck of Goo js at greatly reduc
ed prieos. Persons wishing to purchase Fin®
Fancy G ids. or the necessary II use Furnishing
Art: les. wili find a complete ass rtoiect at tuch
price? as will prove hi :h!y advantageous.
Tne ►toi-k of Plated and Block Tin Ware, Cut
h rv. Tea Trays, Fenders, Fire Irons, &lc, is large
an,: i: rnylete.
1 will c ntinue th 3 Wholesale I>ut<inens, at
No it! Pearl etreet, n'.arly opposite Mesart Kent,
Payne & Kent, t.nd will open lor the Spring Trade
a 'arye and desirable Stock of Goods, suitable for
the ciiy and country, at who't sale onlv.
de 2 137 M.inst-eet.
* ' call the attecti not Physicians and ethers to
this Mint r&l Water, as being ot.e of the most effica
cious, nd ja the s me time cue of the most simple
rem- .1 i=: 1 nts known. It hss been suecesofully
used in the treatm- nt of many diseases, especially
th'>»e i.ffectiig the stomach, bowels and urinary or
gan--. as Diabetes, lJytpepsia, Piles, Chronic Mucous
Cat :rh. i»-nera! debility andh-se ( f appetite.Scald
bead and Salt Rheum, night sweats, and all diseas
es of the skin. I)rop«y in its earliest stages has al
so ii .-n successfully treated with this water. Des
criptive pamphlets furnished siatis by
AL'IE & GRAY, Druggists,
de 11 Sole Agents for the State r.f T?irgiaie.
Y( Its —The Steamships
°Itiehmoiid and Onla
feralhVgagS-'g > 10, will commence their regular
trips THIS WKEK.
Fhe City ®f Hlehtnond will leave New York
on S ATURDAY, the 11th inst, and the Ontario
will succeed her on Uie following SATURDAY.
They will alternately leave New York every Sat
urday at 3 o'clock, and Richmond every FRIDAY
MORNING, at 9 o'clock.
For freight or passage, having superior accom
modation*, apply on board, or to
I RESTORER, lor invigoratine, beauitfyicg and
tv : a growth of the hair.
The Hyperion, trom itaintroduction some years
since, lias gradually grown in public favor, and by
it« rea'.ly valuable properties deservedly become
one of the most popular articles oi the day. for
sale, vsii iesale and retail, by
PURCELL, LAUD &. CO, Druagiats,
<1. 8 92 Main street.
H lit KANT JKIiLV, &c.—i;esh Curiant
*J j- liy, in Glass Jars
'• Cross i BiackwellV Durham Mustard
Worcestershire Sauce
Walnut, T ..mato and Mashroon C&Ucp
Assorted Pickles, in hail gal j irs, &c
For K»le by
d 0 R. M. BURTON.
«? green with brass mouldings, bronzed and Nur
sery F-nders, suitable for city and country fire
(tacts; br-.ua head polished and kitchen i-'ireirons,
assorted, iu prices lro:n 50 cents to »7 50.
A so, a aood assortment of polished and brass
head Poker*, for sale by
< c 19 VAN LEW & TAYLOR,
* * 1 04.—HAVVLEY & DAVES take pleasure iu
ii-i /Tmuigth'-ir frieads at:d the public generally,tnat
they are cow to furr.ish tot*n with a
chatoc article ot imported and domestic Ci«a>s ;
also, a fine article of Cb >wi»g Toba«co. Snuft, le,
wholesale atid retail
K'-m>*mber, si«n of (he Nagro and Indian, ne«r
Broad street Hotel.
N B All orders loft at £i>e store, or the Pest Of
fice, for i-ighuiiug Hods, will meet with prompt
de 10— dim L J. HAWLEY.
(3 AI) 1!. t.K AV, DRIGGiSTS, ill
IBfMain t-TiiKET, have in store, and are raeeiv
U| ins;, large additions to their stock of Drugs,
«Jfc» xUedlelnCH, .Hurxeonti' 1 nutruist-uls.
i'alnts, Oils, Dyes, Window (lians a»«
fancy Articles, which they offer for sale on the
m st favorable terms to cash »i!d punctualdcaloii
" HALF CHESTS TLA, good tj very eupu
*•> ** rior qja'.ty
•JU t-r J Cigars, good quality
2,000 Cigars, supeiior quality Regalia
1,000 Cigars, good do do
17 boxes Adamantine Candies, 4'a in < lb - papur
5 boxes Adamfiitine Candles, 16' a
5 barrels so ar winter bleached Oil
5 do winter bleached da
Just received, fjr sale by
0 A general assorting <4 the real kind—for sale
at factory prices, by
de 13—u FRY £ MsCANDLIEH.
i,l/ASTfil).-A young Lady to t*ke charge of
4 f a small school AiaeUa 00. Addrees Box
S3, Richmond P. O de 13
UirIVTiMJ VOATS.-fc Me;ci.ant A: VTewi-
Iter, have just received an ad!i*»eal lot of
II ui> rat orlw of etiperlor quality. C»I1 end
s-»- «d««i at No 112 Mult! M
Tn iu '/ 1« IMH BI.M H < YPItEfS
( vjl/UU !:H!M(H.EB, partof *h ; m all
«WK< very superior, landing this csortiieg and Ur
u e bv
de is—lt R. H. WHITLOCR &. SON.
r./i UHL*. f Yit I I", 'sndlnend lor l»y
__ tig ! Z JOHN H. t'l.All-'OKNK,
{ / Hi Wt>\K* 1 - Jt cks..:; a aud c.ty made CAN-
I' fyf DLi-ti, f-r ta;e
II AV. I-S A .*» 1> T I.OAKsT— Loi a (Mil
-quale l la.d Misw , I'lit.ted C athuj- 1 !' .-Li.wis;
Merio Cli.-tb Ut,d \ Ivt *. ( loaks 1> r sale by
dj 15 C DAK'IWELL i CO. I
(JNPF. A WEEK —In coc-
J » m \l 9 a c l ueDce of tne undersigned having
. to give instruction in the country oti
.-aturdny, he is left aim st entirely unoccupied on
the corresponding Wednesday, aDd would be 2lad
to give leegons on ihm tlav, to anv who de
aire it, either in the city or ita neighborhood
« r FK Wt'l.FF,
Prof, of Music, and Organist at St. John's Cnurch.
Orders maybe left at the Bookstore of
i.lcssss Harrold & Murray, Broad street.
de 4—"Jaw 1 iv*
J IJIBtK, LIMBER.—in addition t 0 our
a-< general f.ssortinent of seasoned White Pine
Lumber, we have, in our yard, ever 350,C00 feet of
Masoned White Oak and Button Wood
Boards,suitable for tooacco boxes, purchasers
would do well to apply to us, either personally or
by letter before purchasing elsewhere.
1-I—2aw3m Port Deposite, Md.
the la d i eh.—peter
11NSLEY, N 228 Broad itrr-et. b"gs leave
to infirm the ladies of Shockoe Hill and the rest of
the city, tb-.t he is making to order all of the most
fashionable and seosontble styles of Gaiters and
Shoes. Fits warranted in every lmtanee.
de 8—e034
TINSLEV, No 5:38 Broad street, begs leave to
inform the gentlemen of Shockoe Hill "and
the ret of mankind," that he makes to erder
a<! styles of Water-s'r oof Boots and * lines,
together w:th all the styira of Fancy Shoec at prices
as moderate any other macufa-turer.
de B—ec3t
i The general meeting of the Stockholders of the
Farmers Bank of Virgi«a wlli be held at thoir
Banking House, in this city, on Wednesday, the
12th day of January. 1r53.
' No officer or director of a back shall hereafter
vote as prosy of a stockholder in anv election of
direcicrs or <;flicers of a bank ; nor shall anv proxy
be valid which shall have been executed sixty days
before the tin e of ek>ctior.
de 7—iltswtd J. A. SMITH, rubier.
gTS FOK KENT, that desirable business stand-
No 18, Main Etre*-t, at present occupied by
lir John B. Styale. Possession given Hie Ist De
cember. 1502. Apply to HENRY C JENKS,
no 15—3tswtf At Edwin Worth am & Cc't
S I'ivTtlL «AL£!mV"AM)
' ' SPARRING SCHOOL Is now op. a during
the day and evening, on !'• th street, i ie.r Main st
Will continue open until after tkc Holiday t. The
Pistole are superior.
N. B -Gentlemen wishing to take B-jfcktg wlli
please icake immediate apphoatiixi.
de 10—eoSt
i* scribers have entered into co partnership under
the firm of PENDLETON it BROTHER, for the
transaction of the Commission Busin®»t in TOBAC
have taken Warehouse No. 120 Smith's Wharf,
Baitimoro, Md.
Baltimore, August 16th, leo 2.
Hn?h J»nkin=? & Co , Baltimore.
F. W. Bruno & Sons, do.
Wm. Wilson St Sons, do.
Edwin Wert ham jc Co., Richmond.
Archb'd Thomas St Son, do.
Hugh W. Fry, do.
Rhodes & Oglebay, Bridgeport, Ohio.
John Creigh, Cincinnati. -
Cordon it Co., Louisville.
W H. Bartlees, Charleston, S. C.
Ot'le J Chafee, do. do.
James McCullogh,Pittsburgh.
Brown A: Kirkpatrick, do.
Chafee, do.
D.l.amb, Esq., Caih'r N. W.Bank, Wheeling.
8. Brady, Esq , do. Mer. it Mech. do. Co.
James R. Baker, Whee ing
Josiah Sibley, Hambur2 ei , S. C.
Henry A. Bchrceder, Aiabamai
A. L. Gaines, New Orleans.
oe 12—t wffm
t Oi.l.ti TOU dk tiene
rnl Agent—Attends to Renting out Houses,
se l ng r.uu Purcha»jcg Stocks, Hiring out -Negroes,
collecting Ctelms, Ac.
Has f,r ea'e 22 Shares RiehmrwM', Fredericks
bur 2 and l otoajac Railroad Stock ; 8&X) City of
Riecmond Scrio; SS(O Oeatral Railroad
no IS?—lawd&iwtlSJan
010 KEWAltD.—Absconded fwnmy premts
O es. in Henrico county, near the city of Rich
mond, iny negro man MOSE~, ege thirty-five years,
five feet six inches high; had on when he left
home, a steel mixed Pea Jacket, a nair of deep yel
low casnet pants, an ordinary wool hat. Said No
gro is of very black comp'exicn, face partially tov
ered with beard. I will give the above reward if
taken in the county feed delivered to me; if cut of
the county, to be cepotited iu siuie jail so that I
g«t him.
de 10—d3tw2t* JAMES W OTEY.
SIC.—Prof. BRANDT respectfully informs the
citizens oi Richmond that he gives lessons on the
ab ive mentioned instruments, and also in the high
er branches of Vocal Music.
P:oi B having had an experience rf eighteen
years in the pnf:ssiou, and bavii g
taught in several ol the largest Sc minaries iu the
South, now offers his services to the Fe
male Seminaries, as well as to the citizens of Rich
mond generally. For advanced scholars wii! have
the bene:;: of being accompanied on the Violin.
Professor Brardt is permitted to ref»r to the Rev
Dr Jones, and to the Rev T)r l.eroy M I,ee.
All orders received at Mr P H Tajlu'sr, Nash &
Wood house's, Morris 4c Brothers', and liuriold 4c
Murray's stores. de2—3tawlw
\[OTl l/'E. —Having | quaiitV'd upon the estate of
i* my deceased hneband Elisha Caswell, this is to
notify those who are inJebted to the estatethit
they will please pay their accounts immediately to
mi'; those to whom the deceased is indebted, will
present their claims to my counsel, Robert Tate
Wicker, Esq, to be examined ' y him.
de 15—eo4t ANN CASWELL, Adm'x.
saft*, >1 it*. E. 3,YON, (Orer Word,
Ferguson dfc 1'0.,) Invito the ladies
SHMf* ai.«i s',ia!ig..-r« visiiing the city, to ber fasu
ionable stock of Millinery, consisting of
Bonnets, Caps, Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, 4c —
Alfo, worked Muslin and l.a«*s, Head Ornaments,
hair work, itc , for balls and parties, ail will be sold
•heap for cash. Dreeees and Gloats inade to order
de i4—3iw2w
-i As the agent nud trustee of THOS. H. BLA
KEY, I wiil sell, prirately, In iota containing cue
ormoreaeret each, to »uit purchasers, or
ten «-es ot the laad now ownad and occupied by
the said Blakey. These lute are bountifully situa
ted on Union Ilill, freatins oa the road leading to
B!ak*y's Mill, about amilearuia half only tr'om
the old market.
Terras accommodating. Refer to John Share,or
to the subscriber, at his ufEee No. 71 Maia street,
op stairs,over Meeers. bink«n i Co.
au 9—3n-.rU 1 R WATKINB
F'OK UE.Nf UK SALK.-.t imiiiFirm, or
Market Harden. situate oo Eowiingrueu Uiii,
just _-eyoid tfc» earporatica line Tnere is about
tour aeras of isad, a good dwelling housM. kitchen,
and the wkole well ena'osei t'lsswst oath 9 lat uf
January next For terms, to
de 17—ecis 15th *, between .•"a n ami Cary.
-1 LIQUOiIIC£. —We will be regularly supelied
by the importers with Mass Liquoriee o! the "lieak
i. Go."' brstid, a cecuiae sr. J pure article, which
we are tutnoriieil to sell and warrant as aueh.—
Also, with the '-G. C." brand. Manufacturers are
requested to «iv •us a noli. Orders from liie ojuii
try prompt? usasaitd.
\ f OIuTNiAV UOoTI-.—THU.S K. hiiiOC
ill ii CO, hav. just receive! new stjloe
Cloth sr.df'iiK Cloaks aud Masques
li ack Velvet Ribbon*
Kich Furniture i'rints
Lace Berthes
black Lace Mitts, anj rr-ny otter ■
o:i i is
I^NVL'LOI'K!".— J VV It.tN_OI.FU i. u for
-A B-ile, >. large stuck cf white and bu2" Lei*, r Mid
hu'.e Envelopes, &.S bed cheap. de 7
WANTED.—A situation ei-her as Book.
Tr keeper. Accountant, or >nlcHinan. in
some respectable Mercantile jHouse, by a middie
aged Man who is conversant with business gener
ally, and has an extensive acquaintance, and can
give satisfactory reference as to qualification, itc.
For further particulars enquire at this i nice.
dp 15— fit*
IV anted, at the ship Lock a: Rocketu, Car
«™ periters and Laborers.
de lo—ge D S WALTON
E4j.HO HiKl rs «i.—The subsc ibers &2ain
otfer their services to their friendi and the
public to hire cut Negroes the ensuing year. They
will use their best efforts to get good prices and good
homes. Perions wishing us to hire out their Ne
groes will please inform us as soon as possible.
N. B <k C. 3. HILL,
Corner of Franklin and Wail streets,
de 15—dtl5ia
£EOVIiIi SEBD. —150 LuaheLn prime tor sale
de 17— 3t* D. C. RANDOLPH.
DAYS.— We have in Dress
and Frock Coats, Pants, e£,.» hl*h just re
ceived a fresh supply of new patterns just made
up to our order, togethtr vtfli at t, extensive assort
ment of Vests, to v liich vfe would invite the atten
tion of those »ho wish som thing new tor Christ
mas. We will fit them handsomely and s*!l the®
very low. HENRY SHAFER it CO,
de 17 103 Main st. corner 14:h.
BHINtx your Toilet Bottles and nave tneca
filled with that a.umirab.e and choice perfume,
the D'Orsny Cologne Water, at
J. B. WOOD'S, City Drug Store,
Corner above City Hotel,
Sole manufacturer of the Genuine D'Orsay
de 17 Colcgme Waner
L'OK HlltC—Two able bodied ,>len, by the
J? week or day. Also, a first rate House Boy,
about 14 years old, for th? next year.
P. M. TABB it SON, Agents,
CfE:e on Ggv st, between Main aad Franklin,
de 17—3t
WTO.NFI l ITTi M, JUi:N v\ .OA , 1 Eri .v
CO .practica] Stone Cutters & Masons, South
Siie cf the Dosk near Mayo's Bridge We return
thanks for the liberal p tronage we have received
and trust by strict attenti >n to busineiis to continue
to meri» the confidence of the public, de 16—3 m
BONO LOST. —L et, on the 3rd of October
last, a Bond of Robert A Maya, payable to
Ea'sfy Green given for negro hire—for thirty-five
doilb s. three quarters of which had bsen paid.—
The finder wilt e infer a l'avor by returning it to
us, as :t can be of no to *ny one else.
de 16 99 Main street.
IjV OiC ill iiK. — We will hire out, lor the Da-
Jl lar.co of the year and for the next year, a re
markably nice >>«ro suitable for a chain
ber maid, or for nursing. TOLER <Sc COOK,
de 18 General Agents.
5 i.MSKEU Oll>.— lUOO gallons Linseed Oil, in
A-4 ca?ks and barrels, fjr sale at the lowest mar
ket price by
de 16 BENNETT fc Drugdsts. ,
jVJhW SHOt' I,l)Kl£*», —A lot cf prime new
■l i ohouldars, just received by
de 16 ISO Broad street
J|i )illl,S, At*i*l»liS> f just recoiled by
Also, a large lot of five Crackers, Torpedoes, Sky
Rockets, and~oth«r fke works. Call and examine
theoi at _ JUAN PIZZINI,
tie 18 Next door to Exchange Bank.
'IMMK Is MONET, acd those who wish io
A save time and labor, and in the mean time
have tbeir time well "don» op," and of snowy
whiteness, should net fail to use the "VIRGINIA
MAGIC WASHING FLUID," which is now used
by all ctat an d«dy housekeepers.
For sale in auy quantity by E. J PICOT, Main
Street; also by WM. P LADD.'Broa/i street.
de 15
eupp'.y hi* arrived.
Aapr.W for tike Rockbridge Alutu Springs,
de 1?
Alias's b«st, for sale by
pde 17 late Gaynoracd Wood.
(INBON i*OKTKXi, In ouatt aod pint botliea,
for sale by JAMES B SHELTON,
de 15 Corner r f Broad and 4th st
<jLOV£Ut>££0 —2Uo bushtis priuw—fur sale
SL"t»Alt. —50 b nes Loaf
ikj 30 banc's Crushed Sugar—for sale by
pKLUE SStTTiiK.—Always on hand, ai,<3
IT for ea-c by P. WOOLFOLK, Ja,
. de 16 ltfU Broad »tretL
'SViPERfj, TAPKK?». —A superior aiticie,
a for sale low by YY' M DADE, Chemist,
de 16 Main st, n«ar Old Market.
AiTflt'l'JLAlt -NOTICE.—I oeginonMon
day to take my semi annual inventory, and oi
fer for able ail YVinter Goods bt eo3t, tor cash. The
stock is very large in—
Heavy Woollen?, Dress Goods
Cassimeres, Cloths, Blankets
X stings, Printed Shawls, Alpacas
Cassin-tts, Cords and Fusuai.a
Prints, Top Coatings
Twei ds, i. c , Kentucky Jesns.
de IT-dtlJn D. U. LONDON.
y EKVA.NT WANTBD.—Wanted to hire, tor
>5 the ensuing year, a House Girl, about 15
years ol age, and of good character.
Swedes, Engiisb, American hammered and roll
ed Iron, an assortment comprising nearly all sizes;
flat, round and square Band & Hoop, from 3-4 to lour
inches wide.
Plough ircm? to II inches wide
American &nd Swedes Nail Rods
English and American Blistered Steal
Cast,shear, German and Spring do
Plough Moulds and Sheet Ireu
150 b x?s Tin Plate, an assortmert comprising
marly nil sizes, including 14 x 29 bright and leaded
for roofing.
Receiving and in store—for sale bv
no 30 " S. McGRUDER Sc SONS
taken at 63; National Bank of Washington;
Merchants' and Mi-cbanii s —
We w.n'fMPHb abo.-e notes at their iuil value,
In payment forOry Goods.
ml 7 Ch«ap Steres, 15 ana Main 5L
I'tLVKT KIBBONS.—Just received another
V largelotof those cheap Ve.ret Ribbons, black
and col jred, which we are sad selling at 75 eacts
per pieee of 12 yards,
de a HART Sc MO3E3.
R A Mayo s Round Lump, a new and superior
artiele, ar.d other t»r*nds.
Also, a splendid assortment of Cigars For sale
by W M DADE, Chemist,
Ma n street, *eerly oppoeiw the Old Market
de 14
ONDON POUTRtt.-lW easks, pii.ts—*>r
eale bjr „
Oi. V DA V UJ FT*.-The subscriber tiss uo
hand a large supply of Fsncy and L»eful Ar
tlc'es suitable for the approechieg iioiydsy s, which
will be 6.' J -»ry low 'o( Cash A-nong Ifc-m a lot
of Embroidered andFsney Bassets, and Children s
Zephyr Hals, fashionable shape, for 50 cU, w^nu
gl do Ladies and others are respectfnlly Joviied
to call and examine beijre pcrekasingeisewnare.
ae ]7—3 i* :8. Main st, i.eer Old Market.
»/* y W A'l'l. U. —"FulierV "Aqua (Jptha.mia/
£j C r cei<- rated Eye Water, for *ddiseases ol the
eyes, for sale by R. R. DUVAL A' BKO-, ApoUi**-
eni •«, corear above the Brinks, Richmoed piice
cerits. c ' " 7
Oi'ltJfe.. — The reu-oVtd
il their Apothecary aad Drug Stnra from th«
co 1 U'T bflovy tli' B —~a to the corner aiuve, on
tame souare. ■
ae i KR. DUVAL 6i 3HO.
The letters from Paris to tha American
press have some very amusing anecdotes inci
dental to the elections and the declaration of
the empire. We select the following:
A vote wag found in the bor at Melen thus
conceived :
"Etiamti omnes, ego Son."
The mayor, who did not understand the dead
languages, counted this as Out.
The usual number of ccr.tenariang were
wheeled in sick chairs to the polls, and the
customary stories of bed-ridden gentlewen sud
denly smitten wish a desire to serve their coun
try, and told hv the Pays and Patrie. At St.
Etienne, according to the latter authority, the
workmen voted with fears it their eyes—"tears
of happiness and hope."
It rained, continually, as 1 have said, at Pa
ris during the vote. But ths government, which
is never discouraged, sent tne following tele
graphic message to the departments :
*i he operations ot the polls are favored bv
a smiling sky, and the electors have never
displayed such eagerness to profit bv their prt
At Perigneux, after the annountement of tht
result, the people had a
witii the mayor, the priest, and the bust of Lou
is Napoleon at their head. The two former
* an ? 'he 'l'e Dfu/n, while the latter maintained
a diguified silence.
A country mayor, in a speech afitr the elec
tion, mentioned the sudden rise of the Seine as
a proof that nature was with the emperor,
and testified its joy by causing the waters of
the river to swell and to threaten tn over
flow. ihe prefect of Toulouse had alrtatlv
claimed Providence for Louis Napoleon, as the
fine weather clearly testified that Heaven wag
In La Vendee, the peasants, rendered deliri
ous with joy, took a handful of affirmative
votes, set them on fire with a burning glass,
concentrating the rays of the sun, collected the
ashes, put them into a jug of wine, mixed them
up, poured the mixture into glasses, and drank
it with great emotion. The Constilutionnel
says that such a disposition on the part of
the peasants proves that God has at last ta
keu pity upon our misfortunes, and is go
ing to redeem us from tixty years of revo
I need not say, of course, that neither at Pa
ris nor anywhere else were there any printed
Noes to be bad. A printing office in the su«
buros applied for permission to to strike iff a
itw hundred for the accommodation of such as
could not writ#, but it was related.
A letter states that the municipality of Paris
had determined to devote a part of the funds for
the rejoicingg on the occasion to charitablt
purposes. The following notices, posted in
profusion, wili show in what manner:
Ist. The mayor will distribute, on the 2d of
December, supplies of clothing to th« children
who attend the publit infant schouls.
2d. All blankets and mattrasses pawned at
the Mont de Piete tip to the 2Cth of November
mav be withdrawn gratuitously.
3d. Parents who have confided their children
to the Socisty of Nurses, will be acquitted of
half the sums due by them to that establirh
ment on the 26th of November.
A good story ia to!d in reference to the 2d
article. It was first passed with the date 2d of
December, and the news escaped from the Ho
tel de Viile into the streets. It was evident,
therefore, that according to the wording of the
decree, all blankets and mattrasses pledged at
the pawn broker's during the coining week
would be restored next Thursday for nothing.
Evarybody that hud a blunket, prepared to do
without it for a time; and mattrasses com
menced flowing in a steady stream towards the
netrest Poor Man's Friend. The whole Fau
bourg St. Antoine began to take up its bed arid
walk. Hut notice of their proceedings was
speedily tonveyed to tht l'ulace of the City
1- athers. The date was erased, and an tarlier
substituted: according to the uew reading, the
privilege of a gratuitous redemption was only
extended to such bedding material us had been
already mortgaged. The Municipal Council
had nearly committed a laughable and costly
"Spectacles," the Paris correspondent of the
New York Express .gives the following good
hit at the Emperor :
The city of Strusburg has presented its Cha
teau to Louis Napoleon ns an Imperial resi
dence whenever lie goes East. J hey gars it,
City vears ago, to the other Napoleon, und i(
remained the property of the crown till 1831,
when Louis Philippe gave it hack to the city of
tttransburg, as costing more than it came to. —
This «nlucky pitlace, which everybody tries to
get rid c) and nobody wants to keep, will doubt
less be accepted by Louis Napoleon. J*o own
a castle in Strasburg, the scene of his melan
choly fiasco iu ISI3C, would doubtless be balm
upon a sore spot. If the city of I,'otilogt.R had
any royal residence to give, it would doubtless
hasten to offer it with the Chateau of
There is a steamboat landing there, where yo«
may embark for England; perhaps Louis Na
poieoa msv one day find this establishment
useful, on the occasion cf a berried departure, j
Kaw Yobk, Dec. 18—2 P. M.
The stock market to-day at the lirst b jard closed
rethar heavy. Sales ot United states fi 9, 1c67, at
The Kurcpean advices by the Africa have caused
a decided advance. Sales of 7,000 barrels flour at
$: 4 j a 83 50 f„r State, and #5 til! a 95. fc for south
ern. Rye iljur and corn meal hrm. Wheat has
also advanced —sales of 7,</?0 bu»he.s Michigan
white at 115 cents ; Genesee write, IJ4 c»Bts ; red,
120 cents Corn has also advanced —sales of s too
bushels at 71 c.tts t'-jr new southern mixed. Oats
£S seats. Rye, 9J cents Provisions are firm at
previous prices Groceries uaccanjel Coti#e
fiim. Cotton is held a shade higher, with icuj
ea.es. Whisky, 23 526 cents.
BAi-TiMoas, Dec 18—P. M.
The recent foreign news has caused a decided
advanee in Fljur aiv»ne»d 35 cente
per barrel. Sales ot 1,200 Lerre s City Mil s at
iis 25, and 300 barrels Howard street at fS.ii —
Wheal advanseJ J e»uts; red, 115 seals ; while,
120cen*i Corn s!;o advaeeri—white, 5% cents,
aalyel.ow (52 cents. Ne special change iu other
ariiciee. Wtissy, lo a -.ej cenie.
Nakrow Escape —A negro gir', ia attempt
in; to leave a vesnel al Norfolk, oa Wedcss
day niflit last, with a child cf Mr. Junes of
Isie of Wight count*, ia her arm?, owing to
the darkness missed her footho'.J, and both
fell into the rif«r. The child, floating on the
water, was e&ved without much difficulty; but
it wae eo;ue time before the servant was res
caed. The agonised feelings oft'.:e fund pa
rentis at this critical moment can be more rea
dilj iiaagiued than described.
Editohial Change.—Mr. C. A. B. Cof
froth has withdrawn from the Winchester
Republican, with a view cf removing to the
West. The paper will be continued under
the oontrjl of his ltte partrt?-, Mr. E.
Soup Gas.—Murdockfirst us«d KSj t oli»ht
up his office at Rsirath in 1792. "It would "
says Liebig, -be one of the greatest discove
ries ot tbe age, if any one could succeed ia
coudensmg coal gas into a white, dry, solid,
odorless substance; portable, and capable of
being piaced on a candlestick or burned in a
lsmo. Already is the desire of Liebi" being
accomplished. A mineral oil flowed out of
coal in Derbyshire, obviously produced bv
slow distill.t on from the coal. On examini
tion it has been ascertained that paraffine, a
solid waxy substance, hitherto never produced
trom coal, could be formed in commercial
qua.aies by a slow and ref ular distillation
l i"i is condensed coal gas—a solid form of
Ske"lh ?a!ld « Bi " d .. b y i L f b '«- In forming
cake, tins product, dissolved in an oil of a «in»-
m a . r . ( I 0 T I ) , V ! S " IOD ' ,n,y be read,ly obtained in
'J';, 1 .,! 1 ! 6 " ater g«sses now thrown away,
should this discovery be as successful as 'it
promises, a great change will be wrought in
luel as well as g&3.
The opening celebration 0 f the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad to Wheeling, has been
unavoidably postponed to th« 10th of Jan
E3P* The Northern papers notice a youn;
girl who is Sguring ia mala attire. It is said
that some married ladies in these parts wear
the pauts.
Baltimore, Dae. P. M.-There wa,
anothar bold robbery committed in this city
last mgnt ou the person of Wm Carroll, sob of
Governor Carroll, who wua knocked down by
aoma ruffians, about half past fire o'clock in
the avening, and robbed of $600, whilst pas*-
mg :• the vicinity of the tobacco wharehouse.
Mr. Carroll is very much injured, his head be
ing bully cut.
PaiLAMLPuu. Dec. 17—The five o'clock
train from this city for New York, when at
Beverly New Jersey, last evening, came ia
coatactwith a carnage containing WilliamS.
Darell, of ISarlington county, and Mrs. Durell,
ot Philadelphia. Mr. Durell wag instantly
killed, and the lady so terribly bruised as not
to be expected to recover.
New York, Dec. 17.—Tho Br. brig Eliza
beth, from Newport. England, arrived here to
day. She was run into on the 4th, by a largs
steamer, probably the Aictic, bound for New
York, and considerably damaged. Tha steam
er proceeded on, wiihout inquiry,
Dkat* cr Fajxt Wright.—This noto
rious woman died at Cincinnati, on the 12th
inst., having been confined to her room for
several months, as we learn from the Cincin
nati Commercial, from the effects of a severe
fall last winter.
Mr. Ingersoll, the American Minister, it ia
said, puiposes enlivening tue fashionable
warld of London with a series of entertaiuuienta
before Christmas.
Snow fell over a large portion of country on
Monday, in Boston aad Buffalo, Springfield
and intermediate places.
The Jackson Democratic Association, ia
WaahingtL n, have passed a resolution to give
a banquet in honor of the victory of N. Orleans,
on the Bih of Juuuary next.
The Lemraon »laves are now in Canada,
where a Iriend, who had preceded them, owna
a handsome farm. Before leaving Newport
the* were presented witk aoraething over a
thousand dollar* to begin their new life with.
We expect to hear of their being in the
poor honsa or itarvej to death, in less than a
Alabaaa journals indicate an intention to ex
tend a formal invitation to Mr. Fillmore to vis
it that State, in or after Murch next.
Mr* Hind, the distinguished astronomer at
Regent's Park, London, on the 16th of last
month, discovered another planet, the seventh,
first seen bv him. and the twenty-first now
known to exist between Mara and Jupiter.—
The new planet, when first found, was in the
constellation Taurus.
Hons. Petin, of Paris, the famous yEronaur,
has arrived at Mew Orleans and has asked
permission of the Council foi Lafayette Square
to enter his ship biloon, from which he short
ly expects to make an air voyage.
A Strangi Drimk.—An oi l toper bet that
he ecu!J, whan blindfolded, tell each of s-ve
ral kind} of liquors. When brandy, whisky,
gi , and other drinks were presented to him, he
pronounced correctly what they were. At
length a g!a=s of pure water was given him; he
tasted it, paused, tasted again, and again con
sidered, and shook his head. At last said he,
"Gentlemen, 1 give it up. I am not used to
thai sort cf liquor."
Judge Samuel Thatcher, a member of Con
gress in Gen. Washington's time, is (accord
ing to a letter, lately published, of Sir. Web
ster's) the author of the familiar saying, that
"Good 'awvera were men who live well, work
hard, and d»e poor "
Hlmanb axd Jcst Pr.oPoatTto*.—ln the
Ohio Legislature* resolution has been Intro
duced looking to a provision by law for appro
priating a portion of the earnings of the pri
soners in tke Penite<itiury to lbs families of
such criminals.
A lito Ox.—The fat ox that took the first
prize at the late K -mucky State Fair, weigh
ed tkret thimaud tmo hundred *nU jljty
Alices hate been received in England from
Australia, that the .'hip Dido n on her way,
an<i soon to arrive >■ Lor.dun, fioio that cou'b
trr, living oa board the extraordinary amount
cf i&O,000 ounes*, or 23,' Mi pounds, troy
weight, equal (at 2,000 pounds to the ton (to
nearly twelve tons of gold dust.
Louis lilanr, who is in London, after look*
icg at the faneral ol the Duke of Wellington,
eislainsed,"llow cold the English people!—
.lotthe least detnoustratioa ot Borrow or of
any deep oeitioi''nt whatever If you had
a«ta the people of Paris whan the remains of
Napoleon ware carried to the Invalids*!''
mouth*) ae«ai»n of tula school will commence oa
toe 3d of January, and eonttua till lue
irfot De«Miber, al.owing one mo&th vacation m
Summer, 'i he School is located in a hmahhy and
let red neighborhood, aud surrounded by exeriieot
atcieiy. 1 he ecuree of initruction ia thorough and
ia principally intended tw prepare young nun tor
the University Va.
T2HM3 — Kjiird and tuilion, (exclusive of lights)
fr0m....... fSiOOt j $110
Tu.tii a aloue, Llerr.ei.ury Lug branches.... 45
Higher. 30
Anci 'tit Jt Modem Langaag& Ma'hettmtica, Hi
The number ot pupi.s wtli oe liu-ited, ana those
who »Uh to enter tle'.r son# or ward*, kluuU
make early application.
DAVID B, FAItKAR, Principal.
Rtfeeexcs —Drs Harrison. gcLelc Do Vtti uud
Cocrtanay, University, Va.
Address Hadensvilic, Va. <2e2—<"3t*
DOttTL MOVMKS.—A handsomemi runett
1 of forte Mjuak-e on hand, an t tor sale by
d j il Nu lU3, Brvad SWv«t

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